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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exeter N-Q

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Surnames: N-P

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NEALE, Richard L. 1851. Compositor's apprentice. 24, Southernhay 1851. Born: Exeter 1830/1, son of Thomas, lodging house keeper. Sources: Census 1851 1869/18.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NEAME, Henry C. 1849-1855. Book agent, bookseller. 10, Paris Street 1849d-1851d; 31, Paris Street 1853d-1855d. Born: Littlebrum, Kent 1812/3. Married: widower 1851. Children: born Islington, London 1847/8, Exeter 1849. Jane Green sister-in-law housekeeper 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/182.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NEW EXETER JOURNAL. 1788-1796. Newspaper. Two doors below Swan Inn, Fore Street 1791. Established 25/12/1788. Printed by E.Grigg EFP 1/12/1791 3c. Grigg to continue printing EFP 6/10/1796 3d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NEWCOMBE, H. 1849. Bookseller. Preston Street 1849d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NORMAN, George. 1823. Bookbinder. St. Sidwell 1823. Married: Dorothy. Children: Selina bap. 7/1/1823 St. Sidwell.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NORRIS, W. 1835. Printer. 1835 Not freeman of Exeter. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NORTON, James Palmer. 1841-1851. Lithographic printer. James Street 1850d-1851. Born: Middlesex 1812/3. Married: Mary, born Cole How (?), Devon 1813/4. Children: born Exeter 1841-50. Sources: Census 1851 1868/533.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NORTON, Rosina S. 1851. Assistant in stationer's shop. 81, Sidwell Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1832/3, daughter of William printer. Sources: Census 1851 1868/118.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NORTON, William [1]. 1828-1862. Printer. St. Paul 1828; St. Lawrence 1833-36; 247, High Street 1833d-1850d; Lawrence Court, High Street 1848d; St. Sidwell 1851d-1853d; 81, Sidwell Street 1851-1870d; 185, High Street 1878d-1918d. Born: St. Sidwell 1806/7. Married: Sarah Jenkins of St. Sidwell, born 1807/8, 7/5/1828 St. Paul (Robert Cullum jun. witness). Children: Rosina Spratt bap. 15/1/1833, Sarah Caroline bap. 20/1/1836 both at St. Lawrence, others born St. Sidwell to 1846/7, son died EFP 13/4/1837, daughter married EFP 17/12/1862 5d. Advert EFP 18/12/1856 4d. Opened india rubber shop above premises EFP 1/1/1857 4d. Succeeded by William John Jenkins Norton by 1878d. Sources: Census 1851 1868/118; Clamp.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. NORTON, William [2]. 1851. Printer. 128, Sidwell Street 1851. Born: St. Sidwell 1830/1. Nephew of William Jenkins, silversmith, unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/277.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OFFORD, John. 1847. Bookseller. Magdalen Street 1847d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OGDEN, James. 1835. Printer. Heavitree 1835d. Registered press 30/10/1835. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OLD EXETER JOURNAL. 1746-1766. Newspaper. Possibly continued Brice's weekly collection of intelligence. Full titles: Andrew Brice's old Exeter journal [1746?]-[1766?], Brice and Thorn's old Exeter journal [1766?]-[1773?], Old Exeter journal [1773?]-[1788?], Brice's old Exeter journal [1788?]-1789, Brice and Co.'s old Exeter journal 1789-1791. For sale due to death of publisher Richard Thorn EFP 18/9/1788 3d. To be disposed of by T.Brice; taken by R.Trewman and E.Grigg and closed down EFP 1/12/1791 3c. Quotations on Andrew Brice 1763 EFP 19/7/1853 3e.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OLDRIDGE, Thomas. 1851. Bookbinder. Deanery Court 1851. Born: Exeter 1829/30, son of John, joiner. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/316.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OLLETT, William H. 1851. Printer's apprentice. Paris Street 1851. Born: Bristol, grandson of Elizabeth, pauper. Sources: Census 1851 1868/188.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSBORNE, RICHARDS and Co. 1828. Engravers. Castle Street 1828d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSBORNE, Robert. 1684-1696. Bookseller, stationer. Near the Bear 1693-1696. Apprenticed to James Couse. Freeman of Exeter 1/9/1684. Witness for marriage allegation of John Willoughby of Plympton St. Mary and Mary Perriman 3/1/1695. Imprints: 1693: Hallett, Trosse; 1694: Stoddon; 1696: Sermon. Sources: Exeter freemen; Dredge; Clough; Plomer; Attwood; Worth p.501.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSBORNE, Thomas. 1812-1823. Itinerant bookseller, labourer. Born 1782, son of Thomas Osborne, cordwainer. Died: 1823 aged 41 Woolmer's EPG 23/8/1823, EFP 28/8/1823 4b. Freeman of Exeter 6/10/1812. Itinerant bookseller and local character, stood as candidate in Ide burlesque election 1812. Lithographic portrait survives. Sources: Maxted, Ian "The little crawling pamphleteer" Antiquarian book monthly review 12:11 (Nov. 1985) p.426-9.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSMENT, Frederick. 1851. Compositor. Born: Exeter, son of Samuel, printer, bap. 22/11/1834 St. Petrock. Sources: Census 1851 1868/136.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSMENT, George. 1851. Printer. Mint 1851. Born: Exeter 1836, son of John, silversmith. Sources: Census 1851 1869/339.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSMENT, James. 1822-1823. Engraver. Alphington Street 1822d; Fore Street Hill 1825d-1827d; no. 147 1828d; Mint Lane 1830d-1832d. Elizabeth Osment, dressmaker, listed at same address 1825d. Succeeded by John Osment.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSMENT, John. 1823-1847. Engraver, silversmith. St. Mary Arches 1823; Mint Lane 1833d-1847d. Also described as silversmith 1835d. Married: Eliza. Children: Eliza Daniell bap. 6/7/1823 St. Mary Arches. Listed as working silversmith from 1848d. Succeeded James Osment.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. OSMENT, Samuel. 1826-1851. Printer, compositor. Theatre Street 1833-1834; 19, Paris Street 1851. Born: St. Thomas, Exeter 1799/1800. Married: Charlotte, straw bonnet maker, born Newton Bushell 1799/1800. Children: born Exeter 1826-37, including William Henry bap. 14/12/1833, Frederick bap. 22/11/1834 both at St. Petrock, son died EFP 16/6/1842 3e. Sources: Census 1851 1868/136.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PADDON, Frederick J. 1848-1855. Law stationer. Sidwell Street 1848d-1855d+; no 48 1848d-1851d; no 68 1851-1853d; no. 61 1854d-1855d+. Born: St. Pancras, Middlesex 1803/4. Married: widower 1851. Children: one born United States 1842/3. Sources: Census 1851 1868/115.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PALMER and STONE. 1855-1862. Engravers, printers. Waterbeer Street 1856d. Adverts EFP 27/12/1855 4f, 3/1/1856 4b. To publish Handbook of Exeter EFP 2/10/1856 4b. Advert, bought stock of late F.R.Eveleigh EFP 7/5/1857 4a. Adverts EFP 2/12/1858 4a, 19/3/1862 8a.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PALMER, Alfred George. 1872. Engraver. Son of George G.Palmer. Taken over business, G.C.Palmer leaving for India EFP 18/9/1872 5a.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PALMER, George. 1851-1862. Lithographer. 94, Fore Street 1851; Waterbeer Street 1862d. Born: Topsham 1829/30. Apprenticed to Owen Angel 1851. Lithographed map in Oliver's History of Exeter 1861. Sources: Census 1851 1869/340; Clamp.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PALMER, George G. 1855-1872. Engraver. Waterbeer Street 1855d-1866d; St. Martins Street 1871. Children: Alfred George succeeded father, another son died EFP 6/11/1867 5a. Trading as Palmer and Stone 1855-1862. Bankrupt, stock in trade for sale EFP 16/7/1862 1c. Printed book of poems in Devon dialect for Nathan Hogg EFP 3/6/1863 8f. Adverts EFP 19/4/1865 4c, 3/1/1866 4c, 12/9/1866 8f, 2/1/1867 2a. Report on work EFP 5/8/1868 5e. Advert EFP 4/1/1871 4d. Report on work EFP 19/6/1872 5e. Appointed draughtsman to Indian government in Calcutta, son to run Exeter business EFP 24/7/1872 5d. Leaving for India EFP 18/9/1872 5a.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PALMER, John. 1741. Bookbinder. Son of Samuel Palmer, cutler. Freeman of Exeter by succession EFP 13/4/1741. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PARKHOUSE, John. 1851. Printer. Smythen Street 1851. Born: Tiverton 1811/2. Married: Maria, laundress, born Morchard Bishop 1817/8. Sources: Census 1851 1869/303.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PARKINSON, Elizabeth. 1851. Printer's wife. Preston Street 1851. Born: Jedburgh, Scotland 1827/8. Married: by 1851. Head of household 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/368.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PASSMORE, W. 1846-1849. Bookseller etc. Holloway Street 1846d-1847d; no. 47 1848d; 8, Union Terrace 1849d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PAYNE, William. 1573-1577. Parchment maker. Freeman of Exeter as victualler 1573/4? His apprentice William Donnett free 18/11/1577. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PEARCE, John. 1696-1698. Bookseller. Born: Exeter, son of John (grocer, freeman of Exeter 18/4/1664?). Freeman of Exeter by succession 14/11/1698. Imprints: 1696: Leslie; 1698: Chilcot, Dunning, King, Shower, Smith; printed forms: 1698. Sources: Clough; Dredge; Exeter freemen; Dickinson; Plomer.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PEARSE/PEARCE, James. 1848-1853. Engraver. North Street 1848d, Cowick Street 1848d-1849d; Alphington Street 1850d; Haven Banks 1853d. In 1854d described as stonemason, Haven Banks.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PEARDON, Samuel. 1851. Lithographic printer. 52, Sidwell Street 1851. Born: West Indies 1823/4. British subject, lodger, unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/112.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PENNY, J. and Son. 1822-1833. Printers, booksellers and stationers. Fore Street 1822d-1827d; no. 185 1823d-1833d. Printed publicans' recognizances used 1824-27 (Devon Q/S 63). Imprints: 1821: Williams; 1828: Williams.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PENNY, James [1]. 1788-1828--. Bookseller, bookbinder, stationer. Southgate Street 1788; adjoining Globe Passage, Southgate Street 1789; North Street 1792; Fore Street 1793d-1811d; St. Petrock 1803; General Printing Office 1815. Born: London? Married: EFP 31/1/1793 3b. Children: James, daughter died EFP 25/12/1817 4b. Possible relations: James Penny who married Mary Witheys 2/9/1754 St. Petrock. Died: EFP 14/5/1840 2f. Freeman of Exeter as cordwainer of London 15/6/1790. Apprentices: Son James freeman of Exeter 17/1/1818, William Spreat freeman of Exeter 7/2/1818, John Treadwin freeman of Exeter 17/1/1818. Advert EFP 24/7/1788 2d. One of publishers of Biographical and imperial magazine LT 30/7/1789. Label c1790 mentions that he sells music and musical instruments. Sells Jones's solid black lead pencils EFP 24/5/1792 2d. Move to North Street EFP 6/12/1792 3d. Elected Steward EFP 1/10/1795 3c. Advert for journeyman bookbinder EFP 28/1/1796 3d. Serving in the East Devon Militia by substitute 1803. Agent for letting bakery EFP 21/4/1808 4d. Agent for Plymouth and Devonport Telegraph 1809. Advert for assistant EFP 4/1/1810 2b. Advert for apprentice EFP 12/5/1814 4d. Lottery agent EFP 1/7/1815. Agent for writing lessons EFP 16/11/1815 4e. Lottery agent FP 4/4/1816 1c. Advert 12/12/1816 4d. Publishing book EFP 3/8/1820 1b. Publishing prints of scenery of Devon and Cornwall 15/2/1821 4b. Lottery agent EFP 7/2/1822 1d. Adverts EFP 29/12/1825 4d, 21/1/1826 4e, 20/3/1828 2b. Business later continued by Wheatons. Imprints: 1793: Eastcott; 1815: Williams; single prints (Somers Cocks): 1810: 759; c1825: 911. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter militia list 1803; Clamp: Attwood.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PENNY, James [2]. 1818-1827. Bookseller, stationer. Born: Exeter, son of James Penny. Apprenticed to his father. Freeman of Exeter 17/1/1818. Apprentice: William Skinner freeman of Exeter 24/12/1827. Voted for Courtenay and Newman 1818. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1818.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PENNY, James Lane. 1818-1833. Bookseller. Died: EFP 9/5/1833 2f. Voted for Courtenay and newman 1818. Appointed Steward EFP 1/10/1818 4b. Advert EFP 19/8/1819 4c. Tenant of house for sale EFP 21/10/1819 1de. Advert for apprentice EFP 2/4/1829 3d. Adverts EFP 24/3/1831 2c, 17/5/1832 3e.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PENNY, Robert. 1638/1698. Stationer [?]. Deceased by 14/11/1698. Freeman of Exeter as chandler 11/7/1636 [?]. Apprentice: Thomas Butter, stationer, freeman 14/11/1698. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PERRY, John. 1851. Retired bookseller. Bartholomew Terrace 1851. Born: Wallingford, Berks 1787/8. Married: Anne, born Middlesex 1781/2. Sources: Census 1851 1869/346.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PHILLIPS and COOPER. 1841-1848. Wholesale druggists and stationers. 101, Fore Street 1847d-1848d. Selling stock of late Henry Matthews EFP 4/11/1841 2e.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PHILLIPS, J. 1681. Bookseller. Probably not freeman of Exeter. Fl. 1681. Sources: Plomer; Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PHILLIPS, Richard. 1656. Stationer. Apprenticed to John Moungwell senior. Freeman of Exeter 3/11/1656. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PHILLIPS, William. 1830-1847. Bookbinder. South Street 1830d-1833d; Waterbeer Street 1834d-1847d; 15, Salem Place 1851. Born: St. Sidwell, Exeter 1789/90. Married: Mary, born St. Sidwell 1789/90. Retired by 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/6.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION. 1848. Photographers. New North Road 1848d. Associated with John Jury (q.v.)?

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PICKARD, James. 1851. Printer's apprentice. 19, Little Silver Buildings 1851. Born: Exeter 1830/1, son ofJames, thatcher. Sources: Census 1851 1869/122.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PIERCE, J. 1790. Print publisher. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks) c1790: 849.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PIERCE, R. 1801. Print publisher. opp. Theatre, Southernhay 1801. Imprints: aquatint of the quire in Exeter Cathedral dating from 1801, imprint: Exeter - Published Octr 23d 1801. by R. Pierce Elastic Colour Manufacturer opposite the Theatre Southernhay. Information from Simon Beattie, 2005.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PIERCE, W. 1801. Print publisher. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocks): 1801: 860.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PIKE, George. 1848-1856. News agent, bookseller. 38½, High Street 1848d; 39, High Street 1850; South Street 1851d-1855d; no. 41 1856d+. Born: Exeter 1817/8. Married: Mary B.P.R., born Awliscombe 1817/8. Children: one born Exeter 1837/8. Also tailor and branch post office 1848d. Advert EFP 18/7/1850 4e. Sources: Census 1851 1868/528.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PILBROW, Tycho. 1825-1845. Musical repository. High Street 1825d-1827d; no. 242 1828d; no.59 1830d-1836d; no.254 1837d-1845d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PIM, William. 1839-1850. Engraver. 218, High Street 1839d; 204, High Street 1840d; 59, High Street 1843d-1848d; Deanery Place 1848, 1850d; 4, Queen Street 1848-. Died: EFP 18/4/1850 8f. Moved premises EFP 12/10/1848 4d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PITMAN, John. 1851. Postboy. 27, North Street 1851. Born: Kirkby Moor, Yorks 1768/9. Married: Sarah, born Exmouth 1774/5. Children: daughter born Exeter 1815/6. Sources: Census 1851 1869/239.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PLAYER, Joseph. 1803-1827. Bookbinder. St. Mary Major 1803; St. Sidwell 1815; St. Lawrence 1818; High Street 1809d-1827d; 14, Fore Street 1823d-1827d. Son of Joseph and Mary, bap. 1/1/1769 St. Mary Major (?) Married Rebecca. Children: Edward bap. 18/10/1818 St. Lawrence, Ann Cornish bap. 19/1/1815 St. Sidwell. Willing to learn others the use of arms as he knows it himself 1803. Voted for Courtenay and Newman 1818. Exeter militia list 1803; Exeter poll book 1818.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POLLARD, Henry. 1851. Printer, stationer. 97, North Street 1851. Born: Exeter, son of William Carss, printer, bap. 11/10/1830. Unmarried 1851. Elder brother William printer and stationer. Census 1851 1869/231.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POLLARD, John. 1851-1875. Printer. 11, Spillers Lane 1851; 246, High Street 1858-1870d; 245½, High Street 1862d. Born: Exeter, 1830/1, son of John, Greenwich pensioner. Taken over business of Mrs. F.Featherstone 18/3/1858 4c. Advert for new type EFP 8/9/1859 4a. Adverts EFP 21/5/1862 2b, 7/1/1863 8e. Business for sale EFP 23/6/1875 1c. Sources: Census 1851 1868/163.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POLLARD, Thomas. 1791-1804. Printer. St. David 1791; St. Pancras 1803-1804. Born: 1768/9, aged 34 1803. Married: Elizabeth Carss St. Martin 16/1/1789. Children: William Carss bap 27/3/1791 St. David, apprenticed to Robert and Mary Trewman, printers 3/3/1804; Elizabeth frances bap. St. Pancras 1795; Charles bap. St.Pancras 1800. Not freeman of Exeter, not apprenticed or free Stationers' Company, probably journeyman all his career. Serving in volunteers 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POLLARD, W. and H. 1853-date. Printers, lithographers, stationers. North Street 1853d-1878; 39-40 North Street 1878d-1918d; 258, High Street 1906-1910d; Bampfylde Street 1922; Catherine Street 1930d-1938; Southernhay Gardens 1938-date. Wlliam and Henry Pollard, sons of William Carss Pollard. Printed almanacks 1888 etc. London office 165, Queen Victoria Street c1910. Firm blitzed in 1942. Previously William C.Pollard; as William Pollard and Co. 1856d-date. Imprints: 1887: Worthy; 1888: Notes and Gleanings.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POLLARD, William. 1850-1885. Printer, stationer. 97, North Street 1851; 58, North Street 1870d; 39-40, North Street 1878d; 40, North Street 1881d. Born: Exeter, son of William Carss, printer, bap. 3/7/1823. Unmarried 1851. Married: Ada. Died: 1885. Succeeded father on his death 1850. Head of household, younger brother Henry printer and stationer, sister born Exeter 1819/20. Employed one man, three apprentices 1851. Imprints: 1873: Cotton; 1877: Cossins. Sources: Census 1851 1869/231; Notes by Hazel Harvey.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POLLARD, William Carss. 1818-1850. Printer. North Street 1818-1851d; no.86 1828d-1848d; 96, North Street 1850d. Born: Exeter, son of Thomas, printer and Elizabeth, bap. 27/3/1791 St. David, Exeter. Married: Ann dau. of Robert Gould, mercer of Exeter 8/7/1817 St. Olave 8/7/1817 EFP 10/7/1817 4b, ran childbed linenwarehouse 1822d, died 25/6/1835 EFP 2/7/1835 2d. Children: Elizabeth bap. 27/8/1818, Anne bap.1821, died 1835, William bap. 3/7/1823, Emma bap. 1825, Rose bap. 31/3/1827, George bap. 14/2/1829, bur 13/6/1832, Henry bap. 10/11/1830, Frederick bap. 1/1/1835 all at St. Kerrian. Died: 29/11/1850 EFP 5/12/1850 8f. Apprenticed to Robert and Mary Trewman 8 years 3/3/1804. Handling finances of Robert Gould EFP 22/5/1823 4d. Advert EFP 23/10/1828 1d. Printer of Western Guardian EFP 20/9/1832 2e. Press for sale EFP 1/12/1836 2c. Succeeded by sons William and Henry as W. and H.Pollard q.v. and later as William Pollard and Co. Ltd. Imprints: 1824: New guide; 1827: Wlliams; 1828: Butcher; 1835: Davidson. Sources: Apprenticeship indenture in possession of firm.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PONSFORD, George. 1850-1856. Printer, bookseller, stationer. North Street 1850d; no. 92 1851-1856d+. Born: Exeter 1825/6, son of Jane, milliner, widow. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/229.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POPE, James. 1803. Bookbinder. Holy Trinity 1803. Aged 17/30, unmarried 1803. Volunteer 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POPE, John. 1767-1776. Bookseller. Southgate Street c1770. Freeman of Exeter as tailor 14/12/1767 (?) Advert EFP 4/9/1767 2cd. Voted for John Baring 1776. Engraved label recorded. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1776; Attwood.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORSLEY, Samuel. 1851. Journeyman bookbinder. 4, Russell Terrace, St. David 1851. Born: Exeter 1812/3. Married: Elizabeth, born London 1800/01. Sources: Census 1851 1869/124.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PO(R)TBURIE, Edward [1]. 1669-1722. Bookseller, stationer. Children: Edward freeman by succession 19/2/1722. Apprenticed to John Moungwell. Freeman of Exeter 6/9/1669. Apprentices: James Cooze, freeman 1/5/1676, George Portbury freeman 13/8/1722. Sources: Plomer; Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, Edward [2]. 1722-1734. Bookbinder. Born: Exeter, son of Edward, bookseller. Freeman of Exeter by succession 19/2/1722. Apprentice Edward Portbury jun. freeman 6/5/1734. Bondsman for marriage of Henry Moore of Plymouth and Sarah Bellew of Exeter 17/9/1724. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, Edward [3]. 1734-1735. Bookbinder. Married: Mary Merifield of Exeter, spinster, licence 7/6/1735. Apprenticed to Edward Portbury II. Freeman of Exeter 6/5/1734. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, George [1]. 1722-1761. Bookseller. Born: prob. bap. 28 Nov 1688 Saint Martin, Exeter, son of Edward. Children: George, bookbinder, freeman by succession 7/2/1761. Apprenticed to Edward Portbury. Freeman of Exeter 13/8/1722. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, George [2]. 1740-1789. Bookbinder. Born: Prob. bap. 26 Jun 1720, Saint Paul Exeter, son of George, bookseller and Bridget. Married: Elizabeth Hodge of Exeter, widow, Saint Leonard, Exeter, by licence 8/8/1740. Children: Henry freeman 24/1/1784, George [3] freeman by succession 14/11/1789. Freeman of Exeter by succession 7/2/1761. Apprentice: Son Henry freeman 24/1/1784. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, George [3]. 1789-1818. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. St. Petrock 1789; North Street 1791d-1793d; Waterbeer Street 1796d. Born: Exeter, son of George II, bookbinder. Married: Prob. Mary Wotton, Saint Paul Exeter 1/10/1764. Widower 1789, licence to marry Jenny Burke, widow 19/12/1789. Freeman of Exeter by succession 14/11/1789. Trade card engraved by J.Woodman c1780. Voted for Courtenay 1818. Appears to have bound many copies of A new treatise on tillage land (Exeter: Printed by S. Woolmer, 1796) advertised in Exeter Flying Post of 9/6/1796 as to be published shortly, "printed on fine paper, new type, and elegantly bound in Morocco", priced at one guinea.

Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1818; Attwood p.129; David Knott, ‘An Edition Binding by George Portbury of Exeter for A New Treatise on Tillage Land, 1796’ in Book Collector, 57, 1 (Spring 2008) 97-104.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, Henry. 1784-1793. Bookbinder. St. Paul 1784; Waterbeer Street 1791d-1793d. Born: Probably bap. 21 May 1758, Saint Paul, Exeter, son of George II and Elizabeth. Died: by 7/4/1800. Apprenticed to his father. Freeman of Exeter 24/1/1784. Apprentice Robert Fish of the Strand, London, freeman of Exeter 7/4/1800. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTBURY, John. 1851. Engraver etc. 11, Northernhay 1851. Born: Exeter 1825/6, son of Anne, widow. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/102.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PORTER, James. 1851. Compositor. New Place, Cheeke Street 1851. Born: St Paul Exeter 1821/2. Unmarried 1851. Visitor at Thomas Sith, compositor 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/136.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POSTMASTER OR THE LOYAL MERCURY. 1717-1725. Newspaper. Published by Andrew Brice Mar(?) 1717-23/4/1725. Complaint that preceedings falsely represented House of Commons Journal 19/12/1718. Continued as Brice's Weekly Journal, change dictated by new government stamp duty.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. POTTER, Ambrose. 1700. Bookseller (?). Apprenticed to Charles Yeo. Freeman of Exeter 29/1/1700. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PRICE, John. 1835. Travelling bookseller. Cowick Street 1835d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PRINCE, G. 1866. Bookseller. Magdalen Street 1866-. Advert, commencing business EFP 22/8/1866 8e.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PRING, Daniel. 1723-1731. Bookseller. Married: firstly Jane, widow of Thomas Butter, licence dated 31/8/1723, secondly Joanna Neyle of Kingskerswell, widow, licence dated 13/12/1731. Business carried on largely in Jane Butter's name. Published catalogue of books for sale by auction Brice's WJ 30/4/1725. Imprints: 1725: Pring. Sources: Dredge p.98,99.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PRING, Jane. 1723-1727. Bookseller. Near St. Martins Lane, High Street 1726; two doors below St. Martins Lane 1727. Married: firstly Thomas Butter, secondly Daniel Pring, licence dated 31/8/1723. Died: by 13/12/1731 when Daniel Pring remarried. Succeeded to husband's business on his death and continued it in her own name after her marriage to Daniel Pring. Advertisement sheet produced similar to that of Thomas Butter, including mathematical instruments, patent medicines, maps, prints, paper hangings etc. Imprints: 1726: Instructions; printed forms 1727. Sources: Dredge p.67,98; Dickinson; Plomer.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PRING, William. 1838-1851. Bookseller. Sidwell Street 1838d-1847d; no. 67 1848d-1851d. Also newsagent and bookseller 1848d. Fire at premises EFP 8/3/1849 8a.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PROTESTANT MERCURY OR THE EXETER POST-BOY. 1715-1718. Newspaper. Published by Joseph Bliss Sept. 1715-Nov. 1718+. Possible continuation of Jos. Bliss's Exeter post-boy.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PRUST, John. 1687. Bookseller. Aged 24 1687. Marriage allegation (Vicar General, Archbishop of Canterbury for Jane Littleton of Exeter, alleged by William Churchill of St. Martin Ludgate, at Cathedral Church of Exon 16/7/1687.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PUBLIC SELECT LIBRARY. 1807-1871. Library. 89, Fore Street 1828d; 228, High Street 1833-; 58, High Street 1850-; 7, Castle Street 1857. To be opened for young persons EFP 19/11/1807 4e. Report of meeting EFP 6/8/1812 4e. Advert EFP 31/3/1814 1c. Advert by Ellis, watchmaker, keeper EFP 27/6/1816 4e, 3/10/1816 4e. Advert EFP 27/1/1820 4d. Librarian wanted EFP 20/1/1825 4e. New catalogue of books published EFP 2/11/1826 1c. Librarian Mr. Balle; contains 2,500 volumes "all books of an immoral nature, novels, dramatic productions, works on controversial divinity and party politics are excluded" 1828d. To repoen at 228, High Street EFP 28/11/1833 2e. Moving to 58, High Street EFP 11/4/1850 5a. Funds reported in good shape EFP 21/4/1853 5f. Advert EFP 26/11/1857 4a. Vacancy for librarian EFP 6/11/1861 4a. Mr. Thomson appointed EFP 25/12/1861 1f. Notice of removal of premises EFP 14/1/1864 8c. Merged with Free Library 1871.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PULLEN. 1796. Printer. To reprint Rev. Maunsell's book on the potatoe EFP 15/9/1796 2d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. PUNCHARD, Joseph Charles. 1881-1902. Printer. Okehampton Street 1851; Alphington Street 1853d-1961+; no 51 1878d; no 52 1894d-1902d; no. 51a 1930d-1961+. Born: Exeter 1825/6, St. Thomas, Exeter. Unmarried 1851. Registered press 1/5/1852 (DRO Q/S 68). Trading as: J.C.Punchard 1853d-1878d+, as J.C.Punchard and Son 1894d-1902d; as H.Punchard and Son 1930d-1961+. Sources: Census 1851 1867/90; Clamp.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. QUEFFYN, Martin. 1531-1532. Bookbinder. Freeman of Exeter 1531/2. See Martin Coffin.

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