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31 January 2007

Luminary subscribers M-Q

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 9
Newspaper readership in south west England: an analysis of the Flindell's Western Luminary subscribers list of 1815.
Subscribers M-Q

Details as in subscribers list
- number in list (assigned)
Name. Place (COUNTY) Address
Trade. Notes & references.
Mabyn, Mr Richard, ditto
- 961
Mabyn, Richard, Mr. Callington (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Maccarmick, General &c. &c. Looe
- 933
Maccarmick, Gen. Looe (COR)
Army officer. M.P. for Looe 1784?.
Macdonald, Major, Hythe
- 1046
Macdonald, Major. Hythe (KEN)
Army officer. Subscribed £2/-/-?.
Macquay, J. esq. Merrion-square, Dublin
- 1043
Macquay, J, Esq. Dublin (ZIR) Merrion Square
1811H nil.
Magor, Mr ditto
- 949
Magor, Mr. Truro (COR)
Linen draper. 1811H.
Mainprize, Mr ditto
- 1006
Mainprize, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Maker, Mr Camelford
- 962
Maker, Mr. Camelford (COR)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Mallock, esq. Cockington Conrt, ditto
- 1027
Mallock, Rawlin, Esq. Cockington, Newton Abbot (DEV) Cockington Court
Attorney. EFP various refs. Lysons: Rev. Roger Mallock.
Mallock, - esq. Axminster
- 1036
Mallock, Rawlin, Esq. Axminster (DEV)
Attorney. Mar 10/8/1809. Prince: Mallack, Ranking, Esq. Axm.. Subscriptions: P?
Manly, Captain, Crediton
- 1051
Manley, Capt. Crediton (DEV)
Army officer. Various Army list, Navy list.
Mann, Mr S. Bishopsteignton, near Chudleigh
- 1013
Mann, S, Mr. Bishopsteignton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Manning, Miss, Morwinstow, near Stratton
- 982
Manning, Miss. Morwenstow, Stratton (COR)
Manning, Miss, Kingsbridge
- 1057
Manning, Miss. Kingsbridge (DEV)
Manning, J. E. esq. ditto
- 976
Manning, J E, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil. Subscriptions: P
Manning, Mr Robert, Washburn
- 1056
Manning, Robert, Mr. Washburn (DEV)
EFP nil.
Mapowder, J. esq. Wood House, near Totnes
- 1011
Mapowder, J, Esq. Totnes (DEV) Wood House
John Wills M., prop Hood Slate Quarry EFP 1/3/1810.
Mapowder, R. I. esq. Saltash
- 958
Mapowder, R I, Esq. Saltash (COR)
1823P nil.
Mapowder, R. W. esq. Packham, Sidmouth
- 1055
Mapowder, R W, Esq. Sidmouth (DEV) Packham
EFP nil.
Marker, Henry esq. Aylesbear
- 986
Marker, Henry, Esq. Aylesbeare (DEV)
Clergy ?. EFP.
Markes, Mr ditto
- 1030
Markes, Mr. Starcross (DEV)
EFP nil.
Markes, Mr C. ditto
- 1007
Markes, C, Mr. Plymouth (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Markwell, Captain, Strand, Topsham
- 1053
Markwell, Capt. Topsham (DEV) Strand
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil.
Marsh, Capt. Exmouth
- 1032
Marsh, Capt. Exmouth (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil.
Marsh, Mr. Library, Sidmouth
- 1033
Marsh, John, Mr. Sidmouth (DEV)
Librarian. 1823P bookseller & stationer, Royal Library. Subscriptions: W
Marshall, Rev. Mr Lawhitton, nr Launceston
- 981
Marshall, Charles, Rev Mr. Lawhitton, Launceston (COR)
Rector. Rector of Lawhitton 1798-1826.
Martin, Mr Teignmouth
- 1015
Martin, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Public rooms. Watering guide: Martin, James. EFP 23/3/1815. Subscriptions: W?
Martin, Mr. Globe Inn, Newton
- 1024
Martin, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV) Globe Inn
Martin, Edward, esq. Morton
- 1012
Martin, Edward, Esq. Moretonhampstead (DEV)
Attorney ?. Steward Stannary Ct Ashbtn EFP 31/10/1816 1823P nl.
Martin, - esq. ditto
- 960
Martin, John, Esq. Callington (COR)
Attorney. 1823P.
Martin, Rev. S. H. Dawlish
- 1019
Martin, S H, Rev. Dawlish (DEV)
Clergy. EFP, Foster & Venn nil. Not vicar of Dawlish.
Martyn, Mr Richard, Honiton
- 1035
Martyn, Richard, Mr. Honiton (DEV)
Paper maker. Richard Martin recorded in Land Tax 1819.
Martyn, Thomas esq. Lifton
- 964
Martyn, Thomas Waddon, Esq. Lifton (DEV)
Subscr £3/3/-. Inst rectory of Lifton EFP 7/11/33. Subscriptions: D
Mason, Mr ditto
- 965
Mason, Mr. Lifton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Mason, esq. ditto
- 978
Mason, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
1816T nil 1818P nil.
Mason, Lieut. James, Athlone, Ireland
- 1044
Mason, James, Lieut. Athlone, Ireland (ZIR)
Army officer.
Massey, - esq. Starcross
- 1028
Massey, Esq. Starcross (DEV)
EFP nil.
Matthew, Rev. Charles, Maldon, Essex
- 1047
Matthew, Charles, Rev. Maldon, Essex (ESS)
Vicar. Foster: Balliol 1786. Vicar of Maldon 1809.
Matthews, Mr Chacewater, near ditto
- 946
Matthews, Mr. Truro (COR) Chacewater
1811H nil.
Matthews, Mr John jun. ditto
- 1040
Matthews, John jun, Mr. Cullompton (DEV)
Matthews, Mr R. Huxham, near Exeter
- 990
Matthews, R, Mr. Huxham (DEV)
Matthews, Mr R. Huxham, near Collumpton
- 1038
Matthews, Richard, Mr. Huxham (DEV)
Paper maker. Wife died EFP 4/1/1827.
Mattock, R. esq. Christ College, Oxford
- 1041
Mattock, R, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Christ College
Student ?. Foster: no trace.
Maunder, Mr ditto
- 968
Maunder, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
1816T var: Geo, mercer, Geo fuller &c. 1818P Co Ne.
May, Mr. Oreston, near ditto
- 1009
May, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Oreston
1812P nil.
May, Mr Membury, near Honiton
- 1034
May, Mr. Membury, Honiton (DEV)
EFP nil.
May, Rev. Mr Frennington, ditto [sic]
- 1002
May, Edward Thomson, Rev Mr. Fremington, Barnstaple (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Fremington 1810-29.
May, Mr. N. St. Austell
- 951
May, N, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
May, Rev. S. Brynsworthy, near Barnstaple
- 1000
May, S, Rev. Fremington, Barnstaple (DEV) Brynsworthy
Rector ?. 1811H nil. Foster Rector of Fremington?.
May, Dr W. Physician
- 956
May, W, Dr. East Cornwall ? (COR)
EFP nil.
May, Mr William, ditto
- 967
May, William, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Royal Exchange PH
Innkeeper. 1816T Quay 1818P victualler Courtenay and Newman.
Maynard, Mr J. ditto
- 1017
Maynard, J, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Maynard, Mr R. Menheniot, near Liskeard
- 955
Maynard, Richard, Mr. Menheniot, Liskeard (COR)
Tanner. Bankrupt EFP 12/1/1826.
Mayson, Mrs. Lezant, near ditto
- 963
Mayson, Mrs. Camelford (COR) Lezant
Woman. 1823P nil. Rev Charles Mayson died EFP 19/1/1815.
Mc Kenzie, Col. ditto
- 936
McKenzie, Col. Exeter (DEV)
Army officer. Lt.Col. vol. EFP 18/6/1795. D.14/2/1828? 1816T nil. Subscriptions: W?
Mc Lure, R. esq. Cork, Ireland
- 1042
McLure, Esq. Cork, Ireland (ZIR)
Measor, Paul esq. Exeter
- 987
Measor, Paul, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Bedford Street
Postmaster. 1816T.
Medland, Mr. Half Moon Tavern, Exeter
- 966
Medland, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Half Moon Tavern
Medland, Mr H. Holsworthy
- 996
Medland, H, Mr. Holsworthy (DEV) Stanhope Arms
Innkeeper. EFP 27/1/1829. 1823P nil.
Medows, Edward, esq. ditto
- 1014
Medows, Edward, Esq. Chudleigh (DEV)
EFP nil.
Melhuish, Mr Crediton
- 994
Melhuish, Mr. Crediton (DEV)
Richard Melhuish, church governor d. EFP 17/2/1831.
Melhuish, C. esq. Collumpton
- 1037
Melhuish, C, Esq. Cullompton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Melhuish, Mr R. Sandford, near Crediton
- 992
Melhuish, Richard, Mr. Sandford, Crediton (DEV) Bremridge
Gentry. Lysons.
Mercer, General, Beacon, Exmouth
- 932
Mercer, Gen. Exmouth (DEV) Beacon
Army officer.
Merrivale, John esq. ditto
- 972
Merrivale, John, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
Treas RD&E Hosp 27/3/1800? Freeman EFP 22/10/1829?.
Messenger, Rev. James, Callington
- 959
Messenger, James, Rev. Callington (COR)
Clergy. Foster & Venn nil. Rector Petrockstowe 11/6/1789.
Michell, Mrs ditto
- 980
Michell, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Crown & Anchor PH ?
Innkeeper ?. 1816T Mitchell, J, Quay.
Michell, Geo. esq. Venn, South Brent
- 989
Michell, George, Esq. South Brent (DEV) Venn
EFP nil.
Michell, Mr J. Rosecarne, near ditto
- 954
Michell, J, Mr. Bodmin ? (COR)
1823P nil.
Michell, Mr John, Assay-master, ditto
- 941
Michell, John, Mr. Redruth (COR)
Assay master.
Michell, N. esq. Tregonian, near ditto
- 947
Michell, Nicholas ?, Esq. Truro (COR) Tregonian
Printer ?. 1811H Mitchell. Potts p.321.
Michell, Mr Peter, Budock, Penryn
- 942
Michell, Peter, Mr. Budock, Penryn (COR)
EFP nil.
Michell, Mr R. Purser, R. N. Falmouth
- 943
Michell, R, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Naval purser. EFP, 1811H nil.
Michell, Mr Ralph, St. Burian
- 1048
Michell, Ralph, Mr. Saint Buryan (COR)
EFP nil.
Michell, Mr Robert, Calenick, near ditto
- 948
Michell, Robert, Mr. Truro (COR) Calenick
Attorney ?. 1811H Mitchell, Robert D.
Michell, Mr Stephen, Redruth
- 939
Michell, Stephen, Mr. Redruth (COR)
Mildrum, Mr 172, Fore-street, Exeter
- 1050
Mildrum, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street 172
1816T nil 1818P nil. Wm, draper bankr 21/3/1811?.
Mildrum, Mr William, Relubbis, Marazion
- 937
Mildrum, William, Mr. Marazion (COR) Relubbis
EFP, 1823P nil.
Milford, Mr Heavitree, ditto
- 974
Milford, Samuel ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Heavitree
Prince: Milford, S.Esq. Exeter. S.F.M 1818P: Co Ne. Subscriptions: P?
Mill, Rev. Mr. Bideford
- 998
Mill, Nicholas ?, Rev Mr. Bideford (DEV)
Rector. Foster Rector of Littleham 1799-1828, Exeter Coll?.
Miller, Mr E. ditto
- 940
Miller, E, Mr. Redruth (COR)
EFP nil.
Miller, Mr George, Ilfracombe
- 1004
Miller, George, Mr. Ilfracombe (DEV) Britannia Inn
Innkeeper. 1811H. Took over EFP 25/7/1793.
Miller, Dr ditto
- 977
Miller, Patrick, Dr. Exeter (DEV) Upper Southernhay
Physician. 1816T. Physician to Roy.Dev.& Ex.Hos. EFP 4/1/1810.
Miller, Mr ditto
- 1018
Miller, William?, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Victualler?. Bankrupt EFP 18/6/1812.
Millett, Mr William ditto
- 938
Millett, William, Mr. Marazion (COR)
Surgeon. 1823P nil. Committed suicide EFP 3/9/1829.
Mills, John esq. Preston, South Molton
- 1003
Mills, John, Esq. South Molton (DEV) Preston
Bookseller ?. 1823P printer, bookseller Market Place ?.
Mills, Mr John, Warkleigh
- 1058
Mills, John, Mr. Warkleigh (DEV)
EFP nil.
Mitchell, Mr. St. Germans
- 957
Mitchell, Mr. Saint Germans (COR)
Innkeeper ?. 1823P Elizabeth Mitchell, Elliott Arms.
Mogg, Mr R. Grenton Ashcott, near Bridgwater
- 1045
Mogg, R, Mr. Ashcott, Bridgwater (SOM)
Merchant?. Son died EFP 30/9/1830.
- 935
Mol, House, . Exeter (DEV)
Coffee house.
Molland, Mr ditto
- 975
Molland, John ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Ironmonger ?. 1818P (or milliner EFP) Freeman. 1818P: Ne No.
Molland, Mr T. Winkleigh, near Chumleigh
- 993
Molland, T, Mr. Winkleigh, Chulmleigh (DEV)
EFP nil.
Moon, Mr R. Down St. Mary, near Crediton
- 995
Moon, R, Mr. Down St Mary, Crediton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Moore, Colonel, Mamhead Cottage
- 988
Moore, Col. Mamhead, Exeter (DEV) Mamhead Cottage
Army officer.
Moore, Rev. ditto
- 1021
Moore, Rev. Dawlish (DEV)
Clergy. Foster & Venn several. Not vicar of Dawlish.
Moore, A. esq. Broadclist, near ditto
- 973
Moore, Aaron, Esq. Broadclyst, Exeter (DEV) Sprydon
Gentry. Lysons.
Moore, Mr Alexander, ditto
- 944
Moore, Alexander, Mr. Falmouth (COR) London Inn
Innkeeper. Retired, wife died EFP 22/1/1824. 1811H nil.
Moore, Thomas esq. Torrington
- 997
Moore, Thomas, Esq. Great Torrington (DEV)
EFP nil. Subscriptions: G
Moore, Rev. Mr. Lovaton, near Oakhampton
- 985
Moore, William, Rev Mr. South Tawton, Okehampton (DEV) Lovaton
Clergy. Foster & Venn several. Adv curate EFP 12/10/1797.
Moorman, Mr Tregony
- 950
Moorman, William?, Mr. Tregony (COR)
Shopkeeper?. Bankrupt EFP 28/1/1790. Subscriptions: G
Morgan, Dr M. D. ditto
- 1001
Morgan, Dr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Medical doctor. EFP, 1811H nil.
Morland, Colonel
- 1029
Morland, Col. Starcross ? (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil.
Morrison, Rev. Mr. Yeo Vale, ditto
- 999
Morrison, Thomas Hooper, Rev Mr. Alwington, Bideford (DEV) Yeo Vale
Gentry. Lysons. Foster, Venn nil. V.Launcells d.30/11/1824.
Morshead, Col. Royal Engineers
- 934
Morshead, Col. [no place] (---) Royal Engineers
Army officer. EFP nil.
Morshead, General Levetha, Bodmin
- 952
Morshead, Gen. Blisland (COR) Lavethan
Army officer. Lysons: Lieut.-Gen. Morshead. Subscriptions: G
Morshead, Mr. Widy, ditto
- 1008
Morshead, Henry Anderson, Mr. Eggbuckland, Plymouth (DEV) Widy
Gentry. Lysons. 1812P nil.
Mortimer, Mr William, Silverton
- 983
Mortimer, William, Mr. Silverton (DEV)
Subscribed £1/1/-? EFP nil.
Mortimer, Mr William, Morchard Bishop
- 991
Mortimer, William, Mr. Morchard Bishop (DEV)
Subscribed £1/1/-? EFP nil.
Morton, Charles C. esq. ditto
- 979
Morton, Charles C, Esq. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1818P nil. Subscriptions: W
Mountstaphen, -, esq. Beer, Tavistock
- 1052
Mountstephen, Esq. Bere Ferrers, Tavistock (DEV)
EFP, 1811 nil.
Mountsteven Mrs. East Cornwall Bank
- 953
Mountsteven, Mrs. Bodmin ? (COR) East Cornwall Bank
Moxhay, Mr R. ditto
- 969
Moxhay, Richard, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Music master. 1816T or R.Moxhay, shoemaker, 1818P: Co No.
Moyle, Matthew, jun. Chacewater
- 1049
Moyle, Matthew jun, . Chacewater (COR)
EFP nil. Subscriptions: G
Mudford, Mr Wm. Exmouth
- 1054
Mudford, William, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Mudge, Capt. R. N. Torquay
- 1010
Mudge, Capt. Torquay (DEV)
Naval officer. 1823P nil.
Mudge, Mr Lindridge hill near ditto
- 1025
Mudge, Mr. Kingsteignton, Newton Abt (DEV) Lindridge Hill
Mudge, Mr Bradninch, near ditto
- 1039
Mudge, Mr. Bradninch (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Mudge, Mr Topsham
- 1031
Mudge, Gibb, Mr. Topsham (DEV)
Maltster. Barley for sale EFP 4/6/1812. 1811H.
Mudge, Rev. J. ditto
- 971
Mudge, J, Rev. Exeter (DEV)
Rector ?. Venn: John? Pembroke 1780. Rector Brampford Speke.
Mudge, Mr J. ditto
- 1023
Mudge, J, Mr. Torquay (DEV)
EFP, 1823P nil.
Mudge, Rev. Brampford Speke, near ditto
- 984
Mudge, John, Rev. Brampford Speke (DEV)
Vicar. Vicar of Brampford Speke from 1790.
Mudge, Mr Truro
- 945
Mudge, William, Mr. Truro (COR)
Merchant. Advert EFP 8/8/1799. 1811H.
Mudge, Capt. Z. R. N. Torquay
- 1022
Mudge, Z, Capt. Torquay (DEV)
Naval officer. Commissioned 15/11/1800. EFP, 1823P nil.
Murch, Mr ditto
- 1026
Murch, Joseph ?, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV) Golden Lion, East St
Innkeeper ?. 1823P or Joseph, builder, East Street.
Murch, Mr J. jun. Plymouth
- 1005
Murch, Joseph jun, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Globe Inn
Innkeeper. 1812P Frankfort Place.
Murch, Mr Robert, ditto
- 1016
Murch, Robert, Mr. Teignmouth (DEV)
Murray, Colonel, ditto
- 970
Murray, Col. Exeter (DEV)
Army officer. EFP nil.
Murray, Colonel ditto
- 1020
Murray, Col. Dawlish (DEV)
Army officer.
Nankivell,Mr S. St. Columb
- 1070
Nankivell, S, Mr. Saint Columb (COR)
EFP nil, 1823P Catharine, draper.
Nants, -, esq. Ilfracombe
- 1095
Nants, Esq. Ilfracombe (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Napleton, Rev. Mr. Vicarage, Powderham
- 1089
Napleton, Timothy, Rev Mr. Powderham (DEV) Vicarage
Rector. Rector 1799-1816.
Napton, Mr Custom-house, Hlymouth [sic]
- 1080
Napton, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Custom House
Customs officer. 1812P nil. R.Napton died EFP 25/5/1832.
Nash, Capt. Dawlish
- 1087
Nash, Capt. Dawlish (DEV)
Army officer. Watering gd: Nash, J. Prince: Exeter. Army L: var. Subscriptions: W?P?
Necke, Rev. A. Edginswell House, Newton
- 1096
Necke, Aaron, Rev. Saint Marychurch (DEV) Edginswell House
Gentry. Lysons. Foster: Wadham 1787. Curate Kingskers 1832.
Nelson, Right Hon. Viscountess
- 1059
Nelson, Viscs. Exmouth (DEV)
Naval widow. Frances, widow of Lord Nelson.
Nesbit, -, esq. Alphington, near Exeter
- 1090
Nesbit, Alexander ?, Esq. Alphington, Exeter (DEV)
EFP index nil. Dau. Louisa bap. 12/9/1807.
Nesbit, Rev. C. S., Beacon, Exmouth
- 1091
Nesbit, C, Rev. Exmouth (DEV) 8, Beacon
Clergy. Foster & Venn nil. EFP nil.
Nesham, Captain, Thanks, near Dock
- 1081
Nesham, Chr J W, Capt. Dock (DEV) Thanks
Army officer. Comm 29/4/1802 Navy list. 1812P nil.
Newcombe, -, esq. Fleet-street, London
- 1063
Newcombe, Esq. London (LON) Fleet Street
Newcombe, John esq. Starcross
- 1088
Newcombe, John, Esq. Starcross (DEV)
Gentry. Sheriff of Devon EFP 10/2/1814.
Newcombe, -, esq. Trewithick, near ditto
- 1074
Newcombe, William ?, Esq. Callington (COR) Trewithick
Lysons: William N. esq, Trerithick, Alternon.
Newman, Mr E. Dartmouth
- 1085
Newman, E, Mr. Dartmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Newman, Mr ditto
- 1078
Newman, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Grocer. 1816T.
Newton and Co. Mess. Warwick-square, ditto
- 1064
Newton, & Co, Messrs. London (LON) Warwick Square 5
Newspaper agent.
Neyle, Mr. ditto
- 1077
Neyle, Richard, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Linen draper. 1816T. Dev. Adventurer: Holloway Str. 1818P: Co Ne. Subscriptions: D?
Nicholas, P. H. esq. Polperro
- 1067
Nicholas, P H, Esq. Polperro (COR)
EFP nil.
Nicholls, Capt. West Wheal Duchy, Callington
- 1072
Nicholls, Capt. Callington (COR) West Wheal Duchy
Mine owner. EFP, 1823P nil.
Nicholls, Mr. Harberrton, near Modbury
- 1084
Nicholls, Mr. Haberton, Modbury (DEV)
EFP nil.
Nicholls, Rev. Mr ditto
- 1062
Nicholls, Henry ?, Rev Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
Teacher ?. 1811H master German School. Mayor EFP 24/8/1826.
Nichols, W. J. G. esq. Trerife-house, Penzance
- 1065
Nichols, Wm Jn Godolphin, Esq. Madron (COR) Trerife House
Gentry. Lysons. Died aged 26 EFP 18/5/1815.
Nicolls, -, esq. Kenton House, near Exeter
- 1079
Nicolls, Esq. Kenton (DEV) Kenton House
EFP nil.
Nicolls, S. W. esq. Ottery
- 1093
Nicolls, S W, Esq. Ottery (DEV)
EFP, baptisms 1813-18 nil.
Nicolls, Samuel, esq. St. Austell
- 1068
Nicolls, Samuel, Esq. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
Norrish, Mr Exeter
- 1076
Norrish, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Saint Sidwell
Grocer. 1816T also coal dealer. Freeman. 1818P: Co Ne.
Northcote, Mr. Lifton
- 1075
Northcote, Mr. Lifton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Northcote, Rev. Mr. Hannaford
- 1097
Northcote, Rev Mr. Hannaford (DEV)
Clergy. EFP nil.
Northcote, Rev. H. Barnstaple
- 1061
Northcote, H, Rev. Barnstaple (DEV)
Clergy. Venn: Hugh? Sidney 1791. R. Upton Pyne EFP 5/12/11.
Northcote, Sir Stafford, bart, Pynes House
- 1060
Northcott, Sir Stafford, Bart. Upton Pyne (DEV) Pynes House
Gentry. Sheriff of Devon 1803-04. Subscriptions: P
Northey, Mr G. Tavistock
- 1083
Northey, Gilbert, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Chemist. 1811H also druggist. Subscriptions: D
Norvill, Mr ditto
- 1092
Norvill, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Norway, Nevill, esq. Lostwithiel
- 1071
Norway, Neville, Esq. Lostwithiel (COR)
Appointed Lieutenant EFP 13/6/1822. 1823P nil.
Nosworthy, Mr Dock
- 1082
Nosworthy, Mr. Dock (DEV)
EFP, 1812P nil.
Nosworthy, Mr Ford Manaton, near Moreton
- 1086
Nosworthy, John ?, Mr. Manaton, Moreton (DEV) Ford
Fire destroyed farm EFP 11/6/1818?.
Nott, -, esq. Uffculme, near Cullompton
- 1094
Nott, Esq. Uffculme, Cullompton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Nott, Mr Joseph, ditto
- 1069
Nott, Joseph, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
Nottle, Mr. Jacob, Stokeclimsland, near ditto
- 1073
Nottle, Jacob, Mr. Stoke Climsland (COR)
EFP nil.
Nugent, Mr. St. Mawes
- 1066
Nugent, Mr. Saint Mawes (COR)
NB Edmund Nugent MP St Mawes 1768-96.
- 186
O, J P, Dr. Stokenham, Kingsbridge (DEV) Chillington
Medical doctor. EFP nil. Subscriptions: G
Oats, Capt. Barrack-master, Falmouth
- 1099
Oats, Capt. Falmouth (COR)
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil.
Oatway, Mr Wm. Torrington
- 1102
Oatway, William, Mr. Great Torrington (DEV)
EFP nil.
Officers Mess of the 23d Regiment
- 1104
Officers Mess, . [no place] (---) 23rd Regiment
Army officers.
Officers Mess 1st Devon Militia
- 1106
Officers Mess, . [no place] (---) 1st Devon Militia
Army officers.
Oliver, James, esq. Clyst St. George, Topsham
- 1105
Oliver, James, Esq. Clyst St George (DEV)
EFP nil.
Oliver, Mr Wm. Milton Abbott, near Tavistock
- 1103
Oliver, William, Mr. Milton Abbot, Tavistock (DEV)
EFP nil.
Ostler, Mr. E. Falmouth
- 1100
Ostler, Edward, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
Sadler. 1811H also cheesemonger. Married EFP 29/9/1796.
Oxenham, Mr. Exeter
- 1101
Oxenham, H ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Paper maker ?. 1816T other poss: tallow chandler. 1818P: Co Ne. Subscriptions: G
Oxnam, Richard, esq. Rosehill, Penzance
- 1098
Oxnam, Richard, Esq. Madron (COR) Rosehill
Merchant. Sheriff of Cornwall EFP 8/8/1810. Lysons.
Paget, Miss Hill
- 1160
Paget, Miss. Exeter (DEV) Hill
Teacher. 1816T ladies academy.
Paige, Mr. J. S. Rimpston, near Kingsbridge
- 1185
Paige, J S, Mr. East Allington, Kingsbr (DEV) Rimpston
EFP nil.
Palfrey, Mr R. Exmouth
- 1209
Palfrey, Robert, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
Innkeeper. Also cabinet maker, died EFP 11/1/1827.
Palk, Mr. Padstoe
- 1128
Palk, Richard ?, Mr. Padstow (COR)
Surgeon ?. 1811H also apothecary. N.B Robert Palk MP d. 1798. Subscriptions: G
Palk, Robert, esq Ashburton
- 1184
Palk, Robert, Esq. Ashburton (DEV)
Magistrate. 1811H.
Palmer, Lieutenant, Torrington
- 1175
Palmer, Lieut. Great Torrington (DEV)
Army officer.
Palmer, Mr John, Callington
- 1134
Palmer, John, Mr. Callington (COR)
Woolstapler. 1823P.
Palmer, Mr. Academy, Topsham
- 1203
Palmer, John, Mr. Topsham (DEV) Academy
Teacher. 1811H.
Palmer, Mr. Richard, Lower Willaden, ditto
- 1142
Palmer, Richard, Mr. Launceston (COR) Lower Willaden
EFP, 1811H nil.
Palmer, Mr. Thomas, ditto
- 1141
Palmer, Thomas, Mr. Launceston (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Parker, M. esq. Whiteway, near Chudleigh
- 1113
Parker, Montagu, Esq. Chudleigh (DEV) Whiteway
Gentry. Sheriff of Devon EFP 7/5/1789.
Parkin, Rev. Mr. Oakford, near Tiverton
- 1178
Parkin, James, Rev Mr. Oakford, Tiverton (DEV)
Rector. Rector of Oakford from 1813.
Parkin, Mr. R. ditto
- 1138
Parkin, R, Mr. Launceston (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Parnall, Mr ditto
- 1153
Parnall, Mr. Exeter (DEV) White Lion PH
Innkeeper ?. 1816T Mrs Parnall. Mr Parnell d. EFP 4/6/1812.
Parnell, Mr. John, St. Austell
- 1126
Parnell, John, Mr. Saint Austell (COR)
EFP nil.
Parr, T. esq. Town House, Pool
- 1213
Parr, Thomas, Esq. Poole, Dorset (DOR) Town House
Solicitor. 1811H also master extraordinary and notary public.
Partridge, Mr. Barnstaple
- 1237
Partridge, Mr. Barnstaple (DEV)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Partridge, Mr ditto
- 1140
Partridge, Edward, Mr. Launceston (COR) White Horse Inn PH
Innkeeper. 1811H.
Partridge, John, esq. Bishop
- 1171
Partridge, John, Esq. Bishops Tawton (DEV) Tawton Cottage
EFP nil. Subscriptions: D
Partridge, Mr. R. Easington house, Lapford
- 1170
Partridge, R, Mr. Lapford (DEV) Easington House
Serge maker ?. Rger d. EFP 6/4/1820.
Partridge, Mr. R. Down St. Mary, nr Crediton
- 1173
Partridge, R, Mr. Down St Mary, Crediton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Pascoe, Mr. Wadebridge
- 1129
Pascoe, Mr. Wadebridge (COR)
EFP nil.
Pascoe, Thomas, esq. Lariggan
- 1116
Pascoe, Thomas, Esq. Madron (COR) Larrigon
Gentry. Lysons. Nomin. sheriff 14/11/1793, d. EFP 7/5/1818.
Passmore, Mr Northmolton
- 1177
Passmore, Mr. North Molton (DEV)
EFP nil.
Passmore, Mr James, Newton Abbott
- 1204
Passmore, James, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV) East Street
Sadler. 1823P.
Patch, Mrs ditto
- 1164
Patch, & Son, Mrs. Exeter (DEV)
Hop merchants. 1816T also spirit merchants.
Patterson, Rev.W. Dittisham Parsonage, near Totnes
- 1187
Patterson, W, Rev. Dittisham, Totnes (DEV) Dittisham Parsonage
Clergy. EFP, Foster & Venn nil.
Paul, William, esq. ditto
- 1123
Paul, William, Esq. Truro (COR)
[no trade]. 1811H. Re-elected Mayor EFP 16/10/1823.
Paynter and Son, Messrs. St. Columb
- 1127
Paynter, & Son, Messrs. Saint Columb (COR) Trekenning ?
Attorney. EFP 1795-1807. Lysons: Fras Paynter Esq.Trekenning.
Pearce, Edward, esq. ditto
- 1131
Pearce, Edward, Esq. Bodmin (COR)
Insurance agent. EFP 19/3/1818. 1823P nil.
Pearce, John, esq. Camelford
- 1135
Pearce, John, Esq. Camelford (COR)
Ironmonger ?. 1823P.
Pearce, Mr. John, ditto
- 1162
Pearce, John, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Saint Sidwell
Druggist. 1816T J Pearce. Polled for Courtenay & Newman 1818.
Pearce, John, esq. Redruth
- 1219
Pearce, John, Esq. Redruth (COR)
EFP nil.
Pearce, John, esq. Redruth
- 1233
Pearce, John, Esq. Redruth (COR)
EFP nil.
Pearce, Thomas, esq. Launceston
- 1136
Pearce, Thomas, Esq. Launceston (COR)
Solicitor. 1811H.
Peard, H. esq. Shaldon, near ditto
- 1194
Peard, H, Esq. Shaldon, Teignmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Peard, S. esq. Fowey
- 1133
Peard, S, Esq. Fowey (COR)
Naval officer. 1811H Capt R N. EFP nil. Subscriptions: G
Pearse, Mr Lombard-street, London
- 1218
Pearse, Mr. London (LON) Lombard Street
Attorney ?. Pearce & Son, 16 Swithins La, Lombard St 1815 Kent.
Pearse, Mr John, Newport, ditto
- 1139
Pearse, John, Mr. Newport, Launceston (COR)
Tanner. Gregor: no forename. 1811H. Subscriptions: G
Pearse, W. J. esq. Kingsbridge
- 1186
Pearse, W J, Esq. Kingsbridge (DEV)
EFP nil.
- 1217
Peel, House, . London (LON)
Coffee house.
Pell, Mrs. Tiverton
- 1232
Pell, Mrs. Tiverton (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil. Prince: Pell, Claus Esq. Tiverton. Subscriptions: P
Pellew, Hon. Capt. R. N. M. P. Teignmouth
- 1108
Pellew, Pownall Bastard, Capt. Teignmouth (DEV)
M P. Commissioned 22/1/1806 NL. MP Launceston 1816T. Subscriptions: WP?
Penotin, Mr James, Falmouth
- 1119
Peniton, James, Mr. Falmouth (COR) High Street
Innkeeper. 1811H nil. 1823P Duke of York Public House.
Penny, Mr James, ditto
- 1147
Penny, James, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Bookseller. Lottery agt. WL 3/1/1815. Sub £1/1/-. 1818P: Co Ne.
Pennyman, Miss Rose Cottage, Dawlish
- 1195
Pennyman, Miss. Dawlish (DEV) Rose Cottage
Woman. EFP nil.
Penrose, John, esq. Clynyhon, near Neath
- 1201
Penrose, John, Esq. Clynyhon, Neath (ZWA)
EFP nil.
Penrose, William, esq. Kea, near ditto
- 1124
Penrose, William, Esq. Kea, Truro (COR)
EFP nil.
Penwarden, R. esq. ditto
- 1137
Penwarden, R, Esq. Launceston (COR)
Currier ?. 1811H also possible: sadler.
Penwarden, Mr Thomas, ditto
- 1183
Penwarden, Thomas, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Sadler. 1811H.
Pering, Mr Thomas, Falmouth
- 1220
Pering, Thomas, Mr. Falmouth (COR)
EFP, 1811H nil.
Perkins, Mr. South Zeal
- 1166
Perkins, Mr. South Zeal (DEV)
EFP nil.
Perkins, -, esq. Brazenose College, Oxford
- 1216
Perkins, Frederick David, Esq. Oxford (OXF) Brasenose College
Student ?. Foster: matric 1809 BA 1814, s. of John, Heavitree.
Permewan, Mr John, jun. Senner, ditto
- 1115
Permewan, John jun, Mr. Sennen, Penzance (COR)
Defendant in tithe case? EFP 10/4/1823.
Permewan, Mr Thomas, Penzance
- 1114
Permewan, Thomas, Mr. Penzance (COR)
EFP nil.
Perring, Sir John, bart. M. P. Membland-house
- 1107
Perring, John, Sir. Holbeton, Modbury (DEV) Membland House
M P. M P for Hythe, London add. 43 Portland Place 1816T.
Perry, Mr Edward, ditto
- 1152
Perry, Edward, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Chair PH
Innkeeper. 1816T Waterbeer Street.
Perry, Mrs G. Thorverton, near ditto
- 1150
Perry, G, Mrs. Thorverton, Exeter (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Perryman, Miss, ditto
- 1193
Perryman, Miss. Teignmouth (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Phillips, Lieut. R. M. Bodmin
- 1130
Phillips, Lieut. Bodmin (COR)
Marine. EFP, 1823P nil.
Phillips, Mr 39, Duke-street, Dock
- 1180
Phillips, Mr. Dock (DEV) 39 Duke Street
EFP, 1812P nil.
Phillips, Mr ditto
- 1196
Phillips, Mr. Dawlish (DEV)
EFP nil.
Phillips, Mr ditto
- 1146
Phillips, James ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Hotel ?
Innkeeper ?. Or Reuben, glover etc 1816T. Sub £2/2/-.
Phillott, Rev. J. S. Wookey, near Wells
- 1199
Phillott, John Stephen, Rev. Wookey, Wells (SOM)
Vicar. Foster: Balliol 1793. Vicar of Wookey 1801-37. Subscriptions: G
Pickings, Mr John, St. Hilary, ditto
- 1118
Pickings, John, Mr. Saint Hilary, Marazion (COR)
EFP nil.
Pidgley, John M. esq. ditto
- 1156
Pidgley, John Moor, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Southgate Street
Draper. EFP.
Pierce, Miss M. ditto
- 1154
Pierce, M, Miss. Exeter (DEV)
Statuary. 1816T also mason.
Pierce, Samuel, esq. Teignmouth
- 1192
Pierce, Samuel, Esq. Teignmouth (DEV)
Subscriptions: W
Pierce, Capt. Bradninch
- 1215
Pierce, Thomas, Capt. Bradninch (DEV)
Naval officer. 1811H (Pearse, Thomas). Commissioned 6/12/1796 NL.
Pike, Social Club, Guernsey
- 1212
Pike, . Guernsey (CHA) Social Club
Public rooms.
Pilbrow, Mr Fore-street, Exeter
- 1223
Pilbrow, T, Mr. Exeter (DEV) Fore Street
Music master. 1816T.
Pilcher, Capt. Heavitree, near ditto
- 1151
Pilcher, Capt. Exeter (DEV) Heavitree
Army officer. EFP, 1818P nil. Poss Lt Edwd P. 88 Regt Foot © pay.
Pinkard, Mr Winkleigh, near Chumleigh
- 1225
Pinkard, Mr. Winkleigh, Chulmleigh (DEV)
EFP nil.
Pinnell, Mrs R. Ebford Barton, Topsham
- 1229
Pinnell, R, Mrs. Topsham (DEV) Ebford Barton
Woman. EFP, 1811H nil.
Pippen, Mr John, Poltimore, near ditto
- 1159
Pippen, John, Mr. Poltimore (DEV)
EFP nil.
Pitman, James, esq. Dunchideock
- 1112
Pitman, James, Esq. Dunchideock (DEV) Dunchideock House
EFP 1814-29.
Pleace, Mr. John, Tavistock
- 1181
Pleace, John, Mr. Tavistock (DEV)
Chemist ?. 1811H Simon & Son, chemists and druggists.
Please, Mr ditto
- 1157
Please, William ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV) High Street ?
Vintner ?. 1816T Pleass. Or J.Pleace, tailor, Bell Hill.
Plimer, Mr ditto
- 1155
Plimer, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Plimsoll, Mr James, Exmouth
- 1210
Plimsoll, James, Mr. Exmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Plummer, Mr. Trefusis, near Flushing
- 1121
Plummer, Mr. Mylor, Falmouth (COR) Trefusis, Flushing
Pogson, Edward, esq. Kidwelly, Wales
- 1202
Pogson, Edward, Esq. Kidwelly, Wales (ZWA)
Pole, Hon. Lady, Shute, near Axminster
- 1109
Pole, Lady. Shute, Axminster (DEV)
Woman. Prince: Pole, Sir Wm Templar, Bart. Sub £1/1/-?. Subscriptions: P
Pole, Sir Wm. bart. London
- 1110
Pole, Sir William, Bart. London (LON)
Polglase, Mr John, Bristol
- 1200
Polglase, John, Mr. Bristol (SOM) Narrow Wine Street
Merchant. 1811H also at Stokes Cross.
Polson, Rev. T. H. ditto
- 1161
Polson, John H, Rev. Exeter (DEV)
Rector. 1816T J.Polson rector St. Mary Major. 1818P: Co.
Polyblank, Mr. William, Truro
- 1122
Polyblank, William, Mr. Truro (COR)
Printer ?. 1811H nil. Potts p.322 (born 1794).
Pomeroy, Mrs. ditto
- 1132
Pomeroy, Mrs. Bodmin (COR)
Woman. Widow of Rev John (d.1813) d. EFP 15/1/1818?.
Pomeroy, -, esq. Brixham
- 1231
Pomeroy, Roger ?, Esq. Brixham (DEV)
Banker ?. Bankrupt EFP 17/6/1824.
Ponsford, Mr. John, Drewsteignton
- 1143
Ponsford, John, Mr. Drewsteignton (DEV)
N.B. Mary, shopkeeper EFP.
Ponsford, Mr John, Moreton
- 1191
Ponsford, John, Mr. Moretonhampstead (DEV) Cross Street
Surgeon. 1823P.
Pooley, Rev. H. Truro
- 1221
Pooley, Henry, Rev. Truro (COR)
Clergy. Foster Oriel 1782. Vicar Newlyn 1821. 1811H. Subscriptions: G
Pope, Mrs. Crescent Row, ditto
- 1224
Pope, Mrs. Exeter (DEV) Crescent Row
Woman. 1816T nil.
Porcher, J. D. esq. M. P.
- 1111
Porcher, Josias Dupre, Esq. London (LON) Devonshire Place 16
M P. 1816T.
Portbury, Mr. Robert, ditto
- 1148
Portbury, Robert, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
EFP, 1816T, 1818P nil.
Porteous, Captain, ditto
- 1120
Porteous, Capt. Falmouth (COR)
Army officer. EFP, 1811H nil.
Porter, Mr G. Custon-house, Dartmouth [sic]
- 1188
Porter, G, Mr. Dartmouth (DEV) Custom House
Customs officer. EFP 1805. Died EFP 24/10/1833.
Porter, John, esq. ditto
- 1190
Porter, John, Esq. Dartmouth (DEV)
EFP nil.
Porter, T. esq. Upper Nutwell, near Lympston
- 1167
Porter, T, Esq. Lympstone (DEV) Upper Nutwell
EFP nil.
Porter, T. jun. esq. Upper Nutwell, Lympstone
- 1208
Porter, T jun, Esq. Lympstone (DEV) Upper Nutwell
EFP nil.
Porter, -, Rockbere-house, near Exeter
- 1168
Porter, Thomas, Esq. Rockbeare, Exeter (DEV) Rockbeare House
Gentry. Lysons. Sheriff of Devon 1804.
Potter, Mr J. Newton
- 1206
Potter, J, Mr. Newton Abbot (DEV)
EFP nil.
Poulton, Mr. Hotel, Torquay
- 1197
Poulton, William, Mr. Torquay (DEV) Hotel
Hotelier. 1823P Strand.
Powning, Mr Henry, ditto
- 1149
Powning, Henry, Mr. Exeter (DEV) South Street
Builder. 1816T, 1818P. Sub £1/1/-. Freeman. 1818P: Co Ne.
Praed, Mr. Marazion
- 1117
Praed, Mr. Marazion (COR)
1823P nil. Family includes many Cornish MPs.
Pratts, Miss, Old London Inn, Exeter
- 1145
Pratt, Miss. Exeter (DEV) Old London Inn
Innkeepers. 1816T E & S Pratt.
Prat, Samuel, esq. Yeovil
- 1211
Pratt, Samuel, Esq. Yeovil (SOM)
EFP nil.
Preston, John, esq. ditto
- 1198
Preston, John, Esq. Torquay (DEV)
Merchant. Bankrupt EFP 7/6/1821. 1823P nil.
Preston, Richard, esq. Chulmleigh
- 1172
Preston, Richard, Esq. Chulmleigh (DEV)
EFP nil.
Prideaux, Mr Joseph, Plymouth
- 1179
Prideaux, Joseph, Mr. Plymouth (DEV) Southside Street
Timber merch ?. 1812P Philip Prideaux & Co. Bankrupt EFP 18/11/30.
Pridham, -, esq. ditto
- 1165
Pridham, Edward Parker, Esq. Exeter (DEV) Holloway Street
Surgeon. Exeter Dispensary EFP 19/2/1816. 1816T Var. poss.
Pridham, Lawrence, esq. Bideford
- 1230
Pridham, Lawrence, Esq. Bideford (DEV)
Customs surveyr. 1811H. EFP 22/1/1824.
Pridham, Lawrence, esq. Bideford
- 1236
Pridham, Lawrence, Esq. Bideford (DEV)
recorded twice ?.
Pridham, Mrs W.Plymouth
- 1227
Pridham, W, Mrs. Plymouth (DEV)
Woman. EFP, 1812P nil.
Prince, Mrs Volscombe Cottage, Morchard
- 1226
Prince, Mrs. Morchard Bishop (DEV) Volscombe Cottage
Woman. EFP nil.
Pring, Thomas, esq. Crediton
- 1174
Pring, Thomas, Esq. Crediton (DEV)
Attorney. Married EFP 16/12/1819.
Procter, A. esq. Sherway Lodge, Collumpton
- 1214
Procter, A, Esq. Cullompton (DEV) Sherway Lodge
EFP nil.
Protheroe, L. esq. Edginswell, near Newton
- 1205
Protheroe, L, Esq. Saint Marychurch (DEV) Edginswell
EFP nil.
Protheroe, Lewis, esq. Newton Abbot
- 1169
Protheroe, Lewis, Esq. Newton Abbot (DEV)
EFP nil.
Prout, T. O. esq. St. Agnes
- 1125
Prout, T O, Esq. Saint Agnes (COR)
EFP nil.
Prout, Mr T. Tavistock
- 1182
Prout, Thomas, Mr. Tavistock (DEV) Kings Arms Inn
Innkeeper. 1811H. Subscriptions: D
Prown, Miss, Dawlish
- 1235
Prown, Miss. Dawlish (DEV)
Woman. EFP nil.
Prowse, Miss, Dawlish
- 1228
Prowse, Miss. Dawlish (DEV)
Woman. Poss. daughter of Rev Thomas Prowse d. 1789.
Prust, Rev. Mr Woolfardisworthy,
- 1176
Prust, Joseph, Rev Mr. Woolfardisworthy (DEV)
Curate. Foster: Magdalen 1774. EFP 1/7/1784.
Prynn, Mr J. A. West Looe
- 1222
Prynn, J A, Mr. West Looe (COR)
Customs officer. Daughter died EFP 1/1/1835.
Prynn, Mr. J. A. West Looe
- 1234
Prynn, J A, Mr. West Looe (COR)
Puddicombe, J. S. esq. ditto
- 1189
Puddicombe, J S, Esq. Dartmouth (DEV)
Surgeon ?. Son born EFP 1/10/1829.
Pugsley, Mr ditto
- 1158
Pugsley, Charles ?, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Surgeon ?. 1816T, 1818P nil. Letter of apprec. EFP 17/6/1813.
Pullman, Mr Crockernwell
- 1144
Pullman, Mr. Crockernwell (DEV)
Pye, Mr. ditto
- 1163
Pye, Mr. Exeter (DEV)
Tobacconist ?. 1816T, 1818P nil.Many in family were tobacconists.
Pyne, Mr James, Topsham
- 1207
Pyne, James, Mr. Topsham (DEV)
Blacksmith. 1811H Pine.
Quicke, Col. &c. Exeter
- 1238
Quicke, Col. Exeter (DEV)
Army officer. 1816T nil.
Quicke, John, esq. Newton House, near Exeter
- 1239
Quicke, John, Esq. Newton St. Cyres (DEV) Newton House
Gentry. Lysons. 1818P Esq. Nom. sheriff EFP 15/11/1832.
Quinton, Capt. R. N. Bishopsteignton
- 1240
Quinton, Cornelius, Capt. Bishopsteignton (DEV)
Naval officer. Commissioned 29/4/1802 NL. Subscriptions: W

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