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31 January 2007

Luminary subscribers C-D

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 9
Newspaper readership in south west England: an analysis of the Flindell's Western Luminary subscribers list of 1815.
Subscribers C-D

Details as in subscribers list
- number in list (assigned)
Name. Place (COUNTY) Address
Trade. Notes & references.
Call, Sir W. Whiteford
- 231
Call, William Pratt, Sir. Stoke Climsland (COR) Whiteford
Gentry. Nominated sheriff EFP 18/11/1802 sheriff 1807/8.
Callaway, Mr. Boscastle
- 265
Callaway, Mr. Boscastle (COR)
EFP nil.
Cann, J. esq. Fuidge House
- 268
Cann, J, Esq. Spreyton (DEV) Fuidge House
Gentry. EFP nil. Subscriptions: G
Canning, -, esq. ditto
- 330
Canning, Esq. Tavistock (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Carbis, Mr. N. St. Austell
- 251
Carbis, N, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
Cardew, Mr. Plymouth
- 323
Cardew, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Carew, Capt. R. N. Tiverton
- 321
Carew, Capt. Tiverton (DEV)
Naval officer. NL, 1811H nil. Poss John Carew, Tiverton, attorney.
Carew, Mrs. Folleton, near Totnes
- 332
Carew, Mrs. Totnes (DEV) Folleton
Gentry. Lysons: Late Edward Cary, Esq. 1811H nil.
Carlisle, Mr. R. ditto
- 282
Carlisle, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Carlyon, Rev. P. St. Columb
- 255
Carlyon, Philip, Rev. Saint Columb (COR)
Rector. Venn: Pembroke 1787. Rect. St Mawgan/Pydar 1806-46.
Carpenter, Mr. Budleigh
- 301
Carpenter, Mr. Budleigh Salterton (DEV)
Tanner ?. Mr Carpenter, tanner of E.Budleigh mar EFP 26/7/10.
Carpenter and Co. Messrs. ditto
- 326
Carpenter, & Co, Messrs. Plymouth (DEV)
Merchants ?. EFP, 1812P nil.
Carpenter, J. P. esq. Mount Tavey
- 298
Carpenter, John Philip, Esq. Tavistock (DEV) Mount Tavey
Gentry. Dev.Adv: & Mrs Carpenter. Lysons: John Carpenter. Subscriptions: PD
Carrington, Rev. Mr. ditto
- 288
Carrington, Rev Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Clergy. 1816P, 1818T nil. James, Prebendary of Exeter?.
Carter, Mr. Zeal, near Crediton
- 306
Carter, Mr. Zeal Monachorum, Crediton (DEV)
Carter, Miss, Kingsbridge
- 374
Carter, Miss. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Woman. 1823P nil.
Carter, Mr. J. Marazion
- 240
Carter, J, Mr. Marazion (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Carter, Mr. Thomas, Port Isaac
- 360
Carter, Thomas, Mr. Port Isaac (COR)
EFP nil.
Carthew, Mrs. ditto
- 239
Carthew, Mrs. Penzance (COR)
Woman. EFP nil.
Cave, Dr. MD. ditto
- 354
Cave, Dr. Exmouth (DEV)
Medical doctor. EFP nil.
Cavill, Mr. ditto
- 250
Cavill, Mr. Truro (COR)
Innkeeper ?. Dau of Mr Cavell of Bear Inn married EFP 13/3/1823.
Cazal, Miss, Colleton Cottage, ditto
- 353
Cazal, Miss. Exmouth (DEV) Colleton Cottage
Chalker, Mr. J. Ashburton
- 331
Chalker, James, Mr. Ashburton (DEV)
Machine maker. 1811H nil. Signed loyal address EFP 2/12/1819.
Chamberlain, Mr. ditto
- 281
Chamberlain, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street
Druggist. 1816T, 1818P. Freeman 3/7/1802. Polled: Courtenay.
Chamberlain, Mr. ditto
- 293
Chamberlain, Son & Pitman, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street
Linen drapers. 1816T.
Chamberlin, Mr. Jas. Barum
- 318
Chamberlin, James, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Auctioneer. 1811H also maltster.
Chambers, Mr. Jas. Great Torrington
- 310
Chambers, James, Mr. Great Torrington (DEV) High Street
Perfumer. 1823P.
Chanter, John, esq. Bideford
- 313
Chanter, John, Esq. Bideford (DEV)
Linen draper. 1811H.
Chanter, Moses, esq. ditto
- 315
Chanter, Moses, Esq. Bideford (DEV)
Merchant. 1811H.
Chapman, Capt. ditto
- 273
Chapman, Capt. Exeter (DEV)
Army officer. Army list: various. EFP, 1816T, 1818T nil.
Chapman, Capt. ditto
- 340
Chapman, Capt. Dawlish (DEV)
Army officer. Gregor: Col. Chap. Prince: Col. B.Chap. Army L:var. Subscriptions: G?P?
Chapman, Mr. Exmouth
- 351
Chapman, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
Chapple, Mr. Appledore
- 312
Chapple, Mr. Appledore (DEV)
EFP nil.
Chave, Mrs Sampford
- 373
Chave, Mrs. Sampford (DEV)
Woman. Sam. Chave, Sampford Peverel creditor EFP 9/3/1815.
Chave, Mr. Tavistock
- 342
Chave, James, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Printer. 1811H typographer and bookbinder.
Chibbett, Mr. Appledore
- 317
Chibbett, Mr. Appledore (DEV)
Chichester, C. esq. Hall, near ditto
- 365
Chichester, Charles, Esq. Bishops Tawton (DEV) Hall
Gentry. Lysons. 1811H nil. Subscribed £1/1/-. Subscriptions: PGD
Chichester, Jos. esq. Calverly, near Tiverton
- 368
Chichester, Joseph, Esq. Tiverton (DEV) Calverly
Gentry. Lysons: Charles Chichester. Prince: C.Chichester. Subscriptions: P?
Chichester, J. P. esq. Arlington Court, ditto
- 367
Chichester, Joseph Palmer, Esq. Arlington, Barnstaple (DEV) Arlington Court
Gentry. Lysons.
Chichester, Rev. R. Chittlehampton
- 320
Chichester, Robert, Rev. Chittlehampton (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Chittlehampton 1803-41. Subscr: £1/1/-.
Chichester, Sir A. bart, Youlton
- 229
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Bart. Sherwill (DEV) Youlston
Gentry. Sheriff of Devon 1816/17.
Chole, Mr. Hartland,
- 316
Chole, Mr. Hartland (DEV)
EFP, parish registers nil. Possibly Chope.
Cholwich, J. B. esq. Farringdon-house
- 234
Cholwich, J B, Esq. Farringdon (DEV) Farringdon House
Gentry. Lysons.
Chowne, Mrs. ditto
- 324
Chowne, Mrs. Plymouth (DEV)
Woman. 1812P William, corn factor, Market Place.
Circulating Library, Torquay
- 343
Circulating, Library, . Torquay (DEV)
Clack, Miss, Chudleigh
- 269
Clack, Miss. Chudleigh (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1823P nil.
Clack, Rev. Wm. Moreton
- 336
Clack, William Charles, Rev. Moretonhampstead (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Moretonhampstead 1807-65.
Clapp, -, esq. ditto
- 290
Clapp, George Hunt, Esq. Exeter (DEV) High Street 230
Counsellor. 1816T. Lysons: George Hunt P., Park, Bovey Tracey.
Clapp, Mr. ditto
- 283
Clapp, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Ironmonger. 1816T, 1818P. Subsc £1/1/- Not free. Polled: Court.
Clark, Mrs. Exeter
- 297
Clark, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. 1816T nil.
Clarke, Mrs. ditto
- 280
Clarke, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. 1816T nil.
Clarke, Dr. Sidmouth
- 370
Clarke, Dr. Sidmouth (DEV)
Clarke, Rev. E. St. Dominick, ditto
- 264
Clarke, Edward John, Rev. Saint Dominick (COR)
Rector. Rector 1803-35. Subscriptions: P
Cleeve, Rev. J.K. Oakford-house, near Exeter
- 270
Cleave, J K, Rev. Exeter (DEV) Oakford House
Teacher. Advert WL 10/1/1815 1b. 1816T rector of St. George. Subscriptions: G
Cleeve, B. esq. Crediton
- 307
Cleeve, Benjamin, Esq. Crediton (DEV)
Attorney. EFP.
Cleeve, Mr. Wm. Rudway, near Exeter
- 303
Cleeve, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Rudway
Surveyor ?. 1818P nil. EFP 1828-34.
Cleife, Mr. ditto
- 274
Cleife, Jacob P, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Waterbeer Street
Attorney. 1818P. 1816T. Not freeman. Poled Courtenay, Newman.
Clemens, Capt. ditto
- 253
Clemens, Capt. Saint Austell (COR)
Army officer.
Cleeveland, John, esq. Tapley
- 235
Cleveland, John, Esq. Westleigh (DEV) Tapley
Gentry. Former M P Barnstaple. Died aged 83 EFP 29/5/1817.
Clifford, Right Hon. Lord, Ugbrooke
- 227
Clifford, Lord. Chudleigh (DEV) Ugbrooke
Nobility. Subscriptions: PW
Clinton, Right Hon. Lord
- 228
Clinton, Lord. Bicton ? (COR)
Nobility. London address 23 Grosvenor Place. Subscriptions: G
Clode, Mr. Isaac, Sidbury
- 363
Clode, Isaac, Mr. Sidbury (DEV)
EFP nil.
Close, Mr. ditto
- 252
Close, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
Clow, Mrs. ditto
- 287
Clow, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Woolpack PH
Innkeeper. 1816T J Clow.
Clutterbuck, T. esq. ditto
- 247
Clutterbuck, Thomas, Esq. Truro (COR)
Attorney. 1811H. Subscriptions: G
Coad, Mr. Saltash
- 263
Coad, Mr. Saltash (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Coad, Rev. R. Trewolland, near Liskeard
- 359
Coad, Robert, Rev. Liskeard (COR) Trewollard
Clergy. EFP, Foster and Venn nil. 1778-1864 Boase Col Corn.
Coaker, Mrs. ditto
- 355
Coaker, Mrs. Exmouth (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Coats, Miss ditto
- 291
Coats, Miss. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1816T nil.
Coham, Mr. Geo. ditto
- 286
Cobham, George, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Cock, Lieut. Blackhead, near Helston
- 357
Cock, Lieut. Helston (COR) Blackhead
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil.
Cock, Mrs. Court Hall, Sidbury
- 371
Cock, Mrs. Sidbury (DEV) Court Hall
Woman. EFP nil.
Cock, Mr. St. Enoder, Mitchell
- 254
Cock, A jun, Mr. Saint Enoder (COR) Mitchell
EFP nil. Subscriptions: G?
Cock, F. esq. Starcross
- 349
Cock, F, Esq. Starcross (DEV)
EFP nil.
Cock, Mr. Solomon, ditto
- 238
Cock, Solomon, Mr. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Cock, Mr. T. Stevenstone, near ditto
- 305
Cock, T, Mr. Saint Giles in the Wood (DEV) Stevenstone
EFP nil.
Cock, Mr. Wm. Penryn
- 241
Cock, William, Mr. Penryn (COR)
Ironmonger. 1811H also carpenter. Also printer Potts p313,324. Subscriptions: P?
Cockram, Mrs. ditto
- 276
Cockram, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Ship Public House
Innkeeper. 1816T J Cockram.
Coffin, Mr. ditto
- 275
Coffin, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Coffin, P. esq. Sydney-place, ditto
- 296
Coffin, P, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Sydney Place
Coham, Master, at Dr. Lemprier
- 361
Coham, Mastr. Exeter (DEV) at Dr Lemprier
Teacher. 1816T nil 1818P nil.
Colby, Thomas, esq. ditto
- 311
Colby, Thomas, Esq. Great Torrington (DEV) South Street
Surgeon. 1823P.
Cole, Rev. F. St. Keyne
- 260
Cole, F, Rev. Saint Keyne (COR)
Clergy. EFP, Hennessy nil.
Cole, -, esq. ditto
- 279
Cole, John, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Merchant ?. 1818P no trade. Mar EFP 16/11/1815. Poll: Cou. New.
Cole, Mr. R. Clyst St. George, near Topsham
- 350
Cole, R, Mr. Clyst St George (DEV)
EFP nil.
Colenzo, Mr. St. Austell
- 358
Colenzo, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
Coleridge, Rev. W. H. Ch. C. College, Oxford
- 372
Coleridge, William Hart, Rev. Oxford (OXF) Christ Church Coll
Student. Foster: matric 1808, later Bishop of Barbados.
Coles, Rev. J. Staplake Cottage, Starcross
- 348
Coles, J, Rev. Starcross (DEV) Staplake Cottage
Clergy. Foster? EFP, Venn nil. Excluded from Hennessy.
Collicott, Thomas. Sidmouth
- 356
Collicott, Thomas, . Sidmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Collier, Sir Geo. Knowle Cottage
- 230
Collier, George, Sir. Sidmouth (DEV) Knowle Cottage
Gentry. M P for Honiton 1784?.
Collyns, Charles, esq. ditto
- 285
Collins, Charles, Esq. Exeter (DEV) High Street ?
Physician ?. 1816T. EFP Charles Collyns, ironmonger. 1818P nil.
Collins, Edward, esq. Fowey
- 258
Collins, Edward, Esq. Fowey (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Collyns, Wm. esq. ditto
- 347
Collyns, William, Esq. Kenton (DEV)
Surgeon. EFP: William Welch Collyns.
Comer, Mr. John. St. Thomas
- 362
Comer, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Saint Thomas
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Commercial Coffee-room, Bideford
- 364
Commercial, Coffee Room, . Bideford (DEV)
Coffee house. 1811H nil.
- 245
Commins, . Falmouth (COR)
Hotel. 1811H nil.
Commins, Thomas, esq. Bodmin
- 256
Commins, Thomas, Esq. Bodmin (COR)
Attorney ?. 1823P Cummins & Cood attorneys.
Comyns, Wm. esq. Dawlish
- 339
Comyns, William, Esq. Dawlish (DEV)
EFP nil.
Coode, Miss B. ditto
- 243
Coode, B, Miss. Penryn (COR)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Cook, G. esq. Newport Cottage, nr Barnstaple
- 366
Cook, G, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV) Newport Cottage
EFP, 1811H nil.
Cook, Mr. John, ditto
- 294
Cook, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Lord Nelson PH
Innkeeper. 1816T Rocks Lane.
Coplestone, Rev. Mr. St. Thomas
- 271
Coplestone, J B ?, Rev Mr. Exeter (DEV) Saint Thomas
Vicar. 1816T vicar of St. Thomas. Subscribed £1/1/-.
Copner, Mr. Thomas, Barum
- 319
Copner, Thomas, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Surgeon. Appointed coroner EFP 6/9/1821.
Copp, Mr. Launceston
- 266
Copp, Mr. Launceston (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Corbyn, Mr. Kenton
- 346
Corbyn, Hanry ?, Mr. Kenton (DEV) South Town ?
Farmer ?. Sam Henry son of Henry & Elisabeth bap 8/6/1815.
Corfield, Capt. Truro
- 246
Corfield, Capt. Truro (COR)
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil. Surgeon 17th Regt Foot 13/10/1806?.
Corin, Mr. Penryn
- 242
Corin, Mr. Penryn (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Cornish and Son, Messrs, ditto
- 289
Cornish, & Son, Messrs. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street Hill
Builders. 1816T. Subscribed £3/3/-. Robert polled Courtenay.
Cornish, H. esq, ditto
- 284
Cornish, H, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
1816T several. EFP, 1818P nil.
Cornish, Henry, esq. Tavistock
- 328
Cornish, Henry, Esq. Tavistock (DEV)
Attorney. 1811H.
Cornish, T. esq. ditto
- 375
Cornish, T, Esq. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Prince: Thomas, Cholwell House. EFP, 1823P nil. Subscriptions: P?
Cornish, Mr. Wm. Plymouth
- 327
Cornish, William, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Cornish Bank, ditto
- 249
Cornish Bank, . Truro (COR)
Bank. 1811H nil.
Cornwall Library, Truro
- 248
Cornwall, Library, . Truro (COR)
Library. 1811H nil.
Cory, Mr. Thomas, Lostwithiel
- 257
Cory, Thomas, Mr. Lostwithiel (COR) North Street
Innkeeper. 1823P Talbot Inn.
Coryton, Miss, Clift Cottage, near Dawlish
- 267
Coryton, Miss. Dawlish (DEV) Clift Cottage
Woman. EFP nil.
Coryton, J. T. esq. Pentille Castle
- 236
Coryton, John Tillie, Esq. Pillaton (COR) Pentille Castle
Gentry. Lysons. Sheriff of Cornwall 1808-09. Subscriptions: G
Cossentine, Mr. H. St. Veep
- 259
Cossentine, H, Mr. Saint Veep, Fowey (COR)
Cosserat, Rev. Geo. Brampford Speke
- 300
Cosserat, George, Rev. Brampford Speke (DEV)
Clergy. Foster matric Exeter College 1798. Not vic. Br.Sp.
Cosserat, J. N. P. esq. Torquay
- 341
Cosserat, J N P, Esq. Torquay (DEV)
Attorney. 1823P. Prince: James Cosserat Esq. Subscriptions: P
Couch, George, esq. Blackauton
- 334
Couch, George, Esq. Blackawton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Couch, Mr W.F. East Looe
- 261
Couch, W F, Mr. East Looe (COR)
Glass dealer ?. 1811H (Couch, Francis).
Couldridge, Mr. ditto
- 308
Couldridge, William ?, Mr. Crediton (DEV)
Hairdresser ?. Charlotte d. of Wm Courdridge bap 28/2/13. EFP nil.
Courtenay, T. P. esq. M. P.
- 232
Courtenay, Thomas Peregr., Esq. London (LON) New Norfolk St 17
M P. Thomas Peregrine Courtenay M P For Totnes 1816T. Subscriptions: G
Courtenay, W. esq. M. P.
- 233
Courtenay, William, Esq. London (LON) Bedford Place 18
M P. M P for Exeter 1816T. Prince: Walreddon House. Subscriptions: GP?
Coward, John, esq.
- 302
Coward, John, Esq. Exeter ? (DEV) Palace Street ?
Wine merchant ?. John James Coward married EFP 26/2/1818.
Coward and Sons, Messrs. ditto
- 277
Coward, and Sons, Messrs. Exeter (DEV) Bell Hill
Brushmakers. 1816T.
Cowdy, G. esq. Knowle, near Budleigh
- 299
Cowdey, G, Esq. Budleigh Salterton (DEV) Knowle
EFP nil.
Cowell, Mr. Newton
- 344
Cowell, Thomas, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV) Bear, Wolborough St
Innkeeper. 1823P.
Cowling, Mr. Daniel, St. Germans
- 262
Cowling, Daniel, Mr. Saint Germans (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Cox, Mr. ditto
- 278
Cox, A ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Magdalen Street ?
Linen draper ?. 1816T.
Cox, Mr. J. ditto
- 292
Cox, James ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Merchant ?. 1818P nil. Died EFP 16/11/1820.
Cox, Mr. T. Kingsnoare, Dartmouth
- 333
Cox, T, Mr. Kingsweare, Dartmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Cranford, Mr. R. Dartmouth
- 335
Cranford, Robert, Mr. Dartmouth (DEV) New Quay
Bookseller. 1823P.
Crocker, Miss ditto
- 338
Crocker, Miss. Teignmouth (DEV)
Innkeeper ?. EFP M Crocker taken over Globe Inn 19/8/1813.
Crocker, W. H. esq. ditto
- 329
Croker, William Hugh, Esq. Tavistock (DEV)
Attorney ?. 1811H William junior. Subscriptions: D
Croote, Mr. Thos. Chulmleigh
- 304
Croote, Thomas, Mr. Chulmleigh (DEV)
EFP William Croote, surveyor 1805-28.
Croscombe, Mr. ditto
- 314
Croscombe, Robert ?, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
Tailor ?. 1811H or William, Mariner. EFP nil.
Crosse, Mr. J. Ilfracombe
- 322
Crosse, J, Mr. Ilfracombe (DEV)
1811H nil.
Crowgey, Mr. Falmouth
- 244
Crowgey, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Merchant ?. 1811H nil. Robt Crowger, mercht, adv EFP 21/4/1808.
Croydon, Mr. Teignmouth
- 337
Croydon, Edward, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Bookseller. Maxted EWP7. Guide to watering places: Croydon, J.
Cullum, -, esq. ditto
- 352
Cullum, Esq. Exmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Culme, Mrs. Tothill, ditto
- 325
Culme, Mrs. Charles, Plymouth (DEV) Tothill
Gentry. Lysons. 1812P Miss Culme.
Culverwell, Mr. ditto
- 295
Culverwell, James, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Holloway Street
Merchant. 1816T.
Cuming, Capt. R. N. South Brent, Ashburton
- 369
Cuming, Capt. South Brent (DEV)
Naval officer. Army list: William C. 13/7/1797? EFP nil.
Cunnack, Mr. R. Penzance
- 237
Cunnack, R, Mr. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
- 272
Curson, William, . Exeter (DEV) High Street 17
Reading rooms. Bookseller 1816T. Lottery agent WL 10/1/1815 7c.
Curtis, Dr. ditto
- 345
Curtis, Dr. Newton Abbot (DEV)
EFP nil.
Cutcliffe, Mr. Jas. Week, near Torrington
- 309
Cutcliffe, James, Mr. Week, Torrington (DEV)
EFP nil.
Newton Ab EFP 1834/5'
- 0
D, W, Esq. Waterford (ZIR)
Cf Wm Fras D.
Dacey, -, esq. St. David
- 396
Dacie, John, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Saint Davids Hill
Grocer. 1818P no trade. D. EFP 25/5/1809. Poll: Courtenay.
Daubuz, L. C. esq. Truro
- 380
Danbuz, Lewis Charles, Esq. Truro (COR)
Merchant. 1811H.
Daniell, -, esq. Knole-house, ditto
- 411
Daniell, . Chudleigh (DEV) Knole House
EFP, 1823P nil.
Daniell, Mr John, Bideford
- 436
Daniell, John, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
EFP, baptisms 1813-16, 1811H nil.
Daniell, Dr. Exeter
- 391
Daniell, John Bampfylde, Dr. Exeter (DEV) Bedford Circus
Physician. EFP Physician to Dispensary 29/5/1823. Or George. Subscriptions: P
Daniell, R. A. esq. Trelissick
- 384
Daniell, Ralph Allen, Esq. Feock, Truro (COR) Trelissick
Gentry. Lysons. M P West Looe 1806. Died 1823.
Danyer, Mr Brixham
- 437
Danyer, Mr. Brixham (DEV)
EFP, baptisms 1813-16 nil.
Darke, Mr. St. Columb
- 388
Darke, Mr. Saint Columb (COR)
Draper. 1823P also grocer. EFP nil.
Dashwood, Mrs Honiton
- 424
Dashwood, Mrs. Honiton (DEV)
Woman. 1823P nil.
Dashwood, J.V. esq. ditto
- 414
Dashwood, J V, Esq. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Davey, Capt. R. N. St. Mawes
- 387
Davey, Capt. Saint Mawes (COR)
Naval officer. Navy list, EFP nil.
Davey, Mr. George, Starcross
- 416
Davey, George, Mr. Starcross (DEV)
EFP nil.
Davey, Mr. R. H. Marazion
- 430
Davey, R H, Mr. Marazion (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Davey, Mr. Wear, near ditto
- 419
Davey, Robert, Mr. Topsham (DEV) Wear
Shipwright. 1811H. Also possible: James, limeburner. Subscriptions: P
Davis, Rev. J. Kilkhampton Parsonage, Stratton
- 432
Davis, John, Rev. Kilkhampton, Stratton (COR) Kilkhampton Parsonag
Rector. Rector of Kilkhampton 1804-57.
Daw, Miss, Baring Place, Exeter
- 395
Daw, Miss. Exeter (DEV) Baring Place
Dawe, Mrs. Baring Place, Heavitree
- 433
Dawe, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Baring Pl, Heavitree
Day, Mr F. N. Chudleigh
- 409
Day, Francis N, Mr. Chudleigh (DEV)
Surgeon. 1823P.
De Courcy, Rev. Mr. Stoketon, near Saltash
- 386
De Courcy, Rev Mr. Saint Stephen, Saltash (COR) Stoketon
Clergy. Foster, Venn, Hennessy, 1823P nil. Lysons: Admiral.
De Courcy, Rev. Mr. Modbury
- 408
De Courcy, Rev Mr. Modbury (DEV)
Clergy. Foster, Venn & 1811H nil.
De Dunstanville, Right Hon. Lord,
- 376
De Dunstanville, Lord. Illogan, Redruth (COR) Tehidy
Nobility. London address 18 Upper Grosvenor Street. Subscriptions: GP
Dean, Mr. Heavitree
- 390
Dean, James, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Heavitree
Land surveyor. 1816T.
Dean, Mr. ditto
- 392
Dean, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Rocks Lane
Fuller. 1816T.
Delahoyde, Dr. Sion Vale, near London
- 426
Delahoyde, Dr. London (LON) Sion Vale
Dench, Mr. Exmouth
- 422
Dench, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Dene, Rev. J. Horwood, ditto
- 402
Dene, John, Rev. Horwood, Barnstaple (DEV)
Rector. 1811H nil. Foster Rector of Horwood 1803- Balliol.
Derby, John, esq. Bellair House, Barnstaple
- 401
Derby, John, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV) Bellair House
Gentry. EFP, 1811H nil.
Devon, M. esq.
- 394
Devon, M, Esq. Exeter ? (DEV)
EFP nil.
Institution, the Devon and Exeter
- 782
Devon & Exeter, Institution, . Exeter (DEV) Close 7
Dicken, Mr. E. Bishop
- 397
Dicken, E, Mr. Bishops Tawton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Dicken, Rev. H.
- 405
Dicken, H, Rev. [no place] (---)
Clergy. EFP, Hennessy, Foster & Venn nil.
Dicken, John, esq
- 399
Dicken, John, Esq. [no place] (---)
No trace EFP. Insufficient information.
Distin, John, esq. Preston, Paignton
- 398
Distin, John, Esq. Paignton (DEV) Preston
Yeoman ?. EFP nil. Amelia dau of John & Mary bap. 25/6/1813.
Divett, Edward, esq. Bystock, near Exmouth
- 421
Divett, Edward, Esq. Colaton Raleigh (DEV) Bystock
Gentry. Lysons. EFP nil.
Dixon, Mr. ditto
- 383
Dixon, John, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Stationer. 1811H also music seller.
Dod, Admiral, Exeter
- 379
Dod, Edmund, Admrl. Exeter (DEV)
Naval officer. Navy list: Admiral of the White 28/4/1808.
Dodd, Mrs. Topsham
- 418
Dodd, Mrs. Topsham (DEV)
Woman. 1811H nil.
Dodd, Mr. W. Drewsteignton
- 389
Dodd, W, Mr. Drewsteignton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Doherty, Captain, Bath
- 427
Doherty, Capt. Bath (SOM)
Army officer. Army list nil. CHECK 1811H vol. 2 for Bath.
Dolling, -, esq. Chudleigh
- 434
Dolling, George, Esq. Chudleigh (DEV)
Attorney. 1823P.
Dolphin, -, esq.
- 393
Dolphin, Esq. Exeter ? (DEV)
EFP nil.
Domett, Rev. J. Bovey, near ditto
- 410
Domett, Joseph, Rev. Bovey Tracey, Chudleigh (DEV)
Vicar. Vicar of Bovey Tracey 1780-1836.
Down, Mr Lympston
- 420
Down, Mr. Lympstone (DEV)
Innkeeper. EFP creditor of Benjamin Treble 15/9/1814.
Down, Captain, R. N. Ilfracombe
- 406
Down, Edward Aug?, Capt. Ilfracombe (DEV)
Naval officer. Poss in Navy List 1814 (no date of comm) 1811H nil.
Downe, Rev. H. Cranborne, Dorset
- 435
Downe, H, Rev. Cranborne, Dorset (DOR)
Clergy. Foster and Venn nil.
Drake, G. esq. Ipplepen
- 407
Drake, George, Esq. Ipplepen (DEV)
Gentry. Lysons. Subscriptions: P
Drake, H. esq. Barnstaple
- 438
Drake, H, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV)
1811H nil. Poss solicitor, son of Henry.
Drake, H. esq. Barnstaple
- 400
Drake, Henry, Esq. Barnstaple (DEV)
Solicitor. 1811H also town clerk. Subscriptions: P
Drew, Miss, Saville Place, Clifton
- 428
Drew, Miss. Clifton (SOM) Saville Place
Woman. 1811H nil.
Drew, Mr. Joseph, Perranwell, near ditto
- 385
Drew, Joseph, Mr. Perranarworthal (COR) Perranwell, Falmouth
EFP nil.
Drew, Mr R. Bradninch, near Cullompton
- 425
Drew, Robert, Mr. Bradninch (DEV)
Tanner. 1811H.
Drury, Dr. Cockwood-house, near Starcross
- 415
Drury, Joseph, Dr. Starcross (DEV) Cockwood House
Gentry. Lysons: Rev. Dr Drury. Died EFP 16/1/1834.
Duckworth, Sir J. MP. KB. Wear-house
- 377
Duckworth, Sir J, K B. Topsham (DEV) Wear House
M P. M P for New Romney 1816T.
Duncan, Mr. Teignmouth
- 413
Duncan, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Dunkin, Mr. R. jun. Marazion
- 381
Dunkin, R jun, Mr. Marazion (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Dunn, Colonel, Stover-house, near Newton
- 412
Dunn, Col. Teigngrace (DEV) Stover House
Army officer.
Dunn, Mrs. Ann, Mevagissey
- 431
Dunn, Ann, Mrs. Mevagissey (COR)
Woman. EFP nil.
Dunsford, Mr. Geo. jun. Tiverton
- 403
Dunsford, George jun, Mr. Tiverton (DEV)
Wine merchant. 1811H.
Dunsford, S. esq. Honiton
- 423
Dunsford, S, Esq. Honiton (DEV)
Coal dealer ?. 1823P nil. Bankrupt EFP 24/3/1814.
Dunsham, Mr. Butleigh, near Glastonbury
- 429
Dunsham, Mr. Butleigh, Glastonbury (SOM)
Dunstan, Mr. R. Falmouth
- 382
Dunstan, R, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
1811H John Dunstan, merchant.
Dunstone, Mr Mawgan
- 439
Dunstone, Mr. Mawgan (COR)
Duntze, Mrs. ditto
- 404
Duntze, Mrs. Tiverton (DEV)
Woman. 1811H nil.
Duntze, Sir J. bart. Tiverton
- 378
Duntze, Sir John, Bart. Tiverton (DEV)
Merchant. 1811H. Also banker. Died EFP 1/7/1830. Subscriptions: P
Dyer, Mark, esq. Roehampton, Surrey
- 417
Dyer, Mark, Esq. Roehampton, Surrey (SUR)

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