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22 December 2006

Devon 1765-1769

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1765-1769

1765. ANDREW, John. The practice of inoculation impartially considered; its signal advantages fully proved; and the popular objections against it, confuted; in a letter to Sir Edward Wilmot, bart. By John Andrew, M.D. To which are added the sentiments of Dr. Huxham and several other very eminent physicians relative to the said practice, as communicated to the author. - Exeter : Printed and sold by John Spencer; and sold also by the booksellers in Exeter; and by Messrs. Wilson and Fell, London , [1765]. - [2],x,71,[1]p ; 8°. - Dated at end: June 17, 1765. - *Dredge p.50 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); Davidson supp. p.21 (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Institution p.87; ESTC t009239.

1765. The ANTIENT history and description of the city of Exeter; containing, the antient history, &c. of the city; together with an account of the sundry assaults given thereto from time to time, and the sieges it has sustain'd, viz. by the Romans under Vespasian, A.D. 49; - by Penda, King of Mercia, in 632; - by the Danes in 858, 877, 1001 and 1004; - by William the Conqueror, in 1068; by the Earls of Devon 1137, and 1378; - in 1469, during the civil wars between the houses of York and Lancaster; by Perkin Warbeck in 1497; - by the rebels of Devonshire and Cornwall in 1549. &c. &c. Also a curious account of the antiquity, foundation, and building of St. Peter's cathedral church, with a catalogue of all the bishops of Tawton, Crediton, and Exeter, and authentic memoirs of their lives; to which is added the offices and duties (as of old) of the sworn officers of the city. Compiled and digested from the works of Hooker, Izacke, and others. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall: by whom all manner of printing-work is neatly and expeditiously performed on the most reasonable terms , [1765]. - [2],323,[1]p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC t131486; Dredge p.28 (D&EI); Davidson p.26; D&EI p.111; DUL36180. - Variant imprint: Exeter : Printed by and for Andrews and Trewman, behind the Guildhall , 1765.

1765. BASTARD, Thomas. A monody to the memory of my much endeared brother in Christ, the reverend and pious Mr. John Cennick, who fell asleep in Jesus, on Friday the 4th of July, 1755. By Mr. Thomas Bastard, ... - Exeter : Printed by John Spencer , 1765. - 8p ; 8°. - *ESTC t089357.

1765. COFFIN, Edmund. At Edmund Coffin's, statuary, and ornamental carver in wood and stone, without Southgate, Exeter, is manufactured and sold, all sizes of the best plate glass ... - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , [1765?]. - *BL 1879.b.6(33).

1765. EXETER. Dean and Chapter. To be leased, for a term of 21 years, by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, the tything garb, or rectorial tythes of Widycombe, otherwise Withecombe, in the Moor, in the county of Devon, ... For which purpose a survey will be held ... on Tuesday the 28th day of January, 1766 ... - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, in the High-street , [1765]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *WSL.

1765. EXETER. Theatre. On Wednesday, October 9, 1765, at the Theatre, will be presented, by the Exeter Company, a comedy, call'd The wonder: a woman keeps a secret. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, opposite to St. Stephen's church door, in the High-street , [1765]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1765. EXETER. Theatre. On Wednesday, October 16, 1765, at the Theatre, will be presented, by the Exeter Company, a tragedy, (not acted here these ten years) call'd Zara, written by Aaron Hill, Esq; .. - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, opposite to St. Stephen's church door, in the High-street , [1765]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1765. EXETER. Theatre. The last time of performing it this season. On Monday, October 21, 1765, at the Theatre, will be presented a new comic opera, call'd Love in a village. - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, opposite to St. Stephen's church door, in the High-street, Exon , [1765]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1765. EXETER. Theatre. Not acted here these eight years. On Wednesday, October 23, 1765, at the Theatre, will be presented by the Exeter Company, a tragedy, call'd The distress'd mother, written by Ambrose Phillips, Esq; ... - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, opposite to St. Staphen's church door, in the High-street, Exon , [1765]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1765. EXETER. Theatre. Never acted here. On Wednesday, October 30, 1765, at the Theatre will be presented, by the Exeter Company, a new comic opera, call'd The maid of the mill. - [Exeter] : Printed by Andrew Brice, opposite to St. Stephen's church door in the High-street , [1765]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1765. EXETER. Theatre. By desire of the Rt. Hon. Viscountess Courtenay. On Tuesday, November 19th, 1765, at the Theatre, will be presented a comedy, call'd The conscious lovers. (Written by Sir Richard Steele.) - [Exeter] : [Andrew Brice?] , [1765]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1765. HARRISON, Richard. The wisdom and righteousness of the divine providence illustrated from the character of Job. In a sermon preached at Honiton, the 25th. day of August, 1765. Being the first Sunday after the late dreadful fire. By Richard Harrison. - Exeter : Printed and sold by John Spencer, in Fore Street; sold also by E.Score, B.Thorn, A.Tozer, and W.Grigg, in Exeter; A.Brown, in Honiton; M.Anderton, in Taunton; and J.Buckland, in Pater-noster-Row, London , [1765]. [2],21,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.50 (D&EI); ESTC t052584; DUL 33285.

1765. HOOKER, John. The antique description and account of the city of Exeter : in three parts. ... All written purely by John Vowell, alias Hoker, Gent. ... - Exon : Now first printed together by Andrew Brice, in Northgate-street , 1765. - [8],192p ; 4°. - List of subscribers. - *WSL; Dredge p.28; Davidson p.26; ESTC t138609; Plymouth Public Library L231; D&EI p.109; DUL 36180.

1765. The LIFE and death of Philip Henry. - 4th edition. - Salop : printed by J.Cotton and J.Eddowes for J.Buckland and T.Longman, in Paternoster Row, London, and sold by W.Grigg, in Exeter , 1765. - *Dredge p.28 (M.H.Lee).

1765. OBSERVATIONS on the state of the dispute between a physician and an apothecary, concerning a prescription of Sydenham. In which a vindication of this author's character, as a scholar, is attempted and his method of curing the dysentery by injections of milk and Venice treacle, is confirmed by facts and experience ... - London : Printed for W.Johnston; and B.Thorn, Exeter , 1765. - [2],29,[1]p ; 8°. - Signed at end: An Apothecary. - The physician = J.Andrew. - *Dredge p.51 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t054059.

1765. WIGHT, Robert. The force and influence of example, particularly with regard to the encouragement and support of public charities: a sermon preached at the cathedral church of St. Peter, Exon, on Tuesday the 27th of August, 1765, being the anniversary of the foundation of the Devon and Exeter Hospital. By Robert Wight, A.M. prebendary of the said church. Published at the request of the stewards and gentlemen then present. - Exeter : Printed by Andrew Brice; and sold by Barnabas Thorn and Edward Score bookseller, in Exon , 1765. - 23,[1]p ; 4°. - *WSL; Plymouth Athenaeum p.52; ESTC t040014; Plymouth Public Library L2896.

1766. GEACH, Francis. Medical and chirurgical observations on inflammations of the eyes; venereal disease; ulcers; and gunshot wounds. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1766. - Plymouth Public Library L3950.

1766. MUSGRAVE, William. Readiness to good works recommended and enforced. A sermon preach'd at the archidiaconal visitation of the Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter, held on Wednesday the 30th day of April, 1766, at the parish-church of St. Stephen, in the said city. By the Rev. William Musgrave, LL.D. rector of St. Laurence, Exon. The second edition. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice; and sold by Barnabas Thorn, Edward Score, and William Grigg, booksellers, in Exon , 1766. - 19,[1]p ; 4°. - *WSL.

1767. ALCOCK, Thomas. Cursory remarks on Dr. Baker's essay on the endemial colic of Devonshire. By Thomas Alcock M.A. vicar of Runcorn. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1767. - Davidson p.115 (U.C., B.C.); DUL 560.

1767. An ANSWER to Dr. Baker's essay concerning the cause of the endemial colic of Devonshire, wherein the cyder of that county is exculpated from the accusation brought against it by that gentleman. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , 1767. - 24p ; 8°. - Dedication signed: Danmoniensis [perhaps I. or J.Cornish]. - *WSL ; ESTC t129451; Davidson supp. p.20n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Public Library L3956; Plymouth Public Library L3956.

1767. A DESCRIPTION of the new west window in the cathedral church of Exeter. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1767?]. - 4p ; 2°. - Bodl. Gough Devon 20 (35); AUC 2307E2.

1767. GLASS, Thomas. A letter from Dr. Glass to Dr. Baker, on the means of procuring a distinct and favourable kind of small-pox. And on the use of cold air and cold water in putrid fevers. - London : Printed for W.Johnston, in Ludgate-Street; and B.Thorn, at Exeter , 1767. - [4],72p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC t037868; DUL 29880.

1767. GLASS, Thomas. A second letter from Dr. Glass to Dr. Baker, on certain methods of treating the small-pox, during the eruptive state. - London : Printed for W.Johnston, in Ludgate-Street; and B.Thorn, at Exeter , 1767. - [4],55,[1]p ; 8°. - Errata slip. - *WSL; ESTC 047302.

1767. HUXHAM, John. Observations on the air, and epidemic diseases, from the beginning of the year 1738, to the end of the tear 1748. Vol. II. By John Huxham, M.D. F.R.S. and now translated rom the original, by his son, John Corham Huxham, A.M. - London : Printed for J.Hinton, at the King's Arms in Pater-noster Row, and Henry Whitfeld, at Plymouth , 1767. - [2],xxix,276,[12]p ; 8°. - DUL 37790. - *WSL.

1767. A SELECT collection of masonic songs with several originals never before printed. To which is prefix'd a general charge to mason's: and a list of all the regular lodges in England. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , 1767. - 18°. - *Dredge p.71 (Wigan Free Library).

1767. TREMLETT, Richard. A case of great distress. Addressed to the charitable. - [Exeter?] : [Thorne?] , 1767. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - Ms note: Drawn up by Rd Tremlett. - *WSL.

1767. WARLTIRE, John. Analysis of a course of lectures in experimental philosophy; with a brief account of the most necessary instruments used in the course, ... By John Warltire, ... The fifth edition. - Exeter : Printed, for the author, by R.Trewman , 1767. 31,[1]p,plate ; 8°. - *ESTC t121209.

1768. The EXMOOR scolding; in the propriety and decency of Exmoor language, between two sisters, Wilmot Moreman and Thomasin Moreman, as they were spinning. Also an Exmoor courtship. The sixth edition. - Exon : Printed and sold by A.Brice and B.Thorn, opposite the Guildhall , MDCLXVIII [i.e. 1768]. - 47,[1]p ; 8°. - ESTC t136837; *WSL; Davidson p.4.

1768. HEATH, J. To the citizens of Exeter. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1768]. - 3,[1]p ; 2°. - On the Summary of a bill, for paving ... the city of Exeter. - *ESTC.t001346

1768. A SUMMARY of a bill, for paving, cleansing, and farther enlightening, the city of Exeter. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1768]. 7,[1]p ; 2°. - *ESTC t001347.

1769. ALCOCK, Thomas. The endemial colic of Devon, not caused by a solution of lead in the cyder. A particular reply is here given to Dr. Saunders's answer to cursory remarks; with some farther remarks on Dr. Baker's essay on that subject. By Thomas Alcock A.M. - Plymouth : Printed by R.Weatherley, for the author; and sold by R.Baldwin, in Pater-Noster-Row, London; R.Goadby in Sherborne; E.Score in Exeter; and J.Wallis, in Plymouth , [1769?]. - 141,[1]p ; 8°. - DUL 560; *WSL; Davidson p.115 (Upcott's bibliographical collections; Bookseller's cat.).

1769. EXETER. Corporation. The Mayor having had some proposals delivered to him for an alteration in the streets, from the bottom of St. David's Hill to the end of St. Paul's Street, or Waterbeer-Lane, or the Conduit, ... - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1769]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Dated at top: Exeter, January 2, 1769. - *DRO (Exeter City archives. Ancient letters L571).

1769. EXETER. Theatre. The second night. On Tuesday, January 24, 1769, at the Theatre, will be perform'd a concert of vocal and instrumental music, ... Between the parts of the above concert will be presented (gratis) a tragedy, call'd Cymbeline, King of Britain. (Written by Shakespeare) - [Exeter] : [A.Brice and B.Thorn?] , [1769]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1769. HEAD, Isaac. A confutation of the observations on free masonry, by an anonymous author of a pamphlet, entitled "Masonry the way to hell" ... By a member of the most ancient and honourable order of Free and Accepted Masons, I.Head, P.G.M.S. ... - Exeter : Printed (for the author) by A.Brice and B.Thorn; and sold by Messrs. Hawes, Clarke, and Collins, and Mr. Johnson, London; Mr. Goadby, Sherborne; [and one each in Ashburton, Plymouth, Launceston, Falmouth, Helstone, Penzance, Bideford, Exeter] and by the author, at St. Mary's Island, Scilly , 1769. - [2],ii,102p ; 8°. - Dredge p.29 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); *ESTC t125943.

1769. HUXHAM, John. Miscellaneous tracts of the late Dr. John Huxham, fellow of the Royal Society, London, and of the Royal College of Physicians at Edinburgh; formerly published in the Philosophical Transactions, and now taken from thence and published for the use of the publick, by his son J. Cor: Huxham, A.M. - Plymouth : Printed by R.Weatherley, and sold by R.Haydon, and H.Whitefield , 1769. - 78,[2]p ; 8°. - F.R.S. stamped in by hand after A.M.. - *WSL; Davidson p.115 (Bookseller's cat.); Plymouth Public Library L3990.

1769. MUSGRAVE, Samuel. Dr. Musgrave's reply to a letter published in the news-papers by the Chevalier D'Eon. ... - Plymouth : Printed by R.Weatherley, for the benefit of the charity-school , 1769. - 26p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.82 (Bodleian); Davidson p.182 (B., L.); ESTC t086153.

1769. The TRUE intention of Dr. Musgrave's address to the freeholders of Devonshire. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1769. - Attempts to prove Samuel Musgrave's involvement in conspiracy with the Chevalier d'Eon. - Davidson p.182 (Secktor Lib., J.R.S., L.); ESTC t085848 has imprint: London : Printed for Robinson and Roberts; and M.Hingeston , 1769.

1769. TURNER, John. A sermon, occasioned by the death of the Rev. Mr. John Rutter. Preached at Honiton, May 14, 1769. By John Turner. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, for Arthur Brown in Honiton; sold also by R.Baldwin, London; E.Score, in Exeter; R.Goadby, in Sherborne; J.Wallis, and R.Haydon, in Plymouth; J.Fursman, in Ashburton; M.Allison, in Falmouth; F.Murch, in Barnstaple; J.Trownson, and W.Cleave, in Totness , 1769. - [2],36p ; 8°. - *ESTC t027534; Davidson p.194 (Upcott's bibliographical collections).

1769. WILSON, Samuel. A scripture-manual: or a plain representation of the ordinances of baptism; designed for the use of all, who would answer with a good conscience towards God, and give a reason of their faith and practice, with meekness and fear. By the Rev. Samuel Wilson. - The third edition. To which are added An account of the Rev. Rutherford's convictions and exercises of mind respecting the invalidity of infant-baptism and the testimonies of learned paedobaptists. - Exeter : Printed by John Spencer in Fore-Street , 1769. - vi,42p ; 8°. - Bodl. G.Pamph. 1086 (5); AUC 2541W18.