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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Devonport

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary

Devonport. Devon. Renamed from Plymouth Dock in 1825, merged with Plymouth in 1914. Also includes Stoke Damerel and Morice Town.

Devonport. Andrews, George William. 1889-1893. Printer. 58, Albert Road, Morice Town 1889-1893. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Ashley, John Robert. 1926-1939. Printer. 58, Pembroke Street 1926 ; 57 & 58, Pembroke Street 1939. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Aunger, Edmund. 1852. Printer. 12, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1852. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. Banks, George. 1823-1830. Plate and seal engraver and copperplate printer. 49, Fore Street, Dock 1823d; 45, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1830d. Plate and seal engraver to Duke of Clarence 1830d. Noted for botanical engravings. Sources: Worth p.514.

Devonport. Barnacle, Lewis. 1850. Bookseller, stationer. Prospect Row, Devonport 1850. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Batten, T. 1840. Printer, bookseller, stationer. 100, Fore street, Devonport 1840. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. BREND, Samuel. 1850. Printer, bookseller. 68, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1850. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. BRICE, Thomas. Printer. Dock 1795d.

Plymouth Dock. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. Depositors: Felix Nicholson, 16, Bedford street 1844d-1852d; Thomas Mayne, 111, Union Street, Stonehouse 1852d.

Devonport. BULLEN, Mary Ann. Bookseller. 9, Duke Street, Devonport 1840d.

Devonport. BURT, M. Circulating library. 106, Navy Row, Morice Town 1840d.

Devonport. BYERS and Son. Printers, booksellers, stationers. 32, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d. Bookseller etc to William IV 1844d. Publishers of Plymouth and Devonport guide 1844d.

Plymouth Dock. BYERS, William Gilborne. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder. 109, Fore Street, Dock 1823d; 32, Fore Street, Devonport 1830d-1844d; 116, Fore Street 1850d-1852d. Born: Aged 58 1851Married Eliza CoppinChildren: son Frederick Coppin aged 27 in 1851, became accountant, daughter died EFP 15/12/1836 2e. Died: 1854. Registered press 19/2/1818 (DRO Q/S 52). Advert EFP 8/10/1829 1c. Bookseller andc to Duke of Clarence 1828-1830d. Bookseller etc. to William IV 1840d. Proprietor and publisher of Devonport Independent and Plymouth and Stonehouse Gazette 1840d-1852d. The leading producer of lithographs of local scenes, some after leading artists such as J.D.Harding and Louis Haghe, sometimes in association with S.Saunders. Imprints: 1828: Carrington, Haghe; 1829: Carrington; 1830: Banks, Brindley, Sartorius, White; Single prints (Somers Cocks): 1837/43: 1956; c1840: 2221, 2278, 2321. Sources: Somers Cocks p.17; Worth p.509.

Devonport. Clark, Austen and Barnard. 1926. Printers. 51 Chapel Street, Devonport 1926. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Clark, Austin C. 1935-1939. Printer. 51 Chapel Street, Devonport 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Clark, Josiah and Son. 1893-1923. Printer. 51 Chapel Street, Devonport 1893-1923. As J. Clarke and Sons 1893. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Clark, Josiah. 1889. Printer. 51, Chapel Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Clarke and Sons. 1878. Printers. 45, Fore Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. CLARKE, J. Bookseller, stationer. 8, Cumberland Street, Devonport 1856d.

Devonport. CLARKE, John. Engraver. 15, Catherine Street, Devonport 1840d; 4, Morice Street, Devonport 1844d; 61, Duke Street, Devonport 1850d-1852d. Imprints: Single prints(Somers Cocks): c1845: 2287.

Devonport. CLUTTERBUCK, H. Newsagent. 9, King Street, Devonport 1856d.

Plymouth Dock. COCK, Elizabeth. Bookseller, stationer. 53, Fore Street, Dock 1823d.

Plymouth Dock. COCK, Samuel. Stationer. Dock 1809d.

Devonport. COLMAN, H. Bookseller. Devonport 1829. Advert EFP 10/9/1829 2d.

Plymouth Dock. COLMAN, William. Printer, bookseller, stationer, reading rooms (1840d), library (1850d). Dock 1819-28; 48, Fore Street 1828-1840d; 51, Fore Street 1844d-1850d. Married: EFP 22/5/1828 2d. Partnership with Edward Hoxland and L.C.Cross dissolved, Edward Hoxland to carry on the business LG 17/7/1819. Registered press with Peter Nettleton, Edward Hoxland and Edward Nettleton for Plymouth and Plymouth Dock Weekly Journal 11/8/1819. (DRO Q/S 69). Printer andc to Queen 1840d. Imprints: 1828: Sanford; 1830: Sanford. Sources: Worth p.509.

Devonport. COLMAN, William and Son. Printers, booksellers, stationers. 51, Fore Street, Devonport 1852d-1856d.

Plymouth Dock. CONGDON and HEARLE. Printers, booksellers, stationers. 52, Fore Street, Dock 1823d-1830d. See Lazarus Congdon, George Hearle. Printers of Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle 1830d. Sources: Worth p.509.

Plymouth Dock. CONGDON, Mrs. Proprietor of Plymouth Dock Telegraph. Died: Fowey aged 96. MM Jan. 1810 p.646.

Plymouth Dock. CONGDON, John. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Fore Street, Dock 1812d; 28, Fore Street 1823d-1830d. Married: wife died EFP 13/6/1811 4b, MM Jul. 1811 p.599, married EFP 19/8/1819 4b. Children: daughter married EFP 26/3/1829 2c. Died: EFP 12/4/1838 2c. Registered press 21/6/1811 Devon Q/S 52. Lottery agent EFP 18/3/1819 1d, 23/9/1824 3e. Imprints: 1817: Gilbert; 1820: Carrington.

Plymouth Dock. CONGDON, Lazarus. Printer, stationer. Dock 1795d-1824; Fore Street 1812d. Died: EFP 5/2/1835 2e. Apprentices include William Elliott of Torquay. Signatory of warning re fraud EFP 10/11/1796 2d. Advert for staff EFP 22/8/1799 2e. Established Plymouth and Dock Telegraph 1808, published to 1812d+. Registered press 19/2/1818 (DRO Q/S 52). Lottery agents EFP 17/1/1822 1c, 15/1/1824 3d. Partner with George Hearle 1824. Sources: Worth p.509.

Devonport. COOPER, William Gilborne. Engraver and copperplate printer, lithographer (1840d). 86, James Street, Devonport 1830d; 43, Union Street, Stonehouse 1840d-1856d.

Devonport. Cornley, Richard. 1878. Printer. 58, Albert Road, Morice Town 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. CROSS, Leonard Courtis. Printer. Dock 1819. Children: daughter married EFP 23/1/1823 4b. Partnership with Edward Hoxland and William Colman dissolved, Edward Hoxland to carry on the business LG 17/7/1819.

Devonport. CROUCH, Frederick William Nicholls. Printer. 9, Devonshire Place, Devonport 1836. Registered press 14/11/1836. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.

Devonport. DALLINGER, Joseph Stephen. Engraver. 97, Pembroke Street, Devonport 1844d; 62, James Street, Devonport 1850d; 13, Barrack Street, Devonport 1852d.

Devonport. DEVONPORT AND PLYMOUTH TELEGRAPH AND NAVAL COMMERCIAL GAZETTE AND WESTERN COUNTIES ADVERTISER. Newspaper. Published Saturdays by Richard Clarkson Smith, 1, Chapel street, Stonehouse 1852d. Title of Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle from 8/2/1851 until its incorporation with Western Weekly News 27/6/1863.

Devonport. DEVONPORT CIVIL AND MILITARY LIBRARY. Ker Street, Devonport 1830d-1852d. Meeting to build public library EFP 6/5/1824 4c. £1,500 raised EFP 22/3/1827 4b. Built in Egyptian style by John Foulston. Charles Hoare librarian 1830d. Rules etc 1844 (DRO Q/S 56/16). William Chapman secretary 1852d.

Devonport. DEVONPORT INDEPENDENT AND PLYMOUTH AND STONEHOUSE GAZETTE. Newspaper. Published Saturdays by William Byers 32, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d-1844d; 116, Fore Street 1850d-1852d. Established 9/2/1833. Incorporated with Western Independent 29/8/1891.

Devonport. DEVONPORT MECHANICS' INSTITUTION. Duke Street 1852d. In course of arrangement EFP 26/5/1825 4c. Uriah H.King and Joseph C.Radford secretaries 1852d.

Devonport. DEVONPORT, PLYMOUTH AND STONEHOUSE REFLECTOR. Publisher Charles Wood, Stafford's Hill 1840d.

Devonport. DEVONPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY. Ker Street 1830d. See Devonport Civil and Military Library.

Devonport. DEVONPORT STANDARD AND PLYMOUTH UNITED SERVICES GAZETTE. Newspaper. Established 8/1/1835. Continued as West Devon Standard 14/1/1835-9/12/1836 when incorporated with West of England Conservative.

Devonport. DEVONPORT TELEGRAPH AND PLYMOUTH CHRONICLE. Newspaper. Published Saturdays by Congdon and Hearle, 52, Fore Street, Devonport 1830d. Publishers Soper and Richards, 49, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d. Title used 6/7/1833-1/2/1851. Previously Royal Devonport Telegraph, continued as Devonport and Plymouth Telegraph.

Devonport. DEVONPORT WORKING MEN'S INSTITUTE. Fore Street 1852d. Library and reading rooms, William Sampson secretary 1852d.

Plymouth Dock. DREW, John. Stationer, bookbinder. Dock 1795d; 8, New Street after 1798. Label in book dated 1798. Sources: Attwood.

Plymouth Dock. DURNFORD, William (Spry). Bookbinder and stationer. Fore Street, Plymouth Dock 1788-1790; no. 85 1788-1789. Married Elizabeth Sing, Stoke Damerel 28 Nov 1785. Children: Elizabeth bap. 17 Oct 1786. Drug agent 20/3/1788 1d, 25/6/1789, 1d. Agent for medicine EFP 25/6/1789 1d. May have moved to Dover by 1795 where children are bap. at St. Mary's, incl. Benjamin, bap. 2 Feb. 1795, William Spry, bap. 12 June 1803 Henry bap 21 May 1813. Imprints: 1790: Authentic narrative of some particular occurrences ... Sources: Parish registers, information from Richard Goulden.

Devonport. Dutton, Albert William. 1935-1939. Printer. 61, Saint Aubyn Street, Devonport 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. EDWARDS. 1790. Bookseller. Dock 1790. Trading as Maurice and Edwards 1790. Imprints: 1790: Exeter.

Devonport. Ellis and Co. 1910. Printers. 62, Saint Aubyn Street, Devonport 1910. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Ellis and Son. 1889-1902. Printer. 1, Chapel Street 1889-1893 ; 62, Saint Aubyn Street 1889-1902. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. FOALE, Henry. 1840. Stationer. 86, James Street, Devonport 1840d.

Plymouth Dock. FRASER, James. 1795-1800. Bookseller. Plymouth Dock 1795d-1800. A Mr. Fraser subscribed to two copies of Bidlake's Summer's eve 1800. Sources: Dredge p.61.

Devonport. FREND, Samuel. 1855. [Bookseller.] 68, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1855h. Error for Trend.

Devonport. GILBERT, Philip. 1830-1840. Bookbinder. 1830d; 88, Union Street 1840d.

Devonport. GILBERT, William. 1830-1844. Bookbinder. 5, Chapel Street, Devonport 1830d; Union Street, Stonehouse 1844d.

Devonport. Good, Thomas. 1878. Printer. 27, Fore Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. GRANVILLE, Arthur. 1830-1840. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer. 14, Princes Street, Devonport 1830d; Tavistock Street, Devonport 1834-1840d; 91, Fore Street, Devonport 1844d. Registered press 1834 (DRO Q/S 68). Registrar of births and deaths for Morice distrct 1840d. Imprints: 1812: View.

Devonport. GRANVILLE, Henry. 1833-1840. Bookseller, printer. 99, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d. Bookseller and printer to Queen 1840d. Registrar of marriages for Stoke Damerel 1840d. Registered presses in Devonport and Kingsbridge 18/3/1833. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.

Plymouth Dock. GRAY, A. 1781. Publisher. Dock 1781. Published Devon and Cornwall Magazine with William Locke of Plymouth 1781. Sources: Worth p.509.

Devonport. HAINSSELIN, Henry. 1840-1851. Artist, print publisher. Devonport c.1840-1848; 1, St Aubyn Street 1850-51; Exeter 1843; London: 20, George Street, Euston Square 1848-49; 195, Strand 1850-51; 19, Newman Street 1852. Born in Devonport. Studied in Amsterdam. Exhibited Royal Academy. Moved to Australia 1852, where he is recorded as a photographer in Rutherglen in 1866. Sources: Pycroft; Graves.
Somers Cocks 1959. Plymouth. This view of the fire in Her Majesty's Dock Yard, Devonport, on the morning of the 27th Sepr., 1840 ... / by H.Hainsselin. [1840]
Somers Cocks 1960. Plymouth. Devonport Harbour, and rowing regatta / by and after H.Hasselin. [1840?]
Waiting for the boat. 1851.

Devonport. HARDING and Co. 1840. Engravers and printers. 40, King Street, Devonport 1840d. Trading name of Solomon Harding.

Plymouth Dock. HARRIS, Henry Thomas. 1812-1832. Printer, bookseller, librarian, stationer. Duke Street, Dock 1812d; 51, Duke Street 1823d-1824; 80,George Street, Devonport 1830d. Died: EFP 28/6/1832 2d. Registered press 13/2/1824. Sources: DRO Q/S 69.

Devonport. HARRIS, Henry Vinton. 1840-1856. Bookseller, stationer, printer. 43, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1840d; 42, St. Aubyn Street 1844d; 15, Fore street, Devonport 1852d-1856d.

Devonport. HEARLE, George Wills. 1837-1856. Printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent. 111, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d; 118, Fore Street 1844d-1856d. Bankrupt EFP 16/2/1837 3f. See also L.Congdon.

Plymouth Dock. HEYDON, John. 1793-1800. Bookseller, printer. Dock 1795d; Market Street, Dock 1799-1800. Registered press 21/10/1799 Devon Q/S 52. Subscribed to 12 copies of Bidlake's Summer's eve 1800. Heydon, printer, James Street, Plymouth Dock printed A collection of hymns for the approaching year, by the Rev. J. Newton, of Olney, a sheet with six hymns: "Price one Penny to those Persons who please to purchase. With a good allowance to those who buy quantities to give away" (British Library HS.74/2008). Imprints: 1793: Birt; 1797: Mends; 1799: Reece, Wotton; 1800: Birt, Culy. Sources: Dredge p.4,55,61,91,118; Worth p.509.

Devonport. HEYDON, John. 1832-1859. Printer, bookseller, newsagent, stationer, machine ruler. Devonport 1832; 98, Fore Street 1840d; 104, Fore Street 1844d-1856d. Married: EFP 12/4/1832 2c. Children: son died EFP 17/11/1842 2f. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocks) c1859: 2187.

Devonport. HEYDON'S ADVERTISER FOR THE WEST OF ENGLAND. 1851-1852. Newspaper. Published 11/12/1851-20/9/1852.

Devonport. Hiorns and Miller. 1902-1926. Printers. 107 Fore Street 1902-1923 ; Granby Street, Devonport 1910-1926. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. HOARE, Charles. 1830. Librarian. Devonport Public library 1830d.

Devonport. HOLMAN, Thomas. 1830-1834. Printer. 52, Fore Street, Devonport 1830. Registered press 6/10/1830 (DRO Q/S 68). Bankrupt EFP 17/7/1834 3f.

Plymouth Dock. HOXLAND & COLMAN. 1823-1827. Printers, booksellers, stationers. 48, Fore Street, Dock 1823d. Printed publicans' recognizances used 1824 Devon Q/S 63. Partnership between E.Hoxland and W.Colman dissolved LG 27/7/1827. Sources: Worth p.509.

Plymouth Dock. HOXLAND, CROSS and Co. 1818. Booksellers. Agents for lottery EFP 29/1/1818 1c. Imprints: 1818: Guide.

Plymouth Dock. HOXLAND, Edward. 1789-1819. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Fore Street, Dock 1789-1812d; near Fountain Tavern, Fore Street 1792; next door to Fountain Tavern 1796. Mother Johanna died aged 96 MM May 1806 p.379. Married: wife died EFP 22/2/1810 4b. Apprenticed to Barnabas Thorne, printer of Exeter. Freeman of Exeter 3/4/1784. Probably succeeded P.F.Maurice. Selling publications of E.Newbery 1789. Advert for bookbinder EFP 12/9/1793 3d. Agent for insurance EFP 19/9/1797 2d. Advert for staff EFP 2/11/1797 2d. Advert EFP 23/9/1798 1b. Registered press 7/9/1799 Devon Q/S 52/1. Bookbinder wanted EFP 15/1/1801 1e. Supplied newspapers to Napoleon when he was on the "Bellerophon" in Plymouth Sound 1815. Dissolved partnership with L.C.Cross and William Colman, Hoxland to continue alone 5/7/1819 LG 17/7/1819. Registered press with Peter Nettleton, Edward Nettleton and William Colman for Plymouth and Plymouth Dock Weekly Journal 11/8/1819 (DRO Q/S 69). Imprints: 1787: Spry; 1790: To; 1792: Plymouth; 1793: Porter [Exeter Gazette 30/5/1793]; 1795: Exeter; 1796: Plymouth-Dock; 1797: Hitchins; 1798: Monthly; 1803: Sermon; 1805: Plymouth-Dock. Dredge p.4,41,60,61,77,109. Sources: Exeter freemen: Worth p.509.

Devonport. HUGHES, Thomas. 1852. Bookseller. Devonport 1852. Married: EFP 5/8/1852 8f.

Devonport. HUNT, Samuel. 1830-1844. Music warehouse. 54, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1830d-1840d; 53, St. Aubyn Street 1844d. Also teacher 1844d.

Plymouth Dock. HUNT, William. 1842. Bookseller. 53, Pembroke Street, Devonport 1842. Insolvent debtor EFP 7/7/1842 1d.

Devonport. Husband, William. 1878. Printer. 27, Market Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. JOHNS, James. 1809-1833. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Dock 1809d; 53, St. Aubyn Street, Dock 1815-18; 56, Fore Street, Dock 1823d-1830d. Registered press 5/1/1818, 2/4/1818 1830/1 (DRO Q/S 52, 68, 69). Bankrupt EFP 31/1/1833 3e. Imprints: 1811: Risdon; 1815: Marsden; 1827: Tourist's; 1828: Longmaid, New, Sandford. Sources: Worth p. 509.

Devonport. KEYS, Elias. 1830-1870. Printer, stationer. 7, James Street, Devonport 1830d-1840d; 6, James Street 1844d-1857d; 47, St. Aubyn Street 1866d-1870d. Trading as Elias Keys and Son 1866d, as Elias Keys and Sons 1870d. Succeeded by Samuel and John Keys 1873d. Children: Samuel, John, Isaiah Waterloo Nicholson. The English Folk Dance and Song Society's register listed in 2012 some 289 single sheet ballads printed by Keys. Distributors include: R. Stone, Exeter ; John Evans, Barnstaple ; W.Burridge, Truro ; H. Jacobs, Newton Abbot ; S. Reed, Newport and J. Perrow, St Austell.

Devonport. KEYS, Isaiah Waterloo Nicholson. 1844-1890. Printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, circulating library. 9, Bilbury Street 1844d-1847d; Bilbury Street, Plymouth 1855h; 46, Bedford Street 1856d; 52, Bedford Street 1857d-1873d; 33, Whimple Street 1873d-1890d. Trading as I.W.N.Keys & Son 1870d-1873d. Born: Devonport, son of Elias, printer 12/3/1818. Died: Plymouth 4/11/1890. Poet and noted botanist. Author of botanical papers in Suth Devon Literary Chronicle 1846, Botanical strolls in the neighbourhood of Plymouth, 1851 and The flora of Devon and Cornwall 1865-71. Promoted penny readings in Plymouth. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): c1860: 2196. Sources: Journal of Botany vol. 28 (1890) p.382; W.H.K.Wright West Country poets.

Devonport. Keys, John. 1902. Printer. 47, Saint Aubyn Street 1902. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. KEYS, Samuel and John. 1873-1893. Printers, stationers. 47, St. Aubyn Street 1873-1893 ; 16, South Street 1878. Sons of Elias Keys. Partners with father since 1860s.

Devonport. LIDSTONE, Roger. Printer, bookseller (English and foreign), librarian, publisher, stationer. 16, George street 1850d-1856d; 107, Fore Street, Devonport 1852d-1856d. Died: EFP 15/8/1860 5b. Stock in trade for sale EFP 8/5/1856 1c.

Devonport. MANICOM, Edward. Printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. 3, Tavistock Street, Devonport 1852d; Tavistock Street 1855h; 34, Fore Street, Devonport 1856d. Apprentice Samuel Phelps, absconded, later actor. Sources: Worth p.515.

Devonport. MARSHALL, C. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. 88, Fore Street, Devonport 1856d.

Plymouth Dock. MAURICE, Mr. Stationer. Plymouth 1774-78. Agent for medicine EFP 14/1/1774 4c. Agent for coffee EFP 6/2/1778 3a.

Plymouth Dock. MAURICE, Mrs. Bookseller. Plymouth Dock 1770. Imprints: 1770: Cookworthy. Sources: Plomer.

Plymouth Dock. MAURICE, Patrick Ferdinand. Bookseller, stationer. Plymouth Dock 1781-95; 51, Fore Street c1795. . Died: stock for sale EFP 9/7/1795 3bc. Published A new form of prayer 1778. Sun insurance policy 451890 £600 1781, Guildhall Lib. ms 11,936/296. Bankrupt, to surrender at Guildhall LG 9/8/1788, EFP 14/8/1788 2a. Stock for sale with house EFP 18/9/1788 2c. Certificate LG 29/11/1788, EFP 13/11/1788 2a. Dividends 29/11/1788, 23/5/1789, LG 19/4/1789, EFP 23/4/1789 3a, 12/11/1791, EFP 17/11/1791 3a. Trading as Maurice and Edwards 1790. Advert for journeyman bookbinder EFP 21/3/1793 1d. Succeeded by Hoxland? Engraved labels recorded. Imprints: 1786: Bidlake; 1790: Exeter; 1791: Church of England, Toulmin. Sources: Dredge p.87,116; Attwood p.130, 137.

Devonport. MUDGE, John. Printer, bookseller, stationer. 90, James Street, Devonport 1824; Catherine Street, Devonport 1823-26; no. 9 1830d; Staffords Hill 1831; 31, King Street 1839. Registered press 29/4/1822, 6/1/182310/4/1826, 2/11/1831, 3/7/1839 (DRO Q/S 52,68,69). Printed poster on tithes 1824. Bankrupt EFP 29/2/1832 3f. British Library HS.74/2008 includes sheet with: Duke William [and] The beautiful boy and another with Shannon side and The time of day (a new song). - Sources: Spectator 8/5/1936.

Plymouth Dock. NOSWORTHY, Ambrose. Bookbinder. 70, Prince Street, Devonport 1823d-1830d.

Devonport. O'NEILL, Andrew. Stationer, newsagent. 7, Navy Row, Morice Town 1852d-1856d.

Devonport. PEARSE, John. Marlborough Street, Devonport 1855h.

Devonport. PENGELLY, Thomas H. 91, Fore Street, Devonport 1855h.

Plymouth Dock. PHELP. Bookseller. Dock 1800. Subscribed to two copies of Bidlake's Summer's eve 1800. May be the same as Thomas Philp q.v. Sources: Dredge p.61.

Plymouth Dock. PHILP, Thomas. Printer, bookseller, circulating library. Dock 1800-1809d; Market Street c1800. Registered press 12/4/1800 (DRO Q/S 52). Printed label recorded. Prisoner in St. Thomas Apostle gaol, Devonshire, petitioned for relief under Act for Relief of Insolvent debtors LG 10/2/1816. Imprints: 1803: Execution of Col. Despard (broadsheet). Sources: Attwood; Worth p.509.

Devonport. PICKEN, William. Printer, stationer. Devonport c1829; 41, Chapel Street, Devonport 1830d; 38, Tavistock Street 1840d. Registered press c1829 (DRO Q/S 68). Single sheet items recorded: Poor Caroline of Edinburgh town. Rigs and humours of the fair, with the note "Where Travellers and Country Shopkeepers; may be supplied with Childrens Books; Street Songs, Scripture Pieces, etc., cheaper than other House in England". The drunken wife. The Beverly maid and the tinker [and] The sailor boy. The village bells [and] The rigs and humours of the fair. Woman is the comfort of man [and] The glasses sparkle. Love's a tyrant. His products were also sold by "R. Bond, junr. 3 Bull-Hill, near the Guildhall, Plymouth, and R. Bond, senr. 23, Bond Street, Jersey". Sources: Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers.

Plymouth Dock. PLATT, Joseph. Printer, bookbinder. 4, Duke Street, Dock 1809d; Dock 1818. Registered press 19/2/1818 (DRO Q/S 52).

Devonport. POLLARD, William. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Chapel Street, Devonport 1826 no. 41 1830d. Children: son died EFP 22/1/1846 2f. Registered press 10/4/1826 (DRO Q/S 69). Bankrupt EFP 22/12/1836 3f.

Devonport. Pyke and Son. 1878. Printer. 1, Chapel Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. RAMSAY, W.B. Printer. Devonport 1842. Partnership with R.W., F.G. and W.M.Carrington dissolved LG 1/4/1842.

Devonport. Rattenbury and Son. 1878. Printer. 47, Queen Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. RATTENBURY, Charles. Printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, machine paper rulers. 6, Dockwall Street, Devonport 1830d; 5, Dockwall Street 1840d-1844d. Trading as Charles and Edward James Rattenbury 1840d-1844d. Registered press 14/10/1833 (DRO Q/S 68).

Devonport. Rattenbury, D., Mrs. 1889. Printer. 47, Queen Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. RATTENBURY, Edward James. Bookseller, stationer, printer, bookbinder, machine paper ruler. 5, Dockwall Street, Devonport 1840d-1844d; 52, Queen Street, Devonport 1852d-1856d. Trading as Charles and Edward James Rattenbury 1840d-1844d.

Devonport. Rendell, W. 1842.Engraver. Devonport 1842. Married: EFP 3/2/1842 2d.

Devonport. Richards, William. Printer, bookseller, newspaper publisher, stationer. 49, Fore Street 1840d; 12, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1844d. Registered press 1833 (DRO Q/S 68). With George J.Soper publ. Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle 1840d.

Plymouth Dock. Richardson, Adnam. Bookseller and hardwareman. Plymouth Dock 1795d.

Plymouth Dock. Richardson, Joseph. Printer. Dock 1818. Registered press 28/2/1818 (DRO Q/S 52).

Plymouth Dock. ROACH, John. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. Plymouth 1795d; Duke Street 1797; Plymouth Dock 1800; George street, Dock 1809d-1812d ; no. 5 1809d. Bankrupt, to surrender at Carlton Coffee House, Plymouth Dock LG 17/10/1820, EFP 19/10/1820 4a. Subscribed to 6 copies of Bidlake's Summer's eve 1800. Imprints: 1797: Birt. Sources: Dredge p.55,61.

Plymouth Dock. ROBERT, Charles. Seal engraver. Dock 1816d.

Devonport. ROBERTS, J. Printer. Devonport 1828. Mentioned in advert EP 31/7/1828 1d.

Plymouth Dock. ROBERTS, Stephen. Stationer, haberdasher. Plymouth Dock 1781. Sun insurance policy 442898 £600 Guildhall Lib. ms. 11,936/292.

Devonport. ROGERS, R. Printer. Navy Row, Morice Town 1856d.

Devonport. ROGERS, W. Printer. 54, Chapel Street, Devonport 1856d.

Plymouth Dock. ROYAL DOCK TELEGRAPH AND PLYMOUTH CHRONICLE. Newspaper. 52, Fore Street, Dock 1823d. Title of Plymouth and Dock Telegraph 1817-23. Continued as Royal Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle 182429/6/1833, then as Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle.

_EN_DEV_Devonport. RUNDELL, William. Engraver. George Street, Devonport 1840d; no. 73 1844d.

Plymouth Dock. SANDERS, Samuel. Printer. Stoke Damerel 1818. Registered press 28/2/1818 (DRO Q/S 52).

Plymouth Dock. SANDFORD, George. Bookseller, stationer, comedian (1812d). St. Aubyn Street 1812d; 41, St. Aubyn Street, Dock 1809d-1830d. Lottery agent EFP 1/7/1815, 4/4/1816 1c, 28/1/1819 3d, 7/2/1822 1d, 30/9/1824 2d.

Plymouth Dock. SANFORD, John I. Printer. Exeter 1803; Plymouth Dock 1817. Children: son and appr. John freeman of Exeter 24/2/1817. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter militia list 1803.

Plymouth Dock. SANFORD, John II. Printer, stationer. Exeter 1803; Plymouth Dock 1817. Son of John, printer. Freeman of Exeter 24/2/1817. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter militia list 1803.

Devonport. SEARLE, George Elliott. Engraver, watch maker. 29, Edgcumbe Street, Devonport 1852d.

Plymouth Dock. SHERMAN, Thomas. Roper [sic] maker. Stoke Damerel 1747. Married Sarah Kitt, widow at Holy Trinity, Exeter 18/4/1747.

Devonport. Smith and Co. 1889-1893. Printers. 98, Fore Street 1889-1893. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Smith and Son. Hardware, fancy and stationery warehouse. 69, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1840d.

Devonport. Smith, Richard Clarkson. Bookseller andc. 31, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1844d.

Devonport. Smith, R. S. and Co. 1878. Printer. 20, George Street, Plymouth 1878 ; 98, Fore Street, Devonport 1878 ; 45, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. Soper and Richards. Newspaper publishers. See George Isabell Soper, William Richards.

Devonport. Soper, George Isabell. Newspaper publisher. 49, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d. Agent to Norwich Fire and Life Office 1840d. Registered press for Plymouth and Devonport Weekly Journal 16/5/1825 (DRO Q/S 69). With William Richards printer and publisher of Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle 1840d.

Devonport. Spry, E., Mrs. 1878. Printer. 100, Fore Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. STEPHENS, F.R. Newsagent. 36, Mount Street, Devonport 1856d.

Devonport. Stephens, Frederick. 1910. Printer. 30, Albert Road, Morice Town. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. STONELAKE, William. Music warehouse. 17, Market street, Devonport 1830d; 26, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1840d; 62, St. Aubyn Street 1844d-1852d. Also pianoforte manufacturer 1840d Also registrar of marriages 1844d-1852d.

Plymouth Dock. SUTTON. Printer. Plymouth Dock 1785p. Imprints: 1785?: Busy.

Devonport. Swiss and Co. 1910-1926. Printer. 111 & 112, Fore street, Devonport 1910-1926. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Swiss and Sons Ltd. 1926-1939. Printers. 54, Granby Street 1926-1939. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Swiss W. G. and Sons. 1914-1923. Printers. 55 Granby Street, Devonport 1914-1923. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Swiss, Alfred H. 1878. Printer. 112, Fore Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. TELEGRAPH AND CHRONICLE. Newspaper. 52, Fore Street, Dock 1823d. See Royal Dock Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle.

Devonport. THOMAS, Jenkin junior. Bookbinder. 34, Tavistock street, Devonport 1852d.

Plymouth Dock. THORNE, Samuel. Printer. 6, Mill Pleasant, Stoke Damerel 1822; no. 5 1823. Registered press 4/10/1822, 14/6/1823 (DRO Q/S 52,69).

Devonport. TOMS, James. Music warehouse. 27, Fore Street, Devonport 1830d; 63, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1840d. Also teacher of pianoforte 1840d.

Devonport. TREND, Samuel. Bookseller, stationer, fancy repository. 68, St. Aubyn Street, Devonport 1852d-1855h; 53, St. Aubyn Street 1856d. Listed as Frend by Hodson 1855h.

Devonport. UNDERWOOD. Publisher. Devonport 1825. Imprints: 1825: Butter.

Devonport. VINCENT, Mrs. B. Stationer. 22, Market Street, Devonport 1856d.

Devonport. WATSON, Alexander. Haberdasher, stationer. 17, Navy Row, Devonport 1852d-1855h.

Devonport. WEST OF ENGLAND CONSERVATIVE. Newspaper. 48, King Street, Devonport 1840d; 107, Fore Street, Devonport 1844d; George Lane 1850d; 16, George Street 1852d. Published 16/11/1836-17/11/1852. Proprietors and publishers: Frederick George Carrington 1840d; R.F. and W.Carrington 1844d; Roger Lidstone 1850d-1852d. Continued as Western Courier 24/11/1852-3/5/1854.

Plymouth Dock. WILLIAMS, James. Printer. 20, Cornwall Street, Dock 1823d.

Plymouth Dock. WILLIAMS, Richard. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Doidge's Well, Dock 1822-23; 54, Fore Street, Dock 1823d. Registered press 17/1/1822, 4/11/1823 (DRO Q/S 52,69). Appointed agent to EFP 12/5/1825 4d.

Devonport. WINNICOTT, C. Printer. 26, George Street, Devonport 1856d.

Devonport. Wood and Tozer. 1914-1939. Printer. 39 Fore street 1914-1923 ; York Street, Devonport 1914-1939. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth Dock. WOOD, Charles. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, general newsagent. Staffords Hill, Devonport 1840d; 5, Staffords Hill 1852d-1856d; 9, Catherine Street, Devonport 1856d. Registered press 1835/6 (DRO Q/S 68). Published Devonport, Plymouth and Stonehouse reflector 1840d.

Devonport. WOOD, William and Sons. Printers, booksellers, stationers, auctioneers and appraisers. 52, Fore Street, Devonport 1840d; 55, Fore Street 1844d. William and William junior registered press 29/7/1840 (DRO Q/S 68).

Devonport. WOOD, William. Printer,bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, auctioneer. 55, Fore Street, Devonport 1852-1856 ; 49, Fore Street 1878. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocks): c1845: 2036; 1849: 2165; c1859: 2188; c1860: 2195.

Devonport. Wood, William. 1878. Printer. Sources: Directories.

Devonport. Wright, Frederick J. I. 1878. Printer. 43, Catherine Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

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