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22 December 2006

Devon 1740-1749

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1740-1749

1740. An ACCOUNT of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, which is proposed to be erected on the plan of the county hospital at Winchester ... - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1740?]. - 4p ; 2°. - *WSL.

1740. HAM, Henry. To the Right Reverend Father in God, Stephen, by divine permission, Lord-Bishop of Exon. The humble petition of Henry Ham, of the parish of Bereferris, in the county of Devon. - Exon : Printed by Edward Farley , 1740. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Petition for grant of licence for collection consequent on his loss of £255/10/- by fire on 11 April 1739 . - *DRO Q/S; Burnet Morris (Exeter Cathedral).

1740. HEATH, Benjamin. An essay towards a demonstrative proof of the divine existence, unity and attributes. To which is premised a short defence of the argument called a priori. By Benjamin Heath, Esq. ... - London : Printed for S.Birt, at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary-Lane; and sold by E.Score, and N.Thorn in Exeter , 1740. - iv,75,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.23; ESTC t055143.

1740. JOHNSON, Samuel. The eucharistical service: or, the nature of the Lord's supper explained. ... By Samuel Johnson, A.M. vicar of Great Torrington, Devon. - London : Printed for Charles Rivington at the Bible and Crown in St Paul's Churchyard; and sold by Nathaniel Thorne, bookseller in St Peter's Churchyard Exon , 1740. - viii,86+p ; 8°. - *ESTC t065808 (lacks all after p.86); Bodl. G.pamph 2744 (8).

1740. JOHNSON, Samuel. Thirty-six select discourses doctrinal and practical; upon the most important points of the Christian religion. In two volumes. By Samuel Johnson ... - London : Printed for C.Rivington. And sold by N.Thorne, Exeter , 1740. - 2v ; 8°. - *ESTC t116683; Plymouth Public Library L3719.

1740. LILY, William. A supplement to the English introduction of Lily's grammar: ... The whole from Lily's Latin grammar published at Oxford: ... For the use of the school in Exon, ... The fourth edition. - London : printed for Edward Score in Exeter; and sold by Sam. Birt, London , 1740. - xxxii,158,[2]p ; 8°. - Adapted by John Reynolds. - *ESTC t114961.

1740. RICHARDS, John. Cask-guaging perfected: containing a short, easy, and demonstrative method for ullaging of casks, which lye with their axes parallel to the horizon: with tables for that purpose. Wherein divers errors and false conclusions, arising by the methods commonly practised in cask guaging, was detected. By John Richards, of Exon. - Exon : Printed for the author, by Andrew Brice, in Gandy's Lane , 1740. - [2],85,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.103 (T.N.Brushfield).

1740. SIMONS, William. A treatise concerning the nature and advantages of the publick worship of God ... By William Simons, vicar of Otterton in the county of Devon. - London : Printed for the author: and sold by S.Birt at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary-Lane; and E.Score in Exeter , 1740. - 8°. - *Dredge p.23; Plymouth Public Library L1044.

1740. SOME considerations on the project for a further limitation of the number of place-men in the House of Commons. Humbly offer'd to the publick, but particularly drawn up for the perusal of my fellow citizens. By a freeholder of the city of Exon. - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, in Gandy's-Lane, Exon , 1740. - 16p ; 8°. - *D&EI; DUL 27845; Burnet Morris; Plymouth Public Library L1066.

1740. TREVANION, Hugh. A sermon preach'd at the assizes at Exeter August the 7th, 1740, before the Honourable Mr. Justice Chapple and Mr. Baron Wright. By Hugh Trevanion, vicar of West-Alvington, in the county of Devon, and chaplain to the Right Honourable John Earl of Orrery. Publish'd at the request of the High Sheriff and the grand jury. - Exon : Printed by A.Brice, in Gandy's Lane, for Jos. Drew, bookseller in the High-Street , 1740. - 4°. - *Dredge p.46; Plymouth Athenaeum p.94.

1741. CLARKE, Alured. A letter to the clergy of the county of Devon respecting the Devon and Exeter Hospital. By the Rev. Alured Clarke, chairman of the Court of Governors. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , 1741. - Dated: Exeter Sept. 24 1741. - Davidson p.25 (Upcott's bibliographical collections).

1741. CLARKE, Alured. A sermon preached before the trustees of the charity schools at the cathedral church of Exeter Oct. 13. 1741. By Alured Clarke, D.D. Dean of Exeter. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice for Edward Score, bookseller in Exeter, J. and P.Knapton, in Ludgate-Street, and Sam. Birt, in Ave-Mary-Lane, London , 1741. - 24p ; 4°. - Dredge p.47 (A.Iredale); *WSL; ESTC; Plymouth Institution p.50; DUL 11850.

1741. DOMETT, Philobeth. A sermon preach'd in Heywicke chapel, in Newton-Bushel, Devon; at a visitation held there, by the Reverend George Baker, M.A. archdeacon of Totness, on May the 13th, 1740. By Philobeth Domett, vicar of Bovy-Tracy. - Sherborne : Printed by William Bettinson; and sold by E.Score, bookseller in Exon , 1741. - 32p ; 8°. - *WSL; DUL 21510.

1741. FARLEY'S Exeter weekly journal. - Printed by Felix Farley, next door to Kittoe's Coffee-house in St Peters Church-Yard , [1741]. - Published 1 May 1741?-11 Dec. 1741-? Details from no. 33 11 Dec. 1741. - *Wiles 50.

1741. FISHER, John. Sermons on several subjects. By John Fisher, A.M. late vicar of St. Lawrence in the city of Exon; and of Colyton in the county of Devon. - Sherborne : Printed by William Bettinson; and sold by E.Score at Exeter , 1741. - [16],3-318[i.e.326]p ; 8°. - List of subscribers. - Dredge p.102; *WSL; ESTC t095729.

1741. IZACKE, Samuel. Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter; ... Third edition. - 1741. - See under 1724.

1741. KNAPP, William. A sett of new psalm-tunes and anthems, in four parts: on various occasions ... By William Knapp. The second edition corrected, with an additional number of several new anthems and psalm-tunes by the author, ... - London : Printed by J.Leake, for the author; and sold by Messers. Ward and Chandler at the Ship just without Temple-Bar, London; Mr. William Norris in Taunton; Mr. Ben. Collins in Salisbury, Mr. Joshua Cole in Sherborne, Mr. John Newbury in Reading, Mr. Edward Lee in Exeter, by most booksellers in the country; and by the author in Poole, ... , 1741. - First pubished 1738. - *Roscoe A286(1).

1742. BARON, Peter. A sermon preach'd in Exeter August the 24th, 1742. Being Bartholomew-day. Publish'd at the desire of some that heard it. By Peter Baron. With some enlargements. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, for Aaron Tozer, bookseller, in the High-Street ,1742. - 23,[1]p ; 8°. - Dredge p.102 (Dr. William's); *WSL.

1742. DEVON AND EXETER HOSPITAL. Statutes and constitution of the Devon and Exeter Hospital at Exeter with the rules and orders for the government and conduct of the house &c. - [Exeter] : Printed in the year , 1742. - 27,[5]p ; 4°. - *Burnet Morris (D&EI Tracts v. 158).

1742. DREW, Joseph. A catalogue of valuable books in divers faculties and languages ... for sale 1 November. - Exeter : Joseph Drew, Gandy's Lane , 1742. - Cambridge University Library, Munby coll. d.160. - *Munby-Coral.

1742. HALS, William. [The compleat history of Cornwall. Part ii. Being the parochial history.] - [Truro?] : [A.Brice] , [1742?]. - 160p ; 2°. - Wrapper to number 1 has title: Number I of the weekly publication of four full sheets (now printing at Truro) of the compleat history of Cornwal, general and parochial: written by William Hals. At foot: N.B. We begin the publication with the second part of the work, ... because ... first part not yet completed. The first part was never published. - *Dredge p.24 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t101677 (dated [1750?]); Bodl. GA Cornwall c.1.

1742. JAMES, Nicholas. Poems on several occasions. By Nicholas James. - Truro : Printed by Andrew Brice , 1742. - [12],148p ; 8°. - A list of subscribers names, &c. p.127-148. - *WSL; Plymouth Public Library L4754 (Exeter imprint).

1742. JOHNSON, Samuel. An explanation of scripture prophecies, both typical and literal. In two volumes ... By Samuel Johnson, A.M. vicar of Great Torrington, Devon. - Reading : Printed and sold by J.Newbery and C.Micklewright. Also by S.Birt, W.Parker, L.Gilliver, and J.Rivington in London; by the booksellers of Oxford and Cambridge: Mr. Score and Mr. Thorne at Exeter; Mr. Leake at Bath; and Mr. Warne at Chippenham , 1742. - 2v ; 8°. - *Dredge p.23; ESTC t115297; Roscoe A277; DUL 39175.

1743. The CONFLAGRATION. A poem on the late dreadful fire at Crediton, August the 14th, 1743. Address'd to a friend. - Exon : Printed by E.Farley, for Aaron Tozer, bookseller , [1743]. - 14p ; 4°. - *WSL; Davidson supp. p.25n (Comerford sale 1881); DUL 13410.

1743. HOLE, William. A sermon preached in the parish-church of Werrington, Devon, at the consecration of that church, on Wednesday, Septemb. 7, 1743. By William Hole, M.A. fellow of Exeter College in Oxford, and chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Exeter. Published by order of His Lordship, and at the desire of some gentlemen who were present. - Oxford : Printed at the Theatre for James Fletcher in the Turl, and are to be sold by S.Birt and J.Rivington booksellers in London, and E.Score at Exeter , 1743. - [2],42,[2]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.23-4; ESTC t047916; Sheaf 6 p.336; DUL 35765.

1743. KENNICOTT, Benjamin. A poem on the recovery of the honble. Mrs. Eliz. Courtenay from her late dangerous illness ... - Exon : Printed by Andrew and Sarah Brice, at the sign of the Printing-Press, in Gandy's Lane , 1743. - [4],16p ; 2°. - Dredge p.102 (T.N.Brushfield); *WSL; DUL 40270.

1743. SIMONS, William. Sermons on several subjects. By William Simons, vicar of Otterton, in the county of Devon. - Exon : Printed by Andrew and Sarah Brice, in Gandy's-Lane , 1743. - [8],400p ; 8°. - List of subscribers. - *Dredge p.70.

1743. SLEECH, John. A sermon preach'd before the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter and the governors of the Devon and Exeter Hospital for the sick and lame, in the cathedral-church of St. Peter, Exon, on Saturday the 27th day of August, the anniversary of the foundation of the said hospital. By John Sleech, M.A. Archdeacon of Cornwall. - Exon : Printed by A. and S. Brice, and sold (for the benefit of the Hospital) by Edward Score, Aaron Tozer, and B.Thorn, in Exeter , 1743. - [4],39,[1]p ; 4°. - *WSL. - Also recorded: The second edition, corrected. with imprint: Exon : Printed by A. and S.Brice, and sold (for the benefit of the Hospital) by Edward score, Aaron Tozer, and B.Thorn, in Exeter, and Sam. Birt in Ave-Mary-Lane, London , 1743. - *Dredge p.24; Davidson supp. p.56n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Institution p.51; DUL 66370.

1743. TOWGOOD, Micaiah. Afflictions improved : a sermon preach'd at Crediton in Devon, Aug. 21, 1743. Being the Lord's day after the dreadful fire, which consumed the greatest part of that large and populous town. To which is prefixed, a short account of that terrible conflagration. By Micaiah Towgood. - London : Printed for J.Noon, at the White Hart in the Poultry, and Aaron Tozer, bookseller in Exeter , 1743. - 40p ; 8°. - WSL*. - Also recorded: The second edition. - 1743. - 40p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.102 (T.N.Brushfield); ESTC t071285; DUL 72190.

1743. VOWLER, John. An essay for instructing children on various useful and uncommon subjects; being a collection of plain composures in verse, adapted to form and cultivate the minds of youth, and to improve them in knowledge, piety, and virtue. By an aged person, who takes a pleasure in conversing with and teaching children, and who aims at having his offspring well initiated in profitable knowledge. Recommended by the Rev. Dr. Doddridge. ... - Exon : Printed, for the author, by Andrew and Sarah Brice, in Gandy's Lane , 1743. - xvi,144p ; 8°. - Introductory preface signed: P.Doddridge. - The author's preface signed: John Vowler. Exon. January the 1st, anno 1742-3. Aetat. 75. - ESTC t033278; *Dredge p.47 (T.N.Brushfield).

1743. A WARNING piece to all clergymen, being an impartial account of the life character and last dying words of the Rev Peter Vine, vicar of Hartland, who was executed at Heavy-tree gallows in the county of Devon on Monday August the first 1743 for a rape and murder. - [London] : Exeter printed London reprinted , 1743. - 8p ; 8°. - Reprinted by H.De Forrest, New York 1744. - AUC 530V1.

1744. LAVINGTON, John. The sanctification of the Sabbath enforc'd from the consideration of its being the express command of God: in a sermon preach'd in Exon, November the 8th, 1743, on Deut. v. 12. By John Lavington, A.M. - Exon : Printed by Andr. and Sarah Brice; and sold by Richard Hett, bookseller, in the Poultry, London; and Aaron Tozer, bookseller, in Exon , 1744. - *Dredge p.47 (T.N.Brushfield).

1744. LAVINGTON, John. The sanctification of the Sabbath enforc'd from the consideration of its being the express command of God: in a sermon preach'd in Exon, November the 8th, 1743, on Deut. v. 12. By John Lavington, A.M. The second edition. ... - Exon : Printed by Andr. and Sarah Brice; and sold by R.Hett and J.Oswald, in London; and A.Tozer in Exon , 1744. - [2],42p ; 8°. - *ESTC t016210.

1744. SEGUIN, J. Illustrious ... unfortunate ... adventures ... heroes ... antiquity ... translated from J.Seguin. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1744. - 8°. - *AUC 2725H1, 72I1, 1477S3 (Cambridge University Library).

1744. WESLEY, John. A collection of moral and sacred poems from the most celebrated English authors. By John Wesley, M.A. fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. In 3 volumes. - Bristol : Printed and sold by Felix Farley; sold also by J.Wilson, in Wine-street: in London by T.Trye, near Grey's Inn Gate; H.Butler, near Bow Church, and at the Foundery, Upper Moor-Fields: in Exeter by Mr. Score, and Mr. Thorne , 1744. - 12°. - *Dredge p.70 (S.Drayton and Sons).

1745. A BRIEF account of the late persecution and barbarous usage of the Methodists at Exeter. Wherein the character of the rioters, their aiders and abettors are fully described, their reasons and prerensions fairly examined and fully refuted. By an impartial hand. - Exon : Printed by Andrew and Sarah Brice, for Aaron Tozer,bookseller, opposite to St Martin's Lane , 1745. - 42p ; 8°. - *Bodl. G. Pamph 2306 (11); Davidson p.100 (Upcott); Plymouth Institution p.44.

1745. A BRIEF account of the late persecution and barbarous usage of the Methodists at Exeter. By an impartial hand. - The second edition. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1745. - Davidson p.100 (Q.C., Secktor Lib.).

1745. CAREW, Bampfylde Moore. The life and adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew, the noted Devonshire stroller and dog-stealer; as related by hmself, during his passage to the plantations in America. Containing, a great variety of remarkable transactions in a vagrant course of life, which he followed for the pace of thirty years and upwards. - Exon : Printed by the Farleys, for Joseph Drew, bookseller, opposite Castle-Lane , 1745. - [2],v,[1],152p ; 8°. - Dredge p.47 (T.N.Brushfield); *WSL; Davidson p.143 (British Museum)..

1745. EXETER. Citizens. To the King's most excellent Majesty. We, the Mayor, Lord Bishop, aldermen and magistrates, dignitaries of the Cathedral, and other the clergy, gentlemen, merchants, and other inhabitants, of ... Exon, humbly beg leave to approach Your Majesty, with the following association, as our bounden duty and affection to Your majesty's royal person ... At the Guildhall of the city of Exon, the first day of October, one thousand seven hundred and forty five. - Exon : Printed by Andrew and Sarah Brice, in the High Street , [1745]. - 1°. - Single sheet giving list of signatories. - *WSL.

1745. STEPHENS, Lewis. A copy of the will of the Rev. Lewis Stephens, D.D., 14 November, 1745. - Exeter : [s.n.] , [1745?]. - Relates to the free school at Exeter. - Davidson p.199 (Secktor Lib.).

1745. WALROND, John. The character of a good minister. A sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. Mr. John Ball, who died May 6, 1745, in the 91st year of his age; preached at Honiton in the county of Devon, by John Walrond. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1745. - Davidson p.136 (W.); DUL 74990.

1746. A BRIEF account of the late persecution and barbarous usage of the Methodists at Exeter ... The third edition, corrected and amended. With a vindication. To which are prefixed some arguments to prove that Popery is a religion in its own nature more detestable .. than Mahometanism or pagan idolatry. By an impartial hand. - Exon : Printed by Andrew and Sarah Brice, at their new printing-office, in Northgate-street, for Aaron Tozer, bookseller, opposite to St. Martin's Lane , 1746. - 96p ; 4°. - DUL 6690; *WSL; ESTC t118981.

1746. The DISBANDED volunteers appeal to their fellow-citizens. - Exon : Printed, for the author, by Andrew and Sarah Brice , 1746. - [8],27,[1]p ; 8° - *ESTC t133080.

1746. An EXMOOR courtship; or a suitoring discourse in the Devonshire dialect and mode near the forest of Exmoor. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1746. - 4°. - Davidson p.3 (bookseller's catalogue).

1746. An EXMOOR scolding; in the propriety and decency of Exmoor language, between two sisters, Wilmot Moreman and Thomasin Moreman, as they were spinning. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1746. - 4°. - Published in Gentleman's magazine 1746 p.352-5. - Davidson p.3 (Bookseller's catalogue).

1746. An EXMOOR scolding: in the propriety and decency of Exmoor language between two sisters, Wilmot Moreman and Thomasin Moreman as they were spinning. The third edition. - Exon : printed and sold by Andrew and Sarah Brice at their new printing office in Northgate Street , 1746. - *Bodl. Gough Devon 20(15).

1746. GODWIN, Edward. Christian tales. Containing, I. The band. II. The test of self-righteousness. ... By E. Godwin. - Exon : Printed by Mark Farley , 1746. - 46,[2]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t098305; Foxon G209.

1746. PEPPERELL, William. An accurate journal and account of the proceedings of the New-England land-forces, during the late expedition against the French settlements on Cape Breton, to the time of the surrender of Louisbourg, ... With a computation of the French fishery on the banks of Newfoundland, Acadia, Cape Breton, and neighbouring shores, gulphs, harbours, &c., as it was carried on before the present war ... All sent over by General Pepperell himself, to his friend Capt. Hen. Stafford, at Exmouth, Devon. Printed from the original manuscript at the desire of Capt. Stafford, as well in justice to the General, as for the better information of the publick. - Exon : Printed by and for A. and S. Brice, in Northgate-street; and sold by M. Cooper in Pater-noster-row, London , 1746. - 40p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.103 (B.M.); ESTC t001959.

1746. ROBERTS, Daniel. Some memoirs of the life of John Roberts. Written by his son Daniel Roberts. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, at his printing-office in Northgate-street , 1746. - 48p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.47 (T.N.Brushfield); ESTC t049303.

1747. BRADFORD, John. Sermon ... cathedral ... Exeter ... publick thanksgiving. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1747. - 8°. - *AUC 3771B1.

1747. KENNICOTT, Benjamin. Two dissertations: the first on the tree of life in paradise, ... the second on the oblations of Cain and Abel. By Benjamin Kennicott of Wadham College. - Oxford : Printed at the Theatre for the author: and sold by Mr. Clements, in Oxford; Mr. Birt and Mess. Rivington, in London; Mr. Thurlbourn, in Cambridge; Mr. Leake, in Bath; and Mr. Score, in Exeter , 1747. - viii,[2],254p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.24; ESTC t052059. - Also published the same year: The second edition, with an appendix. - Same imprint, same pagination. - ESTC t067061.

1747. KIDDELL, John. The dignity of the ministerial character, and the means of supporting it: represented in a sermon preach'd before an assembly of ministers at Exon, on May the 6th, 1747. By John Kiddell. - London : Printed for Aaron Ward; and sold by Aaron Tozer in Exon , 1747. - [6],44p ; 8°. - *ESTC t090515.

1748. An ADDRESS to the gentlemen and others of the county of Devon. Octobr. 1748. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1748]. - 30p ; 8°. - Refers to the case of Henry Roberts, alleged lunatic. - *WSL; DUL 310.

1748. DAVIES, John. A practical grammar of the Latin tongue, comprising all the rules necessary ... By John Davies, master of Plympton school in the county of Devon. - Exon : Printed by A. Brice in Northgate Street , 1748. - 8°. - *Dredge p.24.

1748. DEVON AND EXETER HOSPITAL. The state of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, at Lady-Day 1748. - Exon : Printed by Joseph Drew, bookseller, near Eastgate , 1748. - [4]p ; 2°. - *WSL.

1748. A LETTER to Mr. Z-y M-ge, (being a vindication of his late ingenious sermon, preach'd at the primary visitation of G-e L-d B-p of E-r, and publish'd at the request of the B-p and C-y;) containing a full and distinct account of a controversy upon the said sermon, between the author and some dissenters; wherein the whole of their objections are fairly stated, their fallacious reasoning expos'd, and the book rescued from those unjust aspersions cast upon it. ... By a friend to the Hottentots. - Exon : Printed and sold by Joseph Drew, at his printing-office, near Eastgate , 1748. - 27,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.70 (Plymouth Free Lib.); ESTC t087572; Davidson p.100 (Jewitt's Lib.); Plymouth Institution p.66; Plymouth Public Library L1103.

1748. MUDGE, Zachariah. The nature and extent of church-authority. A sermon preach'd at St. Andrew's in Plymouth, July 21, 1748. At the primary visitation of George, Lord Bishop of Exeter, and published at the request of the Bishop and clergy. By Zach. Mudge, vicar of the said church, and prebendary of St. Peter's, in Exeter. - London : Printed for Sam. Birt; and Edw. Score at Exeter; and sold by Eliz. Smithurst and Sam Rhodes in Plymouth , 1748. - 30,[2]p : 4°. - *ESTC t039667; Plymouth Institution p.74.

1748. TOWGOOD, Micaiah. The dissenting gentleman's third and last letter to the Reverend Mr. White, in answer to his two defences of his three letters; in which his misrepresentations of the dissenters are further disproved. ... - London : Printed for J.Noon; and A.Tozer, in Exeter , 1738[i.e.1748]. - [4],95,[1]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t014851.

1749. DEVON AND EXETER HOSPITAL. The state of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, to Lady-Day 1749. - Exon : Printed by Joseph Drew, bookseller, near Eastgate , [1749]. - [4]p ; 2°. - *Dredge p.70 (S.Drayton & Sons).

1749. KENNICOTT, Benjamin. The duty of thanksgiving for peace in general, and the reasonableness of thanksgiving for our present peace. A sermon preach'd at St. Martin's in Oxford, before the Mayor and Corporation, on Tuesday, April 25, 1749. ... By Benjamin Kennicott, ... - London : Printed for S.Birt, and J. and J.Rivington, in London; R.Clements, in Oxford; J.Leake in Bath; and E.Score, in Exeter , 1749. - [4],iv,32p ; 8°. - *ESTC t002025.

1749. TOZER, Aaron. A blow at ... Reformation ... church ... universities ... schools ... - Exeter :[s.n.] , 1749. - 8°. - *AUC 2988B1.