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16 January 2007

Lapthorne 1694

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 11
Book trade references in the Lapthorne-Coffin correspondence 1683-1697
edited by Michael Treadwell and Ian Maxted.
Letters, 1694
[Last letter of 1693]
"Twelveth day 1693" [Sat., 6 January 1694]
I have this day sent by ye Exeter Carrier a Box wherein are
the things you wrote for & also 2 other litle bookes, one ye
relation of ye miraculous cure of a Frenchwoman [T70]
ye other an ingenious tract of teach ye Dumb to speake [D45] trans
lated by my freind Doctor Foot who was acquainted wth
ye Author - its a litle booke ye price ordinaly bound
is in ye advertismts in print - 12d & this being in Calves
was sold to mee at 2d dearer I believe you will like
it. [ ...] [19 lines]
[ ... ] underwritten you have a bill of disbursmts I am [etc]
[Sat., 6 January 1694, cont.]
Hardress reports reports [H25] _________ 0 13 . 6
Seeds__________________ 0 7 0
Relation of ye Cure &c. [T70]____ 0 0 6
2 Sessions papers [L58] _________ 0 0 4
Gazets xtmas qtr [L53] _________ 0 2 0
14s periwig______________ 0 14 0
4 Catalogues of bookes [C16] _____ 0 1 0
The deafe & Dumb &c [D45] _____ 0 1 2
Brown paper & cord_______ 0 0 1½
Box____________________ 0 0 8
porter__________________ 0 0 4
2 0 1½

Sat., 13 January 1694
[14 lines]
[ ... ] inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

Sat., 20 January 1694
[8 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed
are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 27 January 1694]
[13 lines]
I canot tell wt is don to day in parliamt by reason of my
retyremt in order to ye Intermt of my wives mother who is
this night to bee caryed from my house to ye Temple Church to bee
layd by her husband I am [etc]

Sat., 3 February 1694
[7 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets
I am [etc]

Sat., 10 February 1694
[No mention of Gazettes]

Sat., 17 February 1694
[11 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 24 February 1694]
Sunday night last happened a fire att ye end of St Nicholas lane next Lumbard
street wch burnt down about 3 houses & did much damage to 2 or 2 more
my wives Brother who is one of the Masters in Chancery suffred in
those that were shattered being the Landlord [ ... ] [6 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 3 March 1694]
[10 lines]
[ ... ] Thursday night between six and seaven
of ye clock (I having by the favour of ye Treasurer of
Lyons Inn ye use of some old chambers there gratis to put
some books in ) when I came to unlock ye dore & a youth
being wth mee wth some things I had bought, I could not
open ye dore, forasmuch as ye Latch was depressed & kept
down so yt I was faine to have ye dore broken open by a
Smith. but when I came in I met wth a youngster yt was
gotton in how I canot tell & kept mee out what his design
was God knows. hee was a young clerk to one of ye House.
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 10 March 1694]
[8 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed
are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 17 March 1694]
[1 line]
[ ... ] I have a small
collection of bookes, but whether I shall expose them to sale by Auction I hav
[...] [7 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets, I am [etc]

[Sat., 24 March 1694]
I have just now sent ye things you wrote for in a Box by Exeter
Carrier, you may order ye Torrington Carrier to take ym from him
at Exeter, you wrote for last Trin: Termes Catalogue of Books [T20]
I suppose you meant Hillary wch I have sent, I found
likewise lying by mee an old Sessions account [L58] wch I suppose
belongs to you & have sent it wth ye moderne ones also
I have sent (meeting wth ye printer who had one in his
pocket) Dr Tyndalls Discourse of ye law of Nations [T45] wch is
much cryed up its but a six penny stitcht booke
[21 lines] [ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 31 March 1694]
[letter starts with bill]
Richard Coffin Esqr His account sent 31th March 1694 (all former
accounts being sattisfied R.L)
Heaths maxims of ye law [H35] __________________________ 0 4 0
Bible with clasps [B36] ________________________________ 0 7 2
Bentlys 8 sermons binding & guilding [B30] ________________ 0 5 6.
Blunt de re poetica binding & guild [B42] __________________ 0 5 6.
Account of Jersey [F10] ________________________________ 0 2 10
Hil: Terms Catalogue _____________________________ 0 0 . 2
Map of Savoy [M10] ___________________________________ 0 1 0
Stitcht tract of piracy [P44] _____________________________ 0 0 6
2 Sessions papers ________________________________ 0 0 4
last quarter for Gazets ____________________________ 0 2 0
Box __________________________________________ 0 0 6
To ye porter for an errand & after wth ye Box to ye Carrier 0 0 6
Cord __________________________________________ 0 0 1
1 :10 : 1
I hope these will meet wth ye Box I sent last Satturday, New bookes
are very deere old ones I can buy much cheaper [ ... ][9 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazetts [ ... ]
[PS] I minciond on ye backside of my last [missing] Letter yt Dr Wallis his 2d part to Mr Bamfeild [W06] is now printing at Oxford

[Fri., 6 April 1694]
[16 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 14 April 1694]
I recd yors yisterday wth ye inclosed Bill for wch I returne thanks, & shall observe
your directions as to Cyprian [C80] & Bamfeild Mr Bamfeild was my perticular
freind & gave mee his two bookes; [B12] But I am told hee dyed a quarter of a yeare
since at Exeter [ ... ] [12 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 21 April 1694]
Cyprean of ye Oxford Edition [C80] is very scarce. I have enquired
of many Booksellers for it & canot meet wth it but I have
hopes of meeting wth it at Mr. Chiswells [CHI] or Mr. Litleboroughs [LIT]
where I have not yet bin, but by accedent I met wth one lately
printed at Amsterdam from ye Oxford Edition in fol. & I am told
yt it hath all of yt Edition in it. if so I beleive I may have
it a good pennyworth, but ye Master who was my acquaintance
was not at home, Let mee know yor mynde if you
this of Amsterdam Edition. I was at Mr Bennets [BEN]& they
say the 2d part is not yet come from Oxford of Dr. Wallis
to Mr. Bamfeilds booke, [W06] but they say they are confident it
wilbe out a weeke hence & then I will get those 2 parts
& both Mr. Bamfeilds [B12]for you. [ ... ] [11 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sun., 29 April 1694]
I have now no hopes of getting ye Oxford Edition of St. Cyprian [C80] till some Auction.
Dr. Wallis 2d part to Mr. Bamfeilds [W06] is not yet come from Oxford, but they dayly
expect it. you will finde by last Gazet yt ye Parliament were prorogued
[8 lines][ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc. Long PS on a sermon]

[Sat., 5 May 1694]
In my last I wrote you of the difficulty of meeting with a St Cyprian of
the Oxford Edition [C80] & wth all mencioned one of ye Amsterdam print wch
would come pretty reasonable, but because I heard nothing from you
I have not as yet bought one [ ... ] [12 lines]
are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Fri., 11 May 1694]
[8 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets [ ... ]

[Sat., 19 May 1694]
[5 lines]
I heare yt Mr. Freke that writt the Socinian booke [F70] was tryed this
day and that the Court had fined him 200 li, and to make his recantation before ye Courts in Westminster Hall and to remaine in prison till this bee performed
[1 line]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 26 May 1694]
[12 lines]
[ ... ] You have not wrote anything yet whether
you will have ye Amsterdam Impression of St Cyprian [C80] or
whether you will stay till I can meet ye Oxford Edition at
ye Booksellers or at some Auction. I am [etc]

[Sat., 2 June 1694]
[15 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 9 June 1694]
[14 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am [etc]

[Sat., 16 June 1694]
[7 lines]
[ ... ] Inclosed
are ye Gazets I am [etc]

[Sat., 23 June 1694]
[12 lines]
[ ... ] Dr Wallis his 2d book to Bampfeilds [W06] not yet out
I called on Mr Bennet [BEN] yisterday. Inclosed are ye Gazets [ ... ]

[Sat., 30 June 1694]
[9 lines]
The Act for taxing paper & parchment [S62] by reason of its intricate
penning hath caused much busle with us and the Judges are
now consulting to make put out some explanatory
rules. one Mr. Cary that was partner with Sir Tho: Cooke
& one Mr. Guy [GUY] a bookeseller were chosen sherriffs but
upon their refusall and desire to Fyne there is to bee
speedily another election. Dr Wallis 2d pt [W06] is now come out.
[1 line]
[ ... ] Inclosed are ye Gazets
I am [etc]

[Sat., 7 July 1694]
I recd yor kind letter last night in it a bill for 22li for wch I returne thanks In my last I wrote yt the 2d pt of Dr Wallis [W06] is come out to Mr Bamfeild wch I intend to buy Now these desire a lyne in Answer, if you will have both pts of what Mr Bamfeild wrote bought [B12] & also both pts of Dr. Wallis or whether you have not already ye first part of each if you would have mee buy all 4 pts then you have all on both sides on yt subject & then I suppose it may bee proper for you to order mee not only to buy ym but to binde them up in one Vollum & send them And whether or no have you St Cyprian [C80] Wee have...[18 lines in printed version]

[Sat., 14 July 1694]
...[4 lines in printed version]...There was one brought mee a specimen for a subscription to another Edition of Pooles English Synposis with additions, [P52] but it being a sheet of paper I thought it too big to inclose supposing you have ye first edition but if you please to have it I will send it in my next. I suppose I shall heare from you ye next weeke about ye stitcht books [W08] according to my last Letter. Wee have...[16 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 21 July 1694]
I received yours yisterday and shall observe your directions as to ye stitcht books. [W08] Mr. Ashmoles booke of ye Knights of Garter [A35] is deare. there are many maps & cutts in it, & a large fol. I beleive I shall scarce get it under 30s. if you please I will get it for you wn you order mee so to doe...[35 lines in printed version]...I intend God willing within a moneth to come into Devonshire (haveing some few houses at Plymouth) I have been on Horseback but once these 7 yeares & how I shall endure ye journy I know not, but if I have opportunity & strenght I think to make bold to wayt on you I never was yet in yt part of the Cuntry & its not probable I may ever see Devonshire againe. Inclosed are..

[Sat., 28 July 1694]
I recd yors yesterday, & hope you recd myne in wch was mention of ye price of Ashmoles Knights of ye Garter [A35] (viz) about 30s I am very glad to heare yor Lady Daughter is so neere a good marriage - viz wth Mr Kelland of whom I have had ye honor to have some knowledge but better acquainted wth his father being schoolefellows, & from yt tyme our acquaintance continued to ye end of his life... & intend to send them [saddle etc.] this day sevenight being ye next returne of ye carrier togeather wth ye books - Bamfeild [B12] & Wallis [W08] - bound &c. I have a litle daughter about 6 yeares old & indeed our only daughter in whom I & my wife have taken much delight wch lyes very ill yt distemper wch is called St Anthonys fire in her face & eyes attended wth a feaver wch lyes most in her head, she is very drousy, & wee have no very good Symptomes of her recovery if it should please god to put a period to her life in this sicknes I think it will alter my purpose of coming this season into ye Cuntry for I know not how to leave my wife so soone after such an affliccon, but as long as there is life there is hope, & wee submitt our wills to ye will of god Wee heare...[8 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 4 August 1694]
...I have this day sent by the Exeter Carier a Box directed to your selfe at Portledge neer Torrington because I suppose the (Torrington) Carrier brings it from Exeter. in the box are the sadle stirrups Girts fore paterne and crupper and black cover and Bridle. also in the same box is Mr. Coffins perriwig, Ashmoles Order of ye Garter & Mr. Bamfeilds [B12] & Dr. Wallis [W08] their controversies bound in one vollum [most of this from printed ver]
...[26 lines in printed version about saddle, ending] I hope the Box wilbe at your house by Tuesday...[10 lines in printed version]...[and somewhere in the letter comes the following which I have transcribed]...I met wth a reasonable pennyworth in Ashmoles booke [A35] 5s under what I wrote but I must beg your pardon for omitting the gilding ye back my thoughts being taken up about ye sadle had forgotten your direccons as to yt till just as ye Box was going It hath pleased god to spare my litle daughter, ye erisipulis having left her, but wee feare she maybee entring into a Consumption I have now a purpose againe of proceeding in my intended Journy but doe not purpose to come out of towne till Tuesday fortnight wch wilbe ye 21th of August so yt I hope I may receive a letter from you before I goe yt the box is come safe to your hands Wee have...Underneath is a bill of ye perticulars I am Sr...

[Sat., 4 August 1694, cont.]

Mr Bamfeilds 2 books [B12] ___________0 2 0
Dr. Wallis - both his [W08] _____________0 2 6
Binding _______________________0 1 0
perriwigg _____________________1 1 0
sadle _________________________4 5 0
Ashmoles order of ye Garter [A35] ______2 5 0
Box __________________________0 2 6
Cord _________________________0 0 2
Porter ________________________0 0 6
2 Sessions papers [L58] _______________0 0 4
7 0 0

[Sat., 11 August 1694]
...[16 lines in printed version]...I continew my purpose of begining my Journy on ye day I last wrote being Tuesday sevenight Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am Sr

[Sat., 18 August 1694]
I recd yors yisterday wth ye Bill for wch I returne you thanks...As for [must be Ashmole's book] [A35] I have enquired, & they tell mee there is but one edition, but its true Mr Dring buying ye stock of ye remaynder in quiers printed a new tytle & put to ye old books & made as if there were a new edition, but there was nothing added saving a list of ye kts created since ye printing of ye booke wch shalbe transcribed for you at my returne, but ye price of ye books are all alike - I hope wn Mr Kelland comes god will tye ye knot yt is designed, & to wch I wish all heavenly & earthly felicity, Wee have recd very ill news from Jameca... [7 lines in printed version]...There is a proclamation for a Fast [W38]
the 29th instant here and the 19th of Septembr in the Cuntry, I shall expect no Letter from you till my return I shalbe very glad if I may have an oppertunity of seeing you in ye cuntry wch I hope may bee given ether at your own house or at Pansford, its a very strange passage you mention about Topsham...

NO SIGN OF ANY LETTERS DATED 25 Aug. & 1,8,15,22,29 Sept. 1694

[Sat., 6 October 1694]
I had waited on you when I was in the Cuntry but my not beeing well hindred mee, nor indeed am I now well The Gazetts & Sessions papers are continued & reserved for you, ye last two I send inclosed as I formerly used to doe...

Hatton Garden 6 Oct 1694




[Sat., 8 December 1694]
[Lapthorne himself still ill]

[Sat., 15 December 1694]
I have seen ye Theatrum Scotiae. [T25] tis a thin fol. not much exceeding Bacons H: 7th [B02] but larger. ye cutts well don but litle of printed History in it, ye cutts taking up by much ye greater part of ye booke. it is fourty shillings price., The Trienniall Bill...[5 lines in printed version]...

[Tues., 18 December 1694]
...I acquainted you in my last - of ye price of Theatru Scotiae, [T25] but I met wth Dr. Bernard this day & hee thinks it is well don I have this day inquired for St. Cyprian [C80] The Oxford edition is very scarce. Mr. Litlebury [LIT] hath ye Amsterdam edition but will not take under 25s., but afterwards I called upon Mr. Blake [BLA] & hee tells mee hee hath one of ye Oxford edition in his eye & beleives hee shall buy it wthin 3 or 4 dayes & if so, hee sayd hee would afford it to mee for 35s. Camdens Britania [C02] is not yet come out...


[Sat., 29 December 1694]
I recd yors last night & was this day at Mr Litleburys [LIT] house to inquire about St Syprian [C80] according to yor letter but he was gon from home I intend to goe there againe on Munday Mr Blake [BLA] did not buy ye Oxford edition but it seemes ye booke is at Cambridge & another bought it I hope I shall send yor things by next returne of ye Carier...[15 lines in printed version, including DEATH OF THE QUEEN]...

[First letter of 1695]

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