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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: T

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names T

TAGG, Thomas, engraver, 16, Watson Place, Battle Bridge 1799H. D. Nov. 1809. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1798: AS5. Thieme and Becker.

TAPPY, Michael, bookbinder, stationer and bookseller, 1, Silver Street, Golden Square 1799H-1802H; Long Acre 1803; 11, Berwick Street, Soho 181 lH-1830R+. Trading: as Michael Tappy 1799H-1811H; as S. Tappy 1817U-1830R+. Founder member Benefit Society 1792. Member Trade Society 1794. Bankrupt 29 Oct. 1803, cert. 8 May 1804, div. 27 Oct. 1804. Still active 1813. Succ. by S. Tappy also described as haberdasher and hosier 1817U and tobacconist 1826-1830R+. Howe; Ramsden.

TATTERSALL, newspaper proprietor, Blake Court, Catherine Street 1792. Proprietor of Morning post. £4,000 damages for libel on Lady Elizabeth Lambert 9 July 1792. Timperley 776.

TAYLER, William, newspaper agent, 5, Warwick Court (or Square), Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1785P-1836P+. Trading: alone 1785P-1802H; as Taylor and Newton 1805P-1813P; as Newton and Co. 1814P-1836P+. Agent to the country printers, booksellers etc. Kept files of country newspapers in his office. Poss. source for Pendred's list of papers. Sold Pendred's Printer's ... vade mecum 1785. Took in advertisements for English chronicle, Sarah Farley's Bristol journal, Gloucester gazette, Reading mercury. According to Timperley established 1785. Full page advertisements in Post Office London directories c1820. Imprint(s): Kress: 1786: B1050. Pendred xxi-xxii; Timperley 753.

TAYLOR, bookbinder and stationer, 11, Old Jewry 1785P. Howe; Ramsden.

TAYLOR, printer, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1794B.

TAYLOR and Co., booksellers, South Arch, Royal Exchange 1792U.

TAYLOR and HAYDON, stationers and rag merchants, 27, Great Carter Lane 1768N-1775N. See Thomas Haydon.

TAYLOR, Charles, engraver, printseller and bookseller, 8, Dyer's Buildings, Holborn 178083; 10, Holborn 1785P-1790U; 10, Holborn Bars 1789A; 105, Hatton Garden 1797L-1799H; 108, Hatton Garden 1801P-1823R. B. 1 Feb. 1756, Shenfield, Essex, s. of Isaac T., engraver; d. 13 Nov. 1823, Hatton Garden. App. his father. Studied under Bartolozzi. Visited Paris. On return cut plates after Robert Smirke and Angelica Kauffmann. House burnt during Gordon riots 1780. Moved to Holborn. Produced various illustrated works 1783-93 and works on drawing and other subjects 1797- 1819. London Library q.v. moved to his premises 1801. Devoted self to revision of Calmet's Dictionary of the Bible publ. anon 1797 and reaching 4th edit. 1824. Exhibited Society of Artists 1776-83. Brother lsaac. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TAYLOR, Daniel, bookseller and bookbinder, 35, Union Street, Bishopgate Street 1794B-1797L; 20, Mile End Old Town 1799H.

TAYLOR, Franks, engraver, Exeter Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

TAYLOR, Isaac I, engraver and bookseller, Holles Street, Clare Market 1765-70; Bible and Crown, Holborn 1772-74; Chancery Lane 1773; 306, near Chancery Lane, Holborn 1771K-1780. B. 13 Dec. 1730, Worcester; d. 17 Oct. 1807, Edmonton. In early life brassfounder, silversmith and surveyor. To London at first as silversmith 1752. Worked for Thomas Jefferys under whom he executed plates for the Gentleman's magazine. Also produced book illustrations including plates for Chambers's Cyclopaedia and many other works. Fellow Society of Artists 1765, secretary 1774. Friend of Goldsmith, Bartolozzi, Fuseli, Thomas Bewick etc. Bible and Crown formerly premises of A. and Henry Webly. Retired to Edmonton soon after 1780. Also portrait painter. Exhibited Society of Artists 1765-80. Brother James, engraver q.v. Sons Charles, engraver, Isaac II, engraver and Josiah publisher qq.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TAYLOR, Isaac II, engraver, Holborn 1777-78; near the Church, Islington 1780-83; Red Lion Street, Holborn 1783-86. B. 30 Jan. 1759, London s. of Isaac I; d. 12 Dec. 1829, Ongar. Ed. Brentford Grammar School. Engraver in father's studio where he worked on plates for Rees's Cyclopaedia. Engr. set of subjects specially commissioned by him from Richard Smirke 1781. Painted and engr. set of views near Thames. Left London for Lavenham June 1786. Worked for Boydell's Shakspeare and other publications. Moved to Colchester as nonconformist minister 1796. Moved to Ongar 1810. Produced a series of instructional books for children, many illustrated by himself. Exhibited Society of Artists 1777-90. Brothers Charles, engraver and Josiah, publisher qq.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TAYLOR, James, engraver, Great Mays Buildings 1770; St. Chad's Row, Battle Bridge Wells, Gray's Inn Lane 1772-73; 28, Russell Court 1774-76. B. 1745, Worcester; d. 21 Feb. 1797, London. Porcelain painter in Worcester. Later engraver in London with brother c1771+. Engraved title pages, vignettes etc. Anker Smith his app. 1782. Exhibited Society of Artists 1770-76. Brother Isaac I. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TAYLOR, James, card and pasteboard maker, 73, Old Street 1792K-1814P; 70, Old Street 1815P-1817U; 18, Helmet Row, St. Luke's 1818P- 1830P+.

TAYLOR, John, bookbinder, stationer etc., Little Earl Street, St. Giles 1778; 13, Little Earl Street, Seven Dials 1799H. App. John Shove, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Nov. 1777, apps. Thomas Moorman 4 Feb. 1778, son John 2 Feb. 1785. Poss. at 141, High Holborn 1836Pi. Howe; Ramsden.

TAYLOR, Joseph, stationer, Fleet Street 1775. Bankrupt, div. 18 Mar. 1775.

TAYLOR, Josiah, bookseller and publisher, 56, opp. Turnstile, High Holborn 1781L-1799; 59, High Holborn 1799-1834. Trading: as Isaac Taylor 1781L-1787; as Isaac and Josiah Taylor 1787-98; as Josiah Taylor 1798-1834. B. 1761, London, s. of Isaac T. I q.v.; d. 1834. Presumably partner and successor of brother. Proprietors of Architectural Library 1787-1822R. Brothers Isaac II, engraver and Charles, engraver qq.v. Imprint(s): Kress: (I. and J. Taylor) 1788: B1373; 1790: B1957; 1792: B2261, 2383; 1793: B2591; 1795: B3011; 1796: B3129, S5526; 1797: B3364; (J. Taylor) 1798: B3568, 3597; Abbey: (I. and J. Taylor) 1787: AL38; 1790: AL47; 179192: AS2; 1792: AL83; 1793: AL74; 1795: AL48, AS514; 1797: AL34 (J. Taylor) 1798: AL74; 1800: AL49. Brown.

TAYLOR, Thomas, residence 9, Bridge Street 1799; 1 Bride Lane 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd.

TAYLOR, William, bookbinder, Denmark Court 1784; New Street, Golden Square 1794; 78, Berwick Street, Soho 1799H; 1, Bentinck Street, Berwick Street 1817U; 8, Church Street, Soho 1822Pi-1826Pi; 8, Holder Street, Soho 1832Pi. Trading: as William Taylor 1784-1823Pi; as Sarah Taylor 1826Pi-1832Pi. Westminster Poll 1784: W. Howe.

TAYLOR, William, circulating library, Brompton 1800; Brompton Terrace 1807P-1819P; no. 4 1809H. Called Brompton Library 1811H. Run by T. Taylor 1820P-1830P. Hamlyn.

TAYLOR, William, 1, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Bow Lane, Cheapside 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd.

TEAPE, Henry, printer, 8, George Yard, Tower Hill 1800P-1849. Trading: as March and Teape 1800P-1804; as Henry Teape 1804-23; as Teape and son 1824-38; as Tobias Teape and son 1839-41; as Henry Teape and son 1842-49. Partner and successor of John March q.v. Todd.

TEEDE, George, stationer, 13, Lower Brooke Street, Grosvenor Square 1794B- 1795K.

TEGG and DEWICK, printer etc., see Thomas Tegg and Joseph Dalton Dewick.

TEGG, Thomas, printer, bookseller, stationer and paper dealer, 6, Westmorland Buildings, Aldersgate Street 1799-1800; St. John Street, Clerkenwell 1800; 111, Cheapside 180524; 73, Cheapside 1824-46; 12, Pancras Lane 1847-50; 85, Queen Street 1850-60; 12, Pancras Lane 1860-83; 13, Doughty Street 1883-90. Trading: as Tegg and Dewick 17991800; as Thomas Tegg 1805-32; as Thomas and James Tegg 1833-34; as T. Tegg and son 1834-38; as T. Tegg 1839-46; as William Tegg and Co. 1847-60; as William Tegg 1860-90. B. 4 Mar. 1776, Wimbledon, s. of a grocer; d. 21 Apr. 1845, bur. Wimbledon. App. Alexander Meggett, bookseller, Dalkeith. Orphaned at age of five. Brought up in Galashiel, Selkirkshire. Ran away from master to Berwick where he sold chapbooks and later to Newcastle where he met Thomas Bewick. Nine months in Sheffield working on Sheffield Register and later in Ireland, Walesand Lynn, Norfolk. To London 1796 where he worked for William Lane q.v. and John and Arthur Arch. In business independently with Joseph Dalton Dewick 1799. Registered press 1799. Lost money and forced to provinces where he conducted auction sales and returned to London with debts paid 1805. Publ. over 4,000 items including many abridgements of popular works 1805-40. Owned copyrights of William Hone's Everyday book, Table book, and Year book. Publ. London encyclopaedia 22 vol. 1825+. Publ. a number of song books with music. Common councillor Cheap ward. Fined for sheriff 1836. A famous populariser. Sons Thomas, bookseller, d. 1871 and William, publisher, 1816-95. DNB; Brown; Todd; Humphries and Smith.

TEMPEST, Pierce, stationer, High Holborn 1771K-1777N. Bankrupt 1777, superseded Nov. 1777, bankrupt Sept.1778.

TENDUCCI, Ferdinando, music seller, Dean Street 1788. In England by 1770. Bankrupt 16 Feb. 1788. Musgrave.

TERRY, Charles, stationer, quill merchant and paper hanging warehouse, 138, Leadenhall Street 1786L-1787L; 58, Fleet Street 1788L-1814P; 2, Crane Court, Fleet Street 1815P-1828P; 5, Shoe Lane 1829P-1830P. Trading: alone 1786L-1808P; as Terry and Walford 1809H-1828P; alone 1829P-1830P. Described as'manufacturer of Walkden's British Ink Powder, Japan Ink etc.' 1829P- 1830P.

TERRY, Garnett, engraver, bookseller and jeweller, 29, Paternoster Row 1770; 62, Paternoster Row 1777; 54, Paternoster Row 1780K-1795K; 20, City Road 1797-98. Trading: as Garnett Terry and Batley 1770, otherwise alone. Engraved maps for road books and topographical items 1776-89. Engraved portraits in mezzotint and line especially of actors and actresses. Produced trade cards. Publ. various books on cyphers 1786-96. Member of St. Martin's Lane Academy. Thieme and Becker; Chubb; J. C. Smith 1362; BM Satires 1772-74.

TESTOLINI, Gaetano, engraver and printseller, Chelsea c1793U; 73, Cornhill 1802H-1822U. Trading: as Schiavonetti and Testolini c1793U; alone 1802H-1822U. Active in Paris c1760-95, then in London. See also Luigi Schiavonetti. Thieme and Becker.

TEULON, Thomas Anthony, bookseller and stationer, 100, Houndsditch 1799H.

THANE, John, bookseller, printseller and medallist, Gerrard Street, Soho 1773-75; Rupert Street 1782-84; 3, Spur Street, Leicester Fields 1799H-1805H; 18, New Lisle Street, Leicester Square 1811H. B. 1748; d. 1818. Publ. cat. 1773. Famous for expertise in coins and pictures. Friend of the antiquary Joseph Strutt. Collected and published the works of Thomas Snelling the medallic antiquary. Sold John Fothergill's collection of engraved portraits after his death 1780. With A. Torre at 28, Haymarket 1781-82. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Edited British autobiography, 3 vol. 1788. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Nichols iii, 664; J. C. Smith liii; BM Satires 1782.

THIRLEY, James, bookseller, 190, Oxford Street 1799H. Error for Kerby, James q.v.

THIRLWIND, Thomas, printer, opp. Somerset House, Strand 1781. Printed London courant 1781. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

THISTLETHWAITE, James, bookbinder and stationer, King Street, Cheapside 1775; St. Michael Crooked Lane 1781. App. William Gent, bookbinder and stationer in Bristol 23 Sept. 1765, free 31 Oct. 1774. Friend of the poet Chatterton in Bristol. Wrote poems on elections and other political matters 1774-80. Corresponded with Burke 1775-76. Imprisoned for debt Wood Street Compter 28 Sept. 1775, discharged 18 July 1776 (adverts. in London garette 25/8 May 1776 to 1/3 June 1776). Listed as property holder in St. Michael Crooked Lane in Poll book 1781. May not have practised trade in London.

THISTLETON, William, printer, bookseller, stationer and circulating library, Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road 1790; 37, Goodge Street 1801-25; Charles Street, Middlesex Hospital 1799H. Registered press at 1, Clement's Lane, Lombard Street 1801. William Matthew Thistleton partner 1804, later in business on own. Todd; Hamlyn.

THOM, Samuel, stationer, 65, Watling Street 1790U-1799H. Name given as Thane 1799H. Error for Thorne, Samuel q.v.

THOMAS and BARNFIELD, stationers, Ratcliffe Cross 1783B; 82, Broad Street, Ratcliffe Cross 1784B-1794B. Continued by James Barnfield alone.

THOMAS, Benjamin, engraver, 7, Pratt Street, Lambeth 1799H. Error for Pouncey, Benjamin Thomas q.v.

THOMAS, M., printseller and publisher, Prince's Street 1783. BM Satires.

THOMAS, Nathaniel, newspaper proprietor, Salisbury Square 1795. B. Cardiff; d. 1 Mar. 1795 in 65th year. To Jesus College, Oxford 1741. Decided against church career and went to London 1752. Edited St. James's chronicle from inception 1761. Soon one of the proprietors with the aid of Henry Baldwin. Musgrave.

THOMAS, Richard, card maker, formerly of 2 Piccadilly, late of Derby Court, Piccadilly 1781. Prisoner in King's Bench Surrey, Applied to take benefit of the Insolvent Debtor's Relief Act, London gazette 3/6 Nov. 1781.

THOMAS, Thomas, stationer, 81, Grub Street, Cripplegate 1799H.

THOMAS, Thomas, stationer, Mile End 1796. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. redemption 5 Mar. 1794. Son Thomas app.3 Aug. 1796, free 2 Aug. 1809.

THOMAS, William, stationer, 94, Gracechurch Street 1782L-1784L.

THOMPSON, pattern engraver, Islington c1794U.

THOMPSON, printer, 103, Shoe Lane. see John Walton Bunney.

THOMPSON, copperplate printer, 14, Paved Alley, St. Sepulchre's 1785P.

THOMPSON and HULBERT, engravers and printers, see John Thompson.

THOMPSON, Adam, stationer and paper maker, 1, Hand Court, Upper Thames Street 1788L-1794B. Succ. by William Thompson q.v.

THOMPSON, Alexander, bookseller, 7, Old Round Court, Strand 1790U.

THOMPSON, Anne, musical instrument maker, music printer, seller and publisher, 75, St. Paul's Churchyard c 1777-98. Trading: For styles see under Samuel Thompson. Entered business c1777. Chief partner c 1795. Humphries and Smith.

THOMPSON, Charles, musical instrument maker, music printer, seller and publisher, 75, St. Paul's Churchyard c1757-76. Trading: For styles see under Samuel Thompson. S. of Peter T. Succ. father in partnership with mother Ann c1757. Chief partner c1763. Humphries and Smith.

THOMPSON, George, copperplate printer, 50, Old Bailey 1790U-1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. J. C. Smith liii.

THOMPSON, George, stationer, printseller and dealer in water-colour'd drawings, 5, King Street, Cheapside 1784B- 1785B.

THOMPSON, George, engraver, printer, map and bookseller, 43, Long Lane, West Smithfield 1799H-1830R+. Active by 1796. Darlington and Howgego.

THOMPSON, Henry, musical instrument maker, music seller, printer and publisher, 75, St. Paul's Churchyard c 1793-1805. Trading: for styles see under Samuel Thompson. Humphries and Smith.

THOMPSON, James, stationer and bookbinder, Smithfield Bars 1762-1812P; no. 12 1774K-1779K; no. 14 1780K-1812P; no. 13 1799H. Trading: alone 1762-1804P; as James Thompson and son 1805H-1812P. Free Musicians' Co. 18 May 1762, livery 28 Oct. 1772. Ramsden.

THOMPSON, John, engraver and printer, 44, Gutter Lane, Cheapside 1780K-1821P. Trading: as Coby and Thompson 1780K-1788K; alone 1789A-1792K; as Thompson and Hulbert 1799H-1800P; as S. Thompson 1802H; as Thompson and Jackson 1806P-1821P. Livery Goldsmiths' Co. 8 Mar. 1781. Bankrupt 30 July 1791, cert. 15 0ct. 1791, div. 4 Aug. 1792.

THOMPSON, John Peter, engraver, printer and printseller, Great Newport Street, Soho 1792-1813; 26, St. James's Street 1818-19. Westminster Poll 1796: F. Partner with William Darling q.v. in 1790's but also worked on own. Engraver to Duke and Duchess of York 1799H-1819. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792: AL155 (contains note that he had 'a large assortment of drawing books'). Todd; J. C. Smith liii.

THOMPSON, Lawrence, printer, 21, Upper East Smithfield 1799-1810; 19, Great St. Helen's 1818-49. Trading: alone 1799-1826R; as Thompson and Gill 1828; alone 1829-39; as Thompson and M'Kewan 1841; as Thompson and Nias 1843; as Lawrence Thompson and Co. 1844-47; as Thompson and Davidson 1848-49. Registered presses 1799, 1818. Todd.

THOMPSON, Peter, musical instrument maker, music seller, printer and publisher, 75, St. Paul's Churchyard c 1779-94. Trading: For styles see under Samuel Thompson. D. 16 May 1794. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Polls: 1781: C., 1784: A. Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

THOMPSON, Robert, printer, 70, Newgate Street? 1771-75. Printed Craftsman, or Say's weekly journal 1771-75, Gazetteer 1771-75. Aspinall.

THOMPSON, Robert, wholesale paper and rag merchant, 26, Budge Row 1799H.

THOMPSON, Robert, musical instrument maker and music seller, 1, Paul's Alley, St. Paul's Churchyard 1767K-1770K; 8, Lombard Street 1771K-1785B.

THOMPSON, Samuel, musical instrument maker, music printer, seller and publisher, Violin and Flute, Violin and Hautboy etc., West end St. Paul's Churchyard c1746-65; 75, St. Paul's Churchyard c1766-1805. Trading: as Peter Thompson c1746-57; as Thompson and son c1757-61; as Thompson and sons c1761-63; as Charles and Samuel Thompson c1763-76; as Samuel Thompson c1776-77; as Samuel and Anne Thompson c1777-79; as Samuel, Anne and Peter Thompson c 1779-93; as Samuel, Anne, Peter and Henry Thompson c1793-94; as Samuel, Anne and Henry Thompson c1794-95; as Anne and Henry Thompson 1795-98; as Henry Thompson c1798-1805. S. of Peter. T.; d. Aug. 1795. Entered business of Peter's widow Anne c1761. Chief partner c1776. Firm purchased by Purday and Button 1805. Humphries and Smith.

THOMPSON, Thomas, seal engraver, 37, Cheapside 1785B-1831P+. Trading: alone 1785B-1795K; as Thompson and son 1797K-1831P+. S. of George T. decd. Free Barbers' Co. patrimony 7 Feb. 1758, livery by 1792.

THOMPSON, William, wholesale stationer and rag merchant, 1, Hand Court, Upper Thames Street 1794K-1809H; 161, Upper Thames Street 1811H-1813P. Trading: as William Thompson 1794K-1801K; as William and John Thompson 1802H; as William Thompson 1803P-1804P; as John Thompson 1805H-1807P; as R. Thompson 1808P-1813P; as Robert Thompson and Co. 1811H. Succ. Adam Thompson q.v. Poss. connected with R. Thompson, rag merchant, 193 Tooley Street 1817U.

THOMPSON, William, engraver, 70, High Holborn 1783K-1786K; 110, Strand 1787K-1797K; 3, St. Alban's Street, Piccadilly 1799H. Engr. trade cards, heraldry and seals. Engraver to King 1799H. Bankrupt 15 Nov. 1791, cert. 11 Feb. 1792, divs. 21 Apr. 1792, 30 July 1793; bankrupt again 26 July 1796, cert. 11 Feb. 1797, div. 30 Jan. 1797. Thieme and Becker.

THOMSON, print publisher, 22, Great Marylebone Street 1793-94. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793-94: AT419.

THOMSON, John, bookbinder, 90, King Street, Carnaby Market 1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

THOMSON, Robert, bookseller, 326, Oxford Street 1790U.

THOMSON, William, book and music seller, Exeter Change c1775-1785P. Music imprints c1775-80. At one time librarian to Academy of Ancient Music and organist of St. Michael Cornhill. Humphries and Smith.

THORLEY, Robert, paper hanging warehouse and stationer, 24, Minories 1773L-1775L. Error for Thurley, Robert q.v.

THORNBURGH, Francis, engraver, 3, Streatham Street, Bloomsbury 1799H.

THORNE, Robert, typefounder, 6, Barbican 1785P; 11, Barbican 1794-1808; 2, Fann Street, Goswell Street 1808-20. D. 1820 aged 66, bur. Holloway churchyard. App. Thomas Cottrell. In business before death of former master. Described as marking instrument maker and letterpress brass engraver 1785P. Acquired foundry of Cottrell and moved it to Barbican 1794. Specimens 1794, 1798, 1803. Introduced modern face and fat face. Rules and regulations of his foundry survive. Business registered 1799. Foundry auctioned, purchased by William Thorowgood 1820. Later managers incl. Talbot Baines Reed. Todd; Pendred xxiii; Reed.

THORNE, Samuel, stationer, bookbinder and vellum binder, Watling Street 1776-1784; 65, Watling Street 1785B-1811H. Livery Girdlers' Co. by 1776. Described as cit. and Draper when received a turn over 1782. Marr. Hannah q.v. widow of William Browning. Listed as Thom 1790U, as Thane 1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

THORNE, William, printer, 2, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1778-1798L; nos. 2 and 3 1799-1811H; no. 2 1812-1817; no. 4 1817. Trading: as Harrison and Thorne 1778-97; alone 1797-1818. App. Mary Harrison 1771, free Sta. Co. 1778, livery by 1792, 1783-98 6 apps., 1 premium £20. Partner and successor of Mary Harrison q.v. Registered presses 1799. Four of his pressmen convicted of printing almanacks on unstamped paper from the formes they were employed to work for the Sta. Co. Sentenced to hard labour 4 Nov. 1818. Howe; Todd; Timperley 869.

THORNTON, Theophilus, bookseller, Southampton Street, Strand 1784-96; no. 30 1788L-1796L. B. c1759, East Bergholt, Suffolk, s. of Rev. Aburne T.; d. Apr. 1796, Kentish Town. App. Mr. Robson 1773. Continued in service of Mr. Robson to 1784. Publ. cats. 1785-88. Expert on rare books, but poor health, affected by loss of wife who d. 11 Aug. 1786 and child. Sedentary and studious in habits. Collected portraits. Contributed articles to Gentleman's Magazine. Nichols iii, 664; Timperley 791; BM Book Sales; Musgrave.

THOROWGOOD, Edward, engraver and printer, 27, Little St. Thomas Apostle 1799H-1811H; 49, Cheapside 1816-20; 5, King Street, Cheapside 1821-32. Trading: as Gray and Thorowgood 1799H-1809H; alone 1802H-1818; as E. and J. Thorowgood 1819; as Thorowgood and Cope 1819-20; as E. and J. Thorowgood 1821-26; as I. H. Thorowgood 1827-32. See also John Gray. Frederick Thorowgood active as printer 1810-34. Todd.

THOROWGOOD, Henry, music seller and publisher, Violin and Guitar, opp. Grocer's Alley, Poultry 1762-63; Violin and Guitar, near Mercers' Chapel, Cheapside 1763-64; 6, Violin and Guitar, North Piazza, Royal Exchange 1764-80. Trading: as Thorowgood and Horne 176264; alone 1764-80. App. John Cox. Partner with Robert Home. Royal Exchange premises formerly run by William Curtis. Purchased some of the stock of Cox and Curtis 1764. Publ. some music with Richard Duke. Humphries and Smith.

THOYTS, William, copper merchant, 26, Bush Lane, Cannon Street 1784B-1785P+. Firm in business at this address and 88, Whitechapel until at least 1807P.

THRUCKSTON, Pinford, stationer and tobacconist, 80, Aldersgate High Street 1789A; 74, Houndsditch 1790U.

THURLEY, Richard, stationer, 24, Minories 1790U.

THURLEY, Robert, stationer and paper hanger, 24, Minories 1773L-1789A. App. William Edmonds, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Dec. 1761, apps. Edmund Moore 12 June 1778, William Price 3 July 1782. Listed as Thorley, Robert 1773L-1775L.

THWAITES, Thomas, engraver, 7, Freeman's Hall 1799H.

TIBBS, Nathaniel, bookbinder, King Street, Golden Square 1803. S. of Nathaniel T. of Eastcheap, merchant; aged 22 1798. App. Robert Black 6 Oct. 1789, turned over to James Black 2 Feb. 1790, free Sta. Co. 7 Feb. 1797, 1803 1 app. Joined Benefit Society 1798. Poss. connected with Nathaniel Tibbs, undertaker, 5, Lambeth Road 1811H. Howe; Ramsden.

TIBSON, Simon, printer and stationer, Westminster Bridge Road 1799H-1805H; no. 8 1799H; no. 7 1802H-1804. Registered press 1799. Todd.

TIFFIN, Thomas, bookbinder, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1795-1805H; no. 9 1799H-1805H; 134, Salisbury Square 1799H-1811H. S. of John T. of Rosemary Lane, watch gilder; deed. 1804/5. App. Hannah Browning 1 Dec. 1778, turned over to Samuel Thorne 2 July 1782, free Sta. Co. 6 Dec. 1785, livery 5 Nov. 1799, 1795-1802 4 apps., 3 premiums. Registered presses 1801. Succ. by widow Ann who bound app. Warwick Lane 1807. Todd; Howe; Ramsden.

TIFFIN, Wilford, bookbinder, Blackfriars Churchyard, Addle Hill, Doctors' Commons 1782-1803; Homerton 1804-17. S. of John T. of Rosemary Lane, bookbinder; decd. 1817/8. App. William Browning 1 Aug. 1769, free Sta. Co. 6 Aug. 1776, livery 2 Aug. 1785, 17821803 10 apps 1 premium £5. Prob. retired 1804 when 2 apps. turned over to son William (free and livery Sta. Co. 2 Dec. 1800, Blackfriars Churchyard, Addle Hill 1800-11; Brewers Lane, Spitalfields 1812-32. Decd. 1832). Howe; Ramsden.

TILLEY, Elizabeth, stationer, 19, Fish Street Hill 1790U. See also William Tilley.

TILLEY, S, engraver, 2, Booth's Court, Oxford Street c1800-06. Engraved music c1800-06. Humphries and Smith.

TILLEY, Thomas, musical instrument maker and music seller, 5, Charing Cross c1790. Music imprint c1790. Humphries and Smith.

TILLEY, Thomas, With George Gibbons q.v. Todd.

TILLEY, William, bookseller and stationer, 34, Fish Street Hill 1773L-1774L; 30, Fish Street Hill 1775L-1783L. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. redemption 2 Mar. 1768, his son William app. 4 Oct. 1780. See also Elizabeth Tilley.

TIMBRELL and HARDING, engravers, 28, Strand 1789A-1793K. Timbrell was a bookplate and ornamental engraver active 1780/90. Partner with Sylvester (?) Harding. Thieme and Becker.

TIMBURY, James, bookbinder's tool cutter, engraver and printer, 290, Great Turnstile, Holborn 1785P; 18, Dean Street, Fetter Lane 1790U; 104, Fetter Lane 1794B-1830P+. Trading: alone 1785B-1798L; as Timbury and Brown 1799H; alone 1800P-1803P; as Timbury and sons 1805H-1810P; as Timbury and son 181 lH-1817U; as Timbury and Co. 1817J-1819P; as James Timbury and Son 1820P-1830P; as William Timbury 1823Pi, 1830R. Trade card Howe collection. Charles Timbury, bookbinder's tool cutter and engraver at 8, Cursitor Street 1817J-1826P+. Howe; Ramsden.

TINDALL, James, bookseller and stationer, 112, Great Portland Street 1788L-1805H; 30, Mortimer Street 1806P-1822R; 23, Charles Street, Middlesex Hospital 1823P-1830P+.

TOMBS, Bartholomew, paper hanger, paper stainer and stationer, 7, Glasshouse Street 1794B; Bishopsgate Street 1796. Bankrupt 13 Aug. 1796, div. 15 Apr. 1797.

TOMKINS, Benjamin, stationer, 158, Fenchurch Street 1770K-1777N; 14, Fenchurch Street 1778K-1781L.

TOMKINS, Charles, engraver and printseller, Little Queen Anne Street 1773-78; 78, Haymarket 1779; 35, John Street, Fitzroy Chapel 1791; 2, Rathbone Place 1791; Kennington 1800. B. 7 July 1757, London, s. of William T., landscape painter. Premium Society of Arts 1776. Topographical and antiquarian draughtsman and aquatint engraver. Exhibited Royal Academy 1773-79. Bankrupt 15 Nov. 1800, cert. 27 Jan. 1801. Publ. illusts. to Petrarch's sonnets 1805. Brother Peltro William T. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791: AS290; 1796: AS344; 1799?: AS473. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TOMKINS, J., stationer and printseller, 49, New Bond Street 1799H.

TOMKINS, J. F., printseller and stationer, 18, New Bond Street 1790U; 2, Great Russell Street 1798-1799H. Ran commission warehouse in Great Russell Street 1798.

TOMKINS, P. R., copperplate printer, 12, Queen Street, Golden Square 1799H- 1830R+. Name given as S. Tomkins 1809H.

TOMKINS, Peltro William, engraver and printseller, New Bond Street 1795-1823R; no. 49 1797-1805H; no. 53 1811H-1823R; 41, Holland Street 1831; 25, Osnaburgh Street 1832+. B. 1759, London, s. of William T., landscape painter; d. 22 Apr. 1840, Osnaburgh Street. Pupil of Bartolozzi. Worked in stipple manner. Produced many fine separate plates, also illusts. to Sharpe's British poets, British classics and British theatre. Engr. plates for Bensleys edition of Thomson's Seasons 1797. Engr. portraits etc. from own designs. Historical engraver to Queen. Drawing master to princesses. Two large projects, the British gallery of art and the Gallery of the Marquess of Stafford 1818 made heavy losses. He obtained an Act of Parliament for the disposal of the watercolours for the series by lottery. Exhibited Royal Academy 1799, 1831-32. Brother Charles. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795: AL449; 1797: AL252. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TOMLIN, William, stationer, 10, Bishopsgate within 1799H-1807. Trading: as Gardner and Tomlin. See Samuel Gardner. Todd.

TOMLINSON, James, printseller and publisher, Oxford Street 1779. Poss. fictitious. BM Satires.

TOMLINSON, Lewis, stationer and bookseller, 124, Whitechapel 1776K-1783K.

TOMPKINS, Montague, engraver, St. George's Row, Pimlico 1799H.

TOMPSON, John, printseller, St. James's Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

TOMS, Bartholomew, stationer, Glasshouse Street 1794B. See Bartholomew Tombs.

TOMS, Richard, law stationer, 9, Clement's Inn 1790U. See Henry Toten.

TORIN, John, musical instrument maker and music seller, 23, Shug Lane 1794B.

TORRE and THANE, printsellers and publishers, see Anthony Torre and J. Thane.

TORRE, Anthony, printseller and publisher, 44, Golden Head, Market Lane, St. James's 1767-86; 28, Haymarket 1781-82; 132, Pall Mall 1785-88. Trading: as Torre and brothers 1784L-1786L; as Torre and Co. 1785-87, otherwise alone. S. of Giovanni Battista Torre. Managed father's firm in London 1767. On father's death unsuccessfully sold his Paris business with Ciceri 1780-82. Gave up London business to Paul Colnaghi, already a business associate and one of his father's debtors 1788. His sister-in-law married Paul Colnaghi. Partner with J. Thane at 28 Haymarket in the Ancient and Modern Print Warehouse 1781 -82. Torre and brothers listed as merchants at Market Lane, Pall Mall 1784L. Imported and published a number of musical works 1785. BM Satires 1781-82; J. C. Smith liii; P. and D. Colnaghi and Co. Ltd. Colnaghi's 17601960, 1960; Humphries and Smith.

TORRE, Giovanni Battista, printseller, 44, Golden Head, Market Lane, St. James's 1767-80. B. Italy; d. 1780. Pyrotechnist. To London c 1753. To Paris where opened shop for sale of scientific instruments and books 1760. Opened branch in London managed by son Anthony 1767. Began to publ. prints, including works of Bartolozzi c1775. P. and D. Colnaghi and Co. Ltd. Colnaghi's 1760-1960, 1960.

TOTEN and CRISPE, law stationers, see Henry Toten and Thomas Crispe.

TOTEN, Henry, law stationer, Chancery Lane 1784B-1789A: 9, Clements Inn 1799H; 53, Chancery Lane 1799H-1806P. Trading: alone 1784B-1799H; as Toten and Crispe 1800P-1806P. Succ. by Thomas Crispe 1808P-1818P. See also Richard Toms.

TOTTEN, John, law stationer, 20, Chancery Lane 1790U.

TOVEY, Barnes, bookseller, Palace Yard n.d. Westminster Hall 1750; Dove, Bell Yard, Temple Bar c1765; Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1772K-1777N. D. Jan. 1806. Partner and successor to John Worrall in Bell Yard. Took over his business some time before his death in 1771. Retired c1775. Succ. by son-in-law Edward Brooke. Plomer; Nichols iii, 741.

TOWER, Sarah, printer, St. James's 1775. Bankrupt, cert. 4 Oct. 1776, div. 21 Mar. 1775. Poss. widow of John Towers (d. Oct. 1767). Musgrave.

TOWERS, Joseph, printer and bookseller, Piccadilly 1758; 3, Fore Street, Cripplegate 1769-75. Poss. connected with John Towers, printer, Piccadilly mentioned in Westminster Poll 1749. Plomer.

TOWES, Christopher, engraver and printer, 6, St. Anne's Lane, Foster Lane 1784B-1785P; 119, Cheapside 1790U-1798K. Produced plates for The cabinet maker's London book of prices, 1788. Thieme and Becker.

TOWES, William, stationer, Lambeth 1781; 68, Gracechurch Street 1793K-1794B. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L. Bankrupt 17 July 1794, divs. 29 Nov. 1794, 1 Feb. 1795, 21 Aug. 1798, 5 June 1804 final.

TOWNLEY, Charles, engraver, 7, New Bond Street 1777; 75, Strand 1778; 2, Tavistock Row, Covent Garden 1779; Arlington Street, Piccadilly 1780-84; 15, Duke Street, Piccadilly 1784-85; Berlin 1786-89; 38, Greek Street, Soho 1792; 3, Soll's Row, Tottenham Court Road 1793; 19, Panton Square 1795; 149, Drury Lane 1795, 5 Paradise Row, Chelsea College 1796; 7, Borough Road Southwark 1800. B. 1746, London, son of Rev. James Townley. Miniature painter. Studied in Rome and Florence in 1770's. Returned to London. In Berlin as engraver to Prince of Prussia 1786-89. Returned to London via Hamburg 1790. Exhibited Society of Artists 1778, Free Society 1781-83; Royal Academy 1779-95. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1381-93; Graves.

TRAER, James, with Robert Hare 1800. Todd.

TRAPE, William, publisher, near Catherine Street, Strand 1782. Conducted Noon gazette 1782.

TRAPP, Henry, printer and bookseller, 1, Paternoster Row 1785P-1790U. S. of Michael T. of Margate, parish clerk; d. 1 June 1791. App. Mary Lewis 1759, free Sta. Co. 1768, 1774-88 8 apps., 2 premiums average £10. Signed compositors' scare 1785. Imprint(s): Kress: 1788: S5202. Howe; Todd; Musgrave.

TRAPP, John, printer and bookseller, 1, Paternoster Row 1784B. see Henry Trapp.

TRAPSHAW, John, bookbinder, 16, Well Street, Cripplegate 1799H.

TREBLE, William, stationer, 51, Fetter Lane 1790U.

TREHEARN, Vincent junior, newspaper publisher, near Catherine Street, Strand? 1781. Conducted Noon gazette by 20 Jan. 1781. Sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined £100 for libel on Russian ambassador 4-5 July 1781. Prob. connected with Vincent Trehearn, hat maker, behind St. Thomas's 1768N-1775N. Werkmeister.

TRENT, S., printseller and publisher, 1, New Street, Covent Garden 1786. Prob. same as S. Trent, painter, Kensington who exhibited Society of Artists 1783. BM Satires 1786; Graves.

TREPPASS, William, bookseller, 8, George Street, Foster Lane 1797L; 31, St. Martin le Grand 1802H. Bankrupt 3 Nov. 1802, cert. 15 Feb. 1803, div. 6 Mar. 1804. John Treppass listed at 31, St. Martin le Grand 1803P.

TRINGHAM, engraver, 104, Newgate Street 1794B.

TRINGHAM, E., printseller and publisher, 36, Hosier Lane, West Smithfield 1785-86. BM Satires.

TRINGHAM, William, engraver, printseller and publisher, under St. Dunstan, Fleet Street 1772. Engraved trade cards 1761 etc. In Hamburg as caricaturist in 1780's. Returned to England 1791. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1772.

TRIPHOOK, J., stationer, 38, St. James's Street 1806P-1809P. Previously partner with Francis Knight q.v. Succ. by Robert Triphook, bookseller and stationer, 37, St. James's Street 1810P-1816P; 23, Old Bond Street 1817J-1825P. Presumably partner in the firm of Harding, Triphook and Lepard who succ. Lackington, Allen and Co. q.v.

TRUMAN, Iaaac, pocket book maker and small worker in gold and silver, 64, Queen Street, Cheapside 1789K; Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1790U-1791 K; Goulston Street 1791. Bankrupt 2 Dec. 1791, cert. 10 Mar. 1792, div. 8 June 1792.

TRUSS, Thomas, stationer, Worcester Place 1776. Bankrupt, cert. 9 Jan. 1778. See Richard Stogden.

TUCK, John, bookbinder, Queen's Head Passage, Paternoster Row 1782; Paternoster Row 1785; Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row 1794-1804; no. 8 1799H. S. of Henry T. of Coleman Street, vintner. App. John Brightwell £30 3 Aug. 1773, free Sta. Co. 3 Oct. 1780, 1782-1804 9 apps., 4 premiums. Claimed he made as much as a stockbroker. Employed 56 men. Later a brewer in Croydon. Son Henry app. his father 1800. Howe; Ramsden.

TUCKER, R. and B., wholesale stationers and rag merchants, 37, Leadenhall Street 1798K; 72, Queen Street, Cheapside 1799H; 72, Upper Thames Street 1800P-1812P.

TUGWELL, Edward, stationer, Pope's Head Alley Cornhill 1790U; no. 8 1791L.

TUNCERY, George, printer, Southampton Street, Strand 1799H.

TURNER, George, printer, Denmark Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

TURNER, Charles, engraver, 50, Warren Street 1807P-1857. B. 31 Aug. 1774, Old Woodstock, Oxon., s. of Charles T., exciseman; d. 1 Aug. 1857, Warren Street. To London after the ruin of his father c1795. Worked for Boydell and studied Royal Academy. Worked in stipple and aquatint but mainly in mezzotint. Produced over 900 plates incl. 638 portraits, many after the leading contemporary artists. Also a good original draughtsman. Engr. early plates for J. M. W. Turner's Liber studiorum 1807-09 but differences arose over payment. They were later reconciled. Engraver in ordinary to King 1812. Associate Royal Academy 1828. Exhibited Royal Academy 1810-57. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

TURNER, Daniel, stationer, 94, Gracechurch Street 1779L-1781L.

TURNER, Edward, vellum and parchment maker, Gravel Lane, Southwark 1770N-1775N.

TURNER, George, printseller, 7, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1790U.

TURNER, J., stationer and paper hanging manufactory, 12, Cornhill 1799H.

TURNER, Orlibar, law stationer, Chancery Lane 1784B-1825P; no. 6 1787K-1792K; no. 68 1793K-1824P; no. 67 1825P. S. of Samuel Turner of Woodbridge, Suffolk. App. Thomas Druce, stationer, cit. and Innholder 27 Jan. 1777, free Innholders' Co. 4 July 1786, livery 7 July 1789. He, his son Robert Gregson Turner and his daughter-in-law were poisoned by dumplings laced with arsenic 21 Mar. 1815. Their cook, Elizabeth Fenning, was tried at the Old Bailey, convicted and, although she protested her innocence, hanged 26 June 1815. The Turner family was the subject of considerable criticism in the press. Bankrupt 5 Feb. 1825. Imprint(s): Kress: 1797: B3369.

TURNER, Richard, stationer, bookseller and paper hanging manufacturer, 13, Cornhill 1784B-1798K; 83, Cornhill 1797L-1807P. Trading: alone 1784B-1786K; as Richard and Thomas Turner 1787K-1807P. Livery Clothworkers' Co. by 1792. Common Councillor Cornhill ward 1800-05. Wife d. 27 Mar. 1795. Imprint(s): Kress: (R. and T. Turner) 1788: B 1389.

TURNER, Thomas, stationer, bookseller and paper hanging manufactory, Cornhill 1787K-1807P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. See Richard Turner.

TURNER, William, printseller, frame maker, carver and gilder, Snow Hill 1772-1790U; no. 40 1772-82, no. 38 1789A. BM Satires 1772-84.

TURPIN, bookseller, Holborn 1791. D. 6 Mar. 1791. Wile d. 26 Aug. 1791. Poss. connected with Homan Turpin q.v. Musgrave.

TURPIN, engraver, 130, Strand 1790U. Poss the same as James Turpin, music engraver active c1760-65. Humphries and Smith.

TURPIN, Homan, bookseller, Golden Key, West Smithfield 1767-72; St. John's Street 1772K; 104, St. John's Street 1774K-1789K. Publ. cats. 1767-83. Specialised in manuscript sermons. Had stock of 10,000 vols. 1772. Bill head Heal collection. Wife d. 25 Nov. 1786. Plomer; Musgrave.

TUTTLE, Thomps., bookbinder, 4, Lincoln's Inn 1776. Livery Barbers' Co. by 1776. Howe.

TUTTON, James, printseller, carver and gilder, Broad Street, Bloomsbury 1789A; no. 8 1790U.

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