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27 April 2017

London 1775-1800: U-V

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names U-V

London. UNDERHILL. 1775/1800. See Smerdon, Elias.

London. UNDERHILL, J. A. 1775/1800. Stationer. 57, Lothbury 1779K.

London. Unwin, Henry. 1775/1800. Stationer. King Street 1754K. Described as haberdasher. Prob. later stationer, Cheapside.Cheapside 1755K. Paternoster Row 1758C-1765C. As Johnson & Unwin 1758C-1765C. Died 2 Dec 1765. Sources: Musgrave

London. UPHILL, Benjamin. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Mount Street, Grosvenor Square 1790U; no. 92 1794B; 30, Bridges Street, Covent Garden 1799H-1805H; 2, Great May's Buildings 1806P-1809H. D. 12 Feb. 1809 aged 49. Of poor health and limited finances he purchased books at sales and resold them by cats. Nichols iii, 665; Timperley 834.

London. UPTON, W. W. H. Church. 1775/1800. Printer? Croydon 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd.

London. URIEL, Pearce. 1775/1800. Bookseller. Inner Temple Lane 1775; Temple Lane 1789. D. 5 June 1789 aged 73. Legal imprint 1775. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775?: A7094. Plomer; Musgrave.

London. Urquhart, Leonard. 1775/1800. Bookseller. under Royal Exchange 1765K. As Richardson & Urquhart.91, Cornhill 1767K-1775L. As Richardson & Urquhart. 46, Paternoster Row 1769P-1775L. As Richardson & Urquhart. D. 6 June 1789. Partner of William Richardson q.v. Musgrave.

London. VACHE, S. 1775/1800. Perfumer, importer of foreign music and music seller. 36, St. Alban's Street, Pall Mall c1777-85. Sold publications issued by John Welcker. Humphries and Smith.

London. Vaillant, Paul1705-1739. Bookseller. Strand 1705-1739. Died 14 Nov 1739 aged 67. Sources: Musgrave; Plomer

London. VAILLANT, Paul 1736-1792. Bookseller. Strand 1736K-1767K; opp. Southampton Street, Strand 1763M; 87, Strand 1767; Pall Mall 1768K-1792; Twickenham 1796. As Vaillant & Co 1736K-1738I. S. of Paul V. I; d. 1 Feb. 1802 aged 86. App. cousin Nicholas Prevost, bookseller 3 Nov. 1730, free and livery Sta. Co. 7 Feb. 1738, court 1 Nov. 1763, master 1770.'Father'of the Company at his death. Of a Huguenot family. With Samuel Paterson the only importer of French books in the 1740s. Very large collection of foreign books 1763M. To Paris to superintend Abbé Olivet's edition of Cicero 1739-40. Succ. uncle Isaac 1750. To Paris for edition of Tacitus by Abbé Brotier 1759. Sheriff of London 1760. Publ. cat. 1762. Trade card Heal collection. City Poll 1781: C. Two sons. Plomer; Nichols iii, 309-10; Timperley 811; Blagden.

London. VALLANCE and CONDER. 1775/1800. Stationers. see Thomas Vallance.

London. Vallance & Simmons. 1775/1800. Stationers. 120, Cheapside 1774K-1775L, 1777N. Previously Thomas Vallance alone.

London. VALLANCE, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer and paper maker. 56, Bread Street, Cheapside 1771K-1773L, 120, Cheapside 1774K-1823P; 5, Nicholas Lane 1824P-1827P. Trading: alone 1771K-1773L; as Vallance and Simmons 1774K-1777N; alone 1778K-1781L; as Vallance and Conder 1782K-1793L; alone 1794B-181OP; as Thomas Vallance and son 181lP-1824P; as Edmund Vallance 1825P-1827P. B. 1745, son of Thomas of Borden, Kent, farmer. Children: Thomas, app his father 9 Apr 1793, partner from 1811; William ran Pickford Mill; daughter Catherine married William Balston papermaker in Canterbury, 1806. D. 1823. App Edward Barker of Bread Street, stationer 5 Aug 1760, premium £75, turned over to Daniel Isaac Eaton of Broad Street, stationer 5 Jul 1763, free Sta. Co. by 2 Feb 1768, livery 1768. Common councillor Cripplegate ward within 1780-1822, deputy 1811-22. City Poll 1781: L. Papermaker in Hatfield Herts from 1788. Purchased Pickford Mill, Harpenden 1796. By 1816 Pickford Mill owned by son Edmund, his partner in London from 1811. Edmund's younger brother William took over Pickford Mill 1824. Perhaps connected with W. B. Vallance, stationer and paper hanger, 4, Mount Terrace, New Road, Whitechapel 1826R. See also Benjamin Moore. Imprint(s): Kress: (Vallance and Simmons) 1775: S4808; c1777: Toplady, Augustus Moral and political moderation recommended. Sources: Colin Vallance, descendant; McKenzie

London. VANDENBERGH, Simon. 1772-1781. Bookseller. Piccadilly, 1772-81. Ran Philobiblion Library. Publ. cats 1772-79. Plomer; Nichols iii, 665.

London. Vandenhoeck, Abraham. 1735-1750. Printer and bookseller. London, At Virgil's Head, over against the New church, in the Strand 1720-1734 ; Hamburg 1731-1735 ; Göttingen 1735-1750. Dutch origins. Founder of the publishing house of Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht in Göttingen. Sources: CERL (2015) ; Mellot (2004).

London. VANDERGUCHT, Gerard. 1763-1776. Engraver and printseller. Great Brooke Street, Grosvenor Square 1763M; Lower Brooke Street 1774-76. B. 1696 eldest s. of Michael V. (1660-1725); d. 18 Mar. 1776, Lower Brooke street. Studied engraving with father and drawing under Louis Cheron at St. Martin's Lane Academy. Extensively employed for small plates by booksellers. Ran a large business as picture and print dealer. 3040 children incl. Benjamin, picture dealer and painter (d. 1794). DNB; Thieme and Becker.

London. VANDERKISTE, Frederick. 1784. Engraver. 1, Royal Oak Court, Beak Street 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: F.

London. VANE, Richard. 1799. Printseller and sponge warehouse. 57, Cornhill 1799H.

London. VARLEY, John Benjamin. 1792-1830. Engraver and jeweller. 436, Strand 1792U; 132, Fleet Street 1793K-1812P; 80, Fleet Street 1813P-1830P. Trading: as Varley 1792U; as J. B. Varley 1793K-1814P; as Varley and son 1815P-1830P.

London. VAUGHAN, Benjamin. 1775/1800. circulating library. Red Lion Street, Holborn 1777. Library auctioned 1777. Hamlyn.

London. VAUGHAN, T. and sons. 1775/1800. Engravers. 26, Duke Street, Smithfield 1794B.

London. VENABLE, Francis. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. 2, Holiday Yard, Creed Lane 1775. Free Musicians' Co. 28 Apr. 1775. Paid quarterage 1775-76.

London. VENABLES, William. 1775/1800. Stationer. 9, Great Tower Street 1784B-1785P; 9, Great Knightrider Street 1789A; 1, Great Pulteney Street 1811H ; 17, Queenhithe 1818P-1830P+. Trading: alone 1784B-1825P; as Venables and Wilson 1826P-1830P+. D. 30 July 1840. Free Sta. Co. by 1821, master 1824-25. Alderman Queenhithe Ward 1821-40, sheriff 1821-22; Lord Mayor 1825-26. MP London 1831-32. DNB sub Robert Crawford Dillon; Beavan.

London. VENDRAMINI, Giovanni (John). 1775/1800. Engraver. Brompton Row 1822Pi; 14, Brompton Row 1826R-1830R. B. 1769, Roncade, Italy; d. 8 Feb. 1839, Regent Street. To London aged 19 to study with Bartolozzi. Succeeded to his house in Fulham 1802. To Russia 1805. Worked two years for Czar. So much admired that he was forced to escape in disguise. Produced many fine plates after old masters. Early in career worked only in stipple, later also in line. DNB: Thieme and Becker.

London. VENNER, Stephen. 1775/1800. Bookbinder. Spring Gardens, Charing Cross 1782; Bowling Alley, Clerkenwell 1787. S. of Richard V. of Croydon, labourer. App. William Morlis 3 July 1764, free Sta. Co. 5 Feb. 1782, 1782, 1 app., 1 turn over. Howe; Ramsden.

London. VERE, John. 1775/1800. Stationer. 158, Bishopsgate Street without 1769K-1779K.

London. VEREY, George. 1775/1800. Bookseller and music seller. Great Mays Buildings c1795-1802H; no 3 1796-1799H; no. 4 1802H. Westminster Poll 1796: T. Publ some music with Hugh Andrews. Humphries and Smith.

London. VERNON. 1775/1800. copperplate printer. 17, Bear Alley, Fleet Market 1785P. Pendred also lists him as a woodcutter.

London. VERNON, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. see Thomas Vernor.

London. VERNOR and HOOD. 1775/1800. Booksellers. see Thomas Vernor.

London. VERNOR, Thomas. 1775/1800. Bookseller. 31, Newgate Street 1766-1770K; Ludgate Hill 1767; 86, Bishopgate Street 1770; St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill 1771K-1785B; Fore Street 1779-1785P; no 85 1781L; no. 58 1784B-1785P; 10, Birchin Lane 1786L-1797; 31, Poultry 1798K-1812P. Trading: as Marsh & Vernor 1768K ; alone 1766-67, 1777N-1794B; as Thomas Vernor and Co. 1769K-1786K; as Vernor and Hood 1794-1806; as Vernor, Hood and Sharpe 1806-1812P. D. 6 Oct. 1793. Vernor and Chater, Ludgate Hill publ. cat. 1767 according to Nichols though John Chater was in a separate business at 39, King Street, Cheapside until 1771K according to directories. Publ. cat. alone 1779. Firm ran circulating library 1770-96 when it was taken over by Robert Dutton q.v. Publ. Poetical magazine 1803. Unsuccessful action by Sir John Carr on the grounds that his works were ridiculed in My pocket book (1807) 16 Aug. 1808. Produced first 10 vols. of Beauties of England and Wales, in the introduction to the series in vol. 19 T. Norris Brewer says that Thomas Hood the acting partner d. 1811. Benjamin Moore listed at 31 Newgate Street 1767K. Imprint(s): Kress: 1796: B3215; 1800: B4295; Abbey: 1800: AL331, AT423. Plomer; Nichols iii, 665; Timperley 817, 833-34; J. C. Smith 1624; Brown; Hamlyn; Musgrave.

London. Verral. 1775/1800. Stationer. Bishopsgate Street 1769. Died 19 Nov 1769. Sources: Musgrave

London. Vertue & Goadby. 1775/1800. Stationer. Sweetings Alley, Cornhill 1753K. Succeded by Samuel Goadby. Also known as Virtue & Goadby.

London. VIGEVENNA, Joseph. 1775/1800. Printer. 9, Huggin Lane, Wood Street 1785P-1804; no. 2 1802H. S. of Joseph V. of Blackfriars, perfumer. App. Samuel Chandler 1771, free Sta. Co. 1779, livery 1792, 1803 1 app. premium £5. Registered presses 1799. Howe; Todd.

London. VIGURS, Edward Beverley. 1775/1800. Stationer. 38, Greek Street, Soho 1797L-1813P. William Vigurs, attorney, at the same address 1799H.

London. VINCENT, Anthony. 1775/1800. Stationer. 76, Swallow Street 1799H.

London. VINCENT, Claudius. 1775/1800. Stationer and pocket book maker. see Nicholas Middleton.

London. VINCENT, Edward. 1775/1800. Stationer. Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1745K-1767K; no. 17 1768K-1769K; no. 14 1770K-1790U. Trading: as Robert Vincent 1745K-1763M; as Edward Vincent 1765K-1790U. Stationer to Board of Ordnance 1790U. Prob. the stationer next door to the waxworks in Fleet Street who distributed oriental style paper hangings 1754 (advert. in Evening post 8 Jan.). Sugden and Edmondson 107.

London. VINCENT, Francis. 1775/1800. Engraver. 10, Bateman's Buildings, Soho 1790U-1799H. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1793: AS534; 1795: AL449; 1799?: AS473; Tooley: 1794-95: 315.

London. Vincent, Robert 1738. Stationer. ?Fleet Street 1738. Died Feb 1738. Sources: Musgrave No first name given.

London. Vincent, Robert1738-1763. Stationer. Ludgate Street 1738I-1742K. ? 17, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1743K-1763K. Continued by Edward Vincent.

London. VINT, John. 1789-1814. Printer. Blake Court, Catherine Street 1789-94; 10 and 11, Ave Maria Lane 1794-1810. D. 18 Mar. 1814: Printed English chronicle 1789-94. Printer of Courier, sentenced to one month in prison for libel on Tsar 30 May 1799. Todd; Timperley 802.

London. VINT, Mary. 1775/1800. Printer. See Mary Say.

London. Virtue & Goadby. 1745. Stationer. Swithins Alley 1745K. Previously Simon Virtue. See also Vertue & Goadby.

London. Virtue, Simon. 1742. Stationer. Swithins Alley 1742K. Continued as Virtue & Goadby. Also known as Vertue.

London. VIVARES, Francis. 1775/1800. Engraver and printseller. Great Newport Street 1750-80. B. 11 July 1709, St. Jean de Bruel, France; d. 28 Nov. 1780, Great Newport Street. Brought up in Geneva. To London aged 18. Poss. taught by Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelaine. One of the founders of the English School of landscape engraving. Produced 160 plates many publ. by Boydell after old masters and contemporary English painters. Exhibited Society of Artists 1766-68. Thrice married, 31 children incl. Thomas q.v. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

London. VIVARES, Susannah. 1784-1794. Printseller. 13, Great Newport Street 1784B-1794B. Trading: alone 1784B-1794B; as Vivares and son 1794K. J. C. Smith 911.

London. VIVARES, Thomas. 1764-1805. Engraver. Great Newport Street 1764 82; at Mr. Gearie's, Tottenham Court Road 1783 18, St. George's Row, Oxford Turnpike 1785; at Mr. Buscoulet's, 2, Great Newport Street 1788; Kensington c1794U; Church Lane, Kensington 1799H; Church Street, Kensington 1802H; 4, Church Street 1805H. B. c1735, s. of Francis q.v. assisted father. Premium Society of Arts 1764. Engraved landscapes and book illustrations. Exhibited Society of Artists 1773, Free Society 1764, 1782, Royal Academy 1783-88. Listed as Viviers 1799H. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

London. VIVEN, John. 1799-1805. Bookseller. 37, Bishopsgate Street without 1799H-1802H; no. 36 1805H. with John Wayte q.v. 1801. Todd.

London. VIVIERS, Thomas. 1775/1800. Landscape engraver. Church Lane, Kensington 1799H. Error for Vivares, Thomas q.v.

London. VIZE, Thomas. 1799-1802. Printer. 6, Broad Court, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1800-1802H. Registered press 1800. Poss. the same as Vize, printer 169, Strand 1804. Todd.

London. VOGLER, John and Gerard. 1777-1785. Music sellers and publishers. Glasshouse Street, near Swallow Street, Burlington Gardens c 1777-85. Premises previously occupied by Robert Worman. Humphries and Smith.

London. VOWELL, Benjamin. 1775/1800. Wholesale haberdasher, stationer and rag merchant. 101, Blackman Street, Southwark 1792K-1794K.

London. VOWELL, John I 1745-1773. Stationer. Watling Street 1744C- 1765K; no. 81 1767; no. 42 1767K-1778K; 133, Leadenhall Street 1779-1813; no. 27 1803. Trading: as John Vowell I 1745K- 1763M; as John Vowell and son 1765K- 1772L; as John Vowell II 1773L-1791; as Sarah Vowell 1792U-1800, as Vowell and Weare 1801-08; as William Weare 1809-13. D. 26 Mar. 1801 aged 93 at apartments in Sion College. Free Sta. Co. redemption 6 Apr. 1731, livery 6 Feb. 1733, court 1 Nov. 1763, master 1767, 1771. To within three weeks of death active member of Court of Sta. Co. Bankrupt Feb. 1779, cert. 20 Apr. 1779. Retired to Syon Gardens by 1796. Sarah Vowell, partner with William Weare, registered press 1803. Stationers to East India Co. 1805H. Plomer; Nichols iii, 739; Timperley 808; Blagden.

London. VOWELL, John II. 1767-1791. Stationer. 42, Watling Street 1767K-1778K; 137, Leadenhall Street 1779-91. Trading: as John Vowell and son 1765K-1772L; alone 1773L-1791. Described as jun. 1774L-1775L. S. of John V. I q.v.; d. 3 Aug. 1791. Livery Sta. Co. 1791. Partner and successor of father. Musgrave.

London. Vowell, John & Son. 1775/1800. Stationer. 42, Watling Street 1765K-1772L. John Vowell I previously trading alone. Succeeded by John Vowell II.

London. Vowell, Samuel. 1770. Stationer. London 1770. Died 1 Oct 1770. Sources: Musgrave

London. VOWELL, Sarah. 1775/1800. Stationer. see John Vowell I.

London. VOWELL, Thomas. 1775/1800. Stationer and rag merchant. Friday Street 1773; 26, Dowgate Hill 1774K-1779K. Bankrupt Nov. 1773, cert. 8 Feb. 1774.

London. VOYEZ, John. 1775/1800. Music seller. Blackmore Street, Clare Market 1790U.

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