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16 January 2007

Lapthorne 1697

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 11
Book trade references in the Lapthorne-Coffin correspondence 1683-1697
edited by Michael Treadwell and Ian Maxted.
Letters, 1697
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For this year book references in letters from 14 August are in the process of being transcribed from the letter book, the originals not having been located.

[Sat., 2 January 1697]
...Mr Browne tells mee that Sr.H.Chancys Survey of Hartfordshire Hartfordsh [C22] will now come out, & hee is to bee one of the undertakers, & they are going about to get subscriptions without depossiting monys & they are printing proposalls & in my next I intend to send you one. Mr Brown[BRO] sayth that there were propositions made for the printing of Lightfoots third vollum [L39] [but never saw any booke come forth [gap] week I intend to inquire of the undertakers in Pauls churchyard about it & inform you what they say, The Lords will sit...[13 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 9 January 1697]
...[11 lines in printed version]...I have not yey the proposalls for Chansys Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] but intend to send it in my next Inclosed are the Gazets I am...

[Sat., 16 January 1697]
I have inclosed according to my promiss sent you a Specimen of Chansys Survey of Hertfordshire [C22] but could wish it had not been so cumbersome in regard of postage...[30 lines in printed version]..

[Sat., 23 January 1697]
...[20 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 30 January 1697]
...[23 lines in printed version, including "[Dr White the late Bishop of Peterborough] delivered his speech to the Sheriffs [F20] which is since printed and here inclosed"]...

[undated, but endorsed 6 February 1697]
...I received yours last night and this day made Inquiry after the Bookes mencioned therein. As to the King of Denmarks Musaeum [K15] upon Inquiry I was informed that a few of them about 20 are brought over & Smyth [SMI] & Walford [WAL] nor Swall [SWA] which are the great dealers in that sort of learning had none of them, but Mr Bennett [BEN] at the Halfe Moone had one, his man shewed it mee. its a thin fol. with many fine Sculptures but hee sayd his master would not abate anything of 25s. The 4th vol. of Dr Th. Goodwins works [G45] are coming out but I canot heare they are. ab[gap] the other vol. of Dr. Lightfoot [L39] tho I inquired. I inquired also after Puffendorfs introduction [P66] but could not bee informed whether out or not but of that you shall have fuller satisfacon in my next. The Great mony Act [S58] is come out and inclosed I send you the Abstract agt the Act comes to prepare you I have lost...[21 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 13 February 1697]
I have made further Inquiry & canot heare that Dr Goodwin's 3d vol. [G45] is yet out, nor Puffendorfs Introduction, [P66] but its sayd the last wilbe out within a few days, as to Dr Lightfoots 3d vol. [L39] the undertakers have quite throwne it aside for that it seems the manuscript thereof conteyns much of his other works which they perceived not wn they printed the proposals &c. The Comission is sealed...[15 lines in printed version]...

[right margins of original letters start to be very faded about 20 Feb]

[Sat., 20 February 1697]
...I have been in pauls churchyard at Mr Bennetts [BEN] shop at the Halfe moone who only hath these books & as I take it sayth hath but 3 more left, hee would not abate mee one penny of 25s & hopes to make more of the rest so that I have bought one for you, You mistook my letter for it was Mr Bennett not Brown [BRO] is therein menconed also I will take care to answer the other concerns...
[8 lines in printed version, but could be before my extract - nothing on books in letter book]...

[Sat., 27 February 1697]
You will perceive by my Letter you last recd that the King of Denmarks Musaeum [K15] was bought before yor last letter came to my hands, & I rather hastened it because I was apt to think they would bee all bought up, but if you have no mynde to it, let mee know yor mynde & I will endeavor to put it off; I have been at the Bookeseller that prints the Mercurys [M30] & his man sayth his master sells them bound for 7s a vol & never under but I shall speake with his master & hope to get them cheaper I doe not heare that any of the other books are yet out. All our chatt...[9 lines in printed version, book material abridged in letter book]...

[Sat., 6 March 1697]
I am sorry that I bought the King of Denmarks Musaeum [K15] before I recd yor Letter to prohibit it but if I can meet with one to take it off at the price I will endeavoor it, I have one in my thoughts that may take it Wn the other books come out I will give you notice. Wee have...[unknown amount then 11 lines in printed version - nothing on books in the letter book]...

[Sun., 14 March 1697]
...26 lines in printed version, in letter book: The acts passed by the K. 9th instant are menciond in the Gazet. - but nothing more on books or newspapers] ...

[Sat., 20 March 1697]
...Dr. Goodwins last volum [G45] is now out but I am informed by Mr. Brown [BRO] who is one of the undertakers for Chancyes Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] that they will not begin to print it till they have subscribers enough to encourage them to doe it & asked mee if I would subscribe for you. I told him I had no orders, but would write to you this post. no mony is to bee paid down...[18 lines in printed version, nothing on books inletter book]...

[Sat., 27 March 1697]
I recd yor last & condole the death of yor virtuous Lady daughter...[unknown amount - nothing of this in letter book]...I shall take care to send the bookes you write for, But I am apt to think you are mistaken in yor choyce of Crouches bookes [C58] for they are generally but trifles & not much regarded by the skilfull in learning being collections jumbled togeather and exposed to make a present penny, & fit only for the purchass of ordinary people but however unless you contradict your order they shalbe sent. This weeke...[7 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 3 April 1697]
I recd yor last letter in which you write for Dr Goodwins last [gap] [G45] & for other books - the which I intend to send with those written for in another letter, by the carier this day sevenight I have subscribed for Chancys Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] according [to] yor order the King...[unknown amount and 13 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 10 April 1697]
...[apologies for not sending because of holiday and his own occasions, then 9 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 17 April 1697]
...I went forth to Mr Prideaux his house & hee not being at home I imparted so much of yor letter as concred ym so his Lady she told me that yt booke [P60] is not yet come to their hands but will speedily & that they shalbe sure to have it so that I intend to call there some other tyme...[unknown amount]...As to the King of Denmarks Musaeum [K15] My Lord Keeper hath that for his Library which I first bought, you seeming to decline the having it. And his Lds having [gap] tyme to accept of a booke of my recomending & this coming to his view he liked it & kept, Now because hee is a great Judge of learning & bookes & there being but 2 left of these bookes (20 only brought over) I thought that wn you should heare that his Lp had yors that you might wish for one wn it could bee had & therefore have this day bought another at the same price & put it into the box so that now there is but one left & I suppose who ever buys it will pay sawce for it, I hope it wilbe an ornamt to yor Library I shall send yor account in my next, Yisterday the King
...[14 lines in printed version]...
[PS] Sr the Ks Speech [W60] & Acts [S54] passed are in the inclosed pr: pap

[Sat., 24 April 1697]
...most of the litle bookes [C58] were [purposely bound for] you in calves leather & indeed leather with us is very deare [gap] reason that bookes as well as everything else is risen The King...[9 lines in printed version]...
24 Aprill 1697 (Inclosed is yor account)

[the enclosed account is on a slip of paper, as follows]

Richard Coffin Esqr his account to this present 24th
of Aprill 1697 All other accounts being discharged
April the 17th 1697
Mr Browns [BRO]
+ Bp Williams 12 sermons GB [W62] _____________0 7 6
Goodwins Last vol: GB [G45] __________________1 2 0
+ Mercurys for the year 95 GB [M30] _____________0 7 6
+ Echards discript of Ireland [E05] ____________0 2 0
+ Condemnat: of dupin [H30] ____________________0 0 6
+ Gentlemans new Jocky [L03] ___________________0 1 4
+ Present State of Persia [S08] ________________0 2 6
+ Laws of England abt seals [L15] ______________0 1 0
+ Remarks on London [R25] ______________________0 1 4
+ Admirable Curiosities [C60] __________________0 1 4
+ View of Guinea [C70] _________________________0 1 4
+ Kingdom of darkness [C66] ____________________0 1 4
+ Surprising miracles [C68] ____________________0 1 4
+ Wonderfull Prodogies [C72] ___________________0 1 4
+ Puffendorfs Introduction GB [P66] ____________0 6 6
+ Term Cattologue [T20] ________________________0 0 2
+ Edwards Socinianisca unmaskt [E25] ___________ 2 0
+ Brays Essay [B54] ____________________________0 0 6
3 -1 -6
To Mr Bennet for the King of 1 5 0
+ Denmarks Musaeum [K15] _________
For a perriwigg ______________________1 15 0
For Lady days quarter of Gazetts [L52] _____0 2 0
+ 3 Sessions paps [L58] ______________________0 0 6
Abstract of a mony Act [S60] _______________0 0 2
News letter [N30] __________________________0 0 1
Box __________________________________0 1 0
Carriage to the carier ________________0 0 6
2 4 3
Sum tot. 5li-5s-9d

[+ = all written in another ink, presumably by Coffin]

[Sat., 1 May 1697]
...[8 lines in printed version]...There is another booke out of Doctor Bury's, Rector of Exeter Colledge Oxford, the title Latitudinarius Orthodoxus. [B80] some say it borders upon socinism. inclosed...

[Sat., 8 May 1697]
...I shall in my next informe you as to yor queries about the bookes...[12 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 15 May 1697]
I have recd from Mr Prideaux two bookes [P60] one for yor selfe & another for Madam Bickford, which shalbe sent when you give yor comands The verdict...[15 lines in printed version]...Mr Brown sayth that hee hopes Chancyes Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] wilbe out by Michas Terme & as I take it hee told mee that the remaynder of Doctor Goodwyns works [G45] would bee printed I am...
[PS] I have a son not yet compleat 16 is going for China

[Sat., 22 May 1697]
...[4 lines in printed version]...The Grand Jury for Middlesex at the end of the last Terme presented the printing of dangerous and ill bookes lately published and such like and desired that the bookes might bee censured and the Authors punished...[5 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 29 May 1697]
...[20 lines in printed version]...

[Fri., 4 June 1697]
...[20 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 12 June 1697]
I recd yours yisterday with direccons for some bookes which I accordingly intend to buy & send togeather with Mr Prideaux his two bookes [P58] which I have had some tyme in my custody to witt one for your selfe & another for Maddam Bickford The Gazetts...[9 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 19 June 1697]
I have sent all the bookes save Dr Conants the 2d volum [C44] being not yet out but Mr Chiswell [CHI] says it will come out in a few days I have (wthout comission) sent an oct of 3s price which I [saw?] iust as I was bringing home the books being an Essay on Projects [D25] Mr Browne [BRO] told mee the Earle of Pembrooke had one of him a litle before hee tooke shipping I read a litle in it before I bought it & it promisses to bee usefull for yor Library I had it 6d less yn the E gave for his, Wee have no News stirring...[14 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 26 June 1697]
...there is one booke is extravigantly deare, & by reason thereof I went to severall shops my selfe to get it for indeed Mr Browne [BRO] told mee he was ashamed to send it by reason of the excess of the price, but I told him I thought you would bee angry if it were not sent & Mr Brown protests hee getts but a groat by it, the booke is ingrossed by Martlock - & hee puts his own price on it by reason it is so much bought up - The Sherriffs...[unknown amount and 20 lines in printed version]...

Mr Browns [BRO] bill ________________2 2 4
Middsumer qtr Gazetts [L52] _________0 2 0
2 Sessions paps [L58] ________________0 0 4
box ___________________________0 0 8
porter & cord _________________0 0 6
2 5 10
[actually 2 4 2]
______ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______
[Browne's bill tipped in with letter of 26 June 1697]

June 19th To Mr. Lapthorn
Counsell of Trent Examan [S66] _____________0 2 6
Stillingfleets Xts Sufferings [S64] ________0 5 6
Compt Horsman Fol: [S40] ___________________1 0 0
Pains 3 Sermons [P20, P21, P22] ______________________0 1 6
Nichols Conferrance Compt [N40] ____________0 6 0
Memoirs of China [L21] _____________________0 6 0
Easter Term Cattologue [T20] _______________0 0 2
1 Essay on Projects [D25] __________________0 2 6
2 4 2

[Sat., 3 July 1697]
...[24 lines in printed version]...

[Sat., 10 July 1697]
...thanks as likewise for your care in finding out the omission of 1s 8d & giving mee notice of it...they tell mee that they are going on in the printing of Chancys Survey of Hartfordshire [C22] which wn extant shalbe sent, as also Dr. Conants 2 vol. [C44] Wee have...[12 lines in printed version]...[sorry to hear news of Coffin's sick daughter]...[order of these 3 uncertain except 1 before 3]

[Sat., 17 July 1697]
[20 lines in printed version]
[Sat., 24 July 1697]
[14 lines in printed version]

[Sat., 31 July 1697]
...[13 lines in printed version]...from the Camp - On Thursday last I caried my younger son about 16 yeares old aboard the Shipp called the Nassaw lying at anchor below Graves End bound for China, he had a mynd to goe god bless him, the voyage is very long.
Inclosed are the Gazetts I am... ult July 1697

[Sat., 7 August 1697]
As formerly I wrote of the discourse of peace so its more talked of now than ever and it is beleived by most that it is privatly concluded though not yet published. [Nothing about books. 21 lines in printed version. The final letter, offering no indication at all of why the series of original letters stops here. The remaining letters are taken from the letter book.]

Wee expect the confirmacion of the peace [... Nothing on books.]

Barcelona surrendered yo the French [vid. Gaz. from the 12 to the 16. Aug. 97] [... square brackets in original, otherwise nothing on books or newspapers]

[Nothing on books]

[Nothing on books]

[Nothing on books]

Postscript. The articles at large are printed by the appointment of the Lords Justices. I had of them
in my hands & read onely the 1st article which began with King William owning him King of England
with an eminent & most celebrated epithete; resolving that there shalbe a perpetual amity & peace be=
between &c & that they will ever strive to promote one anothers interest. I would have sent them you in a post letter
but they were too bigg.

I have this day made som enquiry about the French Gazets, it seems
there are two sorts com out upon the arrival of every fforreigne Port which is twice
a week, & I goe dayly to a Coffee house by Temple Barr where they have them ye
woman of the house tells mee shee gives 4£ per annum for the Holland Gazet , which is in French
& gives a general acct from all places & said shee gives more for the Paris Gazets [?]
I am told There is one Loyd that keeps a Coffee-house in Lombard street by the Gen-
ral Post-Office that furnishes such as desire them at a tolerable rate its a great way for my
house & by reason of the rayn I omit going this [i. e. there] this afternoone, but purpose agst my next
to bee informed of the best method & easyest rates of getting & sending them. I hear that hopps
are for 9£ ye [cwt?]. As to Chancyes book its not yet out. I was this day at Mr. Brown's shop
but hee not being at home his men told me, they hought it was not in any great forward=
ness of coming out. I think there is onely the first part of Mr Tyrrels volumes com out
& of that I formerly enquired, & it was sold bound for 20s. but I intend by & by to call
at his booksellers, & know whether another volume bee out, if soe I will write
thereof underneath & the price. And as for the Acts & other bookes and papers tigether with
what else you shall write for I will take care to procure & send them to you. [...]
Since the writing of the above I have [lerbin? - unclear] with at Mr Tyrrels booksellers shop & they tell mee
there is onely the first volum printed. I have amde further enquiry about the French intel
=igencer & there is one tha hath them every post that saith hee will supply him with any one
of them for 3£ per annum, & that hee himselfe gives 4£, but hee will have the use of them a day or 2
first;but I will more fully satisfy my selfe against the next: it seems there are 3 French intelligenc
ers. There is a proclamacion out against another Maryot a taylor, & also against a Portugese accused with
Mr Maryot the officer.

2.8ber 97-
The Leyden Gazet & shipp (which if the wind serves) com twice a week, both of y [?] each post to bee
sent from the general post house to your son at Oxford as they com in constantly at the 4£ per ann
20s a qrtr & ye postage franck or else you may have the Paris Gazet which comes in once a week
at 5£ per ann, 25s a qrtr to be sent as shalbe postage free. They say the Paris Gazet
is dearest because the French Gazet is more polite. The man's name at the post house is one Mr
Gosling who this day will send the last Leyden gazet & ship to Mr Coffin & will con=
[...]The price of Mr Terrils first book is 20s - the books are printed for himself
& hee keeps the store himself. Hee is now one of the Coms of the Prive Seale [etc, lots more not clear]

[Nothing on books.]

[Nothing on books.]

[Poor quality image.]

30 8ber.97
[Poor quality image.]

[Poor quality image.]

[Poor quality image.]

The History of Wales Mr Brown tells mee is 6s [?] price, in my next I will tell the wn Mr Gur[?]
2d volume wilbe out. the Gazet will give the som acct[?] of the solemnity on Tuesday last upon the Kings
publick entrance & passage through the City […]
[Nothing on books.]

[Nothing on books.]

[...]There hath a Committee of Parliament [?] about the standing Army, & it was said last night that the Committee
voted that all soldiers raised since 1680 should be disbanded, here have of later been many ar-
guments written & printed pro & con upon that subiect. [...]

I am informed they have been this day on the bill agst correspondence that the late King
James, there having been lately printed a paper that gives an acct of a list of 18000 men in France to bee
ready at his command. The Parliament in Ireland hadd produced before them a paper written by
one Coll. Jon Brown found in the study of one Mr Timb[?], a titular Irish bp & secretary to K. J.
purporting a proiect to extirpate all the Protestants & Protestant religion in the
Naciones. which occasiond them to vote several excellent bills for the wellfare both of our
King & the Protestant subiects of that place.

[25 December 1697]
[Nothing on books.]

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