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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: H

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names H

HADRILL, Philip, copperplate printer, Green Street, Leicester Square 1799H.

HAINES, John, copperplate printer and map publisher, 19, Rolls buildings, Fetter Lane 1796-1802H. Trading: as Haines and Co. 1796; as Haines and son 1799H; as John Haines 1802H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Darlington and Howgego.

HALES, William, stationer, bookseller and paper hanger, 127, Fenchurch Street 1782K-1808P; 124, Fenchurch Street 1809H-1825P. William Hales listed as stockbroker 1819R-1828Pi, Edward Hales as stationer 1819R-1829P, both at 124, Fenchurch Street.

HALFHIDE, George, seal engraver, Coventry Street, Haymarket 1796K-1799K; 7, Coventry Street 1800P-1830R+. Trading: as Barnes, Halfhide and Co. 1796K-1801 P; as George Halfhide and Co. 1801K-1830R+. Partner and successor of John Barnes q.v. Seal engraver to Duke of York 1802H-1822R, to Prince of Wales 1809H-1811 H; to King 1822R; to Dukes of Cumberland and Sussex 1809H-181 IH.

HALL, Charles, engraver and printseller, 2, Grafton Street, Soho 1781-83. B. c1720; d. 5 Feb. 1783 at his lodgings in Grafton Street. Apprenticed as a writing engraver but became engraver of portraits, for which he is best known, medals, coins and antiquities. DNB; Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1781.

HALL, Edward, playing card maker, 25, Piccadilly 1786K-1819P; 23, Piccadilly 1820R; 15, Piccadilly 1821P-1839P+. Trading: alone 1786K-1798K; as Edward Hall and son 1 799H-181 9P; as Hall and Bancks 1820R-1839P; as Henry Hall and Bancks 1826R. Card makers to Queen 1790U-1811H, to Prince and Princess of Wales 1802H-1811H; to King 1822R-1826R.

HALL, Henry, stationer, 24, Birchin Lane 1799H-1800P. Poss. later at 49, Gracechurch Street 1801K or 1, Fludyer Street, Westminster 1803P+.

HALL, John, engraver, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1763; at Mr Dubedats', corn. Bentinck Buildings, Berwick Street 1763-68; Great Cheney Walk, Chelsea 1769-76; Berwick Street, Soho 1784-97. B. 21 Dec. 1739, Wivenhoe; d. 7 Apr. 1797, Berwick Street, bur. Paddington. Came to London early, painter of china at the Chelsea works. Premium of Society of Arts 1756. Member Free Society of Artists 1763, of Incorporated Society of Artists 1766. Exhibited Incorporated Society 1763-76. Pupil of Francois Simon Ravenet. Plates for Bell's Shakespeare and British theatre, also worked for Boydells. Historical engraver to King 1785-92. Westminster Poll 1784: H., F. One of the finest engravers of his day. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

HALL, Joseph, bookbinder, Strand 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

HALL Thomas, stationer, King Street, Westminster 1784B-1785P.

HALL, W., music seller, 12, Macclesfield Street, Soho c 1780. Music imprint c 1780. Humphries and Smith.

HALL William, engraver, 6, Mercer Street, Long Acre 1799H.

HALL William, rag merchant and fur warehouse, 423, Oxford Street 1784-1799H. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

HALL, William, paper and pencil maker, Hoxton Town 1799H. Prob. the same as Hall and Co., velvet paper and metallic pencil manufacturers, Gloucester Terrace, Hoxton 1802H.

HALL, William, stationer, Gerrard Street, Soho 1772K-1780K.

HALL, William, stationer, Red Lion Street, Holborn 1799H.

HALLINGS, Philip, stationer and bookbinder, 4, Orange Street, Bloomsbury 1799H-1802H.

HALSON, James, press maker, turner and engine maker 12, Green Walk, Blackfriars Road 1799H; 12, Bear Street, Blackfriars Road 1800P-1805H; 12, Bear Lane Blackfriars 1809H-1811H; 1, Bear I,ane 1815P-1823, 20, Bear Lane 1823. Todd.

HAMBLIN, Thomas, printer, Ratcliffe Highway 1792; Ivy Lane, Newgate Street 1796; 9, Black Raven Court Seething Lane 1800; 4, Castle Street, Cornhill 1801, Sugar Loaf Court, Garlick Hill 1810-28; 63, Upper Thames Street 1829-36. Trading: alone 1792-96; with Thomas Plummer 1800, alone 1801, as Hamblin and Seyfang 1810-13; alone 1821-36. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner Christopher Frederick Seyfang 1810-13. Registered presses 1800,1801, 1813. Todd.

HAMILTON, Alexander, bookseller and music seller, 5, Russel Court, Covent Garden 1790U-c1793; 18, near Gray's Inn Gate, High Holborn 1793L-c1795; 221, Piccadilly c1795-1817U; 201, Piccadilly c1806-08; 121, Wardour Street, Soho c1817-23; 115, Wardour Street 1820R; 123, Wardour Street 1822R-1826R, 24, King Street, Holborn 1826R-c1827; 40, Berwick Street, Soho c1827. Trading: as Alexander Hamilton 1790U-1811; as (James) Alexander Hamilton c1806-c1827. Publ. Catas. 1792, c1802-06. James Alexander Hamilton started at 201, Piccadilly c1806 and succ. Alexander c1808/11. Bankrupt 9 July 1793, divs. 7 June 1794, 10 July 1794, 17 Feb. 1798. Directories also list Abraham Hamilton, bookseller and salesman, 221, Piccadilly 1817U; Charles Hamilton, music seller, 19, Wardour street, Soho 1830R+. Todd; Humphries and Smith; Nichols iii, 644.

HAMILTON, Archibald I, printer, Falcon Court, Fleet Street 1763M; 4, Falcon Court 1775L-1794B. D. 9 Mar. 1793 in 74th year, Bedford Row. Free Sta. Co. redemption 1749, livery by 1762, 1749-89 24 apps., 7 premiums average £20. Learned in Edinburgh. Quit city after Porteous riots 1736. Foreman in William Strahan's office, then set up on own. Publ. for Smollett. Started Critical review 1756. For some of later years joint printer with W. Jackson at OUP. Owned villa at Ash, Hampshire, also town house in Bedford Row. Leading periodical printer and publisher. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Will proved PCC 17 Apr. 1793. Business bequeathed to grandsons Archibald III and Samuel. Son Archibald II app. to his father. Imprint(s): Kress B2146. Plomer; Howe; Todd; Nichols iii, 398-400 Timperley 777-78; Musgrave.

HAMILTON, Archibald II, printer, St. John's Gate n.d. S. of Archibald H. I; d. 6 Oct. 1792, Hendon. App. his father 1755, free and livery Sta. Co. 1762, 1762-92 28 apps. 5 premiums, average £20. His office in St. John's Gate was formerly Mr. Bettenham's. Commenced Town and country magazine. Also had an office on the Highgate-Finchley road and later at Golders Green, Hendon where he died. His imprint is on all tête-à-tête satirical plates after 1774. Sons Archibald III and Samuel succ. to father's and grandfather's businesses. Plomer; Howe; Todd; Nichols iii, 398-400; Timperley 777-78; BM Satires; Musgrave.

HAMILTON, Archibald III, 5, Falcon Court, Fleet Street 1796L-1797L. S. of Archibald H. II. Free Sta. Co., 1795-99 4 apps. I premium £30. Succ. to business of father and grandfather. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3847. Howe; Todd; Nichols iii, 398-400; Timperley 77778.

HAMILTON, John, bookseller, Paternoster Row 1797; 20, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1798K-1799H. Bankrupt 1 Aug. 1797, cert. 30 Aug. 1800, divs. 27 July 1798, 22 Jan. 1799, 8 May 1802.

HAMILTON, John and Co., booksellers, 4, Beech Street, Barbican 1794L-1797L. Free Musicians' Co. redemption 20 July 1793.

HAMILTON, Samuel, printer, 4, Falcon Court, Fleet Street 1799-1803; 38, Shoe Lane, Holborn 1804-1805H. S. of Archibald II. Free Sta. Co., 1800-12 19 apps. Succ. to businesses of father and grandfather. Office destroyed by fire including stock of 2nd. edit. of Travels of Ancharsis the younger in Greece from the French of Barthelemy 1802. Contract transferred to Gillett q.v. Office at Weybridge 1803-13. Registered press 1799, 12 presses 1808. Bankrupt 15 Dec. 1804, cert. 5 Mar. 1805, div. 5 Apr. 1806. Imprints: Abbey: 1800: AT53, 423. Howe; Todd; Nichols iii, 398-400; Timperley 777-78, 811.

HAMMOND, John, printer, 12, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross 1794B-1810. Todd.

HAMPSON, John, press and mangle maker and type seller, 32, Broad Street, Bloomsbury 1799; 52, Broad Street 1802H-1815P; 183, High Holborn 1816P-1823P. Trading: as John Hampson 1799-1811 H; as J. Hampson 1812P-1816P; as James Hampson 1817U; as John Hampson 1819R-1823P. Registered business 1799. Also described as weighing machine manufacturer 1819R-1823P. Prob. connected with Joseph Hampson mangle and press maker 52, Long Lane, West Smithfield 1802H-1828R+. Todd.

HAMPTON, William, stationer, 22, Great Tower Hill 1788K-1790U; 32, Great Tower Hill 1795K-1817U. Trading: as Hampton and son 1802H, otherwise alone. Publ. Morning post 1799-1808? Aspinall.

HANAM, S., stationer, New Crane, Wapping 1799H.

HANCOCK, J., publisher, 23, Paternoster Row 1784-90. Publ. Lloyd's evening post 1784-90. Aspinall.

HANCOCK, Jo. Crang, musical instrument maker and music seller, Parliament Street, Westminster 1794B. C. Hancock, musical instrument maker only, listed in 1799H.

HANCOCK, John, letterpress and copperplate printer and engraver, 61, Barbican 1799-1802H; 11, Silver Street, Wood Street 1803-29; 48, Aldermanbury 1829. Registered presses 1799, 1803, 1829. Prob. succ. by George Hancock. Todd.

HANCOCK, Thomas, bookbinder, see Thomas Han(d)cock.

HAND, John, stationer, map and printseller and bookbinder, 409, Oxford Street 1777-1788K; 2, Little Newport Street 1789L-1803P. Previously worked for John Spilsbury in Russell Court. Dissector of maps for teaching geography. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Darlington and Howgego; Hannas; Ramsden.

HAN(D)COCK, Thomas, bookbinder, Warwick Lane 1791; 30, Warwick Lane 1792-96; 25, Warwick Lane 1802H-1805H. Trading: as Barling and Hand(d)cock 1792U; alone 1792-1805H. App. William Barling, free Barbers' Co. 7 Dec. 1791, livery by 1792, received a turnover 1796. Partner William Barling q.v. Poss. related to Alfred Hancock, bookbinder, 3, Warwick Square, Warwick Lane 1809H-1811H. Howe; Ramsden.

HANDFORD, Thomas, pocket book maker, Saville Passage, Bond Street 1797L-1798K; 5, Glasshouse Street, Swallow Street 1799H; 98, Strand 1801P-1803P; 94, Strand 1803P-1813P; 84, St. James's Street 1814P; 384, Strand 1814P; 7, Strand 1815P-1830R. Trading: as Thomas Handford 1797L-1799H; as Handford and son 1799H-1802H; as Thomas Handford 1803P; as Handford and Co. 1804P-1810P; as Thomas Handford 1809H-1830R+. Also described as trunk and portable writing desk maker.

HANDS, John, bookbinder, Cow Lane, West Smithfield 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

HANLOW, Elizabeth, bookseller, 77, St. James's Street 1792U. Error for Harlow, Elizabeth q.v.

HANNELL, C. L., printseller and publisher, Great Bandy Leg Walk, Borough 1784. Poss. connected with Charles Hannell, printer, Hoxton Town 1802H. BM Satires.

HANSARD, Luke, printer, Vineyard Gardens, Clerkenwell 1790; 6, Great Turnstile 1791-1828; Cross Lane and Parker's Street near Drury Lane 1805-28. Trading: as Hughs and Hansard 1794-1799; alone 1799-1807; as Hansard and sons 1807-1828. B. 5 July 1752 s. of Thomas, manufacturer of Norwich; d. 29 Oct. 1828, bur. St. Giles in the Fields. App. Stephen White, printer, Cockey Lane, Norwich, free Sta. Co. redemption and livery 6 Aug 1799, 1801-10 with two younger sons 60 apps., 2 premiums. Ed. Kirton-in-Holland Free Grammar School, Lincs. To London 1771 where compositor in office of Henry Hughs in Great Turnstile, printer to the House of Commons. Manager 1793, partner 1794, proprietor 1799. Printed for the Dodsleys, had dealings with Dr. Johnson. Printed Journals of the House of Commons 1774-1828. Accurate Greek printer. Music imprint 1803. Succeeded as sole proprietor of business by 1800. Took younger sons into partnership. Opened new premises in Parker Street to cope with expanding Parliamentary business 1805. Introduced various technical improvements. Married: Elizabeth Curson (1754-1834) of Norfolk at St John Clerkenwell 1775. Sons: Thomas Curson the eldest (1766-1833), app. Henry Hughs 2 Nov 1790, free 7 Nov 1797, became independent 1803 and took over Rickaby's premises in Peterborough Court 1805. 48 apps., 6 premiums average £42. Second son James (1781-1849) app. Henry Hughs 1 Sep 1795, freed by father 7 Sep 1802, partner with father 1807. Third son Luke Graves (1777-1851) app. Henry Hughs 7 Feb 1797, freed by father 7 Feb 1804, partner with father 1807. Younger sons and successors as printers to the House of Commons. J. Hansard, printer at 43, Lamb's Conduit Street 1811H. Firm continued in family until at least 1847. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3865; 1800: B4174, 4191, 4202; Abbey: 1800: AS482. The autobiography of Luke Hansard edited by Robin Myers (Printing Historical Society, 1991); DNB; Plomer; Howe; Todd; Humphries and Smith.

HANYER, John, printseller and publisher, Strand 1784. BM Satires.

HARBOUR, Jacob, music seller and stationer, 25, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1784; 15, Lamb's Conduit Street c1797-1803P. Also musician and musical instrument maker. Publ. country dances. Prob. the same as J. Harbour, musical instrument maker, 13, East Street, Red Lion Square 1804P-1817U. Humphries and Smith.

HARDIE, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, Bolsover Street, Oxford Street 1799H.

HARDING, engraver, see Timbrell and Harding.

HARDING, Edward, bookseller, printseller and engraver, 132, Fleet Street 1786-92; 102, Pall Mall 179297; 98, Pall Mall 1797-1804P; 3, Pall Mall 1805H. Trading: as E. and S. Harding 1786-97; alone 1798-1805H. B. 29 Mar. 1755, Stafford; d. 1 Nov. 1840, Pimlico. App. as hairdresser but joined elder brother Sylvester as book and printseller. After partnership dissolved continued alone for some years until appointed librarian to Queen Charlotte 1803. After her death librarian to Duke of Cumberland 1818-40. Music imprint 1799. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1797: AL240; 1800: AS76. DNB; Humphries and Smith; BM Satires 1788-96.

HARDING, John, printer and engraver, 164, Piccadilly 1799H-1805H. Poss. identical to J. W. Harding noted by Thieme and Becker.

HARDING, John, bookseller, 36, St. James's Street 1799H-1826R; 32, St. James's Street 1827P. Brown.

HARDING, Sylvester, printseller and engraver, 83, Fleet Street 1778-79; 31, Fleet Street 1780-82; 39, Fleet Street 1783-85; 132, Fleet Street 1786-92; 102, Pall Mall 1792-97; 127, Pall Mall 1798-1811H. Trading: alone 1778-85; as E. and S. Harding 1786-97; alone 1798-181 IH. B. 25 July 1745, Newcastle under Lyme; d. 12 Aug. 1809. With company of strolling players in youth. To London as miniature painter 1775. Exhibited Royal Academy 1776-1802. Partner with brother Edward in book and print shop. Poss. partner with Timbrell 1789A-1793K, see Timbrell and Harding. Publ. prints, mainly watercolour portraits designed by Sylvester and engraved by Bartolozzi and others used to illustrate their publications e.g. of Shakespeare in 30 numbers with 150 plates 1789-93 Dryden's Fables 1797 etc. Founded Biographical mirror illustrated by many historical portraits 1795-1809. Three sons Edward (d. 1796), Samuel, and George Perfect (d. 1853) also engravers and painters. DNB; Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1795-96.

HARDING, Timothy, printer, bookseller and stationer, Croydon c1793U-1802H; High Street, Croydon 1805H-1832Pi+. Trading: as Timothy Harding c1793U-1822U; as William Groom Harding 1826Pi; as Ann Harding 1832Pi+. Registered press 1799. Ran Minerva Printing Office 1822U. William Groom Harding registered presses 1817, 1825. William Harding printer in Butcher Row, Croydon 1817U-1822U. Todd.

HARDING, William, Croydon 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd.

HARDY, stationer, see Brownsword and Hardy.

HARDY, Henry I, playing card maker, 7, Old Bailey 1784B-1789. D. 2 Oct. 1789. Succ. by Sarah Hardy q.v. Bankrupt 17 Oct. 1786, cert. 24 Mar. 1787, div. 11 Mar. 1788. Musgrave.

HARDY, Henry II, playing card maker, 7, Old Bailey 1799H; Snow Hill 1801. Trading: with Sarah Hardy 1799H; alone l801. Bankrupt 11 Aug. 1801.

HARDY, James, playing card maker, 86, Little Tower Hill 1798K-1804P; 7, Old Bailey 1805P-1806P; 4, St. Paul's Churchyard 1808P-1811H; 27, St. Paul's Churchyard 1812P-1830R. Trading: alone 1798K-1824P; as James Hardy and son 1825P-1830R+. See also Henry Hardy, Sarah Hardy.

HARDY, John, bookseller and stationer, 33, Broad Street, Ratcliffe Cross 1784L-1793L; 35, Broad Street 1794B; 170, Shadwell High Street 1795K-1797L; 164, Shadwell High Street 1798K-1830R+. Trading: alone 1784L-1794B; as John Hardy and son 1795L-1799H; as John Hardy and sons 1795K-1805H; as J. and J. Hardy 1806P-1818P; as James Richard Hardy 1819R-1824P; as J. R. Hardy and son 1825P-1830P+. Imprint(s): Abbey 1800: AL331.

HARDY, Sarah, playing card maker, 7, Old Bailey 1790U-1804P. Trading: as Sarah and Henry Hardy 1799H; otherwise alone. Succ. Henry Hardy I q.v. Succ. by James Hardy q.v. Bankrupt 27 June 1797, cert. 12 Sept.1797, divs 28 Oct. 1797, 22 Dec. 1798.

HARDY, T., printseller and publisher, Strand 1784. BM Satires.

HARDY, Thomas, engraver, Portland Street 1778; at Mr. Snibson's, Portland Road 1779-80; 23, Great Pulteney Street 1786-87; 4, Great Marlborough Street 1788-94; 92,Norton Street 1796-1802. Exhibited Royal Academy 1778-98. Painter as well as engraver. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 619-22, 605.

HARE, Robert, printer, 12, King Street, Covent Garden 1800; 8, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1800. Registered press 1800. With James Traer and Caleb Stower 1800. Todd.

HARFORD, Samuel, stationer and paper hanging maker, Milk Street 1759K-1763M; 33, Milk Street 17671775N. Bankrupt Sept. 1772, cert. 23 Sept. 1775 div. 13 Nov. 1773. Sugden and Edmondson 86.

HARLOW, Elizabeth, bookseller and stationer, 76, St. James's Street 1789A-1792; 77, St. James's Street 1792U; 45, Pall Mall 1793-1794B; 46, Pall Mall 1795K. Widow and successor of George Harlow q.v. Publ. cat. 1792. Publ. a number of items in French. Bookseller to Queen 1793-96. Bankrupt 2 July 1796, cert. 17 Dec. 1796, div. 10 Mar. 1798. Listed as Hanlow, Elizabeth 1782U. Imprint(s): Kress: 1787: B 1201; 1794: B2798, 2800. Nichols iii, 644; BM Satires 1793.

HARLOW, George, bookseller and stationer, 77, St. James's Street 1784B-1787L. Succ. John Ridley (d. 22 Feb. 1782) q.v., and succ. by widow Elizabeth q.v.

HARMAR, Thomas, engraver and printseller, 164, Piccadilly 1790U-1792. Free Musicians' Co. 21 June 1791. Active from 1780. Two bookplates known. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 638; BM Satires 1787-88.

HARMOOD, Joseph, bookseller and bookbinder, Newington Causeway 1794; 5, Newington Causeway 1802H-1817U; 3, Newington Causeway 1811H. Howe; Ramsden.

HARPER, copperplate printer, 1, Carthusian Street, Charterhouse Square 1785P.

HARPER, Churchill, stationer, 14, Poultry 1772K-181 4P; 51, Gracechurch Street 1815P-1830R+. Trading: as Edmonds and Harper 1772K-1800P; as Churchill and Harper (prob. an error) 1790U; as Harper, Pearce and Co. 1801P-1830R+. Livery Masons' Co. by 1792. Also described as paper hangers 1802H-1811H.

HARPER, James, stationer and paper hanger, 171, Fenchurch Street 1798K.

HARPER, PEARCE and Co., stationers, see Churchill Harper.

HARRADEN, Richard, printseller, engraver and publisher, 85, Tottenham Court Road 1785; 83, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross 1789A; Great St. Martin's Lane 1791; 16, Little Newport Street 1798; 2, Great Newport Street 1799. B. 1756, London; d. 2 June 1838, Trumpington. In Paris until taking of Bastille when he came to London as an artist. To Great St. Mary's Lane, Cambridge 1798. Bankrupt 23 July 1791, cert. 1 Oct. 1791, divs. 7 June 1794, 22 Dec. 1792. Exhibited Royal Academy 1799. Publ. various illustrated works on Cambridge 1797-1811. In old age resided at Trumpington near Cambridge. Son Richard Banks made drawings for father's works. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1798: AS75; 1800: AS76. DNB; Thieme and Becker BM Satires 1785.

HARRELL, Jane, card maker, see Robert Harrell.

HARRELL, Robert, card maker, 28, Tooley Street, Southwark 1776K-1790U; 21, Joiner Street, Tooley Street 1791K. Trading: as Robert Harrell 1776K-1790U; as Jane Harrell 1788K-1791K. Described as wool card maker 1790U.

HARRIMAN, William, stationer and paper and rag merchant, 81, Upper Thames Street 1789L-1795K; 6, Great Bush Lane 1795K. Trading: as William Harriman 1789L-1795K; as Harriman and Co. 1795K. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. In New York by 1796. Listed as Harrison, William 1789A.

HARRINGTON, John, bookseller, 6, Old Round Court 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

HARRINGTON, music printer and seller, 32, Prince's Street, Leicester Square. c1785. Music imprint c1785. Humphries and Smith.

HARRIS, Charles, stationer, Leadenhall Street 1745K-1765K; 133, Leadenhall Street 1767K-1777N.

HARRIS, John, map and printseller, 3, Sweetings Alley 1771-1812P; 8, Old Broad Street 1790U-1802H; 28, Gerrard Street, Soho 1792; 29, Gerrard Street 1800-05. See also Elizabeth Walker. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792: AL155. J. C. Smith li, 161, 807; Darlington and Howgego; BM Satires 1771 -1802.

HARRIS, John, bookseller, 21, Ludgate Street, corner of St. Paul's Churchyard 1805P-1843. Trading: alone 1805P-1819P; as Harris and son 1820P-1824P; alone 1825P-1843. B. 1756; d. 2 Nov. 1856 Walworth. App. Thomas Evans, bookseller. With Evans for about fourteen years then for a short time to Bury St. Edmunds as bookseller. Retuned to London as assistant to John Murray. Later assistant to Francis Newbery's business. Succ. to the business after acting as manager to Elizabeth Newbery 1801. Firm sold to Grant and Griffith 1843. Advertisement list mentions jigsaw puzzles 1831. Maintained Newbery's pre-eminence as a juvenile publisher. DNB; Plomer; Brown; Nichols viii, 482; Hannas.

HARRIS, R., newspaper publisher, 32, Charing Cross 1792; 5, Catherine Street, Strand 1794-1804. Publ. Courrier 1792, Argus 1794-1804. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

HARRIS, T., printseller and publisher, High Street, Marylebone 1784. BM Satires.

HARRIS, William, bookseller and stationer, 70, St. Paul's Churchyard 1768K-1775N. Publ. sermons of John Wesley and others. Publ. London RcFistcr of Merchants and Traders 1775. Plomer; Goss.

HARRIS, William, stationer, 64, Whitechapel Street 1784B-1785P. Prob. error for Addis, William, q.v.

HARRIS, William, engraver, 4, Pall Mall 1792K-1799H; 22, Pall Mall 1800P-1805H. Seal engraver to Duke of Clarence 1802H. Bankrupt 28 June 1800, cert. 7 Oct. 1800.

HARRISON FAMILY, The exact relationship between the various individuals, partnerships and premises has not been established. Some guide is given in The house of Harrison by C. R. and H. G. Harrison (1914).

HARRISON, printer, 57, Newgate Street 1785P. Howe; Todd.

HARRISON, printer, Boar's Head Court, Smithfield 1794B. Todd.

HARRISON and BROOKE, printers, booksellers and publishers, Paternoster Row 1772L-1798; no. 35 1781L-1798; no. 18 1783B-1798; 23 Warwick Square 1799-1801P; 6, Lancaster Court, Strand 1800-29: 12, Orchard Street, Westminster 1829-40; 45, St. Martin's Lane 184081; 5, Orchard Street 1850-67. Trading: as Harrison and Brooke 1772L-1798; as James Harrison 1799-1825; as James Harrison and son 1825-39 as Harrison and Co. 1839-47; as Thomas Richard Harrison 1847-49; as Harrison and son 1849-54; as Harrison and sons 1854+. Firm founded by James I or poss. Thomas Harrison and carried on by his partner Samuel Brooke I q.v. until James Harrison II came of age. Publ. series of Harrison's British classics in 1780s. Poss. associated with Joseph Wenman q.v. some of whose publications the firm continued. Employed John Pendred. Publ. works in numbers. Publ. Life of Nelson 2 vol. 1806, also Novelist's magazine and Poetical magazine. Adopted lithography 1824. James Harrison retired 1838 and was succ. by his son and partner Thomas Richard who took John W. Parker as his partner until 1847. Registered presses 1799, 1801, 1829. For musical side of business see Harrison, Cluse and Co. Howe; Todd; Timperley 838; Humphries and Smith.

HARRISON and Co., see Harrison and Brooke, George Harrison, Thomas Harrison.

HARRISON and COOKE, stationers, see Thomas Harrison.

HARRISON and SPEARE, stationers, see Thomas Harrison.

HARRISON and THORNE, printers, see Mary Harrison, William Thorne.

HARRISON, CLUSE and Co., music publishers and sellers, Paternoster Row 1779-98; 141, Dr. Arne's Head, Cheapside 1788-1790U; 78, Fleet Street 1798-1802P; 108, Newgate Street 1802H-1805H. Trading: as Harrison and Co. c1779-1797; as Harrison, Cluse and Co., 1798-1803P; as James Harrison and Co. 1802H-1805H. The musical side of the business of Harrison and Brooke q.v. Publ. New musical magazine 1783, Pianoforte magazine 1797-1802. Registered presses 1803. Howe; Todd; Humphries and Smith.

HARRISON, George and Co., publishers, Capel Court, Bartholomew Lane 1785B. Publ. New London price current 1785B-1786. Imprint(s): Kress: 1786: B1100.

HARRISON, James I, printer, opp. Stationer's Hall 1760. B. 7 June 1723 s. of Thomas H. of Reading, basketmaker; d. 8 Jan. 1769, bur. St. Martin Ludgate 12 Jan. App. Edward Say, printer, Warwick Lane 1743, free and Livery Sta. Co. 1754; 1755-66 8 apps. 3 premiums average £20. Married Mary, daughter of Edward Say who succ. him with William Thorne. Bro. Thomas, son James II. Howe; Musgrave.

HARRISON, James II, printer, Paternoster Row 1772L-1798; 23, Warwick Square 1799-1801P; 6, Lancaster Court, Strand 1800-29; 12, Orchard Street, Westminster 1829-38. For full details see under Harrison and Brooke. B. 1765, s. of James H. I; d. 1847. Prob. app. uncle Thomas, livery Sta. Co. by 1792, Court 1822, master 1828. Bankrupt 28 Jan. 1797, cert. 11 Apr. 1797, divs. 22 May 1798, 3 July. 1798, 19 Dec. 1801. Retired 1838. Son Thomas Richard 1798-1869 partner and successor with John W. Parker. Howe; Timperley 838; Todd.

HARRISON, Jane, bookseller, see William Harrison.

HARRISON, John, printer and publisher, 115, Newgate Street 1785B-1792. Patent no. 1882 for cleansing 21 May 1792.

HARRISON, Mary, printer, 2, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1778-97. Trading: as Mary Harrison 1769-78; as Harrison and Thorne 1778-97. Dau. of Edward Say; d. 1797, bur. 29 Mar. St. Martin Ludgate. 1771-82 7 apps., 3 premiums average £12. Wife of James Harrison I. After his death 1769, continued the business. Printed psalms and almanacs for Sta. Co. Printer of Owen's chronicle 1771-77. Partner with William Thorne 1778-97. Partners signed compositor's scale 1785. Publ. Wit's magazine 1784-85. Howe; Todd; BM Satires; Aspinall.

HARRISON, Thomas, printer, Warwick Lane 1756-91; 20, Warwick Lane 1785P; Stationer's Court, Ludgate Hill 1763M. Trading: as Owen and Harrison 1756-71; as Thomas Harrison 1771-90; as Harrison and Brooke 178391. B. 7 June 1723, s. of Thomas H. of Reading, basketmaker; d 4 Nov. 1791, bur. 10 Nov. St. Martin Ludgate. App. Edward Owen, Amen Corner £20 1 June 1738, livery Sta. Co. 1751, master 1784, 1751-81 11 apps. 4 premiums average £20. Partner with Owen in printing London gazette 1756-71, sole printer 1771 -90 though prob. assisted by former apprentice Samuel Brooke I q.v. who is recorded in Warwick Lane 1794B and as printer of London gazette 1791U. Printed Owen's weekly chronicle 1763M. Common Councillor Castle Baynard ward 1761-89, deputy 1783-89. Harrison and Brooke signed scale of compositors 1785. Died after two years of paralytic attacks. Brother James 1. Imprint(s): Kress: 1786: S5107; 1787: S5134-35. Howe; Plomer; Nichols iii, 726; Timperley 773; Musgrave.

HARRISON, Thomas, stationer and ruled account book warehouse, 5, Leadenhall Street 1794B-1807P; 82, Cornhill 1795K-1830R+; 8, Birchin Lane 1804P-1806P. Trading: As Richardson and Harrison 1794B-1800P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. From 1801P the firm split, the styles at 82, Cornhill being Harrison and Spear 1801P; Harrison and Stubbs 1802H-1806P; Matthew Harrison 1807P-1830R+ and the styles at 5, Leadenhall street and 8, Birchin Lane being Harrison and Cooke 1801P-1803P; Harrison, Cooke and Melburne 1804P-1806P; Harrison and Pike 1807P.

HARRISON, William, paper and rag merchant, 81, Upper Thames Street 1789A. Error for Harriman, William, q.v.

HARRISON, William, bookseller, stationer and coal merchant, 154, High Street, Borough 1785B-1799H. Trading: as William Harrison 1785B-1797L; as Jane Harrison 1798K-1799H.

HART, wholesale draper and printer, see Hearn and Hart.

HART, Harris, printer, Poppin's Court, Fleet Street 1763M-c1780; Crane Court, Fleet Street c1780-87. S. of John H. of the parish of St. Bride, printer; d. 24 May 1787. App. his father 1742, free Sta. Co. 1749, livery 1753, 1765-73 5 apps. 1 premium £31. Commenced in Poppin's Court and moved a few years before his death to the house in Crane Court formerly occupied by Dryden Leach. Will proved in PCC. As he had no children his property went to the children of his sister. Plomer; Howe; Todd; Nichols viii, 480; Timperley 761; Musgrave.

HART, Henry, playing card maker, 16, Lamb's conduit Street 1776K-1799H. Bankrupt 18 Nov. 1797, cert. 2 Feb. 1799, divs. 11 Aug. 1798, 22 Oct. 1799. Prob. related to John Hart, card maker who d. 28 Feb. 1767. John and Henry Hart, card makers, in Red Lion Street. Holborn 1763M. Musgrave.

HART, Henry, bookbinder, St. Andrew's Hill 1810. Free Sta. Co. patrimony 6 Feb. 1787, 1810 1 app. Howe; Ramsden.

HART, T., printer and typefounder, Bury Court, Love Lane, Wood Street c1740/45; Poppin's Court 1745-65. Employed by William Bowyer in the late 1730s. Partner with William Strahan with whom he publ. A Specimen of the Printing Letter c1740/45. With John Hart in Poppin's Court 1745-65. Rejoined Strahan 1765-85. Plomer.

HART, Thomas, printseller and publisher, London 1775-77. Prob. a pseudonym. BM Satires.

HARTNELL, Joseph, printer, 153, Tooley Street 1799H-1801P; 3, New Street, Horsleydown 1802H; Horsleydown Street, Tooley Street 1804; 12, Bermondsey Street, Tooley Street 1805-08; Wine Office Court, Fleet Street 1812-38; no. 14 1816-38; no. 13 1819-38; no. 15 1819; Red Lion Court, or 1 and 2, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street 1838-42; Balham Hill, Surrey 1838; 5, Red Lion Passage 1844-50. Registered presses 1799, 1819, 1838. Government printer 1819-38. Described as rag dealer 1802H. Todd.

HARVEY and DARTON, printers, booksellers, etc. Found as a variant style for Darton and Harvey. See William Darton and Joseph Harvey. Brown; Todd.

HARVEY, John, pocket book maker, Angel Court, Snow Hill 1776. Free Paviors' Co., his app. John Sansom free Barbers' Co. 6 Aug. 1776.

HARVEY, John Dickinson, pocket book and black lead pencil maker, 7, Angel Court, Snow Hill 1785B; Ball Court, Giltspur Street 1790U-1792U; Giltspur Street 1793. Bankrupt 17 Jan. 1793, cert. 30 Aug. 1794, div. 18 Feb. 1794. See also T. D. Harvey.

HARVEY, Joseph, printer, bookseller, etc., 55, Gracechurch Street 1799-1855. Trading: as Harvey & Darton or Darton and Harvey. B. 1764; d. 1841. Partner of William Darton q.v. Todd.

HARVEY, T. D., pocket book maker, 14, Red Cross Street, Cripplegate 1799H. Prob. misprint for John Dickinson Harvey q.v.

HARWOOD, Isaac, stationer, King Street, (Golden Square 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

HASSELL, George, stationer, Gloucester Court 1784. Westminster Poll 1784

HASSELL, John, engraver, printseller and painter, 20, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane 1789; 4, Gress Street, Rathbone Place 1790-93; 23, Clarges Street, Piccadilly 1796-97; 23, Bishopsgate Street 1799-1800; 27, Richard Street, Islington 1816-19. D. 1825. Exhibited Royal Academy 1789-1819. Drew many topographical illustrations etched in aquatint by himself. Publ. over a dozen topographical works illustrated mostly in colour 1790-1823. Publ. Chalcographia 1811 to explain a new method of illustration developed by himself to imitate black-lead pencil and ink drawings. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793:AS38; 1800: AS76; Tooley: 1793: 277. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

HASTINGS, Thomas, bookseller, London etc. An itinerant bookseller and pamphleteer, a native of the diocese of Durham. App. his uncle. He visited most parts of the kingdom, then he came to London as a carpenter on new buildings in Marylebone. Fox's election for Westminster provoked a quarto pamphlet The Wars of Westminster followed by many others which he hawked around under the travelling name of Dr. Green. He would publ. an ode on the Prince of Wale's birthday in various papers for which he recieved a reward. Found dead in his bed at his lodgings in New Court, Moor Lane. (:ripplegate 12 Aug. 1801 aged about 60. DNB; Nichols iii, 726; Timperley 809.

HASWELL, Robert, printer, 6, Catherine Street, Strand 1775; Blake Court, Catherine Street 1775-76, 1777-80; 283, Strand 1780-83. Printer of Morning post 1775-76, 1777-80, of English chronicle 1780-83. Duke of Richmond filed suit for libel 24 Apr. 1780. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

HATCHARD, John, bookseller, 2, Monmouth Court, Whitcomb Street 1796; 173, Piccadilly 1797-1801; 190, Piccadilly 1801-20; 187, Piccadilly 1820-44+. B. 1769; d. 21 June 1849, Clapham Common. App. William Ginger, College Street, Westminster. Assistant to Thomas Payne, Mews Gate. Founded bookselling firm 1797. Premises a 'fashionable lounging place', Picture of London 1802. Bookseller to Queen 1800-19. Issued publs. of the Society for Bettering the Condition of the Poor. Publ. Christian observer 1802-45. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Music imprint 1803. Retired 1845. Second son Thomas partner and successor. Firm survives today as Hatchards Ltd. at 187, Piccadilly. Imprint(s): Kress: 1797; B3350; 1798: B3559-62, 3662, 3718; 1799: B3772, 3809, 3814, 4021; 1800: B4062; Abbey: 1797: AL439. DNB; Brown; Humphries and Smith.

HATTON, and Co., printsellers, 32, Pall Mall 1792U.

HAVILAND, John, stationer and bookseller, 52, Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square 1799H-1823P; 46, Edgware Road 1822R. Trading: as John Havaland 1799H; as Thomas Haviland 1802H-1823P. Described as plasterer 1819R, as circulating library 1823P.

HAWARD, Francis, engraver, near Turnpike, Lambeth Marsh 1781-83; 29, Marsh Street, Lambeth 178797; 3, Little George Street, Westminster 1797. B. 19 Apr. 1759 d. 1797, 29, Marsh Street. Student at Royal Academy 1776, associate engraver 1783, exhibited 178397. His widow received a pension from the RA for over forty years. Engraver to Prince of Wales. A few works in mezzotint. He later engraved in the stipple manner of Bartolozzi. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 622-24; Graves.

HAWES, CLARKE and COLLINS, booksellers, See Hawes, Lacey.

HAWES, Lacy, bookseller, 32, Red Lion, Paternoster Row 1751-1776K. Trading: as Hitch and Hawes 1751-63; as Hawes, Clarke and Collins 1763M-1776K. S. of Lacy of Farnborough, Kent, gent.; d. 27 Apr 1775, Paternoster Row. App Charles Hitch 6 May 1740 £100, free Sta. Co. 3 Nov 1747, livery 3 Nov 1747, 1 apps 1766, 1 turn over 1770. Partner with Charles Hitch who was previously alone in Paternoster Row 1745K-1749C. Later partner with W. Clarke and Robert Collins. Music imprint 1751. 'Extensive dealers in books' 1763M. Shared in the publication of many important works of the period e.g. Johnson's Shakespeare 1765, Gay's Fables. D. after a long and painful illness. Widow d. after lingering illness 22 or 24 Mar. 1776. Succ. by Thomas Evans. See Robert Collins. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; McKenzie 3996; Berch; St. James Chronicle 14 Jan 1775; Daily advertiser 28 Apr. 1775, 25 Mar. 1776; GNDA 28 Apr. 1775, 25 Mar. 1776 .

HAWES, Robert, printer and bookseller, 40, Dorset Street, corner of 34, Lamb Street, Spitalfields 1784B-1785P. Ran foundry in Moorfields 1775-89. Publ. various works on America 1775-78. Prob. the same as Hawes, printer, White Row, Spitalfields 1794B. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7275; 1778: B164. Plomer; Howe; Todd.

HAWKES, W., map seller, 59, Holborn Hill 1776. A map of the 'country 25 miles round New York' has the imprint 'W. Hawkes (successor to T. Kitchin)'. Chubb 437.

HAWKINS, George, bookseller, Milton's Head, Fleet Street n.d. D. 27 Jan. 1780 at a very advanced age. Active from 1741. Many years bookseller in Fleet Street near Temple Gate. Appointed bookseller to Prince of Wales 1756. Treasurer to Sta. Co. 1776-80. Plomer; Nichols iii, 607; Timperley 746; Musgrave.

HAWKINS, I. or J., printseller and publisher, Strand 1779. BM Satires.

HAWKINS, James, stationer, Little Britain 1799H.

HAWKINS, James, stationer and vellum binder, 8, Well Court, Queen Street, Cheapside 1788K-1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

HAWKINS, Joseph, printer, Shire Lane 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

HAWKINS, Thomas Wallis, stationer, account book manufacturer, rag merchant and paper hanger, 39, Borough High Street 1782K-1814P. Trading: as Thomas Wallis Hawkins 1782K-1806P; as Hawkins and son 1807P-1811H; as T. W. Hawkins 1812P-1814P. William Hawkins, stationer listed at 39, Borough 1784B-1785P. Bankrupt 29 July 1797, superseded 12 Aug. 1797. Described as machine ruler 1800P+. 'No charge for ruling 1807P. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2243.

HAWKINS, William, stationer, see Thomas Wallis Hawkins.

HAWKS, William, bookseller, 81, Tottenham Court Road 1799H-1802H.

HAWKSWORTH, Joseph, engraver, 20, White Lion Street, Pentonville 1799H-1802H; 71, Chapel Street, Pentonville 1805H. John Hawksworth at 71, Chapel Street 1811 H.

HAWKSWORTH, Samuel, stationer and bookseller, Charing Cross 1774L-1780L; 21, Charing Cross 1781L-1805H. Trading: as Byfield and Hawksworth 1774L-1805H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L. See Byfield and Hawksworth.

HAWTHORN, Peter, music seller, 9, Marylebone Street 1786-1790U. Music imprints c1786. Humphries and Smith.

HAWYS, John, printer, Johnson's Court, Fleet Street 1781-86. D. 21 Feb. 1786 aged 63, Johnson's Court. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Nichols iii, 726; Timperley 759; Musgrave.

HAY, Edmund, seal and copperplate engraver and printer, City Road 1799H-1802H; Finsbury Terrace, City Road 1803P-1804P; 10, Finsbury Terrace 1805H-1830R Exhibited Royal Academy as gem engraver 1817.

HAY, J., stationer, 45, Old Compton Street, Soho 1794B.

HAY, John, stationer and bookseller, 357, Oxford Street 1799H-1806P.

HAY, Thomas, stationer, 332, Strand 1794B. Error for Kay, Thomas, q.v.

HAY, William, bookseller and printer, Whitefriars 1763; at Mr Strahan's, New Street 1770; next to the Artists' Exhibition Hall near Exeter Exchange 1775; St. Clement Danes 1776. Free Musicians Co. 4 Dec. 1763, livery 25 July 1770. Bankrupt Mar. 1776, cert. 17 Oct. 1778. May have issued specimen sheet of his types c1780. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7177. Berry and Johnson; St. James chronicle 7 Jan. 1775.

HAYDEN, George, printer and stationer, 2, Russell Street, Covent Garden 1799-1807; 4, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1805-19; 8, Little College Street, Westminster 1820-21; 12, Little College Street 1822-51. Trading: as George Hayden 1799-1839; as Frederick Hayden 1839-51. Also ivory turner 1799-1807. Registered presses 1799, 1805. Todd.

HAYDEN, William, stationer, Falcon Court, Borough 1784B-1785P. See William Haydon.

HAYDON and ALDERSEY, stationers, see Thomas Haydon.

HAYDON, Thomas, stationer and rag merchant, 27, Great Carter Lane 1770K-1791L. Trading: as Thomas Haydon 1770K-1789K; as Haydon and Aldersey 1790U-1791L. Livery Vintners' Co. by 1792. See also Taylor and Haydon.

HAYDON, William, stationer and bookseller, 32, Blackman Street, Borough 1795K-1802H: 17, Adams Place, Borough 1809H. See William Hayden.

HAYES, Charles, bookseller, 12, Little Crown Street, Soho 1799H. Poss. the bookseller who kept a stall in Piccadilly and was prosecuted by the S.P.C.K. for having on his stall a pamphlet The man of fashion. He was found not guilty, 9 Jan. 1802. Timperley 810-11.

HAYES, James, stationer, 86, Bishopsgate Street without 1799H.

HAYES, John, bookbinder, Holiday Yard, Creed Lane, 1787-98; Naked Boy Court, Ludgate Hill 1792; Silver Street, Fleet Street 1794; Dogwell Court, Whitefriars 1795-98; Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn 1800-15; no. 4 1802H-181 IH. S. of Mathias H. of Thames Street, bookbinder; dec. 1815/6. App. Ann Bunker 3 Apr. 1759, free Sta. Co. patrimony 7 Aug. 1770, livery by 1792, 1787-1807 9 apps. 4 premiums, 2 at £10, 2 at £48. The address may refer to more than one man or be business and residential. Mrs. Hayes at 4, Bartlett's Buildings 1817U. Howe; Ramsden.

HAYES, John, stationer and circulating library, 30, Carnaby Market 1784B-1789A. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

HAYES, John, bookseller, 250, High Holborn 1779-1783K; 252, High Holborn 1784B-1812P. Trading: as Hayes and son 1806P, otherwise as John Hayes. D. 12 Nov. 1811 aged 74. Publ. cats. 1779-91. Nichols iii, 644; Timperley 844.

HAYES, Samuel, bookseller, Holborn Hill 1776-78; 332, Oxford Street 1779-95. Free Sta. Co. by redemption 6 Feb. 1776, livery 6 Feb. 1776, 1781 1 app. Publ. cats. from Mr. Cater's, facing St. Andrew's church, Holborn 1776-78, from Oxford Street 1779-95. Publ. Hawkins Life of Johnson. 1787, Johnson's Works 1792. During a business trip during the Peace of Amiens he was 'unjustly detained a prisoner by the tyranny and caprice of the present rule of France'. Succ. by William Henry Lunn. q.v. Nichols iii, 644; Timperley 844; McKenzie 3821-2; BM Book sales.

HAYES, Samuel, bookseller, 59, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1799H-1802H. Poss. the same as Samuel Hayes, bookseller, 29, King Street, Covent Garden 1817U-1822R; 8, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1826R+.

HAYNES, Joseph, engraver, London c1775-82. B. 1760, Shrewsbury; d. 14 Dec. 1829, Chester. To London when young where he studied under John Hamilton Mortimer c 1775. When Mortimer d. 1779 he did about 20 etchings from his works. Also etched works of Hogarth for Samuel Ireland 1782, and some of Reynold's paintings. Visited Jamaica and on his return moved to Shrewsbury. Later drawing master at Chffter. DNB: Thieme and Becker.

HAYWOOD, James, printseller, Hanover Square 1779; Eaton Street, Pimlico 1779-80. Bankrupt June 1779, cert. 8 Apr. 1780.

HEALEY, John, bookbinder currier and leather cutter, Strand 1776; St. Clement's 1796; Rose Street, Covent Garden 1799H-1802H. S. of James H. of Great Ormond Street, smith. App. John Seymour £5 3 July 1753, free Sta. Co. 4 Feb. 1772, 1776-94 4 apps. Howe; Ramsden.

HEATH, Charles, bookbinder, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1763-68; Warwick Lane 1772-1802; no. 21 1784B-1792; Whetstone, Middlesex 1803-17. S. of John H. of West Ham, calico printer; decd. 1817/8. App. John Parsons 12 Nov. 1751, free Sta. Co. 5 Dec. 1758, livery 4 Feb. 1772, 1763-92 9 apps. City Polls 1781: L., 1784: A. Prob. retired 1803. Son Edward q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

HEATH, Edward, bookbinder, 78, Wood Street 1802-21. S. of Charles H. q.v.; decd. 1821/2. App. his father 6 Nov. 1787, free and livery Sta. Co. 5 Oct. 1802, 1802-218 apps. I premium £29. Business prob. carried on in Wood Street by family to c 1831. Howe; Ramsden.

HEATH, James, historical engraver, 42, Newman Street 1795-98; 15, Russell Place, Fitzroy Square 1802-30; 24, Seymour Place North 1831-33; Ravensbourne Villa, Lewisham 1834. B. 19 Apr. 1757, S. of George H., farmer of Staffs.; d. 15 Nov. 1834, Great Coram Street. Pupil of Joseph Collyer junior. Engr. ports. for the collected edition of Horace Walpole's works, plates for Novelist's magazine and Bell's Poets also for Boydell's Shakspeare as well as many book illustrations after Stothard, Smirke and others. Re-engraved Hogarth's plates. Premises destroyed by fire 1789. Associate engraver Royal Academy 1791. Historical engraver to King 1793-1834. Exhibited Society of Artists 1780, Royal Academy 1795-1834. Charles Heath, engraver (17851848) his illegitimate son. Retired c1822. Stock auctioned 1823. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1786: AI.386. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

HEATH, John, printer, Rosomon's Row, Clerkenwell 1799H.

HEATH, William, stationers, fancy paper stainers, hot pressers, marble paper and pasteboard makers, 10, George Yard, Bow Lane 1790U; 10, Well Court, Queen Street 1787K-1826R; 11, Queen Street 1809H-1830R+. Trading: as William Heath 1787K-1804P; as Heath, son and Jones 1805H-1810P; as William Heath 1811 H-1813P; as Heath, Ashness and Heath 1814P-1817U; as Heath, Ashness and Co. 1818P-1825P; as Heath, Vaughan and Coveney 1826R-1830R.

HEATHER and WILLIAMS, stationers, etc., See William Heather.

HEATHER, William, bookseller, stationer and navigation warehouse, Little Tower Hill 1792; 157, Leadenhall Street 1794B-1816P. Trading: as William Heather 1792-1798L; as Heather and Williams 1797K-1799L; as Heather and Co. 1800-1801 P; as William Heather 1802P-1816P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. See also Thomas Williams. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AL331.

HEAUMES, John Roche, stationer, College Hill 179296. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

HEDGES, Augustin, bookbinder, Crane Court, Fleet Street 1794-96. S. of Francis H. of Reading, hatter. App. Richard Dymott £6 6 Dec. 1757, free Sta. Co. 5 May 1789, 1794-96 2 apps., 2 premiums £10. Brother Thomas?. Howe; Ramsden.

HEDGES, Edward, printseller, map seller and colour warehouse, 92, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1780-1794L. Succ. by Jemima Hedges q.v. BM Satires 1780-86; J. C. Smith 1729.

HEDGES, J., printseller, Royal Exchange 1784. BM Satires.

HEDGES, Jemima, printseller, map seller and colour warehouse, 92, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1795L-1805H. Succ. Edward Hedges q.v.

HEDGES, S., printseller, 91, Cornhill 1786. BM Satires.

HEDGES, Thomas, bookbinder, Crane Court, Fleet Street 1794. Brother Augustin? Howe; Ramsden.

HEDRILL, Peter, copperlate printer, Rupert Street 1784. Westminster poll 1784: H., W.

HEFFER and SON, stationers, bookbinders, ivory turners and toy warehouse, Piccadilly 1799H; 44, Haymarket 1802H-1830R+. Trading: as Heffer and son 1799H-1822R; as W. Heffer 1823R-1828R; as F. Heffer 1830R+.

HEIDELOFF, N., publisher, 9, Southampton Street, Covent Garden 1794; 90, Wardour Street 1795-99; 7, John Street, Oxford Road 1800-01; 7, Bath Place, New Road, Fitzroy Square 1802; 129, Long Acre 1810. Ran Gallery of Fashion office 1794-1802. Exhibited Royal Academy 1810. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1794-1802: AL21819; Tooley: 1794-1802: 258.

HELLIER, Hannah, vellum binder, Addle Street, Wood Street 1781-84. Prob. widow of Isaac Hellier cit. and Merchant Taylor. Her apps. David Cree 7 Feb. 1781 John Warwick 1 Dec. 1784.

HELLIER, Joseph, vellum binder, Mugwell Street 1775. App. Isaac Hellier, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 Sept. 1771, his app. Arthur Larkin 1 Nov. 1775.

HEMET, circulating library etc., see Earle and Hemet.

HEMSLEY, William, engraver and printer, 7, Foster Lane, Cheapside 1789A-1817U. Trading: as William Hemsley 1789A-1801 P; as William Hemsley and son 1802H-1805H; as William Hemsley 1806P-1817U.

HEMSTED, John, bookseller and stationer, Rainbow Coffee House, 34, Cornhill 1772L-1779L.

HENDERSON, Andrew, bookseller, Dean Swift's Head, Long Acre 1748; Westminster Hall 1760-c1775. B. Roxburghshire. Active 1734-75. Educated in Aberdeen and Edinburgh universities. A teacher in Scotland for some years. In London 1734 but in Scotland 1745-48 where he publ. a history of the Rebellion 1748. Author of a dozen histories and biographies and one drama 1748-75. J. Henderson, poss. his son, sold some of his later publs. DNB; Plomer.

HENDERSON, Robert, jeweller and pocket book maker, 14, Lamb's Conduit Street 1798K-1799H; 18, Bridgewater square 1800P-1805H. Bankrupt 23 June 1804, cert. 29 Sept.1804.

HENLEY and THOMAS, stationers, see James Henley.

HENLEY, James, stationer, Broad Street, Ratcliffe cross 1765K-1772K; 82, Broad Street 1774K-1782K. Trading: as James Henley 1765K-1777N; as Henley and Thomas 1778K-1781 L; as Henley and Co.1782K.

HENNELL, Robert, engraver, 32, Noble Street, Foster Lane 1799H-1802H. Prob. a member of the Hennell family of goldsmiths active in Foster Lane 1736-1802. Robert and David were active together 1763-97 and were joined by Samuel 1802. Thieme and Becker.

HENNINGTON, Bernard, stationer and bookbinder, Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street 1792-1826Pi; no. 2 1802H-1824; 168, Fenchurch Street n.d.; 142, Fenchurch Street 1836. Trading: as Bernard Hennington 1794-1822Pi; as Bernard Hennington and son 1826Pi-1832; as Hennington and Galabin n.d.; as Hennington, Galabin and Co. 1836. App. Charles Barry deed., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Aug. 1792, apps. Charles Marchant 2 Aug. 1792, Benjamin Brayne 5 June 1793, Septimus Barry Galabin 4 May 1796, Henry Whitmore 6 Aug. 1800. Various labels survive. Howe; Ramsden.

HENRY, David, printer, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street 1749; St. John's Gate 1754-75. B. 26 Dec. 1710, Fovron near Aberdeen; d. 5 June 1792, Lewisham. Left home aged 14. Protected and prob. employed by Edward Cave. Married his sister Mary Cave 1736. Wife d. 20 Jan. 1756. Knew Franklin and Strahan, both then journeymen printers. Set up business in Reading. Founded newspaper for Reading and Winchester where he also had office 1745. Partner in Gentleman's magazine 1754. Abridged works of Archbishop Tillotson, wrote guides to the Tower, St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, compiled The complete English farmer. Owned a farm in Beckenham 1772. Plomer; Nichols iii, 423-26; Timperley 775-76; Musgrave.

HENRY, John, music seller, 29, Oxford Street 1784B-1785P.

HENSHALL, J., stationer etc., Mortimer Street 1799H. Prob. an error. His trade given as statuary and mason 1801P.

HEPTINSTALL, Thomas, bookseller, 131, Fleet Street 1797K; 304, Holborn 1798K-1800P. Bankrupt 28 Nov. 1797, cert. 20 Feb. 1798, div. 10 Dec. 1805.

HERBERT and DURNFORD, stationers, Monument Yard 1759K-1765K; 10, Monument Yard 1767K-1777N. Trading: as Robert Herbert 1759K-1765K; as Herbert and Durnford 1767K-1777 N.

HERBERT, Andrew, millwright, engine and press maker, 29, Barbican 1799H- I 80 I P. Trading: as Andrew Herbert 1799H; as M. Herbert 1801 P.

HERBERT, Isaac, bookseller and printseller, Pall Mall 1793-94; 29, Great Russell Street 1795-96; Holborn 1798. Publ. cats. 1793-96. Bankrupt 10 Nov. 1798. Nephew of the editor of Ames's Typographical antiquities. Nichols iii, 644; BM Satires 1795.

HERBERT, Robert, stationer, see Herbert and Durnford.

HERBERT, Thomas, bookbinder, tool maker and cutter, 7, Water Lane, Blackfriars 1799H. Howe.

HERDSFIELD, George, bookseller and stationer, 112, Aldersgate Street 1785P-1790U.

HERE, William, print publisher, Cockspur Street 1783. Son-in-law and successor to the late Mr. Pinchbeck. J. C. Smith 713.

HERING, Charles, bookbinder, St. Martin's Street, Leicester Square 1799H; 10, St. Martin's Lane 1802H-1811H. D. 1809 or poss. c1813. After the death of Roger Payne considered the head of the craft. Inclined to German taste and may have been German. Good style of finish but 'too fond of double headbands'. Employed 3 finishers and 6 forwarders c1804. Worked for many members of the nobility. Many bindings in British Museum. A number of labels survive. Succ. by brother at 9, Newman Street 1817J-1835+. Charles Hering active at same address 1817U-1831R also James Hering 1832R-1833R. Timperley 835; Howe; Ramsden.

HERIOT, John, 11, Catherine Street, Strand 1799. Registered 4 presses 1799. John Browne Bell at the same address 1807. John Heriot Esq. Iisted at 5, Catherine Street and Prent Cottage, Hendon 1802H. Todd.

HESKETT, James, map, chart and printseller, 13, Sweetings Alley, Royal Exchange 1784B-1830R+.

HESSE, Matthew, printer and stationer, 1, Leman Street, Goodman's Fields 1784B-1800P. Livery Innholders' Co. by 1792. Succ. by widow Sarah q.v. Howe.

HESSE, Sarah, printer and stationer, 1, Leman Street, Goodman's Fields 1799H-1805H. Widow of Matthew Hesse q.v. Registered press 1800. Todd.

HETT, Richard, printer, Wild Court, Wild Street 17521785P. S. of Richard H. of Poultry, bookseller (d. 1766); d. 9 May 1785. App. Samuel Richardson £40 1744, livery Sta. Co. by 1781, 1755-74 9 apps., 1 premium £30. Succ. J. Watts. Largely employed by dissenters. City Polls: 1781: C, 1784: A. Plomer, Howe; Todd; Musgrave.

HEWITSON, James, stationer and bookseller, Sun Street, Bishopsgate Street 1799H-1826P; no. 81 1802P; no. 18 1805H-1816P; no. 10 1817U-1826P.

HEWS, George, stationer, Addle Street 1792. Livery Merchant Taylors' Co. by 1792.

HEYDEN, Richard, printer, 116, Strand 1783; 22, Ivy Lane 1799; 2, Paternoster Row 1799-1800; 18, Ivy Lane 1802H-1806. Registered presses 1799, 1800. Also Navy agent 1800-1805H. Printed London courant 1783, London recorder and Sunday gazette 1784-91. Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

HEYDINGER, Charles, bookseller, Strand 1771-75; 274, Strand 1776K; 6, Brydges Street, opp. Theatre Royal, Covent Garden 1778K-1780K. D. c1778. Publ. cats. 1771-73. French and German bookseller also dealing in books on Polar exploration. Not successful. Died poor. Nichols iii, 644; Timperley 744; Plomer.

HEYDINGER, John, printer, 7, Queen's Court, Great Queen Street 1785P; 27, Leadenhall Street 1802; residence 114, Chancery Lane 1802. Also appraiser and auctioneer of printing materials 1785P. Registered press with Evans and Ruffy 1802. Howe; Todd.

HEYLER and MARDIN, printers' smiths, 41, Eagle Street, Holborn 1785P.

HICKMAN, A. and R., booksellers and stationers, 146, Fleet Street 1794B. Error for Hinckesman q.v.

HIGGINS, Samuel, pocket book maker, 35, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell 1799H; Strand 1800. Bankrupt 21 June 1800, cert. 13 Sept. 1800, div. 16 June 1801.

HIGGINS, William, printer, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1792-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

HIGHAM, John, bookseller, 6, Chiswell Street 1799H-1824P; 54, Chiswell Street 1825P-1830R Trading: as John Higham 1799H-1809H; as Lindley John Higham 1803P-1830R. Music imprint, L. Higham 1807. Humphries and Smith.

HIGHLEY, Samuel, bookseller, Fleet Street 1796-1830R; no. 24 1804P-1815P; no. 174 1817U-1830R Webb Street, Bermondsey 1830R. Trading: as Samuel Highley 1796-1814P; as Higley and son 1815P-1822P, as Samuel Highley 1823R-1830R+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Previously shopman to John Murray I and partner with John Murray II q. v. until 1803. On the dissolution of the partnership he took over the medical publications of the firm. Nathaniel Highley, bookseller at 24, Fleet Street 1805H.

HILL, I., engraver, London 1793-1800+. Poss. to be identified with James Hill, engraver, 9, Ball Alley, Lombard Street 1785B though he was prob. in the jewellery trade as Sampson Hill was active as a jeweller and watchmaker in Ball Alley. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793: AS537; 1800: AS27, 516; Tooley: 1799: 414.

HILL, James, engraver, see I. Hill.

HILL, T., engraver, Active c 1770-90. Engraved bookplates. Thieme and Becker.

HILL, Thomas, printseller and stationer, 47, Brewer Street, Golden Square 1789A-1790U.

HILLIAR, M., printer and glazier, Old Compton Street, Soho 1799H. Prob. misprint for painter.

HINCKESMAN, Anthony, bookseller, stationer and pocket book maker, 146, Fleet Street 1789L-1803P; 40, Paternoster Row 1804P-1805H. Trading: as Anthony and Richard Hinckesman 1789L-1795K; as Richard Hinckesman 1797K-1805H. M. Hinckesman, stationer, at same address 1806P. Listed as Hickman 1794B.

HINCKESMAN, Richard, bookseller etc., see Anthony Hinckesman.

HINCKS, William, engraver, 16, Old Compton Street, Soho 1781; 98, Carey Street, Chancery Lane 1782; 49, Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square 1783-87; at Mr. Brydon s, Charing Cross 1790; 22, Rathbone place 1797. B. Waterford. Self-taught. Active in Dublin 1773-80. To London 1780. Illustrated Sterne's Tristram Shandy. Publ. series of 12 stipple prints showing Irish linen production 1782, also various portraits 1783-90. Exhibited Royal Academy 1781-97. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791: AL444. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

HINDLEY, Philip, writing stationer, Chancery Lane 1792-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

HINDMARSH, Robert, printer, 32, Clerkenwell Close 1785P-1835; Old Bailey 1796. D. 1835. Free and Livery Sta. Co. 1794, 1795-97 2 apps. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Printer to Prince of Wales 1790U-1805. Howe Todd.

HINDS, Thomas, stationer and bookbinder, 6, Wardour Street 1792U; 106, Wardour Street 1797L; 4, Francis Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H. Trading: as Hinds and Co. 1792U; as Thomas Hinds 1797L-1799H. Also described as wax chandler 1797L.

HINGESTON, Mileson, bookseller, Strand, without Temple Bar 1768-1777N; 224, Strand 1778K-1779K. D. 24 Mar. 1806. Publ. cats. After having been several years in business he retired to a comfortable situation at the Ordnance Office and died, much respected, in his house in the Tower. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Plomer; Nichols iii, 645, viii, 586; Timperley 825.

HINTON, Elizabeth, bookbinder, 19, Bride 1790U. See Samuel Hinton.

HINTON, John, bookseller, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1739?; King's Arms, Newgate Street c1745-53; King's Arms, St. Paul's Churchyard 1752-65; 34, King's Arms, Paternoster Row 1766-1781L. D. 21 May 1781. Assistant Sta. Co. Publ. Universal magazine vols. 1-68 1747-81, New whole duty of man and several other religious treatises, also some maps and music. Died very rich. Plomer; Nichols iii, 441; Chubb; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

HINTON, Samuel, bookbinder, Bride Lane, Blackfriars 1784B-1785P. See Elizabeth Hinton.

HINTON, William, copperplate printer, Horseshoe Alley, Ludgate Hill 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. In East Indies by 1796.

HINTON, William, bookseller, Bride Lane 1792; Wine office Court, Fleet Street 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

HINTON, William, engraver, West Harding Street 1801. Bankrupt 7 Mar. 1801, div. 23 Feb. 1802. Poss. the same as William Hinton of Gracechurch Street, q.v.

HINTON, William, engraver and printer, map and printseller, 12, corner of Bell Yard, Gracechurch Street 1779; 5, Sweetings Alley 1784-86. 'The City warehouse for the works of I. K. Sherwin' 1785B. Bankrupt 29 July 1786, superseded 2 Sept. 1786. J. C. Smith, 153, 1748; BM Satires 1779-c1793.

HITCHCOCK, James, printseller, late of Hatton Garden. Bankrupt 15 Sept. 1801, cert. 1 Dec. 1801.

HITCHCOCK, William, printseller and bookseller, 5, Birchin Lane 1777-83. Bankrupt Sept. 1783, cert. 20 Sept.1783. BM Satires 1777.

HIXON, rolling press printer, London 1791. D. 11 Dec. 1791. Musgrave.

HIXON, Henry, copperplate printer, Cecil Street, Strand 1784B-1785P.

HIXON, J., printseller, see William Hixon.

HIXON, Robert, engraver and printseller, 16, Vinegar Yard, Drury Lane 1799H; 355, Strand 1799-1810P; 440, Strand 181 IH-1817J. Prob. the R. Hixon who publ. aquatint The Isle of Dogs 1813. BM Satires 1799-1800; Thieme and Becker.

HIXON, William, copperplate printer, Red Lion Court, Russell Court 1774; St. Martin in the Fields 1778. Premises and contents excluding plates insured for £600, Sun policy no. 348605, 30 Dec. 1774. Guildhall Lib. Ms. 11,396/236. Son William app. Thomas Cheesman cit. and Merchant Taylor 2 Dec. 1778.

HIXON, William, engraver, printer and printseller, 13, Bridges Street, Covent Garden 1799H-1805H. Trading: as W. and J. Hixon 1800, otherwise alone. Previously premises of Richard Newton. BM Satires 1800.

HOARE, Richard, printseller, carver, gilder, framemaker and glazier, 18,Gracechurch Street 1799H-1830R.

HODDER, William, stationer, Duke Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

HODGES, Charles Howard, engraver and painter, 15, Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road 1783; Park Street, Grosvenor Square 1784; 98, Carey Street 1785; 17, Lambeth Row 1791. B. 1764, London; d. 24 July 1837 aged 63, Amsterdam. Prob. pupil of J. R. Smith. Publ. engr. ports. after Reynolds, Romney and others, also works after old masters 1781-92. In Dublin working for portrait painter C. G. Stuart c1789-92. Became agent in Amsterdam for W. Humphreys, printseller, 1788 but only settled finally in Amsterdam in 1794. Worked in Holland until death. Exhibited Society of Artists 1783. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 625-40.

HODGES, William, painter, engraver and print publisher, King Street, St. Anne's 1766; Crown and Pearl, Leicester Fields 1768; Shrewsbury 1770- at Mr. Parker's, opp. New Church, Strand 1771-72; Pimlico 1776-78; Queen Street, Mayfair 1784-94. B. 1744, London; d. 6 Mar. 1797, Brixham, Devon. Pupil of Richard Wilson. Active in London and Derby where he painted theatrical scenery. Accompanied Captain Cook on his second expedition to South Seas and superintended engraving of illustrations. In India 1778-84. His views of India engraved by himself and others. Travelled on continent 1790. Disappointed by his lack of success he retired to Dartmouth and opened a bank 1795. This also failed. Exhibited Society of Artists 1766-72, Royal Academy 1776-94. Associate Royal Academy 1786. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1785-88: AT416; Tooley: 1785-88: 263. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1434.

HODGSON, bookseller and stationer, see Joseph Wenman.

HODGSON, printer, 18, George Court, St John's Lane, Clerkenwell 1785P. Also a letterpress brass engraver and cutter in wood. Wife d. 29 Oct. 1785. Poss. the same as Thomas Hodgson, 11, King Street q.v. Howe; Todd; Musgrave.

HODGSON and BLOXHAM, stationers, see Thomas Hodgson.

HODGSON, SPALDING and ROUTH, paper makers and stationers, 425, Strand 1791L-1792U. See Thomas Hodgson, Thomas Spalding.

HODGSON, Edward, bookseller and stationer, Marylebone Street 1789L-1794B; no. 6 1794B; 6, Great Marylebone Street 1800-55; 9, Great Marylebone Street 1815-57. Trading: as Edward Hodgson 1789L-1794B; as H. J. Hodgson 1800P; as H. T. Hodgson 1801-30; as Hodgsons 1831-36; as Samuel Hodgson 1837-57. Ran circulating library 1800. Brown; Hamlyn.

HODGSON, H. J. (or H. T.), bookseller and stationer, see Edward Hodgson.

HODGSON, Peter, engraver, music seller and publisher, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden c1776-81. Humphries and Smith.

HODGSON, Thomas, printer and stationer, 11, King Street, Cheapside 1799H-1830P , 17, Pierpont Row Islington Road 1817. Trading: as Thomas Hodgson 1799H-1826R; as E. Hodgson 1827P-1830P+. Poss. the same as Hodgson, 18, George Court q.v. Todd.

HODGSON, Thomas, stationer and papermaker, 425 Strand 1783B-1792U. Trading: as Thomas Hodgson 1783B-1786K; as Hodgson and Bloxham 1788K-1790U; as Hodgson, Spalding and Routh 1791L-1792U. Later premises of Thomas Spalding q.v.

HODSOLL, William, music seller, Sevenoaks 1794; 45, High Holborn 1798-1831. Succ. Francis Linley, succ. by Z. T. Purday. Publ. cats. c1806-1827. Humphries and Smith.

HODSON, Edward, printer, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1794-96. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. See also James Hodson. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2840; Abbey: 1794: AS555; Tooley: 1794:404. Todd (listed as Hudson, E.).

HODSON, James, printer, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1792-96; 15,Cross Street,Hatton Garden 1800-42; 112` Fleet Street 1838-45; 17, Clement's Lane 1844-45; 2, Clifford's Inn Passage, Fleet Street 1846-50, 22, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1851-65. Trading: as James Hodson 1796; as J. Hodson and Co. 1800P-1804P; as J. and E. Hodson 1803-12; as E. and H. Hodson 1813-1815P; as Edward Hodson 1816P-1837; as James Shirley Hodson 1838-58; as J. S. Hodson and son 1859-65. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Ran Aurora printing office 1800P-1815P. Edward Hodson q.v. partner and successor. J. S. Hodson previously active at 22, Poppin's Court 1836. Todd; Brown.

HOFFMAN, John Andrew, music warehouse, 124, Oxford Street c1795-99; 9, Prince's Street, Cavendish Square c1799-1808; 21, Manchester Street, Manchester Square c 1808-22. Humphries and Smith.

HOGG, Alexander, bookseller, 16, King's Arms, Paternoster Row c 1778-1819P; 81, Mark Lane 1820P-1824P. Trading: as Alexander Hogg c1778-1805P; as Alexander Hogg and Co. 1806P-1810P; as Hogg and Co. 1811P-1824P. Livery Wheelwrights' Co. by 1792. Formerly journeyman to John Cooke some of whose copies he took over. Succ. C. Johnson as publisher of Wonderful magazine. Publ. New London magazine 1785-92. Prominent as a publisher of widely advertised works in weekly numbers known as 'Paternoster Row numbers'. Chubb; Darlington and Howgego; J. C. Smith 641; BM Satires 1780-81, 1793.

HOLDERNESS, Lazarus, law stationer, Knightrider Street, Doctors' Commons 1799H; 11, Great Knightrider Street 1802H-1809H. No forename 1809H.

HOLLAND and JONES, music sellers, see Henry Holland, Thomas Jones.

HOLLAND, Henry, music seller, facing Bedford Row, near Gray's Inn 1782-89; 48, St. James's Street c1786-1793L; Newgate Street c1793-97; 23, Bishopsgate Street within c1797-1800. Trading: as Henry Holland 1782-97; as Holland and Jones 1797-1800. Thomas Jones continued alone at same address until cl804. Humphries and Smith.

HOLLAND, Richard, engraver and architect, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly 1770-72; Curzon Street, Mayfair 1772; Grosvenor Square 1773; Kings Mews 1781. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Exhibited Society of Artists 1770, Royal Academy 1771-73. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795: AL250.

HOLLAND, William, print and caricature warehouse, 66, Drury Lane 1782-86; 50, Oxford Street 1782-1803P; 11, Cockspur Street 1802-1817U; 3, Cockspur Street 1804P. Imprisoned one year and fined £100 for selling Paine's Letter to the Addrcssers 16 Feb. 1793. Music imprint 1792. Wife d. 10 Aug. 1793. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795: AL250; 1799: AL241. Timperley 777; BM Satires 1782-1802; Musgrave; Humphries and Smith.

HOLLIS, James, printer and bookseller, 21, Shoemaker Row 1785P-1824. S. of James H. of Lambeth Hill, printer. App. his father 1761, livery Sta. Co. by 1792, 1794-1811 4 apps. Registered press 1799. Howe; Todd.

HOLLOWAY, Robert, bookseller, London 1776. Sentenced to 3 months in prison for publishing a pamphlet called The rat trap 29 Apr. 1776. Poss. the same as the person who registered presses in Bell Savage Yard, Ludgate Hill 1805; 1, Paternoster Row 1806 and Artillery Lane, Tooley Street 1812. Plomer; Todd; Timperley 736.

HOLLOWAY, Thomas, engraver, 74, near Royal Exchange, Old Broad Street 1773-80; 88, Fleet Street 1781; 11, Baches Row, City Road 1784-92. B. Broad Street, London 1748; d. Feb. 1827, Cottishall near Norwich. App. Mr. Stent, seal engraver. Studied at Royal Academy. Exhibited Royal Academy 1773-92, Society of Artists 1777-78. Shared premises of John Holloway, brazier and ironmonger 1776K-1779K. Publ. ports. for magazines, especially of nonconformist ministers. Illustrated Lavater's Essays on physiognomy 5 vols. 1789-98, Boydell's Shakspeare, Bell's British theatre etc. Worked with assistants on plates of the seven cartoons of Raphael at Windsor 1800-27, five publ. 1806-24, the last two posthumously 1828, 1839. Historical engraver to King 1806. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793: AT719. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 640-41.

HOLLOWAY, W., printseller and publisher, Strand 1784. BM Satires.

HOLME, William, rag merchant, paper warehouse and stationer, 25, Norton Falgate 1792K-1830R. Trading: as William Holme 1792K-1817U; as Holme and son 1818P-1830R+.

HOLMES, Edward, paper and rag warehouse, 59, Holborn Hill 1792K-1794B.

HOLMES, John, stationer, St. James's Market 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

HOLMES, William, copperplate printer, Chapel Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

HOLT, John, pocket book maker, Fleet Market 1794. App. William Carter, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Aug. 1775, his app. James Raybone 3 Dec. 1794.

HOLT, John, pocket book maker, 2, Huggin Lane, Wood Street 1784B-181 I H; Hoxton 1799H; 10, Hoxton 1805H.

HOLT, Mrs., printseller and publisher, 110, Oxford Street 1779. BM Satires.

HOMAN, Simon, stationer and bookseller, 86, New Gravel Lane or 86, Wapping Wall 1792U-1843. Trading: as S. Homan 1792U-1813; as S. Homan and son 1814; as William Homan 1815-22; as W. and S. Homan 1823-37; es Simpson Homan 1838-43.Todd.

HONE, Nathaniel, engraver and printseller, St. James's Place 1760-73; Pall Mall 1774-79; 30, Rathbone Place 1780-84. B. 24 Apr. 1718, s. of Nathaniel H., merchant of Dublin; d. Aug. 1784, Rathbone Place, bur. at Hendon. Self taught. Studied in Italy 1750-52. An itinerant portrait painter until he settled in St. James's Place. Member of Incorporated Society of Artists and founder member of Royal Academy. Exhibited Society of Artists 1760-88; Royal Academy 1769-84. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 642; BM Satires 1772; Graves; Musgrave.

HOOD, Catherine, printer, 24, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1785P. 1770-77 3 apps. Prob. widow of Edward H. app. 1736, Free Sta. Ct>. 1743, 1763-68 2 apps. Howe; Todd.

HOOD, Luke, bookbinder, Goodman's Fields 1776. App. John Johnson, free Merchant Taylors' Co. I Feb. 1748, his apps. Thomas Goodridge 7 Aug. 1776, William Taylor Hood free 7 Feb. 178].

HOOD, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 10, Birchin Lane 1794-97; 31, Poultry 1798-1811. Trading: as Vernor and Hood 1794-1806; as Vernor, Hood and Sharpe 1806-1812P. D. 1811. Free Upholders' Co. redemption 1798. See Thomas Vernor.

HOOD, William Taylor, bookbinder, Water Lane, Fleet Street 1781-1805H; no 2 1802H-1805H; 2, Hind Court, Fleet Street 1799H. App. Luke Hood, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 7 Feb. 1781, apps. George Smith 4 July 1781, William Goodman 3 Mar. 1784, Charles Jewkes Starbuck 1 Dec. 1784, Edward Suttaby 7 Dec. 1791, John Thompson 4 July 1792, John Martin 2 Apr. 1794, John Gedling 1 Feb. 1797, James Lagden Payn 6 Feb. 1799. Partner of William Walker q.v. 1785B. In conflict with Trade Committee 1810. Howe; Ramsden.

HOOKE, Thomas, stationer, 8, Walbrook 1772K-1794B; Camberwell 1796. App. 6 Aug. 1745, free Sta. Co. 1 Sept. 1752, livery 6 Mar. 1753, court 6 Dec. 1785, master 1788. City Poll: 1781: C. 1784: A. Blagden.

HOOKHAM, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, circulating library and bookbinder, New Street, Hanover Square 1767-1775N; Hanover Street 1774-1779; 147, New Bond Street 1780-1795K; 145, New Bond Street 1789L-1793L; 15, Old Bond Street 1792-1830R; 14, Old Bond Street 1798K-1799H. Trading: as Thomas Hookham 1767-1790U; as Hookham and Carpenter 1791-1799H; as Thomas Hookham 1799H-1802H; as Hookham and Ebers 1803P-1808P; as T. and E. Hookham 1809P-1813P; as T. Hookham and sons 1811H-1815P; as Hookham and sons 1817U-1820P; as Thomas Hookham 1821P-1830R+. Trade cards Heal collection. Binder's ticket c1772. Westminster Polls 1774: Mo., Ma., 1784: H., F. Bankrupt Feb. 1776, div. l Aug. 1778. Took advertisements for Daily universal register 1785P. Literary Assembly and circulating library at premises, Abbey: AS38 1793. Stationer to Duke of Gloucester 1799H. Partner John Ebers became manager of the King's Theatre, Haymarket 1821. Publ. some musical items. Nephew Thomas Jordan Hookham q.v. Imprints: Kress: 1778: B115; 1785: B918; 1786: B1075; 1787: B1146; Abbey: (Hookham) 1790: AS342; 1792: AT49, 50; (Hookham and Carpenter) 1791-92: AS2; 1793: AS38; 1795?: AT185; 1796: AL374; 1797: AL34; 1800: AL331 Tooley: 1793: 277. Plomer; Howe; Hamlyn; Humphries and Smith.

HOOKHAM, (Thomas) Jordan, bookseller, 100, New Bond Street 1799H-1806P; 31, Conduit Street, Bond Street 1809H; 112, New Bond Street 1810P-1811H. At 15, Old Bond Street, with uncle Thomas Hookham q.v. 1794. Bookseller and stationer to Prince of Wales 1799H-1818, to Dukes of Kent and Gloucester 1802H-1805H. Bankrupt 17 June 1806. Ran circulating library. Trade card Heal collection. 'Fashionable lounging place', New picture of London 1802. Plomer; Ramsden; Hamlyn.

HOOPER and WIGSTEAD, booksellers, see Samuel Hooper.

HOOPER, Mary, bookseller, see Samuel Hooper.

HOOPER, Samuel, bookseller, Gay's Head, near Beaufort Buildings, Strand 1756; East corner of New Church, Strand 1763M-c1770; corner of Arundel Street, Strand 1782; Ludgate Hill 1771-78; no. 25 1771-73; 212, High Holborn 1784B-1800P. Trading: as Samuel Hooper 1756-93; as Hooper and Wigstead 1797-1799H; as Mary Hooper 1800P. D. 20 Feb. 1793. Partner with A. Morley c 1756. Publ. cats. including one undated one with Davis. Bankrupt Nov. 1778, cert. 20 Mar. 1779. The well known publisher of Francis Grose's works. Grose notes in a letter that Hooper had gone bankrupt and complains of his dilatory ways 1778. Publ. various maps and music. On his death business carried on by his widow Mary. See next entry. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7273; 1785: B928; 1787: B1233; 1788: S5173; Abbey: (S.Hooper) 1791: ASI; (Hooper end Wigstead) 1797-98: AL316. Plomer; Nichols iii, 645, viii, 696; Timperley 777; Humphries and Smith; Chubb; J. C. Smith li; BM Satires 1771-88; Musgrave.

HOOPER, Samuel, bookseller and stationer, St. Giles in the Fields 1787-90. Patent no. 1622 for a new method of manufacturing paper particularly for copperplate printing 17 Sept. 1787. Patent no. 1723 for leather and paper manufacture 20 Jan. 1790. Prob. identical with Samuel Hooper above. Timperley 761.

HOOPER, Thomas, stationer, 32, Marylebone Street, Golden Square 1799H.

HOPE, William, law stationer, 5, Lombard Street 1794L-1795K.

HOPKINS, Thomas, stationer and wholesale quill dealer, 32, Brook Street, Holborn 1798K-1817U; 8, Brook Street 1818P-1829P.

HOPWOOD, James, engraver, 28, Paradise Row, Islington 1799H-1805H. B. 1752, Beverley, Yorkshire; d. 29 Sept. 1819. Commenced engraving aged 45 to support family. To London 1795 where he worked in Charles Heath's house finishing many book illustrations e.g. for Bell's La belle assemblée, Cooke's Classics, also many individual ports. Secretary of Artists' Benevolent Fund 1813-18. Sons James and William also engravers. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

HOPWOOD, John, bookbinder, Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane 1790-1801. S. of Francis H. of Fleet Street, tailor. App. Bartholomew Adams 7 Aug. 1770, free Sta. Co. 7 Oct. 1777, 1790-1801 3 apps. Succ. by Sarah Hopwood prob. his widow 1801. She was at 73, Shoe Lane 1802H. Howe; Ramsden.

HOPWOOD, Robert, printer, Crown Court, Soho 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

HORNCASTLE, Stephen, stationer, Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1763M-1778K; 29, Broad Street 1779K-1788K; 85, New Bond Street (or New Broad Street) 1789L-1799H. Trading: as Stephen Horncastle 1763M-1793L; as William Horncastle 1794K-1799H. D. 14 Jan. 1792. Westminster Polls 1774: Pe., Cl., 1784: H., W. Musgrave.

HORNCASTLE, William, stationer, see Stephen Horncastle.

HORNSBLOW, Richard, stationer, 81, Great Portland Street 1784B-1785P.

HORSFIELD, Richard, bookseller, 5, Stationers Court or Cock Court, Ludgate Street 1774K-1777N.

HORSFIELD, Robert, bookseller, Crown, 22, Ludgate Street c1763-73; Stationers' Hall Court c1773-96; no. 5 c1773-78. App. 3 Feb. 1741, free and livery Sta. Co. 3 May 1748, court 16 Mar. 1773, fined for master 1781. Succ. Messrs Knapton. Treasurer Sta. Co. 1785-97 when he resigned. Music imprints c 1771-78. Sister Anne d. 2 Dec. 1788. See also Thomas Horsfield. Plomer; Nichols iii, 607; Timperley 798; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave; Blagden.

HORSFIELD, Thomas, Stationers' Hall Court 1781. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Poss. error for Robert Horsfield q.v.

HORTON, J. C., stationer, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square 1799H-1801 P.

HOUSTON, music seller, see Lewis, Houston and Hyde.

HOW(E), Joseph, law stationer, Chancery Lane 1790U; 21, Chancery Lane 1800P-1808P; 18, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane 1799H-1802H; 4, Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane 1809H-1827P. A Joseph Howe d. 24 Apr. 1793. Musgrave.

HOWARD, print publisher, 17, Lambeth Road 1791. Error for Charles Howard Hodges, q.v. J. C. Smith.

HOWARD and EVANS, printers, 41 and 42, Long Lane, West Smithfield c1800-11. William Howard and John Evans q.v. Publishers of children's books and medicine vendors. Todd; Brown.

HOWARD, William, printer etc., see Howard and Evans, John Evans.

HOWARD, William, copperplate printer, Gutter Lane, Cheapside 1775. J. C. Smith 142.

HOWE, W., music publisher, 1, Alfred Place, London Road, St. George's Fields c1795-1805. Publ. some music in conjunction with Riley and Willis. Humphries and Smith.

HOWES, John, stationer and bookbinder, 3, White Lion Court, Birchin Lane 1795K-1809H; 4, White Lion Court 1799H-1818P. App. Margaret Barry, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Sept. 1789, livery 14 Mar. 1799, his app. Thomas Cood 7 May 1800. Described as John Howes junior 1805H.

HOWES, Thomas, stationer, 34, Clement's Lane, Lombard Street 1795K-1807P.

HOWITT, Samuel, engraver and painter, 380, Oxford Street 1783; 8, Coventry Street 1784; Richmond, Yorkshire 1785; 4, Old Compton Street, Soho 1793-94; 40, Charing Cross 1800; Bullock's Museum, Piccadilly 1814; 18, Prince's Street 1815. B. c1765, Notts.; d. 1822, Somers Town. Turned to art through financial difficulties. Attended Dr. Goodenough's Academy at Ealing. Exhibited Society of Artists 1783, Royal Academy 1784-1815. Brother-in-law of Rowlandson whose style he copied in caricatures. The main subjects of his series of etchings were animals and sports. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

HOWLETT, Bartholomew, engraver, 50, Brunswick Street, Blackfriars 1803. B. 1767, Louth, Lincs; d. 18 Dec. 1827, Newington. App. James Heath, engraver, London. Mainly employed for topographical and antiquarian works. Three bookplates known. Exhibited Royal Academy 1803. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

HUDSON, E., printer, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1794B. Error for Hodson, Edward, q.v. Todd.

HUDSON, Henry, engraver, 13, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1782-86; Petersham, Surrey 1787; 116, Holborn 1789. Active 1782-1800. Prob. followed other pursuits or of independent means. Mezzotint plates after contemporary artists. DNB; J. C. Smith 703-08.

HUFFAM, Joseph, stationer etc., see Stephen Stower.

HUGHES and WALSH, law stationers, 2, Inner Temple Lane 1789L-1812P. Trading: as Hughes and Walsh 1789L-1800P; as Hughes, Walsh and son 1801K-1812P. Succ. by J. Walsh 1813P

HUGHES, Benjamin, printer, Near Goswell Street Turnpike 1799; 156, Whitecross Street 1802-08. Registered presses 1799, 1802. Todd.

HUGHES, George, stationer, Fore Street 1783-1790U; no. 111 1784B-1785P; no. 107, 1790U; City Road 1792. App. Hannah Hillier, widow of Isaac, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Apr. 1778, livery 13 July 1786, his app. Henry Timbrell 5 Feb. 1783.

HUGHES, Henry, printer, see Henry Hughs.

HUGHES, James Fletcher, bookseller and stationer, 5, Wigwore Street, Cavendish Square 1802H-1809H; 15, Paternoster Row 1809H. Bankrupt 31 Jan. 1804. Brown.

HUGHES, John stationer, see Magnay, Christopher.

HUGHES, John, stationer, Bond Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

HUGHES, Richard, stationer, 7, Bethnal Green 1799H.

HUGHES, Thomas, bookseller, see William West.

HUGHES, William, printer, Hosier Lane, West Smithfield 1794B-1799H; no. 19 1799H; 49, West Smithfield 1800 33, Little Bartholomew Close, Little Britain 1801-1805H; 50, Old Bailey 1808; 9, Little St. Thomas Apostle 1816-23. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1801, 1808, 1816. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4308. Todd.

HUGHS, Henry, printer, 6, Great Turnstile, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1779-1800; Bedford Row 1792; King's Road, Bedford Row 1796. S. of John H., printer (d. 1771); d. 5 Sept. 1810, Brighton. Free and Livery Sta. Co. 1769 1769-97 27 apps., 1 premium £40. Signed scale of compositors 1785. Business passed to Luke Hansard c1800. Plomer; Howe; Todd; Nichols iii, 464.

HULBERT, Thompson, engraver and printer, error for Thompson and Hulbert. See John Thompson.

HUMPHREY, G., printseller and publisher, 48, Long Acre 1783-88. BM Satires.

HUMPHREY, Hannah, printseller, St. Martin's Lane 1778; 18, New Bond Street 1778-82; 51, New Bond Street 1783-89; 18, Old Bond Street 1790-94; 37, New Bond Street 1794-97; 27, St. James's Street 1797-1824P; 24, St. James's Street 1826R-1830R+. Trading: as Hannah Humphrey 1778-1807; as Henry Humphrey 1811H-1817U; as George Humphrey 1820R-1830R+. Publ. Gilray's caricatures. Elizabeth H. Humphries of St. Martin's Lane exhibited Free Society 1762-71. J. C. Smith 708, 1254, 1309; BM Satires 1778-1800, 1822.

HUMPHREY(S), John, bookbinder, Bull and Mouth Street 1784-86. S. of Thomas H. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 4 Dec. 1782, apps. James Clarke 1 Sept. 1784, Joseph Marchant 11 May 1785, George Almond 3 May 1786.

HUMPHREY, William, engraver and printseller, St. Martin's Lane 1764-74; at the Shell Warehouse, opp. Cecil Street, St. Martin's Lane 1766-71; 70, St. Martin's Lane 1777-78; Gerrard Street, Soho 1774-77; 227 Strand 1777-c1788; Temple Bar 1780. B. c1740; d. c1810. Received Society of Arts premium 1765. Publ. some of J. R. Smith's worn plates. Mezzotint portraits after R. E. Pine and others, also etchings and stipple engravings. In his later life almost wholly a printseller, travelling on the continent to collect English portraits. C. H. Hodges q.v. became his agent in Amsterdam 1788. Supplied many of the greatest collectors of this period. Trade card engraved for him by Bartolozzi 1785. His portrait engraved by C. H. Hodges. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 708-16, 962, 1251, 1259, 1321; BM Satires 1772-88.

HUMPHREYS, H., printseller and publisher, Bedford Court, Covent Garden 1785B; no. 3 1786. BM Satires 1786.

HUMPHREYS, Henry, engraver, 26, Villiers Street, Strand 1799H.

HUNT, Francis, bookseller, Broker Row, Moorfields 1789A; 23, New Broad Street 1790U.

HUNT, John, stationer, pattern card and pasteboard maker, 323, Wapping 1785B; Hermitage Bridge, Wapping 1785P; 366, Hermitage Bridge 1786K; 28, Aldgate 1787K-1791K; 6, Aldgate 1792K-1800P.

HUNT, John, bookseller, Frith Street, Soho 1785P.

HUNT, Joseph, playing card maker, Piccadilly 1790U-1830P ; no. 30 1790U-1796L; no. 29 1797L-1805H; no. 28 1814P-1820P; no. 20 1821P-1830P ; 58, Mortimer Street 1804P-1825P. Trading: as Joseph Hunt 1790U-1805H; as Joseph Hunt and son 1805H-1819P; as Joseph Hunt and sons 1820P-1830P+.

HUNT, Samuel, bookseller, stationer, librarian, writing master and accountant, 33, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square 1794B-1809H; 5, Homer Place, New Road Marylebone 1811H. Trading: as Hunt 1794B; as Samuel and William Hunt 1802H-1809H; as Samuel Hunt 1811H.

HUNT, Thomas, stationer and vellum binder, Watling Street 1783-1785B; no 37 1785B; Leadenhall Street 1796. App. John Arnold, turned over to John Dean Houghton cit. and Dyer, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 Dec. 1782, apps. John Batley 7 May 1783, John Christy 4 June 1783, William Fielding 3 Mar. 1784, Charles Williams 3 Feb. 1796.

HUNT, Thomas, printseller, King Street, St. James's Square 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

HUNT, William, bookseller, stationer, writing master etc., see Samuel Hunt.

HUNT, William, bookbinder, St. John's Court, St. Martin's 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

HUNTER, William, stationer, 35, Prescott Street, Goodman's Fields 1799H.

HUNTER, William, rag merchant, 72, Saffron Hill 1768K-1775N; 43, Saffron Hill 1780K-1798L.

HUNTINGDON, William, engraver, Mitcham 1782. Free Musicians' Co. 24 Apr. 1782.

HUNTLEY, P., bookseller and stationer, 4, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square 1794B-1830P+. Trading: as P. Huntley 1794B-1795B; as Robert Huntley 1799H-1815P; as Huntley and James 1816P-1819P; as Robert Huntley 1820P-1830P+.

HUNTLEY, Robert, bookseller and stationer, see P. Huntley.

HURLEY, Stephen, printer, 9, Creed Lane 1799. Registered presses 1799. Printed Westminster journal 1799-1802, Old British spy 1799-1802. Todd; Aspinall.

HURST, John, stationer, 23, Philpot Lane 1790U.

HURST, Thomas, bookseller, 32, Paternoster Row 1799H-1805H. Previously Lee and Hurst q.v. With Thomas Norton Longman 1805. Poss. registered press at 12, Printing House Lane 1808. Todd; Brown.

HUTCHINGS, George, bookbinder, Rockingham Court, Newington Butts 1797; Market Street, St. George's Fields 1800; London Street, St. George's Fields 1810; Thomas Street, Newington Surrey 1813-36; 1, Poplar Row, Old Kent Road c 1840. S. of John H. of Blackfriars, perake maker. App. Edward Cabe £8 5 Nov. 1771, turned over to William Percifall 2 Nov. 1773, free Sta. Co. 2 Feb. 1779, 1797-1827 7 apps., 2 premiums. Gave evidence in case of Pratt v. Annereau 1812. Howe; Ramsden.

HUTCHINSON, John, bookbinder, Spring Gardens 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

HUTTON, James, bookseller, Bible and Sun, next Rose Tavern, without Temple Bar c1745. B. 3 Sept. 1716, London; d. 25 Apr. 1795, Oxted Cottage, Surrey, bur. Moravian Cemetery, Chelsea. App. William Innys, bookseller c1735. Educated Westminster School. Publ. for Moravians, member of the fraternity 55 years. Travelled on continent to preach. Charitable to all sects. On speaking terms with George III. In later life resided in Pimlico. Retired from book trade. Widowed, no children. Had to use ear trumpet in later years. Plomer; Nichols iii, 436-37; Timperley 786; Musgrave.

HYATT, music seller, see George Kauntze.

HYDE, music seller, see Lewis, Houston and Hyde.

HYDE, William, engraver, Denmark Court 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F. The word 'taylor' is deleted in The manuscript.

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