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31 January 2007

Luminary subscribers H-L

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 9
Newspaper readership in south west England: an analysis of the Flindell's Western Luminary subscribers list of 1815.
Subscribers H-L

Details as in subscribers list
- number in list (assigned)
Name. Place (COUNTY) Address
Trade. Notes & references.
Hacker, Miss Ilfracombe
- 703
Hacker, E ?, Miss. Ilfracombe (DEV) Red Cow Inn ?
Innkeeper ?. 1811 H.
Hake, Mrs ditto
- 670
Hake, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Teacher ?. EFP 1817-28. Or Miss Hake, feathermaker 1816T.
Hale, R. H. esq. ditto
- 729
Hale, R H, Esq. Dawlish (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hall, Mr Sprytown, Stowford, Lifton
- 653
Hall, Mr. Stowford, Lifton (DEV) Sprytown
EFP nil.
Hall, R. H. esq. Ilford Lodge, Essex
- 755
Hall, R H, Esq. Ilford Lodge, Essex (ESS)
Hall, Mr Woodbury, near Topsham
- 732
Hall, Richard ?, Mr. Woodbury, Topsham (DEV) New Inn ?
Innkeeper ?. EFP 1786-88.
Hamilton, C. esq. ditto
- 667
Hamilton, Charles ?, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Scrivener ?. 1818P no trade. EFP 2/5/1816. Poll: Court. Newman.
Hamilton, Mr James, Falmouth
- 632
Hamilton, James, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Hamilton, R. H. esq. near Topsham
- 734
Hamilton, R H, Esq. Topsham (DEV)
Gentry. Lysons, Gregor: A.H.Hamilton Esq, Retreat. 1811H -. Subscriptions: G?
Hamley, Rev. T. T. St. Ervan
- 642
Hamley, Thomas T, Rev. Saint Ervan (COR) Tregenna
Clergy. Venn: Thomas Tregenna Hamley, St Mary Hall 1797. Subscriptions: G
Hamley, Mr William, Liskeard
- 648
Hamley, William, Mr. Liskeard (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Hamlyn, C. esq. Pascoe-house, Bow
- 682
Hamlyn, C, Esq. Bow (DEV) Pascoe House
EFP nil.
Hamlyn, Captain, Seawood, near ditto
- 656
Hamlyn, Calmady Pollex., Capt. Bridestowe, Okehampton (DEV) Leawood [sic]
Magistrate ?. 1811H C.P.Hamlyn Esq. Lysons: Leawood, Bridestowe. Subscriptions: P
Hamlyn, R. esq. Cheapside, London
- 752
Hamlyn, R, Esq. London (LON) Cheapside
Hammill, Mr John, St. Mary
- 628
Hammill, John, Mr. Saint Mary, Scilly (COR)
EFP nil.
Hammill, Mr P. Helston
- 779
Hammill, Peter, Mr. Helston (COR)
Mercer. EFP, 1811H.
Hammill, Mr jun. Helston
- 630
Hammill, jun, Mr. Helston (COR)
1811H nil.
Handford, Mr ditto
- 693
Handford, John, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
Grocer. 1811H also druggist.
Handford, Mr John, jun. ditto
- 694
Handford, John jun, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
Bookseller. Recorded 1796-1805.
Harding, -, esq. Heavitree, near ditto
- 659
Harding, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Heavitree
Harding, - esq. Pinhoe
- 680
Harding, Esq. Pinhoe (DEV)
EFP nil.
Harding, -, esq. Upcott, near Barnstaple
- 766
Harding, Esq. Tawstock, Barnstaple ? (DEV) Upcott
1811H nil.
Harding, Rev. J. D. Arlington, nr Barum
- 697
Harding, John Lunebear ?, Rev. Arlington, Barnstaple (DEV)
Rector ?. Foster and Venn nil. EFP 1811-1828.
Harker, Mr ditto
- 664
Harker, Thomas, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street
Sadler. 1816T. Polled Courtenay, Newman.
Harriett, Mrs ditto
- 672
Harriett, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Harriott, esq. Beacon, ditto
- 739
Harriott, Esq. Exmouth (DEV) Beacon
EFP nil.
Harris, -, esq. Ogilvie Cottage, near ditto
- 662
Harris, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Ogilvie Cottage
Harris, Mr Beer, Tavistock
- 712
Harris, Mr. Bere Ferrers, Tavistock (DEV)
1811H nil. Prince: Henry Esq, Beer-Ferrers. Subscriptions: P?
Harris, Mr Kingsbridge
- 716
Harris, Mr. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Harris, Mr Exmouth
- 736
Harris, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Harris, Mrs Tregarrick
- 780
Harris, Mrs. Saint Kew ? (COR) Tregarrick
Woman. Lysons: Lately built by Abraham Hambly, Esq.
Harris, A. esq. Ormond house, ditto
- 738
Harris, A, Esq. Exmouth (DEV) Ormond House
EFP nil.
Harris, Mr George, ditto
- 700
Harris, George, Mr. Pilton, Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP nil.
Harris, Henry, esq, Lifton
- 654
Harris, Henry, Esq. Lifton (DEV)
Gentry. Lysons: Wm Arundell Harris, Castlepark. Subsc £20?.
Harris, J. esq. 4, Circus, ditto
- 762
Harris, J, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Circus 4
Surgeon ?. 1818P. Polled Courtenay, Newman.
Harris, J. esq. Naval Bank, Plymouth
- 769
Harris, J, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Naval Bank
Banker. EFP 1775-17871812P nil.
Harris, James, esq. ditto
- 751
Harris, James, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Exeter College?
Student ?. Foster: no trace.
Harris, Mr John, Callington
- 649
Harris, John, Mr. Callington (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Harris, John, esq. Naval Bank, Plymouth
- 705
Harris, John, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Naval Bank
1812P nil.
Harris, Langhorne, and Co. Bank, Dartmouth
- 720
Harris, Langhorne & Co, Messrs. Dartmouth (DEV)
Harrison, Underwriters
- 776
Harrison, . Liverpool (LAN) Underwriters
Insurance agent. 1811H nil.
Harrison, Tope, & Co. Messrs. Totnes
- 719
Harrison, Tope & Co, Messrs. Totnes (DEV)
Brewers. 1811H H Tope & Son.
Hart, S. esq. Alternun Vicarage, near ditto
- 652
Hart, S, Esq. Alternun, Launceston (COR) Alternun Vicarage
Vicar. Vicar of Alternun EFP 6/2/1806.
Hartop, Sir Edmund, bart
- 625
Hartop, Sir Edmund, Bart. Upton Pyne ? (DEV)
Gentry. EFP no trade.
Harvey, H. esq. Lenton-house, ditto
- 698
Harvey, H, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV) Lenton House
EFP, 1811H nil.
Harvey, Mr J. St. Day
- 756
Harvey, J, Mr. Saint Day (COR)
EFP nil.
Harvey, Mr Tavistock
- 713
Harvey, Richard, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Currier. 1811H.
Harveys, Messrs Launceston
- 650
Harveys, & Son, Messrs. Launceston (COR)
Grocers. 1811H.
Harvie, Mr. Arthur, ditto
- 708
Harvie, Arthur, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Harvie, Mr ditto
- 695
Harvie, John, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
Merchant. 1811H.
Harward, Mr. Kilkhampton
- 758
Harward, Mr. Kilkhampton, Stratton (COR)
EFP nil.
Harwood, Capt. Brampford Speke, near ditto
- 661
Harwood, William Tooke, Capt. Brampford Speke (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil. Prob. 19th Regt Lt Dragoons, half pay.
Hatherley, -, esq. Fishwick-house, Newton Abbot
- 774
Hatherley, Esq. Newton Abbot (DEV) Fishwick House
EFP nil.
Havill, Mr H. Clyst St. Mary, near ditto
- 733
Havill, Henry, Mr. Clyst St Mary, Topsham (DEV)
Builder. Died EFP 7/3/1833.
Hawker and Son, Messrs Plymouth
- 627
Hawker, & Son, Messrs. Plymouth (DEV) Breton Side
Merchants. 1812P. Prince: Hawker, John, Esq. Plymouth. Subscriptions: P?
Hawkes, Subscription Coffee-room, Tiverton
- 702
Hawkes Coffee, Room, . Tiverton (DEV)
Coffee house. 1811H Richard Hawkes, Three Tuns.
Hawkey, Mr A. St. Issey, near Padstow
- 643
Hawkey, A, Mr. Saint Issey, Padstow (COR)
EFP nil.
Hawkins, H. K. esq. ditto
- 691
Hawkins, Henry Knowling, Esq. Great Torrington (DEV) New Street
Attorney. 1823P.
Hay, James, esq. Collipriest-house, nr Tiverton
- 626
Hay, James, Esq. Tiverton (DEV) Collipriest House
Gentry, farmer. Lysons. 1811H no trdde. App sheriff EFP 30/1/1812.
Haycroft, Mr ditto
- 671
Haycroft, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T nil.
Hayden, W. esq. Queen
- 748
Hayden, Walter Thomas, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Queens College
Student ?. Foster: matric 1812.
Haydon and Co. Messrs ditto
- 706
Haydon, & Co, Messrs. Plymouth (DEV) Market Place
Printers. 1812P. Prince: Haydon & Cobley, two copies. Subscriptions: P
Hayman, Mr. Watermouth, near Ilfracombe
- 704
Hayman, Mr. Ilfracombe (DEV) Watermouth
EFP, 1811H nil.
Hays, T. esq. Holwell, near ditto
- 717
Hays, T, Esq. South Pool, Kingsbridge ? (DEV) Halwell House ?
EFP nil.
Haywood, Rev. John, Ideford, near Chudleigh
- 723
Haywood, John, Rev. Ideford, Chudleigh (DEV)
Rector ?. George Heywood rector of Ideford 1811-36.
Hazel, Mr Joseph, Pilton, Barnstaple
- 699
Hazel, Joseph, Mr. Pilton, Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP nil.
Heard, Mr. Clovelly, near ditto
- 696
Heard, Mr. Clovelly, Bideford (DEV)
Surgeon ?. Sells patent medicines EFP 1/12/1796.
Heard, Mr Robert, Holsworthy
- 689
Heard, Robert, Mr. Holsworthy (DEV)
Surveyor ?. 1823P nil. Loans agent EFP 20/3/1828 [no forename].
Hearle, Robert, esq. Fowey
- 645
Hearle, Robert, Esq. Fowey (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Heath, James esq. ditto
- 746
Heath, James, Esq. Cullompton (DEV)
EFP nil. Subscriptions: W
Hedgeland, Mr P. Exeter
- 663
Hedgland, P, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street
Printer. 1816T also bookseller.
Hele, Mr ditto
- 726
Hele, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil. Guide to watering places: Hele, C. Subscriptions: W?
Hele, Mr John East, ditto
- 727
Hele, John, Mr. Teignmouth East (DEV)
EFP nil.
Helland, L. P. esq, Exeter College, Oxford
- 750
Helland, L P, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Exeter College
Student ?. Foster: no trace.
Helme, Mr C. mercer, Guernsey
- 744
Helme, Mr. Guernsey (CHA)
Hemer, Mr. Robert, ditto
- 761
Hemer, Robert, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Bartholomew Yard
Attorney. 1816T. 1818P. Polled Courtenay.
Hender, Mr Alternun, near Launceston
- 651
Hender, Mr. Alternun, Launceston (COR)
EFP nil.
Hennah, Mr St. Austell
- 641
Hennah, Edmund, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
Printer. Potts.
Henwood, Mr ditto
- 637
Henwood, Mr. Truro (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Henwood, Mr St. Veep, near ditto
- 646
Henwood, Mr. Saint Veep, Fowey (COR)
EFP nil.
Herald Printing Office, Oxford
- 749
Herald Printing, Office, . Oxford (OXF)
Heriot, sen. esq. ditto
- 742
Heriot, sen, Esq. Sidmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hern, Mr ditto
- 676
Hern, Moses ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Attorney ?. 1816T. D. EFP 6/2/17. 1818P. Sub £1/1/-. Poll: New.
Herne, Rev. H. Northmolton
- 767
Herne, H, Rev. North Molton (DEV)
Clergy. Foster and Venn nil.
Heysitt, -, esq. Bovacott-house, Sheepwash
- 763
Heysitt, Esq. Sheepwash (DEV) Bovacott House
EFP nil.
Hicks, Mr ditto
- 638
Hicks, Mr. Truro (COR)
EP, 1811H nil.
Higman, H. esq. ditto
- 741
Higman, H, Esq. Sidmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hill, Mr ditto
- 669
Hill, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
1816T several.
Hill, Mr. Reed
- 765
Hill, Mr. Hatherleigh ? (DEV) Reed
Hine, John esq. General Bank ditto
- 721
Hine, John, Esq. Dartmouth (DEV) General Bank
Hine, M. ditto
- 675
Hine, M, . Exeter (DEV)
1816T N Hine, childbed linen warehouse, 1818P nil.
Hingston, Mr A. Strand, ditto
- 735
Hingston, A, Mr. Topsham (DEV) Strand
EFP, parish registers, 1811H nil.
Hingston, Mr St. Ives
- 629
Hingston, Francis, Mr. Saint Ives (COR)
Customs clerk. 1823P.
Hingston, Mr ditto
- 633
Hingston, L & N, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Ironmongers. 1811H.
Hire, Capt. Cottage Row, Stonehouse
- 772
Hire, Capt. Stonehouse (DEV) Cottage Row
Army officer. 1812P nil.
Hitchins, Mr C. Tavistock
- 710
Hitchins, C, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
1811H John, china and glass warehouse.
Hore, Charles esq. Luscombe, Dawlish
- 728
Hoare, Charles, Esq. Dawlish (DEV) Luscombe
Banker. Prince: Hoare. Nominated sheriff EFP 21/11/1816. Subscriptions: WP
Hoare, Mr. John, ditto
- 773
Hoare, John, Mr. Stonehouse (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Hobart, Rev. H. Beer Parsonage, Tavistock
- 711
Hobart, Henry Charles, Rev. Bere Ferrers, Tavistock (DEV) Beer Parsonage
Rector. Venn: Rector Bere Ferrers 1798-1823.
Hoblyn, Rev. Edward, ditto
- 714
Hoblyn, Edward, Rev. Tavistock (DEV)
Clergy. Foster: Univ.Coll. Vicar of Marytavy EFP 1823. Subscriptions: D
Hobson, Rev. Sidmouth
- 740
Hobson, Rev. Sidmouth (DEV)
Clergy. Foster var. Exc.Hennessy. Rev I. mar EFP 11/9/1828.
Hocken, Miss ditto
- 635
Hocken, Miss. Falmouth (COR)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Hodder, Mr. R. Shelwood Cottage, Ivy Bridge
- 768
Hodder, R, Mr. Ivybridge (DEV) Shelwood Cottage
EFP nil.
Hodge, Rev. Mr Penryn
- 631
Hodge, Edward, Rev Mr. Penryn (COR)
Clergy. 1811H. Exc. Hennessy. Rector St Euny EFP 8/8/1816.
Hodge, Rev. J. Honiton Clyst
- 681
Hodge, John, Rev. Clyst Honiton (DEV)
Curate. Venn: Emmanuel 1769.Curate Clyst Honiton 1780-1830. Subscriptions: G
Hodge, Mr ditto
- 666
Hodge, W ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Poltimore Inn PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1816T St Sidwell 1818P nil.
Hodges, Mr William, Liskeard
- 647
Hodges, William, Mr. Liskeard (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Holbeech, Rev. Mr. Morchard
- 764
Holbeech, Charles, Rev Mr. Morchard Bishop (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Morchard Bishop 1812-27.
Holdsworth, R. esq. Bramble Tor
- 722
Holdsworth, R, Esq. Dartmouth ? (DEV) Bramble Tor
Hole, Rev. Mr Kerscott Hill, nr South Molton
- 701
Hole, Rev Mr. South Molton (DEV) Kerscott Hill
Clergy. Foster and Venn several. Excluded from Hennessy.
Hole, F. esq. Sandford
- 687
Hole, F, Esq. Sandford, Crediton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hole, Rev. H. A. Vicarage, Oakhampton
- 655
Hole, Humphry Adam, Rev. Okehampton (DEV) Vicarage
Vicar. Vicar of Okehampton 1789-1814.
Hole, R. L. esq. Great Torrington
- 690
Hole, Richard? L, Esq. Great Torrington (DEV) South Street ?
Surgeon ?. 1823P.
Hole, Robert esq. Stickwick
- 724
Hole, Robert, Esq. Bovey Tracey, Chudleigh ? (DEV) Stickwick
Hole, Rev. Mr Woolsey, near Crediton
- 683
Hole, Woolsey, Rev Mr. Crediton (DEV)
Clergy. Foster and Venn nil.
Hole in the Wall Tavern, Bristol
- 753
Hole in the, Wall Tavern, . Bristol (SOM)
Public house.
Holland, Rev. R. Spreyton, Crockernwell
- 759
Holland, Richard, Rev. Spreyton (DEV) Crockernwell
Vicar. Venn: Christs 1795. Vicar of Spreyton 1802-56. Subscriptions: P
Holman, Mr Crediton
- 685
Holman, Henry, Mr. Crediton (DEV)
Surgeon. Died EFP 17/4/1817.
Holman, Mr J. ditto
- 674
Holman, J, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street ?
Druggist ?. 1816T Holman & Ham. Polled: Courtenay.
Holmes, Mrs. Ide, near Exeter
- 678
Holmes, Mrs. Ide, Exeter (DEV)
Hone, Captain, Heavitree, near ditto
- 660
Hone, Capt. Exeter (DEV) Heavitree
Army officer. EFP nil.
Honey, Rev. John, Liskeard
- 757
Honey, John, Rev. Liskeard (COR)
Vicar. John Hony vicar of Liskeard 1795-1807.
Honey, Mr T. Holcombe Burnell, near Exeter
- 658
Honey, T, Mr. Holcombe Burnell (DEV)
EFP nil.
Honeychurch, Mr S. Beer Barton, Tavistock
- 715
Honeychurch, S, Mr. Bere Ferrers, Tavistock (DEV) Beer Barton
1811H nil.
Hooke, J. esq. ditto
- 707
Hooke, J, Esq. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Hooper, -, esq. North Tawton
- 684
Hooper, Esq. North Tawton (DEV)
Hooper, Mr Moses, Grampound
- 640
Hooper, Moses, Mr. Grampound (COR)
EFP nil.
Hooper, -, esq. North Tawton
- 688
Hooper, William, Esq. North Tawton (DEV)
Attorney. Died EFP 14/4/1825.
Hooton, John esq. ditto
- 634
Hooton, John, Esq. Falmouth (COR)
Merchant. 1811H.
Hopkins, Mr R. Totnes
- 778
Hopkins, R, Mr. Totnes (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Hore, Edward, jun. esq. Exeter
- 760
Hore, Edward jun, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Haven Banks ?
Brewer ?. 1816T Hore & Sons 1818P nil.
Horn, Mr ditto
- 665
Horn, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T nil 1818P nil.
Hornblower, Mr T. Truro
- 636
Hornblower, T, Mr. Truro (COR)
Brewer. 1811H Hornblower & Co.
Horne and Stackhouse, Messrs. Liverpool
- 747
Horne, & Stackhouse, Messrs. Liverpool (LAN) Salthouse Dock East
Merchants. 1811H.
Horswell, Mr William, Modbury
- 718
Horswell, William, Mr. Modbury (DEV)
Merchant ?. 1811H Robert, merchant and plush manufacturer.
Hosken, Davenham Lodge, Northwich, Cheshire
- 754
Hosken, J, Esq. Northwich, Cheshire (CHE) Davenham Lodge
Gregor: Hosken, John Esq, Ellenglaze. Subscriptions: G?
Hoskin, Mr A. Bodmin
- 644
Hoskin, A, Mr. Bodmin (COR)
1823P nil.
Hoskin, Mr. John, Dock
- 770
Hoskin, John, Mr. Dock (DEV)
1812P nil.
Hoskin, Richard, esq. Carines, Truro
- 639
Hoskin, Richard, Esq. Cubert (COR) Carines
Gentry. 1811H nil. Lysons.
Howell, Mrs ditto
- 668
Howell, Mary ?, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Tailor ?. EFP 1801-17. 1816T uncertain.
Howell, Mr Kenton
- 730
Howell, R E, Mr. Kenton (DEV)
Surgeon. Married EFP 28/8/1800, died EFP 8/5/1834.
Hoxland and Co. Messrs. Dock, 3 copies
- 771
Hoxland, & Co, Messrs. Dock (DEV) Dock Street
Printers. 1812P Edw Hoxland, stationer. lottery agent.
Hucks, John, esq. Bideford
- 692
Hucks, John, Esq. Bideford (DEV)
EFP, baptisms 1813-16, 1811H nil.
Hughes, Mr Plymouth
- 657
Hughes, Henry ?, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
Theatre manager. EFP various refs. 1812P nil.
Hugo, T. esq. ditto
- 686
Hugo, Thomas, Esq. Crediton (DEV)
Surgeon. Son Arundell Philip bap. 6/1/1813.
Huish, Rev. Francis, Vicarage, Okehampton
- 743
Huish, Francis, Rev. Okehampton (DEV) Vicarage
Vicar. Venn: Magdalene 1785. Vicar of Okehampton 1814-22.
Hull, T. W. esq. Marpool Hall, near ditto
- 737
Hull, T W, Esq. Exmouth (DEV) Marpool Hall
Gentry. William Thomas Hull? Notices in EFP. Lysons.
Humphry, Mr. R. Collumpton
- 775
Humphry, R, Mr. Cullompton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hurley, Mr Collumpton
- 745
Hurley, surgeon ?, Mr. Cullompton (DEV)
Wife died EFP 14/9/1815. or Richd banker EFP 1829.
Hutchings, Mr Kennford, near Exeter
- 731
Hutchings, Mr. Kennford, Exeter (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hutchings, Mr John, Teignmouth
- 725
Hutchings, John, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Hutchings, Mr ditto
- 673
Hutchings, William ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Okehampton Inn PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1816T, also other possibilities.
Hutton, Mr Stonehouse
- 709
Hutton, Mr. Stonehouse (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Hutton, -, F. H. esq. Wadham Col. Oxford
- 777
Hutton, Fras Harriman, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Wadham College
Teacher. Foster: mat 1813, BA 1817. Head Bideford Gram 1815.
Huxham, Mr John, South Brent
- 677
Huxham, John, Mr. South Brent (DEV)
EFP nil.
Huxham, Mr Thomas, Stoke Gabriel
- 679
Huxham, Thomas, Mr. Stoke Gabriel (DEV)
EFP nil.
- 781
I, Wrey, Esq. Stratton ? (COR) Efford House
Gentry. Gregor: Whitestone House, Stratton. Lysons. Subscriptions: G
Ilbert, P. esq. Horswell-house, Kingsbridge
- 808
Ilbert, Peter, Esq. South Milton, Kingsbridge (DEV) Horswell House
Gentry. Lysons. Prince: Capt. North Devon Militia. Subscriptions: P
Isaac, J. esq. ditto
- 803
Isaac, J, Esq. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Jackson and Vicary, Mess. Larkbear, Exon
- 796
Jackson, & Vicary, Messrs. Exeter (DEV) Larkbear
Merchants. 1816T. William Vicary polled Newman.
Jackson, Mr Plymouth
- 802
Jackson, Joseph, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Lower Broad Street
Stationer. 1812P.
- 813
Jackson, Journal Office, . Oxford (OXF)
Jacobs, Rev. Dr. Dawlish
- 807
Jacobs, Rev Dr. Dawlish (DEV)
Rector ?. Foster, Venn var. Rector of Mamhead EFP 9/10/1806?.
Jacobs, Mr L. Totnes
- 804
Jacobs, L, Mr. Totnes (DEV)
Watchmaker ?. 1811H Jacob & Son.
Jago, Rev. F. V. J. Landulph
- 810
Jago, F V J, Rev. Landulph (COR)
Rector. Francis Vyvyan Jago rector of Landulph 1805-47.
James, Mr J. St. Just, ditto
- 785
James, J, Mr. Saint Just, Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
James, John, esq. Truro
- 789
James, John, Esq. Truro (COR)
Attorney. 1811H. Subscriptions: G
James, Mr John, St. Agnes
- 791
James, John, Mr. Saint Agnes (COR)
EFP nil.
James, Lieut. R. M. Rosemundy, ditto
- 792
James, John, Lieut. Saint Agnes (COR) Rosemundy
Marine. Lysons: John James, Esq..
Jeffries, Mr J. Camborn
- 786
Jeffries, John ?, Mr. Camborne (COR)
Mine agent ?. EFP, 1823P nil. Eliz. d. of Jn Jeffery bap 5/7/16.
Jenkins, Mrs. ditto
- 790
Jenkins, Mrs. Truro (COR)
Woman. 1811H nil.
Jenkins, Mr. Exeter
- 797
Jenkins, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
1816T silversmith/draper/whitesmith 1818P various+.
Jenkins, Mr. New-buildings, Exeter
- 809
Jenkins, Mr. Exeter (DEV) New Buildings
Jenkins, Mr Swansea
- 814
Jenkins, T ?, Mr. Swansea (ZWA)
Printer ?. 1811H. Also possible: S, ironmonger.
Jennings, Mr. J. London Inn, Plymouth
- 788
Jennings, J, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) London Inn
Innkeeper. 1812P nil.
Jewell, J. esq. Buildings, Stratton
- 795
Jewell, J, Esq. Stratton (COR) Buildings
EFP nil.
John, Mrs Helston
- 812
John, Mrs. Helston (COR)
Woman. 1811H nil.
John, George, esq. ditto
- 783
John, George, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
1816T nil 1818P nil.
John, Samuel, esq. Penzance
- 784
John, Samuel, Esq. Penzance (COR)
Attorney ?. In court for fraud EFP 17/9/1829. Subscriptions: G
Johns, Mrs Trewince, St. Mawes
- 793
Johns, Mrs. Gerrans, Tregony (COR) Trewince
Woman. Lysons: Richard Johns Esq.. Subscriptions: G
Johns, R. esq. Helston
- 787
Johns, R, Esq. Helston (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Johns, Richard, esq. Helston
- 811
Johns, Richard, Esq. Helston (COR)
Fellmonger. 1811H.
Johnson, Daniel, esq. Great Torrington
- 799
Johnson, Daniel, Esq. Great Torrington (DEV)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Johnson, Rev. P. Ashreigny, near Chulmleigh
- 798
Johnson, P, Rev. Ashreigny, Chulmleigh (DEV)
Rector. J.T.Johnston rector of Ashreigny 1783-1829.
Joice, Mr. Barnstaple
- 800
Joice, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Jones, Mr. ditto
- 801
Jones, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Postmaster ?. 1811H var. alternatives. Lottery agent WL 3/1/1815.
Jordan, Robert, esq. ditto
- 806
Jordan, Robert, Esq. Teignmouth (DEV)
Banker ?. 1823P also insurance agent. Subscriptions: W
Jose, John, esq. Poughill, near Stratton
- 794
Jose, John, Esq. Poughill, Stratton (COR)
EFP nil.
Joyce, Major, Teignmouth
- 805
Joyce, Major. Teignmouth (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil. Guide to watering places: Joyce, Ruben. Subscriptions: W?
Kekewich, R. esq. Fort Cottage, Sidmouth
- 818
Kekewich, R, Esq. Sidmouth (DEV) Fort Cottage
EFP nil.
Kekewich, Samuel, esq. Peamore
- 817
Kekewich, Samuel, Esq. Exminster (DEV) Peamore
Gentry. Lysons. Died EFP 29/8/1822.
Kelly, Mr P. Mining-office, Tavistock
- 834
Kelly, P, Mr. Tavistock (DEV) Mining Office
Mine owner. 1811H nil.
Kelly, Mr. Robert, Tavistock
- 844
Kelly, Robert, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
1811H nil.
Kemp, Mr Exeter
- 825
Kemp, Mr. Exeter (DEV) College
Attorney. 1816T. Subscribed £1/1/-? Freeman. 1818P: Co Ne.
Kemp, Dr Salutary Mount
- 831
Kemp, Spencer, Dr. Exeter (DEV) Salutary Mount
Musician. EFP 1794-1824. 1816T nil.
Kempe, Rev. J. St Mabyn
- 822
Kempe, J, Rev. Saint Mabyn (COR)
Rector. Charles Kempe rector of St. Mabyn 1793-1818. Subscriptions: G
Kendall, - esq.
- 830
Kendall, Esq. Exeter ? (DEV)
Attorney ?. Agent for house sales EFP.
Kendall, Mr. Chudleigh
- 845
Kendall, Charles, Mr. Chudleigh (DEV)
Insurance agent. Agent to West of England Fire Office 1823P.
Kennaway, Mr ditto
- 827
Kennaway, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Merchant. 1816T. 1818 polled Courtenay and Newman.
Kennaway and Co. Messrs. Exeter
- 820
Kennaway, & Co, Messrs. Exeter (DEV) Palace Street
Spirit mers. 1816T spirit and porter mercs. 1818P: Co Ne.
Kennaway, Richard, esq. Escott Lodge
- 819
Kennaway, Richard, Esq. Talaton, Cullompton (DEV) Escott Lodge
Kerr, Right Hon Lord Robert, Edinburgh
- 816
Kerr, Robert, Lord. Edinburgh (ZSC)
Nobility. Gregor: Lady Robert Kerr. Subscriptions: G
Kerslake, Mr Crown, Essex-street, London
- 840
Kerslake, Mr. London (LON) Crown, Essex Street
Key, Mr Padstow
- 821
Key, Nicholas, Mr. Padstow (COR) Ship
Innkeeper. 1811H innkeeper.
Kilwarden, Right Hon. Viscount, Barnstaple
- 815
Kilwarden, Visc. Barnstaple (DEV)
Nobility. EFP, 1811H nil. Subscriptions: P
Kimber, John esq. Fowey
- 823
Kimber, John, Esq. Fowey (COR)
Customs officer. EFP 1794-1807. Magistrate 1811H. Subscriptions: G
King, Mrs Totnes
- 841
King, Mrs. Totnes (DEV)
Woman. 1811H nil.
King, Daniel esq. Stratton
- 824
King, Daniel, Esq. Stratton (COR)
Surgeon ?. D.H.King admitted MRCS EFP 24/5/1832.
King, John esq. Ashburton
- 835
King, John, Esq. Ashburton (DEV)
EFP, baptisms 1813-18, 1811H nil.
King, Mr. R. Plymouth
- 843
King, R, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
King, Thomas esq. Huish, near Ashburton
- 836
King, Thomas, Esq. Ashburton (DEV) Huish
EFP, baptisms 1813-18, 1811H nil.
Kingdon, Mr ditto
- 826
Kingdon, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Drapers. 1816T also ironmongers. Sub £5/5/-. 1818P: Co Ne.
Kingdon, Rev. R. Thornbury Parsonage, Holdsworthy
- 842
Kingdon, Roger, Rev. Thornbury, Holsworthy (DEV) Thornbury Parsonage
Rector. Roger Kingdon rector of Holsworthy from 1819.
Kinsey, Rev. Mr.
- 838
Kinsey, Rev Mr. [no place] (---)
Clergy. Foster: Wm Morgan K, fell.Trinity 1815-44? EFP nil.
Kinson, George esq. Barnstaple
- 832
Kinson, George, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Kitson, Rev. W. Shiphay
- 837
Kitson, W, Rev. Saint Marychurch (DEV) Shiphay
Rector. Foster. Rector Abbotskerswell 1807-47.
Knapper, Mr ditto
- 829
Knapper, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Knight, Mr ditto
- 828
Knight, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Cross Keys PH
Innkeeper. 1816T.
Knighten, Mrs Hill
- 839
Knighten, Mrs. ["ditto"] (---) Hills Cottage
Woman. Knighton? Insufficient detail to trace.
Knuckey, Mr Excise-office, Plymouth
- 833
Knuckey, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Excise Office
Customs officer. 1812P nil.
Laccadore, Mr Bideford
- 885
Laccadore, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Lake, Mr J. Mill, ditto
- 865
Lake, J, Mr. Okehampton (DEV) Mill
EFP, baptisms 1813-16, 1811H nil.
Lake, Mr. Okehampton
- 921
Lake, William ?, Mr. Okehampton (DEV)
Surgeon ?. Witness in murder case EFP 25/3/1819.
Lakes, H. esq. St. Austell
- 858
Lakes, Henry, Esq. Saint Austell (COR) Trevarrick
Gentry. Lysons.
Lamacraft, Mr. ditto
- 891
Lamacraft, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Union Inn
Innkeeper. EFP 9/4/1818.
Lamacrate, Mr. Whitstone, near ditto
- 869
Lamacrate, Thomas ?, Mr. Whitstone, Exeter (DEV)
Farmer ?. Died EFP 30/11/1815.
Lamb, Mr. Fowey
- 860
Lamb, Benjamin, Mr. Fowey (COR)
Draper. 1811H also grocer, 1823P spirit mer & linendraper.
Lambert, Mrs Wakes Cottage, near ditto
- 905
Lambert, Mrs. Dawlish (DEV) Wakes Cottage
Woman. EFP nil.
Lambert, Mrs E. Crockernwell
- 866
Lambert, E, Mrs. Crockernwell (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Lambert, Mr E. ditto
- 889
Lambert, E, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Lambert, Capt. R. M. Emma-place, Stonehouse
- 892
Lambert, Robert ?, Capt. Stonehouse (DEV) Emma Place
Naval officer. Prob commissioned 11/4/1796 NL. 1812P nil.
Lamprey, Mr Crediton
- 884
Lamprey, William, Mr. Crediton (DEV) Prince Frederick Inn
Innkeeper. EFP 25/6/1818.
Land, Mrs Yard-house, Silverton
- 882
Land, Mrs. Silverton (DEV) Yard House
Land, Mr. ditto
- 913
Land, John, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
Surgeon. Died EFP 8/6/1826.
Land, Wm. esq. Hayne, Silverton
- 924
Land, William, Esq. Silverton (DEV) Hayne
Surgeon. Deceased, daughter married EFP 29/6/1826.
Lander, William esq. Penryn
- 856
Lander, William, Esq. Penryn (COR)
1811H nil.
Lane, Mr Wood-street, Cheapside, ditto
- 851
Lane, Mr. London (LON) Wood Street, Cheapsd
Lane, Mrs Windsor-row, Sidmouth
- 927
Lane, Mrs. Sidmouth (DEV) Windsor Row
Woman. Guide to watering places: no address. Subscriptions: W?
Lane, Mr John Ringsash, near Chumleigh
- 883
Lane, John, Mr. Ashreigny, Chulmleigh (DEV) Ringsash
EFP nil.
Lane, Mr John, Beere, near Axminster
- 918
Lane, John, Mr. Axminster (DEV) Beere
EFP nil.
Lane, Rev. Robert, ditto
- 895
Lane, Robert, Rev. Kingsbridge (DEV) Free Grammar School
Teacher. 1823P.
Lane, Mr S. Kingsbridge
- 894
Lane, S, Mr. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Innkeeper ?. Dodbrook innkeeper bankrupt EFP 25/11/1813.
Lang, Capt. Teignmouth
- 901
Lang, Capt. Teignmouth (DEV)
Army officer. Various Army list, Navy list. EFP nil.
Langdon, Mr. Alphington, near ditto
- 871
Langdon, James ?, Mr. Alphington, Exeter (DEV)
Soapmaker ?. Soapmaker St Thomas EFP 1810-26? James bap 26/5/05.
Langdon, Mr. John, Torquay
- 907
Langdon, John, Mr. Torquay (DEV)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Langdon, Mr ditto
- 862
Langdon, Thomas ?, Mr. Launceston (COR)
Tanner ?. 1811H. Or J.L.Langdon woolstapler bankr. EFP 1816.
Langley, Mr Samuel, near ditto
- 899
Langley, Samuel, Mr. Chudleigh (DEV)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Langmead, John esq. ditto
- 890
Langmead, John Clark, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Broad Hoe Lane
Gentry. 1812P. Lysons: Derriford, Eggbuckland. D. EFP 1831. Subscriptions: P
Langsford, Mr. Exmouth
- 911
Langsford, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
Auctioneer. EFP 5/1/1815 1c.
Langworthy, R. T. esq. Newton Abbot
- 908
Langworthy, R T, Esq. Newton Abbot (DEV)
Lawyer ?. Poss Robert, High Court appointment EFP 11/9/1794.
Larkworthy, Mr ditto
- 872
Larkworthy, J L, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street
China warehouse. 1816T. 1818 polled for Northmore.
Law, Wm esq. Barnstaple
- 930
Law, William, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV)
Solicitor. 1811H.
Lawrence, Mrs Launceston
- 861
Lawrence, Mrs. Launceston (COR)
Woman. 1811H nil.
Leach, Mr John, Bishopsteignton, Chudleigh
- 898
Leach, John, Mr. Bishopsteignton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Lee, Mrs Summerland-place ditto
- 876
Lee, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Summerland Place
Woman. 1816T nil.
Lee, Mrs Ann, Lympston
- 910
Lee, Ann, Mrs. Lympstone (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Lee, Mr J. ditto
- 902
Lee, J, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Legg, Mr ditto
- 875
Legg, & Son, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Rocks Lane
Hot pressers. 1816T. 1818 polled for Courtenay and Newman.
Leigh, C. esq. Craddock, near Cullompton
- 852
Leigh, Charles, Esq. Cullompton (DEV) Craddock
Attorney. Died aged 67 EFP 13/4/1820.
Leigh, W. esq. Crusey-house, near Tiverton
- 887
Leigh, W, Esq. Tiverton (DEV) Crusey House
EFP, 1811H nil.
Lemon, Mr J. Clyst Hydon, nr Collumpton
- 919
Lemon, J, Mr. Clyst Hydon, Cullompton (DEV)
EFP nil. Possibly James Lenton, son Wm bap 15/6/13.
Lempriere, Rev. Dr. Exeter
- 870
Lempriere, Rev Dr. Exeter (DEV) Grammar School
Teacher. 1816T. Headmaster 1809-1818 when dismissed. Subscriptions: P
Lendon, Mr ditto
- 874
Lendon, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Waterbeer Street
Currier. 1816T. Freeman. 1818 polled for Courteny & Newman.
Lenn, Mr Thomas, Camborn
- 855
Lenn, Thomas, Mr. Camborne (COR)
Bap 1813-15, 1823P nil.
Levy, Mr ditto
- 873
Levy, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Silversmith. 1816T also pawnbroker.
Lewarne, Mr John, Ladock, near Truro
- 857
Lewarne, John, Mr. Truro (COR) Ladock
Clothier ?. 1811H nil. Poss clothier, bakkrupt EFP 28/1/1808.
Ley, J. H. esq. M. P.
- 848
Ley, J H, Esq. London (LON) Lower Harley St 30
M P. James Henry Leigh M P for Bedwin 1816T.
Ley, Rev. Mr Ashprington, Totnes
- 897
Ley, Jacob, Rev Mr. Ashprington, Totnes (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Ashprington 1795-1859. Subscr £1/1/-.
Ley, William, esq. Trehill, near ditto
- 879
Ley, William, Esq. Kenn, Exeter (DEV) Trehill
Gentry. Lysons, Prince: Henry Ley. EFP nil. Subscriptions: P?
Liddell, Mr Bodmin
- 859
Liddell, James, Mr. Bodmin (COR) Fore Street
Bookseller. Potts p.302, 1823P.
Lipscombe, Mr Fore-street, Exeter
- 922
Lipscombe, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Grocer. 1816T High Street.
Litton, Mr. wine-merchant, Dawlish
- 925
Litton, Mr. Dawlish (DEV)
Wine merchant. Daughter married EFP 9/5/1822.
Litton, Mr Daniel, Dawlish
- 904
Litton, Daniel, Mr. Dawlish (DEV)
- 850
Lloyd, House, . London (LON)
Coffee house.
Loader, Mr ditto
- 931
Loader, Bernard, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Linen draper. 1811H.
Lock, Mr William, Barnstaple
- 886
Lock, William, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Hairdresser. 1811H alternatively landing waiter.
Lockyer, Mrs Exmouth
- 926
Lockyer, Mrs. Exmouth (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Lockyer, Mr ditto
- 914
Lockyer, Orlando, . Exmouth (DEV)
Wine merchant. EFP 9/12/1824.
Longman, Mr John, Ttones
- 896
Longman, John, Mr. Totnes (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Loosemore, Mrs Broadclyst
- 923
Loosemore, Mrs. Broadclyst, Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Loscombe, Mrs. Beacon, ditto
- 912
Loscombe, Mrs. Exmouth (DEV) Beacon
Woman. EFP nil.
Lott, H. B. esq. Tracey, ditto
- 917
Lott, H B, Esq. Awliscombe, Honiton (DEV) Tracey
Banker ?. 1823P Flood, Lott & Lott.
Louis, Dowager Lady, Cadwell, Newton Abbott
- 846
Louis, Lady. Newton Abbot (DEV) Cadwell
Dowager. EFP nil.
Lowden, Mr ditto
- 903
Lowden, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Lowndes, Mr E. Exeter College, Oxford
- 853
Lowndes, E, Mr. Oxford (OXF) Exeter College
Student. Foster: matric 1813, BA 1832.
Lowndes, Rev. Mr. Buckfastleigh
- 893
Lowndes, Matthew, Rev Mr. Buckfastleigh (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Buckfastleigh from 1782. Subscriptions: G
Loyde, W. esq. Honiton
- 916
Loyde, William, Esq. Honiton (DEV)
Surgeon. 1823P.
Lucas, R. esq. Newton Cottage, Carmarthenshire
- 854
Lucas, R, Esq. Carmarthenshire (ZWA) Newton Cottage
Lucas, R. T. esq. Swansea
- 928
Lucas, R T, Esq. Swansea (ZWA)
1811H nil.
Lucas, S. T. esq. Burrows Down, Dulverton
- 881
Lucas, S T, Esq. Dulverton (SOM) Burrows Down
Luckey, Mr Exeter
- 867
Luckey, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Corn Market
Innkeeper. 1816T spirit and beer house.
Luke, F. V. esq Peter Ho. College, Cambridge
- 929
Luke, F V, Esq. Cambridge (CAM) Peterhouse College
Student ?.
Luke, Mr John ditto
- 878
Luke, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Ironmonger. 1816T. Sub £1/1/-.Freeman.1818P: Courtenay, Newman.
Luke, Dr.
- 868
Luke, Stephen ?, Dr. Exeter ? (DEV)
Medical doctor?. Died London EFP 9/4/1824, ex Falm, Exeter, Helston.
Luke, Admiral, Tregolles, Truro
- 849
Luke, William, Admrl. Saint Clement (COR) Tregolls
Naval officer. Lysons. Vice Admiral of the Blue, comm. 4/6/1814. Subscriptions: G
Luscombe, Rev. Mr Ashcott, near Bridgwater
- 920
Luscombe, Rev Mr. Ashcott, Bridgwater (SOM)
Clergy. Foster & Venn several. 1811H nil.
Luscombe, Mr ditto
- 877
Luscombe, Samuel ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) New Cut ?
Surgeon ?. 1816T Or John L, plumber. 1818P. Sam subscr £1/1/-.
Luscombe, T. M. esq. Ipplepen Cottage,
- 909
Luscombe, T M, Esq. Ipplepen (DEV) Ipplepen Cottage
EFP nil.
Luscombes, Miss R, Mount Cottage, near ditto
- 906
Luscombes, R, Miss. Dawlish (DEV) Mount Cottage
Woman. EFP nil.
Lushington, W. esq. Sidmouth
- 915
Lushington, W, Esq. Sidmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Luxmore, Mr near ditto
- 900
Luxmore, Mr. Chudleigh (DEV)
Luxmore, Rev. C. Bridestowe, near ditto
- 864
Luxmore, Coryndon, Rev. Bridestowe, Okehampton (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Bridestowe 1786-1845. Subscriptions: D
Luxmore, S. esq. Oakhampton
- 863
Luxmore, Solon, Esq. Okehampton (DEV)
Attorney. 1811H.
Lyne, Edward esq. Plymouth
- 888
Lyne, Edward, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Frankfort Street
Merchant. 1812P. Bankrupt EFP 21/5/1818. Subscriptions: P
Lyon, J. P. esq. Kenbury, near ditto
- 880
Lyon, J P, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Kenbury
1816T nil. Edmd Pusey L, Starcross d EFP 10/2/1831.
Lysaght, Hon. George, Ley-house, Barnstaple
- 847
Lysaght, George, Hon. Barnstaple (DEV) Ley House
EFP, 1811H nil.

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