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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: C

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names C

CADELL and DAVIES, booksellers, see Thomas Cadell II.

CADELL, Thomas I, bookseller, Strand 1767-1780K; 141, Strand 1781L-1845P. Trading: as Thomas Cadell 1767-1793; as Cadell and Davies 1793-1819; as Thomas Cadell 1819-1845P. B. 1742, Wine Street, Bristol, s. of Thomas C., bookseller; d. 27 Dec. 1802, Bloomsbury Place. App. Andrew Millar 1758, free Sta. Co. 1765, livery 1765, master 1799. Partner with Millar 1765. Succ. to his business and his support for literature 1767. Warehouse destroyed by fire 2 Mar. 1776. William Strahan partner 1780-84, Andrew Strahan partner 178593. Retired leaving shop to only son Thomas with William Davies as partner 1793. Knew Johnson, Hume and many other notables. Publ. Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 1776-88, Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations 1776. One of publishers of Johnson's English Poets. His business described as "the first in Great Britain and perhaps in Europe". Gave window to Sta. Co. hall 1801. Member of the Shakespeare dining club. Alderman Walbrook ward 1798, sheriff 1800. Treasurer of Foundling Hospital and associated with many other charities. Died of asthmatic attack. Married 1769, wife d. 31 Dec. 1785, sister Sarah d. July 1781. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7098, 7110, 7121-4, 7131, 7173-5(R); 1776: A7195, 7210, 7226-9, 7241, 7235, 7243-4, 7250, 7261(S), 7262(S), 7267, 7268-9(R); 1777; B5, 6, 9, 18, 47(S), 71-2, 74: 1778: B97, 145, 147(D), 148(D), 150(D), 154(S); 1779: B198, 215; 1780: B269, 282, 310, 311, 326, 340; 1781: B352, 432(R); 1782: B438, 456, 492, 512, 518, 526(R), 527, 528; 1783: 8587, 600,6246, 645, 654(S), 661-2, S5030; 1784: B712, 714, 770, 789(S), 804-5; 1785: B837, 840, 939, 973, 975-8; 1786: B1128, 1129(S); 1787; B1199, 1225, 1245, 1258, 1274, 1334; 1788: B1365, 1432, 1445, 1451, 1492; 1789: B1520, 1697, 1722(S), S5250; 1790: B1984(S), 1988(S); 1791: B2032, 2161, 2182(S), 2203-4, 2209(S), 2234; 1792: B2358, 2389(S), 2411(S); 1793: B2618(S); 1794: B2822(S), S5459(S). (D=publ. with J. Dodsley, R=printed by R. Raikes, Gloucester, S=publ. with William or Andrew Strahan.). DNB; Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Nichols vi, 441-3, iii, 388, 606; Timperley 736, 804-5; Brown; Musgrave.

CADELL, Thomas II, bookseller, 141, Strand 17931845P. Trading: as Cadell and Davies 1793-1819; as Thomas Cadell 1819-1845P. B.1773, s. of Thomas Cadell I; d. 23 Nov. 1836. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Succ. to father's business with William Davies as partner, continued alone after latter's death 1819. BM satires 1796. Imprint(s): Kress: 1795: B2971, 3002, 3036, 3038; 1796: B3250, 3289, S5522; 1797: B3476, 3482, 3497, 3506(S), S5550, 5553 5558; 1798-1800: B3564 (British Mercury); 1798: B3579, 3591, S5573; 1798-1802: B3728; 1799: B3786-7, 3838, 3994(S), 4031; 1800: B4107, 4236(S). (S=with A.Strahan.) Abbey: 1796: AL374; 1797: AL439, AS143, AT392; 1798: AS26, AT398; 1800; AL331, AS482, 546. Brown; DNB.

CAHUSAC, Thomas I, music seller and publisher and musical instrument maker., 196 (Two flutes and violin, opp. St. Clement's church), Strand c1755-98. Trading: alone c1755-94; as Thomas Cahusac and sons c1794-98. D. 1798, Sons Thomas II and William Maurice qq.v. Humphries and Smith.

CAHUSAC, Thomas II, music seller and publisher, 4, Great Newport Street c1781-94; 196, Strand cl794-Aug. 1800; 41, Haymarket Aug. 1800-c1805; 114, New Bond Street c1805-08; 42, Wigmore Street c1808-14. Trading: alone c1781-94; as Thomas Cahusac and sons c1794-98; as Thomas and William Maurice Cahusac 1798-Aug. 1800; alone Aug. 1800-c1814. S. of Thomas C. I. Humphries and Smith.

CAHUSAC, William Maurice, music seller and publisher, 196, Strand c1794-c1811; 79, High Holborn c1811-16. Trading: as Thomas Cahusac and sons c1794-98; as Thomas and W. M. Cahusac 1798-Aug. 1800; alone Aug. 1800-c1816. S. of Thomas C. I. Humphries and Smith.

CALDWALL, James, engraver, Angel Court, Windmill Street 1768-84; Dacre Street 1811H. B. 1739, London; d. after 1819. Pupil of Sherwin. Exhibited Society of Artists 1768, Free Society 1770-80. Last dated engraving 1783. Portraits and reproductions of old masters, etched as well as engraved. Engraved for Cook's Voyages, Boydell's Shakspeare and Thomas Sheraton's Cabinet Maker's and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book. Westminster Polls 1774: Pe., Cl.; 1784: H., W. Brother John Caldwall miniature painter d. l 819. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CALLARD, bookseller, 5, James Street, Haymarket 1785P.

CALLARD, M., stationer, 2, Norris Street, Haymarket 1799H-1811H. Trading: as M. Callard 1799H-1802H; as Mrs. Callard 1805H; as Mary Callard 1809H-1811H.

CALLOW, John, medical bookseller and stationer, 10 Crown Court, Wardour Street 1794B-1819P; 16, Prince's Street, Leicester Square 1820P-1830P+. Trading: alone 1794B-1822P; as Callow and Wilson 1823P-1830P

CAMEROUX, John, fan paper and burnished gold sheet manufactory, 51, Featherstone Street, City Road 1799H.

CAMP, Doffinby (Duhest), stationer and bookbinder, Bull and Mouth Street 1775; St. Bartholomew the Less 1790; 33, Duke Street, West Smithfield 1789A-1822U. App. William Camp, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Sept. 1770, apps. Henry Sayer 5 July 1775, Robert Beven 7 July 1790, William Cox 5 July 1797. Howe; Ramsden.

CAMP, John, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, West Smithfield 1775-84; no.4 1784B-1822U. App. William Camp, Free Merchant Taylors' Co. I June 1768, Apps. Robert Benjamin Fisher 8 May 1777, Thomas Buerdsell 6 May 1778, Charles Rowe 6 Oct. 1784, William Fox 3 Aug. 1785, William Grace 5 Sept. 1792, son William 3 Sept. 1794, son Thomas 7 Oct. 1795, George Brough 2 Apr. 1800. Registered press with Bye and Law at 3, Badger Yard 1800. Described as dealer in Marine stores 181 IH. Todd; Howe: Bookbinders; Ramsden.

CAMPBELL, Hector, chemist, Bermondsey 1792. Patent for bleaching rags for making paper 28 Nov. 1792. Timperley 777.

CAMPBELL, James, stationer and bookbinder, Strand 1774L; 110, Strand 1775; 103, Strand 1779L-1785P. D. 2 Apr. 1784. Bookbinder to King 1767-70. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Howe; Ramsden; Musgrave.

CAMPBELL, William, music seller and publisher and musician, 93, Berwick Street, Soho c1778-82; 11, New Street, Covent Garden c1782-95; 8, Dean Street, Soho c1795-1802; 4, Market Row, East Street, St. James's Market c1802-15; 37, New Compton Street, Soho c1802-15; 31, King Street, Soho c1802-15; 32, Dean Street, Soho c 1802-15. Humphries and Smith.

CANE and HAMMOND, printers, Earl's Court, Westminster 1791. Partnership between Thomas Cane and John Hammond, Earl's-court, Westminster, printers, was dissolved Jan. 26, 1791. All debts to be paid by either T.Cane of Earl's-court, or J.Hammond, Bullin-court, Strand (LG 15 Feb 1791). Berch.

CANE, Thomas, printseller, Earl's Court, Westminster 1791. See Cane and Hammond.

CANEY, Thomas, engraver and chaser, 82, Wood Street 1790U.

CANON, Edward, papier machee and paper hanging maker, carver and gilder, 109, High Holborn 1771K-1804P. Trading: alone 1771K-1795L; as Canon and Buzzard 1796L-1804P. Also described as looking glass manufacturer 1786K. Firm continued by J.Buzzard.

CANOT, Peter Charles, engraver, Little Chapel Street Soho 1763M; opp. Mother Red Cap, Hampstead Road 1770-76. B. 1710. France; d. 1777, Kentish Town. To England 1740. Associate engraver Royal Academy 1770. Exhibited Society of Artists, Free Society, Royal Academy. Many plates after old masters, views of London, seascapes. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CANTWELL, Ralph, printer, 13, Catherine Street, Strand 1799; 33, Bell Yard, Temple Bar 1804-08 29, Bell Yard 1809H-1822U. Listed as Thomas Cantwell 1809H, as J. Cantwell 1811H. Registered press 1799. Todd.

CARBOULD, John, Error for Corbould, John q.v.

CARDON, Anthony, engraver, 31, Clipstone Street, Fitzroy Square 1802H. B. 15 May 1772, Brussels, s. of Antoine Alexandre Joseph C., painter; d. 17 Feb. 1813, London Street, Fitzroy Square. To England 1792, employed by Colnaghi. Gold medal Royal Academy 1794. Studied under Schiavonetti. Gold medal Society of Arts 1807. Many book illustrations, also historical and military plates. Used stipple manner. Son Philip Cardon, engraver d. c1817. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800 AL270:. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CARDON, P. H., music seller?, 1, Lisle Street, Leicester Square c1796. Sold work of W. A. Mozart c1796. Humphries and Smith.

CAREW, R., Compton Street, Soho 1791. Produced jigsaw 1791. Hannas.

CARNAN and NEWBERY, booksellers, see Thomas Carnan, Francis Newbery.

CARNAN, Thomas, bookseller, 65, St. Paul's Churchyard 1737-1788K. Trading: as Carnan and Newbery 1768K-1782K; alone 1781L-1788K. S. of William, printer of Reading (d. 1737); d. 29 July 1788, Hornsey Lane, near Highgate. Mother remarried John Newbery , 1739. Active partner with stepfather from 1750's. On his death in 1767 partner with John's son Francis until latter turned to selling patent medicines 1779/80. Fought monopolists of Chapter Coffee House and Sta. Co. Regularly arrested and searched. Had published almanacks since 1748. Application for freedom of Sta. Co. refused 1755. Co. warned against illicit almanacks 1772. Co. obtained Chancery injunction to prevent Carnan from selling further copies of his Diary 1773. Injunction set aside by Lord Chancellor 1774. Proved illegality of exclusive rights of universities and Sta. Co. regarding almanacks 29 May 1775. Court of Common Pleas decided against Co. Commons rejected bid brought by Co. to obtain monopoly 1779. Carnan rejoiced by driving his coach round and round St. Paul' Churchyard. Alleged attempts to buy Carnan out failed Publ. music 1770, also works containing maps incl. Paterson's road books. Imprint(s): Kress: 1781: B401 1784: B765; 1787: B1310. Plomer; Nichols viii, 480 Timperley 734-5, 762; Humphries and Smith Musgrave

CARNEGY, Theophilus John, printer, Salisbury Court 1751; Paternoster Row 1765; Water Lane, Blackfriars 1769; Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1777. D. 12 Sep 1777 in 73rd year (Lon Chron 13 Sep 1777). Free Sta. Co redemption 3 Oct 1749. Son Marcus James Fleming Carnegy app his father 7 Dec 1756. Plomer; McKenzie; Berch.

CARNEGY, Marcus James Fleming, printer, Goldsmith Street, Fetter Lane 1770 Salisbury Court 1778. S. of Theophilus John Carnegy. App his father 7 Dec 1756, free Sta. Co. 5 Feb 1765, 1770-78 2 apps. McKenzie.

CARPENTER, engraver, see David Shilfox.

CARPENTER, Benjamin paper hanger, Hammersmith 1799H.

CARPENTER, Edward Twine, printer and bookseller, 4 West Harding Street, Fetter Lane 1775, 14, Fetter Lane 1785-1790U; 12, Fleet Street 1799H; 136, Fetter Lane 1803-21. Trading: alone 1775-1803; as Carpenter and son 1804; as William Carpenter 1811H; as Willian Carpenter jun. 1817-21. Sold speech of John Wilkes and tragedy Germanicus 1775. Registered presses 1799, 1803 William Carpenter q.v. partner 1799 and successor. John Bailey later at 14, Fetter Lane. Plomer; Todd.

CARPENTER, Elias, paper manufacturer, Bermondsey 1795; Neckinger Mill, Bermondsey 1799H-1802H; St Mary, Newington 1805. Will of Elias Carpenter, Gentleman of Grove Place Kennington Green, Surrey, dated 25 April 1840, National Archives PROB 11/1925 Prerogative Court of Canterbury, register: Arden fo. 201 - 250. Innovative papermaker, associated with Hector Campbell, Matthias Koops and Thomas Cope in developing methods of recycling paper and of making new paper from wood and straw. Patent for bleaching paper no. 2075 19 Nov. 1795. Registered press 1805. Sun Fire Insurance Office: Guildhall Library MS 11936 vol 455, policy 875130: Insured: Elias Carpenter, near the Elephant and Castle, Newington Butts, chemist, 1812. He became one of the leading folowers of the prophetess Joanna Southcott and wrote: Nocturnal Alarm: being an essay on prophecy and vision: or, a brief examination of some remarkable things ... (1803), Who are the Deluded? or Mystery unmasked; being a few extracts from a faithful record of spiritual teachings; viz. Revelations ... (1805), An Apology for Faith, and Detection of Existing Errors subversive of the Truth. With a selection of communications ... (1814). Also of relevance is A Controversy between Joanna Southcott and Elias Carpenter, one of her Judges, made Public. Answer to Mr. Brothers's Book (1806). Sources: Todd; Crocker, Alan; Humphrey, Stephen. 'The papermaker and the prophetess : Elias Carpenter of Neckinger Mill, Bermondsey, supporter of Joanna Southcott', Surrey Archaeological Collections, 89 (2002), 119-35. ISSN 03097803.

CARPENTER, J., engraver, 16, Aldgate High Stree 1799H. See R. Carpenter.

CARPENTER, James, bookseller and bookbinder, 14, Old Bond Street 1799H-1835P+. Trading: as James Carpenter and Co. 1799H-1800; as James Carpenter 1800; as James and Thomas Carpenter 1801P-1804P; as James Carpenter 1805P-1813P; as James Carpenter and son 1814P-1819P; as James Carpenter 1820R-1823R; a James Carpenter and son 1823P-1835P+. Previously partner with Thomas Hookham q.v. Bookseller to Duke of York 1799-1802H. Dealt largely in art publications Had a large collection of paintings. Binder's label on 1778 edit. of Tasso: Gerusalemme liberata. Publ. music for Thomas Moore and his friends c 1802-06. Only son William Hookham, art critic 1792-1866. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800: AL152, 331, AT423; Tooley: 1799: 112 DNB (sub William Hookham C.); Humphries and Smith; Ramsden.

CARPENTER, John, bookbinder, Dean Street, Fetter Lane 1792. Livery Barbers' Co. by 1792. Howe; Ramsden.

CARPENTER, Richard, engraver and printer, Aldgate High Street 1785-1796; 16, Aldgate High Street 1799-1830P; 21, Houndsditch 1802H; 8, Brane's Buildings, Mile End 1805H. Trading: alone 1785-1815P; as R. Carpenter and son 1816-1830P. S. of John, shoemaker. App John Banister, engraver 4 Apr 1769; free Sta. Co. 7 May 1776, livery 1793. Registered presses 1799. Todd; McKenzie.

CARPENTER, William, printer, 14, Fetter Lane 1785P; Fleet Street 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. See also Edward Twine Carpenter. Howe; Todd.

CARR and BUCKINGER, music sellers, see Elizabeth Carr, Joseph Buckinger.

CARR, Elizabeth, music seller and musical instrument maker, Old Round Court, Strand c 1780-1782. Trading: as Carr and Buckinger to 1782. Widow of Benjamin Carr, musical instrument maker. Partnership with Joseph Buckinger q.v. dissolved Michaelmas 1782 when Buckinger set up on his own. Humphries and Smith.

CARR, Joseph, music seller, Middle Row, Holborn c1770-1783; 5, Middle Row 1784B-1790U; Oxford Street 1774. D. 27 Oct. 1819, America. Opened music publishing business in Baltimore 1794. Succ. by son Thomas before death. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Humphries and Smith.

CARR, Thomas, bookbinder, Warwick Lane 1760-63; Ivy Lane 1772; Ave Maria Lane 1776-96; 3, Ave Maria Lane 1799H. S. of Thomas C. of Soho, farrier. App. William Wood 7 Nov. 1749, free Sta. Co. 5 Sept. 1758, 1760-96 11 apps.2 premiums £5, £4. Howe; Ramsden.

CARRICK (sometimes CORROCK), William, stationer, Chancery Lane 1767; 49, Gutter Lane 1772. Free Musicians' Co. 27 July 1767, livery 7 Oct. 1772. Poss. retired by 1775 but paid quarterage 1770-91.

CARTER, Ann, pocket book maker, 111, Newgate Street 1789A-1790U; 55, Cheapside 1799H-1822R. See also R. Carter, William Carter.

CARTER, J., printseller and publisher, Oxford Street 1784-87. BM satires.

CARTER, J., stationer, 82, Cannon Street 1788K. See also Thomas Middleton.

CARTER, James, bookbinder, 2, Bell yard, Doctors' Commons 1790U; 16, Gresse Street, Tottenham Court Road 1822R-1824Pi. Ramsden.

CARTER, James, stationer, 53, Long Acre 1792U.

CARTER, Joseph, bookseller, stationer and paper hanger, 10, North Side, Royal Exchange 1789K-1838P; 36, Threadneedle Street 1839P-1840P+. Trading: as Joseph Carter 1789K-1826R; as Carter and Bromley 1827P-1840P+.

CARTER, R., pocket book maker, 111, Newgate Street 1797K-1799H. See also Ann Carter, William Carter.

CARTER, T., paper hanger and upholder, 8, Hanover Street, Hanover Square 1800P-1806P; 141, Oxford Street 1807P-1811P.

CARTER, Thomas, pocket book maker, Cheapside 1788; Bagnio Court, Newgate Street 1790. App. William Carter, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Nov. 1782, his app. Richard Sculpher 13 Jan. 1790. Bankrupt 4 Oct. 1788.

CARTER, William, pocket book maker and instrument maker, 111, Newgate Street 1784B-1785P. See also Ann Carter, R. Carter, Thomas Carter.

CARTIER, music seller?, Spur Street, Leicester Fields c 1775. Sold J. C. Moller: Six sonatas ... c1775. Humphries and Smith.

CARTWRIGHT, T., engraver, ?=Thomas Cartwright, painter, 39, Tottenham Street 1801-02. Exhibited at Royal Academy 1801-02. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795: AS514; 1798: AS75; 1800: AS76. Graves.

CARVER, printseller, see Bowles and Carver.

CARY, John, map, print and globe seller and engraver, 188, corner of Arundel Street, Strand 1783-91; 181, Strand 1791-1820P; 86, St. James's Street 1821P-1844. B. c1754; d. Aug. 1835. App. to William Palmer of New Street Square 1770. Engraved maps from at least 1779. J. and F. Cary engraved maps for Gough's translation of Camden's Britannia 1782. Publ. first atlas 1787. Maps used for jigsaws. Premises in Strand destroyed by fire 17 Jan. 1820. Afterwards partner with brother George (d. 1830) in St. James's Street. Firm continued at St. James's Street until at least 1844 when acquired by George Frederick Cruchley. Imprint(s): Kress: 1790: B1803, S5286; 1791; B2044; 1798: B3574. Chubb; Darlington and Howgego; Nichols vi, 621; BM Satires 1785-86; Gents' Mag. 1820 p. 81.; Hannas; H. G. Fordham: John Cary ...(Cambridge, 1925).

CASLON and CATHERWOOD, typefounders, 62 Chiswell Street. (1.) Elizabeth Caslon II and Nathaniel Catherwood 1799-1809 (2.) Henry Caslon II and John James Catherwood 1814-21.

CASLON, Elizabeth I., typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 1778-95. Only d. of Dr. Cartlich; d. 23 Oct. 1795, aged about 70. Cared for by uncle after father's death. Conducted foundry after husband's death 1778 until disabled by attack of palsy shortly before death. Fine business woman. Inherited third share of business with two sons. Active member of Society of Typefounders establ. 1793. On death foundry purchased by Elizabeth Caslon II. Husband William Caslon II, two sons William III and Henry I. Reed; Todd; Nichols ii, 357 Timperley 744. '

CASLON, Elizabeth II, typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 1795-1809. Trading: as Elizabeth Caslon and Co. 1795-99; as Caslon and Catherwood 1799-1809. Nee E. Rowe; d. Mar. 1809, bun Bristol cathedral. Widow of Henry Caslon I. On husband's death 1788 inherited his share of foundry with son Henry II then aged 2. After death of mother-in-law Elizabeth Caslon I 1795 took over management of foundry. Purchased her share of foundry for £520, 1799. Married Mr. Strong, doctor 1799 (d. 1802). Took Nathanial Catherwood, a distant relative, as partner due to ill-health 1799. Able to revive foundry by commissioning new founts by John Isaac Drury, engraver. Specimen 1805. Long suffered from pulmonary attacks, died at Bristol where visiting hot wells. Much admired. Son Henry II succ. to foundry. Reed; Nichols ii, 357; Timperley 834-5.

CASLON, Henry I, typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 1778-88. S. of William Caslon II; d. 1788. On father's death 1778 inherited third share of foundry with mother and brother William III. On death left his share of the foundry to his widow and son Henry II, then aged 2. Wife Elizabeth Rowe. Reed.

CASLON, Henry II, typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 180924; 22 and 23, Chiswell Street 1824-50. Trading: as Henry Caslon 1809-14; as Caslon and Catherwood 1814-21; as Caslon and Livermore 1821-1838P; as Caslon, son and Livermore 1839P-1850. B. 1786, s. of Henry C. I; d. 28 May 1850. Took over foundry on death of mother Elizabeth II 1809. Took into partnership John James Catherwood, brother of Nathaniel 1814-21. Martin William Livermore partner 1821. Acquired William Martin's stock 1817. Son Henry William d. 1874 continued the firm, the last of the Caslons. Nichols ii, 358; Timperley 835; Todd; Reed.

CASLON, Thomas, bookseller, Stationers' Court, Ludgate Street c1750-67; 4, Stationers' Court 1767K-1783B; 4, Cock Alley, Ludgate Street 1769P-1772N. 2nd s. of William C. I; mar. Miss Tudor of Monmouth 11 Jul 1765 (LDA 13 Jul 1775); d. 29 Mar. 1783, Stationers' Court. Livery Sta. Co. 1749, under warden 1780, upper warden 1781, master 1782. Wholesale bookseller especially of Bibles and Common Prayers 1763M. Co-publ. Johnson's Shakspeare, Court and city register 1759-80, Royal kalendar 1767. Publ. Art of Cookery 1765, Gay's Fables 1775, works of Fielding 1771, various items of music incl. The Beggar's Opera 1757-77. City Poll 1781: C: Plomer; Nichols ii, 357, 721; Timperley 749; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave; Berch.

CASLON, William II, typefounder, Helmet Row 1720; Ironmonger Row 1727-37; 62 Chiswell Street 1734-1824. Trading: as William Caslon 1720-42; as William Caslon and son 1742-66; as William Caslon 1766-1772K; as William Caslon and son 1774K-1778K; as Elizabeth Caslon and sons 1778-95; as Elizabeth Caslon and Co. 1795-99; as Caslon and Catherwood 1799-1809 etc. B. 1720, eldest s. of William C. I; d. 17 Aug. 1778, bur. St. Luke, Middlesex. Partner with father by 1742 when name on specimen. Cut 12 founts for 1742 specimen, 14 for 1748 specimen. Specimen 1766. Syriac fount for OUP 1767. Great merit but not equal to father. Died intestate, widow Elizabeth, nee Cartlich, and two sons William and Henry inherited property equally. Widow succ. to management of business. Brother Thomas bookseller. DNB; Reed; Nichols ii, 356, 720; Timperley 744; Musgrave.

CASLON, William III, typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 1778-92; Finsbury Square 1792-93; 107, Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1794-1819; residences Ely Place, Holborn 1781; 52, Dorset Street 1799. B. 1754, s. of William C. II; mar. Miss Wittenham of Bunhill Row 22 May 1779 (LDA 24 May 1779); d. 1833. Livery Sta. Co. 1775. Helped mother Elizabeth run foundry after father's death 1778. Specimen 1785. Sold share in Chiswell Street foundry for £3,000 and acquired Jackson's foundry on his death 1792. Moved it to Finsbury Square. Bankrupt 5 Jan. 1793, cert. 9 May 1795, divs. 23 Nov. 1793, 7 June 1794, 18 Apr. 1795, 6 May 1797, 23 Aug. 1802. Finsbury Square premises acquired by Lackington 1793. Moved foundry back to original premises in Dorset Street c1794. Specimens 1796, 1798. Son William IV as partner c1803. Retired 1807. Taken over by Blake, Garnett and Co. 1819. Letter founder to King 1785P-1819. City Poll 1781: C. Brother Henry I, son William IV. Reed; Todd; Nichols ii, 357; Berch.

CASLON, William IV, typefounder, 107, Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1803-19; 27, Burton Crescent 1820-25. S. of William C. III; d. 1869 aged 88. Partner of father c1803. Ran firm on father's retirement 1807. Patent for improving printing types. Firm taken over by Blake, Garnett and Co. 1819. No children. Reed; Todd; Nichols ii, 357; Timperley 852.

CASS, Daniel, bookseller, Lamb's Conduit Street 1784B-1785P.

CASS, William, bookseller, Lamb's Conduit Street 1781. Bankrupt June 1781, cert. 15 Sept. 1781.

CASTLE, Mrs. K., bookseller and stationer to King by patent 1773-95. Succ. William Castle.

CATER, William, bookseller, High Holborn 1759-1769K; 274, opp. Red Lion Street, High Holborn 1770K-1787K. Only daughter mar. Rev. Ebenezer Smith 24 Nov 1777. Publ. cats. 1767-82. Nichols iii, 634-35; Plomer; BM Book sales; Berch.

CATHERWOOD, John James, typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 1809; 18 Charles Square, Hoxton 1809-1829. Married: Anne. Children: Frederick, second son the noted Maya explorer, born 27 Feb 1799, christened 26 Mar 1799, Saint Leonards, Shoreditch. Died: 5 Dec 1829 aged 77. Accountant-General of Excise & Receiver General of Corn- Returns 1779-1813. Author of various publications on the price of corn. Succeeded brother Nathaniel as partner of Henry Caslon on his death in 1809. Reed; Todd; Nichols ii, 358; Timperley 835; Gentleman's Magazine, 1829.

CATHERWOOD, Nathaniel, typefounder, 62, Chiswell Street 1799-1809, residence: 18 Charles Square, Hoxton 1809. Trading: as Caslon and Catherwood 1799-1809. D. 7 June 1809 aged 45. Distant relative of the Caslons. Assisted Elizabeth Caslon II due to her ill-health 1799. Brother John James C. taken into partnership by Elizabeth's son Henry II 1814-21. Hackney Archives Department holds a copy will for Nathaniel Catherwood M1545, dated 14 Aug 1807, proved 3 Aug 1809: the lease of 18 Charles Square and household goods to his wife; shares, and his interest in letter foundry to the use of his wife, then of his children Elizabeth, Caroline, Nathaniel, George, Edmund, and William Henry. Trustees: John James Catherwood (brother) and Thomas Wade, grocer. Reed; Todd; Nichols ii, 358; Timperley 835.

CATON, William, stationer and perfumer, 40, Long Acre 1794B; 170, Drury Lane 1795K.

CATTERMOUL John, bookseller and stationer, 376, Oxford Street 1783-1794B. Took in adverts for Ayre's Sunday London Gazette 1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: F. BM Satires 1783-84.

CAULFIELD, Henry, music engraver, see John Caulfield II.

CAULFIELD, James, bookseller and printseller, Old Round Court, Strand 1784; Castle Street, Leicester Square c1788-95; 6, Clare Court, Drury Lane c1795-97; William Street, Adelphi 1797; 11, Old Compton Street, Soho 1797; Wells Street, Oxford Street 1814. B. 11 Feb. 1764, s. of John Caulfield I of Vineyard, Clerkenwell; d. 22 Apr. 1826. Aged 8 sent to Cambridge for health where began to collect prints. Engraved music for father 1784. Publ. Portraits, Memoirs and Characters of Remarkable Persons from the Reign of Edward III to the Revolution 1790-95. Showed a fine knowledge of prints and produced many other historical and biographical pubis. many written by himself and illustrated by engraved portraits. Towards end of life reduced to compiling catalogues. Son John printseller, brother Joseph music engraver. DNB; Timperley 783.

CAULFIELD, John I, music engraver and printer, 5, near Haymarket, Piccadilly c 1780-90. App. John Walsh. Active from c1765. Prob. same as John Caufield, engraver, Strutton Ground, Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma. Humphries and Smith.

CAULFIELD, John II, music engraver, printer and publisher, 36, Piccadilly c1799-1805H. Trading: as John and Henry Caulfield c1799-1805H. John continued business alone. Humphries and Smith.

CAUMONT, Auguste-Marie, Comte de, bookbinder, 3, Portland Street 1790; 1, Frith Street, Soho n.d. B. 1743; d. 1839. Emigrated to London as a result of the French revolution. Label (Frith Street) survives. Signed bindings in British Museum. Skilful imitator of various contemporary styles. Howe; Ramsden.

CAUSTON, Henry, printer 21, Finch Lane 1764-1806. Trading: alone 1764-177l; as Richard and Henry Causton 1772-1806. S. of Richard C., printer of Clerkenwell; d. 19 Apr. 1805 at Winchester aged 63. Free Skinners' Co. 6 Nov. 1764, livery by 1792, master 1798. Succ. uncle Henry Kent in publ. of Kent's London Directory 1764. Son Henry Kent succ. father, bro. Richard. Plomer; Todd; Goss; Nichols iii, 719, viii, 480; Gent's Mag. vol. 75, pp.391, 484.

CAUSTON, Henry Kent, printer, bookseller and stationer, 21, Finch Lane 1800-01; 13, London Wall 1801; 24, Cullum Street 1804-1805H; 14, Birchin Lane, Cornhill 1804-46; 3, Nag's Head Court, Seven Dials 1847-56; residences 122, Bunhill Row 1800; 53, Wood Street 1800-04. S. of Henry C. App. Skinners' Co. 1788. Registered presses 1800, 1801, 1804. Succ. father in publ. of Kent's London Directory 1807. Todd; Goss.

CAUSTON, Richard, printer, 21, Finch Lane, Cornhill 1772-1806. Trading: as Richard and Henry Causton 1772-1806. S. of Richard C., printer of Clerkenwell. Livery, Skinners' Co. by 1792. Publ. Kent's London Directory with Henry Causton 1772-1806. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. Registered presses 1799. Common councillor, Broad Street ward 1783-1809. Son Henry, brother Henry. Imprint(s): Kress: 1798: B3595. Goss; Howe; Todd.

CAVELL, William, bookseller, Middle Row, Holborn 1789A-1804K (no. 31 1789A; no. 29 1792L-1804K); 327, Holborn 1780, 1799H.Took in adverts for Johnson's British Gazette 1785P. Brown.

CAWTHORN, George, bookseller, printer, publisher, stationer and circulating library, 132, Strand 1790-1805H. Partner with John Bell 1795. Set up on own at same address 1795. Prospectus for library 1798. Described as proprietor of British Library 1799H-1802H. Ticket on binding of Idler 1799. Registered presses 1799. Bankrupt 17 Nov. 1801, cert. 27 Feb. 1802, div. 22 May 1802, 1 Mar. 1803. Leigh and Sotheby sold bound books 24 Jan. 1805, novels 29 Oct. 1806. James Cawthorne at 132, Strand 1810-32. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4286-88. Todd; Brown; Ramsden; Hamlyn; BM Book sales.

CHALKEN, William, bookseller and stationer, 49, Gracechurch Street 1790U.

CHALMERS, bookseller, corner of Luke's Court, City Road 1785P.

CHALMERS, I., printer, 81, Old Bond Street 1792U. Prob. error for 81, Old Street where Joyce Chalmers is recorded 1802H. See also James Chalmers.

CHALMERS, James, bookseller and stationer, 210, Whitecross Street 1789A-1792U.

CHALMERS, James, printer, Old Street 1794B; 25, King Street, Soho 1832. (The same?). See also I. Chalmers. Todd.

CHAMBERLAINE, John, publisher, Brompton Row 1792-1800; 4, Brompton Row 1802H-1805H. Keeper of King's drawings and medals. Imprint(s): Abbey: 17921800: AL205.

CHAMBERLIN, Mason, Esq., publisher, 51, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1792B-1798B. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1794: AL90.

CHAMPAIN, Francis, paper hanging manufacturer, 78, Holywell Street, Shoreditch 1784B-1785P.

CHAMPANTE and WHITROW, wholesale stationers, see William Champante.

CHAMPANTE, William, wholesale stationers, 4, Minories 1772N-1785P; 2, Jewry Street, Aldgate 1786L-1816P. Trading: alone 1772N-1784L; as Champante and Whitrow 1785P-1816P. Livery Ironmongers' Co. by 1792. Began business as wax chandler, later joined by Benjamin Whitrow. Music imprint 1814. Produced jigsaw puzzles. Agents for Universal British Directory and a wide range of articles e.g. Hampshire Tiller's rat powder as well as sponsoring a variety of pubis. e.g. an edit. of Culpeper's British Herbal. Brown; Norton; Hannas; Darlington and Howgego; Humphries and Smith.

CHANDLESS, Thomas, stationer and bookseller, London Road, St. George's Fields 1799H.

CHAPMAN, Alexander, printer, Addle Street, Wood Street 1790U.

CHAPMAN, Elizabeth, pocket book maker, 29, Greenhill's Rents, St. John's Street 1785B.

CHAPMAN, Henry, bookseller, Old Round Court, Strand 1776-87; 65, Chandos Street, Covent Garden 178895; Woodstock Street, Oxford Street 1796; New Bond Street 1796. Publ. cats. 1776-96. Also with King and Collins in Snow Hill and (1790) with King, King Street, Covent Garden. Stock sold in his New Bond Street premises by T. King 1798. Nichols iii, 635; BM Book sales.

CHAPMAN, J., printer, 42, Fleet Street 1775; Johnson's Court, Fleet Street 1781. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Imprint(s): Kress; 1775: A7178. Plomer.

CHAPMAN, James, engraver, St. James's Walk, Clerkenwell 1784; Chapel Street, Pentonville 1794B; Islington 1796; 4, Cross Street, Islington 1802H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City Poll 1784: A.

CHAPMAN, James, bookbinder, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street 1799H. Howe; Ramsden.

CHAPMAN, John, engraver, London 1795-1819. Plates, mostly in dotted manner including some printed in colour dated 1792-1823. Thieme and Becker.

CHAPMAN, John, bookbinder, Cock Court, St.Martin's le Grand 1778. S. of Richard C. of Carleton, Cambridge, yeoman. App. Henry Westley 6 Nov. 1770, free Sta. Co. 2 Dec.1777. 1778 1 app. Howe.

CHAPMAN, printer, Islington c1794U. Poss. the same as James Chapman q.v.

CHAPMAN, Samuel, rag merchant, 421, Oxford Street 1790U.

CHAPMAN, Thomas, printer and bookseller, 3 Neville Court, Fleet Street 1790U; Neville Court 1792-1794B; 161, Fleet Street 1794K-1795B; 151, Fleet Street 1795K-1803. Trading: As Chapman and Co. 1794K-1795B. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Prob. printer of Morning Herald 1799. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2700. Todd; Aspinall.

CHAPMAN, W., stationer, Oxford Street 1796. Bankrupt l9 Apr. 1796.

CHAPMAN, William, stationer, King Street, Cheapside 1763M-1765K; 36, King Street 1767K-1805H. Trading: alone 1763M-1791L; as William Chapman and son 1791K-1800P; as William Chapman 1801P; as W. F. Chapman 1802H-1805H. Free Sta. Co. redemption and livery 12 June 1759, court 3 Apr. 1792, Master 1795. Son? William Francis Chapman livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Blagden.

CHAPMAN, William Francis, stationer, see William Chapman.

CHAPPELL, John, stationer, 7, Capel Court,Bartholomew Lane 1799H.

CHAPPELL, Stephen, stationer, 98, Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1779L-1830P+. Trading: as Stephen Chappell 1779L-1818P; as John Chappell and son 1819P-1825P; as John Chappell 1826P-1830P+. Livery Girdler's Co. by 1792.

CHAPPLE, Clement, bookseller and stationer, 66, Pall Mall 1798K-1820; 59, Pall Mall 1821-35. Also described as paper hanger 1802H. Succ. by Cookes and Ollivier 1836R.

CHARNOCK, William, stationer, Newport Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

CHARROWN, John, engraver, Little Marlborough Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

CHASSEREAU and MAYNARD, stationers, see Honour Chassereau.

CHASSEREAU and POUNCEY, stationers, see Honour Chassereau.

CHASSEREAU, Honour, stationer, Long Acre 1767K-1772K; 62, Long Acre 1774K-1792K; 65, Long Acre 1793K-1801P. Trading: as Francis Chassereau 1767K-1769K; as Honour Chassereau 1770K-1776K; as Chassereau and Maynard 1777K-1780K; as Honour Chassereau 1781K-1789K; as Chassereau and Pouncey 1789L-1801P. Stationers to King 1785-1820. Francis Chassereau listed at Ottery, Devonshire 1792 Livery list. Succ. by J. W. Pouncey 1802P. See also William Maynard.

CHATER, Richard, copper plate maker, 14, Cornhill 1794B. Normally described as a clock and watch maker. Commissioner for Doctors Commons 1794B. See also Grosvenor and Chater, Welles, Grosvenor and Chater.

CHEESMAN, Thomas, copperplate printer, Prince's Street, Drury Lane 1775; St. George's Bloomsbury 1778 Strand 1785; St. Pancras 1800. App. James Noyes, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Sept. 1770, apps. Samuel Young 4 Oct. 1775, William Hixon 2 Dec. 1778, John Legg 5 Oct. 1785, John Hemery 3 Sept.1800.

CHEESMAN, Thomas, engraver and printer, 71, Newman Street 1802-29; 12, Tottenham Court New Road 1805H; 28, Francis Street 1834. B. 1760; d. c1835, London. Pupil of Bartolozzi. Used dotted manner on multicoloured plates. Exhibited Royal Academy 180220, British Institution 1811-29, Suffolk street. Portraits, allegorical and mythological scenes. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1797: AL240. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

CHEESWRIGHT, Richard, bookseller and proprietor of the City Library 1796L-1811 P., succ. John Boosey q.v.

CHESHAM, Francis, printseller, Walworth Terrace 1794. Bankrupt 24 June 1794, cert. 14 Feb. 1795, div. 30 June 1795.

CHESHAM, Francis, engraver, 37, Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1777; 33, Broad Street, Golden Square 1778; at Mr. Wood's, Richmond Buildings 1780. B. 1749; d. 1806, London. Exhibited Society of Artists 1777-80. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1783-85: AT675. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CHEW, John, paper hanging warehouse, Piccadilly 1774L-1783L; 49, corner of Sackville Court, Piccadilly 1784B-1800P. Also sold carpets. Westminster poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

CHEYNE, Charles, pocket book maker and stationer, 5, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1780K-1801K; 49, Little Eastcheap 1790U-1794L; 10, Rood Lane 1787L-1796L; 5, Angel Court, Throgmorton Street 1798K-1801P. Trading: as Charles and Thomas Cheyne 1780K-1801K. App. Charles Barry, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Oct. 1779, apps. son Charles 4 Mar. 1795, Edward Matthews 4 May 1796, son James 4 Oct. 1797. Prob. same as Charles Cheyne, wholesale stationer and rag merchant, 69, Houndsditch 1802H-1805H.

CHEYNE, Thomas, stationer, 5, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1780K-1801K; 49, Little Eastcheap 17891794L; 10, Rood Lane 1787L-1796L; 5, Angel Court, Throgmorton Street 1798K-1801P. Trading: as Charles and Thomas Cheyne 1780K-1801K. App. Charles Barry, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 May 1784, his app. William Prichard 12 June 1789.

CHIPP, Thomas, bookbinder, Lombard Street Whitefriars 1796-1811; (no. 13 1802H). S. of William C. of Westminster, stationer and bookbinder, deceased; App. Nathaniel Hill Streetin 1 Dec. 1772, turned over to Thomas Faulkner, bookbinder, cit. and Wheelwright 2 Nov. 1773, Free 7 Mar. 1780, 1796-1811 3 apps., 2 premiums at £20. Still alive 1813. Howe; Ramsden.

CHIRM, Silvanus, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder Golden Hart, Aldersgate Bars 1767K-1786K. Trade card c1770 in Heal Coll. Plomer; Howe; Ramsden.

CHRISTIE, printer, see Lowndes and Christie.

CHRISTIE and ANSELL, auctioneers, see James Christie.

CHRISTIE, James, auctioneer, Pall Mall 1772L-1823P (no. 91 1790B-1820P; no. 84 1821P-1823P; no. 118 1804); 5, Duke Street, St. James's 1802; 8 King Street, St. James's 1824P-1830P+. Trading: as Charles Christie 1772L-1774L; as Christie and Ansell 1779L-1784L, as James Christie 1785L-1830P. D. 8 Nov. 1803 aged 73 at Pall Mall, bun St. James's burial ground. Auctioneer of all kinds of material incl. books. Publ. cats. 1775-1803, with Ansell 1777 and 1784. D. after a long illness. Succ. by James Christie who publ. cats. 1804, 1813, 1816 etc. Timperley 738; BM Book sales.

CHRISTIE, James, bookseller and bookbinder, 190, High Holborn 1799H-1813K; 197, High Holborn 1814K-1826R. Ramsden.

CHRISTIE, Robert, bookseller, 54, Piccadilly 1784B-1785B; 410, Oxford Street 1790U.

CHURCHILL and HARPER, stationers, 14, Poultry 1790U. Prob. corruption of Churchill Harper q.v.

CHURCHILL, Charles, engraver, 11, Queen Street, Chelsea 1799H.

CIMADOR(0), Giambattista, music seller, see Monzani and Cimador.

CIPRIANI, Giovanni Battista, historical engraver and artist, Mews Gate, Hedge Lane, near Charing Cross 175579, at Mr. Forsyth's, Broad Street, Carnaby Market 1769; Kings Mews, Hammersmith 1785. B. 1727, Florence; d. 14 Dec. 1785. First master Ignazio Hugford. To Rome 1750. Met Sir William Chambers and Joseph Wilton with whom he returned to London 1755. Taught at Duke of Richmond's Academy, Whitehall 1758. Member of St. Martin's Lane Academy and Royal Academy who presented him with a cup for his services. Exhibited Royal Academy 1769-83. Many of his drawings engr. by Bartolozzi. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CLAGGET, Charles, musical museum, musical instrument maker and music seller, 16, Greek Street, Soho 1790U-1795K. Erroneously listed as Cloggett, Charles 1794B-1795B.

CLAMP, R., printseller and publisher, Holborn 1788. BM Satires.

CLARE, George, paper hanger, 108, Swallow Street, Piccadilly 1795K-1804K; 108 and 109, Swallow Street 1805H-1817U; 128, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square 1823K-1831R+. Trading: alone 1795K-1817U; as G. and W. Clare 1823K-1831R+.

CLARK, A., stationer, 72, Old Gravel Lane, Wapping 1794B-1795K.

CLARK, C, printseller and publisher, 6 Prince's Street 1782. BM Satires.

CLARK, Ebenezer, paper maker, Whitecross Alley, Moorfields c1793U; 5, Whitecross Place, Wilson Street, Finsbury 1802H-1810P; 7, Whitecross Place 181lP-1816P. Sheathing paper manufactory 1805H.

CLARK, James, stationer, 77, St. John's Street 1784B-1790U.

CLARK, Joseph, stationer, 5, Great Prescott Street 1790U.

CLARKE and Co., engravers, see George Clarke.

CLARKE and Co., printers, see Charles Clarke.

CLARKE and SON, booksellers, see William Clarke.

CLARKE and YELLOWLEY, stationers, 72, Gracechurch Street 1792K-1831R+. Trading: as Clarke and Yellowley 1792K-1824P; as Yellowley and Clarke 1825P-1831R+. Successors to Henry Clarke q.v.

CLARKE, Charles, printer, 6, Northumberland Court, Strand 1784-1801; Russell Court, Drury Lane n.d. Trading: as Clarke and Co. 1785P. S. of Charles C. of Clerkenwell, sawyer. App. Thomas Parker 1766 £25, livery Sta. Co. 1780, 1774-1801 20 apps. Bankrupt Mar. 1785, cert. 25 June 1785. Signed compositors' scale of 1785. Registered presses 1799. Business purchased by William Clowes 1801.-City Poll 1784: A., Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2695, 2750, 2788; Abbey: 1792: AT49, 50; 1799: AL439; 1800: AS207. Howe; Todd.

CLARKE, George, engraver and printer, 15, Broad Street 1790U; 15, Old Broad Street 1799H-1817P. Trading: alone 1790U; as Clarke and Co. 1799H-1817P.

CLARKE, Henry, stationer, 72, Gracechurch Street 1768K-1794B. App. 7 Apr. 1752 free and livery Sta. Co. 1 May 1759, court 1 July 1788 master 1794 Succ. by Clarke and Yellowley q.v. Blagden.

CLARKE, Henry George Watkins, 35, Penton Street, Clerkenwell 1800; residence 18, Greville Street, Hatton Garden 1800. Registered press 1800. Todd. Error for Watkins, Henry George q.v.

CLARKE, Hugh, engraver, Bentick Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

CLARKE, J., music seller, St. Martin's Court, Leicester Square c1785. Music imprint c1785. Humphries and Smith.

CLARKE, John, printseller, Berwick Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

CLARKE, John, bookseller, 22, Portugal Street, Clare Market 1792U-1830P. Trading: as William Clarke and Son 1792U-1801P; as William Clarke and sons 1802H-1830P+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Registered press 1802. Todd.

CLARKE, John, engraver and printseller, 291, Strand 1789-90. D. c 1815. Pupil of Bartolozzi. Active in London 1778-90. Gave up engraving, became an eccentric misanthropist. Died in an asylum. Poss. same as John Clarke, engraver, 83, St. James's Street 1799H or James Clarke, engraver and print colourer, 27, Dartmouth Street, Strand 1811H. Thieme and Becker.

CLARKE, John, paper stainer, 65, Fetter Lane 1799H. Poss. at 16, Melior Street, Southwark 1802H and 17, Garden Row, Old Street Road 1805H.

CLARKE, Michael, paper hanger, Southwark Street 1774. Westminster poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

CLARKE, Richard, pocket book maker, 16, Finch Lane 1799H-1818P. Also ran a wholesale cutlery warehouse 1805H-1818P.

CLARKE, Samuel, printer, Bread Street, Cheapside 1765-89. D. Jan. 1789. Retired about 1768. A quaker. Some time partner with William Richardson. Plomer; Nichols ix,671; Timperley 763; Musgrave.

CLARKE, Stephen, engraver, 15, Lower Moorfields 1784B-1785P; 15, Broker Row, Moorfields 1789A1792U. Livery Loriners' Co. by 1792.

CLARKE, William, bookseller, 38, New Bond Street 1790L-1819; 42, New Bond Street 1820-28; 11, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square 1829. Previously with James Robson q.v. 1787-89. Publ. cat. 1793. Succ. by George Clarke 1830P. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1795: AS184; 1795-96: AS453; Kress: (Robson and Clarke) 1788: B 1371, 15167. Todd; Nichols iii, 635; BM Book sales.

CLARKE, William, bookseller, Portugal Street, Clare Market 1774L-1784B; 22, Portugal Street 1785P-1830P+. Trading: alone 1774L-1791 K; as William Clarke and son 1792U-1801P; as William Clarke and sons 1802P-1830P+. Livery Sta. Co. by 1796. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. John Clarke q.v. traded under this style. Imprint(s): Kress: (W.Clarke and son) 1794: B2652; 1795: B2888; 1796: B3092; 1799: B3793-4; 1800: B4069. Brown; Todd.

CLARKE, William, bookseller, Red Lion, 32, Paternoster Row c1750-76. D. 9 Jan. 1795. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner in firm of L. Hawes, W. Clarke and R. Collins. Retired some years before death. With R. Collins bankrupt Sept. 1776, cert. 21 Feb. 1778, divs. 25 Aug. 1778, 2 Feb. 1784. With Hawes and Collins one of the co-publishers of Johnson's Shakespeare 1765. Plomer; Musgrave.

CLARKSON, Fenton, stationer and printseller, 73, St. Paul's Churchyard 1784-85. BM Satires.

CLEAVER, bookbinders' tool cutter, see Franks and Cleaver.

CLEMENT, I. W., printer, 169, Strand 1795. Printed The Observer 1795.

CLEMENT, John, stationer, Prince's Street, Leicester Fields 1775. Sun Insurance policy 350733 16 Mar 1775, Guildhall lib. ms. 11,936/236.

CLEMENT, printer, London 1799-1800. Printed The Volunteer 1799-1800.

CLEMENT, William, bookseller, 220, Strand 1800P; 201, Strand 1801P-1810P; 11, Newcastle Street, Strand 181lH-1812P; 192, Strand 1813P-1825P; 3, Earl Street, Blackfriars 1821P-1825P. Trading: as William Clement 1800P-1810P; as W. J. Clement 1811H-1825P.

CLEMENTI, Muzio, music seller, musical instrument maker and composer, 26, Cheapside 1798-1832; Tottenham Court Road 1798-1832 (no. 193 1811H, no. 195 Humphries and Smith). Trading: as Longman, Clementi and Co. 1798-1801; as Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard and Davis c1801-1810P; as Clementi, Banger, Collard, Davis and Collard 1811P-1818P; as Clementi, Collard, Davis and Collard 1819P-1822P; as Clementi, Collard and Collard 1823P-c1830; as Collard and Collard c 1830-34. B. 23 Jan. 1752, Rome; d. 10 Mar. 1832. Had interest in firm of Longman and Broderip. Lost heavily when they failed 1798. Partner with John Longman 17981801 when partnership dissolved and Longman continued business separately. Clementi dropped out c1830. Thomas E. Purdie took over music publishing side of Collard and Collard who continued as pianoforte makers c1834. Musical instrument makers to royal family 1805H-1809H. For more details see George Grove: Dictionary of Music and Musicians, vol. 2,.1954. Humphries and Smith.

CLEUGH, Alexander, bookseller and stationer, 14, Ratcliffe Highway 1790U-1811H; 20, Broad Street, Ratcliffe Highway 1799H.

CLIFF, Samuel, stationer and bookseller, 30, North Audley Street, Oxford Street 1794B-1807P; 34, North Audley Street 1808P-1824P; 38, North Audley Street 1825P-1830P+. Trading: as Samuel Cliff 1794B-1809P as Barbara Cliff 1810P-1830P+. Described as running juvenile library 1811H.

CLINT, George, engraver and portrait painter, 4, Hind Court, Fleet Street 1802-05; 21, Church Street, Soho 1806; 208, Tottenham Court Road 1807; 6, Rolls Buildings 1810-11; 31, Foley Street, Portman Chapel 1813; 33, Little Russell Street 1815; 44, Hart Street, Bloomsbury 1816-17; 83, Gower Street 1817-45; 4, Keppel Street 1842. B. 12 Apr. 1770, Brownlow Street Drury Lane; d. 10 May 1854, Pembroke Square. App. as a fishmonger. After quarrel with master trained as an attorney, then active as a house painter. Later employed by Tegg the bookseller. After his marriage he became a miniature painter. Acquainted with the publisher John Bell whose nephew Edward taught him engraving. Studio in Gower Street a meeting place for actors and actresses many of whose portraits he engraved. Associate Royal Academy 1821. Exhibited RA 1802-45. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792: AS363. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

CLOGGET, Charles, musical instrument maker and music seller, 16, Greek Street, Soho 1794B-1795B. Error for Claggett, Charles q.v.

CLOSE, Hannah, vellum binder, 9, Weston Street 1790U-1791. Free Tallow-chandlers' Co. by 1791. Widow of John Close of Southwark, vellum binder. Son John Samuel q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

CLOSE, John, vellum binder, Southwark. D. by 1790. Succ. by widow Hannah. Son John Samuel q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

CLOSE, John Samuel, bookbinder, Trinity Lane, Watling Street 1808; Old Bethlehem, Bishopsgate Street 1813. S. of John C. q.v.; aged 24 in 1800. App. Samuel Nash of Bishopsgate without, stationer 3 Aug. 1790, turned over to his mother Hannah q.v. 5 Apr. 1791, free Sta. Co. 1 Nov. 1803. 1808-13 2 apps. Joined Benefit Soc. 1800. Howe; Ramsden.

CLOWES, Butler, engraver and printseller, 18, Gutter Lane, Cheapside 1763M-1775. D. 1782. Portraits, genre subjects, heraldry, ex libris, furniture and ornamental designs. Exhibited Free Society 1768-73. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1493,1495.

CLOWES, John, engraver and printer, 18, Gutter Lane 1784B-1785B, 1805H.

CLUSE, bookseller, see Harrison Cluse and Co. Prob. the same as Samuel Cluse, bookseller, Newgate Street and 15, Southampton Street, Pentonville 1805H.

COAD, Joseph, bookseller, stationer, emery paper maker and rag merchant, 12, Silver Street, Golden Square 1782K-1792K; 41, Brewer Street, Golden Square 1793K-1799H. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

COBB and WATLEN, music publishers and sellers and musical instrument sellers, 19, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden c1800-05; 186, Piccadilly c1805-06. John Watlen q.v. previously in business in Edinburgh, continued on his own account after partnership with Cobb dissolved. Humphries and Smith.

COBB and Co., patent paper warehouse, 25, Warwick Court, Warwick Lane 1799H-1800P; Tudor Street, Blackfriars 1801P-1804P. Manufacturers of coloured papers and wallpapers. Trade card 1797? Banks collection. Sugden and Edmondson 91.

COBBETT, William, politician, essayist and agriculturalist, 3, Southampton Street, Covent Garden 1800; 18, Pall Mall 1801-03. Trading: alone 1800; as Cobbett and Morgan 1801-03. B. 9 Mar. 1762, Farnham, Surrey; d. 18 June 1835, Normandy Farm, near Guildford. Had opened bookstore in New York July 1796. Registered presses 1800. Started bookshop with John Morgan Mar. 1801. Bookseller and stationer to Prince of Wales, Dukes of York, Clarence etc. 1802H. Transferred to S. Harding 1803. Publ. various periodicals and many pamphlets, also Parliamentary Debates, later continued by Hansard, and Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials etc. DNB; Todd.

COBY and THOMPSON, Engravers, 44, Gutter Lane 1780K-1788K. Continued by John Thompson q.v.

COCK, Henry, engraver, 6, Clipstone Street, Fitzroy Square 1799H-1805H.

COCK, Charles, printer, Paternoster Row 1788; Lovel's Court, Paternoster Row 1792; Prince's Street, Drury Lane 1796. Son of Henry, printer. App his father 1 Jun 1779, free Sta. Co. 13 Jun 1786, livery 1786, 1788 1 app. McKenzie.

COCK, Henry, printer, Bloomsbury Market 1763M; Paternoster Row 1779; 3, Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row 1785P. Son of Henry of Westminster, baker. App. Luke Hind 3 Jul 1733, free Sta. Co. by 5 Aug 1740, 1775-79 2 apps., 1 premium £40. His son Charles app. his father 1779, free and livery Sta. Co. 1786. Conducted the business until 1797 when he died. Printing offices were destroyed by fire 8 Jan. 1770. Howe; Plomer; Todd: McKenzie.

COCK, William, bookbinder, Poppin's Alley, Fleet Street 1759; Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1762-73; Paternoster Row 1774. S. of William C. of Dorking, shoemaker; d. 1780. App. John Bird 2 May 1749 £5, free Sta. Co. 1 June 1756, 1759-73 4 apps. Howe.

COCKERING, B., bookseller, Plaistow, Essex 1799H.

COGHLAN, James Peter, printer and bookseller, 37, Duke Street, Golden Square c1782-1800P. S. of James C. of St. George Hanover Square, stone cutter; d. 20 Feb. 1800. App. Samuel Cope 1746 £15, free Sta. Co. 1754. Printer to the Society of English Catholics. Printed and publ. a number of sacred music works. Registered presses 1799. See Patrick Keating. Signed binding Rothschild coil. Todd; Howe; Humphries and Smith; Ramsden.

COHEN, H., pencil and crayon maker, 7, Hemmings Row, Leicester Square 1795B.

COHEN, Henry and Son, pencil makers, 128, St. Martin's Lane 1799H.

COHEN, Solomon, pencil maker, 71, Ratcliffe Highway 1790U; 8, Gun Square, Houndsditch 1809H-1823R. On Wednesday [13 Oct] died Mrs. Mary Cohen, wife of Mr. Solomon Cohen, Pencil-maker, in St. Paul's, Shadwell (LDA 18 Oct 1779). Berch.

COLARICK, printer, Fulwood's Rents, Holborn 1794B. Todd.

COLE, Benjamin, engraver, Holborn near Fetter Lane 1763M; Holborn 1783. D. 15 June 1783 aged 86. Architecture etc. engraver 1763M. The Cole who publ. mezzotint A call to the converted 1774? Musgrave; Thieme and Becker.

COLE, Ebenezer, bookseller, printer, stationer and newsman, Greenwich c1794U; London Street, Greenwich 1802H-1832Pi+. Trading: as Ebenezer Cole c1794U-181lH; es Joseph Cole 1826Pi-1832Pi+.

COLE, George, engraver and printer, 30, Kirby Street 1790U.

COLE, John, stationer and copperplate printer, 18, Fore Street 1790U-1811; 9, St. Agnes Circus, Old Street Road 1802-1805H. Registered presses 1799, 1802. Todd.

COLE, William, stationer, 31 Oxford Street 1789K-1790U.

COLE, William, engraver and printer, Crown, Great Kirby Street, near Hatton Garden 1765; 109, opp. Warwick Lane, Newgate Street 1784B-1792. Livery Leatherseller's Co. by 1792. Publ. various masonic works. Issued trade card, Heal Coll. Prob. related to Benjamin Cole 1725-67, engraver to the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. Plomer.

COLE, William, newsman, Christopher's Court, St. Martin's 1784, 1805H. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

COLEMAN, John, bookseller and stationer, 15, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square 1799H; 13, Lower Brook Street, Grosvenor Square 1802H-1823P.

COLEMAN, William, woodcutter, Little Dean's Court, St.Martin 1784-1785P. D. Dec. 1807. An ingenious engraver in wood who won premiums from the Society of Arts. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Timperley 832.

COLES and EVANS, stationers, see Charles Coles, Thomas Evans.

COLES, Charles, stationer, Fleet Street 1754-1766; 21, Fleet Street 1767K-1818P. Trading: as John Coles 1754K-1765K; as John Coles and son 1767K-1768K; as Charles Coles and son 1769K-1772K; as Charles Coles 1774K-1775N; as Coles and Evans 1776K-1790U; as Coles, Knight and Dunn (sometimes as Coles, Dunn and Knight) 1791 K-181 3P; as Coles and Galpin 1814P-1818P. App. 4 Aug. 1752, free and livery Sta. Co. 6 Nov. 1759, Court 3 Apr. 1792, fined for master 1797. C. F. Cock, bookseller at 21, Fleet Street 1830R. Blagden.

COLES, DUNN and KNIGHT, stationers, see Charles Coles.

COLES, KNIGHT and DUNN, stationers, see Charles Coles.

COLES, William, stationer, 21, Fleet Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

COLLE, William, stationer, 1, St. Martin's in the Fields 1790U.

COLLEY, John, bookbinder, late of Ivy Lane, Newgate Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

COLLEY, Robert, bookbinder, Warwick Lane 1782-85. S. of Robert C. of Long Acre, victualler; deceased 1794. App. Henry Westley 3 Sept. 1771, free Sta. Co. 5 Sept. 1779, Livery 1 Nov. 1785, 1782-85 3 apps., 1 premium £4. Howe.

COLLEY, Thomas, printseller and publisher, Clare Market 1780; 288, Strand 1780-81; High Holborn 1781; Rolls Buildings 1782-83. Also an artist. BM Satires.

COLLIER and DAVIS, musical instrument makers and music sellers, 7 Fish Street Hill, opp. Monument 1770N-1775N, c1787. Publ. sheet songs c 1787. Humphries and Smith.

COLLIER, printer, see Stephen Couchman, Joseph Fry. Todd.

COLLIER, John, printer, Christopher's Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

COLLINGE, David (C.), law stationer, Chancery Lane 1792U; 1, Lincoln's Inn Old Square 1799H-1806P; 1 Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn 1807P-1816P; 23, Cursitor Street 1817P-1824P.

COLLINS, printer, see Seagood and Collins.

COLLINS, James, printer and engraver, 34, Shoe Lane, Fetter Lane 1800-1802H; 5, St. Andrew's Hill, Blackfriars 1805H; 6, Creechurch Street, Leadenhall Street 1809H-1826; 3, Cannon Street 1823, 11, Dowgate Hill 1824-25. Registered press 1800. Todd.

COLLINS, John, millwright and pressmaker, Winchester Yard, near St. Saviour's Church, Borough 1780K-1795B; 12, Stoney Street 1788K-1795B.

COLLINS, Richard, stationer, 64, High Holborn 1789A-1790U.

COLLINS, Robert, engraver, 23, St. James's Street, Old Street Road 1799H; 27, Gee Street, Goswell Street 1802H-1822U. Trading: as Robert Collins 1799H-1811H; as Richard Collins 1816U-1822U. Also described as varnisher.

COLLINS, Robert, bookseller, Red Lion, 32, Paternoster Row c1750-1786. D. 3 May 1786. Partner in firm of Hawes, Clarke and Collins. With William Clarke bankrupt Sept. 1776, cert. 21 Feb. 1778, divs. 25 Aug. 1778, 2 Feb 1784. Co-publishers of Gay's Fables 1775. Firm succ. by Thomas Evans. Timperley 759; Plomer; Musgrave.

COLLINS, Thomas, printer, 3, Nevill's Court, Fetter Lane 1785P; 82, Fetter Lane 1799H; Harvey's Buildings, Strand 1801-181 1H (no. 1 1802H); Beaufort Buildings, Strand 1804. 1796-1809 6 apps., 2 premiums £5, £20. Also printer's broker 1785P, seller of type and presses 1799. Registered presses 1799, 1800. Todd.

COLLINS, William, bookseller, Pope's Head Alley 1779; 28, Cornhill 1779L; 20, Change Alley 17791815P. Trading: as William Collins 1779-1801; as Anne Collins 1802H-1815P. D. Mar. 1801, Warwick Street, Golden Square. Burned out of Pope's Head Alley 1779. Publ. cats. 1781-87. Died of asthma. Stock sold by T. King 10 Nov. 1801. Nichols iii, 635; Timperley 808; BM Book sales.

COLLINS, William, bookseller and printseller, John Street, Oxford Street 1795; 5, John Street 1800; 19, Bolsover Street, Oxford Street 1799H; 118, Great Portland Street 1802H. Publ. cats. 1795, 1800. BM Book sales.

COLLYER, Joseph, engraver, White Lyon Row, Islington 1781-91; 16, Dorrington Street 1792; 8, Constitution Row 1796-1822. B. 14 Sept. 1748, London, s. of Joseph Collyer, translator (d. 20 Feb. 1776); d. 24 Dec. 1827. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781, warden 1814. Studied under Anthony Walker. Employed by Boydell. Student at Royal Academy. Exhibited RA 1789-1822, Society of Artists 1770-80. Associate engraver RA 1786. Engraver to Queen Charlotte 1786-1799H. Engr. many portraits and works after Reynolds, also book illustrations. City Polls 1781: C; 1784: A. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Nichols viii, 723, ix, 241.

COLLYER, William, stationer and pen cutter, Lincoln's Inn Passage 1790U.

COLNAGHI, Paul, printseller, 132, Pall Mall 17871799; 23, Cockspur Street 1799-1824; 14, Pall Mall East 1824-1912. Trading: as Molteno, Colnaghi and Co. 1789L-1793L; as Coloaghi and Co. c1794-1824; as Paul and Dominic Colnaghi and Co. 1824-1911. B. 1751 near Milan, s. of Martino C., lawyer; d. 26 Aug. 1833, St. George's Place, Hanover Square. Father d. Ieaving debts 1783. To Paris where opened shop as agent of Anthony Torre 1784. Joined Torre in London 1787. Took over his business 1788. Premises known as Ancient and Modern Print Warehouse 1799H. Partner with Anthony Molteno 1789L-1793L. Naturalised. Printseller to Prince Regent and other royalty. Friend of Constable. Planned to retire but due to younger son Martin's extravagance forced to buy him out for £3000 and set up in new premises with eldest son Dominic 1824. Firm survived in 1977 as P. and D. Coluaghi and Co. Ltd., 14, Old Bond Street 1974. Married sister-in-law of Anthony Torre 1788. Sons Dominic 1790-1879 who succ. father at Pall Mall and Martin d. 1851 who remained at Cockspur Street many years. Two brothers great rivals. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794-97: S5469. DNB; J. C. Smith 200, 1465; P. and D. Colnaghi and Co. Ltd., Colnaghi's 1760-1960, 1960.

COLNAGHI, William, seal engraver, 132, Pall Mall 1795 B.

COLVILLE, James, bookbinder, Angel Court 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

COMBE, Thomas, law stationer, Bishop's Court, Chancery Lane 1790U-1803P.

COMPTON, James, printer, 23, Middle Street, Cloth Fair 1800-52. Trading: as Knight and Compton 1800-09; as James Compton 1809-28; as Compton and Ritchie 1829-39; as James Compton 1840-52. Registered presses 1809. With Richard Knight and later with Millar Ritchie. Todd.

CONANT, Nathaniel, bookseller, 64, Fleet Street 17661789K; Lamb's Conduit Street 1792; Great Marlborough Street 1794B-1805H (no. 16 1794B; no. 21 1796B-1805H). Livery Sta. Co. by 1777. Succ. father-in-law Mr. Whiston. Publ. cat. 1776. Bequeathed £500 by William Bowyer 1777. Magistrate of Great Marlborough Street Office 1802H. Friend of Nichols. Retired from book trade by 1792. City Poll 1781: C. Imprint(s): Kress: 1778: Bll9. Plomer; Nichols iii, 277, 635.

CONDÉ, John, engraver and printseller, 53, Wells Street, Oxford Street 1792. B. France; d. July 1794, London. Fl. 1785-92. Many portraits after Richard Cosway using stipple. Portraits for European Magazine, Thespian Magazine etc. Brother Peter Conde, engraver. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CONDER, Samuel, stationer, 120, Cheapside 1784; 84 Cheapside 1794B-1795K; 98, Cheapside 1796L-1808P 34, St. Paul's Churchyard 1809P-1821P. Trading: alone 1784-1802H; as Conder and Jones 1803P-1815P; as Conder, Jones and Co. 1816P-1817P; as Conder and Jones 1818P-1821 P. Poss. formerly with Thomas Vallance q.v. City Poll 1784: A.

CONDER, Thomas, engraver and bookseller, 6, Falcon Street, Aldersgate Street 1784B-1792K; 30, Bucklersbury 1795-1814P; 18, St. Paul's Churchyard 1815P-1819P. Trading: as Thomas Conder 1784B-1812P; as Josiah Conder 1813P-1819P. D. June 1831 aged 84. Engraved maps c 1780-1801. Publ. music c1797, c1802. Son, Josiah, bookseller and author 1789-1855. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1791: AT719. DNB; Chubb; Brown; Humphries and Smith.

CONRAD, John, music publisher, Henrietta Street c1790. Music imprint c1790. Humphries and Smith.

CONSTABLE, Daniel, printer, 5, King Street, Holborn 1781; 6, Old Bailey 1785P-1787. S. of Joshua C. of Clerkenwell, butcher. App. Thomas Harrison £21 1770, free and livery Sta. Co. 1777, 1782-85 3 apps., 1 premium £15. Printer of London Evening Post 1785P-1787. Bankrupt 3 Apr. 1787. Emigrated to America by 1792. John Barker at 6, Old Bailey in 1799. Signed compositors' scale 1785. City Poll 1781: C. Howe; Todd; Aspinall.

CONSTABLE, George, bookbinder, 4, James Street, Haymarket 1809H-1823R; 68, Prince's Street, Leicester Square 1828R-1831R+. Member of Trade Society 1795. Son. poss. John. Howe; Ramsden.

CONYERS, Robert, iron and rag merchant, 229,Shoreditch 1800P-1821P.

COOK, Bethia, bookbinder, Bell Square, St. Martin's le Grand 1786; 9, Well Yard, Little Britain 1805H-1817U. Trading: as Bethia Cook 1786-1811H; as James Cook 1809H-1817U. 1786 1 app. premium £4. Howe; Ramsden.

COOK, James, bookbinder, St. Gregory, Watling Street 1787. App. William Breach, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 Apr. 1787, his app. Godfrey Wholmann 5 Sept. 1787.

COOK, John, printseller and publisher, Fleet Street 1784. BM Satires.

COOK, John, stationer and bookseller, 40, Long Acre 1794B-1805H; Lazenby Court, Long Acre 1807P-1808P; 11, Long Acre 1809P-1816P.

COOK, Joseph, copperplate printer, St. Clement Danes 1783. App. James Noyes, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 Apr. 1781, his app. David Bart Warren 5 Nov. 1783.

COOK, Matthias, bookbinder, 9, Little Britain 1790A. Ramsden.

COOK, primers' joiner, 40, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street 1785P.

COOK, Thomas, engraver, Shacklewell 1802H; 22, Great Suffolk Street, Charing Cross 1805H. B. 1744?; d. 1818, London aged 74. Pupil of Simon Francis Ravenet in London. Employed by Boydells and others. Copied engraved work of Hogarth 1795-1803, publ. 1806. Engr. ports. etc. for Gentleman's Magazine, Copperplate Magazine, Bell's British Poets, British Theatre and other publs. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

COOK, William, bookseller, 8, Finch Lane 1774K-1779K. Imprint(s): Kress: 1777: B8.

COOK, William, bookbinder, 13, Cloisters, Bartholomew Close 1809H; Angel Street 1809-24. Poss. s. of Laurence C. of Paternoster Row, labourer. App. James Robinson bookseller 5 July 1791, turned over to Thomas Remnant 7 Aug. 1792, free Sta. Co. 6 Nov. 1798, 1809-24 3 apps., 1 premium £5. Howe; Ramsden.

COOKE and Co., paper hanging manufacturers, 22, Old Bond Street 1798K-1799H; New Road, Marylebone 1799H-1800P; Union Place, New Road, Paddington 1802H; 8, Panton Street, Haymarket 1799H-1800P; 13, Panton Square 1801P-1824P. Trading: as Cooke and Co. (sometimes George Cooke and Co.) 1798K-1819P; as Cooke and Hinchliff 1820P-1824P. Succ. by Hinchliff and Matthews 1825P.

COOKE, bookseller, under Royal Exchange 1775. St. James Chron. 3 Jan. 1775.

COOKE, stationer, see Thomas Harrison.

COOKE, Charles, printer, Prince's Street, Drury Lane 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

COOKE, Charles, bookseller, 17, Paternoster Row 1789L-1817U. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Common councillor Farringdon ward within 1805-16. Son and successor of John Cooke q.v. Began to publ. series of 12mo classics neatly embellished by engravings c1793.

COOKE, George, paper hanging manufacturer. See Cooke and Co.

COOKE, I., printseller and publisher, Temple Bar 1782; Fetter Lane 1784. BM Satires.

COOKE, John, rag merchant, Hog Lane 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

COOKE, John, bookseller, Kings Arms, without Temple Bar, opp. Devereux Court 1756; opp. St. Clement's Church, Strand 1757; Shakespeare's Head, Paternoster Row 1766; Paternoster Row 1773-1783B; 17, Paternoster Row 1784B-1792. B. 1731; d. 25 Mar. 1810 aged 79, York Place, Kingsland Road. Free and livery Musicians' Co. 18 Jan. 1773. Partner with J. Coote q.v. 1756-57. Specialised in jest books and chronicles of crime for provincial distribution. Publ. Lady's Magazine 1765. Extensive publisher of works in weekly numbers. By one work alone, Southwell's Notes and Annotations on the Bible he is said to have gained several thousand pounds and he had many similar publications. Common councillor, Farringdon ward within 1774-82. Succ. by son Charles -q.v. c1789. DNB; Plomer; Nichols iii, 719; Timperley 838.

COOKE, John, map engraver, 4, Clare Court, Drury Lane 1790U; 11, Pratt Place, Camden Town 1805H.

COOKE, Robert, print cutter, Friendly Place, Old Kent Road 1799H.

COOKE, Thomas, stationer, 30 Watling Street 1789A-1790U.

COOKE, William, bookbinder, Dean's Place, Westminster 1754-55; Fetter Lane 1758-75 (Bible and Dove 1765-75). D. 6 Apr. 1775. App. James Cooke 2 Apr 1745, free Sta. Co. 6 Nov. 1753, 1754-73 13 apps 2 premiums. Succ. by widow Mary. Bill head in Heal coll. Howe; Plomer; Musgrave; Berch; LDA 8 & 17 Apr 1775.

COOKE, William Bernard, line engraver, London. B. 1778, London; d. 2 Aug. 1855, Camberwell. Pupil of William Angus. Engraved plates for The Thames 1811, Brewer's Beauties of England and Wales and many other landscape series including works after Turner. Younger bro. George Cooke. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

COOKESLEY, William, law stationer, 36, Chancery Lane 1799H-1805H. Trading: alone 1799H-1802H; as Cookesley and Windsor 1805H. Poss. the same as William Cookesley, distributor of Irish Stamps, 4, New Boswell Court, Carey Street 1809H.

COOMBS and BISHOP, stationers, 425, Strand 17961799H. See Ebenezer Coombs and Samuel Bishop.

COOMBS, Ebenezer, stationer, 425, Strand 1796-1799H; 5, St. James's Street 1799H-1802P. Trading: as Coombs and Bishop 1796-1799H; alone 1799H-1802P. Westminster Poll 1796: F. Bankrupt 16 Nov. 1799, cert. 11 Mar. 1800, divs. 20 Nov. 1800, 7 Feb. 1804, 8 Feb. 1806 final; bankrupt again 9 Mar. 1802, divs. 29 Jan. 1803, 7 Feb. 1804.

COOPER, bookbinder, Charing Cross 1788. Employed William Lilburne, a finisher 1788. Prob. same as Joseph William Cooper q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

COOPER, George, music seller, Islington c1794U.

COOPER, George, paper hanger, 82, Charing Cross 1800P; 100, Pall Mall 1802H; 54, Piccadilly 1811H-1814P. Poss. not all identical.

COOPER, James, music engraver and publisher, 39, Whitcomb Street, Coventry Street c1786-87; 7, Gerrard Street, Soho c1787-95. Trading: as J. Cooper and Co. while at Gerrard Street. Ran Cheap Music Repository c1787-95. Publ. cat. c1790. Humphries and Smith.

COOPER, Joseph, printer, 134, Drury Lane 17791787L; 31, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1788L-1797L; 6, Wild Court, Great Wild Street 1799. S. of John C. of Cornhill, bricklayer; d. 19 May 1808. App. Charles Rivington 1753 £21; free Sta. Co. 1761; livery 1771, 1763-98 25 apps., 6 premiums average £25. Printed General Evening Post 1771, London Courant 1779-81. Sentenced to 12 months in prison, one hour in the pillory and £100 fine for libel on Russian ambassador 5 July 1781. Signed compositors scale 1785. Wife d. Aug 1791, no children. Registered presses with Andrew Wilson 1799. Bankrupt 25 Jan. 1800, cert. 26 July 1800, div. 14 July 1801. Fine printer but unlucky in business. Unsuccessful experiments with printing ink; made ink for spec. of Fry's foundry c1790. He '... acquired a tone of life a little too theatrical ...' In later years. Messrs Wedgewood and Bently gave him comfort in their country house. D. suddenly, whilst walking near Chelsea. Westminster Poll 1796: F.. Imprint(s): Kress: 1784: B763; 1791: B2198; 1796; B3314. Howe; Nichols iii, 442-43; Timperley 832; Todd; Musgrave; Werkmeister; Aspinall.

COOPER, Joseph, stationer and book and vellum binder, 40, near the Admiralty, Charing Cross 1784B-1799L; Houndsditch 1796; Hanover Court, Houndsditch 1799-1805H; 20, Houndsditch 1807P-1809H; Mitre Court, Aldgate 1810P. Trading: alone 1784B-1790; as Joseph Cooper and son 1791L-c1798; as Joseph Cooper 1798-1818. App. Griffin Pattenden 7 Sept. 1763, turned over to Charles Barry, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 July 1770, apps. son Joseph William 1 Sept. 1784, James Lightup 3 Feb. 1796, George Green 3 Apr. 1799, William fford 2 July 1800. Took in advertisements for Daily Universal Rcgister and London Evening Post 1785P. Stationers to the Queen 1787-1818, stationers and bookbinders to the Prince of Wales 1786-98, bookbinders to the Prince of Wales 1799-1818.

COOPER, Joseph William, stationer and bookbinder, Charing Cross 1791-1799L; other addresses and styles as for Joseph Cooper q.v. S. of Joseph Cooper. App. his father 1 Sept. 1784, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Dec. 1795, his app. George Randall 2 Dec. 1795.

COOPER, Matthew, bookseller and stationer, Crosby Row, Walworth 1799H.

COOPER, Richard, engraver, 2, Peter's Court, on the pavement, St. Martin's Lane 1763M-1764; Edward Street, Cavendish Square 1783. B. c1740 s. of Richard C., Edinburgh; still alive 1814. Studied in Paris under J. P. Le Bas. Visited Italy where he produced a series of drawings, publ. aquatints 1778-79. Exhibited Incorp. Soc. Artists 1761, 1764, 1783; Free Soc. 1761, 1762. Drawing master to Queen Charlotte and at Eton. Historical engraver 1763M and later lithographer. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

COOPER, Robert, engraver, 4, York Place, Lambeth 1805H. Fl. 1795-1836. Mainly produced portraits, also bookplates and vignettes. Worked for Biographical Mag., European Mag., Gentleman's Mag., Dramatic Mag., Evangelical Mag. and various collected works. Publisher also but stock including plates auctioned at Southgate's rooms 31 Oct. 1826. Exhibited Assoc. Engravers 1821. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

COOPER, William, bookseller, 40, Charing Cross 1799H. Poss. the same as Joseph William Cooper.

COOPER, William, stationer and printer, 76, Minories 1799-1805H. Registered presses 1799. Todd.

COOTE, J., music publisher, 14, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell 1777. Imprint(s): 1777. Humphries and Smith.

COOTE, John, bookseller, King's Arms, without Temple Bar. opp. Devereux Court 1756; opp. St. Clement's Church, Strand 1757; King's Arms, Paternoster Row 1763M-1772; 27, St. John's Square 1785B. D. 20 Oct. 1808, Pentonville. Native of Horsham, Sussex but family prob. originally French. Partner with John Cooke q.v. 1756-57. Specialised in manuscripts 1763M. Publ. Musical Mag. 1760, Royal Mag. 1765. Wrote one opera and five farces of which three were printed but none performed. '..he evinced fertility in the invention of schemes, but did not possess sufficient steadiness or patience to carry them into effect.' Bankrupt Nov. 1772, cert. 14 Aug. 1773, div. 1 July 1775. Seven children. Plomer; Nichols iii, 719; Timperley 834; Humphries and Smith.

COPE, Thomas, paper manufactory, Grange Road, Neckinger, Bermondsey 1797K-1801P.

COPE, W. P. R, music seller and publisher, 22, Mount Street, near the Asylum, Westminster Road 1796; 13, Chester Place, Lambeth c1801-1802H; 2, Great Moore Place, Lambeth 1812. Also musical instrument seller. Publ. cat. 1796. In Lambeth publ. own compositions. Many years organist of St. Saviour's, Southwark. Music master 1802H. Humphries and Smith.

CORAM, Thomas, bookseller, 17, Panton Street, Haymarket 1799H.

CORBETT, Sir Charles, bookseller, Addison's Head, opp. St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street 1752-c 1771; Holborn 1781; Pope's Head Alley 1792-96. S. of Charles C., bookseller; d. 15 May 1808 aged about 76. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Succ. father as bookseller 1752. Publ. Whitehall Evening Post founded by father. Later owned lottery office where 'he used to astonish the gaping crowd with the brilliancy of his nocturnal illuminations'. Ruined by the unfortunate sale of a £20,000 ticket. Gave up business c 1771. Later life in penury despite acquiring title of baronet 1774. Given small pension by Sta. Co. and employed as journeyman bookbinder when health permitted. City Poll 1781: L. Plomer; Nichols iii, 719-20; Timperley 832; Aspinall.

CORBOULD and HEMSLEY, engravers, see John Corbould.

CORBOULD, John I, engraver, Foster Lane 1775. D. 19 Feb 1775. Succ. by son and executor John LDA 21 Feb 1775. Berch.

CORBOULD, John II, engraver, Foster Lane 1775; 37, Foster Lane 1784B-1808P; 9, Huggin Lane, Wood Street 1799. Trading: as Corbould and Hemsley 1784B-1798K; as John Corbould 1799H-1808P. Son of John, engraver. Succ. father on death LDA 21 Feb. 1775. Succ. by Charles Corbould 1809H. Son John app. William Gamidge cit. and Merchant Taylor 7 Mar. 1793. Registered press with Joseph Vigevenna 1799. Wrongly listed as Carbould by Todd. Todd; Berch.

CORCORAN, Bryan, stationer and paper hanger, 39, Mark Lane 1781 K; 47, Mark Lane 1782K-1812; 47, Brick Lane 1790U; 9, Black Raven Court, Seething Lane 1799; 36, Mark Lane 1813-41. Trading: as Bryan Corcoran 1781K-1807; as Corcoran and Grigg 1808-29; as Corcoran, Grigg and Corcoran 1819; as Bryan Corcoran and son 1820-25; as Bryan Corcoran 1826-32; as B. Corcoran and Co. 1836-38; as B. Corcoran 1841. Poss. the same as Benjamin Corcoran livery Needlemakers's Co. by 1792 Registered presses 1799. Also described as wire weaver, millstone maker and flour machine maker 1802+. Todd.

CORDEVAL (OR CORDVAU), Louis, bookbinder, 57, Chandos Street, Covent Garden 1799H. Signed binding in British Museum. Poss. emigré related to Paris binder Courteval. Active until at least 1810/15. Howe; Ramsden.,

CORDING, Thomas, pocket book maker and jeweller, 231, Strand 1797L-1799H; 21 and 22, Holborn Hill 1797K-1827P. Trading: as Thomas Cording 1797L-1807P; as Joseph Cording 1808P-1827P. Succ. at 231 and 232, Strand by J. and W. Cording, pocket book makers 1801P-1806P; John Cording and Co. 1805H; John Cording 1807P-1830P+.

CORN, J. (pseud?), printseller and publisher, 55, Fleet Street 1785. BM satires.

CORNELL, Thomas, bookseller and printseller, Bruton Street 1780-92 (no. 7 1785P; no. 4 1790U). Bookseller to the Prince of Wales 1785P. Publ. prints 1780-92. Westminster Poll 1784: F. BM Satires.

CORNER, John, engraver, London. Fl. 1788-1825. Mainly produced portraits. Worked for Bell's British theatre, European Mag. etc. Began Portraits of celebrated Painters 1816, not a success. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CORNETT and FORRESTER, publ. Middlesex Journal 1791. Aspinall.

CORNISH, D., bookseller, London 1775. Co-publisher of Gay's Fables 1775. Plomer.

CORNMAN, Philip, engraver and printseller, Cock Lane, Westminster 1784; 5, Great Newport Street 1788-92. Also sculptor. Exhibited Royal Academy 1788-92. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Thieme and Becker.

CORRAL George, publisher, 6, Catherine Street, Strand 1775-76. Publ. Morning Post 1775. Founded New Morning Post in competition 4 Nov. 1776. Werkmeister.

CORRALL, Charles, 38, Charing Cross 1799H-1830. Registered presses 1799 Publ. 32mo Bible 1816. Brown; Todd; Timperley 864.

CORRI, Domenico, music seller and publisher, 67, Dean Street c1789-1800; 68, Dean Street c1795-1796; 28, Haymarket c1796-c1809. Trading: alone c1789-94; as Corri, Dussek and Co. 1794-1800; alone 1800-c1804; as Montague P. Corri and Co. c1804-05; as M. P. Corri, M. Hall and Co. c1805; as Corri, Pearce and Co. c1805-06; as Pearce and Co. c1806-15. B. 4 Oct. 1746, Rome; d. 22 May 1825. Composer, pupil with Clementi. To Naples 1763. To Edinburgh where active as singing master, performer and publisher 1771. Partner with James Sutherland in Edinburgh until latter's death 1780-90. To London 1774, but returned to Edinburgh for 14 years after failure of opera Alessandro nell' Indie. Bro. Natale joined him in Edinburgh. Daughter married Jan Ladislav Dussek 1792. Partner with him 1794-1800 when Dussek fled England during financial difficulties. Firm publ. in conjunction with Corri and Co. in Edinburgh. Haymarket premises containing musical instrument warehouse and circulating library later known as Apollo Library. Publ. cats. 1795-97. Issued trade card with Thomas Jones. Music sellers to Royal family 1805H. In later life subject to occasional fits of insanity. Bro. Natale 1765-1822 succ. Domenico in Edinburgh from 1790 as Corri and Co. Sons, Philip Anthony music publisher, Montague P. 1784-1849 succ. father 1804, John eldest carried on father's business in Edinburgh from 1780. Humphries and Smith; George Grove: Dictionary of Music and Musicians, vol 2,1954.

CORRI, DUSSEK and Co., music sellers, see Domenico Corri and Jan Ladislav Dussek.

CORYNDON, William, copperplate printer, Fleet Market 1784. App. Thomas Bennett, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Nov. 1782, his app. William Newman 3 Mar. 1784.

COSLETT, Thomas, printer, formerly of Great Warner Street Clerkenwell, late of Wych Street, St. Clement Danes 1781. Prisoner in the Fleet, applied to take benefit of the Insolvent Debtors' Relief Act, London Gazette 17/20 Nov. 1781.

COSTER, R., printer, 42, Long Lane, West Smithfield 1783. Printed and sold The Lamplighter's Poem, 1783, b.s.

COTTON, John, wholesale stationer and rag merchant, 80, Upper Thames Street 1802H-1819P, 1829P; 30, Upper Thames Street 1820P-1828P. Common Councillor Queenhithe ward 1808-21. Free Sta. Co. by 1808. Previously Elsee and Cotton.

COTTRELL, Thomas, typefounder, 9, Nevil's Court, Fetter Lane 1758-1785. D. 1785. App. Caslon as type dresser not type cutter. Dismissed with Jackson as ringleaders of workers demanding higher wages. Set up in business with Jackson. First fount an English roman 1757. Jackson quitted business to go to sea 1759. Cut fount for reprint of Domesday Book 1783 but-rejected in favour of Jackson's who had worked for him briefly on return from sea 1763. Not affluent. Bankrupt June 1777, cert. 16 Aug. 1777. Also doctor for tooth-ache and served in HM life-guards. Cut founts as small as brevier and also for posters. Foundry acquired by former app. Robert Thorne 1794. Plomer; Reed; Todd; Nichols ii, 358.

COUCH and LAKING, booksellers and stationers, see Christopher Couch.

COUCH, Christopher (?), bookseller and stationer, 4, Shepherd's Market, Mayfair 1784-1785P; Curzon Street, Couch and Laking 1789L-1793L. Took in advertisements for Ayre's Sunday London Gazette 1785P. Westminster Poll 1784: F. Again partner with Francis Laking q.v. in Curzon Street, Mayfair 1803P-1805P.

COUCHMAN and FRY, printers, see Stephen Couchman and Henry Fry.

COUCHMAN, Stephen, printer, 8, Queen Street 1779-1790U; 10, Throgmorton Street 1790U-1824; 22, Little Bell Alley 1823. Trading: as Frys, Couchman and Collier 1779-1783B; as Frys and Couchman 1784B-1787L; as Fry and Couchman 1788L-1790L- as Stephen Couchman 1791-1824. Free Sta. Co. redemption 1774, livery by 1792, 1789-1812 11 apps., 1 premium £63. Registered presses 1799. Samuel and Edward Couchman succ. in Throgmorton Street, Mary Couchman in Little Bell Alley. Firm still exists. Howe; Todd.

COURTHOPE, John Bryan, stationer, bookseller and paper hanger, 33, Rotherhithe Wall 1797K-1817P. Trading: alone 1797K-1816P; as J. B. Courthope and son 1817P. App. Lewis Preston 7 Mar. 1792, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Feb. 1800, his app. John Bryan Courthope, son of James, 5 Nov. 1800. Also ship chandler 1805H. Prob. son of J. B. Courthope senior, boat builder, 362, King Stairs, Rotherhithe 1798K.

COUTTS, John, 1, Cumberland Place, Cumberland Street 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd.

COVENTRY, George, stationer and printer, Tottenham 1800-42. Registered presses 1800, 1827. Todd.

COX and BIGG, printers, see Bigg and Cox, Edward Cox.

COX and PHILLIPSON, stationers and rag merchants, 32, James Street, Covent Garden 1787K-1795K. Continued as William Phillipson q.v.

COX, son, and BARNETT, copper plate printers, 6, Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane 1799H-1827P. Trading: as Cox, son and Barnett 1799H; as Cox and Barnett 1802H-1827P. Todd.

COX, Daniel, printer, Quality Court, Chancery Lane 1799H.

COX, Edward, printer, 405, opp. Beaufort Buildings, Strand c 1769-1776; 73, Great Queen Street 1777-1794B; 75, Great Queen Street 1799H-1843; East India House, Leadenhall Street 1809; 74-75 Great Queen Street 184482; 74-76, Great Queen Street 1883-88. Trading: as Bigg and Cox c1769-76; as E.Cox 1776-1794B; as Cox and Co. 1784B; as E.Cox and Son 1799H; as Cox, son and Baylis 1801-09; as J. L. Cox 1828-31; as J. L. Cox and son 1832-37; as J. L. Cox and sons 1838-44; as John A. D. Cox and Henry M. Cox 1844-52; as Cox bros. and Charles William Henry Wyman 1853-57; as Cox and Wyman 1857-66; as Wyman and sons 1867-88. Partner of George Bigg q.v. until Strand premises destroyed by fire 2 Mar. 1776. Began New Morning Post 4 Nov. 1776. Printed Courier de l'Europe 1776-86. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Thomas Baylis partner 1801. Registered presses 1799, 1801, 1809. Firm survives today. Son John Lewis Cox q.v. partner and successor. Imprint(s): Kress: (E. Cox and son) 1800: B4278. Plomer; Todd; Howe; Brown; Timperley 736; Aspinall.

COX, George, bookseller, 235, Shoreditch 1790U1805H.

COX, Henry, printer, see Cock, Henry.

COX, John Lewis, printer, 75, Great Queen Street 1799-1844, S. of Edward Cox q.v. App. George Bigg 1791, free and livery Sta. Co. 1798, 1799-1812 10 apps. Partner and successor to father. Howe; Brown; Todd.

COX, Joseph, paper stainer and calico printer, Thomas's Street, Black's Fields 1767-1814P (no. 12 1799H-1805H); 29, Playhouse Yard, Whitecross Street 1818P-1830P+. Trading: as Joseph and Thomas Cox 1767-1784L; as Joseph Cox 1785L-1809H; as Cox and Son 1810P-1814P; as William and T.Cox 1818P-1830P+. Sugden and Edmondson 86.

COX, Robert, paper and rag merchant, Black Swan Alley Upper Thames Street 1799H; Kennet Wharf, Upper Thames Street 1802. Bankrupt 26 June 1802.

COX, Thomas, medical bookseller, printer and stationer 30, St. Thomas's Street,Southwark 1797K-c 1805; 2627 St. Thomas's Street 1805H-1814P; 39, High Street, Borough 1815P-1824P; St. Thomas's Street 1822P-1830P Trading: as Thomas Cox 1798K-1806P; as Elizabeth Cox 1807P-1814P; as Elizabeth Cox and son 1815P-1829P; as E. Cox 1830P+. Prob. the same as the Thomas Cox who was partner of Joseph Cox -q.v. 1767-1784L.

COX, Thomas, paper stainer and calico printer, Thomas's Street, Black's Fields 1767-1784L. Trading: as Joseph and Thomas Cox. See Cox, Joseph. Sugden and Edmondson 86.

COX, Thomas Samuel, stationer, 6, Sweetings Alley Cornhill 1779K-1782L; 27, Great Winchester Street 1784B-1785P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Polls 1781: C.; 1784: A.

CRACE, Edward, paper hanging maker and decorator, Wigmore Street 1750-99. D. 1723; d. 1799. Free Painter Stainers' Co. 1748. Founded firm 1750. Joined by son John when appointed curator of pictures in the royal palaces 1780. Firm patronised by George III and Prince of Wales. Decorated Royal Opera House, Drury Lane, and Carlton House. Succ. by son John who d. 1819 and was succ. by son Frederick who decoarated the Pavilion, Brighton and Windsor Castle. Frederick's son Gregory (1800-99) joined firm 1826. Succ. by son John Diblee Crace. Firm taken over by Cowtan and Sons, successors to James Duppe, 1899. Sugden and Edmondson; Thieme and Becker. CRACE, John, paper hanging maker, see Edward Crace. CRACE, William, printer and stationer, 40, Long Acre 1791. D. 10 Oct. 1791. Imprint(s): Music imprint 1791, repr. c1805. Humphries and Smith; Times 12 Oct 1791; Musgrave (gives name as Grace).

CRAFT, Thomas, printer and stationer, 62, Wells Street, Oxford Street 1799H; 63, Wells Street 1802H-1809H; 37, Wells Street c1810-24. Registered press 1799. Todd.

CRAIG, William, bookbinder, Denmark Court, Strand 1788-1799H (no. 3 1799H); 6, Villiers Street, Strand 1802H-1805H; Duchy Lane, Strand c1808. B. Berwick on Tweed; d. c1814. To London c1776. Employed by John Jackson 1786. Imprisoned for combination 1787. On release set up on own working for Cadell and Davies and Admiralty. On 1813 list. Widow A. Craig carried on business 1817U-c1828 when succ. by Williams and Dykes. Howe; Ramsden.

CRAMER, William, music seller, Upper Titchfield Street 1797. Bankrupt 18 Feb. 1797, cert. 6 May 1797.

CRANWELL James, printer, bookseller, stationer and circulating library, 55, Fenchurch Street 1799H-1823R; 4, Long Lane, Smithfield 1802-1811H. Registered presses at Long Lane 1802. Todd.

CRAWFORD, J., printseller and publisher, 7, Middle Row, Holborn 1787-88. BM Satires.

CRAWFORD, William, bookbinder, 16, Peerless Row, City Road 1805H-1831R; 16, Pool Terrace, Bath Street (same renamed) 1832Pi-1842P. Trading: as William and Alexander Crawford 1805H; as William Crawford c1809-1842P+. To London soon after 1786. Journeyman. Member of United Friendly Society 1794. Introduced new styles of binding. By 1809H Alexander Crawford had moved to 18, Peerless Row (to 1842P+). Wife daughter of William Oxlade, son Alexander app. John Oxlade 1815. Howe; Ramsden.

CREDIE, Charles, copper plate printer, Queen's Head Lane, Islington 1799H; 14, Pierrpoint Row, Islington 1805H.

CREED, S., stationer, 2, Westminster Bridge Road 1799H. Poss. succ. by M.Creed, stationer, Bridge Road, Lambeth.

CRENAN, John, bookbinder, Bull Inn Court, Strand 1794; Johnson's Court, Fleet Street 1799H-1804. Bankrupt 24 July 1804, div. 22 July 1806. In 1808 list. Howe; Ramsden.

CRESSWICK, Edward, paper maker, 73, Tooley Street 1784B-1785P.

CRESWICK, James, paper and pasteboard warehouse, stationer and paper hanging maker, 13, Red Lion Court, Watling Street 1789L-1791L; 10, Basing Lane, Bread Street 1792L-1797L; 25, Basing Lane, Bread Street 1796L-1812P; 16, Skinner Street, Snow Hill 1813P-1830P+. Trading: as James Creswick 1789L-1797L; as Thomas Creswick 1798K-1830P+. Firm also described as playing card makers 1823R.

CRESWICK, Thomas, paper warehouse, see James Creswick.

CREW, Thomas, stationer, Kennington Lane, Surrey 1787; Grays Inn Lane 1797. Bankrupt 10 Mar. 1787, cert. 14 July 1787; bankrupt again 4 Nov. 1797. These two incidents may refer to different persons.

CRI(T)CHETT, Richard, bookseller and stationer, near the Rolls, Chancery Lane 1775; 15, Chancery Lane 1779L-1785L. Sun insurance policy 350745 18 Mar. 1775, Guildhall lib. ms. 11,936/236.

CRIBB, Robert, carver, gilder and printseller, 288, near Great Turnstile, Holborn 1789A-1790U. BM Satires 1789.

CRICKITT, John, law stationer, Doctors' Commons 1781; Great Knightrider Street 1784B-1811H (no. 14 1792U-1811H). D. 30 Aug. 1811 aged 78 at Hyde House, Edmonton. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781; master 1810. Marshall and Sergeant at Arms of the High Court of Admiralty. City Poll 1781: L. Son John, proctor at Doctors' Commons, livery Sta. Co. Nichols iii, 720; Timperley 843.

CRIPPIN, John, stationer, 53, Great Tower Street 1791L-1822P. Trading: alone 1791L, 1796K-1822P; as John Crippin and Co. 1792K-1795K. Bankrupt 9 July 1799, cert. 17 Sept. 1799, divs. 18 Jan. 1800, 10 Mar. 1803. Also described as undertaker 1802H, as paper hanger 181 IH.

CRISPE, Thomas, law stationer, 22, Southampton Buildings 1805H; 53, Chancery Lane 1808P-1818P. Previously Toten and Crispe q.v.

CROCKETT, Daniel, stationer, 43, Barbican 1784B-1790U.

CROMEK, Robert Hartley, engraver and printseller, B. 1770, Hull; d. 14 Mar. 1812. To London where studied under Bartolozzi. Engravings after Stothard. Also many portraits. Later gave up engraving for publishing. Knew Blake, publ. his poem The Grave with engravings by Schiavonetti though Blake disapproved. Publ. works on Burns. Much shifty speculation in his relations with the famous. Blake: 'Cromek loves artists as he loves his meat; He loves art, but 'tis the art to cheat.' Died of consumption. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CROMPTON, Benjamin, paper hanging maker and upholder, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross 1765-80; 23, Cockspur Street 1781L-1793K; as Crompton and Spinnage 1785; as Crompton and Co 1784B-1785P; as Crompton and Son 1771-1793K. Mrs. Lybbe Powys describes "fine India paper" at Sir Walter Blount's seat at Marley 1771. Trade card in Heal Coll. states that he exported papers. James Cromption succ. Sugden and Edmondson, 86.

CROMPTON, James, paper hanging maker and carpet warehouse, 23 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross 1793L-1799H. Westminster Poll 1796: F. Succ. James Crompton q.v.

CROSBY and LETTERMAN, stationers, see Benjamin Crosby.

CROSBY, Benjamin, bookseller and stationer, 4, Stationers' Court 1784B-1815. Trading: alone 1784B-1798; as Crosby and Letterman 1799-1802H; as Crosby and Co. 1803-1812; as B. and R. Crosby 1813-15. Had printed for him A Modern sabbath, or a Sunday Ramble. 1794. Publ. song books, some in conjunction with Oliver and Boyd of Edinburgh. Imprint(s): Kress: (B. Crosby) 1794: B2799; 1795: B3025; 1797: B3485; 1798: B3602; Abbey: (Crosby and Letterman) 1799: AL331. Pendred; Humphries and Smith; Brown.

CROSSLAND, Nathaniel, engraver, 32, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell 1799H; 8, St. John's Lane, Clerkenwell 1802H-1805H.

CROWDER, John, printer and stationer, 2, Queen's Head Alley, Paternoster Row 1787; 12, Warwick Square 1794-1823. Trading: with E. Hemsted 1802 (?Hemsley 1809H). D. 2 Dec. 1830. Free Sta. Co. by 1800, master 1829, also free Playing Card Makers' Co. Succ. Francis Blyth at Queen's Head Alley. Registered presses 1799. Retired 1820. Common councillor Farringdon ward within 1800-23, alderman same ward 1823-30, sheriff 1825-26, lord mayor 1829-30. Proprietor of Public Ledger 1787-1822, London Packet 1788-1822, Mirror of the Times 1799-1804. Imprint(s): Kress: 1789: B1536; 1800: B4120. Brown; Todd; Beavan; Aspinall.

CROWDER, Thomas, printer, Peterborough Court, Fleet Street 1799-1800; 3, Southampton Street, Strand 1801; 22, Old Boswell Court 1802; residences 40, Gun Street, Spitalfields 1799; 2, Temple Lane, Whitefriars 1800. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802. John Hales at 22, Old Boswell Court 1803. Todd.

CROWTHER (OR CROWDER), Ann, bookbinder, 9, Queen's Head Court 1783-85. 1783-85 2 apps. Widow of William Crowther q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

CROWTHER (OR CROWDER), William, bookbinder, Paternoster Row 1769-79; Queen's Head Court, Paternoster Row 1779-81. S. of William C. of Hammersmith, gardener; D. 1781/3. App. Thomas Rider I Apr. 1760, free Sta. Co. 5 May 1767, livery by 1781, 1769-79 6 apps. City Poll 1781; L. Widow Ann q.v. continued business. Howe.

CRUICKSHANK, Isaac, engraver and print publisher, 53, Stanhope Street, Clare Market 1784; 1, St. Martin's Court 1789; 7, St. Martin's Court 1790; 203, High Holborn 1792. B. 1756?, Leith; d. 1811? Orphaned, moved to London. Water colour painter, book illustrator, much work for Laurie and Whittle. Also caricaturist 17941810. Engraved lottery tickets. Death accelerated by intemperance. Sons Isaac Robert 1789-1856 and George 1792-1878 both caricaturists. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CRUMP, Thomas, engraver, 23, Northumberland Street 1796. Westminster poll 1796: F., T.

CULLIFORD, ROLFE and BARROW, music sellers, see Thomas Culliford, William Rolfe, Charles Barrow.

CULLIFORD, Thomas, music seller and musical instrument maker, 112, opp. Bow church, Cheapside 1795-97; 13, Red Lion Court, Watling Street (manufactory) 1795-97; 172, corner of Surrey Street, Strand 1798. Trading: as Culliford, Rolfe and Barrow 1795-97; as Culliford and Barrow 1798. When partnership dissolved at end of 1797 William Rolfe remained at Cheapside and Culliford and Charles Barrow went into business together. Both bankrupt 8 Nov. 1798, cert. 19 Mar. 1799, divs. 18 June 1799, 21 May 1799,9 June 1801 final. Humphries and Smith.

CULLUM, William, bookbinder, King's Head Court, St. Martin's le Grand 1789-94. Son William Knight. Howe; Ramsden.

CULLUM, William Knight, bookbinder, 19, Bartholomew Close 1802H. S. of William C. q.v. App. John Indge 3 Nov. 1789, free Sta. Co. 6 Dec. 1796. Moved into provinces 1803. Howe; Ramsden.

CULSHA, Edward James, stationer, 28, Threadneedle Street 1802H-1830P+. Trading: alone 1802H-1819P; as Culsha and Mason 1820P-1830P. Previously with Philip Benn q.v.

CUMBERLEDGE, Stephen Austin, bookseller, 34, Paternoster Row 1782L-1785P.

CUMING, William, MD, bookseller, London 1812. Formerly of Dorchester and Weymouth. Books sold by William Otridge 1790. One of the oldest booksellers in the metropolis 1812. Nichols iii, 655.

CUMMING, George, stationer, 2, Ludgate Street 1765K-1776K.

CUMMING, J., bookseller, 40, Holborn Hill 1801P-1803P. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4310.

CUNDEE, James, printer and publisher. London: 10, Ivy Lane 1799-1811H; 11, Ivy Lane 1805H-1817; 12 Ivy Lane 1802H. Trading as: James Cundee 1799-1814; as J. & J. Cundee 1811- 15. Born: c. 1772, son of Stephen of Green Arbour Court, Old Bailey, watchmaker. Apprenticed to John Rider, printer 7 Feb. 1786, free Stationers' Co. 7 May 1793. Registered press 16 Aug. 1799, witness John Cundee. Earliest imprints: Wynne, John Huddlestone Choice emblems ... , ninth edition (printed for E. Newbery, Corner of St. Paul’s Church-Yard; by J. Cundee, Ivy Lane, Newgate Street, 1799) and Six engravings, representing the six cuts in the sword exercise of the cavalry (printed by J. Cundee; sold by T. Hurst, 1799). Ran Albion Press by 1803. James Raven describes the Cundee shop as "a complex habitation, with backlofts, but also small working spaces. The plans show how very confined were the working and living quarters. The largest ground floor area was 11 by 18 feet, and upstairs, even if there were no room dividers the total area was only 15 by 16 feet (James Raven, "Memorialising a London bookscape" p. 188 in Order and Connexion: Studies in Bibliography and Book History (D.S.Brewer, 1997). Partnership with brother John dissolved 31 Oct. 1812 (London Gazette 13 May 1815). Sun insurance policy for James Cundee, 1 Gwynns Buildings, Islington gent, 14 March 1814. Guildhall Library MS 11936/463/891631. Engraving of Exeter (Somers Cocks 803) published by J. & J. Cundee in 1814 and map of Devon published by J. & J. Cundee January 1 1815, both in in James Dugdale's New British traveller. Joseph Robins & Co. ran Albion Press in Ivy Lane 1818-1833. Sources: Directories ; McKenzie ; Todd.

CUNDEE, John, printer and publisher. London: 10, Ivy Lane 1810-1817U; 11, Ivy Lane 1805H-1817J. Trading as: John 1810-1818; J. & J. Cundee 1811-15. Born: c. 1776, son of Stephen of Green Arbour Court, Old Bailey, watchmaker. Apprenticed to John Rider, printer 2 Feb. 1790, free Stationers' Co. 2 Jul 1811. Witness for James when registered press 1799. Partnered brother James in Albion Press from 1811. Partnership with James dissolved 31 Oct. 1812 (London Gazette 13 May 1815). The petition of George wilkie, William Sherwood and John Cundee of Ivy-lane, printer, assignees of the estate and effects of Richard Crosby, bankrupt is described in £20,000 for £9,500!! The whole proceedings on two petitions in the Court of chancery, ex-parte Crosby in re Crosby, and ex-parte Wilkie in re Crosby ... heard ... August 22, 1817 (London: J.Fairburn, 1817). The parties shared in the publication of The beauties of England and Wales. Joseph Robins & Co. ran Albion Press in Ivy Lane 1818-1833. Sources: Directories ; McKenzie ; Todd.

CURLEWIS, William Lupton, stationer, 82, Cannon Street 1789A-1790U.

CURLING, J., printer, 6, Jamaica Row, Rotherhithe 1799H.

CURRY, Michael, printer, D. 29 July 1788 aged 56 at Norwich. Informer against John Wilkes for whom he printed in Wilkes' private printing office. Retired to Norwich. Musgrave.

CURTIS, Edward, bookbinder, 7, Denmark Court 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: T.

CURTIS, John, wholesale stationer, 10, Newgate Street 1789L-1793L; 8, Ludgate Hill 1794L-1823P. Trading: alone 1789L-1821P; as Curtis and son 1821P-1823P. Livery Sta. Co by 1796. Only s. of Thomas C. whom he succ. on his retirement.

CURTIS, John, engraver, Exeter Street, Strand 1796-1811H (no. 1 1805H-1811H). Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Poss. responsible for oval ports. of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI printed in colour. Thieme and Becker.

CURTIS, Thomas, bookseller and typeseller, 3, St. George's Crescent 1792-1810. Publ. Botanical Magazine 1799-1810. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Succ. William Curtis q.v. Succ. as proprietor of Botanical Magazine by Samuel Curtis (1779-1860) at Walworth 1811-31, at Glazenwood, Essex 1832-45. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1800:TE 192. Todd.

CURTIS, Thomas, bookbinder, Angel Court, Strand 1794; 9, Clare Court, Drury Lane 1817U-1831; 7, Yeate's Corner, Carey Street 1832Pi. On 1808 and 1813 lists. Howe; Ramsden.

CURTIS, Thomas, wholesale stationer, Fleet Street 1763K-1766; 47, Fleet Street 1767K-1780K; 10, Newgate Street 1781L-1792; 8, Ludgate Hill c 1792. Trading: as John and Thomas Curtis 1763K-1772K; as Thomas Curtis 1774K-1792. D. 21 Apr. 1813 in 77th year at Camberwell. App. 3 Sept. 1751, free Sta. Co. 6 Nov. 1759, livery 1 Dec. 1761, court 3 Apr. 1792, fined for master 1798. Co-publisher of Royal Calendar 1775. City Poll 1781: L. Brother-in-law Henry Baldwin. Only, son John succ. him on retirement. Plomer; Nichols iii, 1 479; Blagden.

CURTIS, William, publisher, Botanic Garden, Lambeth Marsh 1787-90; 3, St. George's Crescent 1790-99. B. 1746, Alton, Hants.; d. 7 July 1799, bun at Battersea. Ed. as chemist. To London 1766 where became interested in botany. Established botanical garden in Bermondsey and gave lectures. Publ. various works on botany. Established Botanical Magazine 1787. Succ. by Thomas Curtis q.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

CUST, Richard, stationer, Parliament Street 1779L-1781L; no. 27 1784B-1790U; no. 29 1796L-1802H. Trading: as Powney and Cust 1779L-1781L alone 1784B-1801P as Cust and Medley 1802H. App. Robert Powney, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 1 Oct. 1777, his app. Daniel Foord 14 June 1792. Went into partnership with his former master. See also Robert Powney. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AL47.

CUTHELL, John, bookseller, 24, Middle Row Holborn 1784B-1794L; 4, Middle Row 1785L-1810P; 4-5 Middle Row 1811H-1823R. Trading: as John Cuthell 1784B-1800P; as Cuthell and Martin 1802H-1810P; as John Cuthell 181lH-1828R. Publ. cats. 1787-98. Famous for cats. especially in medicine and every branch of general science. Sentenced to a fortnight in prison for selling a copy of a pamphlet by Rev. Gilbert Wakefield 1797. Nichols iii, 636; Timperley 798; BM Book sales.

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