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16 January 2007

Lapthorne 1695

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 11
Book trade references in the Lapthorne-Coffin correspondence 1683-1697
edited by Michael Treadwell and Ian Maxted.
Letters, 1695
[Last letter of 1694]
[Sat, 5 January 1694/5]
This day I have sent by the Exeter Carier ye Cyprian [C80] &
Theatrum Scotiae[T25] & tooke care to get them at ye very
lowest price as you will perceive by the Bill also ye seeds
are sent & all ye Gazets but one wch shalbe sent another
tyme I sent this day for it to ye printers but they sent
a wrong one & I have not tyme now to return it
I have also sent ye Sessions papers [L58] & Terms Catalogs [T20]
I have sent Easter Terme supposing you have
it not also a litle pamphlet of ye monethly Letters [M55]
in wch is a pretty discourse concerning medalls [ ... ]
[8 lines]
[PS: 3 lines] ye Gazet missing is yt of Septembr 3d

[Fri., 11 January 1694/5]
[letter starts with bill]

Theatrum Scotiae guilt [T25] _________ 1 17 . 6
St Cyprian [C80] __________________ 0 18 0
Easter & Trin Ter Cat. & Mich [L58] __ 0 0 10
Seedes _____________________ 0 8 6
Dr Tenisons Sherlocks Sermon [S33] __ 0 0 6
Monthly [?]Another sticht booke [S70] _ 0 0 3
Mich & Xmas ½ years Gazetts [L52] _ 0 4 0
Sessions paps [L58] _______________0 0 8
Box _______________________0 0 10
Cord & porter ______________0 0 6
3 .11 . 7

I recd yrs of ye 4th instant but had sent ye box before so yt if you will
have ye books therein mencioned they must bee sent in your next
box [ ... ] [27 lines]
[PS: 3 lines]
inclosed is ye other Gazet you want
[7 lines in left margin]

[Fri., 18 January 1694/5]
[9 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed
are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 26 January 1694/5]
[1 line]
it seemes you still want one Gazet wch
shalbe sent another tyme [ ... ] [14 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 2 February 1694/5]
[16 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets [ ... ] [3 lines]

[Fri., 8 February 1694/5]
[Fri., 8 February 1694/5]
Camdens booke [C02] is now come fourth but I have not yet seen
it [ ... ] [6 lines]
[ ... ] ye Commons voting
ye burning of ye proclamacions & other things don made by
K. James parliamt in Ireland (at ye late Revolution) by ye hands
of our comon Hangman [ ... ] [8 lines]

[Sat., 16 February 1694/5]
[15 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 23 February 1694/5]
[16 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 2 March 1694/5]
[20 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 9 March 1694/5]
[2 lines relating to Queen's funeral]
[ ... ] I forbeare mentioning
any thing of the maner of the procession because I suppose
it wilbe at large represented in print by some one or
other of the Haralds [ ... ] [20 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 16 March 1695]
[21 lines]
inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 23 Mar 1694/5]
I recd yrs last night & shall take care to get ye books & send
them according to yor directions but as to Cambden, [C02] I remember
I wrote to you about subscribing, & yt you in one of yor
letters made mention yt you could dispose of 3 -
but because I heard no farther then about it, I did not
subscribe neither have I any of ye bookes but I have
been with Mr Churchill [CHU] who is one of ye undertakers
& hee tells me 45s is ye lowest hee can sell them at
ye paper & print is but ordinary, but possibly I
may have them cheaper upon inquiry else where
but if you please if your friends are not willing
to have them, they may it is in their own choyce, whether
will have been them or not, & therefore if you think
fit you may give the me a hint in your next [ ... ]
[5 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets. I am [etc]

[Sat., 30 March 1695]
I forbeare sending the books this weeke expecting to
heare by the next post whether you will have all
3 of Camdens books, [C02] I have made inquiry of other
Booksellers & perceive I can have them
cheaper from others than from ye undertakers
(viz) for 40s a books, [ ... ] [21 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 6 April 1695]
I recd yours last night, as for Cambden, [C02] I have
discovered a very honest bookseller, from whom
if I take two I suppose shall procure them for
36s or 37s a peece or possibly a single one for you
at ye same price hee informed me ye mapps
were tollerably good, so yt I forbeare sending the
other bookes till another letter from you [...]
[11 lines]

[Sat., 13 April 1695]
I protract the sending the bookes upon account of Camdens Britan. [C02]
to know whether if I can get them at ye rate I wrote whether you
would have three two or one I presume I may heare from you by
the next post & then its likely I may send all the bookes ye Satturday
following [ ... ] [26 lines]

[Sat., 20 April 1695]
I recd yours last night And have made some Inquiry this morning
about Cambden in ye larger paper [C02] & am informed (& so indeed I was
before) yt its a hard matter to get one, it seems they printed few
more then just to serve the subscribers, ye price is excessive & I
canot meet yet with any Bookeseller yt hath one, but I am going
abroad againe this afternoone & shall give a further account in the
foot of these. [ ... ] [13 lines]
I have made further Inquiry for Camden in ye large paper
but canot meet with one, but I hope
to have it of some one yt subscribed, but am informed ye mapps are new, & not Hollands [ ... ]

[Sun., 28 April 1695]
So soone as I receive your peremptory orders I intend to
send your bookes according to directions [...] [15 lines]

[Sat., 4 May 1695]
[23 lines]
[...] Mr Atwood ye Author
of the inclosed paper (a very ingenious gent) gave me ye paper
with his own hands, you may make with you please
of it and I expect to heare from you, as to what you
resolve about Camden [C02] I am Sr [etc]

[Sat., 11 May 1695]
I though I should have received a letter from you err now touching [your[
resolution as to Cambden [C02] as for yt of ye large paper they are no[t]
to bee had unlesse you will give twice as much or more yn [they]
are worth & you must purchase it from some [other ?]
gent [for] the undertakers (as is syd have not e[nough to]
supply ye subscribers, I was told by a bookseller [? ]
of Lincolns Inn would dispose of one & but hee withall [told]
mee yt hee thought hee would demand an excessive pr[ice]
for it, I wisht him to know ye price but have not yet [heard]
from him [ ...] [5 lines]
[ ... ] I suppose wn I send yor bookes you w[ill]
give directions to bee sent with them ye new Acts of par[liament]
Inclosed are ye Gazets. I am Sr [etc]

[Sat., 18 May 1695]
[19 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 25 May 1695]
[I have t]his day caused to bee delivered to ye Exeter Carrier a box of bookes
[directed] to you at Portledge neer Torrington [ ... ] [5 lines]
there are all the things you wrote for saving Constantines
Lexecon [C46] & Leland, ye Lexecon is not to bee had at
ye Bookesellers & Lelands booke [L24] is not yet published.
Dr. Merret my Neighbor, who I think is ye oldest phisicon in
England, is disposing of his Library in order to [retire?]
into the cuntry & sent to mee to advise touching the sale,
& hee hath this Lexecon, I would have bought it but
hee told mee hee would not part wth it singly but
I sup presume I shalbe privy to the Contract, & then
may get it of ye Bookeseller yt buys ye library.
I have sent one booke wthout order (stitcht) viz: Sr Tho: Cooks examinacion [E65]
wch wilbe worth your reading, tho it bee sonewhat deare, 12d price
[4 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets [ ... ]

[No letter dated Sat., 1 June 1695]

[No mention of books or Gazettes in letter dated Sat., 8 June 1695]

[Sat., 15 June 1695]
I recd yors last night wth yr Bill of Exchange inclosed for wch I returne reall thanks.
I When I recd my money I tendred your service to Mr Gouge & his Lady
& Madam Hams according to your directions they were exceeding
glad to heare from you. I am sorry that yt Act you mencion should
bee omitted but it shalbe (god willing) without faile sent ye next
Satturday together wth ye other bookes you write for. [ ... ] [13 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets. I am [etc]

[Sat., 22 June 1695]
I have this day according to order sent in a little white box My by ye Exeter
carrier ye Act & all the bookes you wrote for, save Culpepers Eng. phisitian[C79]
wch being don upon such nasty paper, & also being informed by a Book=
-seller yt there is no more in itt then in the former edition I did
forbeare sending it in this box, & ye rather because probably
you may have othe other edition, of if there bee no more added
yr if you will have one sent ye former being a more
beautifull book you may rather have yt sent, wch I shall
send you when you write for other things if you give directions
for this wilbe but a shame to your library [...] [12 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am Sr [etc]

Gregories doctrine of the church of England [G60] ___ 0 3 [0?]
Dr Tillotsons two Sermons [T40] ________________ 0 1 0
ye other six sermons @ 6d each [T35] ____________ 0 3 0
Box and porter _________________________ 0 0 8
0 7 8

I have made some Inquiry as to Mr. Clarks
Bible, [B38] it seems the Author is son of yt Mr.
Clark yt writt the famous lives [C24] & this is
the second Impression. it was before in two
quartos I asked of [one] of our Divines about it [check]
but hee could say nothing to it. Mr. Brown [e check]
a Bookeseller says itt sells well for neer
30 shillings hee hath it not
only shewed ye 4to on ye New Testamt.
there seemes to bee nothing of Learning
in it but a plaine Coment, so yt possibly
ye plainess of it makes it usefull for
all families & therefore ye more saleable.
I will better informe myselfe agt my
next letter, pardon this scrible for
I write standing and where I want room.

[Sat., 29 June 1695]
I hope ye litle box I last sent is come safe to your hands I have made some
Inquiry since my last about Mr Clarks Bible in fol. [B38] but
canot assure my self yet yt its fit for your purpose, but
I will there is a Divine of my acquaintance yt before
by [my?] next writing I hope to see yt can & will as I beleive
sattisfy mee herein [ ... ] [15 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I
am Sr [etc]

[Sat., 6 July 1695]
I have better informed myselfe about the kind of Mr. Clarks Annotations
on the Bible [B38] & doe perceive yt it may bee usefull for the
lower & meaner order of people & not so much for the
learned, & therefore conceive it not for your [ library but rather?]
for a common use in order to doe good a generall good, [ ... ]
[3 lines] [ ... ] I
have not bin abroad this day having taken phisick by
reason of an illlnes yt I have for some days bin in trouble
with [ ... ] [5 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Mon., 15 July 1695]
I recd yors last night & am sorry to meet with a confirmation therein of
what indeed I heard of before, to witt the death of Mr Kelland, I hope ye
Lady wilbe safely delivered of a son, & then I perceive by yor Letter
there was a competent provission made for him in the marriage settlemt
they had but a litle time to enjoy each other here, but if they meet in he[aven]
they will be beyond all feares of another breach, I thought I had sent [your]
bookes according to yor directions but since there was a mistake I will
endeavour to rectify it in my next parcell according to yor
last letter, & will make enquiry for Cambden of ye large fo[lio]
& wn I meet with one will give you notice Our Intelligence from
ye Lord Barcly intimates that they had by boms fired St Malloes
in 3 places & supposed ye most part was burned down, but no
certaine news whi yet whether all or what part, & its sayd yt
an expresse is come to ye Lords Justices yt Grandvill another sea
town is since burnt to ashes by the same means & yt a paper
will before night bee printed [S02] [ ... ] [7 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are ye Gazets, I
am Sr [etc]

[Sat., 20 July 1695]
I remember what you hinted as to Camdens larger
booke [C02] but canot yet heare of one, however I have layd
out for it [ ... ] [14 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am Sr [etc]

[Sat., 27 July 1695]
I still remember Camden of ye large paper [C02] & when I heare of one shall
you notice [...] [13 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am Sr [etc]

[Sat., 3 August 1695]
I recd your last & am sorry to understand thereby yt affliction yor family
lyes under. I pray god to diliver you & them soon out of it & sanctifie
his rod so yt it may become a love=token for where hee loves he corrects.
I have advised about Camden, [C02] & I perceive am told yt it willbe yor advantage
to close with Mr Yeos [YEO]proposition, but get it cheaper if you can, I cannot meet with one here [ ... ] [8 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye
Gazets I am Sr [etc]

[No sign of any letter dated Sat., 10 August 1695]

[Sat., 17 August 1695]
[28 lines]
[ ... ]inclosed
are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 24 August 1695]
[9 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

ult [Sat 31] Aug: 1695
We have had great rejoycing here for the surrender of the Castle of Namure we had at
ye same time news yt Admirall Russell had bombarded Marselles, and taking pos[session]
of some part of it as also a considerable number of shipps a letter whereof
was r came to the Secretaries office from Flanders but the news to
Flanders coming by way of Germany they thought it not fitt to
publish ye same in print till further confirmation, wch we expect wn
ye forraign paquetts come in I forbeare to mencion ye perticulars
of the transactions about Namure but refer you to the inclosed paper
published by the Kings printer. [N15][ ... ] [8 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 7 September 1695]
[12 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are the Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 14 September 1695]
[14 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are the Gazets I am [etc]
[PS] I hope ye sickness wth you is abated.

[Sat., 21 September 1695]
I recd yor last wch mencions gods visiting your family with a generall
sicknes [ ... ]
[ ... ] hath taken only one out of ye land of the living
[21 lines]

[Sun., 29 September 1695]
[13 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed
are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Fri., 4 October 1695]
There were some stitcht bookes yt I remember you wrote for wch directions
came after I had sent your box, & you not giving orders for their
sending when you wrote for your periwigg they were not then
sent, for I knew not whether your minde were not altered, but
if you will you will have them I can send them in yor next
box [ ... ] [10 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets
I am [etc]

[Sat., 12 October 1695]
[4 lines]
[ ... the King] declared in
Councell the dissolution of this parliament & that another
to meet the 22th of the next moneth and that the declaration
will come fourth in print this afternoone [P14] [ ... ] [8 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are the Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 19 October 1695]
[8 lines]
inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 26 October 1695]
[5 lines]
... I have bought for you
an excellent discourse written by ye Lord Hallifax before his death,
ye title Some Cautions for chusing members of Parliament [H10]
its a stitcht booke price 6d. & in great esteeme. I will send it in
your next box, [...]
[10 lines]
[...] I am glad to heare yt your family is
in health wee have had here a very healthy season Inclosed
are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 2 November 1695]
[14 lines]
inclosed are the Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 9 November 1695]
[9 lines]
[... ] I know
now where is to bee had Camden of ye large paper
but I suppose you are provided by Mr Yeo
inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 16 November 1695]
[16 lines]
[...] inclosed are the Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 23 November 1695]
Yisterday being the tyme for the meeting of the Parliamt
[6 lines]
[...] His
Maty approved of their choyce & made a speech [...]
[9 lines]
[...] wch wilbe printed [W58] inclosed are the
Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 30 November 1695]
[21 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 7 December 1695]
...I formerly wrote you of a Camdens Britania of the large paper [C02]
yt was to bee sold. hee hath it still & as I remember his price
is 4l. if you are not supplyed by Mr. Yeo you may have this
[12 lines]
inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]
[P. S.] There was lately a censure made by ye heads
of ye university of Oxford on some part of a sermon preacht there
in wch are some socinian tenants. I saw ye censure in print [O50]
& its sayd ye minister tooke ye words out of a booke
of Dr. Sherlocks. there hath bin of late many papers
printed pro & con on that subject. ye Lord keepe ye nation from Hareticall doctrins

[No sign of any letters dated Sat., 14 or Sat., 21 December 1695

[Sat., 28 December 1695]
I find that those bookes of Vossius [V20] you write for, are hard to bee gotton
I having inquired for them at the shopps of some of our noted
Bookesellers, but hope upon a further Inquiry to procure them
for you, Mr. Baxters life [B24] is not yet out, I intend now to
speed the things written for, unto you, Mr Litlebury [LIT] our famous bookeseller dyed on Christmas day of a
Cancer in his mouth at ye 74th yeare of his age, [...]
[13 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazets I wish you a happy new yeare
I am [etc]

[First letter of 1696]

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