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22 December 2006

Devon 1750-1759

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1750-1759

1750. BAMFIELD, Samuel. A plain, easy, but concise English grammar, in a new method: containing all things necessary for the writing true English: enlarging on those things in which our English grammarians hitherto have been too brief. With many new and useful additons and alterations, never before printed. Designed for the use of grown persons as well as for the use of schools. By Samuel Bamfield, teacher of writing and mathematics, at Honiton, Devon. - Exon : Printed (for the author) by Andrew Brice, and sold by the booksellers of the city, &c. , 1750. - [8],viii,56p ; 8°. - Plymouth Athenaeum p.80; Sheaves 5 p.547.

1750. BOSWELL, John. Remarks upon a treatise, intituled Free and candid disquisitions relating to the Church of England, etc. In some letters to a worthy dignitary of the Church of Wells. Part the first. By a presbyter of the Church of England. - London : Printed for the author, and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster; by Mr. Fletcher in Oxford, Mr. Thurlbourne in Cambridge, and Mr. Thorne in Exeter , 1750. - 79,[1]p ; 8°. - Free and candid disquisitions written by John Jones. - *ESTC t081747.

1750. EXMOOR courtship, or a suitoring discourse, in the Dovonshire [sic] dialect and mode near the forest of Exmoor. - Exon : Printed and sold by Andrew Brice, at his printing-office in Northgate-street , 1750. - 4°. - Issued with : An Exmoor scolding; ... with separate title but continuous pagination. - *Dredge p.71 (T.N.Brushfield).

1750. An EXMOOR scolding; in the propriety and decency of Exmoor language, between two sisters, Wilmot Moreman and Thomasin Moreman, as they were spinning. The fourth edition. - Exon : Printed and sold by Andrew Brice, at his printing-office in Northgate-street , 1750. - With a separate title but continuous pagination: Exmoor courtship. Sometimes attributed to Peter Lock, also to Andrew Brice. - 32p,plate ; 4°. - Published in Gentleman's magazine 1746 p.352-5. - *Dredge p.70 (T.N.Brushfield); ESTC t098096.

1750. A MODEST defence of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, with remarks on a ms. handed about the city in prejudice of the said hospital. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1750. - 8°. - *Burnet Morris.

1750. ROBERTS, William. The divine institution of the gospel ministry, and the necessity of episcopal ordination, asserted, by proofs from scripture, and the practice of the primitive and purest ages of the Christian church. In a sermon, ... held at Okehampton in the county of Devon, Aug 19. 1709. By William Roberts, M.A. late rector of Jacobstow in Devon. The fourth edition ... To which is added, a short character of Dr. George Hooper, formerly bishop of Bath and Wells. By the Rev. Thomas Coney, D.D. late rector of Bath. - London : Printed for Benjamin Matthews, bookseller in Merchants-Court, Bath; Mess. Birt, Osborne, Hodges, Ware [and 10 other London booksellers]...; Mess. Leake and Frederick at Bath; Score, Tozer and Thorn at Exeter; Collins at Salisbury; Goadby at herborne; Chaulking at Taunton; Parkhouse at Tiverton; Trownson at Totness; Clements at Oxford; Merril at Cambridge; and all the noted booksellers in England; and M. Scheuler at the Hague , [1750?]. - viii,31,[1]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t009279; Dredge p.24-5.

1750. SHAPLEIGH, John. Highways: a treatise, shewing the hardships and inconveniences of presenting, or indicting parishes, towns, &c. for not repairing the highways. And offering material additions, and amendments to the laws now in being, for the better and more effectual repairing of the same. - 2nd ed. - London: Printed for S.Birt, and Aaron Tozer [in Exeter], 1750. - 64p.

1750. A TRUE account of a most barbarous, dreadful, and shocking murder, committed by one Sylvester Ursus, a Russian, ... - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, in Northgate-Street, Exon , 1750. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Details from 1783 reprint.

1751. COOKWORTHY, William. The divine instinct. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1751. - Printed by a tradesman (preface). - *Joseph Smith Friends' books, supplement p.91.

1751. DAVIES, J. A short description of the waters at Glastonbury; together with an impartial accout of the affects thereof in a variety of cases. In a letter to a lady. By a disinterested clergyman, ... - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice; and sold by Aaron Tozer , 1751. - 24p ; 8°. - Signed at end: J.Davies. - *ESTC t122546.

1751. MURALT, Béat. Louis de. The divine instinct, recommended to men. Translated from the French. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice , 1751. - 104p ; 8°. - Translated from the Fench of Muralt by W.Cookworthy or Bernard Mandeville. - *ESTC t106976; Dredge p.103 (John Kinsman cat. no. 55).

1751. PETERS, Charles. A critical dissertation on the Book of Job. Wherein the account given of that book by the author of The divine legation of Moses demonstrated &c. is particularly considered; ... By Charles Peters, A.M. rector of St. Mabyn, Cornwall. - London : Printed by E.Owen; and sold by S.Birt and B.Dod in Ave-Mary-Lane; C.Bathurst by St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street, London; J.Fletcher in Oxford; W.Thurlborn in Cambridge; and E.Score junior in Exeter , 1751. - [2],465,[1]p ; 4°. - *WSL; ESTC t101677.

1751. VIVIAN, Thomas. A sermon preached in the church of St. Andrew in Plymouth, at the Archdeacon's visitation June 1. 1750. By Thomas Vivian, vicar of Cornwood, Devon ... - London : Printed by W.Strahan: and are to be sold by ... and in Exeter, by Mr. Thorn, bookseller , 1751. - 52p ; 12°. - *Dredge p.25; ESTC t047883.

1751. WILT thou be made whole? or the virtues and efficacy of the water of Glastonbury ... - [London, Exeter and Oxford] : [s.n.] , [1751]. - *Dredge p.103 (Brit. Assoc. for Adv. Sci. Reports 1888, p.895).

1752. EDWARDS, Timothy. A paraphrase, with critical annotations, on the epistles of St. Paul to the Romans and Galatians. To which is prefixed, an analytical scheme of the whole. By Timothy Edwards, A.M. late vicar of Okehampton, Devon. Published by Manister Barnard, A.M. rector of Whitestone, Devon. - London : Printed by W.Bowyer, in White-Friers; and sold by S.Birt, Lockyer Davis, W.Shropshire [London], Mr. Thorn at Exeter, and Mr. Parkhouse at Tiverton, Devon , 1752. - xvi,175,[1]p ; 4°. - Includes subscription list. - *ESTC t117363; Dredge p.25; Plymouth Public Library L1036.

1752. GLASS, Thomas. Twelve commentaries on fevers. Explaining the method of curing these disorders, upon the principle of Hippocrates. By Tho. Glass, M.D. Translated by M.Peters. - London : Printed for S.Birt, and A.Tozer bookseller in Exeter , 1752. - [2],xvi,302p ; 8°. - Translation of: Commentarii duodecim de febribus. - *ESTC t096424.

1752. HUXHAM, John. Observationes de aëre et morbis epidemicis, ab anno M DCC XXVIII ad finem anni M DCC XXXVII, Plymuthi factae. His accedit opusculum de morbo colico Damnoniensi. Auctore Joanne Huxham, M.D.R.S.S. Editio secunda. - Londini : Impensis Joannis Hinton, ad Arma Regia, in vico dicto Newgate-Street; & ex officina Henrici Whitfeld, Plimuthi , 1752. - [4],xxx,161,[1],38,[6]p,plate ; 8°. - DUL 37780; *WSL; ESTC t128003.

1752. HUXHAM, John. Observationes de aëre et morbis epidemicis volumen alterum; ab anni nimirum initio 1738 ad exitum usque 1748: auctore Joanne Huxham, ... - Londini : Impensis Joannis Hinton; & ex officina Henrici Whitfeld, Plimuthi , 1752. - [2],xix,[1],208p ; 8°. - DUL 37780; *ESTC t128004.

1752. ORTON, Job. The christian's triumph over death. A sermon occasioned by the much-lamented death of the Reverend Philip Doddridge, D.D., and minister of the gospel at Northampton. Who died October 26, 1751, in the fiftieth year of his age. By Job Orton. - London : Printed and sold by J.Waugh, at the Turk's head in Lombard-Street, Mr. Tozer, at Exeter, Mr. Hotham, at York, Mr. Trail and Mr. Miller, at Edinburgh, and Mr. Barry, at Glasgow , 1752. - 42,[2]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.103; ESTC t004088.

1752. SOUTHCOMB, Lewis. The christian's peculiar character: or, universal love the truest mark of a christian and the principal expedient of enjoying true felicity, not only in this world, but also in the world to come. A sermon, preach'd at Trinity-Chapel, by Honiton House, in Southmolton, Devon, on January the 1st, being the first day of the new calculation, and the first year of the new-stile. By Lewis Southcomb, rector of Rose-Ash. ... - Sherborne : Printed and sold by R.Goadby; the booksellers of Exeter, Tiverton, and Barnstaple; Mr. Nankivell, in St. Austell; and Mr. Allison, in Falmouth , 1752. - 24p ; 4°. - *DRO 4131M/F19; ESTC t018054.

1752. WALROND, John. A discourse of ejaculatory prayer, recommending the duty and advantage of it in the Christian life. By John Walrond. The third edition, enlarged. - London : Printed for Aaron Tozer , 1752. - 36p ; 12°. - *ESTC t075021.

1753. An ATTEMPT to prove that a free and open trade between the kingdom of Ireland and all the ports of the southern coasts of England would be highly advantageous to both kingdoms: ... By a truly impartial hand. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice and sold by Aaron Tozer , 1753. - 44p ; 8°. - *ESTC t018179.

1753. ELWORTHY, John. The influences of the spirit, and their uses, consider'd: a sermon, preached at the visitation of the Right Rev. Father in God George, Lord Bishop of Exeter, held at Barnstaple, July the 9th, 1753. By John Elworthy, M.A. - Exon : Printed for Edward Score; and sold by Samuel Birt, in London, James Fletcher, in Oxford, and Benj. Matthews, in Bath , [1753?]. - 28p ; 8°. - *ESTC t037180; Plymouth Institution p.62.

1753. FORT, Francis. Gamaliel : a sermon preached in St. Peter's church in Tiverton, September the 6th, 1753. Being the annual meeting of the gentlemen educated at Blundell's School. By Fran. Fort, M.A., formerly of Sid. Suss. Coll. Camb. upon Blundell's foundation. - London : Printed for Samuel Birt in Ave Mary Lane, Philip Parkhouse in Tiverton, and sold by Edw. Score in Exon , 1753. - [4],31,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.118 (W.P.Hiern); ESTC t002052.

1753. KENNICOTT, Benjamin. The state of the printed Hebrew text of the Old Testament considered. A dissertation in two parts. By Benjamin Kennicott ... - Oxford : Printed at the Theatre: and sold by Mr. Clements and Mr Fletcher, in Oxford; Mr. Birt, Mess. Rivington, and Mr. Dodsley in London; Mr. Thurlbourn and Mr. Merril in Cambridge; Mr. Leake in Bath; and Mr. Score in Exeter , 1753-59. - 2 vol ; 8°. - *Dredge p.71 (E.Windeatt); ESTC t085734.

1753 The MURDER of farmer Harvey, his wife, son, and daughter at Brent near Plymouth. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , 1753. - 8°. - *Davidson supp. p.4n.

1753. SALMON, Thomas. The personal union of the divine and human nature in our blessed Lord & saviour Jesus Christ; and the benefits of it to mankind, and the comforts of a good conscience, and the torments of an evil one, in two sermons preached at Tavistock in Devon. By Thomas Salmon, LL.D. - London : Printed by Daniel Browne; and sold by S.Birt, L.Davis, R.Baldwin, Edward Score in Exeter, Elizabeth Smith in Plymouth, and Thomas Smith in Tavistock , 1753. - [4],19,[1]p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.48 (Mark Cann); ESTC t043887.

1753. SALTER, James. An exposition, or practical treatise on the church catechism of the Church of England. To which is annex'd the sacred rite of confirmation; shewing the necessity and expediency of it, and by whom it ought to be administer'd by apostolical authority, viz.: the principal governors of the church, the Right Reverend Fathers in God the Bishops. By James Salter, vicar of St. Mary-Church, in Devon. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, for the author; and sold by Edward Score, bookseller, in the High-street , 1753. - [8],191,[1]p ; 4°. -*Dredge p.104 (British Museum); ESTC t100173. - Dredge p.48 (Mark Cann) also reports a 12° edition with shorter title; Sheaf 6 p.341-2; Plymouth Public Library L3190.

1753. TOWGOOD, Micaiah. The baptism of infants, a reasonable service; founded upon scripture, and undoubted apostolic tradition: in which its moral purposes and use in religion are shewn. The second edition. - London : Printed and sold by J.Waugh; and A.Tozer in Exeter , 1753. - vi,[2],56,[2]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t094589.

1753. TOWGOOD, Micaiah. A dissent from the Church of England fully justified: and proved the genuine and just consequence of the allegiance due to Christ, the only lawgiver in the church. Being the dissenting gentleman's three letters and postscript, in answer to Mr. John White's on that subject. - London : Printed and sold by J.Waugh; and A.Tozer, at Exeter , 1753. - vi,294p ; 12°. - *ESTC t145312.

1753. WALKER, Samuel. A sermon preached at Truro in Cornwall at the funerall of a young man who was drowned as he was bathing on Sunday, June 3, 1753. By Samuel Walker, A.B. The second edition. - Falmouth : Printed by M.Allison; and sold by J.Painter in Truro; I.Head in Helstone; J.Mitchell in Penzance; R.Gray in Redruth; J.Nankivell in St. Austell; A.Tozer in Exon.; and R.Baldwin, jun. at the Rose in Paternoster row, London , 1753. - 16p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.25 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); Bodl. G pamph 2744(10); AUC 304W9.

1754. ALCOCK, Thomas. The law not made for a righteous man. An assise [sic] sermon preached in the cathedral-church of St. Peter, Exon, on Tuesday March 19. 1754. Published at the request of the high-sheriff, &c. By Thomas Alcock M.A. of Brase-Nose College, Oxford. - Oxford : Printed at the Theatre for Richard Clements; and sold by R.Baldwin at the Rose in Paternoster Row, London: and Theoph: Rhodes bookseller in Plymouth , 1754. - [2],30p ; ; 8°. - *Dredge p.81 (J.Brooking Rowe); ESTC t037610.

1754. BALLER, Joseph. Courage and faithfulness in the cause of Christ, and his gospel, recommended both to ministers and people : a sermon preach'd at Exon before the assembly of ministers on May the 8th, 1754. By Joseph Baller. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, in Northgate-street; and sold by A.Tozer, in the Fore Street, and C.Hett, in the Poultry, London , 1754. - 23,[1]p ; 8°. - *WSL.

1754. DEVON AND EXETER HOSPITAL. The state of the Devon and Exeter Hospital to Lady Day 1754 shewing the state of the patients and of the accounts for the year past and also from the foundation; with a list of the annual subscribers and other contributors and an abstract of the rules relating to the admission of patients. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , 1754. - *Burnet Morris (Stockdale collection. Original papers B).

1754. EXETER. Theatre. At the theatre in Exeter ... Thursday, July 18th ... the oratorio of Acis and Galatea ... ball at New Inn, Apollo ... - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice in Exon , [1754?]. - 1 sheet. - *Bodl. Gough Devon 24 (2).

1754. A PLAIN and effectual scheme for enabling the merchants of Exeter to take up whatever money they may want every Friday in the year, without paying any exchange. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1754. - Davidson p.26 (Bookseller's cat.).

1754. THORPE, Joseph. A new treatise of arithmetic: wherein vulgar and decimal fractions (especially the latter) are apply'd ... By Joseph Thorpe. - Exon : Printed (for the author) by Thomas Brice , 1754. - vx[i.e.xv],[13],254,[2]p ; 8°. - List of subscribers. - Dredge p.48 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); *ESTC t124553.

1755. ALCOCK, Thomas. The nature and obligation of oaths. An assise sermon preached in the cathedral-church of St. Peter, Exon, on Wednesday, Aug. 7. 1754. By Thomas Alcock M.A. of Brase-Nose College, Oxford. - Oxford : Printed at the Theatre for Richard Clements; and sold by R.Baldwin at the Rose in Pater-noster-Row, London; and Theoph. Rhodes bookseller in Plymouth , 1755. - [2],28p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC t039682.

1755. An ANSWER to a short essay on the scheme lately set on foot for lighting and keeping clean the streets of the city of Exeter, demonstrating the pernicious and fatal effects with which it would have been attended. - Exon : Printed for and sold by Edward Score bookseller in the Fore-Street , 1755. - 16p ; 8°. - *Davidson p.26; Bodl. Gough Devon 24 (4).

1755. The EXETER pocket journal or West Country gentleman's memorandum book (fairs, carriers etc), for 1755. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1755. - 8°. - *Burnet Morris.

1755. A SHORT essay on the scheme lately set on foot for lighting and keeping clean the streets of the city of Exeter, demonstrating the pernicious and fatal effects with which it would have been attended. - Exon : Printed by Thomas Brice; and sold by Aaron Tozer, bookseller, opposite St. Martin's Lane, High Street , 1755. - 16p ; 8°. - A humorous tract. - *Dredge p.25 (Devon and Exeter Institution); Davidson p.26; D&EI app. p.127.

1755. [UNSTAMPED NEWSPAPER]. - [Exeter] : [Printed by Thomas Brice] , [1755]. - No copies survive. Referred to by Andrew Brice. - Brushfield, T.N. "Andrew Brice and the early Exeter newspaper press," Transcactions of the Devonshire Association, vol. 20, 1888, p.199-200; Wiles.

1755. WALKER, Samuel. The christian being a course of practical sermons ... by Samuel Walker ... - London : Printed by J.Oliver and sold by William Owen, Edward Dilly; and by Barnabas Thorn at Exeter , 1755. - xv,[1],286,[2]p ; 12°. - *Dredge p.26 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t104552.

1756. ALCOCK, Thomas. A sermon on the late earthquakes, more particularly that at Lisbon; part whereof was preached December 31, 1755, and the other part February 4, 1756, in the parish church of St. Andrew, Plymouth: wherein the subject is considered both in a philosophical and religious light. By Thomas Alcock. M.A., of Braze-Nose College, Oxford. ... - Oxford : Printed at the Theatre for Richard Clements; and sold by R.Baldwin at the Rose in Pater-noster-Row, London; and Theoph. Rhodes, bookseller in Plymouth , 1756. - [2],42p ; 8°. Dredge p.115-6 (T.N.Brushfield); ESTC t001278.

1756. BORLASE, William. Observations on the ancient and present state of the Islands of Scilly, and their importance to the trade of Great-Britain. In a letter to the Reverend Charles Lyttleton, Ll.D. Dean of Exeter, and F.R.S. By William Borlase. M.A. F.R.S. - Oxford : Printed by W.Jackson. Sold by W.Sandby, in Fleetstreet, and R.Baldwin, in Pater-noster Row, London; Mess. Fletcher, Clements, and Parker, in Oxford; Mess. Leake and Frederick, at Bath; Mess. Score and Thorn at Exeter; and Mess. Jewell and Michell in Cornwall , 1756. - [4],140p,v plates : folded ill, folded map ; 4°. - *WSL; Bibliotheca Cornubiensia p.34; ESTC t144116.

1756. BRETLAND, Joseph. A second appendix to a sermon preached before an assembly of Protestant dissenting ministers. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1756. - *Plymouth Public Library L1063.

1756. The cHARTER of the borough of Plymouth and the case of Roch against Berry in the Queen's Bench 1712. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice in Northgate Street , 1756. - * Clamp (Plymouth Public Library).

1756. EXETER. Corporation. The oath of every person to be admitted into the freedom and liberties of the city of Exon. - Exeter : Andrew Brice in Northgate-stree [sic] , 1756. - 1 sheet. - WSL (P&D 7188).

1756. EXETER. Theatre. On Wednesday November the 17th 1756, at the Theatre, will be perform'd several select pieces of instrumental musick, as done at London at the rehearsal of a comedy, call'd, The inconstant; or the way to win him ... - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, in Northgate-street, Exon , [1756]. - 1 sheet ; _°. - *WSL.

1756. GIRRARD, J. Practical lectures on education, spiritual and temporal; extracted from the most eminent authors on that subject. Containing every particular requisite that concerns the education of a gentleman, and man of business: with proper advice in regard to the female sex; in order to cultivate the minds of youth with the love of virtue and learning; thereby to enable them to discharge properly that duty incumbent on them to their creator, their parents, and the world. Also, observations on a private and publick education; with some proper directions to the several teachers in the English and writing schools; which the editor, by long experience, is sensible cannot fail of raising in the minds of youth an emulation for learning. Necessary for all parents to have in their families. To which is annexed 32 pages of moral and entertaining sentences, in prose and verse; on virtue, religion, wisdom, learning, industry, frugality, honesty, &c., &c., &c., proper for youth either to transcribe, or study by way of evening task. By J.Girrard, W.M., &c., in Exeter. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, for the editor; and sold by Messrs. Score and Thorn, booksellers in Exeter; Mr. Gould, bookseller in Dorchester; John Trownson, bookseller in Totness; Thomas Tremlett, in Dartmouth; and James Michell, bookseller in Penzance , 1756. - [10],7-204p ; 8°. - *WSL; Dredge p.104-5; ESTC; t099921.

1756. HEATH, Thomas. An essay towards a new English version of the Book of Job from the original Hebrew, with a commentary and some account of his life. By Thomas Heath of Exeter. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1756. - 198p ; 4°. - *Burnet Morris.

1756. LAVINGTON, George. A sermon preached in the cathedral-church of Exeter on the general fast-day, February 6. 1756. By the Lord Bishop of Exeter. Published at the request of the Rt. Worshipful the Mayor, and chamber. - Exon : Printed for and sold by Edward Score, bookseller, over-against the Guildhall; and sold also by Barnabas Thorn, bookseller in St. Peters Church-yard; and Messrs. Knapton, booksellers, in Ludgate-street, London , [1756]. - [4],35,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.48 (A.Iredale); ESTC t001243; Plymouth Athenaeum p.94.

1756. SOME considerations on the lawfulness and expediency of frequenting the theatre, as it is at present circumstanced at Exeter. Addressed to the citizens of that city. - Exon : Printed by Thomas Brice, near Eastgate, 1756. - 6p ; 2°. - Attributed in manuscript to: Benjamin Heath. - *WSL; DUL 6610,34150; D&EI app. p.28.

1756. SOME remarks on the late conduct of our fleet in the Mediterranean. In a letter to a member of Parliament. By an Englishman. - Exon : printed by Andrew Brice, and sold by Aaron Tozer , 1756. - 44p ; 8°. - *ESTC t131691; Plymouth Public Library L1064.

1756. WALKER, Samuel. The christian being a course of practical sermons ... by Samuel Waker. Second ed. - London : Printed for W.Owen at Homer's head within Temple bar, E.Dilly at the Rose and Crown in the Poultry, and Barnabas Thorn at Exeter , 1756. - 12°. - *Dredge p.26 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia).

1757. A COLLECTION of psalms and hymns for divine worship ... - London : Printed and sold by J.Noon, at the White Hart, in Cheapside, near the Poultry; James Waugh at the Turk's-Head, Lombard-street; and Aaron Tozer, in Exeter , 1757. - 16,213,[1],8p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.26 (Hazlitt's notes, 345); ESTC t123824.

1757. IZACKE, Samuel. Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter. The third edition. - See under 1724.

1757. STOWFORD. Manor. [Notice of sale of manor of Stowford, alias East Harford and other lands of John Williams Esq. of Stowford in Harford and Ugborough, 30 Aug. 1757]. - [Exeter]`: [Andrew Brice, Northgate Street] , 1757. - 1 sheet. - West Devon Record Office 82/1 (original not seen).

1758. CARRINGTON, James. Benevolence the genuine characteristic of Christianity. A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the governors and contributors to the Devon and Exeter Hospital, at St. Peter's, Exon, on Tuesday, 29th of August, 1758. By James Carrington, M.A., Chancellor of the Diocese and Prebendary of the church of Exeer. - Exon : Printed for B.Thorn, and sold by L.Davis and C.Reymer in Holborn and P.Davey and B.Lear in Ave-Maria-Lane, London , 1758. iv,20+p. - *Plymouth Institution p.51; Bodl. G. pamph 2326 (12).

1758. COADE, George. A letter to the Right Honourable W.P., Esq; by an Englishman. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, and sold by Aaron Tozer , 1758. - 132p ; 8°. - W.P.=William Pitt. - *ESTC t018232.

1758. DYING speech of Thomas Smale, executed at Heavytree near Exeter, for the murder of John Harris of the Swan at Drew-Stenton. - Exeter : [s.n.] , [1758]. - 1/2°. - 1 sheet. - *Davidson p.205 (Bookseller's cat.).

1758. The LAST dying speeches and behaviour of five murderers, who were executed at Heavy-Tree gallows, near Exeter. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1758?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *Burnet Morris (Bookseller's catalogue).

1758. LILY, William. A supplement to the English introduction of Lily's grammar ... The fifth edition. - London : Printed for Edward Score, over-against the Guild-Hall in Exeter; and sold by M.Davey and B.Law in Ave Mary Lane, London , 1758. - *°. - *Dredge p.105 (T.N.Brushfield).

1758. MOORE, Anthony. An essay on the art of preaching, addressed to the clergy. By Anthony Moore, .. - Falmouth : Printed by M.Allison, for the author, and sold by Cave and Henry, London; J.Fletcher, in Oxford; J.Leake, at Bath; B.Thorn, at Exeter; J.Nankivel, at St. Austle; J.Mitchel, at Penzance; and by the men that carry the Sherborne paper , 1758. - vii,[1],59,[1]p ; 8°. - Verse. - ESTC t060300.

1758. PLYMOUTH Magazine: or, the universal intelligencer. Number I. For October 23, 1758. To be continued once a fortnight. Containing:- I. The freshest advices, both foreign and domestic, price of corn, &c. at Mark-Lane, London; Lloyd's list of ships taken by the English and French, stocks, lottery-tickets, bankrupts, and weekly bill of mortality. II. The fairing, a new song, as sung by Miss Stevenson, at Vauxhall. III. Friendship, a new song, as sung by Miss Formantle, at Ranelagh. IV. Life of the King of Prussia. V. Sixteen pages of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Enter'd in the Stamp-Office according to act of Parliament. - Plymouth : Printed by O.Adams; and sold by most booksellers in Devonshire and Cornwall , 1758. - 8°. - *Dredge p.81-2 (W.H.K.Wright).

1758. TOWGOOD, Micaiah. Britons invited to rejoice, and to thank God, for national blessings. A sermon preach'd at Exeter August the 27th, 1758, the Lord's-day after receiving the account of the taking of the islands of Cape-Breton and St. John. By Mic. Towgood. - [London] : Printed for J.Noon in the Poultry; and sold by Aaron Tozer, in Exeter , [1758]. - 30p ; 8°. - *ESTC t071286.

1759. BRICE, Andrew. The grand gazetteer, or topographic dictionary, both general and special, and antient as well as modern, &c. Being a succinct but comprehensive geographical description of the various countries of the habitable known world in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America; more especially of Great Britain and Ireland, and all the British settlements abroad, or where we have trade, commerce or correspondence. Shewing the situation, extent, and boundaries, of all the empires, kingdoms, republicks, provinces, cities, chief towns &c. with their several climates, soils, produces, animals, plants, minerals &c. the government, traffick, arts, manufactures, customs, manners, and religion, of the divers nations; and the vast many admirable (some of them stupendous) curiosities, both natural and artificial; the most remarkable events, accidents and revolutions, in all past ages; &c. &c. Aptly and requisitely interspers'd with many thousands of uncommon passages, strange occurrences, critical observations ( as well sacred as prophane) and proper relations; which most agreeably surprise and delightfully inform. Diligently extracted and as accurately as possible compiled from the most esteemed voyagars [sic], travellers, geographers, historians, criticks, &c. extant. A work in its form entirely new, very necessary for numbers, and serviceable to all degrees of readers - (not excepting the most learned, and with libraries best furnish'd) - readers not only of news-papers, magazines, &c. &c. &c. but of histories of former ages or the present, the classicks, and even the sacred writ itself; the antique articles being collected either from original authors or the best translators, and divers learned commentators on the Bible, &c. &c. By Andrew Brice of Exeter. - [Exeter] : Printed by and for the author, at his printing-house in Northgate-street, Exon , 1759. - 1446p ; 2°. - Originally issued in 44 monthly parts. - Sheets also issued in London in two volumes with the title: A universal geographical dictionary; or, grand gazetteer ... By Andrew Brice of Exeter. In two volumes. - London : Printed for, and sold by, J.Robinson and W.Johnston, in Ludgate-street; P.Davey and B.Law in Ave-Mary-Lane; and H.Woodgate and S.Brooks, in Pater-Noster Row , 1759. The London issue includes an engraved frontispiece and eight maps. - *Brushfield; Dredge p. 26 (Devon and Exeter Institution); WSL; ESTC t035796; Plymouth Public Library L1150; D&EI p.54; DUL 6580.

1759. DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT OF MILITIA. The manual exercise for the Devonshire Regiment of Militia. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1759. - 24p ; 4°. - *Burnet Morris.

1759. The EXETER pocket-journal; or, west-country gentleman and tradesman's memorandum-book for the year of our Lord 1760. - [Exeter]: Printed for and sold by B.Thorn, E.Score, A.Tozer, and W.Grigg, booksellers, in Exeter; and Messrs. Whitfield, Haydon, and Garden, booksellers, in Plymouth, [1759]. - Cornwall Record Office.

1759. HODGE, Matthew. [Advertisement]. - Sherborne : R.Goadby [for Matthew Hodge, bookseller, of Tiverton] , 1759. - 1 sheet. - *Dredge p. 85.

1759. HOGG, J. A sermon preached to a congregation of Protestant dissenters at Sidmouth in Devonshire on Thursday November 29 1759, being the day appointed for public thanksgiving. By J.Hogg. - London : Printed for James Buckland, Paternoster Row and Aaron Tozer at Exeter , [1759]. - 32p ; 8°. - Bodl. 100 bb 69 (5).

1759. HUXHAM, John. Observations on the air and epidemic diseases from the year MDCCXXVIII. to MDCCXXXVII. inclusive; made by Doctor Huxham, at Plymouth: together with a short dissertation on the Devonshire colic. Translated from the Latin original, and now published with the Doctor's approbation. ... - London : Printed for J.Hinton, at the King's-Arms in Newgate-Street, and Henry Whitfeld, in Plymouth , 1759. - [4],xxxvii,[1],198,51,[13]p ; 8°. - *WSL; Dredge p.82 (Plymouth Free Lib.); Plymouth Public Library L1125; DUL 37790.

1759. PLYMOUTH gazette. - [Plymouth] : [O.Adams] , [1759-60?]. - Discontinued by 14 Jan. 1760, no copies found. - Wiles 117-8.

1759. WEBBER, Francis. A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the governors and contributors to the Devon and Exeter Hospital, at St. Peter's, Exon, on Tuesday the 28th of August, 1759. Published for the benefit of the hospital. By Francis Webber, D.D., Dean of Hereford and rector of Exeter College. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, in North-gate-street: and sold by Edward Score over-against the Guildhall , 1759. - 33,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.105; ESTC t002611; Sheaves 5 p.592.