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09 October 2015

Asia. Register

ASIA. 48 sovereign states in 2014.

AFGHANISTAN. Sovereign state.

Kabul. 'Abd-al-Karim Harati. 1880? Publisher. K.-i-Rahnuma-i-'israt-i-mufid baraj saih wasabab, by Kamalpasazada. - Kabul : 'Abd-al-Karim Harati, [1880?]. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. al-Salt'anah. 1897?. Publisher. 'Ilm-i misah'at / compiled and translated by Gul Muh'ammad Khan. - Kabul : Mat'ba'at al-Salt'anah 1315 sh. c. 1897.. - Held by: School of Oriental & African Studies.

Kabul. Amir Shir 'Ali Khan. 1875. Publisher. Tuh'fat al-'ulama' by 'Abd al-Qadir Khan. - [Kabul] : Mat'ba'-i Amir Shir 'Ali Khan, 1292 [1875]. Persian. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. Fayz Muh'ammadi. 1892. Publisher. Divan-i ... T'arzi ... Afghan [romanized form] , by Ghulam Muh'ammad T'arzi ; Muh'ammad Anvar. - [Kabul] : Mat'ba'-i Fayz Muh'ammadi 1310 H [1892]. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. Hashimi. 1845/66. Publisher. Fasi al-khitab, by Muhammad Hashim Ali. - [Kabul] : Matba'-i Hashimi, 1224 [1845 or 1846]. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. Haz a h'asb al-h'ukm-i shahriyari-i bandakan-i sharaf-i Abu al-Fath' Mu'in al-Din Amir Shir 'Ali Khan. 1875. Publisher. Lillah al-h'amd va-al-minnah kih nuskhah-'i mutabarrikah al-mawsum bi-Tuh'fat al-'ulama', by 'Abd al-Qadir Khan. - [Kabul?] : Dar Mat'ba'-i haz_>a h'asb al-h'ukm-i shahriyari-i bandakan-i sharaf-i Abu al-Fath' Mu'in al-Din Amir Shir 'Ali Khan, 1292 [1875]. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. Mirza 'Abd al-'Ali. 1873-1877. Publisher. Shams al-nahar. - Kabul : Mirza 'Abd al-'Ali, 1290-1294 [1873-1877]. Periodical in Persian. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. Mustafavi. 1871. Publisher. Hujjat-i qaviyah dar ibtal-i 'aqayid-i Vahhabiyah-i, by 'Abd al-Rah?man. - Kabul : Mat?ba'-i Mus?t?afavi, 1288 [1871]. Persian. - Source: WorldCat.

Kabul. Sarkari. 1855/6. Publisher. Tazkirah-i gulzar-i A'zam, by Muhammad Ghaus Khan A'zam; 'Abd al-Samad. - [Kabul] : Matba-i Sarkari, 1272 [1855 or 1856]. - Source: WorldCat.

ARMENIA. Sovereign state.

VAGHARSHAPAT. Etchmiadzin.

Vagharshapat. St. Grigor Lusavorich. 1771. Printer. Simeon Yerevantsi (Catholicos of Armenia). The first published book was a prayer book. Sources: Wikipedia.

AZERBAIJAN. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

BAHRAIN. Sovereign state.

Bahrain. Bahrain Petroleum Co. Ltd. 1933. Publisher. Bahrain Island, Persian Gulf, by Sharikat Naft al-Bah?rayn.; Standard Oil Company. - [Bahrain] : Bahrain Petroleum Co. Ltd., [1933]. - Map. - Database: WorldCat.

Bahrain. Government. 1937. Publisher. Administrative report for the years 1926-1937 by Bahrain Government. - [Bahrain] : The Government, 1937.Database: WorldCat.

Bahrain. Political Resident in the Persian Gulf. 1953-1972. Publisher. The Persian Gulf gazette, by Persian Gulf Political Residency. - Bahrain : Her Majesty's Political Resident in the Persian Gulf by authority, 1953-1972. - Database: WorldCat.

Bahrain. Sharikat Naft al-Bahayn. 1954-. Publisher. Najmat al-Bahrayn, by Sharikat Naft al-Bah?ayn. - [Bahrain] : Sharikat Naft al-Bahrayn, [1954-]. - Database: WorldCat.

Manama. Bahrein Petroleum Co. 1952. Publisher. Bahrain 1952. - : Bahrein Petroleum Co., 1952. - Database: WorldCat.

Manama. Belgrave. 1954. Publisher. Welcome to Bahrain, by James Hamed Dacre Belgrave. - Stourbridge, Worchestershire, England, Mark & Moody; Manama, Bahrain, Belgrave, 1954. - Database: WorldCat.

BANGLADESH. Independent 1971. Previously East Pakistan 1947-1971. Not yet examined.

BHUTAN. Sovereign state.

Bhutan. Sri Buddhimana Moktana. 1974. Publisher. Kacca bheta pakka milana, by Indrakumara Camalinga. - Bhutan : SrI Buddhimana Moktana, 1974. - Database: WorldCat.

Paro. Lama Ngodrup and Sherab Demy. 1985-. Publisher. The A-'dzom chos-sgar redaction of the Collected works of Kun-mkhyen Jigs-med-glin-pa Ran-byun-rdo-rje-mkhyen-brtse'i-'od-zer. - Paro, Bhutan : Lama Ngodrup and Sherab Demy, 1985-.

Paro. Ngodup, Kyichu Temple. 1975. Publisher. rGya chen bka' mdzod/ 11, dKar chag gnas yig sogs, by Blo-gros-mtha'-yas, Kon-sprul. - Paro, Bhutan : Ngodup, Kyichu Temple, 1975. - Database: WorldCat.

Thimphu. Department of Information, Royal Government of Bhutan. 1967-. Publisher. Kuensel : Bhutan's national newspaper, by Bhutan Ministry of Development. Department of Information. - Thimphu : Dept. of Information, Royal Govt. of Bhutan, 1967-. - Database: WorldCat.

Thimphu. Dnos-grub. 1975. Publisher. Ne sras brgyad kyi sgrub pa Rin chen gter bum bzugs so, by Mi-pham-rgya-mtsho, Jam-mgon Ju. - [Thim-phu, Bhutan] : [Dnos-grub], [1975]. - Database: WorldCat.

Thimphu. Kunzang Tobgey. 1975. Publisher. The complete works, by S´akya-mchog-ldan, gSer-mdog pan-chen. - Thimphu, Bhutan : Kunzang Tobgey, 1975. Database: WorldCat.

Thimphu. Royal Government Press. 1969?. Publisher. The Bhutan Forest Act, 1969, by Bhutan Ministry of Trade, Industries & Forests. - Thimphu, Bhutan : Royal Government Press, [1969?]. - Database: WorldCat.

BRUNEI. Independent 1984. Not yet examined.

CAMBODIA. Independent 1954. Not yet examined.

COCOS ISLANDS. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.



GEORGIA. Sovereign state.

TBILISI. Previously: Tiflis. Printing recorded 1701, 1709, 1711. Sources: Clair, chronology ; Timperley (1842) ; Wikipedia.

Tbilisi. Ishtvanovitch, Mihail. 1701. Printer. Sources: Wikipedia.

INDONESIA. Independent 1949.

Amboyna. Molucca isles. Printing recorded 1816. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Batavia. Lodetus, A. L. 1707. Printer. Sources: Clair, chronology.

BENGKULU. Bencoolen. Printing recorded 1820. Fort Marlborough, Bencoolen Sumatra. Printing recorded 1823.Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

JAKARTA. Formerly: Batavia, Capital of Java. Printing recorded 1703. Sources: Timperley (1842).

SUMATRA. Printing recorded on Sumatra Island. 1818.

INDIA. See separate register.

IRAQ. Sovereign state.

Baghdad. Dar-i T'baat-i Dar u'l-Selam. 1830. Publisher. Tarih-i devhat u'l-vu'zera : zeyl-i gu'lsen-i hu'lefa, by Mirza Mehmet Bak'r. - Bag'dat : Dar-i T'baat-i Dar u'l-Selam, 1246 [1830] History of Baghdad. – Held by: Durham.

Baghdad. Mirzà 'Abbâs. 1861. Printer. Persian printer. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Mosul. Dominican Press. 1856. Printer. Sources: Mermier (2012).

IRAN. Sovereign state. Formerly Persia.

ISFAHAN. Printing recorded 1636. New Julfa, Isfahan.

Isfahan. Khachatur Kesaratsi. 1636. Printer. An Armenian. The first book printed in Isfahan was Saghmos i Davit, Psalter in Armenian.

TABRIZ. Formerly Tauris. Printing recorded 1822. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

TEHRAN. Printing recorded 1820.

Tehran. [s. n.]. 1841. Jahangosha-e Naderi, by Mahdi Khan, Mirza' Mohammad. - [Tehran : s.n., 1844]. – Held by: Edinburgh.

ISRAEL. Sovereign state.

Jerusalem. Franciscan Press. 1846. Printer. Introduced at the instigation of the Austrian Frotchner and the support of the Emperor Franz-Josef. It produced texts in Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Armenian, Greek, French and Armenian. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Safed. Saphita. Printing recorded 1563. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

JAPAN. Sovereign state.

AMAKUSA. Formerly Amacusia. Printing recorded 1582. Sources: Timperley (1842).

EDO. English: Jeddo, Yedo. Printing recorded 1785. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Edo. Hon'ya Seibe?. 1686. Publisher. British Library holds: Seiasho?. 6-kan, by Ton?a (1289?-1372?). - Edo : Hon'ya Seibe?, [1686]. Sources: COPAC.

Edo. Tsutaya Juzaburo. 1773-1797. Printer. Sources: Wikipedia.

NAGASAKINangasaqui. European style printing recorded 1590. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842) ; Wikipedia.

Nagasaki. Valignano, Alessandro. 1590. Printer. The Jesuits in Nagasaki established The Jesuit Mission Press in Japan and printed a number of books in romanised Japanese. Sources: Wikipedia.

TAKAGUS. European style printing recorded 1591. Sources: Timperley (1842).

TOKI. Tokis, Tokoesi. European style printing recorded 1596. Sources: Timperley (1842).

JORDAN. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

KAZAKHSTAN. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

SOUTH KOREA. Sovereign state.

Pusan. treaty port of Pusan in 1881 to publish Korea's first newspaper, the bilingual Chosen shinpo.

Seoul. Printing recorded 1883. Inoue Kakugoro, a Japanese. The first printing press was imported from Japan for publishing Korea's first Korean-language newspaper Hansong Sunbo. After the press was destroyed by conservatists, Inoue returned with a new one from Japan, reviving the paper as a weekly under the name Hansong Chubo. Presses were also established in Seoul in 1885, 1888 and 1891 by Western missionaries.

NORTH KOREA. Sovereign state.

KUWAIT. Independent 1961.

Kuwait. Dar Dhat al-Salasil. 1983. Publisher. Khafaya al-ruh, by Talal 'Uthman al-Muz'il Sa'id. - [Kuwait] : Dar Dhat al-Salasil, 1983. - Database: WorldCat.

Kuwait. Kuwait Oil Company. 1941. Publisher. Town reserve area and K.O.C. Shuweikh area, by Sharikat Naft al-Kuwayt. - [Kuwait] : [Kuwait Oil Company], 1941. - Map. - Database: WorldCat.

Kuwait. Hukumat al-Kuwayt. 1973-. Publisher. Diwan al-sha'ir Murshid al-Badhdhal, by Murshid Badhdhal. - [Kuwait] : Matba'at Hukumat al-Kuwayt, 1973-. - Database: WorldCat.

Kuwait. Wikalat al-Matbu'at. 1945. Publisher. al-Mawt wa-al'abqariyah, by 'Abd al-Rahman Badawi. - Kuwait : Wikalat al-Matbu'at, 1945. - Database: WorldCat.

Kuwait. Wizarat al-I'lam. 1947. Publisher. Ma'sat 'Utayl Maghribi al-Bunduqiyah, by William Shakespeare ; Jabra Ibrahim Jabra. - Kuwait : Wizarat al-I'lam, [1947]. - Database: WorldCat.

KYRGYZSTAN. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

LAOS. Independent 1954. Not yet examined.

LEBANON. Sovereign state. Printing recorded 1585. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Beirut. Saint George Convent. 1751. Printer. First work a book of psalms 1751. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Beirut. Printing recorded 1751. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Beirut. [American Press]. 1834. Printer. From 1866 dependent on Syrian Protestant College. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Beirut. Collège des Jésuites. 1848. Printer. Produced catholic books. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Choueir, Mount Lebanon. Mar Yuhanni (St John the Baptist) Monastery. 1722. Abdallah Zakher took refuge there in 1722. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Mount Libanus. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Dar-el-Qamar. Printing recorded 1821. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Qazhayya. Printing recorded 1585. St. Antonius Monastery, Qazhayya, set up by Maronites in Lebanon. Sources: Mermier (2012).

MALAYSIA. Independent 1963.

MALACCA. Printing recorded 1816. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Malacca. Mission Press. 1830. A Narrative of the late Nanning expedition containing a simple detail of the operations of the troops, from 6th to 25th August, 1831. - Malacca : Mission Press, 1831. Sources: Worldcat.

Penang. Portugese: Pulo Pinaom. English: Prince of Wales' Island. Printing recorded 1807, 1825. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

MALDIVES. Independent 1965. British colony 1887-1965. Not yet examined.

MONGOLIA. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

MYANMAR. Independent 1948. Formerly Burma 1948-1988. British colony to 1948. WorldCat checked to 1840

DAWEI. Tavoy.

Dawei. Karen Mission Press. 1838. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

INNWA. Ava, Burma. Printing recorded 1813. Sources: Timperley (1842).

MAULMEIN. Mawlamine ; Moulmein.

Maulmein. American Baptist Missionary Union. 1832. Publishers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Maulmein. Mission Press. 1836. Printers. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Maulmain. American Baptist Mission Press. 1837-1840. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Maulmain. Free School Press. 1837-. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

RANGOON. Printing recorded 1814 and 1817. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Rangoon. American Baptist Missionary Union. 181-? Publishers. Location and attribution uncertainSources: WorldCat (2015).

Rangoon. Hough, George. 1817. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Rangoon. Pegu Press. 1826. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

NEPAL. Sovereign state. WorldCat checked to 1899.

KATHMANDU. Kathamadau.

Kathmandu. Bala Sahitya Prakas´ana. 1881. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Kathmandu. Boughi. 1875. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Kathmandu. Christian Missionary Press. 1890. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Kathmandu. Jujubhai Dangol. 1884. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Nepala. Pandita Harihara. 1887. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Pokhuria. Macphail, James Merry. 1893. Author and publisher. Printed for private circulation, 1893: Three months in camp: being the daily journal of a medical missionary on tour among the Santals, by James Merry Macphail. With plates. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Pokhuria. Santal Missionary Press. 1891. Printers. Santal Folk Tales, by Alexander Campbell. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

OMAN. Uman. Sovereign state. WorldCat checked to 1960.

MUSCAT. Masqat.

Muscat? al-Azhar al-Baruniyyat. 1908-1909. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Muscat? al-Dar al-Umaniyah. 1956-1958. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Muscat? al-Hukumiyah. 1975. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Muscat. Directorate of Revenue. 1949. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Muscat? Saltanat Masqat wa-Uman. 1947-1958. Publisher. Sultanate of Muscat and Oman. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

OMAN. Uman.

Oman? al-Baruniyah. 1892 ; AH1309. Publisher. Kitab al-id?ah /by Amir ibn Ali Shammakhi. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Oman? al-Dar al-Umaniyah. 1956-1958. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Oman. al-Wataniyah. 1955. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).


Salalah. Sultanate of Muscat and Oman. 1958. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

PHILIPPINES. Independent 1946. Not yet examined.

MACABEBE. Printing recorded 1621. Sources: Timperley (1842).

MANILA. Printing recorded 1590. First printed book in Tagalog 1610. Tomás Pinpin, Librong Pagaaralan nang manga Tagalog nang uicang Castila. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Tayabas. Printing recorded 1703. Sources: Timperley (1842).

PAKISTAN. Independent 1947. Not yet examined.

PALESTINE. Sovereign state, disputed by Israel. Formerly British mandated territory.Not yet examined.

Palestine. Bak, Yisrael. 1832. Printer. Introduced printing with son Nasim to produce Jewish religious texts. Sources: Mermier (2012).

QATAR. Sovereign state.

SAUDI ARABIA. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

Singapore. Printing recorded 1823. Sources: Timperley (1842).

SINGAPORE. Sovereign state.

SRI LANKA. See Separate listing.

SYRIA. Sovereign state.

Aleppo. Zakher, Abdallah. 1711. Printer. A christian, often represented as the first Arab printer. Condemned to death for apostacy, in 1722 he took refuge in Mount Lebanon. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Aleppo. Printing recorded 1706, introduced by Melkite christians under the instigation of the Greek Orthodox patriarch of Antioch Athanasius Dabbas. Sources: Mermier (2012) ; Clair, chronology.

Aleppo. Printing recorded 1706. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Damascus. al-Dumani. 1855. Printer. Mainly produced Christian works. Sources: Mermier (2012).

Damascus. Printing recorded 1605. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Mount Lebanon. Libanus Mons. Printing recorded 1610. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Mount Libanus, Kesroan. Printing recorded 1732. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Palmyra. Printing recorded 1755. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

THAILAND. Sovereign state. WorldCat checked to 1850.

Bangkok. American and Foreign Bible Society. 1849. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Press. 1840-1850. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. American Missionary Association. 1848-1873. Printers. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Assumption College Press. 1850. Printers. Ex typographia collegii Assumptionis B.M.V., 1850. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Bradley, D.B. 1839. Printer. At the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Press: Proclamation against opium, 18 May 1839 by Rama III, King of Siam (1824-1851). Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Chandler, J. H. 1849-1850. Printer. Printed at the Union Press by J.H. Chandler, 1849-1850. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Christo Chao. 1844-1846. Publisher. Jakkarat P. Christo Cha`o, 1844. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Jones, E.G. 1840. Publisher. Location uncertain. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Jones, John Taylor. 1837-1839. Publisher. Location uncertain. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Presbyterian Mission. 1839. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Siamese Mission Press. 1837-1840. Printer. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Tu chua Giang sinh. 1842-1845. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Bangkok. Union Press. 1848-1850. Printers. J. H. Chandler recorded as printer 1849-1850. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Phranakhon. Thanom Singhaseni. 1838 [2481]. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

TAJIKISTAN. Sovereign state. WorldCat checked to 1931.

DUSHANBE. Renamed Stalinabad 1931-1961 [Previously Samarkhand? CHECK].

Dushanbe. Centralnyj komitet kommunisticeskoj partii (bolsevikov) Tadzikistana. 1929-. Publisher. Stalinabad. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Dushanbe. Gazety Sovetskii Tadzhikistan. 1929. Publisher. Stalinabad. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Dushanbe. Irfon. 1876-1964. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Dushanbe. Kumisariyati Ma'arifi Jumhuriyati Shuravii Tajikistan. 1927-. Publisher. Stalinabad. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Dushanbe. Nashriyati Davlatii Tajikistan. 1927-1962. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Dushanbe. Tadzhikskogo gosudarstvennogo izd-va. 1930. Publisher. . Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Samarqand[CHECK]. Nasiyati Kumitayi Alifbayi Nuwyi Tagikistan. 1928. Publisher. TIMOR LESTE. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

TURKMENISTAN. Sovereign state. WorldCat checked to 1924.

ASKHABAD. Aschabad ; Ashgabat ; Ashabad.

Askhabad. Aleksandrov, I. I. 1915. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Centralnyj komitet kommunisticeskoj partii (bolsevikov) Turkmenistana. 1924-. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Fedorov, K. M. 1897-1912. Printer and publisher. Redaktor-izd. K.M. Fedorov, 1897. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Parovaia tip. gazety Askhabad. 1902. Printer and publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Poltoranov, N. V. 1886. Printer and lithographer. Tipo-litografia N. V. Poltoranova, 1886. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Staba 2-go Turk. Arm. Korp. 1917. Printer and publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Shtaba Zakaspii?skoi? oblasti. 1896. Printer and publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Ylym. 1920. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Zakasp. Oblastnogo Revoliutsionnago Komiteta. 1920-1932. Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Askhabad. Zhasminov, P. A. 1908? Publisher. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

TURKEY. Sovereign state. For religious considerations, Sultan Bayezid II and his successors prohibited printing in Arabic script in the Ottoman empire from 1483 on penalty of death.

Belvidere. European Turkey. Printing recorded 1593. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

Bursa. Printing recorded 1554. Capital later moved to Adrianople.

EDIRNE. Adrianopolis, Adrianople. Printing by Jewish printers recorded 1554. Sources: Cotton (1831), 5 ; Timperley (1842).

Istanbul. Ibrahim, Khadi. 1745-1747. Printer. Sources: Clair (1976).

ISTANBUL. Constantinople, Byzantium. Printing recorded 1490. Achmed III gave his permission for the establishment of the first legal print house for printing secular works in Arabic script. Religious publications still remained prohibited. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Istanbul. Apkar Tebir. 1567. Printer. An Armenian. The first book printed here was Poqr Qerakanutyun, a brief Armenian Grammar in Armenian.

Istanbul. Houel, Charles-Louis. 1769-1840. Sources: Mellot (2004).

Istanbul. Metaxas, Nicodemus. 1627. Printer. For printing of Greek books. Sources: Clair (1976).

Istanbul. Muteferrika, Ibrahim. 1726-1742. Printer. Died 1745. First press for printing in Arabic established in the Ottoman Empire, against opposition from the calligraphers. Sources: Clair (1976).

Istanbul. Nahmias, David and Samuel ibn. 1503. Printers. Printed in Hebrew. Dec 13th, 1493 [CHECK DATE] first ever printed book in Ottoman Empire was Arba'ah Turim in Hebrew. Sources: Clair (1976).

Istanbul. 1779[65]|Constantinople|James Mario Matra (Briton)|Abortive attempt to revive printing in the Ottoman lands.

IZMIR. Smyrna. Printing recorded 1658. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Izmir. Markos. 1759. Printer. Armenian.

Kaiwai. Printing recorded 1717. Sources: Timperley (1842).

Üsküdar. Chrysopolis, Istanbul. Printing recorded 1793. Sources: Cotton (1831) ; Timperley (1842).

TAIWAN.Sovereign state, claimed by mainland China. Not yet examined.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

Abu Dhabi. Arab emirate.

Ajman. Arab emirate.

Dubai. Arab emirate.

Fujairah. Arab emirate.

Ras al-Khaima. Arab emirate.

SHARJAH. Arab emirate.

Sharjah. Bentham Science Publishers. 2008. Publisher. Open Corrosion Journal. - Sharjah : Bentham Science Publishers , 2008. - Database: WorldCat.

Sharjah. Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 1991. Publisher. International trade fairs and exhibitions directory, by Ghurfat Tijarat wa-sina'at al-Shariqah. - Sharjah, U.A.E. : Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, -1991. - Database: WorldCat.

Umm al Qawain. Arab emirate.

UZBEKISTAN. Sovereign state. Previously member of the USSR. Acquired by Russia from Turkestan 1873-1895. WorldCat checked to 1928. Lithographic printing was important for the local production of texts in Farsi (Persian). Before presses were established locally much printing of books in Farsi was undertaken in various centres in India. Sources: Scheglova, O. P. (2004). The repertoire of books in Persian published lithographically in Turkestan during 1883-1917, Journal of Semitic Studies, supplement 15, 2004.

[s. l.]. Kamensky Brothers. 1893. Printer and lithographer. Sources: Schlegova.

[s. l.]. Lakhtin, S. I. 1877-1893. Printer and lithographer. Sources: Schlegova.

[s. l.]. Yakovlev. 1910-1914. Printer and lithographer. Sources: Schlegova.

KOKAND. Qokand ; Uzbek: Qo'qon. Lithographic printing recorded 1883/1917. Sources: Schlegova.

Kokand. Chapah khanah-i Rahamim David Bayuf. 1914-1915. Publisher. Kitab-i qissah'namah-i Hizaru yik shab / by Azarya Yusubuf. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Kokand. Oborot. 1908. PUblisher. Doklad Kokandskago birzevogo Komiteta obscemu sobraniju. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

MARGILAN. Marghelan. Lithographic printing recorded 1883/1917. Sources: Schlegova.

NAMANGAN. Lithographic printing recorded 1883/1917. Sources: Schlegova.

SAMARKAND. Uzbek: Samarqand. Sources: WorldCat (2015 - checked to 1910).

Samarkand. Abd-al-Hakim Ibn-Qari Sah Nazar. 1901 (A. H. 1319). Publisher. Maulud an-nabi ... Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Samarkand. Bieloborodov, I. A. 1899. Printer. Karmannyi russko-uzbekskij slovar : s prilozheniem kratkoi grammatiki uzbekskogo iazyka / by S A Lapin. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

Samarkand. Demurov, G. I. 1901-1909. Printer and lithographer. 1901 (A. H. 1319): Maulu¯d an-nabi¯ .... 1909: Slovar' sartovskich slov s glavnejsimi grammaticeskimi pravilami / by Lev Afanas'ev. Sources: Schlegova ; WorldCat (2015).

Samarkand. Fedorov, K. M. 1898. Printer. Rukovodstvo k prakticheskomu izucheniiu sartovskago iazyka / by V P Nalivkin. Sources: WorldCat (2015).

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YEMEN. Sovereign state. Not yet examined.

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