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16 January 2007

Lapthorne 1696

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 11
Book trade references in the Lapthorne-Coffin correspondence 1683-1697
edited by Michael Treadwell and Ian Maxted.
Letters, 1696
[Last letter of 1695]
[No sign of any letter dated Sat., 4 January 1695/6]

[Sat., 11 January 1696]
The Funeralls of Sr Anthony Keck being over & some other busines
incumbent on mee in some measure lightned I have begun to prepare for
the sending the things you wrote for, & hope to send them
the next satturday My L Hales tracts [H05] are put to binding
according to yor order, [...]
[7 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]
[PS] I humbly thank you for remembring mee in yor Letters wth things remarkable in yor parts
[2 lines]
[PPS] Because ye busines of ye coyne at this tyme is of so
great Importance I have sent you the votes
themselves [P16]

[Sat., 18 January 1696]
I finde upon inquiry it wilbe difficult to procure
those peeces of Vossius [V20] you wrote for they being much
out of print, but I have put one upon search yt
if they are to bee had hee will get them, Chancyes
booke of Hertfordshire [C22] is not yet come out nor
Mr Baxters [B24] I thought to have sent yor box this
Satturday but I must beg your patience till next
the Coyne Act [S56] will speedily come out [...]
[3 lines]
inclosed are the Gazets I am [etc]

[No sign of any letter dated Sat., 25 January 1696]

[Sun., 2 February 1695/6]
I hope that these will meet wth ye safe arrivall of the box
sent last satturday, I was in a kinde of Hurry when ye
box was sent & therefore put in ye bookes & papers just as
they were sent by Mr Browne, [BRO] it seems hee sent Vossius
de tribus Symb. [V45] amongst them, hee told mee had [sic] one but
had layd it by for another gent, but to gratify you did send it
& must if possible get another for ye gent, you had Mr Browns
bill wth ye bookes, but lest yt might miscarry another is
sent, hee informs mee hee hath dealt as favourably
wth you as possibly hee could, I have had long acquantance
wth him & take him to bee a very honest man, the
binding of bookes is now Excessive deare as you
may perceive by the binding of yt litle booke of Carrs [C06]
wch cost 8d. I had the stitch booke in Quiers at London
Bridge and found yt 8d. was his price for binding and
therefore had it bound neerer home. [...]
[9 lines]
[...] I intent god
willing on Wednesday next [5 Feb] to carry my eldest son to Oxford
hee is to bee in Pembrooke colledge under ye care of ye
Bp of Bristoll a pious & a Learned prelate & I am
informed yt it is ye most sober colledge in yt University
& have wayted on ye Bishop severall tymes & caried my
son wth mee & hee hath recomended him to a Tutor
of his own choyce - possibly I may omitt sending a Letter ye
next Satturday but I intend god willing to be at home before
another - my sons Tutors name is - Mr Sloper - inclosed
are ye Gazetts I am Sr...

[Separate sheet tipped in here, but not transcribed by Kerr]

June 1695Bp Tillotsons Sermons [T30] _________________0 1 0
Gregories doctrine of ye church of England [G60] _0 3 0
Tenisons sermon [T15] _______________________0 0 6
Sermon at Tower [S24] _______________________0 0 6
Bowbers sermon [B50] _______________________0 0 6
Barretts sermon [B16] ________________________0 0 6
Beverlyes sermon [B34] _______________________0 0 6
Bates sermon [B22] __________________________0 0 6
Box & porter__________________________0 0 8
0 7 8
July 1695Gazetts mich qr [L52] & Sessions papers [L58] ________0 2 4
penny post Letter_______________________0 0 1
21 Septperiwigg & box_________________0 16 4
OctobrGazets & Sessions papers________________0 2 4
21 Dec:proclamacion [W40] __________________________0 0 [1?]
7 Jan:Gazets & Sessions papers_________________0 2 4
Votes of parlament [P18] sent per post___________0 0 2
Seedes_______________________________0 4 10
2 Gazets______________________________0 0 2
Last Sessions papers____________________0 0 2
parliament cautious [H10] _____________________0 0 6
Carrs litle booke in Quiers [C06] ________________0 0 6
Box cord & porter______________________0 1 2
1 11 0
0 7 8
1 .18 . 8
Mr Browns bill 2 . 9 . 6
Sum tot 4 : 8 . 2

NO SIGN OF ANY LETTER DATED Sat., 8 February 1696

[Sat., 15 February 1695/6]
I returned from Oxford on Thursday & last night I recd yours
wth the Bill of Exchange for six pounds Eight shillings &
two pence on Mr Gouge for wch I returne thanks I have
placed my son in Pembrook Colledge that society being
under the care of the Bp of Bristoll Dr Hall [...]
[6 lines]
[...] when
ever Mr Coffin your son goes to Oxford if I have
notice of it I will command my son to shew him wt
respect hee can as being in ye place before
him & tho but a litle whiles yet may possibly bee able
to give him some information yt may bee acceptable
to him...
[5 lines]
[...] I have sent all 4 Gazets lest they
should bee scattered agt ye sending another Box -
I shall take care of ye books you write for to
get them for you nether of ye lives [B24] are yet
out I am [etc]

[Sat., 22 February 1695/6]
I doe not yet heare yt Mr Baxters life [B24] nor Chancys Survey
of Hartfordshire [C22] are out, but I shall minde ym &
what else you write for, [...]
[15 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Fri., 28 February 1696]
[7 lines]
[...] there are
abundance of the conspirators taken as well as those in the
proclamation [W42] as others but ye Duke of Berwick is not
yet taken, also a proclamation is issued for all papists
to depart out of London, [...] [3 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 7 March 1696]
I canot yet heare that ether of the two books (viz) Chancyes of
Hartfordshire [C22] nor Mr Baxters life [B24] are yet out. [...]
[18 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazets
I am [etc]

[Sat., 14 March 1696]
[17 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye
Gazetts the weather continues very cold I am [etc]

[Sun., 22 March 1696]
[17 lines]
[...] inclosed are
ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 28 March 1696]
[18 lines]
[...] I refer you to ye inclosed Gazets for news
wch will give you an account how ready ye people are
in most places of ye Kingdom to protect his Maty
from his enemies. I am [etc]

[Sat., 4 April 1696]
I received yours last night and am glad to heare that your son is so well
fixed in Wadham colledge and yt your younger son hath escaped the
smale pox. London was never more free since my tymes of
that distemper then it is at this time, I doe not heare yt ether
Mr. Baxters life [B24] or Chancyes book of Hertfordshire [C22] are out.
I am very confident I shall have present notice when out.
However I will make constant inquiry. As for Lelands works [L24]
the Booke sellers yt were designing it afterwards dis
agreed & layd it aside, & I doe not heare yt they have
reassumed ye designe. [...]
[9 lines]
ye Tryalls of ye other three Charnock King and Keys [T85] are out, & ye
two last (viz) Perkins [T80] & Freinds [T75] are printing. [...]
[11 lines]
[...] its sayd their speeches wch they
delivered in papers to ye sherriffs wilbe out this night [...]
[11 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

Easter Eve [Sat. 11 April] 1696
I received a Letter last night from Mr [Coffin. He]
wrote for the 10li but no bill drawn upon mee or
directions to pay it to any one here [...]
[Lapthorne has sent a message through his son to tell him what to do - TO CHECK]
[...] yt was Mr Pynes method from Cambridge The mony lyes in Mr Coggs an eminent Goldsmiths hands without Temple Bar [...] ye delay will not bee much for wee have every day an intercourse wth Oxford I was wth Mr Chiswell [CHI] & Mr
Churchill [CHU] who trade there but could not bee
accomodated, [...]
[9 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazets I am etc

[Sat., 18 April 1696]
In my last I gave you an account what I had done in order to the
transmitting the 10 li to Mr Coffin & expected every hour some
one to demand it but on ye Thanksgiving day (viz) ye 16th instant
about Noons I recd another Letter from yor son, & wished
[line breaks to check]
mee by any means fourthwith to send the 10li & upon receipt (notwithstanding ye solemnity of ye day) I applied my selfe to Mr Chiswell [CHI] & gott a bill for ye 10li payable at 2 dayes on a Bookeseller at Oxford wch I hope is or wilbe accordingly received for I did ye same night send it in a post Letter directed to Mr Coffin at Wadham Colledge...[9 lines in printed version]...
[PS] I shall give ye notice wn I heare yt Mr Baxters life [B24]
& Chauncies booke of Hartfordshire [C22] are out

[Sat., 25 April 1696]
[More on young Coffin's bill]
[10 lines in printed version]...
[P.S.] Sr ye note here inclosed I had from Mr Hals
of Lyons Inn who hath been confined to his house
by reason of a sicknes a yeare. It is to serve
Judge Powell, if you can find anything in yor
books of Haraldry about it hee desires you
in yr next to mee to hint it.

[Sat., 2 May 1696]
[young Coffin has asked L to pay £12 to a chairman in St Paul's Chyd, but he is delaying until 4 May, last day old, clipped coin is accepted in payment of taxes]
[36 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 9 May 1696]
[more about the £12 bill which has now been satisfied]
[23 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 16 May 1696]
[17 lines]
[...] I remember
ye books [B24, [C22] to give you notice when they come out I am [etc]
[P.S.] Mr Peter Cooke as you will see by ye Gazet is tryed convicted & condemned

[Sat., 23 May 1696]
[13 lines]
[...] inclosed
are [ye] Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 30 May 1696]
[None ?] of the bookes [B24, [C22] are yet come fourth [...]
[18 lines, no mention of Gazettes]

[Sat., 6 June 1696]
[14 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazets
I am [etc]

[Sat., 13 June 1696]
[14 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]
[P.S.]Mr Baxters life [B24]
is now out [...]
[1 line]

[Volume D starts here]
[Sat., 20 June 1696]
...Mr Gouge begins his Journy wth his son for Devonshire Munday sevenight his mother in law Mrs Hams dyed about a moneth since, yor service was given to him & his wife as you ordered I wrote in my last Mr Baxters life [B24] is out but I have not yet seen it I hope I shall agt my next writing & give you some account of it & also of what books I meet wth yt you want On Wednesday...[16 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 27 June 1696]
...[14 lines in printed version]...
[PS] I have been something diverted this weeke & therefore I hope you will excuse mee for not writing about books till next Satturday

[Fri., 3 July 1696]
...[4 lines in printed version]...There is lately published by one Fuller (a page of ye back stares to yelate Q Mary) a book yt detects ye contrivance of ye feignd birth of ye pretended P. of Wales [F80] I have not yet seen it, but I am informed its notably penned, I was this day informed yt Mr Baxters life [B24] is sold for 22s, Chancyes Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] is not yet come out I doe not forget Vossius his two bookes (viz) de re Gramatica [V25] & ye ars Histor [V30] & hope wn I send yor next things to furnish yu wth them - Wee have had...[5 lines in printed version]...







[Sat., 22 August 1696]
Mr. Baxters life [B24] is mightily bought up. 22s is the price currant & its thought ye price will rise by reason of scarsity. if you will have mee send you one I will doe it...[3 lines in printed version]...


[Sat., 5 September 1696]
...I have gotton Mr Baxters life [B24] & the other booke, & have spoken wth one Mr Pettifer an Apothecary my freind who hath a great Interest in ye best Gardiners hee delighting much in ye study of plants having printed severall tracts [P30] upon yt subject, & hee hath promised on ye begining of ye weeke to assist mee about what you sent for so yt all ye things you sent for god willing bee sent ye next satturday, you menconed Sr Hardresses Survey of Hertfordshire (I suppose you mean Sr Chancies) [C22] but it is not yet out & some think it will not come out at all - I made inquiry... [10 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 12 September 1696]
I have this day sent in a Box by ye Exeter Carrier directed to your selfe ye two bookes you wrote for viz Mr Baxters life [B24] & Dr Lucas his booke [L66] both gilt as also ye Sessions papers & another booke stitcht touching ye French negotiacons [F50] wch ye Bookeseller recomended to mee for a peece worth reading & I read a litle in it & it seemed to bee so. at ye first coming out hee sayd they were sold for a shilling a peece, but I had this for six pence because it had bin used I would have sent you some other new sticht things but I could not think what would please you, I also put in a litle treatise of coyne [C31] wch I desire you to accept from mee for I had 6 given mee - it was printed from my coppy ye originall printed in Q. Eliz. tyme wth ye impressions of ye coyns wch because of charge they have left out in this Impression, I showed it to Mr Freke who was an Intimate of Sr John Trenchards & Mr Freke desired I would give him leave to print it wch they did & returned mee ye originall wth some new ones, I this day inquired about ye price of Hopps...[14 lines in printed version]. [Proclamation CHECK - not transcribed W43]

[Sat., 19 September 1696]
...[21 lines in printed version]...underneath is yor account = I am Sr...

Richard Coffin Esqr his bill sent 19 Sept:1696 all
former Bills to this day being paid: R.L.

8 Aprill Lady days qr of Gazets _______________0 2 0
two Sessions books [L58] ________________________0 0 4
post letter from you unpd ___________________0 0 3
3 Letters from Mr Coffin yor son 2d per Letter __0 0 6
Midsumer qr of Gazetts [L52] & two Sessions papers __0 2 4
penny post letter __________________________0 0 1
Straw berry mores seeds & box _____________0 9 6
Mr Baxters life [B24] & gilding ___________________1 1 6
Dr Lucas his booke [L66] & gilding _______________0 3 6
A Stitcht booke touch: French affaires [F50] ________0 0 6
Porter for mayling cording & carrying ye box ___ 0 6
2 : 1 : 0

[Sat., 26 September 1696]
...I shall send ye Catalogue of books [C16] & Gazet you wrote for Chancys Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] is not out I shall give you notice soe soon as it comes out, The Oxf[ord] Barge man called at my house...[unknown amount omitted]...[3 lines in printed version]...Yisterday issued a proclamation for the Parliament to meet and sit 20th of October [W44] [from printed version]...[5 lines in printed version]...


[Sat., 10 October 1696]
[lots more about getting money to Oxford, here and in about half of the letters around this date]...[4 lines in printed version]..


[Sat., 24 October 1696]
...16 lines in printed version]...Yisterday ten malefactors were executed at Tiburne, some for clipping and coyning, one for carrying news into France formerly a stationer in Chancery lane, his name Pike [PIK] - hee was quartered...[4 lines in printed version].






[Mon., 7 December 1696]
I recd yors wth directions for Books & seedes & forthwith gave yor Catalogue [C16] to Mr Weston who will take care to observe your directions & ye seeds & directions wilbe ready to bee sent wth yor Books wch I intend to send as soone as I have gotton them into my custody, Mr Tho. Goodwyns works [G40] sell deare & are scarce I hope I have found ye 2d vol. this day for Mr Brown told mee hee hoped hee had it I hope to have all ready by Satturday next [following from printed version] Thursday last the King passed the Bill for coyne [P10] which will come out fourtwith in prynt, also another for coyning of Guineas [P12] ... [5 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 12 December 1696]
[has sent box with books, also seedes] & ye Catalogue [C16] returned marked as you comanded & ye seedsmans Bill...[has sent one book not ordered]...(viz) an octavo being a Bibliotheke written by Nicholson [N50] ye price 3s wch I make no doubt wilbe welcome unto you...[23 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 19 December 1696]
...[15 lines in printed version]...You have all ye bookes yt could bee gotton Puffendorfs booke [P66] is reprinting wth some additions & therefore not sent & Michas Terms Catalogue of bookes [T20] not yet come out...[gap in my ms]...underneath is yor bill, & inclosed are ye Gazetts

The two fol. sent not Guilt was ye carelessnes of ye Guilder
who had orders to doe ye books tyme enough to be guilt but he delaying it till just as they were to bee sent wee had not tyme
Mr Browns bill_______________________5 10 0
Lightfoots works [L39] _____________________ 1 13 0
Mich & Xtmas quarters of Gazets [L52] ________ 0 4 0
3 Sessions paps [L58] ______________________ 0 0 6
To ye seeds man_____________________ 1 11 5
Box_______________________________ 0 2 0
Cord______________________________ 0 0 2
Porter_____________________________ 0 0 6
Letter from Oxford___________________ 0 0 2
9 1 9
Goodwyns [G35] & Barrows works [B18] are scarce & deare I think yt book in oct of Nicholsons [N50] may be
of use to you in regard of ye Library
______ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______
1696 [top torn but obviously Brown's bill, tipped in]
dec: 12th
1 Nicholsons hist: Library [N50] _________ 0 . 3 . 0
1 Barrows Works 3d & 4th.____ 1 . 2 . 0
1 Goodwins Works 2d & 3d pts GB_ 1 .18 . 0
1 dupins 7th vol: Tit: [D85] _____________ 0 . 8 . x [blot]
1 Hist: of ye Church of Malabar Tit: [G30] _ 0 . 5 . 0
1 Turkish Spy 7th & 8th vol: [M22] ______ 0 . 5 . 6
1 Hist: of Oliver Cromwell [C64] ________ 0 . 1 . 0
1 Life of ye Prince of Conde GB [L36] ___ 0 . 6 . 0
1 Eachards Geography GB [E15] ________ 0 . 2 . 6
1 . . . Roman History GB [E20] ________ 0 . 5 . 6
1 Kennets Roman Antiquities Gb [K05] ___ 0 . 6 . 0
1 duke of Savoys dominions [D75] _______ 0 . 0 . 3
1 English Empire in America [C62] ______ 0 . 1 . 0
1 Remarks on ye Grand Tower_____ 0 . 3 . 6
of France & Italy GB [B58]
3 Term Cattologues [T20] _____________0 . 0 . 7
1 Eachards Gaziteer [E10] &___________ 0 . 2 . 6
1 Gazett [L52] ______________________ 0 . 0 . 1
5 .10 .11
Dece 12th 1696 Delivered to Mr. Lapthorn the Books above menconed Agreed at 5li 10s 0d Dan: Browne

[Sat., 26 December 1696]
...[31 lines in printed version, including "I hope the Box which I sent with the bookes is come safe to your hands"]...

[First letter of 1697]

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