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27 April 2009

Britain 1784-1811: R

Exeter working papers in British book trade history; 20
The British book trades 1784-1811: a tabulation of national directories

Localities: R
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1785 Pendred [& 1784 Bailey]1792-98 Universal British Directory1811 Holden's Directory
Reading, BerkshirePop. 1801: 9742Pop. 1811: 10788
Carnan & Smart, booksellers & printers in general
Smart & Co., printers of Reading Mercury & oxford Gazette
Cave, William, printer
Smart & Cowslade, printers
Snare, Robert, stationer
None in 1811
Redruth, CornwallPop. 1801: 3924Pop. 1811: 5903
None in Bailey 1784 Reynolds, James, bookbinder Not in 1811
Reigate, SurreyPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
[Allen, Alingham, printer & bookseller] 1792-98 vol.5 Not in 1811
Retford, NottinghamshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Bonsor, papermaker
Hodson, Nathaniel, printer
Taylor, James, bookseller
Bonsor, Sarah & Son, paper manufacturers
Nelson, William, merchant, miller & paper manufacturer, Ordsall Mill, near this town
Taylor, James, printer, bookseller & stationer
Woodhead, George, printer, bookseller &c
Richmond, SurreyPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Ansell, William, stationer
Moore, Robert, stationer & liquor merchant
Wall, Alexander George, stationer & binder
Wall, James, stationer & binder
Not in 1811
Richmond, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Bell, Matthew, bookseller, Finkle Street
Bowman, Thomas, stationer & printer, Market Place
Craggs, Matthew, printer & bookbinder, Market Place
Smith, Thomas, stationer & printer, Market Place
Rickmansworth, HertfordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in 1792-9 Munn, Lewis, papermaker
Ringwood, HampshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Hodges, Charles, stationer & post office
Lucas, William, stationer
Ripon, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 3633
Turner, [Christopher,] bookseller Batty, Richard, pocket book maker
Darnton, William, printer & bookseller
Turner, Christopher, bookseller & printer
Barker, C., stationer
Farrer, William, bookseller, printer & druggist
Green, William, engraver on wood &c
Langdale, J., stationer
Lomas, John, paper maker, Meekley
Lomas, R., paper maker, Monckton
Thurlway, J., stationer
Todd, R., & J., pocket book manufacturers &c
Rochdale, LancashirePop. 1801: 8542Pop. 1811: 10753
Bamford, [Richard,] woolstapler & bokseller Ashworth, James, stationer & binder
Greenlees, Thomas, bookseller & binder
Hartley, James, printer, bookseller & binder
Holt, John, paper maker
Neild, Mark, printer & binder
Schofield, A., stationer
The following wool card makers: Butterworth, James; Clegg, James; Clegg, Thomas; Graves, Robert; Holt, John; Sutliffe, James
Greenless, Thomas, bookseller, Packer Street
Hartley, James, printer, stamp distributor &c, Market Place
Holt, John, rag merchant, Blackwater Street
Lancashire, Mary, bookseller & c., Yorkshire, Street
Westell, James, bookseller, Packer Street
Also the following wool card makers: Clegg, James, Toad Lane; Clegg, James, Yorkshire Street; Firth, J., Holland Street; Proctor, James, Cheetham Street
Rochester, KentPop. 1801: 5647Pop. 1811: 6566
Fisher, [Thomas,] stationer & printer Gillam & Etherington, stationers Benjamin, Henry, bookseller
Cadell, D., bookseller & printer, High Street
Dixon, Robert, bookseller & stationer, High Street
Romsey, HampshirePop. 1801: 4274Pop. 1811: 4297
Sharp, [William,] papermaker
Sheats, [James,] millwright & papermaker
Dusautoy, John, papermaker
Godfrey, W. & Skeats, papermakers
Hollis, J. S., postmaster, printer, bookbinder & stationer
Sharp, William, papermaker
Skeats, James, papermaker
Hollis, J.S., post office and stationer
Jackson, Samuel, druggist & printer
Jones, Edward junior, papermaker
King, William, paper mould maker
Sharp & Co., papermakers
Skeats, John, James & Thomas, Messrs, papermakers
Sweeper, Richard, watchmaker & engraver
Rotherham, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Scoley, [John,] bookseller & stationer
Smith, [Thomas,] stationer & bookbinder
Wilson, [Sarah,] bookseller & stationer
Crooks, Thomas, stationer
Orton, Thomas, bookseller
Scholey, John, bookseller
Not in 1811
Royston, HertfordshirePop. 1801: 1331Pop. 1811: 1309
Not in Bailey 1784 Andrews, Henry, bookseller
Spencer, John, bookseller
Jameson, William, bookseller
Rugby, WarwickshirePop. 1801: 1487Pop. 1811: 1805
None in Bailey 1784 Gaskin, Henry, bookseller Rowell, Robert, ironmonger & bookseller
Rugeley, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Simpson, Edward, printer & innkeeper Not in 1811
Ruthin, DenbighshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Edwards, Edward, bookseller
Jones, Joseph, bookseller
Not in 1811
Rye, SussexPop. 1801: 2181Pop. 1811: 2681
1785 Meryon, Ann, stationer & bookseller 1811
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