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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: A

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names A

ABBOTT and ARMSTRONG, stationers, rag merchants and paper makers, 3, High Street, St. Giles 1799H-I806P. See also Thomas Abbott, William Armstrong.

ABBOTT, Thomas, stationer, 3, High Street, St. Giles 1794B-1811H; 1, High Street, St. Giles 1812P-1822P. Trading: as Thomas Abbott 1794B-1799L; as Abbott and Armstrong 1799H-1806P; as Thomas Abbott 1807P-1822P. Previously William Armstrong, q.v.

ABRAHAM, Abraham, bookseller, 39, Chiswell Street, 1799H-1808P. His library sold by W. Stewart 8 and 11 July 1811. BM Book Sales.

ABRAHAM, John, printer, 3, St. Swithin's Lane 1785P-1790U; 5, Lombard Street 1792U-1794B; 1, Clement Lane, Lombard Street 1799H-1858. Trading: as John Abraham 1785P-1808; as Elizabeth Abraham 1809; as Edward Abraham 1817; as Guy George and John Abraham 1818-31; as John Humphries Abraham 1832-58. S. of Guy A. of Great Berkhampstead, Herts, schoolmaster; d. 1808. App. Mary Say 1776, free Sta. Co. 1783, livery 1790, 1786- 1807 13 apps (incl. son William, 1799), 5 prem. average £26. Bankrupt 19 Jan 1793, cert. 4 May 1793, div. 16 May 1794. Described as 'Price Current Office' 1811. Imprint(s): Kress: 1786: S5103. Howe; Todd: McKenzie

ABRAM, John, law stationer, Middle Temple Lane 1799H-1840+. Trading: as John Abram 1799H- I 823P; as John Abram and Sons 1824P-1840+.

ACKED, Joseph, paper stainer, Strand 1782. Bankrupt, cert 11 June 1782.

ACKERMANN, Rudolph, printseller and publisher, 96, Strand 1795-96; 101, Strand 1796-1827; 96, Strand 1827-1857P; 106, Strand 1858P-1859P. Trading: as Rudolph Ackermann 1795-1829; as Ackermann and Co. 1829-1859P. B. 20 Apr. 1764, Stolberg, Saxony; d. 30 Mar. 1834, Finchley. Premises known as 'The Repository of Arts', also the title of a periodical he published 1809-28. Published many fine illustrated volumes. Pioneered lithography in this country. Published Poetical Magazine 1809-11 and a small amount of music. Took out patents 2491 of 1801 and 4212 of 1818 relating to waterproofing and axles respectively. Transferred business to three younger Ackermann sons and Walton his principal assistant 1829. Eldest son Rudolph junior d. 1868, printseller, ran Eclipse Sporting Gallery at 191, Regent Street from 1825. This branch survives in 1973 as Arthur Ackermann and Son at 3, Old Bond Street. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1796: AL87; 1798: AL62, 1798-99 AL379; 1799: AL232, 397, 461; 1800: AL63, 249, 270 AS27, 185. Tooley: 1798-99: 416; 1799: 409, 420; BM Satires: 1799-1800. DNB; Timperley, 848, 866; Humphries and Smith.

ACTON, John, newspaper printer, opp. Exeter Change Strand 1782. Printed London Courant 6 Sept 1782. Also associated with London Recorder and Sunday Gazette 1782. Aspinall.

ADAMS, bookseller, St. Mary Lane 1785. D. 1 Dec 1785. Musgrave.

ADAMS, Bartholomew, bookbinder, Ivey Lane 1761-83; 9, Ivey Lane 1784B-1785P. S. of Bartholomew A. of Stanmore, sawyer. App. James Bailey 12 Nov. 1751, turned over to George Page 6 Apr. 1756, free Sta. Co. 2 July 1759, 1761-85 10 apps 1 premium £10. Howe; Ramsden.

ADAMS, Henry, law stationer, Lincoln's Inn 1769K-1788K; Lincoln's Inn New Square 1789L-1798L; 15, Lincoln's Inn New Square 1799H; 4, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane 1799H; Lincoln's Inn 1801P-1803P. Free and livery Musicians' Co. 21 June 1776.

ADAMS, Thomas, journeyman printer, Many years with John Miller, printer of the London Evening Post. Timperley 795.

ADAMSON, J., London. Imprint(s): Kress: 1776: A7202.

ADDIS, William, stationer and rag merchant, 64, Whitechapel 1787L-1789L; 52, Whitechapel 1790U-180OP. Probably listed erroneously as Harris 1784B-1785P.

ADLARD, James, printer, 39, Duke Street, West Smithfield 1792U-1826; 22-23 Bartholomew Close 1817; 23, Bartholomew Close 1818-24; 22½, Bartholomew Close 1825-1900+. Trading: as James Adlard 1792U-1816; as James Adlard and sons 1818; as James William and Charles Adlard 1819; as James William Adlard 1820-39; as Charles Adlard 1839-44; as Charles and James Adlard 1845-53; as James Evan Adlard 1855-88; as Adlard and son 1889-1900+. S. of William A. Free Sta. Co. 1789, livery by 1792, 1800-15 13 apps. 5 prem. average £20. Book and periodical printers. Imprint(s): Kress: 1796: B3189; 1797: B3426-27, 3481 (printed in Paris by W. Adlard, reprinted and sold by J. Adlard and J. Barsons). Brown; Howe; Todd.

ADLARD, Thomas, printer, 10, Salisbury Court 1790U. Error for William Adlard?

ADLARD, William, printer, Fleet Street 1769; Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1772; 10, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street 1781-1792; 39, Duke Street, West Smithfield 1796. Trading: as Adlard and Brown 1769; as William Adlard 1772-1796. S. of Charles A. of St. Ives, tailor, d. 1820. App. Thomas James of Cambridge 1751, free Sta. Co. 1759, livery 1776, 1767-89 27 apps. 10 prem. average £12. Bankrupt firstly Dec. 1772, secondly Apr. 1784, cert. 24 Apr. 1784. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. City Poll 1781: L. Son James Adlard q.v. Imprint(s): Kress: 1797: B3481 (Printed in Paris by W. Adlard, reprinted and sold by J. Adlard and J. Barsons). Howe; Plomer; Todd.

AGAR, John Samuel, engraver, 10, Boulton Row, Piccadilly 1796-98; 10, Winchester Street, Pentonville 1799; 52, Great Russell Street 1800; 40, Stafford Place, Pimlico 1801; 59, Stafford Place 1802- 1811H. B. c 1770, d. after 1820. Historical engraver and miniature painter. President of the Society of Engravers 1803. Exhibited at the Royal Academy 1796-1806. Graves; Thieme and Becker.

AITKEN, A., print publisher, 2, Orange Court, Drury Lane 1784. BM Satires.

AITKEN, James (also spelt AICKEN, AIKIN, AITKIN, ATKINS), printseller and publisher, 18, Little Russell Court, Drury Lane 1788; Bear Street, Leicester Square 1788-90; 14, Castle Street Leicester Square 17891802H. Bankrupt 24 Oct. 1801. Possibly the Mr. Aitken convicted at Kings Bench for publishing Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies 10 Nov. 1 795. BM Satires.

AITKEN, R., London. Imprint(s): Kress: 1780: B294 (R.Aitken); 1787: Bl312 (R.Aitken and son).

AKENHEAD, D. and sons, London. Imprint(s): Kress: 1796: B3131.

ALBANI, Signor, music publisher, 189, Oxford Street c 1775. Humphries and Smith.

ALCHIN, Francis (or ALLCHIN), bookbinder, 22, Warwick Court, Newgate Street 1792-1805H; 14, Lime Street 1817J. S. of John A. of Meopham, carpenter, d. 1825/6. App. to Charles Heath 3 Nov. 1778, free Sta. Co. 7 Apr. 1789, 1792-1802 6 apps. 1 prem. £5. His master refused to support his freedom application but the Court granted it. Had become wine and spirit merchant by 1817J. Son Thomas app. to father 1803, free 1810. Howe; Ramsden.

ALDERED and Co., rag merchants, 52, Whitechapel 1796L-1797L.

ALDERSEY, Joseph, wholesale stationer, 27, Great Carter Lane 1792K-1806P; 11, Cloak Lane 1807P-1840+. Trading: as Joseph Aldersey 1792K-1817P; as Joseph Aldersey and son 1818P-1823P; as R. B. and J. Aldersey 1824P; as Richard Baker Aldersey 1825P-1840+. Successor to Thomas Haydon q.v.

ALDRICH, Isaac, printseller, bookseller and picture dealer, 5, Piazza, Covent Garden 1786-1799H; 3, Mercer Street 1796; 4, Piazza, Covent Garden 1802H; 5, New Round Court, Strand 1805H. Sold John Pendred's The Life and Adventures of Mary J--n c 1792. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. J.C Smith, 629.

ALDRIDGE, M., circulating library, Wood Street, Barnet 1799H-1809H. Trading: as M. Aldridge 1799H; as Mrs. Jane Aldridge 1805H-1809H.

ALEXANDER, Alexander, printer, Black Lion Yard, Whitechapel Road 1785P, 1808; 14, Brick Lane, Whitechapel 1808; 38, Whitechapel Road 1784B; 40, Whitechapel Road 1810-24. Printer of Hebrew liturgical books. Firm existed until c.l828. See also Levy Alexander. Howe; Todd.

ALEXANDER, J., print publisher, 323, Strand 1794. BM Satires.

ALEXANDER, Levy, printer, 40, Whitechapel Road 1799H-1802H, 1820R; 38, Whitechapel Road 1811H; 277, Whitechapel Road 1821-26. Trading: In 1811H premises described as Albion printing office. Todd.

ALIAMENT, Francois Germain, engraver, Compton Street 1790. B. 1734, Abbeville; d. 5 Feb.1790, London. Pupil of Garet and R. Strange. Active mainly in London and Paris. Killed by falling stone in Greek Street. Younger brother of Jacques. Musgrave; Thieme and Becker.

ALKEN, Samuel, engraver, printseller, publisher, 3, Dufours Court, Carnaby Market 1780; 3, Dufours Place, Soho 1785; 2, Francis Street, Bedford Square 1796-1811H. Active in London 1780-98+ mainly producing etchings and aquatints for topographical works. Exhibited at the Royal Academy 1780. Also a drawing master. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1788: AT213; 1790: AS54; 1794: AL90, 132, AS513; 1795: AS184; 1795-96: AS453; 1796: AS206, AT677; 1797: AS25; 1798: AS515. Tooley: 1794: 462. BM Satires 1784-93. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

ALLAWAY, John, bookbinder, stationer and bookseller, 5, Tavistock Row, Covent Garden 1805H; 53, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street 1819R-1828R. B. c1781; d. 1829. Howe.

ALLCOCK, John, [information to add]

ALLEN, bookseller, Partner to James Lackington q.v.

ALLEN and WEST, booksellers and printers, see Michael Allen.

ALLEN, Edmund, printer, Bolt Court, Fleet Street 1726-80. D. 28 July 1780. Office next door to Samuel Johnson's home later occupied by Thomas Bensley. Member of Essex Head Club. Died at a very advanced age. Nichols viii, 417; Timperley 746; Plomer; Musgrave.

ALLEN, Edward, engraver, Paul's Alley, St. Paul's Churchyard 1790U; St. Paul's Churchyard 1792U; 184, Piccadilly 1799H.

ALLEN, G., music engraver, 5, Sadlers Wells 1788. Music imprint 1788. Humphries and Smith.

ALLEN, George, stationer and bookbinder, Greenwich c1794U; Church Street, Greenwich 1802H-1805H; Stockwell Street, Greenwich 1811 H- 1832Pi+. Trading: as George Allen c 1794U- I 8 17U, as George Edward Allen 1822U-1826Pi; as Charlotte Allen 1832Pi+. Thomas Allen, stationer, listed at Straits Mouth, Greenwich 1 805H.

ALLEN, George, bookseller and circulating library, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1790U. Notice of circulating library in The World, 16 Feb. 1790. Hamlyn.

ALLEN, George, map and chart engraver, 19, Shoe Lane 1799H-1805H.

ALLEN, George, bookseller, 59, Paternoster Row 1772L-1777N; 62, Paternoster Row 1778K-1779K. Sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for printing pamphlet called The Rat Trap 29 Apr. 1776. Bankrupt 1776, div. 7 July 1778. Timperley 736; Plomer; Gent's. Mag. Aug. 1776.

ALLEN, Michael, bookseller and printer, 15, Paternoster Row 1794B-1817. Trading: as Michael Allen 1794B; as Allen and West 1795-98; as Michael Allen 1798-1817. Bankrupt 3 June 1797, cert. 18 Nov. 1797, divs. 11 Aug. 1798, 1 July 1800 final. Imprint(s): (Allen and West): Kress: 1797: B3387. BM Satires: 1796-97. (M.Allen): Kress: 1800?: B4055.BMSatires: 17981800.Todd.

ALLEN, Michael, printer, 3, Maiden Lane, Cheapside, 1784B- 1796. Livery Girdlers' Co. by 1792. Still in 1796 livery list. Howe; Todd.

ALLEN, William, bookseller, 106, Holborn 1783B-1785P.

ALMON, John, printer and bookseller, 178, Picadilly 1763-1781;183, Fleet Street 1784-89. B. 17 Dec. 1737, Liverpool, s. of John A.; d. 12 Dec. 1805. App. Liverpool, Robert Williamson, printer, Mar. 1751. Educated in Warrington. Travelled on Continent 1758-59. Journeyman printer to Watts at Wild's Court (same press as Benjamin Franklin) 1759. Married Miss Elizabeth Jackson 1760. Assistant to Say on Gazetteer 1761. Through publication of pamphlets received support of opposition politicians 1761. Became lifelong friend of Wilkes whom he visited in prison and many of whose works he published. Established as bookseller in Piccadilly Autumn 1763. Bookseller to opposition club 'the Coterie' 1764. Fined for selling a copy of The London Museum 1770. Compiled and wrote many historical and political works including reports of parliamentary debates in The Parliamentary Register 1774+. Business profitable. Turned over business to Debrett or possibly Stockdale and retired to Boxmoor, Herts, June 1781. Widowed Aug 1781. Never entirely relinquished business interests. Married widow of William Parker, proprietor of General Advertiser and returned to London as printer and proprietor of that paper Sep. 1784. Common Councilman for two years. Founded Sunday Chronicle. Convicted of libel on William Pitt 20 Feb. 1786. Accused of libel on King, obliged to sell General Advertiser and flee reputedly to France but possibly merely to Boxmoor 1789. In exile wrote Memoires of John Almon 1790. Surrendered and imprisoned 1792-93. Eventually retired to Boxmoor. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo. Ma. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7068, 7128, 7130, 7179, S4797, 4821; 1776: A7208, 7215, 7231, 7238-39, 7263-64, S4867, 4870, 4875, 4877; 1778: B111; 1779: B237; 1780: B309; 1781: B426; 1785: B914, 942. DNB; Plomer; Todd; Nichols iii, 714; Timperley 731, 758-59, 822-23; Howe; Gent's Mag. vol. 75, p. 1179; BM Satires 1772-80; Werkmeister.

ALSOP,Joseph, stationer, 24, Old Fish Street 1790U.

AMBROSE, E, [details to add]

ANDERSON and GUTCH, law stationers, see Thomas Anderson.

ANDERSON, I. B., print publisher, 55, Fenchurch Street 1781. J. C. Smith 1437.

ANDERSON, James, bookbinder, 50, Chiswell Street 1794. When the journeymen struck in 1794 Anderson was one of the first to grant the reduced hours demanded. Howe; Ramsden.

ANDERSON, John, bookseller and bookbinder, 62, Holborn 1787-1799H. S. of Andrew A. of Holborn, victualler; d. soon after 1792. App. William Anderson of St. Paul's Churchyard, bookseller 2 Feb. 1768, free Sta. Co. 7 June 1785. Began to employ own binders including William Hall when unable to get binding done outside 1786. Publ. 3 cats. 1787-92 and d. soon after publishing last of these. Bankrupt 15 Feb. 1794, cert. 3 May 1794, divs. 25 June 1795, 22 June 1798. Nichols iii, 629; Howe; Ramsden.

ANDERSON, John, stationer, 11, Great St. Thomas Apostle 1789L- 1799L.

ANDERSON, John, bookbinder, 7, Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close 1802H. Prob. member of United Friendly Society 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

ANDERSON, John, bookseller 9, Hart Row Street, without Newgate 1785P&B.

ANDERSON, John, bookseller and stationer, 167, Fenchurch Street 1770K-1778K; 1, Nag's Head Court 1779K- 1789L.

ANDERSON,Thomas, law stationer, Six Clerks Office, Chancery Lane 1799H; 27, Southampton Buildings 1799H-1802H; 31, Southampton Buildings 1805H-1809H. Trading: as Anderson and Gutch 1799H; as Thomas Anderson 1802H- 1809H.

ANDREWS, printer, 14, Beech Lane, Whitecross Street 1785P. Possibly a signatory of the compositors' scale of 1785 (see James Andrews). Howe; Todd.

ANDREWS,G., print publisher, corner of Tyler Street, Carnaby Market, 1794. (Possibly George Andrews, carver, gilder and printseller, Charing Cross 1802P-1811H+. J. C. Smith 8; BM satires.

ANDREWS, Henry, engraver, Knightsbridge 1799H-1811H. F1. 1799-1828. Also botanical artist. Illustrated 5 multivolume botanical works with text usually by other authors. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

ANDREWS, Hugh, music seller and publisher, 129, New Bond Street 1789-c1793; 11, St. George's Road, St. George's Fields c1793-1800; 11, Kendall Place, Lambeth Walk c1800-04; 11, Little Canterbury Place (above renamed) c1804-12. At one time published in conjunction with G. Vevey. Partner in firm of Birchall and Andrews 1783-89. Dissolved partnership with Robert Birchall May 1789. Continued circulating library on own. Humphries and Smith; Hamlyn.

ANDREWS, James, printer, 10, Little Eastcheap 1784B1799H. Trading: as Andrews and son 1790. Livery, Clothworkers' Co. by 1792. Printed directories of London 1789, 1790. Probably signed compositors' scale of 1785. Common Councillor Billingsgate Ward 1782-97. See also T. Brooke. Imprint(s): Kress: 1784: B783. Howe; Todd; Goss.

ANDREWS, John, map seller and engraver, 5, Fish Market, Westminster Bridge c1769; 29, Long Acre 1774-77 (at Mr. Blisset's 1777); at Mr. Branches 40, Strand 1776; 211 , facing Air Street, Piccadilly 1781-1792U. Surveyor, active c1766-1809. Produced various county maps with Andrew Dury, also town plans etc. Chubb; Darlington and Howgego.

ANGELO, Henry, print publisher, 11 , Curzon Street, Mayfair 1792B-1799; 10, Boulton Row 1802B-1804B; Albany House, Piccadilly 1804B-1806B. B. 1760, s. of Domenico Tremamondo better known as Angelo; d. 1839? Fencing master, succeeded to his father's fencing academy c1785. Retired in favour of his son Henry 1 8 17. Academy in Gracechurch Street in 1798. Imprint(s): Tooley 1799: 414. BM Satires 1798. DNB.

ANGUS, William, engraver, Goswell Road 1799H; 14, Gwynn's Buildings, Islington 1805H. B. 1752; d. 12 Oct. 1821. Pupil of William Walker. Engravings for European Magazine and landscapes and buildings for topographical works both from his own drawings and those of Stothard, Paul Sandby, Edward Dayes, George Samuel etc. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1786: AL386. Thieme and Becker.

ANNEREAU, J., bookseller, 2, Stone's Head, Southwark I 800. Publ. cat. of 20 ,000 items I 800. BM Book sales.

ANONE, Francis, printseller, 26, High Holborn 1799H-1805H.

ANSELL, Thomas, bookseller, Richmond 1792. D. 19 Mar. 1792. Musgrave.

ANSELL, William, circulating library and stationer, Richmond c1798U; George Street, Richmond 1802H-1822U.

ANTHONY, David, stationer, formerly in Chancery Lane. D. 30 June 1788. Musgrave.

ANTROBUS, inkmaker, Wellclose Square 1792. D. 23 Nov. 1792. Died during dinner with friends. Musgrave.

AORET, I., print publisher, 44, Wardour Street 1786. BM Satires.

APOSTOOL, Cornelis, engraver, active in London c1791-96. B. 6 Aug. 1762, Amsterdam; d. 10 Feb. 1844, Amsterdam. Pupil of Hendrik Meyer whom he accompanied to England. In London produced various series of aquatints. Director of Amsterdam Museum 180844. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792: AL195, AS430, AT49, 50; 1793: AL195; 1794: AT51; 1795: AS427, AT52. Bryan; Thieme and Becker.

APPLEYARD, stationer, Queen Anne Street 1785P. Took in advertisements for Thc London Recorder 1785. Poss. connected with Benjamin Appleyard, bookseller and stationer, 70, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square 1802H or Benjamin Appleyard, stationer, 20, Queen Anne Street 1805H.

APPLEYARD, Benjamin, [details to add]

ARCH, John, London Price Current Office, 8, Capel Court, Bartholomew Lane 1800P-l8l lH; 2, Finch Lane, Cornhill 1815P-1817U; 43, St. Mary Axe 1818P; 22, Change Alley l8l9P-1822P. Trading: as John Arch 1800P1811H; as Arch and Co. 1815P-1817U; as Arch, Smith and Co. l8l8P-1822P.

ARCH, John and Arthur, booksellers and stationers, Lombard Street 1792K; 45, Lombard Street 1793L; 23, Gracechurch Street 1794L-1804P (?corner of Gracechurch Street and Lombard Street), 61, Cornhill 1805H-1838. Quaker publishers and booksellers. William Pickering app. to them 1810. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AL331; Tooley: 1800: 192. Brown.

ARCHER< Samuel, patent pencil maker, Blackfriars Road 1792. Livery Farriers' Co. by 1792.

ARDING, James, printer's joiner, pressmaker and seller of types, 7, New Street Square, Shoe Lane 1785P; 13, Fleet Market, Holborn 1790U; 30, Fleet Market 1792L- 1793L; 65, Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1794L-1798L; 62, Dorset Street 1799H-1865. Trading: as James Arding 1785P-1807; as James Arding and son 1808-62; as James Arding 1863-65. Livery Joiners' Co. by 1792. Todd.

ARMITAGE and MOORE, see Armitage and Roper.

ARMITAGE and ROPER, stationers and paper hanging manufacturers, 63, Bishopgate within 1765K-1798L. Trading: as Armitage and Roper 1765K-1786L; as Armitage and Moore 1787L-1798L. Succ. by Rickman Moore q.v.

ARMITAGE, Robert, stationer, Bishopsgate Street 1786-93. D. 19 Apr. 1793 at Islington. Son John app. John Kimpson cit. and Merchant Taylor 1 Mar. 1786. Musgrave.

ARMITAGE, William, paper hanging manufactory, 7, Curtain Road, Shoreditch 1799H; Curtain Road 1802H; 10, Curtain Road 1805H-1811H. Trading: as William Armitage 1799H-1805H; as Joseph Armitage 1809H-1811H.

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, bookbinder, 25, Poland Street 1805H-1816. B. Hexham; d. 1816. Worked for McKinlay 1786. Imprisoned for combination 1787. Employed by Dartnall 1794. In business on own account 1795. Succ. by Thomas Haigh, app. to him Apr. 1809. Nephew Thomas Armstrong employed by him. Howe.

ARMSTRONG, William, stationer, 3, High Street, St. Giles 1791K-1793K. See also Abbot and Armstrong.

ARNOLD, George, bookseller, 51 , Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square 1779L- 178 1 L. (Possibly George Arnold, bookseller and newsman, 56, Mortimer Street 1799H-1811H; as A. Arnold by 1817U.).

ARNOLD, John, vellum binder, St. Martin's le Grand 1776. Livery Merchant Taylors' Co. by 1776. Howe.

ARNOLD, Samuel, Doctor of Music, Great PuIteney Street, Westminster 1784. Took out patent no. 1435 for music printing 1784.

ARROWSMITH, Aaron, mapseller, geographer and printseller, Castle Street, Long Acre 1790; 5, Charles Street, Soho 1798; 24, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street 1800P-1808P; 10, Soho Square 1809H-1840+. Trading: as Aaron Arrowsmith 1790-1833P; as Samuel Arrowsmith 1834P-1840+. B. 14 July 1750, Winston, Durham; d. 23 April 1823, Soho Square. The senior member of a noted family of surveyors and cartographers. Taught mathematics by Emerson for a short period, otherwise self-taught. To London 1778. Worked possibly for William Faden, certainly for John Carey. First map publ. independently 1790. Friend of Alexander Dalrymple and James Rennell. In Soho Square assisted by sons Aaron II and Samuel and nephew John. Succ. by sons until death of Samuel 1839. Firm hydrographers to King 1832P+. DNB; E. G. R. Taylor: The Mathematical practitioners of Hanoverian England, 279; BM Satires 1798.

ARROWSMITH, Thomas, bookseller, Middle Row, Holborn 1795; 10, Middle Row 1798-1800P. Free Musicians' Co. patrimony 15 May 1798. Publ. cat. 1795. Nichols iii, 629.

ARTHUR, Susannah, [details to add]

ARUNDELL, engraver, see Mead and Arundell.

ASH, John, engraver and printer, Adam's Place, Borough 1792-99; 3, Adam's Place 1802H-1805H. Engraved some plates of Horwood's map of London, 1792-99. Darlington and Howgego.

ASH, William, bookseller, 15, Little Tower Street 1784B-1792L; 3, Little Moorfields 1793L-1794L; 16, Chiswell Street, 1795L-1796L.

ASHBY, Harry, engraver and printer, Russell Court, Drury Lane 1774-1784B (no. 30 c1780); 83, Holborn Bridge 1785; 5, King Street, Cheapside 1787-1803; 11, Holywell Row, Shoreditch 1806-07; 4, Lombard Street 1806-1813P+. Trading: as Harry Ashby 1774-1799; as Ashby and son 1800-07; as Ashby and Co. 1808P-1813P+. B. 17 Apr. 1744 Wotton under Edge Glos.; d. 31 Aug. 1818 at Exning, Suffolk. App. to a clockmaker in Glos., free Musicians' Co. redemption 15 Feb. 1785, livery 31 Oct. 1787. To London where taught by Thomas Jefferys. Later with Thomas Spilsbury at Russell Court. When employer d. in 1769 Ashby marr. widow though part of business taken over by Woodman and Mutlow. Engraver of bill heads, bank notes and specimen sheets of calligraphy. In 1805H manufacturing bankers' watermark paper. Retired to Exning. Westminster poll 1774: Pe., Cl. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Hannas 20, 140; Ambrose Heal: The English Writing-Masters.

ASHBY, Robert, engraver, Wilmot Square, Bethnal Green 1799H. Possibly the same as Robert Ashby, printer, 11, Holywell Row, Shoreditch and 5, King Street, Cheapside 1805H.).

ASHLEY, John, music publisher, London 1788. Humphries and Smith.

ASHPINSHAW, Thomas, printers' smith, pressmaker and composing stick maker, 61, Leather Lane, Holborn 1785B-1805H. Todd.

ASHTON, Joseph, stationer and music seller, 33, Union Street, Bishopsgate 1794K-1800P; 36, Bishopsgate within 1801P-1818. Publ. a small amount of music, also paper hanger. Humphries and Smith.

ASHURST, Edward, stationer, 3, Broadway, Blackfriars 1770N-1775N.

ASKEW, George, bookbinder, 16, Bagnio Court, Newgate Street 1802H. Prob. s. of George A. of the Strand, gent.; d. after 1813. App. Thomas Carr 5 Mar. 1776, free Sta. Co. 3 June 1788. Prob. member of United Friendly Society in 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

ASPERNE, James, bookseller, 32 (Bible, Crown and Constitution), Cornhill 1 802-22. Succ. master John S well 1802. In announcement 26 Jan. 1803 tells of 'servitude of 30 years' to the trade. Employed John Lovejoy as binder. Nichols iii, 738-39; Brown; Ramsden.

ASPIN, Jehosaphet Clements, printer, 7, Lombard Street 1799; 48, Percival Street, Goswell Street 1817-1830R. Todd.

ASSEN, F. and JONES, J., print publishers, Hayes Court, Soho 1781. BM Satires.

ASSER, Asher, stationer, 41, Mansell Street, Goodman's Fields 1791K-1805H.

ASTON, John, paper stainer, Pall Mall 1791. See: Lee and Aston

ASTOR, George, music seller and musical instrument maker, 26, Wych Street c1793-98; 27, Tottenham Street, Fitzroy Square c1798-1814; 79, Cornhill c1798-1835P; organ manufactory, Sun Street, Bishopsgate Street c1807-11. Trading: as George Astor c1793-98; as Astor and Co. 1798K-1814; as Astor and Horwood c1814-21; as C. Gerock, Astor and Co. c1821-28; as Christopher Gerock and Co. 1829P-1835P+. Humphries and Smith.

ATKINS, W., print publisher, 35, Leicester Square 1796. J.C.Smith.

ATKINS, William, bookbinder, Bear Street, Leicester Square 1806, Brownlow Street, (Drury Lane?) 1810. 'Harmony' Atkins, prominent in trade society circles in late I 8th century. Member of Trade Committee in 1799. Joined Benefit Society 1803 aged 29. Excluded for embezzlement 1826. In prison for debt 1810. Howe; Ramsden.

ATKINSON, wholesale stationer, see Lightly and Atkinson.

ATKINSON, Jeremiah, stationer, 70, Leadenhall Street 1753K-1777N. His app. Jeremiah James free Barbers' Co. 3 May 1774.

AUDINET, Philip, historical engraver, 56, Great Russell Street l8llH-1837. B. 1766, Soho; d. 18 Dec. 1837, Great Russell street, buried St. Giles in the Fields. App. John Hall. Engraved plates for Harrison's Biographical Magazine and many works after Danloux etc. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 4.

AUGUTIER, James, copperplate printer, 23 Theobalds Road 1799H- 1802H.

AULD, George, printer, Greville Street, Hatton Garden 1794B; 6, Greville Street 1799H-I822R. Todd.

AUSTIN, George Carpenter, typefounder, 10, Worship Street, Finsbury 1821-1834. Trading: as Austin & Son 1823Pi. B. c.1783, son of Richard, engraver; d. Dec 1834, bur 3 Jan 1835 St Giles Cripplegate. Partner with his father in Imperial Letter Foundry and succeeded to business 1824. After his death foundry acquired by Richard Mason who continued it under the name of the Austin Letter Foundry. Will 22 Dec 1834, probate Jun 1835. Todd; Reed; Information from descendant.

AUSTIN, John Phillips, music engraver, Bedfordbury, St Martin in the Fields 1831; 26, St. Alban's Street, Lambeth 1834-44. B. 13 Jan 1786, son of Richard, engraver, bap. 5 Feb St. Giles Cripplegate; d. 5 Feb 1844. App. uncle John Austin 4 Jun 1800, free Dyers' Co. 7 Oct 1807. Will 8 Dec 1843, codicil 6 Jan 1844, probate 19 Feb 1844. Information from descendant.

AUSTIN, Richard, engraver and punch cutter, Saint Bartholomew the Great 1778; Christopher's Alley, Shoreditch 1779; St. Luke Old Street 1781; St. Giles Cripplegate 1786-88; Paul's Alley, Barbican 1790W; no. 11 c.1790; no. 14 1799H-1805H; Red Cross Street (residence) 1800-03; 10, Worship Street c1815-1833; 30, Fore Street, Cripplegate 1817U-1824Pi. Trading: as Austin & Son 1823Pi. B. 4 Aug 1756, s. of gold and silver wire drawer, bap. 15 Aug, St. Luke Old Street; mar. Sarah, daughter of John Phillips 24 May 1778 St Bartholomew the Great, sons Richard Turner, engraver, George Carpenter, typefounder, John Phillips, music engraver; d. 1832, bur 27 Aug St. Giles Cripplegate. App. John Phillips, seal engraver of St. Leonard Shoreditch 22 Oct 1770. Punch cutter for John Bell (specimens 1788, 1789) and later for Stephensons (specimens 1791, 1796). Cut modern style roman 1788. Also cut for Scottish foundries of Alexander Wilson and William Miller. Ran Imperial Letter Foundry in Worship Street; specs. 1819, 1827. Son George Carpenter Austin partner by 1821 and succ. to foundry 1824. Will dated 8 Jun 1831, probate 13 Sep 1832 mentions three sons. Todd; Reed; Berry and Poole; information from descendant.

AUSTIN, Richard Turner, wood engraver and painter, Paul's Alley 1803-34; no. 14 1831-34; 7, Chiswell Street c1800; 32, Goswell Street 1805H; 16, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell 1811H; 57, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell 1816U-1817J; Woodstock, Oxon 1818; 25, Craven Street, City Road 1822R-1824Pi; 28, Monkwell Street 1826Pi-1828Pi; 32, Clerkenwell Close 1832R-1832Pi; 19, Newport Court, Soho 1834R-1835R; 6, Sidney Street, Goswell Road 1834R-1836Pi; 5, Cottage Place, City Road 1839Pi; 26, Nelson Street, City Road 1841-42. B. 9 Oct 1781, son of Richard, engraver, bap. 28 Nov St. Luke Old Street; d. 1842, bur. St. Giles Cripplegate. App. uncle John Austin 6 Apr 1796, free Dyers' Co. 4 May 1803. Pupil of John Bewick. Produced over 200 wood engravings, vignettes etc. c 1795-1827. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1803, 1806, 1818. Silver medal Society of Artists 1806. Worked extensively for publishers, including illustrations for Linnaeus Travel in Lapland 1811. Will 20 Jan 1841, codicil 11 Apr 1842, probate Nov 1842. Graves; Thieme and Becker; information from descendant.

AUSTIN, William, engraver, printseller and drawing master, Knightsbridge 1776; Brighton and London 1784; 41, St. James's Street 1785; 195, Piccadilly 1786; 197 Piccadilly 1787; 13, near Knightsbridge Chapel 179i. B. 1721, London; d. 11 May 1820, Brighton. Pupil of George Bickham but main attention devoted to teaching drawing though published series of etchings and engravings including political satires. Ran Patriotick Print Rooms at St. James's Street 1785. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1776, 1785, 1786. DNB; Graves; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith xlix, 182.

AXELBY, William, bookbinder, Norfolk Street, Borough 1807; Goldsmith Street, (Gough Square?) 1808-10; Berkeley Street, Clerkenwell 1814; St. John's Square, Clerkenwell 1820. S. of William A. of Fenchurch Street, blacksmith. App. to John Bird II £6 6 Feb. 1781, free Sta. Co. 7 Mar. 1789, 1807-20 4 apps. Prob. member of United Friendly Society 1794. Howe; Ramsden.

AXTELL., John, printer, 17, Little New Street, Shoe Lane 1785P; Chancery Lane 1790U; 48, Jewin Street and Finch Lane, Cornhill 1799H; 51, Wynyatt Street, Islington Road 1805H. Trading: as Axtell and Co. 1785P; as John Axtell 1790U-1805H. S. of Samuel Axtell, printer q.v. App. Charles Rivington 1763, free Sta. Co.1770, 1773-97 8 apps. Howe; Todd.

AXTELL, Samuel, printer, 17, Little New Street, Shoe Lane 1785P. Trading: as Axtell and Co. 1785P. S. of William A. of Hempsted Herts., butcher. app. Samuel Richardson 1759, free 1766, 1769-81 10 apps. 1 premium £50. Howe. Son John A. printer, q.v. Howe.

AXTELL, Thomas, bookseller, Royal Exchange 1774-76; Finch Lane, Cornhill 1784B-1833P. Trading: as Thomas Axtell 1774-1800P; as Axtell and Purser 1801K-1833P. Livery Tinplate Workers' Co. by 1792. Publ. political and other pamphlets. Imprisoned three months for printing pamphlet called The Crises 29 Apr. 1776. Took in advertisements for English Chronicle, Middlesex Journal and Ayre's Sunday London Gazette 1785P. Also described as medicine vendors 1805H. Plomer; Timperley 736.

AYLWARD, John Godson, bookbinder, Fleet Market 1766; Wardrobe Court, Doctor's Commons 1776. App.Robert Aylward, free Barbers' Co. 3 June 1766, his app. John Lewis free 1776.

AYRE, Ralph, printer, 5, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1778-79; 14, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1785P-1790; 6, Newcastle Street 1790. Trading: with G. Moore 1778-79. S. of Ralph A. of Oxford, musician; d. 27 Mar. 1790. App. William Faden 1753 £21, 1776-90 11 apps. 1 premium £20. With G. Moore printed Music made easy to every Capacity by Monsieur Bemetzrieder. Printed Middlesex Journal c 1776-90, Ayre's Sunday London Gazette c1783-90, Owen's Weekly Chronicle c1783-87, The Craftsman, or Ayre's London Journal c1784-90 and The London Mercury c1786-87. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. Howe; Todd; Aspinall; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

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