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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: G

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names G

GADD, Joseph, copperplate printer, Little Dean's Court, St. Martin's 1774; 4, Dean's Court, St. Martin's 1784. Westminster Polls 1774; Mo., Ma.; 1784: H., W.

GALABIN and BAKER, printers, See John William Galabin and William Baker.

GALABIN, Charles Philip, printer, 1, Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street 1796-1803. S. of John William G. q.v.; d. 8 Sept. 1803. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Succ. his father but predeceased him.

GALABIN, Henry Louis, printer, 1, Ingram Court Fenchurch Street 1792-1801. S. of John William G. q.v., d. 7 June 1801. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Succ. his father but predeceased him. Printed a small number of sacred music works. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2378; 1793: B2651; 1796: B3121, 3255; 1797: B3531; 1798: B3604; 1799: B3792, 3879, 4006, 4022, S5589. Todd Humphries and Smith.

GALABIN, John William, printer, Cullum Street 177172; 1, Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street 1772-1817. Trading: alone 1771; as Galabin and Baker 1772L-1785P; alone 1786-1791; as Henry Louis Galabin 1792-1801; as Charles Philip Galabin, William John Galabin and Thomas Geohegan 1801; as C. and W. Galabin 1803-1809H; as Galabin and William Marchant 1805-17. S. of John G. of Greenwich, watchmaker; d. 8 Sept. 1824 aged 87. App. Joseph Kippax 1753; livery Sta. Co. 1776, 1767-95, 19 apps., 5 premiums, average £25. Partner of William Baker q.v. Printed a small number of music books including items for Robert Horsfield 1772, 1775. City Poll 1781: L. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Printed specimen for William Caslon 1785. Bankrupt 8 Oct. 1791, cert. 27 Dec. 1791, divs. 28 Apr. 1792, 17 June 1794. Relinquished printing to become senior bridgemaster of the City of London, listed at Bridge Yard, Tooley Street 1802H. Sons Charles Philip and Henry Louis (d. 7 June 1801) 'promising young printers' succ. their father but predeceased him. 1793-1805 10 apps, 2 premiums £20, £50+. Another son Septimus Barry app. Bernard Hennington cit. and Merchant Taylor 4 May 1796, free 6 July 1803, active as stationer and bookbinder, d. 19 Sept. 1812 in 31st year. William Marchant became partner c1805, later sole proprietor 1818-30. Firm existed in 1947 as Marchant, Singer and Co. and was controlled by Messrs. Witherby. Howe; Todd; Brown; Humphries and Smith; Ramsden; Berry and Johnson; Nichols iii, 715, viii, 478; Timperley 894.

GALBRAITH, James, bookseller and pasteboard warehouse, Ludgate Hill 1767; 59, Paternoster Row 1777K-1794B. Free Musicians' Co.7 Apr. 1767, livery 14 July 1790.

GALE, John, engraver and copperplate printer, 35, Crooked Lane 1784B-1817U; 10, Crooked Lane 1799H-1800P. Trading: alone 1784B-1795K; as Gale and Butler 1796-1817U. Livery Goldsmiths' Co. 8 Mar. 1781. D. c1818/22. Gale and Butler's trade card in the Guildhall Library collection dated 1796. Continued by Edward Butler 1818P. Information from Patricia Kidd.

GALIGNANI, Giovanni Antonio, publisher, London c1795-1800. B. 1757, Brescia; d. 1821, Paris. Mainly active in Paris, but in London where he married Anne Parsons and his two sons were born c1795-1800. Publ. a work on learning Italian 1796. Sons John Anthony 17961873 and William 1798-1882 publishers in Paris. DNB.

GALTON, John, printer, Plumbers Row, Whitechapel 1796-1802H; 9, Black Raven Court 1800; 11, Little Eastcheap 1801-1817U. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. With Thomas Plummer 1801. Registered presses 1801. Todd.

GAMBLE, James, printseller, 127, Pall Mall 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

GAMIDGE, William, stationer, Newgate Street 1793; no 77 1794B-1795K. App. R. V. Brooke 9 Jan. 1782, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Mar. 1793, his app. John Corbould 7 Mar. 1793. Bankrupt 17 Nov. 1795, cert. 13 Nov. 1798, div. 1 July 1797.

GANER, Christopher, pianoforte maker and music publisher, 48, Broad Street, Soho c1781-1811; 47,Broad Street, Soho c1806-1811. Humphries and Smith.

GARBANETI, Joseph, printseller, carver, gilder and picture frame maker, Great Russell Street 1800; 4, Great Russell Street 1802H; 202, High Holborn 1805H; 89, High Holborn 1809H; 404, Strand 1811H-1826R; 37, Southampton Street, Strand 1827P-1831R+. BM Satires 1800.

GARDINER, Joseph, stationer, Milk Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

GARDINER, Joseph, stationer, Newgate Street. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. See Bowles and Gardiner.

GARDINER, R., printer, 116, Strand 1783. Printed London courant 1783. Werkmeister.

GARDINER, Richard, bookbinder, Bell Yard, Doctors' Commons 1788. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. by 1788. Received a turn over 1788. Howe; Ramsden.

GARDINER, Thomas stationer and printseller, see Smith and Gardiner.

GARDINER, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 19, Princes Street, Cavendish Square 1797L-1804P; 20, Princes Street 1805H-1830P+. Trading: alone 1797L1816P; as Thomas Gardiner and son 1817U-1830P+. Book label Banks collection describes him as bookseller and stationer to Duchess of Cumberland (as does 1817U). 'A circulating Library. Bookbinding in general'c1800. Hamlyn.

GARDINER, William Nelson, engraver and bookseller, 132, Fleet Street 1787-88; 159, New Bond Street 1792; 438, Strand 1793; 98, Pall Mall 1802H; 48, Pall Mall 1803P-1811H. B. 11 June 1766, Dublin, s. of John G.; d. 8 May 1814. Studied at Dublin Academy 1781-84. To London where he became actor and scene painter. Also employed in making shadow portraits. Later placed by Francis Grose the antiquary with the engraver R. Godfrey. Worked for Messrs. E. and S. Harding, publishers, of Fleet Street. Many book illusts. in style very similar to Bartolozzi for whom he later worked. Exhibited Royal Academy 1787-93. After quitting the profession he spent some years in Dublin and Cambridge. Later worked for Harding again but as sight failed set up as bookseller in Pall Mall. Eccentric character mentioned by Dibdin. In later years very slovenly. Committed suicide. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1797: AL240?. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

GARDNER and TOMLIN, stationers, see Samuel Gardner and William Tomlin. Todd.

GARDNER, Frederick, stationer, 5, Birchin Lane 1785K-1787K; 24, Birchin Lane 1788K-1798K. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

GARDNER, Henry, printseller, 56, Bread Street 1788K-1800P

GARDNER, Henry Lasher, bookseller, Strand 1772L; 207, Strand 1774K-1777N; 200, opp. St. Clement's Church, Strand 1778K-1805H. Poss. s. of Thomas G., printer; d. 29 Feb. 1808, Clapham. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. To 1788 described as Henry Gardner. Publ. cats. 1783-93. Music imprint. City Polls 1781: L; 1784: A. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Nichols iii, 644; Timperley 832; BM Book Sales.

GARDNER, James, stationer, Princes Street, Oxford Street 1799H. See Thomas Gardiner.

GARDNER, James, law stationer, Inner Temple Lane, 1786L-1805P; no. 6 1799H.

GARDNER, Samuel, stationer, 10, Bishopsgate Street within 1799H-1819. Trading: as Gardner and Tomlin 1799H-1807; alone 1808-19. Registered press with Evans and Ruffy 1803. Partner William Tomlin. Todd.

GARDNER, Sarah, bookbinder, 44, Aldermanbury, 1789A-1799H. John Gardner bookseller and bookbinder, same address 1802H. Howe; Ramsden.

GARDNOR, Rev. John, engraver and painter, Battersea 1788-1808. B. 1729; d. 6 Jan. 1808. At academy in Kensington Square in 1760s. Exhibited Free Society; 1763-69. Premium, Society of Arts 1767. Later entered church. Vicar of Battersea 1778-1808. Exhibited Royal Academy 1778-96. Toured Europe with nephew Richard (fl. 1776-93) 1787. Views of Rhein sketched on that journey publ. as aquatints mainly engraved by himself and his nephew 1788-91. Also engr. for D. Williams History of Monmouthshire 1796. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1788: AT213; 1791: AT214; 1793: AS537 (first two with Richard Gardnor jun.). DNB; Thieme and Becker.

GARDNOR, Richard, engraver, see Gardnor, Rev. John.

GARDOM, George, music and musical instrument seller and publisher, 23, St. James's Street c1772-1792U. Also described as pursemaker and toyman 1790U. Listed as Gordons, Geoege 1792U. Humphries and Smith.

GARRET, Robert, stationer, Gloucester Street, St. James's Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

GARRETT, Alexander, stationer and rag merchant, 55, Newgate Street 1794B-1797L.

GARRETT, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 24, Panton Street, Haymarket 1784B-1785P; 23, Panton Street 1790U. Name spelled Garratt 1790U.

GARTON, A., bookseller and stationer, 73, Whitechapel 1799H.

GARTON, Jane, stationer, Thames Street 1792. Bankrupt 21 Apr. 1792.

GARTON, William, papermaker, St. Catherine's Bridge, Bermondsey 1784B- 1785P.

GATES and Co, paper hangers, Spur Street, Leicester Fields 1799H. Anne Gates, paper hanger, at 2, Spur Street 1802H. See also Yates.

GAUGAIN, Peter, engraver, Little Compton Street 1796. Westminster poll 1796: T., F.

GAUGAIN, Thomas, engraver, 4, Little Compton Street, Soho 1778-82. B. 1748, Abbeville; d. 1809/11. To England when young. Studied engraving under R. Houston. Exhibited Royal Academy 1778-82. Devoted himself to stipple engraving from 1780. Some plates in colour. One of the best and most prolific stipple engravers of the period. Exhibited Free Society 1783. Last dated engraving 1809. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

GAUGHAN, Thomas, printseller and engraver, 15, Five Field Row, Chelsea 1799H; 10, Five Field Row 1802H; 10, Ebury Street, Chelsea 1805H-1811H.

GAVELL(S), James, stationer and accompt book warehouse, [address not noted] 1795K-1799H.

GAWLER, William, musician and publisher, 17, Walcot Place West, Lambeth c1794; 19, Paradise Row, Lambeth c1795-1800. Publ. single sheet songs etc. At one time organist to the Asylum for Female Orphans. Humphries and Smith.

GAY, William, 94, Gracechurch Street 1785P. Took in adverts. for Chelmsford chronicle 1785P.

GEARY, Charles, stationer, engraver and circulating library, Great Marlborough Street 1784-87; no. 27 1787. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Circulating library 1787. Succ. Samuel Noble q.v. Hamlyn.

GEHAGAN, Patrick, print publisher, Oxford Road 1778. A pseudonym?. BM Satires.

GEISWEILER, Constantine, bookseller and print publisher, 18, Frith Street 1796-97; 42, Parliament Street 1800-1805H; Knightsbridge 1806P-1807P. Described as German bookseller in Picture of London 1802. Publ. German Museum 1800. Agent to Chr. de Mechel, described as merchant 1806P-1807P. J. C. Smith 1641, 1644.

GELLlBRAN, writing stationer, Mitre Court, Fleet Street 1790U.

GENT, Thomas, printer, D. 19 May 1778 aged 87. A noted printer who also practised at York. DNB; Plomer; Howe; Musgrave.

GEOHEGAN, Thomas, letterpress and copperplate printer, 3 Kent Street, Southwark 1785-1801; 1, Ingram Court 1801; 147, Whitechapel 1804. S. of Constantine G. of the Borough, farrier. App. William Robins 1767, free Sta. Co. 1775, livery 1790, 1775-1801 11 apps., 5 premiums average £20. Registered presses 1799, 1801. With Charles Philip and William John Galabin 1801, otherwise alone. Todd; Howe.

GEORGE, W., print publisher, 227, Strand 1784-85. Same address as W. Humphrey. Poss. the same as W. George, bookseller, 29, Brick Lane, Spitalfields 1802H-1823R. BM Satires.

GERRARD, John, auctioneer, Litchfield Street, Soho 1774K-1794K; no. 3 1779K-1791K; no. 8 1792K-1794K. Sold collections of Dr. Ducarel 1785. Also commissioned broker. Publ. cats. 1780-94. Nichols vi, 404; BM Book sales.

GERRISH, Charles, printer, 4, William Street 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

GIBBONS, George, 41, Tichborne Street 1800; 41, Marylebone Street 1800; 1, Great St. Andrew Street 1802. Trading: with Thomas Tilley 1800; alone 1800; with George Banks 1802. Registered presses 1800, 1802. Todd.

GIBBS, John, bookbinder and stationer, Bell Square, St. Martin le Grand 1784; St. Ann Aldersgate 1788; Bull and Mouth Street 1792. S. of John Gibbs. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 6 Aug. 1777, apps. Francis Dicker 5 Feb. 1784, son John 7 May 1788, Benjamin Harper 4 July 1792.

GIBSON and GISBORNE, playing card makers, see Charles Gibson.

GIBSON, Charles, playing card maker, Gerrard Street 1770K-1783B; no. 30 1778K-1782K; Margaret Street, Cavendish Square 1784B-1785P; Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square 1786K-1803P; no. 58 1792K-1803P; 29, Piccadilly 1801P-1803P. Trading: alone 1770K-1772L; as Gibson and Gisborne 1774K-1798K; as Charles Gibson 1797L-1798L; as Matthew Gibson 1799H-1802H; as Gibson and Hunt 1801P-1803P. Card maker to King 1770-1809.

GIBSON, John, engraver, 18, George's Court, Clerkenwell 1758(?). Engraved many maps c1750-87. Associated with Emanuel and Thomas Bowen, Thomas Kitchen and Thomas Jeffreys. Maps used for jigsaws. Chubb; Hannas.

GIBSON, Matthew, playing card maker, see Charles Gibson.

GIFFARD, William, printer, Chelsea c 1793U.

GIFFORD, John, engraver, 27, Lombard Street 1785B.

GIFFORD, Robert I, stationer and paper hanger, Tower Street 1781; 35, Great Tower Street 1792-1795B. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L. Error for Gyfford, Robert, q.v.

GIFFORD, Robert II, stationer, Tower Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Error for Gyfford, Robert, q.v.

GILBERD and WILKINSON, stationers, see Edward Gilberd.

GILBERD, Edward, stationer, 12, Watling Street 1768K-1790L; 11, Watling Street 1791K-1792U; Fleet Street 1792; Richmond 1796. Trading: alone 1768K-1775N; as Gilberd and Wilkinson 1776K-1790L; alone 1791K-1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Prob. retired by 1792. City Poll 1781

GILBERT, block cutter, West Harding Street 1776. Produced woodcuts for Bishop John Horsley's edition of Isaac Newton's works 1776-77. Nichols iv, 675.

GILBERT and PLUMMER, see William Gilbert II.

GILBERT, William II, printer, Creechurch Lane 1783-1785P; no. 13 1783. Trading: as Gilbert and Plummer 1783; alone 1785P. S. of William G. I, printer and Ann his widow who succ. him. Free Sta. Co. by patrimony 1767, 1773-78 3 apps., 3 premiums average £15. Imprint(s): Kress: (Gilbert and Plummer) 1783: B641. Howe; Todd.

GILL, George, book and vellum binder, St. Stephen Coleman Street 1786-89; St. Mary Islington 1791; St. Edmund the King 1794-95. S. of Henry G. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 2 Mar. 1785, apps. Matthew Lemon Cooke 1 Feb. 1786, Charles Clark 5 Sept. 1787, John Crow 10 June 1789, William Anderson 5 Oct. 1791, John Brocklebank 7 May 1794, John Heaphy 4 June 1794, Thomas Heaphy 2 Dec. 1795.

GILL, Lawrence, stationer and bookbinder, 20, George Street, Portman Square 1799H-1802H; 70, George Street 1801P-1804P.

GILL, Robert Hutton, stationer, Abchurch Lane 178192. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C.

GILL, William, wholesale stationer, London Bridge 1753K-1760C; Abchurch Lane 1761K-1766; 30, Abchurch Lane 1767K-1798. Trading: for styles see Thomas Wright. D. 26 Mar. 1798. App. 5 July 1737, free and livery Sta. Co. 5 May 1747, court 2 Mar. 1773, master 1780. Over 50 years partner with brother-in-law Thomas Wright q. v. Common Councillor Candlewick Ward 1764-81, alderman Walbrook Ward 1781-98, sheriff 1781, Lord Mayor 1788. Treasurer of Christ's Hospital 1785. Said to be worth £300,000. Sta. Co. among beneficiaries. Mrs. Gill d. June 1769, daughter d. 26 Jan. 1785. Nichols iii, 604-05; Timperley 798; Musgrave; Beaven; Blagden.

GILLETT, printer, Bartholomew Close 1794B. Previously Rumney and Gillett q.v. Todd.

GILLETT, Thomas, printer, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street 1799-1811H ; no. 13 1802H-1809H; Hanging Sword Alley 1799; Crown Court, Fleet Street 1802H; Wild Court 1807. Registered press 1799. Salisbury Square office consumed by fire 12 Dec. 1805. Among the Stock consumed was The travels of Ancharis, previously lost in a fire at Samuel Hamilton's Office. This gave rise to the case of Gillet v. Mawman. Office again destroyed by fire 28 July 1810. James Gillet at Crown Court 1817U. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2908. Todd, Brown Timperley 823, 840.

GILLRAY, James, engraver and printseller, Temple Bar, Strand 1788; New Bond Street n.d.; Old Bond Street n.d.; Chelsea 1792; 29, St. James's Street 1798. B. 1757; d. 1 June 1815. App. as letter engraver but ran away to join strolling players. In his early carrer employed as a music engraver; his name appears on several title pages. Prob. studied engraving under W. W. Ryland and Bartolozzi. Political caricaturist, produced plates 17821811. Publ. with various printsellers before settling with Miss H. Humphrey. Publ. over 1500 plates. His intemperance lead to imbecility from 1811. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Humphries and Smith.

GILPIN, George, pressmaker and turner, 22, Wormwood Street 1784B-1789A; Moor Lane 1785B; 1, Moor Lane 1789A.

GINGER, John, bookseller and stationer, 37, Old Bond Street 1797L-1802H; 169, Piccadilly 1803P-1806P. Bookseller and stationer to Prince of Wales 1805H. Bankrupt 22 June 1805, cert. 14 Dec. 1805, div. 19 Feb. 1806. Brown; J. C. Smith 620.

GINGER, William, bookseller, College Street, Westminster 1768K-1830P; no. 19 1799H; no. 21 1799H-1830P+. Trading: as William Ginger 1768K-1792K; as William Ginger and son 1793L-1804Pas William Ginger 1805H-1830P+. D. 10 Feb. 1803 aged 76. Livery Haberdashers' Co. by 1792. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Bookseller to Royal School. Joseph Welch his assistant for nearly 40 years. Son William livery Sta. Co. by 1796, partner and successor to his father. Plomer Nichols iii, 723; Timperley 814.

GIRTIN, Thomas, engraver, 2, St. Martin's le Grand 1794-96; 35, Drury Lane 1797; 25, Henrietta Street 1798; 6, Long Acre 1799; 50, Drury Lane 1800; 1, Scott's Place, Islington 1800; St. George's Row, Hyde Park 1801; Strand 1802. B. 18 Feb. 1775, Southwark; d. 9 Nov. 1802, Strand. Pupil of his stepfather. App. Edward Dayes but imprisoned for refusing to serve out his indentures. Early acquainted with Turner. Print colourer for J. R. Smith. Mainly produced watercolours many of which he engraved himself. Exhibited Royal Academy 1794-1801. Brother James. Imprint(s): Abbey: 179496:AS432; 1800: AL181, 270. DNB; Thieme and Becker Graves.

GISBORNE, playing card maker, see Gibson and Gisborne.

GLADMAN, T., music seller and publisher, 24, Middle Row, Holborn c1795-1815. Humphries and Smith.

GLASS, William, stationer, Castle Alley, Cornhill 1745K-1817U; no.3 1767K-1817U; no. 4 1772K-1788K. Trading: as Philip Glass 1745K; as Glass and Lyon 1753K; as Philip Glass 1754K-1763M; as Philip Glass and son 1765K-1772K; as William Glass 1774K-1817U. App. Philip Glass, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Mar. 1758, livery 22 Dec. 1758, apps. Richard Cook 3 July 1776, Joseph England 2 Oct. 1782, Benjamin Neale 5 Apr. 1786, Edward Jones 2 May 1792.

GLENDENNING, William, printer, 25, Hatton Garden 1800-42. Registered press 1800. Todd.

GLINDON, William, printer and stationer, 4 Coventry Court, Harmarket 1796; 32, Frith Street, Soho 1799; 48, Rupert Street, Soho 1799-1820R; 51, Rupert Street 1821-37; 5, Little Wild Street 1832. Printed specimen for Robert Thorne 1794. Westminster Poll 1796: T. Registered presses 1799, 1832. Partner Richard Boxall 1832. Todd; Berry and Johnson.

GOADBY and BERRY, Stationers, see Samuel Goadby and Cornelius Berry.

GOADBY, Samuel, stationer, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill, 1754K-1763M; 18, Sweetings Alley 1767K-1804P. Trading: alone 1754K-1772K; as Goadby and Berry 1774K-1804P. B. 20 Sept. 1719, s. of Samuel G.; d. 22 June 1808, bur. Bunhill Fields. App. Virtue, stationer, Royal Exchange, livery Drapers' Co. by 1792. On the death of his master Goadby was taken into partnership by his widow. He supported her for 11 years and then married her. One of the founders of the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge and also active in many other charitable fields. A dissenter. A circle of conversation was held in his office at the Royal Exchange. W. S. Goadby, Royal Exchange, took advertisements for Western flying post printed by R. Goadby and Co. at Sherborn 1785P. Succ. by Cornelius Berry and sons q.v. 1804K. Eldest brother John also in the business. Nichols iii, 431-35; Timperley 833.

GOADBY, W. S., prob. error for Samuel Goadby q.v.

GODBY, James, engraver, 25, Norfolk Street, near Middlesex Hospital 1802H-1810. Active in London 1790-1820. Stipple engraver. Earliest known print dated 1791. Engr. plates for Literary magazine and Fine arts of the English school 1812, Italian scenery 1806, W. Ottley Early Florentine school. Engr. various portraits. Described as carver 1802H-1809H. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

GODFREY, Richard Bernard, engraver and print publisher, London. B. 1728, London; still alive 1794. Engr. views and antiquities, many from his own sketches and of considerable archaeological interest. Engr. for Grose's Antiquarian repertory 1775, Antiquities of England and Wales 1773-87, also for Bell's British theatre and Harding's Biographical mirror as well as portraits and seascapes after the masters. Exhibited Society of Artists 1765-70. DNB: Thieme and Becker.

GODWIN, James, pocket book maker, see John Godwin.

GODWIN, John, pocket book maker and jeweller, High Holborn 1792U; 290, High Holborn 1797K-1811H; 304, High Holborn 1810P-1830P+. Trading: as John Godwin 1792U; as James Godwin 1797K-181 IH; as John Godwin 1810P-1825P; as J. Godwin and son 1823R; as James Godwin and son 1826P-1830P.

GODWIN, John, stationer, pocket book maker and jeweller, 171, at Shakespeare's monument opp. the new church, Strand 1775; 167, Strand 1779L-1791L; 161, Strand 1792L- 1805P. Trade card with receipt dated 1775, Heal collection. Plomer.

GOLD, Joyce, printer, 103, shoe Lane 1799-1823; 19, Great Russell Street 1820. Trading: as Bunney and Gold 1799-1803; alone 1804-23; as Gold and Northouse 1820. Partner of John Walton Bunney q.v. Publ. Naval chronicle. Todd; Brown.

GOLDAR(D), Jabez (or John), engraver, 187, Fleet Street 1769; 108, Gough square, Fleet Street 1772; 16, Charlotte Street 1789K-1795K. B. 1729, Oxford; d. 16 Aug. 1795. Best work engravings of satirical paintings by John Collet in imitation of Hogarth four of which were published by Boydell 1782. Also ports. for Rapin's History of England 1784, Lownde's New English theatre 1777 etc. Died of an apoplectic fit while walking in Hyde Park. John Goldar exhibited Incorporated Society of Artists 1769-72. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 215.

GOLDNEY, Henry, printer, 15, Paternoster Row 1780L-1792. S. of Edward G. of London, gent. App. William Richardson £21 premium 1759, free and livery Sta. Co. 1767, 1778-80 5 apps. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Publ. Sunday gazette and recorder 1783. City Poll 1781: C. By 1796 retired to Walton, Surrey. Ralph Smith Kirby at 15, Paternoster Row by 1800. Imprint(s): Kress: 1784-86: B669. Todd; Howe; Aspinall.

GOLDSMITH, William, bookseller, 20, Paternoster Row 1772; 24, Paternoster Row 1773-1790U; 1, Warwick Court, Warwick Lane 1791L-1795K. D. 5 Aug. 1795. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Possessed lands in Stretley, Beds. High sheriff of Bedfordshire 1784. Publ. sacred music. City Poll 1781 :C. Took in advertisements for Chelmsford chronicle 1785P. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Nichols iii, 726; Timperley 789; St. James Chronicle 5 Jan. 1775.

GOMERSHALL, J., wholesale stationer, Nag's Head Court, Borough 1787K- 1792U.

GOOD, J., stationer, 113, Fetter Lane 1790U.

GOOD, Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 79, Fleet Street 1784B-1787L; 159, New Bond Street 1792K-1794B. Prob. related to George Good, auctioneer of Fleet Street who d. 10 Oct. 1787. Imprint(s): Kress: 1793: B2628. Musgrave.

GOOD, Richard, stationer, 158, Bishopsgate without 1780K-1784B; 63, Bishopsgate without 1785K-1830P+. Trading: alone 1780K-1819P; as Good and son 1820P-1830P+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City Poll 1784: A. Music imprint c1800. Humphries and Smith.

GOOD, Richard, bookseller and stationer, New Bond Street 1792U.

GOODINGE, engraver, Westmorland Buildings, Aldersgate Street 1785P. Wallinger Goodinge, the fifth generation to run the family printing business established 1780 d. 27 Dec. 1972 aged 81. His son Anthony was still associated with the firm. City press 4 Jan. 1973, 15.

GOODINGE, James, engraver, 11, Great Winchester Street 1799H-1833P+. Trading: alone 1799H-1830P; as Goodinge and son 1831R-1833P+.

GOODISON, Benjamin, music publisher, James Street, Westminster 1787-90. Also at Kensington Square and Chelsea. A lawyer by profession, he proposed to publish all the works of Henry Purcell but only a few were issued, as well as some works by Handel, Pergolesi, Sarti and Steffani. Humphries and Smith.

GOODMAN, William, bookbinder, St. George in the East 1784. Poss. free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 2 Mar. 1757. Son William app. William Taylor Hood, cit. and Merchant Taylor 3 Mar. 1784, free 6 Feb. 1793.

GOODMAN, William, bookbinder, Greenwich 1769. S. of William G. of Goodman's Fields, labourer. App. Thomas Palmer 7 Apr. 1761, free Sta. Co. 3 Oct. 1769, 1769 1 app., turned over 1773. Son Christopher free patrimony 1801. Howe.

GOODSMAN, David, bookseller and bookbinder, Bridges Street, Covent Garden 1774K-1775N; 17, near Charing Cross, Strand 1775-1785K; Salisbury Street 1779. Publ. George Buchanan's Paraphrase of the Psalms 1775. Bankrupt June 1776; bankrupt again Feb. 1779, cert. l l nec. 1779. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Plomer.

GORDON, David, carpet and paper staining manufacturer, Friendly Place, Kent Road 1799H.

GORDON, James, stationer, 106, Oxford Street 1789A-1790U.

GORDONS, George, music seller, 23, St. James Street 1792U. Error for Gardom, George, q.v.

GORE, Luke, copperplate printer, Laizinby Court 1784. Westminster poll 1784: F.

GORE, William, stationer, 8, Aldgate within 1799H-1801P.

GORGO, Anthony, bookseller, Middle Row, St. Giles 1773-75. Publ. cats. 1773-75. Nichols iii, 644.

GOSNELL, Samuel, printer, 8, Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1794B- 1827; 31, Little Queen Street 1828. Registered press 1799. T. Gosnell at same address 1804-25. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4104, 4113, S5664; Abbey: 1800: AL49, 152. Todd; Brown.

GOTT, George, stationer, Tottenham High Cross 1799H; Tottenham 1802H.

GOUGH, Joseph, stationer, 6, Gracechurch Street 1773-1822P; 84, Gracechurch Street 1797L. Free Musicians' Co. 16 July 1773; livery 18 Oct 1782. Trade card dated 1774 Heal collection. Plomer.

GOUGH, Richard, stationer 6, Gracechurch Street 1792. Livery Musicians' Co. by 1792.

GOUGH, William, paper hanging maker and stationer, 11, Great Bell Alley, Coleman Street 1774K-1782K; 7, Bell Alley 1783B- 1785P; 6, Aldgate without 1774K-1809H; 44, Hoxton Square 1810P-1825P; 46, Hoxton Square 1826R- 1831R+. Trading: as Moore and Gough 1774K-1785P; alone c1786-1831R+. Livery Weavers' Co. by 1792.

GOULD, William, bookbinder, 16, St. Martin's Lane 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: T. Poss. the same as William Gould, pocket book maker, 3, Clare Court, Drury Lane 1802H.

GOULDING, George, music seller and publisher, musical instrument maker, 25, James Street, Covent Garden c1786-87; Haydn's Head, 6, James Street c1787-98; 17, Great Turnstile, Holborn 1787; 45, Pall Mall c1798-1804; 76, St. James's Street 1800-04; 117, New Bond Street c1804-08; 124, New Bond Street c1808-11; 20, Soho Square c181 1-34. Trading: alone c1786-98; as Goulding, Phipps and D'Almaine 1798-1810; as Goulding, D'Almaine, Potter and Co. c1810-23; as Goulding and D'Almaine c1823-34. Had selling agency at Samuel Bury and Co., pianoforte makers and organ builders, 113, Bishopsgate within 1788 also in Dublin c1803-16. Musical instrument makers and music sellers to Prince and Princess of Wales 1799H-1800P. Humphries and Smith.

GOULDING, PHIPPS and D'ALMAINE, music sellers, see George Goulding.

GOUYN, John, engraver and stationer, 100, Newgate Street 1799H.

GOW, Andrew, music seller, see John and Andrew Gow.

GOW, John and Andrew, musicians, music sellers and publishers, 60, King Street, Golden Square c1787-1803; 31, Carnaby Street c1803-15; 31, Great Marlborough Street c 1815-23; 162, Regent Street c 1823-29. Trading: as J. and A. Gow c1787-1803; as J. Gow c1803-23; as J. Gow and Son c 1823-29. Sons of the violinist and composer Niel Gow (1727-1807); Andrew d. 1803, John d. 1827. Agents for their father's publications, also those of their brother Nathaniel, music publisher in Edinburgh. Publ. cat. c1823. Succ. by John Barnett and Co. Humphries and Smith.

GOWING, George, stationer, 82, Holborn Bridge, 1800P-1819R. App. Robert Brooke, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 3 May 1797, his app. John Dean 2 July 1800.See also Parbury and Gowing.

GOWLAND, Thomas, print publisher, Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791: AT48.

GRACE, William, stationer, Long Acre 1791. D. 10 Oct 1791. Musgrave. Error for Crace, William.

GRAHAM, James, bookbinder, 16, Bartholomew Close 1805H; 19, Bartholomew Close 1809H-1811H; 31, Bartholomew Close 1817U-1832Pi. S. of Mungo G. of Jamaica, gent. decd.; d. 1827. Aged 23 in 1799. App. John Indge 3 July 1792, turned over to Peter Robertson 7 Aug. 1792, prob. free Loriners' Co. Joined Benefit Soc. 1799. Known as 'cock-eyed' Graham. Howe; Ramsden.

GRANT, Alexander, printer, stationer and paper hanger, 5, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1775-77; Wardour Street, Soho 1794B-1795. D. May 1801. Bankrupt May 1777, Bankrupt again I Aug. 1795. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7272. Plomer; Todd; St. James chronicle 5 Jan. 1775.

GRANT, Henry, stationer and paper hanging warehouse, 262, Borough High Street 1795K-1802H.

GRANT, Robert, printer, Upper Thames Street 1792. Bankrupt 21 Jan. 1792, div. l Aug. 1794.

GRANT, William, 4, Tudor Street 1799. Registered press with Thomas Andrews 1799. Todd.

GRANT, William, paper staining and hanging warehouse, Nassau Street, Soho 1774K-1777N; 53, Compton Street, Soho 1778K-1785K; Wardour Street, Soho 1784B-1785P; 47, Greek Street, Soho 1786K-1796. Westminster polls 1784: F., 1796: F., T. Bankrupt 15 June 1793, cert 30 Nov. 1793, divs. 11 June 1805, 20 July 1805.

GRAPE, Thomas, stationer, Gracechurch Street 1754K1765K; 6, Gracechurch Street 1767K- 1775N. Trading: as Thomas Grape 1754K- 1761 K; as Grape and Bocock 1763M- 1767K; as Thomas Grape 1768K- 1775N; as Mrs. Grape 1772L.

GRAVEL, James, copperplate printer, 33, New Street Square 1790U; 4, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1802H.

GRAVES, paper hanging manufacturer, see Boyle and Graves.

GRAVES, bookbinder, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1785P. Poss. Edward de Graves s. of Edward of St George Hanover Square, upholder. App. Thomas Lewis of Leicester Fields, cit. & stat. 3 Aug. 1742, never free. Howe; McKenzie 4991; Ramsden.

GRAVES and FRICKER, paper hanging warehouse, 29, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1797L-1798K. Continued by J.Fricker q.v. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

GRAVES, John, printseller, 1, Southampton Street, Strand 1799H.

GRAVES, Robert, printseller, Tottenham Court Road 1798; 1, Catherine Street, Strand 1802H. Robert senior d. 1802, Robert junior d. 1825. Robert senior was a skilfull executor of pen and ink facsimiles of rare prints for collectors. Library sold 18 Apr. 1803. Robert, the s. of Robert junior was a noted engraver 1798-1873. DNB; BM Book sales.

GRAY and THOROWGOOD, engravers, see John Gray.

GRAY, John, engraver and printer, 27, Little St. Thomas Apostle 1784B-1809H. Trading: alone 1784B-1790U;as Gray and Thorowgood 1799H- 1809H.

GRAY, John, bookseller and stationer, 8, Glasshouse Street, Golden Square 1784B-1816P; 62, Piccadilly 1805P-1820P; 60, Piccadilly 1821 P-1830P+. Trading: alone 1784B-1807P; as Gray and son 1805P-1812P; as Gray and sons 1813P-1820P; as Gray and Fell 1821 P1824P; as Gray, son and Fell 1825P-1830P Westminster Poll 1784: F.

GRAY, Ralph, bookbinder, 1, Bullen Court 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: T.

GRAY, William, music seller, Islington 1793. Bankrupt 30 Nov. 1793, cert. 15 Mar. 1794.

GREEN, Benjamin, engraver, York Buildings 1765-66; Little Britain 1767; Christ's Hospital 1768-74. B. c1736 Halesowen. Exhibited Incorporated Society of Artists 1765-74. Drawing master Christ's Hospital 1767. Publ. many plates of antiquities etched by himself. Engr. plates for Oxford almanacs 1760-66 and P. Morant's History and antiquities of the County of Essex 1768. Mezzotints after Stubbs. Prob. bro. of Amos Green painter and John Green, engraver, of Oxford. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1786: AL133. DNB; J. c. Smith 529-31.

GREEN(E), Francis, stationer, Borough 1781; 50, Borough High Street 1792U-1797L. Trading: as Green and Co. 1795K, otherwise alone. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Polls 1781: C., 1784: A. Previously Peyton and Greene q.v.

GREEN, J., print publisher, 701, Oxford Street 1797. Prob. connected with William Green, pocket book and portable desk maker, 170, Oxford Street 1802H-1827P; 168, Oxford Street 1828P-1830P. J. c. Smith 531.

GREEN, John, rag merchant, 196, Upper Thames Street 1768K-1779K, 1795K-1802H; Sugar Loaf Court, Thames Street 1780K-1793L. Poss. the same as the Green, stationer, Lower Thames Street listed by Pendred 1785.

GREEN, John Hippisley, bookseller and print publisher, 1 & 2, Wells Street, Oxford Street 1801P-1818P. J. C. Smith 56.

GREEN, Joseph, printseller, 8, New Round Court, Strand 1799H.

GREEN, Mary, pencutter, 154, Fleet Street 1784B; 176, Strand 1785B-1790U.

GREEN, Rupert, engraver and printseller, 29, Newman Street, Oxford Street c1785-88, 13, Berners Street, Oxford Street 1790-1797L; 42, Berners Street 1798; 14 Percy Street, Bedford Square 1797-98. B. 1768, s. of Valentine G. q.v.; d. 16 Nov. 1804, bur. at Hampstead. Partner with his father c1785-98. Precocious, wrote a tragedy privately printed 1777; exhibited Royal Academy 1781. Valentine and Rupert both bankrupt 31 July 1798, cert. 13 Nov. 1798. DNB sub Valentine G.; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 531 -32.

GREEN, Thomas, pocket book maker, 93, Oxford Street 1802H-1805P. Previously Elvey and Green q.v. Michael Green, pocket book maker at same address 1805H. Prob. connected with William Green, see under J. Green.

GREEN, Valentine, engraver and printseller, Salisbury Street, Strand 1770-77; 52, Strand 1778-79; 29, Newman Street, Oxford Street 1778-89; 13, Berners Street, Oxford Street 1790-1797L; 2, New Road, opp. Fitzroy Square 1799-1800; 1, New Road 1801; 57, Upper Tichfield Street 1803; 51, Upper Tichfield Street 1804-07. B. Oct 1739, Salford, Warwickshire; d. 29 June 1813, St. Alban's Street, London. Pupil of Robert Hancock, engraver, of Worcester 1760-65. In London by 1765. Exhibited at Spring Gardens 1766. Member of Incorporated Society of Artists 1767. Mezzotint engraver to King and Elector Palatinate 1774- 1813. Associate engraver, Royal Academy 1775. Keeper of British Institution 1805. Wife d. 31 Dec. 1789. Acquired exclusive privilege of engraving and publishing plates of paintings in Dusseldorf gallery 1789, much of his property destroyed in the siege 1798. Bankrupt with son Rupert 31 July 1798, cert. 13 Nov. 1798. Engr. c400 plates. Fellow of the Royal Society and the Society of Autiquaries. Author of several historical works on Worcester. Son. Rupert partner c1785-98. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; BM Satires 1784-92; J. C. Smith 532-99; Musgrave.

GREEN, William, stationer, 32, New Bond Street 1794B-1795K.

GREEN, William, engraver, 74, Charlotte Street, Portland Place 1797-98. B. 1761, Manchester; d. 28 Apr. 1823, Ambleside. At first a surveyor in Manchester where he opened a drawing school 1783. To London where studied with Landseer 1796. Lived at Ambleside for reasons of health 1800-23. Friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge. Publ. series of views of Lake District and North of England 1794-1822. Most of his work aquatints, usually of his own watercolours and drawings. Exhibited Royal Academy 1797-1801. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AS173, 482; Tooley: 513. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

GREENE, see Green.

GREENHILL and DARBY, stationers, see Thomas Greenhill I.

GREENHILL and PARKER, stationers, see Thomas Greenhill I.

GREENHILL, George, younger son of Thomas Greenhill I q.v.

GREENHILL, Thomas I, wholesale stationer, opp. Mansion House 1759K-1766; 6, Mansion House Street 1767K-1772K; 14, Gracechurch Street 1774K-1830P. Trading: alone 1759K-1779K; as Greenhill and Darby 1780K-1785P; as Thomas Greenhill and son 1786K-1790U; as Greenhill and Parker 1791L-1798L; as Thomas Greenhill (II) 1799H-1818P; as Greenhill and son 1819P-1824P; as Frederick Greenhill 1825-1830P+. D. 16 Jan. 1798. App. 5 Nov. 1745, free and livery Sta. Co. 5 Dec. 1752, court 4 Nov. 1783, master 1787. City Polls: 1781: C., 1784: A. Retired to Watford c1790. Elder son Thomas II partner and successor, younger son George treasurer Sta. Co. 1797-1812+. Nichols iii, 607; Timperley 797; Blagden.

GREENHILL, Thomas II, son of Thomas Greenhill I q.v.

GREENLAND OR GREENLAW, Alexander, stationer, 127, Fenchurch Street 1779K-1781K.

GREGG, L, printseller and publisher, Dean Street, Soho 1797. BM Satires.

GREGORY, Humphrey, bookseller, 92, Fleet Street 1790U.

GREGORY, Isaac, engraver, 18 Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1799H.

GREGORY, Thomas, stationer and paper agent, 274, Bermondsey Street 1799H-181OP.

GREIG, Alesander, bookbinder, Taylor's Buildings, St. Martin's Lane 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

GRELLIER, Peter, stationer and perfumer, 10, Marylebone Street, Golden Square 1785B-1795K; 11, Coventry Street, Haymarket 1800P-1802H.

GRETTON, Henry, engraver and printer, 14, Fenchurch Street 1772K-1777N; 7, Abchurch Lane, Lombard Street 1778K-1784B; Fenchurch Street 1792U; 40, Fenchurch Street 1794B- 1830R+.

GRIFFIN, William, printer and bookseller, Fetter Lane 1764-67; Garrick's Head, Catherine Street 1767-76. Publ. works of Oliver Goldsmith 1765-75. Music imprints. Proprietor and publisher of Morning post 1775. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Humphries and Smith; Plomer.

GRIFFITHS, printer, Feathers Court, Drury Lane 1794B.

GRIFFITHS, John William, pocket book and pencil case maker, Bridgewater Square, Barbican 1799H-1820R; no. 21 1802H-1809H; no 15 1817J-1820R; 1, Prince's Street, Barbican 1802H. Also described as pocket book lock maker. Listed as John Wakeman Griffith 1820R.

GRIFFITHS, Ralph, bookseller, Dunciad, St. Paul's Churchyard 1747-54; Dunciad, Paternoster Row 1754-59; Dunciad, Strand 1759-1772. B. 1720, Shropshire; d. 28 Sept. 1803, Turnham Green. Originally a watchmaker in Stone, Staffs. A keen Presbyterian. Left for London where he first worked for Jacob Robinson c1742. Friend of the bookseller Thomas Davies for 16 years, later partners in an evening newpaper. Founded Monthly review which he conducted alone for 54 years 1749. Aided by son George Edward who succ. him only in his later years. Business in Strand failed and Review purchased by Collins of Salisbury though Griffiths retained the management and was able to repurchase it c1780. Now very successful, ran two carriages, purchased fine house at Turnham Green. Dr. Johnson preferred Monthly review to Critical review. Becket's name appeared on title page of Review from 1764. Second series started 1790. Acquainted with Oliver Goldsmith who lodged with him and wrote articles for the Review 1757. The two had many disagreements. Publ. John Cleland's Fanny Hill which he acquired for 20 gns. When about to be arrested he moved copies out of the back door as the officer came in through the front. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 506-08; Timperley 763, 816-17.

GRIFFITHS, Vaughan, printer and bookseller, 1, Paternoster Row 1797- 1812; Belle Savage Yard, Ludgate Hill 'situate in a stable yard' 1805. Free Musicians Co. 12 March 1798. Registered presses 1799, 1805. Listed as German bookseller in Picture of London 1802. Bankrupt 25 Jan. 1800, cert. 14 Mar. 1801, divs. 30 June 1801, 3 May 1803 final. Probably connected with Vaughan Griffiths, printing ink manufacturer, Coppice Row, Clerkenwell 1817U-1830R+. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1797: AI.34; 1800: ASI 12; Kress: 17991807: B3766. Todd.

GRIGNION, Charles, engraver, James Street, Covent Garden n.d.; Terrace, Kentish Town 1799H-1810. B. 25 Oct. 1717, Russell Street, Covent Garden; d. 1 Nov. 1810, Kentish Town. Studied under Hubert Francois Gravelot and in Paris under J. P. Le Bas. Returned to London and worked for Gravelot and later G. Scotin. Began business on own account cl 738. Most of his work book illustration, e.g. for Bell's Poets and Walpole's Anecdotes of painting. Employed by Hogarth. Subscription raised to support him and his family 1807. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

GRIGNON, Reynolds, engraver, Lichfield Street, Soho n.d.; King's Road, Chelsea 1787. D. 14 Oct. 1787. Employed as book illustrator. Engr. plates for Baskerville's edition of Addison's works, also Thomas Pennant's Tour in Scotland 1769. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Musgrave.

GRIVES, James, stationer, publisher and bookbinder, 103 Strand 1787-1791. Bankrupt 5 Feb. 1791, cert. 2 Oct. 1796, divs. 20 Dec. 1794, 14 Nov 1795, 18 Feb. 1800. imprint(s): Abbey 1787-88: AT416; Tooley 178788: 263.

GROSER, Chnstopher, playing card maker, 5, Brook Street 1792U; 14, Prince's Street, Cavendish Square 1797L-1802H.

GROSVENOR and CHATER, wholesale stationers, 11 Cornhill 1795K-1835P; 77, London Wall 1826R. Trading: as Grosvenor and Chater 1795K-1800P; as Grosvenor, Chater and Grosvenor 1800K-1812P; as Grosvenor, Chater and Co. 1809H-1835P+. Previously Welles, Grosvenor and Chater q.v. William Limbery Grosvenor the main partner.

GROSVENOR, William Limbery, stationer, see Grosvenor and Chater.

GROZER, Joseph, engraver, 8, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1786-96. B. c1755; d. c1798. Active 1784-98. Westminster Poll 1796: F. A mezzotint engraver though he occasionally worked in stipple. His plates had fallen into other hands by 1799 so he had probably died by then. Many plates after Reynolds, Romney etc. DNB Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 604.

GROZON, William, copper engraver, Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1794B.

GRUBB, George, bookseller, 12, Middle Row, Holborn 1784B-1785P; 12, Holborn 1790U. Took in advertisements for Ayre's Sunday London gazette 1785P.

GRUMEANT, John, printer, formerly Off Alley, St. Martin's in the Fields; late King Street, St. Anne's. Prisoner for debt in the King's Bench prison, Surrey. Applied for relief Dec. 1778. London Gazette.

GULBERT, John, pencil maker, 86, Long Acre 1799H.

GURNEY, Martha, bookseller, 128 Holborn 1790U-1805H. Trading: as M. Gurney 1790U-1802H; as Martha Gurney 1805H. Related to the shorthand writers. Imprint(s): Kress: 1784: B710; 1794: B2714, 2737.

GUTCH, law stationer, see Anderson and Gutch.

GUYON, Samuel, stationer, 4, Newgate Street 1790U.

GWILLIM, Thomas, rag merchant, 70, Fleet Market 1799H.

GWYNNE, James, bookbinder, Warwick Lane 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

GYDE, John, engraver, silversmith and jeweller, 53, Minories 1790U-1799H.

GYFFORD, Robert I, stationer, bookseller and paper hanger, 35, Great Tower Street 1773L-1834P; Old Gravel Lane 1796; George Yard, Tower Hill 1802. Trading: as Robert Gyfford 1773L-1810P; as Samuel Gyfford 1811 H1834P+. App. 4 Dec. 1744, free and livery Sta. Co. 2 June 1752, court 7 Apr. 1778, master 1785. City poll 1781: L. Bankrupt 10 Dec. 1796, div. 2 Feb. 1799. Registered press with March and Teape 1802. Also recorded as Gifford. Todd; Blagden.

GYFFORD, Robert II, stationer, Tower Street 17792. Livery Sta. Co. 6 Nov 1787. Also recorded as Gifford. McKenzie.

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