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03 July 2014

Devon paper trades: Ivybridge

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon paper trades: a biographical dictionary

1839. Unnamed paper mill for sale EFP 18/7/1839 2b.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. ACLAND, William. 1839-1844. Paper maker etc. Stowford Mills and Treville Street, Plymouth 1844d. Purchased Aller mills from the Fincher family 1839.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. ALLEN, John. 1849-1910. Paper maker. Harford parish 1850d; Stowford Mills 1849-1910. As Allen & Son 1876 etc. Acquired Stowford Mill 1849. Family continued to run mill until 1910. New Wesleyan chapel built and paid for by them EFP 12/1/1876 7e. Sources: Chitty.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. FINCHER, Francis. 1801-1803. Paper maker. Stowford Mills 1803. At Ivybridge in 1801 when insured mill at Milbay. Proprietor of Stowford Mills 1803. See also William and Francis Fincher. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. FINCHER, William and Francis. 1829-1839. Paper makers. 1830d. Nephew crushed to death EFP 16/4/1829 3a. Bankrupt EFP 3/7/1834 3f. Family sold Aller Mills to William Acland of Plymouth 1839.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. HOLMAN, Benjamin. 1840-1856. Paper maker. 1840d-1856d.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. KINGWILL, Richard. 1840. Paper maker. Stowford Mills 1840d.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. LOWER MILL. 1816-1906. Paper mill. Active 1816-1906. Sources: Chitty.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. PYM. 1831. Paper maker. Died: EFP 11/8/1831 3a.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. STOWFORD MILL. 1787-1957. Paper mill. Built by William Dunsterville of Plymouth 1787. Francis Fincher proprietor 1803. Richard Kingwill 1840d; William Acland 1839-1844d; John Allen 1852d. Run by Portals (John Allen and Sons) Ltd 1957. Sources: Shorter.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. WHITE PAPER MILL. 1834-1838. Paper mill. For sale EFP 18/9/1834 2c, 12/7/1838 2b.

E_EN_DEV_Ivybridge. WINDSOR, John. 1850. Paper maker. Ermington parish 1850d.

E_EN_DEV_KENSHAM. Devon. See Bradninch.

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