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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exeter E

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Exeter. Surnames: E
DEV_Exeter. EASTABROOK, William. Fl. 1822. Engraver. High Street 1822d.

DEV_Exeter. EASTCOTT, George. Fl. 1832-1833. Printer. Holy Trinity 1833. Married: Mary Ann EFP 6/9/1832 2d. Children: Hannah Esther bap. 19/5/1833 Holy Trinity.

DEV_Exeter. ECLECTIC LIBRARY. Fl. 1810-1812. Library. Notice of change of premises EFP 10/5/1810 1e. Librarian required EFP 26/3/1812 4e.

DEV_Exeter. EDWARDS, James. Fl. 1831-1835. Copperplate printer. Dukes Place 1831d-1835d.

DEV_Exeter. EDWARDS, Robert. Fl. 1851. Apprentice bookseller. 60, High Street 1851. Born: 1831/2 Bath. Apprenticed to Adam Holden with whom he lodged 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/323.

DEV_Exeter. EDWARDS, William. Fl. 1875. Bookseller. Little Queen Street 1875. Died: EFP 4/8/1875 5b. Stock in trade for sale EFP 9/8/1875 1a.

DEV_Exeter. ELAND, Henry Septimus. Fl. 1870-2006. Bookseller. 236, High Street 1870-1942; 22, Bedford Street 1960-1990+. Married: Emma Jane Pearce of Exminster EFP 19/4/1871 5f. From a prosperous family of Northamptonshire draper. Succeeding to business of W.Clifford EFP 25/8/1869 4cd. Advert EFP 5/1/1870 4e. Moving to 236, High Street EFP 7/8/1870 4e. Buying stock of E.J.Arnold EFP 14/9/1870 5b. Claimed to be established 1790. Branches in Exmouth and Axminster 1961. Exeter premises closed at the end of 2006. Sources: Clamp; Exeter memories: Eland the stationers

DEV_Exeter. ELDRIDGE. Fl. 18--. Publisher. See Davies and Eldridge.

DEV_Exeter. ELDRIDGE, T. Fl. 1808. Engraver. Advert EFP 19/5/1808 4d.

DEV_Exeter. ELLARD, John. Fl. 1617. Parchment maker. Freeman of Exeter 1617/18, fine £1 6s. 8d. Apprentice John Hearinge free 14/10/1633. Sources: Exeter freemen.

DEV_Exeter. ELLIS, Henry. Fl. 1820-1827. Watchmaker and librarian. 199, High Street 1820-1825d. Continued trading as watchmaker only, 199, High Street 1827d+. Sources: Clamp.

DEV_Exeter. ELLIS, John. Fl. 1828-1842. Bookseller, also binder from 1838d. David's Hill 1828d; James Street 1830d-1834d; Mint 1835d; Mint Lane 1838d-1842d. Advert EFP 8/10/1829 1c.

DEV_Exeter. ELME. Fl. 1879. Stationer. East Street 1879. Advert EFP 8/1/1879 3f.

DEV_Exeter. EMMET, Daniel. Fl. 1851. Printer. James Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1829/30. Unmarried, lodger 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/396.

DEV_Exeter. ESBESTOR, Richard. Fl. 1851. Compositor. 170, Sidwell Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1828/9, son of John, cutler. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/244.

DEV_Exeter. ESCOTT, Charlotte. Fl. 1851. Rag gatherer. Coombe Street 1851. Born: Tiverton 1823/4. Married: James, shoemaker. Sources: Census 1851 1868/406.

DEV_Exeter. EUSTACE, Mary. Fl. 1828. Shopkeeper, librarian. Alphington Street 1828d.

DEV_Exeter. EVANS, Alfred & Co. Fl. 1856-1875. Stationers, bookbinders. 97 & 98, Fore Street 1856d. Died: 1875. Firm of Evans and Co. continued at 97-100, Fore Street until 1938. The major side of their business was as druggists, established by Richard Evans in 1790, which continued after their statonery side closed down. Sources: Clamp.

DEV_Exeter. EVANS, John. Fl. 1853-1854. Bookseller. 56, High Street 1854d-1856d+. Taking over William Balle's bookselling business EFP 13/1/1853 5a. Advert EFP 10/6/1853 4f. Bankruptcy notice EFP 28/2/1854 8d.

DEV_Exeter. EVELEIGH, Frederick R. Fl. 1851-1856. Engraver and printer. 19½, Magdalen Street 1851; 2, Little Queen Street 1856d. Born: Clyst St. mary 1822/3. Married: Anna, born Gittisham 1820/1. Children: born Exeter 1846-51. Employed one engraver, one printer and an apprentice 1851. Stock in trade for sale EFP 30/4/1857 1d. Sources: Census 1851 1868/452.

DEV_Exeter. EVELEIGH, L. Fl. 1853-1855. Engraver. Magdalen Street 1853d-1855d+.

DEV_Exeter. EVELEIGH, Robert. Fl. 1658-1682. Bookseller. Apprenticed to John Moungwell junior of Exeter. Freeman of Exeter 19/7/1658. Apprentices: Charles Yeo free 9/10/1682, George Sydenham free 25/10/1686. Bondsman for marriage of Charles Grills and Elizabeth Gerveys 1671. Imprints: 1668: Mall; 1682: Key. Sources: Dredge; Clough, Plomer; Exeter freemen.

DEV_Exeter. EVERITT, W. Fl. 1834. Engraver. Advert EFP 7/8/1834 2e.

DEV_Exeter. EVERY, John. Fl. 1811-1822. Law stationer. Bartholomew Yard 1811d; Maddocks Row 1816d-1822d.

DEV_Exeter. EVERY, Richard. Fl. 1825-1830. Law stationer. Maddocks Row 1825d-1827d; no. 1 1828d; Gandy Street 1830d.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER AND PLYMOUTH GAZETTE. Fl. 1792-1952. Newspaper. Fore Street 1823d; 236, High Street 1850d-1856. Established as Exeter Gazette Jan. 1792. Title changed to Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette by 1798. Printed by Shirley Woolmer, bookseller EFP 21/4/1796 3c. Published Saturdays 1823d. Clerk standing for trial EFP 15/12/1825 4b. Printed by Edward Woolmer EFP 10/1/1828 1a. Published Friday evenings 1828d. Letter from printer re article in EFP 17/1/1828 1b, 24/1/1828 2c, 31/1/1828 2c, 20/3/1828 3b. Woolmer plaintiff in action for libel EFP 23/2/1837 2a-c. Court case EFP 4/6/1840 5c. In dispute with EFP 22/4/1847 2f. Editorial attack by EFP 25/5/1848 3ab, 1/6/1848 3c. Forgiven by EFP 8/6/1848 3a. T.H.Bodley married EFP 16/5/1850 8f. Note on circulation EFP 30/10/1851 5ef. Reporter and eitor Richard Teague died EFP 26/1/1854 5f. Comment on article EFP 3/1/1856 3ab. Publication taken over by Josiah Goodwin for the executors of the late Mr. Woolmer 5/4/1856. Published by Charles Wescombe q.v., conservative paper 1857-69. Mr. Skryme sub-editor died EFP 5/8/1858 5d. James Martin former proprietor, died in Australia EFP 24/9/1862 5b. Editorial attack by EFP 8/4/1863 5bcd. Dispute over circulation figures EFP 13/12/1865 5d. Presentation to Mr. Wescombe EFP 15/5/1867 3ab,5d. Gandy Street premises for sale EFP 16/6/1869 1d. Presentation to G.T.Donithorpe EFP 6/2/1884 5c, 5/11/1884 5ab. Continued as Plymouth and Exeter [Daily] Gazette until 27/6/1952 when incorporated with Western Times.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER BAZAAR. Fl. 18--. Printing office and repository. See B.Howe.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER CATHEDRAL LIBRARY. Fl. 1072-date. Library. Established by Bishop Leofric between 1050 and 1072 when he presented 66 books. Later catalogues for 1327 and 1506 are recorded. Dean and Chapter presented 81 manuscripts to the Bodleian Library 1602. Notice EFP 19/3/1879 4a. Report EFP 26/3/1879 5f. Library administered by University, archives by Devon Record Office 1990. Sources: LLoyd, L.J. The library of Exeter Cathedral (University of Exeter, 1967); Maxted, Ian Exeter Cathedral Library: a concordance of medieval catalogues and surviving manuscripts (Exeter: J.Maxted, 1987).

DEV_Exeter. EXETER CHRONICLE. Fl. 1760-1764. Newspaper. Printed by Spencer c1760-64. Only surviving issue no. 32 for 10/4/1761. Attacks EFP over deliveries in Plymouth EFP 13/1/1764 3c. Sources: Wiles.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER DISPENSARY AND DEVON AND EXETER PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY LIBRARY. Fl. 1848-1849. Library. To be established EFP 3/2/1848 3d. Report of first meeting EFP 24/2/1848 3b. Meeting EFP 22/2/1849 5f.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER EVENING POST. Fl. 1765-1769. Newspaper. Earlier title of Exeter Flying Post q.v. 11/7/1765-21/4/1769.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER FLYING POST. Fl. 1763-1917. Newspaper. Southgate Street 1763-64; behind Guildhall 1764-81; 226, High Street 1781-1862d; Little Queen Steet 1870d-1894d. Established under the title Exeter Mercury or West Country Advertiser by William Andrews and Robert Trewman, formerly employed by Andrew Brice 2/9/1763. Title changed to Exeter Evening-Post 11/7/1765, to Trewman's Exeter Evening-Post 28/4/1769, to Trewman's Exeter Flying-Post 28/12/1770. Proprietors: Robert Trewman and Co. 1823d, James Bellerby 1862d-1870d. Published Thursdays 1823d, Wednesday evening 1828d. Over 100 references in EFP index in Westcountry Studies Library e.g. Acquisition of new type EFP 1/3/1782 3b. Format to be changed EFP 24/1/1828 2d. Threatened with prosecution for publishing "Inspector's" letter EFP 22/5/1828 3c, 29/5/1828 4ab. Editorial on journalistic principles EFP 1/1/1829 2d. Bound volumes for sale EFP 4/2/1830 2c. Editorial on reaching 80th volume EFP 30/12/1841 2e. Apology for using picture copyright of Pictorial Times EFP 21/8/1845 3e. Attacks on Western Times EFP 25/12/1845 2g, 13/4/1848 3bc, 20/4/1848 3a, 27/4/1848 3b, 4/5/1848 2fg, 11/5/1848 3c, 3/8/1848 3ab, 10/8/1848 3ab, 17/8/1848 5cde, 31/8/1848 5c. Attack on Exeter Gazette EFP 22/4/1847 2f, 25/5/1848 3ab, 1/6/1848 3a. Forgives Gazette EFP 8/6/1848 3a. To be enlarged to fullest size allowed by law EFP 15/6/1848 3a, 3/8/1848 3ab. Circulation figures EFP 16/10/1851 5b, 18/3/1852 5b, 10/6/1852 5e, 6/4/1854 4a,5f, 11/1/1855 5b, 7/10/1858 5ab etc. Issued daily 1887-1902. Discontinued 21/4/1917. Sources: Worth pp. 503-5.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER FREE LIBRARY. Fl. 1872-1975. Library. Meeting on rate-supported libraries EFP 23/1/1851 5ce. Notice on Public Libraries Act EFP 20/3/1851 8f. Foundation stone of Royal Albert Memorial laid 1865. Meeting on adoption of Free Libraries Act EFP 12/5/1869 3ef. Library opened 1872. Report on catalogue EFP 13/3/1872 5c. Donations EFP 10/2/1873 5d. Meeting EFP 25/10/1882 5c.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER GAZETTE. Fl. 1792-1798. Newspaper. See Exeter and Plymouth Gazette.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER GENERAL LIBRARY. Fl. 1844-1850. Library. List of committee EFP 20/6/1844 2e. AGM of society EFP 17/1/1850 5d.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER INDEPENDENT. Fl. 1831. Newspaper. Continued Alfred 6/9/1831. Incorporated with Western Luminary after 1/11/1831. B.Worth insolvent debtor EFP 5/7/1832 1c.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER LAW LIBRARY. Fl. 1833. Library. Established 1833. Rooms required EFP 5/12/1833 2e.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER LIBRARY FOR YOUNG PERSONS. Fl. 1807-1808. Library. Palace Gate 1807. Proposal to open library in Christmas holidays EFP 19/11/1807. Letter on proposal EFP 17/12/1807 4b. Advert EFP 7/1/1808 4e.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER LIBRARY SOCIETY. Fl. 1778-1787. Subscription library. Bell Hill -1778; Mr. Floyd's opposite Guildhall, Fore Street 1778-1782. Mr. Dyer's -1785; Mr. Morgan's, High Street 1785-. Moved premises EFP 20/11/1778 3d. Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde presented 44 vol. House of Commons Journal 1547-1778 EFP 22/9/1780 3d. Change in opening hours and rules on borrowing for country readers EFP 10/11/1780 3d. Rev. James Finnemore, dissenting minister, librarian to Society died, library open as usual EFP 30/11/1781 3d. Now established six years, consists of 90 members, first year's sub. £1 6s od. Open Mon., Tue., Fri. 10-1, Wed., Thur., 6-9 p.m. EFP 8/11/1782 2b Books transferred from Mr. Dyer's premises to premises of William Morgan, linen draper, High Street EFP 10/11/1785 3c. (N.B. Three parts in four of Morgan's house for sale, no mention of library EFP 1/6/1786 3c). Bookplate dated June 1787 on BL copy of Thoughts on the mechanism of society by Marquis de Casaux. Hamlyn 1947, p.214.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER LITERARY SOCIETY. Fl. 1841. Library. Established 1841. Had library.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER MAGAZINE. Fl. 1856-1862. Periodical. Advert for issue no. 1 published by C.Spicer EFP 18/12/1856 5bd. Accuses Barnstaple's North Devon Journal of plagiarism EFP 24/9/1862 7a.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER MEDICAL LIBRARY. Fl. 1847. Library. Meeting to establish EFP 10/6/1847 3c.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER MERCURY. Fl. 1714-1722. Newspaper. Published by Philip Bishop from 24/9/1714, by George Bishop from 28/11/1718. Continued until at least 23/1/1722, sometimes twice weekly. Sources: Wiles.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER MERCURY. Fl. 1763-1765. Newspaper. Original title of Exeter Flying Post q.v. 2/9/1763-5/7/1765.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER MUSIC LIBRARY. Fl. 1852. Library. Advert for circulating library by R.Wyllie EFP 25/11/1852 4e.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER NEWS. Fl. 1821-1827. Newpaper. Established about Oct. 1821 by Thomas Besley jun. Published Saturdays 1823d. Continued as Devonshire Chronicle 21/4/1827-22/3/1853.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER POST-BOY. Fl. 1709-1715. Newspaper. Published by Joseph Bliss Apr. 1709 to c1715. Possibly continued as Protestant Mercury. Sources: Wiles; Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries v. 9, p. 244.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER POST-MAN. Fl. 1704-1715. Newspaper. Published by Samuel Farley, possibly from as early as 1704 to 23/9/1715. Only issue 556 survives 10/8/1711. Agreed with Philip Bishop that he should print the news EM 30/9/1715. Sources: Wiles.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER PUBLIC LIBRARY. Fl. 18--. Library. See Exeter Free Library, Public Select Library.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER TRADESMEN AND MECHANICS INSTITUTION. Fl. 1825-1828. Library. 74, Bell Hill 1828d. Established 7/12/1825. Library, reading rooms, vareity of periodical publications, 200 members 1828d.

DEV_Exeter. Eexter Watchman. Fl. 1856. Newspaper. Advert EFP 1/5/1856 4c.

DEV_Exeter. EXETER WEEKLY TIMES. Fl. 1827-1829. Newspaper. Established by James Terrell 6/10/1827. Continued as Western Times after 27/10/1829.

DEV_Exeter. EZEKIEL, Misses C. and A. Fl. 1806-1830. Engravers and opticians. Fore Street 1811d-1827d; no. 179 1828d-1830d. Continuing business of brother E.A.Ezekiel EFP 25/12/1806 4c. Adverts EFP 17/3/1808 4d, 9/8/1810 4e, 12/3/1812 1b, 18/3/1813 4d, 7/10/1813 4b, 17/3/1814 4c, 13/10/1814 4d, 1/8/1816 4d, 24/7/1817 4e, 23/7/1818 4d, 29/7/1819 1b. To retire, selling up EFP 25/3/1830 2c.

DEV_Exeter. EZEKIEL, E.A. Fl. 1779-1806. Engraver, optician. North Street 1784; Fore Street 1791d-1801d. Daughter died EFP 16/9/1790 3b. Born: Exeter 1757. Died: EFP 18/12/1806 4bc. Not freeman of Exeter. Pupils: C.Frost. Self-taught. Advert for apprentices EFP 13/5/1790 1b. Moved to Fore Street 12/3/1795 2c. Advert EFP 15/10/1801 4e. Optics and prints for sale EFP 5/8/1802 4e. Visiting Exeter for assizes EFP 10/3/1803 1c. Apprentice wanted EFP 27/6/1805 4e. Advert EFP 24/7/1806 4e. James Richard intending to take over business EFP 18/12/1806 4e. Sisters taken over business EFP 25/12/1806 4c. Imprints:
1760? Tapeley, seat of John Cleaveland Esq. (Somers Cocks 3446).
1779 View of Bideford after Jewell (Somers Cocks 194) EFP 23/7/1779 2a.
1788 [Portrait of Thomas Glass M.D.] EFP 20/3/1788 3c, with list of sellers.
1789 [Portrait of Dr. Patch] Delayed EFP 21/5/1789 3c. Available EFP 3/9/1789 3d.
1790 Historical memoirs of Tiverton / by Martin Dunsford. Title page.
1790 [Portrait of Rev. M.Towgood decd.] Subscriptions taken EFP 23/2/1792 3d.
1798 [Portrait of Rev. Marshall] Available EFP 15/3/1798 3d.

DEV_Exeter. Sources: Exeter freemen; Worth p. 514 (not first Exeter engraver as stated by him); biographies in EFP 8/2/1849 6c, Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries v. 1, p. 167.

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