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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Dawlish

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary


Dawlish. Avant, Thomas. 1840-1844. Bookseller, printer, music seller. 1840d; Strand 1844d.

Dawlish. Bond, Mrs. Elizabeth. 1840-1856. Stationer. 1840d; 15, Strand 1844d-1855h; Strand 1856d.

Dawlish. Bond, James. 1828-1830. Stationer. 15, Strand 1830d. Married: EFP 13/3/1828 2d. Agent for property sale EFP 23/4/1829 2c.

Dawlish. Cornelius, A. S. 1902. Printer. 15, Strand 1902. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Cornelius, Arthur. 1910-1939. Printer. 15 Strand, Dawlish 1910-1914 ; Prospect Place 1919 ; Brunswick Place 1923 ; 19, Brunswick Place 1926 ; 22, Brunswick Place 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Corneluis, William M. 1878. Printer. 15, Strand 1878. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Cornish, Edward James. 1893. Printer. 6, Strand 1893. Also in Teignmouth 1893-1923. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Crowther, Mrs Ann Gildburn. 1848-1856. Bookseller, stationer. Strand 1848d-1850d; 6, Strand 1852d-1855h; Strand 1856d. [Not described as Mrs 1855h].

Dawlish. Croydon, Miss. 1830-1831. Circulating library and fancy repository. Strand 1830d. Taken business of Mr. Gore EFP 28/7/1831 2e.

Dawlish. Eunson, John. 1902-1910. Printer. 29a, Strand 1902-1910. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Eunson, Mrs. John. 1914. Printer. 29a, Strand, Dawlish 1914. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Gore. 1812-1831. Circulating library. In stock of Forest Books, March 2009: A Catalogue of Gore’s Circulating Library, Dawlish, Printed at the Teignmouth Library by E. Croydon, 1812 (22p ; 12o, original marbled wrappers). Mentioned in advert EFP 28/1/1819 4e. Retired in favour of Miss Croydon EFP 28/7/1831 2e. Aquatint "Gore's Library, on the beach, Dawlish" by D.Havell after H.Haseler published by J.Wallis, Sidmouth 1818. Sources: Somers Cocks; 652.

Dawlish. Gore, Jane. 1828. Publisher. Imprints: 1828: Chapman.

Dawlish. Holman, William J. 1919-1939. Printer. 29a Strand 1919-1926 ; 39, Strand 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Knighton, John. 1828-1830. Printer, stationer. Permont Row 1830d. Imprints: 1828: Chapman.

Dawlish. Spencer, Charles W. 1878. Printer. 7, Queen Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Vinning, William. 1848. Music and musical instrument seller. Strand 1848d.

Dawlish. Westcott, L. 1855. Printer. 8, Strand 1855h.

Dawlish. Westcott, L. M., Mrs. 1878. Printer. 8, Strand 1878. Sources: Directories.

Dawlish. Westcott, Leonard Aust. 1840-1870. Bookseller, stationer, circulating library, fancy repository. Bookseller. 8, Strand 1844d-1870d. Reading rooms 1840d. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): c1840: 575; 1853: 620.

Dawlish. Westcott, Leonard. 1840-1850. Printer, stationer, bookbinder. 3, Strand 1830d; [no address] 1840d. Auctioneer, appraiser and agent to Sun Fire Office 1840d. Established Westcott's Local press, Advertiser, Arrival List and General Directory for Dawlish and the Neighbourhood possibly as early as 1850. Succeeded by Lucy Mary Westcott 1870d-1890d.

Dawlish. Westcott, Walter. 1854-1856. Printer. 9, Strand 1856d. Married: EFP 14/12/1854 8e. Wife died EFP 7/6/1865 5d.

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