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31 January 2007

Streets O

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 1
The London book trades 1775-1800: a topographical guide.
Streets: O

Oakley Street. Lambeth
9 nr Asylum1795?Duckworth, Jmusic seller
Off Alley. Buckingham Street
1778<Grumeant, Johnprinter
Old Bailey. Ludgate Hill
51790U-1792KBarnes, Thomasstationer
61774 Page, Robertprinter?
61775 Maud, Nbookseller
61779L-1781LMillar, Johnprinter
61785P-1787 Constable, Danielprinter
61790 -1800 Barker, Johnprinter
71784B-1789 Hardy, Henryplaying-card maker
71790U-1804PHardy, Sarahplaying-card maker
71799HHardy, Henryplaying-card maker
71805H-1806PHardy, Jamesplaying-card maker
131785P-1799HBumstead, Williampress maker
221805HWaller, Robertbookbinder
451799H-1813 Draper, Brewmanprinter
? 461775 -1784 Lister, Georgebookseller
461785P-1789ALister, Georgebookseller
501790U-1796 Thompson, Georgecopperplate printer
501808 Hughes, Williamprinter
541799HSmith, Johnprintseller
631793K-1798KBarnes, Thomasstationer
65 or 661799H-1801 Riley, Georgebookseller
651811H-1827PLongman & Dickinsonwholesale stationer
651828P-1830RDickinson, Johnwholesale stationer
66 or 651799H-1801 Riley, Georgebookseller
661801 -1802HWake, Kiddprinter
? 671781 -1782 Ryland, Johnengraver
671783K-1802HRyland, Johnengraver
1791 Dixon, Edwardprinter
1796 Hindmarsh, Robertprinter
1779 Leister, Georgepocket-book maker
1791 Newton, Richardprintseller
1806 Riley, Charlesbookbinder
1784 -1788 Waller, Annbookbinder
1784 Weightman, Andrewbookbinder
Old Belton Street. Brownlow Street, Drury La
Golden Head1766 Rollos, Gmap engraver
Old Bethlem. Bishopsgate Street
1813 Close, John Samuelbookbinder
Old Bond Street. Piccadilly
31787 Lane, Williamengraver
31805HMonzani & Cimadormusic seller
31805 -1807 Monzani, Tebaldomusic seller
31807?-1813 Monzani & Comusic seller
51790 -1805HMiller, Williambookseller
51794BMiller, Jbookseller
81793 Eckhardt, Anthony Georgepaper-stainer
81880 Robson & Copaper-hanging maker
141792 -1797LOrme, Danielengraver
141798K-1799HHookham & Carpenterbookseller
141799H-1835PCarpenter, Jamesbookseller
151792 -1799HHookham & Carpenterbookseller
151799H-1802HHookham, Thomasbookseller
151803H-1808PHookham & Ebersbookseller
151809H-1813PHookham, T. & Ebookseller
151811H-1815PHookham, T. & Sonsbookseller
151817U-1820PHookham & Sonsbookseller
151821P-1830RHookham, Thomasbookseller
181790 -1794 Humphreys, Hannahprintseller
211789AWoodmason, Jamespaper-stainer
211790U-1795LBowers & Copaper-hanging maker
211798K-1817UHarwood, Williampaper-hanging maker
221798K-1799HCooke & Copaper-hanging maker
231817J-1825PTriphook, Robertbookseller
241791 -1798KDickinson, Williamprintseller
281801P-1802HLane & Copaper-hanging maker
281802HBailey & Brookspaper-hanging maker
291797K-1813PBridges & Davenportpaper-hanging maker
291814P-1815PDavenport & Sharpepaper-hanging maker
291816PSharpe, J.Wpaper-hanging maker
311796 Smith, Ankerengraver
331800P-1804PKerby, Jbookseller
371797L-1802HGinger, Johnbookseller
811792UChalmers, Iprinter
1799HBurrows Lane & Copaper-hanging maker
1797LEast, Johnpaper-stainer
1790?Gillray, Jamesengraver
Old Boswell Court. Saint Clements
221802 Crowder, Thomasprinter
221803 -1808 Hales, Johnprinter
1795?Walker, Jprinter
Old Broad Street. Royal Exchange
41792K-1832 Boosey, Thomasbookseller
81790U-1802HHarris, Johnmap seller
151790U-1817PClarke, Georgeengraver
341796 -1797LDuppa, Jamespaper-hanging maker
481784BBolton, Jamesengraver
531779KFielder, Elizabethstationer
741773 -1780 Holloway, Thomasengraver
821780K-1821PFielder, Elizabethstationer
Old Buildings. Lincoln's Inn
11807P-1816PCollinge, Davidlaw stationer
Old Cavendish Square. Old Cavendish Street (?)
1799HPhillips, Jamespaper-hanging maker
Old Cavendish Street. Cavendish Square
61799HWheeler, Johnmarbled paper maker
81797L-1799LLaw & Woodwardbookseller
111827P-1830PReynolds, Williambookseller
251802HPhillips, Philippaper-hanging maker
1793 Foxhall, Edwardprintseller
Old Change. Cheapside
131818 Russell, Jamesstationer
271800 -1817URussell, Jamesstationer
1792 Wakeling, Samuelbookbinder
Old Compton Street. Soho
11805H-1814PLea, Richardbookseller
41793 -1794 Howitt, Samuelengraver
111797 Caulfield, Jamesbookseller
161781 Hincks, Williamengraver
171790 Dagley, Richardengraver
191785 Ibbetson, Julius Caesarengraver
341799HPrice, Williamstationer
451794BHay, Jstationer
1799HHilliar, William printer [painter?]
Old Fish Street. Old Change
241790UAlsop, Josephstationer
Old Gravel Lane. Wapping
721794B-1795KClark, Astationer
1796 Gyfford, Robertstationer
Old Jewry. Poultry
Old Palace Yard. Westminster
1777 Medland, Thomasengraver
Old Round Court. Strand
41790U-1817UFry, Benjaminengraver
61796 Harrington, Johnbookseller
71790UThompson, Alexanderbookseller
81802HBrown, Johnbookseller
1780?-1782?Carr, Elizabethmusic seller
1784 Caulfield, Jamesbookseller
1776 -1787 Chapman, Henrybookseller
1784P-1785PJullion, Francisbookseller
1730?-1767 Marsh, Charlesbookseller
1798 Williams reading room
Old Sawyer's Yard. Clement's Inn Passage (?)
11784P-1785PParryprinter's joiner
Old Street. City Road
121809H-1817UNind, Benjaminpaper-hanger
701815P-1817UTaylor, Jamescardmaker
731785P-1792UWilliamson, Robertcardmaker
731792K-1814PTaylor, Josephcardmaker
811802HChalmers, Joycestationer
1794BChalmers, Jamesprinter
1800 Sculthorpe, Johnengraver
1799HWallis, Williammusic seller
Orange Court. Drury Lane
21784 Aitken, Aprintseller
Orange Court (Street?). King Street, Golden Sq
at Cazier's1772 Pouncey, Benjamin Thomasengraver
Orange Street. Leicester Square
101790 -1791?Macrae, Colinprinter
? 101791?-1795 Macrae, Colinprinter
Orange Street. Red Lion Square
41799H-1802HHastings, Philipbookbinder
81799H-1802HNichols, Thomasbookseller
1790URichardson, Georgestationer
Orchard Street. Broadway, Westminster
51850 -1867 Harrison & Sonsprinter
121829 -1840 Harrison, James & Sonprinter
Ordnance Row. New Cross (?)
1823p-1826pPhillimore, Richardbookseller
Ormond Street. See Great Ormond Street,Little Ormond Street
Osborne Place. Brick Lane
1794L-1801PLevy, Jacobpencil maker
Osnaburgh Street.
251832+Tomkins, Peltro Williamengraver
271828 -1837 Bestland, Cengraver
Owen's Row. Islington Road
91808 Branston, A.Rwoodcutter
Oxendon Street. Haymarket, Leicester Sq
? 71790 -1791 Weatherby, Jprinter
71799H-1830PWeatherby, Edward & Jamesprinter
151817JTrimlet, Johnengraver
181775LMolini, Peterbookseller
? 181774K-1779KMolini, Peterbookseller
231799HBride, Georgeengraver
231802H-1805HBride & Trimletengraver
231809HBride, Johnengraver
231819H-1811HBride, Georgeengraver
321788 -1789 Pether, Williamengraver
Oxford Arms Passage. Warwick Lane
61781 Barling, Williambookbinder
1797 Wakeling, Williambookbinder
Oxford Market.
1782 Brown, Hprintseller
1784BStafford, Williamprinter
Oxford Road. See Oxofrd Street
Oxford Street.
71820P-1830PJoseph, Josephstationer
141784B-1785PMeaden, Johnbookseller
201805 Spence, Thomasbookseller
231784 -1792 Bland, Annemusic seller
231792 -1818 Bland & Wellermusic seller
231818?-1820 Weller, Emusic seller
261779 Lion, Pprintseller
291784B-1785PHenry, Johnmusic seller
311774L-1790UBabbs, W. & Mbookseller
311789K-1790UCole, Williamstationer
311790UMorgue, Johnstationer
? 341781 -1783 Molloy, Featherstonerag merchant
341784BMolloy, Featherstonerag merchant
401789L-1797LSmith & Gardinerstationer
401797L-1799HSmith, Estationer
401799H-1817USmith, Frederickstationer
501782 -1803PHolland, Williamprintseller
831781 -1786 Smith, John Raphaelengraver
931797L-1800PElvey & Greenpocket-book maker
931802H-1805PGreen, Thomaspocket-book maker
931805HGreen, Michaelpocket-book maker
1051799HSang, Emusic seller
1061784BSharp, Williampen and quill dealer
1061789A-1790UGordon, Jamesstationer
1101779 Holt, Mrsprintseller
1241795?-1799?Hoffman, John Andrewmusic seller
1291788 -1790UBerry, Johnprintseller
1311781 Bielefeldmusic seller
1321770?-1786?Babbs, Samuelmusic seller
132 op Hanover Sq1786 -1817 Dale, Josephmusic seller
1371780L-1781LShepperson, Johnbookseller
1371782L-1801PShepperson & Reynoldsbookseller
1371799H-1814PReynolds, Thomasbookseller
1371815P-1817UReynolds, W. & Pbookseller
1371818P-1826RReynolds, Williambookseller
1411803PPhilip & Copaper-hanger
1411807P-1811PCarter, Tpaper-hanger
1481792 -1820 Bell, Josephbookseller
1491821 -1824 Bell, Josephbookseller
1601795B-1817UBarnett, Richardprintseller
1611789ABarnett, Richardprintseller
1681828P-1830PGreen, Williampocket-book maker
1691790UBarnett, Richardprintseller
? 170 [given as 701]1797 Green, Jprintseller
1701799H-1800PElkins, Williambookseller
1701802H-1827PGreen, Williampocket-book maker
1781799HPayne, Richardcopperplate printer
1891775?Albani, Signormusic seller
1901784B-1804PKerby, Jamesbookseller
1901805H-1811HKerby & Bowderybookseller
1901809HKerby Bowdery & Barberbookseller
1951783L-1793LJackson, Humanitasbookseller
? 198 cr Orchard Street1768 -1773 Jackson, Humanitasbookseller
1981774L-1782LJackson, Humanitasbookseller
1981782L-1811HJackson, Williambookseller
2181805PBrydon, Johnprintseller
? 2561774 -1784 Large, Williampaper-hanging maker
2561790ULarge, Williampaper-hanging maker
2561797K-1801PLarge & Sonpaper-hanging maker
2561802H-1830RLarge, Jamespaper-hanging maker
2591799HPeacock, Rbookseller
2591801P-1807PPeacock, A. & Lbookseller
2591808P-1810PPeacock, R. & Lbookseller
3081788 -1793LMoore, Williambookseller
3091801 -1827 Baker, Richardpress maker
3091882+Cowtan & Sonspaper-hanging maker
3141805H-1862 Duppa & Copaper-hanging maker
3141863 -1868 Purdie & Copaper-hanging maker
3141868 -1881 Cowtan & Copaper-hanging maker
3201816?-1820?Platts, Jamesmusic seller
3261790UThomson, Robertbookseller
3261801P-1804PMurray, Davidbookseller
3261805P-1817UMurray, Johnbookseller
331 cr Argyll Street1774?-1805 Smart, Georgemusic seller
3321779 -1795 Hayes, Samuelbookseller
3321797 -1801PLunn, William Henrybookseller
3351812P-1819PRyan, Richardbookseller
3371797?-1837 Milhouse, Williammusic printer
3391817URyan, Richardbookseller
3401820?-1822?Platts, Jamesmusic seller
3511784B-1801PRyan, Richardbookseller
3531802H-1811HRyan, Richardbookseller
3541800 -1808 Oxenham, Thomaspress maker
3541809 -1813 Oxenham, Thomas & Sonpress maker
3541814+Oxenham & Copress maker
3571799H-1806PHay, Johnbookseller
360 nx Pantheon1784 Wyatt, Eprintseller
3611811H-1824PKnott, Thomasbookseller
3691798?-1799HKing, Thomasbookseller
3721789AShilfox & Carpenterengraver
3721790UShilfox, Davidengraver
3761783 -1794BCattermoul, Johnbookseller
3781793LSharp, Johnstationer
3801783 Howitt, Samuelengraver
391 Fenton's Rooms1811 -1813 King, Thomasbookseller
4091777 -1788KHand, Johnmap seller
4091785BJackson & Smithmusic seller
4101790UChristie, Robertbookseller
4211790UChapman, Samuelrag merchant
4211799HWebster, Williamstationer
4231784 -1799HHall, Williamrag merchant
4271784B-1799HSawyer, Johnengraver
4301784B-1785PSmith, Thomasstationer
4321794B-1795BMartin, Johnbookseller
4321802HBriggs, Williampocket-book maker
1788 Brown, Jprintseller
1782 Browning, Jprintseller
1774 Carr, Josephmusic seller
1784 -1787 Carter, Jprintseller
1796 Chapman, Wstationer
1782 Evans, Tprintseller
1778 Gehagan, Patrickprintseller
cr Berwick Street1771 -1774 Jones, Benjaminbookseller
op Poland Street at hosier's1765 -1766 Martin, Davidengraver
1784 Mount, Jprintseller
1784 Notice, I [pseud]printseller
1782 Ralpey, Richardprinter
1779 Tomlinson, Jamesprintseller
1791 Wilson, Jmap seller

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