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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: P-Q

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names P-Q

PAAS, Andrew, engraver, see Cornelius Paas, Richard Duke.

PAAS, Charles, engraver, see Cornelius Paas.

PAAS, Cornelius, engraver and printer, Fenwick Court, High Holborn 1785B; 53, High Holborn 1788-1809P; 10, Hand Court, Holborn 1809H-1815P; 26, High Holborn 1816P-1832; 44, High Holborn 1833P. Trading: as C. and A. Paas 1785B-1793 (described as Charles and Andrew 1785B); as Cornelius Paas 1802H-1805H; as Paas and Co. 1801P-1833P; as Charles Paas 1809H; as John Paas and Co. 1822R-1832. B. c1741, Germany; d. 8 Jan. 1806. Active in London from c1765. C. and A. Paas publ. spec. of brass card borders 1788. Engravers to King 1788-1790U. Cornelius registered press 1803. Poss the Paas who bound a copy of Thomson's Dictionary c1798. John Paas, prob. a son of one of the founders, was murdered in Leicester by James Cook, bookbinder May 1832. Thieme and Becker; Todd (as Pads); Ramsden; Berry and Johnston.

PACE, printer, 56, Borough High Street 1785P; Borough 1794B. Howe; Todd.

PAGE, stationer, Leadenhall Street 1789. D. 10 June 1789. Partner of James Woodmason q.v. Musgrave.

PAGE, George, bookbinder, Rose Street, Newgate Street 1764-68; London House Yard 1771-77; S. of George P. of Rose Street, cheesemonger. App. James Bailey £5 2 Nov. 1742, free Sta. Co. 3 Apr. 1750, 1764-77 6 apps., 1 turn over. Howe.

PAGE, Richard, printer, 2, Queen's Head Alley? 1780-81. Printed London packet 1780-81. Aspinall.

PAGE, Robert, printer, 2, Queen's Head Passage, Newgate Street or 6, Old Bailey? 1774. Printed London evening post 1774, London mercury 1774. See also John Miller. Aspinall.

PAGE, Theodore Dixon, printer, stationer and typeseller, 47, Blackfriars Road (=Surrey Street), Southwark 1799-1812; 17, Commerce Row, Blackfriars Road 1812-17; 62, Blackfriars Road 1817-37. Trading: alone 1799-1822; as Theodore Dixon Page and son 1823-37. Registered as typeseller 1799, registered presses 1812. Firm continued by Joseph Henry Page to c1849. Anne Page at 12, Norton Folgate 1806-21 and 62, Blackfriars road 1824-28 as grocer and tea dealer. Todd.

PAGE, Thomas, stationer, 124, Whitechapel 1784B-1785P.

PAGE, Thomas, bookseller, Tower Hill 1762-81. S. of Thomas P. (d. 1762); d. 2 Apr. 1781. Partner first with William Mount, then with his son John q.v. His father had married the daughter of William Mount. Son Thomas III never in book trade. Plomer; Nichols viii, 453, ix, 705; Musgrave.

PAINE, Henry, bookseller, Knightsbridge 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

PAKE, map engraver, 12, Middle Row c1785. Engraved map used for jigsaw c 1785. Hannas.

PALDY and ROUTH, stationers, error for Spalding and Routh q.v. in 1794B.

PALMER and FIELDING, printsellers, see William Palmer.

PALMER, Ebenezer, stationer, 85, Cheapside 1799H-1803P. Patent no. 2412 for a hinge for binding 30 Dec. 1 800.

PALMER, Isaac, engraver, Store Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H-1805H; no. 15 1802H-1805H.

PALMER, Joseph, pen cutter, bookseller and stationer, Vere Street, Clare Market 1799H; 34, South Street, Manchester Square 1802H-1817U. Only described as bookseller and stationer 1805H+.

PALMER, Thomas, bookbinder, Tower Hill 1756-78; George Yard, Tower Hill 1782. S. of Thomas P. of Huntingdonshire, yeoman. App. George Jarvis 2 Feb. 1748, free Sta. Co. 4 Mar. 1775, livery 7 Feb. 1756, 1756-78 10 apps. 7 premiums. Son William q.v.. Howe; Ramsden.

PALMER, William, printseller, 159, Strand 1784B-1785P; 163, Strand 1785B-1798L; 163, Fleet Street 1790U; 49, Long Acre 1800P. Trading: alone 1785B, 1790U 1794L-1800P; as Palmer and Fielding 1789L-1793L. Printseller to Queen 1790U.

PALMER, William, engraver, Islington 1792; 1, Rufford's Buildings, Islington 1799H; 1, Rufford's Row 1805H. Livery Girdlers' Co. by 1792. Engraved maps of London 1785, 1787. Assisted J. Ellis in engraving for Ellis's English atlas 1766. Engr. maps and plates for descriptions of Cooke's voyages and other travel and geographical works. Darlington and Howgego; Chubb.

PALSER, Thomas, printseller, bookseller and engraver, Surrey side, Westminster Bridge Road 1799H-1810; 10, Bridge Road, Lambeth 1811-19; 13, Harp Alley, Fleet Market 1818-1822R; 79, Fleet Street 1820; 67, Fleet Street 1821-42; 50, Fleet Street 1843. Registered press 1818. Henry Palser, printseller, 366, Strand 1842-51. Thieme and Becker; Todd; J.C.Smith 13,14.

PALWORTH, John, stationer, 14, Pimlico 1799H. Error for Polworth, John q.v.

PARAMORE, G., music printer, North Green, Worship Street 1793. Music imprint 1793. Humphries and Smith.

PARAMORE, printer, Windmill Hill, near St. Luke's Hospital 1785P; Moorfields 1794B; Myrtle Street, Hoxton 1808; Hoxton Town 1810. Todd; Howe.

PARBURY and GOWING, stationers, see Edward Parbury, George Gowing.

PARBURY, Edward, stationer, 38, Holborn Bridge 1794B; 82, Holborn Bridge 1795K-1799H. Trading: alone 1794B-1797L; as Parbury and Gowing 1798K-1799H. App. Ralph Quested, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 June 1791, apps. William Heath Dare 4 Sept. 1793, Frederick Parbury son of George 4 Dec. 1793, Charles Parbury son of George 2 Apr. 1794. Succ. by George Gowing q.v..

PARIS, Alexander (A.), printer and bookseller, 13, Rolls Buildings 1794B-1805H; 7, Took's Court, Chancery Lane 1808-1819R; 6, Took's Court 1809H-1811H; 53, Long Acre 1820-1824P; 9, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1823; 63, Paternoster Row 1825; 44, Holywell Street, Strand 1829-1831R; 49, Holywell Street 1832R-1833R+. Trading: as Henry Paris 1809H; as Paris and Meyers 1817-1819R; as J. Paris 1819R; otherwise as Alexander Paris. Printed parts of Holden's Directory 1799. Registered presses 1800. Office and three houses destroyed by fire, one woman killed 20 July 1810. Imprints: Kress: 1798: B3684; 1799: B4025. Todd; Timperley 840.

PARK(E), Gavin, bookbinder, 7, Litchfield Street, Soho 1811H-1836Pi; 6, Villier's Street, Strand 1817U. A notorious journeyman at the time of the dispute with the employers 1786. Foreman to Thomas Armstrong 1806. Later a master in William Craigs old premises in Villier's Street. Howe; Ramsden.

PARK, Thomas, engraver, 106, Pall Mall 1787; 22, Jermyn Street 1787-88; 4, Margaret Street, Westminster 1788-89; Piccadilly n.d.; 28, High Street, Marylebone 1802H; Durweston Street, Portman Square n.d.; Church Row, Hampstead 1805H-1834. B. 1759, Acton; d. 26 Nov. 1834, Church Row, Hampstead. Ed. in Durham. Brought up as engraver. Publ. sonnets c1797 and then abandoned engraving and devoted life to literature. Edited Harleian miscellany. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 956-60.

PARKER, Charles, bookseller, New Bond Street 1767-1789K; no. 93 1776K-1785P; no. 95 1786K-1789K. Publ. cats. 1771 -76. Bill head 1768 Heal collection. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Publ. travels, satirical poems and broadsides. Plomer; BM Book sales.

PARKER, Henry, bookseller, printseller and stationer, Cornhill 1762-75; opp. Birchin Lane 1762-63; no. 82 1767-75; no. 36, corner of Birchin Lane 1775; 5, Birchin Lane, Cornhill 1782L-1783B; Guildhall 1792-96. D. Stoke Newington 28 Aug. 1809 in 84th year. Free Sta. Co. by 1765, livery by 1792, master 1801. Originally partner with Eliza Bakewell, successor to Thomas Taylor and Thomas Bakewell 1759. Common councillor Cornhill ward 1765-86, deputy 1781-86. Quitted business on purchasing office of clerk of the chamber Guildhall 1774. Plomer; Nichols iii, 733; Timperley 835, T. C. Smith liii, 231, 730, 984, 1333.

PARKER, James, engraver, 19, Little Drury Lane 1783. Exhibited Society of Artists 1783, Free Society 1783. Graves.

PARKER, James, stationer, 36, Chancery Lane 1782L-1797L.

PARKER, James, engraver, printseller and stationer, 27, Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1784-1790U. B. 1750; d. 26 May 1805, bun St. Clement Danes. Pupil of James Basire I, William Blake a fellow apprentice. Opened print shop in partnership with Blake 1784 but failed soon after. Stipple and line engraver. Much book illustration including portraits for Hardings Shakespeare Illustrated Boydell's Shakspeare etc. Governor of Society of Engravers estd. 1803. Imprint: Abbey: 1794-96: AS432. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

PARKER, Joseph, rag merchant, Queenhithe 1799H; 5, Queenhithe 1802H.

PARKER, Samuel, bookseller, New Bond Street 1776. Publ. cats. 1776-80. Nichols iii, 655.

PARKER, Thomas stationer see Thomas Greenhill I.

PARKER, Thomas, stationer, paper hanger and rag merchant, 2, Fish Street Hill 1791 L-1 795L.

PARKER, Thomas II, printer, Jewin Street, Cripplegate c1770-1790U; 4, Bull Head Court, Jewin Street 1785P-1790U. S. of Thomas P. I, printer. Free Sta. Co. 1765, 1770-93 8 apps. 1 premium £20. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Plomer; Howe; Todd.

PARKER, William, printer, 37, Ludgate Street 1778-80; 183, Fleet Street 1781 -84. D. 7 May 1784. Bought General Advertiser Aug. 1781. Printed General advertiser 1778-80, 1781-84, Owen's chronicle 1778-c1783, Morning intelligencer 1778-84, London intelligencer 1777-83. Aspinall; Werkmeister; Musgrave.

PARKYNS, George Isham, engraver, London 1791-95. B. 1749/50, Nottingham; d. after 1820, Cambridge. Watercolourist and aquatinter. In London 1791 -95. Travelled in England, Belgium, France and North America. Exhibited Society of Artists 1791, Royal Academy 1808-13. Imprints: Abbey: 1791: AS 1; 1791-92: AS2; 1794: AS555. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

PARR, Mary, printseller, frame maker and stationer, 52, Pall Mall 1798K-1815P; 51, Pall Mall 1817U.

PARRY, D., music seller and musician, 3, Paddington Street, Marylebone c 1800-06. Humphries and Smith.

PARRY, Henry, bookseller, 7, Leadenhall Street 1800-19. Partner with Alexander Black 1800-04, James Black 1800-07 and Hannah Black 1809. Imprints: (Black end Parry): Abbey: 1800: AL331; Tooley: 1800: 423. Todd.

PARRY, J., printseller and publisher, 30, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1785. Poss. the same as John Parry, proprietor of the Courier fined £100 and sentenced to 6 months in prison for libel on Tsar 30 May 1799. BM Satires 1784-85; Timperley 801.

PARRY, printers' joiner, 1, Old Sawyer's Yard, Clement's Inn Passage 1785P.

PARRYMORE, printer, see Paramore.

PARSELL, John, stationer, 25, Pitfield Street, Hoxton 1799H.

PARSLEY, Robert, bookseller, Alfred Place, Blackfriars 1790U; Blackfriars Bridge 1791. D. 26 May 1791. Musgrave.

PARSLEY, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, Great Surrey Street 1792K.

PARSONS, John, bookseller and bookbinder, Warwick Lane 1750-70; 21, Paternoster Row 1780-1801P; 24, Paternoster Row 1792L-1798L. S. of Richard P. of Battersea, gardener. App. Joseph Jefferies £5 3 July 1733, free Sta. Co. 7 Apr. 1741, livery 7 Sept. 1756, 1750-88 12 apps. Publ. Bible printed by Millar Ritchie 1796. Poss. continued as Parsons and son, 46, Ludgate Hill 1802P+. Imprints: Kress: 1793: B2625; 1794: B2709; 1797: B3481; 1798: S5559. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 791.

PARTINGTON, Richard, stationer, Holborn 1749C; near St. Andrews church, Holborn 1752C1765K; 58, Holborn 1767K-1783B. Also described as coal merchant 1772L-1783B. Poss. the printer of certificates for the Court of Sessions for Middlesex 1748. Plomer.

PARTRIDGE, John, clerk to Sta. Co, D. 3 Mar. 1809aged 90, Croydon. Appointed 1759, retired 1776. Moved to Croydon where he died. Totally blind for several years. Nichols iii, 606.

PASHAM, John William, printer, Blackfriars 1772L-1783; 35, Shoemaker Row 1772L. D. 16 Sept. 1783. Name given as John Wheeler Pasham 1772L. Formerly in Bury where he publ. Bury Weekly Flying Journal: In a House specially taken on Finchley Common he printed a 24mo edition of the Bible with notes by the Rev. Mr. Romaine which could be cut off - a way of avoiding the patent of the Kings printer 1776. Known as the Immaculate Bible as there were so few errors. Widow marr. Joseph Jackson the typefounder. Nichols viii, 409, 482; Timperley 738; Reed; Musgrave.

PASQUALI, Francis, music engraver, printer and publisher, Poland Street near Great Marlborough Street c 1760-75. Humphries and Smith.

PASS, John, copperplate engraver, 4, Chapel Street, Pentonville 1799H-1805H.

PASSALL, Robert Appleyard, stationer, 29, St. Paul's Churchyard 1775K; 39, St. Paul's Churchyard 1776K-1779K; 21, South side, St. Paul's Churchyard 1780K; Great Carter Lane, Doctor's Commons 1782K; Cloisters, Smithfield 1784B; St. Bartholomew's Hospital Gateway 1785P; Meadow Road, Newington Butts 1792-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City Poll 1784: A. Prob. retired by 1792.

PASSMORL, George, bookseller and stationer, Kensington c1794U; High Street Kensington 1802H-1805H.

PASTORINI, Benedict, engraver, 63, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square 1775-76. B. c1746. Fl. 1775-1810. To England where employed as decorator of ceilings. Studied engraving under Bartolozzi. Various plates in stipple manner after Angelica Kauffmann etc. Exhibited Royal Academy 1775-76. One of first governors of Society of Engravers estd. 1803. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

PATCH, Christopher, paper maker, Carshalton 1792. D. 12 July 1792 aged 64. Musgrave.

PATERSON, Samuel, bookseller and auctioneer, opp. Durham Yard, Strand c1748-53; Essex House, Strand 1753-74; St. Paul's Coffee House 1757; Feathers Tavern, Strand 1758; King Street, Covent Garden 1779-86; no. 6 1781; opp. Beaufort Buildings, Strand 1781. B. 17 Mar. 1728, s. of woollendraper of St. Paul's Covent Garden; d. 29 Nov. 1802, Norton Street. Free Musicians' Co. 21 Feb. 1766 Lost father at age of 12. After guardian's bankruptcy sent to France. When little more than 20 years old opened shop in Strand for import of foreign books at a time when Paul Valliant was the only other dealer in this field, c1748. Continued in this business to 1753 when moved to Essex House and became auctioneer. Publ. cats. alone 1757-86, with W. Bristow 1764. Also catalogued for other auctioneers, very well regarded for bibliographical expertise. Sold many notable libraries. Rescued and sold mss. of Sir Julius Caesar 1756. Sold library of Edward Rowe Mores Aug.1779 and his collection of printing materials 20 Nov. 1781. Terms of sale printed in 1763M. Travelled to continent to purchase books common there but rare in England 1776. Librarian to Lord Shelburne, the marquis of Landsdowne. Author of several works including a short-lived periodical The Templar 1773. Despite a speech impediment he lectured on Shakespeare's plays. Married Miss Hamilton who d. 1790. Dr. Johnson godfather to his son Samuel. Not a businessman, he preferred reading books to selling them, and his speculative ventures and large family often involved him in distress. Bankrupt Mar. 1773, cert. 26 May 1773, div. Mar. 1775. Died of a leg wound. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 438-40, 733-36, v, 700, viii, 11, 482-84; Timperley 812-13; BM Book sales; Musgrave.

PATRICK, George, 9, Black Raven Court, Seething Lane 1800; 28, Duke Street, West Smithfield 1800. Registered press 1800. Todd.

PAULIN, John, stationer, 74, Broad Street, Ratcliffe Cross 1790L-1793L. Described as auctioneer 1794L and continued in this business at 71 or 74, Broad Street until at least 1813P.

PAXTON, Edward, print publisher, 16, Little Ayliff Street, Goodman's Fields 1778. J. C. Smith 224.

PAYBODY, James, copperplate printer, see Joseph Paybody.

PAYBODY, Joseph, copperplate printer, Wych Street 1774-1790U. Listed as James Paybody 1784B. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Co.

PAYE, Richard Morton, painter, engraver and print publisher, at Mr. Shimmed's, Prince's Street, Leicester Fields 1773; Brewer Street, corner Francis Street 1774; 26, Swallow Street 1778-83; 37, Broad Street, Golden Square 1784-93; 48, London Street 1795-1802; 49, London Street, 1805H; 10, St. Alban's Street 1806. D. Dec. 1821. Exhibited Royal Academy 1773-1802, Society of Artists 1783-91, Free Society 1783. Primarily painter and sculptor. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; BM Satires 1784.

PAYNE, Henry, bookseller, Pall Mall 1779-1785B; no. 67 1781 L; no. 66 1784B1785B. Many years principal manager of the business of Benjamin White in Fleet Street. Set up on own, soon bankrupt 1781, cert. 12 Mar. 1782. Died not long after. Publ. theological literature. Publ. cats. 1779, 1782. Brother John publisher of Johnson's Rambler, not related to Thomas P. Imprint: Kress: B259. Plomer; Nichols iii, 660; BM Book sales 1779.

PAYNE, James, bookseller, 87, Strand 1802K-1809. Died: 1809, Paris. Trading: as Payne and McKinlay 1802K-1809. Youngest son of Thomas Payne, bookseller of Mews Gate. With J. McKinlay successor to David Bremner. According to Nichols, died "having unfortunately fallen a victim to a long and cruel confinement as a prisoner in France". Renouard reports that he died in Paris in 1809 on the day of the sale of the first edition of Caii Julii Caesaris Commentarii (1469). "James Payne, libraire anglois, qui mourut à Paris, en 1809, étoit à l'extrémité précisément le jour où, dans la vente La Serna, fut vendu ce César de 1469. Il aimoit à savoir combien s'étoient payés les principaux articles, et pour le distraire, on prenoit plaisir à aller l'en informer. Sachant qu'un amateur distingué de cette ville n'avoit point ce livre , et le désiroit beaucoup, il demande si ce n'est pas lui qui est l'heureux acquéreur. Non, lui répond-on , M. ** est arrivé dix minutes trop tard. Le moribond se soulève, et dit : Quand on veut un César de 14691 on ne dîne pas. Et il mourut deux heures après." Directories mistakenly continue listing the partnership until 1819. Renouard, Antoine Augustin, Catalogue de la bibliothèque d'un amateur, 1819, vol 4, p. 91-92; Nichols iii, 310.

PAYNE, John, parchment commission warehouse and leather seller, 3, New Court, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1790U.

PAYNE, John, bookseller, Paternoster Row 1745-1768C; Pope's Head 1745; Feathers 1765; no. 54 1767K-1768C. D. 1787. Partner with W. Cropley c1760-1763M. Friend of Dr. Johnson many of whose works he publ. Member of Rambler Club in Ivy Lane. Publ. Johnson's Rambler 1750+. Entered service of Bank of England 1744, accountant general 1780-85. Sometime partner with Joseph Bouquet. Brother Henry. DNB; Plomer.

PAYNE, John, bookseller, Paternoster Row 1768-70; Marsham Street, Westminster c1770-92; Paddington 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner with Joseph Johnson in Paternoster Row until property destroyed by fire 1770. Moved to Marsham Street and became an 'indefatigable manufacturer of books in numbers' under such pseudonyms as George Augustus Hervey, William Frederick Melmoth etc., including The naval history of Great Britain 5 vol. 1779. Also wrote under own name. DNB; Timperley 838.

PAYNE, John, bookseller, Holborn 1776. Bankrupt 1776, cert. 17 Apr. 1779.

PAYNE, Joseph, music seller, Horse Shoe Court, Clare Market 1799H.

PAYNE, Richard, stationer, 25, Bishopsgate within 1785B-1793K. Described as paper hanging manufactory 1789A.

PAYNE, Richard, copperplate printer, 178, Oxford Street 1799H.

PAYNE, Roger, bookbinder, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane c1770-97. B. 1739 Windsor; d. 20 Nov. 1797, bur. St Martin in the Fields churchyard. Learned with Pote at Eton. To London c1766. Employed by Thomas Osborne, bookseller of Holborn. Later worked for Thomas Payne (no relation) who established him in business c 1767/70. At first partner with brother Thomas, then with David Wier and later with John MacKinlay. He had little self-control and would live jovially when money was available. He had a quick temper and his appearance was disreputable. He declined in health and ability and died poor. He was buried at the expense of Thomas Payne who had supported him for the last eight years of his life. His patrons had a full length portrait of him engraved at their own expense. He used ornaments in the classical taste related to the subject matter and accompanied by a written description. His bill is frequently preserved in the volume. His masterpiece is generally considered to be the Aeschylus in Earl Spencer's library which cost 15 gns. He also bound for many other collectors. DNB; Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 795-96.

PAYNE, Thomas, bookseller, 14, Duke Street, St. Martin's Lane 1784B-1785P.

PAYNE, Thomas, bookbinder, 24, Charlotte Street, Old Street Road 1797-1805H. Poss. s. of John P. of London Wall, baker. App. John Parsons I July 1783, free Sta. Co. 4 Apr. 1797, 1797 1 app. premium 50/-. Not related to Roger Payne. Howe; Ramsden.

PAYNE, Thomas I, bookseller, Horace's Head, Round Court, opp. York Buildings, Strand 174050; at the Mews Gate, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1750-90. Trading: alone 1740-76; as Thomas Payne and son 1776-90. B. lil9, Brackley, Northants., s. of Oliver P., bap. 26 May; d. 2 Feb. 1799 in 82nd year, bur. at Finchley. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. For some time assistant to elder brother Oliver until his bankruptcy 1739. Began to publ. own cats. 1740, publ. almost an annual series 1755-90. Marr. Elizabeth Taylor 1745 and succ. to her brother's business c1749. 'Buys and sells libraries' 1763M. His L-shaped shop became a literary coffee house where new books were displayed. He was a friend and patron of the binder Roger Payne, supporting him for the last eight years of his life and paying for his funeral. Known as 'honest Tom Payne'. Music imprint 1786. His wife d. by 1775 leaving two sons and two daughters. His elder son Thomas was his partner from 1776 and succeeded him 1790. Imprints: Kress: 1776: A7191, 7225, S4849; 1778: (Thomas Payne and son) B103; 1787: B1195, 1230; 1789: B1556; 1790: B1789. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 65560, 736-37, vi, 439; Timperley 798-800; Humphries and Smith; Chubb; BM Book sales.

PAYNE, Thomas II, bookseller, at the Mews Gate, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1790-1806; 88, Schomberg House, Pall Mall 1806-1820P; 81, Pall Mall 1821P-1833P+. Trading: alone 1790-1814P; as Payne and Foss 1815P-1833P+. B. 10 Oct. 1752, eldest s. of Thomas P., bookseller; d. 15 Mar. 1831, bur. St. Martin in the Fields. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792, Master 1817. Partner with father 1776, succ. to business 1790. Publ. cats. to 1799. Had contacts with Paris where he acquired library of Chancellor Lamoignon 1793. Westminster Poll 1796: F. App. Henry Foss taken as partner 1815. Firm described by Lamb as 'Pain and Fuss'. Sold many notable collections. Retired 1825. D. of apoplexy. Succ. by Nephew John Payne in partnership with Foss until 1850 when he retired to Rome. Imprints: Kress: 1791: B2027; 1793: B2561; 1798: B3569; Abbey: 1794: AS558; 1795?: AT185; 1797: AS25, 143; 1800: AL331, AT53; Tooley: 1794: 404. DNB; Nichols vi, 439; Chubb; BM Book sales.

PEACH, John, bookbinder, parish of St. Faith 1765; near Paternoster Row 1766; Paternoster Row 1766; London House Yard 1769. S. of William P. of London, goldsmith. App. Samuel Watson £5 2 Nov. 1756, free Sta. Co. 3 Apr. 1764, 1765-69 4 apps. Founder member Benefit Society 1792. Howe; Ramsden.

PEACOCK, Lewis, law stationer, Chancery Lane 1784B-1830P ;no. 36 1796L-1798L; no. 9 1799H-1830P Trading: alone 1784B-1809H; as Peacock and Thomson 1810P-1830P+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Prob. connected with Lewis Peacock, solicitor, 38, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1809H.

PEACOCK, Lucy, bookseller, stationer and juvenile library, 259, Oxford Street 1799H-1810P. Trading: as R. Peacock 1799H; as A. and L. Peacock 1801P-1807P; as R. and L. Peacock 1808P-1810P. Author of many anonymous tales for children c 1785-1815 incl. contributions to the Juvenile magazine and translations from the French. DNB.

PEACOCK, R., bookseller, stationer and juvenile library, 259, Oxford Street 1799H-1810P. See also Lucy Peacock. Imprint: Kress: 1799: AL439.

PEACOCK, William, pocket book maker, stationer and bookbinder, 18, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street 1779L-1830P+. Trading: alone 1779L-1800P; as William Peacock and sons 1801P-1809P; as William junior and Thomas Peacock 1810P; as Peacock and Bampton 1811H-1827P; as Stephen Peacock 1809H-1830P+. Also described as asses skin manufacturer 1781L-1805H. Stephen Peacock apparently in business independently at same address as leather seller. Howe; Ramsden.

PEAK(E), James, engraver, next door to Temple Exchange coffee house, Fleet Street 1764; at Mr. Perrin's, watchmaker, facing St. Clement's Church 1765-71. B. c1730; d. c1782. Active in London in mixed etching and line manner of Thomas Vivares. Noted for landscapes after Claude Lorraine and others, also etchings of animals. Exhibited Society of Artists 176171. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

PEARCE, pamphlet shop and newspaper office, 9, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1785P. Took in Advertisements for Ayre's Sunday London gazette 1785P.

PEARCE, George, stationer, 223, Piccadilly 1784B-1816P; 207, Piccadilly 1817P-1820P; 204, Piccadilly 1821P-1827P. Trading: alone 1784B-1790U; as George Pearce and son 1797L; as George Pearce and sons 1798K-1805P; as George Pearce and son 1807P-1819P; as J. W. Pearce 1820P-1827P. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Poss. publ. Westminster gazette 1777-79. Aspinall.

PEARCE, Henry, newspaper publisher, 183, Fleet Street 1780-81. Publ. General advertiser 1780-81. Aspinall.

PEARCE, John, stationer and bookseller, Crown Court 1784; 70, Dean Street, Soho 1790U-1811H. Trading: alone 1784-1811H; as Pearce and son 1802H. Westminster Polls 1784: H., W., 1796: F., T. BM Satires 1795.

PEARMAIN, John, bookseller and stationer, 206, High Holborn 1799H-1817U. Listed as James Pearmain 1811H.

PEARSON, copperplate printer, White Hart Yard, Catherine Street, Strand 1785P.

PEARSON and PORTUS, paper factors, 19, Lawrence Pountney Lane 1789A-1792U. See also Robert Portus.

PEARSON/PEIRSON, Thomas Squire, bookbinder, Chapter House. St. Paul's Churchyard 1781-84; Ivy Lane 1786-95. S. of Thomas P. of Spitalfields, cabinet maker. App. John Boys £5 2 Oct. 1770, free Sta. Co. 5 May 1778, 1781-95 8 apps., 3 premiums. Howe; Ramsden.

PECK and WYNNE, stationers, see Kenrick Peck and Peter Wynne.

PECK, James, music engraver, printer, seller and publisher, 9, Westmoreland Buildings, Aldersgate Street 1797-1800; 61, Newgate Street c1800-04; 47, Lombard Street c180424; 52, Paternoster Row c1824-26; 3, Ball Alley, Cornhill c1826-32; 32, Noble Street, Falcon Square c1832-34; 44, Newgate Street c1834-50. Trading: alone c1797-1832; as J. and J. Peck c1832-36; as John Peck c1836-50. Also composer. Publ. mainly engraved sacred music. Humphries and Smith.

PECK, Kenrick, stationer, Wood Street 1753K-1766; 16, Wood Street 1767K; 123, Wood Street 1768K-1777N. Trading: alone 1753K-1772N; as Peck and Wynne 1772K-1777N. Succ. by Peter Wynne alone q.v.

PEERS, David Trinder, bookbinder, St. Anne's Lane, St. Martin's le Grand 1801; King David Lane, Shadwell 1814; 6, Warwick Square, Newgate Street 1820R-1831. S. of Richard P. of Shadwell, cooper. App. Thomas Carr I Mar. 1785, free Sta. Co. 5 Feb 1799, 1801-14 2 apps. Howe; Ramsden.

PEIRCE, William, bookseller and stationer, St. John's Street 1785B; 184, St. John's Street 1790U-1805H.

PELTRO, John, engraver, at Mr. Lerpiniere's, Walcot Place, Lambeth 1779. D. 5 Aug. 1808 aged 48, Hendon. Exhibited Free Society 1779. Thieme and Becker: Graves.

PEMBERTON, Mary, engraver and printer, 100, Long Acre 1794B-1795B. Succ. William Pemberton q.v.

PEMBERTON, William, engraver and printseller, 100, Long Acre 1790U. Succ. by Mary Pemberton q.v.

PENDRED, John, compositor, Neville's Court 1763-67; at James Harrison's, Paternoster Row 1768-88; 1, Featherstone Street, Bunhill Row, Moorfields 1785; 8, London Road, St. George's Fields 1791; Pearl Row; St. George's Fields 1793; at Daily Advertiser office or Mr. Jenour's, 33, Fleet Street 1788-92. B. c1742, s. of Joseph P. of Grub Street, baker; d. 1793, Pearl Row, bur. St. George the Martyr 13 Sept. App. Elizabeth Nunnelly of Whitefriars, printer 3 Oct. 1752, free Sta. Co. 1 Nov. 1763. Printer and publisher of The London and country printers, booksellers & stationers vade mecum 1785. Pendred does not include himself in this. Also publ. The Sailors Frolick 1774, poss. written by Pendred and The Life and adventures of Mary J-n, commonly called Tippy Molly c 1791. Signed compositors' petition 13 Feb. 1793. Pendred.

PEPPER, John, pocket book maker, George Street, St. Martin's 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Mo.

PEPYS, Sarah, bookseller, see Eglin and Pepys.

PERGOLESI, Michaelangelo, engraver, 16, Broad Street, Golden Square 1796. Called from Rome to London by Robert Adam in 1760's. Designed many decorative motifs in classical style. Publ. Design for various ornaments 1777-1801. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith.

PERRY, James, journalist and newspaper publisher, 79, Fleet Street 1789-90; 16, Shire Lane, Temple Bar 1790U. B. 30 Oct. 1756, Aberdeen; d. 5 Dec. 1821, Brighton. Originally actor in provinces. Joined General advertiser as paragraph writer, conductor in 1777. Conductor of Gazetterr July 1783-3 Dec. 1790. Founded European magazine 1782. Succ. William Woodfall as conductor of Morning chronicle 28 Mar. 1789 a post he retained for over 30 years. Tried for libel on King in Morning chronice 14 Feb. 1810. He conducted his own defence and was acquitted. Several times in trouble for his radical views. DNB; Timperley 838; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

PERRY, Sampson, newspaper publisher and printer, 5, Catherine Street, Strand 1789-93. B. 1747, Aston, Birmingham; d. 1823. Began Argus 7 Mar. 1789 and remained its editor until c1793. Indicted for charging ministers with fraud over convention with Spain 5 Nov. 1790, convicted 23 Feb. 1791. Convicted of libel on John and William Walter 15 June 1791. Refused to apologise, sentenced to six months 9 July 1791. Sued for libel by Lady Fitzgibbon 9 July 1791, sentenced to six months and fined £200 12 July 1791. Fined £100 for libel on ministers over convention with Spain 25 Nov. 1791. Indicted for libel on Commons 10 July 1792, convicted 8 Dec. 1792, failed to appear for sentence and outlawed 15 Dec. 1792. Fled to France where later imprisoned. Imprisoned in Newgate on return 1795-1801. Died an insolvent debtor. DNB; Timperley 776; Werkmeister.

PERRY, Thomas, bookbinder, Phillip Lane, London Wall 1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

PERRYMAN, William, printer, 18, Catherine Street, Strand 1786-89; 10, Hercules Buildings, Lambeth 1799H; 12, Catherine Street 1805-10. Journeyman printer in Plymouth 1780, friend of J. S. Barr. Succ. Barr as printer of Morning herald 20 May 1786-1789. Commons vote to prosecute him for libel regarding trial of Warren Hastings 8 Feb. 1788. Convicted of libel on King, Prince of Wales and ministers Mar. 1789, sentenced to 12 months June 1789. Convicted of libel on Sir Elijah Impey 8 Dec. 1789. Applied to Whigs for assistance in consideration of the hardships he had experienced for upward of three years 16 Mar. 1792. Registered press 1799. Printer of Morning advertiser 1805-10. Todd; Werkmeister; Aspinall.

PESMAN, Isaac, printer and stationer, 69, Lower East Smithfield 1800; 47, Lower East Smithfield 1804-15; Butcher Row, Lower East Smithfield 1819-23; Victualling Office Square, Little Tower Hill 1824-27; 2, Church Lane, Whitechapel 1828-30. Trading: alone 1800-04; as Pesman and Hart 1807; as J.(?I.) Pesman 1808-30. Registered presses 1800, 1804. Succ. by Lewis Pesman. Todd.

PETHER, J., print publisher, Berwick Street 1773. Poss. misprint for T. Pether. J. (C Smith 1322.

PETHER, T., printseller and publisher, Berwick Street, Soho 1772. Presumably Thomas Pether, wax modeller who exhibited wax portraits with the Free Society 1772-81. His addresses are given as 2, Berwick Street 1772-73; 30, Berwick Street 1774; Marylebone 1775; Norwich 1778-82; Little Britain 1783. BM Satires 1772; Graves.

PETHER, William, engraver, The Bell, Compton Street, Soho 1763-65; Brownlow Street, Long Acre 1765; Poland Street, Carnaby Market 1766-69; Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1769-71; Dean Street, Soho 1775; Broad Street, Soho 1775-76; Richmond, Surrey 1777; Nottingham 1780; 12, Frith Street, Soho 1781-83; 32, Oxendon Street, Leicester Square 1788-89; Great Newport Street, Leicester Fields n.d.; 148, Sloane Street 1793-94. B. c1731 or c1738, Carlisle; d. 19 July 1821, Bristol. Premium Society of Arts 1756. Pupil of Thomas Frye. Frye's partner 1761. Member Free Society 1763, exhibited 1761-63. Exhibited Society of Artists 1764-80, Royal Academy 1781-94. Portrait painter and mezzotint engraver. Some plates publ. by Boydell but the majority by himself. He had a restless temperament, moving to and from the provinces and settling in Bristol by 1805 where he lived in relative obscurity as a drawing master and picture cleaner. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 978-95.

PETTIWARD, wholesale stationer, Poss. the same as John Pettiward of Putney who d. 10 Mar. 1780. see Thomas Wright. Musgrave.

PEYTON and GREEN(E), stationers, 50, Borough 1768K-1794B; 58, Borough, Southwark 1771K-1773L. Trading: as John Peyton 1768K-1770N; as Sarah Peyton 1771K-1772N; as Peyton and Greene 1772K-1794B. Thomas Peyton livery Fishmongers' Co. by 1792. Continued by Francis Greene alone.

PEYTON, Thomas, stationer, see Peyton and Green(e).

PHELPS, Joseph, vellum bookbinder, precinct of St. Catherine 1791. S. of George P. of St. Catherine by the Tower, Waterman. App. Thomas Palmer 3 Apr. 1759, free Sta. Co. 1 Feb. 1785, 1 app. 1791. Howe; Ramsden.

PHELPS, William Robert, stationer, Angel Street, St. Martin's 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Poss. connected with W(illiam) Phelps, printseller and publisher, no address given 1780-84. BM Satires.

PHENEY, Richard, law bookseller, Inner Temple Lane 1790U-1826R; Middle Temple Lane 1791L-1797L; 17, Fleet Street (corner Inner Temple Lane) 1827P-1830P+.

PHILANTHROPIC REFORM, 14, London Road, St. George's Fields, Southwark 1799-1830R; 15, London Road 183 lR-1851P+. Established 1788, incorporated 1806 for care of juvenile offenders. Also known as Philanthropic Society. Ran Philanthropic Press as part of their 'manufactory'. John Richardson printer 1799-1810. Also ran bindery. Imprints: Kress: 1795: 32921; 1797: B3430; 1798: B3652; 18-?: B4041; 1800: B4072, 4239, 4275. Todd; Ramsden.

PHILIPE, Thomas, bookseller and print and picture seller' Warwick Street, Golden Square 1798-1811; no. 9 1809H; 22, Golden Square 1799H-1811H. Publ. cats. 1798-1811. Poss. the same as the print publisher in Pall Mall Court 1790. BM Book sales; J. C. Smith 772.

PHILIPS, music seller, Greenwich c1794U.

PHILLIMORE, Phineas, newsman, Lewisham 1787. Son Richard bookbinder. Howe.

PHILLIMORE, Richard, bookseller and bookbinder, Little New Street 1796; Lewisham 1802H-1809H; New Cross 1811H, 1832Pi; Ordnance Row 1823Pi-1826Pi. S. of Phineas P. of Lewisham, newsman. App. Stephen Venner 4 Sept. 1787, free Sta. Co. 5 Apr. 1796, 1 app. 1796. Howe; Ramsden.

PHILLIPS and NORRIS, engravers and printers, see W. P. Norris. Poss. connected with the engraver John Phillips who was active nearby.

PHILLIPS, Benjamin, bookbinder, Queen's Head Passage, Newgate Street 1793; Kings Head Court, St. Martin's le Grand 1794-95; Cherry Tree Court, Aldersgate Street 1803-11; Aldersgate Street 1812. S. of Benjamin P. of Horsleydown, butcher. App. James Benson £40 2 June 1772, turned over to John Brightwell 5 Oct. 1773, free Sta. Co. 5 July 1791, 1793-1812, 4 apps., 1 turn over. Son William, bookbinder, app. his father 1794, free 18()1. Howe; Ramsden.

PHILLIPS, Benjamin, stationer, George Yard, Lombard Street 1792. App. Robert Pretymain, free Barbers' Co. 7 May 1771, livery by 1792. See also James and William Phillips.

PHILLIPS, Charles, engraver and printseller, at Mr. Philip's attorney, Castle Court, Fulwood's Rents 1766; 18, Crown Court, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1767-68 Paris 1769; 18, New Crown Court 1770-73; 11 Heming's Row, St. Martin's Lane 1778; print and figure shop, Walker's Court, Berwick Street, Soho 1779-1785P; Berwick Street, Soho 1790U. B. 1737. Chiefly produced mezzotints after old masters dated 1766-76, some publ. by Boydell others by himself. Exhibited Free Society 1766-83. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Took in advertisements for Ayre's Sunday London gazette and Johnson's British gazette 1785P. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

PHILLIPS, J., printseller and publisher, 164, Piccadilly 1786. The painter who exhibited Royal Academy 1784-99. Other addresses: 13, Great New Street, Gough Square 1784; 49, Carey Street, Chancery Lane 1785; Rathbone Place 1791; 2, Well Yard, Little Britain 1798; 84, Dorset Street, Manchester Square 1799. Thieme and Becker; Graves; BM Satires.

PHILLIPS, James, bookseller, stationer and printer, 2 George Yard, Lombard Street 1775-1829. Trading: as J. Phillips 1775-c1797; as J. Phillips and son 1798K-1800P; as William Phillips 1799-1829. Prob. succ. Mary Hind. Bookseller to Society of Friends. Son William partner and successor. Imprints: Kress: 1776: S4869; 1778: B146; 1783: B560, 580; 1784: B720, 772-73; 1785: B902; 1786: B1026; 1787: B1188, 1192, 1323; 1788: B1367, 1380-81, 1383, 1411-12, 1457, 1475, 1478, 1498, S5167; 1789: B1562-63, 1675, 1704, S5232; 1791: B2011; 1792: B2383; 1794: S5460. Plomer; Todd; Howe.

PHILLIPS, John, engraver and steel letter cutter, Christopher's Alley, Moorfields 1790U; 20, Crown Court, Finsbury Square 1802H. Succ. by Vincent Phillips, 1, Crown Court 1805H-1811H; 30, Sun Street, Bishopsgate 1817U. Poss. connected with Phillips and Norris and W. P. Norris. Vincent Phillips described as engraver of seals, dies, stamps and punches 1817U.

PHILLIPS, John, stationer, Norton Falgate 1775N.

PHILLIPS, R., printseller and publisher, Southwark 1787. BM Satires.

PHILLIPS, Richard, bookseller and publisher, 71, St. Paul's Churchyard 1797-1804; 6, Bridge Street, Blackfriars 1805-1811P; 7, Bridge Street 1812P; 47, Ludgate Hill 1813P. B. 1767, London, s. of a Leicestershire farmer; d. 2 Apr. 1840, Brighton. Ed. in schools in Soho Square and Chiswick. To Leicester where he founded an academy 1788. Became a hosier 1789 and a stationer, bookseller and patent medicine vendor 1790. Soon began printing and established a circulating library. Founded Leicester herald 1792. Imprisoned 18 months for selling Paine's Rights of man 1793. To London on the proceeds of an insurance policy after his Leicester office destroyed by fire 1795. With aid of friend established Monthly magazine 1796. Published Antiquary's magazine 1797, Monthly musical journal 1801. Published a large number of cheap elementary textbooks and manuals many of which he compiled himself. Sheriff of London 1807. Knighted 30 Mar. 1808. Established sheriff's fund for relief of poor debtors. Bankrupt 1811 but with help able to continue business in a more restricted manner. Retired to Brighton 1823. Of radical views and acquainted with many radical contemporaries. Imprints: Kress: 1798: B3563, 1799: B3905-06; 1800: B4212; Tooley: 1799: 112. DNB; Timperley 771, 831; Brown; Humphries and Smith.

PHILLIPS, Sarah, music engraver, printer and publisher, Bedford Court c1766-75; Great Earl Street, Seven Dials cl770. Widow and successor of John Phillips. Humphries and Smith.

PHILLIPS, T., stationer, see Lambert and Phillips.

PHILLIPS, Thomas, printseller, 5, Thatched House Court, Little St. James Street 1799H.

PHILLIPS, William, music and musical instrument seller and music publisher, 3, Manor Row, Little Tower Hill 1793-c 1827. Previously employed by Longman and Broderip. Humphries and Smith.

PHILLIPS, William, bookseller and printer, 2, George Yard, Lombard Street 1799-1829. B. 10 May 1775; d. 2 Apr. 1828. Partner and successor of James Phillips his father. Registered press 1799. Founded Askesian Society for philosophical and scientific discussion. Attained fame as mineralogist and geologist with many publications and contributions to learned journals. Imprints: Kress: 1799: B4003; 1800: B4220, 4253. DNB; Todd.

PHILLIPSON, William, stationer, 32, James Street, Covent Garden 1796L-1801 P. Previously Cox and Phillipson q.v.

PHIPPS, music seller, see Goulding, Phipps and D'Almaine. Later in business on own and in partnership with Thomas Holloway c1810-21. Humphries and Smith.

PICKERING, stationer, see Magnay and Pickering.

PICKERING, L., stationer and pocket book and pencil maker, 9, Charing Cross 1800P-1801 P.

PICKETT, William, engraver, 12, Arabella Row; Pimlico 1805H; 14, Arabella Row 1809H-1811H. Aquatint engraver, also portrait, architecture and landscape painter 1792-1820. Imprints: Abbey: 1794: AS270; 1799: AL148. Thieme and Becker.

PICKMAN, Thomas 'Clio', bookseller and stationer, 39, Leadenhall Street c1785; 7, Upper Marylebone Street c1798-1834. Trading: as T. and S. Rickman 1820P-1821P, otherwise alone. B. 27 July 1761, Lewes, s. Of John R.; d. 15 Feb. 1834, Upper Marylebone Street. Parents quakers. App to medical profession. Became close friend of Thomas Paine. To London after his marriage. Paine lodged in his house. Frequently under pressure for his association with reformers and forced more than once to flee to France. Music imprints c17881802. Registered press 1804. Imprints: Kress: 1798: S5563. DNB; Todd; Humphries and Smith.

PICOT, Victor Marie, engraver and printseller, at Mr. Ravenet's, Hampstead Road 1769; St. Martin's Lane 1771; 16, Strand 1775; 471, Strand 1784; 6, Greek Street, Soho 1788. B. 1744, Monthieres; d. 17 Jan. 1802, Amiens. Studied in Paris. In London 1767-90. Member Society of Artists 1766, exhibited 1768-83. With Delattre 1771. Marr. the engraver Angelica Ravenet. Later in Abbeville. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1784-88; J. C. Smith 181, 998-99.

PIDGEON, Christopher, journeyman printer, app.

PIERCE, William, bookseller and stationer, see William Peirce.

PIERCY and WOODHOUSE, printsellers, see James Woodhouse.

PIERCY, Humphrey, music seller and stationer, 68, Wardour Street 1794B-1799H.

PIGGOTT, John, engraver, Amelia Street, Walworth 1799H; Penton Street, Walworth 1809H-1811H; no. 4 1811H.

PIGOTT, Samuel Perchard, law stationer, Mitre Court, Fleet Street 1779L-1795L; Lamb's Buildings, Inner Temple 1796. Livery Sta. (Co. by 1792. See also Farlow and Pigott.

PIGUENIT, Caesar Danby, stationer and bookseller, Berkeley Square 1774-78; Aldgate 1783B; 8, Aldgate within 1784B-1798K. Livery Needlemaker's Co. by 1792. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Music imprint 1778. Humphries and Smith.

PIGUENIT, Philip Sherard, bookseller, 8, Aldgate 1792-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

PILGRIM, Philip, bookbinder, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross 1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

PIMLOWE, Thomas, bookbinder, Puddle Dock Hill 1760-65; Creed Lane 1768-73; Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1779-80. S. of William P. of Great Russell Street, publican. App. Abraham Jefferies £10 7 Mar. 1749, free Sta. Co. 6 Apr. 1756, 1760-80 6 apps., 1 turn over, 1 premium £10. Howe.

PINKCOMB, Henry, stationery and paper hanging manufactory, 42, Fish Street Hill 1784B1785P.

PISTOR, Henry, watchmaker and pocket book maker, 117, Fleet Street 1799H.

PITCHER, Thomas, circulating library, 44, Barbican 1790U.

PITKEATHLEY, Robert, bookseller, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden 1800; 67, Chandos Street, Covent Garden 1802H. Bankrupt 24 Mar. 1800, cert. 7 Oct. 1800, divs. 11 Apr. 1801,4 Dec. 1802.

PITT, Stephen, bookbinder, Butcher Row 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

PLATER, John, paper manufactory, 10, Baldwin's Gardens (or Court or Place), Gray's Inn Lane 1799H-1819P. Trading: alone 1799H-1809H; as Plater and Harrison 1810P; as J. Plater and son 181 lH-1814P; as John Plater 1815P-1817P; as Plater and Co. 1818P-1819P. Also described as pasteboard maker 1802H.

PLATT(S), Martin, printseller, musician, music seller and dealer in musical instruments, Bluccoat Buildings, West Smithfield 1799H-1819R; no. 1 1802H-1811H; no. 5 1817U; no. 3 1819R. Trading: as Martin Platt(s) 1799H-1817U; as Thomas Platts 1811H; as Henry Platts 1819R.

PLATTS, James, music seller, printer and publisher, 9, Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row c1790-97; 6, St. John's Court, Fleet Street c 1797-1800; 21, Portland Street, Soho c1800-05; 83, Berwick Street, Oxford Street c1805-16; 320, near Hanover Square, Oxford Street c1816-20; 340, near the Pantheon, Oxford Street c1820-22; 9, John Street, Oxford Street c1822-38. Trading: as James Platts c1790-1834; as Charles Platts cl834-38. Publ. cats. c1800-11. Humphries and Smith.

PLAW, John, engraver, author and publisher, Tufton Street, Westminster 1773; near Westminster Bridge, Surrey 1775; Parson's Green, Fulham 1778; Kings Road, Parson's Green 1779; 36, Charles Street, Westminster 1780-81; Tokenhouse Yard, Lothbury 1782-83; 90, Tottenham Court Road 1785-86; 9 Terrace, Tottenham Court Road 1787-88; 11, Prince's Street, Leicester Fields 1790; 2, Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1791. B. c1745; d. May 1820, Canada. Architect and writer on architecture. Member Society of Artists, exhibited 1773-91. Exhibited Royal Academy 1775-1800. To Southampton 1795. Made expedition to Canada 1820. Imprints: Abbey: 1790: AL47; 1795: AL48. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

PLAYER, Nicholas, book edge gilder, 25, New Round Court, Strand 1805H; 5, Hudson's Court, Strand 1829. Aged 28 1794. Joined Benefit Society 1794. Worked for Staggemeier 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

PLAYTER, Charles Gauthier, engraver and print publisher, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1778. D. 1809, Lewisham. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 201.

PLESTO, John, printer, St. Bride's Passage 1779. Free Musicians' Co. servitude 17 Dec. 1779.

PLUMMER, printer, see William Gilbert II.

PLUMMER, J., stationer and bookseller, 100, Rising Sun, Fenchurch Street 1775. Broadsheet advertisement Heal collection. Plomer.

PLUMMER, John, printer, 33, Leadenhall Street 1785. The only signatory of the compositors' scale of 1785 not listed by Pendred. He was not a master printer in his own right but managed William Lane's printing office attached to his publishing business. Howe.

PLUMMER, Thomas I, letterpress and copperplate printer, 9, Black Raven Court, Seething Lane 1799H-1815; 8 Love Lane, Eastcheap 1810-16; 2, Love Lane 1817-36. Trading: alone 1799H-1815; as Plummer and Brewis 1809H-1836 (at Black Raven Court 1809H, otherwise only at Love Lane). Registered presses 1799, 1811. Printed part of Holden's London directory 1799 (imprint on p. 836). William Plummer is sometimes indicated as owner of the Black Raven Court premises 1804-09; he registered a press there 1817. Todd; Brown.

PLUMMER, Thomas II, printer and publisher, 51, Mark Lane 1799; 13, Idol Lane, Tower Street 1817; 178, Upper Thames Street 1836-38; 1, Rood Lane, Fenchurch Street 1838. Trading: as Thomas Plummer jun. and Barry 1799; alone 1817-38. Described as merchants and insurance brokers 1799. Mrs. Sarah Plummer succ. at 178, Upper Thames Street 184449. John Plummer also at Rood Lane 1835-38. Todd.

PLYMSELL, John, printer, 33, New Street Square 1799. Registered presses 1799. Imprint: Kress: 1799: B3897. Todd.

POGGI, Anthony de, printseller, 91, New Bond Street 1797L-1800P. Poss. the same as A. C. de Poggi, printseller and publisher, 7, St. George's Row, Hyde Park 1787-91 and Anthony Poggi who exhibited Royal Academy 1776-81 (from Rome 1776 and from 4 Orchard Street, Portman Square 1781). Graves; BM Satires 1787; J. C. Smith 1318, 1445.

POLIDORI and NARDINI, booksellers, 42, Broad Street, Soho 1797L-1802H. See also Nardini.

POLLARD, Robert, engraver and printseller, Spa Fields c1782-1802H; 15, Brayne's Row, Spa Fields 1786; 7, Brayne's Row 1802H. B. 1755, Newcastle upon Tyne; d. 23 May 1838, London. Artist and picture dealer. To London c 1780. Worked as engraver in mixed lined, etched and aquatint technique. Pupil of Richard Wilson. Early on landscape and marine painter. Director of Society of Artists 1769 of which he was the last surviving member. Associated with Francis Jukes who finished many of his works. Latter part of life spent in obscurity. Son Robert his partner. Imprints: Abbey: 1790: AT594; 1791: AL444. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 151, 155.

POLWARTH, John, bookbinder and stationer, Pimlico 1794; 14, Queen's Row, Pimlico 1799H-1805H. App. Robert Taylor, Berwick on Tweed. Worked as journeyman for Campbell in the Strand, then head finisher in the King's bindery in Buckingham House for six years c1785-90 when he left to set up on own. Listed as Palworth 1799H. Son John stationer and bookbinder, 14, Queen's Row 1808-1832Pi, app. 1799, free Sta. Co. 1806, livery 1808, decd. 1856. Howe; Ramsden.

PONTIFEX, William, copperplate maker and coppersmith, 46 and 47, Shoe Lane 1794B1805P. Previously Jones and Pontifex, later in various partnerships in Shoe Lane to 1838P+.

POOLE, John, bookbinder, fancy pocket book maker and marble paper maker, 11, Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1799H 5, Furnival's Inn Court 1805H; 48, Fetter Lane i808P 1821P; 17, Fetter Lane 1812-1817U. 1812-1817 2 apps. Member Trade Society 1795. Howe; Ramsden.

POOR, bookseller, see Ballietti and Poor.

POPE, John, letter founder, 6, Horseshoe Alley, Moorfields 1799H.

POPE, S., newspaper publisher, 48, corner of Ludgate Hill, Fleet Market 1784-87. Publ. London recorder and Sunday gazette. Pendred; Aspinall.

PORTAL, Abraham B., stationer and music publisher, 163, opp. New Church, Strand c 1775-1785P. Humphries and Smith.

PORTE, James, engraver, 29, Fleet Market 1799H.

PORTUS, Robert, paper factor, 19, Lawrence Pountney Lane 1790U. Bankrupt 7 Apr. 1789, div. 14 Feb. 1790, 24 May 1796. See also Pearson and Portus.

POTE and WILLIAMS, booksellers, see Thomas Pote, Williams and Co., John Williams.

POTE, Thomas, bookseller, Fleet Street 1763M; 3, Crane Court, Fleet Street 1789L1794L; 2, Crane Court 1800P-1809H; 10, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1810P-1814P. Trading: alone 1763M-1794L; as Pote and Williams 1800P-1814P. S. of Joseph P., bookseller of Eton; d. 28 Dec. 1794. App. 5 Jan. 1748, free Sta. Co. 1 Oct. 1754, livery 5 Nov. 1754, court 1 July 1788, master 1791. Partner with brother-in-law John Williams q.v. Died of inflammation of the lungs occasioned by a cold caught on Windsor Terrace. Widow Maria continued business with John Williams junior. Nichols iii, 418-9; Timperley 760; Blagden.

POTSLEY, J., printseller and publisher, 50, Pimlico 1795. BM Satires.

POTTER, Rachel, bookseller, 52, Cannon Street 1790U.

POTTER, William, bookbinder, Angel Street, St. Martin's le Grand 1799H.

POTTS, John, bookseller and stationer, Newington Butts 1800P-1805H. Trading: alone 1800P-1802; as Potts and Biddulph 1802H-1805H. Registered press at 9, Black Raven Court 1802. Partner prob. T. H. Biddulph, 9, Blackman Street, Southwark 1806P-1815P. Todd.

POUNCEBY, James, bookbinder, see James Powoceby.

POUNCEY, Benjamin Thomas, engraver, at Mr. Cazier's, Orange Court, near King Street, Golden Square 1772; 13, Great Mays Buildings 1773; 37, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1777; 34, Maiden Lane 1778; Pratt Street, Lambeth 1780-99; no. 7 1799H; 9, Gray Walk, Lambeth 1788-89. D. 22 Aug. 1799, Pratt Street. Pupil and brother-in-law of William Woollett. Employed at Lambeth Palace where he was deputy librarian until 1786. Assisted Ducarel, the librarian in his researches. Began by engraving seals for Ducarel and Astle, also facsimiles of the Domesday book for Surrey and Worcester. Later engraved landscapes after eminent artists and plates for antiquarian, topographical and other works 1774-97. Produced plates for Macklin's Bible and Copperplate magazine. Exhibited Society of Artists 1772-80, Royal Academy 1782-89. Listed as Benjamin Thomas 1799H. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Nichols viii, 40, ix, 534, 719; Graves.

POUNCEY, J. W, stationer, 65, Long Acre 1801K-1831P+. Trading: alone 1801K-1809H; as J. W. Pouncey and son 1810P-1820P; as J. W. Pouncey and sons 1821P-1831P+. Previously partner of Honour Chassereau q.v.

POWDER, Stanley, bookseller and wholesale stationer, Looking Glass, over against St. Magnus church, London Bridge 1755K-1760; 12, Golden Ball, Paternoster Row 1760-1786L; 14, Paternoster Row 1787L-1793L. Trading: as Crowder and Woodgate 1755K; as Crowder and Co. 1759K-1769K; as Stanley Crowder 1770K-1793L. D. 23 May 1795. App. Sir James Hodges, bookseller 2 Nov. 1742, free Sta. Co. 7 Nov. 1749, livery 5 Dec. 1749, court 7 Apr. 1778, fined for master 1784. To 1769 partner with H. Woodgate as Crowder and Co. Publ. various musical works. Premises destroyed by fire 1770. Common councillor Farringdon ward within 1771-81. City Poll 1781: L. Bankrupt 1784.After failure of business obtained office of clerk to the commissioners of the commutation and window tax for the City of London. Son Stanley d. 27 June 1791, wife d. 23 Apr. 1791. Plomer; Nichols iii, 720; Timperley 787; Humphries and Smith; Blagden; Musgrave.

POWELL, Charles, stationer, Cheapside 1758C-1785P; no. 119 1767K-1769K; no. 97 1770K-1785P. Succ. Thomas Atkins whose trade card he used (Heal collection). Plomer.

POWELL, J., printer, 5, Gatherine Street, Strand 1791-92. Printed Argus (later True Briton) 1791-92, 1799-1802. Aspinall.

POWELL Robert, bookbinder, St. Bride parish 1771; Shoe Lane 1774-75. S. of John P. of Clerkenwell, gent. App. John Bird 1 June 1750, free Sta. Co. 6 Sept. 1757, 1771-75 2 apps, 1 turn over. Howe.

POWER, Francis, bookseller and stationer, 65, St. Paul's Churchyard 1790U-1792L. S. of Mary (nee Newbery) and Michael P., Spanish merchant. In book trade for a brief period before he became a wine merchant. Imprint: Kress: 1789: B1687.

POWNALL, B., printseller and publisher, 6, Pall Mall 1783. BM Satires.

POWNCEBY,/POWNCELEY/POWNABY, James, bookbinder, 55, Charlotte Street, Whitechapel 1799H; 27, Greenfield Street, Whitechapel 1800-1820H; 2, Red Lion Street, Spitalfields 1809-1824Pi; Skinner Street, Bishopsgate 1812; Watling Street 1823; Red Lion Street 1828; 2, New Union Street, Moorfields 1835R; 8, Pool Terrace, Bath Street, City Road 1836Pi; 62, Curtain Road 1838Pi. S. of John P. of Shadwell, silk dyer. App. William Skinner 5 Oct. 1784, free Sta. Co. 6 Aug. 1799, 1799-1823 5 apps., 2 premiums 10 gns. There was probably more than one binder with similar names. Howe; Ramsden.

POWNEY and CUST, stationers, see Robert Powney and Richard Cust.

POWNEY and WOODMASON, stationers, see Robert Powney and James Woodmason.

POWNEY, Richard, stationer, see Robert Powney.

POWNEY, Robert, stationer, Parliament Street 1772L-1781L. Trading: as Powney and Woodmason 1772L-1774L; alone 1774-1775L; as Powney and Cust 1779L-1781L. S. of Robert P. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 6 June 1753, livery 28 Nov. 1766, app. Edward Gould 24 Sept. 1777. Succ. by Richard Cust q.v. Woodmason prob. later active in Leadenhall Street. See James Woodmason.

POWTER, William, bookbinder, Wood Street, Cheapside 1795. S. of William P. of Snow Hill, fruiterer. App. John Anderson, Snow Hill, bookseller 7 Oct. 1786, free Sta. Co. 3 Dec. 1793, 1795 1 app. premium £10. Howe; Ramsden.

POYZER, Benjamin, coffee dealer and chocolate maker, 10, Budge Row 1794-1805H. Registered press 1799. Todd.

PRAT(T), W., printer, Eagle Court, Westminster 1749; New Round Court, Strand 17581785P; no. 25 1785P. Firm existed 1794. Plomer; Howe; Todd.

PRATTENT, T., engraver, printer and printseller, 46, Cloth Fair, Smithfield 17931800P. Engraved ports. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1793/4.

PRESCOTT, William, printer, Portland Street, Soho 1799H.

PRESTEL, Catherine, engraver, London 1789-94. B. 22 July 1747, Nuremberg; d. 16 Mar. 1794, London. Also watercolourist. Pupil and associate of her husband Johann Gottlieb P. Separated from him and settled in London. Imprints: Abbey: 1789: AL199; 1793: AS534. Thieme and Becker.

PRESTON, John, music printer, publisher and seller and musical instrument maker, 9, Banbury Court, Long Acre c1774-75; 105, near Beaulort Buildings, Strand c1775-78; 97, near Beaufort Buildings, Strand c1778-1822; Exeter Change c1787-c1810; 71, Dean Street, Soho cl822-34. Trading:alone cl774-89; as John Preston and son c1789-98; as Thomas Preston - c1798-c1834. D. Jan 1798. Purchased stock and plates of Robert Bremner 1789. Son Thomas partner and successor purchased stock of various firms. He was succ. by Coventry and Hollier. Humphries and Smith.

PRESTON, Lewis, bookseller and stationer, 117, Minories 1780K-1783K; St. Mary Rotherhithe 1781; 33, King's Stairs, Rotherhithe 1784B-1799L. Decd. by 1800. App. Thomas Bradley, free Merchants Taylors' Co. 2 Sept. 1778, apps. John Reed 5 Dec. 1781, Thomas Monk 3 Mar. 1790, John Bryan Courthope 7 Mar. 1792. Also listed as Whitfield and Preston 1784B. Described as rope dealer 1795K.

PRESTON, Thomas, engraver, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell 1785. B. c1759; d. 29 Oct. 1785. Also naval officer, engraved portraits. Thieme and Becker; Musgrave.

PRESTON, Thomas, music seller etc., see John Preston.

PRESTON, William, printer, Dean Street, Fetter Lane 1796; 3, Dean Street 1799H-1811H. B. 28 July 1742, Edinburgh; d. 1 Apr. 1818. Dean Street. bun St. Paul's cathedral. App. Walter Ruddiman, printer, Edinburgh; livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Ed. in Edinburgh. To London 1760 where employed as corrector under William Strahan who left him an annuity 1785 and Andrew Strahan who took him into partnership 1804. A prominent freemason, he publ. many works on this topic. DNB; Todd.

PRICE, print warehouse, see Downes and Price.

PRICE, David, stationer and bookseller, 15, Walbrook 1791 L; 25, Walbrook 1 792K-181 8P.

PRICE, W., printseller and publisher, Tower Hill 1789. BM Satires.

PRICE, William, perfumer and stationer, 34, Old Compton Street, Soho 1799H.

PRICE, William, bookbinder, New Street, Fetter Lane 1792. Livery Weavers' Co. by 1792. Howe; Ramsden.

PRIDDEN, Humphrey Gregory, bookseller, 92, Fleet Market 1790U-1796. S. of John P., bookseller q.v. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Bookseller for a short time. Nichols iii, 421.

PRIDDEN, John, bookseller, Feathers, near Fleet Bridge 1756; Fleet Street 1769; 100, Fleet Street 1772K-1802H. B. 20 July 1728, Old Martin Hall, Ellesmere, Whittington, Salop; d. 17 Mar. 1807. Livery Sta Co. by 1792. Father d. when he was 12. His stepfather was cruel and he left for London 1744 but was driven home by the threat of enlistment for the French wars. After more cruelty he left again and arrived in London 25 Mar. 1748. He was protected by John Nourse of the Strand and Richard Manby of Ludgate Hill. He was totally blind by 1782 but was cured by Baron de Wenzel. Publ. cats. 1769-84. Marr. Anne, daughter of Humphrey Gregory 27 Mar. 1757 and had 14 children of whom nine died young. Son Humphrey Gregory P. q.v. bookseller. Imprints: Kress: 1786: B1135; 1796: B3279. Plomer; Nichols iii, 420-21, 660; Timperley 827-28; BM Book sales 1769, 1784.

PRIESTLEY, John, bookseller, 143, High Holborn 1798L-1805H. Trading: as John and Richard Priestley 1798L-1802H; as John, Richard and George Priestley 1803K-1805H. The firm then split with John at 273, High Holborn 1808K-1811H; as John Priestley 1808K-1810K; as George Priestley 1811H ; Richard remaining at 143, High Holborn 1808K-1830R, and George at 5, High Street, St. Giles 1808K-1830R; as George Priestley 1808K-1818K; as Mary Priestley 1817U-1819K; as Priestley and Weale 1820K-1830R.

PRIOR, E., stationer, 114, St. Martin's Lane 1799H.

PROCKTER, J., engraver, London 1766-76. Engr. various maps. Chubb.

PROSSER, Michael, engraver and printer, 145, Swallow Street 1784-1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

PUGH, John, stationer and paper hanger, 18, Blackman Street 1785B-1814P; 25, Blackman Street 1815P-1818P; 153, High Street, Borough 1818P-1826P; Walworth Terrace Walworth 1827P-1830P+. Trading: as John Pugh 1785B-1794B; as William Pugh 1799H-1830P+. Described as a rag merchant 1817U.

PUGH, William, stationer and paper hanger, see John Pugh.

PURDON, C., printer, Labour in Vain Hill, Thames Street 1799H.

PYE, John, engraver and printseller, at Mr. Birk's, saddler, Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1769; at Mr Edwards's, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1770-71; 164, Fenchurch Street 1772K; 19, Cornhill 1773; 48, Fore Street, Moorfields 1774K-1775N. B. 1745; prob. d. young. Pupil of Thomas Major. Premium Society of Arts 1758. Boydell publ. landscapes by him in the line manner 1773-75. Exhibited Society of Artists 1769-73. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

PYLE, Stephen, engraver, 1 Angel Court, Snow Hill c 1770-80. Engr. various maps for road books and other works 1775-79. Chubb.

QUESTED, Ralph, stationer, Holborn Bridge 1783B; 82, Holborn Bridge 1784B-1793L. App. Philip Oriel, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 7 Feb. 1776, livery 29 Apr. 1785, apps. Edward Parbury 5 May 1784, John Sampson 6 Apr. 1785, John Turner Smith 7 Dec. 1785.

QUINN, James, bookbinder, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1799H-1802H; no. 18 1799H; no. 16 1802H. S. of Robert Q. of Bloomsbury, coach harness maker. App. William Wood £20 7 Apr. 1772, free Sta. Co. 3 Dec 1793; 1798 1 app, his son William. Howe; Ramsden.

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