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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: F

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names F

FADEN, William. 1749-1776. Printer. Wine Office Court, Fleet Street 1749; Peterborough Court, Fleet Street 1763M: 2, Peterborough Court 1772. S. of William MacFaden of Wapping, mariner. App. Richard Harbin of Esher, Surrey 1726, turned over to Samuel Palmer 1730, free Sta. Co. 1733, 1744-46 4 apps. After 1746 abandoned prefix Mac. Not mentioned by Negus or Pendred but a good and careful printer who ran a substantial business c 1744-76. Printed first edit. of Joseph Ames' Typographical antiquities 1749. Began Universal chronicle and Westminster journal 1770. Licence to print Public Ledger 1759-75. Music imprint 1761. Plomer; Howe; Humphries and Smith; J. C. Smith 1546.

FADEN, William. 1771-1823. Map and print seller. 5, Charing Cross 1771-1823; corner of St.Martin's Lane, Charing Cross 1783-1785P; 487, Strand 1780L-1800P. All these addresses presumably refer to the same premises. S. of William Faden, printer. Partner and successor to Thomas Jeffries (d. 1771). At same shop until his retirement in 1823 when succ. by James Wylde senior. Geographer to King 1784-1820 and Prince of Wales 1790U-1820. Keen interest in the activities of the Ordnance Survey. Awarded £50 by Royal Society of Arts for map of Hampshire 1795. Gold medal for map of Surrey 1796. Dr. Johnson on his deathbed returned to him a guinea borrowed from his father 30 years previous 1784. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe. Took in advertisements for Public ledger 1785P. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1783-84: AT675; 1791: AS24; 1794: AT51; 1797: AS473. Kress: 1776: A7205; 1783: B555; 1785: B909. Plomer; Darlington and Howgego; J. C. Smith li, 1430.

FAIRBURN, John. 1793-1832. Map, chart and printseller. 146, Minories 1793-1810; 2, Broadway, Blackfriars 1812-21; 13, Broadway 1822-32. Registered press 1819. Towards end of career published chapbooks and jigsaws. Son John active as bookseller at 110, Minories 1820-43 when firm continued by John Butler Fairburn. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3839, 1800: B4126. Todd; Hannas, BM Satires, 1793; J. C. Smith 1747.

FALKENER, Robert. 1765-1775. Music printer, seller and publisher. 45, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street c1765-75; 3 Peterborough Court, Fleet Street c1775-80; 159, near Somerset House, Strand c1775. Said to have purchased and improved the equipment of Henry Fougt c1770. Author and printer of Instructions for playing the harpsichord 1770, 2nd ed. 1774. Printed and sold music at ld per page. Humphries and Smith.

London. Faraday, Michael. 1805-1813. Apprentice bookbinder. Born: 1791. Died: 1867. Apprenticed to George Riebau 7 October 1805 as bookbinder. Had since 1804 been an errand boy for him, delivering newspapers. Free 1812. Left trade 1813. Riebau wrote in 1813: "After the regular hours of business, he was chiefly employed in drawing and copying from the Artist's Repository, a work published in numbers which he took in weekly. [...] Dr Watts's Improvements of the mind was then read and frequently took in his pocket, when he went an early walk in the morning, visiting some other works of art or searching for some mineral or vegetable curiosity. ... His mind ever engaged, besides attending to bookbinding which he executed in a proper manner. [...] His mode of living temperate, seldom drinking any other than pure water, and when done his day's work, would set himself down in the workshop ... If I had any curious book from my customers to bind, with plates, he would copy such as he thought singular or clever [...]. It was Riebau who arranged, through one of his customers, for Faraday to be given tickets to hear Humphry Davy lecture on Chemistry at the Royal Institution. Faraday took notes which he later showed to Davy and which led to his joining the Royal Institution, the start of his distinguished scientific career. Sources: Dictionary of National Biography ; Howe (1950) ; Wikipedia (2015).

FARINGTON, Joseph. 1770-1813. Engraver. Dean Street, corner of Compton Street, Soho 1770-71; 52, Great Queen Street 1772; 19, Glanville Street, Rathbone Place 1773; Keswick, Cumberland 1778-80; 35, Upper Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place 1781-1813. B. 21 Nov. 1747 Leigh, Lancs. s. of Rev. William F.; d. 30 Dec. 1821 near Manchester. Pupil of Richard Wilson 1763. Pupil at Royal Academy 1768. Member of Society of Artists 1771. Associate of Royal Academy 1783. Exhibited Society of Artists 1765-73, Royal Academy 1778-1813. Landscape painter and book illustrator, many of his works being engraved by others. Worked for Boydells. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

FARLOW and PIGOTT. 1779-1795. Law stationers. Mitre Court, Fleet Street 1779L-1789L; 6, Mitre Court 1790U-1830P+. Trading: as Farlow and Pigott 1779L-1795L; as Thomas Farlow 1796L-1798L; as William Farlow 1799H; as Farlow and sons 1802H-1815P, as William Farlow 1816P-1830P. see Thomas Farlow, William Farlow, Samuel Perchard Pigott.

FARLOW, Thomas. 1796-1798. Law stationer. 6, Mitre Court, Fleet Street 1796L-1798L. See Farlow and Pigott.

FARLOW, William. 1779-1830. Law stationer. 6, Mitre Court, Fleet Street 1779L-1830P; Kennington Row 1781. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L. Common councillor Farringdon ward without 1831-33. See Farlow and Pigott.

FARMER, John senior. 1777-1786. Compositor. D. 1786. Compositor to William Bowyer. Bequeathed £20 by him 1777. Became one of William Bowyer's annuitants 1781. Nichols iii, 282-83; Timperley 759.

FARMER, John. 1799. Printer. London Road, St.George's Fields 1799H.

FARMER, John junior,1805. Compositor. 6, Northampton Row, Clerkenwell 1805H. B. Jewin street, London, s. of John F. q.v.; d. 17 July 1805 aged 61, Clerkenwell. Father and grandfather John also compositors. Trained with William Bowyer, worked for Nichols all his working life. In later life disabled by severe rupture and dropsy. Nichols ii, 703; Timperley 821.

FARN, John. 1790-1804. Engraver and printseller. 6, Newington Butts 1790; Walworth 1799H. Exhibited Society of Artists 1790. Engraved portraits for European magazine 1793-96. Portrait of pseudo-prophet Samuel Best publ. in The wonderful museum 1804. Thieme and Becker.

FARRELL, Thomas. 1790-1805 Copperplate printer. 17, Paternoster Row 1790U-1792; Fetter Lane 1796; 8, Cross Street, Leonard Street, Shoreditch 1805H. Livery Sta. Co by 1792.

FARRIER, James. 1784. Printer. Carnaby Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: W.

FARTHING, J. H.. 1790-1851. Pocket book and writing desk maker. 43, Cornhill 1790U-1802H; 43 and 44 Cornhill 1805H-1813P; 42, Cornhill 1814P-1851P+. Trading: as J. H. Farthing 1790U-1802H; as J. Farthing 1805H-1815P; as J. A. Farthing 1816P-1823P; as J. H. Farthing 1824P-1840P; as John Farthing 1842P-1846P; as John Farthing and Co. 1851P+. Also described as cutler 1800P-1840P ; as polygraph manufacturer 1817U; as writing machine maker 1832P-1842P.

FARTHING, William. 1798-1809. Pocket book maker and jeweller. 12, Cheapside 1798K-1809H.

FAULDER, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 42, New Bond Street 1780K-1811H; 14, Leicester Street, Golden Square 1784. App. James Robson decd., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 7 July 1779, apps. Machell Stace 7 July 1779, John Hartwell 4 Apr. 1781, Richard Brumell 2 Oct. 1782. Publ. cats. 1783-97. Bookseller to King 1799H. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Imprint(s): Kress: 1779: B236; 1780: B336: 1782: B455; 1783?: B635; 1784: B736, 793; 1787: B1316; 1788: B1421; 1793: B2451, 2564, 2589; 1795; B3015; 1798; B3754-59; 1799: B4011; Abbey: 1792: AS24; 1793: AL37; 1795: AS427, AT185; 1796: AL374; 1797: AS544; 1799: AL439; 1800: AL311; AS207. Brown; Ramsden; BM Book sales.

FAULKNER, Henry. 1775/1800. Bookbinder and gilder. George Court, Strand 1811H. S. of Thomas F., bookbinder; d. 1812. App. John Southworth 13 Apr. 1790. 'an honest, industrious and excellent bookbinder'. Widow continued business but unsuccessfully. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 847.

FAULKNER, John, stationer, bookseller and bookbinder. 28, Sweedland Court, Little Tower Hill 1805H; 8, Queen Street, Tower Hill 1809H-1833R. B. c1766 s. of Thomas F., bookbinder; deed. 1846. Joined Benefit Soc. 1792. Member of Trade Soc. 1794. Employed by Black of Tower Hill Succ. father in business. Howe; Ramsden.

FAULKNER, John. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 9, Abchurch Lane 1789A-1790A. Ramsden.

FAULKNER, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Water Lane, Blackfriars 1773; Creed Lane before 1790. S. of John F. of Aldermanbury Postern, porter; deed. 1790. App. Molton Spier 4 Dec. 1759, turned over to William Morlis 1 Nov. 1763, free Wheelwrights Co., patrimony 7 Dec. 1768, received a turnover 1773. Sons Thomas William, John and Henry bookbinders. Howe.

FAULKNER, Thomas William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Green Street, Grosvenor Square c1802. B. c1767, s. of Thomas F., bookbinder; d. after 1845. Prob. app father 1781-88. Joined Trade Soc. 1789. Dominant in journeymen's trade union 1794. Became employer 1797. To Aylesbury 1815. To New York where he worked as a journeyman 1834. Poss. the same as Thomas Faulkner of Paradise Row, Chelsea 1802H-1805H, bookbinder, stationer and circulating library. Howe; Ramsden.

FAULKNER, William. 1775/1800. Pen cutter. Shoe Lane 1788. S. of Wiliam F. of St. Giles in the Fields, sawyer, decd. App. James Smith 6 May 1754, free Clockmakers' Co. 6 July 1761, his son William app. his father 7 Apr. 1783, free 10 Apr. 1795.

FAWCET, printer, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1785P. Howe; Todd.

FEARMAN, William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Helmet Court, Strand 1794; Catherine Street, Strand 1810. Worked for Otridge. Son William Miller F. app. John Bird 1810. Howe; Ramsden.

FEDERICI, Vincent. 1775/1800. Music seller. Sloane Street, Chelsea 1800. Bankrupt 17 June 1800, cert. 27 Sept 1800.

FELLOWES, John. 1775/1800. Printer. 12, Catherine Street, Strand 1798-1810. Registered presses 1799. Publ. Morning advertiser 1798-1-810. Todd; Aspinall.

FELLOWS, Robert, carver, gilder and printseller. Warwick Street, Golden Square 1790U.

FENNER, William. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Turk's Head, Lombard Street 1756; Angel and Bible, Paternoster Row 1759-1761K; Penge Green, Surrey 1781; Beckenham 1782-1796. S. of William F., printer, Lombard Street; d. 30 Oct. 1809 in his house at Addington Place, Camberwell. App. 6 Aug. 1745, free and livery Sta. Co. 7 Nov. 1752, court 4 Nov. 1783, master 1786. His father d. c 1735 and his mother remarried James Waugh, apothecary, but remained a printer to her death. William was her assistant and partner, then for a short time a bookseller in Paternoster Row but married early and retired for over forty years. His wife d. 25 Nov. 1782. He made various gifts and bequests to the Sta. Co. City Poll 1781: L. Nichols iii, 602-03; Timperley 835-36; Plomer; Musgrave; Blagden.

Fenning, R. 1833. Parchment dealer. 100 Chancery Lane 1833. Supplier of tympans for printers. Times 19 Nov 1833, p. 7.

Fentum, Catherine. 1775/1800. Music seller and publisher. 417 (later 416), near Bedford Street, Strand c1780-1785B. Humphries and Smith.

Fentum, John. 1775/1800. Music engraver, seller and publisher. 78, Strand c1784-c1835. Succ. Jonathan Fentum q.v. succ. by Mary Ann Fentum. Humphries and Smith.

Fentum, Jonathan. 1775/1800. Music seller, engraver and publisher. 22, Exeter Change, Strand 1763-c1765; 78, corner Salisbury Street, Strand c1765-1859; 2, George's Place, near Camberwell Green 1810. Trading: as Jonathan Fentum 1763-before 1784; as John Fentum by 1784-c1835; as Mary Ann Fentum c1835-1844; as Henry Fentum c 1844-59. Known as Fentum's Music Shop c1781-84. Succ. by John Fentum by 1784. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Humphries and Smith.

Fenwick, Henry. 1775/1800. Printer. Snow Hill 1769; 63, Snow Hill 1773-1805; 89, Newgate Street 1772L; King Street, Cheapside 1774L-1775L; Newgate Street 1781; 20, Newgate Street 1784B; 7, Little Moorfields 1805-22. S. Of Henry F. of Whitechapel, distiller; d. Nov. 1822. App. J. Oliver 1754, free and livery Sta. Co. 1761, 1763-1811 33 apps. 7 premiums average £5. Also bookseller and printers' broker 1785P, typefounder and seller of types and presses 1799-1810. Registered presses 1799, 1805, 1810. Appointed City printer in succession to Charles Rivington 1772. City Poll 1781: L. Succ. as City printer by Arthur Taylor 1822. Nichols iii, 571; Howe; Plomer; Todd.

Fenwick, T.. 1775/1800. Publisher. 32, High Holborn 1796. Publ. London and Westminster directory 1796. Goss.

Fewster, John. 1775/1800. Printer. Lancaster Court, Strand 1799H.

FFORD, William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. St. Martin le Grand 1800. Son William app. Joseph Cooper cit. and Merchant Taylor 2 July 1800.

FIELD. 1775/1800. Paper hanging manufacturer. Mill Street, Hanover Square 1791? Trade card 1791? in Banks collection, British Museum. Sugden and Edmondson.

FIELD and WOODMASON, stationers. 5, Leadenhall Street 1779K. Previously Simmons, Field and Stephenson q.v. Partnership between Thomas Field and James Woodmason of Leadenhall Street, stationers, dissolved 24 June 1779 by mutual consent, James Woodmason to continue alone London Gazette 10 July 1779. See Thomas Field.

FIELD, John, jeweller, gold worker and pocket bookmaker. 10, Bucklersbury 1790A-1792U; 7, Bucklersbury 1795L-1797K; 18, Sise Lane, Bucklersbury 1798K-1807P. Succ. by Elizabeth Field 1808P. See also Thomas Davidson.

FIELD, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. near St. Paul's c1755; White-sheaf, corner of Paternoster Row, Cheapside 1755K-c1775; Colebrook Row, Islington 1781; Islington 1792. D. 31 Aug. 1794. App. 4 Mar. 1746, free and livery Sta. Co. 3 Apr. 1753, court 6 Dec. 1785, master 1789. Publ. for nonconformists. Sacred music imprints. Issued trade card engr. by F. Garden in Heal collection c1760. City Poll 1781: L. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave; Blagden.

FIELD, Thomas, stationer. Leadenhall Street 1794. D. 9 Sept. 1794. See Field and Woodmason. Musgrave.

FIELDER, Elizabeth, stationer. 26, Cornhill 1767K-1778N; 53, Old Broad Street 1779K; 82, Old Broad Street 1780K-1821P. firm possibly succ. William Mason. Her husband, William Fielder, stationer Cornhill 1758C-1763M was buried in St. Michael Cornhill 1763. Registered press with Charles Philip and William John Galabin 1805. Todd; Plomer.

FIELDING and WALKER. 1775/1800. Booksellers. 20 Paternoster Row 1777N-1781K. Succ. by John Walker. Imprint(s): Kress: 1777: B22, 68, 69; 1779: B194. BM Satires 1779-80. See also Sir John Fielding.

FIELDING, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. Monmouth Court 1774. Probably the engraver of two plates after Hogarth dated 1746 and 1756. Westminster poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Thieme and Becker.

FIELDING, Sir John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 20, Paternoster Row 1776; 23, Paternoster Row 1781L-1786. Free Musician's Co. 2 May 1776. Publ. The plan 1774-80, London courant 1781, European magazine 1782-84. Musical imprints 1782-85. Bankrupt 1783, cert. 20 Mar. 1784, bankrupt again 17 Mar. 1787, divs. 23 June 1787, 13 June 1789, 25 May 1796, 9 July 1796. See also Fielding and Walker. Imprint(s): Kress: 1782: B476, 481-82; 1786: B1025, 1049. Brown; Humphries and Smith; Darlington and Howgego; Werkmeister; Aspinall; BM Satires 1781-85.

FIELDING, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver. London. B. c1758. Active 1780-90. Studied under Bartolozzi and W. W. Ryland whom he assisted. Only after Ryland's execution did he produce engraving under his own name in the stipple manner of Ryland. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

FIELDING, Thomas, printseller. see William Palmer.

FIENNES, Morrice. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. near the Old Church, Chelsea 1794. When the journeymen struck for a reduction in hours he was one of the first to grant their request, 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

FIESINGER, Gabriel. 1775/1800. Engraver. London c1790-98. B. 11 Mar. 1723 Ottenburg, Baden; d. 2 Feb. 1807, London. A Jesuit, he only began professional work after the order was dissolved 1773. At first in Munich and Vienna, in Paris in the 1780's and in London during the Revolution. In Paris again 1798-1802, he later returned to London. Used the stipple manner. Engr. ports. of politicians and military persons. Illustrated Lavater's Essai sur la physiognomie 1781-86. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1797: AS143. Thieme and Becker.

FIGGINS, Mary, cardmaker. 25, Tooley Street 1790U.

FIGGINS, Vincent, typefounder. White Swan Yard, Holborn 1792-1801; 17 and 18, West Street (or Chick Lane) 1801-65; Ray Street, Farringdon Road 1865+. Trading: as Vincent Figgins 1792-1836; as Vincent II and James Figgins 1836-60; as James and James II Figgins 1860-68. B. 1770; d. 29 Feb. 1844, at Peckham. App. Joseph Jackson 1786; free Sta Co. by 1821. Managed the foundry for the last three years of his master's life but on his death in 1792 unable to purchase it. Aided by Nichols he set up on his own 1792. Cut fount for Bensley to match one cut by Jackson for Macklin's Bible 1793; this was used for Thomson's Seasons 1797. First specimen book 1793. Cut Greek fount for the Oxford edition of the Gospels 1798. Registered offices 1799. Persian and Telugu founts c 1800. Domesday fount for Eyre and Strahan 1800. Cut modern style founts for specimen book of 1815. Small pica Hebrew for Bagster's Polyglot Bible 1817. Common councillor Farringdon Ward without 182140. Sons Vincent II and James succ. 1836. Imprint(s): Abbey 1797: AL252. Nichols ii, 361; Reed; Todd.

FINNEY, Daniel. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 8, Newcastle Court, Fleet Street 1799H.

FINNEY, David. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 20, Carey Street, Chancery Lane 1790U. Howe; Ramsden.

FISHER, Edward. 1775/1800. Engraver. Golden Head, south side of Leicester Square 1762-77; 11, Ludgate Street 177781. B. Dublin 1722; d. c1785, London. At first hatter, later engraver. Active 1758-81. Member of Incorporated Society of Artists 1766. Plates distributed after his death, some dishonestly tampered with to create false proofs. Over 60 mezzotint portraits. Exhibited Society of Artists 1761-76. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 485-510.

FISHER, James. 1775/1800. Book and vellum binder. St. Giles Cripplegate 1788; Bull Head Court, Jewin Street 1790U. App. Hannah, widow of Isaac Hilliar, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Nov. 1777; son Joseph app. 3 Dec. 1788. Howe; Ramsden.

FISHER, Simon. 1775/1800. Printer and bookseller. 10, St. John's Lane, Clerkenwell 1799-1823; 10, Barbican 1826; 4, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1832. Registered press, described es 'buyer and seller of types and presses' 1799. Purchased land in Croydon prior to 1827. Todd.

FISKE, Jonathan. 1775/1800. Bookseller, printseller and stationer. Marylebone Lane, Oxford Street 1799H; 9, Marylebone Lane 1802H. Robert Fiske at same address 1805H. Probably the same as J. Fiske, bookseller and circulating library, Wigmore street 1800-1828P. Listed as Friske by Hamlyn 1800.

FITTLER, James. 1778/1824. Engraver. 62, Upper Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place 1788-1824. B. 1758, London; d. 2 Dec. 1835 Turnham Green. Student at Royal Academy 1778. Many book illustrations, worked for Bell and Dibdin. Engravings after the masters, mainly portraits but also topographical subjects. Associate Royal Academy 1800. Marine engraver to King 1790-1802H. Prints, books and copperplates sold at Sotheby's 14 July 1825. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

FITZ, Richard. 1796-1798. Book and vellum binder. St. Stephen Coleman Street 1796; Little Bell Alley, London Wall 1798. App. Charles Barry decd., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 May 1796, apps. son Richard 4 May 1796, Joseph Wilson 7 Feb. 1798.

Flack, James C. 1804-1813. Bookbinder. 40 Maiden Lane 1809H. Son of Edward of Ware, coachman. Apprenticed to John Blewitt, bookbinder, Lovel's Court, Paternoster Row 2 Dec 1794. Free Stationers' Company 7 Aug 1804. On 1813 list of binders. Not in Holden's directory 1805 or Underhill 1817. Signed binding with large oval ticket "I. C. Flack, 40 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden in Desmond Flower Collection. Binding with large oval ticket in Hirsch Music Library (British Library): "M. Flack, music binder, no. 40 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden. To H. R. H. the Prince Regent. His circular paper label is found within bound volumes of music in various country houses including Killerton House, Broadclyst, near Exeter, also books bound for the banker, Henry Hoare of Mitcham Grove, Surrey and Sir Christopher Sykes of Sledmere, Yorkshire. One is within a book with a 1797 watermark on the flyleaf, and one with music of c. 1800-1805.Sources: Howe (1950) ; McKenzie (1978), 898 ; Holden's directory 1809 ; information from Penelope Cave, 2014.

FLAVELL, Mary. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Shoe Lane 1793; Brewer's Yard, Shoe Lane 1794; 4, Goldsmith Street 1798-1820R; 14, Great New Street, Gough Square n.d. Trading: as Mary Flavell 1793-181 1 H; as Sarah Flavell 1819R-1820R. 1793-1808 4 apps., 2 premiums £15, 15 an. Widow of William Flavell q.v. Trade cards survive in Howe's collection. Son John William app. his mother 1808. Howe; Ramsden.

FLAVELL, William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Goldsmith Street, Gough Square c1792. S. of John F. of Walsall, buckle maker; d. c1792. App. William Cook 2 Oct. 1759, free Sta. Co. 7 Oct. 1766. Succ. by widow Mary q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

FLEMING, stationer. see Dowse and Fleming.

FLEMING and Co.. 1775/1800. Booksellers. 72, St. Paul's Churchyard 1775N.

FLEMING, James, newspaper printer. London 1781-85. Connected with London courant 1781 and Times 1785. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

FLETCHER and BUNCOMB, stationers. see Richard Fletcher.

Fletcher and Matthews. 1821. Paper stainers. City Road 1821. "Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership lately subsisting between John Fletcher and William George Matthews, as Paper-Hanging-Manufacturers, in the City-Road, in the County of Middlesex, under the firm of Fletcher and Matthews, was this day dissolved by mutual consent; and all debts due and owing by and from the said concern will be paid and discharged by the said William George Matthews, to whom all debts owing thereto are to be paid.—Witness their hands this 24th day of March 1821. John Fletcher. William George Matthews." London Gazette issue 17705, 12 May 1821, p17.

FLETCHER, Richard, wholesale stationer. 30, Budge Row, Cannon Street 1789A-1792K. Trading: as Fletcher and Buncomb 1789A; alone 1790U-1792K.

FLEXNEY, William. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 319, corner of Southampton Buildings, Holborn c1760-1792L; 312, Holborn 1793K-1795K; 8, Warwick Court, Holborn 1797K-1799H; 100, Chancery Lane 1802H. D. 7 Jan. 1808 aged 77. Succ. Thomas Trye. Original publisher of Churchill's poems; thus immortalised: 'Let those who energy of diction prize/ For Billingsgate quit Flexney and be wise.' Bankrupt 13 July 1793, cert. 19 July 1793. div. 10 June 1797. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: S4839; 1783: B547-48. Plomer; Nichols iii, 721; Timperley 834.

FLIGHT and KELLY. 1775/1800. Music sellers. see Benjamin Flight.

FLIGHT and WILLIAMS, stationers. see Thomas Flight.

FLIGHT, Benjamin, organ maker and music seller. Exeter Change, Strand 1783B-1802H. His son in partnership with him 1790U-1794B. Kelly a partner 1790U-1799H. Flight and Robson, organ builders, 101, St. Martin's Lane c1806-33 published some music c180918; this partnership may include either the father or the son. Humphries and Smith.

FLIGHT, Thomas, stationer. 318, High Holborn 1787L-1805P. Trading: as Flight and Williams 1787L-1802H; as Flight, Williams and Cooper 1803P-1805P. Partner James Williams.

FLOWER, Benjamin, stationer. 47, Cannon Street 1778K-1783B. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Still alive 1796. City Polls 1781: C., 1784: A. See George Flower.

FLOWER, George, stationer. Cannon Street 1761K-1763M; 47, Cannon Street 1767K-1802H. Trading: as George Flower 1761K-1775N; as George Flower and son 1776K-1777N; as William and Benjamin Flower 1778K-1783B; as William Flower 1784B-1802H.

FLOWER, Stephen, stationer and dealer in ropes, 236 Tooley Street 1784B-1785P. Error for Stower, Stephen q.v.

FLOWER, William, stationer. 47, Cannon Street 1778K-1802H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Polls 1781: C., 1784: A. See George Flower.

FLOYER, Peter. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 22, Middle Row, Holborn 1784B-1805H. Firm poss. continued by Richard Floyer 428, Strand 1806P-1809H.

FOLINGSBY, George. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 5, Inner Temple Lane 1792K-1799H. Also described as bootmaker 1799H.

FOLINGSBY, Margaret. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 4, Fleet Street 1772N-1790U.

FOOT, John Forrester, 3, Spread Eagle Court, Finch Lane 1799; 6, Red Lion Passage 1800. Registered presses 1799, 1800. Todd.

FOOT, Peter, 22, Change Alley, Cornhill 1799; 3, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill 1800. Registered presses 1799, 1800 for the use of the New Register Office of Shipping of which he was secretary. Todd.

FOOT, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver. 7, Weston Place, Battle Bridge 1799H.

FORBES, John, stationer. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1784B-1785P; Tavistock Row 1784-1790U. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

FORD. 1775/1800. Printseller. Haymarket 1776. Sold James Vertue's drawings 1776. Nichols ii, 254.

FORD, George. 1775/1800. Bookbinder, bookseller and stationer. Four Dove Court 1774; Main Street, St. Martin's 1784; 47, St. John's Street 1790U; 47, St. Martin le Grand 1799H-1817U. Westminster Poll 1774; Pe., Cl., 1784: H., W. Howe: Ramsden.

FORD, James. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Main Street, St. Martin's 1796. Westminster poll 1796: T.

FORD, Samuel. 1775/1800. Printer. Cross Key Court, Little Britain 1781-96; 14, Cross Key Court 1784-92; 14, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street 1802; 107, Fenchurch Street 1804. S. of John F. of Pangbourne, maltster; d. 1812. App. Thomas Harrison 1768, free Sta. Co. 1775, livery 1777, 1783-1811 4 apps, 3 premiums average £17. Took William Tew as a partner by 1802. Tew was still conducting the business in 1844. City Polls 1781: C., 1784: A. Registered presses 1802, 1804. Howe; Todd.

FORD, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Southampton Street 1781. Bankrupt Oct. 1781, cert. 5 Jan. 1781.

FORD, Thomas, stationer and rag merchant, 148, Fenchurch Street 1791L-1794K; 5, Paul's Head Court, Fenchurch Street 1795K-1799H. Bankrupt 24 Nov. 1795, cert. 26 Nov 1796, div. 1 July 1797.

FOREMAN, Richard, stationer. Tower 1784B-1785P. Also described as a merchant and ordnance agent in the Tower in the 1780s and 1790s.

FORES, Samuel William. 1775/1800. Printseller, engraver, bookseller and stationer. 120, Strand 1770K-1777N; 3, Piccadilly 1785-95; 51, St. Paul's Churchyard 1793-94; 50, Piccadilly 1795-1820R; 41 (sometimes 40), Piccadilly 1822R-1841R+. Produced many mediocre imitations of the caricatures of Gillray and others. Premises known as the Caracture Warehouse 1786-87. "Folios of Caractures lent out for the Evening" AL462. Westminster Polls 1774: Mo., Ma.; 1784: H., W. Imprint(s): Abbey 1792-94: AS203; 1794: AS39; 1798: AS40; 1800: AL462; Tooley: 1798: 408. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 786; Darlington end Howgego; BM Satires 1783?-1800.

FORFEIT, John. 1775/1800. Picture dealer. Maiden Lane 1784. Westminster poll 1784: F.

FORSTER, Charles. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 1, Queen's Head Court, Paternoster Row 1799H.

FORSTER, Christopher. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 41, Poultry 1789L-1793K. Bankrupt 8 Sept. 1792 cert. 10 June 1794, divs. 13 May 1793, 19 June 1794 28 June 1796, 5 Apr. 1800, 21 Apr. 1801, 7 July 1801, 24 Nov. 1801.

FORSTER, William I. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker, music seller and publisher. 133, corner of Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane c1762-85; 348, near Exeter Change, Strand 1785-86. D. 1808. His son William II took over the music portion of the business on his marriage July 1786, William I continuing as a musical instrument maker until his death. Sometimes traded as William Forster and son. Humphries and Smith.

FORSTER, William II. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker, music seller and publisher. 348, near Exeter Change, Strand 1786-1803; 22, York Street, Westminster c1803-16; 87, Strand c 1816-21; 41, Lisle Street c 1821-24. Took over the music portion of his father William I's business on his marriage July 1786. Sometimes traded as William Forster and son. Humphries and Smith.

FORSYTH, Thomas, stationer. 6, Honey Lane Market 1790U-1791K. Previously at same address as Scotch factor since at least 1779L. Park recorded as partner 1783B-1785B.

FOSSICK, Daniel, wire worker. 9, Crooked Lane 1776K-1817P. Trading: as Daniel Fossick and Co. 1776K-1795B; as Daniel Fossick and Son 1785P-1790U; as Daniel Fossick and sons 1791L-1798L; as Fossick and sons 1799H-1817P. Described as copper, brass, tinplate and wire warehouse. The papermaker James Whatman II purchased woven wirecloth from Fossick in the 1780's.

FOSTER and SCHUTZE. 1790. Stationers. St. Martin's Churchyard 1790U.

FOUCHEE, James. 1787-1813. Bookbinder. London. S. of John F. of Blackfriars, silverer; still alive 1813. App. Joseph Demonseau 2 May 1780, free Sta. Co. 4 Sept. 1787. Howe; Ramsden.

FOURDRINIER, BLOXHAM and FOURDRINIERS. 1791-1799. Wholesale stationers. see Henry Fourdrinier I, Bloxham and Fourdrinier.

FOURDRINIER, BLOXHAM and WALKER. 1780-1790. Wholesale stationers. A variant style of the firm Bloxham, Fourdrinier and Walker. See Bloxham and Fourdrinier, Henry Fourdrinier I.

FOURDRINIER, Charles. 1784-1811. Stationer, copperplate printer and print publisher. 22, Charing Cross 1784B; 20, Charing Cross 1785P-1811H. Trading: as Charles Fourdrinier 1784B-1803P; as Fourdrinier and Withy 1804P; as Fourdrinier and Co. 1805H-1811H. Registered press at 38, Charing Cross with Charles Corrall and a press at 4, Bridges Street with James Young 1802. Charles Kenneth Fourdrinier registered a press at 38, Charing Cross 1803. Barbara Walker reported in 2010 a book label c.1810: CHAS FOURDRINIER & CO, Copper plate printers and stationers, The corner of Craigs Court next to the Post Office Charing Cross. Sell Merchant and other Accompt Books, Stampt Paper Bonds and Parchment Fine Dutch-Wax, Cards Travelling Cases Plays & Pamphlets Likewise Bibles, Common prayer, testaments & all other stationary wares at reasonable rates. NB Ladies Complementing cards and visitors Tickets neatly engraved and printed. Books bound & gild. Reference: Newby Hall WLY 5013 NH2229 (Vellum covered hardback notebook 8 x 6 1/2 x3/4 inches). Todd; BM Satires 1791.

FOURDRINIER, Henry [1]. 1753-1802. Wholesale stationer. next to the post office, Lombard Street 1753K-1765K; 11, Lombard Street 1767K-1801P; 72, Lombard Street 1802H-1803P; 12, Sherborn Lane 1802H-1840P; 12, Swithins Lane 1825R-1830R. Trading: as William Baker 1753K-1754K; as Baker and Fourdrinier 1755K-1767; as Bloxham and Fourdrinier 1767K-1772K; as Bloxham, Fourdrinier and Bloxham 1774K-1776; as Bloxham and Fourdrinier 1777N; as Bloxham, Fourdrinier, Bloxham and Walker 1778K-1779K; as Bloxham, Fourdrinier and Walker 1780K-1790L; as Fourdrinier, Bloxham and Fourdriniers 1791K-1799H; as Bloxham and Fourdriniers 1800P-1803P; as Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier 1804P-1808P; as Fourdrinier, Towgoods and Fourdrinier 1809P-1810P; as Fourdrinier, Towgood, Hunt and Co. 181lP-1814P; as Charles Fourdrinier, Hunt and Co. 1815P-1817P; as Charles Fourdrinier and Joseph B. Hunt 1818P-1825P; as J. B. Hunt, Fourdrinier and Co. 1826P-1840P+. Livery Drapers' Co. by 1792. Stationer to Great Wardrobe as Baker and Fourdrinier 1760-67, alone 1768-76. Retired by 1800P. Sons Henry II and Sealy partners from 1791 K and successors.

FOURDRINIER, Henry [2]. 1791-1854 Wholesale stationer and paper maker. 11, Lombard Street 1791K-1801P; 12, Sherborn Lane 1802H-1840P+. For full addresses and styles see under Henry Fourdrinier I. B. 11 Feb. 1766, Lombard Street, s. of Henry F. I q.v.; d. 3 Sept. 1854. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner and successor to father. Patents for paper making machinery from 1801. Machine for continuous paper 1807. The experiments and litigation cost him and his brother £60,000 and bankrupted them. He supplied machines to Czar Alexander but none of the royalties promised were ever paid despite a trip by Henry at the age of 72 to St. Petersberg. After a petition to Parliament in 1839 £7,000 was voted in 1840 and this was supplemented by subscriptions raised within the paper trade. Brother Sealy q.v. DNB.

FOURDRINIER, Sealy,1791-1808. Wholesale stationer and paper maker. 11, Lombard Street 1791K-1801 P; 12, Sherborn Lane 1802H-1808P. For full addresses and styles see under Henry Fourdrinier I. D. 1847. Brother of Henry F. II and partner in his experiments.

FOWLER, Christopher. 1774. Bookbinder. Hemlock Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

FOWLER, David. 1791-1792. Bookseller and stationer. 18, Piazza, Covent Garden 1791K-1792K.

FOX, George. 1787-1792. Bookseller. Dartmouth Street 1792. Son of James Fox, bookseller of Dartmouth Street. Apprenticed to his father 2 Nov 1779, free 6 Mar 1787. Livery Sta. Co. 3 Apr 1787. Sources: McKenzie.

FOX, James. 1764-1812. Bookseller, stationer and circulating library. Dartmouth Street, Westminster 1777-1819P; no. 10 1793L-1797L; no. 11 1802H-1811H. Son of Joseph Fox, bookseller of Westminster Hall. Died: "in Dartmouth-street, Mr. James Fox, bookseller" (Monthly Mag. Dec 1812, 461). Apprenticed to his father 5 Apr 1757, free 7 August 1764, livery 7 Jun 1785, renter warden 1790. Apprentices Richard Dartnall 7 Oct 1777, son George 2 Nov 1779 (free 6 Mar 1787, livery 3 Apr 1787), son Gilbert 4 Nov 1788. Wanted a maid servant of all work ... Enquire at Mr. Fox,'s Circulating Library, Dartmouth-street, Westminster (Daily Advertiser 2 Dec 1776). This day is published, in two volumes, price five shilings sewed The triumph of friendship; or, the history of Charles Courtney and Miss Julia Melville, by Jane Timbury. Printed for J.Fox, at his circulating library, Dartmouth-street, Westminster ... (The Diary 1 Aug 1789). Ran circulating library 1802H. Sun insurance policy 502229, £600, 1784/5; Sun insurance policy 509313, £200, 1785. Sources: Berch ; McKenzie ; ESTC.

FOX, Joseph [1]. 1691-1746. Bookseller. Westminster Hall 1691-1746 ; at the Seven Stars 1691-1695 ; at the Cap 1695 ; Half Moon and Seven Stars, Westminster Hall 1736-1746. Died 23 Nov. 1746 aged 83. The form J. and J. Fox is recorded 1736-1744, presumably a partnership of father and son. Ran shop at Tunbridge Wells in the season. Sources: ESTC ; McKenzie ; Plomer.

FOX, Joseph [2]. 1736-1776. Bookseller. Westminster Hall 1736-76. S. of Joseph Fox senior (d. 23 Nov. 1746 aged 83). Apprenticed to Charles King, bookseller Westminster Hall 7 Mar 1732, £42/00/00 (IR/1/13, fo. 042) freed by patrimony 1 Jul 1755. Apprentices: son James 5 Apr 1757. The form J. and J. Fox is recorded, presumably a partnership of father and son or two brothers. Ran shop at Tunbridge Wells in the season. Sources: McKenzie 4710 ; Plomer.

FOX, Thomas. 1679-1692. Bookseller. Westminster Hall 1679-1692 ; at the King's Arms 1678 ; at the King's Head 1679 ; at the Angel 1679-1692 ; at the Angel and Star 1682-1685 ; at the Star 1682 ; next Fleece Tavern, Fleet Street 1684-`1685. Sources: ESTC.

FOX, William. 1777-1783. Bookseller. 128, Holborn 1773-1783B. Publ. cats. 1773-77. Plomer; Nichols iii, 643.

FOXHALL, Edward. 1775/1800. Print publisher. Old Cavendish Street 1793. J. C. Smith 943.

FRABBLE, Edmund. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Strand 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

FRANCIS, Abraham. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 131, Whitechapel Road 1799H-1802H.

FRANKLIN, Arthur, stationer, rag merchant and paper hanging warehouse, 82, Snow Hill 1792U-1799H; 99, Holborn Hill 1802H-1827P. App. Charles Barry 31 Mar. 1779, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Sept. 1789, his app. Charles Faddy 5 May 1790. May also have operated at 198, Upper Thames Street 1826R.

FRANKS and CLEAVER. 1775/1800. Bookbinders' tool cutters. Southampton Buildings, Holborn 1792U. Howe.

FRANKS, Richard. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Brook's Mews 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

FRASER, James. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Castle Street 1774; White Hart Court, Castle Street before 1794, St. Martin's Lane 1786-1840R; no. 84 c1809-1840R; 9, Frontier Court, St. Martin's Lane 1794-1808. B. 1740; d. after 1813. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Prominent in trade disputes 1787 and probably 1806. Publ. three addresses to bookbinders 1787. Assisted by two sons and three daughters c1809. Three trade cards in Heal collection one stating that he fitted sham backs for library doors. Son George deed. 1824, app. Wilford Tiffin 1794, free and livery Sta. Co. 1801 succ. father. After his death firm continued by other members of the family as Fraser and son 1817-1839R; Fraser and Co. 1840R. Howe; Ramsden.

FRASER, William, stationer and bookseller. 41, Upper East Smithfield 1779K.

FRAZER, William, stationer and bookseller. 350, Hermitage, Wapping 1778K.

FRAZIER, Alexander. 1775/1800. Pen cutter. 8 Dean's Court, St. Martin's 1796. Westminster poll 1796: F., T.

FREEBORN, John, For several years assistant to James Dodsley. Bequeathed £400 by him. Nichols vi, 438.

FREELAND, George, stationer. Lincoln's Inn Gate, Carey Street 1779K-1785K. In the Middlesex Sessions of February 1778 Francis le Strange bound 1774 to George Freeland, stationer, of the Liberty of the Rolls for £21 prays discharge. He is not allowed enough food "and that often unwholesome and not fit for ahy Christian and that the tea ... is always so bad and nauscious that he is obliged to throw the greatest part of it away". When there were three apprentices "all three lay together in one bed in a small cock loft. ... The petitioner's master being ... very much addicted to drinking he often staying out until twelve, one, two, three, and four o'clock in the morning when the petitioner's said mistress used always to send him annd the other apprentices ... when so out (which has sometimes been six or seven nights together) to all the public-houses in Holborn and the Strand and all round the neighbourhood and it is very seldom that hey can find him and when the public-houses are shut up he then goes to the watch-house where they are sure of finding him, and it is often impossible to get him home and they are always obliged to sit up till he does come home notwithstanding which they are often obliged to be up at four, five and six ... in the morning to their writing". In the March 1778 sessions the petitioner and other apprentice aged twelve who had been beaten and turned out of doors were discharged, the master being ordered to repay the £21 received from the father of the younger boy. M.Dorothy George London life in the eighteenth century (Peregrine, 1966), p.421.

FREEMAN, I. or J.. 1775/1800. Print publisher. Strand 1783. Poss. partner of H. W. Billington q.v. BM Satires 1783.

FREEMAN, James. 1775/1800. Engraver, music seller and publisher. 5, Little Warwick Street c1782-92; 3, Little Warwick Street 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Humphries and Smith.

FREEMAN, Samuel. 1775/1800. Engraver. B. 1773; d. 27 Feb. 1857. Prob. pupil of Bartolozzi. Stipple engraver best known for his portraits, many for published collections e.g. Thomas Frognal Dibdin's Northern gallery, and for periodicals. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

FREEMAN, Tristram Bampfylde. 1775/1800. Printseller. 22, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1788; 95, Strand 1792-95. Trading: alone 1788; as Freeman and Co. 17921795K. Printseller to King 1795K. Bankrupt 28 June 1788, cert. 7 Oct. 1788, divs. 10 Jan. 1789, 30 Apr. 1792, bankrupt again 20 Jan. 1795, div. 27 Aug. 1796. J. C. Smith 232,1644.

FREER, George. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Bell Yard 1776-1791/2; 32, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1785P. D. 10 May 1792. S. of George F., bookseller at The Bible, Bell Yard. Free and livery Sta. Co. 1 July 1773. City Polls 1781: C., 1784: A. Poss. also bookseller and printer. Son George app. William Strahan, printer 1776. Howe; Musgrave.

FREMONT, Peter, stationer, bookbinder and paper hanger. Brown's Lane, Spitalfields 1795K-1800P; 30, Brown's Lane 1802H-1831R; John Street, Spitalfields 1805H.

FRENCH, Henry, stationer and playing card maker. 11, Broad Street, Bloomsbury 1794B-1805H.

FRENCH, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller and bookbinder. Warwick Lane 1765-70; 28, Poultry 1775; 47, opp. Hatton Garden, Holborn c1775-78; Spa Fields 1781. S. of John F. of Orpington, farmer, decd. 1783. App. Thomas Simpson 4 Mar. 1755, turned over to Nathaniel Chapman 2 May 1758, free Sta. Co. 6 Apr. 1762, livery 4 Dec. 1770. 1765-81, 7 apps. 4 premiums. Trade card Heal Collectioin. Issued a few musical publications. Howe; Ramsden; Humphries and Smith; St. James chronicle 3 Jan 1775.

FRENCH, John, bookseller, 164, Fenchurch Street 1786L-1787L. Bankrupt 23 June 1787, cert. 30 Dec. 1788, divs. 4 Oct. 1788, 15 Feb. 1790. Imprint(s): Kress: B 1136-37.

FRICKER and HENDERSON. 1775/1800. Paper hanging manufacturers. New Bond Street 1799H; 161, New Bond Street 1800P-1808P; 19, Albemarle Street 1805H-1813P; 170, New Bond Street 1809P-1818P; 80, New Bond Street 1811H-1819R, Grosvenor Road, St. George's Fields 1819R. James Henderson, carver and gilder at 80, New Bond Street 1821. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

FRICKER, J. or T.. 1775/1800. Paper hanging warehouse. 29, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1799H. Previously Graves and Fricker q.v. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

FRICKER, James, seller of types, presses and printers' materials. 26, Leadenhall Street 1800; 114, Chancery Lane 1802-08; residence 15, Castle Street, Holborn 1806. Registered press 1800, business of selling types etc. 1802. Todd.

FRIEDEBERG, S.. 1775/1800. Print publisher. Goulston Street, Whitechapel 1799. J. C. Smith 80.

FRISKE, Jonathan,Circulating library. Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square 1800. Error for Fiske, Jonathan q.v. Hamlyn.

FROME, Henry, stationer. 25, Bishopsgate Street within 1774K-1783K. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L.

FRY and COUCHMAN. 1775/1800. Printers. see Henry Fry and Stephen Couchman.

FRY, Benjamin. 1775/1800. Engraver and printer. 4, Old Round Court, Strand 1790U-1817U. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

FRY, Edmund, typefounder and printer. 8, Queen Street, Moorfields 1782-1783K; 15, Worship Street c1784-1788; 6, Type Street 1788-1829; 23, Kingsland Crescent 1799H-1803; 2, Baches Row, City Road 1805H. Trading: as Frys, Couchman and Collier 1782-1783B; as Frys and Couchman 1784B-1787L; as Edmund Fry and Co. 1787-94; as Fry and Steele 1794-99; as Fry, Steele and Co. 1799-1805H; as Fry and Steele 1805-c1815; as Edmund Fry 1816-1820P; as Edmund Fry and son 1821P-1828. B. 1754, Bristol, s. of Joseph F. q.v.; d. 22 Dec. 1835, Dalby Terrace, City Road. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Educated as doctor but deaf. Partner with father 1782, successor 1787. Specimen sheets 1787, 1788, 1795. Printing office attached to foundry but it remained at Worship Street under Henry Fry when the foundry moved 1788. Isaac Steele taken into partnership 1794. Letter founders to Prince of Wales 1788-1805. Business registered 1799. George Knowles partner 1799. Fry a learned philologist, publ. Pantographia illustrating over 200 alphabets 1799. Fry disliked modern faces but was forced to follow the 'pernicious fashion'. Specimen 1814. Known as 'Polyglot Foundry' 1824-28, specimen 1824. Firm auctioned and acquired by William Thoroughgood of Fann Street 1828. Posthumously awarded medal for designing embossed type for the blind 1837. Cut oriental founts for British and Foreign Bible Society. Son Wendover partner soon after 1816. DNB; Reed; Todd.

FRY, Henry. 1775/1800. Printer and typefounder. 8, Queen Street, Moorfields 1782-1790L; 15, Worship Street c 1786-89; 10, Throgmorton Street 1790U; 31, Finsbury Place 1797-1800P; 3, Cross Street, Finsbury 1799; 163, Holywell Street 1801; 47, Chiswell Street 1801; 49, Basinghall Street 1805-08. Trading: as Frys, Couchman and Collier 1782-1783B; as Frys and Couchman 1784B-1787L; as Fry and Couchman 1788-1790L; as Henry Fry 1794-1808. Son of Joseph F. q.v. Partner with father 1782. Continued to run printing office at Worship Street when brother's foundry moved to Type Street 1788. Styled 'Cicero Press'. Partner with Stephen Couchman 1782-1790L. Registered presses 1799, 1801, 1805, typefounding business 1799. Brother Edmund Fry q.v. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2675; 1795: B2904, 3057-58; 1797: B3317; 1800: B4277. Reed; Todd.

FRY, Joseph, typefounder and printer. Bristol 1764-66; 8, Queen Street, Moorfields 1766-1783K; 15, Worship Street c 1784-87. Trading: as Isaac Moore and Co. 176476; as Joseph Fry and Co. 1776-78; as Frys, Couchman and Collier 1779-84, as Frys and Couchman 1784B1787L. B. 1728, Bristol, s. of John F.; d. 29 Mar. 1787, bun in Bristol. Entered medical profession. Began founding in partnership with William Pine printer of Bristol gazette and with Isaac Moore as manager and punchcutter, the business being conducted under the latter's name 1764. Moore left business 1776. Stephen Couchman joined printing side of firm c1779. Specimens 1778, 1780. Acquired several founts in the sale of James foundry 1782. Pine left the business 1782 and Fry admitted sons Edmund and Henry as partners about this time. Specimen 1786. Typefounder to Prince of Wales 1787. Joseph retired 1787. Also partner in Bristol porcelain works, soap factory in Bristol and chemical works in Battersea. Founder of Fry's chocolate business. DNB; Reed.

FRY, STEELE and Co. 1775/1800. Typefounders. see Edmund Fry and Isaac Steele.

FRY, William. 1775/1800. Paper stainer. 4, Ludgate Hill 1772K-1775N. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

FRY, William, stationer. New North Street, Red Lion Square 1768K; 71, Holborn Bridge 1769K-1775N. Trading: as Fry and Webb 1770K, otherwise alone.

FRYAR, William, stationer. Cousin Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Mo.

FRYER, George. 1775/1800. Law stationer. Chancery Lane 1790U-1800P; 98, Chancery Lane 1802H-1811 H. Trading: alone 1790U-1800P; as George and John Fryer 1802H-1810P; as George Fryer and Andrew Northcroft 1811H.

FRYS and COUCHMAN. See Joseph Fry, Stephen Couchman.

FRYS, COUCHMAN and COLLIER. See Joseph Fry, Stephen Couchman.

FULLER, George. 1775/1800. Printer, stationer and paper hanger. 110, Bishopsgate Street 1800-04. Registered press 1800. See John Fuller. Todd.

FULLER, John, stationer. 110, Bishopsgate Street without 1799H. See George Fuller.

FULLER, John II. 1775/1800. Bookseller, bookbinder and stationer. 'Bible', Butcherhall Lane and Newgate Street 1754-62; Blowbladder Street, Cheapside 1749-1765K; 6, Bible and Dove, Ave Mary Lane 1767K-1776K; Hoxton 1769K-1770K; Peckham 1781; Bow Bridge, Middlesex 1792-96. S. of John F. I, bookbinder (d. 1776/7); deed. 1799. App. his father 2 Sept. 1740, free Sta. Co. 2 Feb. 1748, livery 6 June 1758. Trade card Heal collection. Ran circulating library. John 'senior and junior' (I & II?) both in business 3 Jan. 1775 according to St. James chronicle. Music imprint c1765. The three generations are difficult to disentangle. City Poll 1781: C. Also described as broker 1759K-1770K. Son John III. Howe Plomer; Hamlyn; Humphries and Smith.

FULLER, John III. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. S. of John II q.v. App. Bartholomew Adams 1 Sept. 1761. Howe.

FULLER, Richard. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. Ave Mary Lane 1776. Bankrupt Oct. 1776. Gent's Mag.

FULLFOORD, Thomas. 1775/1800. Paper stainer. Rupert Street 1784. Westminster poll 1784: F.

FURLEY, Samuel, carver, gilder and bookseller. 35, New Bond Street 1784B-1789A.

FURMAN, John, stationer. Inner Temple Lane, Fleet Street 1772K-1785B; Temple Lane 1786K-1788K.

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