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04 July 2014

Devon paper trades: Plymouth

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon paper trades: a biographical dictionary

E_EN_DEV_PLYMOUTH. Devon. Includes Plymouth Dock (-1824), Devonport (1825-1914), Stonehouse (to 1914).

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. ACLAND/ACKLAND, William. Paper manufacturer, wholesale stationer and machine ruler. 40, Treville Street, Plymouth 1836d-1840d; 40 & 41, Treville Street 1844d. Also at Ivybridge 1844d. Bought Aller Mill, Stowford, from the Fincher family 1839.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. ARMSTRONG, John. Paper maker. Apprenticed to William Perry, absconded EFP 17/6/1768 2d, 20/4/1770. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BEER, John. Paper hanger. Tavistock Road 1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BIRCHAM MILL. Paper mill. Plymouth. Insured by John Briggs and William Julian, sun policy 442347 19/4/1781. Briggs continued as master until at leat 1803. Active 1814-46. Sources: Chitty; Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BIRD, Elizabeth. Rag dealer. 16, Treville Street 1823d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BOARD, Francis. Paper maker. Apprenticed to William Perry, absconded EFP17/6/1768 2d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BOOLDS, James Almond. Paper hanging warehouse. 43, Marlborough street, Devonport 1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BRIGGS, John. Paper maker. Bircham Mill 1781-1803. Insured mill with William Julian, Sun policy 442347 19/4/1781. Continued at mill until at least 1803. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. BURN, John Evering. Paper hanger and shopkeeper. 2, York Street 1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. CHARD, Thomas Paper maker. Millbay 1752. Sun insurance policy 132728 19/10/1752. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. COHEN, Esther. Sealing wax maker (1809), quill dealer (1809-23), paper hanger (1830). 101, James Street, Dock 1809d-1830d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. COHEN, L. Stationer, pen cutter. Died: Holsworthy aged 63 EFP 1/5/1806 4c, MM Jun. 1806 p.480.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. DAVIS, Andrew. paper maker. Millbay Mill 1783. Mill insured by William Dunsterville, block maker, Sun policy 484707 28/10/1783. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. DERBY, William. Paper maker. Stonehouse Lane 1777; Plymouth 1795d-1803. Paid water rental of ten shillings for the "paper mill with one wheel". Active in Plymouth 1803. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. DUNSTERVILLE, William. Paper maker. Millbay Mill 1779-92. Also block maker (1783), brass and iron founder (1792). Leased mill from Corporation 1779. Insured mill, then in tenure of Andrew Davis, Sun policy 484707 28/10/1783. Insured mill, then in tenure of James Stiddiford Sun policy 566186 10/2/1790. Insured mill Sun policy 603697 2/8/1792. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. ELSTOB, Thomas Smith. 1844. Rag and flock merchant. Lower Street 1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. FINCHER & JEWELL. 1806. Paper makers. Tenants of Mill Bay Mill EFP 6/3/1806 3b.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. FINCHER, Francis. 1801. Paper maker. Millbay Mill 1801. In Ivybridge, insured paper mill and house in tenure of James West, Sun policy 717673 28/4/1801. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. HARPER, William. 1769. Paper maker. Apprenticed to William Perry. Absconded EFP 3/3/1769. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. HELLIER, Elizabeth. 18--. Rag and bottle dealer. 7, Catherine Street, Devonport 1840d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. JEWELL. 1806. Paper maker. See Francis Fincher.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. JULIAN, William. 1781. Gentleman, owner of paper mill. Bircham Mill 1781. Insured mill with John Briggs, Sun insurance policy 442347 19/4/1781. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. LAWS, John. Paper maker 1803. Possibly the same as John Law McClellan q.v. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. M'CLELLAN, John Law. Paper maker. 1795d. Insured paper millhouse with the mill situated on the leat on the north side of Plymouth, Sun insurance policy 539012 2/1/1788. Bankrupt, to surrender at Pope's Head Inn, Plymouth LG 21/7/1795, EFP 23/7/1795 3b, certificate 13/5/1797 LG 22/4/1797, EFP 27/4/1797. Sale of fine papers at mills LG 18/7/1795, EFP 15/10/1795. "John Laws" recorded in Plymouth 1803. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. MANES, Denis. Paper maker. French refugee, owned two mills in or near Plymouth, petitioned to put royal arms on paper 1683/4. Watermark with royal arms and DM recorded on paper used 1690. Returned to France to fetch more workmen but detained. On return forced to abandon mills to Company of White paper Makers who had obtained patent for manufacture of white paper 1689. In 1690s in partnershp with Nicholas Dupin in establishing paper mills near Edinburgh. Sources: Shorter; Chitty.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. MILL BAY. Paper mills. Leased to R.Netherton 1710. Insured by Thomas Chard, Sun policy 132728 19/10/1752. Leased to William Dunsterville 1779, in tenrue of Andrew Davies when Dunsterville insured mill, Sun policy 484707 28/10/1783. James Stiddiford tenant when Dunsterville insured mill, Sun policy 566186 10/2/1790. Insured by William Dunsterville, Sun policy 603697 2/8/1792. Insured by James West, Sun policy 688771 17/4/1799. Insured by Francis Fincher of Ivybridge, tenant James West Sun policy 717673 28/4/1801. For sale, tenants Fincher & Jewell EFP 6/3/1806 3b. Active until at least 1811. Sources: Shorter; Chitty.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. NETHERTON, R. Paper maker. Millbay Mill 1710. Mill leased to him 1710. Sources: Shorter; Calendar of Plymouth municipal records, ed. R.N.Worth (1893), p. 284.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. NICHOLLS, John Rose. Paperhanger. 69, George Street, Devonport 1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. PARKER, Matthew. Paper stainer. 41, Whimple Street 1840d-1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. PERRY, William. Paper maker. Saint Andrew 1757. Married: Mary Tozer of Shaugh Prior, spinster, licence 28/7/1757. Apprentices absconded: Samuel Wood, John Armstrong and Francis Board EFP 17/6/1768 2d. Apprentice absconded: William Harper EFP 3/3/1769 2d. Apprentice absconded: John Armstrong EFP 20/4/1770 3c.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. PIM & EDWARDS. Paper makers, stationers. 6, Parade 1830d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. PIM, John. Paper and rag merchant. Parade 1856d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. RATTENBURY, Richard. Rag and flock merchant. Cambridge Street 1844d. Also cement manufacturer, Mill Bay Road 1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. ROW OF TREES PAPER MILL. Insured by John Law McClellan Sun policy 539012 2/1/1788. McClellan bankrupt, sale of stock LG 18/7/1795, EFP 15/10/1795, certificate EFP 27/4/1797. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. SHILSON, Matthew. Paper maker. King Street, Dock 1812d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. STIDDIFORD, James. Paper maker. Millbay Mill 1790. Mill in his tenure when insured by William Dunsterville, Sun policy 566186 10/2/1790. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. STONEHOUSE LANE PAPER MILLS. William Derby & Co. paid water rental of ten shillings for the "paper mill with one wheel" 1777. William Derby still paper maker in 1803. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. TUCKER, George & Bottomley, Joseph. Paperhanging manufacturers. 41, Whimple Street 1850d-1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. TUCKER, John. Paper maker. Plymouth 1795d. A paper maker with the surname Tucker was still active in Plymouth in 1803. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. WATTS and Co. Wholesale stationers and rag merchants. Lower Street, Plymouth 1840d-1852d. Also marine store dealers 1844d-1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. WEBB, William. Paper hanger. Tavistock Street 1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. WEST, James. Paper maker. Millbay Mill 1799-1801. Insured mill, Sun policy 688771 17/4/1799. Tenant when mill insured by Francis Fincher of Ivybridge, Sun policy 717673 28/4/1801. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. WESTON MILLS. Paper mills. For sale EFP 4/2/1780 2d.

E_EN_DEV_Plymouth. WOOD, Samuel. Paper maker. Apprenticed to William Perry. Absconded EFP 17/6/1768 2d.

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