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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: S

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names S

SABINE, Thomas I, printer and bookseller, 81, Shoe Lane 1785P-1825; 7, Fleet Lane 1826-34. Trading: as Thomas Sabine 1785P-1804; as Sabine and son 1808-25; as Thomas Sabine junior 1826-34. S. of Cornelius S. of Steeple Ashton, Wilts., schoolmaster. App. Thomas Bailey 1758, free Sta. Co. 1765, livery 1780, 1775-95 15 apps. Registered press 1799. Son Thomas II partner by 1799 and successor. Howe; Todd; Brown; McKenzie.

SABINE, Thomas II, printer, 81, Shoe Lane 1792; Playhouse Yard, Blackfriars 1796; then as Thomas Sabine I 1799H-1834. S. of Thomas S. I, printer. Livery Sta. Co. 1792. Partner of father by 1799 and successor 1826. Todd; Brown; McKenzie.

SAEL, George, bookseller, stationer and circulating library, Pall Mall 1788; 24, Newcastle Street, Strand 1788-90; 20, Newcastle Street 1792-1795K; 192, Strand 1797L-1806P. Trading: as Jeffrey and Sael 1788; alone 1788-1799H; as S. Sael and Co. 1800P-1806P. D. 13 June 1799 aged 38. Publ. cats. 1791-93. Wholesale antiquarian bookseller and publisher of moral tracts for the young chiefly edited by Thomas Park. Died of pulmonary consumption probably brought on by overwork. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795?: AT185. Nichols iii, 663; Timperley, 801; BM Book sales; Hamlyn.

SAEL, S., bookseller, see George Sael.

ST. JOHN, J., bookseller and stationer, 40, Strand 1800P; 49, Strand 1802H.

SAMMELLS, printer, Aldermanbury 1794B. Previously partner with Millar Ritchie q.v. Todd.

SANCHA, Gabriel de, bookseller and bookbinder, Madrid. The Spanish bookseller was resident in London for several months in 1784. He was living or, at least, receiving his correspondence from Madrid, at Thomas Payne’s shop in Mews-Gate. Information from Dr Gabriel Sanchez Espinosa, 2012.

SANCHO, William [Leach], bookseller, Charles Street, Westminster 1802-1806 Mews Gate 1806-1810. Born: 20 October 1775, son of Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780, born on board a ship in the slave trade) and Ann(e) Osborne (1733–1817, a black woman from the Caribbean, whom he married on 17 December 1758 in St Margaret's Church, Westminster), baptized in St Margaret's. Died: 3 May 1810. He appears to have started trading as a bookseller in association with his mother Anne in the premises established as a grocery store by his father Ignatius in 1774. Guildhall Library MS 11936/437 Sun insurance policy 798258, 27 December 1806 for William Sancho, the Mews Gate, Castle Street Leicester Square, bookseller ; MS 11936/440 policy 804280 26 June 1807 for Ann and William Sancho, of Castle Street Leicester Square, booksellers. The new wonderful museum, and extraordinary magazine, vol. 5 (1807), p. 2629: Characters and characteristics: Abolition of the Slave-Trade ; with a Sketch of the Life of Ignatius Sancho, the ingenious African, and Father of Mr. W. Sancho, the Bookseller, Mews Gate: ... His son Mr. W. Sancho, was brought up to the profession of a bookseller by Mr. Edward Jeffery, of Pall-Mall, and at present is the worthy successor of Mr. Henry Paine at mews Gate in Castle-street. He is also, we believe, librarian to Sir Joseph Banks, and collects literary curiosities with the most unwearied diligence. [While he may have worked in some capacity for Banks, Jonas Dryander (1748-1810) was librarian to Sir Joseph Banks 1777-1810. He published a catalogue of his collection in five volumes (1796-1800) and on his death he was succeeded by Robert Brown.] Thomas Frognall Dibden writes in The Bibliographical Decameron, p. 438: "Mr. Payne was succeeded, on his departure from the Mews Gate, by poor Sancho, the black ... who ran a short but fallacious career. ... our sooty bibliopolist had a most ardent passion for books: and especially for English topography and black letter: and I could tell a right pleasant tale about vending him a beautiful copy of Sir Thomas More's Workes of 1557, folio, and an uncut Churchyard’s Worthiness of Wales, original edition. ... Alas, poor Sancho! He happened, unluckily, to have an ardent attachment to pursuits of a more mischievous nature than that of black letter lore—and, withal, thought that these pursuits could only be substantially enjoyed with a glass of Champagne and Madeira, and with cherries at a guinea a pound! But he has paid the forfeit of his temerity. He died of a brain fever, and his property was meted out to his creditors under a commission of bankruptcy. The late Bishop of Ely was very kind to him ; and he had the character of being affectionate and attentive with all to whom he was allied. He was without doubt a strange compound of thoughtlessness, good humour, and book-ardour: a ‘rara avis,’ in his way." That he shared his father's literary and intellectual interests is shown in the list of his imprints. Not unsurprisingly, as the son of a liberated slave, he was also associated with the movement to abolish slavery. William Roberts, The book-hunter in London, p. 239, states: "William Sancho died before 1817, and was succeeded at the Mews Gate by James Bain, who afterwards removed to No. 1, Haymarket ..." Imprints: 1802: Bartolozzi, Francesco, Ignatius Sancho Gainsborough pinxt. ; F. Bartolozzi sculp. - London : published ... by Wm. Sancho, Charles Street, Westminster, 20th December 1802. 1802: Sancho, Ignatius, Sancho's letters : with memoirs of his life by Joseph Jekyll, Esq. - London : Printed for Wm. Sancho, 1802. 1803: Sancho, Ignatius, Letters of the late Ignatius Sancho, an African : To which are prefixed, memoirs of his life by Joseph Jekyll, Esq. M.P. - The fifth edition. - London : Printed for William Sancho, 1803. Printer statement at foot of title-page: Wilks and Taylor, printers. (Previous editions of the letters had appeared: 1782, 2nd ed. 1783, 3rd ed. 1784). 1803: The report on the cow-pock inoculation, from the practice at the Vaccine-Pock Institution, during the years 1800, 1801, and 1802, read at the general meeting of the governors, February 7th, 1803, at the Shakespeare tavern by George Pearson, L Nihell and Thomas Nelson. - London, Printed and sold by Henry Reynell, and may be had of Beckett, Miller, and of W. Sancho, 1803. 1807: Wilberforce, William, A letter on the abolition of the slave trade : addressed to the freeholders and other inhabitants of Yorkshire By W. Wilberforce. - London : Printed by Luke Hansard & Sons, for T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand ; sold also by J. Hatchard, Piccadilly and W. Sancho, at the Mews Gate, 1807. 1807: A fly-flap presented to The director. January, 1807. - London : [printed by A. Macpherson] published by W. Sancho; and by J. Hatchard, [1807]. (A criticism of T.F. Dibdin's periodical The director). 1807. Voltaire, The Henriade ... Translated by Daniel French, Esq. - London : William Sancho, 1807. 1808: Am I not a friend and a brother? : a sermon preached at the Free Chapel, West Street, St. Giles's, on Wednesday evening June 15th, 1808 : for the benefit of the African and Asiatic Society and published at the request of the committee for the benefit of the institution by William Gurney. - London : Printed by W. Nicholson, for Hatchard, Ogle, Williams and Smith, Button, and Sancho, 1808. 1810: Tusser, Thomas, A hundreth good pointes of husbandrie ... set forth by Thomas Tusser ... copied from the first edition, 1557. - London : reprinted for Robert Triphook ... and William Sancho, 1810. (Printed by T. Bensley on wove paper watermarked: J WHATMAN 1808). 1810: The paradise of dainty deuices, reprinted from a transcript of the first edition, 1576, With an appendix: containing additional pieces from the editions of 1580 & 1600. And introductory remarks, biographical and critical by Sir Egerton Brydges. - London : Printed for Robert Triphook and William Sancho, 1810. Sources: COPAC ; Worldcat ; Oxford dictionary on national biography ; Nichols viii, 109 ; Musgrave and sources mentioned in entry.

SANDBY, Paul, engraver and print publisher, Du Four's Court, Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1764-65; Poland Street 1766-72; St. George's Row, Oxford Turnpike 1773-1800. B. 1725, Nottingham, s. of Thomas S.; d. 9 Nov. 1809, Paddington. Worked in the military drawing department, Tower of London 1741. Drawing master at Military Academy, Woolwich 1768-97. Caricatured Hogarth. Introduced aquatint into England and developed the techniques of topographical art. Travelled widely in the British Isles. Mainly publisher of own plates. Exhibited Society of Artists 1760-68, Free Society 1782-83; Royal Academy 1769-1809. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1776: AS511; 1777-82: AT162. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; BM Satires 1781-83.

SANDBY, William, bookseller, Ship, without Temple Bar, Fleet Street c1742-43; Ship, opp. St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street 1746-68; Essex Street 1781-92; Strand 1796. S. of Dr. S., prebendary of Worcester; d. 2 Nov. 1799, Teddington, Middlesex in 82nd year. App. 2 Apr. 1736, free Sta. Co. 7 Apr. 1743, livery 5 Nov. 1743, court 2 Mar. 1773, fined for master 1777. Music imprint 1743. Wife d. 11 Oct. 1756. Trade card Heal Coll. Sold business to Murray and became banker in firm of Snow and Deane in the Strand 1768 City Poll 1781: C. Plomer; Nichols vi, 464; Timperley 802; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave; Blagden.

SANDELL, David, wholesale stationer, 23, Lombard Street 1806P-1807P; 11, Basing Lane 1808P; 11, Leadenhall Street 1809P-1810P; 197, Upper Thames Street 181lP-1820P; Sherborne Lane 1821P-1831P. Trading: alone 1806P-1808P; as Sandell and Edmeads 1809P-1810P; as D. Sandell 1811P-1831P. Previously trading as Massey and Sandell t.v.

SANDERS and son, card and pasteboard makers, 30, Fort Street, Spitalfields 1794K-1805H; Dalston 1805H. Trading: as Sanders and son 1794K-1801P; as James Sanders 1802H-1805H.

SANDERS, John, engraver and publisher, 33, Great Ormond Street 1771-81; 6, Great Ormond Street 1782; Norwich 1778-81; 66, Great Queen Street 1783-87; 101, Great Russell Street 1788-90; Bath 1790. B. 1750, London; d. 1825, Clifton. Studied Royal Academy. Moved to Bath 1790. Often called John Sanders junior. Primarily a painter. Exhibited Royal Academy 1771-88, Free Society 1778, Society of Artists 1780, 1790. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1789-90: AS269; 1790: AT594. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

SANDERSON, John, grocer, 15, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1799H- 1820P+. Registered press 1799. Todd.

SANDFORD, William, bookseller and bookbinder, 4, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1799H. See also W. Stanfield.

SANG, E., music seller, 105, Oxford Street 1799H.

SANGUINETTE, Abraham, music seller, 31, Long Acre 1784B-1785P. Humphries and Smith.

SANSOM, F., engraver, London 1800. B. Holland. Active in Rotterdam 1788-90. Engraved various portraits incl. John Boydell's after R. W. Satchwell. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AL462. Thieme and Becker.

SANSOM, John, pocket book maker, at Mr. Sansom's, Aldersgate Street 1776. S. of William S. of Aldersgate Street, brewer. App. Scudamore Ward alias Price 4 Apr. 1769, turned over to John Harvey, free Barbers' Co. 6 Aug. 1776.

SATCHELL, J., musical instrument maker, Bedford Court, Covent Garden 1782. Music imprint 1782. Humphries and Smith.

SATCHWELL, John, printseller, 13, John Street, Oxford Street 1785B.

SAUNDERS, circulating library, Newcastle Court, Butcher Row 1777. Hamlyn.

SAUNDERS, Joseph, engraver and print publisher, Wardour Street 1772; 24, Titchfield Street 1772; 17, Glanville Street, Oxford Place 1773; near Noel Street, Soho 1774; corner Tavistock Court, near Bedford Arms, Covent Garden 1775-76; 20, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1778-79; 116, New Bond Street 1780; 109, New Bond Street 1781-84; 34, Great Maddox Street, Hanover Square 1785-97; 31, Rathbone Place 1800. B. Norwich? Exhibited Society of Artists 1773-76, Free Society 1772, Royal Academy 1778-1800. Primarily a miniature painter. Son Robert miniaturist. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1046-49; Graves. See also following entry.

SAUNDERS, Joseph, historical engraver, 34, Hatton Garden 1799H. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AT594. This address and imprint may refer to the preceding entry.

SAUNDERS, Timothy, bookseller, London 1782? D. 8 July 1782 aged 83, Combe, Oxfordshire. Musgrave.

SAVAGE, William, printer, Royal Institution, Albermarle Street c1799-1804; residence Dover Street, Blackfriars Road 1801; 28, James Street, Westminster 1804-10; 28, Bedfordbury, Covent Garden 1808-10; 77, Custom House, Lower Thames Street 1817. Trading: alone c1799-1803; as Savage and Easingwood 1804-10; alone 1808-10, 1817. B. 1770, Howden, Yorks., s. of James S., clockmaker; d. 25 July 1843, Doddington Grove, Kensington. Ed. in Howden. Began business as printer and bookseller in Howden with elder brother James (1767-1845). To London 1797. Appointed printer to Royal Institution c1799. Registered presses 1801, 1804. Began business on own account in London c 1803. Printed Forster's British gallery of engravings which won wide acclaim 1807. Awarded medal by Society of Arts for work on printing inks. Compiled Dictionary of the art of printing publ. 1840-41. Also engraver and draughtsman. James Savage registered press at 77, Lower Thames Street 1817. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Todd.

SAWER, E., printseller and publisher, 49, Jermyn Street 1784. BM Satires.

SAWYER, John, engraver, 427, Oxford Street 1784B-1799H; 27, Dean Street, Soho 1802H-1817U; 43, Dean Street 1819R-1830R+. Trading: alone 1784B-1809H; as Sawyer and son 1811H-1829R; as Sawyer and sons 1820R, 1830R+. Westminster poll 1784: H.,W.

SAY, Charles Green, printer, Corner Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill 1763M; Newgate Street 1753-1763M; 70, Newgate Street 1769-75; 10, Ave Maria Lane 1775. S. of Edward S., printer (d. 1769); d. July or November 1775. App. James Bettenham 1735, free and livery Sta. Co. 1743, 1749-72 20 apps. 5 premiums, average £15. Summoned before Commons as printer of Gazetteer for printing their proceedings 1760. Informed against for printing Letters of Junius 1770. Printed Gazetteer 1760-75 Craftsman, or Say's weekly journal 1762-75, General evening post 1769-75. Succ. by widow Mary q.v. Plomer; Nichols iii, 737; Timperley 735; Howe; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

SAY, Mary, printer, 10 and 11, Ave Maria Lane 1775-1809H. Trading: as Mary Say 1775-87; as Mary Vint 1787-1809H. 1775-85 5 apps. Widow and successor of Charles Green Say (d. 1775). Married Edward Vint of Crayford at St. Martin's Ludgate 11 Nov. 1787. Indicted for libel on constitution July 1778, fined £50 25 Apr. 1779. Sentenced to 6 months and fined £50 for libel on Russian ambassador 4/5 July 1781. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Commons vote to prosecute for libel 8 Feb. 1788. Registered press 1799. Printed Gazetteer 1778-91, General evening post 1785P-1787, Craftsman, or Say's weekly journal 1775-1810, Selector 1799-1810. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2256. Howe; Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

SAY, William, engraver, London c1788-1834. B. 1768, Lakenham, s. of William S.; d. 24 Aug. 1834, Weymouth Street, London. Orphaned. To London aged about 20. Pupil of James Ward, mezzotint engraver. Worked for Turner. Engraver to Duke of Gloucester 1807. Produced many portraits and plates after old masters, totalling in all some 335 over the period 1801-34. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SAYER, James, printseller, 53, Fleet Street 1792; Queen Street, Bloomsbury 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

SAYER, Robert, print, map and chartseller, 53, Golden Buck, Fleet Street 1745-94. Trading: with Philip Overton 1745-51; alone 1751-74; as Sayer and Bennett 1774-82; alone 1783-1792L; as Robert Sayer and Co. 1791-1794L. D. 29J.' 1794 aged 69, Bath. Free Sta. Co. redemption 6 Sept. 1748, livery 4 Dec. 1753, court 4 Nov. 1783, fined for master 1788. Succ. Philip Overton 1751. Many prints publ. with John Smith 1771-81. Great rival of Bowles, the two firms often copied each other's prints. Publ. cat. of prints and maps including a note that dissected maps available 1775. Also bookseller publ. works on carpentry. Music imprint c1780. At one time resident in Richmond. One of leading publishers of the day, especially of maps and charts. Succ. by Laurie and Whittle. Partner J. Bennett, Son. d. 1770 aged 13. Plomer; Darlington and Howgego; Hannas; Brown; Chubb; J. C. Smith lii, 210, 1491; BM Satires 1771-94; Musgrave; Humphries and Smith; Blagden.

SCARLETT, Nathaniel, bookseller, 349, Strand 1799H-1803P. B. 28 Sept. 1753; d. 18 Nov. 1802. Ed. Merchant Taylors' School 1767. Shipwright, then accountant, finally bookseller at the British Theatre Warehouse in the Strand. Publ. British theatre. Methodist, later became Universalist. Publ. translation of New Testament 1798. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3926. DNB.

SCARR, William, law stationer, 127, Chancery Lane [date unverified].

SCATCHERD and WHITAKER, booksellers, see J. Whitaker and James Scatcherd.

SCATCHERD, James, bookseller, 12, Ave Maria Lane 1781K-1826R. Trading: as Scatcherd and Whitaker 1781K-1795K; as James Scatcherd 1794-1803; as Scatcherd and Letterman 1804P-1826R; as James Scatcherd 1823-26. Succ. Edward Johnson q.v. Publ. European Magazine 1784-86. Common Councillor Farringdon ward within 1806-25. See also J. Whitaker. The Whitakers continued business in Ave Maria Lane until c1881. Brown; Darlington and Howgego. tt

SCHENEBELLY, stationer, 39, Leicester Square 1794B. Prob. an error for Jacob Schnebbelie q.v.

SCHERER, J. B., music engraver, 47, Haymarket c1780-1801. Humphries and Smith.

SCHIAVONETTI, J., engraver and printseller, 12, Michael's Place, Brompton 1799H-1809H. Trading: as J. Schiavonetti 1799H-1805H; as L. and N. Schiavonetti 1809H; as N. Schiavonetti 1811H. Prob. intended for Luigi Schiavonetti.

SCHIAVONETTI, Luigi, engraver, London 1790-1810; Chelsea c1793U; 12, Michael's Place, Brompton 1799H-1809H. Trading: as Schiavonetti and Testolini c1793U; as J. Schiavonetti 1799H-1805H; as L. and N. Schiavonetti 1809H. B. 1 Apr. 1765, Bassano; d. 7 June 1810, Brompton. Studied in Italy. Worked for Testolini q.v. who attempted to pass off Schiavonetti's work as his own. To England 1790. Received by Bartolozzi whom he assisted, later working in the dotted manner on his own. Illustrated several publications including plates after Blake to Blair's poem The grave 1808. Accompanied by brother Niccolo q.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SCHIAVONETTI, Niccolo, engraver and printseller, 12, Michael's Place, Brompton 1809H-1811H. Trading: as L. and N. Schiavonetti 1809H; as N. Schiavonetti 1811H. B. 1771, Italy; d. 1813, London. Accompanied and assisted brother Luigi. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SCHLIMS, F., stationer and importer of foreign music, 32, South Moulton Street, Oxford Street c 1780. Music imprint c1780. Humphries and Smith.

SCHNEBBELIE, Jacob, engraver, 25, Park Street 1786-88; 7, Poland Street 1790-91. B. 30 Aug. 1760, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane; d. 21 Feb. 1792, Poland Street. Pupil of Paul Sandby or self-taught. At first continued in father's trade as confectioner. Later drawing master. Illustrated many topographical and archaeological works. Mastered art of aquatint 1791. Began Antiquities museum, four numbers a year. Died after completing third number. He had been ill six weeks with fever and left a young wife and family. The work was continued to 13 numbers by Gough and Nichols for the benefit of the family, being terminated in 1800. Exhibited Royal Academy 1786-91. Draughtsman to Society of Antiquaries. Son Robert Blemmell also draughtsman and engraver. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791: AS1. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Nichols vi, 321-22, 636; Graves; Musgrave.

SCHOLEY, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 123, Wood Street, Cheapside 1796-1800K; 45, Paternoster Row 1801P-1805H ; 46, Paternoster Row 1806P-1831R+. Trading: as Wynne and Scholey 1799H-1805H; alone 1806P-1831R+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Partner of Peter Wynne q.v. prob. as early as 1796.

SCHOLEY, William, printseller, Hoxton 1799H; 69, Sun Street, Bishopsgate 1799H. See also Snell and Scholey.

SCHWEDER, bookbinder, London 1787. Binding dated 1787. Ramsden.

SCOLA, Charles, musician (music seller deleted), Queen Street, Grosvenor Square 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

SCOLLICK and OWEN, booksellers, see Thomas Scollick.

SCOTT, B. F., engraver, 18, Broad Court, Long Acre 1790-92. Prob. pupil of John Raphael Smith. Also painter. Exhibited Society of Artists 1790-91; Royal Academy 1792. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1050-51.

SCOTT, E., music publisher, Brunswick Row, Queen's Square c1785. Music imprint c1785. Humphries and Smith.

SCOTT, G., printer, London 1775. Book advertised 1775. Plomer.

SCOTT, John, bookseller, printer and publisher, Cornhill 1748; Black Swan Paternoster Row c1748-76. Cornhill offices burnt 1748. Publ. many political pamphlets. Printed for J. Robson. Plomer.

SCOTT, John, print publisher, 4, Middle Row, Holborn 1775. J. C. Smith 1322.

SCOTT, John, engraver, London c1795-1827. B. 12 Mar. 1774, Newcastle on Tyne; s. of John S., brewer; d. 24 Dec. 1827, Chelsea. App. as tallow chandler but when his articles expired he went to London where he was taught by Robert Pollard for two years. Next he worked for Wheble, proprietor of the Sporting magazine for whom he engraved racehorses. He became the finest of British animal engravers illustrating many works and producing some 400 plates in all until paralysed by a stroke 1821. Assisted by Artists' Benevolent Fund. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SCOTT, Joseph, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, King Street, Westminster 1790U-1811H; no. 2 1790U; no. 15 1809H-1811H. Probably one of the 24 indicted journeymen 1786. Howe.

SCOTT, R. B., bookseller, 28, Brydges Street, Strand 1799-1801P; 378, Franklin's Head, opp. Beaufort Buildings, Strand 1801-1805H. Registered press 1799. Publ. first cat. 1800. Prob. succ. by John Scott, 442, Strand 1806P-1809H+. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4112. Brown; Todd; BM Book Sales.

SCOTT, William, bookbinder, 25, Houghton Street, Clare Market 1799H. Howe.

SCOTTICK, Thomas, bookseller, City Road, Moorfields 1785B; 22, City Road 1789A. Trading: alone 1785B; as Scollick and Owen 1789A. Bankrupt 30 July 1790, div. 24 Dec. 1791.

SCRUTTON, Robert, bookseller, stationer and rag merchant, 117, Whitechapel 1789A-1822P; 52, Whitechapel 1799H-1802H. Prob. connected with J. Scrutton, stationer, 111, Fore Street, Cripplegate 1822R

SCULTHORPE, John, engraver and printer, 61, Tottenham Court Road 1799; Upper Street, Islington 1799; 25, Anderson's Buildings 1800; Old Street 1800; Hart Court, Bridgewater Gardens, Cripplegate without 1801; Chapel Street, Grub Street, Cheapside 1803-24; 5, Chiswell Street 1823; 8, Lamb's Passage 1824; 90, Upper White Cross Street 1825. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1801, 1803, 1823, 1824, 1825. Todd.

SEAGO, John, printseller, High Street, St. Giles 1777-1809H; no. 27 1805H; no. 26 1809H. BM Satires 1777.

SEAGOOD and COLLINS, printers, 23, Finch Lane 1790U.

SEAGOOD, John, stationer, North side, Royal Exchange 1763M; Cornhill 1778. Bankrupt, div. 4 Mar. 1778. Trade card in Guildhall Library gives his address as Golden Bible, North gate of the Royal Exchange and notes that he also manufactured wallpaper. Sugden and Edmondson 86, 89.

SEAL, John, stationer, Queenhithe 1779. App. Hannah Hellier, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Sept. 1779, his app. William Chapman 1 Dec. 1779.

SEALE, Arthur, printer, 34, Goodge Street 1799; Fitzroy Place 1800; 15, Terrace, Tottenham Court Road 1802-04; 160, Tottenham Court Road 1805H-1821. Trading: alone 1799-1808; as Seale and Bates 1810-1811H; alone 1820-21. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1802. Todd.

SEARLE, John, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 24, Brewer Street, Golden Square 1789A-1790A; 35 Brewer Street 1790U; South Molton Street 1794; 76 and 77, Grosvenor Street 1809H-1836R. Trading: as John Searle 1789A-1826P; as Mary Ann Searle 1827Pi-1836R. Trade card Hobson collection. Howe; Ramsden.

SEATON, Frederick, stationer and paper hanging warehouse, 40, Oxford Street 1799H-1817U. Trading: as Seaton and Smith 1811H, otherwise alone. Also described as carver and gilder, 3, Great Chapel Street 1809H.

SEELEY, Leonard Benton, bookseller, 56, Paternoster Row c1795-1799H; 15, Ave Maria Lane c1798-1809; 169, Fleet Street 1809-47; Weston Green, Thames Ditton 1823-42; 54, Fleet Street 1843-84; 46-48, Essex Street, Strand 1884-96; 38, Great Russell Street 1896-1924; 196, Shaftesbury Avenue 1924+. Trading: alone c1795-1829; as L. B. Seeley and sons 1829-36; as Leonard and George Seeley 1837-43; as Seeley, Burnside and Seeley 1843-48; as Robert Benton and George Seeley 1849-54; as Seeley, Jackson and Halliday 1855-84; as Seeley and Co. 1884-1902; as Seeley and Co. Ltd. 1902-12; as Seeley, Service and Co. Ltd. 1912+. S. of Buckingham bookseller. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Poss. in Ave Maria Lane as early as c1784. Registered presses at Weston Green 1823. Publ. and sold a number of musical works. Son Robert Benton (1798-1886) served in father's business until 1826 when he took control of the publishing side of it in partnership with Burnside at 10, Crane Court 1827; 172, Fleet Street 1830, 54, Fleet Street 1840. Two firms of L. and G. Seeley and Seeley and Burnside amalgamated 1843. Partner with Jackson and Halliday who died soon after 1854. Robert Benton relinquished business to 2nd son Richmond 1857. He was a leading evangelist. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4138; Tooley: 1800: 192. DNB; Brown; Todd; Humphries and Smith.

SENIOR, John, stationer and ink powder manufacturer, 93, Leadenhall Street 1779K-1805P; 59, Leadenhall Street 1806P-1820P. George Senior, ink maker at Hand and Pen Court, Leadenhall Street 1822R.

SENTZENICK, Peter, engraver, Little Titchfield Street 1799H.

SERJEANT/SARJEANT, H., bookseller and publisher, without Temple Bar 1775. Masonic imprint 1775. Plomer.

SERRES, Dominic, publisher, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1769-79; St. George's Row, Oxford Turnpike 1770-93. B. 1722; d. 6 Nov. 1793. A sailor, captured by the English 1758. Became a painter. A foundation member of the Royal Academy. Marine painter to King 1780. Exhibited Royal Academy 1769-93. Son John Thomas. Imprint(s): Tooley: 1777: 450. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; Musgrave.

SETCHELL, Henry, bookseller and stationer, King Street, Covent Garden 1774-87; 23, King Street 1788K-1838P+. Trading: as Henry Setchell 1774-1805H; as Henry Setchell and son 1809-1829P; as Henry Setchell 1830P-1834P; as John Frederick Setchell 1822R; 1835P-1838P+. Westminster Polls 1774: Pe., Cl.; 1784: H., W. Music imprint 1809. Humphries and Smith.

SEWELL, John, bookseller, 32, Cornhill 1774K-1802. Trading: as Brotherton and Sewell 1774K-1775N; alone 1776K-1802. D. 19 Nov. 1802 aged 68. Partner with John Brotherton in Cornhill c1754-75. Succ. to business 1775. Expert on shipbuilding. Proposed the construction of a reservoir under Cornhill after a fire there. After a mutiny in the fleet in 1792 he drew up proposals for a Marine Voluntary Association for manning the Channel fleet. Publ. European magazine 1782-1802. Publ. pamphlet urging the use of jute for paper 1797. Shop much visited by merchants. Succ. by James Asperne 1802. Imprint(s): Kress: 1777?: B70; 1779: B202; 1780: B272: 1782: B518: 1784: B698; 1786: B1007-09, 1127; 1788: B1462; 1792: B2343: 1793: B2447, 2601-02, 2612; 1797: B3338-39; 1798: B3691; 1799: B3982; Abbey: 1792: AT49, 50; 1795?: AT185; 1800: AL331. Plomer; Nichols, iii, 405, 737-39; BM Satires 1786; Brown.

SHACKLE, John, stationer, 41, Fore Street, Cripplegate 1784B-1785B; 39, Fore Street 1789A-1802H. Trading: as John Shackle 1784B-1785B; as W. Shackell 1789A, as Thomas Shackle 1799H;as John Shackle 1802H.

SHACKLE, Thomas, stationer, see John Shackle.

SHACKLE, W., stationer, see John Shackle.

SHARP, John, stationer, 378, Oxford Street 1793L.

SHARP, John Thomas, bookbinder, Creed Lane, Ludgate Hill 1789-91; no. 3 1790U; St. Andrew's Hill, Upper Thames Street 1792-1812; no. 41 1799H-1809H; no. 40 1802H; Castle Street, Fleet Market 1815-23; Hosier Lane, Smithfield 1822-26+. Trading: as Thomas Sharp 1790U; as T. B. Sharp 1802H, otherwise as John Thomas Sharp. S. of Robert S. of St. Benet Paul's Wharf labourer. App. brother Robert £8 1 Aug 1780, free Sta. Co. 7 Aug. 1787, livery 1 Mar. 1791, 1789-1804 6 apps., 4 premiums. Howe; Ramsden.

SHARP, Mary, with Joseph Allingham q.v. 1799. Todd.

SHARP, Robert, bookbinder, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1780-93; no. 18 1784-B1792. S. of Robert S. of St. Benet Paul's Wharf, labourer; decd. 1795/6. App. John Fuller senior 5 Dec. 1769, free Sta. Co. 4 Feb. 1777, livery 7 Dec. 1779, 1780-93 4 apps., 1 premium £8. City Poll 1781: L. Brother John Thomas app. 1780. Howe; Ramsden.

SHARP, Thomas, bookbinder, 3, Creed Lane, Ludgate Hill 1790U. Prob. the same as John Thomas Sharp q.v. Ramsden.

SHARP, William, engraver, Bartholomew Lane c 1760-82; Vauxhall 1782. B. 29 Jan. 1749, Haydon Yard, Minories, s. of a gunmaker; d. 25 July 1824, Chiswick. App. Barak Longmate. Sold writing engraver's shop and moved to Vauxhall where he devoted himself to the higher branches of the art. Engr. for Novelists magazine and various books, also produced plates after old masters and contemporary artists such as West, Trumbull and Reynolds. In his early years he was a republican and a friend of Thomas Paine and Horne Tooke. Examined for treason by Privy Council. Later a staunch adherent of Joanna Southcott. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SHATWELL, Peter, bookseller, Strand 1774-1785B; 411 opp. Adelphi Buildings, Strand 1784B-1785B. Medical imprint 1775. Took in advertisements for Morning advertiser 1785P. Plomer.

SHAVE and SHELL, booksellers, 379, Strand 1790U. See also Harry Shaw.

SHAW, A. H., bookseller, see Harry Shaw.

SHAW, Harry, bookseller, 379, Strand 1789A-1796; 10, Great Turnstile, Holborn 1799H-1802H. Trading: as A. H. Shaw 1789A-1792U; as Harry Shaw 1796-1799H; as Henry Shaw 1802H. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. See also Shave and Shell.

SHAW, J. W., printer and publisher, opp. Anderson's Coffee House, Fleet Street 1775-76. Publ. The Crisis, a political periodical critical of the American War 1775-76. When it closed the authors announced their intention of leaving for America. Plomer.

SHAW, John, bookseller, 25, 1783B-1785P. Norton Falgate 1783B-1785P.

SHAW, Richard, printer, 7, Silver Street, Whitefriars 1785P-1810; Fetter Lane 1807P-1849; no. 138 1807P-1808P; no. 137 1807-23; nos. 137-138 1823-44; nos. 136-138 1845-49; 8, Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1885-90. Trading: as Richard Shaw 1785P-1801; as John Shaw 1802H-1823; as J. Shaw and sons 1823-49; as Shaw and Co. 1885-90. D. 23 Jan. 1801 aged 65, Pentonville. Free Clothworkers' Co., livery Turners' Co. by 1792. Printed Merchant and tradesman's London directory 1787. 'A worthy, unassuming printer'. Firm registered presses 1807 and still exists today. Howe; Todd; Goss; Nichols iii, 739; Timperley 808.

SHEEPEY, Marshall, beadle to Sta. Co., Stationers' Court, Ludgate Hill 1781. D. 29 Jan. 1787. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Musgrave.

SHELDON, William, bookseller and shagreen case maker, Exeter Court 1782; 10, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1799H. Will proved 14 Feb 1802, PROB 11/1370 (image 253). Elizabeth Sheldon, late of Castle Street, bookseller and casemaker, Mooon Street, Soho, will proved 16 Jun 1808, PROB 11/1499 (image 346). Information from descendant.

SHELL, bookseller, see Shave and Shell.

SHELTON, William, copperplate printer, see William Shilton.

SHENTON and BROWN, stationers, see William Shenton.

SHENTON, James, stationer, 5, Cornhill 1783B-1790U; 80, Lombard Street 1792K. Trading: as William Shenton and son 1783B; as James Shenton 1784B-1792K. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner and successor of William Shenton q.v. Bankrupt 23 Oct. 1790, cert. 19 Feb. 1791, div. 30 July 1791, 13 Oct. 1792, 5 Nov. 1795, 22 Aug. 1796 final. Retired to Clapton by 1796.

SHENTON, William, stationer, Cornhill 1753K-1765K; 5, Cornhill 1767K-1783B. Trading: alone 1753K-1772K; as Shenton and Brown 1772L-1775N; alone 1776K-1782K; as William Shenton and son 1783B. Succ. by James Shenton q.v.

SHEPHERD, Thomas, stationer, 147, Minories 1772L-1781L. Publ. Midnight rambler l772. Plomer.

SHEPPARD, Charles, copperplate printer and printseller, Lambeth Hill, Doctors' Commons 1778-85; no. 19 1786-91; St. Peter's Hill 1792; no. 15 1794; Little Britain 1796-98; no. 74 1799H. App. James Noyes, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 3 May 1775, Apps. Samuel Cason 3 Aug. 1785, Benjamin Joseph Rothery 5 Dec. 1787, John Woodbridge 3 Sept. 1788, David Morgan 6 Apr. 1791, Canute Cason 5 Sept. 1792, Edward Waites 2 Nov. 1796, James Hunt 4 Apr. 1798. BM Satires 1778-94.

SHEPPERSON and REYNOLDS, booksellers and stationers, see John Shepperson and Thomas Reynolds.

SHEPPERSON, John, bookseller and stationer, 137, Oxford Street 1780L-1801 P. Trading: alone 1780L-1781L; as Shepperson and Reynolds 1782L-1801P. Publ. cats. 1784-91. Succ. by Thomas Reynolds q.v. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3884. Nichols iii, 663; BM Book sales.

SHERBORN, Charles, engraver and printer, 41, Gutter Lane, Cheapside 1784B-1785P. B. 1714; d. 19 Aug. 1786. Engr. trade cards and bookplates. Mrs. Elizabeth Sherborn d. 30 Nov. 1787. Thieme and Becker; Todd; Musgrave.

SHERBORN, Hannah, engraver, 41, Gutter Lane, Cheapside 1799H-1811P; 9, Huggin Lane, Wood Street 1801. Registered press with Joseph Vigevenna in Huggin Lane 1801. Maltby and Co., lace manufacturers at 41, Gutter Lane by 1812P.

SHERBORN, Thomas, engraver, Craven Street, Strand 1784B-1785P.

SHERLOCK, A., printseller and publisher, Prince's Street, Lambeth 1786. BM Satires.

SHERLOCK, Edward (or J.), printseller and publisher, Drury Lane 1784. BM Satires.

SHERLOCK, John, stationer, 28, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square 1785B.

SHERLOCK, William, engraver, at Mr. Welker's, Gerrard Street, corner of Macclesfield Street, Soho 1763M-1764; Church Street, St. Anne's 1765-74; 17, Newman Street 1775-78; 25, Norton Street, Portland Chapel 1780; 78, Sloane Street 1796-97; 125 Strand 1799-1800; 43, Broad Street, Golden Square 1803-06. B. Dublin, said to be s. of a prize fighter. Active 1759-1806. Studied St. Martin's Lane Academy 1759-60. Premium Society of Arts 1759. Pupil of J. P. Le Bas in Paris. Later took to portrait painting. Engraved plates for Smollett's History of England. Director Society of Artists 1774. Exhibited Society of Artists 1764-80, Royal Academy 1796-1806. Son William P. Sherlock portrait painter and engraver. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SHERWIN, engraver, 2, Iittle Knightrider Street, Doctors' Commons 1789A.

SHERWIN, Charles, engraver, London c1780-94. D. 1794 aged about 30. Active from c 1780. Assisted brother John Keyse Sherwin but also engraved independently including plates for Bell's British library. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SHERWIN, John Keyse, engraver, at Bartolozzi's, Broad Street, Golden Square 1774; Bedford Court, Covent Garden 1775-77; Strand, near Temple Bar 1778; 28, St. James's Street 1780-1785P. B. c1751, East Dean, Sussex; d. 20 Sept. 1790 aged 39. Talents discovered by William Mitford 1769. Medal Society of Arts. Studied painting under John Astley and engraving under Bartolazzi. Student at Royal Academy 1772. Engraver to King in imitation of chalk drawings in succession to William Woollett 1785-90. Also engraver to Prince of Wales. Exhibited Royal Academy 1774-84, Society of Artists 1778. Produced many engravings after Poussin, Reynolds, Stothard, Gainsborough and other masters. Of extravagant and vicious nature. Forced to seek refuge from creditors in the house of Robert Wilkinson, printseller in Cornhill. Died in small ale-house in the Oxford Road. Brother Charles also engraver. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1748; Musgrave.

SHERWIN, Thomas, bookbinder, Poppin's Court 1799; George Street, Shoreditch 1813-19; 67, Great Queen Street 1824-1830R. Aged 27 in 1804. Free Sta. Co. patrimony 5 Mar. 1799, 1799-1828 5 apps. Joined Benefit Soc. 1804. Described as portable desk manufacturer 1830R. Howe.

SHERWIN, William, engraver, 3, Lilly-Pot Lane 1790U.

SHIELD, I., engraver, London? 1782. Engraved composition by William Shield 1782. Humphries and Smith.

SHILFOX and CARPENTER, engravers, see David Shilfox.

SHILFOX, David, engraver, 372, Oxford Street 1789A-1790U. Trading: as Shilfox and Carpenter 1789A; alone 1790U. Active 1770-98. Engraved bookplates and trade cards. Thieme and Becker.

SHILTON, William, copperplate printer, Portland Street 1774-84. Trading: as Shilton 1774; as Shelton 1784. Westminster Polls 1774: Mo., Ma., 1784: H., W.

SHIVAS/SHEWAS/SHIDAS, John, stationer and perfumer, 46, Howland Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H-1806P.

SHOVE, John, bookbinder, bookseller and stationer, Mitre, opp. Furnival's Inn c1760; Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1763-75. App. Joseph Shove deed., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Aug. 1760, his app. John Johnson I Feb. 1775, J. (poss. Joseph) Shove in business c1756, bookbinder to Duke of Cumberland. Trade card Heal collection. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. See also Joseph Shove. Plomer; Howe.

SHOVE, Joseph, bookbinder, bookseller and stationer, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1779-86; 3, Harvey's Buildings, Strand 1785P. Trading: alone 1779-84; as Shove and son 1785P. App. John Shove, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 7 Oct. 1778, apps. John Griffiths 3 Mar. 1779, William Jenkins 3 Sept. 1783, William Lefeaver 6 Sept. 1786, son George 5 July 1797. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Bankrupt 1784, cert. 7 May 1785. In Exeter 1797. See also John Shove. Howe; Ramsden.

SHRIGLEY, Mary, stationer, Red Lyon Square 1784B-1785P; 42, Devonshire Street 1799H-1802H. Trading: as Mary Shrigley and Co. 1784B-1785P; as M. and M. Shrigley 1799H-1802H.

SHROPSHIRE, Walter, bookseller, New Bond Street 1767-79; Kings Arms and Golden Ball 1767-68; no. 120 1768K-1773L; no. 153 1774K-1775K, no. 158 1773-79; no. 151 1777N. Poss. s. of William S., bookseller; d. 17 Oct. 1785, Hendon. Formerly partner with William Shropshire. Publ. Catas. 1767-78. Stock came into hands of Boydell. Retired and succ. by Watson and Dickinson 1779. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Walter or William's wife d. 1763. W. Shropshire bookbinder to King 1762-88. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7168. Plomer; Nichols iii, 664, viii, 485; Timperley 757; BM Book sales J. C. Smith liii, 224, 1555; Musgrave

SIBBALD, J., copperplate printer, London? 1793-96. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793-96: AL248

SIBELIUS, Gerrard, engraver, at Mr Lafond's, Mardom Street 1775; Lisle Street, Leicester Square 1785. D. 11 Feb. 1785. Active in The Hague c1759-75. Sun insurance policy 349934 13 Feb.1775 Guildhall library ms. 11,936/236. Thieme and Becker Musgrave.

SIBLY, book seller, 48 , Bunhill Row 1785P.

SIBLY, Edmund, bookseller, 24, Brick Lane, Spitalfields 1792U; 29, Brick Lane 1799H.

SIBLY, Job, bookseller, Goswell Street 1792U.

SIBLY, Manoah, bookseller, 35, Goswell Street 1792U-1811H. Trading: as Monaah Sibly 1792U-1805H; as M. Sibly 1809H-1811H Mary Sibley, bookseller,at 4, Carthusian Street, Aldersgate 1817U.

SIDNEY, George, printer, 27, Leadenhall Srreet 1799H. D. prob. Aug.-Oct. 1799. Registered press 1799. Succ. by William Joseph Ruffy. Todd.

SILK, George, stamp and tool maker. 15, Great Knightrider Street 1799H.

SILVESTER, John, pocket book maker, Charterhouse Lane 1799H.

SIMCO, John, bookseller and printer, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1788-95; no 11 1790U; Golden Square 1799; 2, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1802H-1805H; Air Street, Piccadilly 1809H-1812. Trading: as James Simco 1802H: otherwise as John Simco. Publ. cats. 1788-99. "An industrious and intelligent little man, who at least deserves to survive.' (Nichols iii, 664). See also Since, John BM Book sales, 1799.

SIMKINS, S., printseller and publisher, Piccadilly 1787. BM Satires.

SIMMONS, stationer, see Vallance and Simmons.

SIMMONS, FIELD and STEPHENSON, stationers Leadenhall Street 1765K, 5, Leadenhall Street 1767K-1778K. Trading: as Simmons and Co. 1765K; as Simmons, Field and Stephenson 1767K-1778K. Later Field and Woodmason q.v.

SIMMONS, George, bookseller, 59, Barbican 1785B.

SIMMONS, Humphrey, stationer, 40, High Holborn 1779L-1795K; Beckenham 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L. Bankrupt 6 Dec. 1794, superseded 20 Dec. 1795.

SIMMONS, Samuel, stationer and bookseller, Aldermanbury 1742; St. Martin'sle Grand 1796-1799H; no. 10 1799H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

SIMMONS, William, bookseller and bookbinder, Kings Head Court, St. Martin's 1783-84; 64, Paternoster Row 1794; 67, Paternoster Row 1799H-1811H. Trading: as John Simmons 1802H, otherwise as William Simmons. S. of George S. of Shoreditch, framework knitter. App. William Cock 2 Feb. 1773, free Framework Knitters' Co. by 1783, 1 turn over 1783. Westminster Poll 1784 H., W. Howe; Ramsden.

SIMONS, Robert, printer, Tufton Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

SIMPKINS, William, engraver and printer, 251, Strand c1790; 9, Clement's Inn 1790U-1802H. Prob. engr. bookplates c 1780. Engr. music items c 1790-94. Thieme and Becker; Humphries and Smith.

SIMPSON, A., publisher 116, Strand 1783. Publ. London Courant 1783. Werkmeister.

SIMPSON and BURRUP, vellum binders, see William Simpson and John Burrup.

SIMPSON, David, bookseller and stationer, 94, Chancery Lane 1790U.

SIMPSON, J. C., music seller, Sweetings Alley 1796-97. Bankrupt 11 Apr. 1797, div. 1 July 1797, 20 May 1800 final. Music imprint 1796. Poss. the same as James Simpson II. Humphries and Smith.

SIMPSON, James I, musical instrument maker, music printer and publisher, Bass Viol and flute, Sweetings Alley c1764-95. Trading: alone c1764-67; as James and John Simpson c1767-95. S. of John and Anne Simpson, in Sweetings Alley 1734-49 and c1749-51 respectively. Son John partner. Presumably related to James Simpson II. Humphries and Smith.

SIMPSON, James II, music seller, 15, Sweetings Alley 1798L-1803P. Music imprint c1799. Poss. the same as J. C. Simpson. Humphries and Smith.

SIMPSON, Thomas, bookbinder, 16, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane 1790U. Ramsden.

SIMPSON, Thomas, engraver, printseller and drawing master, at Mr. Buskin's, carver, Aldermanbury 1765; Red Lyon Street, Clerkenwell 1767-78; St. Paul's Churchyard 1788-99; 10, London House Yard, St. Paul's 1799H. Exhibited Society of Artists 1765-78. Also watercolourist. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1794: AS270: 1799: AL148. Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith liii, 610, 1625.

SIMPSON, William, printseller, 13, Parliament Street 1790U.

SIMPSON, William, vellum binder, Three King's Court, Lombard Street 1777-82; 83, Lombard Street 1784B-1790U; St. Martin's Lane, Cannon Street 1792-1800; 27, St. Martin's Lane, Thames Street 1799H-1802H. Trading: alone 1777-82; as Simpson and Burrup 1784B-1790U; alone 1794-1802H. App. James Clark, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 July 1769, apps. John Kimpson 1 Oct. 1777, Edward Want 5 Nov. 1777, son William Farmer 4 Dec. 1782, William Day 1 Dec. 1784, Nicholas Bartlett 6 June 1792, Harry Hunt 6 Mar. 1793, John Bull 5 Apr. 1797, Henry Forster Cruttenden 2 Apr. 1800. See also John Burrup. Howe; Ramsden.

SIMPSQN, John, musical instrument maker, music printer and seller, Bass Viol and Lute, near East Door, Royal Exchange c1765-66; 15, Sweetings Alley c1767-1797L. Trading: as James and John Simpson c1765-1795K; alone 1796L-1797L. S. of James S. I q.v. Humphries and Smith.

SINCE, John, bookseller, 14, Great Queen Street 1792U. Prob. error for Simco, John q.v.

SINCLEARE, Charles, stationer, 87, Lombard Street 1789L-1792K; 16, Lombard Street 1794B-1795K; 8, Clement's Lane 1797K-1799H. Livery Girdlers Co. by 1792. See also Wilsonn and Sincleare. Sincleare was in business with Charles Edward Wilsonn by 1775.

SINGLETON, Joseph, stationer, Brewer Street, Golden Square 1772K-1777N. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., (31.

SKARRATT, Robert Thomas, music engraver and composer, 54, Great Wild Street c1796-1809; 10, King's Place, St. Pancras c1809-1811; 9, Platt's Terrace, St. Pancras 1817-1818 ; 11, Terrace, Upper Street, Islington c1821-1828; 5, Eyre Street, Clerkenwell c1830; 18, Cloth Fair c1836-38; 1, Pearl Crescent, Lower Road, Pentonville c 1839. Prob. active from c1791. Humphries and Smith.

SKELTON, A., printer and printseller, 23, Haymarket 1799H. see also William Skelton.

SKELTON, Thomas, music seller, St. Martin's Churchyard 1790U.

SKELTON, William I, copperplate printer, St. James, Westminster 1777. Son William II q.v. app. John Lodge cit. and Merchant Taylor 2 July 1777.

SKELTON, William II, historical engraver, 1, Stafford Place, Pimlico 1802H-1811H. B. 14 June 1763 s. of William S. of St. James, Westminster, copperplate printer; d. 13 Aug. 1848, Upper Ebury Street. App. John Lodge cit. and Merchant Taylor 2 July 1777. Studied Royal Academy. Pupil of James Basire and William Sharp. Worked in line manner. Produced plates for Boydell's Shakspeare, Macklin's Bible, Sharp's British classics and many other fine publications of the period. Also notable for portraits of contemporaries and marine subjects. Later practised in litho. Retired long before his death. A philanthropist, 50 years on the committee of the Female Orphan Asylum. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SKELTON, William, stationer and printseller, 11, Haymarket 1787L; 23, Haymarket 1788L-1798K. see also A. Skelton.

SKILLERN, George, music seller and engraver, 17, St. Martin's Lane 1799H.

SKILLERN, Thomas, music engraver, music seller and publisher, opp. Tom's Coffee House, Great) Russell Street 1766-69; 17, St. Martin's Lane 1769-1802H; St. Martin's Churchyard (residence?) n.d. Trading: as Straight and Skillern 1766-77; alone 1778-1802H. Employed as engraver by John Walsh the younger. Later partner with Thomas Straight q.v. Partnership dissolved late 1777 or early 1778. May have acquired the business of James Oswald, previously at St. Martin's Churchyard. Almost entire stock of music plates purchased by Thomas Preston c1803. Son? Thomas also active as music seller and publisher 25, Greek Street, Soho 1805H-1817U+. Humphries and Smith.

SKILLERS, Thomas, music seller, 17, Chandos Street 1790U.

SKINNER, William, bookbinder, Dolphin Court, Ludgate Street 1778; 22, Warwick Lane 1784B-1794; 7, New Court, Fleet Market 1805. S. of William S. of Wiltshire, husbandman. App. Daniel Baker 7 Nov. 1749, free Sta. Co. 7 Mar. 1758, 1778-1805 5 apps., 1 premium £10. Howe.

SKIRVEN, John, printer, Bouncing B., corner of Old Gravel Lane, 65, Ratcliffe Highway 1785P-1824. Trading: as John Skirven 1785P-1817; as John Skirven junior 1817-24. S. of Alexander S. of St. Martin's Lane, cabinet maker. App. William Bailey 1769, free Sta. Co. 1776, livery 1787, 1778-1809 12 apps., 4 premiums, average £15. Registered press 1799. Son John app. his father 1809, succ. to business poss. on father's death c1817. Howe; Todd.

SLANN, John, law stationer, Chancery Lane 1796; 31, Goulston Street, Whitechapel 1799H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796.

SLEDGE, S. (or Mrs.), printseller and publisher, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 177177. William Dickinson publ. from this address 1774-76. BM Satires.

SMARDON, Elias, stationer etc., see Elias Smerdon.

SMART, George, musical instrument maker and music seller and publisher, corner Conduit Street, near Savile Row c1773-74; 381, corner Argyll Street, Oxford Street 1774-1805. Previously employed by James Bremner, later by William Napier. Cata. publ. by Smart's Music Warehouse 1798. Succ. by William Turnbull. Son Sir George Smart the musician. Humphries and Smith; BM Book sales.

SMART, William, engraver, 19, Ann Street, Pentonville 1799H; 30, Warren Street, Fitzroy Square 1802H.

SMEETON, Joseph, printer, St. Martin's Lane 1794-96; 148, St. Martin's Lane 1796L-1808. D. 26 May 1809. Westminster Poll 1796: T. Registered presses 1799. He and his wife perished in a fire at his office. Son George Smeeton active as printer at 17, St. Martin's Lane 1809-22 (See DNB). Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2670, 2755, 2852; 1796: B3137; 1800: B4240; Abbey: 1794: AS513; Tooley: 1794: 462. Timperley 835; Todd; Brown.

SMERDON and UNDERHILL, stationers, Sweetings Alley 1779. See Elias Smerdon. Imprint: 1779: Jones, William A complete history of all the religious houses in ... Devon and Cornwall.

SMERDON, Elias, stationer and insurance broker, 117, Minories 1778K-1779L; 5, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1779K. See also Smerdon and Underhill. Elias Smerdon, merchant, listed at Copthall Buildings 1780L+.

SMITH, printing ink maker and manufacturer of ink for marking linen, Windmill Hill, Upper Moorfields 1785P. "This list is printed with it", Pendred.

SMITH, (perhaps Thomas), stationer, see Joseph Barber.

SMITH, Mrs., stationer, Strand 1789. D. 21 Feb. 1789 aged 33. Poss. connected with Thomas Smith q.v. Musgrave

SMITH and Co., circulating library, Sloane Street, Chelsea 1799H.

SMITH and GARDINER, stationers and printsellers, 40, Oxford Street 1789L-1799H. Trading: as Smith and Gardiner 1789L-1797L; as Esther Smith 1797L; as E. Smith 1799H. See also Edward Smith.

SMITH and JENNINGS, stationers, 34, St. Paul's Churchyard 1787L-1794L. Succ. by William Jennings q.v.

SMITH and LEPARD, wholesale stationers and rag merchants, 91, Newgate Street 1794B-1796L; 103, Shoe Lane 1797L-1798K. See also William Lepard.

SMITH and RAND, engravers, Fetter Lane 1774; 117, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1784B-1789A. Also described as jewellers 1789A. Prob. primarily seal engravers. One partner, Richard Rand q.v., a medallist, exhibited Society of Artrists 1774, Royal Academy 1785.

SMITH, Anker, engraver, Church Lane, Chelsea 1794; 31, Old Bond Street 1796; Church Street, Chelsea 1797-99; Upper Ranelagh Street 1800; 1, Bridge Row, Pimlico 1802-18. B. 1759, Cheapside, s. of a silk merchant; d. 23 June 1819. App. James Taylor, engraver, to 1782. At first intended for the law. Assistant to James Heath 1782. Became one of the finest line engravers of the day. Engr. many ports. for John Bell's British poets from 1787. Worked for Boydell from 1796. Associate Royal Academy 1797. Worked on Boydell's Shakspeare 1802, Macklin's Bible 1800, Sharpe's British classics, Ancient marbles in the British Museum 1812 and many other fine publs. Exhibited Royal Academy 1794-1818. Two of his sons also artists. Imprints: Abbey 1794: AT719. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

SMITH, Benjamin, stationer, Tavistock Street 1784B-1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

SMITH, Benjamin, engraver, printseller and publisher, 10, Pleasant Row, Battle Bridge 1786; 21, Judd Place, Somers Town 1805H. D. 1833, Judd Place. Pupil of Bartolozzi. Worked in stipple. Most of his important plates were for the Boydells, incl. work for the large Shakspeare series. Publ. some smaller plates himself. Ended life in relative poverty. DNB; Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1786.

SMITH, C., newspaper publisher, 159, Fleet Street 1795. Publ. Telegraph 1795.

SMITH, Charles stationer, map and globe seller, 172, Strand c1800-52. Trading: alone c1800-1822R; as John Smith 1809H, 1811H; as Charles Smith and Son 1827-52. Publ. many fine maps and atlases. Succ. by William Smith 1853. Chubb.

SMITH, Ebenezer, bookseller, Church Street, Hackney 1799H-1805H.

SMITH, Edward, stationer, 40, Oxford Street 192. Livery Tiler and Bricklayers' Co. by 1792. See Smith and Gardiner.

SMITH, Esther, stationer and printseller, see Smith and Gardiner.

SMITH, Gabriel, engraver, London c1765-83. B. 1724, London; d. 1783. Studied in London. To Paris with William Wynne Ryland where he learned the chalk manner c1760. Returned to England where a series of engravings in this manner was publ. by J. Bowles as The school of art, or most complete drawing-book extant 1765. Engraved for Boydell 1767. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SMITH, H., printer, 4, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1799H.

SMITH, H., bookseller and stationer, Kensington c1794U. Trading: as H. and M. Smith.

SMITH, Henry, stationer and paper hanger, 85, High Holborn 1798K-1799H. Smith and Co. paper hanging manufacturers at 99, Holborn 1800P.

SMITH, J., printseller or publisher, London 1784. Publ. print at B. Walwyn's, 2, Pedlar's Acre and one at Holland's, 66, Drury Lane 1784. BM Satires.

SMITH, James, printer and bookseller, 14, Bridges Street, Covent Garden 1799H. Error for James Smith Barr q.v.

SMITH, John, printseller and mapseller, Hogarth's Head, facing Wood Street, Cheapside 1762-79; 34, Cheapside 1772L; 35, Cheapside 1773L-1792.Livery Loriners' Co. by 1792. Often publ. in conjunction with Sayer and Bennett in the 1770s. Trade card Heal Collection. Plomer; BM Satires 1771-89; J.C.Smith liii, 806, 1739.

SMITH, John, publisher, 79, High Holborn 1779. Published Works of Aristotle 1779.

SMITH, John, publisher, London 1797. Sentenced to two years hard labour in Clerkenwell for publishing The duties of citizenship 6 Feb. 1797. Timperley 793.

SMITH, John, stationer, Blandford Street, Manchester Square 1799H.

SMITH, John, stationer, 17, Pall Mall 1799H.

SMITH, John, printseller, 54, Old Bailey 1799H.

SMITH, John, copperplate printer, King's Head Court, Shoe Lane 1784-92. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City poll 1784: A.

SMITH, John Raphael, engraver and printseller, 4, Exeter Court, Strand 1773-74; 10, Bateman's Buildings 1775-80; 83, Oxford Street 1781-86; 31, King Street, Covent Garden 1787-1806P; 3, Barton Street, Westminster 1802H; 33, Newman Street 1809-11; Doncaster 1810. B. 1752, Derby, s. of Thomas, landscape painter; d. 2 Mar. 1812, Doncaster. App. linendraper in Derby. To London as shopman c1767. Active as painter and engraver by 1769. Earliest plates issued by others. Studied engraving from 1769 and made rapid progress. Became one of finest mezzotint engravers. Many portraits after Reynolds, Romney etc. also subject plates. Mezzotint engraver to Prince of Wales 1784-1799H. Produced a total of some 300 plates and carried on an extensive trrade as a printseller, employing Girtin and Turner to colour prints. Exhibited Society of Artists 1773-90, Free Society 1782, Royal Academy 1779-1805. westminster poll 1796: F. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; BM Satires 1781-86; J.C.Smith 1241-1321.

SMITH, John Thomas, engraver and printseller, 18, Gerrard Street, Soho 1787; 18, Great May's Buildings, St. Martin's Lane 1788; 40, Frith Street, Soho 1797-98; 36, Newman Street, Oxford Street 1805H-1806P. B. 23 June 1766, London, s. of Nathaniel s. q.v.; d. 8 Mar. 1833, 22, University Street, Tottenham Court Road. Studied with Joseph Nollekens, sculptor 1778-81, then with John Keyse Sherwin, mezzotint engraver 1781. Abandoned engraving for topographical drawing 1783. Drawing master at Edmonton 1788-1816. Compiled Antiquities of London and its environs 1791-1800. Returned to London as portrait painter and engraver 1795. Antiquities of Westminster publ. amid disputes with collaborator John Sidney Hawkins 1807-09. Keeper of prints and drawings British Museum 1816. Publ. various illustrated works on London and other subjects. Exhibited Royal Academy 1787-88. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

SMITH, Joseph, stationer, St. James's Market 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. See also Samuel Smith.

SMITH, Joseph, stationer, St.Martin le Grand 1767K; 14 St. Martin le Grand 1768K-1777N. Prob. same as Joseph Smith, stationer and paper hanging maker, Rose and Crown, corner of Angell Street, St. Martin le Grand who issued trade card Heal Collectuion c1770. Plomer.

SMITH, Joseph, printer, 6, King Street, Seven Dials 1784-1809H; 19, King Street 1804; 49, King Street 1805; 7, King Street 1810. Trading: as J. and J.Smith 1794-1808; as J. and W.Smith 1809H. S. of William Smith I. Free Sta. Co. 1799. Registered press 1805. Brother William II q.v. Howe; Todd.

SMITH, M., bookseller and stationer, Kensington c1794U. Trading: as H. & M. Smith.

SMITH, M., printseller and publisher, 46, Fleet Street 1783-84. This was the address of George Kearsley. BM Satires.

SMITH, Nathaniel, printseller, St. Martin's Lane 1763; Portland Street 1767-73; no. 7 1772-73; St. Anne's Court 1784; Rembrandt's Head, 18, Great May's Buildings 1790U-1802H.B. 1740/1. Pupil in Shipley's Academy, Strand and in St. Martin's Lane Academy. Six prizes Society of Arts 1761-67. At first sculptor, chief assistant to Joseph Nollekens 1781. Later became printseller publishing prints with his son John Thomas q.v. Exhibited Free Society 1761-63, Society of Artists 1767-73, Royal Academy 1772-73. Westminster Polls 1784: H., W., 1796: F., T. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

SMITH, Richard, pocket book maker, 13, Queen Street, Golden Square 1799H-1802H.

SMITH, Richard, newsman, Chandler Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

SMITH, Robert, bookseller, next Barnard's Inn n.d. Publ. cata. n.d., poss. before 12775. Nichols iii, 464.

SMITH, Robert, engraver and printer, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1799H-1817U; no. 6 1799H-1809H; no. 8 1810P-1817U.

SMITH, Robert, engraver, 87, Cornhill 1784B-1790U; 86, Cornhill 1785B.

SMITH, Robert, stationer, Avery Farm Row, Chelsea 1785. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

SMITH, Robert, carver, gilder and printseller, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross 1793-1820P; no. 7 1796L-1820P. J.C.Smith 156.

SMITH, S., bookseller and publisher, 17, Paternoster Row 1775-76. Plomer.

SMITH, Samuel, stationer, 35, St. Paul's Churchyard 1791. See Smith and Jennings.

SMITH, Samuel, bookseller, 8, Paternoster Row 1790U.

SMITH, Samuel, stationer, 16, St. James's Market 1784B-1785P. See also Joseph Smith.

SMITH, Samuel, stationer and wholesale quill dealer, 6, near Staples Inn, Lower Holborn 1779L-1812; 7, Cowpers Court, Cornhill 1801P; 7, Lower Holborn 1802H. Trading: alone 1779L-1805P; as Samuel Smith and Son 1799H, 1806P-1812. Livery Coopers' Co. by 1792. Succ. William Roach. Trade card Heal Collection c1770. Prob. connected with Smith and Vennor, stationer and chart sellers, 5, Postern Row, Tower Hill 1802H-1846; 20 and 22, George Street 1847-85; as Smith and Vennor 1802H-1803P; as Samuel Smith 1805H-1822R; as S., and F. Smith 1817-19; as Smith and Ebbs 1828-85. Also described as wholesale quill dealers 1817U. Firm prob. produced jigsaw puzzles 1810-14. Plomer; Todd; Hannas.

SMITH, Samuel, engraver, london. B. c1748, London; d. 1808, London. Thieme and Becker.

SMITH, Samuel, printer, 4, Temple Street, Whitefriars 1799H.

SMITH, Sarah, stationer, Lothbury 1753K-1754K; Bartholomew Lane 1755K-1765K; 5, Bartholomew Lane 1767K-1769K; 13, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1771K-1792L. Trading: alone 1753K-1763M; as Sarah Smith and Son 1765K-1792L. Poss. connected with William Smith, stationer, 9, Sweetings Alley.

SMITH, T., newspaper printer, 1, Clement's Inn 1799; 335, Strand? 1799-1800. Printed Express and London herald 1799, London recorder 1781-84, Morning post 1799-1800. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

SMITH, T., printseller and publisher, 6, Wardour Street 1785. BM Satires.

SMITH, T., print publisher, 35, New Bond Street 1787. Poss. the same as Thomas Smith, haberdasher, 25, New Bond Street 1787L. J.C.Smith 639.

SMITH< Thomas, stationer and rag merchant, 430, Oxford Street 1784B-1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

SMITH, Thomas, stationer, 46, Strand 1776K-1790U.Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Polls 1781: C., 1784: A. See also Mrs Smith.

SMITH, Thomas, stationer, 48, Fleet Market 1798K; 48, Fleet Street 1799H.

SMITH, Thomas, stationer, Sweetings Alley 1792U. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Bankrupt 6 Oct. 1792, cert. 20 Apr. 1793, div. 9 Mar. 1793. No trade given in 1792 livery list.

SMITH, William, engraver, New Exchange Coffee House, Strand 1776. Exhibited Society of Artists 1773-76. Mezzotint engraver. Graves.

SMITH, William, printer, stationer and bookbinder, 40, Oxford Street. Decd. by 1790. See Smith and Gardiner.

SMITH, William I, printer, Castle Street, Oxford Market 1785P. 1798-99 5 apps., 3 premiums average £10. Sons William II free Sta. Co. 1795 and Joseph, free 1799. Imprints: Kress: 1793: B2462; 1794: B2650, 2685, 2754, 2780, 2824, 2856, 2858; 1795: B3060, S5483; 1798: B3690. Howe; Todd.

SMITH, William II, printer, King Street, Seven Dials 1799-1844; no. 49 1799-1805H; no. 6 1809H-1827; nos. 4 and 6 1828-31; no.6 1832-44. Trading: as William Smith 1799-1805H; as J. and W. Smith 18099H-1811H; and W. Smith and Co. 1810-18; as W. Smith 1817-35; as W. Smith and Co. 1836; as W. Smith, Son and Co. 1838-42; as Smith and Alfred Robins 1843-44. S. of William S. I q.v. Free Sta. Co. 1795. Registered press 1799. Brother of Joseph q.v. Howe; Todd.

SNAGG, Richard,bookseller, 29, Paternoster Row 1774-75; 129, Fleet Street c1775-76; Newington Butts 1781; Paradise Street, Rotherhithe 1792; Brunswick Street, Surrey Road 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Premises described as Little Book Warehouse. Dealt in children's books. Publ. New musical magazine, vol. 1 1774, continued by John French. Bankrupt Aug 1776, cert. 5 Apr. 1776. City Poll 1781: L. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; St. James's chronicle 12 Jan. 1775..

SNELL and SCHOLEY,printsellers and picture frame makers, 69, Sun Street, Bishopsgate 1799H-1829P. Trading: as Snell and Scholey 1799H-1806P; as R.Snell 1807P-1829P. See also William Scholey.

SNELL, R., printseller and picture frame maker. See Snell and Scholey.

SNELLING, Thomas, bookseller and printseller, Fleet Street 1763M-1778K; next door Horn Tavern 1763M; no. 163 1776K-1778K. D. 2 May 1773 aged 61. Mentioned in will of Rev. Charles Godwin, of Oxford 1770. Also coin dealer, author of books on coins and collector of medals. Plomer; Musgrave.

SOCKATT, Thomas, bookseller, 26, Cloth Fair, Smithfield 1784B-1785P.

SOESMANS, Godfrey, printer, Duke Street, Aldgate 1799H-1810. Registered press 1799. Todd.

SOESMANS, Soesman, Adams Court, Duke's Place, Aldgate 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd.

SOMMERS/SOMERS, Henry, bookbinder, Dove Court, Lombard Street 1788-92; no. 16 1792U; Sherborne Lane 1794-96; no. 20 1799H-1805H. S. of Henry S. of Saffron Hill, painter. App. John Bird 6 Sep. 1768, free Sta. Co. 5 Dec. 1786. 1788-96 5 apps., 2 premiums. Howe; Ramsden.

SOMMERS, James, bookbinder, 16 Dove Court, Swithin's Lane 1792U. Ramsden.

SORRELL, J., bookbinder, South Moulton Street, Bond Street 1794B. Bookbinder to Duke of York. Howe; Ramsden.

SORRELL, Thomas, printer, 86, Bartholomew Close 1799-1821; 87, Bartholomew Close 1822R-1823R. Registered press 1799. Todd.

SOTHEBY, John, bookseller and auctioneer, 9, York Street, Covenmt Garden 1778-1804; 145, Strand 1804-16. Trading: as Leigh and Sotheby 1778-1800; as Leigh, Sotheby and Son 1800-04; as Leigh and Sotheby 1804-16; as John Sotheby 1806P-1808P. D. 1 Nov. 1807 aged 67. Nephew of Samuel Baker. Partner with George Leigh (d. 1815) q.v. with whom he issued cats. 1779-96. Publ. cat. alone 1805. Succ. by son Samuel ihn partnership with George Leigh. Coollections auctioned by W.Richardson in York Street 1808. Nichols iii, 1662, 646; BM Book sales

SOTHEBY, Samuel, bookseller and auctioneer, 9, York Street, Covent Garden 1800-04; 145 Strand 1806-16; 3, Wellington Street, Strand 1820P-1830P+. Trading: as Leigh, Sotheby and Son 1800-04; as Leigh and Sotheby 1804-16; alone 1820P-1830P+. S. of John S. q.v. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

SOULTER and SON, stationers, Ratcliffe Highway 1799H.

SOUTHBY, J., stationer. See John Southey..

SOUTHERN, John, bookseller, St. James's Street 1784B-1796. Imprint: 1775. Wife d. 23 Sep. 1787. Bankrupt 5 Nov. 1795, cert. 4 Feb 1797. Plomer; Brown; Musgrave; St. James's chronicle 14 Jan. 1775.

SOUTHEY, John, stationer and paper hanger, 35, Bedford Street, Covent Garden 1794B-1798K. Name given as J.Southby 1794B.

SOUTHWORTH, John, bookbinder, St. Martin le Grand 1789; Mouldnmaker's Row, St. Martin le Grand 1790-94; Love Lane 1795-97; Bury Court, Aldermanbury 1798-1802; Ave Maria Lane 1803-20; Holloway 1821-26+. S. of Thomas S. of Bethnal Green, weaver. App. Charles Heath 3 Nov. 1772, free Sta. Co. 4 Apr. 1780, livery 23 Dec. 1790, 1789-1820 7 apps., 2 premiums. Prob. retired c1820. Howe; Ramsden.

SPACKMAN, bookseller, Stationers' Alley, Ludgate Street. D. by 1793. Widow d. 13 Sep 1793. Musgrave.

SPALDING and ROUTH, wholesale stationers etc., see Thomas Spalding.

SPALDING, Thomas, wholesale stationer, paper maker and rag merchant, 34, St. Martin's Lane 1788L-1790U; Strand 1790; 425, Strand 1791L-1795K; 179, Drury Lane 1796L; 149, Drury lane 1797L; 147, Drury Lane 1798K-1830R+. Trading: alone 1788L-1790U; as Hodgson, Spalding and Routh 1791L-1792U; as Spalding and Routh 1792K-1795K; alone 1796L-1813P; as Spalding and Hodge 1814P-1830P+. App. James Mathews, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Mar 1786, his app. Daniel Fisher 5 May 1790. 425 Strand formerly premises of Hodgson and Bloxham.

SPARK, Alexander, 32, Prince's Street, Soho 1800. Registered press 1800. See also Sparks. Todd.

SPARKS, copperplate printer, 12, Prince's Street, Soho 1785P. See also Alexander Spark.

SPARROW, S., printseller and publisher, 17, Rosomon's Street 1785. BM Satires.

SPEAR, Richard, engraver and printer, Star Alley, Fenchurch Street 1792-99; 2, Star Alley 1799-1817U; 9, Black Raven Court, Seething Lane 1799, 1817-30. Trading: as Spear 1792-99; as Richard Spear 1799-1820; as J.Spear 1822R; as Elizabeth Spear 1823-30. Engraved some plates of Horwood's map of london 1792-99. Todd; Darlington and Howgego.

SPEARE, bookseller. See David Ogilvy.

SPEARE, stationer, see Thomas Harrison.

SPEE, Richard, engraver, 15, Nicholas Lane 1790U.

SPENCE, Thomas,bookseller, 8, Little Turnstile, High Holborn 1793-96; 20, Oxford Street 1805. B. 21 June 1750, Newcastle upon Tyne, s. of a netmaker; d. 8 Sept. 1814, Castle Street, Oxford Street. A teacher in Newcastle he early gained an interest in land tenure and proposed a scheme of land nationalisation 1775, frequently republished by himself. He also developed a phonetic system. Left for Holborn where he opened a bookstall for sale of coins and radical publications. For one of these Pig's meat ... a call to the labouring population of Great Britain, he was imprisoned for six months without trial in Newgate 1794. He set forth his grievances with the law in The case of Thomas Spence, bookseller ... 1792. Imprisoned six months and fined £50 for publishing The restorer of liberty to its natural state 10 June 1801. Issued tokens to publicise his views 1796 etc. He would throw odd coins out of his window to attract passers by. His disciples known as Spenceans. Imprints: Kress: 1793-95? B2624; 1796?: B3293. DNB; Timperley 809.

SPENDELOWE, Charles, journeyman printer, London. D. Aug. 1788 aged 49. A nephew of Mrs. Nunnelly, printer of Whitefriars. Bequeathed a fortune by her of which he was deprived by his guardian Mr. Baynes. Became a journeyman printer working with Nichols 14 years. The last 16 months of his life tormented by fits of apoplexy. Many friends at his funeral in St. Bride's. Nichols iii, 467; Timperley 762; Musgrave.

SPENDLOVE, George, stationer, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1792; 41, Bishopsgate within 1796L-1798K; 33, Threadneedle Street 1799H. Livery Bakers' Co. by 1792.

SPIERS, printer, 1, Chapel Alley, Long Acre 1785P. Howe; Todd.

SPILSBURY, Charles, printer, 57, Snow Hill 1796-1803; 3, Angel Court, Snow Hill 1803-1810P. Trading: as William and Charles Spilsbury 1796-1803; alone 1803-1810P. S. of Thomas S. q.v. Free Sta. Co. 1796, livery 1799. Registered presses with William 1799, alone 1803. With William printed Mercure Britannique 1798-1800, printed Lloyd's evening post with William 1796-1803, alone 1803-08. Imprints: see William Spilsbury. Howe; Brown; Todd.

SPILSBURY, John, map engraver, see Jonathan Spilsbury

SPILSBURY, Jonathan, engraver and printseller, Russell Court, Covent Garden 1762-70; at Mr. Edward's, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1770; 28, Great Ormond Street, Bloomsbury 1776-77; 7, Upper Seymour Street, Portman Square 1778-80; 29, Upper Seymour Street 1781; St. George's Row, Oxford Turnpike 1784-89; no. 10 1789. B. 1737, Worcester, s. of Thomas S.; d. 1812. App. cousin George S. of Birmingham, japanner 9 Sep 1750. Father d. 1741, mother placed him apprentice. When free to London as portrait painter and mezzotint engraver, pupil of the portrait painter Thomas Hudson. Premiums Society of Arts 1761, 1763. Exhibited Society of Artists 1763-71, Royal Academy 1776-84, British Institution 1807. Marr. Rebecca Chapman 1775. Later joined Moravian Church. Brother Thomas, printer, q.v. and John (1739-69) map engraver and inventor of jigsaw puzzle. John and Jonathan are often confused. Some sources say John alive to c1795, working for Boydells 1785 and drawing master at Harrow c1782. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; Plomer; Hannas 16-18, 19; J.C.Smith 1323-35.

SPILSBURY, Thomas I., printer, Newcastle Court, Fleet Street 1769; Cook's Court 1774; 57, Snow Hill 1781-95 Trading: alone 1769-89; as Thomas Spilsbury and son 1790-95. B. Worcester, s. of Thomas S.; d. 1 Dec. 1795 in 62nd year, Snow Hill. Free Sta. Co. redemption 1776, livery by 1792, 1776-95 21 apps., 5 premiums average £20. Office destroyed by fire 13 Oct. 1769. Succ. William Strahan II at Snow Hill. One of the first to specialise in printing French books accurately, even superior to Parisian printers. Men of letters often sought his advice. Printed for Rev. William Herbert. Printed Lloyd's evening post 1791-96. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Sons William and Charles succ. their father. Thomas II also printer. Imprint(s): Kress: 1781: B379; 1787: B1241, 1266; 1788: B1373; 1789: B1554-55; 1790: (T. Spilsbury et fils) B1799-1800. Plomer; Nichols iii, 442; Timperley 789; Howe; Todd.

SPILSBURY, Thomas II, printer, 57, Snow Hill 1792. S. Of Thomas S. I. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

SPILSBURY, William, printer, 57, Snow Hill 1790-1808. Trading: as Thomas Spilsbury and son 1790-95; as William and Charles Spilsbury 1796-1803; alone 1803-08. S. of Thomas S. I. Free and Livery Sta. Co. 1789, 1798-1810 13 apps., 6 premiums average £20. Registered presses with Charles 1799. With Charles printed Mercure Britannique 1798-1800, Lloyds Evening Post 1796-1803. Imprint(s): Kress: (W. and C. Spilsbury) 1796: B3203-04, 3219, S5507; 1798-1800: B3699. Howe; Brown; Todd.

SPLIDT, Thomas, stationer, 1, Lothbury 1784B-1787K.

SPRAGG and BOND, rag merchants, 101, Blackman Street, Borough 1799H-1822R. Trading: as Spragg and Bond 1799H-1813P; as Benjamin Bond 1815P-1822R.

SPRAGG, Edward, printer and stationer, 38, Long Acre 1796-1801; King Street, Covent Garden 1803; 27, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1804-24; 2, Tavistock Row 1828-50; 65, Long Acre 1832. Westminster Poll 1796: F. Registered presses 1799. Imprint(s): Kress: 1795: B3055. Brown; Todd.

SPRAGG, Joseph, printer, bookseller and stationer, 2, Water Lane, Blackfriars 1799H; 29, Panton Street, Haymarket 1802H; 16, King Street, Covent Garden 1802H.

STACE, Machel, bookseller and stationer, Haymarket 1792K-1793; 39, Prince's Street, Soho 1794K-1802H; Villiers Street, Strand 1812; 12, Little Queen Street 1814. A good cataloguer. Publ. cat. n.d. Bankrupt 2 Apr. 1793, cert. 15 Nov. 1794, divs. 9 Aug. 1794, 30 Nov. 1795. Westminster Poll 1796: F. Poss. connected with Thomas Stace, stationer and paper hanger, 14, Pavement, Moorfields 1809H-1822R. Nichols iii, 664; Brown.

STADLER, Joseph Constantine, engraver, 12, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1787; 15, Villiers Street, Strand 1802H-1811H. Aquatint engraver, active 1780-1812. Exhibited Royal Academy 1787. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793: AS431; 1793-95: AS432; 1797: AT392; 1800: AL181, 249; Tooley: 1793-95: 102. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

STAFFORD and DAVENPORT, printers, see George Stafford.

STAFFORD, George, printer, 6, Fleet Market 1785P; Crane Court, Fleet Street 1790U-1796. Trading: alone 1785P; as Stafford and Davenport 1788-1790U; alone 1790U-1796. Free Sta. Co. redemption 1787, livery 1788, 1788-95 17 apps., 2 premiums average £21. Imprint(s): Kress: (Stafford and Davenport) 1788: B1361, 1385; 1789: B1519; (G. Stafford) 1791: B2016; 1792: B2370; Abbey: 1791: AS1. Howe; Todd.

STAFFORD, William, printer and stationer, Oxford Market 1784B; 4, Market Street, Oxford Market 1785B. BM Satires 1784.

STAFFORD, William, Coach and Horses, 40, Leather Lane 1799; 1, St. George's Place 1800. Registered presses 1799, 1800. Todd.

STAGGEMEIER and WELCHER, bookbinders, see Staggemeier and Samuel Welcher.

STAGGEMEIER, L., bookbinder, Villiers Street, York Buildings, Strand,'Librinth' (?) 1794B; 11, Villiers Street 1799H-1817U; 11 and 12, Villiers Street 1809H. Trading: alone 1794B; as Staggemeier and Welcher 1799H-1809H; alone 1811H-1817U. A German. Employed c5 men 1794, employed 8-10 men c1804. Dibdin praises his work, especially the blue morocco binding of Didot's 1799 Horace. Signed bindings in British Museum and elsewhere almost invariably signed jointly by the two partners. The partners appear to have separated, Welcher being listed at 12, Villiers Street 1805H-1809H. Staggemeier's business apparently taken over by Fairbairn and Armstrong 1820R. Howe; Ramsden.

STALKER, Charles, bookseller, 4, Stationers' Court, Ludgate Street 1788-93; King Street, Holborn 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Bankrupt 1793, cert. 18 Jan. 1794, div. 2 Aug. 1794. Imprint(s): Kress: 1789: S5272. Brown; BM Satires 1788.

STAMP, James, printer, Grainge Walk, Southwark 1792; Fleet Street 1795; 161, Fleet Street 1796-1800. S. of John S. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 2 Sept. 1789, livery 14 Oct. 1789, apps. John Lake 9 Sept. 1795, Timothy Trueman Waller 9 Dec. 1795. Printed Courier 1796-1800. Aspinall.

STAMPA, P., printseller, looking glass and barometer manufacturer, 3, Dorrington Street, Leather Lane 1800; 74, Leather Lane 1802H-1817U. Trading: as P. Stampa 1800; as Stampa and son 1802H; as Stampa, son and Co. 1803P; as Stampa and sons 1809H-1817U. BM Satires 1800.

STANDISH, Joseph, stationer, 6, Castle Alley, Cornhill 1779K-1780K.

STANFIELD, W., stationer and bookbinder, 4, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1798? See also Sandford, William. Ramsden.

STAPLES, Edward, engraver, Little Britain 1777. Bankrupt 1777, cert. 5 Apr. 1776.

STAPLES, Moses, stationer, 38, Paternoster Row 1778K. See Bayles and Staples.

STARK, Robert, stationer and paper hanging maker, Ludgate Hill 1764-1765K; 41, Ludgate Hill 1767K-1783B. D. 3 May 1783. Succ. by Johnston and Young q.v. Trade card Heal coil. states that they sold all sorts of stationery wares. Plomer; Sugden and Edmondson 86, 237; Musgrave.

STARKEY, Richard, stationer, Garlick Hill 1781; 2, Bucklersbury 1780K-1803P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. See George Street. City Poll 1781: C.

STARKEY, Thomas, stationer and paper hanger, 31, Newgate Street 1798K-1830P+. Trading: as W. and T. Starkey 1798K-1804P; as Thomas Starkey 1802H; as R. Starkey and son 1806P-1818P; as Starkey and Cripps 1819P-1830P+.

STARKEY, W., stationer, see Thomas Starkey. Poss. the same as the following.

STARKEY, William, stationer, 2, Bucklersbury 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. See George Street. Poss. the same as the preceding.

STARLING, Joseph, stationer and paper hanger, 43, Fore Street, Moorfields 1774K-1777N; Whitechapel 1778K; 139, Whitechapel 1779K; 135, Whitecross Street 1784B-1785B.

STATIONERY OFFICE, New Palace Yard, Westminster 1791-1800+. Established in 1786 as 'the office for serving stationary to the public offices under the Government'. Royal kalendar.

STATON and JONES, printsellers and publishers, see Joseph Staton.

STATON, Joseph, printseller and publisher, 13, Parliament Street 1781; Parliament Street 1785B. Trading: as J. Staton and J. Jones 1781; as Joseph Staton 1785B. Poss. the same as Joseph Staton, mezzotint painter on glass and printseller active 1760-80. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1781.

STAUNTON, Sandys, stationer and bookseller, 481 Strand 1797K-1800P; 474, Strand 1801P-1831P+. Trading: alone 1797K-181 1P; as Staunton and Co. 1815P-1819P; as Staunton and son 1817U-1830P; as Michael Staunton 1831 P+.

STEARNE, John, bookbinder, New Inn Passage 1794. Poss. s. of John S. of Woolwich, victualler. Poss. app. Robert Applyard Passall, stationer 1785, never free. Howe; Ramsden.

STEEL, bookbinder, Queen's Head Court, Paternoster Row 1785P. Howe; Ramsden.

STEEL, David, bookseller, chartseller and bookbinder, Tower Hill 1758-61; Bible and Crown, King Street, Little Tower Hill 1765; Aldgate 1766; 1, Union Row, Tower Hill 1766-1809H; 70, Cornhill 1810P-1820P. Trading: as David Steel 1758-1803P; as P. Steel 1804P-1811P; as Steel and Co. 1811H-1817U; as Steel and Goddard 1818P; as Steel, Goddard and Co. 1819P-1820P. S. of William S. of Rosemary Lane, bookbinder. App. James Davidson of Tower Hill, stationer 6 June 1749, free Sta. Co. 6 July 1756, 1758-67 4 apps. Publ. nautical books and books of voyages. Premises described as navigation warehouse. Stock sold by Leigh and Sotheby 30 Oct and 6 Dec. 1800. Son Henry Draper q.v. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2418 1794: B2838: 1796; B3294; 1799: B4005-06; Abbey 1800: AL331. Plomer; Howe; BM Book sales.

STEEL, Henry Draper, printer, Lothbury 1781; 51 Lothbury 1782-1809H; 91, Lothbury 1810. B. 1756, son of David S. of Tower Hill, bookbinder; d. 1818. App. his father 1768, free Sta. Co. 1775, livery 1776, 1781-89 6 apps., 3 premiums average £16. City Poll 1781: C. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B4005. Brown; Todd.

STEEL, Thomas, stationer, Tooke's Court 1792-96; Lincoln's Inn New Square 1793K-1799H; 12, Chancery Lane 1800P-1830P+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

STEELE, Isaac, typefounder, With Edmund Fry q.v. l 794.

STENEY, Long, bookseller, 49, corner of Sackville Street, Piccadilly 1794B. Error for Henry Long q.v.

STENT, John, engraver, Five Field Row 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

STEPHENS, John, print publisher, 1, Little Brooke Street, Bond Street 1800. J. C. Smith 533.

STEPHENS, William, stationer, Back side, Royal Exchange 1745K-1765K; 2, Threadneedle Street 1767K-1769K; 2, Bartholomew Lane 1770K-1801K; 5, Bartholomew Lane 1802H-1809H; 35, Throgmorton Street 1810P-1830R+. Trading: as John Stehpens 1745K-1761K; as John Stephens and son 1763K-1770K; as William Stephens 1771 K-1802H; as Stephens and son 1803P-1817P; as Stephens and I'on 1818P-1830R. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City Poll 1784: A.

STEPHENSON, Charles, typefounder, see Simon Stephenson.

STEPHENSON, Robert, stationer, 41, Bishopsgate within 1779K-1792K; Dalston 1796. Trading: as Robere Stephenson and son 1779K-1792K; alone 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City Poll, 1784: A. See also Simmons, Field and Stephenson.

STEPHENSON, Simon, typefounder, Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane 1791-97. Trading: as Simon Stephenson and Co. 1791; as Simon and Charles Stephenson 1791-96; as Charles Stephenson 1797. Simon partner of John Bell 1789. Established British Letter Foundry 1791. Specimen book 1796. Punches for specimen books ut by Richard Austin. Sold by auction 1797. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AS54; 1791-92: AS2. Reed; Todd; Berry and Poole.

STEVENS, Elizabeth, bookseller and publisher, 2, Stationers Court, Ludgate Street 1771-1777N. One of partners in Court and city register 1771-77. Succ. Paul Stevens q.v. Plomer.

STEVENS, J., print publisher, opp. Hatton Garden, Holborn 1779. J. C. Smith 804.

STEVENS, Paul, bookseller, Stationers Court, Ludgate Street 1753K-1765K; 2, Stationers Court 1767K-1775N. Prob. d. c 1769. Succ. by Elizabeth Stevens q.v. Partner in Court and city register to 1769.

STEVENS, Thomas, wholesale stationer and paperhanger, 18, Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H-1806P.

STEVENSON, Charles, engraver, 47, Threadneedle Street 1784B-1785P. Engr. bookplates c 1780. Thieme and Becker.

STEVENSON, George, warehouseman, 15, Ave Maria Lane 1796L. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796.

STEVENSON, James, printer, see Stuart and Stevenson.

STEVENSON, Robert, stationer, Inner Temple Lane 1790U.

STEWARD, John Charles, bookbinder, Maddox Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

STEWARD/STEWART, Charles, stationer, Prince's Street, Leicester Square 1790U-1794B; no. 2 or 6 1794B. See also John Stewart.

STEWARDSON, Joseph, copperplate printer and engraver, Grafton Street, Soho 1796; 39, Grafton Street 1799H; 30, Grafton Street 1802H-1805H. Westminster poll 1796: F.

STEWART, see also Stuart, Steward.

STEWART, Duncan, printer, London 1792. Livery Wheelwrights Co. by 1792.

STEWART, John, bookbinder, St. Martin's Lane 1794. prob. connected with T. Stewart, bookbinder 107, St. Martin's Lane 1802H, and Stewart in 1813 list of binders. Howe; Ramsden.

STEWART, Robert, engraver and printseller, 15, Millman Street, Bedford Row 1776-77; 278, near Turnstile Holborn 1778-83; 288, Holborn 1785B; 2, Newman's Row, Lincoln's Inn 1786. Active 1776-86, also wax modeller. Engr. own work and also that of D. Beauclerk and J. Townsend. Exhibited Society of Artists 1777-83. Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1347-50.

STEWART, William, bookseller, 67 Paternoster Row 1785B-1789A. Error for Stuart, William q.v.

STEWART, William, bookseller and auctioneer, 194, opp. York House, Piccadilly 1791K-1820P; 191, Piccadilly 1821P-1830P. Publ. cats. 1800-15. BM Book sales.

STEWART, William, stationer, 13, Gracechurch Street 1794B.

STOCK, Henry, proprietor of the circulating library and long coaches, Greenwich c1794U.

STOCKDALE, John, bookseller, 181, opp. Burlington House, Piccadilly 1781-1814P. Born: c1749, Caldbeck, Cumberland, son of Priscilla Stockdale (died 24 July 1789 aged 63) and Joseph Stockdale, smith (of Gray's Inn Lane, London in 1770 when son Joseph was apprenticed), died 1781 (but according to ODNB his father is unknown). Married: Mary Ridgway of Roe Cross, Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire, sister to James Ridgway, publisher of Piccadilly. Died: 21 June 1814. Reputedly brought up as blacksmith. Valet to John Astley of Dukinfield, Cheshire. To London as porter to the bookseller John Almon 1780. When Almon retired in favour of Debrett he set up in a rival business 1781. Took over London courant June 1781. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Publ. Debates in Parliament 1784-90, works of Dr. Johnson 1787 and many other imprints including topographical and cartographical items and music imprints. Indicted for libel on Commons in publishing Rev. John Logan's Review of the charges against Warren Hastings June 1788. Ably defended by Erskine and acquitted 9 Dec. 1789 in a case instrumental in the passing of the Libel Act 1792. Fined £200 in libel action brought by Joseph Nightingale 1809. Premises described as 'fashionable lounging place' by Picture of London 1802. Towards end of career dealt largely in remainders. Unpopular with other traders through his auction sales. Noted for his eccentricity of manners and coarseness of conduct. Other members of the family in the book trade include: 1. his brother Joseph, apprenticed Sta. Co. 1770 who established the Bermuda gazette 17 Jan 1784 and later founded the postal service on the island. 2. eldest son John Joseph, bookseller, publisher and author, (1770-1847) free Sta. Co. 1802, 41, Pall Mall 1807P-1820P; 33, Pall Mall 1821P-1822P, notorious for pornographic and scandalous publications, the cause of Wellington's famous remark: "Publish and be damned!" 3. daughter Mary, bookseller, 176, Piccadilly 1816P-1817; 180, Piccadilly 1818P-1820P; 178, Piccadilly 1821P-1833, poet and translator. 4. William, bookseller, 180, Piccadilly 1816P; 181, Piccadilly 1817-1820P; 179, Piccadilly 1821P-1823P. Imprint(s): Kress: 1781: B342, 368-70; 1782: B452, 516-17, 521, 529; 1783: B539, 564, 566, 620, 622-23, 628-29, 639, 640, 648-53, S5024, 5031; 1784: B676-77, 689-90, 701, 703, 708, 717-18, 729-31, 761, 775, 782, 792, 798-800; 1785: B815, 833, 843-44, 922, 934, 951, 964, 966, S 5062; 1786: B1003, 1021, 104041, 1074, 1114, 1118, S5108; 1787: B1153, 1157, 1179, 1191, 1206, 1268, 1317, 1338, 1351, S5133, 5143, 5161; 1788: B1396, 1441, 1479, 1488; 1789: B1650, 1716; 1791: B2045, 2054, 2062, 2158, 2200, 2219, 2241; 1792: B2244, 2266, 2269, 2356, 2360, 2402, 2404, S5398; 1793: B2453, 2459, 2476-77, 2480, 2499, 259395, 2610, S5421-22, 5426; 1794: B2649, 2666-67, 2836, S5468; 1795: B2877, 2954; 1796: B3176, 3223, 3228, 3315; 1797: B3374, 3385, 3411, 3437, 3456, 3491; 1798: B3554-55, 3581; 1799: B3931, 3963; 1800: B4073, 4150, 4223, 4258, 4285, S5671. DNB; Timperley 764-65, 853; Chubb; Humphries and Smith; Brown; Darlington and Howgego; J. C. Smith liii, 568; BM Satires 1780, 1784, 1799; Werkmeister; Musgrave.

STOCKDEN, Richard, stationer, rope and rag merchant, see Richard Stogden.

STOCKEN, Joseph, printer, 58, Haymarket 1784B-1785P.

STOGDEN, Hannah, rope and rag merchant, see Richard Stogden.

STOGDEN, Henry, rope and rag merchant, see Richard Stogden.

STOGDEN, Richard, stationer, rope and rag merchant, 3, Worceseter Place, Upper Thames Street 1776K-1798L. Trading: as Richard Stogden 1776K-1782K; as H. Stogden 1789K-1795L; as Hannah Stogden 1790U; as Henry Stogden 1796L-1798L. Richard Stogden and Thomas Truss bankrupt Dec. 1776.

STOKES, Charles, bookbinder, Coleman Street 1774-75; Whalebone Court, Lothbury 1776. S. of William S. of London, gunsmith. App. John Bailey 5 Feb. 1765, free Sta. Co. 3 Mar. 1772, 1774-76 2 apps., 1 turn over (two female). Howe.

STOLKER, Ebenezer, printer, 15, Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1799H.

STONE, Samuel, bookseller, 8, London Road, St. George's Fields 1799H.

STONEHOUSE, book, map and printseller, partner with John Wallis q.v.

STOPFORTH, James Head, card manufacturer and printer, Little Newport Street, Newport Market 1799H-1836; no. 18 1800-19; no. 24 1820-36. Trading: alone 1799H-1819; as Stopforth and son 1820-36. Registered press 1800. Todd.

STORER, James Sargant, engraver, 25, Chapel Street, Pentonville 1799H. B. 1771; d. 23 Dec. 1853, Pentonville. Produced and illustrated works on topography with very finely finished small-scale plates. Collaborated with John Greig in a series of works 1803-12. From 1816 worked with eldest son Henry Sargant (1795-1837). Imprint(s): Abbey: 179498: AS5. DNB.

STOREY, George, printer, North Green, Worship Street, Shoreditch 1799-1808; City Road, Finsbury 1808. Registered presses 1799, 1808. Erected Conference Printing Office shortly before 1808. Todd.

STOW, James, engraver, 1, Park Row, Knightsbridge 1796. B. c1770 near Maidstone, s. of a labourer; d. after 1820. App. William Woollett and after his death (1785) William Sharp. Active c1790-1820. Worked solely in line. Engr. plates for Boydell's Shakspeare (small series), Macklin's Bible etc. Last work for Wilkinson's Londina illustrata 1811-23. Fell into intemperate habits and died in obscurity. Westminster Poll 1796: F. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

STOWER and HUFFAM, stationers, rag merchants etc., see Stephen Stower.

STOWER, Caleb, printer, 8, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1800; 12, King Street, Covent Garden 1801; 1, Grange Court, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1801-1802H; 19, Charles Street, Hatton Garden 1803-1805H; 32, Paternoster Row 1807-10; Great Surrey Street, Blackfriars Road 1809H. D. 23 May 1816. Partner Robert Hare 1800. Registered presses 1800, 1801, 1803. Mrs. Stower active in Clapton 1817-24. Timperley; Todd; Brown.

STOWER, Stephen, stationer, rag merchant, paper maker, importer of scale board and ship chandler, 236, Tooley Street 1784B-1813P; 235, Tooley Street 1800P-1811H; 316, High Street, Borough 1790U; Montague Close, Southwark 1790U. Trading: alone 1784B1790U; as Stower and Huffam 1797L-1801K; as Joseph Huffam 1802H-1808P; as Huffam and Van 1809H-1813P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Samuel West q.v. previously at 316, Borough. Listed as Flower 1784B-1785P.

STRACHAN, John, bookseller and stationer, 67, Strand 1779L-1793L. Bankrupt 26 Oct. 1793, cert. 8 Feb. 1794 div. 4 Apr. 1795.Imprint(s):Kress: 1785: B974.

STRAHAN, Andrew, printer, Kings Printing Office, 8, East Harding Street, Shoe Lane 1785-1831; 10, Little New Street, Gough Square 1785P; Printer's Street, Gough Square 1785-1831; 6 and 7, New Street Square 1800-31. Trading: as Eyre and Strahan 1785-1831; also alone 1788L-1806P; as Strahan and Eyre 1807P-1808P; as Strahan and Preston 1809P-1816P; alone 1817P-1831. 3rd s. of William S. I; d. 25 Aug. 1831. App. William S. II 1763, free and livery Sta. Co. 1770, 1778-1806 45 apps., 7 premiums average £20. Succ. his father 1785. Law printer. Printed London gazette 1798+. Printer to King with Charles Eyre q.v. Signed scale for compositors 1785. Music imprint 1802. Registered presses 1804. Partner William Preston 1804-1816P. Joined firm of Strahan and Spottiswoode 1819, his own business taken over by his nephew Andrew. Manager John McArthur q.v. 1800-15. MP Newport, Isle of Wight 1797, Wareham 1802, Catherlogh 1807, Aldeburgh 1812, New Romney 1818. Donations to Sta. Co. charities 1815, Bequeathed £1225 to Co.. Imprint(s): Kress: 1783: B568-69; 1786: B1122, 1129, 1789: B1722, 1790: B1984, 1988; 1791: B2182, 2209; 1792: B2389, 2411; 1793: B2618; 1794: B2822, S5459; 1797: B3506, S5546, 5547; 1798: B3707; 1799: B3994, 4029-30, 1800: B4054, 4140, 4236; Abbey: 1800: AS546. DNB; Nichols ix, 705; Todd; Howe; Humphries and Smith.

STRAHAN, William I, printer, Wine Office Court 1742; 10, Little New Street, Gough Square 1748-85; Bury Court, Love Lane, New Street 1771; 8, East Harding Street, Shoe Lane 1785; Printer's Street, Gough Square 1785. Trading: with T. Hart 1737-39; alone 1739-66; as Eyre and Strahan 1767-85. B. 24 Mar. 1715, Edinburgh, s. of a Custom House officer; d. 9 July 1785, New Street, App. to printer in Edinburgh, free Sta. Co. redemption 3 Oct. 1738, livery 1742, master 1774, 1739-83 48 apps., 23 premiums average £32. Educated at grammar school. To London c1737. Partner with T. Hart 1737-39. Type specimen known. Marr. Margaret Penelope Elphinstone 20 July 1738, she d. 7 Aug. 1785 aged 67. In business on own by 1739 when paying £4/10/- per week to journeyman. Share in patent for law printing 1762. Purchased third share in patent of King's printer from Charles Eyre for £5,000 1766, paid £300 a year as manager, up to 9 presses at work at one time. Printed London chronicle 1763M. Music imprints 1771, 1777. Printed for Thomas Longman, the Rivingtons, Andrew Millar, the Wesleys and many other writers and publishers. Held shares in many of Andrew Millar's publications and later those of Thomas Cadell. Purchased copyrights from many noted authors e.g. Edward Gibbon Decline and fall of the Roman empire (with Cadell) 1776-88, Adam Smith Wealth of nations 1776. He conducted an extensive business and became wealthy, earning £1,000 a year by 1760. A patron of literature. Politically an advanced Whig. MP Malmesbury 1774, Wootton Bassett 1780-84. Friend of Benjamin Franklin, his letters show concern over the colonies 1769. Business ledgers survive. Bequeathed £1,000 to Sta. Co. Three sons William II q.v., printer, George, clergyman and Andrew q.v. who succ. his father. Daughter marr. John Spottiswoode and two of her sons inherited the Strahan business. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7261-62; 1777: B17, 47; 1778: B113, 154, S4903, 4909, 4911; 1780: B280, 306; 1781: B403, 426; 1783: B632, 654; 1784: B789. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 390-97, 604; Timperley 754-57; Howe; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

STRAHAN, William II, printer, 57, Snow Hill 1781. Eldest s. of William S. I; d. 19 Apr. 1781 aged 41. App. father 1754, free and livery Sta. Co. 1761, 1762-85 15 apps., 5 premiums average £20. Succ. by Thomas Spilsbury. DNB; Howe.

STRAIGHT and SKILLERN, music engravers, sellers and printers, see Thomas Straight and Thomas Skillern.

STRAIGHT, S., music engraver, printer and publisher, 4, Green Street, Leicester Square c1790-1800; 14, Green Street c1800-19; 12, Hemmings Row, Queen's Mews c1820. Presumably s. of Thomas Straight. Humphries and Smith.

STRAIGHT, Thomas, music engraver, seller and publisher, Compton Street, Clerkenwell c 1765; opp. Tom's Coffee House, Russell Street 1766-69; 17, St. Martin's Lane 1769-77; 138, St. Martin's Lane c1778-83; 7, Lambeth Walk, Surrey c1796. Trading: as Straight and Skillern, 1766-77, otherwise alone. Employed as engraver by John Walsh. Partner with Thomas Straight until late 1777 or early 1778. May have acquired business of James Oswald. S. Straight prob. his son. Humphries and Smith.

STRANGE, Robert, engraver, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1765-75; 52, Great Queen Street 1792. B. 26 July 1721, Pomona, Orkney; d. Great Queen Street 5 July 1792. App. Richard Cooper sen. fought for the Stuarts 1745. Studied engraving under J. P. Le Bas in Paris 1749. Mainly worked in line manner. Returned to London 1750. In Italy 1760-65. Excluded from Royal Academy on founding though rival Bartolozzi was elected 1768. In Paris 1775-80. Introduced to George III by Benjamin West. Knighted 1787. Many historical engravings after old masters. Acknowledged as one of the best engravers of his time. Exhibited Society of Artists 1760-75. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1350-51; Musgrave.

STRATFORD, James, printer, bookseller and stationer, 112, Holborn Hill 1789A-1816P; 3, Queen's Row, Pentonville 1811H. Trading: as William and James Stratford 1789A-1792, 1800; alone 1799H-1816P. Publ. Carlton House magazine with William Stratford 1792. Registered press 1800. Imprint(s): Kress: 1790: B2008. Todd; BM Satires 1792.

STRATFORD, William, printer, bookseller and stationer, 112, Holborn 1789A-1792; Crown Court, Temple Bar 1794B-1811. Trading: as William and James Stratford 1789A-1792, 1800; alone 1794B-1811. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Registered presses 1799. See also James Stratford. Todd.

STRATTON, Thomas, bookseller, Tottenham Court Road 1784B-1799H; no. 12 1790U; no. 22 1799H.

STRAWBERRY HILL PRESS, see Thomas Kirgate.

STRAWBRIDGE and WEST, stationers, Tottenham Court Road 1799H.

STREET and STARKEY, wholesale stationers, see George Street.

STREET, George, stationer and rag merchant, 60, Gracechurch Street 1777K-1790L. See also Thomas Street.

STREET, George, wholesale stationer, Poultry 1759K-1763M; 6, Poultry 1767K-1772L; 4, Bucklersbury 1773L; 2, Bucklersbury 1774K-1815P; 13, Budge Row, Cannon Street 1816P-1829P; Neckinger Spa Road, Bermondsey 1822R. Trading: as George Street 1759K-1772L; as George Street and son 1772K-1779K; as George Street, son and Starkey 1780K-1786K; as Street and Starkey 1787K-1803P; as J. W. Street and Starkey 1790U-1794B; as Street and sons 1804P-1810P; as J. F. and W. Street and Co. 181 IH-1815P; as J. F. Street 1816P-1819P; as J. F. Street and Reid 1820P-1825P; as J. F. Street 1826P-1829P. D. 25 Oct. 1786. Also described as parchment and vellum manufacturers 1822R. See also James Wallis Street. Musgrave.

STREET, James, stationer, 26, Garlick Hill 1789A-1790U.

STREET, James Wallis, stationer, 2, Bucklersbury 1781-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. See also George Street.

STREET, Richard, printseller, Bedford Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

STREET, Thomas, stationer and rag merchant, 39, Borough 1772K-1782K; 60, Gracechurch Street 1784B-1790U. see also George Street.

STREET, Thomas George, publisher, 335, Strand 1800-03; 348, Strand 1804-12. Publ. Courier 1800-12. See also Daniel Stuart.

STRONGITHARM, John, engraver, Pall Mall 1780; 127, Pall Mall 1784B-1790U; 1, St. Alban's Street, Pall Mall 1799H, 1811 H; 13, Pall Mall 1800P-1817U; 1, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall 1818P-1830P+. Active from 1783. Seal engraver to Prince of Wales 1799-1820. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 785.

STRUPAR, George, printer, George's Court, West Smithfield 1800. D. 5 Nov. 1800. Todd.

STRUTT, Joseph, engraver, Duke Street, Portland Place 1774; no 7 1779; no. 23 178182; 21, Charlton Street, Marylebone 1783-84; Bacon's Farm, Bramfield, Herts. 179095. B. 27 Oct. 1749, Springfield Mill, Chelmsford; d. 16 Oct. 1802, Charles Street, Hatton Garden. App. W. W. Ryland. Studied Royal Academy, medals 1769-70. Author, artist and antiquary. Compiled many works valuable for their detailed research illustrated with engravings by himself from manuscripts and other sources. Devoted himself to painting 1778-85. Resumed antiquarian researches 1785. Publ. Biographical dictionary of ... engravers 2 vols. 1785-86, as well as other works to 1801. Exhibited Royal Academy 1779-84. DNB Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1351-52.

STRUTT, Joseph, bookbinder, 20, Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1799H.

STUART, see also Steward, Stewart.

STUART and Co., printing ink makers, 'makers of excellent Printing Ink, which is sold by their Appointment by Griffin and Curtis, Colourmen, no. 1, Ludgate-hill, at ls. ld. per Pound' 1785P.

STUART and STEVENSON, printers, 2, Martlett Court, Bow Street 1785P. Imprint(s): Kress: 1785: B974. Howe; Todd.

STUART, C., printseller, Prince's Street, Leicester Square 1789A.

STUART, Charles, stationer and bookbinder, Prince's Street, Soho 1799H. Succ. by widow Jane q.v.

STUART, Charles, printer, Blake Court, Catherine Street 1782-83. Elder brother of Daniel q.v. In London as printer by 1778. Printed Morning post 1782-83. Soon left book trade for play writing. Peter Stuart q.v. his brother. DNB (sub. Daniel); Aspinall; Werkmeister.

STUART, Daniel, printer, Blake Court, Catherine Street, Strand 1782-89; Peterborough Court, Fleet Street 1790U; 335, Strand 1799-1803; 348, Strand 1804-12. B. 17 Nov. 1766, Edinburgh; d. 25 Aug. 1846, Upper Hackney Street. Of a Jacobite family. To London to join his brothers in printing business 1778. Assisted brother-in-law Sir James Mackintosh as secretary to Society of the Friends of the People. Publ. Peace and reform against war and commotion 1794. Printed Morning post 1788-89, 1799-1803. Purchased Morning post 1795 which he converted from a Whig paper into an organ of moderate Toryism with contributors including Mackintosh, Southey, Lamb, Wordsworth and Coleridge. Disposed of Morning post after raising its circulation from 350 to 4,500. Registered press 1799. Purchased Courier 1796. Increased its circulation from 1,500 to 7,000. Sold his interest in Courier 1822. Superintended foreign intelligence in Oracle. Printed Gazetteer 1802H. A very successful journalist. Fined £100 for handling the forged French paper L'Eclair 3 July 1796. Brothers Charles and Peter qq.v. DNB; Timperley 790; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

STUART, Jane, stationer and bookbinder, 59, Prince's Street, Soho 1802H-1817P. Trading: as Jane Stuart 1803-1805H; as J. Stuart 1806P-1817P; as Joseph Stuart 1817J. Widow of Charles Stuart. Bookbinder to Duke of Clarence and House of Lords journal office 1803-1811H. Trade cards Heal and Banks collections. Howe; Ramsden.

STUART, Peter, printer, opp. Exeter Change, Strand 1782, Blake Court, Catherine Street 1784-88; 31, Exeter Street 1788-89; 9, Feathers Court, Drury Lane 1789; 6, Newcastle Street, Strand 1789; 33, Fleet Street 1799H-1809H; 47, Holywell Street, Strand 181011; residence 85, Hatton Garden 1810. Printed Morning post 1784-88, Daily advertiser 1785P-1809H, London courant 1782. Convicted of libel on W. J'Anson in Morning post 15 May 1787. Replaced as editor of Morning post by Daniel Stuart 3 May 1789. Began Star and evening advertiser 3 May 1788. With Daniel Stuart began spurious Star after quitting the original paper 13 Feb. 1789. Editor, proprietor and printer of Oracle 1790-1809. Lord Lonsdale files action for libel 13 Feb. 1793, dropped 27 Apr. 1793. In trouble for his defence of Lord Melville in Oracle April 1805. Printed True Briton 1805H-1809H, London evening post 1809H. Registered presses 1800, 1810. Brothers Charles and Daniel qq.v. DNB; Howe; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

STUART, William, bookseller, 67, Paternoster Row 1777N-1792U. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Also described as engraver 1785P. Bankrupt May 1778, cert. 11 Mar. 1780. Prob. partner in Court and city register 1775. Plomer. Listed as Stewart 1785B-1789A.

STUART, Zachariah, bookseller, Lamb, Paternoster Row 1759-1763M; 67, Paternoster Row 1767K-1775N. D. 5 Aug. 1773. Succ. Mr. Cox. Bill-head Heal coil. Publ. Americana. Issued Candid review 1765. Plomer; Musgrave.

STUBBS, George Townley, engraver and printseller, at Mr. Crashlay's, statuary, Long Acre 1772; 9, Edward Street, Cavendish Square 1774; 29, Great Titchfield Street 1776; 18, New Bond Street 1782; Newport Street 1785; Peter's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1786. B. 1756 Liverpool, s. of George, animal painter; d. 1815. Engraved many of father's paintings and those of other painters in line and stipple. Bankrupt Oct. 1785, cert. 26 July 1785. Exhibited Society of Artists 1771-76, Royal Academy 1782. DNB; Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1786.

STURNEY, George Hamnet, stationer and paper hanger, 37, Leadenhall Street 1791L-1794L. Bankrupt 30 July 1793, cert. 19 Apr. 1794, divs. 4 Feb. 1794, 18 June 1794, 11 Aug. 1804 final.

SUDBURY, John, bookseller, 16, Tooley Street 1790U.

SUDLOW, E., engraver, 191, Strand c1790. Engr. various maps 1787-90. Chubb.

SUFFFIELD, John, engraver and printer, 185, Fleet Street 1800-1809H; 233, Strand 1809-33. B. Evesham. Active c 1800-40. Also medallist. Registered press 1800. Engraver and printer to Duke of Clarence 1811H. J. P. Suffield, landscape painter at 233, Strand 1824-25. Todd; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

SUMPTER, E., bookseller, Bible and Crown, Fleet Street 1763-84. Name on imprint of issues of North Briton 1763-65. Imprint(s) 1784. Plomer.

SUTTABY, William, bookseller, stationer, pocket book maker and binder, 27, Threadneedle Street 1800-1802H; Queen Street, Golden Square c1804; 1 and 2, Stationers' Court 1805H-1830R+. Trading: alone 1800-1810P; as William Suttaby and Co. 1811P; as Suttaby, Evans and Fox 1812P-1828; as Suttaby, Fox and Suttaby 1830R. D. 22 July 1838 aged 65. Prob. app. Mr. Wood, free and livery Musicians' Co. 8 Oct. 1800. Prob. admitted Journeyman's Trade Society 1799. Employed 4-5 men c1804. Prob. related to Edward S., bookbinder 1811H etc. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 954.

SUTTON, John, 3, Green Street, near Blackfriars Road, Southwark 1799; 2, Green Street 1803; 4, London Street, London Road, St. George's Fields, Southwark 1804. Registered presses 1799, 1803, 1804. Todd.

SUTTON, Thomas, printer, 50, Britannia Street, Battle Bridge 1799-1810; Lucas-Street, Gray's Inn Road 1817-24. Registered press 1799. Todd.

SWAINE, engraver, Primrose Hill, Salisbury Square 1785P.

SWAINE, John, engraver, 80, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square 1799H; 24 Queen Street, Golden Square 1802H. B. 26 June 1775, Stanwell, Middlesex, s. of John S.; d. 25 Nov. 1860, Dean Street, Soho, App. Jacob Schnebbelie and then Barak Longmate. Marr. daughter of Barak Longmate 1797. Best known for facsimile copies of old prints incl. Droeshout's port. of Shakespeare and illustrations in historical and scientific works. Contributed plates to Gentleman's Magazine for 50 years from 1804. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

SWAINE, John, stationer, Bermondsey Street 1799H.

SWAIN(E), Joseph, engraver, 20, Bunhill Row 1789A-1790U; Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1792K; no. 50 1793K; 9, Water Street, Bridewell Precinct 1794K.

SWAINE, Thomas, engraver, 13, Little Britain 1784B-1785P; 1, Lillypot Lane, Wood Street 1790U-1809H. Livery Framework Knitters' Co. by 1792.

SWAN, James, printer, 7, Haberdasher's Walk, Hoxton 1802H; 4, Angel Street, Newgate Street 1802-04; 76, Fleet Street 1804-05; Crown Court, (71), Fleet Street 1807; 76, Fleet Street 1809-29. Trading: with William Darton 1799; alone 1802-07; as Swan and son 1809-1819R; as James Swan 1820R-1829. Firm prob. established by Robert Swan 1748. Produced many broadsides, pamphlets and tracts. Crown Court office destroyed by fire with a loss of £2,000 above his insurance 20 Aug. 1807. Registered presses 1802, 1805. Plomer; Timperley 831; Todd; Brown.

SWAN, John, bookseller, facing Norfolk Street, Strand 1770-74. Westminster Poll 1774 Pe., Cl. BM Satires 1774; J. C. Smith 953.

SWANN, Samuel, stationer, 36, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1790U.

SWEETING, James, bookbinder, St. Mary Aldermanbury 1796. App. Rebecca Sweeting decd., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 7 Mar. 1781, his app. Alfred Hancock 5 Oct. 1796.

SWEETING, Rebecca, bookbinder, Holliday Yard, Ludgate Street 1776. Decd. by 1781 when James Sweeting free. Free Merchant Taylors' Co, apps. James Sweeting free 7 Mar. 1781, William Thomas 4 Sept. 1776.

SWEETING, William, engraver, 102, East Smithfield 1785P; 103, Upper East Smithfield 1790U.

SWIFT, William, bookseller, stationer and circulating library, Charles Street, St. James's, 1774-1788L. Trading: alone c1774-80; as William Swift and son 1781L-1788L. Westminster Polls: 1774: Pe., Cl; 1784: H., F. Hamlyn.

SYMONDS, Henry Delahoy, bookseller, Stationers' Alley 1784B-1785P; 4, Stationers' Court 1786K; Paternoster. Row 1787K; no. 20 1788K-1801P; no. 23 1790U-1791L; nos. 20 and 21 1802H-1808P. Fined £100 for publishing - The Jockey Club and imprisoned one year in Newgate on the expiry of a two year term for publishing The rights of man 8 May 1793. For publishing Paine's Address imprisoned a further year and fined a further £100. Imprint(s): Kress: 1791: B2193; 1792: B2343; 1795: B2913, 2972; 1798: B3643; 1799: B4033; 1800: B4078, 4214; Abbey: 1800: AL331; Tooley: 1799: 112, 1800: 192. Timperley 778; Brown; BM Satires 1791.

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