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31 January 2007

Luminary subscribers E-G

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 9
Newspaper readership in south west England: an analysis of the Flindell's Western Luminary subscribers list of 1815.
Subscribers E-G

Details as in subscribers list
- number in list (assigned)
Name. Place (COUNTY) Address
Trade. Notes & references.
Eales, Miss ditto
- 453
Eales, Miss. Exeter/Fowey (DEV)
Woman. Probably Exeter.
Eales, Miss Ashburton
- 462
Eales, Miss. Ashburton (DEV)
Mercer ?. Agent for brushes EFP 17/2/1791. John, mercer 1819.
Eales, Mr. Ilfracombe
- 473
Eales, John, Mr. Ilfracombe (DEV)
Customs officer. 1811H commissioner of Alarm Custom House cutter.
Eales, Richard, esq. Exeter
- 445
Eales, Richard, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Castle Street
Attorney. 1816 T. Clerk of the Peace WL 3/1/1815 1a. Subscriptions: PD
Earl, John, jun. esq. Glassney College
- 449
Earl, John jun, Esq. Penryn (COR) Glassney College
Student ?.
Eascott, Mr. Richard, jun. near Okehampton
- 470
Eascott, Richard jun, Mr. Okehampton (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Eaton, -, esq. surgeon &c. ditto
- 455
Eaton, George Bancroft, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Surgeon. Died EFP 24/4/1834.
Ebbles, Mr. Topsham Mills, Topsham
- 466
Ebbles, Mr. Topsham (DEV) Topsham Mills
Miller. 1811H nil. John E., Woodbury, miller EFP 29/9/1814.
Eden, Major-General, Plymouth
- 447
Eden, MaGen. Plymouth (DEV)
Army officer. 1812P nil.
Edgcumbe, Richard, esq. Tavistock
- 461
Edgcumbe, Richard, Esq. Tavistock (DEV)
1811H Edward woolstapler. Lysons: Milton Abbot.
Edgwell, Rev. E. Kingsbridge
- 475
Edgell, Edward, Rev. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Vicar. Son died Gent Mag 1828 p.476.
Edmonds, Rev. E. Woodleigh, Kingsbridge
- 463
Edmonds, E, Rev. Woodleigh, Kingsbridge (DEV)
Rector. Foster: Wadham 1787. Instit. EFP 5/6/1794, d. 1824.
Edwards, -, esq. Island, ditto
- 456
Edwards, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Island
Edwards, Mr South Pool, near ditto
- 464
Edwards, Mr. South Pool, Kingsbridge (DEV)
Edwards, Mr E. Padstow
- 451
Edwards, E, Mr. Padstow (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Edwards, Mr. G. Crediton
- 472
Edwards, G, Mr. Crediton (DEV)
Teacher. Advert EFP 29/12/1808.
Edwards, John, esq. Scilly Isles
- 448
Edwards, John, Esq. Scilly Isles (COR)
EFP nil.
Edwards, Joseph, esq. Truro
- 450
Edwards, Joseph, Esq. Truro (COR)
Attorney. 1811H. Subscriptions: G
Edwards, Rev. T. ditto
- 457
Edwards, Theophilus, Rev. Exeter (DEV) Harts Row
Clergy, dissent. 1816T.
Edwards, Mr. Williams, St. Sidwells, Exeter
- 471
Edwards, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Saint Sidwell
Mason. 1816T also bricklayer.
Egerton, Sir John, bart.
- 442
Egerton, Sir John, Bart. [no place] (---)
Gentry. No trace EFP.
Elford and Co. Messrs. Plymouth
- 446
Elford, & Co, Messrs. Plymouth (DEV) Plymouth Bank
Banker. 1812P Elford, Sir Wm, bart, Herberts & Co. Subscriptions: P
Ellard, James, esq. ditto
- 454
Ellard, James, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Attorney. Advert EFP 29/8/1805.
Ellicombe, Rev. Mr. Alphington, near Exeter
- 444
Ellicombe, William, Rev Mr. Alphington, Exeter (DEV)
Rector. Foster Rector of Alphingtom 1780-1831. Wadham Coll. Subscriptions: G
Elliot, H. esq. Exminster
- 465
Elliot, Hugh ?, Esq. Exminster (DEV)
Farmer ?. Hugh E., Red Hill Farm, Powderham EFP 12/12/1816?.
Elliot, - , esq. Barley-house, near Plymouth
- 460
Elliot, James, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Barley House
Brewer ?. 1812P. Poss partner of Langmead EFP 5/5/1814.
Ellis, John, esq. Mamhead, near ditto
- 459
Ellis, John, Esq. Mamhead, Exeter (DEV)
EFP nil.
Ely, Rev. Dean of, Cambridge
- 476
Ely, Dean of, Rev. Cambridge (CAM)
Clergy. Subscriptions: G
Emes, P. esq. Barnfield Crescent, ditto
- 458
Emes, P, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Barnfield Crescent
EFP nil.
Enys, F. esq. Enys, Cornwall
- 443
Enys, Francis, Esq. Gluvias (COR) Enys
Gentry. Lysons.
Essery, Mr William, Swansea
- 468
Essery, William, Mr. Swansea (ZWA)
1811H nil.
Evan, W. esq. Saltash
- 469
Evan, W, Esq. Saltash (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Evans, Mr. Samuel, Ottery
- 474
Evans, Samuel, Mr. Ottery (DEV)
Linen draper. 1823P.
Exeter, the Right Hon. the Lord Bishop of
- 440
Exeter, Bishop of, Lord. Exeter (DEV)
Clergy bishop. Subscriptions: GD
Exmouth, Right Hon. Lord,
- 441
Exmouth, Lord. Christow ? (DEV) Canonteign ?
Nobility. London address 27 Pall Mall & Algiers.
Eyre, Mr. Fowey
- 452
Eyre, Mr. Fowey (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Eyres, Mr W. Poole, Dorset
- 467
Eyres, W, Mr. Poole, Dorset (DOR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Fanshawe, Rev. C. Withicombe Cottage
- 529
Fanshawe, C, Rev. Withycombe Raleigh (DEV) Withicombe Cottage
Clergy. Foster and Venn nil. Subscriptions: G
Fanshawe, Commissioner, Dock
- 515
Fanshawe, Robert, . Dock (DEV) Dockyard
Naval officer. 1812P. Navy Commisioner EFP.
Farnham, Mr. ditto
- 495
Farnham, G, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Falcon PH
Innkeeper. 1816T North Street.
Farquharson, Mr. W. Penzance
- 479
Farquharson, William, Mr. Penzance (COR)
Innkeeper. 1823P Three Tuns, Green Market.
Farr, Mr. Samuel, Budleigh
- 505
Farr, Samuel, Mr. Budleigh Salterton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Farthing, Mr. Launceston
- 491
Farthing, Paul, Mr. Launceston (COR)
Miller. 1811H.
Fellowes, Rev. Henry, Sidbury
- 504
Fellowes, Henry, Rev. Sidbury (DEV)
Vicar. Vicar of Sidbury from 1813.
Fellowes, Hon. Newton esq. M. P. Eggesford
- 478
Fellows, Newton, Esq. Eggesford (DEV)
M P. M P for Andover, London add. 30 Somerset St 1816T. Subscriptions: P
Ferris, Mr John, ditto
- 493
Ferris, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Pewterer. 1816T also tinman. 1818P Polled: Northmore.
Field, Mr Thomas, ditto
- 480
Field, Thomas, Mr. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Filkins, Mr. Creed, near Grampound
- 485
Filkins, Mr. Creed, Grampound (COR)
EFP nil.
Fisher, Mr. ditto
- 494
Fisher, Mr. Exeter (DEV) James Street ?
Timber merch ?. 1816T.
Fisher, Rev. Dr. ditto
- 496
Fisher, J, Rev Dr. Exeter (DEV)
Clergy subdean. 1818P. Subscribed £1/1/- Polled: Courtenay, Newman.
Flamank, Rev. Dr. Woodstone, Oxfordshire
- 532
Flamank, Rev Dr. Woodstone, Oxon (OXF)
Clergy. Venn nil. Lysons: Wm Flamamk DD, Bosdarne, Bodmin.
Flamank, Rev. Mr Washburn
- 538
Flamank, Rev Mr. Washburn (DEV)
Clergy. Venn nil.
Flamank, Mr Fowey
- 488
Flamank, Robert Parker, Mr. Fowey (COR)
Stamp office. 1823P. Stamp office 1811H.
Flamank, Rev. W. Washbourne house, Totnes
- 519
Flamank, William, Rev. Halwell, Totnes ? (DEV) Washbourne House
Clergy. Foster: Trinity 1783. 1811H nil. D19/11/1819 GM?.
Flanner, Deputy Assistant Commissary, Oreston,
- 536
Flanner, . Plymouth (DEV) Oreston
Naval officer. EFP, 1812P nil.
Flindell, Mrs Helston
- 482
Flindell, Mrs. Helston (COR)
Woman. 1811H nil.
Follett, Mrs. ditto
- 500
Follett, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. 1816T nil.
Follett, B. esq. ditto
- 527
Follett, Benjamin & Co, Esq. Topsham (DEV)
Timber merchant. 1811H also ropemakers.
Follett, W. W. esq. Trinity Col. Cambridge
- 534
Follett, W W, Esq. Cambridge (CAM) Trinity College
Student ?.
Foot, Mr Exeter
- 492
Foot, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
1816T nil 1818P nil.
Foot, Rev. J. S. St. Neots, Liskeard
- 489
Foot, John Strode, Rev. Saint Neots, Liskeard (COR)
Vicar. Vicar of Liskeard 1821-39.
Foot, Wm. esq. Northill, near Launceston
- 490
Foot, William, Esq. Launceston (COR) Northill
1811H nil. Poss Plymouth attorney.
Ford, Miss Kerswell, near South Brent
- 503
Ford, Miss. South Brent (DEV) Kerswell
Ford, Mrs Topsham
- 526
Ford, Mrs. Topsham (DEV)
Woman. 1811H nil.
Ford, Mr. F. ditto
- 498
Ford, F, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
1816T nil 1818P nil.
Ford, Mr. ditto
- 499
Ford, Joseph ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) College Kitchen PH
Innkeeper ?. 1816T South Street.
Forster, R. esq. Kilmarth, Fowey /near Plymouth
- 535
Forster, R, Esq. Tywardreath (COR) Kilmarth
Gentry. Lysons: property of William Rashleigh, unoccupied.
Fortescue, Colonel, Buckland, Hatherleigh
- 509
Fortescue, Col. Buckland Filleigh (DEV)
Army officer.
Fortescue, Mrs. Dawlish
- 521
Fortescue, Mrs. Dawlish (DEV)
Woman. Poss widow of Richard Inglett F., d. EFP 11/2/1790.
Fortescue, Edward, eqs. Fallipot, Kingsbridge
- 518
Fortescue, Edward W N, Esq. East Allington, Kingsbr (DEV) Fallapit/Fallopit
Gentry. Lysons. Prince: Edmund Fortescue. EFP nil. Subscriptions: P?
Fortescue, Right Hon. Earl,
- 477
Fortescue, Hugh, Earl. Buckland Filleigh (DEV) Castle Hill
Nobility. 1757-1841. Subscriptions: P
Fowbe, L. esq. St. Mary Church, near Newton
- 522
Fowbe, L, Esq. Saint Marychurch (DEV)
EFP nil.
Fowell, Rev. J. D. Blackall, South Brent
- 506
Fowell, John Digby, Rev. South Brent (DEV) Blackall
Rector. Foster: Exeter 1784. Rector of Torbryan 1792-1828. Subscriptions: P
Fowler, Mrs Torrington
- 511
Fowler, Mrs. Great Torrington (DEV)
Woman. Widow of bookseller?.
Fox, Lieutenant, R. N. ditto
- 523
Fox, Lieut. Saint Marychurch (DEV)
Army officer.
Fox, Edward, esq. Wadebridge
- 486
Fox, Edward, Esq. Egloshayle (COR) Gunvenna
Merchant. Lysons. Quaker, died EFP 17/4/1817.
Fox, John esq. Plymouth
- 513
Fox, John, Esq. Plymouth (DEV)
1812P various possibilities.
Fox, Joseph, esq. M. D. ditto
- 484
Fox, Joseph, Esq. Falmouth (COR)
Medical doctor. 1811H nil.
Foxes and Sons, Messrs. Falmouth
- 483
Foxes, & Sons, Messrs. Falmouth (COR)
Merchants. Ship sale agents WL 3/1/1815 5c. 1811H. Pr: RW & G. Subscriptions: P?
Frampton, Mr Dorchester
- 530
Frampton, George, Mr. Dorchester (DOR)
Bookseller. EFP 1814-1818.
Francis, J. T. esq. Crediton
- 507
Francis, John Turner, Esq. Crediton (DEV) Ford Farm
Farmer. Livestock for sale EFP 26/3/1812.
Francis, Mr. Broadclist, dear ditto [sic]
- 502
Francis, W, Mr. Broadclyst, Exeter (DEV)
Maltster. Died aged 63 EFP 2/7/1829.
Francis, William, esq. ditto
- 508
Francis, William, Esq. Crediton (DEV)
Yeoman ?. EFP nil. Harriett Arden d. Wm & Harriett 12/12/15.
Franklin, Mr London
- 533
Franklin, Mr. London (LON)
Frankpit, Mrs. Courtland, Lympston
- 528
Frankpit, Mrs. Lympstone (DEV) Courtland
Woman. EFP nil.
Freeman, Rev. G. J. Lamerton, mear Tavistock
- 516
Freeman, G J, Rev. Lamerton, Tavistock (DEV)
Vicar. Foster and Venn nil. EFP 1814-1816.
Friggins, Mr W. ditto
- 481
Friggins, W, Mr. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Frost, Mr. ditto
- 497
Frost, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Old Golden Lion PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1816T Alice Frost, Guinea Street.
Froude, Rev. R. Dartington, near Ashburton
- 517
Froude, Robert Hurrell, Rev. Dartington, Ashburton (DEV)
Rector. Robert Hurrell Froude rector, Dartington 1799-1859. Subscriptions: P
Froude, Mr. Denbury, near Newton Abbot
- 537
Froude, Robert Hurrell, Mr. Denbury, Newton Abbot (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Denbury EFP 1793-.
Fryer, Mr Thomas, Starcross
- 525
Fryer, Thomas, Mr. Starcross (DEV)
Gardener ?. Gardener, Exeter EFP 1825-1829.
Fuge, Robert, esq. ditto
- 514
Fuge, Robert [& Son], Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Foxhole Street
Merchants. 1812P. Prince: Efford (and Robert jun). Subscriptions: P
Fulford, Colonel, Great Fulford
- 501
Fulford, Col. Dunsford (DEV) Great Fulford
Gentry. Lysons, Prince: Baldwin Fulford Esq. Subscriptions: P
Fulford, Mrs. Sidmouth
- 520
Fulford, Mrs. Sidmouth (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Fulford, Mr W. Melton Damarel
- 510
Fulford, W, Mr. Milton Damerel (DEV)
EFP nil.
Fulford, Mr W. Tallaton, near Collumpton
- 531
Fulford, W, Mr. Talaton, Cullompton (DEV)
Miller. EFP 1810-1823.
Furneaux, Mr S. Galmpton, near ditto
- 524
Furneaux, S, Mr. Galmpton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Fynn, -, East Putford, near Bideford
- 512
Fynn, . East Putford, Bideford (DEV)
EFP nil.
Gabriel, Mrs. Globe Tavern, Exeter
- 564
Gabriel, Elizabeth, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Globe Tavern
Innkeeper. 1816T Marys Yard.
Galloway, George, esq. ditto
- 568
Galloway, George, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Official. 1816T Debt commnr, South Ward 1818P. Poll: Cou New.
Golsworthy, John, esq. Hartland
- 579
Galsworthy, John, Esq. Hartland (DEV)
Farmer. EFP nil. Nicholas, s John & Grace bap 21/3/1813.
Gamble, -, esq. Exeter College, Oxford
- 609
Gamble, Henry ?, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Exeter College
Student. Foster: matric 1811, BA 1815.
Gard, Mr Josias, Dunster
- 611
Gard, Josias, Mr. Dunster (SOM)
1811H nil. NB wool mfr, N.Tawton d. EFP 23/8/1821.
Garland, Mr Charles, St. Agnes
- 553
Garland, Charles, Mr. Saint Agnes (COR)
EFP nil.
Garland, T. esq. Priory, Wareham, Dorset
- 613
Garland, T, Esq. Wareham, Dorset (DOR) Priory
EFP nil.
Garrett, William, esq. ditto
- 569
Garrett, William, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Garside, Major, Topsham
- 620
Garside, Major. Topsham (DEV)
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil.
Gawler, Mr Padstow
- 555
Gawler, Mr. Padstow (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Gay, Mr J. Stonehouse
- 588
Gay, J, Mr. Stonehouse (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Gay, Mr W. Falmouth
- 587
Gay, W, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Gaydon, Mr Edmund, ditto
- 582
Gaydon, Edmund, Mr. Ilfracombe (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Geach, Mr. George, ditto
- 562
Geach, George, Mr. Liskeard (COR) Market Street
Grocer. 1823P.
General Bank, Exeter
- 563
General Bank, . Exeter (DEV)
George, Mr St. Columb
- 554
George, Thomas, Mr. Saint Columb (COR)
Cabinet maker. 1823P. Elizabeth George bookseller.
Gerred, Mr Newport
- 624
Gerred, Mr. Newport, Launceston (COR)
EFP nil.
Gerrish, Mr Thomas, ditto
- 549
Gerrish, Thomas, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Gervis, Mr H. Ashburton
- 592
Gervis, Henry, Mr. Ashburton (DEV)
Surgeon. 1811H.
Gibbon, Captain, ditto
- 551
Gibbon, Capt. Falmouth (COR)
Army officer. EFP nil.
Gibbons, Mrs E. ditto
- 599
Gibbons, E, Mrs. Teignmouth (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil. Subscriptions: W
Gibbs, Mr J. ditto
- 550
Gibbs, J, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Giddy, Thomas, esq. Penzance
- 542
Giddy, Thomas, Esq. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Gidoin, Rev. J. L. Lympston
- 605
Gidoin, James Lewis, Rev. Lympstone (DEV)
Curate. Of Lympstone, curate of Bigbury EFP 1794. Sub £1/1.
Gifford, Messrs W. and C. ditto
- 574
Gifford, W & C, Messrs. Exeter (DEV) High Street
Linen drapers. 1816T & hop mers. Poll: Wearman: Cou Chas: Cou New.
Gilbert, Rev. Mr. Bodmin
- 557
Gilbert, Edmund, Rev Mr. Bodmin (COR)
Rector. Rector of Helland EFP 1778, died 1816. Prebend. Subscriptions: GP
Gilbert, W. R. esq. Priory, Bodmin
- 558
Gilbert, Walter Raleigh, Esq. Bodmin (COR) Priory
Gentry. 1823P nil. Lysons. Subscriptions: P
Giles, Mr. Jump, near ditto
- 584
Giles, George, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Jump
Land agent. 1812P nil. Loans available EFP 26/11/1829.
Gill, Mr near Tavistock
- 591
Gill, John, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Banker. 1811H mer, grocer. EFP ironfounder. Prince: John. Subscriptions: DP
Gill, J. M. Newton Abbot
- 619
Gill, John M, . Newton Abbot (DEV) East Street ?
Ironmonger ?. 1823P. Died aged 64 EFP 5/6/1828.
Girod, Dr. Alphington Road, near ditto
- 572
Girod, Abraham, Dr. Exeter (DEV) Alphington Road
Physician. Deid aged 86 EFP 19/4/1827.
Girondol, Mr. Sidmouth
- 621
Girondol, Mr. Sidmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Gladwin, Colonel, ditto
- 603
Gladwin, Col. Dawlish (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil.
Glanvill and Son, Messrs. Dock
- 585
Glanvill, & Son, Messrs. Dock (DEV)
Salesman ?. 1812P alternative: confectioner.
Glanville, Miss ditto
- 593
Glanville, Miss. Ashburton (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Glanville, F. esq. Catchfrench, Cornwall
- 543
Glanville, Francis, Esq. Saint Germans (COR) Catchfrench
Gentry. Sheriff of Cornwall EFP 1790, M P 1797. Subscriptions: GP
Gleede, Rev. Mr ditto
- 600
Gleede, Rev Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Clergy. EFP, Foster and Venn nil. Excluded from Hennessy.
Glode, Lady, Exeter
- 540
Glode, Lady. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Gloyns, Mr Tiverton
- 546
Gloyns, Joseph junior ?, Mr. Tiverton (DEV) Academy ?
Teacher ?. 1811H or Francis, schoolmaster EFP 1778-1795+.
Glubb, P.G. esq. Liskeard
- 561
Glubb, Peter G, Esq. Liskeard (COR) Castle Hill
Attorney. Gregor: Peter jun. 1823P, also insurance agent. Subscriptions: G
Glynn, Mr H. Plymouth
- 583
Glynn, H, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Golard, -, esq. Mount Wear
- 576
Golard, Esq. Topsham (DEV) Mount Wear
EFP nil.
Goodfellow, Mr Falmouth
- 548
Goodfellow, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Goodridge, Mr Whiteway, near Chudleigh
- 596
Goodridge, Mr. Chudleigh (DEV) Whiteway
EFP, 1823P nil.
Goodridge, Mr Dorchester
- 608
Goodridge, Mr. Dorchester (DOR)
EFP nil.
Goodridge, Mr ditto
- 565
Goodridge, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Guinea Street
Tallowchandler. 1816T 1818P. Polled: Courtenay, Northmore.
Gordon, Mrs Mylor, ditto
- 552
Gordon, Mrs. Mylor, Falmouth (COR)
Gordon, C. esq. Stokelake, near ditto
- 597
Gordon, C, Esq. Chudleigh (DEV) Stokelake
EFP, 1823P nil.
- 602
Gore, Rooms, . Dawlish (DEV)
Public rooms.
Goss, Mr Teignmouth
- 598
Goss, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Merchant. 1823P Goss, Butler & Goss.
Goss, Mr Totnes
- 594
Goss, John, Mr. Totnes (DEV) Seven Stars Inn
Innkeeper. 1811H. Advert WL 3/1/1815 5c.
Gould, John, esq. Tiverton
- 547
Gould, John, Esq. Tiverton (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Gould, W. Baring, esq. ditto
- 601
Gould, William Baring, Esq. Teignmouth (DEV)
Lysons (Lew Trenchard). Quarry for sale 28/1/1819.
Gowans, Mr G. Creedy, near Crediton
- 577
Gowans, G, Mr. Crediton (DEV) Creedy
EFP nil.
Graham, T. esq. Penquite, near Lostwithiel
- 560
Graham, Thomas, Esq. Saint Sampson (COR) Penquite
Gentry. Lysons. Subscribed £1/1/-. Mayor of Fowey 1793?. Subscriptions: G
Granger, Captain, ditto
- 566
Granger, Capt. Exeter (DEV)
Army officer ?. 1818P nil. Subscribed £5/5/-.
Granger, Edmund, esq. ditto
- 567
Granger, Edmund, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Merchant. 1818P no trade. Subsc £5/5/-. EFP var. Poll: Co Ne. Subscriptions: P
Grant, Rev. J. F. Starcorss
- 604
Grant, J F, Rev. Starcross (DEV)
Clergy. EFP, Foster and Venn nil. Excluded from Hennessy.
Grant, T. esq. Collector of Customs, Bideford
- 617
Grant, T, Esq. Bideford (DEV)
Customs officer. 1811H.
Graves, Right Hon. Lord, Bishop
- 539
Graves, Lord. Sowton (DEV) Bishops Court
Nobility. M.P. Okehampton 1812-1818. Subscriptions: P
Gray, Mr J. Moreton
- 595
Gray, John, Mr. Moretonhampstead (DEV) Union, Forder Street
Innkeeper. 1823P.
Gray, Lieutenant, Haven Banks, near Exeter
- 571
Gray, Thomas, Lieut. Exeter (DEV) Haven Banks
Surveyor. 1816T. Died aged 82 EFP 28/3/1822. Poll: Courtenay.
Gray, -, esq. Mint, Exeter
- 616
Gray, William, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Mint
Attorney. 1816T.
Greenslade, Mr Ilfracombe
- 581
Greenslade, C, Mr. Ilfracombe (DEV) Barnstaple Inn
Innkeeper. 1811H.
Greenwood, Mr Collaton Rawleigh, Otterton
- 575
Greenwood, Mr. Colaton Raleigh (DEV)
EFP nil.
Greenwood, Rev. Mr Otterton, near Exmouth
- 606
Greenwood, Robert ?, Rev Mr. Otterton, Exmouth (DEV)
Rector. Venn: Brasenose 1793? Rector Colaton Ral. 1809-26+.
Gregor, F. esq. Trewarthenick, Cornwall
- 541
Gregor, Francis, Esq. Cornelly (COR) Trewarthenick
Gentry. Lysons. Mrs Gregor subscribed £10/-/-.
Gregor, Rev. W. Creed, near Grampound
- 615
Gregor, William, Rev. Creed, Grampound (COR)
Rector. Rector of Creed 1793-1819. Subscriptions: G
Grey, Mr W. Stonehouse
- 586
Grey, William, Mr. Stonehouse (DEV) Fore Street
Stationer. 1812P Gray.
Gribble, Mr. Bank of England, London
- 610
Gribble, Mr. London (LON) Bank of England
Gribble, William, esq. Barnstaple
- 580
Gribble, William, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV)
Merchant. 1811H Gribble & Sons.
Griffiths, -, Bideford
- 618
Griffiths, . Bideford (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Griffiths, Mrs A. Bideford
- 578
Griffiths, Anne, Mrs. Bideford (DEV)
Bookseller. 1811H.
Griffiths, J. esq. ditto
- 590
Griffiths, J, Esq. Tavistock (DEV)
Gregor: John, no add. D.Ad: Collins Ho, Beeralston. Subscriptions: G?D?
Griffiths, Mr Richard, ditto
- 573
Griffiths, Richard, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Catherine Street ; 9
Coachmaker. 1816T nil 1818P nil. R.Griffiths & Co EFP 1805-23.
Grills, Mr Beerferris, near Tavistock
- 589
Grills, Sampson ?, Mr. Bere Ferrers, Tavistock (DEV)
Farmer?. Lost heifers EFP 11/1/1782.
Gruttner, Mrs. ditto
- 570
Gruttner, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1816T nil.
Grylls, H. M. esq. Helston
- 545
Grylls, H M, Esq. Helston (COR)
Banker ?. 1811H another possibility: attorney. Subscriptions: G
Grylls, H. esq. Exon College, Oxford
- 623
Grylls, Henry, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Exeter College
Student. Foster: matric 1812, BA 1816.
Grylls, Rev. Thomas, Cardynham, ditto
- 559
Grylls, Thomas, Rev. Cardinham, Bodmin (COR)
Rector. Rector of Cardinham 1814-45.
Gunston, F. F. esq. Bishop
- 607
Gunton, F F, Esq. Bishops Hull, Taunton (SOM)
EFP nil.
Guppy, Wm. esq. Farway, near Honiton
- 622
Guppy, William, Esq. Farway, Honiton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Gurney, George, esq. Wadebridge
- 556
Gurney, George, Esq. Wadebridge (COR)
EFP nil.
Gurney, Rev. W. Paul, Penzance
- 544
Gurney, W, Rev. Paul, Penzance (COR)
Vicar. Richard Gurney vicar of Paul 1788-1827.
Gurney, W. esq. Eton College, Berkshire
- 612
Gurney, W, Esq. Eton, Berkshire (BER) Eton College
Teacher ?.
Gurney, W. esq. Roseland Cottage, Ruan
- 614
Gurney, W, Esq. Ruan (COR) Roseland Cottage
EFP nil.

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