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31 January 2007

Luminary subscribers A-B

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 9
Newspaper readership in south west England: an analysis of the Flindell's Western Luminary subscribers list of 1815.
Subscribers A-B

Details as in subscribers list
- number in list (assigned)
Name. Place (COUNTY) Address
Trade. Notes & references.
Abbot, Messrs. Plymouth
- 27
Abbott, Messrs. Plymouth (DEV)
1812P nil.
Abbott, Mr. Tavistock
- 29
Abbott, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Tanner ?. 1811H nil. Died EFP 26/4/1827.
Abbott, Mr. Thomas, Tavistock
- 22
Abbott, Thomas, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
1811H nil.
Acland, H.D. esq St. Mary Hall, ditto
- 4
Acland, Hugh Dyke, Esq. Oxford (OXF) St Mary Hall
Student. Foster : matric 1813, BA 1821.
Acland, Thos. esq. Little Bray
- 2
Acland, Thomas, Esq. High Bray (DEV) Little Bray
Acland, Sir Thos. Dyke, bart. M.P. Killerton
- 1
Acland, Thomas Dyke, Bart. Broadclyst, Exeter (DEV) Killerton
Gentry. Sheriff of Devon 1809-10. Subscriptions: DPG
Adams, Mr. Northernhay, Exeter
- 24
Adams, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Northernhay
1816T nil.
Adney, Rev. Dr. Uplowman, near Tiverton
- 21
Adney, John, Rev. Uplowman (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Uplowman 1760-1815.
Alford Mr. Samuel, Sandford
- 17
Alford, Samuel, Mr. Sandford (DEV)
EFP nil. Bap. 11/2/1776, s. of John & Mary.
Allen, Mr. ditto
- 7
Allen, William ?, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Innkeeper ?. 1811H nil. 1823P Fountain Public House, Market St.
Andrew, Mr. North Bovey
- 23
Andrew, Mr. North Bovey (DEV)
Andrew, Mr. Thos. Falmouth
- 5
Andrew, Thomas, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Teacher ?. 1811H nil. Died EFP 6/12/1832.
Andrews, Mrs. ditto
- 15
Andrews, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. 1816T nil.
Annesley, A. esq. Northbrook, near Exeter
- 25
Annesley, A, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Northbrook nr
1816T nil. Not freeman.
Archer, -, esq. Elmgrove, Dawlish
- 28
Archer, Esq. Dawlish (DEV) Elmgrove
Sub: £5/-/-?.
Archer, E. esq. Corpus Christi College, Oxford
- 3
Archer, E, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Corpus Christi Coll
Student ?. Foster: matric 1811, BA 1814, s of Saml, Plympton.
Arnold, Mr. W. Broadwood, near Hatherleigh
- 18
Arnold, W, Mr. Hatherleigh (DEV) Broadwood
Arscott, Mr. Exeter
- 13
Arscott, Richard ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) New Bridge Street ?
Miller ?. 1816T. Not freeman.
Arthur, -, esq. Wadebridge
- 9
Arthur, Esq. Wadebridge (COR)
Arthur, N. esq. Southernhay, Exeter
- 12
Arthur, N, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Southernhay
Guide to water pl: Arthor, N. 1816T, Freemen nil. Subscriptions: GW?
Arthur, Mr. Wm. ditto
- 14
Arthur, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) St Sidwell ?
Driver ?. William son of Wlliam & Jane bap. 21/7/1816.
Ash, Mr. W. Stratton
- 11
Ash, W, Mr. Stratton (COR)
William, s of Wm & Anne [no trade] bap 28/2/1801.
Ashby, Mr. Barnstaple
- 19
Ashby, George, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV) Angel Inn
Innkeeper. 1811H. Or J.Ashby, Golden Lion EFP 11/7/1822.
Ashford, Mr.Woodberry, near Lympston
- 30
Ashford, Mr. Woodbury, Topsham (DEV)
Ashwin, Mr. Thos. ditto
- 6
Ashwin, Thomas, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, IGI, 1811H nil.
Atkinson, Thos. esq. Grampound
- 8
Atkinson, Thomas, Esq. Grampound (COR)
EFP, IGI nil.
Attley, S.O. jun. esq. Knightsbridge, London
- 31
Attley, S O jun, Esq. London (LON) Knightsbridge
Aust, Leonard, esq. Exeter
- 16
Aust, Leonard, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Saint Sidwell
Postmaster. Director of Post Office, dau. Sarah bap 12/5/1813.
Avery, Mr. Barnstaple
- 26
Avery, J ?, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Milliner?. Married EFP 26/2/1818.
Avery, Mr. ditto
- 20
Avery, John, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Printer. Insurance agent WL 3/1/1815 1c. 1811H.
Avery, J. esq. Boscastle
- 10
Avery, Joseph, Esq. Boscastle (COR)
Surgeon. Died EFP 4/9/1828. Gregor: Mr. Subscriptions: G
Babbage, Mr. John, Ashreigny, ditto
- 128
Babbage, John, Mr. Ashreigny, Chulmleigh (DEV)
IGI, EFP nil.
Back, Rev. Mr. Exeter
- 107
Back, E C, Rev Mr. Exeter (DEV) Northernhay
Curate. 1816T curate St David, chaplain to Barracks. Subscriptions: P
Badcock, Mr. Bornton, near Kenford
- 213
Badcock, Mr. Kennford, Exeter (DEV) Bornton
Badcock, Rev. H. Stratton
- 88
Badcock, H, Rev. Stratton (COR)
Clergy. Foster: Exeter Coll 1779. Hennessy, EFP nil.
Badcock, T. S. esq. Wonford-house
- 148
Badcock, T S, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Wonford House
EFP, IGI, 1816T, 1818P nil. Not freeman.
Baker, Mrs. Sidmouth
- 42
Baker, Mrs. Sidmouth (DEV)
Baker, Mrs. Exeter
- 116
Baker, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. 1816T nil.
Baker, Chas. esq. Staplake Mount, Starcross
- 198
Baker, Charles, Esq. Starcross (DEV) Staplake Mount
EFP nil.
Baker, Mr. R. ditto
- 45
Baker, Richard, Mr. Ottery (DEV)
Bookseller. 1823P also printer, stationer.
Baker, Mr. Thomas, Falmouth
- 70
Baker, Thomas, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Baker, Rev. W. Gerrans, near Tregony
- 78
Baker, William, Rev. Gerrans, Tregony (COR)
Rector. Rector of Gerrans to 1844.
Ball, Major, ditto
- 90
Ball, Major. Launceston (COR)
Army officer. 1811H nil.
Ball, Mr. G. R. ditto
- 103
Ball, George R, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street
Hairdresser. 1816T ladies hairdresser.
Bampfylde, Geo. Warwick, esq. Poltimore
- 39
Bampfylde, George Warwick, Esq. Poltimore (DEV)
Gentry. Subscriptions: P
Bampfylde, Rev. R.W. Stoke Cannon
- 38
Bampfylde, R W, Rev. Stoke Canon (DEV)
Rector ?. Foster: Brasenose 1776. Rector Poltimore (dates?).
Banfill, Mr. Clement, Newton Abbot
- 159
Banfill, Clement, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV) Wolborough Street
Spirit merchant.
Barber, Mrs. Alphington
- 160
Barber, Mrs. Alphington, Exeter (DEV)
Woman. Poss. widow of Robert B. Esq bur. 26/1/1793 age 91.
Barbor, Mrs. W. Pilton, ditto
- 141
Barbor, W, Mrs. Pilton, Barnstaple (DEV)
Woman. William Barbor of Fremington sheriff of Devon 1793.
Baring, J. esq. Mount Radford
- 98
Baring, J, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Mount Radford
Banker. Subscriptions: P
Barne, George, esq. Honiton
- 167
Barne, George, Esq. Honiton (DEV)
Sub: £1/-/- (?Tiverton). IGI nil.
Barnes, Mr. Honiton
- 43
Barnes, Mr. Honiton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Barnes, Mr. ditto
- 65
Barnes, Mr. Penzance (COR)
Barnes, Mr. John, Dawlish
- 204
Barnes, John, Mr. Dawlish (DEV)
EFP, IGI nil.
Barrett, Mr. Samuel, ditto
- 138
Barrett, Samuel, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
Bookseller. 1811H-1830P also printer.
Barrett, Mr. ditto
- 104
Barrett, Samuel ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Baker ?. 1816T nil. Free 8/12/1817. Polled: Court., Newman.
Barter, Rev. C. Cornworthy, ditto
- 189
Barter, Charles, Rev. Cornworthy, Totnes (DEV)
Vicar. Vicar of Cornworthy 1775-1846.
Bartholomew, J. esq. Ludlow, Shropshire
- 199
Bartholomew, J, Esq. Ludlow, Shropshire (SHR)
Bartlett, Mr. Shaldon
- 203
Bartlett, Mr. Shaldon, Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Bartlett, F. M. esq. ditto
- 208
Bartlett, F M, Esq. Newton Abbot (DEV) Wolborough Str ?
Attorney ?. 1823P Bartlett & Farley.
Bartlett, Mr. Teignmouth
- 194
Bartlett, Jacob/Tho/Wm, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Merchant. Brine and Bartlett, adv WL 10/1/1815 1a. 1811H nil.
Bartlett, Dr. Brixham
- 200
Bartlett, M, Dr. Brixham (DEV)
Surgeon. Died EFP 29/10/1829.
Bartlett, R.C. esq. Axminster
- 162
Bartlett, R C, Esq. Axminster (DEV)
Married EFP 28/9/1809.
Bartlett, Mr.Teignmouth
- 201
Bartlett, Thomas, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Attorney. 1823P. Subscriptions: W
Bartlett, Mr. Wm. Ilsam, Torquay
- 206
Bartlett, William, Mr. Torquay (DEV) Ilsam
EFP, 1823P nil.
Burton, Rev. M. Poltimore
- 121
Barton, Montagu, Rev. Poltimore (DEV)
Rector. Venn: Trinity 1772. Rector of Broadclyst 1795-1819.
Basleigh, Adjutant, Tiverton
- 169
Basleighe, Adjutant, . Tiverton (DEV)
Army officer. 1811H nil.
Basset, Mr. J. Holsworthy
- 132
Basset, J, Mr. Holsworthy (DEV)
Draper. 1823p. Also agent to Phoenix Fire Office.
Bassett, J.D. esq. Watermouth
- 170
Bassett, Joseph Davie, Esq. Ilfracombe (DEV) Watermouth
Gentry. Lysons. 1811H nil.
Bate, Mr. Wm. Trennick, near Truro
- 74
Bate, William, Mr. Truro (COR) Trennick
EFP, 1811H nil.
Bath, Mr. Portreath, near Redruth
- 67
Bath, Mr. Portreath, Redruth (COR)
EFP nil.
Batten, J. esq. ditto
- 61
Batten, John, Esq. Penzance (COR)
Merchant. 1823P also shipowner.
Batten, Mr. John, Bradninch
- 163
Batten, John, Mr. Bradninch (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Bawden, Mr. W. Ringmore
- 197
Bawden, W, Mr. Ringmore, Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Bayley, Mr. ditto
- 105
Bayley, A, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Bishop Blaize PH
Innkeeper. 1816T West Quarter.
Bayley, E. S. esq. Wedden Park, Moreton
- 191
Bayley, E S, Esq. Moretonhampstead (DEV) Whiddon Park ?
EFP, 1823P nil.
Bazeley, Mr. Aaron, Oakhampton
- 93
Bazeley, Aaron, Mr. Okehampton (DEV)
Apothecary. Moved business to Parade EFP 7/11/1811.
Bazeley, Mr. Newton
- 207
Bazeley, J, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV) Globe Inn, East Str*
Innkeeper. 1823P Beazley.
Beal, Mrs. ditto
- 109
Beale, Elizabeth, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Dolphin PH
Innkeeper. 1816T Preston Street.
Bear, Mr. R. ditto
- 211
Bear, Mr. Kenton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Beard, Mr. John, Kenton
- 210
Beard, John, Mr. Kenton (DEV)
Tanner. Died aged 46, Exeter Flying Post 18/2/1819.
Beauchamp, Jos. esq. Pengreep, near Truro
- 76
Beauchamp, Joseph, Esq. Gwennap (COR) Pengreep
Gentry. Lysons. Sheriff of Cornwall 1784. Subscriptions: G
Beavis, Col. Barnstaple
- 140
Beavis, Col. Barnstaple (DEV)
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil.
Bedford, Rev. F. Horncastle, Lincolnshire
- 58
Bedford, P, Rev. Horncastle, Lincs (LIN)
Clergy. Foster & Venn nil.
Bedford, Rev. T.F. Philleigh, ditto
- 79
Bedford, Thomas Francis, Rev. Philleigh, Tregony (COR)
Rector. Rector of Philleigh 1803-18.
Bellew, John, esq. Jermyn-street, London
- 165
Bellew, John, Esq. London (LON) Jermyn Street
Bennallack, J.F. esq. Truro
- 77
Bennallack, John Ferris, Esq. Truro (COR)
Clerk. Bankrupt EFP 6/1/1825.
Bennett, Major, Kingsbridge
- 220
Bennett, Major. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil. Gregor: William Bennett Esq, Kingsbridge. Subscriptions: G?
Bennerr, Geo. esq. London
- 86
Bennett, George, Esq. London (LON)
Subscriptions: G
Bennett, J.H. esq. Burnt-house, Lympston
- 215
Bennett, J H, Esq. Lympstone (DEV) Burnt House
EFP nil.
Bennett, Mr. John, ditto
- 69
Bennett, John, Mr. Redruth (COR)
Printer. 1823P Potts p.317.
Bennett, Mr. Thomas, Ringmore, Teignmouth
- 158
Bennett, Thomas, Mr. Ringmore, Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil. Subscriptions: W
Bennett, Rev. T. W. Broadoak, Lostwithiel
- 85
Bennett, Thomas W, Rev. Lostwithiel (COR) Broadoak
Rector. Venn: St John 1798. Rector Boconnoc 1806-32.
Benney, Dr. Plymouth
- 177
Benney, Dr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Benson, Mr. Appledore
- 136
Benson, Mr. Appledore (DEV)
EFP nil.
Bent, Miss, Topsham
- 214
Bent, Miss. Topsham (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Berry, -, esq. Crediton
- 130
Berry, John or Thomas, Esq. Crediton (DEV)
Attorney. EFP index lists John and Thomas Berry, attornies.
Berry, W. esq. Southmolton
- 152
Berry, W, Esq. South Molton (DEV)
EFP nil. CHECK 1811H vol. 3 for South Molton.
Berry, Mr W. Chittlehampton
- 223
Berry, W, Mr. Chittlehampton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Berry, Wm. esq. Alphington, near Exeter
- 212
Berry, William, Esq. Alphington, Exeter (DEV)
Tanner ?. Bankrupt Exeter Flying Post 31/10/1811.
Berryman, Mr. Fleet-street, London
- 144
Berryman, Mr. London (LON) Fleet Street
Bevan, Mr W. Redruth
- 68
Bevan, William, Mr. Redruth (COR)
Subscriptions: G
Bewes, Mrs. ditto
- 181
Bewes, Mrs. Plymouth (DEV) Tavistock Street
Woman. 1812P. EFP nil.
Beynon, Mr. Chudleigh
- 192
Beynon, Mr. Chudleigh (DEV)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Bickford, Mrs. Jump, near Plymouth
- 172
Bickford, Mrs. Plymouth (DEV) Jump
Woman. EFP, 1812P nil.
Bicknell, Mrs. Exeter
- 100
Bicknell, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Angel PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1816T Edward Bicknell. EFP nil.
Bidgood, Mrs. Rochebar Court
- 123
Bidgood, Mrs. Rockbeare, Exeter (DEV) Rochebar Court
Gentry. Lysons (with Thomas Porter Esq). EFP nil.
Bidlake, Mr. C. Ilwell, South Brent
- 122
Bidlake, C, Mr. South Brent (DEV) Ilwell
EFP nil.
Bielfield, Mr. Heavitree, near ditto
- 113
Bielfield, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Heavitree
EFP, baptisms 1813-18, 1816T nil. Not freeman.
Billet, S. esq. Pitminster, near Taunton
- 46
Billet, S, Esq. Pitminster, Taunton (SOM)
EFP nil.
Billiard Room, Bideford
- 135
Billiard Room, . Bideford (DEV)
Billiard room. 1811H nil.
Binford, W. esq. Southmolton
- 221
Binford, William, Esq. South Molton (DEV)
Surgeon. Died EFP 29/7/1819.
Bird, Mr. T. Duke-street, London
- 52
Bird, T, Mr. London (LON) Duke Street
Birdwood, P. esq. ditto
- 178
Birdwood, Peter, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Market Street
Merchant. 1812P.
Bishop, Mr. Honiton
- 161
Bishop, Robert ?, Mr. Honiton (DEV) Star PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1823P or Nathaniel, Black Lion.
Blair, L. esq. Richmond-house, Twickenham
- 40
Blair, L, Esq. Twickenham (MID) Richmond House
Blake, Mr. Grove Cottage, Teignmouth
- 166
Blake, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV) Grove Cottage
Dev Adv: Charles Blake Esq, Grove Cott nr Milford. Subscriptions: D
Blake, Wm. esq. St. Mawes
- 80
Blake, William, Esq. Saint Mawes (COR)
EFP nil.
Blamey, Mr. Upton Pyne
- 99
Blamey, Mr. Upton Pyne (DEV)
EFP nil.
Blampen, Mr. Thomas, ditto
- 51
Blampen, Thomas, Mr. Cullompton (DEV) Half Moon
Innkeeper. EFP 1815-1823+.
Blewett, Mr. ditto
- 174
Blewett, H C, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Woolster Street
Merchant. 1812P.
Blewett, Mr. J. E. Exchange, Plymouth
- 155
Blewett, J E, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Exchange
Broker. 1812P nil. EFP 1808-1832+.
Blewett, Capt. R.N Milford, Wales
- 56
Blewett, John, Capt. Milford, Wales (ZWA)
Naval officer. Navy list, 1811H nil. Subscriptions: G
Bligh, Mr. J. M. Stone, near Bodmin
- 84
Bligh, J M, Mr. Bodmin (COR) Stone
EFP, 1823P nil.
Bligh, Rev. R. West Buckland
- 151
Bligh, R, Rev. West Buckland (DEV)
Rector. Reginald Bright rector of West Buckland 1807-31.
Bligh, Mr. R. jun. Bodmin, 3 copies
- 83
Bligh, R jun, Mr. Bodmin (COR)
Printer. Potts Early Cornish printers p302.
Bligh, Rev. R. East Buckland
- 224
Bligh, Reginald, Rev. East Buckland (DEV)
Rector. Venn: St John 1797. Rector West Buckland 1807-31.
Bluhm, Mr. J.H. 35, Old Bethlem, ditto
- 54
Bluhm, J H, Mr. London (LON) Old Bethlem 35
Boase, Henry, esq. ditto
- 64
Boase, Henry, Esq. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Boger, Admiral, Plymouth
- 37
Boger, Richard, Admrl. Plymouth (DEV)
Naval officer. Admiral of the Blue comm. 4/6/1814. EFP, 1812P nil.
Bond, Rev. John, Stoke Canon
- 124
Bond, John, Rev. Stoke Canon (DEV)
Clergy. EFP, Foster & Venn nil. Excluded from Hennessy.
Bond, Mr. Chulmleigh
- 126
Bond, Thomas, Mr. Chulmleigh (DEV)
Butcher. Died EFP 6/5/1819.
Booker, Capt. G. Huntley Lodge, Scotland
- 55
Booker, Gordon W F, Capt. Scotland (ZSC) Huntley Lodge
Army officer. Gregor: Booker, GWF Esq. 23rd Regt Foot 17/6/1813. Subscriptions: G?
Boringdon, Right Hon. Lord, Saltram
- 33
Boringdon, Lord. Plympton (DEV) Saltram
Nobility. Earl of Morley. Subscriptions: P
Borlase, Miss C. Penzance
- 60
Borlase, C, Miss. Penzance (COR)
Woman. EFP nil.
Borne, Mrs. ditto
- 102
Borne, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Golden Ball PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1816T Edwd Borne, Mary Arches St. EFP Richd Borne.
Boskett, Mrs. Tiverton
- 218
Boskett, Mrs. Tiverton (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Bosustow, -, Ridgway, near ditto
- 179
Bosustow, . Plymouth (DEV) Ridgway
EFP, 1812P nil.
Bourne, Mr. Cowick-street, ditto
- 112
Bourne, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Cowick Street
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil. Not freeman.
Bovey, John, esq. Ashburton
- 183
Bovey, John, Esq. Ashburton (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Bowden, H. esq. Bradninch
- 143
Bowden, Henry, Esq. Bradninch (DEV)
Surgeon. 1811H. Subscriptions: P
Bowen, Capt. R. N. Ilfracombe
- 171
Bowen, Capt. Ilfracombe (DEV)
Naval officer. no add. Prince: Geo, NL no add. 22/4/1812. Subscriptions: P?W?
Boyce, Miss. Smitham, near Torrington
- 134
Boyce, Miss. Great Torrington (DEV) Smithan
Woman. EFP nil.
Boyce, Mr Tiverton, 6 copies
- 225
Boyce, Edward, Mr. Tiverton (DEV) Fore Street
Printer. Died EFP 23/10/1823. Maxted EWP7.
Brabyn, Mr John, Padstow
- 226
Brabyn, John, Mr. Padstow (COR) Shipwrights Arms
Innkeeper. 1811H shipbuilder & innkeeper.
Braddon, Rev. J. Easington, near Lifton
- 91
Braddon, J, Rev. Lifton (DEV) Easington
Rector ?. Foster: Exeter 1773. Curate Broadwoodwidger 1787.
Braddon, Mr. J. C. Camelford
- 87
Braddon, John Clode, Mr. Camelford (COR)
Attorney. 1823P.
Bradford, Mr. ditto
- 153
Bradford, Mr. South Molton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Bragg, W. ditto
- 195
Bragg, W, . Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Branwell, B.C. esq, ditto
- 66
Branwell, B C, Esq. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Braund, Mr. ditto
- 101
Braund, George, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Linen draper. 1818P. 1816T nil. Polled Courtenay & Newman. Subscriptions: G
Bray, Mr. Truro
- 75
Bray, Mr. Truro (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Bray, Capt. Budleigh Salterton
- 120
Bray, Capt. Budleigh Salterton (DEV)
Army officer. Army list: various. EFP nil.
Bray, Mr. St. Thomas
- 97
Bray, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Saint Thomas
Innkeeper. 1816T Vine Inn PH, also joiner.
Brendon, Mr. E. 37, Castle-street, ditto
- 53
Brendon, E, Mr. London (LON) Castle Street 37
Brent, Mr. Launceston
- 89
Brent, J B, Mr. Launceston (COR)
Apothecary. Creditor of James Wills EFP 2/6/1814. 1811H nil.
Bent, Mr M.R. North Coombe
- 176
Brent, M R, Mr. Plymouth ? (DEV) North Coombe
EFP, 1812P nil.
Brice, Mr. Taunton
- 47
Brice, Mr. Taunton (SOM)
Brickdale, John, esq. Stoodleigh
- 168
Brickdale, John, Esq. Stoodleigh (DEV)
Prince: Woodleigh. Subscriptions: P?
Bridgman, Mr. G. C. Beer, Tavistock
- 182
Bridgman, George C ?, Mr. Bere Ferrers, Tavistock (DEV)
Attorney ?. 1811H. Died EFP 12/1/1815. Dev. Adv: Mrs Bridgman. Subscriptions: D?
Bridgman, Mr R. Plymouth
- 173
Bridgman, R, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Bridgman, Mr. W. Dartmouth
- 190
Bridgman, W, Mr. Dartmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Brinley, Mr. Jas. Braunton, ditto
- 146
Brinley, James, Mr. Braunton, Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP nil.
Brinley, Mr Joseph, Braunton
- 219
Brinley, Joseph, Mr. Braunton, Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP nil.
Britnell, Miss, ditto
- 108
Britnell, Miss. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1816T nil.
Brock, Mr. John, North Tawton
- 131
Brock, John, Mr. North Tawton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Brock, Mrs. R. Bridestowe
- 94
Brock, R, Mrs. Bridestowe, Okehampton (DEV)
Innkeeper ?. EFP Richard Brock, innkeeper, Royal Oak.
Brook, George, esq. Ottery
- 44
Brook, George, Esq. Ottery (DEV)
EFP, baptisms 1813-18 nil.
Brougham, M. esq. ditto
- 73
Brougham, Matthew [jun], Esq. Falmouth (COR)
Printer. Lottery agent WL 3/1/1815 1b. 1811H nil. Potts.
Brown, Mr. Chyandour, near Penzance
- 62
Brown, Mr. Penzance (COR) Chyandour
Brown, -, Grampound
- 81
Brown, . Grampound (COR)
Brown, C. Cursitor-st. Chancery-lane, London
- 164
Brown, C, . London (LON) Cursitor St, Chan La
Brown, Rev. Mr. Hollam, Dulverton
- 118
Brown, Hollam, Rev Mr. Dulverton (DEV)
Clergy. EFP, Foster and Venn nil.
Brown, John, esq, Bickley, Sidbury
- 117
Brown, John, Esq. Sidbury (DEV) Bickley
EFP nil.
Brown, Mr. W. jun. ditto
- 50
Brown, W jun, Mr. Cullompton (DEV)
Serge maker ?. EFP.
Browne, -, esq. Long Barn, Sanford
- 129
Browne, Esq. Sandford, Crediton (DEV) Long Barn
Browne, -, Blackmore, near Totnes
- 187
Browne, . Harberton, Totnes ? (DEV) Blakemore ?
1811H nil.
Browne, F. J. esq Frampton-house, Dorchester
- 142
Browne, F J, Esq. Frampton, Dorchester (DOR) Frampton House
Gentry. Sheriff of Dorset 1783, MP Dorset 1784-96 EFP.
Browne, H. esq. Goodrington, Paignton
- 119
Browne, H, Esq. Goodrington, Paignton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Browne, R. esq. Binley, ditto
- 188
Browne, R, Esq. Totnes (DEV) Binley
EFP, 1811H nil.
Browning, Mr. Ide, near Exeter
- 115
Browning, Mr. Ide, Exeter (DEV)
EFP nil.
Browse, Henry, esq. Paignton, near ditto
- 209
Browse, Henry, Esq. Paignton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Brune, Rev. C. P. Padstow
- 82
Brune, Charles Pridx., Rev. Padstow (COR) Prideaux Place
Gentry. Hen, Fos, Venn nil. Lysons. 1823P w. prof. persons. Subscriptions: G
Brunton, Mr. Lightwoods, near Birmingham
- 57
Brunton, Mr. Birmingham (WAR) Lightwoods
1811H nil.
Brush, Mr. Wm. ditto
- 72
Brush, William, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Sailmaker. 1811H.
Bruton, Messrs. Croford, Wivelliscombe
- 59
Bruton, Messrs. Wiveliscombe (SOM) Croford
EFP nil. CHECK 1811H vol. 3.
Brutton, -, esq. ditto
- 110
Brutton, Charles or John, Esq. Exeter (DEV) North Street
Attorney. Chas sub £2/2/-. Ad WL 10/1/1815. Poll: Courtenay.
Brutton, H. esq. Collumpton
- 49
Brutton, H, Esq. Cullompton (DEV)
Attorney. EFP.
Bryan, Rev. C. Chepstow, Monmouth
- 216
Bryan, C, Rev. Chepstow, Monmouth (ZWA)
Clergy. Foster: Oriel 1802?.
Bryan, Rev. R. West Down, Barnstaple
- 154
Bryan, Richard, Rev. West Down, Barnstaple (DEV)
Vicar. Vicar of West Down 1808-45.
Buck, Mr. Bideford
- 137
Buck, Mr. Bideford (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Buck, Mrs. Bideford
- 114
Buck, Anne, Mrs. Bideford (DEV)
Woman. 1811H no trade. EFP nil.
Buck, L. esq. Daddon, near ditto
- 139
Buck, Lewis William, Esq. Bideford (DEV) Daddon
Gentry. Lyson. 1811H no trade. EFP nil.
Buck, Mr. Robert, Poole, Dorset
- 48
Buck, Robert, Mr. Poole, Dorset (DOR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Burrington, Rev. T. Burrington, Chulmleigh
- 125
Buckingham, T, Rev. Burrington, Chulmleigh (DEV)
Vicar. James Buckingham vicar of Burrington 1814-52.
Budd, Mr. ditto
- 147
Budd, Mr. Braunton, Barnstaple (DEV)
Prince: John Budd Esq, Welkly House, Barnstaple. Subscriptions: P?
Ball, Robert, esq. Brixham
- 193
Bull, Robert, Esq. Brixham (DEV)
EFP nil.
Buller, -, esq. ditto
- 184
Buller, Esq. Ashburton (DEV)
Ashburton bap 1813-18, EFP, 1811H nil.
Buller, -, esq. ditto
- 205
Buller, Esq. Dawlish (DEV)
EFP nil.
Buller, Adml. Sir E. Trenant Park, M.P.
- 34
Buller, E, AdmSir. Duloe (COR) Trenant Park
Naval officer. EFP nil.
Buller, James, M.P. Downes
- 35
Buller, James, . Crediton (DEV) Downes
M P. M P for Exeter 1816T. Lysons. Subscriptions: G
Buller, J. esq. London, M.P.
- 36
Buller, James, Esq. London (LON)
M P. M P for Exeter 1816T. Lived 1766-1827.
Bulley, Mr. B. East ditto
- 196
Bulley, Benjamin ?, Mr. Teignmouth East (DEV)
Shoemaker. EFP 1811. Guide to watering places: Bulley, Mrs S.
Bulley, Mr. Thomas, ditto
- 202
Bulley, Thomas, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Merchant ?. Merchant, Shaldon EFP 1818.
Bullocke, Captain, ditto
- 71
Bullocke, Capt. Falmouth (COR)
Army officer. Army list: various. EFP, 1811H nil. Subscriptions: G
Bullocke, Mr. Ben. Penzance
- 63
Bullocke, Ben, Mr. Penzance (COR)
Mercer ?. Bankrupt EFP 1792.
Bulteel, C. M. esq. Catdown, near ditto
- 175
Bulteel, C M, Esq. Plymouth (DEV) Catdown
EFP, 1812P nil.
Bulteel, Mr. George, Brixham
- 157
Bulteel, George, Mr. Brixham (DEV)
EFP nil.
Bulteel, John, esq. Fleet-house, Modbury
- 156
Bulteel, John, Esq. Holbeton, Modbury (DEV) Fleet House
Gentry. Sheriff of Devon EFP 1807. Banker, Plym? 1811H nil. Subscriptions: P
Bunbury, Col. Marpool Cottage, Exmouth
- 41
Bunbury, Col. Exmouth (DEV) Marpool Cottage
Army officer. EFP nil.
Bunt, Captain, Hungerford Barracks, Wilts
- 217
Bunt, Capt. Hungerford, Wilts (WIL) Hungerford Barracks
Army officer. No trace Army list.
Burch, Mr. Exeter
- 95
Burch, W, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Coach proprietr. 1818P. 1816T nil. Not freeman. Poll: Court., Newm..
Burgess, Rev. G. Atherington, near ditto
- 127
Burgess, George, Rev. Atherington (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Atherington 1799-1829.
Burgess, Mr J. ditto
- 222
Burgess, J, Mr. South Molton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Burgess, Mr. ditto
- 106
Burgess, William ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Architect ?. EFP 1817. 1816T, 1818P nil.
Burgoyne, Mr. Kingsbridge
- 185
Burgoyne, John, Mr. Kingsbridge (DEV) Red Lion, Fore St
Innkeeper. 1823P.
Burke, Samuel, esq. Glen Cottage, Torrington
- 133
Burke, Samuel, Esq. Great Torrington (DEV) Glen Cottage
EFP nil.
Burn, Mr. Lifton
- 92
Burn, Mr. Lifton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Burrows, Mrs. ditto
- 111
Burrows, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Woman. 1816T nil.
Bury, Admiral, Southmolton
- 149
Bury, Richard Incledn, Admrl. South Molton (DEV)
Naval officer. Lysons: Doniton, Swimbridge. V.Ad of blue 4/6/1814.
Busby, Miss, Barnstaple
- 145
Busby, Miss. Barnstaple (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Bussell, Mr. Plymouth
- 180
Bussell, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Buxton, Mr. ditto
- 96
Buxton, Edward, Mr. Exeter (DEV) New Bridge Street
Currier. 1816T, 1818P. Freeman 9/11/1789. Polled: Newman.
Byne, H. esq. Salterleigh-house, near ditto
- 150
Byne, H, Esq. Satterleigh (DEV) Salterleigh House
Gentry. Lysons. EFP nil.

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