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29 April 2009

Britain 1784-1811: S

Exeter working papers in British book trade history; 20
The British book trades 1784-1811: a tabulation of national directories

Localities: S
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1785 Pendred [& 1784 Bailey]1792-98 Universal British Directory1811 Holden's Directory
Saddleworth, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Wrigley, William, stationer Lees, James, bookseller & auctioneer, Delph
Saffron Walden, EssexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in UBD 1792-98 Payne, Cole, stationer & bookseller
Wallis, John, printseller & agent to lottery office
Saint Albans, HertfordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 3653
Mason, distributor of stamps
Nash, [Job,] stationer
Staples, bookseller & stationer
Nash, Job, stationer
Vivares, Francis, engraver
Not in Holden 1811
Saint Austell, CornwallPop. 1801: 3788Pop. 1811: 3686
None in Bailey 1784 Pomeroy, Walter sen., bookseller, stationer & scrivener Not in Holden 1811
Saint Ives, HuntingdonshirePop. 1801: 2099Pop. 1811: 2426
Not in Bailey 1784 Croft, Peter, stationer Croft, N.C., printer
Townsend, Charles, stationer
Saint Neots, HuntingdonshirePop. 1801: 1752Pop. 1811: 1988
Sharp, [James,] bookseller & stationer Sharp, James Carter, stationer Not in Holden 1811
Saintfield, Down, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in UBD 1792-98 Anderson, William, bookseller & stationer, Patrick Street
Salisbury, WiltshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 8243
Easton, [Edward,] bookseller
[Collins &] Johnson, J., printer of Salisbury & Winchester Gazette and bookseller
Kendall, [Charles,] bookseller & printer
[Spragg, Robert, [wool?] card maker]
Wilks, [Richard,] printer & stationer
Banks, James & Henry, music sellers
Collins, B.C., printer & bookseller
Easton, Edward, bookseller & stationer
Easton, James, bookseller & stationer
Gilmour, Andrew, bookbinder
Hambleton, Thomas, parchment maker
Hucklebridge, John & William, printers & booksellers
Humphrey, Edward, parchment maker
Wilkes, Richard, printer, bookseller & stationer
Easton, James, bookseller & printer
Fellowes, C., bookseller & printer
Guest, T., circulating library, High Street
Wilks, R., printer & bookseller
Sandwich, KentPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
[Cocking, Francis, grocer & bookseller] Cocking, Francis & Son, grocers, druggists, booksellers &c. Marbrook, John, bookbinder
Saxmundham, SuffolkPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Knight, [John,] bookseller & distributor of stamps None in UBD 1792-98 Not in Holden 1811
Scarborough, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 7067
None in Bailey 1784 Pickering, John, printer
Schofield, James, bookseller
Ainsworth, William, bookseller &c
Broadrick, George, printer
Todd, - , printer
Settle, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Banks, Richard, pocket book maker
Jackson, John, stationer
Salmon, Henry & Thomas, papermakers
Salmon, Henry, papermaker
Sevenoaks, KentPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Clout, [Thomas,] bookseller & stationer None in UBD 1792-98 Not in Holden 1811
Shaftesbury, DorsetPop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 2635
England, [William,] bookseller & stationer Adams, Thomas, bookseller
Short, Thomas, bookseller
Adams, Thomas, bookseller
Beal, W., stationer
Hurd, bookseller & stationer
Oram, James, bookseller
Sheffield, YorkshirePop. 1801: 45755Pop. 1811: 53231
[Jacobs, Richard, engraver, Burgess Street]
[Simmons, Samuel, stationer, Market Place]
Ward, W., printer of Sheffield Public Advertiser and bookseller, Market Street
Gales, A. & E., booksellers &c.
Harris, Thomas, engraver
James, Rice, bookseller & stationer
Jennings, John, bookseller
Lindley, Thomas, circulating library
Mather, William, music seller
Mekin, Joseph, engravers tool maker
Montgomery, James, printer
Northall, John, printer & bookseller
Pierson, Thomas, bookseller &c.
Ridgard & Bennet, booksellers &c.
Smith, John, bookseller
Tompkin, Samuel, engraver
Gale, A. & E., booksellers, Hart's Head
Hoult, John, papermaker, Wadsley Bridge
Mappan, J., engraver, Arundel Street
Montgomery, James, printer, Hart's Head
Pearson, Thomas, stationer, [no address]
Ridgard, E., bookseller, High Street
Smith, engraver, Carver Street
Spencer & Co., engravers & manufacturers of cast iron stove ornaments &c., Sycamore Street
Stevenson, J.D., engraver, dyesinker & chaser, [no address]
Todd, William, bookseller & stationer & proprietor of the Sheffield Mercury, published every Saturday, Market Place
Tompkin, Samuel, engraver, Far Gate
Woollen, James, stationer & bookseller, High Street
Shelton, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
1784/5 None in 1792-98 [under Potteries]
Mayer & Keeling, paper merchants
Mellart, J., engraver
Shepton Mallett, SomersetPop. 1801: 5104Pop. 1811: 4638
Cary, [James,] bookseller & printer [& hardwareman] Carry, James, printer & bookseller
Stone, John, printer & bookseller
Not in Holden 1811
Sherborne, DorsetPop. 1801: 3159Pop. 1811: 3370
Cruttwell, William, printer in general, printer of Sherborne Journal, and Western Advertiser
Goadby, R[obert] & Co., printers of Western Flying Post; or, Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury
Cruttwell, William, printer
Goadby & Langdon, printers
Hodges, William, bookseller & stationer
Langdon, John, printer
Penny, Elizabeth, bookseller
Sayner, Thomas, stationer
Crutwell, James, printer
Hodges, William, bookseller & librarian
Langdon, James, printer
Penny, Elias, bookseller
Shifnal, ShropshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Scarrott, William, printer & bookseller Not in Holden 1811
Shrewsbury, ShropshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 18543
Bishop, distributor of stamps
Eddowes, [Joshua,] bookseller & printer
Pryse, [Stafford,] bookseller & printer
Sandford, [Philip], bookseller
Wood, T[homas], printer of Shrewsbury Chronicle & bookseller
Bowley, engraver
Eddowes, Messrs, stationers
Harwood, stationer
Hollingsworth, engraver
Morris, law stationer
Pryce, Mrs., stationer
Sandford, stationer
Wood, T., stationer & printer
Bowley, William, engraver, Wyle Cop
Eddowes, W., printer of the Salopian Journal &c., [no address]
Morris, William, printer & bookseller, Princess Street
Newling, Jane, circulating library, Princess Street
Newling, Thomas, stationer, High Street
Pallin, James, bookseller, Castle Street
Sandford, Philip, bookseller & printer, Shoplatch
Saxton, John, music seller, Shoplatch
Wood & Watton, booksellers & printers of the Shrewsbury Chronicle
Skipton, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Crowther, [Samuel,] bookseller & stationer & bailiff for the Earl of Thanet, for his Liberty of Clifton tree
Garforth, [Peter,] paper manufacturer [& corn merchant]
Garforth, Peter, papermaker Not in Holden 1811
Sleaford, LincolnshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Thornhill, Robert, bookseller Cropper, James, papermaker
Thornhill, Robert, printer, bookseller &c
Sligo, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Parker, newspaper printer Not in UBD 1792-98 Not in Holden 1811
Snaith, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Thornton, Samuel, bookseller None in Holden 1811
Southam, WarwickshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Baker,[Thomas,] bookseller, stationer & [toyman]
Cunningham & Linden, printers
Skelton & Mills, booksellers & stationers
Smith, distributor of stamps
Makepeace, Francis, printer Not n Holden 1811
Southampton, HampshirePop. 1801: 7913Pop. 1811: 9617
1785 to check Skelton's Library [regulations & subscriptions p. 460]
Baker, Thomas, bookseller, printer &c.
Band, William, engraver
Cunningham, Alexander, printer
Linden, James junior, bookseller [senior, schoolmaster]
Skelton, Thomas, bookseller
Wellman & Hammond, music shop
Baird, William, engraver, French Street
Baker & Fletcher, booksellers & stationers, [no address]
Christiana, H.F., music seller, High Street
Cunningham, A., printer, French Street
Fletcher & Baker, booksellers, High Street
Hammond, music seller, above Bar
Linden, James, bookseller, above Bar
Linden, James, bookbinder, High Street
Seed, Thomas Scott, engraver, High Street
Skelton, Thomas, stationer &c., High Street
Street, A., stationer, High Street
Wellman, Francis, music seller, High Street
South Brent, DevonPop. 1801: 1032Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Caril, John, papermaker Not in Holden 1811
South Molton, DevonPop. 1801: 2753Pop. 1811:
Bowden, [Robert,] bookseller
Huxtable, [John,] bookseller & stationer
Huxtable, John, stationer Huxtable, John, stationer
Southwell, NottinghamshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Croft, John, stationer None in Holden 1811
Spalding, LincolnshirePop. 1801: 3296Pop. 1811: 4330
Albin, printer Literary Society ... formed 1712 "have a public library ... but has lost its spirit" [p. 292]
Albin, Messrs J.L. & J., booksellers, stationers, printers, bookbinders &c. & Register-Office keepers
Jennings, Thomas, ironmonger & stationer
Not in Holden 1811
Spilsby, LincolnshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-98 Hawe, William, stationer & printer
Stafford, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 4868
Bentley, [Samuel,] printer
Boden[, S.] & Son, printers & booksellers
Ray, [George,] bookseller, stationer, [goldsmith & jeweller]
Drewry, Joshua, printer, stationer & agent to the Phoenix Fire Office
Morgan, Arthur, printer, stationer & postmaster
1811 to check
Staines, MiddlesexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Brown, James, stationer Not in Holden 1811
Stamford, LincolnshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Hargrave, printer
Harwood, printer
Newcomb, printer
Peat, printer & bookseller
Harrod, William, printer & stationer
Howgrave, Thomas, stationer
Newcomb, Richard, printer & stationer
Peat, Christopher, printer
Drakard, John, printer & stationer
Newcomb & Son, printers of the Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury
Rooe, Matthew, stationer
StirlingPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in UBD 1792-98 Anderson, William, bookseller
Ferguson, John senior, papermaker, Bridge of Allan, near this town
Forman, James, bookseller
M'Laren, James, bookseller
M'Robie, James, papermaker, Bridge of Allan, near this town
Randall, Charles, printer & bookseller
Stockport, CheshirePop. 1801: 14830Pop. 1811: 17545
Lowndes, [John,] bookseller [& auctioneer, Great Underbank]
Raddish, [John,] bookseller & stationer, Bridge Street
Bradley, John, music shop
Heald, William, printer
Reddish, John, stationer
Clay, Thomas, bookseller, Lower Hill Gate
Dawson, John, printer & bookseller, Bridge Street
Dean & Co., printers & booksellers, Underbank
Gill, Richard, bookseller & stationer, Lower Hill Gate
Proven, James, bookseller, Middle Hill Gate
Stockton on Tees, DurhamPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Christopher, [R.,] bookseller & printer Atkinson, John, printer & bookseller
Christopher & Jennett, printers & booksellers, stamp office & agents to the Sun Fire Office
Heltus, Christopher, printer & bookseller & agent to the Phoenix Fire Office
Appleton, John, stationer
Atkinson, Mrs, grocer & bookseller
Christopher & Jennet, stationers
Willis, Charles, tailor & printer
Stoke on Trent, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Daniel, Samuel, printer of Staffordshire ware [i.e. transfer printer] Hargreaves, Robert, printer
Thornton, Samuel, bookbinder & stationer
[under Potteries:]
Shaw, Richard, corn, cheese, paper & rag merchant
Stokesley, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in UBD 1792-98 Pratt, William, printer & stationer
Stone, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 None in UBD 1792-98 Moore, John, stationer
Stonehouse, DevonPop. 1801: 3407Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Huss, Thomas, stationer Not in Holden 1811
Stoney Stratford, BuckinghamshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Elmes, Mark, schoolmaster & stationer Hunt, Joseph, stationer
Stourbridge, WorcestershirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 West, John, printer, bookseller & stationer Heming, Joseph, bookseller & printer, High Street
Parish, John, glass cutter & [glass?] engraver
Rollason, Joseph, bookseller & printer, High Street
Stourport, WorcestershirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in UBD 1792-98 Nicholson, George, printer, bookseller & stationer, Bridge Street
Stowmarket, SuffolkPop. 1801: 1881Pop. 1811: 2113
None in Bailey 1784 Stow, Elizabeth, bookseller Woolley, Thomas, bookseller & printer
Strabane, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Bligh, printer Not in UBD 1792-98 Not in Holden 1811
Stratford upon Avon, WarwickshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Cleaver, [Thomas,] bookseller & stationer
Keeting, [James,] printer & receiver of stamp duties
Morris, George William, bookseller, stationer, printer & stamp office
Walford, Mrs., bookseller & stationer
Wilkes, Edward, bookseller & printer
Perry, John, bookseller
Ward, James, law stationer
Stroud, GloucestershirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 None in UBD 1792-98 Jenner, Samuel, stationer
Ward, John, papermaker, Vatch Mill
Wilson, W.S., printer & stationer, Stroud
Sudbury, SuffolkPop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 3471
Brackett, [William,] bookseller, binder & stationer Brackett, William, printer &c.
Riley, J.H., bookbinder
Sunderland, DurhamPop. 1801: 24998Pop. 1811: 25821
none in Bailey 1784 Gill, Robert, stationer
Graham, James, printer &c.
Reed, Thomas, printer & bookseller
Thorne, Nathaniel, bookbinder
Graham, James, printer, High Street
Jones, John, bookseller & stationer, High Street
Kidd, P., printer, bookseller & stationer, Low Street
Monro, bookseller, Bishop Wearmouth
Reed, Thomas, printer, bookseller, stationer & lottery agent, High Street
Summers & Young, printers, booksellers & stationers, High Street
Weatherburn, Hannah, bookseller & stationer, Bishop Wearmouth
Swaffham, NorfolkPop. 1801: 2220Pop. 1811: 2350
Fortin, [Thomas, ironmonger,] collector & distributor of stamps & bookseller Sudbery, Daniel, printer & bookseller Not in Holden 1811
Swansea, GlamorganPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Davies, John, circulating library & musician
Evans, Daniel, bookbinder
Oakey, Priscilla, lodging house [see Holden 1811]
Owen, Ellis, circulating library
Spencer, William, baker, papermaker, corn factor &c
Walters, John, bookbinder
Williams, Joshua, printer
Evans, John, stationer & printer, Wind Street
Jenkins, T., printer, bookseller &c., Jones, Thomas, stationer, Market Place
Oakley Pricilla [sic], circulating library
Spencer, William, papermaker, Wind Street
Swinton, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Schroeder, John, copperplate printer Not in Holden 1811
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