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09 October 2015

North America. Register


ANGUILLA. British overseas territory.

Saint Christopher. Cable, Richard. 1787. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint Christopher. Howe, Thomas. 1770-1778. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint Christopher. Low, Dennis Shiel. 1798. Publisher. Sources: ESTC.

Saint Christopher. Low, Edward Luther. 1790-1791. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint Christopher. Thibou, Daniel. 1769. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

ANTIGUA. Independent 1981.

Antigua : Jones, Samuel. 1756. Printer. New Printing Office. Sources: ESTC.

Antigua. Hardcastle, John. 1799. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Antigua. Hughes, Edward. 1763. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Antigua. Post Office Press. 1781. Printer. Imprints: Baijer, Rowland Otto. A succinct narrative of the case. - Antigua : printed at the Post-Office Press , 1781. Sources: ESTC.

Antigua. Shipton, Alexander. 1766. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint Johns. Antigua. Printing recorded 1748. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Saint Johns. Mecom, Benjamin. 1752/1756] Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint Johns. Mearns, Robert. 1774-1785. Printer. Antigua Gazette (1776). Sources: ESTC.

Saint Johns. Smith, T. 1749-1750. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

ARUBA. Netherland self-governing territory.

BAHAMAS. Independent 1973.

Nassau. [s.n.]. 1784. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Nassau. Eve, Joseph. 1800. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Nassau. Wells, John. 1789-1796. Printer. George-street 1794. Bahama Gazette. Sources: ESTC.

BARBADOS. Independent 1966.

Barbados. Beeby, William. 1741. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Barbados. Esmand, George and William Walker. 1767-1771. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Barbados. Keimer, Samuel. 1731-1735. Printer. Barbados Gazette. Sources: ESTC.

Barbados. Orderson, John and Company. 1780-1783. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Barbados. Orderson, John and Son. 1784. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Barbados. Orderson, John-Edward. 1785. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Barbados. Perch, Thomas Wilmott. 1788-1789. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Bridgetown. Printing recorded 1730. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Bridgetown. Carbery, Matthew. 1795-1797. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Bridgetown. Esmand, George and Co. 1762-1766. Printer. New Printing Office, Barbados Gazette 1762. Sources: ESTC.

Bridgetown. Harry, David. 1730. Printer. near Broad-street 1730. Sources: ESTC.

Bridgetown. Orderson, Isaac Williamson. 1795. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Bridgetown. Ripnel, Gilbert. 1798. Publisher? Sources: ESTC.

Bridgetown. Williamson, John Edward and Isaac Williamson Orderson. 1794. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

St Eustatius. Low, Edward L. and Co. 1793. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

BELIZE. Independent 1981. Previously British Honduras.

Belize, Honduras : W.B. Jackson. 18--. Date [check]

BERMUDA. British overseas territory.

Saint George. Bermuda. Printing recorded 1783/4. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Saint George. Stockdale, Joseph. 1780?-1800. Printer. Bermuda Gazette 1784. Sources: ESTC.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS. British overseas territory.

CANADA. Independent dominion 1931. ESTC checked for 1781 only.

Halifax. . Nova Scotia. Printing recorded 1751. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Halifax. Bushell, John. 1752. Printer. The Halifax Gazette, Canadás first newspaper was published initially in this year.

Halifax. Henry, Anthony. 1781. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Halifax. Howe, John. 1781. Printer. Barrington Street 1781. Sources: ESTC.

Montreal. Mesplet, Fleury. 1776-1781. Printer and bookseller. 1735?-1774. In London 1773-1774, in Philadelphia 1774. Imprimeur libraire où se trouve l’almanach de poche. Sources: ESTC ; Clair, chronology.

Montresil. Printing recorded 1775. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Moose Factory. Horden, John. 1853-1859. Printer and missionary. Born: Exeter, Devon 20 January 1828, baptised 3 February, son of William Horden, printer and Sarah Seward. Died: 12 January 1893, Moose Factory. Appointed as missionary to Hudson Bay area. Taught himself Cree language and translated various religious texts. His manuscripts sent to London were returned together with a printing press as there were no prooreaders in London capable of checking Cree texts. Between 1853 and 1859 he taught himself to print and with some assistants printed a number of Cree translations. Sources: Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

QUEBEC. Printing recorded 1764. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Quebec. Broun and Girmor. 1767).First printed book in Montagnais. Jean-Baptiste de la Brosse, Nehiro-iriniui aiamihe massinahigan This Indian catechism is said to be the first book printed in Canada.

Quebec. Brown, William. 1781. Printer. au milieu de la Grande Côte. Sources: ESTC.

Quebec. Brown, William/Guillaume. 1781. Printer. sur la Grande Côte. Sources: ESTC.

Shelburne. Nova Scotia. Printing recorded 1783. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Vancouver Island. 1858|Vancouver Island|Canada.

Winter Harbour. North Polar Sea. Printing recorded 1819. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).


COSTA RICA. WorldCat checked 1823-1839.

Alajuela. Imprenta de la Merced. 1835. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Cartago. Imprenta de la libertad. 1835. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Heredia. Imprenta de la merced. 1836. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

San José. Imprenta del Estado. 1831-1837. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

San José. Imprentas de la paz y de la libertad. 1832. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

San José. Impenta de La Paz. 1833-1835. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

San José. Concordia, La. 1834. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

San José. Junta General de Sanidad del Estado. 1837. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

CUBA. Independent 1898.

Havana. [s.n.]. 1707. Printer. Sources: Wikipedia.

Havana. Printing recorded 1723. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Havana. Capitanía General. 1787. Printer. Parra, Antonio (Parra y Callado), Descripcion de diferentes piezas de historia natural, año de 1787. Con las licencias necesarias. Sources: ESTC.

Havana. Capitanía General. 1787. Printer. Parra, Antonio (Parra y Callado), Descripcion de diferentes piezas de historia natural, año de 1787. Con las licencias necesarias. Sources: ESTC.

Havana. Diaz de Guylian, Joseph. 1733-1734. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Havana. Habre, Carlos. 1723. Printer. Tarifa general de precios de medicinas En la Havana, con licencia de los superiores, 1723. Sources: ESTC ; Clair, chronology.



DOMINICA. Independent 1978.

Charlotte-Town. Smith, William. 1765. Printer. Sources: Clair, chronology.

Roseau. Berrow, J. 1784. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Roseau. Brown, Mrs. 1792-1799. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Roseau. Gallagher, Matthew. 1791. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Roseau. Hay, W. 1789. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Roseau. Jones, Roger. 1772-1778. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Roseau. Lowndes, John. 1785-1791. Printer. Roseau. Smith, William. 1765-1767. Printer. Freeport gazette 1767. Sources: ESTC.

_Charlottetown. Capital of the island of Dominica. Printing recorded 1765. Sources: Timperley (1842).


GREENLAND. Autonomous dependency of Denmark.

Godthaab. Printing recorded 1860. Sources: Wikipedia.

GRENADA. Independent 1974.

Fort-Royal. Cassan, Jean. 1783. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint George. Burnett, George. 1787. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint George. Finlay, James. 1798. Printer. St. George's chronicle. Sources: ESTC.

Saint George. Middleton, Alexander. 1778-1787. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Saint George. Turnbull and Park. 1790. Printer. On the Parade. St. George's chronicle. Sources: ESTC.

Saint George. Wayland, William. 1765-1774. Printer. New printing office. Royal Grenada gazette. Sources: ESTC.


Basse-Terre. Benard, Jean. 1765. Printer. Sources: Clair, chronology.

Basse-Terre. Imprimerie de la colonie. 1792. Printer. Guadeloupe. Assemblée Générale. Londees, [sic] no. 19, Old Bond street, le 3 septembre 1792. Messieurs, voilà la protestation [...], 1792. Sources: ESTC.

Port de la liberté. [s. n.]. 1798. Printer. Rapport fait aux citoyens Victor Hugues et Lebas, An VI. Sources: ESTC.

Port de la liberté. Imprimerie de la république. 1795. Printer. Déclaration des commissaires délégués par la convention nationale de France, Port de la liberté : de l’imprimerie de la république, le 4 ventôse, troisième année républicaine. Sources: ESTC.

Santiago. [s.n.]. 1660. Printer. Sources: Febvre (1976).

GUATEMALA. Independent 1838. Part of United Provinces of Central America 1823-1838. Printing recorded 1667. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Guatemala 1823/1838. WorldCat chected selectively to 1825.

Guadalaxara. Tellez Gíron, Valdes. 1797. Printer. Impreso en la oficina de M. Valdes Tellez Gíron, 1797. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

GUATEMALA. Antigua Guatemala. Printing recorded 1666. Sources: Midori (presentation 2015).

Guatemala. Arévalo, J.J. de. 1814-1824. Printer. Imprenta Nueva, á cargo de J.J. Arévalo, 1824. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Guatemala. Arevalo, Joachin de. 1769. Printer. Impressa en la imprenta de Joachin de Arevalo, impressor de los tribunales eclesiasticos de esta corte, 1769. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Guatemala. Arevalo, Sebastián de. 1754. Printer. Imprenta de Sebastián de Are´balo. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Guatemala. Arevalo, Sebastián de, Vidua. 1785. Printer. In Typographia Nov. Guath. apud Viduam D. Sebastiani de Arevalo, 1785. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Guatemala. Beteta, Ignacio. 1792-1823. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Guatemala. Imprenta de la Unión. 1825. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Guatemala. Pineda Ybarra, Ioseph de. 1667. Printer. Por Ioseph de Pineda Ybarra, impressor de libros, 1667. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Pueblo de Mixco. Sanchez Cubillas, Antonio. 1774-1785. Printer. Impreso en la Oficina de Antonio Sanchez Cubillas, 1774-1785. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

HAITI. Independent 1804.

Cap-Français. See: Cap-Haïtien.

CAP-HAÏTIEN. Previously Cap-Français until 1804.

Cap-Haïtien. Batilliot, Pierre-Louis-Sauveur. 1768-1841. Printer. Moniteur général 1793. Sources: Mellot (2004).

Cap-Haïtien. Dufour de Rians, Charles-Louis. 17--/179.? ; Printer and bookseller. Sources: Mellot (2004).

Cap-Haïtien. Marie. 1765? Printer. Imprimeur bréveté du Roi pour toute L’Isle S. Domingue. Ordonnance portant création d’un corps de troupes-légeres. Sources: ESTC.

Cap-Haïtien. Roux, P. 1797. Printer. Imprimeur du gouvernement. Bulletin officiel de Saint Domingue, P. Roux, imprimeur de la Commission, 1797. Sources: ESTC.

Mole Saint Nicholas. Vertmont, Sans de. 1798Printer. Captain Mends’s narrative of the mutiny, murder and piracy committed on board His Majesty’s Ship. Sources: ESTC.

PORT-AU-PRINCE. Printing recorded 1750. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Port-au-Prince. Bourdon. 1790. Printer. imprimeur du Roi & du conseil supérieure de Saint-Domingue 1790. Sources: ESTC.

Port-au-Prince. Chaidron, F. et Compagnie. 1792. Printers. Imprimerie nationale, chez F. Chaidron et Compagnie. Sources: ESTC.

Port-au-Prince. Imprimerie nationale, chez B. J. Thounens et Compagnie. 1794-1795. Sources: ESTC.

Port-au-Prince. Imprimerie royale. 1774-1787. Printer. Affiches americains 1775. Sources: ESTC.

Port-au-Prince. Mozard, Charles-Theodore. 1788-1790. Printer. 1755-1810. Sources: Mellot (2004) ; ESTC.

Port-au-Prince. Thounens. 1797-1798. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Port-au-Prince? Lamothe, Francois. 1794. Printer. imprimeur du roi, 1794. Sources: ESTC.

HONDURAS. Independent 1838. Part of United Provinces of Central America 1823-1838. WorldCat checked to 1839.

Camp of Rio Seco. Cazique. 1821. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Comayagua. Imprenta del Estado. 1836-1839. Publisher. Imprenta del Estado á cargo de José María Sanches, 1836-1839. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Comayagua. Ministerio General del Gobierno Supremo del Estado. 1835. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Comayagua. Sanches, José María. 1836-1839. Publisher. Imprenta del Estado á cargo de José María Sanches, 1836-1839. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Copan. Imprint 1834. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Tegucigalpa. Asamblea Legislativa. 1830-1835. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Tegucigalpa. Imprenta del Gobierno. 1830. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

JAMAICA. Independent 1962. ESTC checked 1781 only

Kingston. Printing recorded 1720. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Kingston. Douglass, D. and Aikman. 1781. Printers and booksellers. at the Royal Gazette Press , 1781. printers to the King. Sources: ESTC.

Kingston? Letts, John. 1734. Printer. Sources: Clair, chronology.

Montego Bay. Printing recorded 1775. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Saint Jago de la Vega. Aikman, Alexander. 1781. Printer. Sources: ESTC.

Spanish Town. Previously: St. Jago de la Vega, Jamaica. Printing recorded 1756. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

MARTINIQUE. French overseas department.

Saint-Pierre-Martinique. Carles. 1850. Printer.

MEXICO. Independent 1821.

Mexico City. Printing recorded 1539. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Mexico. Balli, Pedro. 1569-1600. Printer. From Salamanca in 1569 as bookseller. First appears as printer in 1574. Produced more than 60 imprints.

Mexico. Calderón, Miguel Ribera, Herederos de la Viuda. 1781. Avila, Francesco de. Arte de la lengua mexicana y breves pláticas de los mysterios de N. Santa Fee Cathólica, y otras para exortación de su obligación a los indios. - Mexico : Por los Herederos de la Viuda de Miguel Ribera Calderón, 1717. Source: WorldCat.

Mexico. Espinosa. 1559-1576. Printer. Died 1576. Set up press in competition with Pablos.

Mexico. Hogal, Joseph Antonio de. 1781. Cosio, Pedro Antonio de. Condiciones de la contrata celebrada con los cosecheros de tabaco de la villa de Cordova. - Mexico, En la imprenta del br. d. Joseph Antonio de Hogal, 1781 Source: WorldCat.

Mexico. Jauregui, Joseph de, Herederos de. 1781. Ramirez, Ignacio Fernando Matheos. Altisimas felicidades de la dichosa Consorte de San Zacharias, y digna Madre del Sagrado Bautista S. Juan, Santa Isabel, ponderadas en los nueve dias precedentes al venturoso, en que Maria Santisima, ocupada del vervo hecho hombre en sus purisimas entrañas la visitó en las Montañas de Judéa. - Me´xico : En la Imprenta de los Herederos del Lic. D. Joseph de Jauregui, 1781. Source: WorldCat.

Mexico. Martin, Esteban. 1535-1538? Printer. Claimed as first printer in Mexico by Jose/ Toribio Medina but not generally accepted.

Mexico. Martinez, Enrico. 1599-1611. Printer. Died in Cuauhtitla/n 1632.

Mexico. Ocharte, Pedro. 1599-. Printer. Born before 1574, probably the son of Pedro by his second marriage.

Mexico. Ocharte, Pedro. 1563-1592. Printer. Born in Rouen c.1532. Imprisoned 1572-1574.

Mexico. Pablos, Juan. 1539-1560. Printer. Died c.1560. From Brescia. First defintely proven printer in the Americas, established by Archbishop Juan de Zumárraga, using Juan Cromberger from Seville. First book printed: Breve y más compendiosa doctrina christiana en lengua mexicana y castellana. First printed book in Nahuatl and Spanish, first in the New World. Sources: Wikipedia.

Mexico. Real Casa de Moneda. 1781. Mangino, Fernando Joseph. Proyecto para el establecimiento en Mexico de una Academia de las tres nobles artes. - Mexico : Real Casa de Moneda, 1781. Source: WorldCat.

Mexico. Ricardo, Antonio. 1577-1579. Born in Turin. Permission granted to go to Mexico in 1569, where he may have worked for Ocharte. Worked for Jesuits and maintained his office in their Colegio de San Pedro y San Pablo. Moved on to Lima, Peru about 1580. Sources: Mellot (2004).

Mexico. Sanchez Pizero, Francisco Javier. 17--/17--. Printer. Sources: Mellot (2004).

Mexico. Villavico, Manuel. 1781. Engraver. Villavicencio, Manuel. Carta geographica de la costa, y parte de la Peninsula de la California Naciones que comprehende hasta el nuevo Mexico, y viage q'hizieron Fr. Franco Garces, y Fr. Pedro Font al Rio Colorado, S. Gabriel, y Moqui el ano de 1777. - Mexico : Manuel Villavico, sc., 1781. Map. Source: WorldCat.

Mexico. Virrey de Nueva España. 1781. Mayorga, Martin. Para evitar los peligros que se originan a las Rentas Publicas. - Mexico : El Virrey Mayorga, 1781. By the Viceroy of New Spain (1779-1783). Source: WorldCat.

Mexico. Ximeno, J. 1828. Printer. Imprenta del Aguila, dirigida por J. Ximeno, 1828.

Mexico. Zúñiga y Ontiveros, Felipe. 1781. calle de la Palma 1781. Nicoselli, Anastasio. Relacion historica de la admirable aparicion de la Virgen Santisima, Madre de Dios bajo del titulo de Nr. Sra. de Guadalupe, acaecida en Mexico el ano de 1531 ... - Mexico, Felipe de Zuniga y Ontiveros, 1781. Another 1781 imprint; Imprenta nueva madrileña de F. de Zúñiga y Ontiveros. Source: WorldCat.

. PUEBLA DE LOS ANGELES. Printing recorded 1640. Sources: Timperley (1842) ; Wikipedia.

Puebla de los Angeles. Blanco de Alcacar, Juan. 1649. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Puebla de los Angeles. Robledo, Francisco. 1643. Printer. Impressor del secreto de Santo Oficio, 1643. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Tlascala. Printing recorded 1650. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Vera Cruz. Printing recorded 1826. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).


Saint Pierre. Martinique. Printing recorded 1767. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).


NICARAGUA. Independent 1838. Part of United Provinces of Central America 1823-1838. WorldCat checked to 1839.

GRANADA. Imprint recorded 1759?.

Granada. Beteta, Ignacio. 1790

LEÓN. Isla de León, imprints recorded 1792, 1835.

León. Imprenta de la fraternidad. 1838-1839. Printer.

PANAMA. Independent 1903. Part of Colombia 1821-1903.

Panama City. Printing recorded 1824. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Panama City. Bermudez, Jose Maria. 1843-1850. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat.

Panama City. Bidleman, J.B. and Co. 1849-1853. Printers. Published Panama star newspaper 1849-1853. Sources: WorldCat.

Panama City. Bousquet, Jayme. 1832-1836. Printer. calle de Santo Dominigoen Panamá c. 1832. Sources: WorldCat.

Panama City. Gonzalez, D. S. 1826. Printer. Sources: WorldCat.

Panama City. Gosselin, Charles. 1844. Bookseller. Published: L'isthme de panama : examen historique et geographique des differentes directions suivant lesquelles on porrait le percer et des moyens a y employer suive d percu sur l'isthme de sur, 1844. Sources: WorldCat.

Panama City. Goytía. José María. 1822. Printer. Published: L'isthme de panama : examen historique et geographique des differentes directions suivant lesquelles on porrait le percer et des moyens a y employer suive d percu sur l'isthme de sur, 1844. Sources: WorldCat.

Panama City. Santos, José A. 1827-1850. Printer. Sources: WorldCat.



ST. KITTS. Independent 1983.

Basseterre. St Kitts. Printing recorded 1747. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

ST. LUCIA. Independent 1969.


ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON. French territorial collectivity.

ST. VINCENT. Independent 1979.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. British overseas territory.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. Independent 1962.

Port of Spain. [s. n.]. 1791. Printer. Chacon, Joseph Maria. Ysla de Trinidad.

Port of Spain. [s. n.]. 1797. Printer. Trinidad. Proclamation. By their Excellencies Sir Ralph Abercromby, K.B. and Henry Harvey, Esq.

Scarborough, Tobago. [s. n.]. 1797. Printer. President of His Majesty’s Council (1794 : Robley). Proclamation, Tobago. By His Honor Joseph Robley Esq.

Tobago. Burnett, George. 1788. Printer. Burnett, George , 1788. Ordonnances du gouvernement, concernant l’imposition royale. - Tabago : chez George Burnett, 1788.

UNITED STATES. See separate register .

Saint Croix Island. Printing recorded 1770. Sources: Timperley (1842).


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