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11 January 2007

Exeter Cathedral Library: Introduction

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 5
Exeter Cathedral Library: a concordance of medieval catalogues and surviving manuscripts
compiled by Ian Maxted

This work was originally published in 1987, revised reprint 1989. ISBN 0-9507306-5-3


Sources for each column and numbering of items
List of donors and others
Date analysis of surviving manuscripts
Author index
Selective subject index
A Bible
A1 Complete Bibles
A2 Old Testament
A3 New Testament
B Service books
B1 Missals
B2 Processionals
B3 Manuals
B4 Pontificals
B5 Capitularies
B6 Ordinals
B7 Breviaries
B8 Collectars
B9 Miscellaneous service books
B10 Musical service books
B11 Psalters
B12 Portiforia
B13 Antiphonals
B14 Graduals
B15 Tropers
B16 Other musical service books
C Devotional works
C1 Epistolaries
C2 Lectionaries
C3 Legenda sanctorum
C4 Martirologies
C5 Passionaries
C6 Special legends
C7 Sermons, homilies, orations, sentences
C8 Other devotional works
D Legal works
D1 Canon law
D2 Regula, ordines
D3 Penitentials
D4 Civil law
D5 Other legal works
D6 Writers on law
E Classical writers
F Church fathers (to ca.750)
G Later writers
H Miscellaneous works
H1 Dictionaries, grammars
H2 Literature
H3 Histories
H4 Scientific
H5 Unassigned


This concordance was compiled to provide rough and ready answers to questions about the contents and development of Exeter Cathedral Library, so that broad comparisons could be drawn with libraries and catalogues of booksellers' stock in Devon after the introduction of printing. Absolute accuracy and precise identification of each item was not required so full checking of authors' names, incipits (as given in the 1327 catalogue) and second folios (as given in the 1506 catalogue) has not been attempted. For the same reason recourse was not had to the original documents (that for 1506 has in any case now disappeared) but the transcripts of George Oliver, who is not always reliable, were employed.

It is clear that such a concordance has been attempted before, for example by Neil Ker, but the results of any such work do not appear to be generally available. It was therefore felt worth while to produce these incomplete notes to save others some of the work involved in attempting to correlate the three medieval catalogues with the surviving manuscripts.

Works which it has proved possible to assign to individual authors are listed under the author's name within the three broad period divisions of classical writers (E), church fathers to ca.750 (F) and later writers (G), or else in the legal section (D). No attempt was made to standardize authors' names but some additional identification of variant names is possible through the author index.

The small subject groupings in section H are reserved for works whose authorship is not stated in the catalogues and which could not easily be ascertained. It should be referred to in conjunction with the subject index. This is very selective and cannot in any case hope to provide an exhaustive view of the subject content of the Library. Not only is it virtually impossible to apply modern concepts of what demarcates a particular subject area to medieval literature but in any case it is normally only the first item in a volume that is noted by the medieval cataloguers, who were concerned with identification rather than detailed analysis of contents. For example the astronomical treatise by al-Qabîsî (item 87 in the 1506 inventory and surviving as Bodleian ms. Bodl. 463) is made up of two separately written manuscripts containing twelve treatises. A useful brief guide to the subjects contained in the English medieval library is R.M.Wilson's article "The contents of the mediaeval library" pages 85-111 in The English library before 1700, edited by Francis Wormald and C.E.Wright (Athlone Press, University of London, 1958).

The compiler would be grateful for any corrections and amplifications to this concordance.

It should be pointed out that the 1327 catalogue normally gives incipits and the 1506 catalogue the first words of the second folio. Where present in the original entries, these are transcribed after a full stop.


...hwaet Leofric biscop haefdh ge-don into Sancte Petres mynstre on Exanceastre. [ca.1072]. In: The donations of Leofric to Exeter, by Max Förster. In: The Exeter book of Old English poetry. London: Lund Humphries, 1933.
Page Numbers Page Numbers Page Numbers
21 1-2 26 13-27 28 31-48
25 3-12 27 28-30 29 49-65
This column is also used for headings which are printed in wider type, with the section headings in bold type.
Inventarium librorum vestimentorum et aliorum ornamentorum bonorum ecclesie beati Petri Exoniensis factum per ... Ricardum de Brailegh, Subdecanum ... M.ccc.xxvij. [1327]. Exeter Dean & Chapter ms. 3671. In: Oliver, George. The lives of the bishops of Exeter. Exeter: William Roberts, 1861. Incipits, where present, are transcribed after a full stop.
Page Numbers Details
301 1-24 libri Augustini
302 25-37b libri Gregorii [37a and 37b inserted by Ker.]
302 39-48 libri Jeronimi
303 49-58 libri Ambrosii
303 59-64 libri Bede
303 65-73 libri Ysidori
303 74-79 libri sanctorum patrum
303 80-82 libri Anselmi
303 83-94 libri istoriarum
304 95-115 libri canonum et legum
304 116-132 libri Wilhelmi episcopi
305 133-149 libri Bartolomei et de Bratton
305 150-153 libri Aluredi de Cerde
305 154-170 missalia
306 171-188 antiphonaria
306 189-210 psalteria
306 211-220 libri divine pagine
307 221-231 libri de dono Roberti de Blound et Henrici Archidiaconi
307 232-329 libri de dono Willielmi de Cicestrie et aliorum
309 330-351 libri provientes tempore Thome Thesaurarii per personas
317 [352-400] books received "post confectionem dicti inventarii".
Numbered in brackets.
Inventarium omnium jocalium et bonorum ecclesie cathedralis beati Petri Exon ... [1506]. (Original now missing.)In: Oliver, George. The lives of the bishops of Exeter. Exeter: William Roberts , 1861. The first words of the second folio, where given, are transcribed after a full stop.
Page Numbers Details
366 1-374 inventarium omnium librorum in libraria inventorum
366 1-14 primus descus in parte orientali
366 15-34 secundus descus
367 35-69 tercius descus
368 70-99 quartus descus
368 100-134 quintus descus
369 135-156 sextus descus
370 157-203 septimus descus
371 204-231 octavus descus
371 232-280 nonus descus
373 281-309 decimus descus
373 310-327 undecim descus
374 328-335 libri cathenati erga ostium occidentale
374 336-374 libri non cathenati ex tota libraria
323 626-634 textus et tabule [items 375-634 were not kept in the library]
330 375-384 missalia
331 385 liber organicus
331 386-387 evangelia et epistole
331 388-389 pontificalia
331 390-395 manualia
331 396-400 libri cathenati juxta et retro magnum altare
331 401-430 antiphonaria et portiforia
332 431-437 gradalia ex parte decani
332 438-446 gradalia ex parte precentoris
333 447-459 psalteria
333 460-465 legenda sanctorum et temporalium
333 466-469 collectaria et martirologia
334 470-491 processionalia
334 492-501 libri cathenati inter gradum chori et gradum altaris ex parte australi
334 502-510 libri ex boreali parte
350 511-519 ... novo scaccario ... missalia cum aliis libris
351 520-568 libri in antiquo scaccario
353 569-580 capella beate Marie ... missalia cum ceteris libris
356 581 pro annuellariis in capella beate Marie
356 582 altare sancti Gabrielis
357 583-586 altare sancti Johannis Evangeliste
358 587-588 altare sancte Katarine et altare sancti Andree
359 589-595 libri cathenati retro stallum thesaurarii
359 596-609 libri cathenati retro stallum succentoris
360 610-611 altare sancti Pauli
361 612-613 altare sancti crucis
361 614-615 altare Bratton
362 616 altare sancti Nicholai
363 617 altare sancti Johannis in turri ex australi parte ecclesie
364 618-619 altare Brentygham
364 620 tumba comitis Devon
365 621 altare sancti Spiritus in claustro
375 622-625 capella sancti Edmundi supra ossilegium in cimeterio
Ker, Neil Ripley. The medieval libraries of Great Britain. 2nd ed. London: Royal Historical Society, 1964.
Some attempt was made in 2017 to link to digital images of pages from surviving manuscripts which are available on the internet.


Aysperton, Robert. Clerk of works 1299-1313, vicar choral 1322. 1327:347-8.
Bartholomew. Bishop 1162-84. 1327:133-47; Bodl. ms. Bodl. 449.
Blound, Robert le. Precentor ca.1150. 1327:221-6.
Bobych, J. Scribe 15th cent. Bodl. Wood empt. 15.
Bollegh, Henry. Archdeacon of Totnes d. ca.1295. 1327:227-30,245,247.
Brantingham, Thomas. Bishop 1370-94. 1506:618.
Bratton, Henry. Chancellor d. 1268. 1327:148-9.
Brayleigh, Richard. Dean 1335-52. 1327:347,351.
Brokelond, Henry. Prebendary d. by 1404. 1506:391.
Brounst, Richard. Vicar choral 1417. Bodl. ms. Bodl. 162,865.
Buckingham, Thomas. Chancellor fl. 1350. Bodl. ms. Bodl. 335.
Burton, John. Prebendary 1477-1505. 1506:457.
Cerde, Alured. 1327:150-3.
Charleton, Ade. 1506:449.
Cicester, Henry. Canon fl. 13 cent? John Rylands 24.
Cicester, William.Canon d.1174. 1327:232-9.
Clerobaldus. ca.1200. Bodl. ms. Bodl. 479.
Fylham, William. Chancellor d. ca.1438. Bodl. ms. Bodl. 830.
Germeyn, Richard [?=Ralph. Prebendary d. 1316] 1327:333-8.
Gosee, Roger. 1327:270.
Grandisson, John. Bishop 1327-69. 1327:120-1,267,[352-5,360-77]. 1506: 386-7,401,431,439-42,444,446,448,450,452-3,460,463,466,468,515,516,519, 533,595,626,632. Trinity College Cambridge 1475. Exeter Cathedral 3502, 3504,3505. Lambeth Palace 104,203. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 150,230,732,738, ms. Or. 135.
Gybbys, Walter. D.1413. Exeter Cathedral 3512. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 810.
Hane, Walter. Fl. 1160. 1327:241-4.
Hayford, William. Annuellar 1387-1405, vicar of Ashburton 1405. 1506: 447.
Hereward, Robert. Canon, d. by 1363. Bodl. ms. Bodl. 287.
Hugo. Archdeacon of Taunton fl. 1230. Bodleian Auct.D.1.7, Auct.D.1.12, ms. Bodl. 494.
Keys, Roger. Precentor d. 1477. 1506:573.
Kirkby, Thomas. Prebendary 1457-9. 1506:509.
Lacy, Edmund. Bishop 1420-55. 1506:389,424,426. Exeter Cathedral 3513. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 268,463,720,786,829,859.
Lechedeken, Martin. Prebendary 1383. 1506:582.
Lechlade, Thomas. Chancellor 1307, Dean 1307-9. 1327:331-2.
Leofric. Bishop 1046-72. 1072:1-32,38-65. 1506:633. Cambridge University Library Ii.2.11. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge 41,190,191,196. Trinity College, Cambridge 241. Exeter Cathedral 3501. British Library Add. 28818, Harley 863,2961. Lambeth Palace 149. Bodleian Auct. D.2.16, Auct. F.1.15, Auct. F.3.6, ms. Bodl. 319,579,708,849.
Major, John. Fl. 1460 or 1483-1540. 1506:622-3.
Marshall, Henry. Bishop 1194-1206. 1327:266.
Molendino, William. Treasurer, d. 1251. 1327:246.
Mounteyn, John. Vicar choral 1322-27. 1327:349.
Myles, John [?=Mylle, vicar choral 1387-1401]. 1506:512.
Osbern Fitz Osbern. Bishop 1072-1103 [attrib. by Ker]. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 92,94,135,147,148,193,237,239,301,314,479,691,707,717,739,783, 792,804,808,810,813.
Orum, John. Archdeacon of Barnstaple d. 1436. Bodl. ms. Bodl. 286.
Ottery, Robert [?=Roger. Prebendary 1308-14].1327:346.
Paganus Capellanus. Fl. ca.1160. 1327:240.
Poundstoke, William. Canon d. 1414. 1506:518. Exeter Cathedral 3548.
Pyttys, John. Canon d. 1467. Exeter Cathedral 3503.
Raw, John. Subdean, d. 1463. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 279.
Roges, William. Fl. ca.1310? 1327:330.
Ryggh, Robert. Chancelor d. ca.1411. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 749.
St. Bridget, Adam. Cantor d. 1232. Bodleian Auct. D.1.9.
St. Laurentius, Bartholomew. Dean 1310-26. 1327:199-200,350.
Snetesham John. Canon and Chancellor, d. 1448. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 744,748, Wood empt. 15.
Stafford, Edmund. Bishop 1395-1419. 1506:390,393,395,402,405,433,435, 438,589-91.
Stapledon, Walter. Bishop 1308-26. 1327:344-5.
Stevens, John. Canon d. 1459. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 315.
Warelwast, William. Bishop 1107-37. 1327:116-32. 1506:388.
Webber, Henry. Dean, d. 1477. 1506:416,422-3,484. Exeter Cathedral 3516. Bodleian ms. Bodl. 320,333.
Wele, John. Archdeacon 1312-17, Precentor 1317. 1327:340-3.
Wideslade, Richard. Archdeacon of Barnstaple 1318. 1327:231.
Wydeb. Church. 1327:174.
Yott/Hyott/Wytt, John. Annuellar 1445-47. 1506:456,458-9.

DATE ANALYSIS OF EXTANT MANUSCRIPTS (Based on dates attributed by Ker.)

Approximate datesNumbers of surviving manuscriptsTotals for century
75018th: 1
81819th: 1
975210th: 8
105018 incl. 5 dubious
1075211th: 22
11003 incl. 1 dubious
115036 incl. 1 dubious
1175512th: 46
12501213th: 16
1375414th: 24
14501215th: 17
Total135 (incl. 7 dubious)
Written in English: 15 (including 5 dubious) all dated before 1100.

References are to the section of the concordance followed by the form of the name used, where it differs from that in the index entry.

Abbas. B6. Nicholaus Tudeschi.
Abdias, Bishop of Babylon. C6.
Africanus, Sextus Julius. E.
Albertinus de Bononia. D6.
Albus, Joachim. G. Joachim Albus.
Alcuin. G.
Aldhelm. F.
Ales. G. Hales, Alexander.
Alexander, Abbas. G.
Alexander Hales. G. Hales, Alexander.
Alfonsus, Petrus. G. Petrus Alfonsus.
Algabrici. G. Qabîsî.
al-Qabîsî. G. Qabîsî
Amalarius of Metz. D2.
Ambrosius F.
Ambrosius Autpertus G.
Andreae, Johannes. D6 Johannes Andreae
Andrononicus. F.
Angelomus. G.
Anglicus, Gilbertus. G. Gilbertus Anglicus.
Anglus, Bartholomeus. G. Bartholomaeus Anglus.
Anselm. G.
Antonius de Butrio. D6.
Aquilea, Rufinus of. F. Rufinus of Aquilea.
Aquinas, Thomas. G.
Aquitaine, Prosper of. F. Prosper of Aquitaine.
Arator. E.
Archidiaconus. D6. Guido de Baysio.
Ardmachanus, Ricardus. G. Fitzralph, Richard.
Aristotle. E.
Athanasius. F.
Aton, Johannes. G.
Augustine. F.
Aurelius. F Augustine.
Autpertus, Ambrosius. G. Ambrosius Autpertus.
Azo Portius. D6.
Balbus, Johannes. G.
Baldus. D6. Petrus de Ubaldis.
Bartholomaeus Anglus. G.
Bartholmaeus Exoniensis. G.
Bartholomaeus Pisanus G.
Bartholomaeus (donor?). G.
Baysio, Guido de. D6. Guido de Baysio.
Beauvais, Vincent de. G. Vincent de Beauvais.
Bede. F.
Bernard of Clairvaux. G.
Bernardo Gordiono. G. Gordiono, Bernardo.
Bernardus, Bishop of Pavia. D6.
Boccaccio, Giovanni. G.
Boethius. E.
Bonaventura G.
Boniface VIII. D1
Bononia, Albertinus de. D6. Albertinus de Bononia.
Bouhic, Henricus. G.
Bowyck, Henricus. G. Bouhic, Henricus.
Briton, William. G.
Bromyard, John. D6. John Bromyard.
Brucardus. D1.
Bungay, Thomas. G.
Butrio, Antoninus de. D6. Antoninus de Butrio.
Cassianus. F.
Chartres, Ive de. D1,G. Ivo de Chartres.
Chrodegang of Metz. D2.
Chrysostom, Johannes. F.
Cicero. E.
Cinus of Pistoia. D6.
Clairvaux, Bernard of. G. Bernard of Clairvaux.
Clement V. D1
Comestor, Petrus. G.
Cornubia, Johannes de. G. John of Cornwall.
Diaconus, Paulus. G. Paulus Diaconus.
Dionysius the Areopagite. F.
Duns Scotus. G.
Durandus, Gulielmus. G.
Egesippus. F. Hegesippus.
Egidius, Johannes. G John of St. Giles.
Euclid. E.
Eusebius. F.
Exeter, Bartholomew of. G. Bartolomaeus Exoniensis.
Ezekiel. A2.
Faber, Johannes. D6. Johannes Faber.
Fleury, Hugo de. D6. Hugo de Fleury.
Florus. G.
Fulgencius. F.
Gaddesden, John. G.
Gatterus, Johannes. G.
Gilbert Stone. G. Stone, Gilbert.
Gilbertus Anglicus. G.
Gordiono, Bernardo. G.
Gorham, Nicholas. D6.
Gratian. D1.
Gregory I. F.
Gregory IX. D1.
Gregory of Tours. F.
Grosseteste, Robert. G.
Guido (Aretino?). G.
Guido de Baysio. D6.
Gulielmus de Pagula. D6.
Gulielmus Durandus. G. Durandus, Gulielmus.
Gulielmus Mandagotus. D6. Mandagotus, Gulielmus.
Guymundus. G.
Hales, Alexander. G.
Hampole, Richard Rolle de. G. Rolle, Richard.
Hegesippus. F.
Henricus Bouhic. G. Bouhic Henricus.
Henricus de Segusio. D6.
Hieronymus. F. Jerome.
Higden, Ranulf. G.
Holcot, Robert. G.
Hostiensis. D6. Henricus de Segusio.
Hrabanus Maurus. G.
Hugo de Fleury. D6.
Hugucius. D6.
Innocent IV. D6.
Isaiah. A2.
Isidore de Seville. F. Pseudo-Isidore. D1.
Ivo de Chartres. D1, G.
Jacobus. D6.
Jacobus de Ravenna. D6.
Jacobus de Voragine. G.
James, St. A3.
Januensis. G. Balbus, Johannes. Jacobus de Voragine.
Jerome. F.
Joachim Albus. G.
Johannes Andreae. D6.
Johannes Aton. G. Aton, Johannes.
Johannes Balbus. G. Balbus, Johannes.
Johannes Chrysostom. F. Chrysostom, Johannes.
Johannes de Lyniano. G.
Johannes Faber. D6.
Johannes Gatterus. G. Gatterus, Johannes.
Johannes Nicholaus de Milis. D6. Milis, Johannes Nicholaus de.
John Gaddesden. G. Gaddesden, John.
John Lathbery. G. Lathbery, John.
John of Bromyard. D6.
John of Cornwall G.
John of St. Giles. G.
John of Salisbury. G.
John of Wales. G.
John Wycliffe. G. Wycliffe, John.
Josephus. E.
Julian of Toledo. F.
Justinian. D4.
Kilwardby, Robert. G.
Lathbery, John. G.
Lethbertus. G.
Lincolnensis. G. Grosseteste, Robert.
Lombard, Peter. G.
Lyndwood, William. D6.
Lyniano, Johannes de. G. Johannes de Lyniano.
Lyra, Nicholas de. G.
Magister Sententiarum. G. Lombard, Peter.
Mandagotus, Gulielmus. D6.
Martianus. E.
Martin. D6.
Martinus Polonus. G.
Mauritius. D6.
Maurus, Hrabanus. G. Hrabanus Maurus.
Metz, Amalarius of. D2. Amalarius of Metz.
Metz, Chrodegang of. D2. Chrodegang of Metz.
Middleton, Richard. G.
Milis, Johannes Nicholaus de. D6.
Myles, Johannes. D6. Milis, Johannes Nicholaus de.
Nicholas de Lyra. G. Lyra, Nicholas.
Nicholas Gorham. D6. Gorham, Nicholas.
Nicholas Trivet. G. Trivet, Nicholas.
Nicholaus Tudeschi. D6.
Octobonus. D6. Otto.
Odo Perusiensis. G.
Orleans, Theodulf of. D2. Theodulf of Orleans.
Orosius. F.
Osorius. F. Isidore of Seville.
Ostiensis. D6. Henricus de Segusio.
Otto. D6.
Pagula, Gulielmus de. D6. Gulielmus de Pagula.
Palermo. D6. Nicholaus Tudeschi, Bishop of Palermo.
Palladius. E.
Panormitanus. D6. Nicholaus Tudeschi, Bishop of Palermo.
Papias. G.
Parisiensis. G.
Paschasius Radbertus. G.
Paul, St. A3.
Paulus Diaconus. G.
Pavia, Bernardus, Bishop of. D6. Bernardus, Bishop of Pavia.
Persius. E.
Perusiensis, Odo. G. Odo Perusiensis.
Peter Lombard. G. Lombard, Peter.
Petrus Alfonsus. G.
Petrus Comestor. G. Comestor, Petrus.
Petrus de Salmis. G.
Petrus de Ubaldis. D6.
Pisanus, Bartholomaeus. G. Bartholomaeus Pisanus.
Pistoia, Cinus of. D6. Cinus of Pistoia.
Pliny the Elder. E.
Polonus, Martinus. G. Martinus Polonus.
Pontus. G.
Porphirius. E.
Portius, Azo. D6. Azo Portius.
Prosper of Aquitaine. F.
Prudentius. E.
Pseudo-Isidore. D1.
Rabanus. G. Hrabanus Maurus.
Radbertus, Paschasius. G. Paschasius Radbertus.
Ranulf Higden. G. Higden, Ranulf.
Ravenna, Jacobus de. D6. Jacobus de Ravenna.
Ricardus Ardmachanus. G. Fitzralph, Richard.
Ricardus in Media Villa. G. Middleton, Richard.
Richard Ringstede. G. Ringstede, Richard.
Richard Rolle de Hampole. G. Rolle, Richard, de Hampole.
Ringstede, Richard. G.
Robert Grosseteste. G. Grosseteste, Robert.
Robert Holcot. G. Holcot, Robert.
Robert Kilwardby. G. Kilwardby, Robert.
Robert Waldby. G. Waldby, Robert.
Roger Salernus. G. Salernus, Roger.
Rolle, Richard, de Hampole. G.
Rufinus of Aquilea. F.
Rystede, Richard. G. Ringstede, Richard.
St. Giles, John of. G. John of St. Giles.
St. Michael, Smaragdus, Abbot of. G. Smaragdus, Abbot of St. Michael.
St. Rufus, Lethbertus, Abbot of. G. Lethbertus, Abbot of St. Rufus.
St. Thierry, William, Abbot of. G. William, Abbot of St. Thierry.
Salernus, Roger. G.
Salisbury, John of. G. John of Salisbury.
Salmis, Petrus de. G. Petrus de Salmis.
Sarisburiensis, Johannes. G. John of Salisbury.
Sedulius. E.
Segusio, Henricus de. D6. Henricus de Segusio.
Seville, Isidore of. F. Isidore of Seville.
Sidonius E.
Smaragdus Abbot of St. Michael. G.
Solinus. E.
Solomon. A2. Proverbs.
Statius. E.
Stone, Gilbert. G.
Susa, Henry of. D6. Henricus de Segusio.
Tapsensis, Vigilius. F. Vigilius Tapsensis.
Theodulf of Orleans. D2.
Thomas Aquinas. G. Aquinas, Thomas.
Thomas Bungay. G. Bungay, Thomas.
Toletanus, Julianus. F. Julian of Toledo
Trivet, Nicholas. G.
Tudeschi, Nicholas. D6. Nicholas Tudeschi.
Turonensis. F. Gregory of Tours.
Ubaldis, Petrus de. D6. Petrus de Ubaldis.
Vegetius. E.
Vigilius Tapsensis. F.
Vincent de Beauvais. G.
Voragine, Jacobus de. G. Jacobus de Voragine.
Waldby, Robert. G.
Wallis, John. G. John of Wales.
William, Abbot of St. Thierry. G.
William Brito. G. Briton, William.
William Lyndwood. D6. Lyndwood, William.
William Woodford. G. Woodford, William.
Woodford, William. G.
Wycliffe, John. G.
Wydford, William. G. Woodford, William.
Ysidorus. F. Isidore of Seville.

References are to the section of the concordance followed by the names of the author or other subdivision.

Agriculture. E:Palladius.
Antiphonals. B13.
Apostles, Canons. D1.
Apostles, Passionaries. C6.
Astronomy. G: Qabîsî.
Baptism. F:Augustine.
Bestiaries. H4.
Bible. A. F:Isidore, Jerome. G:Alexander.
Bible, Vocabulary. G:Briton.
Bible, Old Testament. A2.
Genesis. F:Andrononicus, Isidore.
Exodus. F:Isidore
Kings. G:Angelomus.
Psalms. See Psalter.
Proverbs. G:Holcot, Ringstede.
Song of Songs. G:Bernard of Clairvaux.
Isaiah. F:Ambrosius, Jerome.
Minor prophets. G:Holcot.
Hosea. F:Jerome.
Ezekiel. F:Gregory.
Bible, New Testament. A3.
Gospels, Concordances. A3. F:Augustine.
Gospels, Homilies. C7.
Gospels, Sermons. C7. F:Augustine. G:Aquinas, Paulus Diaconus.
Matthew. F:Chrysostom.
Luke. F:Ambrose, Bede. G:Lyra.
John. F:Augustine. G:Lyra.
Acts of the Apostles, Poems. E:Arator.
Epistles, Sermons. C7. F:Bede. G:Paulus Diaconus.
Epistles, Paul. F:Ambrosius, Augustine.
Epistles, John. F:Augustine.
Apocalypse. F:Bede. G:Joachim Albus.
Breviaries. B7.
Calendars. B9.
Canon law. D1. Individual writers. D6.
Canons, Orders. D2.
Capitularies. B5.
Christ, Body and blood. F:Ambrose. G:Anselm, William of St. Thierry.
Christ, Body and blood, Legends. C6.
Christ, Miracles. F:Isidore.
Christ, Words. F:Augustine. G:Waldby.
Church fathers. F. F:Jerome, Rufinus.
Civil law. D4. Individual writers D6.
Clergy, Duties. F:Ambrose.
Collectars. B8.
Cologne, Three Kings, Legends. C6.
Common of saints. C3.
Conscience. G:Bartholomew of Pisa, Kilwardby.
Coronation services. B9.
Creation. F:Ambrosius.
Decretals D1. Individual writers. D6.
Dedication services B9.
Devotional works. C.
Dictionaries. H1.
Encyclopedic works. E:Martian, Pliny, Solinus. G:Balbus, Bartholomaeus Anglus, Vincent de Beauvais.
Epistles. F:Augustine, Gregory. G:Stone.
Epistolaries. C1.
Etymology. F:Isidore.
Faith. F:Ambrosius.
Festivals. B9.
Geography. F:Jerome.
Graduals. B14.
Grammar. G:Briton, Papias.
Hebrew. H1.
Heresies. F:Augustine, Fulgencius, Jerome. G:John of Cornwall.
Hierarchies. F:Dionysius.
History. E:Josephus. F:Bede, Eusebius, Gregory of Tours, Hegesippus, Orosius, Solinus. G:Comestor, Higden, Ivo de Chartres, Martinus Polonus. H3.
Homilies. C7. F:Augustine, Gregory. G:Paulus Diaconus.
Hymns. E:Palladius.
Jews, Polemics. F:Isidore, Jerome. G:Bartholomaeus Exoniensis.
Jovinian, Polemics. F:Jerome.
Justice. D. F:Ambrosius.
Law. D.
Lectionaries. C2.
Legends of the saints. C3. G:Jacobus de Voragine.
Lies. F:Augustine.
Logic. E:Porphirius.
Manuals. B3.
Martirologies. C4.
Mathematics. E:Euclid. G:Bungay
Medicine. G:Gaddesden, Gilbertus Anglicus, Gordiono, John of St. Giles, Salernus.
Metaphysics. E:Aristotle.
Miracles. F:Gregory, Isidore.
Missals. B1.
Monasticism. F:Cassian. G:Smaragdus.
Moral compendia. C8. F:Gregory.
Music. E:Boethius. See also Singing.
Musical service books. B10.
Nicene Council. D1.
Offices. F:Ambrose. G:Durandus.
Offices of the dead. B9. G:Rolle.
Orations. C7.
Orders. D2.
Ordinals. B6.
Passionaries. C5.
Pastoral theology. C8. F:Gregory.
Penitentials. D3. F:Gregory.
Philosophy. E:Boethius.
Poetry. E:Arator, Persius, Prudentius, Sedulius, Sidonius, Statius. H2.
Politics. G:John of Salisbury.
Pontificals. B4.
Portiforia. B12.
Processionals. B2.
Prognostications. H4.
Psalters. B11. F:Ambrosius, Augustine. G:Anselm, Gatterus, Lethbertus, Lyra, Trivet.
Rules. D2.
Sacraments. G:Odo.
Saints, Legends. C3.
Saints, Sermons. C7.
Saint Brannoc, Legends. C3.
Saint Gabriel, Legends. C6.
Saint Gabriel, Offices. B9.
Saint Joseph, Legends. C6.
Saint Raphael, Offices. B9.
Science. See Encyclopedic works, Mathematics, Medicine.
Sentences. C7.
Sermons. C7. F:Augustine. B:Bartholomaeus, Bernard of Clairvaux, Guido, Grosseteste, Paulus Diaconus.
Service books. B.
Singing B16. See also Music.
Statutes. D5.
Synods. D1.
Tabernacle. F:Bede.
Temporal of saints. C3.
Theology. Passim.
Trinity. F:Athanasius. G:Alcuin.
Tropers. B15.
Vices and virtues. G:Ambrosius Autpertus, Parisiensis.
Visitation of the sick. B9.
Vocabulary. G:Briton.
War. D5. E:Vegetius.
Women. G:Boccaccio.

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