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31 January 2007

Streets N

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 1
The London book trades 1775-1800: a topographical guide.
Streets: N

Nag's Head Court. Borough
1787K-1792UGomershall, Jwholesale stationer
Nag's Head Court. Gracechurch Street
11779K-1789LAnderson, Johnbookseller
? 11790UMott, Johnstationer
11792K-1799LMott, Johnstationer
11800P-1803PWallace, Alexanderstationer
21798K-1800PMott, Johnstationer
21802HWallace, Alexanderstationer
Nag's Head Court. Seven Dials
31847 -1856 Causton, Henry Kentprinter
Naked Boy Court. Ludgate Hill
1792 Hayes, Johnbookbinder
Nassau Street. Soho
101808P-1818PDe Boffe, Joseph French bookseller
1774K-1777NGrant, Williampaper-hanging maker
Naylor's Yard. Silver Street, Golden Sq
1810P-1815PVincent, Thomaspaper-hanging maker
1816P-1830PVincent, Thomas & Copaper-hanging maker
Neat Houses. Chelsea
71800 Jaques, Dennetprinter
1785 Bigg, Georgeprinter
Neat Boy's Court. Fashion Street
1786K-1789KEggers, Francisbookseller
Neckinger. Bermondsey
1799H-1802HCarpenter, Eliaspapermaker
Neckinger Spa Road. Bermondsey
1822RStreet & Reidparchment maker
Nelson Square. Blackfriars Road
241819 -1820 Bensley, Thomasprinter
Nevill's Court. Fetter Lane
31785PCollins, Thomasprinter
31790UChapman, Thomasprinter
? 31791 -1794BChapman, Thomasprinter
91758 -1785 Cotterell, Thomastypefounder
? 91792 -1798 Robertson, Peterbookbinder
91799HRobertson, Peterbookbinder
1763 -1767 Pendred, Johncompositor
New Bond Street. Oxford Street
71777 Townley, Charlesengraver
81781 -1800PMichell, Georgebookseller
91801P-1804PElvey, Johnpocket-book maker
91805H-1822PElvey, Elizabethpocket-book maker
91823PElvey, Johnpocket-book maker
161804 Ibbetson, Julius Caesarengraver
181778 -1782 Humphrey, Hannahprintseller
181782 Stubbs, George Townleyengraver
181790UTomkins, J.Fprintseller
261805?-1808?Lavenu & Mitchellmusic seller
261808?-1811?Lavenu, Lewismusic seller
? 27 Feathers1759 -1768KRobson, Jamesbookseller
271769P-1806 Robson, Jamesbookseller
281800PLane & Copaper-hanging maker
281811?-1818?Lavenu, Lewismusic seller
281818?-1821?Lavenu, Elizabethmusic seller
281828?-1839?Mori & Lavenumusic seller
291798K-1799HLane & Copaper-hanging maker
291798?-1802?Lavenu, Lewismusic seller
291802?-1805?Lavenu & Mitchellmusic seller
321794B-1795KGreen, Williamstationer
351784B-1789AFurley, Samuelbookseller
351787 Smith, Tprintseller
371794 -1797 Humphrey, Hannahprintseller
371799H-1809HVincent, Thomaspaper-hanging maker
381790L-1819 Clarke, Williambookseller
391793 -1795 Wood, J.Gengraver
401782L-1785BBowen, Josephbookseller
421780K-1811HFaulder, Robertbookseller
421820 -1828 Clarke, Williambookseller
481785 -1788 Moore, Williambookseller
? 491795 -1796 Tomkins, Peltro Williamengraver
491797 -1805HTomkins, Peltro Williamengraver
491799HTomkins, Jstationer
501801P-1804PMerrifield, Thomasengraver
501805P-1807PMerrifield & Downeyengraver
511783 -1798 Humphrey, Hannahprintseller
531811H-1823RTomkins, Peltro Williamengraver
561776 -1804 Booker, Thomasbookseller
561805 -1809 Booker, Josephbookseller
59 cr Brooke Street1801 -1818POrme, Edwardprintseller
601794B-1807PLoriot, Augustestationer
611810 -1837 Booker, Josephbookseller
611838 -1839 Booker & Dolmanbookseller
641809H-1819ROrme, Edwardprintseller
651795L-1799LByrne & Copaper-hanging maker
651808P-1818PLoriot, Augustestationer
801811H-1819RFricker & Hendersonpaper-hanging maker
811797K-1809HBowen, Georgepaper-hanging maker
85 [poss New Broad St]1789L-1799HHorncastle, Stephenstationer
881809P-1819PBowen & Morantpaper-hanging maker
911797L-1800PPoggi, Anthony deprintseller
? 931767 -1775 Parker, Charlesbookseller
931776K-1785PParker, Charlesbookseller
931799H-1804PL'Homme, L. [French]bookseller
951786K-1789KParker, Charlesbookseller
1001799H-1806PHookham, Thomas Jordanbookseller
1021788L-1791LRyland, Maryprintseller
? 1061789A-1792 Walker, Johnprintseller
1061793LWalker, Johnprintseller
1071791 -1792LRyland, Maryprintseller
1091781 -1784 Saunders, Josephengraver
1091796 Yeatherd, Johnengraver
1121810P-1811HHookham, Thomas Jordanbookseller
1141805?-1808?Cahusac, Thomasmusic seller
1161780 Saunders, Josephengraver
1171804?-1808?Goulding Phipps & Comusic seller
1181801 -1802HOrme, Danielengraver
120 Kings Arms & Gld Ball1767 -1768 Shropshire, Walterbookseller
1201768K-1773LShropshire, Walterbookseller
1241808?-1811?Goulding Phipps & Comusic seller
1291783 Beardmore & Birchallmusic seller
129 Handel's Head1783 -1789 Birchall & Andrewsmusic seller
1291789 -1793 Andrews, Hughmusic seller
1291793L-1811HRyland, Maryprintseller
1331789 -1819 Birchall, Robertmusic seller
1341771 -1799HBretherton, Jamesengraver
1361809P-1814PRyland, Maryprintseller
1421773 -1779 Watson, Thomasprintseller
1421792K-1800PEdwards, Richardbookseller
1451789L-1790UHookham, Thomasbookseller
1451791 -1793LHookham & Carpenterbookseller
1471780 -1790UHookham, Thomasbookseller
1471791 -1795KHookham & Carpenterbookseller
1511777NShropshire, Walterbookseller
151 op Clifford Street1802?-1810?Dale, Josephmusic seller
1531774K-1775KShropshire, Walterbookseller
1531794BWrangham, Richardbookseller
1531794B-1808PWrangham, Anthonystationer
1531799HWrangham, Henrystationer
1581773 -1779 Shropshire, Walterbookseller
1581779 -1781 Watson & Dickinsonprintseller
1581781 -1791LDickinson, Williamprintseller
1591792 Gardiner, William Nelsonengraver
1591792K-1794BGood, Josephbookseller
? 1611799HFricker & Hendersonpaper-hanging maker
1611800P-1808PFricker & Hendersonpaper-hanging maker
1611809P-1814PWrangham, Anthonystationer
1611815P-1820PWrangham, Williamstationer
1611822RWrangham & Houghtonstationer
1701809P-1818PFricker & Hendersonpaper-hanging maker
1782 -1783 Bretherton, Charlesengraver
1796 Chapman, Henrybookseller
1779 Delegal, Jamesengraver
1795?-1797?Gillray, Jamesengraver
1792UGood, Richardbookseller
1776 Parker, Samuelbookseller
New Brentford.
1799 -1842 Norbury, Philipprinter
Post Office1805HNorbury, Philipprinter
New Bridge Street. Blackfriars
21781L-1789LDennis, Johnbookseller
21825P-1830RDobbs & Costationer
31783 Rusted, Jprintseller
61805 -1811PPhillips, Richardbookseller
71812PPhillips, Richardbookseller
81799H-1809HDobbs, Henrystationer
81810P-1815HDobbs & Prattstationer
81816P-1824HDobbs & Costationer
91799 Taylor, Thomasregistered press
cr Union Street1789 -1798 Baldwin, Henryprinter
cr Union Street1798 -1803 Baldwin, Henry & Sonprinter
1803 -1836 Baldwin, Charlesprinter
1792UBloxham, Williamstationer
[poss New Bond Street]1808P-1810PMerrifield & Downeyengraver
New Broad Street. Royal Exchange
231790UHunt, Francisbookseller
251782L-1792LKing, Thomasbookseller
85 [poss New Bond Street]1789L-1799HHorncastle, Stephenbookseller
New Compton Street. Soho
371802?-1815?Campbell, Williammusic seller
New Court. Carey Street
21802H-1805HLacey, Johnbookbinder
31790UPayne, John [warehouse]parchment maker
New Court. Fleet Street
71805USkinner, Williambookbinder
New Court. Moor Lane, Cripplegate
1801 Hastings, Thomasbookseller
New Court. Throgmorton Street
1783 -1784 Bowyer, Robertbookseller
New Crane. Wapping
1799HHanam, Sstationer
New Cross. Kent
1811H-1823pPhillimore, Richardbookseller
New Crown Court. (?)
181770 -1773 Phillips, Charlesengraver
New Gravel Lane. Shadwell
861792U-1813 Homan, Sbookseller
861814 Homan, S. & Sonbookseller
861815 -1822 Homan, Williambookseller
861823 -1837 Homan, W. & Sbookseller
861838 -1843 Homan, Simpsonbookseller
New Inn Passage. Clare Market
21785PYardley, Edwardbookseller
41790UBruce, Williambookseller
51790U-1805HLaurie, Thomasbookbinder
51809HLaurie, Williambookbinder
1794 Stearne, Johnbookbinder
New Lisle Street. Leicester Square
81799HDenedonsel, Mstationer
121799HBesley, Richardbookseller
181811HThane, Johnbookseller
New North Road. Red Lion Square
1768KFry, Williamstationer
1812 Martin, Thomasbookbinder
1790 Nicholson, Williampress maker
New Palace Yard. Westminster
11791 -1800+Stationery Officestationer
New Road. Fitzroy Square
11801 Green, Valentineengraver
21799 -1800 Green, Valentineengraver
New Road. Marylebone
201788 Dodd, Robertengraver
1799HCooke & Copaper-hanging maker
New Road. Saint Geroge's East
201828pKaines, Georgebookbinder
201830R-1833RKaines, Marybookbinder
New Road. Whitechapel
1802P-1804PBaron, Henrynewsagent
New Round Court. Strand
51805HAldrich, Isaacprintseller
71796 Berridge, Jamesstationer
81799HGreen, Josephprintseller
201799HWolters, Frederickbookbinder
? 251758 Pratt, Wprinter
251785P-1794 Pratt, Wprinter
251805HPlayer, Nicholas [gilder]bookbinder
New Store Street. Bedford Street (?)
1785 Edy, John Williamengraver
1790 Young, Johnengraver
New Street. Covent Garden
11786 Trent, Sprintseller
11802HBrowne, James Dengraver
111782?-1795?Campbell, Williammusic seller
111795 Dodd, Tmusic publisher
161790UWise, Williamengraver
New Street. Golden Square (?)
1794 Taylor, Williambookbinder
New Street. Hanover Square
1767 -1775NHookham, Thomasbookseller
New Street. Horsleydown
31802HHartnell, Josephprinter
New Street. Knightsbridge
71800 -1802HMilne, Thomasmap seller
New Street. Marylebone to Piccadilly
Locke's Head1727 Millan, Johnbookseller
New Street. See also Great New Street, Little New Street, Shoe Lane
New Street. Shoe Lane
1784 Brewman, Thomasprinter
at Strahan's1770 Hay, Williamprinter
1792 Price, Williambookbinder
New Street Hill. Shoe Lane
21823 Lake, James Richardsonengraver
New Street Square. Shoe Lane
61800 -1831 Eyre & Strahanprinter
71785PArding, Jamesprinter's joiner
71800 -1831 Eyre & Strahanprinter
131805H-1809HRoper, Johnengraver
131809H-1830RRoper, Maryengraver
201799 -1802HRoper, Johnengraver
251790UBonney, Johnbookbinder
331790UGravel, Jamescopperplate printer
331799 Plymsell, Johnprinter
New Union Street. Moorfields
21835RPownceby, Jamesbookbinder
Newcastle Court. Butcher Row (?)
1788 Bonney, Johnbookbinder
1777 Saunderslibrary
Newcastle Court. Fleet Street (?)
1769 Spilsbury, Thomasprinter
Newcastle Court. Temple Bar, Strand
51799HJackson, Thomasbookbinder
51805HJackson, Johnbookbinder
81811HOrenden, T. & Jengraver
81817UOrenden, R.T.T. & Jengraver
Newcastle Street. Fleet Street (?)
21799HBanister, Johnengraver
21805HBanister, Elizabethengraver
81799HFinney, Danielbookseller
181811HBanister, Elizabethengraver
Newcastle Street. Strand
21817PBowen, Georgepaper-hanging maker
61789 Stuart, Peterprinter
61790 Ayre, Ralphprinter
61790 -1791 Warfordprinter?
111811H-1812PClement, W.Jbookseller
201792 -1795KSael, Georgebookseller
241788 -1790 Sael, Georgebookseller
1793 Bunney, John Waltonprinter
1794BDesmond, Johnprinter
1799H-1807PMarshall, Benjaminstationer
Newgate Street. Cheapside
41790UGuyon, Samuelstationer
101781L-1792 Curtis, Thomaswholesale stationer
101789L-1793LCurtis, Johnwholesale stationer
? 201781 -1783 Fenwick, Henryprinter
201784BFenwick, Henryprinter
261775L-1783KLepard, Williamstationer
261784B-1788KLepard, William & J.Pstationer
261789L-1791LLepard, Williamstationer
261792K-1794LLepard Smith & Lepardstationer
261794B-1798KLepard & Smithstationer
261797L-1799HLepard, Williamstationer
311767KMoore, Benjaminstationer
311768K-1770NMarsh & Costationer
311769K-1770KVernor, Thomas & Cobookseller
311769 -1772NBingley, Williambookseller
311794?Wheatstone, Charlesmusic seller
311798K-1804PStarkey, W. & Tstationer
311802HStarkey, Thomasstationer
311806P-1818PStarkey, R. & Sonstationer
311819P-1830PStarkey & Crippsstationer
411784B-1785PElmes, Georgebookseller
441821P-1821+Offer, Johnbookseller
441834?-1850?Peck, Jmusic engraver
? 491765KBowles, James & Thomasstationer
491767K-1782KBowles, James & Thomasstationer
491783K-1788KBowles, Thomasstationer
491789L-1792KBowles & Wacestationer
491794B-1840PBowles & Gardinerstationer
551794B-1797LGarrett, Alexanderstationer
611800?-1804?Peck, Jamesmusic engraver
631788L-1790UBuncombe, Thomasstationer
? 701753 -1763MSay, Charles Greenprinter
701769 -1775 Say, Charles Greenprinter
701771 -1775 Thompson, Robertprinter?
? 741763K-1765KKey, Jonathanstationer
741767K-1782KKey, Jonathanstationer
741795 -1796 Eaton, Daniel Isaacbookseller
? 771793 Gamidge, Williambookseller
771794B-1795KGamidge, Williambookseller
811784B-1785PWhite [scaleboard vendor]cardmaker
891772LFenwick, Henryprinter
911789L-1791LLepard, Williamstationer
911792K-1794LLepard Smith & Lepardstationer
911794B-1796LSmith & Lepardstationer
931769PBowles, J. & Tstationer
981776 Luffman, Johnengraver
1001799HGouyn, Johnengraver
1081802H-1805HHarrison, James & Comusic seller
1091784B-1792 Cole, Williamengraver
1111784B-1785PCarter, Williampocket-book maker
1111789A-1790UCarter, Annpocket-book maker
1111797K-1799HCarter, Rpocket-book maker
1151785B-1792 Harrison, Johnprinter
1781 -1784 Boydell, Johnprintseller
1754 -1762 Fuller, Johnbookseller
King's Arms1745?-1753 Hinton, Johnbookseller
1793?-1797?Holland, Henrymusic seller
1792 Johnson, Richardstationer
1767 Marsh, Robertstationer
1764 Oliver, Richardbookbinder
1784 -1786 Wingfield, Thomasbookbinder
Newington Butts. See also Cross Lane, Meadow Road,Rockingham Ct, Thomas St
Newington Butts. Surrey
1790 Farn, Johnengraver
1800P-1802 Potts, Johnbookseller
1802H-1805HPotts & Biddulphbookseller
1781 Snagg, Richardbookseller
1794 Wilkins, Robertbookseller
Newington Causeway. Blackman Street
31811HHarmood, Josephbookseller
? 51794 -1801 Harmood, Josephbookseller
51802H-1817UHarmood, Josephbookseller
601802HClark, Johnstationer
Newman Street. Oxford Street
61800 -1801 Wards & Coengraver
61800 -1830 Ward, Jamesengraver
91817J-1835+Hering, Johnbookbinder
91817U-1831RHering, Charlesbookbinder
91832R-1833RHering, Jamesbookbinder
161785 Young, Johnengraver
171775 -1778 Sherlock, Williamengraver
261799HRichter, Johnengraver
281786 -1788 Young, Johnengraver
291778?-1789 Green, Valentineengraver
291785 -1788 Green, Rupertengraver
331809 -1811 Smith, John Raphaelengraver
361805H-1806PSmith, John Thomasengraver
421795 -1798 Heath, Jamesheraldic engraver
541799HEarle, Cprintseller
711802 -1809 Cheesman, Thomasengraver
901830P-1831PMiddleton, Johnpencil maker
1787 -1790 Livesay, Richardengraver
Newman's Row. Lincoln's Inn
21786 Stewart, Robertengraver
Newport Street. See also Great & Little NewportStreets, St Martin's La
Newport Street. Saint Martin's Lane
1784 Charnock, William
1785 Stubbs, George Townleyengraver
Newton Street. High Holborn
161868 -1869 Roworth, C. & Sonsprinter
Nicholas Lane. Lombard Street
51824PVallance, Thomas & Sonsstationer
51825P-1827PVallance, Edmundstationer
151790USpee, Richardengraver
1797 Marsh, Robertstationer
1792UWitherby, Georgestationer
Nicholl Square. Well Street, Cripplegate
1809 Martin, Thomasbookbinder
Nightingale Lane.
501790UTownsend, Richardpaper-hanging maker
501790UTownsend, Richardpaper-hanging maker
Noble Street. Foster Lane
? 51763M-1784 Rivington, Charlesprinter
51785P-1790URivington, Charlesprinter
301785K-1788KWarner, Johnengraver
301790UWilliamson, Jamesengraver
321799H-1802HHennell, Robertengraver
321832?-1834?Peck, J. & Jmusic engraver
Noel Street. Berwick Street, Soho
? 111774 -1793 Longmate, Barakengraver
111797LLongmate, Barakengraver
nr 1774 Saunders, Josephengraver
Norfolk Street. Borough
1807 Axelby, Williambookbinder
Norfolk Street. Oxford Street
25 nr Middlesex Hospital1802H-1810 Goadby, Jamesengraver
Norfolk Street. [unlocated]
81791 -1796 Ireland, Samuelengraver
Norris Street. Haymarket
21799H-1811HCallard, Mstationer
141799 Boyle, Patrickprinter
North Audley Street. Grosvenor Square
301794B-1807PCliff, Samuelbookseller
341808P-1809PCliff, Samuelbookseller
341810P-1824PCliff, Barbarabookseller
381825P-1830PCliff, Barbarabookseller
1775 -1784 Mitchell, Philipbookseller
North Crescent. Bedford Square (?)
101834 -1836 Daniell, Williamengraver
North End. Fulham
1792 -1799 Bartolozzi, Francescoengraver
1802HCummins, Georgecopperplate printer
1802H-1840 Dleattre, Jean Marieengraver
North Green. Worship Street
1793 Paramore, Gmusic printer
1799 -1808 Storey, Georgeprinter
North Place. See also Upper North Place,Gray's Inn Lane
81799HKaines, Georgestationer
North Street. See New North Street,Redlion Square
North Street. Upper Charlotte Street
11790 -1791 Emes, Johnengraver
1785 Woollett, Williamengraver
Northampton Row. Brayne's Row, Clerkenwell
61805HFarmer, Johncompositor
Northampton Street. St John's St, Clerkenwell
61790ULavoine, Mark Anthonybookseller
1792 Jauncey, Johnmusic engraver
Northumberland Court. Strand
61784 -1801 Clarke, Charlesprinter
101785PMeen, Richardcopperplate printer
Northumberland Street. Strand
231796 -1786 Crump, Thomasengraver
1790UMeen, Richardcopperplate printer
Norton Falgate. Bishopsgate Street
91790UBrown, Thomasstationer
251783B-1785PShaw, Johnbookseller
251792K-1830RHolme, Williamstationer
271802H-1812 Barfoot, Josephbookseller
311799H-1800PBarfoot, Josephbookseller
1775NPhillips, Johnstationer
Norton Street. See also Upper Norton Street,Porland Chapel
171794 -1803 Malton, Jamesengraver
251780 Sherlock, Williamengraver
331782 Daniell, Thomasengraver
921796 -1802 Hardy, Thomasengraver

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