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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exeter F

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Exeter. Surnames: F
E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FALKNER, Frederick George. Fl. 1851. Compositor. Cowick Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1830/1, brother William John tailor. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1867/160.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY family. Fl. 1699-1786. Printers. Because of this family's wide links with the printing industry throughout the South-West, some attempt is made here to disentangle their relationships before providing greater detail on those connected with Devon.

1. Samuel I. Fl. 1699-1730. Printer. Died Aug 1730, Bristol. Active: Exeter 1699-1715, 1723, Bristol 1713-21, 1724, Salisbury 1715. Published Sam. Farley's Exeter Postman c1704-11+, Exeter Mercury 1714-15, Salisbury Postman 1715, Sam. Farley's Bristol Postman 1713-16, Farley's Exeter Journal 1723-25, Farley's Bristol Newspaper 1725-1730. [Cranfield prefers the theory that the Samuel who printed the Exeter and Salisbury papers was different from the Samuel who printed the Bristol paper.]

21. Samuel II. Fl. 1723-1753. Printer. Born 1699, Exeter, died 1753, Bristol. Active: Exeter 1723-26, Bristol 1730-41, Bath 1741, 1746-53, Pontypool c1740. Published Farley's Bristol Newspaper 1730-34, Sam Farleys Bristol Newpaper 1734-38, Farley's Bristol Journal 1738-41, Bristol Journal 1748-52. Partner with Felix 1738-41, 1748-52.

22. Felix. Fl. 1734-1753. Printer. Born 1708, Exeter, died 1753, Bristol. Active: Bristol 1734-53, Exeter 1741, Bath. Published Farley's Exeter Weekly Journal 1741, Felix Farley's Bristol Journal 1743-46, Farley's Bristol Advertiser 1743-46, Farley's Bristol Journal 1748-52, Felix Farley's Bristol Journal 1752-3.

22w. Wife: Elizabeth. Fl. 1754-1767. Printer. Died 1779. Active Bristol 1754-67. Published Farley's Bristol Journal.

221. Samuel III. Fl. 1753-1786. Printer. Died Bahamas 1786? Active: Bristol 1753-56, Bath 1756-58, Bristol 1758-60, America 1760+. Published Farley's Bath Journal 1756.

222. Hester. Fl. 1774-1775. Printer. Active: Bristol 1774-75. Published Bristol Journal 1774.

223. Elizabeth. Fl. 17--. Printer. Married Charles Nelson, partner with Routh.

23. Edward I. Fl. 1723?-1729. Printer. Died 1729. Active Exeter 1723?-29. Published Farley's Exeter Journal 1726-29.

231. Edward II. Fl. 1728-1745. Printer. Active Exeter 1728-45. Published unnamed Exeter newspaper 1731-41.

232. Sarah. Fl. 1753-1774. Printer. Died 1774, Bristol. Active Bristol 1753-74. Published Bristol Journal 1753-74.

233. Mark. Fl. 1745-1766. Printer. Died 1766, Bristol. Active Exeter 1745-54, Bristol 1758-66.

Sources: Cranfield, G.A. The development of the provincial newspaper, 1700-1760, pp.56-62; Gallop, John "Chapters in the history of the provincial newspaper press, 1700-1855" (Thesis (MA) - University of Bristol, 1954) pp 13-17, 23-33,83-90; "Wiltshire newspaper past and present III", Wilts. Arch. and Nat. Hist. Mag., 40 (1919), pp 319-38; Barry, Jonathan "A brief history of the Bristol press 1702-75" Appendix 1 to MA thesis on Bristol as a cultural centre ca.1985.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY, Edward I. Fl. 1723-1729. Printer. Northgate Street [1723?]; Shakespeare's Head, over against Guildhall 1726; Shakespeare's Head 1727. Son of Samuel Farley, printer. Married: Sarah, daughter of Richard Science. Children: Samuel bap. 30/10/1727 St. Martin, buried 1/11/1727, Edward, Sarah. Died: May 1729 Exeter Gaol. Took over Farley's Exeter journal from father Samuel by 20/5/1726. Imprisoned for involvement in Mist's Persian letter affair, reprinted in his paper 30/8/1728. Indicted for treason at Exeter assizes but pardoned after his death in prison. Imprints: 1727 Devonshire; printed forms: 1723-28. Sources: Wiles, espec. p.283-8; Dickinson; Plomer; Cranfield; Worth p. 502.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY, Edward II. Fl. 1728-1745. Printer. Shakespeare's Head, near East-Gate 1735. Son of Edward Farley, printer. Not freeman of Exeter.
Extracts from Courtenay papers DRO 1508M Devon/Account Books/v.9:

Fo. 132v.

1731 Edwrd Farley ye Printer Dr.£ s d
Febr: 13: 1734 pd. in full to Xmas 17342 4 6
Feb: 6: 1735 pd. him in full to Xmas 17351 17 6
Mon 30 Gave him by order for a book he
brought of the Courtanay ffamily2 2 0
Jan: 9th 1738 pd. in full for News and
Advertisemts to Xmas 17383 10 6
June ye 26: 1742 pd in full for Newspapers &
Advertisements to Xmas 1741 ye
Advertisement about ye Elextion
excepted for Want of my Masters
Orders1 17 6
Septbr ye 3 Pd a bill to Wm Citto for ye use
of Felix Farley in full of all
demands1 01 0
Fo. 133r.
1731 Pr: Contr: Cr:£ s d
Xmass Agreed with him for his paper
Every Friday Morning by ye Post
at pr: Annm: 0: 10: 0:
Note but if its not sent tell
ye Day after but pr: Annm: 0: 8: 0:
Xmass 1734 Due 3 year1 10 0
do: for Advertisemts: 0 14 6
Xmas 1735 To a yrs News0 10 0
To Advertisemts that yeone1 7 0
Xmas 1738 To 3 yrs. News and Advertisemts3 10 6
Imprints: 1730: Boswell; 1734: Luck; 1735: Cleaveland, Stephens; 1740: Ham; 1743: Conflagration; 1745: Carew; printed forms: 1728-29. Sources: Plomer; Exeter freemen; Cranfield; Worth p. 502.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY, Felix. Fl. 1741. Printer. St. Peter's Churchyard 1741. Not freeman of Exeter. Born: Exeter 1708, bap 3/10 St. Lawrence, son of Samuel Farley, printer. Died: 1753. Not freeman of Exeter. Printing in Bristol and Bath in 1730s. Came to Exeter to revive Farley's Exeter Weekly Journal, issue 33 (11/12/1741) survives. Returned to Bristol by 1743. Imprints: 1741: Farley's. Sources: Plomer; Exeter freemen, Cranfield; Worth pp. 501-2.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY, Mark. Fl. 1745-1754. Printer. Exeter 1745-54; Bristol 1758-66. Probably son of Edward I. Died: Jan. 1766, Bristol (buried 21/6 Society of Friends register). Sentenced to one year's imprisonment in Exeter for printing seditious song on the anniversary of the Pretender's birthday 1754. Imprints: 1745: Carew; 1746: Godwin. Sources: A.Jenkins History of Exeter (1866) p.207.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY, Samuel. Fl. 1699-1723. Printer. St. Paul 1699-1700; St. Lawrence 1707-13 (Poor rate ms. 159b); over against New Inn, High Street 1709; near the New Inn 1711; St. Peter's Churchyard 1714; Salisbury, on the Ditch 1715-16; Bristol, St. Nicholas Street 1715-16; over against Guildhall 1723; Bristol, Wine Street 1724; Bristol, below Dolphin, Wine Street 1726-31. Children: Sarah bap. 16/10/1699 St. Paul, Hannah bap. 16/9/1700 St. Paul, John bap. 22/12/1707 St. Lawrence, Felix bap. 3/10/1708 St. Lawrence, Edward, Samuel born 1699 died 1753. Died: Bristol, August 1730(affidavit St. Peter's, Bristol 18/8/1730). Family originated in Herefordshire. Not freeman of Exeter. Partner with Samuel Darker 1698-1700, with Joseph Bliss 1705-07. Began Devon's first newspaper, Sam Farley's Exeter Post-Man, weekly Fridays c1704, issue 556 for 10/8/1711 survives. Started Sam Farley's Bristol Post Man Feb.1713. Witness to will of Thomas Long 14/6/1706. Started Exeter Mercury, issue no. 1 24/9/1714. Advertised in Exeter Mercury 30/9/1715 that he had agreed with Philip Bishop that he should print the news. Started Salisbury Post Man 27/9/1715. Lawsuit in PRO Stat. Co. v. Farley 1718. Started Farley's Exeter Journal May 1723, by 20/5/1726 run by son Edward Farley. Imprints: 1698: Shower, Smith; 1699: Avant, Chandler, Exeter.Diocese, Gascoyne, Gilbert (2), Winnell; 1700: Blight; 1701: Bowchier, Burscough, Prince, Veryard, White; 1702: Atkins, Bowchier, Long, Trosse; 1703: Dagge, Discourse; Hingeston (3), Musgrave; 1704: Burscough, Lee Long, Pitts, Sam Farley's; 1705: Freke, Gilling; 1707: Agate, Boys, Elys, Lacy; Musgrave, Withers (2); 1708: Agate (2), Blackall, Gilling, Smith; 1709: Dagge, Exeter.Diocese, Gwynn, Roberts; 1710: Beare, Ley, Mules, Roberts; 1711: Bishop, Gatchell, Mela, Musgrave, Winkleigh; 1712: Atkins, D'Anvers, White; 1713: Agate, Bear, Dagge, Ham, Jenkinson, Mortimer, Squire; 1714: Agate, Peach, Reed, Southcomb, Squire; 1715: Reed; 1723 Farley's; printed forms 1702-11, 1723. Sources: Exeter freemen; Clough; Dredge; Wiles; Oliver, George Exonian biographies no. 13; Dickinson; Plomer; Brushfield; Hoskins Two thousand years in Exeter p.80; Cranfield; Worth pp. 501-2.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY'S EXETER JOURNAL. Fl. 1723-1728. Newspaper. Published by Samuel Farley 1723-26, by Edward Farley 1726-28. Sources: Wiles.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FARLEY'S EXETER WEEKLY JOURNAL. Fl. 1741. Newspaper. Published by Felix Farley. Issue 33 for 11/12/1741 survives. Sources: Wiles.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FEATHERSTONE & SPARK. Fl. 1827. Publishers. Imprint: 1827: Davy.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FEATHERSTONE, Mrs. F. Fl. 1858. Printer. Selling late husband's business to John Pollard EFP 18/3/1858 4c.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FEATHERSTONE, William. Fl. 1822-1834. Vintner and printer 1822d, printer only from 1823d. High Street 1822d-1827d; no. 194 1828d; no. 73 1830d-1832d; 67, Fore Street 1823d; 162, Fore Street 1833d-1834d. Imprints: 1827 (Featherstone and Spark): Davy.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FEATHERSTONE, William Charleton. Fl. 1823-1858. Printer, also listed as tobacconist 1836d-1846d, 1849d-1851d, lithographic printer 1853d-1854d. 67, Fore Street 1823d; 194, High Street 1828d; 73, Fore Street 1831d-1832; 162, Fore Street 1832-1835d; New London Inn Square 1836d-1846d; 199, High Street 1845; 246, High Street 1847d-1858; Bedford Lane 1848d-1851d; 146, High Street 1855d; 248, High Street 1856d; 1, Bedford Street 1850d-1856d. Separate entry as bookseller, 164, Fore Street 1835d. Listed as Featherstone & Son 1853d-1854d. Born: Plymouth 1794/5. Married: wife died EFP 25/12/1828 3a, married Jane, born Stepney, Middlesex 1808/9. Children: Samuel bap. St. Petrock 23/5/1831. Died: 3 Feb. 1858, Exeter. Adverts EFP 11/3/1824 4e, 3/7/1834 4e, 15/1/1835 2d. Severed connection with Western Times EFP 25/6/1835 3a. Advert for commencement of Featherstone's Exeter Times EFP 22/9/1836 3f. Newspaper discontinued 10/1/1837. Moved to 199, High Street EFP 24/7/1845 2d. Published two maps of Exeter, c. 1852 and c. 1858. Ran circulating library in Bedford Street in 1850s. Business sold to John Pollard EFP 18/3/1858. Imprints: 1825: Davy, Exeter, Short, To ; 1826: Veysey ; 1827: Davy ; 1828: Britons, Brunswick, Extracts, Imlay, Robyns, To ; 1829: Denham, Observations, Oliver; 1830: Acland, Address, Report ; 1832: Russell, Western ; 1833: Clifford, Dramatic ; 1834: Compton, Stirling ; 1835: Bird, Evening, Wilmot-Horton ; 1836: Featherstone's ; 1837: Goodridge ; 1838: Goodridge, Oliver ; 1839: Goodridge, Oliver; 1840: Oliver, Wilcocks ; 1841: Goodridge, Shortt ; 1842: Shortt ; 1843: Goodridge ; 1847: Goodridge ; 1850: Shortt ; 1853: Lympstone ; Single prints (Somers Cocks): 1840: 48, 1143, 2821, 3463. Sources: Bennet, Francis & Batten, Kit, The printed maps of Exeter: city maps 1587-1901, 2011 ; Census 1851 1869/162.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FEATHERSTONE'S EXETER TIMES. Fl. 1836-1837. Newspaper. Published by William Charleton Featherstone q.v. 30/9/1836-10/1/1837.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FERRIS, Charles. Fl. 1846. Bookbinder. The Friars 1846. Born: 1821/2, son of Samuel, gardener. Married: Selina Luscombe, Bedford Chapel 18/10/1846.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FILDEW, John. Fl. 1849-1856. Bookseller (second hand 1856d). Preston Street 1849d-1855d; Lower Market 1856d. Born: Honiton 1803/4. Married: Ann, born Bovey 1800/1. Children: born Exeter 1826/7, 1833/4. Died: report of inquest EFP 21/2/1872 5e. Son died in China EP 24/10/1860 5b. Estate being settled EFP 11/12/1872 7c. Sources: Census 1851 1868/362.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FINNEMORE, Rev. Fl. 1781. Librarian. Dissenting minister. Librarian to Exeter Library Society. Died: EFP 30/11/1781 3d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FIRORD, William C.H. Fl. 1851. Letterpress and lithographic printer. 2, Albion Place 1851. Born: Newton Abbot 1831/2, son of William, accountant. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/30.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FISHER, I.H. Fl. 1830. Print publisher. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): [1830?]: 777, 1030.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FITZE, Miss Ellen. Fl. 1855-1858. Bookseller, stationer, circulating library. 40, High Street 1851; 28, High Street 1855-1856d. Born: Liskeard 1828/9, daughter of James, bookseller. Unmarried, assisted father 1851. Taking over from bankrupt father James EFP 24/5/1855 5b. Advert, moving to 28, High Street EFP 21/6/1855 5b. Advert for circulating library EFP 28/1/1858. Sources: Census 1851 1868/326.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FITZE, James Gartrell. Fl. 1834-1855. Bookseller. 226, High Street 1834d-1853d; Bradninch, Gandy Street 1835d; St. Paul 1835-37; 39, High Street 1844d-1855d; 40, High Street 1851. Born: 1791/2, Liskeard. Married: Ellenor, died EFP 5/3/1846 3a, deceased in 1851. Children: Ellen born Liskeard 1828/9, father's assistant 1851; Eliza bap. 6/3/1835; Gartrell (son) bap. 9/10/1837, both at St. Paul. Died: EFP 14/8/1861 4f. Advert EFP 5/12/1833 2f. Succeeded to deceased sister Maria Fitze's bookselling business at 39, High Street EFP 16/2/1843 2d. Publishing book EFP 2/1/1853 5c. Moved to 39, High Street EFP 2/6/1853 5c. Bankrupt, stock in trade bought by daughter Ellen EFP 24/5/1855 5b. Sources: Census 1851 1868/326.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FITZE, Miss Maria. Fl. 1821-1843. Librarian, also listed as bookseller from 1834d. 56, High Street 1821-1828d; no. 195 1829-1833d; no. 39 1833-1843d. Died: aged 53 EFP 2/2/1843 2f. Took over Gilbert Dyer's business which she had managed EFP 22/3/1821 4c. Moving premises to 195, High Street EFP 27/8/1829 2c. Moving premises to 39, High Street EFP 13/6/1833 2e. Succeeded by brother James Fitze EFP 16/2/1843 2d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLINDELL & Son. Fl. 1822. Printers. Gandy Street 1822d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLINDELL, Mary. Fl. 1824-1828. Printer. Gandy Street 1825d-1828d. Married: Thomas Flindell, printer q.v. Succeeded husband in running Western Luminary until 1828 when she sold it to J.S.Dewdney.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLINDELL, Thomas. Fl. 1815-1824. Printer. Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1815; Gandy Street 1816d-1823d. Trading as Flindell and Son 1819. Born: Helford, Manaccan, Cornwall 1767. Married: Mary. Children: Frances bap. 27/7/1815 Allhallows Goldsmith Street; son married EFP 26/7/1821 4b; daughter married EFP 20/6/1816 4b. Died: 11/7/1824 EFP 15/7/1824 4b. Apprenticed in Falmouth. Worked in Edinburgh as a journeyman, also Bath, London and Doncaster where he edited the Doncaster Gazette 1790. Founded Stannary Press in Helston 1798. Published the Bible in parts. Moved to Falmouth in 1800 where he established the Cornwall Gazette. Imprisoned for debt. Moved to Truro in 1803 where he established the Royal Cornwall Gazette. Moved to Exeter in 1812 where he established the Western Luminary 8/3/1813. Partnership with George Simpson late of Salisbury then of Devizes printer and publisher of Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette dissolved, all debts to be paid by George Simpson who carried on on his own and separate account LG 6/11/1819. Printer and proprietor of Western Luminary EFP 10/8/1820 4c-1823d. Sentenced to 8 months imprisonment in Exeter gaol for libel on Queen Caroline 19/3/1821. Appeal for funds to meet expenses of libel trial EFP 7/6/1821 4d. List of subscribers to fund EFP 14/6/1821 4e. To pay libel damages to R.Moxhay, teacher EFP 25/7/1822 4b. Late proprietor of Royal Cornwall Gazette EFP 15/7/1824 4b. Succeeded by widow Mary. Sources: Timperley p.879; R.A.J.Potts "Early Cornish printers 1740-1850" Roy. Inst. Cornwall J. 4:3 (1963) pp. 307-9; Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries v. 28, pp. 266-70.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLOOD/FLOUD, Peter. Fl. 1791-1801. Engraver. Fore Street 1791d; High Street 1793d-1796d; South Street 1801d. Not freeman of Exeter. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLOOD, Thomas. Fl. 18--. Printer's apprentice. 6, Gatteys Court 1851. Born: Saint Sidwell, Exeter, 1834/5, son of Samuel, tailor. Sources: Census 1851 RG41868/106.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLOUD, Elizabeth. Fl. 18--. Bookbinder. George Square 1851. Born: Exeter 1828/9, daughter of Jane, widow, laundress. Brother William, compositor. Sources: Census 1851 1869/312.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLOUD, William. Fl. 1851. Compositor. George Square 1851. Born: Exeter 1824/5, son of Jane, widow, laundress. Sister Elizabeth bookbinder. Sources: Census 1851 1869/312.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FLOYDE, George. Fl. 1780-1809. Printer, bookseller. St. Martin 1780; South Street 1795-1796d; opposite St. Stephen's Church 1796-; High Street 1801d; St. Petrock 1803; North Street 1809d. Born: Poss bap. 19/5/1759 St. Martin, son of Humphrey and Elizabeth (aged 41 1803). Married: Mary by 1803; wife died Exmouth aged 65 1820. Children: one in 1803. Died: Exmouth EFP 8/4/1819 4b. Apprenticed to Barnabas Thorne. Freeman of Exeter 4/9/1780. Has particulars of house for sale in Dawlish EFP 28/7/1796 2c. Moved opposite St. Stephen's church EFP 27/10/1796 2d. Declining business, stock for sale EFP 15/11/1810 4e. Imprints: 1795: Exeter. Fullers (2); 1796: Acland; 1801: Southcott (4); 1802: Southcott (2). Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter militia list 1803.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FOLLOTT, John. Fl. 1830. Post boy. Old Bridge 1830. Married: Jane. Children: Elizabeth bap. St. Edmund 23/5/1830.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FORCE, George. Fl. 1851. Printer's apprentice. 47, Holloway Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1833/4, son of Reginald, accountant. Sources: Census 1851 1868/490.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FOURACRE, T. Fl. 1833-1862. Stationer. See Thomas Foweraker.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FOURACRES, George. Fl. 1851. Printer. Cricklepit Lane 1851. Born: Exeter 1833/4, son of Robert, cooper on parish relief. Sources: Census 1851 1869/396.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FOWERAKER, John. Fl. 1836-1851. Machine ruler and account book manufacturer, stationer, bookbinder from 1848d. 17, Paragon Place 1836d-1842d; 3, Castle Street 1843d-1851d. Born: Kentisbeare 1812/3. Married: Emma, born Exeter 1818/9. Adverts EFP 14/7/1842 1bc, 4/12/1845 2d. Master employing two men and two boys 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/149.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FOWERAKER, Marya. Fl. 1851. Stationer. 5, Paris Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1807/8. Widow 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/135.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FOWERAKER, Thomas. Fl. 1833-1862. Account book manufacturer 1833d, machine ruler 1835d, stationer 1845d-1847d, 1851d, ruler and account book manufacturer 1848d, bookseller 1853d-1855d+. Paragon Place 1833d, Sidwell Street 1835d; Paris Street 1845d-1848d, 1851d-1855d; no. 5 1856d-1862. Died: 1862, deceased, stock in trade for sale EFP 30/7/1862 1d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FRENCH, Thomas. Fl. 1851. Printer. 2, Gatteys Court 1851. Born: Exeter 1831/2. Unmarried, lodging with brother-in-law 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/105.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FRIEND, James. Fl. 1851. Stationer and bookbinder's aprentice. 43, High Street 1851. Born: Camberwell, Surrey 1831/2. Apprenticed to David Thomson, stationer and bookbinder with whom he lodged 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/235.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FRIENDS OF THE LIBERTY OF THE PRESS. Fl. 1793. Society. Resolutions of the Exeter Meeting EFP 31/1/1793 2b.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. Frise and Marker. Fl. 1849. Lithographers, engravers, surveyors. Palace Street 1849d; 3, Palace Gate 1849. Partnership between James marker and Richard P.Frise dissolved, Frise to continue alone EFP 11/10/1849 5b.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. Fise, Richard P. Fl. 1849-1850. Lithographer. 3, Palace Gate 1849; Palace Street 1850d. Previously Frise and Marker, partnership with James Marker dissolved, Frise to continue alone EFP 11/10/1849 5b.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. Frost, C. Fl. 1806. Engraver. Preston Street 1806. Senior pupil of E.A.Ezekiel. Advert EFP 25/12/1806 4d. Advert for move to Mr. Dunsford's EFP 22/3/1810 4e.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. Fulford and Underhill. Fl. 1873. Engravers. Advert EFP 11/6/1873 4f.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. FULFORD, John. Fl. 1872. Engraver. Leaving for India EFP 18/9/1872 5d.

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