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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: B

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names B

BABBS, Michael, stationer and bookseller, see William Babbs.

BABBS, Samuel, music seller and publisher and proprietor of musical circulating library, 132, Oxford Street c1770-1786. Cat. of library claimed over 20,000 books 1778. Joseph Dale purchased stock and library and advertised that it contained upwards of 100,000 books 1786. Humphries and Smith; Hamlyn.

BABBS, William, stationer and bookseller, 31, Oxford Street, 1774KL-1790U. Trading: as William and Michael Babbs 1774KL-1778K; as William Babbs 1779K-1790 U.

BACON, Henry, bookseller, 10, King Street, Soho 1799H.

BADCOCK, Abraham, bookseller, corner of St. Paul's Churchyard 1780-1797. D. 18 Apr. 1797. Native of Devonshire, continued business of Francis Newbery as manager for Elizabeth Newbery. Nichols says: 'His judgement of books was good and he possessed literary talents himself ... a few of the best designed children's books were written by him at moments of leisure.' Died as the result of a cold caught 12 Apr. Nichols iii 481, 714-15; Timperley 794-95.

BADDELLY, John, rag merchant, Golden Lane 1790U; Basket Alley, Golden Lane 1799H.

BADLEY, William, bookseller, 9, Charles Street, Hatton Garden 1794B; Upper Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square 1795. Bankrupt 16 June 1795, cert. 8 Mar. 1796, divs. ] Dec.1795, 15 Nov.1798, 30 Nov 1798.

BAGGALLY, William, stationer, 48, Barbican 1790U.

BAGSHAW, Richard, stationer and news dealer, 27, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1799H-1800P; 31, Bow Street 1801P-1807P; 10, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1808P-1840P+. Trading: as Richard Bagshaw 1799H1813P; as Bagshaw and sons 1814P-1817P; as T. and G. Bagshaw 1818P-18l9P; as T. Bagshaw 1820P1829P; as Richard Bagshaw 1830P-1840P+. Tried for libel 9 July 1810. Timperley 839.

BAGSTER, Samuel, bookseller, 81, Strand 1794-1816; 15, Paternoster Row 1816-1860P+; 14, King's Road, Bedford Row-1850P-1860P+. Trading: as Samuel Bagster 1794-1842P; as Samuel Bagster and sons 1843P-1860P+; survive as Samuel Bagster and sons Ltd., 72, Marylebone Lane 1973. B. 26 Dec. 1772, s. of George B. of Beaufort Buildings; d. 28 Mar. 1851, Old Windsor. App. William Otridge. Produced The English Version of the Polyglot Bible, every detail including the binding supervised by the publisher 1816. Biblia sacra polyglotta Bagsteriana 4 vol. 1817-28, folio editions 1828, 1831 and many separate issues of parts. Octoglot edition of Church of England liturgy 1821 and many other aids to the study of the scriptures. Fire on premises Mar. 1822. Published some music. Sons: Samuel, eldest (1800-35) entered father's business 1815; set up as printer in Bartholomew Close 1825; printed polyglot Bibles and other learned publs. for firm of Bagster and sons. Jonathan (1813-72) succ. as senior partner of firm. DNB; Humphries and Smith.

BAILEY and STOKES, bookbinders, Packer's Court, Coleman Street 1775. Partnership between John Bailey and Charles Stokes dissolved 1 Jan 1776 (LDA 4 Jan 1776). Berch.

BAILEY, John, bookbinder, Coleman Street 1743-65; Packer's Court, Coleman Street 1775. Son of John of hampstead, peruke maker. Aopp. to brother James, free Sta. Co. 6 Jun 1738. 1743-65 8 apps. Charles Stokes q.v. his app. 1765, free 1772, later his partner, See Bailey and Stokes.

BAILEY, John, bookbinder, Cock Street, St. Martin's 1784 Westminster Poll 1784: F.

BAILEY, John, printer, 50, Bishopsgate Street 1799. Todd.

BAILEY, John, stationer, 89, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1794B-1833P. Trading: previously partner with John Leapidge q.v.; as John Bailey 1794B-1802H; as Bailey and Paine 1802P-1809H; as Bailey, Paine and Co. 1810P-1821P; as Bailey, Surgey and Blight 1822P-1825P; as Bailey and Blight 1826R-1833P. Continued as Blight and Burrup. Livery Pewterers' Co. by 1792.

BAILEY, John, printer, 55, East Smithfield 1799; 16, Chancery Lane 1807; 116, Chancery Lane 1808-1827P; 22, Chancery Lane 1817; 13, Rolls Buildings 1817-21; 14, Fetter Lane 1825 (John B.). Trading: as John Bailey 1799-1822P; as John and William Bailey 1823P-1824P; as John Norton Bailey 1825P-1827P. William Harrison at 116, Chancery Lane by 1828. Todd.

BAILEY, Mrs. Susan, printer, 50, Bishopsgate Street within 1799H-1804; 119-120, Petticoat Lane 1799; 120, Petticoat Lane 1804; 35, Threadneedle Street 1806-08. Todd.

BAILEY, Richard, copperplate printer, 30, Berwick Street, Soho 1799H.

BAILEY, Thomas, printer, 5, Star Alley, Mark Lane 1785P. S. of Thomas B., printer. App. his father 1760, free Sta. Co. 1767, liv. 1793. 1793-95 3 apps. 3 premiums average £7. According to Howe succ. by Samuel Burton q.v. Howe.

BAILEY, Thomas, printer, Lower East Smithfield 1799H-1802H.

BAILEY, Thomas, printer, 5, Star Alley, Mark Lane, 1785P. S. of Thomas B. of Wapping, yeoman. App. William Osborne 1733, free Sta. Co. 1741, 1745-90 9 apps. Sons Thomas and William. printers qq.v. Howe.

BAILEY, Thomas, printer, Petticoat Lane 1763; 22, Petticoat Lane 1785P. Todd; Howe; Plomer.

BAILEY, W., printer, 28, Great Tower Street 1775. Printer of tradesmen's bills etc. and of items on American revolution 1775. Plomer.

BAILEY, William, printer, Warrington 1781; Birmingham 1783-84; 53, Basinghall Street 1784-1785B; 7, Featherstone Street Bunhill Row 1785P; 46, Tottenham Court Road 1790. Prob. bankrupt July 1784, cert. 20 July 1784. Publ. London and national directories at Warrington 1781, Birmingham 1783 and London 1784-90. Capital stock in trade to be sold by auction as ill state of health obliges him to retire 7 Jul 1790 (Times 5 Jul 1790). Berch; Todd; Howe; Norton; Goss.

BAILEY, William, printer and music seller, The little a 41, Leadenhall Street c1770-85; The little a, 42 Bishopsgate Street within 1785P-1790U. S. of Thomas B. printer q.v. App. his father 1758, free Sta. Co. 1767 1768-93 14 apps. 5 premiums average £7. Probable printer of the following keepsake:

The Silver Thames was frozen o'er,
No diffrence 'twixt the Stream and Shore:
The like no Man hath seen before,
Except he liv'd in Days of Yore.
On the Ice, at the Thames Printing Office, opposite St. Catherine's Stairs in the severe Frost, January, 1789. Printed by Me, William Bailey.
Todd; Humphries and Smith.

BAILEY, William, bookseller, St. John's Street. Bankrupt 28 Dec.1789, cert. 2 Aug.1791.

BAILLIE, William, engraver, 23, Lisson Green, Paddington 1802H; 22, Lisson Green 1805H. B. 5 June 1723, Kilbride, County Carlow; d. 22 Dec. 1810, Paddington. Ed. in Dublin under Sheridan. Entered Middle Temple. In Army, retired 1761. Commissioner of Stamps 1773-95. Renowned amateur engraver in all techniques. Plates dated 1753-87, some after own designs but most after artists of Dutch and Flemish schools. Restored plate of Rembrandt's 'Hundred guilder print' 1776. Own publisher, also art dealer, collector and connoisseur. Plates collected and issued in 2 fo. vols. by Boydell 1792. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith.

BAILY, J., engraver, London? 1798. Flourished at end of 18th century. Produced aquatints of views and landscapes, also subjects after Morland. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1798: AS5. Thieme and Becker.

BAIN, James, bookseller, see Martin and Bain.

BAIRD, bookbinder, Named in Trade Committee minutes 1799. Howe.

BAKER, paper hanging manufacturer. See: Salt and Baler.

BAKER and LEIGH, booksellers, York Street. See Samuel Baker and George Leigh.

BAKER, Benjamin, map engraver and publisher Islington 1792-1800; Lower Street, Islington n.d. Livery Sta. Co. 1789. Active c1780-1824. In later years chiefly occupied in the Ordnance Office in the Tower engraving 1st. edit. of Ordnance Survey maps. Chubb; Darlington and Howgego.

BAKER, James, printer and bookseller, Russell Street, Covent Garden 1799H.

BAKER, John, stationer, 57, Tooley Street 1790U.

BAKER, John, stationer, 30, Crown Street, Soho 1796-1799H. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

BAKER, Joseph, engraver, Islington 1792; White Lion Street, Islington 1796; 59, White Lion Street 1802H1805H. Livery Sta. 1789. Described as historical engraver 1802H. Imprint(s): Abbey: (I. Baker) AS514.

BAKER, Richard, press and tobacco engine maker, 66, Fore Street 1780K-1786K, 65, Fore Street 1788K-1831; 309, Oxford Street 1801-27; 42, Fenchurch Street 1828-31. Trading: as R. Baker 1780K-1800; as R. Baker and son 1801-1827; as R. Baker 1828-31. Livery Joiners' Co. by 1792. Described as patent mangle and chaff engine makers to his majesty and the royal family 1820-27. Todd.

BAKER, Samuel, bookseller, over Exeter Exchange, Strand 1744-45; Rose Tavern, Temple Bar 1749-51 York Street 1754-78. Trading: as Samuel Baker 1744-66, as Baker and Leigh 1767-78. D. 24 Apr. 1778 aged 66. Established as bookseller in London by 1739. Began auction sales 1744. Cats. publ. alone 1744-66, with George Leigh 1767-78. Bookseller to Great Wardrobe 1760-78. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe. Cl. Famous as auctioneer. Retired a few years before his death to villa he built at Woodford Bridge near Chigwell, Essex. Monument in churchyard of St. Paul Covent Garden. Nephew John Sotheby q.v. bequeathed his property. Nichols iii 629-31, 161-62; Timperley 742; BM book sales; Plomer.

BAKER, William, printer, Cullum Street 1763; Ingram Court 1772-85,. Trading: as Galabin and Baker 1772-85. B 1742 s. of William B. of Reading, schoolmaster; d. 29 Sept. 1785, bur. in vault of St. Dionis Backchurch. App. Joseph Kippax, printer of Cullum Street 1758 £20, free Sta. Co. 1766, livery 1776, 1767-83 8 apps. 4 premiums 3 at £20, 1 at £100. At first intended for university and while app. his studying endangered his health but he recovered and on Kippax's death he succeeded to his business, removing later to Ingram Court where he had as partner John William Galabin q.v. Skilled in Greek, Latin, French, Italian, some knowledge of Hebrew. Knew and corresponded with many men of letters. Author of two small works and a number of poems. Epitaph on family tomb at St. Mary, Reading. With Galabin publ. music for Robert Horsfield 1772, 1775. City Poll 1781: L. Imprint(s): Kress: (Baker end Galabin) 1779: B216. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii 715-16; Timperley 757; Humphries and Smith.

BALCETTI, Joseph, bookseller, 6, Pall Mall 1789A. See Ballietti & Poore.

BALDREY, Joshua K., engraver and printseller, 37, Green Street, Grosvenor square 1781; 19, Holborn 1788; 279, Holborn 1789A-1790U; 3, Featherstone Buildings, Holborn 1793-94. B. 1754; d. 6 Dec. 1828, Hatfield Wood Side, Herts. Practised in London and Cambridge 1780-1810. Used chalk and dotted manner, many works printed in colour. Chief work east window of Kings College Chapel in colour. Publ. a dissertation on the windows of the chapel 1818. Exhibited Royal Academy 1793-94. Imprint(s): Abbey 1791: AL155. BM Satires 1781, 1788. DNB; Graves.

BALDWIN family, The complex relationships of this family have not been traced in detail. For the sake of completeness some members who practised wholly outside the period have been included. A draft family tree is given in the introduction.

BALDWIN, stationer, 34, St. Paul's Churchyard. Partner with E. L. Witts q.v. 1800P-1803P. Poss. Elizabeth Baldwin widow of Richard q.v.

BALDWIN, Charles, printer and publisher, Union Street, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars 1796-38; 21, Union Street 1841 -53. Trading: as Charles and Robert Baldwin 1805-11; as Charles Baldwin 1811-53. B. 1774 3rd s. of Henry B.; d. 18 Feb. 1865, 27, Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park. App. to his father 1789, free Sta. Co. patrimony 1795, livery 1795, master 1842, 1843, 1796-1815 25 apps. 2 premiums £2, £30. Partner and successor to father as proprietor of St. James's Chronicle, also proprietor of Morning Herald. Founded Standard evening paper 21 May 1827. Contested Lambeth Aug. 1837 and July 1841. Retired 1844. Son? Charles Baldwin jun. 47, Paternoster Row, witness for press Oct. 1802. Howe; Nichols iii 716-17; Todd; Brown; Boase; McKenzie 344.

BALDWIN, Henry, printer, Britannia Printing Office, Whitefriars 1761-68;108, Fleet Street 1769-89; corner Union Street, New Bridge Street 1789-1803; New Bridge Street 1803-36. Trading: as Richard Baldwin 1761; as Henry Baldwin 1761-98; as Henry Baldwin and son 17981803; as Charles Baldwin 1803-36. S. of Robert Baldwin of Faringdon, Berks. apothecary; d. 21 Feb. 1813, Richmond. App. Mary Say 5 Sept 1749, free and livery Sta. Co. 7 Dec. 1756, court 1 July 1788, master 1792, 1759-94 30 apps. 9 premiums average £25. Taught by Ackers of Clerkenwell, printer of the London Magazine. Printer of St. James's Chronicle, literary newspaper which he established 'by the assistance of a phalanx of first-rate wits' 1761-1803. Also printed Baldwin's Weeekly Journal or, London Spy 1762-1803. Fined £100 for publ. letter of Horne Tooke 17 Dec. 1776. House in New Bridge Street built especially for him. Signed compositors' scale 1785. City Polls 1781: C; I' 84:A. Retired leaving business to son Charles for some years his partner. Two brothers incl. Robert I (d. 1810); brother-in-law Thomas Curtis; uncle Richard Baldwin sen.; 3 sons, 3 daughters incl. successor Charles. Imprint(s): Kress:(H. Baldwin) 1788: B1490; (H.Baldwin and son) 1799: B3812, S5594-96; 1800: B4138. Abbey: 1796: AS537. Nichols iii 716-17, iv 47879; Howe; Todd; Plomer; Timperley 738, 849; Blagden.

BALDWIN, Joseph, D. 15 Mar. 1800 aged 75. Clerk to Sta. Co. 1776-1800. Many years deputy clerk of the Crown and registrar of the Amicable Society in Serjeants Inn. Nichols iii 606; Timperley 802.

BALDWIN, Richard, bookseller and bookbinder, Creed Lane 1726-31; St.Paul's Churchyard 1777. Parentage uncertain; d. 4 June 1777 aged 86 at Birmingham. App. Robert Whitledge,2 Aug 1708, free Sta. Co. 2 May 1716, livery 5 Sept. 1732, 1726-31 3 apps. 2 premiums £10, £20 App. as binder, later became bookseller. Retired many years before death. Son Richard d. before him Jan 1770; widow Elizabeth d. 10 Aug. 1809, in will bequests to Sta. Co. of £250 3 per cent stock. Nichols iii 716, ix 705; Timperley 738, 835; Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden; Musgrave.

BALDWIN, Robert I, bookseller, 47, The Rose, Paternoster Row 1746-1810. Trading: as Richard Baldwin 1746-1770N; as Robert Baldwin 1770K-1810. D. 30 Mar. 1810 in 73rd year, bur. St. Faith's 5 Apr. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Publ. London Magazine 1746-84 and many political items. Took adverts. for Ari's Birmingham GazetteP. Member of Shakespeare dining club. For last 4 years of his life bedridden. Succ. by Robert, son of an older nephew. Uncle Richard Baldwin sent (d. 1777). Imprint(s): Kress: 1778: B141; 1780: B298; 1784: S5049; 1785?: B821; 1790: S5313; 1792: B2251. Nichols iii 716, vi 443; Timperley 838; Brown.

BALDWIN, Robert II, bookseller, Paternoster Row 1791. Eldest s. of Henry B.; d. Caterham, Surrey 22 Sept.1791 aged 24. Uncle Robert B. I, with whom he entered business shortly before his death. Musgrave.

BALDWIN, Robert III, bookseller and printer, Union Street, New Bridge Street 1805-10; 47 Paternoster Row 1810-55; 16, Essex Street, Strand 1856-61. Trading: with Charles Baldwin 1805-10; as Robert Baldwin 1810-15; as Baldwin, Cradock and Joy 1816-28; as Baldwin and Cradock 1829-41; as Robert Baldwin 1842-61. Only s. of Benjamin B. of Faringdon, Berks., surgeon; d. Cumberland Place, Westbourne Grove North 29 Jan. 1858 aged 78. Succ. Robert B. I on death in 1810. Started London Magazine in opposition to Blackwood's Magazine 1820. Transferred to Messrs. Taylor and Hessey 1821. Insolvent. Stock keeper of Sta. Co. 1834 to death. A Charles B. jun. of 47, Paternoster Row witness for press of Charles B. of Union Street Oct. 1802. Todd; Boase: Mod. Engl. Biog.

BALDWIN, Robert, architect and engraver, London fl. 1760-c.1804. Son of a builder or surveyor. Articled to Matthew Brettingham (died 1769). Worked for Robert Mylne (architect of Blackfriars Bridge) from 1763. A fine draughtsman. Works include: engraved plates of Blackfriars Bridge dated 1766, signed 'Rt Baldwin delin et sculp', designs for a pile-driver dated 1 March 1787 and signed 'R.Baldwin del et sculp' (in George Dance's collection at the Soane Museum). He worked for George Dance from 1768, preparing the design and contract drawings for Newgate Gaol, 1768-9. Elevation of the west front of the new Newgate Prison, as designed by George Dance, R. Baldwin sculp. 1782 in Crace Collection, British Museum (Crace xxvii.56). Draughtsman for some of Soane's student drawings for the Royal Academy and for other schemes, 1770-80. From 1780, he 'ghosted' for Soane in the early years of practice, making presentation drawings, working drawings etc Sources: Jill Lever Catalogue of the Drawings of George Dance the Younger (2003) ; Howard Colvin Biographical Dictionary of British Architects 1600-18403rd ed. (Yale 1995) pp.93-4.

BALDWIN, Samuel, paper maker, 197, Upper Thames Street 1790U.

BALDWIN, Sarah, stationer and bookseller, Islington c1794U.

BALFE, Richard, 24, Addle Street, Wood Street. Registered press 1800. Todd.

BALL, Charles, stationer, 5, Carey Street, Chancery Lane 1786L.

BALL, Henry, 6, Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road. Registered Press 1800. Todd.

BALL James, music seller and publisher and pianoforte maker, 1, Duke Street, Grosvenor square c1789-1802; 26, Duke Street c1802-08; 27, Duke Street c1808-35. Trading: as James ball c1789-1815; as Motta and Ball c1794; as James Ball and son c1815-35. Partner with Domenico Motta q.v. Humphries and Smith.

BALL, John, stationer, 318, High Holborn 1779L-1786L.

BALL, Thomas, music seller, Islington 1793. Bankrupt 9 Apr. 1793.

BALL, Thomas James Richard, Princes Street, Moorfields. Registered press 1799. Todd.

BALLARD, Edward, bookseller, Rising Sun, Little Britain 1726-1765K; 59, Little Britain 1767K-1794K. Trading: as Ballard and son 1755K-1761K, as Edward Ballard 1763K-1794K. S. of Samuel B. (d.1761); d. 2 Jan 1796 aged 88. Publ. cats. 1758-78. Last of his profession in Little Britain, once a great centre of the trade. In old age had to be carried in a chair. Thomas, first of Ballards in Little Britain, eminent for divinity cats. Described by Dunton 1705. Nichols i 422-23, iii 405, 631; Timperley 789; BM book sales 1768; Plomer.

BALLARD, Thomas, bookseller, 46, Chandos Street 1799H. A Mr. Ballard owned a circulating library at this address 1773. Hamlyn.

BALLARD, William, bookbinder, Tower Royal, Watling Street 1782. S. of William B. of St. Andrew Undershaft, cooper. App. Christopher Norris 3 Mar 1767 £5, free Sta. Co. 13 June 1772, 1782 1 app. premium £5. Howe; Ramsden.

BALLIETTI and POOR(E), booksellers, 6, Pall Mall 1790U-1792U. See Joseph Balcetti.

BALNE, Giles, printer, 32, Wych Street, Strand 1799; 6, Water Lane, Fleet Street 1800; 7, Union Street, Broad Street 1807; Gracechurch Street 1808-30; 38, Gracechurch Street 1830-44. Trading: as Giles Balne 1799-1800; as Gye and Balne 1807-30; as Giles Balne 1830-38; as G. and W. Balne 1839-43; as George Balne 1844. D. 22 July 1838. Office destroyed by fire Mar. 1820. Brown; Todd.

BALSAM, Robert, 53, St. John Street. Registered press 1799. Todd. Error for Bassam, Robert q.v.

BANISTER, John, engraver, 2, Newcastle Street, Fleet Street 1799H-1805H; 18, Newcastle Street 1811H. Trading: as John Banister 1799H; as Elizabeth Banister 1805H-1811H.

BANISTER, Richard, bookseller, Temple Bar 1784, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1788L-1802H, 7, Bell Yard 1790U, 8, Bell Yard 1805H-1815K. Witness in trial of Matthew James Everingham 1784. Old Bailey Sessions Papers 7 July 1784, p. 1028.

BARBER and SMITH, stationers, see Joseph Barber.

BARBER, Charles, printer, 36, Wilderness Lane, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1799; Rainbow Passage, Fleet Street 1799, 15, Fleet Street 1804-08; 92, Dorset Street, Fleet Street 1810-1811H. Todd; Brown.

BARBER, J., engraver, Engraved various maps 1776. Chubb.

BARBER, Joseph, stationer, 42, Threadneedle Street 1789A.

BARBER, Joseph, stationer and paper hanger, 9, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1774K-1804P; Finsbury Place 1790U; 2, Finsbury Place 1799H-1800P. Trading: as Joseph Barber 1774K-1800P; as Barber and Smith 1800P1804P. Hannas.

BARBER, William, pasteboard and card maker and leather cutter, 12, Redcross Street 1784B-1792U; 1, Jewin Street 1790U. Trading: as William Barber 1784B1792U, as William Barber and Co. 1790U. Bankrupt 26 Nov. 1791, cert. Mar. 1792, div. 30 June 1792.

BARCLAY, Robert, brewer, Southwark 1790. Patent no. 1766 of 1790 for the manufacture of punches.

BARDIN, Thomas, globe maker, Hind Court, Fleet Street 1792. Livery Girdlers' Co. by 1792. See William Bardin.

BARDIN, William, globe maker, Hind Court, Fleet Street 1785B; 4, Hind Court 1790U; 16, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street 1797K-1840P+. Trading: as William Bardin 1785B, as William Bardin and son 1790U; as Bardin and son 1797K-1815P; as Bardin and sons 1816P1820P; as Elizabeth M. Bardin 1821P-1840P. See Thomas Bardin.

BARFIELD, John, printer, 91, Wardour Street, Soho 1796-1842, 21, Wardour Street 1842. Copperplate printer to Prince of Wales 1805, printer to Prince of Wales 180720. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3968. Abbey: 1800: AL152, AS185. Todd; Brown.

BARFOOT and WILKES, British Directory Office, 17, Ave Maria Lane 1790-1799. Peter Barfoot, a gent. Iiving at Midlington Place, Droxford financed the Universal British Dircctory of John Wilkes q.v. for which royal patent conferred 28 Aug. 1789. Darlington and Howgego; Norton.

BARFOOT, Joseph, stationer and bookseller, 31, Norton Falgate 1799H-1800P; 27, Norton Falgate 1802H-1805H+. Erroneously listed as Burfoot 1799H-1800P.

BARFOOT, Peter, See Barfoot and Wilkes, John Wilkes.

BARFORD, Henry, auctioneer and upholsterer, 226 Piccadilly 1778K-1781L; Great Piazza, Covent Garden 1782K-1785K. Sold collections of Ingham Foster 1783. Successor to Langford q.v. Nichols ix 799.

BARFORD, Morris, musical instrument maker and publisher, 113, Great Portland Street 1790U. A Morris Barford was active at Cambridge as music engraver and printer and musical instrument maker c 1775-1810. Publ. some music in London c.1790. Humphries and Smith.

BARIFF, W., rag merchant, 12 Lothbury 1770N-1777N.

BARIRE, James, copperplate engraver, 7, Quality Court, Chancery Lane 1799H. Misprint for Basire?

BARKER, London. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3823, 400 L Could refer to either of the following.

BARKER, James, printer and bookseller, Russell Court, Drury Lane 1779-1796; 19, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden 1800P-1818. S. of Jeremiah B. of North Mimms labourer. App. to William Griffin 1766, livery Sta. Co. 1801, 1776-1802 10 apps. 1 premium £4. Publ. cats. 1790, 1800. Ran Dramatic Repository. Proprietor of London Courant 1779-83, publisher 1779, 1783 (at 116 Strand 1783). Printed Citizen's Morning Post 1768-91. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Howe Nichols iii 631, BM book sales; Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

BARKER, John, printer, Blackfriars 1781; Broadway, Blackfriars 1784; 1, Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1785P; 6, Old Bailey 1790-1800; 4, Crane Court, Fleet Street 1819; 9, Crane Court 1823-38. Trading: sometimes as Benson and Barker 1823-38. S. of Ralph B. citizen and vintner; d. 25 Mar 1831. App. to William Lear 1764, free and livery Sta. Co. 1771, 1777-95 7 apps. 1 premium £50. Printer of London Evening Post c1790-1800, of Craftsman or, Ayre's London Journal c1790-99. City Polls 1781: C; 1784: A. Howe; Todd; Aspinall.

BARLING and HAN(D)COCK, bookbinders, see William Barling.

BARLING, William, bookbinder, bookseller and stationer, 6, Oxford Arms Passage, Warwick Lane 1781; 30, Warwick Lane 1789A-1792U; 99, Wood Street, Cheapside 1799H-1836. Trading: alone 1781; as Barling and Co. 1789A; as Barling and sons 1790U; as Barling and Han(d)cock 1792U; as William Barling 1799H-1810; as Mary Barling 1811-26; as George Barling 1827-36. S. of Moses B. Iate of Beech Lane, carpenter. App. James MacKenzie 4 Dec. 1770, turned over to John Barling, free Barbers' Co. 3 Apr. 1781. His app. Thomas Handcock free Barbers' Co. 7 Dec. 1791. Also circulating library 1809H. Todd; Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden.

BARLOW, engraver, London? ?=Inigo Barlow engraver in London c1790. Illustrations for Rees' Encyclopedia etc. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791: AT719; 1793: AT719. Thieme and Becker.

BARLOW, card and pasteboard maker, 13, Windmill Hill, Upper Moorfields 1785P.

BARNARD, ironmonger, bodkin seller etc., 25, Shoe Lane 1785P.

BARNARD and STEVENSON, stationers, see S. Barnard.

BARNARD, Edward, stationer, 17, Ave Maria Lane 1767K-1783L.

BARNARD, John George, printer, 14 George's Court, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell 1800-1802H; 21, Water La, Fleet St 1803-1805H; 57 Skinner St, Snow Hill 1806-1823; Playhouse Yard, Bridge Street, Blackfriars 1825-1832. Trading: as Barnard & Sultzer 1803-1805; as Sultzer & Barnard 1805H; as Barnard & Farley 1814-21. Son James app. his father 6 Dec. 1825, free 7 Dec. 1832, Government Printer, Hobart, Tasmania 1839-1880. Died 1842. Free Sta. Co. 1808 (Turner) or 2 Mar. 1813 (Rouse). Printing house destroyed by fire 1811. Bankrupt London Gazette 3 Jul. 1824. Law case Barnard v. Stockdale – re unpaid costs in printing of the infamous Memoirs of Harriette Wilson Times 24 Jun.1825; also Blore vs Stockdale 1 Jul. 1825. Todd; Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue; Michael Turner London book trades data; information from great-great-great granddaughter, Frances Rouse, Australia 2007-2008.

BARNARD, Philip, engraver in relief, 41, Rathbone Place 1792U.

BARNARD, S., law stationer, 4, Mitre Court, Fleet Street 1790U-1802H. Trading: as S. Barnard 1790U-1799H; as Barnard and Stevenson 1802H. A Mr. Barnard, stationer of Mitre court, d. 3 Sept. 1791. Musgrave.

BARNARD, William, printseller and engraver, 18 London Street, Fitzroy Square 1798; 1, Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square 1801-12. b. 1774; d. 11 Nov. 1849. Active c1798-1819. Engr. ports. etc. after notable artists, e.g. Nelson after L. F. Abbot. Summer and Winter after Morland often printed in colours. Keeper of British Institution. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 7-12.

BARNES and NORRIS, music sellers, 34, Coventry Street, Haymarket 1794K-1807P.

BARNES, HALFHIDE and Co., engravers, see John Barnes.

BARNES, John, seal engraver, Coventry Street, Leicester Fields 1784-1799K; 7, Coventry Street 1800P-1801 P. Trading: as John Barnes 1784-1795K; as Barnes, Halfhide and Co. 1796K-1801P. Westminster Poll 1784: H., F. See also Halfhide and Co.

BARNES, John, engraver, Cecil Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774; Pe., Cl.

BARNES, John, pasteboard maker, 46, Compton Street, Goswell Street 1790U.

BARNES, Joseph, stationer and playing card maker, see Yates and Barnes.

BARNES, Thomas, stationer, quill merchant and pen cutter, Windsor Court 1774; 5, Old Bailey 1790U-1792K; 63, Old Bailey 1793K-1798K; 93, Fleet Street 1799H-1801P. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Bankrupt 2 May 1801, cert. 12 Sept. 1801, divs. 26 Jan. 1801, 14 May 1803,20 July 1805, 12 Nov. 1805.

BARNES, Thomas, bookbinder, bookseller and stationer, Piccadilly 1797-98; 9, Piccadilly 1799H-1818P; 24, Tichbourne Street 1819P-1821P; 28, Piccadilly 1822P1823P; 4, Swallow Street 1824P-1830P. S. of Henry B. of Bromley, carpenter; d. 1849. App. Ann Crowther, Paternoster row, printer 1 Apr. 1783, free Sta. Co. 4 Apr. 1794, livery 6 Aug. 1799, 1799-1804 3 apps. Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden.

BARNES, Thomas, stationer, 234, Strand 1782L-1784L; 138, Fleet Street 1785L. Bankrupt 1785, cert. 5 Dec. 1786, div. 12 Jan. 1787.

BARNETT, copper plate printer, see Daniel Cox.

BARNETT, George, stationer, 184, Strand 1799H. Error for George Burnett, q.v.

BARNETT, Richard, printseller and picture dealer, 161, Oxford Street 1789A; 169, Oxford Street 1790U; 160, ()xford Street 1795B-1817U. Described as sale shop and curiosity repository 1789A.

BARNETT, Thomas, bookbinder, 27, Tabernacle Walk 1799H.

BARNETT, William, engraver, Cockspur Street 1789; 2, Cockspur Street 1794B-1796K; 6, Haymarket 1797K. Bankrupt 7 July 1789, cert. 28 Nov. 1789, div. 23 Oct. 1790. Primarily seal engraver and medallist.

BARNEY, J., engraver and printseller, Tottenham Court Road 1793. A Joseph Barney, stipple engraver, was active at end of 18th century. Poss. Joseph Barney, flower painter, b. 1751 at Wolverhampton. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1784-1827. His address is given as 29 Tottenham Street 1787-92. J. C. Smith 12, Thieme and Becker; Graves.

BARNFIELD, James, stationer, Broad Street, Ratcliffe Cross 1798K; 82, Broad Street 1799H-1819P. Previously Thomas and Barnfield q.v.

BARON, Henry, news dealer, Redman's Row, Mile End 1800P-1801P; New Road, Whitechapel 1802P-1804P.

BARR, James Smith, printer, 6, Catherine Street, Strand c1779; 18, Catherine Street 1785P; 14, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1790-1810. S. of James B. of Coleman Street, trunkmaker. App. Robert Lloyd 1769 premium £30. 1784-95 4 apps. 4 premiums average £21. Printer of Morning Herald c1779, 1785P. Took in adverts for Bury St. Edmunds and Bury Post 1785P. Succ. R. Ayre q.v. as printer of Craftsman or, Ayre's London Journal and Ayre's Sunday London Gazette 1790. Bankrupt 26 Sept. 1795, cert. 12 Jan. 1796, div. 2 May 1797. Westminster Poll 1796: F.; T. At Fountain Court, Strand 1784B. Howe; Brown; Todd; Werkmeister.

BARRELL, C., London. Imprint(s): Kress: 1795: B3008; 1796: B3255. Both in association with H. Servante.

BARRETT, G., printseller and engraver, 289, Holborn 1798. Print dated 1798 noted.

BARRETT, Robert, bookseller, 1, Angel Court, Strand 1775. Sun insurance policy 349499 8 Feb. 1775. Guildhall lib. ms. 11,936/236.

BARRON, William, stationer and paper hanger, 79, Strand 1791K-1805P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner with Thomas Brocklesby, registered press 1801. Todd.

BARROW, Charles, music seller, partner of Thomas Culliford q.v.

BARROW, J., printseller and publisher, 11, St. Brides Passage, Fleet Street 1782; 84, Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1782; White Lion, Bull Stairs, Surrey Side, Blackfriars Bridge 1783-85. All the prints publ. by Barrow are by the same artist, perhaps himself. BM satires.

BARROW, J. C., bookseller, 59, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Square 1791-92. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791-92: AS2.

BARROW, Thomas, engraver, 23, King Street, St. James's 1792-97; 17, Upper Belgrave Place, Chelsea 17 38-1799H; Egham, Surrey 1801; Southall, Middlesex 1819. Exhibited at the Royal Academy 1792-1819. Graves; Thieme and Becker.

BARRY, Charles, bookbinder, St. Dionys Backchurch 1779-84; Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street 1781. Prob. deed. by 1788. App. Griffith Pattenden, free Merchant Ta ylors' Co. 3 July 1751, apps. Arthur Franklin 31 Mar. 1779, John Howes 5 Dec. 1781, Bernard Henington 7 July 1784. Succ. by Margaret, prob. his widow.

BARRY, Margaret, vellum binder, Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street 1788. Prob. widow of Charles Barry q.v. Her app. William Cogan bound through Merchant Taylors' Co. 3 Dec. 1788.

BARRY, Richard, stationer, chart and printseller, 290, Wapping Street 1799H-1800P; 106, Minories 1804P-1811P.

BARRY, Walter Edward, bookbinder and stationer, 35, Great Tower Street 1781-84; Tothill Street 1788; Rood Lane 1790-91; Cross Lane, Newington Butts 1791-92; Manchester Buildings, Westminster 1792-1795L; 2, Bridge Street, Westminster 1796L-1818P+ (?=Palace Yard, Westminster 1792-1801; St. Margaret's Street, Westminster 1801-02). Trading: as W. E. Barry 1781-1805P; as S. Barry 1806P-1818P+. S. of Walter B. of Lombard Street, watchmaker; d. 1804/5. App. to Thomas Palmer, Tower Hill 8 June 1773, free Sta. Co., 1 Aug 1780, livery 4 Sept. 1781, 1783-92 2 apps. Registered presses 1801, 1802. City Poll 1781: A. Sons: William app. his father 1800, free 1807, d. by 1857, 4th son Sir Charles Barry (1795-1860), architect. Todd; Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden.

BARTHOLOMEW, John, bookseller, 75, Lower East Smithfield 1790U-1811H.

BARTOLOZZI, Francesco, engraver, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1764; Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1769-74; Bentinck Street, Berwick Street 1776-80; North End, Fulham 1792-99. B. 1727 Florence, s. of Gaetano B. goldsmith; d. 1815 Lisbon. Studied at Florentine Academy, friend of Cipriani. App. Joseph Wagner engraver at Venice 6 yrs. 1745. Worked at Rome and Venice. Summoned to England by Richard Dalton librarian to George III 1764. Engraver to King. Worked for Boydell. Accomplished in red chalk manner. Joined Royal Institution 1765. Founder member of Royal Academy 1769. Exhibited R. A. 1769-99. Left England to take charge of National Academy at Lisbon 1802. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1789: AL199; 1792-99: AL205; 1794-95: AT719; 1797: AL240, 252; 1799: AL439. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

BARTON, Joseph, bookbinder, St. Andrew's Hill 1778. S. Of Benjamin B. of Southwark, dyer; d. between 1813 and 1822. App. William Berresford 7 Feb. 1764, free Sta. Co. 5 Mar. 1771, 1778 1 app. premium £4. Wife Elizabeth at 11, Lovels Court, Paternoster Row 1822-25. Succ. by son William same address 1826, at 15, Fell Street, Wood Street 1830R. Howe; Ramsden.

BARTON, Robert, stationer, 101, Chancery Lane 1799H-1800P; Symonds Inn, Holborn 1801P.

BASIRE, James I, engraver, Great Queen Street 1771-1802; 34, Lincolns Inn Fields 1790U. B. 6 Oct. 1730, s. of Isaac B., engraver; d. 6 Sept. 1802, bur. in Pentonville chapel. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Succ. Vertue as engr. to Society of Antiquaries c1760. Companion of Richard Dalton on stay in Italy 1763. Engr. to Royal Society c1770. Taught William Blake 1771-77. Engr. plates for Vetusta Monumenta publ. by Society of Antiquaries, for Gough's Sepulchral Monuments, for the Oxford Almanacks and many portraits. Twice married. City Poll 1781: L. Son James II. DNB; Thieme and (Becker; Nichols iii 717-18.

BASIRE, James II, engraver, Queen Street, Lincolns Inn Fields 1792-96; 7, Quality Court, Chancery Lane 1802H-1805H. B. 12 Nov. 1769, eldest s. of James I by 2nd wife; d. 13 May 1822 Chigwell Wells. Livery Sta. Colby 1792. Succ. father as engr. to Society of Antiquaries and Royal Society. Engr. plates for Cathedrals publ. by Society of Antiquaries from drawings by John Carter. Married Mary Cox I May 1795. Son James III engraver 1796-1869. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Nichols iii 717-18, (port.) ix frontis.

BASIRE, John, engraver and printer, 16, St. John's Lane 1784-87; 14, Charterhouse Street 1788-1805H. Trading: as John Basire 1784-1802H; as E. M. C. and C. Basire 1805H. S. of Isaac, engraver. App. James Gibbs of Whitefriars, watch finisher 5 Dec. 1748, free Clockmakers' Co. 19 Jan. 1756, livery 16 July 1766, apps. John Draysey 19 Jan. 1778, Edward Wroth 6 Apr. 1778, Thomas Rice 2 Apr. 1792. BM satires 1784.

BASSAM, Robert, printer, 53, St. John's Street 1785P-1808; 54, St. John's Street 1804. S. of Robert B. of Whitefriars Street, coffin maker. App. Thomas Hamilton 1768, free Sta. Co. 1775, livery 1782, 1787-1805 8 apps. 2 premiums average £10. Registered press 1799. Retired 1805-08. Plomer; Howe; Todd.

BASTIE, Daniel, 5, Pall Mall 1800 (with Lorenzo Daponte); 54-55, Great Windmill Street 1801-02 (with John Brettell). Todd.

BATE, master printer, l6, Goodge Street 1785P. Howe.

BATE, James, stationer and bookbinder Cornhill 1760-66; 7, Birchin Lane, Cornhill 1767K-1782K; 33, Cornhill 1783K-1801 P; 45, Cheapside 1802P-1820P+. Trading: as James Bate 1760-1795L; as James Bate and son 1796L-1800P; as Bate and sons 1801P-1803P; as I. and R. Bate 1804P-1808P; as James Bate 1809P-1820P+. S. of Rev. James B., rector of St. Paul Deptford; d. 5 Oct. 1809 Chiswick. App. John Coles of Fleet Street, stationer £20 5 Dec. 1752, turned over to John Stephens of Threadneedle Street, stationer and Merchant Tailor 5 June 1753, free Sta. Co. 5 Feb 1760, livery by 1781, master 1799, 1766-1800 12 apps. Common Councillor Cornhill Ward 1780-86, 1788-1800. City Poll 1781: C.; 1784: A. Poss. responsible for several bindings in the Chinese taste. Son James livery Sta. Co. by 1796, Common Councillor Bread Street Ward 1806-19. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792: AT48. Nichols iii 718; Timperley 835; Howe; Ramsden.

BATEMAN, printer's joiner, Craven Yard, Drury Lane 1785P.

BATEMAN and Son, stationers, Devonshire Street, Queen's Square 1784B-1790U. Poss. identical with J. P. Bateman q.v.

BATEMAN, Joseph P., bookseller and stationer, 21, Boswell Court, Queen's Square 1799H; 2, Little Ormond Street, Queen's Street 1802H; 3, Little Ormond Street 1803P-1804P. Poss identical with Bateman and son q.v. Imprint(s): Kress: 1790: B1779.

BATES, E., music publisher, opp. Royal Circus, Blackfriars Road c 1797. Humphries and Smith.

BATESON, James Noble, printer, 5, Denmark Street, St. Giles 1799H-1800; 11, Denmark Street 1800-04. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3772; 1800: B4219; Abbey: 1800: AS516. Todd.

BATHURST, Charles, bookseller, Cross Keys, opp. St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street 1737-67; 26, Fleet Street 1768K-1786. D. 21 July 1786 aged 77. Succ. Benjamin Mott, One of the nominal printers of the votes of the House of Commons. Reputed a baronet. Bookseller to Dr. John Taylor FSA. Took adverts for Daily Univcrsal Register 1785P. Publ. some music. Nichols ii 256, vi 436; Timperley 759; Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

BATIS and Co., music sellers and musical instrument makers, 95, Wardour Street 1794B.

BATTEN, John, stationer and circulating library, Clapham Common 1802H; Clapham 1805H+. In his various guides to Clapham he claimed to have established his circulating library in the 1780s.

BATTERSBY and Son, stationers and circulating library, 133 (Sun Street),Bishopsgate without 1784B1794B. Trading: as William Battersby 1784B-1785P and 1793K-1794B; as Battersby and son 1785K-1792K. Described as engraver and printer 1785P. Kaufman.

BATTERSBY, William, stationer, see Battersby and son.

BATTISCOMBE, D., bookseller and stationer, Hemlock Court, Carey Street c1793U. Publ. Court and City Register 1785-95

BAUMGARTEN, John, bookbinder, Duchy Lane Strand 1771/2-1782. D. 21 Mar. 1782. Prob. first German bookbinder in West End in later 18th cent. Reputation known to Thomas Jefferson in America 1771. One of first to practise side marbling. Succ. by Kalthoeber who was his executor. Sun Insurance policy 348629 2 Jan. 1775, Guildhall lib. ms. 11,936/236. Howe Ramsden; Gents. Mag..

BAVEN, William, bookseller, Dock Head 1799H. Error for William Bowen q.v.

BAWTREE, William, engraver, Lilypot Lane 1792. D. 14 May 1824. Livery Goldsmiths' Co. 18 Feb. 1791.

BAXTER, Galpine, stationer and papier machee manufacturer, 58, Cornhill 1768N-1770N; 37, Leadenhall Street 1774K-1790U. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. Trade card c1770 in Heal collection. Gent. of Tamford, Herts by 1792. City poll 1784: A. Plomer.

BAYLES and STAPLES, stationers, 38, Paternoster Row 1767K-1777N. See Moses Staples.

BAYLIS, J., printer, 20, Greville Street, Hatton Garden 1799H. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3894, 4027.

BAYLIS, Thomas, printer, 15, Greville Street, Hatton Garden 1799; 75, Great Queen Street 1801-09. Partner with Edward Cox q.v. Todd.

BAYNES, William, bookseller and primer, 54, Paternoster Row 1796L-1841; also at 23, Paternoster Row 1821-28. Trading: as William Baynes 1796L-1820; as William Baynes and son 1821-28; as William Baynes 1828-32; as William Baynes and son 1833-41. Publ. cat. 1796. Books from stock sold by T. King 20 Nov. 1804. Imprint(s): Kress: 1797: B3376. Nichols iii 631; BM book sales.

BEARDMORE and BIRCHALL, music and musical instrument sellers and publishers, 129, New Bond Street 1783. See Robert Birchall. Humphries and Smith.

BEASLEY, Richard, bookseller and stationer, 12, New Lisle Street 1799H.

BEAUMONT, Edward, stationer and bookseller, 43, Beaumont Street, St. Marylebone 1799H-1812P, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1813P-1822U. Described as proprietor of circulating library 1802H.

BEAUMONT, Jean Francois Albanis de, engraver and print publisher., B. Piedmont; d. c1810? Engineer in Service of King of Sardinia. Exhib. and publ. many views of Alps, Southern France and Italy. 1787-1806. Came to London where naturalised and worked in assoc. with Thomas Gowland and Cornelis Apostool. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1788. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1794: AT51; 1795: AT52. DNB; Graves.

BECK, A. F., musical instrument maker and music seller, 10, Broad Street, Golden Square 1794B. Thomas Beck, pianoforte maker at same address 1789A-1790U.

BECKET and DE HONDT, booksellers, Strand 17601776K. Thomas Becket and P. De Hondt qq.v. Publ. cats. of books imported 1761 -66. Nichols iii 631.

BECKET, Thomas, bookseller, 73 (Tully's Head, corner of Adelphi), Strand 1760-1778K; 82, Pall Malll 1783B-1794K; 81, Pall Mall 1795K-1815P. Trading: as Becket and De Hondt 1760-1776K; as Thomas Becket 1778K-1809P; as Becket and Porter 1810P-1815P. Partner with Andrew Millar before working with De Hondt. Imported French Literature. A leading prosecutor of Donaldson 1768. Called by Sterne'a man of probity'. Bookseller to Prince of Wales 1786-1817. Bankrupt 1779, cert. 5 June 1779. Westminster Polls; 1774; Pe., Cll.; 1784: F. Succ. by John Porter. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7160; 1776: A7213; 1780: B292; 1785: B944, S5088; 1786: B1058, 1115; 1792; B2324; 1795: B3023; 1796: B3230; 1797: B3399; 1798: B3622; 180(): B4108. Plomer; Nichols iii 387.

BECKLEY, Edward, bookbinder, 7, Hosier Lane, West Smithfield 1799H-1817U; 43, Lime Street 1819R1832R. Trading: as Beckley and Lewis 1826R-1832R. Howe; Ramsden.

BEECROFT, John, wholesale bookseller, Paternoster Row 1740-1765K; 23, Paternoster Row 1767K-1779K. S. of John B. of Norwich, gent.; d. 12 Nov. 1779 at Walthamstow. Master Sta. Co. 1773. Many years agent to Cambridge University. Publ. some music. D. of an apoplectic fit. Son Thomas his successor. Nichols iii 422; Timperley 745; Plomer; Musgrave.

BEECROFT, Thomas, bookseller, 23, Paternoster Row 1780K-1781K; Walthamstow, Essex 1781. S. of John B.; d. 1 June 1787 Saxethorpe, Norfolk. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Succ. father 1779. City Poll 1781: C. Musgrave.

BEETHAM, Edward, Proprietor and manufacturer of the patent washing machine, profilist and publisher, 27, Fleet Street 1785B-1799H; 26, Fleet Street 1802H1809H. Described as bookseller 1785B.

BELK, Edwin, stationer and bookseller, 18, London Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H.

BELL, printer, 33, Fulwood's Rents, Holborn 1785P. Howe.

BELL, Benjamin, bookseller, see Joseph Bell.

BELL, Edward, engraver, 119, Great Portland Street 1794-96; 45, Taylor's Buildings, Islington Road 1796; Islington Road 1799H; 2, London Road, Norwich 1805. Teacher of George Clint. Active 1794-1847. Much of work assoc. with Norwich. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1811-47, at Royal Institution 1814-47. Uncle John Bell (1745-1831). J. C. Smith; Thieme and Becker.

BELL, J., London. Imprint(s): The following Kress imprints could belong to any of those listed below: 1775: S4831; 1776: A7207; 1784: B711; 1785: B831; 1788: B1363, 1428; 1790: B1828; 1792: B2298, S5399; 1793: B2566; 1795: B2915; 1797: B3341; 1798: B3593, 3705.

BELL, John, bookseller, printer, typefounder, newspaper publisher and proprietor, circulating library and bookbinder, 132 (corner of Exeter Change), Strand 1768-1795; 90, Strand 1796-1801; Herberts Passage, Beaufort Buildings 1801-1813; Southampton Street, Strand 1805H-1813; Clare Court, Drury Lane 1813-18; 104, Drury Lane 1818-19+. B. 1745; d. 26 Feb 1831, North End, Fulham. Succ. Mrs. Bathoe in Strand 1769 as proprietor of British Library which he gave up in 1800. Publ. cat. of stock 1778. Agent for Martin Brothers, owners of the Apollo Press, Edinburgh. In competition with a combine of some 40 publishers brought out The Poets of Great Britain 109 vol 1777-82. Also publ. Shakespeare 1774 and British Theatre 21 vol. 1776-78, all small format cheap editions printed at York and Edinburgh. One of the most successful booksellers of day. Bookseller to Prince of Wales 1787-1803. Shop responsible for a number of bindings. Noted for elegance of pubis. Abandoned long 's' in interest of more open page 1785. One of first to employ Bulmer. Started British Letter Foundry at British Library 1788. Employed Richard Austin as punch cutter. Spec. books 1788, 1789 include modern face. Simon Stephenson partner in foundry 1789, but Bell relinquished his share Dec. 1789. Proprietor of Apollo Press 1806+. Active newspaper publisher. A proprietor of Morning Post 1772+. Printer and publisher of World 1787, dismissed 25 May 1789. Founder and publisher of The Oracle 1 June 1789. Printer and publisher of Bell's Weekly Messenger 1796-1819+. Publisher of La Belle Assemblée 1790 Indicted for libels on Foot Guards 7 Jan. 1792, found guilty 9 July 1792, fails to appear for judgement 5 Feb 1793, apologises 5 Mar. 1793. Action for libel filed by Lord Lonsdale 7 Feb. 1792, later dropped. Bankrupt 11 May 1793, cert. 22 Apr. 1797, div. 3 Mar. 1795, bankrupt again 3 Jan. 1797. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. DNB; Plomer; Reed; Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden; Todd; Hamlyn; Timperley 776, 916; Werkmeister; Aspinall; Stanley Morison, John Bell 1745-1831 (1930).

BELL, John, music seller, 2, back of the Exchange 1790U. Error for John Edward Betts q.v.

BELL, John, bookseller and newsman, Sweetings Alley 1790U-1838P; 11, Finch Lane, Cornhill 1839P.

BELL, Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 148, Oxford Street 1792-1820; 149, Oxford Street 1821-24. Trading: as Joseph and Benjamin Bell 1792-1793L; as Joseph Bell 1792-1824. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AL331. Brown.

BELL, Richard, newspaper publisher, 6, Catherine Street, Strand 1776-77; 183, Fleet Street 1780-83. Publ. Morning Post 1776-77, General Advertiser 1780-83. Prob. related to John Bell. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

BELL, T., bookseller, 26, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1775. Bankrupt 1 Feb. 1777, cert. 17 Apr. 1776, div. 13 June 1778. St. James Chronicle 5 Jan. 1775.

BELLAMY and ROBARTS, booksellers and publishers, 202, Strand 1790U; 138 Fleet Street 1792U.SeeThomas Bellamy. A Mr. Bellamy was also in partnership with a Mr. Robarts and others as a mercer at 1, Chandos Street Covent Garden 1763C-1797L.

BELLAMY, Thomas, bookseller and publisher, 202, Strand 1790U; 138, Fleet Street 1792U; Little Queen Street 1792. Trading: as Bellamy and Robarts 1790U-1792U. B. 1745, Kingston on Thames; d. 29 Aug. 1800. Livery Innholders' Co. by 1792. App. to hosier, Newgate Street. In business as hosier 20 years. Author of various verses. Later bookseller's clerk in Paternoster Row. Started General Magazine and Impartial Review 1787-1792, Bellamy's Picturesque Magazine and Literary Museum 1792, Monthly Mirror 1795+. Started circulating library. Publ. Rev. Thomas Scott's Bible in 174 numbers Mar. 1788-June 1792. Ruined by the expenses of this undertaking. Retired after inheriting property on death of mother. DNB (sub Bellamy and Scott); Timperley 792.

BENN and CULSHA, Law stationers, see Philip Benn.

BENN and EUSTACE, law stationers, see Philip Benn.

BENN, Philip, law stationer, 28, Threadneedle Street 1780K-1802P. Trading: as Benn and Eustace 1780K1783B; as Philip Benn 1784B-1796K; as Benn and Culsha 1797K-1802P. Livery Scrivener's Co. by 1792. Succ. by Edward Culsha at 21, Threadneedle Street 1803P.

BENNET, Thomas senior, bookseller, Princes Street 1774. Westminster poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

BENNETT, J., printseller, 53, Fleet Street 1774-82. Trading: as Sayer and Bennett. D. 8 Dec. 1787. Partner of Robert Sayer q.v. Musgrave.

BENNETT, Thomas, 13, George Street, Christchurch, Southwark 1800. Registered press 1800. Todd.

BENNETT, Thomas, engraver and copperplate printer, Elliot's Court, Little Old Bailey c1759-60; 61, Holborn c1760-80; St. John, Clerkenwell 1784; 7, Plow Court, Fetter Lane 1790U-1799H. S. of Richard B. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. patrimony 4 Apr. 1759, apps. George Thompson 4 June 1777, John Jauncey 7 Jan. 1784, Isaac Perry 3 Mar. 1790. Engraved, printed and sold a considerable amount of music c 1775-80. Humphries and Smith.

BENNETT, Thomas, an annuitant of William Bowyer 1812. B. Chichester 12 Feb. 1745. App, Mr. Lewis, printer, Paternoster Row 1760. Worked for Richardson and later Bowyer and Nichols for 47 years. Secretary of Union Society for Benevolent Purposes. Nichols iii 288; Timperley 867.

BENNETT, W., publisher, London 1781. Imprint(s): Kress: 1781: B344.

BENSLEY, Thomas I, printer, 2, Swan Yard, Strand 1774-1785; 6, Bolt Court, Fleet Street 1785-1789. D. 6 Feb. 1789. Free Sta. Co. by 1753. 1753-80 6 apps., 1 premium £20. Offices in Bolt Court formerly occ. by Edward Allen the friend of Johnson. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Son Thomas II q.v. Plomer; Musgrave.

BENSLEY, Thomas II, printer, 2, Swan Yard, Strand 1781-85; 6, Bolt Court, Fleet Street 1785-1825; 24, Nelson Square 1819-20; Crane Court Fleet Street 1823-25. B. c1760 s. of Thomas B. I; d. 11 Sept. 1835. App. to his father 1774, free and livery 1781, 1782-1813 30 apps., 6 premiums average £30. In 1790's began to publ. fine vols. using Vincent Figgin's types e.g. James Thomson, The Seasons, with engravings by P. Bartolozzi and P. W. Tomkins after W. Hamilton 1797, Macklin's folio Bible 7 vols. 1800, Hume's History of England. Interested in technical progress. First British lithographic ill. in J. T. Smith, Antiquities of Wcstminster 1804-07. Sheet of Annual Register printed on Koenig's first Mechanical press Apr. 1811. Installed steam press in offices 1814. Warehouse destroyed by fire 5 Nov. 1807. Printing offices, warehouses and part of dwelling house destroyed by fire 26 June 1819. Keenly religious man, acting trustee and benefactor of Providence Chapel, Grays Inn Lane. Publ. posthumously letters of William Huntington, its notorious minister 1822. Residence Clapham Rise. Two sons partners from c 1816 continued business until c1826. Imprint(s): Kress: 1783: B557; 1799-1802: B3965. Abbey: 1794: AT51; 1795: AT52; 1796: AT677; 1797: AL240, 252, AT392; 1800: AT420. DNB; Nichols viii; Todd; Howe; Brown; Timperley 831, 856, 871.

BENSON, E, printseller and publisher, 19, Belton Street, Long Acre 1784. BM Satires.

BENT, William, bookseller, 34, Paternoster Row 1785L-1788K; 55, Paternoster Row 1789K-1824P. B. 1747, Barnsley, s. of John B., bookseller; d. 1823. Livery Wheelwrights' Co. by 1792. Bent and Co. publ. Universal Magazine. Began Monthly Catalogue of New Publications 1802. Publ. London Catalogue of Books 1799-1812, continued by Robert Bent to 1834. Publ. annual meteorological journal 1793-1813. Publ. some music 1785. Bankrupt 19 Apr. 1796, cert. 2 July 1796, divs. 15 Feb. 1797, 25 Mar. 1797, 5 May 1798. Musgrave; Timperley 795, 812; Humphries and Smith; Joseph Hunter: Familiae Minorum Gentium. Vol 1, p. 198 (Harleian Soc., vol. 37, 1894); Toronto Public Library: The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books 1566-1910 (Toronto Public Library, 1958).

BENTLEY, Edward, publisher and bookseller, 28, Paternoster Row 1802H-1822P; 107, Dorset Street, Fleet Street 1823P-1830P. Publ. Lawyers' and Magistrates' Magazine 1791 -94, General Evening Post 1799-1823. Timperley 773; Aspinall.

BERKENHEAD and JOBSON, jewellers and engravers. See Jobson, Samuel Stafford.

BERNIE, F., engraver, London? 1790. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AS 339.

BERRESFORD, William I., stationer and bookbinder, Ludgate Street 1764, 1781; Holliday Yard, Creed Lane 1764-96. S. of William B. of St. Peter's Hill, yeoman; d. 26 Feb. 1800. App. John Jeffries 7 Mar 1749. free Sta. Co. 3 Dec. 1758, Livery 3 Mar. 1778, 1764-94 19 apps. 9 premiums 2 at £105. Also produced gilded and blacked paper cards. Trade card in Heal Coll. City Poll 1781: L; 1784: A. Son William II app. his father 1775, free 1789, in 1803 in charge of bookbinding shop at Bridewell hospital. Howe; Ramsden.

BERRIDGE, James, stationer, 7 New Round Court 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F.

BERRY, stationer, see Goadby and Berry.

BERRY, Cornelius, wholesale stationer, 13, Tokenhouse Yard 1784B-1799H; 4-5 Sweetings Alley 1800K-1803P; 39, Threadneedle Street 1800K-1801P; 18, Sweetings Alley 1804K-1821K. Trading: as Cornelius Berry 1784B-1803P and 1807K-1821 K; as Berry and son 1804K-1806K. Also paper hanger. These entries may refer to father and son, the father dying c 1800.

BERRY, John, printseller, 129, Oxford Street 17881790U. BM satires.

BERRY, Margaret, bookbinder, 3, Ingrams Court, Fenchurch Street 1790. Error for Barry, Margaret. Ramsden.

BESLEY, Richard, bookseller and stationer, 12, New Lisle Street, Leicester Square 1799H.Also listed as Beasley, Richard 1799H.

BESTLAND, C., engraver, print publisher and miniaturist, 24, Tavistock Street 1783; 40, Tavistock Street 1785; 38, Great Marlborough Street 1786-93; West End, Hampstead 1796-1823; 27, Osnaburgh Street 182837. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1783-1837, at British Institution 1806-36. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AT594. BM satires (n.d. 1784/92); J. C. Smith 1624; Graves; Thieme and Becker.

BETHAM, James. stationer, see Lloyd and Betham.

BETHAM, William, 3, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street 1800, 8, Duke Street, Lincolns Inn Fields 1800. Registered presses 1800. Todd.

BETTS, John (Edward), musical instrument maker and music seller, 2, North Piazza, Royal Exchange 1782-1823. Trading: as Betts and Wood 1795K. D. Mar. 1823. App. Richard Duke c1765. Known as 'old John Betts' to distinguish him from his nephew Edward Betts. Succ. by brother Arthur Betts senior. Poss. the same as J. Betz, see below. Erroneously lished as John Bell 1790U. Humphries and Smith.

BETTS & WOOD, musical instrument makers, see Betts, John.

BETZ, J., music seller, publisher and importer of foreign music, 21, Rupert Street c 1775-80. Imported works of C. P. E. Bach. Poss. the same as John Betts, see above. Humphries and Smith.

BEVERSTOCK, John, bookbinder, Warwick Lane 1797; Cock Lane, Smithfield 1801. S. of Benjamin B. of Carolina Court, Saffron Hill, blacksmith. App. James Old 3 July 1781, free Sta. Co. 5 Aug 1788, 1797-1801 3 apps. 1 premium £4. Member of United Friendly Soc. 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

BEW and STACK, booksellers, 11, Haymarket 1791L. See John Bew II.

BEW, John, bookseller, 28, Paternoster Row 1774K-1795K. D. 12 Apr. 1793. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Publ. Ambulator and other small tracts 1774. Publ. General Evening Post 1774-91. Publ. Political Magazine 1780-Mar. 1785 when taken over by John Murray. Magazine contained interesting maps engraved by J. Lodge. Publ. some music. Bankrupt 27 Nov. 1790, cert. 21 Apr. 1791, divs. 27 Aug. 1791, 19 May 1792, 5 July 1794. City Poll 1781: L. Son John bookseller in Haymarket. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7067, S4836 1777: B76-77; 1794: B2775. BM satires (1778-81), Plomer; Timperley 838; Aspinall; Pendred; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave; Chubb; Darlington and Howgego.

BEW, John II, bookseller, 11, Haymarket 1791L-1792; Clifford's Inn 1796. Trading: as Bew and Stace 1791L; as John Bew 1792-96. S. of John B. above. Livery Sta Co. by 1792.

BEZLEY, Samuel, paper hanging warehouse, 55, Charles Street, Westminster 1792U.

BICKERSTAFF, Robert, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 210 Strand 1798L-1811P- 9, Clement's Inn 1812P; 49, Essex Street, Strand 1813P-1818P. B. 1758 s. Of Edward B. of Eastwick, Herts.; d. 18 Dec 1835, Great Ormond Street, bun Eastwick. App. Maciarlane, binder in Shoe Lane. Succ. William Brown on his death 1797. Retired Jan. 1818. Collected prints to illustrate his file of Gentleman's Magazine 1731-1830. Bequests to various charities. Nichols iii 635; Timperley 942; Ramsden.

BIDLAKE, John Wills, stationer, 130, Ratcliffe Highway 1790L-1799L.

BIELEFELD, music seller, 131, Oxford Street 1781. Advertised music for guitar 1781. Humphries and Smith.

BIGG and COX, printers, 405 (opp. Beaufort Buildings), Strand c1769-1776. George Bigg partner with Edward Cox until 2 Mar. 1776 when office and dwellings destroyed by fire. Publ Morning Post 1772. Printed some of music supplements to Lady's Magazine 1773-74. Described selves as successors to Mr. Dryden Leach. Timperley 736; Humphries and Smith; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

BIGG, George, printer, 405, Strand c1769-1776; Neat Houses, Chelsea 1785; Chelsea Bridge 1794B. Trading: as Bigg and Cox c1769-76; alone 1781-1794B. Printed music 1770-85. Imprint(s): Kress: 1781: B434; 1793: B2478. Humphries and Smith.

BILBIE, stationer, see Brocksopp and Bilbie.

BILLINGTON and FREEMAN, printsellers, see H. W. Billington.

BILLINGTON, H. W., printseller, 234,Strand 1788L-1794L. Trading: as Billington and Freeman 1788L; as H. W. Billington 1788-1794L. J. C. Smith 232.

BINGLEY, William, bookseller, opp. Durham Yard, Strand 1767-68; 31, Newgate Street 1769-1771K. D. 23 Oct. 1799 aged 61, bur. in St. Bride's churchyard. Free Musicians Co. 18 Dec. 1770. Publ. North Briton no. 47 10 May 1768. As a result of a letter in no. 50 summoned by Attorney-General. Imprisoned in Newgate for 72 days, discharged. Again in King's Bench prison 1769-June 1770. No. 117 publ. in King's Bench and sold at his shop in Newgate Street 22 July 1769. After release started Bingley's Journal c1773-87, also publ. Independent Chronicle 1771-74 and Musical Magazine 1767-70. Bankrupt 1771, fled to Ireland where carried on trade of bookseller. Returned 1783 and employed by John Nichols. Began publishing political tracts again 1781. Publ cats. of books sold by commission 1793, 1794. BM satires (1770); Plomer; Nichols iii 631-34; Timperley 723-24, 801-02; Humphries and Smith; Aspinall.

BIRCH and OUVRY, paper hanging manufacturers, 76, Fleet Street 1785K-1811H; 7, Long Lane, Borough 1809P. Trading: as Birch and Ouvry 1785K-1800P; as Birch, Ouvry and Birch 1801P-1803P; as Birch and Sons 1804P-1809P; as Birch, Wright and Lucas 1811H. Elizabeth Birch, William Birch and William March bankrupt 8 Dec 1804, divs. 12 Nov 1805, 18 Nov. 1806. See also Chamberlin Birch.

BIRCH, Chamberlin, paper hanging manufacturer, 76, Fleet Street 1792. Livery Fishmongers' Co. by 1792.

BIRCH, John, stationer, St.James's Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

BIRCH, Samuel, quill and pen warehouse, 30, Crroked Lane 1793K-1797K. Formerly Leigh, Harvey and Birch q.v.

BIRCHALL and ANDREWS, music sellers, see Robert Birchall.

BIRCHALL, James, printseller and frame maker 473, Strand 1781-1795K. D. 23 Dec. 1794. J. C. Smith xlix; Musgrave.

BIRCHALL, Robert, music and musical instrument seller and publisher, 129 (Handel's Head), New bond Street 1783-89; 133, New Bond Street 1789-1819. Trading: as Beardmore and Birchall 1783; as Birchall and Andrews 1783-89; as Robert Birchall 1789-1819. D. 1819. With William and Mrs. Elizabeth Randall, then partner successively with T. Beardmore and Hugh Andrews though he publ. independently in this period. Partnership with Andrews dissolved May 1789, Andrews remaining at 129, New Bond Street. Firm continued as Birchall, Lonsdale and Mills 1819-c1824 and later as Lonsdale and Mills. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Humphries and Smith; Hamlyn.

BIRD, J., bookseller, 11, Poppins Court, Fleet Street 1790U.

BIRD, John II, bookbinder and bookseller, 5, Ave Mary Lane 1767K-1805P. S. of John B. I, bookbinder; d. 8 Aug 1804. App his father 2 Oct. 1759, free Sta. Co. 7 Oct 1766, livery 4 Nov. 1766, no. of apps. uncertain due to confusion with those of his father. Bowyer wrote from Oxford regarding book bound for him: '... hope you will urge Bird forward' 1786. Owned millboard warehouse 1801P. City Polls 1781: C; 1784: A. Sons John III free 1793, Charles free 1802, Henry free 1805. Trade card in John Johnson Collection displayed on web in 2002 at Howe; Ramsden; Nichols vi 285; Gents' Mag., 794 (1804).

BIRD, JOHN III, bookbinder, 5, Ave Mary Lane 1793-96; Stationers' Hall Court 1797-1801 (no. 8 in 1799H); 52, Hatton Garden 1802-47. S. of John B. II; d. 2 Mar. 1847. App. his father I Aug. 1786, free and livery Sta. Co. 6 Aug. 1793. Howe; Ramsden.

BIRNIE, Colin, bookseller, stationer and circulating library, 14, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1790U-1817U+; 48, Maiden Lane 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Erroneously listed as Burnie 1799H.

BIRRELL, Andrew, engraver, 2, Rosamond Street, Spa Fields 1794B; 52, Rosamond Street 1799H-1805H+. Name erroneously given as Borrell, Andrew 1799H.

BISCOE, Joseph, printer, 5, Little Deans Court, St. Martin's 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

BISHOP and SON, stationers, Castle Street 1792U. See Samuel Bishop.

BISHOP, Roby, stationer, Bible, upper end of Castle Street opp. Great Newport Street c1768; Great Newport Street 1785B-1792L. D. 17 Mar. 1792. Livery Mercers' Co. by 1792. Trade card in Heal coll. issued from Bible c1768. Succ. by Samuel Bishop. Erroneously listed as Roby, Bishop and Son 1790U. Musgrave; Plomer.

BISHOP, Samuel, stationer and pocket book maker, 83, Pall Mall 1790U-1792. Livery Mercers' Co. by 1792.

BISHOP, Samuel, stationer, 425, Strand 1796-1799H. Partner with Ebenezer Coombe q.v. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

BISHOP, Samuel, stationer, Castle Street, Leicester Square 1784; Great Newport Street 1793-1802P. Bankrupt 10 Aug. 1793, superseded 26 Nov. 1793; bankrupt I May 1802, cert. 3 Sept 1803, div. 31 Jan. 1804. Westminster poll 1784: H., W.

BISHOP, Samuel Mathew, stationer, Castle Street 1793L.

BISHOP, William, copper plate printer, 2, Kings Head Court, Westminster 1796; 147, Aldersgate Street 1802H; 4, Dean Street, Fetter Lane 1802H-1805H; 1, Dean Street 1809H-1811H; 11, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane 1815-1 828K. Trading: as William Bishop 1796-1822U; as William Bishop and son 1825K-1828K. Sarah Bishop, copper plate printer at 147, Aldersgate Street 1805H. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

BISSACRE, John, bookseller and stationer, Tottenham Court Road 1784B-1792U. Also spelt Bissaker.

BLACK, Alexander, bookseller, stationer, chartseller and printer, 150, Leadenhall Street 1799; 7, Leadenhall Street 1800-1827. Trading: as Alexander Black 1799; as A. and J. Black 1800; as A. and J. Black and Parry 1800-02; as James Black and Henry Parry 1803-07; as Black, Parry and Kingsbury 1808-12; as Black, Parry and Co. 1812-16. Firm continued under various partnerships to 1827. Registered presses with Thomas Plummer 1799, 1809, with William Lane 1804, with William Plummer 1804, with C. and W. Galabin 1806. See also Black and Parry. Brown; Todd.

BLACK, Alexander, bookbinder, George Yard, Tower Hill 1751-c1775. Parentage and apprenticeship unknown. Trade card in Heal coll. engraved by Clowes of Alexander and Robert Black shows that they also sold sea charts and mathematical instruments cl775. Son Robert. Plomer; Howe; Ramsden.

BLACK and PARRY, booksellers etc., 7, Leadenhall Street 1800-07. See also Alexander Black. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AL331, AT423.

BLACK, James, stationer and bookbinder, Maiden Lane 1789; George Street, Tower Hill 1790-1809; 7, Leadenhall Street 1800-09; 9, York Street, Covent Garden 1809-21; 2, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden 1810-39; 8, Wellington Street North 1840-51. Trading: as James Black 1789-1800, with Alexander Black etc q.v. 1800-09; as James Black 1809-16, 1820-21; as James Black and son 1817-19; as (Alexander) Black, Young and Young 1822-35; as Black and Armstrong 1836-42; as Alexander Black 1843-51. S. of Robert B.; d. 1845, Canada. App. his father 3 July 1781, free Sta. Co. 3 Feb. 1789, livery 7 July 1789,1789-1809 9 apps. Emigrated to Canada 1822. Extensive business with bridge across street between shops. Secretary Master Bookbinders Assoc. 1795. Son Alexander app. father 1809, free and livery 1816 d. 1854. Todd; Howe; Bookbinders; Ramsden.

BLACK, Robert, bookbinder and stationer, George Yard, Tower Hill 1764-89. S. of Alexander Black; d. 1791. App. Thomas Page of Tower Hill, stationer 4 June 1751, free Sta. Co. and livery 4 July 1758, 1764-89 10 apps. (2 female) 2 premiums at £40. Publ. masonic book for the 'Antients' Lodge' 1764. Trade card with masonic emblems in Pearson coll. notes that he produced paper hangings for export. Trade card for Alexander and Robert Black in Heal coll. c1775. Trade card in Banks coll. gives address: next Royal Academy, Strand. Bankrupt July 1783. City Polls: 1781: C.; 1784: A. Son James. Plomer; Howe; Ramsden.

BLACKADOR, Walter, printer, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden 1794B (no forename); 10, Tookes Court, Castle Street, Holborn 1799H-1817. Trading: as Walter Blackador 1799H-1805; as Elizabeth Blackador 1804-17. D. 5 June 1806. Brown; Todd; Nichols iii 718.

BLACKWELL, Beale, printers' ink maker, King Street, Goswell Street 1785P-1860P+ (no. 16 1785P-1797L; no. 11 1805H-1811H; no. 14 1825P-1860P+. Trading: as Beale Blackwell 1785P-1806P; as Blackwell and Colvin 1807P-1825P; as Blackwell, M. Colvin and Co. 1826P-1829P; as Blackwell and Co. 1830P-1837P; as Blackwell and Farnell 1838P-1860P+. A Beale Blackwell ink maker died 1767 and there are entries for the family in the St. James Clerkenwel1 parish registers (Harleian Soc.). Made gift of bank stock which would make annually £100 for 20 journeyman printers July 1817, first distribution Oct. 1821. Musgrave; Timperley 865. Firm survived in 1973 as Blackwell and Co. (Printing Inks) Ltd. in Stratford.

BLACKWELL, George, paper stainer, 84, Drury Lane 1790U; 277, Strand 1794B.

BLADON, Samuel (sometimes BLADEN), bookseller, The Paper Mill, Paternoster Row 1733-80; 13, Paternoster Row 1781K-1796K. D. July 1799. Livery Glaziers' Co. by 1792. Publ. works of Dr. James Houston and various political tracts. Publ. Beggar's opera 1771, 1777, General Evening Post 1771 -75. Proprietor of London Courant 1779. 'A man who, for his integrity and skill as an accomptant, was frequently an arbitrator in complicated settlements'. Imprint(s): Kress: 1780: B266. Plomer; Aspinall; Humphries and Smith; Nichols iii 718; Timperley 801.

BLAKE, William, engraver, printer, artist and poet, 28, Broad Street, Golden Square 1778-82; 23, Green Street, Leicester Fields 1782-84; 27, Broad Street 1784-85; 28, Poland Street 1785-90; 13, Hercules Buildings, Lambeth 1790-1800; Felpham, Sussex 1800-03; 17, South Molton Street 1803-21; 3, Fountain Court, Strand 1821-27. B. 28 Nov. 1757, 28, Broad Street, Golden Square; d. 12 Aug. 1827. App. James Basire 1771, free 1778. Studied at Par's drawing school, Strand 1767, at Royal Academy 1778. Wrote poems from age of 12, publ. and engraved many of his works himself. Many engravings for booksellers. Partner with James Parker as printseller in Broad Street 1784-85. Exhibited Royal Academy 1780-1808. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792-93: AT719. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

BLAKE, William Stadden, engraver, 16, Exchange Alley 1784B-1822U. Registered presses with John Abraham 1799, with C. and W. Galabin 1801. Todd.

BLAMIRE, Richmond, bookseller and stationer, corner of Craven Street, Strand 1772L-1774L; Strand 1775N-1777N; 5 (corner of Northumberland Street), Strand 1779L-1798K. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1786: AS183; 1791: AS290; 1792: AL129; 1794: AL132, AS149, 513 Tooley: 1794: 462. J.C.Smith 1434.

BLANCHARD and JOHNSON, stationers and card makers, 57, Mortimer Street and 26,Strand 1776K-1777N; 53, Mortimer Street 1778K.

BLANCHARD, W., printer, London. ?= William Blanchard, rag merchant, 24, Upper Shadwell 1802H. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1798: AT398.

BLANCKENHAGEN, David, stationer, 38, Strand 1775N.

BLAND and WELLER, musical instrument makers and music sellers, 23, Oxford Street 1792-c1818. A. Bland and E. Weller. When Bland dropped out Weller carried on alone. Humphries and Smith.

BLAND, Anne, musical instrument maker and music seller, 23, Oxford Street 1784-c1818. Trading: as Anne Bland 1784-92; as Bland and Weller 1792-c1818. Humphries and Smith.

BLAND, John, music seller, engraver, printer and publisher, 114, Long Acre c1776-1778; 45, High Holborn 1778-95. Succ. by Lewis Houston and Hyde. Claimed to be the first music printer to publ. singly the works of Handel and other celebrated composers. Publ. cats. 1781-93. Possibly erroneously listed as Bond, John c1795. Humphries and Smith; J. C. Smith 63-64.

BLANDFORD, Thomas, copper plate printer, King's Head Court, Gough Square 1799H. S. Blandford at 17, King's Head Court 1805H.

BLEWITT, John, bookbinder, Bishop's Court, Old Bailey 1790; 12, Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row 1793-1811. S. Of Richard B. of Shoreditch, cooper. App. Henry Westley 3 June 1777, free 6 July 1784. On 1813 list. Brother William. Howe; Ramsden.

BLEWITT, William, bookbinder, Bull and Mouth Court 1801; 5, Crown Court, Warwick Lane 181 IH; Warwick Lane 1812. S. of Richard B. of Shoreditch, cooper; d. 1830, aged 29 in 1808. App. John Bird 3 Apr. 1792, free Sta. Co. 4 June 1799, 1801 1 app. premium £10. On 1813 list. Poss. journeyman 1821. Joined Trade Soc. 1799, Benefit Soc.1808. Howe; Ramsden.

BLISSET, Farr, paper stainer and paper hanging warehouse, 11, Wardour Street, Soho 1784-1790U. Westminster poll 1784: F.

BLISSETT, William, bookseller, 19, John Street, Minories 1799H.

See also Hodgson and Bloxham, Fourdrinier.

BLOXHAM and FOURDRINIER, wholesale stationers and rag merchants, 11, Lombard Street 1767K-1801P; 72, Lombard Street 1802H-1803P. Trading: as Bloxham and Fourdrinier 1767K-1772K; as Bloxham, Fourdrinier and Bloxham 1774K-1776K; as Bloxham and Fourdrinier 1777N; as Bloxham, Fourdrinier, Bloxham and Walker 1778K-1779K; as Fourdrinier, Bloxham and Walker 1780K-1790L; as Fourdrinier, Bloxham and Fourdriniers 1791K-1799H; as Bloxham and Fourdriniers 1800P1803P. Firm continued by Fourdriniers, q.v.

BLOXHAM, Sir Mathew, stationer, later banker, Tessington, Derbyshire 1784; Compton Street, Soho 1784B-1785P; Great George Street, Westminster 1792-1795B; Southwark Bank 1796. D. 16 Oct 1822. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792, master 1806-07. Alderman Bridge Ward 1803-21, sheriff of London 1787-88, knighted 19 June 1800, MP for Maidstone 1788-1806. Originally stationer, by 1792 banker, head of firm of Bloxham, Wilkinson, Taylor and Bloxham, Gracechurch Street, failed 1809. Founded Sheriff's fund for the relief of debtors. City Poll 1784: A. Beavan.

BLOXHAM, Richard, stationer, Penton Street, Islington 1792; Southwark Bank 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.See also Hodgson and Bloxham, Fourdrinier.

BLOXHAM, William, wholesale stationer, 11, Lombard Street 1785; New Bridge Street 1792U. Livery, Clothworkers' Co. by 1792. Wife d. 29 Apr. 1785. Musgrave.

BLUCK, J., engraver, at Mr. Atkins, 2, Francis Street East, Bedford Square 1791; 56, London Street, Tottenham Court Road 1793-95; near St. James's Chapel, Hampstead Road 1796-98; 19, Greek Street, Soho 1799-1819; Mansfield Place, Kentish Town 1805H. Produced aquatint plates for various publishers including Ackermann. Latest imprint 1831. Exhibited at the Royal Academy 1791-1819. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795: AS514; 1800: AS185. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

BLUNDELL, James, music seller and publisher, 110 (Handel's Head), St. Martin's Lane 1778-80; 10 (Handel's Head), Haymarket 1780-83. Son-in-law and successor to Mrs. Mary Welcker. Haymarket premises previously occupied by brother-in-law John Welcker. Music seller to Duke of Cumberland. Bankrupt Jan. 1783. Some of his publs. reissued by S. A. and P. Thompson. Humphries and Smith; Gents Mag.

BLYTH, Francis, printer and bookseller, John's coffee house, Royal Exchange 1766; 87, Cornhill n.d.(engraving); Finch Lane, Cornhill 1775; 2, Queen's Head Alley, Paternoster Row 1779-88. S. of John B. of St. Giles, apothecary; d. 27 May 1788. App. Charles Green Say, free Sta. Co. 1760, livery 1781, 1766-84 11 apps. 2 premiums average £5. Worked with H. Beevor in Cornhill. Printer of London Packet c1782-88, of Public Ledger 1779-88. Succ. by John Crowder. Signed scale of 1785. Also active in Warwick Court, Warwick Lane 1788. Howe; Todd; Pendred; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

BOAG, William senior, bookseller and music seller, 11, Great Turnstile, Holborn c 1795-1833. Firm continued to 1864 as music sellers, printers and publishers. Many imprints: 'Printed and Sold by W. Boag at his Cheap Music Shop'. Humphries and Smith.

BOLDEN, William, bookbinder, Butcher Hall Lane 1794-1799H; 67, Little Britain 1802H; 20, Bull and Mouth Street 1820R; 16, Peters Hill, Doctors Commons 1826-1830R. Trading: as William Bolden 1794-1820R; as Elizabeth Bolden 1826-1830R. Described as shoemaker 1799H. Elizabeth poss. widow of William. Howe; Ramsden.

BOLTON, James, engraver and medicine shop, Royal Exchange 1779-1790U; 48, Old Broad Street 1784B; 3, Walbrook 1790U-1792. Died: 1807? App. Butler Clowes, livery Goldsmiths' Co. 8 Mar. 1781. Not the same as the botanical artist of Halifax (1735-1799). John Edmondson James Bolton of Halifax (National Museums Liverpool, 1995); J.C.Smith 80.

BOND, engraver, 48, Old Broad Street 1785P. See James

BOND, printer, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1794B.

BOND, Benjamin, rag merchant, see Spragg and Bond.

BOND, Daniel, printer, 9, Union Buildings, Leather Lane 1783B-1785P; Cross Street, Hatton Garden 1788L-1790U. Trading: with David Bond 1788L-1790U. Printed Public Hue and Cry 1781-85 Review and Sunday Advertiser 1791+. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. Howe; Aspinall.

BOND, David, printer, Union Buildings, Leather Lane 1786L; Cross Street, Hatton Garden 1787L-1790U; 6, Printer's Street, Blackfriars 1799. D. 30 Dec. 1815. With Daniel Bond 1788L-1790U. Todd.

BOND, John, music publisher, 46, Holborn c1795. Possibly error for Bland, John q.v. Humphries and Smith.

BONE, Henry, printer, Hanover Street, Hanover Square 1799H.

BONNEY, John, bookbinder, Fleet Street 1771; Dogwell Court, Whitefriars 1785P-1786; Newcastle Court, Butcher Row 1788; 25, New Street Square 1790U. S. of Edward B. of Lambeth Hill, dyer. App. to Charles Bathurst of Fleet Street, bookseller 1 Mar. 1763, free Sta. Co. 6 Mar. 1770, 1786-93 4 apps 1 turnover 2 premiums 5 gn., £3. Howe; Ramsden.

BONNEY, Thomas, rag merchant, 6, Fair Street, Horsleydown 1799H. Described as clock and watch maker 1802H+.

BONNOR, Thomas, copper plate engraver, Mill Hill, Hendon before 1781; Bedford Street, Covent Garden before 1781; 7, John Street, Pentonville 1802H-1805H. B. in Gloucestershire; d. before 1812. Fl. 1763-1807. Topographical draughtsman. Prisoner in King's Bench, Surrey, applied to take benefit of Insolvent Debtors' Relief Act, London Gazette 20/4 Nov. 1781. Engraved plates for several county histories 1781-1806 and for editions of various novelists. Awarded premium by Society of Arts 1763. DNB.

BONSOR, Joseph, printer and wholesale stationer, 132, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street 1798-1861. Trading: alone 1798-1835, as Joseph Bonsor and Co. 1841-61. B. Retford, Notts.; d. 1 3 Nov. 1835 aged 67. App. to printer in Retford. To London with strong recommendation to John Walter. Commenced business as wholesale stationer 1796. Supplied the paper for the Times. He was 'the architect of his own fortune', his business 'amongst the first wholesale houses in the trade'. Printer of Evening Mail 1800. Todd; Timperley

BOOKER, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 56, New Bond Street 1776-1809; 61, New Bond Street 1810-1839. Trading: as Thomas Booker 1776-1804; as Joseph Booker 1805-37; as Booker and Dolman 1838-39. Brown gives the style as E. Booker 1776-1804 but directories consistently give the form Thomas Booker. Music imprint 1780. Joseph Booker d. Mar. 1837 and was succ. by his nephew and sister. Dolman later continued the business alone. Brown; Humphries and Smith; Timperley, 946.

BOOSEY, John, bookseller and circulating library, 39 King Street, Cheapside 1773-1794K. Free Clockmakers' Co. redemption 5 Apr. 1773, his app. Thomas Boosey q.v. J. Chater was at 39, King Street 1770. Retired and library for sale 1791. Succ. by Richard Cheeswright q.v. Advertised cat. 1774. Hamlyn.

BOOSEY, Thomas, French bookseller, 4, Old Broad Street 1792K-1832. Trading: as Thomas Boosey 1792K-1819; as Boosey and sons c1819-30; as T. and T. Boosey c1830-32. App. John Boosey 5 Mar. 1782, free Clockmakers' Co. 9 Jan. 1792. Set up music branch 1816. Poss. same as Boosey and Co. who publ. Medical Review 1797. Son Thomas d. 25 Oct. 1871 aged 76, put in charge of father's new music branch aged 21, 1816. Firm at 28, Holles Street 1816-74; 295, Regent Street since 1874 survives today as Boosey and Hawkes Ltd. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2438; 1797: B3386; 1799: B3840. Humphries and Smith; Brown; Timperley 795; Boase.

BOOTH, John, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder and proprietor of circulating library, Duke Street, Portland Place 1794B-1855 (no. 14 1794B-1802H; no. 16 1809H-1811H; no. 17 corner of Duke and Duchess Street 1828R-1832R; no. 32 1832); 307, Regent Street 1856-73; 16a, Duke Street 1874-77. Trading: as John Booth 1794B-1840; as Lionel Booth 1840-77. Publ. some music c1798. Publ. supplement to cat. of circulating library 1800. Humphries and Smith; Brown; Ramsden; Hamlyn.

BOOTH, Samel, stationer, 14, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square 1794B; 15, Duke Street 1799H.

BOOTH, Thomas, stationer, 89, Swallow Street 1790U.

BOOTH, William, bookbinder, Duke Street, Portland Place n.d. (poss. as early as 1779). Various labels and trade cards recorded. Ramsden.

BORCHIER and Co., painters and paper hangers, 62, Charing Cross 1799H.

BORRELL, Andrew, engraver, 53, Rosomans Row, Clerkenwell,1799H. Error for Andrew Birrell q.v.

BOSTOCK, Robert, printer, 335 (opp. Somerset House), Strand 1789-94. Printer of World 1789-94. Indicted for libel on Commons regarding trial of Hastings 16 June 1789, convicted 26 May 1790, counsel moves for retrial, matter dropped 9 June 1790. Sued for libel on late Lord Cowper Feb. 1790. Found guilty of libel on Dibdin, 1/- damages 25 June 1793. Aspinall; Werkmeister.

BOSWELL, John, printer, 17, Dukes Court, Drury Lane 1799H-l810. Todd.

BOTT, John, engraver, 26, Redcross Street 1789A-1790U; 1, Well Street, Jewin Street 1799H-1802H.

BOTTAM, William, writing stationer, Cary Street, Chancery Lane 1790U.

BOTTLEMAN, paper stainer, 2, Garlick Hill 1789A-1792U.

BOURN, L., engraver, Lillypot Lane, Cheapside 1799H.

BOURNE, E., engraver, City Road, Islington 1798. Darlington and Howgego.

BOURNE, George, bookseller and stationer, 29, Panton Street, Haymarket 1789L-1794B; 13, Berkeley Street, Clerkenwell 1795L. Also described as paper hanger 1794B.

BOUVERIE, Mrs. C., bookseller and stationer to the King by patent 1796-97.

BOVI, Marianna, printseller and engraver, 207, Piccadilly 1799H-1803. Bankrupt 12 Nov. 1803, cert. 1 Jan. 1804, div. 28 Jan. 1806.

BOWEN and Co., paper hanging warehouse, see George Bowen.

BOWEN, George, paper hanging warehouse, 81, New Bond Street 1797K-1809H; 88, New Bond Street 1809P-1819P. Trading: as Bowen and Co. 1797K; as George Bowen 1798K-1809H; as Bowen and Morant 1809P-1819P. Trade card 1809 for Bowen and Morant, Banks Collection. Prob. related to George Bowen, 2, Newcastle Street, Strand 1817P; 14, Poland Street, Oxford Street 1818P-1821P+; as George Bowen 1817P-1819P; as Bowen and Smith 1820P+. Sugden and Edmondson.

BOWEN, Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 95, Strand 1779K-1781L; 40, New Bond Street 1782L-1785B. Bankrupt July 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Imprint(s): Kress: 1782: B450. Gents. Mag. July 1784.

BOWEN, M., engraver 1775, Darlington and Howgego

BOWEN, Thomas, printseller and publisher, at the Golden Pallet opp. Haymarket, Piccadilly 1768-72. BM satires 1772. J. C. Smith 1571,1768.

BOWEN, Thomas, map engraver, 9, Charterhouse Lane, Clerkenwell 1785P-1786. S. of Emanuel B.; d. Clerkenwell workhouse 1790. Active c 1760-90. Assisted father shortly before his death in 1767. Engraved maps of West Indies from surveys of Capt. James Speer etc. DNB; Chubb.

BOWEN, William, stationer, Dock Head, Southwark 1784B-1799H, 2, Dock Head 1802H-1811H. Trading: as William Bowen 1784B-1809H; as Bowen and Evans 1811H. Listed erroneously as Baven, William 1799H.

BOWER, paper manufacturer, Chelsea c1793U.

BOWERS and Co., paper hanging manufacturers. See: Bowers Ackards and Co.

BOWERS, ACKARDS and Co., paper hanging manufacturers, 21, Old Bond Street 1790U-1795L; 1, Clifford Street, Old Bond Street 1796L-1899L. Trading: as Bowers, Ackards and Co. 1790U-1795K; as Bowers and Co. 1793L; as Peter Bowers and Co 1794L-1799L. Premises taken over by William Harwood, q.v.

BOWERS, Peter and Co., paper hanging manufacturers. See: Bowers, Ackards and Co.

BOWLES and CARVER, printsellers, publishers and map sellers, 69, St. Paul's Churchyard 1793-1832. Henry Carington Bowles carried on business as Bowles and Carver on the death intestate of his father Carington senior. Reissued his father's plates. Various plates used for jigsaws. BM satires; Darlington and Howgego; Hannas.

BOWLES and GARDINER, stationers, 49, Newgate Street 1794B-1840P+. See James Bowles.

BOWLES and WACE, stationers, 49, Newgate Street 1789L-1792K. See James Bowles.

BOWLES, Carington, printseller, publisher and map seller, Black Horse, Cornhill 1754-64; 69, next the Chapter House, St. Paul's Churchyard 1764-93. B. 1 Apr. 1724, s. of John B., printseller of Cornhill; d. 20 June 1793, Kensington Gore. App. John Bowles 2 Mar. 1741, free Joiners' Co. 3 Mar. 1752, livery by 1792. Assisted his father in Cornhill 1754-64. Succ. to business of uncle Thomas Bowles (1712-67) in St. Paul's Churchyard on his retirement 1764. Great rival of Sayer. Many prints numbered so prob. publ. cats. Publ. various maps; aquired plates of John Rocque. Only son Henry Carington carried on business as Bowles and Carver. Imprint(s): Kress: 1785: B926. Plomer; Chubb, BM satires, Darlington and Howgego; Musgrave; J. C. Smith

BOWLES, Henry Carington, printseller, publisher and map seller, 69, St. Paul's Churchyard 1793-1830 Kensington c1794U. B. 31 Aug. 1763, s. of Carington Bowles; d. 30 June 1830. Free Joiners' Co. patrimony 7 Dec. 1784, livery by 1792. Continued father's business as Bowles and Carver after father's death intestate 1793. Sons Henry Carington 1801-52, John 1808-53.

BOWLES, James, stationer, Newgate Street 1765K; 49, Newgate Street 1768K-1840P+. Trading: as James and Thomas Bowles 1765K-1782K; as Thomas Bowles 1783K-1788K; as Bowles and Wace 1789L-1792K; as Bowles and Gardiner 1794B-1840P+. City Poll 1781: C. See also Thomas Bowles, William Wace.

BOWLES, John, printseller, opposite Stocks Market c1724-39; Mercers' Hall, Cheapside 1728; 13 (Black Horse), Cornhill c1740-1780K. Trading: as John Bowles c1724-54, 1764-79; as John Bowles and son 1754-64. B. 1701, s. of Thomas B.; d. 1779. Free Joiners Co. patrimony 7 May 1723. Assisted by second son Carington 1754-64. Though shop separate from brother Thomas (1712-67), interested in same publs. Succ. by Robert Wilkinson q.v. BM satires 1772-4, 1777; Plomer; Darlington and Howgego; J. C. Smith 218.

BOWLES, Thomas, stationer, 49, Newgate Street l 1765K-1788K. D. 28 May 1788 at Blackheath aged about 50 Nominated sheriff but paid fine to be excused 1787. A learned man. City Poll 1781: C. See James Bowles. Nichols viii, 497-80; Timperley 761; Musgrave.

BOWLEY, Mary, 96, Aldersgate Street 1799. Registered press 1799. A Samuel Bowley, tallow chandler at 57, Aldersgate Street 1799H. Todd.

BOWYER, Robert, bookseller, publisher, printseller, painter, New Court, Throckmorton Street 1783-84; 68, Berners Street 1785-92; Pall Mall 1794-1833 (Historic Gallery 1794-1801P+; no. 87 1801P-1805H, no. 80 1817-20; no. 80.1/2 1823; no. 87 1821-28, no. 46 1829-33); 22, Golden Square 1834. B. 1758; d. 4 June 1834, Byfleet, Surrey. Poss. pupil of Smart. Publ. Hume's History of England in parts with engravings after leading artists at loss of £30,000 1792-1806. Watercolour painter to King and miniature painter to Queen 1785-1805H+. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1783-1828. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795-97: AT420. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; Todd; J. C. Smith 151.

BOWYER, William junior, printer, Whitefriars 1722-67; Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street 1767-77. B. 19 Dec. 1699 Dogwell Court, Whitefriars, s. of William B., printer, d. 18 Nov. 1777, bur. Low Layton, Essex. Livery Sta. Co. 1738, master 1771, 1727-65 24 apps., 7 premiums, average £20. The most learned printer of the eighteenth century. Ed. Merchant Taylors' School, St. John's College, Cambridge. Entered printing business of father 1722. Twice married. Printer of the Votes of the House of Commons 1729. Printer to Society of Antiquaries 1736. Printer to the Royal Society 1761. Partner with former apprentice John Nichols who succ. him on his death 1766. Fine editor. Acquainted with many learned men of the day. Various bequests to Sta. Co. Bust in Sta. Hall. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: S4885 (with J.Nichols). Nichols pass.; DNB; Plomer; Timperley 740-2; Howe.

BOYCE, music engraver, 63, Bunhill Row c 1787-90. Humphries and Smith.

BOYCE, John, engraver, 23, Blue Anchor Alley, Bishopsgate Street 1799H.

BOYDELL John, printseller and engraver, 90 (Unicorn, corner of Queen Street), Cheapside 1752-1805H; 59 (Shakspeare Gallery), Pall Mall 1791-1805P; Newgate Street (residence?) 1781-84. Trading: as John Boydell 1752-73; as John and Josiah Boydell 1773-1805P. B. 19 Jan 1719, Dorrington, Derbyshire; d. 12 Dec. 1804, bur. St. Olave Jewry. App. Mr. Tomms engraver aged 21 for 6 years, free Sta. Co. redemption 12 Nov. 1751, livery 2 Apr. 1754, court 1 Oct. 1782, master 1783. Originally destined to be land surveyor. A vol. of 152 prints engr. by self laid foundation of success. Encouraged engraving in England e.g. by his edition of Shakespeare ill. from paintings he commissioned and exhibited in the Shakspeare Gallery, printed by Bulmer 1802. Spent some £350,000 in furthering art. Before death had obtained Act of Parliament to sell paintings by lottery which was done Jan. 1805. Presented Sta. Co. with various pictures including one of self as Lord Mayor. Common Councillor, Cheap Ward 1758-70,1772-82, alderman 6 Aug.1782-1804, sheriff 1785, Lord Mayor 1790-91. Publ. several cats. incl. one in French 1779. City Polls 1781: C; 1784: A. Wife d. 27 Jan. 1781. Nephew Josiah helped him from 1760's, later his partner and successor. Imprint(s): (all with Josiah Boydell). Kress: , 1794-96: B2677; Abbey: 1789: AL199, 1791-92: AS2 1792: AS393; 1792-93: AS431; 1794: AS388; 1794-96 AS432; 1800: AL181, 331; Tooley: 1794: 400; 1794-96: 102. DNB; Nichols iii 411-7, 581-3, 604; Musgrave; Timperley 819-20; Blagden; J. C. Smith 1.

BOYDELL Josiah, printseller and engraver, 90, Cheapside 1772-1819P; 59 (Shakspeare Gallery), Pall Mall 1791-1805P. Trading: as John and Josiah Boydell 1772-1805P; as Josiah Boydell 1806P; as Boydell and Harrison 1807P-1819P. B. 18 Jan 1752, Manor House, near Hawarden, Flint, s. of Samuel B.; d. 27 Mar. 1817 at seat near Haliford, Middlesex. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781 master 1811-12. Partner of uncle John Boydell whom he succ. on his death 1804. On uncle's death elected alderman of Cheap ward 15 Dec. 1804, but had to resign due to ill-health 1809. Business carried on by partner and relative Josiah Harrison. In mezzotint a pupil of Richard Earlom. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1772-79. Residence at Highgate 1781. City Poll 1781: C When stock disposed of brought over £40,000 1818. BM satires; J. C. Smith 1, 81-3; Graves.

BOYLE and GRAVES, paper hanging makers, 103, Cheapside 1784L; Queen Street, Cheapside 1785L; 72, Upper Thames Street 1786K-1790U. Previously Pickering Boyle and Graves q.v.

BOYLE, Charles, law stationer, 25, Great Shire Lane, Temple Bar 1799H.

BOYLE, David, paper stainer, 2, Garlick Hill 1784B>

BOYLE, Patrick, printer and stationer, 2, Coventry Street, Haymarket 1792; 107, Wardour Street 1794-98; 14, Norris Street, Haymarket 1799; 14, Vine Street, Piccadilly 1800-03; 15,VineStreet 1804-14; 37,Warwick Street, Golden Square 1815-17; 15, Leicester Place 1818-22; 1, Leicester Square 1823-26; 284, Regent Street 1827-30; 290, Regent Street 1831-40+. Trading: as Patrick Boyle 1792-1808; as Elizabeth Boyle 1809-23; as Elizabeth Boyle and son 1824-34; as George Boyle 1835-40. Publ. court guides and commercial directories from 1792. Bankrupt 18 Feb. 1804, cert. 28 Apr. 1804. Elizabeth Boyle married Peter Paul O'Callaghan and the Court Guides were printed by George for her 1835-36. Goss; Todd; imprints of Court Guides.

BOYNE and WALKER, printsellers and publishers, 11, Great Turnstile, Lincolns Inn Fields 1787. See John Boyne. BM satires.

BOYNE, John, printseller, engraver and artist, 2, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street 1783-84; 11, Great Turnstile, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1787-88; 312, High Holborn 1790U; 34, Gloucester Street, Queen's Square 1791-1809. Trading: as Boyne and Walker 1787. B. c1750, County Downe, Ireland; d. 22 June 1810, Pentonville. App. William Byrne, landscape engraver. At one time in group of wandering actors. To London as pearl setter 1781. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1788-1809. Master of drawing school first in Holborn later in Gloucester Street. Best known as a caricaturist. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; BM satires.

BOYS, John, bookbinder, Stationer's Court 1762-74, Ivy Lane 1776-98 (no. 12 1790U); Chapter House Court 1800-02. S. of John B. of St. Luke's, framework knitter; d. 1802/3. App. Thomas Crump of Paternoster Row bookseller 6 Sep. 1743, premium £5 paid by a Society of Dissenters, free Sta. Co. 4 Dec. 1750, livery 6 Dec. 1763 1762-92 13 apps. 4 premiums average £6. City polls 1781:C; 1784: A. Howe; Ramsden.

BOYTER, Andrew, stationer, 66, Pall Mall 1789A-1790U.

BRACKENBURY, printseller, see Elizabeth Walker.

BRADLEY, printer, Suffolk Street, near the Mint, Southwark 1785P. Howe; Todd.

BRASLEY, Benjamin, paper hanging maker, Ludgate Hill 1792. D. 29 Mar 1792. Livery Painter Stainers' Co. by 1792. Wife d. 20 Jan 1792. See Isherwood and Bradley. Musgrave.

BRADLEY, Thomas, stationer, Lower Thames Street 1758C-1785K, 9, Lower Thames Street 1767K-1769K; 2, Fish Street Hill 1770K-1790U. Trading: as Bradley and Holden 1758C-1760C; as Thomas Bradley 1761K-1790U. Free Merchant Taylor's Co. 3 July 1745, livery 15 Feb. 1760, apps. John Muggeridge free 1759, Henry Pinkcombe 3 May 1775.

BRADSHAW, John, printseller and publisher, 6, James Street, Covent Garden 1784B; 4, Coventry Street 1788-89; with H. Humphrey 1788. BM satires 1788-89; J. C. Smith 1488. See also Thomas Bradshaw.

BRADSHAW, Thomas, printseller, carver and gilder, 6, James Street, Covent Garden 1784; 4, Coventry Street 1789A-1793. Bankrupt 23 Apr. 1793, cert. 30 Nov. 1793. See also John Bradshaw. J. C. Smith 630.

BRAMAH, Joseph, engineer and press maker, Cross Street, Carnaby Market 1778; Denmark Street 1783; Piccadilly 1784-88; 14, Piccadilly 1789A-1814; Pimlico 1798K-1814. Trading: as Bramah and son 1807P-1814. B. 1748, Stainborough, Yorkshire; d. 9 Dec. 1814, Pimlico. Various patents 1778-1814 including water closet, ever pointed pencil, hydraulic press used in paper manufacture, machines for mending quill pens and numbering banknotes and a printing machine (no. 2977 of 1806). DNB.

BRAND, John, bookbinder, London 1799. Aged 25 in 1799; d. 1816. Member Trade Society 1799. Joined Benefit Society 1799. Prob. partner with Fred. Wolters. Howe.

BRANSTON, (Allen) Robert, wood engraver, Bath 1796; London 1799; 2, China Row, Lambeth c1800; 9, Owens Row, Islington Road 1808; East India Chambers, Leadenhall Street 1811H; Beaufort Buildings, Strand 1822-25; with James Whiting 1822-25. B. 1778, Lynn, Norfolk; d. 12 Feb. 1827, London. App. his father, copper engraver. To London where ill. Bloomfield's Wild Flowers 1806 and other works. Publ. some music c1800. Thieme and Becker; Todd; Humphries and Smith.

BRANTINGHAM, Thomas, stationer and Birmingham warehouse, 31, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, 1788K. Poss. identical with a merchant of the same name listed in directories during this period.

BRAUGHTON, bodkin seller etc., 11, King's head Court, Shoe Lane 1785P.

BREACH, William, bookbinder, Warwick Court 1784. App. George Rossiter, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 Nov. 1772, son William Thomas his app.4 Feb. 1784.

BREMNER, David, bookseller, 87, Strand 1799H-1801K. Shopman and partner to Peter Elmsley q.v. whom he succ. on his retirement c 1797. Too keen on the acquisition of money to take care of himself. Succ. on his death by James Payne and J. Mackinlay 1802K. Imprint(s): Kress: 1798: B3717. Nichols iii, 310.

BREMNER, Robert, music seller, printer, and publisher, Harp and Hautboy, opp. Somerset House, Strand 1762-89; 127, Strand 1784B-1785P; 337, Strand 1789L-1790U. B. Scotland; d. 12 May 1789, Kensington Gore. Music seller in Edinburgh since 1748, branch run by J. Bremner, 108, New Bond Street c1770-75. Also sold musical instruments. Purchased stock of various other publishers. Own stock and properties advertised for sale by auction Morning Post 25 July 1789, acq. by Preston and son who issued cat. 1790. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. DNB; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

BRETHERTON, Charles, engraver and printseller, New Bond Street 1782-83. B. c1760, s. of James B.; d. July 1783. Engr. Iandscapes and portraits. May have publ. plates etched by self 1781-82. H. Bretherton of New Bond Street poss. engraver's error. Thieme and Becker; BM satires; Musgrave.

BRETHERTON, H., engraver, see Charles Bretherton.

BRETHERTON, James, engraver and printseller, 134, New Bond Street 1771-1799H. Aquatints mainly after H. W. Bunbury. Also described as drawing master 1799H. Westminster Poll 1784: W. Son Charles. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1, 1490, 1497.

BRETT and WESTLEY, booksellers, See Peter Brett.

BRETT, Peter, bookseller and stationer, Strand 1772L-1774L; 201 (opp. St. Clements church), Strand 1778L-1792L. Trading: as Peter Brett 1772L-1789L; as Brett and Westley 1790U-1792L. Poss. s. of John B. Took in adverts. for General Advertiser and Ayre's Sunday London Gazette 1785. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Plomer; Pendred.

BREWMAN, Draper, printer, 18 Little New Street, Shoe Lane 1784-1785P; 13, Little New Street 1790U; 45, Old Bailey 1799H-1813. D. Aug. 1813, Holloway. Free Musicians' Co. servitude 27 Oct. 1784, livery 3 Apr. 1793. Publ. London Recorder 1799-1813, proprietor of Sunday Monitor and active newspaper printer. Imprint(s): Music imprint c1790. Todd; Howe; Timperley 851; Aspinall; Humphries and Smith.

BREWMAN, Thomas, printer, 42, Fleet Street 1770; New Street, Shoe Lane 1784. D. I July 1784. Free Musicians' Co. 8 Oct. 1770. Publ. London Packet 1778-79, Public Ledger 1777-82. Aspinall; Musgrave.

BRIDE, George, engraver, 23, Oxendon Street 1799H-1811H. Trading: as George Bride 1799H, 1811H; as Bride and Trimlet 1802H-1805H; as John Bride 1809H. John Trimlet at 15, Oxendon Street 1817J.

BRIDE, Richard, music seller and printer, Black Lyon, Exeter Change, Strand c1765-75. Succ. Henry Waylett. Mrs Bride carried on business for some time. Humphries and Smith.

BRIDGES and DAVENPORT(S), paper hanging warehouse, 29, Old Bond Street 1797K-1815P; as Bridges and Davenport(s) 1797K-1813P; as Davenport and Sharpe 1814p-1815P. Succeeded by J.W.Sharpe 1816P.

BRIDGES, R., printer and stationer, 104 St. John Street 1799H.

BRIDGES, William, printer and stationer, 104 St. John Street 1790U-1824. Trading: as William Bridges 1790U-1805H; as Henry Bridges 1804-20; as Mrs. Bridges 1821-24. Todd.

BRIDGEWATER, Edward, printer, see Clement Watts.

BRIGHTWELL, John, bookbinder, Queen's Head Court, Paternoster Row 1773-80. S. of William B. of Wandsworth, tailor. App. James Benson 1 Feb. 1763, free Sta. Co. 1773, 1773-80 1 turn-over 4 apps., 2 premiums £30, 16 gns. Prob. succ. his master. In Guildford as bookbinder 1796. Founder member of Benefit Soc. 1792. Son John app. as printer 1796. Howe; Ramsden.

BRISTOW, Benjamin, stationer, Tower Street 1778. Bankrupt Feb. 1778,cert.14July 1778.

BRITTON, George, (or Britten), paper hanging manufacturer, 107, Bermondsey Street 1789L-1800P; 231, Bermondsey Street 1799H-1816P; as George Britton and Co. 1805H.

BROCKSOP and BILBIE, stationers, rag merchants and paper warehouse, 80, Upper Thames Street 1796L-1800P.

BROCKSOPP, Samuel, stationer, 57, Tooley Street 1794B-1795B.

BRODERIP and WILKINSON, music sellers, printers and publishers, 13, Haymarket 1798-1808. Partnership of Francis Broderip, previously with Longman and Broderip and C. Wilkinson. Succ. by Wilkinson and Co. Cats. survive. Humphries and Smith.

BRODERIP, Francis, music seller, With Longman and Broderip and later with Broderip and Wilkinson qq.v.

BROKE, Philip, stationer, 118, Strand 1779L-1781L.

BROMLEY, William, engraver, l l, Rosomon's Row, 1786; at Mr Jevon's, Prince's Street, Lambeth 1787; 29, Great Marlborough Street 1789; 6, Manor Street, Chelsea 1793-95; 5, Palace Street, Pimlico 1797; Hammersmith 1798; Brook Green Hammersmith 1808-14; Byfleet, Surrey 1816-20; 7, Trevor Terrace, Brompton 1822-31 etc. B. 1769, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight; d. 22 Oct 1842, 11, Chester Terrace. Pupil of the engraver Wooding. Associate engraver Royal Academy 1819. Exhibited at RA 1786-1842. Engr. G. J. Corbould's drawings of the Elgin marbles, plates for Macklin's Bible and engr. after great masters. DNB; Graves; Thieme and Becker.

BROMWICH, ISHERWOOD and BRADLEY, paper hanging makers. See Thomas Bromwich.

BROMWICH, Thomas, paper hanging maker, Ludgate Hill 1761K-1767K; 35, Ludgate Hill 1768C-1784B. Trading: as Bromwich and Leigh 1761K-1765; as Thomas Bromwich 1766; as Bromwich, Isherwood and Bradley 1767-1784B. D. 28 Jul 1787. Worked for Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill 1754. Thomas Gray purchased papers in Gothick taste for friend Dr Wharton 1761. Mentioned in diaries of Mrs Philip Lybbe Powys Oct. 1771. Trade card of Browich and Leigh in Franks coll. Paper hangers to the Great Wardrobe 1761-82. Succ. by Isherwood and Bradley q.v. Sugden and Edmondson 73-6; Musgrave.

BROOK, Richard, engraver and bookbinder's tool cutter, Gray's Inn Place, Holborn 1799H-1800P; 302, Strand 1802H-1817U. Trading: as Richard Brook 1799H-1815P; as Brook and Co. 1816U-1817U. Seal engraver to General Post Office and King. Specimen sheet in Johnson coll. Succ. by R. Scott. Howe; Ramsden.

BROOKBANK, C., stationer, see Thomas Brookbank.

BROOKBANK, E., stationer, see Thomas Brookbank.

BROOKBANK, Thomas, law stationer, 136, Holborn 1784B-1785P; 137, Holborn Bars 1789A-1792U. Trading: as Thomas Brookbank 1784B-1785P; as C Brookbank 1789A; as E. Brookbank 1792U.

BROOKE and MACKLIN, booksellers, See Robert Vaughan Brooke.

BROOKE, MACKLIN and REDWOOD, booksellers, See Robert Vaughan Brooke.

BROOKE, Charles James, law stationer, 12, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane 1799H; 24, Bell Yard 1802H-1805H; 35, Henry Street, Pentonville 1805H-1811H. Trading: as Charles James Brooke 1799H-1811H; as Brookes and Munro 1802H; as Monro and Brooks 1805H. Brookes and Harper continued at 24, Bell Yard 1806P-1822P.

BROOKE, Edward, law bookseller and stationer, Bell Yard, Lincoln's Inn 1778K-1809H, 39, Bell Yard 1791L-1802H; 49, Bell Yard 1805H. Trading: as Edward Brooke 1778K-1786K, as Edward and Robert Brooke 1787L-1800P; as Edward and Robert Brooke and J. Rider 1801K-1804P; as Brooke and Clark 1805H-1809H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. Son-in-law of B. Tovey who resigned his business to him 1775. Publ. new and improved edition of Bibliotheca legum first publ. by Tovey 1783. Succ. in Bell Yard by William Reed 1808P+. Retired but still alive 1812. City Poll 1784: A. Imprint(s): Kress: 1792: B2374; 1797: B3340; 1799: B3784, 3808; 1800: B4202. Nichols iii, 741.

BROOKE, Elizabeth, printer, 11, Little Eastcheap 1784B-1804. Registered press 1799. See also T. Brooke. Todd; Howe.

BROOKE, Joseph, bookseller, Bell Yard, Lincoln's Inn 1777N.

BROOKE, Joshua, printer or clergyman, Chatham Square 1784-1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784.

BROOKE, Mary, printer, partner with Samuel Brooke II q.v.

BROOKE, Robert, law bookseller and stationer, Bell Yard, Lincoln's Inn 1787L-1804P+. Partner with Edward Brooke q.v.

BROOKE, Robert (Vaughan), bookseller and stationer, 2, Cateaton Street 1778-1781 L; 139, Cheapside 1782-1798K. Trading: alone 1778-1792K; as Brooke and Macklin 1793L-1794B; as Brooke, Macklin and Redwood 1797L-1798K. App. Philip Oriel, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 7 Feb. 1776, livery 7 Feb. 1786, apps. James Lawford 4 Feb. 1778, William Gamidge 9 Jan. 1782, George Gowing 6 Feb. 1782, Henry Hawkins 5 Dec. 1787, Polter Jeremiah Redwood 6 May 1789, John Power 2 Sept. 1789, George Ward 1 Sept. 1790, John Hudson 7 Aug. 1793. Produced jigsaw 1790. See also John Macklin, Polter Jeremiah Redwood. Hannas.

BROOKE, Samuel, printer, Chatham Square 1781, 7 Chatham Place 1790U-1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Son Samuel livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2826.

BROOKE, Samuel I, printer, Paternoster Row 1772L-1798; no 35 1783B-1798; Hanging Sword Alley 1785P; Warwick Lane c 1791U-1794B. Trading: as Harrison and Brooke 1772L-1798. S. of Rev. Samuel B. Of Gamston, Notts. App. Thomas Harrison 1761, free Sta. Co. 1768, livery 1769, 1771-95 11 apps., 1 premium £20. Harrison and Brooke signed compositors' scale of 1785. Prob. associated with Thomas Harrison q.v. in printing London Gazette c1783-91. Son Samuel II succ. father. Howe.

BROOKE, Samuel II, printer, stationer and bookseller 35, Paternoster Row 1797-1837; Warwick Lane 17951808. Trading: as Samuel Brooke 1797-1837; as Mary and Samuel Brooke 1799-1805H. S. of Samuel I. Free Sta. Co. 1795, 1797-1815 14 apps., 3 premiums I at £5, 1 at £40. succ. his father. Spec. in government and legal printing until 1830s. Registered presses at Paternoster Row and office of Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Downing Street 1799. Howe; Todd.

BROOKE, Thomas, printer and stationer, 11, Little Eastcheap 1768N-1775N. See also Elizabeth Brooke. Brooke and Andrews at the same address printed a seed catalogue for James Gordon c1769-70. See also James Andrews.

BROOKES, Henry, stationer, printseller and portfolio and picture frame maker, 8, Coventry Street 1786-91; 28, Coventry Street 1797L-1809H. Trading: as Henry Brookes 1786-1800P; as H. H. Brookes 1797L-1798L; as Brookes and Temple 1802H-1809H. Publ. Courier de Londres 1790-91. Publ. some satires 1786, 1791. Imprint(s): Kress: 1787: B 1155. BM satires.

BROOKES, Samuel, compositor, D. 5 July 1805 aged 50 Pentonville. Poss. s. of Samuel B. Had large family, two of children compositors. Consulted by Rt. Hon. George Rose on his plan for friendly societies. Associated with Nichols. Plomer; Timperley 820-1; Nichols ii, 702-3.

BROOKMAN and LANGDON, pencil makers, 3, Vine Street 1784B-1795K; 28, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1797K-1832P+.

BROOKS and RIDER, law booksellers, See Edward Brooke.

BROOKS, John, paper stainer, 39, Great Queen Street 1768K-1775N. Bankrupt Jul 1774, cert. 11 Feb 1783. Sudgen and Edmondson 87.

BROOKS, John Boover, 61, Great Queen Street 1779L-1781L; Great Queen Street 1783B-1785. Bankrupt Mar 1785, cert. 12 Mar 1785.

BROOKS, John Henry, stationer, 47, Lothbury 1777N. Error for Browne, John Henry q.v.

BROOKS, M., paper hanging manufacturer, 32, London Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H.

BROTHERTON and SEWELL, booksellers, Cornhill 1752C-1765K; 32, Cornhill 1767K-1775N. Trading: as J. Brotherton 1752C-1755K; as John Brotherton 1758C as James Brotherton 1759K-1772K; as Brotherton and Sewell 1774K-1775N. Continued by John Sewell q.v. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7093, 7115.

BROTHERTON, John, playing card maker, 13, Little Britain 1789A-1840P+. Trading: as John Brotherton 1789A-1826K; as Brotherton and Whitaker 1827P-1840P+.

BROTHERTON, John, bookseller, See Brotherton and Sewell.

BROWN, stationer, Cornhill. See William Shenton.

BROWN, bookbinders' tool cutter, See Timbury and Brown.

BROWN, Charles, See William Brown, engraver.

BROWN, Charles, printseller and publisher, Strand 1789. BM satires.

BROWN, Christopher, bookseller, D. 6 Jan. 1807. App. Richard Baldwin. Assistant to Longman, bookseller, Paternoster Row and father of Thomas Brown partner in 1814. Friend of Thomas Evans for 40 years and received the bulk of his fortune. Portrait painted by John Eckstein. Secretary to Cauliflower Club. Nichols iii 721; Timperley 826; J. C. Smith 262.

BROWN, Edward, stationer and printer, Lower Tottenham 1799H. Registered press 1799. Todd.

BROWN, George, logographic printer, printing House Square, Blackfriars 1785P. Printer of Daily Universal Register. Pendred.

BROWN, H., printseller and publisher, Oxford Market 1782. BM satires.

BROWN, Hugh W., printer, 18, Catherine Street, Strand 1799-1811. D. 31 Aug. 1811. Many years printer of Morning Herald. Residence at 55, Stanhope Street 1799. Timperley 843; Todd; Aspinall.

BROWN, J., printseller and publisher, Silver Street Golden Square, 1784. BM satires.

BROWN, J., printseller and publisher, Mayfair 1786. BM satires.

BROWN, J., printseller and publisher, Rathbone Place or Street 1784-88. Poss. T. Brown. BM satires.

BROWN, J., printseller and publisher, Oxford Street 1788. Publ. 8 items, one with Dent. BM satires.

BROWN, J., printseller and publisher, Holborn 1788. With Dickie. BM satires.

BROWN, J., printseller and publisher, Duke Street 1788. BM satires.

BROWN, James, bookseller, newsman and stationer, 7, South Moulton Street, Grosvenor Square 1790U-1822U (no number given 1790U). Trading: as James Brown 1790U-1802H; as Brown and Scripps 1805H-1822U.

BROWN, John, printseller and publisher, 2, Adelphi 1793. BM Satires.

BROWN, John, wholesale stationer and paper ruler, 11, Sherborne Lane 1799H; 15, Sherborne Lane 1802H.

BROWN, John, stationer, 83, Lombard Street 1774K-1777N.

BROWN, John, stationer, Petty France 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

BROWN, John, bookbinder, Flower de Luce Court, Fleet Street 1796. Livery Barber Surgeons' Co. by 1796. Howe; Ramsden.

BROWN, John, paper stainer, 107, Fleet Street 1769K-1783B. Poss. later at 45, Cheapside. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

BROWN, John, stationer and paper stainer, 45, Cheapside 1778K-1801 P. Livery Fishmonger's Co. by 1792. Common Councillor, Bread Street Ward 1794-1800. Poss. at 107, Fleet Street 1769K-1783B. In 1840 Battam Gaske and Coleby at this address as paper hanging manufacturers. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

BROWN, Joseph, printer, Horsleydown 1777; Fair Street, Horsleydown, Southwark 1784B-1785P; 31, Fair Street 1790U-1799H. Earliest surviving piece, J. Toulmin: Memoires of Socinus 1777. Registered press 1799. Todd; Berry and Poole, Annals of printing.

BROWN, Mathew, printer, West Smithfield 1781; 3, Windmill Court, Pye Corner 1785P-1792; 38, St. John's Square 1796-1818. S. of Robert Brown; d. 10 Jan. 1818 aged 72. Free Sta. Co. 1767, livery by 1781, 1778-87 5 apps. 3 premiums average £8. Working with father from 1769. Publ. various musical works. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. City Poll 1781: C. Registered presses 1799. Bankrupt 22 Oct. 1803, cert. 27 Mar. 1804, divs. 30 June 1804, 27 Apr. 1805. Annuitant of William Bowyer 1805. '... considerable reputation but unfortunately not with adequate success'. Howe; Nichols iii, 287; Humphries and Smith; Timperley 866; Todd.

BROWN, Patrick, stationer, 21, Eastcheap 1772-1775N; 10, Lombard Street 1776K; 60, Lombard Street 1777N; St. Mary Woolnoth 1777. Free Musicians' Co. 29 Dec. 1772, livery 17 Oct. 1776. Bankrupt May 1777, cert. 5 Jan. 1778.

BROWN, Peter, printseller and picture dealer, 4, Crown Court, Soho 1790U-1809H; 3 and 4, Crown Street 1799H. Described as printer 1802H. J. C. Smith 1736.

BROWN, Richard, printer, with Patrick Keating q.v. 1800, 62, Chandos Street, Covent Garden 1817-20; 26, St. John Street, Clerkenwell 1821-37. Trading: as Richard Brown 1817-32; as Elizabeth Brown 1835-37. d. 1837. Registered press 1821. Widow continued in partnership with Keating. Todd.

BROWN, Robert, printer, over against Wright's Coffee House, Aldersgate Street c1742-44; Windmill Court, Pye Corner, West Smithfield 1745-81. D. 26 June 1781. 1739-74 17 apps. 5 premiums average £16. Master Sta. Co. 1777. Noted for Greek and Roman classics. Printed a number of musical works from 1769 together with son Mathew. Nichols iii, 287; Musgrave; Humphries and Smith; Timperley 866; Howe.

BROWN, Samuel Daniel, bookbinder, Maidstone 1781-84; Warwick Lane 1792; Wine Office Court 1796. Parentage unknown. Free Sta. Co. by patrimony and livery 5 Mar. 1771. City Polls 1781; C.; 1784: A. Howe; Ramsden.

BROWN, T., printseller and publisher, Rathbone Place or Street 1784-88. Poss. J. Brown. BM satires.

BROWN, Thomas, stationer, 9 Norton Falgate 1790U.

BROWN, Tom, printseller and publisher, Spa Fields, Chelsea 1788. BM satires.

BROWN, W., printseller and publisher, 43, Rupert Street 1794-95. BM satires.

BROWN, W., printseller and publisher, King Street, Covent Garden 1794-1800. BM satires.

BROWN, W. and Co., stationers, 181, Fleet Street c1800. Music imprint c 1800. Humphries and Smith.

BROWN, William, engraver, at Mr. Burgess's, Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury 1770-73; 35, Lambs Conduit Street 1774-75; 4, Pall Mall 1776-85; 3, Upper Baker Street 1796-98; 51, Green Street, Grosvenor Square 1799-1801; 58, Green Street 1808-13; 45, John Street Fitzroy Square 1822-23. Trading: as William and Charles Brown 1780K. B. 1748; d. 20 July 1825. Primarily gem and seal engraver. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1770-1823. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

BROWN, William, bookseller and stationer, corner of Essex Street, Strand 1765N-1777N; 210, Strand 1779L-1797L; Swedeland Court, Bishopsgate Street 1792-93. B. 1734, s. of William of Benington, Herts; d. 14 Feb. 1797 aged 63, bur. at Enfield. App. William Sandby, bookseller of Fleet Street 1 Oct 1754, free Sta. Co. 6 Jul 1762. Journeyman to Sandby many years. When Sandby quit business he opened the shop in which he died c1765. Publ. some music. Died of a fever after a week's illness. Bur. with wife (d. 1795). Stock sold by Leigh and Sotheby 2-3 Oct. and 11 Dec. 1797. Succ. by Robert Bickerstaff. Publ. cat. 1794. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Imprint(s): Kress: 1777: B78; 1786: B999. Nichols iii, 634; Timperley 793; Plomer; McKenzie; Humphries and Smith; BM book sales.

BROWNE and WARREN, See William Browne, printer.

BROWNE, printer, Sherborne Lane 1786. D. 8 Aug. 1786. Musgrave.

BROWNE, Daniel, bookseller, Catherine Street 1779L. Bankrupt May 1779. Poss. the Daniel Browne listed by Plomer.

BROWNE, John, engraver, Chelsea 1771; at the Plate Glass Manufactory, Montague Place, Southwark 1772; St. Saviour's, Southwark 1781-83; Peckham 1784; West Lane, Walworth 1786-1801; East Street, Walworth 1799H. B. 26 Apr. 1741, Finchfield, Essex; d. 2 Oct. 1801, West Lane, Walworth. Landscape engraver, pupil of John Tinney and William Woollett; Exhibited at Royal Academy 1771-1801. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

BROWNE, John, printer, 4, Wardrobe Court, Doctors Commons 1775. Sun insurance policy 351529 29 Mar. 1775. Guildhall lib. ms. 11,936/236.

BROWNE, John, printer, 20, Bride Lane, Fleet Street 1799; 60, Snow Hill 1801. Registered Presses 1799-1801. Todd.

BROWNE, John Henry, wholesale stationer, 47, Lothbury 1776K-1782K. S. of Daniel Browne, bookseller in the Strand, d. 1830. Livery Sta. Co. by 1777. Bequeathed £500 by William Bowyer 1777. Prob. admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge 22 Jan. 1781. Ordained by archbishop Cornwallis. Rector of Eakring, Notts. 1792-1830. Printed A Serious Address to the Superior Inhabitants of Eakring 1796. Erroneously listed as Brooks, John Henry 1777N. Venn: Alumni Cantabrigienses, Nichols iii, 277.

BROWNE, M., wholesale quill dealer, Whitechapel Road 1768K. Prob. s. of Moses B. 1704-87, originally pen cutter, later religious poet, collected works published 1739, took holy orders 1753. Nichols v, 51; DNB.

BROWNE, Samuel, stationer and paper hanger, 7, Blackmoor Street, Clare Market 1798K-1834P+. Trading: as Samuel Browne 1798K-1828P; as Browne and Son 1829P-1834P+.

BROWNE, Thomas, stationer, High Street, Lambeth 1799H.

BROWNE, Thomas, pen and quill warehouse, 30, Crooked Lane 1798K-1817U.

BROWNE, William, printer, St. John's Lane 1773; 22, Poppins Court, Fleet Street 1785P-1792U. Trading: as William Brown 1785P; as Brown and Warren 1790U-1792U. 1773-90 7 apps. Howe; McKenzie.

BROWNING, Hannah, stationer and bookbinder, Little Carter Lane 1777-78. 1777-78 2 apps. Widow of William B. (d. after 1773). Had married Samuel Thorne by 1782. Howe; Ramsden.

BROWNING, J., printseller or publisher, Oxford Street 1782. BM satires.

BROWNLEY, William, engraver, Chelsea c 1793U.

BROWNSWORD and HARDY, stationers, Budge Row 1740C-1765K; 11, Budge Row 1767K-1781L. Trading: as Elias Brownsword 1740C-1761K; as Brownsword and Hardy 1763K-1781L.

BROWNSWORD, Elias, stationer, See Brownsword and Hardy.

BRUCE, Norman, printer, Green Walk, Blackfriars 1786. Todd.

BRUCE, William, bookseller, 10, Clement's Inn Passage 1785B; 4, New Inn Passage 1790U.

BRYAN, John, printer, 11, Grocers' Hall Court c1787-1831, 11, Whalebone Court, Lothbury 1817-1819R. Trading: alone c1787-1811H; as James Bryan (error?) 1792U; as Joseph Bryan 1817J; as Joseph Bryan and son 1819R; as J. Bryan and son 1817U-1820R. S. of Thomas B. of Seething Lane, staymaker, app. Elizabeth Moore, printer 1781, free Sta. Co. 1790, 1790-1814 9 apps., 2 premiums average £10. The styles and addresses from 1817-20 may refer to two different firms. William Lowe Bryan at 10, Grocers' Hall Court 1821. Sons carried on business to c1840. Howe; Todd.

BRYAN, Marshall, stationer, Lower Brook Street Grosvenor Square 1776K. Error for Marshall, Bryan q.v.

BRYDON, Charlotte, printseller, 7, Charing Cross after 1780. J. C. Smith 583.

BRYDON, F., printseller, 7, Charing Cross 1784-92. BM satires.

BRYDON, John, printseller and looking glass warehouse, 7, opp. Northumberland House, Charing Cross 1783-1801P; 4, Charing Cross 1802P-1804P; 218, Oxford Street 1805P. Variously described also as carver, gilder, frame maker, proprietor of glass warehouse. Bankrupt 16 June 1801, cert. 28 Nov. 1801; divs. 27 Apr. 1802, 4 June 1803, 5 June 1804. Westminster Poll 1796: F. J. C. Smith 583, 592.

BRYER, Anne, printseller, 5, Poland Street 1788. Poss. widow of Henry Bryer. J. C. Smith 124, 748.

BRYER, Henry, printer, 10, Bell's Buildings, Fleet Street 1799H; Bridewell Hospital, Bridge Street, Blackfriars 1800-36. Registered press 1800. Brown; Todd.

BRYER, Henry, engraver and printseller, 27, opp. Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1767-1771; Cornhill c1772-76; no. 28 1775, 12, Stephen Street, Tottenham Court Road 1773. Trading: as Ryland and Bryer 1767-71; as Henry Bryer 1772-76. D. by 1783. Pupil and partner of W. W. Ryland q.v. Bankrupt Dec. 1771, cert. 6 June 1772, div. 1 Aug. 1786 Sun insurance policy 349177 24 Jan 1775, Guildhall lib. ms. 11,936/236. J. C. Smith lii, 123-4, 214, 916; BM satires c 1771, 1773; DNB (under Ryland).

BUCK, Samuel, engraver, facing St. Clement's church, Strand 1775. B. 1696; d. 17 Aug. 1779, bun St. Clement Danes. Designed and engraved over 400 antiquarian and topographical plates. Aided by brother Nathaniel who predeceased him 1727-53. Exhibited Royal Academy 1775. Richard Gough supported him in old age. Appealed on his behalf to Society of Antiquaries 4 Feb. 1779. Port. painted by J. Highmore. DNB; Nichols vi 320, ix 656; Musgrave; Graves.

BUCKINGER, Joseph, music seller and publisher and musical instrument maker, 443, Strand c1785-1811. Trading: as Buckinger and Sharp, musical instrument makers to Duke of Clarence c1805-06. To Michaelmas 1782 partner with Elizabeth Carr widow of Benjamin Carr musical instrument maker of Old Round Court, Strand. Advertised self as 'only successor to the late Mr. Rauche', Morning Herald 20 Jan. 1785. Humphries and Smith.

BUCKLAND, James, printseller, The Buck, Paternoster Row c 1736-1766; 57, Paternoster Row 1767K-1789K. D. 21 Feb. 1790 aged 79. Sold books by auction 1735. More than 50 years a bookseller of eminence in Paternoster Row, particularly among the dissenters. Branch at Chelmsford c 1736. From c 1760 publ. some sacred music. He kept up the custom of advertising on a board by his doorway and would dress in George II style clothes until his death. Publ. works of Gay. Trade card Heal coll. Son, James. Imprint(s): Kress: 1782: B487; 1784: B743. Nichols iii 719; Timperley 765; Plomer; Musgrave.

BUCKLAND, William, bookseller, 57, Paternoster Row 1790U; Islington 1792. Livery Carpenters' Co. by 1792.

BUCKLER, John, engraver, 12, near the Jamaica House, Bermondsey 1796-1800; 2, opp. the Spa Gardens, Bermondsey 1801-25; 15, Buckingham Road, New Kent Road 1826-49. B. 30 Nov. 1770, Calbourne, Isle of Wight; d. 6 Dec. 1851, London. Topographical artist and architect. Issued aquatint engravings of colleges, cathedrals etc 1797-1815. Exhibited Royal Academy 1796-1849. Fellow of Society of Antiquaries 1810. Son John Chessell engraver. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

BUCKLEY, William, law stationer, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1790U-1799H; Serle's Gateway, Lincoln's Inn 1802H; 24, Chancery Lane 1805H. Also described as paper hanger 1794B.

BUCKSTONE, Henry, stationer, 88, Leadenhall Street 1790U.

BUCKTON, Christopher, printer, Great Pulteney Street 1784-1799 (no. 8 1785P). Westminster Poll 1784: F. Bankrupt 5 May 1798, cert. 21 May 1799, div. 30 Mar. 1799. Registered press 1799. Publ. French Gazette 1784. Howe; Todd; Aspinall.

BUCKTON, William, pocket book maker, Little Dean's Court 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

BULL and JEFFREYS, printsellers, 18, Ludgate Hill 1785-1794L. See also Elizabeth Bull. BM satires 1790, 1792; J. C. Smith 1, 643.

BULL, Elizabeth, printseller, 18, Ludgate Hill 1769-1794L. Trading: as Elizabeth Bull 1769-1785B, as Bull and Jeffryes 1785-1794L. Took into partnership and was succ. by John Jeffryes. BM satires 1784; J. C.

BULL, John, stationer, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1784B-1785P.

BULLOCK, John, engraver, Kensington Square 1781; Marlow, Bucks., 1784; Church Court, Temple 1796; Cross Key Court, Little Britain 1799H. City Polls: 1781: C., 1784: A. These addresses may not all refer to the same person.

BULMER, William, printer, Shakspeare Printing Office, 3, Russell Court, Cleveland Row 1792-1819. B. 1757, Newcastle upon Tyne; d. 9 Sept. 1830. App. Mr. Thompson. Friend of Thomas Bewick from his youth, from 1790 used many of his cuts. Associated with George Nicol 1787, with John Boydell 1790. Printed edit. of Shakespeare ill. from paintings commissioned and exhibited by Boydell, 9 vols. 1791-1805. Many other fine editions e.g. Milton's works 3 vols. 1793-97. Printed Anecdotes of George Frederick Handel and John Christopher Smith 1799. Installed first Stanhope press in his office 1800. Retired to Clapham Rise 1819. Succ. by William Nicol. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2659, 2677, 2687, 27678, 2776, 2808, 2819, 2823, 2852; 1795: B3063, S5485; 1796: B3 144; 1797: B3503, S5544; 1798: B3738-9, 1799: B3924, 4000, 4035; 1800: B4274, 4276, 4309. Abbey: 1792: AL205; 1794: AS388; 1794-96: AS432; 1795-96: AS453; 1799-1802: AL218-9; 1800: AL63, 81, AT422. Tooley: 1794: 400; 1794-96: 102; 1799-1802: 258. DNB; Todd, Timperley 802; Humphries and Smith.

BUMSTEAD, John, printseller, 10, Bear Lane, Blackfriars 1799H.

BUMSTEAD, William, pressmaker, 13, Old Bailey 1785P-1799H; 24, King Street, West Smithfield 1805H-1809H. Described as rolling-press maker 1785P.

BUN, T.(pseud? Brown?), publisher and printseller, St. Martin's Lane 1784. BM satires.

BUNCOMBE, Thomas, stationer, 63, Newgate Street 1788L-1790U. Partnership with Richard Fletcher q.v. in Budge Row dissolved 24 Dec. 1788 LG 30 Dec. 1788.

BUNNETT, Jacob, stationer, St. Mary Whitechapel 1786. Patent for colour printing of paper hangings 18 Mar. 1786 no. 1540. Sugden and Edmondson 115.

BUNNEY and GOLD, printers, see John Walton Bunney and Joyce Gold.

BUNNEY, John Walton, printer, Newcastle Street, Strand 1793; 103, Shoe Lane 1799-1803. Trading: alone 1793; as Bunney and Gold 1799-1803. Bankrupt 9 Nov. 1793, cert. 21 Nov. 1795, div. 22 Mar. 1794. Registered presses with Joyce Gold q.v. 1799. Printed European Magazine 1800+, Whitehall Evening Post 1800-02. Imprint(s): Kress: (Bunney, Thompson and Co.) 1798: B3706, 3708-9; (Bunney and Gold) 1799: B3863-4, 3884, 3943-7, S5605, 5608; 1800: S5647; Abbey: 1800: AL331. Todd; Aspinall.

BUNNEY, THOMPSON and Co, printers, see John Walton Bunney.

BUNTLEBART, G., pianoforte maker and music seller, 7, Princes Street, Hanover Square 1794B-1795B.

BURCH, Edward, engraver, Warwick Street, Charing Cross 1771-76; 24, Charlotte Street, near Portland Chapel 1777-95; 2, Payne's Place, Kentish Town 1796-1808. B. c1730; d. 1814?. Trained in school in St. Martin's Lane. Student at Academy schools 1769. Exhibited Royal Academy 1771-1808. Librarian to RA 1794-1812. Engraver to King 1799H. Primarily seal engraver, sculptor and wax modeller. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

BURD, J., printer, Fleet Street 1765; Blake Court, Catherine Street 1776-77. Taken into custody for printing A Circumstantial and Authentic Account of a Late Unhappy Affair, Mar. 1765. Printer of Morning Chronicle with Mr. Jacquery 1769. Forged Morning Chronicle for some time after it was taken out of their hands and given to William Woodfall. Werkmeister.

BURFOOT, Joseph, stationer and bookseller, 31, Norton Falgate 1799H-1800P. Error for Barfoot, Joseph q.v.

BURFORD, Ephraim, bookseller and stationer, 92, Fleet Market 1796L-1814P. Charlotte Burford given at this address 1811H.

BURFORD, Thomas, stationer and paper hanger, 68, Ratcliffe Highway 1794B-1833P+. Trading: as Thomas Burford 1794B-1824P; as Burford and sons 1825P-1833P+.

BURFORD, Thomas, engraver and printseller, Broadway, Westminster 1763M; Bridge Street, Westminster 1771-74. B. c1710; d. after 1774. Exhibited Society of Artists 1762-74. Mainly portraits, including mezzotints. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. J. C. Smith 214, 215; DNB; Thieme and Becker.

BURGES, Vickers, bookbinder, Conduit Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

BURKE, Thomas, engraver, Chelsea 1784. B. 1749, Dublin; d. 31 Dec. 1815, London. Pupil of John Dixon. Worked at first in mezzotint, later in chalk manner. Active 1771 -1806. Portraits and historical scenes. Westminster Poll 1784: F. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

BURKE, William, copper engraver, Kentish Town 1794B.

BURKS, Joseph, publisher, Sentenced to two years hard labour in Coldbath Fields for publishing A Summary of the Duties of Citizenship, 20 Nov. 1796. Imprint(s): Kress: 1790: B1782; 18-?: B4046. Timperley 792.

BURN, Thomas, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, Middle Row, Holborn 1781; 85, High Holborn 1793K-1797K; 37, Kirby Street, Hatton- Garden 1802H-1840P+. B. Newcastle upon Tyne; d. 1843. Free Sta. Co. redemption 6 Dec. 1808, 1810-13 4 apps. I premium £25. To London 1781. Firm worked for British and Foreign Bible Society 1800-40. Son James app. father 1811, free 1819, succ. father on death. Firm still existed in Esher 1977. Howe; Ramsden.

BURNETT, Charles, engraver, Broad Court, Drury Lane 1799H; 2, Cross Court, Bow Street 1802H-1811H.

BURNETT, George, bookseller and stationer, without Temple Bar 1758; Bishop Burnett's Head, Strand 1764-75; 16, Strand 1777N; 184, Strand 1778L-1802H. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Erroneously listed as Barnett, George 1799H. Imprint(s): Kress: 1778: B158. Plomer.

BURNETT, Thomas, bookbinder, 27, Tabernacle Walk 1799H-1802H; 30, Tabernacle Walk 1805H-1809H. Prob. s. of Richard B. of St. George, mariner; d. 1820, aged 31 in 1792. App. George Page 2 July 1776, never free. Member Benefit Soc. 1792, United Friendly Soc. 1794. Erroneously listed as Barnett, Thomas 1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

BURNIE, Colin, circulating library, 14, Maiden Lane Covent Garden 1799H. Error for Birnie, Colin q.v.

BURNITT, Robert, bookbinder, Craven Buildings 1774. Westminster poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

BURRISON, Herbert, 41, Marylebone Street 1800. Registered press 1800. Todd.

BURROWES, John F., bookseller and stationer, 9, Haymarket 1796-1799H. Westminster Poll 1796: T.

BURROWS, LANE and Co., paper hanging warehouse, Old Bond Street 1799H.

BURRUP, John, stationer, 3, Capel Court, Bartholomew Lane 1798K-1804P; 6, North side, Royal Exchange 1805P-1830P+. Trading: as John Burrup 1798K-1818P; as Burrup and son 1819P-1823P; as John Burrup junior 1824P-1830P+. Previously partner with William Simpson qv. as vellum binder.

BURSLEM, James, stationer, Blackfriars Road 1794B; 13, Blackfriars Road 1799H; 13, Great Surrey Street, Blackfriars 1800-1816P; 44, Great Surrey Street 1817P-1840P+. Trading: as James Burslem 1794B-1837P; as Mrs. Jane Burslem 1838P-1840P+. Registered press 1800. Todd.

BURT, E., paper hanger, Stamford Hill 1799H.

BURT, John, pocket book maker, Little Warner Street, Clerkenwell 1799H.

BURTON, pocket book maker, see Lake and Burton.

BURTON and LANGLEY, law stationers, Symonds Inn, Chancery Lane 1790U-1817P. Trading: as Burton and Langley 1790U; as Richard Burton 1799H-1817P. See also William Langley.

BURTON, Benjamin, stationer, George Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

BURTON, Richard, law stationer, see Burton and Langley.

BURTON, Robert, bookbinder and circulating library, Packer's Court, Coleman Street 1794-1800; 16, Ivy Lane 1799-1800. S. of Robert B. of Leyton, Essex, baker. App. William Crowther 7 Sept. 1779, free Sta. Co. 7 Nov. 1786, 1796-1800 2 apps. Advert. for circulating library 1799. Bankrupt 1 Mar. 1800, cert. 7 Dec. 1802, div. 9 Feb. 1805. Howe; Ramsden; Hamlyn.

BURTON, Samuel, stationer, bookbinder and printer, 152, Houndsditch 1798-1810P; 156, Leadenhall Street 1811P-1827P; 9, Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate 1816-25. Trading: alone 1798-1827; as Burton and Briggs 1816P-1818; as Burton, Clay and Briggs 1818P; as Burton, Clay and Smith 1819-25. Registered presses 1816. Partners include John Allen, James Briggs, Richard Clay, Samuel Smith. Todd; Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden.

BURTON, Thomas, printer, 31, Little Queen Street, Lincolns Inn Fields 1793-1813. Bankrupt 26 Feb. 1793, cert. 22 June 1793, div. 28 Dec. 1793. Registered presses 1799. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4301. Todd.

BURTON, William, printer and stationer, 82, Fetter Lane 1799-1808. Registered press 1799. William George Burton at same address 1811H, Mrs Mary Burton at same address 1817. Todd.

BURY, Samuel and Co., music sellers and pianoforte and organ makers, 113, Bishopsgate within c 1787-93. Humphries and Smith.

BUTLER, engraver, see John Gale.

BUTLER, Robert, stationer, 9 Bruton Street, Berkeley Square 1799H.

BUTLER, Robert, bookseller, Poppins Court, Fleet Street 1799H. Poss. error for Butters, Robert q.v.

BUTTERS, Robert, printer, 10, Poppins Court, Fleet Street 1785P; 79, Fleet Street 1790U; Tottenham 1799; 22, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street 1804-08. S. of William B. of Glasgow, carpenter. App. Archibald Hamilton II 1765, Free Sta. Co. 1772, 1778-1807 18 apps. 1 premium £10. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Registered presses 1799, 1804. John Butters, bookseller at 22, Fetter Lane 1809H. See also Butler, Robert. Howe; Todd.

BUTTERWORTH, Joseph, law bookseller, 43, Fleet Street 1794L-1829P. Trading: alone 1794L-1816P; as J. Butterworth and son 1817P-1829P. B. 1770, s. of Rev. John B. of Coventry; d. 30 June 1826, Bedford Square. Livery Sta. Co. 1792. At first in partnership with Thomas Whieldon q.v. Then opened flourishing establishment of own which became a leading philanthropic centre. MP Coventry 1812-18, Dover 1820-26. A notable Wesleyan. Nephew Henry assisted uncle, later in business on own in Fleet Street. Imprint(s): Kress: 1797; B3486. DNB; McKenzie.

BUTTON, William, bookseller, 24, Paternoster Row 1794L-1820R. Trading: alone 1794L-1800P; as W. Button and son 1802H-1819R; as Button and Co. 1820R. Brown.

BUZZARD, John, paper hanging manufacturer, carver and gilder, 109, High Holborn 1805P-1828P; 11, Jewry Street, Aldgate 1830P+. Trading: alone 1805P-1823P; as J.Buzzard and Son 1824P-1830P+. Previously with Edward Canon q.v. Trade card in Franks coll. misdated 1750-70. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

BYE and LAW, printers, Badger Yard, St. John's Square 1793L-1 809P. Deodatus Bye and Henry Law qq.v. Premises formerly James Emonson's, late John Rivington's qq.v. Firm continued as Law and Gilbert 1810P-1815P, as R. and R. Gilbert 1816P+. Imprint(s): Kress: 1799: B3824; Abbey: 1800: AL331. Nichols iii, 422; Brown.

BYE, Deodatus, printer, Clerkenwell 1781; Clerkenwell Close 1792; St John's Square, Clerkenwell 1791L; Badger Yard, St John's Square 1793L-1809P (no. 3, 1799, 1800). Trading: alone 1781-90; as Marshall and Bye 1791L; as Bye and Law q.v. 1793L-1809H. D. 12 Feb. 1826. Livery Sta. Co. 1766. Registered press 1799. Printed book of psalms 1804. City Poll 1781: C. Son Thomas livery Sta. Co. by 1796. See Anna Rivington, John Marshall, Henry Law. Nichols iii, 422; Humphries and Smith; Todd; McKenzie.

BYE, Thomas junior, printer, St. John's Square 1792. Livery Sta. Co. 1792. McKenzie

BYFIELD and HAWKESWORTH, booksellers and stationers, Charing Cross 1774L-1780L; 21, Charing Cross 1781L-1840P+. Trading: as Byfield and Hawksworth 1774L-1805H; as Byfield and son 1806P-1827P; as Robert and Charles Byfield 1828P-1837P; as Robert Byfield 1838P-1840P. Took in adverts for Whitehall Evening Post 1785P. Booksellers to royal family in 1820s. See Samuel Hawksworth. Musgrave.

BYFIELD, George, S. of George, stationer. App his father 1 Dec 1789, free and livery Sta. Co. 6 Dec 1796. McKenzie.

BYFIELD, Henry Woolsey, bookseller & stationer, Charing Cross 1774L-1780L; no. 21 1781L-1805H. Trading as: Byfield and Hawksworth 1774L-1805H. Son of George, carpenter, Westminster. App George Woodfall, printer 1 Dec 1761, livery Sta. Co. 6 Dec 1768, 1779-89 2 apps. City Poll 1781: L. Mrs. Byfield d. 5 Mar. 1792. McKenzie

BYRNE and Co., paper hanging warehouse, 65, New Bond Street 1795L-1799L.

BYRNE, Nicholas, printer, 18, Catherine Street, Strand 1790; Catherine Street 1794B-1795B. Printed Morning Herald 1790. Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

BYRNE, William I, engraver, Long Acre 1776. D. 29 Oct 1776. Succ. by nephew William B. II q.v. LDA 31 Oct. 1776, 6 Nov. 1776. Berch.

BYRNE, William II, engraver and print publisher, Long Acre 1776; 79, Tichfield Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H-1805H. B. 1743, London; d. 24 Sept. 1805, Tichfield Street. Studied with uncle William q.v., a Birmingham engraver of arms. Succ. uncle on his death LDA 6 Nov 1776. Society of Arts medal 1765. To Paris, pupil of Aliamet and later of J. G. Wille. Exhibited Suffolk Street 1766-80. Member of Incorporated Society. Landscape engraver, publ. several series of views. Son and three daughters all artists. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Berch.

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