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27 April 2017

London 1775-1800: W-Z

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names F

London. WACE, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. 49, Newgate Street 1789L-1792K. Trading: as Bowles and Wace. D. Apr. 1792. Free Sta. Co redemption 1 Jul 1788, livery 5 Jul 1788. Partner of James Bowles q.v. Musgrave; McKenzie.

London. WADE, J. 1775/1800. Bookseller. near Grays Inn 1786. Publ. cat. 1786. Nichols iii, 665.

London. WADE, John. 1775/1800. Printer, bookseller and stationer. 163, Fleet Street 1784B-1799H. 1778-80 2 apps., 2 premiums average £18. Premises described as medicine warehouse from 1790U. Prob. moved to 13, Old Bond Street 1801P. Howe; Todd.

London. WADHAM, John. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. Bethnal Green 1799H.

London. WAGSTAFF, George I. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Brick Lane, Spitalfields 1766-83. D. 1784. Publ. cats. 1766-83. Specialised in black letter books. Son George II. BM Book sales; information from descendant.

London. WAGSTAFF, George II. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 16, Brown's Lane, Spitalfields 1802H, 1817U; 16, Brick Lane 1811H. Son of George I. Son James Wagstaff, watchmaker at 16, Brown's lane 1826R. Information from descendant.

London. WAIDE, James. 1775/1800. Printseller. Star Alley, Fenchurch Street 1792U.

London. WAKE, Kidd. 1775/1800. Printer. 66, Old Bailey 1801-1802H; 1, Cow Lane 1802; 15, Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close 1804; 10, Little Carter Lane, Doctors' Commons 1806. D. 15 Mar. 1807. Accused of insulting behaviour towards King 8 May 1796. Sentenced to five years hard labour in Gloucester gaol and to be pilloried. Registered presses 1801, 1802, 1804, 1806. Partner Charles Stower 1806. Run over by carriage in St. Paul's Churchyard and killed. Timperley 792.

London. WAKELIN, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. Charlotte Row, Walbrook 1785B-1790U; no. 4 1785B.

London. WAKELING, Edward. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Shoemaker Row 1786-88; Tower of London 1788; Swan Street, Minories 1802-1805H. S. of James W. of Swithin Lane, wheelwright. App. Robert Black £40 4 Aug. 1772, free Sta. Co. 3 Apr. 1787, 1786-1802 4 apps. Joined Trade Society 1809. Howe.

London. WAKELING, Samuel. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Lovell's Court 1790-91; Old Change 1792; Paternoster Row 1792. S. of Edmund W. of Saffron Waldon, mailmaker, decd. App. Joseph Demonseau 4 Feb. 1783, free and livery Sta. Co. 7 Sept. 1790. In America 1793-1822. Brother William. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WAKELING, William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars 1786-88; no. 25 1790U; Oxford Arms Passage 1797. S. of Edmund W. of Goodman's Fields mailmaker. App. Thomas Pimlow 2 Feb. 1773, free Sta. Co. 2 Mar. 1780, 1786-97 3 apps. Joined Trade Committee 1798. Widow Elizabeth continued business at 2, St. Andrew's Hill 1805H-1813, from 1809H in partnership with William Penny (app. William Wakeling 1797) who succ. to the business. Brother Samuel. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WALDRON, Francis Godolphin. 1775/1800. Bookseller. St. Clement's 1787. Actor at Drury Lane theatre in time of Garrick. Also manager at Windsor, Richmond and other provincial theatres. At one time carried on business of bookseller. Bankrupt 17 Mar. 1787, cert. 21 July 1787. Also author of dramatic pieces. Retired by 1814. Nichols ii, 209, 665, vi, 423-25, viii, 136.

London. WALKDEN and DARBY. 1775/1800. Stationers and inkmakers. see John Walkden.

London. WALKDEN, John. 1775/1800. Stationer, inkmaker and quill dealer. 113, Lower Thames Street 1767K; 7, the Bell, Borough 1768K-1771K; 13, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1772L-1780K; 5, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street 1781L-1826R. trading: alone 1767K-1785P; as Walkden and Darby 1786K-1818P; as Walkden, Darby and Terry 1819P-1826R. S. of Richard W., stationer q.v.; d. 14 June 1808, Old Windsor. App father Richard 6 Feb 1759, free Sta. Co. and livery 4 Mar 1766, 1768-88 3 apps. Succ. his father in a long-lived and extensive trade especially in quills and a beautiful black ink known as the British Ink Powder and acquired a considerable fortune. He was fond of Handel's music of which he possessed enough for a six days sale. At his house in Highbury Place he built an extensive music room in which he placed a bust of Handel over an excellent organ. He also owned a house at Old Windsor. City Polls 1781: C, 1784: A. Trade Card Heal Collection. Plomer; Nichols iii, 739; Timperley 832; McKenzie.

London. WALKDEN, Richard. 1775/1800. Stationer and inkmaker. Bell, near St. Magnus Church, London Bridge 1735-1759K; Lower Thames Street 1761K-1765K. Son of Charles cit & stat. D. 17 May 1780. App. mother Elizabeth 1 Sep 1724, free Sta. Co. 5 Feb 1734, livery 1 Feb 1737, renter warden 1746, under warden 1772, upper warden 1773. Famous for his ink powder. Issued trade card 1754. Succ. by son John q.v. Plomer; Musgrave; McKenzie.

London. WALKER and HOOD. 1775/1800. vellum binders. Water Lane, Fleet Street 1785B; no. 8 1789A-1790A. See also William Walker and William Hood. Ramsden.

London. WALKER. 1775/1800. Printer. 6, Bolt Court, Fleet Street 1785P. Howe; Todd.

London. WALKER, Anthony. 1775/1800. Etcher and engraver. Great Kirby Street 1750s ; corn. Nevils Court, Fetter Lane 1763M. History and architecture designer and engraver 1763M. Born at Thirsk, Yorkshire, and bap. 19 Mar 1726, the son of John Walker (died 1763), an exciseman, sixth son in a family of ten children ; married Mary ; died 9 May 1765, Kensington, buried in the parish churchyard. Administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Mary Walker. App. John Tinney, cit. and goldsmith, engraver and printseller, 2 May 1740, free Goldsmiths Co. 5 April 1753. During this period he also studied at the St Martin's Lane Academy. Apprentices include: Joseph Ryland, Thomas Cook, and Joseph Collyer. One of the most gifted engravers of the period, known for topographical views, religious and genre subjects, portraits, and book illustrations. Individual plates were exhibited at the Society of Artists from 1760 onwards, and he produced a number of fine large-scale prints for the publisher John Boydell, sometimes in collaboration with William Woollett. The best of these are ‘The Angel departing from Tobit and his Family,’ after Rembrandt; ‘The Country Attorney and his Clients,’ from a picture attributed to Holbein; ‘Dentatus refusing the Presents of the Samnites,’ after P. da Cortona; and ‘Law’ and ‘Medicine,’ a pair, after A. van Ostade. These were exhibited with the Incorporated Society of Artists in 1763–5. Walker engraved the figures in Woollett's plate of ‘Niobe. Walker's technique was heavily reliant on etching rather than pure engraving which gave his work a fluidity of line but produced plates not capable of prolonged use, so his work is best judged from early impressions. Walker was an original artist, and he designed original frontispieces and illustrations of great verve and style. His illustrations for Tobias Smollett's The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, serialized in the British Magazine (1760–61), are believed to be the earliest magazine illustrations for any serialized novel. Horace Walpole, who admired his work, regretted his reluctance to tackle more ambitious subjects. Walker's reported response, that ‘he had got fame enough’ (Letters, 6.19), was considered ‘shameful’ by Walpole. ODNB

London. WALKER, Charles I. 1775/1800. Stationer. Coleman Street 1797. Son of Richard of Maidstone. App Caesar Ward 3 Dec 1782, free Sta. Co. 7 Oct 1794, livery 4 Nov 1794, 1797 1 app. McKenzie.

London. WALKER, Charles II. 1775/1800. Engraver and map maker. 47 Bernard St Russel Sq 1830 ; 37 Furnival Street, Holborn 1837? ; 3 Burleigh St Strand 1837 ; 9 Castle St Holborn 1841-50 ; 37 Castle St Holborn 1875. Trading as: John and Charles Walker. Son of John, engraver and map maker. After the death of John Walker an arrangement was made with Charles Walker, a younger brother of the deceased, who had once been in partnership with him, but had long retired from business, for the completion of the plates of the atlas of India actually in the hands of the engravers; but Mr. Charles Walker died very suddenly and unexpectedly, while the arrangement was under discussion. There was no other member of the family who was in a position to take his place, so the copper-plates and geographical materials were collected together and returned to the India Office. Dawson, Llwellyn Styles Memoirs of hydrography (1883-1885).

London. WALKER, Daniel. 1775/1800. Bookseller. prob. error for David Walker q.v.

London. WALKER, David. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 128, Holborn 1785B-1825P; 129, Lower Holborn 1791L; 288, Holborn 1792K-1795K; 188, Holborn 1798K-1800P. Trading: alone 1785B-1807P; as David and William Walker 1808P; as William Walker 1809H-1825P. Name given as Daniel Walker 1790U, 1802H. Publ. cats. 1786-88. Bankrupt 18 May 1805. Nichols iii, 688; BM Book sales.

London. WALKER, Elizabeth. 1775/1800. Printseller, carver and gilder. 7, Cornhill 1791K-1812P; 3, Sweetings Alley 1813P-1817U. Trading: as Elizabeth Walker and Co. 1791K-1792K; as Walker and Harris 1793K; alone 1794K; as Walker and Brackenbury 1795K; alone 1797K-1812P; as Walker and Knight 1811H-1817U. Succ. John Walker, succ. by Samuel Knight. See also John Harris.

London. WALKER, George. 1775/1800. Book and music seller, music publisher. 106, Great Portland Street c1795-1821; 17, Soho Square c1821-48; 9, Brook Street, Bond Street c1803-05; 105, Great Portland Street c1812-20; 64, Burlington Arcade c1820-30. Trading: alone c1795-1829; as George Walker and son c1829-48. Described as 'publisher of music at half price and warehouse for Hope's Hectic Pills' 1811H. Publ. cats. c1805-20. Partner with son George II who had previously worked in the Bedford Musical Repository. Humphries and Smith.

London. WALKER, J. 1775/1800. Printer. Old Boswell Court, St. Clement's c1795. Printed some titles for Charles Cooke's classics including Smollett's History of England c1795.

London. WALKER, James. 1775/1800. Engraver. 50, Frith Street, Soho 1780; 51, Great Portland Street 1780-82; 49, Upper Marylebone Street 1783-84; St. Petersberg 1784-1802; 8, Conway Street, Fitzroy Square 1803. B. 1748, s. of a captain in the merchant service; d. 1808? Pupil of Valentine Green. Earliest plate dated 2 July 1780. To Russia 1784 as engraver to Catherine II and later Alexander I. Returned with pension 1802. Plates apparently lost when ship foundered off Yarmouth on return. Produced numerous portraits and pictures after old masters mainly in mezzotint. Exhibited Society of Artists 1783. Plates and prints sold at Sothebys 29 Nov. 1822. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1429-39; Graves.

London. WALKER, John I. 1775/1800. Printseller and carver. 13, Parliament Street 1776-78; 28, Haymarket 1779; 148, Strand 1785-1788L; Cornhill 1789-1793L; no 1 1789; no. 7 1789L-1792L; New Bond Street 1789A-1793L; no. 106 1789A. Free Upholders' Co. redemption 1788. Partner with George Lynam 1789. Printseller to Prince of Wales 1789. Succ. by Elizabeth Walker. Imprints: Abbey: 1785: AT675. BM Satires 1776; J. C. Smith 167, 186, 201, 707, 787, 1438.

London. WALKER, John II. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 20, Paternoster Row 1781L-1782K; 44, Paternoster Row 1784B-1825P. Trading: alone 1781L-1814P; as Walker, Edwards and Reynolds 1815P; as Walker and Edwards 1816P-1817U alone 1818P-1825P. Free Musicians' Co. 3 May 1776, livery 6 May 1782. Previously traded as Fielding and Walker q.v. Published works of Peter Pindar 1794-97, Johnson's dictionary 1799. Publ. cats. 1778-96. Bankrupt 1782, cert. 27 May 1783. At one time auctioneer, in 1812 large wholesale bookseller and publisher. Stock sold by Leigh and Sotheby 27 Oct. 1808. Common Councillor Farringdon ward within 1806-17. Nichols iii, 666; BM Book-sales 1796, 1808.

London. WALKER, John III, engraver and printseller. 81, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square 1784 ; 16, Rosomon Street, Clerkenwell 1795-1802H. Only Son of William Walker, engraver q.v. Poss. app to: Taylor, Joseph, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, 1762, £20/00/00 (IR/1/23/052) though he probably learned his craft under his father, with whom he frequently worked in collaboration, finishing many of his father's plates. Sun insurance policy 496784 for £100 1784. Landscape engraver and draughtsman. Exhibited Royal Academy 1796-1800. Publ. The Copper-plate magazine, or Monthly cabinet of picturesque prints, consisting of sublime and interesting views in Great Britain and Ireland, beautifully engraved by the most eminent artists from the paintings and drawings of the first masters, vol. I-V, 1792-1802, Numb. I-Numb. CXXV. Printed for Harrison and Co. Pater-Noster Row. & J[ohn]. Walker, engraver. No. 16. Rosomans Street. Clerkenwell, [1792-1802] Editor and principal engraver: John Walker. Plates include great houses and significant architectural structures from various places in the British Isles. Each plate includes names of engraver and artist. This much esteemed compilation gave employment to the young J. M. W. Turner. Many plates reissued in The itinerant; a select collection of interesting and picturesque views, in Great Britain and Ireland: engraved from original paintings & drawings, by eminent artists in 1799 with 180 engravings by J. Walker and T. Greig after Turner, Girtin, Sandby, &c., each with descriptive letterpress text printed beneath. Also pubished Harrison’s British classicks. Vol. VI. Containing The connoisseur, The citizen of the world, and The Babler in 1794. ’The connoisseur,’ ’The citizen of the world’, and ’The babler’ have their own titlepages, which bear the imprint: "London: printed for Harrison and Co.", and are dated 1788, 1793 and 1794 respectively and plates are dated 1786. Originally issued in weekly numbers and collected with a general titlepage and preliminary matter. Imprint: Abbey: 1792-99: AS5. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves ; Redgrave's Dict. of Artists; Dodd's manuscript Hist. of English Engravers in British Museum (Addit. MS. 33407); Gent. Mag. 1793, i. 279.

London. WALKER, John IV. 1775/1800. Engraver and map maker. 24, Philip Lane, London Wall 1799H. Born c. 1755 ; died 26 July 1831. Four sons, John, Michael, Thomas, and Charles, all active in same field. Worked privately for Alexander Dalrymple, hydrographer to the East India Company in 1779, and through him became connected with the Admiralty in 1796, the year after the formation of the Hydrographic Office. Assistant Hydrographer to Captain Hurd, R.N., as well as to Sir Edward Parry. Took over as hydrographer in 1808. John Walker, under Mr. Croker, the secretary of the Admiralty, for some time conducted the scientific and technical portion of the duties of Hydrographer; the professional, or that which related to the connection between the Naval Surveying Officers and the Hydrographic Department, having, during the absence of Sir William Parry, fallen back almost into the same condition that they were found in by Captain Hurd when he succeeded Dalrymple in 1818. He left the Admiralty in 1831. When he died Sir Francis Beaufort (wind force scale) was appointed. His name also appears on the maps of Vincent's Nearchus, on that of Lett's Abyssinia, and on many others of that period. Sir Edward Parry immortalized the name of John Walker by attaching it to a lofty Cape, in the far north, well-known to many of the Arctic travellers of the old school. Dawson, Llwellyn Styles Memoirs of hydrography (1883-1885).

London. WALKER, John V. 1775/1800. Engraver. Charles Street, Marylebone 1799H ; 50, Charlotte Street, Portland Place 1800P-1802H. Perhaps the same as other John Walkers.

London. WALKER, John VI. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 81, Great Portland Street 1800P.

London. WALKER, John VII. 1775/1800. Engraver and map maker. 47 Bernard St Russell Square 1830 ; 37 Furnival Street, Holborn 1837? ; 3 Burleigh St Strand 1837 ; 9 Castle St Holborn 1841-50 ; 37 Castle St Holborn 1875. Trading as: John and Charles Walker. Born 1787, son of John, engraver and map maker ; died 19 Apr. 1873 in 86th year. John and Charles Walker were prolific engravers for other cartographers as well as for themselves and they published maps of India, the provinces, the Americas, the world and in their most important work, British Atlas, including 47 maps of the English and Welsh Counties. John succeeded Captain Horsburgh, as Hydrographer to the India Office in 1836. He was employed from 1825 by the East India Company to construct the India Atlas, which was designed to occupy 177 sheets at the scale of four miles to an inch, of which 84 were completed by him. According to Clements Markham in the second edition of his Memoir on the Indian Surveys engraving was Mr. John Walker's special work, "that his duties as a cartographer were admirably performed," and that there had always been the highest testimony to the accuracy and excellent style in which the numerous sheets of the Indian Atlas were produced. He was the depository of official traditions at the India Office, extending over half a century, and his well-stored memory frequently proved of great value to his successors. Just before his death he received a complimentary letter, which was addressed to him by order of the Secretary of State for India, on the value of his long and zealous services. He was in the employ of the East India Company and the India Office for 48 years. Of him, Colonel (now General) Walker, the" head of the Great Indian Trignometrical Survey, who had been deputed to make the necessary arrangements for the completion of the Indian Atlas, writes:—" He alone knew anything about the theoretical principles or the practical details of the system of projection on which the sheets of the Indian Atlas had been constructed hitherto." When his health broke down there was no one to take his place, consequently most of the new sheets had not yet been commenced, for he had not been able to construct the projections and put the materials together. On the other hand, the completion of the copper-plates, which were actually in the hands of the engravers, was progressing very slowly, for want of funds to pay the engravers. Mr. Walker had been in the habit of paying all the expenses of engraving from his private means in the first instance, and sending in bills to the India Office after the completion of the work; but for upwards of ten years he had not taken any steps even to reimburse himself for the large advances which he must have made, and hence the operations languished for want of funds. Dawson, Llwellyn Styles Memoirs of hydrography (1883-1885).

London. WALKER, Joseph. 1775/1800. Stationer. 20, Abchurch Lane 1776K-1779L; 8, Lawrence Pountney Lane 1780L-1781 L; Lombard Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

London. WALKER, Michael. 1775/1800. Engraver and map maker. Son of John, engraver and map maker ; died Feb. 1868. Employed at the Admiralty as chart draughtsman. An important official, well known to naval surveying officers over 30 years. He left the Admiralty shortly after Rear Admiral Washington's death in about the year 1864. Dawson, Llwellyn Styles Memoirs of hydrography (1883-1885).

London. WALKER, Samuel. 1775/1800. Quill dresser. 4, Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1799H.

London. WALKER, Thomas. 1775/1800. Pocket book maker. Ship Yard 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

London. WALKER, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver and map maker. Son of John, engraver and map maker ; died 10 May 1881, at an advanced age. Employed at the Admiralty as chart draughtsman. left the Admiralty in 1865. Dawson, Llwellyn Styles Memoirs of hydrography (1883-1885).

London. WALKER, William and Co. 1775/1800. Printing ink makers. Type Street, Finsbury 1800P.

London. WALKER, William. 1775/1800. Engraver. Fetter Lane 1771 ; Rosomon Street, Clerkenwell 1793. B. Nov. 1729 (bap. 4 Dec.), Thirsk, Yorkshire, the son of John Walker (d. 1763), an exciseman, the seventh son in a family of ten ; d. 18 Feb. 1793, Rosomon Street, Clerkenwell. App. to a dyer. Later taught engraving by older brother Anthony (1726-65) history and architecture engraver in London. For Boydell he executed a few large plates between 1766 and 1769. These include ‘Sir Balthasar Gerbier and his Family,’ after Van Dyck, 1766; ‘Diana and Calisto,’ after Le Moine, 1767; ‘The Power of Beauty,’ after P. Lauri, 1767; and ‘Lions at Play,’ after Rubens, 1769. His connection with Boydell ended when Walker returned a painting which he considered obscene. He excelled in his book-illustrations, which are very numerous, and was employed upon Sandby's ‘Views in England and Wales,’ Throsby's ‘Views in Leicestershire,’ and Harrison's ‘Classics.’ Engraved for 'Copper Plate Magazine'. Walker devised the practice of re-biting, of which Woollett made great use and continually expressed his gratitude. On 20 Feb. identifying himself as "an engraver in Fetter-lane" he was a character witness in a murder case: "I have known Paris three or four years; he has a general good character: I never saw him quarrelsome, or in liquor, all the time I have known him." He was "noted for his serene temperament and his happy marriage of 34 years. His final years were spent in seclusion. Son John, engraver q.v. Imprint: Abbey: 1792-98: AS5. ODNB; Thieme and Becker; Musgrave ; Alexander, David, '"Alone worth treble the price": Illustrations in Eighteenth century English Magazines', in A Millennium of the Book: Production, Design and Illustration in Manuscript and Print before 1800, eds. Myers, Robin & Harris, Michael (Winchester, 1994), pp107-133.

London. WALKER, William II. 1775/1800. vellum binder. Water Lane, Fleet Street 1783; Plough Court, Fetter Lane 1785; no. 25 1787-1790U; Boswell Court 1792; Castle Street, Long Acre 1794-1796. Poss. s. of Edward W. of Tower Hill, cabinet maker. App. Robert Gyfford of Tower Street stationer 6 Feb. 1770, free Sta. Co. 4 Mar. 1777, livery 8 Apr. 1777, 1783-94 4 apps. See also Walker and Hood. Howe.

London. WALKER, William III. 1775/1800. Stationer. Castle Street, Long Acre 1794. App. Jonah Crathorne, vellum binder 7 Jul 1772, free Sta. Co., 1 Feb. 1780, livery 4 Aug. 1789, 1794 2 apps. McKenzie.

London. WALL, George (Alexander). 1775/1800. Printer, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder. Richmond c1798U; Hill Street, Richmond 1799H-1832Pi+. Trading: as Alexander George Wall c1798U; as George Wall 1799H-1809H; as Frederick H. Wall 1832Pi+. Registered press 1803. Todd.

London. WALL, James. 1775/1800. Stationer, bookbinder and newspaper office. Richmond c1798U; Kingston 1805H; George Street, Richmond 1809H-1811H; Kew Road, Richmond 1826Pi-1832Pi+.

London. WALL, W. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 31, Charles Street, Middlesex Hospital 1784. BM Satires.

London. WALLACE, Alexander. 1775/1800. Stationer. 1, Nag's Head Court, Gracechurch Street 1800P-1803P; no. 2 1802H; 2, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street 1805H-1814P.

London. WALLER, Ann. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Warwick Lane 1766; Little Carter Lane 1770; Panyer Alley, Paternoster Row 1777; Old Bailey 1784-88; Prujean Square 1794; Angel Court, Snow Hill 1796. 1766-96 7 apps., 1 turn over. Widow of John Waller. Son poss. Robert Waller, bookbinder, 22, Old Bailey 1805H. Howe.

London. WALLER, M. 1775/1800. Bookseller. opp. Fetter Lane, Fleet Street 1775. See also Thomas Whieldon. Imprint: 1775. Plomer.

London. WALLER, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller and publisher. Middle Temple 1737; Fleet Street 1752-1763M; Mitre and Crown, opp. Fetter Lane, Fleet Street. App. Thomas Osborne, 6 Jul. 1728, free Sta. Co. 1 Feb. 1737, livery 1 Mar. 1737, 1737-61 2 apps. Publ. William Guthrie's translation of M.Fabius Quintilianus his Institutes of eloquence 1756. Plomer; McKenzie

London. WALLIS and STONEHOUSE. 1775/1800. Book, map and printsellers. see John Wallis.

London. WALLIS, G. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Ludgate Hill 1785. BM Satires.

London. WALLIS, James I. 1775/1800. Stationer. Poultry 1749C-1758C. Trading as: James Wallis 1749C-1752C; as James Wallis & Co. 1753K-1758C. D. 20 Mar. 1759. Previously Davis and Wallis, see also Joseph Davis & Co. Not free Sta. Co. Musgrave.

London. WALLIS, James II. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 16, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row 1797-1798L; 46, Paternoster Row 1799L-1805. Free Sta. Co. redemption 4 Jul 1797, livery 7 Oct. 1800, 1797 1 app. Bankrupt 2 Nov. 1801, cert. 6 Feb. 1802, divs. 11 Sept. 1802, 3 July 1803, 11 Aug. 1804, bankrupt again 16 Nov. 1805, cert. 13 May 1806, div. 4 Jan. 1806. Imprints: Abbey: 1800: AL331, AT423. McKenzie.

London. WALLIS, John. 1775/1800. Book, map and printseller. 16, Yorick's Head, Ludgate Hill 1775-1805H; 54, Yorick's Head, Cornhill 1775-1805; 13, Warwick Square 1805-11; 42, Skinner Street, Snow Hill 1812-47; High Street, Islington 1832-47. Trading: as Wallis and Stonehouse 1775-1777N; alone 1775-1818; as Edward Wallis 1819-47. D. 1818. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner with Stonehouse at 16, Ludgate Hill 1775-1777N. Publ. maps by John Cary. Juvenile publishers, co-operated with Newberys and various provincial retailers but rival of Darton and Harvey. Produced many jigsaw puzzles and games. Music imprints c1775-1803. Bankrupt Aug. 1778, cert. 2 Jan. 1778. Son Edward partner from 1813 and succ. father on death 1818, running firm to 1847 when his stock was acquired by John Passmore. Another son John ran his own business at 186, Strand from at least 1806, later moving to Sidmouth. Plomer; Humphries and Smith; Brown; Hannas 30-35, 153; BM Satires 1783-98; Darlington and Howgego; St. James's Chronicle 17 Jan. 1775.

>London. WALLIS, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. Gracechurch Street 1755K-1763M

London. WALLIS, William. 1775/1800. Music seller. Old Street 1799H.

London. WALMSLEY, John. 1775/1800. Law stationer. Chancery Lane 1784B-1796; no. 35 1790U; 5, Great Shire Lane, Temple Bar 1802H. Bankrupt 12 Mar. 1796, cert. 24 May 1796, div. 22 Jan. 1799.

London. WALSH, J. 1775/1800. Law stationer. see Hughes and Walsh.

London. WALSH, John.Music printer. Katherine Street, Strand 1766. D. 1766. Musgrave.

London. WALTER, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Homer's Head, Charing Cross 1759-1803P; opp. Spring Gardens, Charing Cross 1755; no. 52 1784B-1799H. D. 25 July 1803. Only app. Of Robert Dodsley. Bookseller over 40 years, director of the Westminster department of the Phoenix Fire Office. Executor of James Dodsley who left him £1,000. Member of Shakspeare dining club. Moved to corner of Spring Gardens, facing Strand Jan. 1775. Trade card Heal Coll. Stock sold by T. King 20 Feb. 1804. Imprints: Kress: 1781: B393; 1782: B493, 1784: B742; 1785: B892; 1786: B1085-86; 1787: B1172, 1252, 1303; 1789: B1634; 1795: B2881-83; 1796: B3077-78; 1800: B4289 (some of these prob. by the printer John Walter, see next entry); Abbey: 1788: AT213; 1790: AT594; 1791: AT214. Plomer; Nichols vi, 438, 443; Timperley 815; Brown; BM Book sales; St. James's Chronicle 7 Jan. 1775.

London. WALTER, John I. 1775/1800. Printer. Printing House Square, Blackfriars 1784-1847+ ; 187, Piccadilly 1789-1791L. Trading: alone 1784-98; as John Walter and son 1799-1803; as John Walter junior 1803-47. B. 1739, s. of Richard W., coal merchant; d. 16 Nov. 1812, Teddington. Livery Masons' Co. by 1792. 1800-12 11 apps. Succ. father on his death c1755. Though prosperous abandoned coal business for that of underwriter 1781. Bankrupt 1782. Acquainted with Henry Johnson, the inventor of logography 1782. Publ. his Introduction to Logography 1783. Purchased the Printing House Square premises, formerly the Kings printers' office which he reopened as the Logographic Press 1 June 1784. In partnership with Johnson printed a number of items including a specimen in 18 sizes using Caslon 1785 and a series of English classics. Started Daily Universal Register 1 Jan. 1785, renamed The Times 1 Jan. 1788 also printed logographically though the process was abandoned 1792. Printer to Customs 1787. Commenced Evening Mail 1790. Registered press 1799. Fined £50 for libel on Lord Loughborough 15 Mar. 1786. Indicted for libel on Duke of York Feb. 1789. convicted 11 July 1789, sentenced to 12 months in prison, one hour in pillory and fined £50 23 Nov. 1789. Indicted for libel on Prince of Wales Feb. 1789, sentenced to 12 months in prison and fined £100 3 Feb. 1790. Indicted for libel on Duke of Clarence May 1789, fined £100 3 Feb. 1790. Sued for libel by John King, editor of Argus Dec. 1790. Filed action for libel against Argus Jan. 1791. Convicted of libel on John King, never sentenced 23 Feb. 1791. Released from prison with full pardon on petition of Prince of Wales 9 Mar. 1791. Convicted of libel on Lord Cowper 1799. Gave up management of Times 1795. Reputedly had £700 a year pension from Pitt. Sons William, the eldest, manager of Times and Evening Mail 1795-97, John II (1776-1847) manager from 1797/8. Imprint: (J. Walter and son) 1798: B3621 (others prob. listed under the bookseller, see above). DNB; Aspinall; Werkmeister; Timperley 759, 848.

London. WALTER, John II. 1775/1800. Printer. see John Walter I.

London. WALTER, William. 1775/1800. Printer. see John Walter I.

London. WALTERS, J. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 16, Ludgate ; Street 1785.

London. WALTERS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer. 36, South Audley Street 1790U. Stationer to Prince of Wales 1790U.

London. WALTHOE, John I. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Temple 1744. Died Apr. 1744 aged 86.

London. WALTHOE, John II. 1775/1800. Bookseller. ag Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1736K. op Royal Exchange, Cornhill 1738I-1745K.

London. WALWYN, B. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 2, Pedlar's Acre, Westminster Bridge 1784. BM Satires.

London. WARBURTON, Francis. 1775/1800. Engraver and chaser. 41, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials 17981799H; 4, Hanover Street, Long Acre 1800-01; 9, Moor Street, Greek Street, Soho 1802. Exhibited Royal Academy as painter 1798-1802. Poss. the enameller who founded the factory in La Charité sur Loire 1802-12. Thieme and Becker Graves.

London. WARD and CHANDLER. 1775/1800. Bookseller. without Temple Bar 1734-1738I. Cesar Ward & Richard Chandler. Plomer.

London. WARD, Aaron. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Little Britain 1721-1747. Died Aug. 1747. Musgrave; McKenzie.

London. WARD, G. R. 1775/1800. Stationer and rag merchant. 16, Little Britain 1799H-1800P; 27, Paternoster Row 1801P-1808P; 24, Skinner Street 1809H-1814P. Trading: alone 1799H-1809H; as Ward and Middleton 1810P-1814P.

London. WARD, James. 1775/1800. Engraver and printer. 20, Winchester Row 1792-93; 10, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1794; 13, Southampton Row, Paddington 1795-96; 1, Turnpike, Paddington 1796, 1799; 14, Southampton Row 1798-99; 6, Newman Street 1800-30. B. 23 Oct. 1769, Thames Street; d. 23 Nov. 1859, Cheshunt. Pupil of elder brother William q.v. and John Raphael Smith. Style matured early. Primarily painter. Painter and mezzotint engraver to Prince of Wales 1794. Exhibited Royal Academy 1792-1855, associate 1807, academician 1811. Proofs presented to British Museum 1817. Moved to Cheshunt 1830. See also Wards and Co. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1439; Graves.

London. WARD, John. bookseller. op Royal Exchange 1753K-1760U. Cornhill 1760. Died 19 Jun 1760. Musgrave.

London. WARD, William. 1775/1800. Engraver. 13, Winchester Row, Paddington 1795; Delaney Place, Hampstead Row 1797-98; 24, Buckingham Place, Fitzroy Square 1804-15; 57, Warren Street, Fitzroy Square 1819; 8, Winchester Row 1820; 24, Winchester Row 1822. B. 1766, London; d. 1 Dec. 1826, Warren Street. Married Maria, sister of George Morland 1786. Mezzotint engraver to Duke of York and later to Prince of-Wales. Pupil and later assistant of John Raphael Smith. Chiefly worked in mezzotint, occasionally in stipple. Associate Royal Academy 1814. Younger brother James q.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1453-87.

London. WARDS and Co. 1775/1800. Engravers and printsellers. at. Mr. Says, 78, Charlotte Street, Portland Chapel 1799; 6, Newman Street 1800-01. See James Ward. J. C. Smith 1441, 1443.

London. WARE, Catherine. 1775/1800. Stationer. 36, Ludgate Hill 1758C-1763K. Succ. Richard Ware. Cont. as Catherine & Richard Ware.

London. WARE, Catherine and Richard. 1775/1800. Stationers 36, Ludgate Hill 1765K. 36, Ludgate Hill 1767K-1775L. Prev. Catherine alone. As Richard Ware & Co. wholesalers 1763M.

London. WARE, Richard I,stationer. Amen Corner 1745K; Ludgate Hill 1749C-1755K. Died 14 Aug 1756. Succeeded by Catherine Ware.

London. WARE, Richard II. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. Ludgate Hill 1753K-1765K; no. 36 1767K-1777K. Trading: as Richard Ware 1753K-1755K; as Catherine Ware 1759K-1761K; as Richard Ware and Co. 1763M; as Catherine and Richard Ware 1763K-1773L; as Richard Ware 1774K-1777K. D. 10 May 1783. Bankrupt Nov. 1778, cert. 13 Apr. 1779. Described as 'Late of Ludgate Hill' 1778. Musgrave.

London. WARFORD. 1775/1800. Printer. 6, Newcastle Street, Strand? 1790-91. Printed Comet 1791.

London. WARHAM, James. 1775/1800. Stationer. Cornhill 1763K-1765K. 8, Cornhill 1767K. Still listed 1768N.

London. WARNE. 1775/1800. Engraver. Hatton Street 1775. Died 8 Nov 1775 aged 103. Musgrave.

London. WARNE, James. 1775/1800. Paper hanger. Swallow Street 1784. Westminster poll 1784: H., W.

London. WARNE, Robert Findlay. 1775/1800. Law stationer. Clifford's Inn 1790U-1802H; no. 1 1790U-1799H; no. 8 1802H.

London. WARNER, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. 30, Noble Street, Foster Lane 1785K-1788K. Bankrupt 3 July 1788, cert. 2 Sept. 1788, div. 24 Jan. 1789.

London. WARR and Co. 1775/1800. Stationers. 34, St. Martin's Lane 1799H.

London. WARR, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. Grays Inn Passage 1784B-1785P; 2, Red Lion Passage 1799H; 2 and 3, Red Lion Passage 1804-41; 63, High Holborn 1833-65; 3, Red Lion Passage 1849-65. Trading: as William Warr 1784B-1828; as Francis Warr 1817-41; as William and Henry Warr 1849-65. From c1817 also printers. Todd.

London. WARRELL, William. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker and music seller and publisher. 35, Tavistock Street c1777-80; New Road, Surrey side of Westminster Bridge or near Astleys Theatre, Westminster Bridge or 17, Bridge Road, Lambeth c1780-1794B. Sometimes described as Warrell and Co. Humphries and Smith.

London. WARREN, Bart Pigeon. 1775/1800. Engraver. St. James Clerkenwell 1783. His son David Bart app. Joseph Cook cit. and Merchant Taylor 5 Nov. 1783.

London. WARREN, Charles Turner. 1775/1800. Engraver. Wandsworth 1823. B. 4 June 1767, London; d. 21 Apr. 1823, Wandsworth. Began career as engraver for calico printing. Became noted for small book illustrations in line on copper and steel from c1800 e.g. for Walker's British classics, Sharpe's Classics, and Suttaby's Poets. Active member of Society of Arts. President of Artists' Fund 1812-15. Society of Arts gold medal for improvements in the preparation of steel plates 1823, but d. too soon to receive it. Buried St. Sepulchre, Newgate Street. DNB Thieme and Becker.

London. WARREN, J. 1775/1800. Engraver. 4, Constitution Row, Battle Bridge 1799H. Charles Warren at no. 9 1817U.

London. WARREN, John. 1775/1800. Printer. Chancery Lane 1781; Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane 1784; Poppin's Court, Fleet Street 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Polls 1781: C., 1784:

London. WARWICK, Francis. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Poppin's Court, Fleet Street 1794. Also listed 1808 and 1813. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WARWICK, Michael. 1775/1800. Printer. Allhallows Barking by the Tower 1784. His son app. Hannah Hellier cit. and Merchant Taylor 1 Dec. 1784, turned over to James Fisher, free 4 Apr. 1792.

London. WATERHOUSE, William. 1775/1800. Music seller. Blackmoor Street 1790. Bankrupt 24 Apr. 1790.

London. WATERS, Edmund. 1775/1800. Engraver. 62, Great Titchfield Street 1784B-1785P.

London. WATHEN, Henry. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Castle Street, Strand 1799H.

London. WATKINS, Rev. Henry George. 1775/1800. Printer. 18, Greville Street, Hatton Garden 1799-1800; 35, Penton Street, Pentonville 1800-1802H; 44, Hatton Street, Holborn 1804-1805H; 3, Turnwheel Lane, Cannon Street 1806; St. Swithin London Stone 1805-50. B. c1765, s. of Henry W. of London gent.; d. 9 Jan. 1850. Matriculated St. Edmund Hall, Oxford 12 Mar. 1788, B. A. 1791. Rector of St. Swithin and St. Mary Bothaw 1805-50. Printed many religious tracts on his private press. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1804, 1806. Also listed by Todd as Henry George Watkins Clarke. Todd; Joseph Foster: Alumni Oxonienses; Gentleman's magazine 1850, pt. 1, pp. 439-41.

London. WATLEN, John. 1775/1800. Music seller and publisher. 3, Upper James Street, Golden Square c1800; 19, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden c1800-05; 186, Piccadilly c1805-06; 5, Leicester Place, Leicester Square c1806-18; 13, Leicester Street, Leicester Square c1818-29. Trading: alone c1800; as Cobb and Watlen c1800-06; alone c1806-29. Employed seven years by Corri and Sutherland in Edinburgh in 1780's. Ran own business in Edinburgh until bankrupt July 1798. During that time had London agency with Francis Linley q.v. and later another agency at 1, Charlotte Row, Long Lane, Southwark. Taught music and published some items from his house the Hermitage, Abbey Hill, near Holyrood c1799. To London c1800. Also composer and organist. At one time officer in Navy. Humphries and Smith.

London. WATSON and DICKINSON. 1775/1800. Printsellers and engravers. 158, New Bond Street 1779-81. Thomas Watson and William Dickinson qq.v., partners in Walter Shropshire's old premises until Watson's death. BM Satires.

London. WATSON, Caroline. 1775/1800. Engraver. London 1785-1814. B. 1760 or 1761, London, dau. of James W., engraver; d. 10 June 1814, Pimlico. Studied under father. Prolific stipple engraver, mainly after English masters including many portraits. Engraver to Queen 1785. Engraved for Boydell's Shakspeare. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

London. WATSON, Edward. 1775/1800. Papermaker. Lambeth 1784. Bankrupt, cert. 14 Feb. 1784. Listed as Wattson, Edward q.v. 1784B-1785P.

London. WATSON, James. 1775/1800. Mezzotint engraver. Craven Buildings, Drury Lane 1763M-1764; Great Portland Street 1765; Queen Anne Street 1767-70; 45, Little Queen Anne Street 1772-73; 64, Little Queen Anne Street 1775. B. c1740, Ireland; d. 20 May 1790, Fitzroy Street. Prob. Iearned engraving in London from James MacArdell. One of the leading mezzotint engravers of the day including 56 plates after Reynolds. The majority of his work was for Sayer, Boydell and other printsellers but he published some plates himself. Exhibited Society of Artists 176275. Brother William painter, daughter Caroline engraver q.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1487-1548.

London. WATSON, Michael. 1775/1800. Bookseller, stationer and bookbinder. 336, Hermitage Bridge, Wapping 1787K-1788K; 366, Hermitage Bridge 1790U-1803; 340, Hermitage Bridge 1804-20. Registered press at 9, Black Raven Court, Seething Lane with Thomas Plummer q.v. 1800. Also described as chartseller 1805H-1839, as shipowner 1840. Todd.

London. WATSON, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printseller and engraver. 8, Broad Street 1771-72; 142, New Bond Street 1773-79; 158, New Bond Street 1779-81. Trading: alone 1771-79; as Watson and Dickinson 1779-81. B. 1743, 1748 or 1750; d. 1781, Bristol. App. as engraver on plate. Produced some stipple prints but excelled as mezzotint engraver. Early prints published by Sayer and others. Partner with William Dickinson from 1779 until his death, also associated with Valentine Green. Produced many engravings after Reynolds. Exhibited Society of Artists 1773-76. Son prob. T. Watson junior of Little Windmill Street, Golden Square who exhibited Royal Academy 1769. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1549-67; Musgrave.

London. WATSON, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printseller. 33, Strand 1782-1791L. J. C. Smith 1533, 1550.

London. WATT, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. Wych Street 1792-1819P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. See also Matthew Richards.

London. WATTS, Ann. 1775/1800. Printer. see Clement Watts.

London. WATTS. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Tabernacle Walk, Moorfields 1789A.

London. WATTS, Clement. 1775/1800. Printer. Queen Street, Grosvenor Square 1774-1794B; 9, Queen Street 1799-1805H; 31, South Moulton Street, Oxford Street 1807-59; 74, Davies Street, Berkeley Square 1809H. Trading: as Clement Watts 1774-84; as Ann Watts 1785P-1794B; as Watts and Bridgewater 1799-1817U; as Edward Bridgewater 1817-30; as James Clement Bridgewater 1831-58; as Edward Wolton Bridgewater 1859+. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl., 1784: W. Described as engraver 1784. Ann Watts and Edward Bridgewater partners 1799-1817. Registered presses 1799, 1807. Firm survived until at least 1872. Howe; Todd.

London. WATTS, I. 1775/1800. Music publisher. 16, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square c1795. Publ. a song c1795. Humphries and Smith.

London. WATTS, John. 1775/1800. Printer. Lime Street 1737. Died 27 Sep. 1763. Musgrave; McKenzie.

London. WATTS, John. 1775/1800. Printseller and engraver. Laurence Pountney Lane, Cannon Street 1766; at Mr Barber's, Tottenham Court Road 1771; 24, Union Street, Marylebone 1776; George Street, Hanover Square 1778; 34, Red Lion Street, Holborn 1786. Prints dated 1770-90. Exhibited Society of Artists 1766, 1771, 1776. Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 1567.

London. WATTS, Richard. 1775/1800. Music seller. 87, Bhckman Street, Southwark c1799-1836. Succ. Charles May. Publ. a small amount of music. Humphries and Smith.

London. WATTS, Simon. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 50, Strand 1783?-1786. Poss. the engraver of that name active 1760/80. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires; J. C. Smith 1432.

London. WATTS, W. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Fleet Street 1784. BM Satires.

London. WATTS, William. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. Kemp's Row, Chelsea 1779-86. B. 1752, Moorfields, s. of a silk weaver; d. 7 Dec. 1851, Cobham. Taught by Paul Sandby and Edward Rooker whose Copperplate magazine he continued on his death 1774. Produced Seats of the nobility and gentry 1779-86. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. To Italy 1786. Returned to Sunbury, Middlesex 1787. Moved to Carmarthen 1789, to the Hot Wells, Bristol 1790 and to Bath 1791. To Paris 1793. Interested in the French Revolution and invested in French funds. His investments were later confiscated though some were recovered 1815. Retired to Mill Hill, moving to Cobham 1814. Blind in later years. Mainly engraved topographical subjects. Imprint: Abbey: 1792: AS393. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

London. WATTSON, Edward. 1775/1800. Stamped paper manufacturer. Wallcott Place, Lambeth 1784B-1785P. See also Watson, Edward.

London. WAUGH, James. 1775/1800. Printer and bookseller. Gracechurch Street 1744-1766. Lombard Street 1747-1763M. Bookseller, no first name 1763M. D. 20 Nov 1766. Musgrave; McKenzie; Plomer.

London. WAYLAND, Levi. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 2, Middle Row, Holborn 1793L. Prob. b. Frome, Somerset; d. 1795, New York. According to imprints active in London 1789-92. To New York c1794. Imprint: Kress: 1791: B2075. Information from Prof. Theodore R. Crane.

London. WAYTE, John. 1775/1800. Letterpress and copperplate printer. 26, Widegate Street, Bishopsgate without 1800-1809H. Registered presses 1800, 1801. Partners John Viven and Joseph Barfoot 1801. Todd.

London. WEATHERBY, Edward and James. 1775/1800. Printers. 7, Oxendon Street, Haymarket 1799H-1830P+. Printers and publishers of Racing calendar 1809H-1830P+. See also J. Weatherby.

London. WEATHERBY, J. 1775/1800. Printer. Oxendon Street 1790-91. J. Weatherby listed as printer of Racing calendar 1777, 1786-1836+. See also Edward and James Weatherby. Aspinall.

London. WEATHERBY, James. 1775/1800. Printer. see Edward and James Weatherby.

London. WEBB. 1775/1800. Stationer. 71, Holborn Bridge 1770K. As Fry & Webb.

London. WEBB. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Moorfields Road, Finsbury 1785P.

London. WEBB, Daniel. 1775/1800. Stationer. Watling Street 1753K-1765K; 34, St. Paul's Churchyard 1767K-1786K; Uxbridge 1792-96. Trading: as John and Daniel Webb 1753K-1755K; alone 1759K-1796. Cit. and tallowchandler. 1766-73 2 turn overs London. WEBB, Daniel Hale. 1775/1800. wholesale stationer. 34, St. Paul's Churchyard 1781-1786K. S. of Daniel, stationer. App. Kenrick Peck 3 Jul. 1770, free Sta. Co. 5 Aug 1777, livery by 2 Sep. 1777, 1781-84 2 apps. Described as merchant 1772K. City Poll 1781: C. Retired by 1792. McKenzie.

London. WEBB, John and Daniel. 1775/1800. Stationers. Watling Street 1753K-1755K. Continued by Daniel Webb.

London. WEBB, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer and perfumer. 17, St. Alban's Street, Piccadilly 1799H-1805H. No forename or street no. given 1805H.

London. WEBBER, Edward. 1775/1800. Stationer. Leadenhall Street 1753K-1763K. As Grosvenor & Webber 1753K-1755K, joined by Simmons 1759K.

London. WEBLEY, Alexander. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker, music seller and publisher. 11, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square c1800-16. Humphries and Smith.

London. WEBLEY, A.1775/1800. Bookseller. near Chancery Lane, Holborn 1763M. Deals principally in books on architecture 1763M.Succ. by Henry Webley.

London. WEBLEY, Henry (sometimes WEOBLY). 1775/1800. Bookseller. Bible and Crown, near Chancery Lane, Holborn 1762-1775N. Trading: as A. Webley 1762-63; as A. and Henry Webley c1762-70; as Henry Webley 1770N-1775N. Specialised in architecture and trade manuals. Publ. cats. 1762-63. According to rate books succ. by Isaac Taylor the engraver c1770/2. Plomer; Nichols iii, 666.

London. WEBSTER, Henry. 1775/1800. Stationer. 29, Fleet Street 1793K-1795K. Described as stockbroker 1793K. Bankrupt 31 Mar. 1795, cert. 8 Aug. 1795, divs. 30 Nov. 1795, 12 May 1801.

London. WEBSTER, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. 421, Oxford Street 1799H.

London. WEGUELIN, William Andrew. 1775/1800. wholesale stationer. 87, Basinghall Street 1799H-1830P+. Trading: alone 1799K-1805H; as Weguelin and Bleadon 1806P-1813P; as Weguelin, Bleadon and Co. 1809H-1811H; as Weguelin and Chapman 1814P-1830P+.

London. WEIGHTMAN, Andrew. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Angel Street, St. Martin le Grand 1777-82; Old Bailey 1784. S. of William W. of Cumberland, yeoman. App. Richard Oliver 2 Feb. 1768, free Sta. Co. 2 May 1775, 1777-84 5 apps. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WELBORN, William. 1775/1800. Engraver, enameller etc. 48, Fetter Lane 1789A-1790U. Name given as Welbran 1789A.

London. WELCH, Joseph. 1775/1800. Bookseller's assistant. College Street, Westminster c1765-1800. D. Mar. 1805 'not in affluence'. Nearly 40 years assistant to William Ginger, bookseller to Westminster School. Regulary sold a manuscript list of scholars. Printed this in 1778. Generally known as Alumni Westmonasterienses. DNB; Nichols ix, 38.

London. WELCHER, Samuel. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 11, Villers Street 1799H-1809H; 12, Villiers Street 1805H-1817U; Villiers Street 1822U. Trading: as Staggemeier and Welcher 1799H-1809H; alone 1817U-1822U. Partner with L. Staggemeier q.v. When partnership dissolved Welcher remained at 12, Villiers Street. The Soane copy of Chaucer's Works 1602 has his ticket. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WELCKER, John. 1775/1800. Music seller, engraver, printer and publisher. 9, opp. Opera House, Haymarket 1775-77; 10, Haymarket 1777-80; 80, Haymarket 1780-84; 18, Coventry Street 1784-85. S. of Peter and Mary Welcker. Bankrupt Mar. 1780. Stock advertised for sale 6 July 1780. Brother-in-law James Blundell took over Haymarket business. Publ. satirical print 1785. Humphries and Smith; BM Satires.

London. WELCKER, Mary. 1775/1800. Music seller and publisher. widow of Peter Welcker q.v.

London. WELCKER, Peter. 1775/1800. Music seller, engraver, printer and publisher. 17, Gerrard Street, Soho 1762-78. Trading: as Peter Welcker 1762-75; as Mary Welcker 1775-78. D. 1775. Succ. by widow Mary who d. 1778 and was succ. by son-in-law James Blundell who opened new premises at 110, St. Martin's Lane. Robert Bremner purchased some of Mrs. Welcker's plates 1779. Publ. cats. c1765-75. Son John q.v. Humphries and Smith.

London. WELFORD, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 24, Silver Street, Wood Street, Cheapside 1799H.

London. WELLER, Edward. 1775/1800. Music seller. 23, Oxford Street 1792-c1820. Trading: as Bland and Weller c1792-c1818; alone c1818-20. Partner with Anne Bland q.v. After c1818 also known as Weller and Co. Humphries and Smith.

London. WELLER, William. 1775/1800. Copperplate maker. Cavendish Street, Cavendish Square 1800. Patent no. 2414 for manufacture of copperplates 17 June 1800. Poss. connected with William Weller, Welbeck Street, livery Sta. Co. by 1796.

London. WELLES and GROSVENOR. 1775/1800. Stationers. 11, Cornhill 1769K-1788L. Previously Richard Welles.

London. WELLES, GROSVENOR and CHATER. 1775/1800. Stationers. 11, Cornhill 1789L-1794B. See Richard Welles, William Limbery Grosvenor and Richard Chater.

London. WELLES, Richard. 1775/1800. Stationer. Cornhill 1761K-1765K; 11, Cornhill 1767K-1794B; Hackney 1796. Trading: alone 1761K-1768K; as Welles and Grosvenor 1769K-1788L; as Welles, Grosvenor and Chater 1789L-1794B. Free Sta. Co. redemption and livery 12 June 1759, court 3 Apr. 1792, master 1796. Main partner William Limbery Grosvenor. On Welles retirement succ. by Grosvenor and Chater q.v. Imprint: Kress: 1789: (Welles, Grosvenor and Chater) B 1543. Blagden.

London. WELLS, J. 1775/1800. Publisher and engraver. 22, Charing Cross 1785-87. Imprints: Abbey: 1785-87: AT416 1788: AT417; 1790: AT594; 1794: AT418; Tooley 1785 87. 263.

London. WELL(S), John. 1775/1800. aquatinta engraver and printer. 237, Holborn 1795B.

London. WELLS, John. 1775/1800. Pocket book maker. Redcross Street 1792U; 22, Well Street, Cripplegate 1799H.

London. WELLS, Joseph. 1775/1800. Stationer. Little Eastcheap 1776; Cornhill 1792. Free Barbers Co. redemption 4 June 1776, livery by 1792.

London. WELLS, L J. B. 1775/1800. Engraver, printer and fan maker. 26, Leadenhall Street 1799H-1805H; 20, Leadenhall Street 1801P-1812P. Trading: as L. J. B. Wells 1799H-1802H; es Lewis wells 1801P-1812P.

London. WELLS, M. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 10, Great Marlborough Street 1790. Same address as T. Martyn. BM Satires.

London. WELLS, R. 1775/1800. Engraver. Greenhill's Rents c1795. Engraved music c1795. Humphries and Smith.

London. WELLS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer. 2, Stationers Court, Paternoster Row 1799H. Error for Wills, Thomas q.v.

London. WELLS, W. 1775/1800. Printseller, publisher and artist. 132, opp. Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1779-84. Address of T. Bradford c1768. BM Satires.

London. WENMAN and HODGSON. 1775/1800. Booksellers and stationers. see Joseph Wenman.

London. WENMAN, Elizabeth. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. see Joseph Wen man.

London. WENMAN, Joseph. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 144, Fleet Street 1775K-1797L. Trading: as Joseph Wenman 1775-1793K; as Mary Wenman 1790U; as Elizabeth Wenman 1791L; as Wenman and Hodgson 1792L-1797L. D. 5 Mar. 1790. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L. Publ. Classical magazine 1775. May have been associated with Harrison and Co. 1778. Imprint: Kress: 1777: S4892. Plomer; Brown; Humphries and Smith; Musgrave.

London. WENMAN, Mary. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. see Joseph Wenman.

London. WEST and HUGHES. 1775/1800. Booksellers. see William West. 1794: 404. Nichols iii, 127, 671; Timperley 782, BM Book sales.

London. WEST. 1775/1800. Stationer. see Strawbridge and West.

London. WEST, Peter. 1775/1800. Stationer and rag merchant. Bridge Foot, Southwark 1763K-1765K; 316, Borough, Southwark 1767K-1769P. Previously Bray & West, continued as Samuel West.

London. WEST, Samuel. 1775/1800. Stationer and rag merchant. Bridge Foot, St. Margaret's Hill 1763K-1765K; 316, Borough 1767K-1775L. Trading: as Peter West 1763K-1767K; as Samuel West 1768K-1775L.

London. WEST, William. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 27, Paternoster Row 1800P; 40, Paternoster Row 1801P-1802H. Trading: alone 1800P; as West and Hughes 1800-1802H. B. 23 Oct. 1770. Waddon, Surrey. d. 17 Nov. 1854. App. Robert Colley, stationer 1784, turned over to Thomas Evans. Married before he was out of his time. Manager to Evans aged 18 and on Evans's retirement assisted his son James. When James left the country West in business on his own. Later joined as partner by Thomas Hughes. Both bankrupt 3 Oct. 1801, cert. 10 Apr. 1802, div. 31 Aug. 1802. In Cork where he publ. a guide to that city 1808-30. Later in Birmingham, then in London as bookseller's assistant. Last years in Charterhouse. Publ. a number of antiquarian works. Imprint: Kress: 1800: (West and Hughes) B4300. DNB; Brown.

London. WEST, William bookseller and printer. see Michael Allen.

London. WEST, William. 1775/1800. Stockbroker and stationer. 6, Sweetings Alley 1784B-1785B.

London. WESTENHOLT, C. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 34, Church Street, Soho 1782. BM Satires.

London. WESTERMAN, George. 1775/1800. Ink maker and ink powder manufacturer. Moorgate 1758; Black Swan Alley, London Wall 1763M; no. 2 1774L-1784B. Trading: as George Westerman 1758-1783B; as John Westerman 1784B. D. 13 Dec. 1783. Free Musicians Co. 14 Nov. 1758, livery 29 Jan. 1766, steward 2 May 1770. Musgrave.

London. WESTERMAN, John. 1775/1800. Inkmaker. see George Westerman.

London. WESTLES. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Evangelist Court, Blackfriars 1785P. see Henry Westley.

London. WESTLEY, George. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Warwick Court 1789-90: Bagnio Court 1792-98; Angel Street, St. Martin le Grand 1800P-1802H; no. 24 1805H-1828Pi. S. of William W. of Round Court, St. Martin le Grand, yeoman. App. Hannah Browning 4 Feb. 1777, free Sta. Co. 1 Aug. 1786, 1789-98 3 apps., l turn over. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WESTLEY, Henry. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Paternoster Row 1769-77; Warwick Lane 1777; Old Bailey 1783; Evangelist Court, Blackfriars 1785-89. S. of William W. of Carleton, Cambs., farmer; deed. c1792. App. William Wood 2 Mar. 1756, free Sta. Co. 5 Mar. 1765, 176589 8 apps., 1 turn over. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WESTLEY, Robert Hall. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 201, Strand-1790-1799H; 159, Strand 1800P-1829P; 164, Strand 1830P+. Trading: alone 1790-1810P; as Westley and Parrish 1811H-1825P; as F. C. Westley 1826R-1830P+. Printed and published Morning chronicle 1790-91. Wife d. 19 Jan. 1791. Aspinall; Musgrave.

London. WESTMINSTER LIBRARY. 1775/1800. Proprietary library. 38, Greek Street 1789; Panton square, Haymarket 1799H; no. 10 1802H; 44, Jermyn Street, St. James's 1806-1820R; no. 14 1820P-1821P; Colonnade, Charles Street, St. James's 1822P; 18, Air Street, Piccadilly 1823P. Founded 1789. Poss. amalgamated with London Library q.v. c1802/3. Sale catalogue of the amalgamated libraries 1821. Paul Kaufman: Libraries and their users, 1969, pp. 17-27, 222.

London. WESTON< William. 1775/1800. Paper hanging maker. 29, West Smithfield 1787K-1788K.

London. WETHERBY, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. Birchin Lane 1779K-1814P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: C. Common councillor Langbourne ward 1804-20. See Thomas Witherby.

London. WHEATLEY, Charles. 1775/1800. Book clasp maker. 33, Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street 1799H-1802H.

London. WHEATSTONE, Charles. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker, music seller, engraver and publisher. 83, St. James's Street n.d.; 9, Whitehall n.d.; 36, Ghandos Street, St. Martin's Lane c1791-93; 31, Newgate Street c1794; 3, Bedford Court, Covent Garden c1795; 14, corner of Castle Street, Leicester Square c1801; 20, Panton Street, Leicester Square c1803-05; 436, Strand c1805-27; 20, Conduit Street c1827-1905; 15, West Street 1905+. Trading: alone c1791-1815; as C. Wheatstone and Co. c1815+. Firm reputedly founded 1750. Had agency in Bath c1815-16. Humphries and Smith.

London. WHEBLE, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller and printer. Pineapple, City Road n.d.; 114, Fleet Street 1769-72; 22, opp. St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street 1772: Paternoster Row 1773: no. 24 c1775; 283, Strand 1786; 18, Warwick Court, Warwick Lane 1795K-1821P. Trading: alone 1769-1819R; as Wheble and Pittman 1820P-1821P. B. 1746, Gatcomb, Isle of Wight; d. Sept. 1820, Bromley, Kent. App. J. Willcie 1758, Free Sta. Co. by 1806. Issued trade card. Publ. Middlesex journal and Lady's magazine 1769-72. Indicted for printing parliamentary debates by Commons but discharged by Wilkes 1772. Bankrupt Dec. 1772, cert. 2 Oct. 1773. Printed English chronicle 1779-80, 1786, Morning post 1772, County chronicle 1787-1821. Music imprints. Common Councillor Farringdon ward within 1806-20. Associated with William Justins q.v. Succ. by John Pittman 1822P. Plomer; Nichols ix, 462; Timperley; Todd; Humphries and Smith; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

London. WHEELER, James. 1775/1800. Paper hanging maker. 5, Little Britain 1773L-1775L. Error for Wheeley.

London. WHEELER, John. 1775/1800. Marble paper maker. 6, Old Cavendish Street 1799H; 4, Denmark Court, Strand 1802H-1811H.

London. WHEELER, Robert. 1775/1800. Stationer. Mark Lane 1787. App. John Rugman, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Mar. 1782, apps Henry Russell 7 Mar. 1787, Abraham Law 11 Apr.

London. WHEELER, Thomas. 1775/1800. Playing card maker. 2, Richbell Street, Foundling Hospital 1799H, 118, Holborn Hill 1802P-1807P; 127, Holborn Hill 1808P-1821P.

London. WHEELEY, James. 1775/1800. Paper hanging warehouse. 174, Aldersgate Street 1765-1771K; 5, Little Britain 1772K-1778K; 25, Aldersgate Street 1779K-1801P. D. 30 May 1789. Trade card Banks Coll. Succ. by John Wheeley. Sugden and Edmondson; Musgrave.

London. WHEELEY, John. 1775/1800. Paper stainer. Seward Street, Goswell Street 1799H; 8, Seward Sttreet 1802H-1809H; 25, Aldersgate Street 1802H-1812P; 14, Saffron Hill 1813P-1814P. Trading: as John Wheeley 1799H-1809H; as J.Wheeley 1810P-1814P. Poss. succ. by George Wheeley, 38, Rosomon Street, Vlerkenwell 1815P.

London. WHIELDON and BUTTERWORTH. 1775/1800. Law stationers. see Thomas Whieldon and Joseph Butterworth.

London. WHIELDON and WALLER. 1775/1800. Law stationers. see Thomas Whieldon and M. Waller.

London. WHIELDON, Thomas. 1775/1800. Law bookseller. 43, Fleet Street 1779L-1795K. Trading: as Whieldon and Waller 1779L-1781L; alone 1782L-1790U; as Whieldon and Butterworth 1791L-1795K. D. 14 Apr. 1793. Publ. Whitehall evening post 1780-84. Partner with M. Waller q.v. and later with Joseph Butterworth who succ. him. Wife d. 27 May 1790. Imprints: 1790: (T. Whieldon) B1971; 1793: (Whieldon and Butterworth) B2507. Aspinall; Musgrave.

London. WHISTON and WHITE. 1775/1800. Booksellers. Fleet Street 1754K-1765K. Continued by John Whiston. Buy and sell libraries 1763M.

London. WHISTON, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Boyle's Head, Fleet Street 1734-66; 64, Fleet Street 1767K-1776K. Trading: as Whiston and White 1749-65; alone 1766-1776K. B. 30 July 1711, or poss. prior to 1705, 5. of Rev. William W.; d. 3 May 1780. App. Fletcher Gyles, bookseller, Holborn, free Merchant Taylor's Co. 6 Feb. 1733, livery 19 Dec. 1746. Bought Edmund Chishull's library and publ. cat. 1735. Publ. cats. with S. Baker 1746. with Benjamin White 1754-65, alone 1766-68, Elder brother George associated with him for a time. One of the nominal printers of the votes of the House of Commons. Shop much frequented as meeting place by men of letters. Chief clientelle among clergy. Catalogued library of Bishop Moore at Cambridge University 1747. Publ. many of his father's writings. Compelled to retire after nervous breakdown 1759. Business continued by partner Benjamin White to c1766 when partnership dissolved and- business taken over by Whiston's son-in-law Nathaniel Conant. DNB; Plomer; Nichols i, 505-06, iii, 127, 668, iv, 361, vi, 436; BM Book sales; Musgrave.

London. WHITAKER, J. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Ave Maria Lane 1784. Publ. satirical print 1784. See also James Scatchard, Charles Law. BM Satires 1784.

London. WHITAKER, Leonard. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Bow Street 1794. Howe.

London. WHITAKER, Maurice Phelps. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker, music printer and publisher. Violin, under the Piazza, next the North Gate, Royal Exchange c1760-64; under the Piazza, near the North Gate, Royal Exchange (=North Piazza) 1764-80. Assistant to John Simpson in Sweeting's Alley until his death c1749, then manager for his widow and John Cox whom she married. When they ceased business June 1764 Whitaker claimed to be their successor at his own address. The sign of the Violin was owned by William Curtis who employed him. In 1764 he severed all connections with Curtis and set up on his own nearby. Humphries and Smith.

London. WHITAKER, Samuel. 1775/1800. Engraver. Church Lane, St. Martin in the Fields 1784; 4, Vine Street, Piccadilly 1802H-1805H. Bankrupt May 1784.

London. WHITE and READ. 1775/1800. Copperplate printers. 8, Wych Street 1790U.

London. WHITE, Benjamin I. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 64, Boyle's Head, Fleet Street c1749-66; 63, Horace's Head, Fleet Street 1767K-1792. Trading: as Whiston and White c1749-66; alone 1767K-1784; as B. White and son 1785-91; as B. White and sons 1792. D. 9 Mar. 1794 at house in South Lambeth aged 69. App. John Whiston, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 6 Mar. 1750,1ivery 11 July 1760, court 23 July 1782. Brother said to be Gilbert White of Selborne whose first edition he published. Originally partner with John Whiston q.v. Later opened separate shop specialising in natural history and other expensive books. Publ. cats. with Whiston 1754-65 alone and with sons 1766-92. One of the nominal printers of the votes of the House of Commons. Succ. by sons Benjamin II and John qq.v. Imprints: Kress: (B. White) 1776: A7255-58; 1779: B 172-73; 1780: B253-54; 1782: S5002; 1783: S5021; 1784: B722 (B. White and son) 1786: B1054; 1788: S5181; 1789: B1545, S5247, 1790: S5366 (B. White and sons) 1792: B2322-23. Plomer; Nichols iii, 127, 668-71, vi 436; Brown; BM Book sales; Musgrave; St. James's chronicle 10 Jan. 1775; Blagden.

London. WHITE, Benjamin II. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 63, Fleet Street 1785-98. Trading: as B. White and son 1785-91; as B. White and sons 1792; as B. and J. White 1793-98. Elder s. of Benjamin W. I q.v.; d. after 1812. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner and successor to father with brother John q.v. with whom he publ. cats. 1793-96. Retired to Hampstead c1798. Imprints: (B. and J. White) Kress: 1793: B2490; 1795: B2957; 1797: B3384; 1798: B3601; AT185; 1796: AS537; AT677; 1797: AS143, Toole Abbey: 1793: AS537; 1794: AS555; 1795: AS514,

London. WHITE, Charles. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. Pimlico 1784-85; Stafford Row 1784. B. 1759, London; d. 28 Aug. 1785. Pupil of Robert Pranker. Son-in-law of Gerard Vandergucht. Produced humorous illustrations, also engr. Ruins of Rome for John Bell and plates for botanical works. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1784; Musgrave.

London. WHITE. 1775/1800. hatter and vendor of scaleboard. 81, Newgate Street 1784B-1785P.

London. WHITE, J. 1775/1800. Stationer. 22, Down Street, St. James's 1799H. See Thomas White.

London. WHITE, Jane. 1775/1800. Printseller. 38, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden 1799H-1802H.

London. WHITE, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 63, Fleet Street 1792-1816. Trading: as B. White and sons 1792; as B. and J. White 1793-98; alone 1798-1811H; as White, Cochrane and Co. 1812-16. Younger s. of Benjamin W. I q.v. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Succ. father with brother Benjamin II q.v. Publ. cats. with Benjamin 1793-96, alone 1798. Music imprints 180408. About to retire 1812. see also Benjamin White II. Imprints: Kress: 1799: B4012; 1800: B4140; Abbey: 1800: AL331; Tooley: 1800: 192. Nichols iii, 127, 671; Timperley 782; BM book sales.

London. WHITE, Joseph. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Lincoln's Inn Fields 1773L-1775L, 43, Holborn 1779L-1795K. Trading: as Joseph White 1773L-1790U; as R. White 1794B-1795K. D. 29 Nov. 1791. Publ. cats. 1779-91. Nichols iii, 671; BM Book sales 1783; Musgrave.

London. WHITE, R. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Piccadilly 1796. See also Joseph White, poss. the same as his successor. Imprints: Kress: 1795: B2924; Abbey: 1796: AL374.

London. WHITE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Circulating library. 22, Down Street, Piccadilly 1800P. See also J. White.

London. WHITE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer and paper maker. Leopard's Court, Baldwin's Gardens 1785B; Baldwin's Gardens, Leather Lane 1785P-1788. D. 4 Aug. 1788. Musgrave.

London. WHITE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer. 34, Edward Street, Portland Place 1799Hr1802H.

London. WHITE, William. 1775/1800. Printer? 8, Greek Street, Soho 1800. Registered press 1800. Todd.

London. WHITE, William. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Angel Court, Westminster 1779. BM Satires.

London. WHITEFIELD and PRESTON. 1775/1800. Stationers. Rotherhithe 1784B. See also Lewis and Preston.

London. WHITING, James. 1775/1800. Printer. 31, Finsbury Place 1800-1817U; 3, Lombard Street, Mansion House Street 1817-1826R; 5, Beaufort Buildings 1822-25; 9, Beaufort Buildings 1825-55. Trading: alone 1800-29; as Whiting and Branston 1822-29; as Charles Whiting I 183245; as Charles F. Whiting II 1849-51; as Charles Whiting III 1852-55. Registered presses in Cross Street 1800, in Beaufort House 1822. Partners Thomas Eames 1800, Robert Branston 1822-29. Charles Whiting I also engraver and printer to King for the prevention of forgery 1832. Imprint: Kress: 1800?: B4245. Todd.

London. WHITRIDGE, Henry. 1775/1800. Booksller. Cornhill 1752C-1765K. Royal Exchange 1765. Died 18 Dec 1765. Musgrave.

London. WHITROW, Benjamin. 1775/1800. wholesale stationer. Jewry Street, Aldgate 1790U-1792+. Livery Ironmongers' Co. by 1792. Partner of William Champante q.v.

London. WHITTINGHAM and ROBERTS. 1775/1800. Engravers. see John Whittingham.

London. WHITTINGHAM, Charles I. 1775/1800. Printer. 10, Dean Street, Fetter Lane 1789-1803; 1, Dean Street 1797-1807; 9, Paradise Row, Islington 1799; 12, Dean Street 1802; 16, Dean Street 1802; 10, Union Buildings, Leather Lane 1803-07; 103, Goswell Street 1807-19; High House, Chiswick Mall 1810-40; 12, Staining Lane, Wood Street 1817-21; College House, Chiswick Mall 1818-76; 21, Took's Court, Chancery Lane 1828-1900+. Trading: alone 1789-1810; as Whittingham and Rowland 1810-19; as Whittingham and Hughes 1817-21; alone 1822-38; as Charles Whittingham II 1828-80; as Charles Whittingham and Co. 1881-1900+. B. 16 June 1767, Stoke Farm, Warwickshire, s. of Charles W., farmer; d. 5 Jan. 1840. App. Richard Bird, printer, Coventry 1779. Began with assistance of William Caslon as one-man jobbing printer 1789. Had 2-3 presses by 1793. Produced specimen books for Caslon 1794-1803. Edition of Gray's Poems made his name 1799. Registered presses 1799, 1802, 1807, 1836. Began series of compact editions of standard authors in rivalry to the leading publishers. Later produced British poets, British theatre and British classics with John Sharpe. Started paper pulp manufactory at Chiswick using machines 1809. Moved to High House, Chiswick Mall, leaving the London business under the charge of Robert Rowland 1810. Established Chiswick Press 1810. Became one of the most elegant printers of the time, skilled in the use of wood engraving and fine inks. He used only the hand press for printing. Partner of John Arliss, stationer and bookseller, Watling Street and of William Hughes engraver, Staining Lane 1817-21. See also John Whittingham. Moved to College House, Chiswick Mall 1818. Produced small format edition of British poets in 100 vol. 1822. Prob. no relative of William Whittingham, printer, of Lynn. Nephew Charles Whittingham II (1795-1876) became partner 1824 and took over control when uncle's health began to fail 1838; premises at Took's Court and Chiswick. Imprints: Kress: 1796: B3276; 1799: S5617, 1800: B4078, 4214; Tooley: 1800: 192. DNB; Nichols iii, 689; Berry and Johnson; Todd; Brown.

London. WHITTINGHAM, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. 13, Staining Lane, Wood Street 1784B-1805H; 12, Staining Lane 1809H-1820R. Trading: as Whittingham and Roberts 1784B-1785P; alone 1790U-1811H; as Mrs. Whittingham 1817U; as Whittingham and Hughes 1819R-1820R. Also described as piercer of gold 1790U. See also Charles Whittingham.

London. WHITTLE and LAURIE. 1775/1800. Map, chart and printsellers. see Laurie and Whittle, James Whittle, Robert Laurie.

London. WHITTLE, James. 1775/1800. Map, chart and printseller. 53, Fleet Street 1790U-1818. Trading: alone 1790U; as Laurie and Whittle (sometime Whittle and Laurie) 1794-1812; as Whittle and Laurie 1812-18. D. 18 Dec. 1818 aged 61. Livery Needlemakers' Co. by 1792. Partner with Robert Laurie q.v. in succession to Robert Sayer q.v. When Laurie retired Whittle took his son Richard Holmes Laurie into partnership as Whittle and Laurie. Chubb; BM Satires 1799.

London. WHITTOW and LARGE. 1775/1800. Engravers and copperplate makers. see Benjamin Whittow and Thomas Large.

London. WHITTOW, Benjamin. 1775/1800. Engraver and copperplate maker. Shoe Lane 1763M; no. 48 1776K-1780K; no. 43 1785P-1797K; no. 31 1798K-1825P; 4, Harp Alley, Fleet Market 1826P-1840P+. Trading: as Wittau 1763M; as Whittow and Large 1776K-1780K; alone 1785P-1790U; as Whittow and son 1792K-1805P; as Whittow and Harris 1805H-1807P, 1816U-1822U; as George Harris 1808P-1833P; as Harris and Eastwood 1826Pi; as William Eastwood 1833R-1840P+. Partner probably Thomas Large q.v., later in Giltspur Street. Miss Whittow of Shoe Lane d. 3 Feb. 1794. Original plate of mezzotint portrait of Sir Wilfred Lawson in National Army Museum. Musgrave.

London. WHITWORTH, James. 1775/1800. Printer. 3, Playhouse Yard 1785P. S. of John W. of Blackfriars, tailor. App. Thomas Bailey 1757, 1778 1 app. Howe; Todd.

London. WICKE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 12, Beech Lane (or Street),Barbican 1799H-1820P; Chiswell Street 1821P. Premises described as Book Society Office 1801P-1821P.

London. WICKS, Phillip. 1775/1800. Bookseller and bookbinder. Islington 1778; 20, Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell 1785P; 6, Chiswell Street 1789A-1792U. S. of Edward W. of Stoke Newington, farmer. App. John Seymour 6 Feb. 1770, free Sta. Co. 4 Mar. 1777, 1778 1 app. Imprint: Kress 1782: B1278. Howe.

London. WICKSTEAD, James. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. May's Buildings, St. Martin's Lane 1779; 1, Suffolk Street, Charing Cross 1781; Henrietta Street, Covent Garden 1782-87; no. 8 1782; no 30 1787; Union Court, Holborn 1802-15; 20, Denmark Street, Soho 1816U-1824. Active in Dublin 1771, Bath c1778 and then London. Exhibited Royal Academy 17791824. Poss. d. 11 July 1791; this entry may refer to two persons. Thieme and Becker; Graves; Musgrave.

London. WICKSTEED, Edward. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Warwick Lane 1758. Died 2 Nov. 1758. Musgrave.

London. WICKWAR, William. 1775/1800. wholesale stationer. 3, Bread Street Hill 1799H.

London. WIER, Maria. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. see Richard Wier.

London. WIER, Richard (known as Davy). 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Castle Street c1774. D. 1792. In Toulouse with wife binding and restoring the books of Count Justin de Macarthy Reagh (1744-1811) in 1774. On return joined Roger Payne in Castle Street 1774. Vied with Payne in dissoluteness and the two had frequent quarrels. Wier was a muscular man and would frequently thrash Payne. He was very addicted to liquor and would rarely begin work before Thursdays. After a short association Wier went abroad and was captured by a privateer; he apparently threatened to demolish half the crew if they did not release him. Later he and Payne were employed by John Mackinlay q.v. His wife Maria was a skilled restorer. After their return from France she went to Edinburgh to repair the books in the Record Office. She was still alive though infirm in 1816. She bound books for M. Wodhull. Their son was poss. David Hope Wier, in France 20 years, then in business in Windmill street, Haymarket. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 796.

London. WIGGINS, T. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 9, Founder's Court, Lothbury 1783. BM Satires.

London. WIGLEY, Charles. 1775/1800. Musical instrument maker, music seller and publisher. Spring Gardens, Charing Cross c1799-1801; adjoining Academy of Fashion, Spring Gardens c1801-04; 204, Strand c1804-11; 151, Strand c181 1-16; 84, Strand c1816-24; 48, Ludgate Hill c1814-16. Trading: as Wigley and Bishop c1801-04, otherwise alone. Also jeweller at Repository of Fashion, 6, Spring Gardens. Humphries and Smith.

London. WIGLEY. 1775/1800. Engraver. Poppin's Court, Fleet Street 1782. D. 9 dune 1782. Musgrave.

London. WIGLEY, John. 1775/1800. Music and musical instrument seller. 15, Coventry Street, Haymarket c1786-1805; Whitehall 1792U; 11, Prince's Street, Hanover Square c1805-10. Humphries and Smith.

London. WIGSTEAD. 1775/1800. Bookseller. see Samuel Hooper.

London. WIGSTFAD, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. 43, Charing Cross 1800P; 40, Charing Cross 18001803P. Bankrupt 23 Nov. 1802, cert. 9 July 1805, div. 24 May 1803, 20 July 1805. Imprint: Abbey: 1800: AS516.

London. WIGZELL, George. 1775/1800. Engraver. Eagle Street, Red Lion Square 1784; Clerkenwell Green 1792; Chapel Place, Pentonville 1796; White Lion Street, Pentonville 1802H; 25, Chapel Street, Pentonville 1805H-1809H; 1, Marson Place, Somers Town 1811H. Livery Sta. Co. by 1784. City Poll 1784: A. Described as map engraver 1802H.

London. WIL(L)MOTT, James. 1775/1800. Stationer. 69, Borough High Street 1793L-1799H; 50, Borough High Street 1799H-1818P. Trading: with William Willmott q.v. 1793L-1799H; alone 1799H-1800P; as Willmott and Hill 1801P-1812P; alone 1813P-1818P.

London. WIL(L)MOTT, Thomas. 1775/1800. Machine ruler. 22, little Bell Alley, Coleman Street 1799H-1802H.

London. WIL(L)MOTT, William. 1775/1800. Stationer and paper hanger. 69, Borough High Street 1793L-1803P; 68 and 69, Borough High Street 1804K. Trading: as William and James (or James and William) Willmott 1793L-1799H; alone 1798L-1804K. Bankrupt 11 Feb. 1804, cert. 12 Feb. 1805, div. 6 Aug. 1805. James Willmott q.v. Iater in business alone.

London. WILCHIER. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. see Samuel Welcher.

London. WILCOX, Anne. 1775/1800. Playing card maker? Walworth and City of London 1799. Patent no. 2365 with Edmund Ludlow relating to playing cards 20 Dec. 1799.

London. WILCOX, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Vergil's Head, opp. New Church, Strand 1740-67; Strand 1768N; 163, Strand 1768K. Still listed 1770N-1772N. Publ. cats. 1740, 1767. Buys and sells libraries 1763M. Circulating library proposed 1751. BM Book sales; Hamlyn.

London. WILDE, Allington. 1775/1800. Printer. Aldersgate Street 1763M-1770N. Name given as Wylde 1770N. Died 28 Dec 1770. Musgrave.

London. WILDER, William. 1775/1800. Pocket book maker. Molemaker Row 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

London. WILDGOOSE, George. 1775/1800. Stationer. Croydon c1793U.

London. WILKES, John. 1775/1800. Printer, ookseller and stationer. 17, Ave Maria Lane 1790-1811H. B. 1750; d. 31 Mar. 1810. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Printer at Winchester 1772-92. Freeman of Winchester and proprietor of Hampshire chronicle. Publ. Universal British directory with support of Peter Barfoot (see Barfoot and Wilkes) 1790-98, a royal patent having been obtained 28 Aug. 1789. Premises known as British Directory Office 1792U-1811H. Charge of piracy brought by Mr. Roworth 17 Dec. 1808. Fined £100 for incorporating material by him into Encyclopaedia Londiniensis. Owned Milland House, Sussex, where he died, by 1810. Imprint: Kress: 1796: S5509. Plomer; Timperley 832, 837; Norton.

London. WILKES, John. 1775/1800. Pen and quill warehouse. 88, Chancery Lane 1797L-1798L; 57, Cornhill 1798K-1802H; 36, Piccadilly 1806P. Described as the inventor of the "patent pen knibber" 1802H

London. WILKIE, George. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 71, St. Paul's Churchyard 1783L-1790U; 57, Paternoster Row 1791K-1823P. Trading: alone 1783L-1786K; as George and Thomas Wilkie 1785L-1797L; alone 1798K-1805H; as Wilkie and Robinson 1806P-1814P; alone 1815P-1816P; as Thomas Wilkie 1817U-1823P. Elder s. of John W. q.v. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Succ. father with Thomas Wilkie q.v. For some years partner with John Robinson in the wholesale trade in books. Music imprint 1803. Imprints: Kress: (G. Wilkie) 1780: B270, 276, 278; 1781: B365; 1782: B468; 1783: B537, 597; (G. and T. Wilkie) 1785: B971; 1787: B1337; 1788: B1419; 1789: B1575, S5231; Abbey: (G. and T. Wilkie) 1797: AS25. Nichols iii, 449; Humphries and Smith.

London. WILKIE, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Fleet Street 1757; 71, Bible, St. Paul's Churchyard 1757-1787K; Stationers' Hall 1780-85. D. 2 July 1785. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Succ. Richard Baldwin. Publ. London chronicle 1757-85, Lady's magazine 1759. Publ. cat. 1771. Fined £100 for publishing letter of Horne Tooke 17 Dec. 1776. Treasurer of Sta. Co. 1780-85. Trade card Heal coll. City Polls: 1781: C., 1784: A. Sons George and Thomas qq.v. Imprints: Kress: 1775: A7113, 7116, 7155; 1776: S4850; 1780: B277. Plomer; Nichols iii, 449, 607, 671; Timperley 738, 754; Norton; Goss; Musgrave; Aspinall.

London. WILKIE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 71, St. Paul's Churchyard 1781L-1782L, 1785L-1790U; 57, Paternoster Row 1791K-1797L. Trading: alone 1781L-1782L; as George and Thomas Wilkie 1785L-1797L. Younger s. of John W. q.v. Publ. London chronicle 1790-1807. Moved to Salisbury. Magistrate in 1812. Nichols iii, 449; Aspinall.

London. WILKINS, Joseph. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 52, Cannon Street 1799H-1822R. Trading: 3s Joseph Wilkins 1799H; as John Wilkins 1802H-1805H; as J. Wilkins 1806P-1817U; as Joseph Wilkins 1822R.

London. WILKINS, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Newington Butts 1794. App. John Birkitt, turned over to William Bamford cit. and Cordwainer, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 3 Feb. 1747, livery 30 Oct. 1761, his app. Robert Wilkins Giblin 24 Sept. 1794.

London. WILKINS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller, stationer and printer. 23, Aldermanbury 1790U-1799H.

London. WILKINS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer and bookseller. 45, Cow Lane West Smithfield 1784B-1785P. S. of Thomas W. of Northampton, gent. App. William Oliver £21 1772, 1782-97 12 apps., 2 premiums average £20. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Prob. the Mr. Wilkins pardoned for his part in the affair of Lord George Gordon 16 July 1786. Imprint: Kress: 1780: S4957. Howe; Todd; Timperley 762.

London. WILKINS, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. Lombard Street 1732-1756. Died 7 Jun 1756. Musgrave; McKenzie.

London. WILKINS, William. 1775/1800. Stationer and paper hanging warehouse. 60, Holborn Hill 1791L-1828. Trading: alone 1791L-1800; as William and Samuel Wilkins 1800-03; as Wilkins and Williams 1802H-1804; alone 1805; as Samuel Wilkins 1805H-1828. S. of Jonathan W. Free Clockmakers' Co. patrimony 6 Dec. 1784. Presented portrait of Bishop Benjamin Hoadly to Sta. Co. on death of wife 1784. Samuel described as bookseller, engraver and printer 1823-1826R. Registered press 1823. Todd; Nichols iii, 585.

London. WILKINSON. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. 50, Bunhill Row, Moorfields 1785P.

London. WILKINSON. 1775/1800. Music seller. see Harman Wright.

London. WILKINSON, C. 1775/1800. Music seller. 13, Haymarket 1808-10. Trading: as Wilkinson and Co. 1808-10. Partner in firm of Broderip and Wilkinson q.v. 1798-1808. Stock purchased by Thomas Preston c1810. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILKINSON, James. 1775/1800. Law printer and stationer. Law House, Clare Street, Clare Market 177994. Named as John Wilkinson 1790U. Also described as paper hanging manufacturer 1785P. Howe; Todd.

London. WILKINSON, John. stationer. Ave Mary Lane 1759K-1760U. Previously Wilkinson & Co.

London. WILKINSON, John & Co. stationer. Ludgate Street 1755K.

London. WILKINSON, Nathaniel. stationer. 12, Watling Street 1774L-1775L. As Gilberd & Wilkinson. Wilkinson appr. to Gilberd 1766. McKenzie.

London. WILKINSON, Richard. 1775/1800. Stationer. North Side, Saint Paul's Churchyard 1759K-1761K.

London. WILKINSON, Robert. 1775/1800. Map and printseller. 58, Cornhill 1779-1816P; 125, Fenchurch Street 1816-1825P. Succ. to business of John Bowles. Stock sold after death 1825-27. Protected the engraver John Keyse Sherwin q.v. Imprints: Abbey: 1788: AT213; 1791: AT214; 1791-92: AS2; 1797: AL34. Darlington and Howgego; BM Satires 1779-81; J. C. Smith xlix-1, 154, 174, 225, 767.

London. WILKINSON. 1775/1800. Stationer. see Edward Gilberd.

London. WILKS, Matthew. 1775/1800. wholesale stationer. Bethnal Green c1800 (or later). Methodist preacher of Tottenham Court Chapel. Married and settled at Bethnal Green. Established stationery business to supply societies with which he was connected with paper for their religious publications. Obtained Evangelical magazine from Thomas Williams. By such enterprises he realised a handsome fortune. Timperley 805.

London. WILLIAMS, Mrs. 1775/1800. Circulating library. Ludgate Hill 1763M. See John Williams.

London. WILLIAMS and Co. 1775/1800. Booksellers. Crane Court, Fetter Lane 1799H. See also Thomas Pote.

London. WILLIAMS. 1775/1800. Music engraver. Baron's Buildings St. George's Fields 1795. Name in subscription list i795. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIAMS. 1775/1800. reading room proprietor. Old Round Court Strand 1798. Fined £5 for charging ld for loan of newspaper 6 Sept. 1798. Timperley 799.

London. WILLIAMS, A. 1775/1800. Music engraver. 11, Great Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, Holborn c1775. Music imprint c1775. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIAMS. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Strand 1796. Imprint: Abbey: 1796: AS537.

London. WILLIAMS, Evan. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. 13, Strand 1787L-1794B; 11, Strand 1794B-1827P; 10, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1827P-1828P. Trading: as Evan and Thomas Williams 1787L-1801P; alone 1797L-1828P. Bookseller to Duke and Duchess of York 1803-1809H. Westminster Poll 1796: F. See also John Williams, Thomas Pote. Imprint: Kress: (E. and T. Williams) 1792: B2288. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIAMS, J(ohn). 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 34, Strand 1781; 227, Strand 1783. Poss. identical with John Williams, bookseller q.v. or John Williams alias Anthony Pasquin (1761-1818). BM Satires 1771-83.

London. WILLIAMS, James. 1775/1800. Stationer. see Thomas Flight.

London. WILLIAMS, John and Joseph. 1775/1800. Stationers. 55, Holywell Street, Strand 1798K-1801 P. Patent no. 2355 for binding 4 Nov. 1799.

London. WILLIAMS, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Ludgate Hill 1761-63; near Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street 1763-74; 38, Fleet Street 1772L, 39, Fleet Street 1773L-1778; 100, Fleet Street 1778-99; 2, Crane Court, Fleet Street 1800P-1809H; 10, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1810P-1814P. Trading: alone 1761-1772L; as John Williams and Co. 1773-74; alone 1775L-1799; as Pote and Williams 1800P-1814P. Marr. daughter of Joseph Pote, bookseller of Eton. Ran circulating library 1763. Fined £100 and sentenced to 6 months in prison and to stand in the pillory for publishing no. 45 of the North Briton 23 Jan. 1765. A collection made when he stood in the pillory raised £200 for him 14 Feb. 1765. Publ. Morning post 1773-74. Sued by Fox for libel Feb. 1774, convicted 9 July 1774, sentenced to one month in prison and fined £100 21 Nov. 1774. Publ. Whitehall evening post 1778-99. The details in this entry prob. refer to at least two persons John Williams, the s. of John and a worthy member of the Sta. Co. is reported by Nichols as carrying on his grandfather's business at Eton in partnership with Maria the widow of Thomas Pote 1812. See also John Williams printseller and publisher, Williams and Co. and Thomas Pote. Imprints: Kress: 1775: A7100, S4810; 1776: A7224; 1778: B142; 1790: B1982. Plomer; Nichols iii, 419; Timperley 713; BM Satires 1771-83; Hamlyn; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

London. WILLIAMS, John. 1775/1800. Engraver and hardwareman. 102, High Holborn 1789A-1790U.

London. WILLIAMS, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. Clement's Inn Foregate 1792K-1795K.

London. WILLIAMS, Joseph. 1775/1800. Stationer. see John and Joseph Williams.

London. WILLIAMS, Owen. 1775/1800. Paper hanger. 5, Devonshire Street, Queen's Square 1799H.

London. WILLIAMS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 13, Strand 1787L-1794B; 11, Strand 1794B-1801 P. Trading: as Evan and Thomas Williams 1787-1801P. See Evan Williams.

London. WILLIAMS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Stationers' Court 1800; no. 10 1801-18. Trading: alone 1800-1805H; as Williams and Smith 1806-10; alone 181 lH-1818; as Williams and Co. 1817U. Established and edited Evangelical magazine later acquired by Matthew Wilks. Publ. and sold some musical works. Succ. by Francis Westley. Timperley 805; Brown; Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIAMS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver, printer, print and music seller and publisher. 43, Holborn c1783-1785B; 146, Borough High Street c1786-90. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIAMS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Music engraver and printer. 18, Clerkenwell Green 1778-83. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIAMS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer, bookseller and paper hanger. 156, Leadenhall Street 1794B-1809H. Trading: as Thomas Williams and Co. 1799H; otherwise alone. See also William Heather.

London. WILLIAMS, W. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Fleet Street 1777. Poss. the same as the bookplate and portrait engraver active c1760-1815. Imprints: Abbey: 1794: AT5 1. Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1777.

London. WILLIAMS, William. 1775/1800. Printer. Blake Court, Catherine Street 1789-92; 35, Chancery Lane 1799-1805H; 127 Fleet Street 1820. Printed Morning post 1789-92. Action for libel by George Rose 15 Mar. 1792, ordered to pay £100 damages to Rose 9 July 1792. Charged with libel on King 10 July 1792. Registered presses 1799, 1820. Printer of Morning advertiser 1820. Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

London. WILLIAMSON, James. 1775/1800. Engraver. 30, Noble Street, Foster Lane 1790U.

London. WILLIAMSON, Richard. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Gray's Inn Gate 1723-1737. Died 7 Jan 1737. Musgrave; Plomer.

London. WILLIAMSON, Robert. 1775/1800. Card and pasteboard maker. 73, Old Street 1785P-1792U.

London. WILLIAMSON, T. G. 1775/1800. Print and music seller, and publisher. 20, Strand c1797-1802. Also composer. Ran Music, Print and Fancy Warehouse. Humphries and Smith.

London. WILLIS. 1775/1800. Stationer. London 1750. Died 30 Oct 1750. Musgrave.

London. WILLIS. 1775/1800. Music seller. see Riley and Willis.

London. WILLIS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Print cutter. Stratford, Essex 1799H.

London. WILLS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller and pocket book maker. Stationers' Court 1784B-1803P; no. 2 1790U-1799H. Premises described as pasteboard and almanack warehouse 1801P-1803P. Listed as Wells, Thomas 1799H.

London. WILLSHIRE, Leonard. 1775/1800. Stationer and newspaper agent. 8, London Wall 1799H; 11, London Wall 1802H-1830P+. Prob. connected with Thomas Willshire, newsman, 40, Coppice Row Clerkenwell 1822R.

London. WILSON and FELL. 1775/1800. Booksellers. Paternoster Row 1763M-1765K. 14, Paternoster Row 1767K. Wholesale dealers in books 1763M. Still listed 1768N-1770N.

London. WILSON and FENNER. 1775/1800. Stationers. Turk's Head, Gracechurch Street 1738I.

London. WILSON and NICOL. 1775/1800. Booksellers. Strand 1769P-17788K. See David Wilson and George Nicol.

London. WILSON, Mrs. 1775/1800. Newsagent? 45, Lombard Street 1785P. Took in advertisements for Daily Universal Register 1785P. Connected with Robert or Charles Edward Wilsonn?.

London. WILSON. 1775/1800. Printer. Ave Maria Lane 1794B. Todd.

London. WILSON, Andrew. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Catherine Street 1793-94; 6, Wild Court, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1799H-1805H; 12, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1804-1811H; Camden Town 1812-21; Bishop's Court, Old Bailey 1841-42. Trading: alone 1793-94; as Joseph Cooper and Wilson 1799; as Andrew Wilson and Co. 1802H-1805H, 1811H, 1841-42; alone 1803-21. Printed Argus 1793-94. Employed by the 3rd Earl Stanhope to develop a stereotyping process which the Earl had bought from its Glasgow inventors Alexander Tilloch and Andrew Foulis. The process was offered to Cambridge university for use in Bibles, Testaments and prayer books on certain conditions, one of which was said to be the payment of £4,000 for the secret of the invention 1804. Premises described as Oriental Press 1802H, as Stereotype Office 1804. Imprints: Kress: 1800: B4061, 4243. Timperley 817; Todtl; Brown.

London. WILSON, Daniel. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 20, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn 1780. BM Satires.

London. WILSON, David. 1775/1800. rag dealer. 16, King Street, Seven Dials 1799H.

London. WILSON, David. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Strand 1751-1788K; Plato's Head, near Round Court 1751-77; opp. Durham Yard, Strand 1763M; no. 441 1778K-1779K; no. 141 1780K-1788K. Trading: with T. Durham 1753; as Wilson and Nicol 1769K-1788K. D. July 1777 at an advanced age. Publ. cats. 1773. After Wilson's death George Nicol continued alone. See under Nicol for information taken from other directories which is probably more accurate for the 1780's. Imprint: Kress: (Wilson and Nicol) 1776: A7277. Plomer; Nichols iii, 671.

London. WILSON, J. 1775/1800. Map seller. Oxford Street 1791. Publ. map of London 1791. Darlington and Howgego.

London. WILSON, Jacob. 1775/1800. Stationer. Carter Lane, Doctors' Commons 1781; Knightrider Street 1792; Crown Court, Old-Change 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. City Poll 1781: L.

London. WILSON, John. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Pimlico 1794B; 88, Royal Exchange n.d.; 19, Blackmore Street, Clare Market 1802H-1811H; Pulteney Street 1809; 32, Great Pulteney Street 1820R-1823R; 19, Foley Place c1824-1830R Signed binding British Museum. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WIL(L)SON, Robert. 1775/1800. Printseller and stationer. 4, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill 1789A.

London. WILSON, William. 1775/1800. Printer. 12, High Street, Islington 1799H.

London. WILSON, William. 1775/1800. Printer. 15, St. Peter's Hill, Doctors' Commons 1799H; 16, St. Peter's Hill 1800P-1813, 4, Greville Street, Leather Lane 1813-27. Registered presses 1799. Partner James Moyes 1824. Office destroyed by fire Aug. 1824. Brown; Todd; Timperley.

London. WILSON,William Charles. 1775/1800. Engraver. London 1792. B. c1750. Engraved for Boydell's Shakspeare Gallery and plates after G. Lambert, C. Lorrain and P. Pillement. Imprint: Abbey: 1792: AS393. Thieme and Becker.

London. WILSONN and SINCLEARE. 1775/1800. Stationers. Lombard Street 1779K-1790U. Charles Edward Wilsonn and Charles Sincleare took out Sun insurance policy no. 350265 25 Feb. 1775. Guildhall lib. ms 11,936/236.

London. WILSONN, Charles Edward. 1775/1800. Stationer. Lombard Street 1775-92. Free Sta. Co. by 1783, livery by 1792. Common councillor Langbourne ward 1783-90. See also Wilsonn and Sincleare, Robert Wilsonn.

London. WILSONN, Robert. 1775/1800. Stationer. Birchin Lane 1745K-1752; Lombard Street 1753K-1765K; 22, Crown, corner of Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street 1775; 23, Lombard Street 1767K-1785P; 13, Lombard Street 1786K-1791L. Trading: alone 1745K-1753K; as Robert Wilsonn and son 1754K-1770K; alone 1771K-1774K; as Wilsonn and Co. 1775K-1778K; as Wilsonn and Sincleare 1779K-1790U; as Charles Edward Wilsonn 1791L. Trade card Heal coil. See also Charles Sincleare, Wilsonn and Sincleare. Plomer.

London. WILTHEW, Joseph. 1775/1800. Printer. 5, Mercer Street, Long Acre 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

London. WINBOLT, William. 1775/1800. ruled accompt book and stationery warehouse. 48, St. Paul's Churchyard 1799H-1830P+. Trading: as William Winbolt and Co. 1799H-1806P; as Winbolt and Rowsell 1807P-1811H; as Winbolt and Lukyn 1812P-1813P; as William Winbolt 1814P-1828P; as B. J. and W. J. Winbolt 1829P-1830P. Senior partner previously Paul Lukyn q.v.

London. WINCHESTER, William. 1775/1800. Stationer and paper hanger. 61, Strand 1793L-1834; 58 and 61, Strand 1817U. Trading: alone 179SL-1802; as William Winchester and son 1802H-1819; as Winchester, son and Matthews 1817U; as Winchester, son and Varnham 1819R-1820R; as Henry Winchester and Arthur Varnham 1822R-1834. Registered press at 20, Villiers Street 1804. Previously Lawrence and Winchester. Winchester, Kirkman, Yockney, Harris and Co., merchants also at 61, Strand to 1792L. Todd.

London. WINGFIELD, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Newgate Street 1784-86. Poss. s. of Thomas W. of Bethnal Green, peruke maker. App. Robert Stevens, printer 6 Apr. 1762, turned over to James Whitehead of Ivy Lane, cit. and Glover 7 June 1768, free Sta. Co. 6 June 1769, 1784-86 2 apps., 2 premiums. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WINGRAVE, Francis. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 138, Strand 1789-1823P. Trading: alone 1789-1818P; as Wingrave and Collingwood 1816K-1823P. Managed Sir Charles Nourse's business after John Nourse's death in 1780 and succeeded to it after Charles's death in 1789. Succ. by John Collingwood 1824P. Prob. connected with John Wingrave and Co., perfumers 158, Strand 1788L. Plomer; Nichols iii, 732-33.

London. WINGRAVE, J. 1775/1800. Print publisher. Park Street 1786. BM Satires 1784; J. C. Smith 1732.

London. WINGRAVE, John. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. St. Dunstan, Fleet Street 1767; Fleet Street 1772; Red Lion Court, Fleet Street 1775-94; no. 10 1790U-1805H. D. 9 Oct. 1807 aged 80. Free Dyers' Co. by 1772, 1775-78 2 turn overs. A prosecuting master 1786. Binder to Duke of Grafton, Major Pearson, Isaac Read and many other collectors and booksellers. Constable of St. Dunstan's parish when he apprehended the notorious Mrs. Brownrigg 1767. Publ. a narrative of the trial 1767. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 831.

London. WINSTANLEY, Edmund. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 5, High Street, St. Giles 1789A-1805H. First name given as Edward 1799H, as Henry 1802H.

London. WISE, William. 1775/1800. Engraver. 16, New Street, Covent Garden 1790U.

London. WITHERBY, George Henry. 1775/1800. Stationer. Birchin Lane 1789L-1814P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. See Thomas Witherby.

London. WITHERBY, George. 1775/1800. Stationer. Nicholas Lane 1792U.

London. WITHERBY, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer. Birchin Lane 1759K-1765K; 9, Birchin Lane 1767K-1830P. Trading: as Thomas Witherby 1759K-1778K; as Thomas Witherby and son 1779K-1788K; as Thomas Witherby and sons 1789L-1800P; as William and George Henry Witherby 1801P-1814P; as W. G. and W. H. Witherby 1815P-1830P+. Free Coopers' Co. by 1767, livery by 1792. Sometimes described as law stationers. Common councillor Langbourne ward 1767-97. Firm established 1740, still existed as Witherby and Co. Ltd. 147, Cannon Street 1975. Son Thomas livery Coopers' Co. by 1792.

London. WITTS, Edward London. 1775/1800. Stationer and paper hanger. 44, Friday Street 1792K-1794B; 34, St. Paul's Churchyard 1799H-1809P. Trading: alone 1792K-1794L; as E. L. Witts and Co. 1799H; as Witts and Baldwin 1800P-1803P; as Witts and Palmer 1804P-1805H; alone 1806P-1809P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. See also William Jennings.

London. WOLFE, John. 1775/1800. Printer. Exeter Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

London. WOLTERS, Fred. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 20, New Round Court, Strand 1799H; 12, Duke's Court, Bow Street 1802H-1826R. Trading: alone 1799H; as Wolters and Brand 1802H-1813; alone 1813, as William Wolters 1823R-1826R. Succ. by J. Coxhead in New Round Court. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WOOD, B. 1775/1800. Music engraver. 22, Hyde Street, Bloomsbury :1785; 60, Chandos Street, Covent Garden c1789. Humphries and Smith.

London. WOOD, Charles. 1775/1800. Bookseller. South Arch, Royal Exchange 1792K.

London. WOOD, J. G. 1775/1800. Engraver and publisher. 39, New Bond Street 1793-95; 7, Beaumont Street, Devonshire Place 1797-1811. D. 1838. Exhibited Royal Academy 1793-1811. Primarily watercolourist. Publ. works on perspective. Effects sold at Sotheby's 1838. Imprint: Abbey: 1793: AS534. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 945; Graves.

London. WOOD, J. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Ludgate Hill 1772. BM Satires 1772.

London. WOOD, Richard. 1775/1800. Paper stainer. Chelsea c1793U.

London. WOOD, William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Warwick Lane 1749-89. Poss. s. of William W. of Clerkenwell, gardener. App. William Fuller £2 1 Aug. 1738, free Sta. Co. 3 Sept. 1745, 1749-89 9 apps. 3 premiums. Son (?) William, bookbinder, d. 11 Mar. 1788 aged 29. Howe; Ramsden; Musgrave.

London. WOOD, William. 1775/1800. Paper stainer. Gardener's Lane 1774. Westminster poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

London. Woodfall, George II. 1775/1800. Printer. 22, Paternoster Row 1796-1812; Bridewell Hospital 1802; 1, Ivy Lane 1804-10; 11, Angel Court, Skinner Street 1812-64; 35, Seacole Lane, Skinner Street 1813-36; 2, Green Arbour Court 1854; Milford Lane, Strand 1865-87. Trading: alone 1796-1840; as George Woodfall and son 1841-53; as Woodfall and (Richard) Kinder 1854-87. B. 1767, s. of Henry Sampson W. I, printer; d. 22 Dec. 1844, Dean's Yard, Westminster. Free Sta. Co. 1788, livery by 1792, assistant 1825, master 1833, 1841, 1796-1813 21 apps. Partner with his father until his retirement 1793. Then in business alone to 1840 when eldest son Henry Dick became partner. A very careful typographer well regarded by his colleagues. Frequently chaired meetings of London master printers. Storekeeper to Sta. Co. 1812. Fellow Society of Antiquaries 1823, fellow Royal Society of Literature 1824. On general committee of Royal Literary Fund 1824-28, on council 1828-35, 1838-44, treasurer 1835-38. Hostile to Koenig's inventions 1806 though later adopted them. Best known publication Junius's Letters 3 vol. 1812. Registered presses 1799, 1802, 1812. Imprints: Kress: 1794: B2795; 1800: B4179; Abbey: 1794: AT215. DNB; Todd; Brown.

London. Woodfall, Henry Sampson I. 1775/1800. Printer. 61, corner of Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row 1761-93; Chelsea 1793-1805. B. 21 June 1739, Rose and Crown, Little Britain, eldest s. of Henry W. II, printer; d. 12 Dec. 1805, Chelsea. App. his father 5 Mar. 1754, free and livery Sta. Co. 5 Aug 1760, court 3 Apr. 1792, master 1797, 1764-86 12 apps., 4 premiums average £20. Taught Greek by his grandfather, read Homer to Pope at the age of five. Educated at Twickenham and at St. Paul's from the age of 11. Began to conduct Public advertiser at age of 19, continued to do so until Nov. 1793 when he disposed of the paper. Alexander Cruden his corrector to 1770, knew many other literary men who contributed to the paper. Succ. to father's business 1769. Declined father's position of common councillor, his duty "to record great actions, not to perform them". Unsuccessful candidate for a City office 1772. Often in trouble with the authorities though famed for his impartiality and scrupulous honesty. Publ. Letters of Sir Philip Francis and of Junius. Prosecuted for a libel in one of these letters 13 June 1770. Publ. complete letters 1772. Appeared before Commons over libel on Speaker 14 Feb. 1774. Fox moved that he be indicted for libel on Constitution 16 Feb. 1774, convicted and sentenced to three months in prison 11 July 1774. Action for libel in Public advertiser brought by Earl of Chatham 10 July 1776, Chatham nonsuited as a single letter varied in the record. Fined 6/8d and sentenced to 12 months in prison 1779. Prosecuted for libel by Burke who demanded £5.000 damages, he was awarded £100 14 July 1784. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Office destroyed by fire and he retired Dec. 1793. City Polls 1781: C, 1784: A. Imprints: Kress: 1775: A7110, S4805. DNB; Plomer; Nichols i, 30002; Timperley 736, 745, 751; Todd; Howe; Aspinall; Werkmeister; Blagden.

London. Woodfall, Henry Sampson II. 1775/1800. Printer. Salisbury Square 1790; no. 62 1803. S. of William W., printer; d. 1833. Free Sta. Co. 1789, livery by 1792, 1790 1 app. Howe; Todd.

London. Woodfall, Thomas Alexander. 1799. Printer? 104, Drury Lane 1799. Registered presses 1799. Todd.

London. Woodfall, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer, bookseller and stationer. Villiers Street, Strand 1804-21; 14, Sloane Square 1815-19; 26, York Street, Westminster 1823-24. S. of William W., printer. Free Sta. Co. 1795. Todd; Howe.

London. Woodfall, William junior. 1775/1800. Printer. Salisbury Square 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

London. Woodfall, William. 1775/1800. Printer. 62, corner of Dorset Street, Salisbury Square 1773-90; 14, Salisbury Square 1791L-1793L. B. 1746, s. of Henry W. II, printer; d. 1 Aug. 1803, Oueen Street, bun St. Margaret's churchyard, Westminster. App. Richard Baldwin, bookseller, Paternoster Row, free Sta. Co. 1769, livery by 1781, 1769-90 14 apps. Employed in printing Public advertiser by father. Went to Scotland as actor where he married. Returned to London c1771. Edited London packet 1771-76. Printed Morning chronicle 1769-89. Phenomenal memory used in reporting debates. It was regarded as something supernatural and crowds followed him through the streets in wonder when he visited Dublin 1784. Fox moved that he be indicted for libel on Constitution 16 Feb. 1774, convicted and sentenced to three months in prison 11 July 1774. Quit Morning chronicle after a political quarrel with proprietors 28 Mar. 1789. Commenced Diary, or Woodfall's registrr which carried reports of Parliamentary debates 30 Mar. 1789, not profitable and the reporting wore out his constitution so the paper was discontinued 30 Aug. 1793. Devoted to literature, especially the theatre. Revived Richard Savage's Sir Thomas Overbury at Covent Garden 1776. Attended all first nights, criticisms widely respected though they angered Garrick and others. City Poll 1781: C. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Unsuccessful candidate for post of City Remembrancer 1793. Imprints: Kress: 1785: S5076; 1791: B2124, S5358; 1792: B2389; S5392; 1793: B2489-90; 1794: B2701, 2703-05; 1795: B2925. DNB; Nichols i, 302-04; Timperley 764, 815-16; Howe; Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

London. WOODHAM, James. 1775/1800. Stationer. see Thomas Woodham.

London. WOODHAM, Richard. 1775/1800. Music ruler. Exeter Court 1774. Westminster poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

London. WOODHAM, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer, bookseller, newsman and tobacconist. 52, High Holborn 1785B; 34, High Holborn 1789A-1822R. First name given as James 1797L-1798L. Took in advertisements for Daily universal register 1785P. William Woodham, drug broker at 52, High Holborn 1797L.

London. WOODHOUSE, James. 1775/1800. Stationer and bookseller. 11, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square 179OU; 10, Brook Street 1794B-1799H. Poss. connected with Piercy and Woodhouse who publ. satirical print 1796. BM Satires.

London. WOODING, John. 1775/1800. Stationer and engraver. 49, Great Surrey Street, Blackfriars Bridge 1789L-1791 L. Teacher of William Bromley. Engraved after G. Kniller, J. Paxton, A. Pond, J. Russell and own designs. Thieme and Becker.

London. WOODMAN, and MUTLOW. 1775/1800. Engravers, printers etc. See T. Woodman and Henry Mutlow.

London. WOODMAN, Richard. 1775/1800. Engraver. London 1784. Father of Richard Woodman, engraver (1784-1859). DNB; Thieme and Becker.

London. WOODMAN, T. 1775/1800. Engraver, printer, map and printseller. 30, Russell Court, Drury Lane c1772-93; 39, Walbrook 1784B. Partner with Henry Mutlow q.v. Took over part of Harry Ashby's business when he married John Spilsbury's widow. Henry Mutlow later on own. BM Satires 1785; Hannas 20, 154.

London. WOODMAN, William. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Packer's Court, Coleman Street 1777-1800; 27, Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street 1802H. S. of William W. of Bedfordshire, gent. App. Joseph Gurney £15 5 May 1767, turned over to John Bailey, free Sta. Co. 4 Oct. 1774, 17771800 6 apps., 2 premiums. Son James, bookbinder? Howe; Ramsden.

London. WOODMASON and PAGE. 1775/1800. Stationers. see James Woodmason, Page.

London. WOODMASON, James. 1775/1800. Stationer. 149, Leadenhall Street 1773-1778K; 5, Leadenhall Street 1779K-1801K. Trading: alone 1773L-1787K; as Field and Woodmason 1779K; as Woodmason and Page 1788K-1789A; as Woodmason and Co. 1789L-1790U; alone 1791K-1801K. B. 1748, bap. 11 Sep 1748 Holy Trinity Chapel Gosport, s. of Charles Woodmason, shipwright and Hannah Page Woodmason. Married: 1. Mary Magdalen Gavelle at St James Paddington 6 Feb. 1772, seven children killed in fire 1782, also Matthias and Alfred, separated 1790, divorced 1798. 2. Anne Bursey, widow, St. George Hanover Square 24 July 1798, died. 3. Jane Jewel, widow. Died 1831. Father emigrated to South Carolina but returned after the death of James's mother and James remained in London when he once again left for America. Free Merchant Taylors' Co. redemption 5 Aug. 1772, livery 13 May 1774, court 25 July 1787, apps. William Raven 3 Feb. 1779, John Drabwell 2 May 1787, William Spear 3 Dec. 1788, George Child 1 Sept. 1790, Joseph Jennings Poole 2 Feb. 1791, Henry James 2 Nov. 1791. Partner with Robert Powney in Parliament Street 1772L-1774L, trading as Powney and Woodmason. Recorded in rate books of St Peter Cornhill 1776-1792. Printed The letters of Junior to Lord North 1773. Many links with North America: Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin etc. Partnership between Thomas Field and James Woodmason of Leadenhall Street, stationers, dissolved 24 June 1779 by mutual consent, James Woodmason to continue alone London Gazette 10 July 1779. Seven children killed in fire which destroyed premises 18 Jan. 1782. Through influence of Earl Talbot appointed stationer to royal household March 1782. Developed a paper copying process that impressed Benjamn Franklin. Published periodical The East India miscellany 1783. His partner Page died 10 June 1789. Gained monopoly of King's stationer in Ireland about 1789. Operated premises at 129, Abbey Street, Dublin 1790-1793. Formed a bank in partnership with politician John Claudius Beresford 1794-1808, bank failed. Emsworth, country house, built for him in county Dublin by James Gandon 1797. In Dublin journal 7-9 June 1792 proposed the Irish Shakespeare Galley with works by Henry Fuseli and others in imitation of Boydell's similar venture. Exhibition not successful in Dublin in 1793 nor in London where it opened in the New Shakespeare Galley in rooms belonging to the Polygraphic Society at Old Schomberg House, 88 Pall Mall in January 1794. Son Matthias estimated that he lost over £5,000 in the venture. Publication never took place ; 17 engravings after the paintings eventually published as A series of engravings to accompany the works of Shakespeare (London: J.Murray, J.Heath, J.Woodmason, 1817). Partnership between James Woodmason, William Richardson and Thomas Harrison of Leadenhall Street, stationers, dissolved 7 August 1793 by mutual consent, William Richardson and Thomas Harrison to continue the business London Gazette 10 August 1793. Stationer to India Company 1801K. Granted monopoly on supplying "moulds, papers and types for permits" in Ireland, 1808, monopoly reclaimed 1814. Embroiled in lengthy lawsuit from 1811 to recover funds owed by former partner J.C.Beresford. Accused of defrauding government by overcharging for binding of revenue books; never proven but stated that neither Woodmason nor his foreman "was a person of perfect morals". See also Page, Thomas Field. Sources: Gainey, Josph R. James Woodmason (ca. 1748-1831) of London and Dublin: stationer, banker, dupe or scoundrel? (Cowpens: J.R.Gainey, 2011) ; Pollard, M. A dictionary of members of the Dublin book trade 1550-1800 (London: Bibliographical Society, 2000) ; Hamlyn, Robert "An Irish Shakespeare Gallery", Burlington Magazine, 120, no. 905 (1978) p. 515-529.

London. WOODMASON, James. 1775/1800. Paper stainer. 21, Old Bond Street 1789A.

London. WOODS, Edmund. 1775/1800. Printer. 7, Hart Street, Grosvenor Square 1799-1821; 10, Hart Street 1821; 11, Queen Street, Grosvenor Square 1823-45. Registered presses 1799, 1821. Todd.

London. WOODTHORPE, Vincent. 1775/1800. Engraver. 27, Fetter Lane, Holborn 1799H-1809H; 29, Fetter Lane 1802H-1824P. Engraved bookplates, title-pages and fashion plates for a journal publ. by Mme. Lanchester from 1803. Thieme and Becker.

London. WOODWARD. 1775/1800. Bookseller. see Law and Woodward.

London. WOODWARD, George Moutard. 1775/1800. Engraver and publisher. 28, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn 1785. B. c1760; s. of William W. of Stanton Hall, Derbyshire; d. Nov. 1809. Untrained. To London with allowance from father. Caricaturist, much of his work etched by Rowlandson and Cruikshank. Also author of verse and prose pieces. Fond of drinking. D. at Brown Bear public house, Covent Garden. DNB; Thieme and Becker; BM Satires 1785.

London. WOOLIDGE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer. 18, Denmark Court 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: T.

London. WOOLLETT, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver. Green Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Error for William Woollett?

London. WOOLLETT, William. 1775/1800. Engraver. Long's Court, Leicester Fields 1762-67; Green Street, Leicester Fields 1768-77; North Street, Rathbone Place 1785; Upper Brook Street, Rathbone Place 1785. B. 15 Aug. 1735 Maidstone, s. of Philip W., flax dresser; d. 23 May 1785, Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place, bun St. Pancras. To London, pupil of John Tinney and studied at St. Martin's Lane Academy. Earliest plates topographical and publ. by Tinney c1755-57. Worked for Boydell from 1760. Most celebrated work Death of General Wolfe after West 1776. Member of Society of Artists 1766 of which he was secretary for several years. Exhibited Society of Artists 1760-77, Free Society 1762-63, 1783. One of first English engravers to gain fame on the Continent. Historical engraver to King 1775-85. Written in pencil on his tomb were the lines, later removed: 'Here Woollett lies, expecting to be saved / He graved well but is not well engraved' possibly provoking a subscription for the monument in Westminster Abbey executed by Banks. On death of widow Elizabeth his plates were sold to Hurst and Robinson 1819. DNB; Thieme and Becker Timperley 819; Graves; Musgrave.

London. WORMALL, Thomas. 1775/1800. Engraver. 19, Rupert Street, Haymarket 1799H-1802H.

London. WORNUM, Robert. 1775/1800. Music seller and publisher and musical instrument maker. Glasshouse Street c1772-77; 42, Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square c1777-1815. D. c1815. Westminster Poll 1772: Mo., Ma. Publ. cat. c1802. Succ. by son Robert as pianoforte maker. Humphries and Smith.

London. WORRALL, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer. Montague Court, Spital Square, Bishopsgate 1785B. Howe; Todd.

London. WORSHIP, William. 1775/1800. Printseller and engraver. 3, Ball Alley, Lombard Street 1794B.

London. WORTH, Michael. 1775/1800. Stationer. Bishopsgate Street within 1792K-1795K; no. 166 1792; no. 73 1792K; no. 41 1793L-1795K; Leadenhall Street 1796. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

London. WRAGG, Jacob. 1775/1800. Compositor. London. D. Feb. 1781, Bury. One of William Bowyer's annuitants. A learned man, he had worked for Edward Say on Dr. Jortin's life of Erasmus. Nichols iii, 287; Timperley 747.

London. WRAGG, Joseph. 1775/1800. vellum binder. Lambeth 1787. App. James Clark, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 July 1769, apps. John Sweeting 1 Aug. 1787, John Houghton 3 Oct. 1787.

London. WRANGHAM, Anthony. 1775/1800. Stationer. King Street, Golden Square 1790U; 153, New Bond Street 1794B-1808P; 161, New Bond Street 1809P-1822R. Trading: as Anthony Wrangham 1790U-1814P; as William Wrangham 1815P-1820P; as Wrangham and Houghton 1822R.

London. WRANGHAM, Henry. 1775/1800. Stationer and bookseller. 153, New Bond Street 1799H.

London. WRANGHAM, Richard. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 153, New Bond Street 1794B.

London. WRIGHT and WILKINSON. 1775/1800. Music sellers etc. See Harman Wright.

London. WRIGHT, GILL and DALTON. 1775/1800. wholesale stationers. see Thomas Wright, William Gill, Richard Dalton.

London. WRIGHT, GILL and PETTIWARD. 1775/1800. wholesale stationers. see Thomas Wright, William Gill, Pettiward.

London. WRIGHT, Hamnan (or Hermond). 1775/1800. Music printer, seller and publisher. 13, Catherine Street, Strand 1783-1801; no. 12 1784L; 386, Strand 1801-03. Trading: as Wright and Wilkinson or Wright and Co. 1783-1785B; alone 1785-1803. Livery Pewterers' Co. by 1792. Advertised as successors to Mr. Walsh though really succ. Elizabeth Randall. Stock purchased by Thomas Preston some time after 1803. Humphries and Smith.

London. WRIGHT, James. 1775/1800. Stationer. Ham Lane, Stratford 1799H.

London. WRIGHT, John. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 169, Piccadilly 1797L-1802H; 5, Panton Square, Piccadilly 1804. B. 1770/1, Norwich; d. 25 Feb. 1844, 26, Osnaburgh Street. App. uncle J. Roper, silk merchant. To London to seek literary employment c1792. Foreman to Hookham in Bond Street before he set up on own. His shop the resort of Pitt's supporters. Premises of 168, Piccadilly used by the editors of Anti-Jacobin 20 Nov. 1797 to 9 July 1798. His shop the scene of a fight between the editor William Gifford and Dr. Wolcot whom he had satirised. Acted as London agent for William Cobbett and gave him lodgings on his return to London 1800. Shop described as fashionable lounging place in Picture of London 1802. Bankrupt 27 Mar. 1802, divs. 14 May 1803, 30 Jan. 1806. Confined in Fleet 1803 and released on terms which made him Cobbett's hack. Chiefly employed as editor of Cobbett's Parliamentary history, Parliamentary debates and State trials for a share of the profits. After Cobbett's imprisomment 1810-12 a bitter enmity developed between the two. After his connection with the Parliamentar, Debates ceased 1830 he wrote for John Murray and Richard Bentley. Prob. connected with J. Milliken, Dublin as they printed many of the same titles. Imprints: Kress: 1797: B3435; 1798: B3542, 3582-83, 3656, 3687-88, 3711; 1799: B3774-78, 3785, 3817, 3819, 3831, 3840, 3852, 3893, 3927, 3938, 3960-62, 3972, 3975-76, 3990, 3997, 4021; 1800: B4052, 4065, 4067, 4070-71, 4115, 4118, 4127-28,4134,4221, 4273; Abbey: 1795: AS514; 1800: AL331. DNB; Timperley 797; BM Satires 1798.

London. WRIGHT, John. 1775/1800. Printer. 20, Denmark Court 1796-1802H; 38, St. John's Square 1806P-1807P. D. 13 Oct. 1807 aged 38. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. Registered presses 1799. D. after two days illness from a cold caught on a shooting party. An excellent printer. His brother and successor Joseph Wright d. after a lingering illness at his father's house in Leicestershire 1 May 1809. A third brother in the same profession Edward Wright d. 26 Apr. 1810. Nichols iii, 741; Timperley 831; Brown; Todd.

London. WRIGHT, Richard. 1775/1800. wholesale quill dealer. 67, Barbican 1784B-1790U.

London. WRIGHT, Robert. 1775/1800. Engraver. Prescot Street, Goodman's Fields 1790U; Minories 1792. Livery Loriners' Co. by 1792.

London. WRIGHT, Samuel. 1775/1800. Engraver. Minories 1792. Livery Loriners Co. by 1792.

London. WRIGHT, Sir Sampson. 1775/1800. Publisher. Bow Street 1790U-1791 U. Publ. Public hue and cry 1790U-1791 U.

London. WRIGHT, Thomas. 1775/1800. Printer and bookseller. Chancery Lane c1766; Essex Street, Strand c1775-80; 4, Peterborough Court, Fleet Street 1781-96. S. of Thomas W. of Wolverhampton, bucklemaker; d. 3 Mar. 1797. App. Archibald Hamilton 5 Dec. 1758, free and livery Sta. Co. 6 May 1766, Court 2 Mar. 1773, master 1777, 1783, 1767-93 23 apps., 6 premiums average £25. At first assistant to Hamilton then set up on own c1766. Printer of Whitehall evening post 1771-85. Printed and publ. Westminster magazine 1775. Bankrupt 1777, cert. 18 July 1778, divs. 22 June 1778, 9 June 1787. Printed specimen for William Caslon and son c1785. City Poll 1781: C. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Collected material for Essays and criticisms of Dr. Goldsmith from files of periodicals annotated by himself 1798. Imprints: Kress: 1794: B2766, 2786-87, 2809-10. Plomer; Nichols iii, 399; Timperley 794; Howe; Todd; Aspinall; Berry and Johnson; St. James's Chronicle 3 Jan. 1775; Blagden.

London. WRIGHT, Thomas. 1775/1800. wholesale stationer. London Bridge 1753K-1759K; Abchurch Lane 1761K-1766; 30, Abchurch Lane 1767K-1799H. Trading: as Wright and Gill 1753K-1777N; as Wright, Gill and Pettiward 1778K-1780K; as Wright, Gill, son and Dalton 1781L-1797L; as Wright, Gill and Dalton 1798K-1799H. D. 18 Apr. 1798 at his house in Dulwich. Master Sta. Co. 1777. Fifty years partner with William Gill whom he surivied only a fortnight and d. of an epileptic fit. Common councillor Candlewick ward 1764-77, alderman 1777-98, sheriff 1779, Lord Mayor 1785. Gifts to Sta. Co. 1786 and in will. Said to be at least as rich as Gill. City Poll 1781: C. See also Richard Dalton, Pettiward. Nichols iii, 604-05; Timperley 798; Beavan.

London. WYATT, E. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. 360, next door to the Pantheon, Oxford Street 1784. J. C. Smith 1748; BM Satires 1784; Timperley 795 (the same?).

London. WYLY, Christopher. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Warwick Lane 1804-13; no. 36 1811H; 39, St. Andrew's Hill 1817J-1828Pi. S. of Joseph W. of Eton, staymaker. App. John Bird 2 Aug. 1785, free Sta. Co. 2 Sept. 1794, 1804-23 8 apps. Member Trade Committee 1799. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WYLY, Robert. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 19, Warwick Lane 1805H-1809H. S. of Joseph W. of Eton, staymaker. App. Joseph Demonseau 3 Oct. 1775, free Sta. Co. 6 May 1783. Still alive 1813. Howe; Ramsden.

London. WYNN, Edward. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 3, Fetter Lane, Holborn 1799H.

London. WYNNE and SCHOLEY. 1775/1800. Stationers. see Peter Wynne and Robert Scholey.

London. WYNNE, Peter. 1775/1800. Stationer and bookseller. 123, Wood Street 1772K-1800K; 45, Paternoster Row 1801P-1830P+. Trading: as Peck and Wynne 1772K-1777N; alone 1777N-1798K; as Wynne and Scholey 1799H-1805H; as Wynne and son 1806P-1807P; as Peter and William Wynne 1808P-1819P; as Peter, William and George Wynne 1820P-1830P+. D. 30 June 1806, Eltham, Kent. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Kendrick Peck q.v. previously in business alone. City Poll 1781: L. Had purchased the elegant villa of Mr. Wilkinson at Canonbury but did not live to take possession. The milk of human kindness flowed beneath his rough exterior. He left a widow, two sons and three daughters. Robert Scholey q.v. continued in business separately. Nichols iii, 741; Timperley 825.

London. YARDLEY, Edward. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 2, New Inn Passage 1785P; Clement's Passage, Clare Market 1799H. Took in advertisements for Johnson's British gazette 1785P. BM Satires 1784/92.

London. YARDLEY. 1775/1800. Printer. 182, Fleet Street 1790U. Printed General advertiser 1790. Aspinall.

London. YARRELL, Francis. 1775/1800. Stationer and newspaper agent. Duke Street, St. James's 1784B-1785P; 14, Duke Street 1801P-1806P; 34, Bury Street, St. James's 1808P-1842P+. Trading: alone 1784B-1785P; as Yarrell and Jones 1801P-1806P; as Jones and Yarrell 1808P-1842P+. Partner with W. Jones. Business survived at corner of Bury Street and Little Ryder Street until late 19th century. Son William, zoologist (17841856) succ. father. See Zabbell. DNB.

London. YATES and BARNES. 1775/1800. Stationers and playing card makers. Windmill Hill Row, Moorfields 1763M-1772L; 174, Aldersgate Street 1773L-1776K. Edward Yates and Joseph Barnes bankrupt Nov. 1776, cert. 27 Feb. 1779, divs. 8 dune 1782, 26 July 1786.

London. YATES, Edward. 1775/1800. Stationer and playing card maker. see Yates and Barnes.

London. YATES< Bazeley. 1775/1800. Papr hanging warehouse. 2, Spur Street, Leicester Fields 1785B. Error for Gates?

London. YEATES, Alexander. 1775/1800. Bookseller and stationer. Pimlico 1784B-1785P; 22, Queen's Gate, Pimlico 1797L-1801P. Westminster Poll 1784: W.

London. YEATHERD, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. 79, John Street, Tottenham Court Road 1795; 109, New Bond Street 1796. Pupil of Valentine Green. Prob. d. young. Exhibited Royal Academy 1795. J. C. Smith 1621-22; Graves.

London. YELLOWLEY. 1775/1800. Stationer. see Clarke and Yellowley.

London. YEURY, William Peter Francis. 1775/1800. Printer? 15, Poland Street 1799. Registered presses 1799. Todd.

London. YOUNG. 1775/1800. Paper hanging maker. see Johnston and Young, Tootle and Young.

London. YOUNG, Adam. 1775/1800. Printer. 8, White Hart Yard, Drury Lane 17961799H. Westminster Poll 1796: T. Registered press 1799. Todd; Timperley 795 (the same?).

London. YOUNG, James. 1775/1800. Stationer and printer. Bridges Street Covent Garden 1784B-1785P; 4, Bridges Court 1789A-1809. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Registered press 1799. Todd.

London. YOUNG, John. 1775/1800. Engraver. 16, Newman Street, Oxford Street 1785; 28, Newman Street 1786-88; New Store Street, Bedford Square 1790; 7, Cockspur Street 1791; Cockspur Street 1792; Upper Charlotte Street 1794; no. 58 1796-1802; no. 14 1803; no. 65 1805-17. B. 1755; d. 7 Mar. 1825, Upper Charlotte Street. Pupil of John Raphael Smith. Only worked in mezzotint and produced some 80 portraits. Mezzotint engraver to Prince of Wales 1789-1820. Keeper to the British Institution. Publ. outline engravings of famous paintings to instruct the public after 1820 and a series of catalogues of galleries. Publ. Portraits of the Emperors of Turkey 1815. Exhibited Royal Academy 1794. Hon. sec. Artists' Benevolent Fund 1810-13, Artists' General Benevolent Institution 1813. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 1622; Graves.

London. YOUNG, John paper hanging manufactory. 18, Great Surrey Street, Blackfriars 1790U; 82, Chiswell Street 1799H.

London. YOUNG, Samuel. 1775/1800. Copperplate printer. St. Andrew Holborn 1792; Fullwood's Rents, Holborn 1795. App. Thomas Cheesman, free Merchant Taylors'' Co. 6 Apr. 1785, apps. William Mattingly 6 June 1792, John Pickett 1 Apr. 1795.

London. ZABBELL. 1775/1800. Newsagent? Duke Street, St. James's 1785P. Took in advertisements for English chronicle 1785P. Prob. error for Francis Yarrell q.v.

London. ZIEGLER, I. C. 1775/1800. Printseller and publisher. Broad Street, Soho 1799. BM Satires.

London. ZUCCHI, Giuseppe Carlo. 1775/1800. Line engraver. Woodstock Street, near New Bond Street? 1770. B. 1721, Venice, s. of Francesco Z.; d. 3 Nov. 1805, Venice. Taught by Francesco Zugno. To London with brother Antonio Pietro the artist (1726-95). Mainly worked after designs of Angelica Kauffmann. Engr. plates for The works in architecture of Robert and James Adam 1773. Returned to Italy 1779. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

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