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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: R

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names R

RADCLIFFE, William. 1799-1802. Printer. 3, Catherine Street Strand 1799-1802H. Registered presses 1799. Described as English Chronicle Office 1802H. Todd.

RAE, Robert. 1784-1825. Bookbinder. Princes Court, Duke Street, St. James's 1784; Duke Street, St. James's 1794B-1840P; no. 37 1802H-1822Pi; no. 38 1817U; no. 42 1821P, no. 43 1822R-1840P. Trading: as Robert Rae 1784-1825P; as Stuart Rae 1823Pi-1840P. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Howe; Ramsden.
RAIMBACH, Abraham. 1789-1843. Engraver. 13, Upper Tichfield Street 1797-1801; Charles Street, Middlesex Hospital 1802; 14, Carlisle Street, Soho 1803-05; Warren Street, Fitzroy Square 1805-31; Greenwich 1831-43. B. 16 Feb. 1776, Cecil Street, St. Martin's Lane, s. of Peter R.; d. 17 Jan. 1843, Greenwich. App. John Hall, engraver 1789. Ed. Archbishop Tenison school. Studied Royal Academy, silver medallist 1799. Visited France 1802; 1824, 1825. Engr. for Cooke's Classics, also for other publishers. Also a miniature painter, exhibited Royal Academy 1797-1805. Main work a series of large plates after Sir David Wilkie 1814-36. Son David Wilkie R. painter (1820-95). DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.
RAITHBY, John. 1788-1792. Law stationer. 10, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill 1788K-1792K.
RAMSEY, Allen. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 14, Ratcliffe Highway 1799H.
RAMSEY, William. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 37, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1799H.
RAMSHAW, James. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. 7, Lombard Street, Fleet Street 1799H.
RAND, Richard. 1775/1800. seal engraver. Fetter Lane 1774; 117, Salisbury Court 1784B-1785; 5, Upper Rathbone Place 1809H-1811H; 46, John Street, Tottenham Court Road 1817U-1820R. Trading: as Smith and Rand 1774-1789A; alone 1809H-1820R. Exhibited Society of Artists 1774, Royal Academy 1785. Graves.
Randall and ABELL. 1775/1800. music sellers. see William Randall.
Randall, A. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 1, Shoe Lane 1789A.
Randall, Elizabeth. 1775/1800. music seller etc. see William Randall.
Randall, Henry. 1775/1800. Printer. Globe Court, Shoe Lane 1774-76. Printer of Public ledger 1774-76. Order issued by House of Lords for arrest 31 Jan. 1775. Convicted of libel on government over American war Dec. 1776, fined £100 Feb. 1777. Timperley 734, 738; Aspinall; Werkmeister.
Randall, J. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Pall Mall 1775. Plomer; St. James's Chronick 3 Jan. 1775.
Randall, William. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. Pall Mall 1772L-1777N; 126, Pall Mall 1778K-1793L; 111, Pall Mall 1799H.
Randall, William. 1775/1800. music seller, printer and publisher. Catherine Street, Strand 1766-83; no. 13 1781-83. Trading: as Randall and Abell 1766-68; as William Randall 1768-76; as Elizabeth Randall 1776-83. D. c. Jan. 1776. With John Abell continued the business of his relative John Walsh junior as specified in his will. John Abell d. 29 July 1768 when William Randall continued alone. Publ. cats. 1776, c1782. Widow Elizabeth continued business. See also Robert Birchall. Humphries and Smith.
Randall. 1775/1800. Stationer. Chelsea 1789. D. 13 June 1789. Musgrave.
RANDKIN, John. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 12, Denmark Court, Strand 1799H. Error for Ranken, John q.v.

RANGER, H. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Temple Exchange Passage, Fleet Street 1775. Publ. Harris's list of Covent Garden ladies 1775. Plomer.
RANKEN, John. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Denmark Court, Strand c1790; 12 Denmark Court 1799H-1805H+; as Rankin c1790; as John Randkin 1799H; as John Ranken 1802H-1805H+. Poss the first book edge gilder to the trade. Howe; Ramsden.

RANKIN. 1775/1800. Book edge gilder. Denmark Court, Strand c1790. Error for Ranken, John q.v.
RAPER, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Lancaster Court, Bond Street 1794B. Howe; Ramsden.
RAPLEY, Richard. 1775/1800. Printer. Adam and Eve Court, St. Marylebone 1782; Oxford Street 1782. Bankrupt Feb. 1782, cert. 25 May 1782.
RAPLEY, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer. 32, White Hart Yard, Drury Lane 1799H.
RATHBAND, Charles. 1775/1800. Printer. London 1795. B. Ireland; d. 25 Jan. 1795 aged 58. For some years a printer. Helped to establish newspapers in Canterbury, Chester and Hereford but had little success. Superintended General evening post. Died after a fall in the frost. Nichols iii, 466-67; Timperley 784-85; Musgrave.
RAUCHE, Michael. 1775/1800. music publisher and musical instrument maker. Guitar and Flute, Chandois Street c 1763-84. D. c 1784. Also styled Michael Rauche and Co. Publ. mainly music for the guitar which he manufactured. Stock purchased by Joseph Buckinger q.v. Humphries and Smith.
RAVENSCROFT, Temple. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Bride Lane 1762; Warwick Lane before Dec. 1778; St. Andrews Hill, Blackfriars before Dec. 1778; 7, Cock Court, St. Martin's le Grand 1805H. S. of John R. of Smithfield, goldsmith. App. Robert Stevens 3 Mar. 1752, free Sta. Co. 5 Oct. 1762, 1762 1 app. premium 30s. Prisoner for debt in the Fleet, applied for relief Dec. 1778. Son (?) William at 7, Cock Court 1811H-1822U, John Ravenscroft at 5, Prujean Court, Old Bailey 1809H-1811H. Howe; Ramsden; London Gazette.
RAWLINS, Francis. 1775/1800. Rag merchant. 13, St. Catherine's 1799H.
RAY, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. see Robert Rae.
RAYMOND, Jane. 1775/1800. Engraver. see John Raymond.
RAYMOND, John. 1775/1800. Engraver and printer. 11, Ball Alley, Lombard Street 1786K-1793K. Trading: as John Raymond 1786K-1790U; as Jane Raymond 1791K-1793K. D. 22 Oct. 1788. Musgrave.
RAYNER, Augustin. 1775/1800. jeweller and pocket book maker. 51, St. Paul's Churchyard 1799H; 81, Aldersgate Street 1798K-1800P.
Read, Joseph. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. 133, Pall Mall 1799H; 53, Haymarket 1800P; 129, Pall Mall 1802H-1804P.
Read, Richard. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. London 1771-c1800. B. c1745; d. c1800. Pupil of James Caldwell 1771 and Bartolozzi. Premium Society of Arts 1771. Used mezzotint and stipple manners. Abandonded engraving to become a dealer, printing from Bartolozzi's worn plates c1790. DNB; Thieme and Becker.
Read. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. see White and Read.
Reader, Christian. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 13, Crown Street, Soho 1799H.
Reading, Burnet. 1775/1800. Engraver. London 1775-1822. B. Colchester. Active 1775-1822. Engr. for booksellers incl. ports. in Bell's British theatre 1776-86, European magazine 1783-93, plates for Boydell's Shakspeare etc. DNB; Thieme and Becker.
REDMAN, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. 12, Store Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H.
REDMAYNE, Graham. 1775/1800. Printer. Creed Lane, Ludgate Street 1762-91; no. 8 1785P-1790; no. 10 1790-91. S. of Samuel R. of Jewin Street, printer. App. Thomas Parker 1 1741. Printed Old British Spy and London weekly journal 1762-91, Westminster journal 1762-91, Daily gazetteer 1778-79. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Plomer; Howe; Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.
REDWOOD, Polter Jeremiah. 1775/1800. Stationer. 4, Cateaton Street 1802H; 4 and 5, Cateaton Street 1803P-1805P. App. Robert Vaughan Brooke q.v. 6 May 1789. Previously partner with John Macklin q.v.
Reed, Henry. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 187, High Holborn 1792U.
Reed, James. 1775/1800. Bookseller. See Samuel Reed.
Reed, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. 28, Watling Street 1797L-1814P. May be identical with a number of other persons active in the early 19th century book trades e.g. the printer in Green Arbor Court, Old Bailey 1821-24. Todd.
Reed, R. 1775/1800. Bookseller. see Samuel Reed.
REED, Richard. 1775/1800. Engraver. formerly of Hanover Street Long Acre, late of Walworth, Surrey 1781. Prisoner in King's Bench, Surrey, Applied to take benefit of the Insolvent Debtors' Relief Act, London Gazette 3/6 Nov. 1781.
REED, Samuel. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 26, St. James's Street 1797. Trading: as R. and J. Reed 1797L. Samuel and James Reed bankrupt 28 Nov. 1797, cert. 17 Nov.1798, div. 25 Aug 1798.
REEPE, Raham I. 1775/1800. Stationer, quill dealer and bookbinder. Fish Street Hill 1765; Crooked Lane 1775-80; Cannon Street 1781-1803P; no. 34 1784B-1803P. S. of Raham R. parish of Christ Church, Surrey. App. Richard Walkden stationer 4 Dec. 1753, free Sta. Co. 3 Apr. 1761, 1765-81 4 apps. Bankrupt 24 Jan. 1797, cert. 11 Apr. 1797, div. 15 Dec. 1797. Also described as paper hanger and ink maker 1799H-1802H. Listed as Keepe, B.S. 1790U. Howe; Ramsden.
REEPE, Raham II. 1775/1800. Stationer. 47, Tooley Street 1792U.
REES, Owen. 1775/1800. Publisher. 39, Paternoster Row 1794-1837. B. 1770, Gelligron, s. of Josiah R., minister; d. 5 Sept. 1837, Gelligron. Passed early years in Bristol. To London where partner with Thomas Norton Longman q.v. 1794. Friend of Moore, the poet. Retired early 1837. Unmarried. DNB.
REEVE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Law stationer. 4, Lyon's Inn 1799H.
REEVE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver. opp. St. Clement's Church, Strand 1794B; 202, Strand 1799H-1809H. Trading: as Thomas Reeve 1794B-1801K; as Mary Reeve 1802H-1809H. Engravings after Pollard etc. Thieme and Becker.
REEVES, John. 1775/1800. Printer. 8, East Harding Street, Shoe Lane 1800. B. c1752, s. of John R. of St. Martin in the Fields; d. 7 Aug. 1829, Parliament Place. Originally a lawyer active in England and Newfoundland. After winning the favour of Pitt he was rewarded with an interest in the Bible patent in conjunction with George Eyre and Andrew Strahan 1800. Publ. 10 vol. Bible with notes 1802. Reeves interest later bought by Strahan. Author of a number of political and other works. DNB; Timperley 811.
REILLY, F. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. High Holborn 1784. BM Satires.
REMNANT, James. 1775/1800. English and German bookseller. St. John's Lane, West Smithfield 1793; 239, High Holborn 1795K-1799H; 22, High Street, St. Giles 1800P-1801P. Publ. cat. of English and German books 1793. Publ. cat. 1800. Stock of foreign books sold by T. King 22 Aug. and 20 Nov. ] 804. Nichols iii, 601; BM Book Sales.
REMNANT, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row 1785-1873; no. 10 1799H; Panyer Alley, Paternoster Row 1792. Trading: as Thomas Remnant 1785-1809; as Frederick Remnant 1816-31+. S. Of Benjamin R. of the parish of St. Clement Danes, bricklayer; deed. 1810/11. App. John French £10, 6 Oct. 1767, free Sta. Co. 4 Nov. 1774, livery 6 July 1790, 1785-1809 6 apps, 1 turn over 5 premiums. Son Frederick (1780-1853) app. his father 1795, free 1807, succ. to business at 9, Lovell's Court. Partner with Jacob Edmonds 1831. Firm remained with the Remnant and Edmonds families to 1873. Howe; Ramsden.
REYNELL, Henry. 1775/1800. Printer. 21, Piccadilly 1774-1818; 48, Marshall Street, Golden Square 1809H; 45, Broad Street, Golden Square 1818-1833P; 16, Little Pulteney Street 1834P-1894. Trading: as Henry Reynell 1774-1785P; as J. Reynell 1790-1799H; as Henry Reynell 1801-1811; as Reynell, sons end Wales 1809H; as (Carew) Henry Reynell 1812-1828; as Charles and William Henry Reynell 1829-44; as Charles Weatherby Reynell 1838-82; as Reynell and Co. 1883-94. S. of Richard R. of Air Street, apothecary; d. 1811. App. John Money 1760, free Sta. Co. 1767, livery 1789, c1774-1810 13 apps., 3 premiums average £35. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Succ. by son Carew Henry R. app. his father 1791, d. 1859. See also J. Reynell, Thomas Reynell. Imprint(s): Kress: 1781: B377; 1784?: B806; 1786: B1101; 1787: S5153; 1789: B1171, S5226; 1790: B1817. Howe; Todd.
REYNELL, J. 1775/1800. Printer. 21, Piccadilly 1790-1799H. See Henry Reynell. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AL47.
REYNELL, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer. Piccadilly 1790U. See also Henry Reynell.
REYNOLDS, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. 31, Crooked Lane 1790U.
REYNOLDS, Samuel William. 1775/1800. Engraver. 6, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane 1797; 48, Poland Street 1798-1810; no. 47 1800; Bayswater 1819-21; Craven Place, Bayswater 1822-27. B. 4 July 1773, London; d. 13 Aug. 1835, Ivy Cottage, Bayswater. Studied in Royal Academy and under William Hodges. Taught mezzotint by John Raphael Smith. A rapid worker, produced many plates after contemporary and old masters. Through his friendship with Samuel Whitbread he came to know Sheridan. Drawing master to royal princesses. Also oil and watercolour painter. Worked and exhibited in France. Exhibited Royal Academy and British Institution 1797-1827. Children Samuel William (1794-1872) engraver, Elizabeth (1800-76) engraver end painter, and Fanny, painter. Imprint(s): Abbey 1800: AT422. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.
REYNOLDS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 137, Oxford Street 1799H-1826R, 11, Old Cavendish Street 1827P-1830P; 11, Vere Street, Oxford Street 1830R+. Trading: as Thomas Reynolds 1799H-1814P; as W. and P. Reynolds 1815P-1817U; as William Reynolds 1818P-1830P+. Previously Shepperson and Reynolds. Publ. cat. 1800. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4293. Ramsden.
RHODES, Richard. 1775/1800. Engraver. London. B. 1765; d. 1 Nov. 1838, Camden Town. Produced mainly small line engravings for illustrated books. Many years principal assistant to Charles Heath. DNB; Thieme and Becker.
RHODES, Thomas. 1775/1800. stationer and bookbinder. 33, Earl Street, Seven Dials 1790U. Howe; Ramsden.
RHYND, John. 1775/1800. Printer. 21, Ray Street, Clerkenwell 1799H-1829. Trading: as John Rhynd 1799H-1804; as Mrs. Mary Rhynd 1804-29. John R. jun. printer at 3, Great Warner Street, Clerkenwell 1823-32. Todd.
RICE, C. 1775/1800. Bookseller and circulating library. Berkeley Square c1775; 123, Mount Street, Berkeley Square c1775. Trade card, Heal collection. Plomer; Hamlyn.
RICE, Edward. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Flower de Luce Court, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1803-18. S. of Edward R. of Bell Yard, Fleet Street, victualler, deed. App. Joseph Barton £4 7 July 1778, free Sta. Co. 2 May 1786, 1803-18 4 apps. Howe; Ramsden.
RICH, Edward. 1775/1800. Bookseller and printseller. 55, the Little Print Shop, facing Anderton's Coffee House, Fleet Street 1782-88; St. Margaret, Westminster 1792. App. Francis Gillyatt deed., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Feb. 1783, apps. Richard Lasham 27 Oct. 1784, James Michan 18 Apr. 1792. Sold John Pendred's Printers ... vade mecum 1785. BM Satires 178288.
RICHARDS, Alexander. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Gough Square 1794. App. in the country. Failed in business by 1798. Joined Trade Society 1798. Howe; Ramsden.
RICHARDS, Benjamin. 1775/1800. stationer and machine paper ruler. 4, Burleigh Street, Strand 1799H-1805H.
RICHARDS, Craven William. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. Meards Street, Soho 1796-1805H; no. 7 1799H, 1805H, no. 8 1802H. Westminster Poll: 1796: F., T.
RICHARDS, Daniel. 1775/1800. Stationer. Holborn c1740-1802; Holborn Hill 1763M; 60, Holborn 1767K,1790U. D. 8 Aug. 1802 aged 87 at house near St. Andrew's church, Holborn. Free Sta. Co. redemption 6 Mar. 1739, livery 2 Dec. 1746, court 2 Mar. 1773, master 1778. Senior member of Court of Assistants of Sta. Co. at death. Had kept stationer's shop in Holborn over 60 years Trade card, Heal collection. City Poll 1781: C. Plomer; Nichols iii 737; Timperley 812; Blagden.
RICHARDS, Grace. 1775/1800. Stationer. 2, Lamb's Conduit Passage 1799H.
RICHARDS, Hugh. 1775/1800. Printseller, carver, gilder and glass grinder. 279, opp. Norfolk Street, Strand 1785B-1829P. J. C. Smith 620.
RICHARDS, Matthew. 1775/1800. Stationer. Wych Street, Temple Bar 1774K-1819P; no. 29 1794B-1819P. Trading: as Matthew and William Richards 1774K-1793L; as Richards and Watt 1794B-1797L; as Richards, Watt and Evans 1798K-1819P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. See also John Watt.
RICHARDS, Stephen. 1785-1799. Stationer. 15, Chancery Lane 1785L-1799L.
RICHARDS, T. 1778. - Letter founder and toyman. Near Hungerford Bridge 1778. According to Mores, maker of instruments for marking shirts of soldiers to prevent plunder in times of peace. Reed.
RICHARDS, WATT and EVANS. 1775/1800. Stationers. See Matthew Richards, John Watt.
RICHARDS, William. 1774-1796. Stationer. Wych Street, Temple Bar 1774K-1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. See Matthew Richards.
Richardson and HARRISON. 1794-1800. Stationers and ruled accompt book warehouse. 5, Leadenhall Street 1794B-1800P; 82, Cornhill 1795K-1799H. Partnership between James Woodmason, William Richardson and Thomas Harrison of Leadenhall Street, stationers, dissolved 7 August 1793 by mutual consent, William Richardson and Thomas Harrison to continue the business London Gazette 10 August 1793.
Richardson and URQUHART. 1775/1800. Booksellers. See William Richardson, Leonard Urquhart.
Richardson, Anthony. 1775/1800. Printseller. see William Richardson.
Richardson, Bezalia. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Drury Lane 1794. Howe; Ramsden.
Richardson, Edmund. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Berkeley Street, Clerkenwell 1799; 11, George's Court, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell 1800; 1, Berkeley Street 1801-08; 23, Brook Street, Holborn 1804; 2, John Street, Southwark 1806; 63, St. John Street, Clerkenwell 1807; 10, George Court 1807; 2, Rose and Crown Court, Shoe Lane 1822; 8, Hanging Sword Alley, Water Lane, Fleet Street 1825; 6, Zoar Street, Southwark 1825. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1801,1804, 1806, 1807, 1822, 1825.Todd.
Richardson, George. 1775/1800. Stationer. Orange Street, Red lion Square 1790U. J
Richardson, George. 1775/1800. Engraver. King Street, Golden Square 1766; 95, Great Titchfield Street 1767-75, 105, Great Titchfield Street 1768-1816. B. c1736; d. c1817. Primarily an architect. Travelled on continent 1760-63. Publ. a number of works on architectural design. Produced many aquatint illustrations. Decorated apartments in antique taste. Poor in old age and assisted by Nollekens. Exhibited Society of Artists 1766-83, Royal Academy 1774-93, Free Society 1783. John Richardson listed at 105, Great Titchfield Street 1802H-1809H. Imprint(s): Abbey: (G. Richardson) 1776: AL56; 1781: AL57; (G. Richardson and son) 1787: AL58; 1792; AL59. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.
Richardson, James Malcott. 1775/1800. Printer. 23, Cornhill 1797-1853. Uncle, William Richardson. Partner with William Richardson 1797-1807 ; trading alone 1808-1839. Uncle in Musicians Company.
Richardson, John [1] 1697-1706. Printer. Apprentices: Daniell Reynolds 1 Feb 1697, free 7 Aug 1704 ; Robert Whiskin 8 May 1699, free 3 Jun 1706
Richardson, John [2] 1760-1779. Printer. Savoy 1760 ; Bell Yard 1763 ; Cheapside 1775-1779. Son of Robert of St John Street, tailor. Apprenticed to John Darby [2] 4 Oct 1726, turned over to John Wilson 5 Jun 1733, free Sta. Co. 4 Nov 1740. McK 2302, 8925.
Richardson, John [3]. 1775-1810. Printer. 4, Lambeth Road 1800 ; London Road, St. George's Fields 1799H-1810. Son of John [2]. Freed by patrimony 13 Jun 1775. Registered press 1799. Printer to the private press of John Hunter, described as Printer to the Society (Lyceum Medicum Londinense 1781-1794. Printer to Philanthropic Reform (q.v.) 1794-1810. Sources: Todd ; Mckenzie 6762.
Richardson, John [4]. 1770-1775. Printer. 12, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1770N ; 76, Fleet Street 1770N-1775N. Trading: as William and John Richardson 1770N-1775N. Partner William nephew of Samuel Richardson.
Richardson, John [5]. 1788-1836 Printer. Son of Robert of Hoxton, Middlesex. Apprenticed to William Farlow 1 Apr 1788. Probably the same as the printer at 19, Gloucester Street, Hoxton 1817-1836. May have worked as compositor for William Marchant 1807. McKenzie 2822 ; Todd
Richardson, John [6]. 1797-1839. Bookseller. 91, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1797-1839; 23, Cornhill 1797-1807P. Son of John of Great Woodham, Yorkshire, apprenticed to William Berresford 7 Feb 1784 £105, free Sta. Co. 4 Jun 1793, livery Sta. Co. by 2 Jul 1793. Uncle William Richardson. Partner with William Richardson 1797-1807 ; trading alone 1808-1839. Uncle in Musicians Company. McKenzie 760.
Richardson, William. 1763-1811. Bookseller. Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1765-66; 91, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1767K-1838; 46, Paternoster Row 1771K-1780K; 23, Cornhill 1793-1878; 13, Pall Mall 1862-87; 25, Suffolk Street 1888-1900+. Trading: as Richardson and Urquhart 1765-1784P; as William Richardson 1785P-1797; as William, James and John Richardson 1797-1807P; as John Richardson (at 91, Cornhill) 1808-39; as James Malcott Richardson (at 23, Cornhill) 1808P-1853; as Pelham Richardson 1833-53; as Richardson brothers 1854-61; as Richardson and Co. 1862-1900+. D. 2 Feb. 1811 aged 75. Free Musicians Co. 10 July 1772, Livery by 1792. Successors to John Clark 1763. Publ. Westminster gazette 1775, Bailey's British directory 1785, Holden's London directory 1799. Two nephews John and James Malcott R. continued in the trade in two different addresses in Cornhill, James also being recorded as a stockbroker. Music imprint 1790. Imprint(s): Kress: (Richardson and Urquhart) 1775: A7091; 1779: B218; 1780: B306; 1781: B403; 1782: B480, 533; (W. Richardson) 1786: B1080-81; 1787: B1246, 1259; 1788: B1431, S5187; 1791: B2017; 1792: B2293; 1793: B2505, 2633-35; 1794: B2870, 2872; 1795: B3071; 1796:- B3201; 1797: B3436, 3496, 3537; (W., J. and J. Richardson) 1797: B3319-20; 1797: B3540, 3703, 3763; 1799: B3832, '5611; (J. Richardson) 1800?: B4103; 1800: B4239, 4275, 4297; Abbey 1795: AS514; 1796: AL374; 1800: AL331. Plomer; Nichols; Timperley 841; Goss; Brown; Humphries and Smith ; ESTC.
Richardson, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. 5, Leadenhall Street 1794B-1800P; 82, Cornhill 1795K-1799H. Trading: as Richardson and Harrison. Partnership between James Woodmason, William Richardson and Thomas Harrison of Leadenhall Street, stationers, dissolved 7 August 1793 by mutual consent, William Richardson and Thomas Harrison to continue the business London Gazette 10 August 1793.
Richardson, William. 1775/1800. rag dealer. 5, Field Lane, Holborn 1799H.
Richardson, William. 1775/1800. Bookseller, printseller and auctioneer. 68, High Holborn 1778-82; 174, near Surrey Street, Strand 1783-90; 31, York House, Strand 1791-1814P; 2, Castle Street, Leicester Square 1795-97; 82, Lombard Street 1796; 31, Villiers Street, Strand 1800; 9, York Street, Covent Garden 1808. Trading: alone 1778-1805H; as William and Anthony Richardson 1785B; as J. Richardson 1803P-1809P; as William Richardson (junior) 1808-1814P. Ran Ancient and Modern Print Warehouse. Stock sold 23 Apr. 1814. BM Satires 1778-97; BM Book sales 1800, 1808; J. C. Smith 11, 226.
Richardson, William. 1775/1800. Printer. Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1761-1774L; no. 12 1770N-1774L; Fleet Street 1763M; 76, Fleet Street 1770N-1779L; 403, Strand 1780L-1784L. Trading: as Richardson and Clarke 1763M-c1768; as William and John Richardson 1770N-1775N; as William Richardson 1779L-1784L. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Succ. uncle Samuel Richardson the novelist 1761. Printed Rhazes De variolis for Bowyer with Bowyer's Arabic type 1766. Printed translation of Rousseau's Prize oration 1799 Partner with S. Clarke, a Quaker (d. c1768). Bankrupt Dec. 1778, cert. 16 Feb. 1779. City Poll 1781: L. Wife housekeeper at Stationers' Hall 1814. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7258. Nichols ii, 226, iii, 26, viii, 506; Timperley 761; Howe; Todd; Musgrave.
Richardson. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 17, Chiswell Street 1785P.
Richardson. 1775/1800. Printer. 47, Duck Lane, Westminster 1785P. Howe; Todd.
RICHIE, J. 1775/1800. Printer. Cloth Fair, West Smithfield 1799H.
RICHMOND, John. 1775/1800. Printer. Dean's Court 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.
RICHMOND, Joseph. 1775/1800. stationer and bookbinder. Jermyn Street, St. James's 1784-1830R; no. 57 1784B-1785; no. 66 1785B-1789A; no. 123 1799H-1823P; no. 116 1824P-1830R+. Trading: as Joseph Richmond 1784-1805H; as T. Richmond 1806P; as Richmond and son 1807P-1813P; as William Richmond 1814P-18301+. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.
RICHTER, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. 26, Newman Street, Oxford Road 1799H. Poss. the same as the Saxon engraver who came to England with the Marquess of Exeter by 1772 and exhibited Royal Academy 1782-83. Thieme and Becker.
RICKABY, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer. 15, Duke's Court, Drury Lane 1785; Bow Street 1788.Peterborough Court, Fleet Street 1794B-1805H; no 8 1895H;+. Trading: as Rickaby and Moore 1785; alone 1785-1802H; as M. Rickaby 1805H. D. 21 Aug. 1802 aged 49. An eminent printer. Dissolved his partnership with Moore Jan. 1785. Office in Bow Street destroyed by fire 10 Jan. 1788. Printed specimens of C. and A. Paas 1788 and Frys 1794-99. Printed British critic. Specialised in printing in minute type, among his pocket books were the annual Peacock's polite repository and the dictionary Peacock's Johnson. Registered presses 1799. T. C Hansard took over the office in Peterborough Court. Nichols iii, 737; Timperley 761, 812; Todd; Berry and Johnson; Daily universal register 1 Jan. 1785.
RICKMAN, Thomas "Clio". 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 39, Leadenhall Street c1785; 7, Upper Marylebone Street c1798-1834. Trading: as T. and C. Rickman 1820P-1821P, otherwise alone. B. 27 July 1761, Lewes, so of John R.; d. 15 Feb. 1834, Upper Marylebone Street. Parents Quakers. App. to medical profesion. Became close friend of Thomas Paine. Frequently under pressure for his association with reformers and forced more than once to flee to France. Music imprints c1798-1802. Registered press 1804. Imprint: Kress: 1798: S5563. DNB; Todd; Humphries and Smith.
RIDER, John. 1775/1800. Printer. Little Britain 1760-1837; no. 36 1799-1837; 14, Bartholomew Close 1838-1900+. Trading: as John Rider 1760-1800; as E. Rider 1801-05; as Rider and Weed 1805-24; as John Rider 1826-51; as John and William Rider 1852-82; as William Rider and sons 1883-1900+. S. of Rev. William R., master in St. Paul's school; d. 1 Apr. 1800. Author of History of England in 50 vol. and various other works. Died of an apoplectic fit in Warwick Lane, Newgate Street while returning from Stationers' Hall. Registered press 1799. Mrs. Emilia Rider continued the business with William Weed her partner by 1805. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3784, 3808; Tooley 1799: 112. Plomer; Nichols iii, 737; Timperley 802; Todd; Brown.
RIDER,James. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 12, Ludgate Hill 1793L.
RIDER. 1775/1800. Engraver. Duke Street, Bloomsbury 1782. Exhibited Free Society 1782. Prob. the same as T. Ryder. Thieme and Becker; Graves.
RIDGWAY, James. 1775/1800. Publisher. 116, Strand 1782-83. Publ. London courant 1782-83, London recorder and Sunday gazette 1790-91. Presumably identical with James Ridgway above. Aspinall; Werkmeister.
RIDGWAY, James. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Berwick Street 1784; 196, opp. Sackville Street, Piccadilly 1784-1785P; 1, York Street, St. James's 1789L-1804P; 170, Piccadilly 1805H-1821; 169, Piccadilly 1821-94. Trading: as James Ridgway 1784-1833; as James Ridgway and sons 1817-19, 1826R, 1834-41; as James Ridgway 1842-63; as William Ridgway 1864-94. Fined £200 and sentenced to 4 years in prison for publishing three libels: The Jockey Club, Paine's Address and The rights of man 8 May 1793. Publ. pamphlet on the dispute between the masters and journeyman printers 1799. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Also described as dealer in newspapers 1811H. Imprint(s): Kress: 1785?: B952; 1786: B1070; 1789: B1738; 1790: B1893, 2007; 1791: B2223-24; 1792: B2392, 2415; 1793: B2486, 2501, 2565, 2586-88, 2590: 1794?: B2669: 1794: B2699, 2811, 2842-43; 1795: B3067-68; 1798: B3577; 1799: S5591; 1800: B4061, 4251, 4294; Abbey: 1791-93: AS205. Timperley 778; BM satires 1784-90; Brown.
RIDGWAY, John. 1775/1800. Publisher. London 1784-87. Publ. London recorder and Sunday gazette 1784-87. Werkmeister; Aspinall.
RIDLEY, James. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 77, St. James's Street 1780K-1789K.
RIDLEY, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. St. James's Street 1765-82. D. 22 Feb. 1782. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Publ. many pamphlets on political matters including a number relating to America. Succ. by George Harlow. James Ridley also listed at 77, St. James's Street. Plomer; Nichols viii, 485; Timperley 749; Musgrave.
RIDLEY, Joseph. 1775/1800. Press maker. London?, 1795. Awarded 40gns. by Society for the Encouragement of Arts for improvements to the printing press 1795. Timperley
Riebau, George. 1789-1831. Bookseller, bookbinder and stationer. 34, Butcher-Row 1789 ; 439, Strand 1795-8 ; Blandford Street, Manchester Square 1802-1831. Apprentice: Michael Faraday 7 October 1805. Riebau was an émigré from France. He was a member of the London Corresponding Society and a follower of the millenarian Richard Brothers, publishing many of his works and in one imprint describing himself as "bookseller to the King of the Hebrews". Sources: ESTC ; Howe (1950) ; Ramsden (1956) ; directories ; Wikipedia (2015).
RIEDER, John Claude. 1775/1800. Bookseller. London House Yard, St. Paul's 1800. Bankrupt 12 July 1800, divs. 5 Jan. 1802, 5 Nov. 1803.
RILEY and WILLIS. 1775/1800. music engravers, printers, publishers and sellers. 23, Commerce Row, Blackfriars Road c1793; 23, Blackfriars Road 1794B; 1, Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road c1797; 291, Strand 1805. Also publ. some music with W. Howe q.v. Humphries and Smith.
RILEY, Charles. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Old Bailey 1806; 15, St. John's Square (Rieley) 1811H. App. John Polwarth c1788, turned over to John Hering c1794. Journeyman with Hering. Signed binding British Museum. Howe; Ramsden.
RILEY, Edward. 1775/1800. music engraver, printer, publisher and seller. 196, Fleet Street c1795-98; 8, Strand 1798K-1804P; 11, Bentinck Street, Soho cl806. Died: Aug. 1829. Bankrupt 31 July 1804, cert. 19 Mar. 1805, div. 16 Nov. 1805. Emigrated to America where he continued in the same business 1806. Humphries and Smith.
RILEY, George. 1770-1807. Bookseller, stationer, printseller, printer, circulating library, newspaper proprietor, pencil maker and crayon pencil supplier. Queen Street, Mayfair 1770; Sterne's Head, Curzon Street 1771-81; 73, Saint Pauls Churchyard 1781 ; 41, Newgate Street 1783; 33, Kings Arms, Ludgate Street 1783-1795B;3, Creed Lane 1795K-1798K; 82 Pall Mall c.1798; 65 or 66, Old Bailey 1799H-1801; 27, Fleet Street 1800; 1, Ship Court, Old Bailey 1801; London Road, Southwark 1801; 17, Warwick Square, Newgate Street 1802H; 2 Charles St, Hatton Garden 1807; also pencil manufactory at Lambeth. Born: 1743. Married: 14 October 1777 - Tuesday was married at St. George's, Hanover Square, Mr. G.Riley, of Curzon-street, Mayfair, to Miss [Margaret] Raby, of Great Warley, in Essex (London Courant 16-18 Oct 1777). Died: 12 January 1829, Greenwich, aged 86 "nearly the oldest proprietor of a newspaper in the kingdom" (Timperley). Moved to London from York, no trace of his apprenticeship there. Took over W. Cooke's circulating library from his widow 1770. Published catalogue of library 1778. Many of his early publications were children's books or educational games. Sold historical playing cards and jigsaws. Bankrupt: Whereas a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against George Riley, of the Parish of St. George, Hanover square, in the County of Middlesex, Bookseller and Stationer, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 31st Day of March instant, on the 7th Day of April next, and on the 5th Day of May following, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenooon on each of the said Days, at Guldhall, London, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; When and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts; and at the Second Sitting to chuse Assignees, and at,the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. Railton, Bartholomew-close, London, (London Gazette 31 Mar 1778), certificate l 8 July 1778, dividend declared for June 29 (London Gazette 5 Jun 1779) Bankrupt 31 Mar. 1778, Bankrupt again: Whereas a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against George Riley, late of the Old Bailey, in the City of London, but now of the London-Road, Southwark, in the County of Surrey, Printer, Dealer and Chapman, and he being, declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 16th and 23d of May instant, and on the 20th of June next, at One in the Afternoon on each Day, at Guildhall, London, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the Second Sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the Last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. Brewer, Cow-Lane, Snow-Hill, London. (London Gazette 9 May 1801), certificate 26 Apr. 1803, dividend 12 Feb. 1803. Sun insurance policy 415668, £1000, Curzon Street, Mayfair 1779. Sun insurance policy 442256, £600, 73, Saint Pauls Churchyard 1781. Trade card 33, Ludgate Hill, Guildhall Library. He turned to making pencils and crayons, advertising heavily and operating a patent lead and coloured pencil manufactory at Lambeth. He advertised watercolours and pencils from the Sliding Patent Pencil Shop, 33 Ludgate St in 1787 and 1788 (Chelmsford Chronicle 12 October 1787; Times 11 April 1788) and his superfine India cake colours, imprinted ‘Riley's Patent Colour shop’, were on sale in Bath in 1787 (Bath Chronicle 25 January 1787). In an advertisement in 1788, Riley featured ‘New Invented Coloured Crayon Pencils… of elegant shades, put in fine Cedar, to use as a Black Lead pencil, price only £1.7s. the complete set, or 9d. single… prepared and sold by G. Riley, sole Patentee’; these hardened crayon pencils were made to the patent of the late Thomas Beckwith (d.1786), painter and antiquary (The World 5 April 1788; for Beckwith’s obituary, see Gentleman’s Magazine, vol.59, March 1786, p.265). Riley issued a sheet with colour samples of his patent coloured crayon pencils, with 32 shades, at £1.1s for a complete set in a mahogany box (example in private coll., Dorset, information from Gwen Yarker, April 2011); his text is similarly worded to one of his newspaper advertisements in 1798 (Sun 11 January 1798), suggesting a date in the late 1790s although his address on the sheet, 82 Pall Mall, is not otherwise recorded. Riley later advertised his crayon pencils, papers etc, in his book, A Concise Treatise on the Elementary Principles of Flower-Painting and Drawing in Water-Colour, 1807 (British Library, 1044.d.24.(2)), and in La Belle assemblée, vol.2, advertising supplement, July 1807, p.42, accessed though Google Book Search). Published Ladies magazine. A prospectus is recorded: A New weekly news-paper : on the first of February 1793 will be published and continued every Saturday (price four-pence) a new weekly news-paper entitled, The Town and country herald and general weekly advertiser, for London, Middlesex, Essex, Herts, Surry, Kent, &c., on a new and more extensive plan than any other paper in circulation. - [London] : Printed for the proprietors and sold by George Riley, (no. 33) Ludgate-street ... also by Mr. Boult, bookseller, Egham, [1793]. - [4] p. ; 8. If it was ever published no issues survive, although Aspinall records Riley as proprietor of the Town and country herald from 1799 to 1803. It includes advertisements for printed materials: p. [3]; for pencils & water-color cakes: p. [4]. (University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library - Rare Book Collection, Call no.: PN5129.L63 T68 1793.) Proprietor of Sunday reformer 1799-1800. Registered press 1800. Sources: Plomer; Todd; Timperley 908; J. C. Smith 60; Hannas; Hamlyn; St. James's Chronicle 3 Jan. 1775; Aspinall ; National Portrait Gallery. British artists' suppliers 1650-1950 - R
RIMELL, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Gardener's Lane 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Cl.
RIMSON, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. 37, Watling Street 1790U. Error for Kimpson, John q.v.
RITCHIE and SAMMELLS. 1775/1800. Printers. see Millar Ritchie, Sammells.
RITCHIE, Millar. 1775/1800. Printer. Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close 1785-96; 23, Middle Street, Cloth Fair 1799-1800. Trading: alone 1785; as Ritchie and Sammells 1787-1790U; as Ritchie and Co. 1794B; alone 1796-1800. B. 1752; d. 28 Nov. 1828. A Scotsman. One of the first to emulate Baskerville. Publ. series of fine Latin classics 178994. Printed a 2 vol. edit. of Bible for John Parsons 1796. Used the types of Fry and Whatman's paper. Most books printed by his own manual labour. Succ. by Richard Knight and James Compton qq.v. 1800. Compton partner with Ritchie (junior) 1829-39. Imprint(s): Kress: (Sammells and Ritchie) 1787: B1167; (Ritchie) 1795: S5488-90; 1799: S5609. Timperley 790-91; Todd; Reed.
Rivington FAMILY. The main business run by the Rivington family had the following addresses and styles: 62, Bible and Crown, St. Paul's Churchyard 1711-1853; 59, Paternoster Row 1799H-1822R; 3, Waterloo Place 1819-90; 148, Strand 1820-27. Trading: as Charles I 1711-42; as John I and James 1742-56; as John I 1756-68; as John I and Francis I 1768-77; as John I, Francis I and Charles III or as John and sons 1777-92; as Francis I and Charles III 1792-1810; as Francis I, Charles III and John III 1809H-1822R; as Charles III and John III 1822-27; as Charles III, John III, George and Francis II 1827-31; as John III, George and Francis II 1831-36; as John II, George, Francis II and John IV 1836-41; as George, Francis II and John IV 1841-42; as Francis II and John IV 1842-59; as John IV and Francis Hansard 1859-67; as Francis Hansard and Septimus 1867-89; as Francis Hansard 1889-90. Imprint(s): Kress: (J. and F. Rivington) 1781: B425; (J., F. and C. Rivington) 1783: B545; 1786: B1022; 1788: B1360; 1790: S5308; (F. and C. Rivington) 1793: B2461, 2582; 1795: B2929, 2932, S5478; 1796: B3308; 1797: B3358, 3517; 1798: B3551, 3560, 3562; 1799: B3792, 3888; 1800: B4075, 4086; Abbey: (F. and C. Rivington) 1795: AS514; 1796: AL374; 1800: AL331.

Rivington, Anna. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Badger Yard, St. John's Square 1785-1824; residence, Colebrook Terrace, Islington 1799; 2, Badger Yard 1825-26; 51, St. John's Square 1827-32; 52, St. John's Square 1832-85. Trading: as Rivington, Marshall and Co. 1785-90; as Rivington, Marshall and Bye 1790B; as Marshall and Bye 1791L; as Bye and Law 1793-1808; as Law and Gilbert 1808-15; as Robert and Richard Gilbert 1815-19; as Richard Gilbert 1820-29; as Gilbert and Rivington 1830-85. Died: 1841. Wife of John Rivington II. Succ. husband on his death 1785. Partner with John Marshall. Registered press with Deodatus Bye and Henry Law. qq.v. 1799. Printer to Christ's Hospital, printed music for them 1825-32. The firm was well-known throughout the 19th century as Gilbert and Rivington, book and oriental printers, and was purchased by Clowes 1907. Howe; Todd; Humphries and Smith.
Rivington, Charles II. 1775/1800. Printer. White Lyon Court 1746; Staining Lane, Wood Street c1753-84; no. 14 1781L; Noble Street, Foster Lane 1763M-1790U; no. 5 1785P-1790U; 4, Maiden Lane, Wood Street 1784B. 3rd s. of Charles I; d. 22 June, 1790. App. Samuel Richardson 9 Aug. 1746, free Sta. Co. 1753, livery by 1775, 1753-89 29 apps., 9 premiums average £30, 1 of £100. Resident in Staining Lane in former residence of Lord Mayor 32 years. Succ. Samuel Richardson 1761. Common councillor. Printer to City 1771 to 1772 when he resigned. Printer to Christ's Hospital for whom he printed some music 1787-89. City Poll 1781: C, 1784: A. Plomer; Nichols iii, 400-01, 571; Timperley 770; Howe; Todd; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.
Rivington, Charles III. 1775/1800. Publisher. 62, St. Paul's Churchyard 1771-1831; 3, Waterloo Place 1819-31; 148, Strand 1820-27. Trading: for styles see under Rivington family. B. 1754, 6th s. of John I; d. 26 May 1831. Livery Sta. Co. by 1775, master 1819. Partner in 1777 and successor in 1792 of father. Senior partner 1822. He abandoned the second hand business in the Strand after much loss 1827. Many years stock keeper of the Sta. Co. Publ. some music. City Poll 1781: C, 1784: A. Brothers John II, Henry, Francis, sons George and Francis II joined the business 1827. DNB; Humphries and Smith.
Rivington, Francis I. 1775/1800. Publisher. 62, St. Paul's Churchyard 1768-1822; 3, Waterloo Place 1819-22; 148, Strand 1820-22. Trading: for styles see under Rivington family; 148, Strand branch as Rivington and Cochrane. B. 1745 1st. s. of John I; d. 18 Oct. 1822, Islington. Livery Sta. Co. by 1775. Partner in 1768 and successor in 1792 of father. Commenced British critic 1793. West End branch opened in Waterloo Place 1819, second-hand branch opened in Strand under John Cochrane 1820. Eldest son John admitted partner 1810. Publ. some music. City Poll 1781: C., 1784: A. Brothers John II, Henry, Charles III. DNB; Humphries and Smith.
Rivington, Henry. 1775/1800. solicitor. 1, Fenchurch Buildings 1792-1826R. Youngest s. of John I. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Clerk to Sta. Co. 1800-12. Succ. by Charles Rivington. Brothers John II, Francis, Charles III. Nichols iii, 400-01,606.
Rivington, James. 1775/1800. Bookseller and printer. St. Paul's Churchyard 1742-60. Trading: as John I and James Rivington 1742-56; as Rivington and Fletcher 1756-60. B. 1724, 6th s. of Charles I; d. Dec. 1802 or Jan. 1803, New York. Livery Sta. Co. by 1775. Succ. father with brother John but dissolved partnership 6 Mar. 1756. Partner with James Fletcher 1756-60. Made £10,000 on Tobias Smollett's History of England. Publ. musical works 1757-58. Took to horseracing. Settled as bookseller in Philadelphia 1760. Opened bookstore New York 1761. Commenced bookselling in Boston 1762. Failed and recommenced in New York. Supporter of British government, appointed King's printer for New York. Began Rivington's New York loyal gazette 1777. Later turned spy. After troops left business declined and he lived in comparative poverty. Brothers Charles, John. DNB; Nichols iii, 400-01; Timperley 813; Todd; Humphries and Smith.
Rivington, John I. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 62, St. Paul's Churchyard 1742-92. B. 1720, 4th s. of Charles; d. 16 Jan. 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1775, master 1775. On father's death 1742 he carried on the business on behalf of himself, his mother and his brother James, who dissolved the partnership 6 Mar. 1756, under the supervision of Samuel Richardson. William Innys a partner 1756. Appointed publisher to the SPCK 1760. Supplied books for the clergy. Described as an 'extensive wholesale dealer in books' 1763M. Publ. a number of sacred music works. Eldest son Francis partner 1768, 6th son Charles III partner 1777. Made manager of many classics issued by the 'Conger'. Managed Annual register during Dodsley's illness, subsequently started a rival. Prob. publ. Lloyd's evening post 1778-84. Took adverts. for Exeter journal 1785P. City Poll 1781: C., 1784: A. Governor of several royal hospitals and director of Amicable Life Society and Union Fire Office. 14 children incl. Francis I and Charles III who succ. him, also Henry and John II. Plomer; DNB; Nichols iii, 400-01; Timperley 754, 774; Todd; Musgrave; Humphries and Smith; Aspinall.
Rivington, John II. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Badger Yard, St. John's Square 1780-85. S. of John I; d. June 1785. App. Charles Rivington £50 1770, free and livery Sta. Co. 1777, 1777-83 9 apps., 2 premiums £25, £28. Premises formerly James Emonson's later Henry Law's. Music imprints 1780, 1784. City Poll 1784: A. Succ. by widow Anna q.v. Brothers Henry, Francis, Charles III. Plomer Nichols iii, 400-01; Howe; Todd; Musgrave; Humphries and Smith.
Rivington, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookseller. St. Paul's Churchyard 1792-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Premsumably a junior member of the firm.
ROACH, James or John. 1775/1800. Bookseller and printer. Russell Court, Drury Lane 1796-1822P; no. 5 1796; 5, Vinegar Yard, Drury Lane 1799H; Woburn Court, Drury Lane 18041817U; 23, Gloucester Street, St. John's Wood Road 1823. Prob. the Mr. Roach imprisoned for 12 months for publishing Harris's list of Covent Garden ladies 10 Nov. 1795. Sold odd volumes and 'indelicate prints'. Compiled a number of works on theatrical and other topics. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Registered press 1799. Prob. connected with William Roach, printing office, Marquis Court, Drury Lane 1809H. DNB; Todd; Timperley 789.
ROACHE, David. 1775/1800. map improver. 7, Bow Street, Bloomsbury 1799H.
ROAF, H. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Catherine Street, Strand 1790-91; 18, Catherine Street 1791-92. Printed Argus 1790-c1791, Morning herald 1791-92. Aspinall; Werkmeister.
ROBARTS and BELLAMY. 1775/1800. Booksellers and publishers. see Bellamy and Robarts.
ROBERTS, Ann. 1775/1800. Printseller. Clare Court, Drury Lane 1775. Sun insurance policy 350345 4 Mar. 1775. Guildhall ms. 11,396/236.
ROBERTS, George. 1800. - Publisher? Admiralty Office, Westminster 1800. Registered press 1800. Todd.
ROBERTS, J. 1775/1800. map engraver. London. Active 1776-94. Worked for Laurie and Whittle 1794. Hannas.
ROBERTS, John L. 1775/1800. Engraver. at Mrs. Rice's, opp. Villiers Street, Strand 1771; near the Three Compasses, Lambeth Marsh 1774; 74, Gray's Inn Lane 1775; 13 Little New Street, Shoe Lane 1776. Exhibited Free Society 1771-76. Graves.
ROBERTS, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 25, Addison's Head Paternoster Row 1764-76. Trading: as Robinson and Roberts. Died: c 1776. Partner with George Robinson q.v.
ROBERTS, Piercy. 1775/1800. Printseller and engraver. 28, Middle Row, Holborn 1791 -1805H. BM Satires 1791 -95.
ROBERTS, William. 1775/1800. Circulating library. Hammersmith 1799H-1800. Hamlyn.
ROBERTS. 1775/1800. Engraver. see John Whittingham.
ROBERTSON, Archibald. 1775/1800. Publisher. Charles Street, St. James's Square 1782-92. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1777-82: AT162; 1791-92: AS24.
ROBERTSON, Peter. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Little Shire Lane 1774; Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1783; Nevill's Court, Fetter Lane 1792; 9, Nevill's Court 1799H; 18, Rolls Buildings 1809H-1811H. Burl Clerkenwell churchyard. Free Needlemakers' Co. by 1783, received a turn over 1783. A prosecuting master 1786. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Son Charles bookbinder app. 1796. Howe; Ramsden.
ROBINS, James. 1775/1800. Newsman. 3, Avery Row 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., F.
ROBINS, Joseph. 1775/1800. Printer, bookseller and stationer. Tooley Street 1799H-1860; no. 57 1799H-1830; nos. 57 and 58 1830R-1860; no. 181 1817. Trading: alone 1800-12; as Joseph Robins and sons 1813-37; as John and William Robins 1838-57; as John Robins 1859-60. Registered presses 1817, partners William and John Robins. Todd.
ROBINS, William. 1775/1800. Printer. 63, Barbican 1790U.
Robinson, G. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 221, Piccadilly 1794B.
Robinson, George I. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 25, Addison's Head, Paternoster Row 1764-1822R; 48, Paternoster Row 1802H-1805H; 12, Chapel Street, Pentonville 1811H; Chapter House Passage 1823P-1830P+. Trading: as Robinson and Roberts 1764-76; as George Robinson 1772K-1785; as George, George, John and James Robinson 1785-93; as George, George and John Robinson 1794-1801P; as George and John Robinson 1802P-1806; as George Robinson 1806P-1813P; as George and Samuel Robinson 1814P-1817U; as Samuel Robinson 1818P-1830P. B. 1737, Dalston, Cumberland; d. 6 June 1801, Paternoster Row, bur. St. Faith under St. Paul's. To London 1755. Worked for John Rivington, then for Johnstone in Ludgate Hill to 1763/4. Began own business in Paternoster Row in partnership with John Roberts (d. c1776). Helped financially by Thomas Longman. A successful purchaser of copyrights he had the largest wholesale trade of any individual by 1780. Son George and brother John partners 1784. Information laid against him by T. Nuthall for publishing Letters of Junius 1770. Publ. Critical review, New annual register, Nicholson's journal 1797 etc. Action for libel in Critical review, by Mr. Swinton; the judge found for the defendants, 'fair criticism' 28 Feb. 1794. Convicted of selling Paine's Rights of man to Mr. Pyle, bookseller, the four partners fined a total of £250 26 Nov. 1793. Various music imprints. Often helped to settle disputes. Generous to authors. A fine raconteur. Called 'the King of booksellers' by William West. Owned a villa at Streatham. Succ. by George II and John. Imprints: ESTC, COPAC, Worldcat. Sources: DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 445-49; Timperley 781, 782, 795, 808-09; Humphries and Smith; Brown..
Robinson, George II. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 25, Paternoster Row 1785-1811; Ivy Lane 1792. Trading: for styles see under George Robinson I. S. of George I; d. 22 May 1811. Livery Glovers' Co. by 1792. Partner of father 1784 and his successor 1801. George and John Robinson bankrupt 8 Dec. 1804, cert. 19 Feb. 1805, div. 20 May 1806. Bankrupt partly because of a fire in a printing office in which they had much invested. Soon able to repay creditors in full. Succ. by son George. Nichols iii, 445-49; Timperley 843.
Robinson, J. 1775/1800. Copper engraver. Charles Street St. James's 1794B.
Robinson, J. S. 1775/1800. Engraver. 8, Gloucester Place, Marylebone 1789. Exhibited Royal Academy 1789. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1788: AT213. Thieme and Becker; Graves.
Robinson, James. 1775/1800. Pressmaker. 1, Moor Lane, Fore Street 1792U.
Robinson, James. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 25, Paternoster Row 1781-93; Islington 1796. Trading: for styles see under George Robinson I. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Retired c1793. City Poll 1781: C., 1784: A.
Robinson, John. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. 9, [Great] Newport Street, Long Acre 1790U; Great Newport Street 1794B-1812P; Charlotte Street [Rathbone Place] 1813P-1817U; no. 89 1817U. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.
Robinson, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 25, Paternoster Row 1781-1806P. Trading: for styles see under George Robinson I. Died: 2 Dec. 1813 aged 61, Putney. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C., 1784: A. Partner of brother George I 1784 and his successor 1801. After bankruptcy of the firm he became the partner of George Wilkie wholesale booksellers in Paternoster Row. Two sons John and Richard both became booksellers in Paternoster Row. Nichols ix, 543, Timperley 852.
ROBSON and CLARRE. 1775/1800. Booksellers. See James Robson and William Clarke.
ROBSON and MUDGE. 1775/1800. stationers. under Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1753K-1765K; 94, Cornhill 1767K-1775N. Trading: as John Robson 1753K-1763M; as Robson and Mudge 1765K-1775N. Continued by Walter Mudge q.v.
ROBSON, James. 1759-1806. Bookseller. 27, the Feathers, New Bond Street 1759-1806. Trading: as J. Robson and Co. 1777N; as Robson and Clarke 1787L-1789A, otherwise alone. B. 1733, Sebergham, Cumberland, s. of a yeoman; d. 25 Aug. 1806, Conduit street. App. Robert Wilson, turned over to John Brindley, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 3 Sept. 1760, livery 20 Dec. 1765, court 18 July 1781, master 1791. Ed. in Cumberland grammar school. To London aged 16. App. his relative J. Brindley. bookseller in New Bond Street to whose business he succeeded 1759. Bookseller to Princess Dowager of Wales 1763M-1772. Marr. the only daughter of Mr. Perrot builder and had many children. His eldest son James was to succeed him but d. aged 20 May 1785. After his son's death he gradually withdrew from business. Music imprint 1782. To Venice with James Edwards of Pall Mall to see the Pinelli library which they purchased for about £7,000 1788. It was sold the following year at Conduit Street for £9,356. Publ. cats. 1765-93, with William Clarke 1787. William Clarke his partner 1787L-1789A. Rebuilder of Trinity Chapel, Conduit Street. Enthusiastic fisherman. Member of the dining club of booksellers that met at the Shakspeare tavern. Nichols notes a visit to Wilkes with him 1790. Imprints: ESTC, COPAC, Worldcat. Sources: DNB; Plomer; Nichols v, 323-25, iii, 661, ix, 233; Timperley 825; Humphries and Smith; BM Book sales; Musgrave.
ROBSON, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. see Robson and Mudge.
ROBY, Bishop and son. 1775/1800. stationers. 2, Little Newport Street 1790U. See Roby Bishop.
ROCHFORT, Matthew. 1775/1800. Stationer. 29, Bridges Street, Covent Garden 1790U-1799L. Westminster Poll 1796: F.
ROCK, William. 1775/1800. music publisher. 27, Parliament Street 1785-1805H. Publ. anthem 1785. An organist. Described as harpsichord maker 1785B, as Esquire 1799H-1805H. Humphries and Smith.
ROE, Charles. 1775/1800. Stationer. 43, Barbican 1799H.
ROEMER, H. 1775/1800. Print publisher. 4, Clare Court, Drury Lane 1799. Poss. the same as Henry Roemer, furrier, 8, Russell Street, Covent Garden 1799L. J. C. Smith 609.
ROFFE, J. 1775/1800. Engraver. London 1798. Prob. d. 14 Dec. 1850 aged 81. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1798: AS5. Thieme and Becker.
ROGERS, Anthony. 1775/1800. Law stationer. Cursitor Street, Todd. Chancery Lane 1790U.
ROGERS, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. Whitechapel 1788. Bankrupt 16 Sept.1788, cert. 17 Feb. 1798, div. 24 July 1790.
ROGERS, William Joseph. 1775/1800. stationer and paper hanging maker. 139, Minories 1784B1825P. App. Ann Edmonds, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 May 1782, livery 17 Dec. 1789, apps. William Smith 6 June 1792, son William Joseph 6 Feb. 1799, free 1806. Bankrupt 11 Sept. 1798, cert. 24 Nov. 1798, divs. 27 Apr. 1799, 13 Jan. 1801.
ROGERS, William. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. Craven Buildings, Drury Lane 1790U.
ROLFE, William. 1775/1800. music seller and publisher and pianoforte maker. 112, Cheapside 17971830P+. Trading: alone 1797-1807P; as William Rolfe and sons 1808P-1816P; as William Rolfe and Co. 1817P-1826P; as William Rolfe and sons 1827P-1830P+. Previously partner in Culliford, Rolfe and Barrow. Humphries and Smith.
ROLLOS, G. 1775/1800. Engraver, mapseller and geographer. Golden Head, Old Belten Street, Long Acre 1766. Engraved various maps 1761-79. Chubb.
ROOKER, Michael Angelo. 1775/1800. Engraver and painter. Great Queen Street 1763-67; at Mr. Smith's, Long Acre 1768; Queen's Court, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1769-73; opp. the Museum, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1774-86; 53, Long Acre 1789-92; 23, Dean Street, Soho 1793-1800. B. 1743, London, s. of Edward R., engraver (171174); d. 3 Mar. 1801, Dean Street. Pupil of father and Paul Sandby. Also painter in watercolours. Stage painter at Haymarket theatre. Engraved landscapes for Copperlate magazine 1775-77 and plates for Oxford almanack. Illustrated 10 vol. edit. Of Beaumont and Fletcher 1778. Associate Royal Academy 1770. Exhibited Society of Artists 1763-68, Royal Academy 1769-1800. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Nichols viii, 624, 698; Graves.
ROPER, John. 1775/1800. Engraver and printer. New Street Square, Shoe Lane 1799-1830R; no. 20 1799-1802H; no. 13 1805H-1830R+. Trading: as John Roper 1799-1809H; as Mary Roper 1811H-1830R+. Registered press 1799.
ROPER. 1775/1800. stationer and paper hanging manufacturer. see Armitage and Roper.
ROSON, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller, stationer and paper hanger. St. Martins le Grand 1773; 54, St. Martin le Grand 1777K-1778K; 133, Cheapside 1779K. Bankrupt Dec. 1773, cert. 2 July 1774.
ROSS, George. 1775/1800. newspaper publisher. London 1799. Publisher of Courier, sentenced to one month in prison for libel on the Tsar 30 May 1799. Timperley 802.
ROSS, Patrick. 1775/1800. Printer or painter and gilder. 2, Cross Lane, St. Mary at Hill 1789A. Bankrupt 20 Oct. 1789, cert. 19 Jan. 1790, div. 5 July 1794 final. Described as printer in bankruptcy index, as painter and gilder in 1789A directory.
ROSS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. 17, Cow Lane [=King Street], Snow Hill 1799H-1802H; 17, King Street [=Cow Lane], Snow Hill 1809H-1811H; 8, Fleet Lane, Fleet Market 1822R-1823R. Prob. connected with Thomas Ross, printer and engraver, 8, Giltspur Street, West Smithfield 1826R-1830R.
ROSSER, William. 1775/1800. Law stationer. 28, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1799H.
ROULLIER, A. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 38, Dean Street, Soho 1799H-1801P. Trading: as A. Roullier 1799H; as John Roullier 1800P-1801P.
ROUlLLIER, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. see A. Roullier.
ROUND, John. 1775/1800. Engraver and printer. 71, Little Britain 1790U.
ROUND, Joseph. 1775/1800. Engraver. 81, Little Britain 1789A.
ROUSSEAU, James. 1800-1838? Printer. son of Philip, printer. Born: 1769. Died: 1838. Sources: Nigel Edwards, descendant, e-mail 2013.
ROUSSEAU, Philip. 1775/1800. journeyman printer. London. 1741-1814 married Susannah Stevens (born 1739) In 1812 an annuitant of Bowyer for whom he once worked. Sons: Samuel q.v. ; James 1769-1838, printer, Philip Charles, printer in Stamford, Lincs. Sources: Nichols iii, 288 ; Nigel Edwards, descendant, e-mail 2013.
ROUSSEAU, Samuel Kent. 1775/1800. Printer. Leather Lane c1795?; 7, Wood Street, Spa Fields 1799-1811H. B. 1763, London, s. of Philip R. q.v.; d. 4 Dec. 1820, Ray Street, Clerkenwell. App. Nichols. Taught himself Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Persian, Arabic and several modern languages. For a time master in Joy's charity school. Taught Persian. Registered press 1799. Ran Arabic and Persian Press 1803. Had little success. Towards end of life did literary hack work. Cousin of Jean Jacques Rousseau. Sources: DNB; Todd ; Nigel Edwards, descendant e-mail 2013.
ROUTH, Henry. 1775/1800. Paper maker and stationer. see Thomas Spalding. Henry Routh, no trade given, of the Strand is included in the livery of the Sta. Co. 1792, 1796.
ROW, Walter. 1775/1800. Stationer. 27, Great Marlborough Street 1790U-1811H; King Street, Spitalfields 1799H; 32, Carnaby Street 1812P-1824P; 28, Great Marlborough Street 1815P-1830R; no. 60 1820P. Imprint(s): Kress: 1796: S5516. BM Satires 1796.
ROWBOTHAM, Henry. 1775/1800. Pocket book maker. 96, Aldersgate Street 1799H-1830R+. Trading: as Henry Rowbotham 1799H-1820P; as Ann Rowbotham 1821P-1830R+.
ROWE, Charles. 1775/1800. Stationer. Islington 1795. App. John Camp 6 Oct. 1784, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Sept. 1792, his app. John Campbell 4 Nov. 1795.
ROWE, George. 1775/1800. Stationer. Fleet Street 1792; 3, Fleet Street 1794B-1806P; 49, Fleet Street 1807P-1828P. Trading: alone 1794B-1806P; as Rowe and Waller 1807P-1828P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.
ROWLAND, Robert. 1775/1800. Printer. Assistant to Charles Whittingham I q.v. from 1798.
ROWLANDSON, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver and print publisher. 4, Church Street, St. Anne's 1775; 103, Wardour Street 1777-86; 50, Poland Street, Pantheon 1787-90; 52, Strand 1792; Dalby Terrace, City Road 1805H; James Street, Adelphi 1811 H-1827. B. July 1756, Old Jewry; d. 22 Apr. 1827, James Street. Studied in Royal Academy and Paris. Settled in London as portrait painter by 1777 but travelled frequently on the continent. Exhibited Society of Artists 1783, Royal Academy 1775-87. Worked extensively for Ackerman for whose Poetical magazine he produced the series of plates later publ. separately as the three tours of Dr. Syntax, also many other series and individual caricatures. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1760: AS54; 1793-96; AL248; 1797: AL316; 1798: AS40; 1798-99: AL379; 1799: AL397, 461; 1800: AL63, 249; Tooley: 1798: 408; 1799: 409, 414, 416. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Timperley 849; Graves; BM Satires 1780-92.
ROWLANDSON/ROWLINGSON, William. 1775/1800. Printseller. 49, Broad Street, Bloomsbury 17881790U. Rowlingson in 1790U, Rowlandson in BM Satires 1788.
ROWORTH, Charles. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Hudson's Court, Strand 1799-1800; 37 and 38, Bell Yard, Fleet Street 1802-32; Ship Yard, Temple Bar 1804; 39, Bell Yard 1832-67; 16, Newton Street, High Holborn 1868-69. Trading: alone 1799-1832; as C. Roworth and sons 1832-40; as C. Roworth and son 1836-38; as C. Roworth and Co. 1841; as C. Roworth and sons 1842-69. Registered presses 1799, 1802. Todd; Brown.
ROWSELL, S. 1775/1800. Stationer. 2, Silver Street, Fleet Street 1799H.
ROYCE, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. Wood Street 1786-89. App. John Lodge, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Oct. 1773, apps. William Newman 1 Mar. 1786, John Swaine 1 July 1789.
ROZEA, Jessington. 1775/1800. Printer. 91, Wardour Street, Soho 1784B-1785P. S. of Jessington R. of Marylebone, gent.; d. c 1790. App. Thomas Jones, bookseller 1766, free and livery Sta. Co. 1782, 1782-89 6 apps., 2 premiums, average £25. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. City Poll 1784: A. Signed compositors' scale 1785. After his death the firm was taken over by Sampson Low. Howe; Todd.
RUFFY, William Joseph. 1775/1800. Printer. 27, Leadenhall Street 1799-1803: 29, Budge Row 180435. Trading: alone 1799; as Evans and Ruffy 1801; as Ruffy and Evans 1803-23; as W. J. Ruffy 1826-35. Registered press 1799. Succ. George Sidney. Partner with John Evans. William Ruffy succ. to partnership when he registered presses 1804. Todd.
RUMING, David. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. 35, Warren Street, Fitzroy Square 1799H. Presumably the same as David Rummins, printer, 19, Buckingham Place, Fitzroy Square 1802H.
RUMNEY and GILLETT. 1775/1800. Printers. 19, Bartholomew Close 1790U. Succ. by Gillett q.v.
RUSHTON, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Middle Row, Holborn
RUSHTON, Joseph. 1775/1800. Law stationer. 18, Chancery Lane 1799H-1830P+.
RUSHTON, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer. 13, Broad Street, St. Giles 1784B-1785P.
RUSSELL and LETTS. 1775/1800. Booksellers, printers and stationers. 94, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1797L; 95, Royal Exchange 1797-1840; 8, Royal Exchange 1840-49; 24, Queen Street, Cheapside 1848-49. Trading: as Russell and Letts 1797-1809P; as John Letts 1809-28; as Letts and son 1828-38; as John Letts and son 1839-40; as Thomas Letts 1840-42; as Letts and son 1843; as Letts, son and Co. 1844-45; as R. E. Letts, son and Co. 1846-47; as Letts, son and Stear 1848-49. John Russell q.v. and John Letts. Thomas Letts at 3, Arthur Street East, London Bridge 1839. Todd.
RUSSELL, Alexander. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Dean's Court, St. Martin's 1784-96; no. 6 1796; 6, Great Dean's Court 1799H. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. and T.; 1796: F., T. The two entries in the 1784 Poll and the addition of 'junior' in the 1796 Poll indicate that there were two generations of bookbinders of this name.
RUSSELL, James G. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Stationers' Court, Ludgate Street 1779L-1782L; Ludgate Street 1783B. John Russell listed at same address 1777N. Prob. retired c1783 as James G. Russell of Ripley, Surrey, gent. is listed in the livery of the Sta. Co. 1792.
RUSSELL, James. 1775/1800. stationer, rag dealer, vellum binder, printer, account book warehouse and paper hanger. 27, Old Change 1800-1817U; 13, Old Change 1818; 27, Bread Street hill 1819-1830R; 80, Aldersgate Street 1823-43; 79 and 80, Aldersgate Street 1844-51. Trading: as James Russell 1800-24; as James Russell junior 1825-51. Registered presses 1823. Todd.
RUSSELL, John. 1775/1800. stationer and printer. 1, Clement's Lane, Lombard Street 1800. Registered press with John Abraham 1800. See also Russell and Letts. Todd
RUSSELL, John. 1775/1800. writing and map engraver. 9, Constitution Row, Grays Inn Road 1799H-1805H.
RUSSELL, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. see James G. Russell.
RUST, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookseller and circulating library. 2, Shoe Lane 1790U. Prob. error for Robert Rusted q.v.
RUSTED, R. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 3, Bridge Street, 1790U. Ludgate Hill 1783. BM Satires.
RUSTED, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookseller, circulating library and pamphlet warehouse. 2, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street 1785P-1799H; 13, Shoe Lane 1805H. Premises described es 'British Library' 1799H.
RUTHERFORD, John. 1775/1800. music seller and publisher and musical instrument maker. at the Violin and German Flute, St. Martin's Court, Leicester Fields c 1745-84. Trading: as David Rutherford c 1745-71; as John Rutherford c1771-84. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Humphries and Smith.
RYALL, John (sometimes ROYAL, RIAL). 1775/1800. Printseller and bookseller. Hogarth's Head, Fleet Street c1755-65; Fleet Street 1776; 17, Lombard Street 1781K-1794B; 81, Snow Hill 1784B-1785P. Music imprint 1765. Bankrupt, cert. 11 Mar. 1776. Humphries and Smith.
RYAN, Richard. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Oxford Street 1784B-1819P; no. 351 1784B-1801P; no. 353 1802H-1811H; no. 335 1812P-i819P; no. 339 1817U. Died: before 1830. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Took advertisements for Johnson's British gazette 1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Son Richard (1796-1849) author and bookseller. Imprint(s): Kress: (Ryan) 1786?: B1034. DNB.
RYDER, Thomas I. 1775/1800. Engraver. at Mr. Basire's, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 176667; Pelton Street 1781; Titchfield Street 1792-96; Hendon, Middlesex 1799H-1802H (the same?). B. 1746; Died: 1810. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Studied with Isaac Basire and at Royal Academy. Exhibited Free Society 1766-67. Engr. some plates in line but best known for stipple. Engr. for Boydell's Shakspeare. Many plates printed in brown, some in colours. City Poll 1781: C. Son Thomas engraver. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.
RYDER, Thomas II. 1792-1796. Engraver. Titchfield Street 1792-96. S. of Thomas R., engraver q.v. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.
RYE, Richard. 1776 Stationer. Thames Street 1776. Bankrupt 1776.
RYLAND and BRYER. 1767-1783. Engravers and printsellers. 27, opp. Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1767-1772N. William Wynne Ryland and Henry Bryer qq.v. Both bankrupt Dec. 1771, cert. 6 June 1772, div. 1 Aug. 1786. J. C. Smith lii, 123-24, 214, 916.
RYLAND, Edward. 1790-1817. Copperplate printer. 124, Fetter Lane 1790U-1817U. Poss. connected with Edward Ryland, copperplate primer who died 26 July 1771. Musgrave.
RYLAND, John. 1776-1802. Engraver, printer and printseller. St. Martin Ludgate 1776; Old Bailey 1781; 67, Old Bailey 1783K-1802H. Bankrupt Aug. 1776, bankrupt again 6 Dec. 1788, cert. 18 Apr. 1789. City Poll 1781: C.
RYLAND, Mary. 1788-1817. Printseller and fancy ornament seller . New Bond Street 1788L-1814P; no. 102 1788L-1791L, no. 107 1791-1792L; no. 129 1793L-1811H; no. 136 1809P-1814P; George Street, Hanover Square 1815P; Wigmore Street 1816P; Warner Street 1817U. Widow of William Wynne Ryland. After her husband's execution two plates unfinished by him were completed for her benefit by Bartolozzi and William Sharp. DNB (sub. W. W. Ryland); BM Satires 1791.
RYLAND, William Wynne. 1761-1783. Engraver and printseller. Stafford Row, near Queen's Palace 1767-69; 27, opp. Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1767-1772N; Queen's Row, Knightsbridge 1772; near Hammersmith turnpike 1773; 159, near Somerset House, Strand 1774-75; Knightsbridge 1783. B. July 1732, s. of Edward R., engraver and printer (died: 1771); executed 29 Aug. 1783. App. Simon Francis Ravenet. Studied in Paris under Boucher and Le Bas. Adopted chalk manner. Many plates after Angelica Kauffmann. Engraver to King 1762-1775. Became wealthy, making up to £3,000 a year by engraving. Partner with his pupil Henry Bryer in Cornhill 1767-1771 when both bankrupt (see Ryland and Bryer). Soon after resumed business in Strand then retired to Knightsbridge. Exhibited Society of Artists 1761-69, Royal Academy 1772-75. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe. Cl. Bankrupt 1783. Proclamation for his apprehension for forgery 2 Apr. 1783. Hanged, an extraordinary thunderstorm occurring just before his execution 29 Aug. 1783. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith lii, 123-24, 135,217; Graves: Musgrave.

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