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11 January 2007

London 1775-1800: M

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 0
The London book trades 1775-1800: a preliminary checklist of members. Names M

MABBAT, Jacob, stationer, Gray's Inn 1775-81. App. James Stock, turned over to Philip Hallier, free Merchant Taylor's Co. 4 Mar. 1767, apps. Edward Alfred 1 Feb. 1775, George Tomkins 5 Dec. 1781.

MABBAT, Thomas, law stationer, Holborn Court, Gray's Inn 1799H-1805H; no. 8 1802H-1805H.

MACARTHUR, John, printer, 8, East Harding Street, Shoe Lane 1800-15. D. 26 Oct. 1825. 18OO-15 82 apps., 8 premiums average £15. Andrew Strahan's manager and principal conductor of the King's Printing Office. Todd; Howe; Timperley.

MCARTHUR, John, bookbinder, Essex Street, Whitefriars 1779. S. of John Mc.A. of Southwark, labourer. App. William Cock 7 Dec. 1762, free Sta. Co. 6 Feb. 1770, 1779 1 app. (turned over 1782). Poss. at Bull Inn Court, Strand 1811H. Howe; Ramsden.

MACDONALD, Lewis, bookseller, 454, Strand 1789L-1790U.

MACE, Benjamin, bookbinder, 1, Lamb's Conduit Passage 1799H. App. William Berresford 1 June 1790 £10, never free. Howe; Ramsden.

M'EVOY, James (Byar), playing card maker, Piccadilly 1763M-1776K; near St. James's church 1763M. Successor to Sharp 1763M. Bankrupt Apr. 1776.

MACFARLANE, Alexander, stationer and bookseller, Paper Mill, Brewer Street 1775. Sun insurance policy 349963 21 Feb. 1775. Guildhall MS. 11,936/236.

MACFARLANE, James, bookbinder, Ship Yard, Temple Bar 1774-94. Firm active 1772-99. Prob. worked for Chandler's widow before becoming a master. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 942.

MACGOWAN, James, bookseller, 27, Paternoster Row 1781L. Bankrupt Dec. 1781, cert. 10 Oct. 1785, div. 10 Mar. 1786.

MACGOWEN, John, printer, 15, Church Street, Blackfriars Road, Southwark 1799-1808; 26, Green Street, Church Street 1811. Registered presses 1799, 1811. Todd.

MACGREGOR, Alexander, printer, 11, Flower de Luce Court 1780. Free Musicians' Co. servitude 12 Apr. 1780.

MACKAY and Co., stamped paper manufactory, 63, Holborn Hill 1784B-1785P.

MACKCOULL, John, pocket book maker, formerly of Pemberton Row, Gough Square, late of Compton Street, St. Giles 1781. Prisoner for debt, applied to take benefit of the Insolvent Debtors' Relief Act, London gazette 13/16 Oct. 1781.

MACKCOWL, John, law stationer, 9, Fleet Lane, Fleet Market 1799H.

MCKENZIE, Alexander, printseller and picture dealer, Berwick Street, Soho 1784-86; no. 101 1785B-1786. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. BM Satires 1786.

MACKENZIE, Daniel, engraver, St. Anne's Court 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

MACKENZIE, James, bookbinder, at Mr John Gardner's, Aldermanbury 1767; Wood Street 1770-1781. App. John Gardner, bookbinder, free Barbers' Co. 7 July 1761, livery by 1776, his app. William Barling 4 Dec. 1770. Howe.

MACKENZIE, Joseph, printer and bookbinder, Flower de Luce Court, Fetter Lane 1790U; 17, Fetter Lane 1790; 16, Whitehorse Yard, Drury Lane 1805H; 7, Dean Street, Fetter Lane 1817J-1820R. Publ. Wakefield's Merchant and tradesman's general director, 1790. Howe; Ramsden; Goss.

MACKENZIE, Joseph, stationer, 26, Tooley Street 1799H.

MACKFARSON, bookbinder, Vere Street, Oxford Street 1794B. Howe; Ramsden.

MACKIE, Francis, card maker, 3, Great St. Helen's, Bishopsgate 1794L-1799L.

MACKINLAY, John, bookbinder, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1774-1808; no. 8 1799H-1808; 33, Southampton Street, Strand 1808-21. Born Dumbarton c1737; died 18 June 1821, buried st. Paul's Covent Garden. Not free Sta. Co. A colourful figure with many anecdotes in the Jaffray MSS in the British Library. He came to London cl760. Prob. journeyman in 1760s, when he received 9s. a week. Jaffray told a veteran member of the trade that he thought this very small pay. 'Very likely', was the reply, 'Mackinlay was a shocking bad workman! ' . Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Prosecuting master 1786. Partner with Roger Payne and Richard Wier for short periods. In his prime he conducted one of the leading binding shops in London, and specialized in the better class of work. At the end of the eighteenth century he employed Charles Tomlinson, described as 'the top Finisher of his day, and one of the select few who was paid 24s., one guinea being the usual rate for a skilled workman.' At one time he had S-9 workmen, including three Finishers. Praised by T.F.Dibdin as 'the living father of the bibliopegistic art'. Bow Street shop burned down with Covent Garden theatre 30 Sept. 1808. At one time employed 8-9 men. Bound Soane Museum copy of the first folio for 60 gns. Mentioned in the Jaffray Papers in the British Library. In Mackinlay's last years he used to go up into his workshop two or three times a day, seat himself in a chair, and look around to see how things progressed. On the day of his death he came up as usual and heard distant church bells tolling. He asked Tomlinson why they were ringing. 'He, in a gruff way, answered: "Somebody dead!" "Aye," says Jock, "let me see, it's three for a man, twa for a woman and ane for a bairn, isn't it?" In an hour or so he was a dead man!' He was buried in the family vault at St. Paul's, Covent Garden. Howe; Ramsden; Timperley 796; Howe, Ellic, The London Bookbinders 1780-1806, (London 1988) p.47-54; information from descendant.

MACKINLAY, JOHN, bookseller, 87, Strand 1802K-1811. Trading as: Payne & Mackinlay 1802K-1809; alone 1809-1811. Son of John Mackinlay, bookbinder. Married: Miss Maria Cates, 16 Jul 1806 St. Paul's Covent Garden. Died 15 June 1811. Shopman to Elmsley and Bremner whom he succeeded with James Payne q.v. Died "in a momentary lapse of reason" by drowning himself in the Paddington Canal. Byron in a letter to R. C. Dallas from Newstead Abbey, 17 Sept. 1811 mistakes Mackinlay for his partner James Payne when he writes: "I wish Murray had been tied to Payne's neck when he jumped into the Paddington Canal ..." In a note to 'Hints from Horace', line 657, he adds further detail to the incident, somewhat embellished, but without mentioning the name: "A literary friend of mine, walking out one lovely evening last summer, on the eleventh bridge of the Paddington canal, was alarmed by the cry of 'one in jeopardy:' he rushed along, collected a body of Irish haymakers (supping on buttermilk in an adjacent paddock), procured three rakes, one eel spear and a landing-net, and at last ('horresco referens') pulled out -- his own publisher. The unfortunate man was gone for ever, and so was a large quarto wherewith he had taken the leap, which proved, on inquiry, to have been Mr. Southey's last work." Kent's directory retains the partnership mistakenly until 1819. Nichols iii, 310; information from descendant.

MACKINTOSH, James, printer, Chancery Lane 1792U.

MACKINTOSH, William, printer, Peter Street, Borough 1785P. Howe; Todd.

MACKLEW, Edward, bookseller and stationer, Haymarket 1765-74; 9, opp. Opera House, Haymarket 1784B-1791L. Took in advertisements for Morning herald 1785P. Publ. satires, some with W. Moore and Dickie. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., (11. Plomer; BM Satires. 1786-87.

MACKLIN and REDWOOD, stationers, see John Macklin and P. J. Redwood.

MACKLIN,John,stationer, 97, Cheapside 1785K-1792K; 139, Cheapside 1793L-1805H. Trading: alone 1785K-1792K; as Brooke and Macklin 1793L-1794B; as Brooke, Macklin and Redwood 1797L-1798K; as Macklin and Redwood 1800P-1801P; as John Macklin 1802H-1805H. Livery Shipwrights' Co. by 1792. Bankrupt 20 Oct. 1801, cert. 2 Jan. 1802, divs. 19 Jan. 1803, 29 Mar. 1806. Partners R.V.Brooke, P. J. Redwood qq.v.

MACKLIN, Thomas, printseller, 1, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1779; 39, Fleet Street 1790U-1809. Trading: as Thomas Macklin 1779-1800; as Hannah Macklin 1801-09. D. 25 Oct. 1800 aged 40, London. Proprietor of Poets' Gallery in Fleet Street. Planned a magnificent edition of the Bible. Provided many opportunities for professors of historical engraving and painting. Nichols iii, 728; Timperley 804; BM Satires 1779; J. C. Smith 233.

MACLEISH, Elizabeth, printer, 2, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1799-1823. Registered presses 1799. Todd.

MACLEISH, Hector, printer, Blake Court, Catherine Street 1780-82; 12, Duke's Court, Drury Lane 1789-96. Printed Morning post 1780-82, London recorder 1789. Westminster Poll 1796: F. Imprint(s): Kress: 1796: B3277. Todd; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

MCMILLAN, Buchanan, printer, see Buchanan Millan.

MACPHAIL Hugh, printseller and publisher, 68, High Holborn 1784-1785B. BM Satires 1784.

MACPHERSON, Alexander, printer, Russell Court Covent Garden 1796-1805H; no. 3 1796; no. 23 1799H, no. 1 1805H; 1, Cross Court, Russell Court 1804-24. Printed specimen for S. and C. Stephenson. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T. With Buchanan Millan 1799. Registered press 1799. Todd; Berry and Johnson.

MACPHERSON, James, bookbinder, bookseller, stationer and music seller, at the figure of the Ancient Bard of Cona, Prince's Street, Cavendish Square c1800. Music imprint c 1800. Humphries and Smith.

MACQUEEN, Peter, bookseller, 127, near Exeter Change, Strand 1779L-1799L.

MCQUIRE, J., printseller and publisher, Burr Street, Leicester Square 1798. BM Satires.

MACRAE, Colin, printer, Orange Street, Leicester Fields 1790-95; no. 10 1790-c1791. Printed Review and Sunday advertiser 1790-91, Cabinet 1792. Bankrupt 14 Mar. 1795, cert. 1 July 1800, div. 30 Jan. 1796, 25 Mar. 1797. Imprint(s): Kress: 1786: B1098; 1787: B1212; 1789: B1707; 1794: B2644-46, 2671-72, 2692-93, 2698, 2738-39, 2741, 2763-64, 2772, 2782, 2816, 2864-65, 2871; 1795: B3034, S5487; 1798: B3671, S5561. Todd; Aspinall.

MCSWYNY, Bryan, printer, 348, Strand 1792-1819. D. Dec. 1819. According to Timperley and Todd printer of the Courier from its commencement in 1792 though his name only appears in the imprint from c1812. Michael Mcswyny registered press at 345, Strand 1835. Todd; Timperley 875.

MAGNAY and PICKERING, wholesale stationers, see Christopher Magnay.

MAGNAY, PICKERING and HUGHES, wholesale stationers, see Christopher Magnay.

MAGNAY, Christopher, wholesale stationer and rag merchant, 72, Upper Thames Street 1793K-1796L; 55, Queen Street, Cheapside 1797L-1817P; College Hill, Upper Thames Street 1818P-1830P; 181, Upper Thames Street 1830R. Trading: as Magnay and Pickering 1793K-1794K; as Magnay, Pickering and Hughes 1795K-1796L; as Magnay and Pickering 1797L-1815P; as Magnay, Pickering and Magnay 1816P-1817P; as Magnay, Pickering, Magnay, Pickering and Magnay 1818P-1819P; as Christopher Magnay and sons 1820P-1830P. D. 27 Oct. 1826. Master Sta. Co., also free Merchant Taylors' Co. Alderman Vintry ward 1809-26, sheriff 1813-14, lord mayor 1821 -22. Nichols ix, 706; Beavan.

MAGUIRE, B., bookseller, 7, Little May's Buildings, St. Martin's Lane 1799H.

MAGUIRE, James, bookbinder, London House Yard 1777-1802. S. of James M. of Puddle Dock Hill, bricklayer's labourer. App. John Boys 2 Mar. 1762, free Sta. Clo. 7 May 1769, 1777-1802 7 apps., 2 premiums. Howe; Ramsden.

MAIDEN, Thomas, printer, Sherborne Lane 1790U-1823P; no. 5 1799H-1823P; no. 4 1802H; no. 19 1804. Registered press 1799. Printed Post Office London directory 1800-23. Todd; Goss.

MAIN, Robert, bookseller, St. James's Street 1770N-1775N.

MAJOR, R., music engraver, printer and publisher, 43, Bedford Street, Strand c1800-18; 1, Clare Court, Drury Lane c 1818-20; 7, High Holborn 1820. Ran cheap music warehouse. Humphries and Smith.

MAJOR, Samuel, bookseller and music seller, 35, Duke Street, West Smithfield c1778-1809H; Hospital Gate, Smithfield 1811H-1816P; 18, Skinner Street, Snow Hill 1817P-1824P; 50, Fleet Street 1825P-1830P+. Trading: as Samuel Major c1778-1809H; as John Major 181 IH-1830P; as Jonathan Major 1826R-1830R+. Also described as taylor 1802H-1805H. Humphries and Smith.

MAJOR, Thomas, engraver, St. Martin's Lane 1774-76. B. 1714 or 1720; d. 30 Dec. 1799, Tavistock Row, Covent Garden. For some years in Paris with the English engravers Andrew Lawrence and John Ingram. Pupil of Le Bas. Thrown into Bastille for political reasons but released within ten days 1746. Acquired plates of Lawrence on his death 1747. To England 1753, where he produced plates after the masters in the style of Le Bas. Also engraved portraits. Publ. The ruins of Paestum 1769. Engraver to King and to Stamp Office. Produced seals. Associate Royal Academy 1770. Exhibited Free Society 1762, Royal Academy 1776. Plates also signed Jorma or Jor. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MALCHO, Simon, engraver, 34, Charles Street, Cavendish Square 1788; 57, Titchfield Street 1793. Danish painter and engraver, studied in Copenhagen Academy. Worked in Geneva. Active in England 1793-94. Associated with the Prestels. Exhibited Royal Academy 1788. Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 908-09.

MALCOLM, James Peller, engraver and publisher, 25, Berwick Street, Soho 1791; 34, Charlton Street, Somers Town 1798-99; 22, Somers Place 1799-1800. B. Aug. 1767, Philadelphia; d. 5 Apr. 1815, Gee Street, Clarendon Square. Had an early gift for drawing. To London where he studied at the Royal Academy for three years c1789-90. Began compiling and engraving books on topographical and historical subjects. Worked for Gentleman's magazine 1792-1814. Main work Londinium redivivum 4 vol. 1802-07. Fellow of the Society of Arts. Exhibited Royal Academy 1791. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MALPAS, Edward, engraver, at Mr. Hall's, 24, Margaret Street 1773; at Mr. Death's, Church Street, near Greek Street, Soho 1774-77; 105, Great Titchfield Street, Soho 1780. Pupil of Charles Hall 1773. Exhibited Society of Artists 1773-80, Free Society 1779. Graves.

MALTON, James, engraver and publisher, 6, Conduit Street 1790; 20, Warwick Street, Golden Square 1792; 39, Upper John Street 1793; 17, Norton Street, Poland Place 1794-1803. S. of Thomas M. (1726-1801); d. 28 July 1803, Norton Street. In Dublin with father 1785-91, then to London. Architectural draughtsman and author, studied perspective and geometry. Publ. a number of topographical and architectural works. Exhibited Society of Artists 1790, Royal Academy 1792-1803. D. of brain fever. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790-99: AS473; 1797: AL34; 1800: AL-152, ASI 12, AT422; Tooley: 1794-95: 315. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MALTON, Thomas, engraver and publisher, 3, Poland Street, Oxford Street 1774-77; 56, Poland Street 1779; Bath 1780; 8, Carlisle Street, Soho 1781-96; Conduit Street 1783-89; Great Tichfield Street 1791; 103, Long Acre 1792-1804. B. 1748, s. of Thomas M. (17261801); d. 7 Mar. 1804, Long Acre. Three years with James Gandon the architect in London. Exhibited Royal Academy 1773-1803. Premium Society of Arts 1774. Academy gold medal 1782. With father in Dublin 1785. Among his pupils at his evening classes in Conduit Street was Turner. Publs. include: A picturesque tour through the cities of London and Westminster 1792, Picturesque views of Oxford 1802. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1792-1801: AS204. DNB; Theime and Becker; Graves.

MANN, George, seal engraver and jeweller, 28, Holywell Lane, Shoreditch 1799H.

MANN, William, bookseller, Gun Street, Spitalfields 1799H.

MANSELL, Aldermanbury 1775; no. 59 1776K-1790U; Red Cross Street 1793. App. Philip Oriel, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 2 Dec. 1772, livery 28 May 1783, apps. George Dring 6 Dec. 1775, William Steavens Walton 5 Dec. 1781, son John 6 Feb. 1793. Ramsden.

MANSKIRSHTEN, Franz Joseph, engraver, 11, Upper Castle Street, Leicester Fields 1793; 96, Strand 1797; 101, Strand 1799-1803; 26, York Buildings, New Road 1807; 3, Shepherd Street, Bond Street 1812-17; 107, Swallow Street 1819. B. 6 Oct. 1768, Ehrenbreitstein; d. 16 Mar. 1830, Danzig. Landscape and portrait painter. In London 1793-1819. Exhibited Royal Academy 1793-1819. Had been in Cologne c 1790 and in Danzig by 1822. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1796: AL87. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MANSON, John (Paul), book and printseller, King Street, Westminster 1786, 1795; Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane 1788-91; 180, Holborn 1790U; 6, Pall Mall 1796-1801P; 10, Gerrard Street, Soho 1805H-1824P. Trading: as John Manson 1786-1811H; as E. Manson 181 7U-1824P. D. 7 Feb. 1812. Publ. cats. 1786-95. Dibdin praised his knowledge of black letter books. Addresses may refer to more than one person. Nichols iii, 648; Timperley 844; BM Book sales (1791); J. C. Smith 59.

MANSON, Peter James, bookseller, King Street, Westminster 1790U.

MANTHORPE, William, engraver, 7, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street 1789A-1823Pi.

MAPLESTONE, Austin, mangle and press maker, turner and millwright, Silver Street, Wood Street 1799H-1808; no. 5 1802H; Moor Lane, Cripplegate 1809-39. Todd.

MAPPLES, John, printer, 4, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street. D. Dec. 1802 aged 50. Brought up in office of John Nichols. Left to play character parts in provincial theatres. Ill-health brought him back to Nichols but he was too ill to work regularly. Fellow workmen raised £100 for him and later paid for his funeral. Timperley 813.

MAR(R)INER, Richard, bookseller, Covent Garden 1770?; Compton Street, Soho 1772-1792U; no. 45 1789A-1792U. Publ. The whisperer 1770-72. Sentenced to ten months in Kings Bench Jan. ] 772. Plomer.

MARCH and TEAPE, printers, see John March III and Henry Teape.

MARCH, John, stationer and pocket book maker, 2, Ludgate Street 1800P-1830P+. Trading: as John March 1800P-1808P; as March and son 1809P-1810P; as March and sons 1811P-1824P; as March and son 1825P-1830P. See also William March.

MARCH, John II, printer, Tower Hill 1763M-1781; George Yard, Tower Hill 1785P; George Street, Minories 1790-98; no. 17 1790U-1792. Trading: alone 1763M-1790U; as John March and son 1792-98. S. of John M. I, printer, active c1727-50; d. 1798. App. his father 6 Oct. 1747, free and livery Sta. Co. 5 Nov. 1754, Court 6 Dec. 1785, master 1790. 1765-98 8 apps. Signed compositors' scale 1785. Left ample fortune. City Poll 1781: C. Plomer confuses John I and II. Only son John III partner and successor. Imprints: Kress: (J. March and son) 1792: B2368; 1794: B2658. Plomer; Todd; Howe; Nichols iii, 441, 602; Timperley 798; Blagden.

MARCH, John III, printer, George Street, Tower Hill 1792-1804; no. 17 1792; no. 18 1800P-1804. Trading: as John March and son 1792-98; as March and Teape 1800P-1804. S. of John M. II q.v.; d. 13 July 1804. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792. Partner and successor of father. Henry Teape his partner and successor. Howe; Todd; Nichols iii, 441; Timperley 798.

MARCH, William, stationer, Vere Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Mo., Ma.

MARCH, William, stationer and pocket book maker, 2, Ludgate Street 1777N-1822R. Trading: as William March 1777N-1809H; as William March and son 1809H-1822R. Livery Drapers' Co. by 1792. See also John March.

MARCHI, Joseph Philip Liberati, engraver, at Mr. Maberly's, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1766-70; at Mr. Maberly's, St. Martin's Lane 1771-75; opp. Slaughter's Coffee House, St. Martin's Lane 1772; St. Martin's Lane, near Long Acre 1773. B. c1735, Rome; d. 2 Apr. 1808 aged 73, London. Portrait painter and engraver. To London as assistant to Reynolds 1752 though only lived with him from 1764. Studied in St. Martin's Lane Academy. Exhibited Society of Artists 1766-75. DNB; Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith.

MARDIN, printer's smith, see Heyler and Mardin.

MARITEAU, John, engraver, Main Street, St. Martin's 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

MARK(E)S, James, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, St. Martin in the Fields 1775; St. Martin's Lane 1776; 119, St. Martin's Lane 1778K-1787K. D. 13 Dec. 1789. Livery Masons' Co. by 1776. Bankrupt Feb. 1775, cert. 13 Jan. 1775. Accounts for bindings for Sta. Co. survive 1755-66. Signed bindings in British Library etc. Howe; Ramsden; Musgrave.

MARKS, James, ink manufacturer, Amsterdam Ink Manufactory, Coldharbour, Camberwell 1790U. Succ. by Elizabeth Marks, Princes's Street, Lambeth 1802H; 3, Cranby's Buildings, Lambeth Butts 1805H.

MARMADUKE, bookseller, Wild Street 1788. D. 13 Apr. 1788. Musgrave.

MARSH, Charles, bookseller, Old Round Court, Strand c1730-67; near Northumberland House, Charing Cross 1767K-1772N. D. 21 Jan. 1812 in 78th year (Musgrave has an entry for 8 June 1782). Succ. G. Greg or Grig. Author of the poem The library: an epistle from a boolseller to a gentleman, his customer, desiring him to discharge his bill 1766, and a tragedy Amasis 1738. Publ. cat. 1764. Little business at either address, probably because of his unhappy temper and conceit, so he left the trade and became a JP. Sold Ward's medicines. Succ. by Samuel Leacroft c 1771. Master of Thomas Evans. Plomer; Nichols iii, 647; Timperley 786; Musgrave.

MARSH, M., bookseller and stationer, 2, Ludgate Street 1794B. Prob. error for William March q.v.

MARSH, Richard, stationer, 49, Fleet Street 1781L-1806P. Trading: alone 1781L-1800P; as Marsh and Dunsford 1801K-1806P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

MARSH, Robert, stationer and bookbinder, St. Augustine's parish 1764-65; St. Faith's parish 1766 Newgate Street 1767; Ave Maria Lane 1770-73; no. 16 1772K; Lombard Street 1780-1797L; no. 11 1781, no 13 1794B-1797L; Nicholas Lane 1797. Trading: alone 1764-92; as Marsh and Davidson 1772L; as Robert Marsh and Co. 1794B-1795K; alone 1797L. S. of Robert M. of Blackfriars, printer, deceased; deed. 1804. App. Graham Cookson 3 Oct. 1752 £5 paid by Christ's Hospital; turned over to Jane Vokes 6 Aug. 1754, free Sta. Co. 5 Feb. 1760, livery 5 May 1767, 1764-92 11 apps. City Poll 1781: L. Bankrupt Sept. 1773, cert. 4 Jan. 1773, div. 19 Dec. 1780; bankrupt again 4 Mar. 1797, div. 30 Apr. 1803. Howe; Ramsden. See also Robert Marshall.

MARSHALL and BYE, printers, see John Marshall, Deodatus Bye.

MARSHALL Benjamin, paper hanging and stationery warehouse, St. Clement's Churchyard 1790U; Newcastle Street, Strand 1799H-1807P; 301, Strand 1808P-1811H. Succ. Joseph Marshall q.v.

MARSHALL, Bryan, stationer and printseller Lower Brook Street, Grosvenor Square 1774-1793K. Westminster Polls 1774: Pe., Cl., 1784: H., W.

MARSHALL, Ch., bookseller, Charing Cross 1775N.

MARSHALL, J., printseller and publisher, 96 Gracechurch Street 1785. BM Satires.

MARSHALL, John and Co., printer and book and printseller, 4, Aldermary Churchyard 1782-1807P, 17 Queen Street, Cheapside 1787-1798L; Hartshorn Court Basing Lane 1800; 140, Fleet Street 1808P-1828. S. of Richard M. q.v. App. Edward Gilbert 1771, turned over to father 1782, 1786 1 app. Vendor of prints and small books etc. mainly for children. Produced jigsaws. Registered presses 1799, 1800, 1806. Son John registered press 102, Cheapside 1815. Todd; Howe; Hannas; Darlington and Howgego.

MARSHALL, John, printer, St. John's Square Clerkenwell 1787L-1791L. Trading: alone 1787L-1790U; as Marshall and Bye 1791L. See also Anna Rivington, Deodatus Bye.

MARSHALL, Joseph, bookseller, St. Clement's Churchyard, Strand 1753K-1788K. Succ. by Benjamin Marshall q.v. Plomer.

MARSHALL, Richard, printer and printseller, 4, Aldermary Churchyard 1771-1785P. Free Wheelwright's Co., 1771-72 2 apps. Partner with Cluer Dicey q.v. but also publ. on own. Prob. succ. William Marshall after 1764. Son John q.v. Howe; J. C. Smith

MARSHALL, Robert, stationer, 16, Ave Mary Lane 1775N. Prob. error for Robert Marsh q.v.

MARSHALL, S., printer, Mill Pond Street, Southwark 1799H.

MARSHALL, William, bookbinder, St. Martin's le Grand 1763-75; Golden Lane, St. Luke's parish 1777; Hackney 1785. Free Sta. Co. redemption 2 Aug. 17fi3, 1763-85 5 apps. 1 premium £15. Howe.

MARSOM, John, bookseller and stationer, 187 High Holborn 1784B-1804P. Publ. cats. 1785-86. Also described as shorthand writer 1804P. Nichols iii, 648.

MARTIN, bookbinder, Creed Lane, Ludgate Street 1785P. See Henry Martin

MARTIN and BAIN, booksellers, 184, Fleet Street 1795K-1796L. Richard Martin and James Bain. Bankrupt 17 Sept. 1796, cert. 30 Dec. 1796, divs. 12 Aug. 1797, 5 Nov. 1802. See Richard Martin. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2765.

MARTIN, Charles, stationer and music shop, Greenwich c1794U-c1795; Stockwell Street, Greenwich 1802H-1826Pi; Royal Hill, Greenwich l832Pi+. Music imprint c1795. Humphries and Smith.

MARTIN, David, engraver and painter, at a hosier's facing Poland Street, Oxford Road 1765-66; Great Scotland Yard, Whitehall 1767; Dean Street, Soho 176979; Edinburgh 1790. B. 1736 or 1737, Anstruther, Fife; D. 1798, Edinburgh. Pupil of Allen Ramsay, accompanied him to Rome. Studied at St. Martin's Lane Academy. Portrait painter. Exhibited Incorporated Society 1765-78, Free Society 1767; Royal Academy 1779, 1790. On death of wife moved to Edinburgh. Painter to Prince of Wales for Scotland. Active in line and mezzotint. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 916-19.

MARTIN, Elias, engraver and painter, at Mrs. Pinkley's, Duke Street, Piccadilly 1768; at Mrs. Laverock's, Mill Street, Hanover Square 1769-70; Dean Street, Soho 177173; Leicester Street, Leicester Fields 1774-80; 15, Trim Street, Bath 1790. B. 1739, Stockholm; d. 28 Jan. 1818, Stockholm. To London 1768. Student at Royal Academy 1769, associate 1771. Exhibited Society of Artists 1768, Royal Academy 1769-80, 1790, Free Society 1776. Returned to Sweden where painter to King 1780. Returned to England (Bath) 1788-91. Brother John Frederick q.v. DNB Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MARTIN, Henry, bookbinder, Shoe Lane 1770; Blackfriars 1775; St. Andrew's Hill 1778, Creed Lane 1785; 20, Bull and Mouth Street 1794-1805H. S. of Thomas M. of Maidstone, bricklayer. App. David Steel 3 Feb. 1761, free Sta. Co. 7 Apr. 1769, 1770-95 5 apps., 1 turn over. Son Thomas bookbinder q.v. Howe; Ramsden.

MARTIN, James, stationer and bookbinder, Kensington c1794U; High Street, Kensington 1799H-1805H. A James Martin joined the Benefit Society in 1802 aged 27. He was a pensioner of the Society in 1816. Howe; Ramsden.

MARTIN, James, stationer and bookbinder, at Mr. Butterworth's, Knightsbridge 1775. Sun insurance policy 350753 1775. Guildhall MS. 11,936/236.

MARTIN, John, bookseller, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1799H. Poss. connected with Thomas Martin, picture dealer, 52, Great Russell Street 1805H.

MARTIN, John, bookseller and stationer, 432, Oxford Street 1794B-1795B.

MARTIN, John Frederick, engraver, Dean Street, Soho 1771-73; 8, Leicester Street 1774-80. B. 8 June 1745, Stockholm; d. 28 Sept. 1816, Stockholm. With brother Elias to England 1770. Pupil of Woollett and Bartolozzi. Exhibited Free Society 1771, Society of Artists 1772-80. Resided with brother and made many engravings from his drawings. Returned to Stockholm 1780 where he made engravings after Swedish artists. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MARTIN, Richard, bookseller, 3, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill 1798K-1800; Sweeting's Alley, Cornhill 1799H. Bankrupt 1 Mar. 1800, cert. 14 June 1800. Prob. previously in partnership of Martin and Bain q.v.

MARTIN, Samuel, bookseller, printer and bookbinder, Queen's Head Court, Paternoster Row 1787-96; 27, Paternoster Row 1799H. Poss. s. of Samuel M. of Southwark, fellowship porter; decd. 1802. App. Richard Oliver 5 Feb. 1771, turned over to William Crowther 7 Oct. 1777, free Sta. Co. 7 Apr. 1778, livery 3 Mar. 1789, 1787-96 3 apps., premiums £5, £20. Howe; Ramsden.

MARTIN, Thomas, bookseller, King Street 1774. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl.

MARTIN, Thomas, bookbinder, Long Lane, West Smithfield 1798; 22, Bull and Mouth Street 1802H; Nicoll Square 1809; New North Street, Red Lion Square 1812; Cock Court, St. Martin's le Grand 1824; no. 8 1828R; Glasshouse Yard, Blackfirars 1830. S. of Henry Martin, bookbinder. Free Sta. Co. patrimony 3 Apr. 1798, 1798-1830 5 apps. Prob. joined Benefit Society aged 34 1811. Howe; Ramsden.

MARTIN, William, typefounder, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1786-90. D. 1815, bur. St. James Westminster. Taught in Birmingham. To London where worked for George Nicol c1786. Produced types for Shakespeare Press, also Greek and Oriental types. Supplied types to others including McCreery. Dibdin's bibliographical works printed in his types. Foundry continued for a short time by Bulmer but material sold to Henry Caslon II 1817. Brother, Robert, Baskerville's apprentice and successor. Todd; Reed.

MARTIN, William, printseller, Leicester Fields 1793. Bankrupt 26 Nov. 1793, cert. 22 Feb. 1794, divs. 26 Feb. 1799, 4 Aug. 1798. Poss. the same as William Martin, painter who exhibited Royal Academy 1775-1816. His address is given as Leicester Square 1791. Graves.

MARTIN, William, bookseller, Paternoster Row 1792. Livery Sta. Co. by 1792.

MARTYN, Thomas, printseller and publisher, 10, Great Marlborough Street 1790. Same address as M. Wells. BM Satires.

MASON, James, engraver, Phoenix Court, Hart Street. Covent Garden 1763; Phoenix Alley, Long Acre 1764 Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road 1765-69; no. 10 1768-69; Paddington 1771; 3, Winchester Row, Paddington 1772-74; 15, Winchester Row 1776-83. B. c1710; d. c1785. Landscape engraver fl. 1743-83. A series of plates after Claude and Gasper Poussin was publ. by Arthur Pond 1743-48. Many engravings after Scott, Lambert, Serres, Bellers etc. cl750-70. Employed by Boydell 1769-72. Exhibited Society of Artists 1761 -83, Free Society 1761-67. Last plate publ. 1786. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

MASON, Thomas, paper hanging warehouse and bookseller, 169, Piccadilly 1786K-1796L. Described as linendraper 1785K and earlier. BM Satires 1796.

MASSEY and SANDELL, wholesale stationers, 23 Lombard Street 1799H-1805H. Continued by David Sandell q.v. 1806P.

MASSEY, Thomas, stationer, 18, Snow Hill 1784B-1801K 14, Cow Lane 1802H-1807P; 14, King Street, West Smithfield 1805H, 47, Cow Lane 1808P-1814P Bankrupt 14 Mar. 1795, cert. 5 July 1796, div. 22 Mar. 1796. Also described as copperplate printer 1811H.

MASSEY, William, stationer and bookseller, Park Street, Grosvenor Square 1784-1830R; no. 95 1799H-1805H, no. 103 1809H-1830R+. Trading: alone 1784-1809H 1820P-1830R ; as W. and M. Massey 1805H-1819P. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

MATHEWS, Henry, press maker, 5, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields 1799; 45, Duke Street 1802H-1830R+. Trading: as Henry Mathews 1799-1830R ; as J. Mathews 1804-21. Business registered 1799. Also described as brush maker 1809H, carpenter 1811H-1830R. Todd.

MATHEWS, James, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 18, Strand 1774-1814P; 17, Strand 1790U. Trading: as James Mathews 1774-1804P; as Elizabeth Mathews 1805H-1806P; as Mathews and Leigh 1807P-1814P. Prob. s. of Thomas M., bookbinder; d. 19 Sept. 1804 aged 62. App. Thomas Mathews, deed., free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Mar. 1766, apps. Thomas Spalding 3 May 1775, Henry Taylor 4 Dec. 1776, James Buckley 5 Aug. 1778, William Cosset 2 Mar. 1785, James Underwood 1 Mar. 1786, William Manly 4 Apr. 1789, Thomas Richard Moore 1 July 1789, son Charles 7 July 1790, James Banfield 1 Feb. 1792. A prosecuting master in the journeymen's strike 1786. Had an excellent collection of old tools. Business taken over by son-in-law Samuel Leigh with Mrs. Elizabeth Mathews. Also sold patent medicines. A Methodist lay preacher in a chapel of his own in Whetstone. Known as 'Bishop Mathews'. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Son Charles comedian at Drury Lane. Imprint(s): Kress: 1790: B1908. Plomer; Howe; Ramsden; Brown; Nichols iii, 728; Timperley 818-19.

MATHEWSON, Mathew, printer, Fox Court, Brook Street 1799H.

MATTHEWS, David, vellum and parchment maker, Long Lane, Southwark 1790U. See also William Matthews.

MATTHEWS, John, printseller, 438, Strand 1786; 441, Strand 1790U. J. C. Smith 223.

MATTHEWS, T., printer, London 1781-84. Printed London evening post 1781 -84. Aspinall.

MATTHEWS, William, vellum and parchment maker, Long Lane, Southwark 1799H-1809H. Bankrupt 26 Apr. 1800, bankrupt again 3 Mar. 1804, div. 28 Aug. 1804. See also David Matthews.

MAUD, N., bookseller or publisher, 6, Old Bailey 1775. Publisher or author of a pamphlet Resistance no Rebellion 1775. Plomer.

MAUND, G., music engraver, London?. Active 1788. Humphries and Smith.

MAWMAN, Joseph, bookseller, 22, Poultry 1801P-1811P; 39, Ludgate Hill 1812P-1828P. Imprint(s): Kress: 1800: B4102, 4194.

MAXWELL, John, stationer, Knightsbridge 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: W., F.

MAY, A., ink maker, see Joseph May I.

MAY, Charles, musical instrument maker and music seller, 87, Blackman Street, Borough 1788-c1799. Previously employed by Longman and Broderip, succ. by Richard Watts. See also Mary May. Humphries and Smith.

MAY, Harry, engraver, 80, Little Britain 1799H.

MAY, Jonathan, engraver, 9, Gee Street, Goswell Street 1799H.

MAY, Joseph I, ink maker, 4, White Horse Yard 1781L-1785L; Black Swan Alley, London Wall 1786L-1831R; no. 2 1786L-1797L. Trading: as Joseph May 1781L-1801P; as A. May 1799H; as May and Ames 1802H-1826R; as May and Co. 1827P-1830R; as Joseph May 1831R+. Livery Musicians' Co. by 1792. See also William May.

MAY, Joseph II, ink maker, London Wall 1799. Free Musician's Co. patrimony 28 Oct. 1799. See also Joseph May I.

MAY, Mary, musical instrument maker and music seller, 87, Blackman Street, Borough 1794B. See also Charles May.

MAY, Richard, inkmaker, at George Westerman's, Black Swan Alley, London Wall 1780. Free Musicians' Co. servitude 23 May 1780.

MAY, Robert, bookseller, 11, Sherborn Lane, Lombard Street 1780K-1788K.

MAY, William, ink maker, Coleman Street 1779L. See also Joseph May I.

MAYAT, Thomas Emanuel, law stationer, see Thomas Emanuel Mayot.

MAYFIELD, Thomas, engraver, Staining Lane 1790U1817U; no. 10 1790U; no. 18 1799H-1817U. D. 18 Dec. 1823. Livery Goldsmiths' Co. 18 Feb. 1791. Primarily a jeweller and motto ring maker 1799H-1817U.

MAYNARD, John, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder and circulating library, 9, Panton Street, Haymarket 1799H-1831R+. Trading: as John Maynard 1799H-1831R; as Jonathan Maynard 1830R. Hamlyn.

MAYNARD, William, printseller, 1, St. Martin's Court, Leicester Fields 1786-91. BM Satires.

MAYNARD, William, stationer, see Honour Chassereau. Bankrupt Feb. 1780.

MAYNE, John, printer, 31, Exeter Street 1788-89; Temple Bar 1790U-1836. B. 26 Mar. 1759, Dumfries; d. 14 Mar. 1836, Lisson Grove, London. Ed. in local grammar school. To Glasgow where worked for Foulis brothers 1782. To London 1782. Became printer, proprietor and editor of Star 13 Feb. 1789-1836. Some of his own poems appeared in this newspaper and lyrics were also publ. in the Gentleman's magazine 1807-17. DNB; Todd; Aspinall.

MAYOR, James, bookseller and stationer, Duke Street, Smithfield 1794B. Prob. error for Samuel Major q.v.

MAYOR, Thomas, engraver, 5, Tavistock Row, Covent Garden 1799H.

MAYOT, Thomas Emanuel, law stationer, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane 1790U-1792. Livery Saddlers' Co. by 1792. Daughter Mary Anne d. Mar 1790. Musgrave.

MAZELL, Peter, engraver, Peter Street, Bloomsbury 1764; 6, Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road 1766-68; Hassell's Row, Tottenham Court Road 1769; 13 Winchester Row, Paddington 1770-80; 64, Portland Street 1783; 31, Gerrard Street 1790; 7, Brydges Street, Covent Garden 1791; 7, Cook Place, St. Pancras 1797. Poss. Irish. Also flower painter. Exhibited Society of Artists 1761-91, Royal Academy 1797. Engr. plates for Pennant's British zoology 1766, Tour of Wales 1778 and other travel and topographical works 1763-88. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MAZINGHY, John, bookseller, Fleet Street 1778. Bankrupt July 1778.

MEAD and ARUNDELL, engravers, 132, Long Acre 1799H-1800P; 85, Long Acre 1801P-1803P; 37, Great Queen Street 1805H-1821P; 34, Great Queen Street 1822R-1830R+. Trading: as Mead and Arundell 1799H-1800P; as William Mead 1801P-1803P; as Mead and Arundell 1805H-1819R; as William Mead 1820R-1830R+. Described as engraver and chaser 1822R-1830R+.

MEAD, Edward, stationer, 174, Fenchurch Street

MEAD, William, engraver, see Mead and Arundell.

MEADEN, John, bookseller and stationer, Margaret Street, St. Marylebone 1768N-1805H; no. 14 1799H-1802H; no. 15 1805H; 14, Oxford Street 1784B-1785P. B. c1730, Dorset, poss. Whitcomb, prob. s. of John M.; d. Apr. 1805. Marr. 2nd wife, ward and cousin Margaret Meaden (1758-1803) at Marylebone 1787. Will in P.C.C. Two daughters and one son John (b. 1792) bookseller in London from 1818, 5, Catherine Street, Strand 1822R; 1, Tavistock Court, Covent Garden 1822R-1830R. Information from descendant.

MEADOWS, Robert Mitchell, historical engraver, Warren Street, Tottenham Court Road 1799H; 47, Warren Street 1802H. B. Cardigan; d. before 1812. Poss. the same as R. Meadows, address not given 1781, BM Satires. Thieme and Becker.

MEDLAND, Thomas, engraver, Old Palace Yard, Westminster 1777; Horseferry Road, Westminster 1779; facing Marsham Street, Westminster 1780; 3, Gray's Walk, Lambeth 1789-93; 13, Abingdon Street, Westminster 1794-180fi; West India College, Hertford 1808-16; St. Andrew's Vicarage, Hertford 1821-22. D. 30 Oct. 1833, Hertford. Collaborator with William Byrne. Worked in line and aquatint manner. Subjects chiefly topographical. Work appeared in Copperplate magazine. Engraved plates for Farington's Views of the Lakes 1789, Hardings Shakspeare illustrated 1793, Robinson Crusoe after Stothard 1790. Exhibited Royal Academy 1777-1822. Moved to Hertfordshire when appointed drawing master at Haileybury College 1806. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MEEN, Richard, copperplate printer, 10, Northumberland Court, Charing Cross 1785P; Northumberland Street, Strand 1790U.

MERIGOT, J., engraver, London 1797-98. Also a landscape painter. Active in Paris 1772-91 and London by 1797. Publ. series of views of Paris, Rome etc. Imprints: Abbey: 1798: AT398. Thieme and Becker.

MERKE, H., engraver, London c 1799-1820. B. Niederweningen, Zurich. Active in London as aquatinter. Illustrated books of travel and sports. Imprints: Abbey: AS4; Tooley: 1799: 409, 420?. Thieme and Becker.

MERRICK, Richard, bookbinder, Queen Street, Cheapside 1778. App. Charles Barry, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 4 Mar. 1778, his app. John Gardiner 2 Dec. 1778.

MERRIFIELD, Thomas, engraver, 11, Piccadilly 1799H-1800P; 50, New Bond Street 1801P-1807P; Bridge Street, Blackfriars 1808P-1810P. Trading: alone 1799H-1804P; as Merrifield and Downey 1805P-1810P. Poss. connected with Thomas Merrifield, sculptor who exhibited Royal Academy 1815-23. Graves.

MERRITT, William, stationer, 22, Bermondsey Street 1799H-1802H; 6, Red Lion Street, Southwark 1801; 8, Lant Street, Borough 1805H. Registered press with John Morris 1801. Todd.

MERRY and OGBORN, stationers, see John Merry and Richard Ogborn.

MERRY, John, stationer, 122, Bishopgate Street within 1770K-1795L. Trading alone 1770K-1781L; as Merry and Ogborn 1782K-1795L. D. 28 Mar. 1797, Lewisham. Free Drapers' Co. by 1770, livery by 1792. Common Councillor Bishopsgate ward 1770-97, deputy 1788-97. For 2-3 years tormented by asthma. Succ. by Richard Ogborn q.v. Nichols iii, 728: Timperley 794.

MESSING, Sarah, stationer, Compton Street, Soho 1763M; London 1770-79. D. 1779. Marr. Frederick Messing b. 1726, son of Frederick and grandson of Nicholas Jacob Christopher of Hesse Cassel, d. 1769. Succ. Frederick Messing as stationer in ordinary to the King on death 1769, warrant dated 5 Jul 1772. Succ. as stationer in ordinary to King by Francis John Knight, presumably on her death, 1779. Information from Dr N.W.Alcock and Royal Archives; PRO LC 3/67/21, 5/168/361, 5/25/17-36.

METSON, John, compositor, 2, Kings Head Court, Fetter Lane 1799H.

MICHELL, George, bookseller and stationer, 8, New Bond Street 17S81-1800P. Livery Sta. Co. by 1781. Also described as engraver 1790U. Took in advertisements for Morning chronicle 1785P. City Polls: 1781: L., 1784: A. Westminster Poll 1784: H., F. Also listed as Mitchell, George 1792K-1800P.

MIDDIMAN, Samuel, engraver, 55, Crown Court, St. James's Square 1771-73; 63, Wells Street, Oxford Street 1774-76; at Mr. Byrne's, 69, Wells Street 1777; 79, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square 1780; 16, Winchester Row 1781-82; 7, Warren Place, Hampstead Road 1795-97. B. c1750: d. 20 Dec. 1831, Cirencester Place. Taught by William Byrne and prob. William Woollett and Bartolozzi. Employed by Boydell for Shakspeare gallery. Landscape was his finest feature ad he was frequently employed by others for this preliminary work. His own finished engravings appeared in various topographical publications 1784-1811. Exhibited Free Society 1771, Society of Artists 1772-77, Royal Academy 1780-97. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MIDDLETON and CARTER, stationers. see Thomas Middleton.

MIDDLETON, Charles, engraver and architect, at James Paine's, Salisbury Street 1778; Walcot Place, Lambeth 1779-81; 9, Margaret Street, Westminster 1782-83; Chidley Court, Pall Mall 1790-91; 23, Cecil Street, Strand 1793. Born 1756. Died ca.1818. Articled pupil of the architect James Paine (1717-1789). Member of Society of Artists. Exhibited designs and elevations of buildings Society of Artists 1778, 1791, Royal Academy 1779-93. Engravings appeared in various architectural publications written and illustrated by him: Plans, elevations, and sections, of the House of Correction, for the County of Middlesex (London : published by I. and J. Taylor, 1788). Picturesque and architectural views for cottages, (London : printed for Edward Jeffery; sold by R. Faulder; and T. and J. Egerton, 1793. and London : printed for the proprietor; and sold by H. D. Symonds, 1795). The architect and builder’s miscellany, or pocket library; containing original picturesque design (London : printed for the author; and sold by J. Debrett; Faulder; J. Taylor; Messrs. White; and 1799). Designs for gates and rails suitable to parks, (London : published by J. Taylor, ca.1800). Architect to George III. Sources: Thieme and Becker; Graves; Benezit Dictionary of artists (Paris: Gründ, 2006); Colvin, Howard A biographical dictionary of British architects, 3rd ed. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995).

MIDDLETON, Daniel, stationer, Minories 1770N-1777N.

MIDDLETON, Michael, stationer and pencil maker, l65, Strand 1785B.

MIDDLETON, Nicholas, stationer, pocket book and pencil maker, Strand 1768K-1825P; no. 188 1775; no. 181 1778K-1785B; no. 162 1786K-1825P; no. 168 1784B-1793L; no. 145 1802H-1805H. Westminster Poll 1774: Pe., Cl. Sun insurance policy 348635 with Claudius Vincent 2 Jan. 1775. Guildhall ms. 11,936/236. Pocket book and pencil maker to Prince of Wales 1800P-1811H; to King 1802H-1811H. Also described as writing desk maker 1817U etc.

MIDDLETON, Thomas, stationer, 82, Cannon Street 1784B-1785P; 47, Wood Street, Cheapside 1793K; 48, Wood Street 1794B-1803P. Trading: as Middleton and Carter 1785B, otherwise alone. See also J. Carter. Described as paper hanger 1802H.

MIDWINTER, Charles, copperplate printer, Long Lane 1789. S. of Charles M. deed. Free Merchant Taylor's Co. patrimony 2 May 1739. Son Charles app. James Lester cit. and Merchant Taylor 5 Mar. 1789, free 7 Nov. 1798.

MILES, engraver and printer, St Margaret's Hill, Southwark 1785P.

MILHOUSE, William, music printer and seller, 100, Wardour Street, Soho 1787K-1797; 337, Oxford Street c1797-1837. Trading: alone 1787K-c1825; as William Milhouse and son c1825-37. Also made military instruments. Musical instrument makers to the Dukes of Kent and Cumberland 1809H-1817U. Humphries and Smith.

MILLAN, Buchanan (also McMILLAN), printer, 35, Henrietta Street 1784B-1786; corner Exeter Change, Strand 1788-89; 355, opp. Somerset House, Strand 1789; British Library, 132, Strand 1789-92; 112, Strand 1792180fi; 23, Russell Court 1799; Tavistock Street, Covent Garden 1799H-1800; 6, Bow Street, Covent Garden 1800-34. S. of Findley McM. of Invernessshire, gent. App. Thomas Wright 1773, 1784-1813 15 apps., 1 premium £20. Printed Oracle 1789-92; World 1788-89, Sun 17921806. Signed compositors' scale 1785. With Alexander Macpherson 1799. Printer to Prince of Wales 1797-1820. Printer in ordinary to King 1815, 1820. Registered presses 1799, 1800. Bankrupt 29 Apr. 1786, cert. 6 July 1792, div. 22 May 1787. Music imprints 1815, 1824. Imprint(s): Kress: 1794: B2696, 2781, 2813-14, 2857; 1796: B3124, S5512: 1797: B3536; 1800: B4313. Howe; Todd; Humphries and Smith; Aspinall; Werkmeister.

MILLAN, John, bookseller, Locke's Head, New Street, between Marylebone Street and Piccadilly 1727; Whitehall 1727-1772L; near Admiralty Office 1739; Charinp; Cross 1774K-1781 K. D. 15 Feb. 1784 aged about 84 (according to Musgrave 15 Mar. 1782 aged 81). Publisher and dealer in new and second-hand books. 'Buys and sells libraries and has a very fine collection of natural curiosities' 1763M. The antiquary Richard Gough called his premises 'a future Herculaneum' because of its hidden treasures 1772. Celebrated in Dell's poem 'Millan, deserving of the warmest praise,/ As full of worth and virtue as of days,/ Brave, open, generous 'tis in him we find/ A solid judgement and a taste refined'. Publ. works of James Thomson and heraldic books. Succ. by Thomas and John Egerton. Imprint(s): Kress: 1777: S4889. Plomer; Nichols iii, 641-42; Timperley 750, 784; Musgrave.

MILLAR, J., bookbinder, Bell's Buildings 1794. Poss. the Miller 'formerly a master' who joined the Trade Society 1808. Howe.

MILLER, Ambrose, stationer, 49, Brewer Street, Soho 1785B.

MILLER, Ann, printer, 74, Rosemary Lane, Tower Hill 1785P-1789. Succ. John Miller. Deceased, printing material to be auctioned on premises by W. & T. Fane 13 Feb. 1789 (DA 11 Feb. 1789). Howe; Todd; Berch.

MILLER, J., bookbinder, 16, St. Martin's Lane 1789A-1790U. Ramsden.

MILLER, J., bookseller, 5, Old Bond Street 1794B. See William Miller.

MILLER, John, bookseller and stationer, 92, Great Tower Street 1799H.

MILLER, John, printer, Blue Anchor, Mint Street 1769; Newgate Street 1767; Paternoster Row 1770; 2, Queen's Head Passage, Newgate Street 1772L-1773L; Old Bailey 1774-77; no. 6 1778-1781L; 74, Rosemary Lane 1778-1782; 91, Rosemary Lane 1782; opp. Exeter Change, Strand 1781. App. Charles Green Say 5 Nov. 1760, free Sta. Co. 3 Mar 1767, 1764-77 9 apps. The British jewel, or Complete housewife's best companion 1st ed., Printed and sold by J. Miller, at the Blue Anchor in Mint Street, near St. George's Church, Southwark, 1769 (ESTC lists only 1 copy: Library of Congress), sold for £1200 22 Sept. 2011, Bloomsbury Auctions. Sun policies 397588, 399385. Newspaper printer. Printed London evening post 1769-73, 1776-81, London mercury 1771-73, 1776-83, General advertiser 1776, London courant 1781, London recorder 1782. A Mr. Miller was discharged by Wilkes after committal by the House of Commons 1771. Fined £100 for printing letter by Horne Tooke 17 Dec. 1776. As former printer of London evening post arrested for libel on Russian ambassador 18 Sept. 1781, sentenced to 12 months in prison 28 Nov. 1781. D. Constable at 6, Old Bailey by 1785. Succ. at 74, Rosemary Lane by Ann Miller. Imprint(s): Kress: 1777: B 12. Timperley 738; Aspinall; Werkmeister; Nichols ix, 402; McKenzie.

MILLER, John (Johann Sebastian Mueller), engraver, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1759-64; Brewer Street 1767; Dorset Court, Parliament Street 1768-85; 10, Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth 1789; 11, Craven Buildings n.d. B. c 1715, Nuremberg; d. 1789/94. Studied in Nuremberg under J. C. Weigel and M. Tyroff. To England as architectural engraver with brother Tobias 1744. Illustrated many botanical works incl. Illustration of the sexual system in plants 1777, and produced many plates on nonscientific subjects including some in mezzotint. Also painted landscapes. Used pseud. 'L'Esperance'. Exhibited Free Society 1761, Society of Artists 1762-80; Royal Academy 1782-85. DNB; Thieme and Becker; Graves; J. C. Smith 941 -42.

MILLER, Tobias (Mueller), engraver, at Bishop Blaze Long Acre 1765-66, 1783; 72, Long Acre 1767-80; at the Fan and Ball, Hanover Street, Long Acre 1769, 1, Hanover Street, Long Acre 1790. B. Nuremberg. To London with brother John 1744. Exhibited Society of Artists 1765-90. Architectural engraver. Thieme and Becker; Graves.

MILLER, William, bookseller and stationer, 5, Old Bond Street 1790-1805H; 50, Albemarle Street 1804-12, 49, Albemarle Street 1807P-1809H. B. 25 Mar. 1769, s. of Thomas M. of Bungay, bookseller; d. 25 Oct. 1844 Dennington, Suffolk. Though a skilled artist when young he entered Hookham's publishing house 1787. Set up on own 1790. Publ. books of costumes, had shares in Sir Walter Scott's poems and reprinted the works of Samuel Richardson. His British Callery was notable for its engravings. One of the most popular publishers in London. Paid a record £4,500 for the copyright of Charles James Fox's History of the reign of James I. Bookseller to Duke of Clarence 1790-1805H. Music imprints 1790-c1805. Able to retire and was succeeded by John Murray junior who purchased the house and stock for £3822/12/6d 1812. Imprint(s): Kress: 1795. S5498; 1800: S5662, B4278. DNB; Nichols iii, 731 Brown; Humphries and Smith; J. C. Smith 149.

MILLEY, Edward, bookseller and stationer, 15, Chandler Street, Grosvenor Square 1794B-1799H.

MILLIDGE, Josiah, printer, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden 1774-1785P; no. 37 1784B-1785P. S. of Josiah M. of Wiltshire, maltster; d. c1786. App. Mary Read 1749, 1770-81 7 apps. Westminster Polls 1774: Pe., Cl.; 1784: H., F. Howe; Todd.

MILLS, I. or J., printseller and publisher, 1, Ratcliff Row, near French Hospital, Old Street 1780. BM Satires 1780,1783.

MILLS, J., printseller and publisher, Strand 1786. BM Satires.

MILLS, John, stationer and news dealer, 37, Poland Street, Oxford Street 1790U-1800P.

MILLS, John, stationer, Salisbury Court 1792. Livery Loriners' Co. by 1792.

MILLS, John, stationer and ship chandler, Tooley Street 1794K-1795K; 148, Tooley Street 1797K-1803P. Trading: alone 1794K-1800P; as Mills and Darling; 1801K-1803P.

MILLS, John, stationer, 5, Joiners' Hall Buildings, Upper Thames Street 1794B-1795K.

MILNE, Thomas, engraver and map seller, 7, New Street, Knightsbridge 1800-1802H. Survey of Hampshire 1788. Listed as surveyor 1802H. Poss. connected with Thomas Milne, engraver and printer, 19, Bedford Street, Bedford Row 1826R-1836Pi. Darlington and Howgego.

MILTON, John, engraver, 6, Queen Street, Golden Square 1785; Mint, Tower 1788-91; 3, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane 1799H; 5, Rolls Buildings 1802H-1824P. Trading: as John Milton 1799H-1805H; as Henry Milton 1806P-1824P. D. 10 Feb. 1805. Medallist to Prince of Wales. Engraver at Mint 1788-98. Also engraved tokens. Exhibited Royal Academy 1785-1803. DNB; Thieme and Becker.

MILTON, Thomas, engraver and print publisher, 40, Great Queen Street 1787. B. 1743, s. of John M., marine painter; d. 27 Feb. 1827, Bristol. Prob. pupil of Woollett. Early on active in London. In Dublin 1783-86. Returned to London 1786. Publ. Views of seats in Ireland 1783-93. Also worked for Boydells and other publishers. Governor of Society of Engravers founded 1803. Imprint(s): Abbey: 1790: AT605. DNB; Thieme and Becker: J. C. Smith 1472.

MILTON, William, engraver, London 1790. D. 1790. Book illustrator. Thieme and Becker.

MINE, Stephen, bookseller and stationer, Richmond Green 1799H.

MITCHELL, A., printer, 13, Bridges Street, Covent Garden? 1790. Printed Sunday London gazette 1790-1808. Aspinall.

MITCHELL, George, stationer, 8, New Bond Street 1792K-1800P. Error for Mitchell, George q.v.

MITCHELL Philip, bookseller and printseller, North Audley Street, Grosvenor Square 1775-84. Publ. prints with Harris and J. Fielding. Westminster Poll 1784: H, W. Plomer; BM Satires 1780-82.

MOGG, Edward, map seller and engraver, 61, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square 1804; 14, Little Newport Street, Leicester Square 1805-1813P; 51, Charing Cross 1814P-1824P; Coventry Street 1825P; 25, Coventry Street 1826P; 14, Russell Street, Covent Garden 1827P-1830P+. Active in 1795. Darlington and Howgego.

MOLINI, Peter, bookseller and Italian merchant, 18, Haymarket, St. James's 1773L; Oxenden Street, Leicester Fields 1774K-1779K; Woodstock Street 1784; 28, Haymarket 1795K. Trading: alone 1773L-1784; as Molini and Co. 1795K. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. Various members of the Molini family appear in directories as Italian and French merchants in the Haymarket, Bridges Street, Covent Garden and Mount Street, Grosvenor Square from the 1760s to the end of the century.

MOLLOY, Featherstone, rag merchant, Oxford Street 1781; 34, Oxford Street 1784B. Bankrupt Dec. 1781.

MOLTENO, COLNAGHI and Co., printsellers, see Anthony Molteno, Paul Colnaghi.

MOLTENO, Anthony, printseller and bookseller, 132, Pall Mall 1789L-1793L; 76, St. James's Street c 1793U1799H; 48, Pall Mall 1797L; 29, Pall Mall 1800P-1820P; 20, Pall Mall 1821P-1830R+. Trading: as Molteno, Colaaghi and Co. 1789L-1793L; alone c1793U-1828K; as Molteno and Graves 1830R+. Partner of Paul Colnaghi q.v. Printseller to Duke of York 1794B. Collector of drawings. Imprint(s): Abbey: (Molteno, Colnaghi and Co.) 1791 -92: AS2. J. C. Smith lii, 1247.

MONRO, William, law stationer, Yeate's Court, Clare Market 1799H. Prob. in partnership as Monro and Brooks, law stationers, 24, Bell Yard, Carey Street. See Charles James Brooke.

MONZANI and CIMADOR, music sellers, see Tebaldo Monzani.

MONZANI, Tebaldo, music seller and publisher, musical instrument maker and musician, 10, Prince's Street, Cavendish Square 1787-88; 6, Coventry Street, Haymarket 1792; 6, Great Marlborough Street 1793; 16, Down Street, Piccadilly 1795; 5, Hamilton Street, Piccadilly 1796-98; 2, Pall Mall 1798-1803; 3, Pall Mall 1804P; 3, Old Bond Street 1805H-1813; 100, Cheapside c1808-14; 24, Dover Street 1813-19; 28, Regent Street c1819-1833R+. Trading: alone 1787-1800; as Monzani and Cimador 1800-1805H; alone 1805-07; as Monzani and Hill or Monzani and Co. c1807-1833R+. D. June 1839 aged 77. Publ. own and others music. Partner Giambattista Cimadoro. Music seller to Prince of Wales 1802H-1811H. Ran Opera Music Warehouse in Old Bond Street. Publ. cats. c1799-l807. Business continued by Henry Hill. Humphries and Smith.

MOODY, Robert, bookbinder, Red Lion Court, White Hart Yard 1796. Westminster Poll 1796: F., T.

MOORE, music seller, 2, Bridgewater Square, Barbican c1775. Music imprint cl775. Humphries and Smith.

MOORE, printer, partner with Thomas Rickaby q.v. until Jan. 1785. Poss. the same as Joseph Moore.

MOORE, music seller, 2, Bridgewater Square, Barbican c1775. Music imprint c 1775. Humphries and Smith.

MOORE and GOUGH, paper hanging makers and stationers, 11, Great Bell Alley 1771K-1782K; 6, Aldgate without 1769K-1785L; 7, Bell Alley 1783B-1785P. Trading: as Jonathan Moore 1769K-1770N; as Moore and Gough 1771K-1775N; as Moore and Co. 1776K-1785L; as Jonathan Moore 1784B-1785P. Firm continued by William Gough alone 1786K. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

MOORE, Benjamin, stationer, 31, Newgate Street 1767K-1775N.

MOORE, Elizabeth, printer, 11, Grocers' Alley, Poultry 1785P. D. c1787. 1770-85 5 apps. Widow or daughter of John Moore, printer active 1740-66. Succ. by John Bryan q.v.. Howe; Todd.

MOORE, G., printer, With Ralph Ayre q.v..

MOORE, Isaac, typefounder and printer, Bristol 1764-66; Queen Street, Moorfields 1768-76, 43, Drury Lane 1776-1781L. Originally a whitesmith. Punchcutter to Fry in Bristol and Queen Street though business conducted under his name as Isaac Moore and Co. Issued specs. in Bristol 1766 and Queen Street 1768. Left business of Fry 1776. Imprint(s): Kress: 1775: A7097. Plomer; Howe; Reed; Berry and Johnson.

MOORE, J., printseller and publisher, 19, Hallon (?Hatton) Street 1784. BM Satires.

MOORE, Jonathan, paper hanging maker and stationer, see Moore and Gough.

MOORE, Joseph, typefounder printer and pressmaker 43, Great A, Drury Lane 1782L-1785P; 44, Drury Lane 1784B; 134, Drury Lane 1790U-1826; 84, Quadrant, Regent Street 1823-27. Trading: as Joseph Moore 1782L-1810P; as Joseph Kenton Moore 1801-27; as Moore and son 1811H-l826R. Joseph Kenton Moore took 1 app. premium £20 1809. Registered presses 1801. Also described as a patent marking instrument maker 1811H. Howe; Todd; Reed.

MOORE, Philip, stationer, Doctors' Commons 1786K-1787K; 2, Bell Yard, Doctors' Commons 1788K-1789K; Great Knightrider Street 1784B-1785P; no. 11 1789A-1793K.

MOORE, Rickman, stationer and paper hanging maker, 63, Bishopsgate within 1794B-1830P+. Trading: alone 1794B-1810P; as Moore and son 1811H-1812P; alone 1813P-1819P; as (Rickman) Moore and son 1820P-1827P; as William Moore 1828P-1830P+. Previously with Robert Armitage. See Armitage and Roper. Sugden and Edmondson 87.

MOORE, Robert, stationer and liquor merchant, Richmond c1798U.

MOORE, Thomas, stationer, Paternoster Row 1777N; no. 33 1782L-1785P.

MOORE, Thomas, stationer, 82, Cannon Street 1790U.

MOOR(E), William, circulating library, Church Street, Hackney 1799H.

MOORE, William, stationer and bookseller, Leadenhall Street 1785B-1824P; no. 112 1785B-1788K; no. 8 1790U-1801P; no. 13 1802H; no. 48 1805H-1824P. Trading: as William Moore 1785B-1816P; as Mrs. Moore 1817U; as Jane Moore 1820P-1823P; as James Moore 1824P.

MOORE, William, bookseller, stationer and printseller, Vere Street, Oxford Street 1784-1785B; 48, New Bond Street 1785-88; 308, Oxford Street 1788-1793L. Described as paper hanging warehouse 1793L. BM Satires 1784-89.

MORDECAI, Moses, engraver, Lemon Street 1776. Bankrupt Dec. 1776, cert. 7 June 1776.

MORGAN, C., printseller and publisher, Holles Street, Cavendish Square 1786. Prob. fictitious. BM Satires.

MORGAN, Isaac, bookseller and bookbinder, 18, Crown Street, Finsbury 1799H-1811H. S. of William M., of Spitalfields, turner. App. William Crowther 1 Mar. 1774, free Sta. Co. 1 May 1781, 1801 1 app. Howe; Ramsden.

MORGAN, John, wholesale stationer and rag merchant, 39, Ludgate Hill 1783B-1815P; 9 Bell Sauvage Yard 1816P-1828R; 2, Fleet Market 1829R- 183OR+. Trading: as John Morgan 1783B-1811H; as John Morgan and sons 1812P- 1816P; as Morgan and brothers 1817U-1819P; as John Minter Morgan 1820P-1830R.

MORGAN, William, printer, Lombard Street, Whitefriars 1785B.

MORGUE, John, stationer, 31, Oxford Street 1790U.

MORLEY, A., bookseller, Gay's Head, near Beaufort Buildings, Strand c 1756-76. Partner of Samuel Hooper. Plomer.

MORLEY, James, printer, 2, Church Street, Southwark 1799; 1, Church Street 1804; Artillery Street, Southwark 1804; 8, High Street, Camberwell 1826; 1, St. John's Place, New Town, Walworth, Newington 1828. Registered presses 1799, 1804, 1826, 1828. Todd.

MORRIS, Robert, stationer, St. Brides 1778. Bankrupt Sep. 1778, cert. 13 Dec. 1783.

MORRIS, Thomas, engraver, at Mr Woollett's, Long Court, Leicester Fields 1766-67; Brown's Court, Carnaby Market 1768; 5, Ely Court Holborn 1775-76; 24, Baker Street, Portman Square 1791; 77, Baker Street 1794. B. c1750; d. after 1802. Fl. 1766-1800. Pupil of Woollett. Landscape engraver in line manner. Worked for Boydell producing sporting prints etc. Figures added by other artists. Also produced some original etchings. Latest date on works 1802. Exhibited Free Society 1766-76; Society of Artists 1768. Poss. the same as the artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy from the last two addresses 1791-94. DNB; Thieme and Becker; 3 Graves.

MORSE, Robert, seal engraver, 30, St. John's Street 1799H-1811H.

MORTON, John, printer, 32, Holywell Street, Strand 1799-1810; 272, Strand 1809H-l8llH; 94, Strand 1808-19. Registered presses 1799. Printed Sunday review 1802H-1811H. Todd.

MORTON, John, printseller, Rathbone Place 1799H.

MORTON, William, pressmaker and seller, typeseller and auctioneer, 54, Shoe Lane 1799-1805H. Registered 1799. T. Morton, printer's smith, at same address 1804. Todd.

MOTT and DENHAM, stationers, see John Mott.

MOTT, Elizabeth, stationer, see John Mott.

MOTT, John, stationer, Nag's Head Court, Gracechurch Street 1790U-1800P; no. 1 1792K-1799L; no. 2 1798K-18OOP. Trading: as Mott and Denham 1790U; as John Mott 1792K-1800P; as Elizabeth Mott 1799L. Imprint(s): Kress: (J. Mott) 1789: S5205.

MOTTA and BALL, music sellers, See Domenico Motta and James Ball.

MOTTA, Domenico, music seller and publisher and pianoforte maker, 1 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square c1794. Trading: as Motta and Ball. For a brief period partner with James Ball q.v. Humphries and Smith.

MOTTRAM, Edward, copperplate printer, 3, Cross Key Court, Little Britain 1785P; 4, Little Britain 1799H-1830R+. Trading: as Mottram 1785P; as Edward Mottram 1799H-1805H; as Mottram 1809H; as Mottram and son 1811H- 1830R+.

MOULE, Thomas, pocket book maker, 2, Vinegar Walk, Clerkenwell 1799H; 7, Gray's Inn Terrace 1802H-1826R; 13, Upper North Place, Gray's Inn Road 1827P-1830R+.

MOULTON and RUSHTON, law stationers, see Stephen Moulton, J. Rushton.

MOULTON, Stephen, law stationer, Chancery Lane 1790U-1799H. Trading: alone 1790U; as Moulton and Rushton 1794B-1799H. See J. Rushton.

MOUNT and DAVIDSON, stationers, see William Mount and Thomas and James Davidson.

MOUNT and PAGE, stationers, see John Mount and Thomas Page.

MOUNT, J., printseller and publisher, Oxford Road 1784. BM Satires.

MOUNT, John, stationer, bookseller and publisher, Tower Hill 1733-1767K; Postern Row, Tower Hill 1768K-1786. Trading: as Mount and Page 1733-86. S. of William (d. 1769) and grandson of Richard (d. 1722), both stationers of Tower Hill; d. 12 July 1786. The style Mount and Page conceals various partnerships. John's father William took his son-inlaw Thomas Page into partnership by 1733. John Mount had become a partner by 1750 according to imprints. After Thomas Page's death in 1762 his son Thomas II succeeded with John Mount as partner. Imprints show that William Mount was a partner by 1778. After the death of Thomas Page II q.v.. in 1781 no evidence has been found that any member of the Page family was an active partner as Thomas III was not in the book trade. They purchased the remaining term in Jacob Tonson's patent for supplying many public offices with stationery after the death of the younger Tonson. Dealt largely in nautical books. Like his grandfather he lost a leg. Son William succ. his father. Plomer; Nichols viii, 453, ix, 705; Musgrave.

MOUNT, William, stationer and bookseller, Postern Row, Tower Hill 1786-1800P. Trading: as Mount and Page 1786-1789L; as Mount and Davidson 1790L-1800P. S. of John Mount q.v. Partner and successor of father though the government work was removed from the firm. Partner with Thomas and later James Davidson qq.v. Retired to Wasing near Newbury c 1800. James Davidson continued the business. Marr. the daughter of Thomas Page junior 1814.

MUDGE, Walter, stationer, 94, Cornhill 1774K-1796L; 95, Cornhill 1794B-1795K. See also Robson and Mudge.

MUDIE and MURRAY, booksellers and stationers 227, Strand 1799H. Poss. Thomas Mudie, circulating library and bookseller, Cheyney Walk, Chelsea 1809H-1822R who was the father of the noted proprietor of circulating libraries Charles Edward Mudie.

MUELLER, Johann Sebastian and Tobias, engravers, see John Sebastian Miller and Tobias Miller.

MUGGERIDGE, John, stationer and bookseller, 92, St. Margaret's Hill, Borough 1770N-1809H; 236, Borough 1810P-1830R; 82, Upper Thames Street 1810P-1811H; 61, Queen Street, Cheapside 1812P. Trading: as John Muggeridge 1770N-1787K; as John Muggeridge and son 1788K-1802P; as N. and J. Muggeridge 1802H-1812P; as John Muggeridge 1813P-1826R; as Nathaniel Muggeridge 1827P-1830P+. App. Thomas Bradley, free Merchant Taylors' Co. 5 Dec. 1759, livery 15 Nov. 1763, court 19 July 1776, master 1784, apps. sons Samuel and Nathaniel 6 Oct. 1779, John Muggeridge (not his son) 5 Mar. 1788; Stephen Dendy 30 Mar. 1792. The Queen Street premises was run separately by Muggeridge and Tucker 1813P-1818P; by Nathaniel Muggeridge 1819P-1827P; by Muggeridge, son and Sprague 1828P-1830P; at no. 61 1813P-1818P; no. 62 1819P-1830P+.

MULCASTER, pamphleteer and newspaper office, 27, St. Martin's le Grand 1785P.

MULLINS, Edward, press and mangle maker, Bear Lane, Blackfriars 1790U. Still active c1794. Ramsden.

MURDOCH, John, stationer and circulating library, 24, Hart Street, Knightsbridge 1799H-1805H.

MURGATROYD, Joseph, bookbinder, Four Dove Court, St. Martins 1784. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W.

MURGATROYD, Joseph, bookseller, 73, Chiswell Street 1789A-1799H. Music imprints 1792-99. Humphries and Smith.

MURPHY, John, engraver, 4, Air Street, Piccadilly 1788; 19, Howland Street, Fitzroy Square 1802H. B. c1748, Ireland. To London c1778 where active as an engraver, chiefly in mezzotint producing historical subjects after old masters and contemporary painters. Worked for Boydell's Houghton Gallery. Last date on plates 1809. DNB. Thieme and Becker; J. C. Smith 943-50.

MURRAY and HIGHLEY, booksellers, see John Murray II and Samuel Highley.

MURRAY, bookseller, see Samuel Murray, Mudie and Murray.

MURRAY, David, bookbinder, 62, Gray's Inn Lane 1794; 51, Gray's Inn Lane 1802H. Maria Murray, poss. his widow at 40, Tash Street, Gray's Inn Lane 1811H. Howe; Ramsden.

MURRAY, David, bookseller, Prince's Street 1784-1785B; 326, Oxford Street 1801P-1804P; 23, Exeter Street, Brompton 1805H. Westminster Poll 1784: H., W. See also John Murray.

MURRAY, John, bookseller, Prince's Street 1790U-1818 no. 25 1790U-1802H; no. 52 1802-06; no. 13 1805H-181IH; no. 32 1807-18; 326, Oxford Street 1805P-1817U; 28, Exeter Street, Brompton 1809H-1811H (the same?); 3, Coventry Street Haymarket 1819P-1830P+. Sarah Murray at Prince's Street and Oxford Street 1806P-1809P. See also David Murray. Brown; Howe; Ramsden.

MURRAY, John I, bookseller, 32, The Ship over against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street 1768-93. B. 1745 Edinburgh, s. of John MacMurray; d. 6. Nov. 1793. Served in Royal Marines 1762-68. Retired 1768. Acquired business of William Sandby at 'The Ship' in Fleet Street 1768. Dropped prefix Mac. Publ. cat. 1769. London agent for Edinburgh magazine 1773-76. Success grew after inheritance of small fortune from an uncle c1775. Began annual London mercury 1780. Began English review 1783. Publ. several vols. of Political magazine in succession to John Bew 1785+. Music imprints. Twice married, three sons by second wife. Succ. by John II q.v.. Imprints: Kress: 1780: B328; 1781 B387; 1782: B520, 523; 1783: B617; 1784: B724 S5042; 1786: B1071, 1092; 1787: B1318; 1788: B1441 1443; 1791: B2134; 1792: B2348; Abbey: 1788: AL244. Plomer; Nichols iii, 728; Timperley 780-81; Humphries and Smith; Chubb; BM Book sales; Musgrave.

MURRAY, John II, bookseller, 32, Fleet Street 1794-1813P; 50, Albemarle Street 1812-1830P Trading: as Murray and Highley 1794-1803P; as William Murray 1804P-1805P; as John Murray 1805H-1830P+. B. 27 Nov. 1778, Fleet Street, s. of John M. I q.v.; d. 27 June 1843. On death of father 1793 business carried on by shopman Samuel Highley q.v.. until son came of age. Soon after, dissatisfied at his lack of enterprise Murray dissolved the partnership 25 Mar. 1803. Purchased business of William Miller q.v.. 1812. Became one of the leading publishers of the early 19th century. Associated with Constable of Edinburgh, started Quarterly Review 1809. Publ. works of Jane Austen and many other noted authors. Friend and publisher of Byron. Began a series of guide books. Succ. in turn by John III, IV and V who continued the firm into the present century. Imprint(s): (Murray and Highley) Kress: 1798 B3658; 1800: B4053, 4090; Abbey: 1800: AT423. DNB; Nichols iii, 728; Timperley; Brown.

MURRAY, Samuel, bookseller, 7, Russell Court, Covent Garden 1799H-1802H. Bankrupt 17 Mar. 1804, div. 30 Nov. 1804. See also Mudie and Murray.

MUTLOW, Henry, engraver and printer, 13, Russell Court, Covent Garden 1794B-1818P; 3, York Street, Covent Garden 1819P-1830P+. Trading: alone 1794B-1818P; as Henry Mutlow and son 1819P-1828P; as James Mutlow 1829P-1830P+. Previously Woodman and Mutlow q.v. Engraved bookplates. Thieme and Becker.

MYERS, John Walker, printer, Paternoster Row 1794B; 2, Paternoster Row 1799H. D. 6 Aug. 1800. Registered press 1799. Imprints: Kress: 1798: B3636; 1800: B4096. Todd.

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