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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: I-K

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names I-K

IBBETSON, Julius Caesar, engraver and painter, 19, Old Compton Street 1785; Kilburn 1787, 1790-92; 101, Berwick Street, Soho 1788; 47, Bell Street, Paddington 1793-96; 143, Leadenhall Street 1797; 13, Silver Street, Golden Square 1798-1800; Ambleside 1801, 1806; at Mr. Palser's, Surrey side of Westminster Bridge 1804; 16, New Bond Street 1804; Masham 1805; 2, Streatham Street, Charlotte Street 1808; 10, Portman Place, Edgware Road 1811-12; 26, Edward Street, Portman Square 1815. B. 29 Dec. 1759 Scarborough. s. of Richard I; d. 13 Oct. 1817, Masham, Yorkshire. Designer for Hull theatre. To London 1777. Worked for Clarke, picture dealer, Leicester Fields. Patronised by nobility. Taken on embassy to China 1788. Embarrassed by legal and financial difficulties in 1790's. Moved to Ambleside and later Masham. Produced a number of etchings, aquatints and book illustrations. Exhibited Royal Academy 1785-1815. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793: AS38; Tooley: 1793: 277. DNB: Thieme and Becker; Graves.

INDGE, John, bookbinder, St. John's Court, St. Martin's le Grand 1774-89; Cook's Court 1792; Clarke's Place, Islington 1792. S. of Joseph I. of Wiltshire, labourer; decd. 1794. App. William Oxlade 2 June 1767, free Sta. Co. 7 Dec. 1779, livery 1 Feb. 1780, 1782-92 3 apps. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. City Polls: 1781: C, 1784: A. Son John app. Deodatus Bye 1794, free Sta. Co. 1814, partner with Collier. Howe; Ramsden.

INNES, William, engraver, copperplate printer and stationer, 10, Ball Alley, Lombard Street 1774; 93, Gracechurch Street 1774; St. Peter's Alley, Cornhill 1774; 1, Gracechurch Street 1784B-1808; 6, Lime Street Square 1794B; 41, Lombard Street 1802H; Black Raven Court, Seething Lane 1800; 24, Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street 1808-1811H; 28, Little Bell Alley 1810-1828R, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill 1809H. Trading: as Dent & Innes 1774; as William Innes 1774-1818K; as William Innes junior 1802H-1805H; as M. S. Innes and Co. 1819R-1822R; as Innes and Co. 1823-1828R. Decd by 1802. Partnership with Thomas Dent dissolved 20 Jun 1774 (LDA 25 Jun 1774). From No. 11, Ball-alley, Lombard-street, continues his business at No. 93, Gracechurch-street, till his shop in St. Peter's Alley, Cornhill, is fitted up ... (LDA 29 Jun 1774). On Wednesday morning last [29 Dec 1802] died at her house at Blackheath in the 71st year of her age, Mrs. Innes, relict of the late William Innes, Esq., of Lime-street-square (LT 3 Jan 1803) Registered press 1800. Todd; Berch.

INVILLE, John, 4, Castle Street, Birchin Lane, Cornhill 1799-1828R. Registered press 1799. Register Office for Shipping 1808-1828R. Todd.

IRELAND, print publisher, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1779. J. C. Smith 571.

IRELAND, Samuel, engraver and print publisher, Arundel Street, Strand 1790; 8, Norfolk Street 1791-96. D. July 1800. Began life as weaver in Spitalfields. Soon became a printseller and taught himself engraving. Society of Arts medal 1760. Engraved portraits in 1780s as well as plates after Hogarth etc. Exhibited Royal Academy 1782-84. Became an avid but somewhat unscrupulous collector of books and prints. Tour on continent produced his first book A Picturesque Tour through Holland, Brabant and part of France 1790. Publ. a series of volumes of Picturesque Views of various parts of England illustrated by himself in 1790s. Son William Henry Ireland 1771-1835, literary forger. Father's last years clouded by his involvment with his son's concoctions. His collections sold 1801. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AT184; 1795: AS427, AT185. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

IVES, John, bookseller, 37, Crooked Lane 1785B-1790U. Premises described as sale shop 1785B.

JACKSON and SMITH, music sellers, 409, Oxford Street 1785B.

JACKSON, Andrew, bookseller, Clare Court, Drury Lane 1740-1777. B. 16 May 1695; d. 25 July 1778. Specialised in ancient books. An avid reader of his own stock and never very prosperous. A minor poet: Paradise Lost in a rhymed version 1740 and a modernised Chaucer 1751 Publ. cats. incl. some in rhyme 1756-59. Quit business a year before his death. Plomer; Nichols iii, 625-26; Timperley 743; Musgrave.

JACKSON, Elizabeth, printseller, 14, Marylebone Street, Golden Square 1785-87; 15, Marylebone Street 1790U.

JACKSON, Humanitas, bookseller and circulating library General Post Office, Park Street, Grosvenor Square 1766; corner Orchard Street, Oxford Road 1768-80 198, Oxford Street 1774L-1782L; 195, Oxford Street 1783L-1793L. Circulating library recorded 1766-80. Succ. by William Jackson q.v. Plomer; Hamlyn.

JACKSON, John, bookbinder, Exeter Court 1774; Fountain Court, Strand 1785P; 24, Villiers Street 17961828; 5, Newcastle Court, Temple Bar 1805H (the same?). Trading: as John Jackson 1774-1811H; as Jackson 1817U; as Jackson and sons 1817J; as Jackson and son 1822R-1824Pi. Westminster Poll: 1774: Pe., C1., 1796: F., T. 'The men at old Jackson's ... used to sit down to work'. Son John app. John Bird 1808, free 1817 still in Villiers Street 1828. Howe; Ramsden.

JACKSON, Joseph, letterpress brass engraver, cutter in wood etc., 32, Angel Street, Butcherall Lane 1785P.

JACKSON, Joseph, type founder, Cock Lane 1763-70; 107, Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1770-92; as Jackson & Co. 1772L-1775L. B. 4 Sept. 1733, Old Street; d. 14 Jan. 1792. App. William Caslon I. Educated in St. Luke's parish aided by a Mr. Fuller. Learned secrets of punchcutting at Caslon's by spying through wainscot. Punished for this. After serving time dismissed with Cottrell through quarrel over price of work 1757. Partner with Cottrell until after Jackson's mother died. Went to sea 1759-63. On return worked briefly for Cottrell before setting up alone in Cock Lane 1763. Within a few months brought to the attention of Bowyer and worked for him. First specimen 1765. Moved to larger premises in Dorset Street by 1771 when he cast a hollow square from a mould for the Duke of Norfolk Second specimen incl. exotic founts 1773. John Nichols used his types in preference to Cottrell's for his edition of the Domesday Book 1783. Also cut type for Rolls of Parliament, a fine pica Greek for Bowyer and a musical type for Joshua Steele. Other ancient and exotic founts include the first English Sanskrit and a type for a facsimile of the Codex Alexandrinus. For Bensley he cut the face for his edition of Macklin's Bible c 1789. His only app. was Vincent Figgins whom he employed until he set up on his own. Foundry destroyed by fire 1790. He died of scarlet fever at the foundry which was acquired by William Caslon III. Buried in grounds of Spa Fields Chapel. 23 Jan. Marr. Elizabeth Tassell (d. 3 Dec. 1783) 1762, and Mary Pasham, widow of Mr. Pasham, printer of Blackfriars (d. 14 Sept. 1791) 5 Jul 1784 (GM Jul 1784 p. 555). DNB, Reed, Nichols ii, 358-61; Timperley 773-74; Todd; Musgrave; Berch.

JACKSON, Samuel, pocket book maker, 10, Grace's Alley Wellclose Square 1799H.

JACKSON, Thomas, bookbinder, 5, Newcastle Court, Temple Bar 1799H. See also John Jackson. Howe (sub John Jackson); Ramsden.

JACKSON, William, printer, Frog Lane, Islington 1799H.

JACKSON, William, printer, Bow, Middlesex 1799H.

JACKSON, William, bookseller and stationer, 198, Oxford Street 1782L-1811H; 9, Bryanstone Street 1812P-1819P. Succ. Humanitas Jackson q.v.

JACOB, Henry, music seller, 7, Red Lyon Street, Whitechapel 1799H.

JACOBE John, engraver, at Mrs. Sledge's, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1779. B. Vienna 1733. To England to study mezzotint, Dickinson prob. his teacher. Active in London 1779-80 then returned to Vienna. T. C. Smith 719-22.

JAMES, Anthony, stationer, 11, Bell Yard 1764. Free Musicians' Co. 15 Nov. 1764. Paid quarterage until 1779.

JAMES, Charles, engraver, 6, Crown Court, Bow Street 1796; 4, Horse Shoe Alley, Moorfields 1799H. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Also described as Army and Navy button maker 1799H. Primarily a medallist active 1790-1800. Thieme and Becker.

JAMES, Henry, pocket book maker, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1790U.

JAMES, Jeremiah, stationer, Leadenhall Street 1774; 70, Leadenhall Street 1778K-1797K. App. Jeremiah Atkinson, free Barbers' Co.3 May 1774, livery by 1792.

JAMESON, Alexander, bookseller, stationer and drawing master, 72, Long Acre 1792U-1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

JANSON, Lewis, music seller, Marylebone Street 1798. Bankrupt 23 Oct. 1798.

JANSSEN, Sir Stephen Theodore, bart, merchant, Paternoster Row 1740C; St. Paul's Churchyard 1745K-1754K; Mansion House 1754-1755K; Dean Street, Soho 1759K-1761K; Soho Square 1763K; Guildhall 1765K; 1, Guildhall Backyard 1772K-1775K. D. 7 Apr. 1777. Livery Sta. Co. 1723, master 1749 and 1750. Sheriff 1750, Lord Mayor 1754. Bankrupt 1756. City Chamberlain 1765. Made gifts totalling £230 to Sta. Co. at various periods from 1774. Nichols iii, 406-11, 602; Timperley 738.

JAQUERY, John Elias, printer, 42, Fleet Street 1770; 3, St. Peter's Hill c1775. Free Musicians' Co. 13 Mar. 1770. Paid quarterage until 1778.

JAQUES, Dennett, printer, 30, Lower Sloane Street, Chelsea 1794-1849, Five Field Row, Pimlico 1799H; 7, Neat Houses, near Chelsea 1800; 7, Lombard Street 1801 Trading: as Dennett Jaques 1794-1838; as Miss Jane Jaques 1839-43, as Jaques and Robinson 1844-49. Registered presses 1800, 1801. Partner William Dicker 1801. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800?: B4092 (A Caution ..., a plea to preserve every scrap of rag for the paper industry). Todd.

JARVIES, John, pressmaker, St. Giles 1796. Bankrupt 5 Jan. 1796. cert. 7. May 1796, div. 10 June 1799.

JARVIS, corrector, London 1784. D. 21 Nov. 1784 Corrector to the L aw Printer. Musgrave.

JARVIS, John, printer, 283, Strand 1783-87; Richmond Buildings 1787; Wild's Court, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1787-93. Printer of English chronicle 1783-87, of Westminster herald 1791. Bankrupt 10 Mar. 1787, cert. 6 May 1788, div. 15 Dec. 1787, bankrupt again 6 July 1793, cert. 8 Nov. 1794, div. 19 Nov. 1793. Imprint(s): Kress: 1784: B794; 1785: B929 S5094; 1786: B1120 1788: B1465; 1791: B2222, 2224; 1792: B2440; Abbey. 1790: AS342; 1791-93 AS205. Howe, Todd, BM Satires 1787.

JAUNCEY, John, music engraver and printer and stationer, St. James Clerkenwell 1791; Northampton Street 1792; 4, Cross Street, Islington c1801-10. App. Thomas Bennett, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Feb. 1791, livery 8 Feb. 1791, his app. Richard Briggs2 Mar. 1791. Music imprints c1801-14. Humphries and Smith.

JEFFERIES, Abraham, bookbinder, Blackfriars 1738-77. S. of William J. of Woburn, Buckinghamshire, bargemaster. App. to brother Joseph J. 6 Feb. 1728, free Sta. Co. 4 Mar. 1735, 1738-77 9 apps., 7 premiums. Son Joseph q.v. Howe.

JEFFERIES, Joseph, bookbinder, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill 1790U. S. of Abraham J. q.v. App. his father 6 Oct. 1761, free Sta. Co. 7 Nov. 1763. Howe; Ramsden.

JEFFERSON, John, law stationer, 15, Castle Street, Holborn 1790U.

JEFFERY, Edward, bookseller, Warwick Street 1788-89; 11, opp. Carlton House, Pall Mall 1789L-1817U; 4, Colonnade, Pall Mall 1818P-1830P. Trading: as Edward Jeffery 1788-1819P; as Jeffery and son 1820P-1830P+. Publ. cats. 1788-1813+. Imprint(s): Kress: 1793: B2546, 2605; Abbey: 1793: AL37. Nichols iii, 645; Brown; BM Book sales.

JEFFRYES, John, printseller, 18, Ludgate Hill 1793-1801K; 21, Earl Street, Blackfriars 1802K-1804P. Trading: as John Jeffryes 1793-1800P; as William Jeffryes and Co. 1801K; as Jeffryes and Co. 1803P-1804P. Partner and successor of Elizabeth Bull. J. C. Smith 1, 705; BM Satires 1794.

JEHNER, Isaac (Later JENNER), engraver, print publisher and painter, Bear Street, Leicester Fields 1777; 11, Little Cranbourne Alley 1777; 43, Fleet Street 1779; Exeter 1780-1781; 17, Shug Lane 1791. B. 1750, Westminster, s. of a German gunsmith, d. 1806. Deformed dwarf due to accidents in childhood. App. as engraver for five years at age of 20. Produced some engravings in London c1777. Assisted William Pether the mezzotint engraver. Produced various mezzotint portraits. Also a painter. Exhibited Society of Artists 1777, 1791. Settled in Exeter 1780. Prob. a freemason. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 723-28; Graves. See also J. Jenner.

JENKINSON, J., musical instrument maker etc., 39, Fashion Street, Spitalfields c1797. Printed a song c1797. Humphries and Smith.

JENNER, J., printseller and publisher, 26, Crown Court, St. James's 1796. With W. Row. Prob. the same as Isaac Jehner q.v. BM Satires 1796.

JENNINGS and WITTS, stationers, see William Jennings, Edward London Witts.

JENNINGS, Thomas, law stationer, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1790U.

JENNINGS, William, stationer, St. Paul's Churchyard 1791; 34, St. Paul's Churchyard 1792K-1798K. Trading: as William Jennings 1792K-1794B; as Jennings and Witts 1795K-1798K. App. John Muggeridge, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Dec, 1787, livery 6 Feb. 1795, apps. Edward Vennor 6 July 1791, Langford Vennor 3 June 1795. Previously Smith and Jennings; succ. by Edward London Witts 1799K. Wife d. 11 Dec. 1791. Musgrave.

JENOUR, Joshua II, printer, 33, opp. St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street 1774-1797L. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Succ. Matthew and Joshua Jenour I as printer of Daily advertiser until it was defeated by the competition of the Morning advertiser in the 1790s. Employed John Pendred from c1788. Todd; Plomer; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

JENOUR, Matthew, printer, Giltspur Street 1724; 33, opp. St. Dunstan's Church Fleet Street 1763M-1786. D. 1786. Master Sta. Co. 1769. Printer of Flying post 1724. Established Daily advertiser, long a leading daily paper, which enriched the family until the end of the century 1734. Younger brother and partner Joshua Jenour l, master Sta. Co. 1772, d. 1774. Plomer; Howe, Nichols i 290-91, iii, 726-27, ix, 490; Timperley 760; Todd Aspinall; Werkmeister.

JEWKES, Samuel, pocket book maker and stationer Fetter Lane 1777; Little St. Thomas Apostle 1784B-1790U. Bankrupt Apr. 1777, cert. 19 Dec. 1778.

JOBSON, engraver, 123, Bunhil1 Row 1785P.

JOHNSON, 1, Catherine Street, Strand 1785P. Took advertisements for Daily universal register 1785P.

JOHNSON, stationer and cardmaker, see Blanchard and Johnson.

JOHNSON, bookbinder, near Long Acre n.d. Active 1765-81. A leading craftsman of the period. The first to harden backs by sawing in with glue, making it possible to drive a waggon over them without harm, so he claimed. Poss. partner with Richard Montague. Bound extensively for Thomas Payne. Many bindings in Woodhall Library sale 1886. Howe; Ramsden.

JOHNSON, C, printseller and publisher, London 1793-94. Publ. Wonderful Magazine 1793-94. Succ. by Alexander Hogg. BM Satires.

JOHNSON, Edward, bookseller, Ave Mary Lane 1765-1780K; Bible and Key 1765; no. 12 1767K-1780K. D. 26 Oct. 1796 in 87th year, Reigate. Many years partner with Benjamin Dodd in Ave Mary Lane and his successor on his death in 1765. Succ. by Scatchard and Whitaker qq.v. Nichols iii, 727; Timperley 792.

JOHNSON, Edward, printer & bookseller, Ludgate Place, between 4 and 5 Ludgate Hill 1776-1796; 4 Ludgate Hill 1777/8. D. 7 Mar. 1789. Son Edward Robert app. Elizabeth Johnson, Ludgate Hill, printer 7 Apr 1789. Free Musicians' Co. redemption 20 Nov. 1776. Free Sta. Co. redemption 4 Mar 1777, livery 9 Apr 1777. Printed British Gazette and Sunday Monitor 1785P. Premises in old State Lottery Offices. E. Johnson & Co. published various 'Lottery Song Books' from the Old State Lottery Offices at No. 4, Ludgate Hill, and from No. 95, in the Strand: a 60pp one (c.1772), and two 240pp ones (one c.1777). The titles were probably reprinted with minor alterations. A purchaser of the 240pp titles (1s 6d sewn, 2s bound), would get a number, and should it match any of the winning numbers in the official lottery, would receive a prize (up to 100 guineas). Succ. by Samuel John Johnson q.v. Wednesday [16 Feb] died in her son's house, Mrs. Johnson, mother of Mr. Johnson, bookseller, on Ludgate Hill (LDA 18 Feb 1780). See also Elizabeth Johnson to whom much of this information prob. refers. Plomer; Howe; Todd; Musgrave; McKenzie.

JOHNSON, Elizabeth, printer, Ludgate Place, between 4 and 5 Ludgate Hill 1779-98. Established British gazette and Sunday monitor, the first Sunday newspaper in Britain 1779. See Edward Johnson.

JOHNSON, Henry, type designer and compositor, Vauxhall 1778; Great Castle Street, Marylebone 1780. Former employee of Caslon. Patents for logotypes no. 1201 9 Nov. 1778 and no. 1266 16 Oct. 1780 about which Timperley is very scathing. Later worked for John Walter as compositor on The Times. Walter publ. his Introduction to Logography 1783. Reed; Timperley 74950.

JOHNSON, James, printer, 232, Whitechapel Road 1790U. See John Johnson.

JOHNSON, John, bookbinder, St. Mary Whitechapel 1783. App. John Shove 1 Feb. 1775, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Feb. 1782, his. app. John I eman 3 Sept. 1783.

JOHNSON, John, rag merchant, White Hart Inn, Borough 1795K; Queen's Head Inn, Borough 1797K-1805H; 57, Kent Street 1805H.

JOHNSON, John, printer, 232, Whitechapel Road 1799-1810. Registered presses 1799. See also James Johnson. Todd.

JOHNSON, John, music engraver, Strand 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Mo. Error for John Johnston q.v.

JOHNSON, Joseph, bookseller, Lamb Street 1761; Golden Anchor, Fenchurch Street 1761; opp. Monument, Fish Street Hill 1761-65; Paternoster Row 1765-70; no. 8 1768C; 72, St. Paul's Churchyard 1770-1815. Trading: alone 1761-65; as Johnson and Davenport 1765-68; as Johnson and Payne 1768-70; alone 1770-1809; as Joseph Johnson and Co. 1810-15. B. 15 Nov. 1738, Everton, s. of a farmer; d. 20 Dec. 1809, bun Fulham. App. George Keith of Gracechurch Street, bookseller, free Musicians' Co. 28 May 1761, livery 6 July 1791. To London aged 14. In Fish Street Hill he sold the stock of John Ward, bookseller. In Paternoster Row partner with B. Davenport, then with John Payne. House and stock destroyed by fire 1770. Stock uninsured but helped by friends. Moved to St. Paul's Churchyard after fire. Most of his publs. theological and political but also scientific and some music. First publ. the poems of Cowper and Erasmus Darwin, first Engl. edit. of William Thomas Beckford's Vathek 1787, also works by Priestley, Horne Tooke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Paine etc. Favoured cheapness rather than elegance. Country house in Fulham. Started Analytical Review May 1788. Sentenced to six months in prison for selling pamphlet by Rev. Gilbert Wakefield 1797 though he spent nine. Generous, he often purchased MSS. of persons in distress without any intention of publishing. Very infirm in old age. Firm assumed style of Joseph Johnson and Co. after his death and was succ. by Rowland Hunter 1815-36. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776 A7206; 1777: B26; 1778: B112; 1780: B331-2, S4969, 1787: B1193, 1311; 1788: B1390, 1455, 1470, 1790: B1813; 1791: B2171, S5340, 5359, 5373; 1792: B2396 1793: B2574, 2606-09; 1794: B2682; 1795: B2901 2911, 2930, 3044-45; 1796: B3086; 1797: B3474; 1798: B3693; 1800: B4120, 4227; Abbey: 1792: AS48; 1794: AT215; 1796: AT719. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 461-64 645; Timperley 798, 836-37; Humphries and Smith, Brown; Rate books.

JOHNSON, Richard, stationer, Newgate Street 1792. S. of Richard J., editor of the Baronetage ; d. Jan. 1795. Livery Sta. Co. 1785. Principal clerk to Thomas Curtis, bookseller and stationer. Able to save money. Benefactor to Sta. Co. Retired by 1792. Nichols iii, 604-05.

JOHNSON, Samuel John, printer, Ludgate Place, between 4 and 5, Ludgate Hill 1798-1812. Registered presses 1799. Printed British gazette and Sunday monitor 1798-1812. Succ. Elizabeth or Edward Johnson. Todd; Aspinall.

JOHNSTON, Edward, printer, Warwick Lane 1790-97. D. c1797. Printed London Gazette 1790-97. Printed by his executors 1798. Poss. the same as the following.

JOHNSTON, Edward (or Johnson), bookseller, 16, Ludgate Street 1774L-1775; Ludgate Hill 1781; 88 Hatton Street 1777; 48 Fleet Street 1777-1779. S. of William Johnston, bookseller, Ludgate Street ; d. 1796, Dublin. Free Sta. Co. by patrimony and livery 5 Dec 1769. Succ. his father c 1774. Published Court and city register 1770-85, Gay's Fables 1775. Inherited a good fortune from maternal grandfather Edward Owen, printer of London gazette 1783 and retired from business. Sun insurance policies 378723, 393329, 401937, 408947. City Poll 1781: L. Poss. the same as the preceding. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7 190. Nichols iii, 727; McKenzie; St. James's Chronicle 14 Jan 1775.

JOHNSTON, John, music seller, printer and publisher, at the Apollo, opp. New Exchange Coffee Rooms, Strand 1767; opp. Lancaster Court, near Charing Cross, Strand 1767-68; 11, corner York Street, Covent Garden 1768-1772L; near Exeter Change, Strand 1772-76; 97, Drury Lane c1776-78. Some works publ. with Longman, Lukey and Co. Some of stock and plates acquired by Longman and Broderip when he ceased business. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Mo. (listed as John Johnson). Humphries and Smith.

JOHNSTON, William (or Johnson), bookseller, Golden Ball, St. Paul's Churchyard 1748-73; Ludgate Street 1759K-1775N; no. 16 1767K-1773L. D. 1804, very old. Son Edward free Sta Co. by patrimony 5 Dec 1769. Free Sta. Co. by redemption and livery 2 Aug 1748. One of the leading shareholders in the trade. Began business by purchasing the stock and copyrights of John Clarke for £3,000 1748. 'Proprietor of several valuable copies and an extensive wholesale dealer', 1763M. Partner with George Robinson for a time. Thomas Evans, later publisher of Morning chronicle worked for him as a porter when he first came to London. Retired, leaving business to son Edward 1773. Soon afterwards appointed stationer to Board of Ordnance. Gave evidence on copyright to House of Commons committee 1774. Plomer; Nichols iii, 720,727; Timperley 792, 818; McKenzie.

JOLIFF, bookseller, Chelsea c 1793U.

JOLIFFE, John, bookseller and stationer, St. James's Street 1774K-1799H; no. 72 1781L-1793L; no. 78 1794B; no. 70 1792K-1799H. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Joliffe, bookseller, Great James' Street d. 9 Feb. 1755. Prob. connected with the John Jollyffe active in Pall Mall 1731 and later in St. James's Street. Plomer; Musgrave.

JONES, copperplate maker, 47, Shoe Lane 1785P. Prob. connected with Thomas Jones, paper hanging manufacturer active in Shoe Lane 1772K-1783B.

JONES and LEVENTHORPE, wholesale stationers and rag merchants, 70, Leadenhall Street 1797L-1804P; 10 and 11, Aldgate within 1805H; 10, Aldgate within 1806P-1830R+. Trading: as Jones and Leventhorpe 1797L- 1817U; as Jones, Wiggins and Co. 1820P1830R. See Richard Jones.

JONES and PONTIFEX, copper plate makers, 47, Fleet Street 1792K- 1793K. See also Pontifex.

JONES, B., printseller and publisher, Gray's Inn Lane 1798. BM Satires.

JONES, Benjamin, bookseller and circulating library, corner of Berwick Street, Oxford Street 1771-74. Opened circulating library, terms 10s 6d per year 1771. Westminster poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Hamlyn.

JONES, Caleb, engraver and printseller, Brewer Street, Golden Square 1780-84; John Street, Golden Square 1784B-1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: F. BM Satires 1780, 1784.

JONES, Evan, rag merchant, Rotherhithe Wall 1784B.

JONES, Francis, bookseller and stationer, Lower Grosvenor Street 1790U-1808P; no. 77 1794K-1805P; no. 78 1806P-1808P. F. Jones, sedan chair maker at no. 77 1806P+.

JONES, Griffith, printer, Bolt Court, Fleet Street n.d. B 1722; d. 12 Sept. 1786. App. William Bowyer. Edited London chronicle, Daily advertiser, Public ledger. Worked for Literary magazine and British magazine. Neighbour and friend of Dr. Johnson. With brother Giles and John Newbery responsible for many children's books. Many translations from French, often anonymous. Son Stephen produced new edit. of Biographia dramatica 1812. Nichols iii, 465; Timperley 760.

JONES, Hannah, printer, bookseller and stationer, 9, Black Raven Court, Seething Lane 1799; 74, Tooley Street, Southwark 1799-1811H. Registered press 1799. Todd.

JONES, Hugh, bookseller and stationer, 74, Tooley Street 1799H. Prob. error for Hannah Jones q.v.

JONES, J, printseller, See J. Staton and J. Jones. See also John Jones.

JONES, James, printer, West Square, Surrey 1798. Bankrupt 27 Jan. 1798, superseded 7 Apr. 1798.

JONES, John, optical instrument maker and bookseller, 135, Holborn 1790U. D. 1791. Flourished from 1739 Publ. cat. 1787. Sons William q.v. and Samuel assistants and successors. E. G. R. Taylor: The mathematicai practitioners of Hanoverian England, 264.

JONES, John, Little Chapel Street, Westminster 1799. Registered presses 1799. Prob. connected with Thomas Jones, printer, 6, Little Chapel Street 1804-10, and with 1. Jones, Little Chapel Street, who publ. London guide and merchant's directory 1796. Todd; Goss.

JONES, John, engraver and printseller, Gerrard Street 1777; 7, Little Compton Street 1780; 103, Wardour Street, Soho 1780-81; Hayes Court, Soho 1781; Great Portland Street, Marylebone 1783-97; no. 63 1783-86; no. 75 178893; no. 5 1790; no. 74 1790-94. B. c1745; d. 1797. Active from 1775. The first, third and fourth addresses above are for a J. Jones who is prob. identical. Mezzotint and stipple engraver mainly of portraits by Reynolds, Romney etc. Publ. most plates himself. Exhibited Society of Artists 1780-91. Engraver extraordinary to Prince of Wales 1790-97. Son George painter. See also Assen and Jones. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 740-76; BM Satires 1777-94.

JONES, Mark Thomas, bookbinder, Huggin Lane 1800. S. of Anthony J. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 2 Oct. 1799, his app. Charles Jones (s. of Anthony) 2 July 1800.

JONES, Mary, bookseller, Sweetings Alley 1784B-1785P. Poss. the Jones, Royal Exchange who took in advertisements for English chronicle 1785P.

JONES, R., bookseller, 15, Chandler Street, Grosvenor Square 1790U.

JONES, Richard, stationer, 70, Leadenhall Street 1798. Free Musicians' Co. redemption 5 Jan. 1798, livery 7 Apr. 1802. See Jones and Leventhorpe.

JONES, Richard, stationer, Middle Temple Lane 1774L-1783L; Temple Lane Fleet Street 1784L-1792. D 6 Sept. 1791. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L Wife d. 20 Oct. 1791. Musgrave.

JONES, Richard, stationer, 1, Chapter House Court, St. Paul's Churchyard 1776K-1805H.

JONES, Samuel, printer, with William Jones q.v.

JONES, Stephen, printer, Fetter Lane 1785P-1792; Swinton Street, Gray's Inn Lane 1796. S. of Giles J. of Villiers Street, gent. App. John Everingham £10 1778, livery Sta. Co by 1792, 1791 -96 3 apps. Howe.

JONES, Thomas, printer, St. Leonard Shoreditch 1779. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Mar. 1766 or 4 Mar. 1772 his app. John Baker 6 Oct. 1779.

JONES, Thomas, bookseller, 23, Rathbone Place 1799H.

JONES, Thomas, printer, 142, Fetter Lane 1784B; 138, Fetter Lane 1790U-1807P. D. 7 Apr. 1806 aet. 75. 'a worthy and respectable printer'. Registered presses 1799. Todd; Nichols iii, 727; Timperley 825.

JONES, Thomas, bookseller, Bridge Street, Westminster 1784B-1785P; 27, Bridge Street 1790U.

JONES, Thomas, music seller, 23, Bishopsgate Street within c1800-1804P. Trading: as Jones and Co., 1801 P1802H; as Thomas Jones 1803P- 1804P. Succ. Holland and Jones, succ. by Halliday and C,o. Issued trade card with Domenico Corri. Humphries and Smith.

JONES, Thomas, stationer, 143, Holborn Bars 1779L-1783L. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll: 1781: L.

JONES, William, optical instrument maker, bookseller and printer, 135, Lower Holborn 1792K-1800P; 16, Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1799; 30, Lower Holborn 1801K-1830P+. Trading: as W. and S. Jones 1792K-1830P+. B. 1763, elder s. of John Jones, optical instrument maker and bookseller q.v.; d. 17 Feb. 1831, Brighton. Pupil of Benjamin Martin. Succ. father in partnership with brother Samuel. Registered press with partners Samuel Jones and John Dillon 1799. Author and publisher of scientific texts. Amassed an extensive mathematical library bequeathed to brother. DNB (sub Thomas Jones 1775-1832); E. G. R. Taylor: The mathematical practitioners of Hanoverian England, 375; Todd.

JONES, William George, ink maker and stationer Coleman Street 1794; 15, Great Bell Alley, Coleman Street 1796L-1798L. Bankrupt 22 Nov. 1794, cert. 25 Apr. 1795, divs. 26 Nov. 1795, 2 June 1795.

JORDAN, Jeremiah Samuel, bookseller, 166, Fleet Street 1791-1801; 19, Ludgate Hill 1801-02; 180, Fleet Street 1802H-1805; 183, Fleet Street 1805H; 331, opp. Somerset House, Strand 1806-1809H. Trading: as J. S. Jordan 1791 - 1803; as Jordan and Maxwell 1805H1809H. Bankrupt 14 Nov. 1795, cert. 16 Apr. 1796, divs. 4 dune 1796, 18 Feb. 1797. Imprint(s): Kress: 178: B246; 1792: B2263; 1793: B2585; 1794: B2656, 1797: B3324-25 3352, 3441; 1798: S5587; 1800: B4308. Brown.

JORGENSON, Thomas, stationer, 150, Drury Lane 1783K- 1786K.

JOSEPH, Joseph, pencil maker and stationer, 439, Strand 1799H; 18, St. Martin's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1799H-1805H; 18, Bedford Street, Covent Garden 1806P- 1815P; 12, Charles Street, Covent Garden 181 7U; 7, Oxford Street 1820P- 1830P+.

JOYE, John, bookseller, Market Street, Oxford Market 1799H.

JOYNSON, Richard, copperplate printer, Molemaker Row, St. Martin's 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

JUKES, Francis, engraver and publisher, 10, Howland Street 1790U-1802H; 57, Upper John Street, Fitzroy Square 1797- 1812. Trading: alone 1790U- 1802H; as Jukes and Sargent 1809H-181 IH. B. 1745, Martley, Worcs.; d. 1812, Upper John Street. At first etcher end line engraver, later aquatint engraver, chiefly of topography and marine subjects. Some works executed with Robert Pollard and Valentine Green. Business connections with Switzerland severed by French Revolution. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792-94: AS512; 1795: AS514; 1797-1802: AS545. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

JUKES, J., engraver, 11, Great Portland Street 1775; 120, Strand 1792-93; 3, Tavistock Row 1797. Exhibited Society of Artists 1775, Royal Academy 1791-1802. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

JULLION, Elizabeth, circulating library, bookseller and stationer, 2, Bridge Street, Lambeth 1799H-1814P. Trading: as Elizabeth Jullion 1799H-1804P; as Frederick Jullion 1805H; as Francis Jullion, 1806P-1814P. See Francis Jullion.

JULLION, Francis, bookseller and bookbinder, Holborn Hill 1781; Old Round Court, Strand 1784B-1785P; Surrey side, Westminster Bridge 1792. S. of Francis J. of Millbank, watchman; decd. 1796. App. Joseph Cooper, printer 5 Feb. 1771, free Sta. Co. 2 Feb. 1779, livery 7 Sept. 1779. City Poll 1781: C. Son Francis free Sta. Co. 1808 active as stationer and bookbinder in Lambeth. See Elizabeth Jullion. Howe; Ramsden.

JUSTINS, Edward, printer, 34, Brick Lane, Spitalfields 1804-22; 41, Brick Lane 1823-36; 50, Mark Lane 1833, 1841-3; 49, Mark Lane 1838; 48, Mark Lane 1844-49; 59, Fenchurch Street 1850-53; 5, St Dunstans Hill 1854-55. Trading as: Edward Justins and Son 1827-35, otherwise alone. Son of William, printer of London. apprenticed to his father 2 Feb 1790, free Stationers' Co. 4 Feb 1800, premium £5, paid by the Treasurer of Christ's Hospital charity. Son Edward partner with his father and died 1853 aged 48. Edward senior died 1857 aged 81. Compositor/typesetter, worked with Samuel Gosnell 1807, 1807-1809 mentioned in MS Minutes of the Master printers 1805-1811 in the collection of Robin Myers. Registered presses with son 1833. Edward and Edward Justins, Mark-lane, printers, bankrupt, to surrender May 23, June 22 1838 at the Bankrupts' Court (London Gazette 11 May 1838). Sources: Todd; Stationers' Company apprentices 1701-1800 edited by D.F.McKenzie (Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1978)

JUSTINS, William I, printer, 6, Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close 1785P; Bartholomew Close 1786, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1788; 5 Catherine St 1789; no. 35, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1789-93; Warwick Square, 1793; 8, St. John's Square, Clerkenwell 1799; 18, Warwick Court, Warwick Lane 1799; Warwick Square 1804-10; 95, Aldersgate Street 1811. S. of Samuel J. of Sherborn, cordwainer. Died Feb. 2, 1810. App. Robert Goadby 1769, 1786-95 6 apps. Bankrupt 19 Jan. 1793, cert. 8 Feb. 1794, divs. 1 Apr. 1794, 30 Apr. 1795 final. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Printed County chronicle 1787, Argus 1789, succeeded by H Roaf. Registered presses 1799. Associated with John Wheble q.v. Son Edward free Sta. Co. 1800, in business Brick Lane, Mark Lane etc. 1804-55.Todd; Howe; Advertisements, mostly from General Advertiser and Public Advertiser; Gent. Mag. Feb 1810, 186; Stationers' Company apprentices 1701-1800 edited by D.F.McKenzie (Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1978)

JUSTINS, William II, printer, 95 Aldersgate Street 1811; Warwick Square 1811-24Died: 19 Oct 1837, in the sixty-fourth year of his age. Compositor/typesetter, in 1809 mentioned in MS Minutes of the Master printers 1805-1811 in the collection of Robin Myers Registered press 1811. For many years the superintendent of the printing of the London County Herald newspaper. Sources: Todd; Timperley, p. 951.

KAINES, George, stationer and bookbinder, 8, North Place, Gray's Inn Lane 1799H; 14, Manor Row, Little Tower Hill 1809H-1817U; 73, Lower East Smithfield 1822Pi-1823R; 20, New Road, St. George's East 1828Pi-1833R; 4, Lower Chapman Street 1836Pi. Trading: as George Kaines 1799H-1828Pi; as Mary Kaines 1830R-1833R; as George Francis Kaines 1833R-1836Pi. Howe; Ramsden.

KALTHOEBER, Christian Samuel, bookbinder, Duchy Lane, Strand 1782-92; Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1795; 20, Duke's Court 1802H-1805H. B. Prussia. Learned with Baumgarten, prob. partner with him near Duchy Lane c1780. Baumgarten's executor 1781. Poss. worked as journeyman in later years. Still alive 1817 when mentioned by Dibdin. Succ. by Frederick Deschlein 1809H. Signed bindings in British Museum. Referred to by J. C. Huttner as 'incontrovertably the leading binder in the world'. See also Charles Kilthorker. Howe; Ramsden.

KAUNTZE and HYATT, music sellers, see George Kauntze.

KAUNTZE, George, music seller and publisher, 9, opp. Admiralty, Whitehall c1795-1800, 376, Strand c 1800-01; 2, James Street 1802H. Trading: alone c1795-1800; as Kauntze and Hyatt c1800-02; as Kauntze and Co. 1802H. Musician in Duke of York's band, composer and teacher. Humphries and Smith.

KAY, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 332, Strand 1792L-1807P. Previously Elliot and Kay q.v. Listed as Hay, Thomas 1794B. Imprint(s): Kress: 1787: B1227; 1794: B2660; 1796: B3305.

KEARLEY, J., printseller and publisher, Stafford Street, Old Bond Street 1780. Prob. error for Kerby, John q.v. BM Satires.

KEARSLEY, Catharine, bookseller, see George Kearsley I.

KEARSLEY, George I, bookseller, 1, Golden Fleece, Ludgate Street 1758-1773; 46, Golden Lion, Fleet Street 1773-1813P. Trading: as George Kearsley 1758-90; as Catharine and George Kearsley 1791L-1796; as George Kearsley 1796-1813P. D. 6 Dec. 1790. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Succ. Jacob Robinson. 'Proprietor in several copies and remarkable for selling all sorts of plays' 1763M. Publ. John Wilkes' North Briton, arrested for issuing no. 45 but discharged. Publ. The monthly melody and other musical imprints. Publ. Traiteur 1780. City Poll 1781: L. Bankrupt June 1784, cert. 6 July 1784, bankrupt again 21 Aug. 1784, superseded Dec. 1784. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7259; 1777: B12; 1778: B110; 1781: B361, 364, 427; 1782: B532; 1783: B603; 1785?: B905; 1786: B1004; 1787: B1267; 1789: B1597; 1790: B1928; 1794; (C. and G. Kearsley) S5452; 1798: (G. Kearsley) B3669; Abbey: (C. and G. Kearsley) 1794-96: AS344; (G. Kearsley) 1796: AS344. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave; BM Satires 1772, 1780, 1782, 1786.

KEARSLEY, George II, bookseller, 46, Fleet Street 1791L-1813P. Trading: as Catherine and George Kearsley 1791-L1796; alone 1796-1813P. See George Kearsley I.

KEATES, William, stationer, Cheapside 1773. Bankrupt Aug. 1773, cert. 2 Jan. 1778.

KEATING, George, engraver, printer and bookseller, Air Street, Piccadilly 1775-87; no. 4 1784-87; 18, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1794-99; 37, Duke Street, Golden Square 1800-08; 38, Duke Street, Golden Square 1808-41; 9, Ivy Lane 1824-25; 32, St. Martin's le Grand 1839-41; South Street, Manchester Square 1841; 9, Upper Spring Street, Marylebone 1842. Trading: as George Keating 1775-87; with Patrick Keating 1794-1808; as Keating, Brown and Co. 1808-28; as Keating and Brown 1824-41; as George Keating 1841-42. B. 1762, Ireland, s. of Patrick K., bookseller q.v.; d. 5 Sept. 1842, Crawford Street, Marylebone. Taught by William Dickinson. At first engraver in Air Street then entered father's business in Warwick Street. Partner and successor of father, later partner with Richard Brown (d. 1837) and then with his widow to 1841 when opened unsuccessful shop in Manchester Square. Publ. many Catholic books. Exhibited Free Society 1775-76. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 778-82.

KEATING, Patrick, bookseller, printer and publisher, 4, Air Street, Piccadilly 1784- 1790U; 18, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1794-99; 37, Duke Street, Golden Square 1800-08; 38, Duke Street 1808-16. Trading: as Patrick Keating 1784-1808; as Keating, Brown and Co. 1808-16. D. 1816. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Took over business of J. P. Coghlan, Catholic bookseller 1800. Registered presses 1800. Partner with son Patrick who succeeded him 1794 and with Richard Brown (d. 1837) q.v. DNR (sub. George Keating); Todd.

KEATING, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 18, Swallow Street 1799H.

KEEP, B. S., stationer and dealer in quills, 34, Cannon Street 1790U. Error for Reepe, Raham q.v.

KEITH, George, bookseller, Mercers' Chapel, Cheapside 1749; Bible and Crown, Gracechurch Street 1753K-1763M; 38, Gracechurch Street 1767K-1769K; 2, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street 1770K-1782K. Poss. App. John Marshall, bookseller, Bible, Gracechurch Street. Poss. related to Rev. George Keith, controversialist. Publ. many religious tracts. Marr. daughter of Rev. John Gill many of whose works he publ. Music imprint c1775. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775 S4818; 1777: B43. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; l. C. Smith 1fi19.

KEKWICK, Timothy, bookbinder, 9, Ivy Iane, Newgate Street 1790U- 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

KELLY, organ maker and music seller, see Flight, son and Kelly.

KELLY, John, bookbinder, 5, Angel Court, Surrey Street, Strand 1792-94. B. c1750, Edinburgh, s. of Robert Kellie, wheelwright; d. 1799. App. William Gray, bookbinder, Edinburgh 1760. Popular with the journeymen. Started a weekly song club, prob. in the public house near Seven Dials which he bought for his mother and sister. Sons John (1779-1816) app. 1792, free Sta. Co. 1802 and William (1783-1866) continued the business at Angel Court and in Water Street, Strand from 1804 where the firm remained to 1925. Howe; Ramsden.

KEMMISH, William, copperplate and letterpress printer, auctioneer and appraiser, 61, King Street, Southwark 1790U; Kent Street, Borough 1794B; 17, King Street, Southwark 1799-1810; 15, Long Lane, Bermondsey 1811-13; 45, Cannon Street 1814; Kent Road 1815-18171J. Publ. Southwark chronicle 1791. Registered presses 1799. Ann Kemmish at 17, King Street 1804-10 and Ann Kemmish and son, Scientific and Commercial Press at same address 1811-21. Todd; Aspinall. The following poetic gem appeared at the end of The annual harmony for 1788, a project intended to appear in parts every six months and of which Kemmish was the first named of eight proprietors:

   The PRINTER to his friends

I HAVE heard an old saying, perhaps it is true,
Yet I hope with the meaning I've nothing to do;
That the sin of Ingratitude is a great evel,
Than Witchcraft 'tis worse, nay, 'tis worse than the Devil;
With Witches and Devils, why then let it dwell,
There's no place most surely so fit for't as Hell.
To my friends who have kindly assisted the plan,
My thanks I return, in the best way I can;
And grateful my heart, it shall ever be found,
While with such good friends I am happily crown'd.
I hope in my art I have done what will please,
(For in Printing all know there are many degrees)
That the letter is good, and the paper is fair,
And the matter got up, and corrected with care;
No blunders, bad spelling, you'll find as you read,
And that all is well chosen, each fancy to feed.
But if some few errors you happpen to find,
Your candour will think they were not so design'd;
And errors you know to the best may belong,
Sometimes overlook'd in a Sermon or Song;
Yet he hopes you will not find much to relate, as
Some books, which whole pages have got of errrata's.
  As annually thus he intends to proceed,
He hopes you'll assist him again in his need;
And he as his gratitude prompts, and his duty,
In ev'ry respect will be certainly true y'ye:
If you point out a fault he will strive still to mend,
For a hint to improve is the hint of a friend;
And such to his bosom shall ever be dear,
Then with honest endeavours he's nothing to fear:
But smoothly with bus'ness may glide on through life,
A slave to no party, a foe to all strife;
To please every one he will try each expedient,
So at present concludes that he is your obedient,

KENNEDY, Charles, stationer and newsman, 125, Fetter Lane 1799H-1830R. Trading: as Charles Kennedy 1799H-1810P; as Thomas Kennedy 1811H- 1830R. Poss. connected with T. Kennedy newsvendor, 113, Bishopsgate Street 1826R.

KENT, Level, printer, Canterbury Place, Lambeth 1799; 1, Carey Street, 1804; Temple Bar 1804. Publ. and printed Star 1799-1804.

KERBY, LINDSELL and KING, booksellers and stationers, see John Kerby.

KENT, William, stationer, corner of Kingsgate Street, Holborn 1772 (the same?); 116, High Holborn 1778K-1820P; 81, High Holborn 1821P. Trading: as William Kent 1772-1800P; as Kent and son 1799H; as Elizabeth Kent and son 1802H-1806P; as William Kent 1807P-1821P. From 1799H also described as paper hangers. Music imprint 1772 (the same?). Humphries and Smith.

KERBY, Edward, bookseller and stationer, see John Kerby.

KERBY, James, bookseller, stationer and circulating library, 190, Oxford Street 1784B-1811H. Trading: as James Kerby 1784B-1804P; as Kerby and Bowdery 1805H-1811H; as Kerby, Bowdery and Barber 1809H. Ran circulating library 1787. Booksellers and stationers to Prince of Wales and Duke of York 1805H. Also described as binders 1809H. Hamlyn.

KERBY, John, bookseller and stationer, Stafford Street, Old Bond Street 1774-1797L; Wimpole Street 1797L; 33, Old Bond Street 1800P-1804P; 2, Stafford Street, Old Bond Street 1805H-1829P. Trading: as John Kerby 1774-1790U; as Kerby, Lindsell and King 1797L; as John Edward Kerby 1800P-1802P; as John Kerby 1803P-1804P; as Edward Kerby 1805P- 1829P. D. 11 Nov. 1803 aged 63. Westminster poll 1774: Mo., Ma. ; 1784: F. (listed as Kirby). Lindsell and Co. q.v. continued at Wimpole Street. See also Kearley, J. Plomer; Nichols iii, 727; Timperley X17.

KERPEN, John, music seller, printer and publisher, 19, Wardour Street, Soho c1782-85. Plates acquired by William Forster the elder. Humphries and Smith.

KEY, John, stationer, 38, Paternoster Row 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. For full details see Jonathan Key.

KEY, Jonathan, wholesale stationer, Newgate Street 1760-1765K; 74, Newgate Street 1767K-1782K; 38, Paternoster Row 1781L-1799H; 30, Abchurch Lane 1799H-1830P. Trading: as Jonathan Key 1765K-1788K; as Jonathan Key and son 1789L-1791L; es Jonathan Key and sons 1792K-1805H; as Key, Dalton and Keys 1806P-1811P; as Keys brothers 1812P-1820P; as Key, brothers and son 1821P-1830P+. Free Musician's Co. 17 July 1760, livery 23 Apr. 1765. Sir John Key (17941858), master Sta. Co. 1830, Lord Mayor 1830-32, MP London 1832-33, Chamberlain of London 1855-58, entered the family business c 1818. Beavan.

KEY, Jonathan H., stationer, 38, Paternoster Row 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. For full details see Jonathan Key.

KEY, William Cade, stationer, 38, Paternoster Row 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. For full details see Jonathan Key.

KIDGELL, John, engraver and printer, 9, Peter's Alley, Cornhill 1784B-1786K; 22, Gracechurch Street 1787K-1788K; 32, Gracechurch Street 1789K-1822R. Free Sta. Co. by 1816. Common councillor Bridge ward 1817-20.

KILBURN, William, engraver and calico printer, Grange Road, Southwark 1775; Page's Walk, Bermondsey n.d.; Wallington 1818. B. 1745, Dublin, s. of Samuel K., architect; d. 23 Dec. 1818, Wallington. App. John Lisson, calico printer, Leixlip. To London after fathers death. Acquainted with William Curtis for whom he executed plates in Flora Londiniensis, 6 vol. 1777-99. Became manager of Newton's calico factory at Wallington which he purchased after seven years. One of leading calico producers in Europe. Exhibited Society of Artists 1775, Free Society 1770-72. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

KILBY, Samuel, bookbinder, Creed Lane 1789-1800. App. Henry Sweeting, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Mar. 1769, apps. his son Peter 1 Apr. 1789, George Bland 1 May 1793, John Phillips 5 Feb. 1800.

KILLINGBECK, A., printseller and publisher, Down Street 1783. BM Satires.

KILLINGBECK, Benjamin, engraver, Broad Court, Long Acre 1769-72; at Mrs. Totton's Mount Street, Berkeley Square 1773-76; at Mr. Ryle's, Mount Street 1776; at Mr. Barnard's, Mount Street 1777-78; 74 Margaret Street, Cavendish Square 1779-81; Dover Street, Piccadilly 1781-89. Engraved mezzotint portraits, also an animal painter. Exhibited Free Society 1769-82, Royal Academy 1772-89, Society of Artists 1777-83. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith, 782-83, 1326; Graves.

KILTHORKER, Charles, bookbinder, 20, Duke's Court, St.Martin's Lane 1799H. Prob. error for Kalthoeber q.v.

KIMPSON, John, stationer and copperplate printer, West Smithfield 1786; 37, Watling Street 1789A-1792U; Coleman Street 1791. App. William Simpson 1 Oct. 1777; free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Oct. 1784, apps. John Armitage 1 Mar. 1786, Salter Fairhurst 8 Jan. 1789, John Porter 7 Dec. 1791.

KIMPSON, Joseph, pressmaker, 26, Long Lane, West Smithfield 1789A-1790U.

KIMPTON, William, Angel Court, Charing Cross 1799. Registered press with Mrs. Fry 'for War Office business' 1799. Todd.

KING, bookseller and stationer, see Kerby, Lindsell and King.

KING, Robert, bookbinder, 21, Swan Yard, Strand 1799-1802H. J. King, bookbinder in Swan Yard 1809H; R. King, bookbinder, 8, Cock Court, St. Martin's le Grand 1817U.

KING, Thomas, bookseller and auctioneer, near Bethlehem, Moorfields 1768; 29, Moorfields 1779L-1781L; Lower Moorfields 1780-88; 25, New Broad Street 1782L-1792L; 25, Little Moorgate 1790U; 38, King Street, Covent Garden 1790-1823P. Trading: as Thomas King 1768-1806; as King and Lochee 1806-1817U; as Thomas King 1820R-1823P. Publ. cats. alone 1780-1804, with H. Chapman 1790, with Lochee 1806-15. Rival of George Leigh as auctioneer, sold libraries of Dr. Richard Farmer 1798, Isaac Reed 1807, of Richard Nicoll 1813. Son Thomas q.v. in separate business, sonin-law Lochee partner from 1806. Plomer; Nichols ii, 649, 670, iii, 644-45, viii, 409; BM Book sales.

KING, Thomas junior, bookseller, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden 1781, 1800-09; no. 36 1803-09; Oxford Street 1798; 369, Oxford Street 1799H; 2, Piccadilly 1809; Fenton's rooms, 391, Oxford Street 1811-13; 125, High Holborn 1814-1817U; 20, Frith Street, Soho 1820R-1822P. S. of Thomas K., bookseller q.v. Publ. cats. 1781, 1800-15. Nichols iii, 645; BM Book sales.

KING, Thomas, vellum and parchment maker, Long Lane, Southwark 1784B-1790U.

KING, William, stationer, 58, Well Street, Oxford Road 1784B-1785P.

KINGSBURY, Henry, engraver, 6, Craven Court, Westminster 1776; 11, Bateman's Buildings, Soho 1780; 3, Piccadilly 1787-91; 4, Coventry Street 1790. Prob. pupil of J. R. Smith. Exhibited Society of Artists 1776, Royal Academy 1787-91. Engraver of mezzotint portraits. Still active 1798. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 784-88; Graves.

KINGSBURY, John, stationer, 47, Tooley Street 1770K-1785P. Bankrupt Jan. 1775, cert 1 Apr. 1775.

KIRBY, Edward, bookseller, stationer and paper hanger, Little Britain 1773-94; no. 24 1784B-1792, Portsmouth Street 1802. Free Upholders Co. 7 July 1773, Livery by 1792.

KIRBY, James, bookseller etc., see James Kerby.

KIRBY, John, bookseller, Stafford Street 1774- 1784. Westminster Polls 1774: Mo., Ma., 1784: F. Error for Kerby, John q.v.

KIRBY, Ralph Smith, bookseller, 15, Paternoster Row 1799H-1802; 11, London House Yard, St. Paul's 1804-16; 32, Paternoster Row 1817-18; 20, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1819-43; 18, Artillery Place West 1844-46. Free Stationers' Company by redemption 7 May 1799. May have been active by 1796, a date assigned to New campanologia by William Jones - Kirby later claimed to have acquired the copyright in that year. One of publishers of Court and City register 1800. Publisher of Kirby's wonderful museum 1803-1820. Registered press 1824. Todd; McKenzie.

KIRGATE, Thomas, printer, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham 1765-89. D. 1810. The best and most reliable of Horace Walpole's printers. He received a legacy from him of £100. In the year of his death was publ. A catalogue of the valuable and curious collections late the property of Mr. Thomas Kirgate. Plomer; Timperley 838.

KIRK, James, engraver, 52, St. Paul's Churchyard 1785B. Trading: as James Kirk and Co. 1785B. D. 31 Mar. 1791. Seal engravers. Musgrave.

KIRK, John, engraver, Helmet Row, St. Luke's 1799H.

KIRK, Thomas, engraver and painter, 50, Berwick Street, Oxford Street 1785-87; 10, Cowley Street, Westminster 1789; 10, Portland Street, Oxford Street 1791; 16, Colebrook Row, Islington 1794-95; 8 Judd Place West, New Road 1796. B. c1765; d. 18 Nov. 1797. Pupil of Richard Cosway. Historical painter and stipple engraver. Exhibited Royal Academy. Worked for Boydells, on Macklin's Bible, for Novelist's magazine, Cooke's British poets etc. D. of consumption. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1789: AI I 99. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

KIRKMAN, Abraham, stationer, 48, Cornhill 1791K-1795K; Camberwell 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

KIRTON, Joseph, stationer and ruled accompt book warehouse, 1, Great Portland Street 1797K-1850. Trading: as Joseph Kirton 1797K-1819R; as James Kirton 1820R-1850. James Kirton registered presses 1825, 1829. Todd.

KITCAT, George, bookbinder, Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1799; Bull and Mouth Street 1802-08; Bridewell Hospital 1809-24; Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn 1824-1830R+. S. of James K. of Bere Regis, Dorset, innkeeper. App. William Lovejoy 10 an. 6 July 1790, free Sta. Co. 7 Nov. 1797, 1799-1827 20 apps. Last master binder in the Bridge Street Bridewell where boys were taught trades. Sons George and James succ. father in business which survived to 1948+. Howe; Ramsden.

KITCHIN, Thomas, map and printseller and engraver, Star, Holborn c1738-1765; opp, Ely House, Holborn 1763M; 59, Holborn Hill 1767-1778K. D. June 1783, St. Alban's. App. Emanuel Bowen, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Aug. 1746. Active as geographer from 1747. Also engr. portraits. Music imprints c1743-61. Engraver to Duke of York 1758-1763M. Worked with Emanuel Bowen and Thomas Jefferys. Assisted in producing many of the 18th century English atlases and maps. In latter years assisted by son Thomas Bowen K. q.v. to whom he made over his stock in trade. However the map County, 25 miles round New York has imprint 'W. Hawkes (successor to T. Kitchin)' 1776. Will proved Consistory Court 29 June 1784. Maps used for jigsaws. T. Kitchen senior and junior hydrographers to King 17731813, T. Kitchin hydrographer to King 1814-20. Thieme and Becker; Humphries and Smith; Darlington and Howgego; Chubb; Hannas; Brown; Musgrave.

KITCHIN, Thomas Bowen, engraver, late of Holborn 1792. S. of Thomas K. q.v. App. his father, free Merchant Taylors' Co.3 July 1765, livery 28 Sept. 1769.

KITCHIN, William, stationer, 19 Union, Street, Middlesex Hospital 1799H.

KNIGHT and COMPTON, printers, see Richard Knight, James Compton.

KNIGHT and TRIPHOOK, stationers, See Francis Knight, J. Triphook.

KNIGHT, C., engraver and print publisher, Berwick Street 1781; Brompton 1784-92; King Street 1793; Friar Lane, Chelsea 1796; Windsor 1799; Hammersmith 1816-26. B. 1743; d. after 1826. Poss. pupil of Bartolozzi. Skilled stipple engraver. At first worked for publishers e.g. Harding's Shakespeare illustrated Many plates after 18th century masters. Painter, exhibited Royal Academy 1793-1816. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

KNIGHT, Charles, stationer, 21, Fleet Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner with Charles Coles q.v.

KNIGHT, Francis, stationer, 38, St. James's Street 1779L-1805H. Trading: as Francis Knight 1779L-1789L; as Francis Knight and son 1790U-1794B; as Knight and Triphook 1794B1805H. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Stationer to Great Wardrobe 1777-82. Stationer in ordinary to King 1780- 1807.

KNIGHT, John, engraver, St. Martin's Lane 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

KNIGHT, Richard, printer, 23, Middle Street, Cloth Fair 1800-1810P. Trading: as Knight and Compton 1800-1810P. Partner James Compton q.v. Registered presses 1800, 1809. Todd.

KNOTT, Robert, stationer, 16, Market Street, St. James Market 1796L- 1803P.

KNOTT, Thomas, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 47, Lombard Street 1790U-1800; 26, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1802H-1809H; 361, Oxford Street 181lH-1824P; 296, Regent Street 1825P-1830P+. Bankrupt 16 Aug. 1800, cert. 28 Feb. 1801, div. 31 July 1802.

KNOWLES, Charles, circulating library, 24, Great Portland Street 1784B-1785P.

KNOWLES, George, typefounder, partner with Edmund Fry q.v.

KNOX, John, bookseller, Strand c1740-1768K; near the Beaufort Buildings Strand 1769K-1770K; near new church, Strand 1771K-1776K; 105, Strand 1775N. B. 1720, Scotland; d. 1 Aug 1790, Dalkeith. Devoted his fortune to the improvement of his country, planning a herring fishery and the settlement of new towns on the north-east coast of Scotland. Visited Scotland 16 times in 23 years from 1764. Publ. a two volume view of Scotland. A society was formed in Edinburgh and the Highland Society in London showed an interest in his ideas. Plomer; Nichols iii, 727; Timperley 771; Musgrave.

KOOPS, Matthias, gentleman, Queen Street, Ranelagh 1800; James Street, Westminster 1801. Patent for recycling paper no. 2392 28 Apr. 1800. Patents for new materials for paper no. 2433 2 Aug. 1800, no. 2481 17 Feb. 1801. Wrote a book on his ideas for making paper from straw, hay, thistles etc.

KRAZEISEN, map seller, 41, Leicester Square 1793. Publ. map of London 1793. Darlington and Howgego.

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