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18 January 2007

Berch A

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: A

Abraham, John. Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before May 4, 1793 to John Abraham, Lombard Street, bookseller (London Gazette 13 Apr 1793)

Ackers, Charles. Yesterday morning [15 Apr] about six o'clock, died at his house in Red-Lion-street, Clerkenwell, after a few days illness, Mr. John Ackers, son of Mr. Charles Ackers, an eminent printer in St. John's-street (GDaily Advertiser 16 Apr 1756). Monday [20 Sep] was married at St. John's Church, Clerkenwell, Mr. George Talmash, a gentleman of the law, to Mrs Dorothy Ackers, daughter of Charles Ackers, Esq.; an agreeable widow lady with a handsome fortune (GDaily Advertiser 22 Sep 1756)

Adams, Bartholomew. Ran away on the 2d instant, from his master's service William Frind, apprentice to Bartholomew Adams, bookbinder, in Ivy-lane, near Newgate Market (Daily Advertiser 8 Sep 1761). Last night [2 Dec 1785] died at his house in Ivy-lane, Mr. Bartholomew Adams, bookbinder. (UDR 3 Dec 1785)

Adams, Henry. Died Jan 29, 1798, Mrs Adams, wife of Mr. [Henry] Adams, an eminent law-stationer, Lincoln's Inn (Gent. Mag. Feb 1798, 172)

Adams, Mr. Splendid French paper hangings. Messrs. Cood and Adams ... their warehouse 68, Strand (Morn. Chron 14 Nov 1814)

Adams, Richard. This day is published (price 1s) the second edition of A trip to the jubilee, by a gentleman that was at the late grand one in Rome ... Printed for Richard Adams, at Dryden's Head, Holborn-Bars; and J.Robinson, at the Golden Lion in Ludgate Street (Daily Advertiser 13 Apr 1750). Just publish'd. The art and mystery of vintners and wine coopers. Price 1s. Henry Slater, jun., bookseller, at the corner of Middle-Row, Holborn-Bars (Daily Advertiser 14 May 1754 - R.Adams, Dryden's Head, Holborn-Bars published editions in 1748 and 1750)

Adlard, James. John Younger, apprentice to J.Adlard, printer, Duke-street, West Smithfield, absconded from his master's service on the 23d of March. He is about 16 years of age ... (Times 11 Apr 1796). Died suddenly, in Duke-street, Smithfield, 51, of a spasm in the stomach, Mr. James Adlard, an eminent printer and upwards of twenty years the faithful and meritorious printer of the Monthly Magazine ... (Monthly Mag. Feb 1819, 85). Died in Duke-street, West Smithfield, suddenly, aged 50, Mrs. S.Adlard, relict of the late Mr J[ames] Adlard, formerly printer of the Monthly Magazine and British Register, and mother of a large and interesting family. (Monthly Mag. May 1820, 375).

Adlard, James William. Married Jan 8, 1820, J.W.Adlard, of Duke-street, West Smithfield, to Elizabeth,eldest daughter of E.Roberts, Esq., of Grove-house, Brixton, Surrey (Gent. Mag. Jan 1820, 84)

Adlard, William. London, Jan. 26, 1767. Whereas the copartnership is this day mutually dissolved between Caesar Ward and William Adlard, printers, in Wine-Office court, Fleet-street, London. Claims and debts to be paid by William Adlard who will carry on the business at No. 2 Wine-Office-court, Fleet-street (London Gazette 30 Jan 1767). William Adlard, Salisbury-square, printer, to surrender Jan 30, Feb 2, Mar 6 at Guildhall (London Gazette 24 Jan 1784). Last Sunday [16 Jan] died at her son-in-law's, Mr. William Adlard, in Salisbury-court, Fleet-street, Mrs. Margaret Newnam, aged 78, relict of Michael Newnam, Esq. (Daily Advertiser 18 Jan 1780)

Alexander, A. Went away from his master's service, David Woolf ... give information to his master A.Alexander, printer, Black Lion-yard, near White Chapel Church (no source)

Alfred, Edward. Ran away from his master on Sunday the 19th of December last, Edward Alfred, apprentice to Mr Jacob Mabbat, stationer, in Holborn-court, Gray's-inn (Daily Advertiser 8 Jan 1780)

Allcock, John. On Monday night [14 Sep] died in Chancery-lane, Mr. John Allcock, writing stationer (Daily Advertiser 16 Sep 1778)

Allen, Edmund. James Meeson, otherwise Mason, an enrolled apprentice to Mr. Allen, printer, in Bolt-court, Fleet-street ran away from his said master early on Monday morning last [25 May] (Daily Advertiser 30 May 1761). Died on Tuesday night [4 Feb] after a fw days illness ... Mrs. Allen, wife of Mr. [Edmund] Allen, printer, in Bolt-court, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 6 Feb 1777). Died July 28, 1784, Edmund Allen, printer, Bolt-court, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. 1784, 558, Musgrave)

Allen, George. Died on Saturday morning [27 Jul], Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, wife of Mr. George Allen, of Greenwich, stationer (Times 31 Jul 1811)

Allen, George. George Allen, Paternoster-row, London, bookseller, to surrender Jun 12, 29, Jul 20 at Guildhall (London Gazette 8 Jun 1776)

Allen, Michael. Michael Allen and William West, Paternoster-row, booksellers, dissolved partnership Feb. 8, 1797 (London Gazette 14 Feb 1797). Michael Allen, Paternoster-row, London, bookseller to surrender Jun 6, 24 and Jul 15, 1797 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 3 Jun 1797) Dividend declared for 11 Aug 1798 for Michael Allen, Paternoster-row, bookseller (London Gazette 17 Jul 1798)

Allen, Robin. The partnership between James Lackington, Robin Allen, Richard Hughes the elder, Richard Hughes the younger, Patrick Kirkman, Thomas Hasker and Charles Humphrey Lackington, in Finsbury-square, has been dissolved; and in the future will be carried on by the said Robin Allen, Richard Hughes the elder, Richard Hughes the younger, Patrick Kirkman, Thomas Hasker, Charles Humphrey Lackington and George Lackington (London Gazette 21 May 1799)

Almon, John. Yesterday [31 Aug] died at Boxmoor, near Hemel Hempstead, in Hertfordshire, Mrs. Almon, wife of Mr. [John] Almon, late bookseller in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 1 Sep 1781). Married Sept 2, 1784, at Broxbourn, Herts, Mr. Almon, later bookseller in Piccadilly, to Mrs Parker, widow of the later Mr. Parker, printer of the General Advertiser who died May 7, 1784 (Gent. Mag. 1784, 715). On Monday [14 Nov] was married Mr. Bourdillon, Grocer to his Majesty, to Miss Almon, daughter of Mr. Almon of Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 16 Nov 1785)

Amey, R. An essay on the causes of the decline of the foreign trade ... Printed for J.Brotherton ... and R.Amy in the Court of requests (London Gazette 11 Mar 1746, by Sir Matthew Decker). This day is published (price bound 2s 6d) The Court and City Register for the year 1751, ... Printed for J.Barnes (late Amey's) in the Court of Requests and at Charing Cross (Daily Advertiser 26 Nov 1750)

Anderson, John. John Anderson, Holborn, bookseller, to surrender Feb 29, Mar 1, 29 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 Feb 1794 [sic])

Andrews, George. Charing Cross - Printsellers stock in trade, forty engraved copper plates, with impressions, beautiful water colour drawings, plates of glass, gilt frames &c. the property of Mr George Andrews - by Messrs Wells and Son, on the premises, No. 7, Charing Cross, this day [15 Nov] at 12. (MC 15 Nov 1814)

Andrews, Hugh. The partnership between Robert Birchall and Hugh Andrews, music sellers, was dissolved May 16, 1789 (London Gazette 19 May 1789)

Angell, John. John Angell, late of Butcher Row, Temple Bar, bookseller, prisoner in the Wood-street compter, to take benefit of Act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 29 Apr 1766)

Angier, P. On Monday next [13 Aug] will be published (price 6d. plain or 1s. coloured) a new print, being an exact representation of Maclaine the Highwayman, and his companions robbing Lord Eglington on Hounslow Heath, on the 26th of June. Printed for and sold by P.Angier, Engraver and Printseller, at the Plume of Feathers in Windmill-street, near Piccadilly ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Aug 1750). This day is published (price 3d) A curious print for a watch-case of Mr. Barry, in the character of Hamlet, engraved by Mr Ravenet. Printed for and sold by P.Angier, engraver and printseller, at the Plume of Feathers in Windmill-street, St. James's ... (Daily Advertiser 8 Sep 1750)

Anson, A. This day is published (Price 4d) in Five Half-sheets The Free Correspondent No. II [publ. 1 and 15 of each month]. Printed for A.Anson at the Musick Paper Warehouse, near the Watch-House in Chancery-Lane; ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Nov 1756)

Anthony, David. On the 2d instant [2 Jul] died Mrs. Anthony, wife of Mr. David Anthony, of Hampstead, formerly of Chancery-lane, stationer (Daily Advertiser 13 Jul 1784)

Apollo Circulating Library. See Thomas Tegg.

Applebee, George. George Applebee, late of Green's Rents and Shoe-lane in the parish of St. Bridget,, otherwise St. Bride, London, printer, insolvent debtor and jailed in King's Bench Prison, Surrey, (London Gazette 5 Dec 1749)

Applebee, Mrs. On Saturday morning [3 Mar] the house of Mrs. Applebee, printer, in Bolt-court, Fleet-street was broke open ... (Daily Advertiser 5 Mar 1750)

Appleyard, Mr. The Bencher, price 6d. An entire new periodical paper, written, printed and published for the benefit of the unfortunate prisoners confined for debt in the King's Bench ... of which the opening number will be published this day the 5th inst. and continued weekly. Printed by J.Rhynd, Ray-street, Clerkenwell ... Published by Appleyard, Wimpole-street ... Pollard, at the Circulating Library on the Parade of said prison ... (Times 5 Jan 1799)

Armitage, Robert. On Wednesday [13 Nov] died at his father's house in Bishopsgate-street-within, Mr. Robert Armitage, aged 20 years, son of Mr. [Robert] Armitage, stationer (Daily Advertiser 15 Nov 1782)

Arnold, George. Circulating library to be sold, the complete stock in trade of [George] Arnold's Library, No. 8, Old-street-road ... Apply for particulars to Mr. Lane, at the Minerva, Leadenhall-street, or of George Arnold on the premises (Times 4 Jun 1792)

Arthur, Susannah. Susannah Arthur, late of the Strand, since of Porter-street, Newport-market, pocket book maker, insolvent debtor and prisoner in H.M. Prison of the Fleet (London Gazette 19 Aug 1797)

Ashby, Harry. Woodman and Mutlow, engravers, map and print-sellers, respectfully inform the nobility, gentry and publick in general, that they have succeeded Mr. Ashby in that well established shop, formerly Mr. Spilsbury's, No. 30, Russell-court, Covent-garden ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1785). On Saturday [18 Dec] aged 69, died Mrs. Ashby, wife of Mr. Ashby, ... sen., the celebrated engraver, of King-street, Cheapside (Times 24 Dec 1802)

Ashton, John. Partnership between Jonathan Lee and John Ashton, Pall Mall, paper-stainers, was dissolved Oct. 14, 1791 (London Gazette 25 Oct 1791)

Asperne, James. James Asperne married Ann Phillips 5 Jul 1781 (London, St Michael Cornhill). James Asperne, stationer, of Walworth, became a member of the Hiram Lodge of Freemasons in 1794 (Shaftesley, John M. "Jews in English freemasonry, 1717-1860", Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 25 (1977), 172. This does not necessarily mean that Asperne was Jewish, but that he was a member of a lodge that was predominantly Jewish in membership). Died in the 43rd year of her age, Mrs. Asperne, wife of James Asperne, bookseller in Cornhill (Gent. Mag. 1806, 783). Died Nov 13, 1817, after a severe illness of 14 months, Mary Anne Lane, eldest daughter of Mr. James Asperne, bookseller, of Cornhill (Times 15 Nov 1817). Died in Cornhill, Feb 28, 1820, Miss Henrietta Asperne, daughter of the eminent bookseller of that name (Gent. Mag. 1820, 284 - name given as Harriet by Monthly Mag. Apr 1820, 277). Died Nov 1, 1820, Mr. James Asperne, bookseller, 32 Cornhill, aged 63 (Times 3 Nov 1820)

Atkins, Thomas. Last Thursday [22 Apr] died Mr. Thomas Atkins, an eminent stationer in Cheapside, and one of the Common Council for the ward of Cripplegate Within ... (GDaily Advertiser 24 Apr 1756)

Atkinson, Jeremiah. Last Friday [22 Aug] died Mr. [Jeremiah] Atkinson, an eminent stationer in Leadenhall-street (Daily Advertiser 26 Aug 1777)

Atwood. On Tuesday last [7 Oct] was married at Richmond, Mr. Atwood, engraver and copper-plate-printer, to Miss Hawkins, of Richmond (GNDA 10 Oct 1777)

Austen, Stephen. On Saturday night [29 Dec] died Mr Stephen Austen, an eminent bookseller in Newgate-street (Daily Advertiser 31 Dec 1750)

Axelby, William. William Axelby, son of William and Sara Axelby christened 7 Dec 1766 (London, Allhallows Staining)

Axtell, [Thomas?]. Married July 18, 1780, Mr. Axtell, bookseller, to Mrs Kenrick, widow of the late Dr. Kenrick (Gent. Mag. 1780, 346).

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