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12 February 2008

Collectanea cloacopapyrologica 1

Exhibits from the Maxted Collection of Cloacopapyrology

1. Sheets inscribed by manufacturers and institutions
Associated British Cinemas Ltd.
Roxy Cinema, Standard, Blackheath, Kent, 1968
Associated British Cinemas Ltd/Associated British Cinemas
Two inscriptions alternate throughout the roll.
Essolde Cinema, Stockport, 1968
Barclays Bank Limited
[sine loco], ca. 1970. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992
Also recorded in Bromley 1969
Berkshire County Council
[sine loco] ca.1975
Birmingham corporation
Birmingham, ca.1971
Birmingham District Council
Birmingham, ca. 1975
Birmingham District Council
Birmingham, ca. 1975
Birmingham District Council
Birmingham, ca. 1975
Brighton Corporation
Brighton, 1969
Bristol Corporation/Now wash your hands please
Bristol, ca. 1970, from Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
British A/C Corporation
[sine loco], 1970. British Aircraft Corporation
British No. 3
[sine loco], ca. 1971
[sine loco], ca. 1900. Photocopy from Maurice Rickard Collection enhanced to show brand name as watermark on original sheet
Edgware, 1969
Bronco/Associated Electrical Industries Ltd.
[sine loco], 1970
[sine loco], ca. 1970. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
County Borough of Luton, 1970
Central Electricity Generating Board
[sine loco], 1970
City of Manchester
Manchester, 1968
City of Nottingham
Nottingham, ca. 1975
City of Plymouth
Plymouth 1968-1975, Torrington Public Library, 1975
City of Westminster
Westminster, ca. 1970. From chris Osborne Collection 1992.
City of Westminster
Charing Cross Road ladies, 1968
Colchester Borough Council
Colchester, c.1971
"Council property/"Now wash your hands please"
Lewisham, Mayor Park, 1969
Kingston College of Technology, 1969
Ealing Technical College, 1969
Purple ink, setting varies slightly in each case.
Council property/"Now wash your hands please"
Twickenham College of Technology, 1970.
Blue ink
Council property/Now wash your hands please
Lewisham, 1968.
Green ink
Now wash your hands please/Council property
[sine loco], c1970.
Green ink
Council property/Now wash your hands, please
[sine loco], 1970.
Purple ink
Council property/Now wash your hands please
Greenwich Pier, 1980.
Grey ink
County Borough of Bolton
Bolton, c.1970.
County Borough of Hastings
Hastings, 1968.
County Borough of Reading/Now wash your hands please
Reading, 1968.
Printed on every 2nd-4th sheet.
County Borough of Reading/Now wash your hands please.
Reading, c1974.
County Borough of Reading
Reading, c1970. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
County Borough of Wigan
Wigan, 1969.
W. S. Cowell Ltd., Stationers, IPSWICH.
Lots 35, 36 and 37 of trade samples, c.1910.
Acquired from John Hall, c.1976.
Clacton Urban District Council, 1970.
Danke/ Umweltfreundlich weil uberwiegend aus Altpapier/Jury Umweltzeichen
Interlaken swimming pool, 1988. Originally two-ply.
Danke/Aus 100% Altpapier/Ohne Farbung und Bleiche recycliert
Munich, Hotel in Senefelderstrasse, 1991.
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Gottingen-Salzgitter D-Zug, 1969.
All German Federal Railways toilet papers are printed along the roll, which is an easier method for the type of crepe paper normally used.
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Hook of Holland to Denmark D-Zug, 1969.
Deutsche Bundesbahn
c.1971. Rouletting irregular. Inscription stamped in blocks of four.
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Deutsche Bundesbahn
c.1970. To the left can be seen the mark left by the edges of the block, used to print a row of four inscriptions.
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Vienna express, 1969
Deutsche Bundesbahn
[sine loco], c.1971.
Edinburgh Cleansing Department
Edinburgh, c.1975.
Edinburgh Cleansing Department
Edinburgh, 1980, showing the continuing use of a distinguished type-face.
Exeter City Council/Now wash your hands please
c.1970. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
Ferrovie dello Stato
Italy, c.1974.
Like the Deutsche Bundesbahn, Italian Railways commissioned toilet paper printed along the roll.
Ferrovie dello Stato
Italy, 1991.
Germstroyd Reg/Please remember to wash your hands
Marple, 1969.
Government property [Sans serif, cross on line below]
Sergeants' Mess, Thorney Island, 1973.
Government property [Seriffed, followed by open square]
British Museum, 1968.
National Lending Library, Boston Spa, 1968
Tower of London, c.1968
Government property [Seriffed, underlined, followed by open square]
Beckenham Maternity Hospital, 1968.
Lullingstone Roman Villa, 1969
Government property [Sans-serif, followed by open triangle]
[sine loco], 1969.
Government property [Sans-serif, followed by open triangle, underlined]
[sine loco], 1968 (61x3mm).
Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, 1969 (62x3mm).
Government property [Sans-serif]
[sine loco], 1971.
Government property. [Sans-serif, followed by full stop]
[sine loco], 1970.
Government property. [Sans-serif, followed by full stop, variant setting]
[sine loco], c1970, from Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
Government property. [Sans-serif, followed by circle with point inside]
[sine loco], c1970, from Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
G.P.O. Property
[sine loco], c.1980.
Great Yarmouth Corporation/Now Wash Your Hands Please
Great Yarmouth, c.1971.
Hampshire County Council/Now wash your hands, please
A31, portaloo between Winchester and Alresford, 1992.
The two lines of the inscription appear on alternate sheets, which are continuously rouletted.
Hospital property
Manchester Infirmary, 1970.
Hospital property/"Now wash your hands please"
Manchester?, c.1971.
Ibcol [purple ink]
Newton Ferrers, Devon, 1969.
Ibcol [blue ink]
Coney Hall, West Wickham, 1969.
Iva/Weymouth Corporation
c.1970, from Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
Izal Medicated
Balham, 1969. Unusually, printed on the rough side.
c.1930. Maurice Rickard Collection.
Apart from the reassurance "As a health precaution, this paper is medicated with Izal disinfectants", there is a changing series of rhymes on alternate sheets. Another example, reconstructed from a damaged section of the same sample: "Dangerous infections you can absolutely squash/If you put some Izal in the water when you wash"
[sine loco], 1968. Purple ink. From pack, continuous zigzag rouletting.
[sine loco], c.1975. Blue ink. From roll, printed towards middle of sheet.
Jeyes/"National Coal Board"
[sine loco], c.1971.
London Borough of Camden
Camden, 1968. Green ink.
London Borough of Camden
Centre Point, 1970. Purple ink. Printed towards middle of sheet.
London Borough of Camden
Camden, 1969. Blue ink. Printed towards middle of sheet.
London Transport
London, c1969.
London Transport
London, c1971. Seriffed type
London Transport/Now wash your hands please
Marble Arch Underground Station, 1969.
Lynton U.D.C.
Lynton, Devon, 1968.
Lynton U.D.C.
c. 1970. Variety in red ink. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
Made safe with '3 hands' disinfectant
c. 1970. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
Margate Corporation/Lavatories
Margate, 1967. Note line made by edge of printing block.
Middlesex/Now wash your hands please
Ealing Technical College, 1969.
Note the continuing use of an obsolete variety. Middlesex ceased to exist as a local authority in 1965. Another example from the same place and year is in grey ink with the lower line set further to the left.
Newcol/Borough of Bedford
Bedford, 1970.
Newcol/Derby Corporation
Derby, 1969.
Newcol/Hereford City Council
Hereford, 1970.
Kendal's department store, Manchester, 1970.
Newcol/Lancashire County Council
Lancashire County Library, 1969.
Newcol/London Borough of Camden
Holborn, 1970.
Newcol/London School of Economics
London School of Economics, 1970.
Newcol/Nottingham Corporation
Nottingham Central Library, 1969.
Newcol/Now wash your hands, please
Seen in a variety of locations with slightly variant settings. E.g. Chester, 1969. Harrogate, 1969, Bishopsgate Institute, 1969. Middlesex Hospital, Medical Students' Department, 1976 and finally Birmingham University 1992, printed on the rough side from a worn die.
Newcol/Rootes Motors Limited
[sine loco], c.1971.
Newcol/Supplied by the management/Newcol/Now wash your hands, please
[sine loco], c.1970. From Chris Osborne Collection.
The two inscriptions appear on alternate sheets
Not for resale
[sine loco], c.1971.
Not for resale
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, London Office, c.1971.
"Now wash your hands please"
[sine loco], c.1971.
museum fur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte, Frankfurt, 1990.
Not printed on every sheet. Originally two-ply.
Guildhall Library, 1968.
A numer of examples were collected from this source, some showing regular flaws, others with alternate variant impressions indicating reciproacting printing equipment being used in this period.
Croydon 1969. From pack. Pink paper variety. Continuous zigzag rouletting.
Silver Silk
"She" offices, London, 1970.
Smiths, Suitall, Ipswich
Ipswich, c.1910. Two trade samples acquired from John Hall, c.1976.
Tavistock U.D.C./Now wash your hands please.
Tavistock, c.1970. From Chris Osborne Collection, 1992.
Risley, 1968. Green ink.
Risley, 1969. Same setting as earlier example but black ink.
Risley, 1969. New bolder typeface, purple ink.
University of London
London, 1970
Cambridge theatre, 1970.
Wilvatex pine medicated "the best"
Halifax, 1970.
W.R.C.C. - Please Wash Your Hands
Yorkshire (West Riding), 1969.