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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exeter D

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Exeter. Surnames: D
DEV_Exeter. DANIELL, Edwin. Fl. 1851. Compositor. Paul Street 1851. Born: St. James's, London, 1832/3, son of Sarah, widow, milliner. Sources: Census 1851 1869/212.

DEV_Exeter. DARKE, Sophia. Fl. 1851. Stationer's assistant. 92, Fore Street 1851. Born: Middlesex 1833/4. Unmarried 1851. Assisted cousin Margaret Mack 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/341.

DEV_Exeter. DARKER, Samuel. Fl. 1698-1700. Printer. Bull's Head Court, Redcross Precinct, St. Giles Cripplegate, London 1695; Exeter 1698-1700; Jewin Street, London 1700-1701. Born: c.1665, son of Samuel of London, fishmonger. Married: Sarah Marston 29/10/1685 St. James Dukes Place. Children: Samuel bap. 28/11/1688 St. Martin Ludgate. Married: Ann Lawrence 29/1/1710 St. Sepulchre Holborn. Children: John. no bap. traced CFI etc., apprenticed to mother Sarah 5/5/1701, free 3/10/1709, Hannah, born by 1695, bur. 5/9/1699 St. Giles; Sarah bap. 31/8/1690 St. Martin Ludgate, bur. 5/9/1699 St. Giles Cripplegate, Nathaniel bap. 29/11/1691 St. Martin Ludgate, Ann, bap. untraced, bur. 20/10/1694 St. Giles Cripplegate, smallpox. Died: Mar. 1700, London, stopping of the stomach, bur. 26/3/1700 St. Giles Cripplegate. No will, widow swore to administer, London Court of Orphans inventory dated 23/9/1700 includes two presses. Apprenticed to Robert Roberts, cit. & Stationer of London, printer 3/11/1679, free Stationers' Company 8/11/1686, not freeman of Exeter. Apprentices: John Smith 1/8/1692, free 5/8/1700, Thomas Moyce 3/10/1698. Partner with Samuel Farley in Exeter 1698-1700. Imprints: London: 1696: Wing M2822; 1698: Wing T100 (Term cat. iii,212), W2645; 1701: (Term cat. iii,253); Exeter: 1698: Chilcot, Church of England, Dunning, King, Select, Shower, Smith; 1699: Avant, Chandler, Exeter. Diocese, Gascoyne, Gilbert (2 titles), Winnell; 1700: Blight; printed forms 1698. Sources: Dickinson; Hoskins Two thousand years in Exeter p.77; Worth pp.500, 501, 507;Dredge; Plomer; Clough; Treadwell.

DEV_Exeter. DAVEY, William. Fl. 1790-1809. Engraver, artist, printseller. Selling print of Cathedral EFP 10/6/1790 2b. Subscribing for view of Cathedral EFP 8/11/1792 2c. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): 1791: 794, 795; 1794: 772; [1800?]: 995; [1809?]: 996.

DEV_Exeter. DAVEY, William. Fl. 1851. Compositor. Ingles Yard, Northernhay 1851. Born: Barnstaple, 1829/30. Unmarried, lodger 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/101

DEV_Exeter. DAVIES & Co. Fl. 1816. Stationers. Gandy Street 1816d.

DEV_Exeter. DAVIES & ELDRIDGE. Fl. 1814. Publishers. Gandy Street 1814. Declining retail shop business, stock for sale by auction, to continue business as publishers and binders WL 22/2/1814, EFP 17/2/1814 4c. Advert EFP 17/12/1814 4c. Imprints: [1815?]: Drelincourt.

DEV_Exeter. DAVIES, Josiah. Fl. 1849-1855. Bookbinder. 17, Salem Place 1849d, 1851-1853d; 7, Elm Grove 1850d-1851d; no no. 1854d; Gandy Street 1855d+. Born: Exeter 1792/3. Married: Georgiana, shop assistant, born Exeter. Children: born Southampton 1839/40, St. Sidwell, Exeter 1835/6, Bradninch 1836/7. Sources: Census 1851 1868/6.

DEV_Exeter. DAVIES, William. Fl. 1809-1811. Bookseller, pamphleteer. North Bridge 1809d; New Bridge 1811d.

DEV_Exeter. DAVIES, William I. Fl. 1822-1824. Bookbinder. Gandy Street 1822d; 73, Fore Street 1823d; 100, Fore Street 1824d.

DEV_Exeter. DAVIES, William II. Fl. 1819-1866. Bookbinder. Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1819; St. Paul's 1819. High Street 1822d; Allhallows Court 1823d-1830d; no. 6 1831d-1836d; Gandy Street 1837d-1866d; no. 10 1848d. Born: London 1794/5. Married: Mary Burnett, born Exeter 1791/2, 7/1/1819 St. Pancras EFP 14/1/1819 4b. Children: Catharine Burnett bap. 18/11/1819 Allhallows Goldsmith Street. Employed 6 men 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/34.

DEV_Exeter. DELBRIDGE, Thomas. Fl. 1836-1839. Printer. Paul Street 1839. Married: EFP 9/6/1836 2d. Freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship 31/7/1839. Sources: Exeter freemen.

DEV_Exeter. DE NICEVILLE, Augustus. Fl. 1855. Photographer. 229, High Street 1855d+.

DEV_Exeter. DEVON AGRICULTURAL MAGAZINE. Fl. 1834. Periodical. Notice and extract EFP 1/5/1834 4a.

DEV_Exeter. DEVON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Fl. 1835. Library. Ran library 1835d.

DEV_Exeter. DEVON AND EXETER AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. Fl. 1809-1828. Bible distributors. Depository and office: William Lee, 205, High Street 1816d, Thomas Balle, 89, Fore Street 1828d. Established 1809.

DEV_Exeter. DEVON AND EXETER INSTITUTION. Fl. 1813-date. Library and reading rooms. Cathedral Yard 1823d. John Squance librarian 1823d-1828d. Established 1813. To ban all Exeter newspapers from its reading room EFP 10/8/1820 4c.

DEV_Exeter. DEVON WEEKLY TIMES. Fl. 1861-1883. Newspaper. Established Oct. 1861. Report on liquidation EFP 10/7/1872 5ef. Attack on Unitarian views EFP 18/12/1872 5f. Elias Tozer, editor, died EFP 17/12/1873 8d, report of funeral EFP 24/12/1873 5d. Presentation to reporter EFP 12/12/1883 6f.

DEV_Exeter. DEVONSHIRE CHRONICLE AND EXETER NEWS. Fl. 1827-1853. Newspaper. 89, North Street 1848d-1850d. Continued Besley's Exeter News 21/4/1827-22/3/1853. Published Sat. p.m. by Thomas Besley jun. 1828d. Only Devon newspaper represented at the inauguration of the Newspaper Society 1836. Printing business for sale EFP 9/12/1852 1a. Stock for sale EFP 13/10/1853 1c. Sources: Clamp.

DEV_Exeter. DEVONSHIRE FREEHOLDER. Fl. 1823. Newspaper. 205, High Street 1823d. Publ. Thurs 1823d. Proprietors: R.Bond & Co. 1823d. Also at 14, Whimple Street, Plymouth 1823d.

DEV_Exeter. DEWDNEY, Mrs. Elizabeth. Fl. 1856. Newspaper proprietor. Post Office Street 1856d. Proprietor of Western Luminary 1856d.

DEV_Exeter. DEWDNEY, John Sweetland. Fl. 1828-1851. Printer, newspaper proprietor. Gandy Street 1828d; 82, Fore Street 1830d-1837d; 3, Post Office Street 1838d-1851d; Bedford Circus 1840-1846; no. 6 1848d-1851. Trading as J.S.Dewdney & Co. 1828-1830. Richard Dewdney, grocer, at 82, Fore Street 1830d-1834d+. Born: Exeter 1799/1800. Married: Mary , born Brampford Speke 1803/4, EFP 20/7/1837 2e. Children: Mary bap. 25/7/1840, Jaquetta Sibylla bap. 26/10/1844, John Sweetland bap. 1/7/1846, all at Bedford Chapel. Proprietor of Western Luminary which he took over from the wife of Flindell 1828d. Governess and two servants in household 1851. Imprints: 1828: Guide ; 1830: Opening ; 1840: Wilson ; 1847: Baker ; Sources: Census 1851 1869/165.

DEV_Exeter. DEWDNEY, Mrs. M. Fl. 1856. Printer. Post Office Street 1856d.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT, Anne. Fl. 1668. Bookseller. Imprints: 1668: Ford. Sources: Dredge p.93.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT, Edward. Fl. 1609-1642. Bookseller, stationer. St Martin, Exeter 1642. Son of John Dight, stationer, of Exeter. Children: Walter freeman of Exeter by succession 15/3/1680. Freeman of Exeter by succession 27/11/1609. Apprentice: Thomas Hunt free 22/11/1630. Imprints: 1631: Beard, Fitz-Geffrey. Will dated 6 Mar 1642 (HMC Exeter p.416). Sources: Dredge; McKerrow; Worth pp. 501, 506.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT/DIGHTE/DYGHTE, John. Fl. 1583. Stationer. Children: Edward Dight freeman of Exeter by succession 27/11/1609. Apprenticed to Peter Benson, stationer. Freeman of Exeter 16/9/1583. Sources: McKerrow. Exeter freemen.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT, John II. Fl. 1635. Bookbinder. Eldest son of Edward Dight. Deaf and dumb. Pattern book [1635?] in Bodleian shows geometrical designs. McKerrow.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT, Joseph. Fl. 1635. Bookbinder. Copy of: The workes of Mr. Sam. Hieron (London : Printed by William Stansby and John Beale , [1635]) in Modbury parish records bears inscription: Bought of Mr Jos Dight at Exon bookbinder it cost xx[s]. DRO 269A/PI1.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT, Walter I. Fl. 1667-1668. Bookseller, stationer. Over against Guildhall 1667 [probably later Gilbert Dyer's premises]. Born: Exeter, son of Edward Dight, bookseller. Married: Ann Spicer 8/8/1641 St. Martin, Exeter. Imprints: 1667: Cleland; 1668: Stoddon; . Sources: Dredge, Clough, Plomer; Exeter freemen: Worth p. 501.

DEV_Exeter. DIGHT, Walter II. Fl. 1678-1698. Bookseller. Freeman of Exeter by succession 15/3/1680. Apprentices: Robert May free 9/12/1695, John Strong free 3/1/1715. Imprints: 1678: Reynolds; 1684: Reynolds; 1693: Mayne; printed forms 1698.

DEV_Exeter. DIPSTALE, Charles. Fl. 1851. Journeyman printer. 141, Sidwell Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1828/9. Married: Louisa, born Exeter 1828/9. Children: one born Exeter 1849/50. Sources: Census 1851 1868/282.

DEV_Exeter. DITCHETT, Mrs. E. Fl. 1856. Stationer. 19, Mint 1856d.

DEV_Exeter. DOBEL, Joseph. Fl. 1814-1827. Bookbinder. Mint Lane 1814; North Street 1827. Married: Sarah. Children: John Maunder bap. 7/12/1814 St. Olave; John bap. 13/5/1827 St. Kerrian.

DEV_Exeter. DODGE, Mrs. Fl. 1790. Stationer. Agent for patent medicine EFP 25/2/1790 2d.

DEV_Exeter. DONNETT, William. Fl. 1577. Parchment maker. Apprenticed to William Payne, parchment maker. Freeman of Exeter 18/11/1577. Sources: Exeter freemen.

DEV_Exeter. DRAKE, William. Fl. 1851. Assistant stationer. Mint 1851. Born: Exeter 1836/7, son of Jane, widow, milliner. Sources: Census 1851 1869/339.

DEV_Exeter. DRAYTON, John. Fl. 1851. Bookseller, stationer. 202, High Street 1851. Trading as S.Drayton & Sons. Born: Bruton, Somerset 1820/1, son of Richard, bookseller and Sarah. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/248.

DEV_Exeter. DRAYTON, Richard. Fl. 1838-1839. Bookseller. 162, Fore Street 1838; 201, High Street 1838-1839d. Married: Sarah, born 1787/8 Lanyatt, Somerset. Died: EFP 31/1/1839. Children: William, born 1818/9, Montacute, Somerset; John, born 1820/1 Bruton, Somerset. Moved from 162, Fore Street EFP 11/10/1838 2b. John Risdon previously at 201, High Street. Stock for sale EFP 21/2/1839 2a. Succeeded by S. Drayton & Sons.

DEV_Exeter. DRAYTON, Mrs. Sarah and Sons. Fl. 1839-1862. Booksellers, stationers. 201, High Street 1840d-1862d+. Born: Lanyatt, Somerset 1787/8. Married: Richard. Children: see Richard Drayton. Succeeded husband Richard. No initial given in style of firm from 1849d. Adverts EFP 19/12/1839 3f, 25/1/1855 4d, 6/1/1859 8e, 11/2/1863 4d, 6/1/1864 5a, 2/1/1867 5a, 1/1/1868 4e, 5/1/1870 5a, 30/1/1878 4e. 40,000 volumes of standard works on sale 1862d. Business continued until World War 2, in 1930s as second-hand bookshop only. Sources: Clamp.

DEV_Exeter. DRAYTON, William. Fl. 1840-1862. Bookseller. 201, High Street 1840-1862d+. Trading as S.Drayton & Sons. Born: Montacute, Somerset 1818/9, son of Richard Drayton, bookseller and Sarah. Unmarried 1851. Married: EFP 5/5/1859 5d. Died: report of funeral EFP 31/12/1879 5e.

DEV_Exeter. DREW, Mrs. J. Fl. 1801. Hawker. Died: 1801 aged 99. During the winter season she was a carrier or retailer of almanacks for the printer of the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette. Sources: Monthly Mag. Aug.1801, p.84.

DEV_Exeter. DREW, Joseph. Fl. 1727-1749. Bookseller, printer from 1748. High Street 1740; Gandy's Lane 1742; opposite Castle Lane 1745; near Eastgate 1748-49. Born: Exeter, son of George Drew, mason. Married: Sarah Winter, of Exeter, spinster, licence 13/5/1727. Freeman of Exeter by succession 24/7/1727. Bondsman for marriage of Anthony Kelly and Mary Osmond 29/4/1726. Extracts from Courtenay papers 1508M/Devon/Account books:

Vol. 10, fo. 122 (1750): October 6. Pd Mr Drew for Printed Bills, & Advertisements in his Newspaper, of the Survey for Sale of late Mr Baker's Estate in Alphington 0: 19: 0.

Vol. 36: 11 Dec 1744. Paid Drew, bookseller's bill. £14 3s 6d.

Imprints: 1740: Trevanion; 1742: Drew; 1745: Carew; 1748: Devon, Letter; 1749: Devon. Sources: Plomer; Exeter freemen; Dredge pp. 46, 47, 70; Munby and Coral.

DEV_Exeter. DREWE, Elizabeth. Fl. 1851. Assistant bookseller. 39, High Street 1851. Born: Newington Butts, Surrey 1808/9. Unmarried 1851. Assisted James Fitze, bookseller, with whom she lodged 1851 Sources: Census 1851 1868/326.

DEV_Exeter. DUNN, William. Fl. 1851. Copperplate printer. 9, Smythen Street 1851. Born: St. Thomas Exeter 1806/7. Married: Ann, dressmaker, born Moretonhampstead 1805/6. Sources: Census 1851 1869/302.

DEV_Exeter. DYER, Gilbert I. Fl. 1783-1820. Bookseller, circulating library. College 1783; High Street, opposite Guildhall 1785-93; Fore Street 1791d; High Street 1793d-1822d. Born: Dunstone, Widecombe, bap. 14/9/1743 Widecombe, son of Gilbert Dyer, schoolmaster (buried 7/11/1809, St. Martin?). Married: firstly Sarah Sayer of Cathedral Close 19/7/1772, Cathedral, died 1788 (EFP 10/7/1788 3c). Children: Sarah bap. 25/2/1775 Cathedral, Gilbert bap. 9/6/1776 Cathedral. Married: secondly Sarah Finnecombe of Exeter EFP 3/12/1789 3b, died 24/10/1811 EFP 31/10/1811 4b. Died: 19/10/1820 EFP 26/10/1820 4b, MM Dec.1820, p.487. Not freeman of Exeter. Assisted father as schoolmaster. Master of school at Tuckers' Hall, Exeter June 1767-c.1787. Label for circulating library in College with 2-3,000 volumes, subscriptions 12 shillings per year, 4 shillings per quarter c1785. Opened bookshop opposite Guildhall, in premises probably formerly occupied by Walter Dight c.1785. Advertised stock of circulating library EFP 30/10/1783 3b. Sun policy 496279, £800, 1784. Advert for extension EFP 21/4/1785 3b. Books of Exeter Library Society moved EFP 10/11/1785 3c. Advert EFP 2/6/1791 3d. Advert for sale catalogue for 1794 EG 28/11/1793. Libraries for sale EFP 3/8/1797 3d, 18/2/1802 4d. Agent for Plymouth and Dock Telegraph 1809. Advert for assistant EFP 18/1/1810 4d. Selling stock, retiring EFP 28/10/1811 4d. Advert EFP 6/1/1814 3c. Voted for Northmore 1818. Manager Maria Fitze took over library EFP 22/3/1821 4c, son Gilbert took over bookselling business EFP 15/3/1821 1b. Author of: The principle of atheism proved to be unfounded from the nature of man (1796). Restoration of the ancient modes of bestowing names ... (1805). Vulgar errors, ancient and modern (1810).

Mr. G.Dyer of Exeter is a distinguished veteran in the book-trade: his catalogue of 1810 in two parts, containing 19,945 articles, has I think never been equalled by that of any provincial bookseller, for the value and singularity of the greater number of volumes described in it. (Dibdin: Bibliomania, 1811, p.629 note.)

... the erudite Maister Dyer, the collector of a circulating library, the choicest and perhaps the most extensive, of any in the whole kingdom, except in the metropolis. (P.T. Exeter in my youthful days, 1831 in: Hone's Yearbook. Hone comments on Dyer's collection of theology as being "astonishing; it was stacked on manifold shelves to the angle point of the gable of their huge upper warehouse.")

Imprints: 1783: Dyer; 1791: Manning; 1792: Manning; 1793: Dyer, Kendall; 1796: Strong; 1805: Dyer; 1811: Dyer; 1815: Williams. Sources: Dredge; Exeter freemen; Dibdin; Hone; DNB; Attwood.

DEV_Exeter. DYER, Gilbert II. Fl. 1821-1824. Bookseller, stationer. St. Martin 1803; 56, High Street 1823d-1828d; 3, Midway Terrace 1828d. Born: 1776, bap. 9/6, Cathedral, son of Gilbert Dyer, schoolmaster, later bookseller, and Sarah. Married: Sarah Gillard of the City of London 6/7/1806 St. Martin EFP 10/7/1806 4c. Willing to serve as volunteer 1803. Took over father's bookselling business EFP 15/3/1821 1b, Maria Fitze succeeding to library. Advert EFP 3/7/1823 4d. Library of 100,000 volumes for sale EFP 4/11/1824 4c. William Strong of Bristol taken over business EFP 29/1/1829 2c. Imprints: 1827: Williams; 1828: Williams. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

DEV_Exeter. Dyer, John. Fl. 1776. Apprentice printer. Apprenticed to Barnabas Thorn, 1776, £10/00/00 IR/1/29, fo. 030.

DEV_Exeter. DYER, William. Fl. 1761-1776. Printer. Son of William Dyer, joiner. Children: William, printer, of Aldersgate, London, freeman of Exeter by succession 16/6/1790. Freeman of Exeter by succession 9/2/1761. Voted for John B.Cholwich 1776. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1776; Worth p. 506.

DEV_Exeter. DYMOND, Charles. Fl. 1851. Compositor. Paul Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1821/2. Married: Charlotte, born Exeter 1822/3. Children: born Westminster 1844-46, Exeter 1848/9. Sources: Census 1851 1869/187.

DEV_Exeter. DYMOND, R. Fl. 18--. Print publisher. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks) 1864: 956.

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