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18 January 2007

Berch B

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: B

Badcock, Abraham. Died March 18, 1797, after a few days' illness, Mr. Abraham Badcock, bookseller, corner of St. Paul's Churchyard (Gent. Mag. 1797, 436; Monthly Mag. Mar 1797, 238). Nichols iii, 714 gives death date as 18 Apr 1797.

Badcock, John. By Mr. Saunders, at his Great Room, No. 39, Fleet-street this day [24 Jan] and five following days at 12, the genuine stock of miscellaneous books of Mr John Badcock, of Queen's Head passage, Paternoster row, a bankrupt; to which is added a small circulating library, in good preservation ... (MC 24 Jan 1814)

Baddeley, Mary. All persons having any claim on the estate of Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Baddeley, late of Golden Lane, in the parish of St. Luke, iron and rag dealers, both deceased, are desired to send same to Mr. Richard Bayley, No. 157, Whitecorss street ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Apr 1788)

Bagshaw, Richard. To stationers, publicans, braziers, tinmen &c. Richard Bagshaw, pewterer, begs leave to acquaint his friends and the publick, that he has purchased the moulds and utensils in trade of Mr. Benjamin Townsend, of Swallow's Garden, Goodman's Fields, retiring from business ... R.Bagshaw, No. 9, New-Thames-street, Bankside, Southwark (Daily Advertiser 13 Jul 1786)

Bailey, James. On Tuesday [28 May] died at his house in Islington, in the 70th year of his age, Mr. James Bailey, formerly an eminent bookbinder, in Paternoster-row, but had long retired from business (Daily Advertiser 30 May 1776)

Bailey, John. Died on the 10th instant [10 Feb] at his home in Grove Hackney, Mr. John Bailey, of the Royal Exchange, stationer, aged 81 (Times 12 Feb 1808)

Bailey, John. The partnership between John Bailey, of Packer's-court, Coleman-street, London, bookbinder, and Charles Stokes, is this day mutually dissolved. Witness our hands, this 1st day of January 1776 (Daily Advertiser 4 Jan 1776)

Bailey, William. Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before August 2, 1791 to William Bailey, late of St. John's street, bookseller (London Gazette 12 Jul 1791)

Bailey, William. To be sold by auction, July 7, 1790, all the capital stock in trade of Mr. William Bailey, No. 46, Tottenham-court-road (whose ill state of health obliges him to retire from business) ... (Times 5 Jul 1790 - premises taken over from John Bissaker q.v.)

Baillie, John. John Baillie and John Mathewman, Wild-street, stationers, to surrender March 15, 17, April 19, 1766 at Guildhall (London Gazette 8 Mar 1766)

Bain, James. Richard Martin and James Bain, Fleet-street, Booksellers to surrender 27 Sept and 1st of Oct at 11 29 Oct at one at Guildhall (London Gazette 17 Sep 1796). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before December 20, 1796 to James Bain, (copartner with Richard Martin), Fleet-street, London (London Gazette 29 Nov 1796)

Baker, Evers. Evers Baker, late of Fleet-street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, pamphlet-seller listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed at Ludgate Gaol (London Gazette 9 Jul 1748)

Baker, John. Partnership between Richard Chapman and John Baker, Crown-street, Soho, rag-merchants, was dissolved May 16, 1793. John Baker to carry on the business (London Gazette 21 May 1793)

Baker, Samuel. Died April 25, 1778, Samuel Baker, bookseller, York-street (Gent. Mag. 1778, 190; Musgrave)

Bakewell, Thomas. This day is published according to act of Parliament (Price 1s.) ... A new and accurate map of Scotland, or North Britain ... by Eman. Bowen. Printed and sold by Thomas Bakewell, against Birhin-Lane in Cornhill, Map and Printseller (London Gazette 1 Mar 1746)

Baldwin, Charles. Married March 27, 1798, at Stoke Dawborn, Surrey, Mr. Charles Baldwin, of New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, to Miss Laurents, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Hugh Laurents, rector of Grafton-Flyford, Worcestershire (Gent. Mag. Mar 1798, 256)

Baldwin, Henry. Married Aug 1, 1767, Mr. Henry Baldwin, printer, to Miss Graham (LM 1767, 595)

Baldwin, Joseph. Yesterday [26 Mar] Mr. [Joseph] Baldwin, an eminent stationer in Serjeant's Inn, was elected Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Stationers (GNDA 27 Mar 1776)

Baldwin, Richard I . On Sunday last [5 Jan] died at Birmingham, in the 86th year of his age, Mr Richard Baldwin, formerly a bookseller in St. Paul's Churchyard, from when he had retired near twenty years. (Daily Advertiser 8 Jan 1777). Died January 4, 1777, at Birmingham in his 86th year, Mr. Richard Baldwin, formerly a bookseller in St. Paul's Churchyard, from whence he had retired near twenty years (LM 1777, 51)Timperley gives his death date as 4 June 1777.

Baldwin, Richard II. Married July 7, 1750, Mr. Richard Baldwin, jun., bookseller, in Paternoster-row, to Miss Baldwin, of Farringdon, Berks (LM 1750, 333). This day is published (price 6d) An essay on the summer entertainments in the neighbourhood of London, by Humphrey Quearmoode, esq. Printed for and sold by D.Job, at the Spread Eagle in King-street, Covent-garden, R.Baldwin at the Rose in Paternoster-row; and P.Stevens, at the Bible and Crown, facing Stationers' Hall (Daily Advertiser 6 Sep 1750). This day is publish'd in two volumes price 6s, a new edition in Calf, the fifth ... The Lady's friendly monitor, containing upwars of 3000 different receipts ... Printed for T.Read, in White Fryars, Fleet-street; and R.Baldwin at the Rose in Paternoster-row ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Aug 1752).

Baldwyn, Charles. Died Feb 2, 1822, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Charles Baldwyn, bookseller of Newgate-street (Gent. Mag. Feb 1822, 190)

Ball, Michael. Runaway apprentice: absconded from his master's service: Michael Ball, who is apprentice at the Logographic Press, as a compositor ... (Times 5 Jun 1790)

Ball, Thomas. Bankruptcy enlarged: Thomas Ball, Islington, music seller, to surrender July 5, at Guildhall (London Gazette 14 May 1793)

Ballard, Samuel. Died Aug. 27, 1761. Samuel Ballard, bookseller, Little Britain (Gent. Mag. Sep 1761, 430)

Balne, Mr.. Died on the 22d. ult [22 Jul] at Nottingham, of apoplexy, in his 62d year, Mr. Balne, printer, of Gracechurch Street, and formerly of the firm of Gye and Balne. Mr. Balne was eminent in his profession, and was the original projector and introducer of the large type and blocks cut from wood, his ingenuity in which so many years enriched the coffers of the lottery contractors; since which time he has been equally successful, aided by his sons, in producing some of the finest specimens in the art of book printing ... (Northern Star 11 Aug 1838)

Banister, Richard. To those afflicted with the Scurvy ... the Golden Electuary ... is sold only by R.Banister, stationer, at No. 6 in Bell-Yard, near Temple Bar ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Dec 1767). Died, in Bell-yard, 70, Mr. Richard Bannister, law-bookseller (Monthly Mag. Aug 1813, 72)

Barber, Joseph. Yesterday [20 May] was married at St. Martin's Ludgate, Mr. [Joseph] Barber, stationer, in Sweeting's Alley, to Miss Nicholson, daughter of John Nicholson, Esq., of newington Butts (Daily Advertiser 21 May 1779)

Barber, William. William Barber, of Red-cross-street, paste board maker to surrender Nov. 30, Dec. 13 and Jan 7 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Nov 1791). Dividend declared for Dec. 20, 1791 for William Barber, Redcross street, paste-board maker, at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 17 Dec 1791)

Barnard, Edward. On Sunday [30 Aug] died at Highbury-place, Mrs. Barnard, wife of Mr. Barnard, stationer (Daily Advertiser 1 Sep 1778). Died Jan 5, 1816, advanced in years, Edward Barnard, Esqr. of New Lodge, Kibworth, Leicestershire, formerly an eminent stationer in Ave-Maria-Lane (Gent. Mag. 1816, 92)

Barnard, Isaac. Whereas Martha Barnard, wife of Isaac Barnard, of St. Martin's le Grand, pencil maker, elop'd from her said husband of Wednesday last [7 Feb] ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Feb 1750)

Barnard, Nicholas. Nicholas Barnard, stationer, at the Peacock, over against Exeter-change, in the Strand, acquaints the publick, that he sells pens, made of the best sort of Dutch quills ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Feb 1750)

Barnard. On Sunday night [11 May] died Mr. Barnard, stationer, in Clifford's Inn (Daily Advertiser 13 May 1783)

Barnes, J. This day is published (price bound 2s 6d) The Court and City Register for the year 1751, ... Printed for J.Barnes (late Amey's) in the Court of Requests and at Charing Cross (Daily Advertiser 26 Nov 1750)

Barnes, John. Edward Yates and John Barnes of Aldersgate-street, stationers and cardmakers to surrender Nov. 20, 30, Dec. 21 at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Nov 1776). John Barnes's respectful compliments to all his friends and customers and begs leave to solicit their favours at Barnes & Co.'s pasteboard manufactory, No. 39, Crompton-street, Goswell-street, where orders are duly attended to; and for the conveniency of friends, orders will be taken at Mr. Barnes's, No. 160, Aldersgate-street (GNDA 3 Mar 1777). Certificate of bankruptcy granted Feb 27, 1779 to John Barnes (late partner of Edward Yates) Aldersgate street, stationer and cardmaker (London Gazette 6 Feb 1779). Dividend declared for May 14, 1782 Edward Yates and John Barnes (London Gazette 23 Apr 1782). Dividend declared for June 8, 1782 Edward Yates and John Barnes (London Gazette 18 May 1782). See also Edward Yates.

Barnes, Mr. See Norris and Barnes

Barnes, Thomas. To druggists and chymists - any gentleman wishing to dispose of a well-established business in the drug line, may be treated with on liberal terms, by addressing A.A. at Barnes's Library, No. 9, Piccadilly ... (Times 21 Apr 1800)

Barnes, Thomas. To be sold by auction, by Mr. Hutchins, July 13 and 14, 1785, the stock in trade and household furniture of Mr. Thomas Barnes, stationer, bankrupt, in Fleet-street, near Shoe-lane (UDR 7 Jul 1785). Dividend declared for Apr. 12, 1786, Thomas Barnes, Fleet-street, stationer (London Gazette 18 Mar 1786)

Barnes, William. To be sold under prime cost the remainder of the stock of paper hangings of Mr. William Barnes, deceased, at his late dwelling house in the broad part of St. Martin's Court, near Leicester Fields ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Oct 1761)

Baron, Bernard. Sunday last [24 Jan] died at his house in Panton-square, Mr. Baron, the engraver, whose merit in his profession is well known to all lovers of that art (Daily Advertiser 28 Jan 1762)

Barr, James Smith. Son of James and Elizabeth Barr, christened 29 Jun 1755 (London, St. Botolph Bishopsgate). James Smith Barr, Brydges-street, Covent-garden, printer, to surrender Oct 8, 9, Nov 7, at nine at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Sep 1795). Died Nov. 4, 1800, in her 37th year, Mrs. Barr, wife of Mr. [James Smith] Barr, printer, of Brydges-street, Covent garden (Gent. Mag. Nov 1800, 1114)

Barrington, C.J. C.J.Barington, bookseller, late of 344, Strand, respectfully takes the liberty of informing those noblemen and gentlemen who have honoured him with their patronage since his commencement in business, and the public in general, that he has removed to more commodious and spacious premises, the corner of Catherine-street, Strand, the next house to his late one... Feb. 26, 1814 (MC 2 Mar 1814)

Barrow, Charles. The Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awared and issued forth against Thomas Culliford and Charles Barrow, of the Strand, in the County of Middlesex, Musical Instrument-Makers, dealers and Chapmen, and Copartners, intend to meet on the 21st Day of May next, at One of the Clock in the Afternoon, at Guildhall, London, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects (London Gazette 27 Apr 1799)

Barry, Walter Edward. To be lett, a grocer's shop ... Address to W.X. at Mr. Barry's, at the Golden Leg, Tothill-street, Westminster (Daily Advertiser 21 Feb 1788)

Bars, Samuel. (born 1748), penmaker, Cornhill, was admitted to the Lodge of Otrez in 1788 (Shaftesley, John M. "Jews in English freemasonry, 1717-1860", Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 25 (1970, 173)

Basire, James. On Tuesday night [30 Mar] died in childbed, Mrs. Anne Basire, wife of Mr. James Basire, Engraver to the Hon. Society of Antiquaries. It is imagined her death was owing to a cold she received in moving from their house in Fetter-lane, Fleet-street, to their apartments in Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields (Daily Advertiser 1 Apr 1762). Died March 3, 1823 in Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, aged 81, Isabella, widow of the elder Mr. James Basire, engraver, who died Sept. 6, 1802 (Gent. Mag. Mar 1823, 285)

Basire, John. Whereas James Summers, apprentice of Mr. John Basire, of Clerkenwell, copper-plate-printer, absented hmiself on Monday last [26 Jul] from his master's service ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Jul 1779). John Basire, copper-plate engraver and printer in general, removed from No. 16, St. John's Lane, to No. 14 Charterhouse-street (Daily Advertiser 29 Apr 1788). Died last week, Mr. John Basire, of Charterhouse-street (Times 14 Jul 1804)

Bateman, Joseph P. [Wants place] As cook and housekeeper to a single gentleman ... Direct for M.R. at the Circulating Library, No. 21, Devonshire-street, Queen-square (Times 22 Aug 1796). Died August 26, 1796, after a lingering illness, in his 69th year, Mr. Joseph P. Bateman, sen., bookseller, in Devonshire-street, Queen-square (Gent. Mag. Sep 1796, 792). To the humane and benevolent. The four female orphans of the Rev. John Healey Swain ... subscriptions will be thankfully received ... at Mr. Bateman's Circulating Library, Devonshire-street, Queen-square (Times 17 Dec 1796)

Bates, William. To be sold by auction by Mr. Paterson. On the premises, by order of the trustees, on Monday next [24 May] and the following day, to begin exactly at twelve o'clock, the genuine stock in trade, and household furniture of Mr. William Bates, at his paper-hanging warehouse in Russell-street, Covent Garden ... all his papier maché moulds and shop fixtures ... (Daily Advertiser 17 May 1762)

Bathoe, William. To be sold at Bathoe's Circulating Library, near Exeter-Exchange in the Strand, Price 2s formerly sold for 5s. The marriage of the prince and Princess of Orange, in the Royal Chapel at St. James's, finely engraved by Rigaud, from a drawing of Mr. Kent's, who decorated the Royal Chapel for the occasion .. (Daily Advertiser 25 Aug 1761)

Bathurst, Charles. Died on Thursday evening [3Mar] suddenly, Mrs Bathurst, wife of Mr. [Charles] Bathurst, bookseller, in Fleet-street (GNDA 5 Mar 1774)

Bathurst, Charles. Married May 4, 1783, Mr. Bathurst, bookseller in Fleet-street, to Miss Carter, Kelmscott, Oxon. (Gent. Mag. May 1783, 451)

Battee, John. John Battee, late of Holliday-yard, Creed-lane, in the Parish of St. Martin Ludgate, pocket-book lock-maker, in His Majesty's Prison of the Fleet, to take benefit of the act for the relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 8 Jun 1765)

Batty, Joseph. To compel Joseph Batty, paper-stainer, formerly of the Parish of St. Ann, Soho, late of Cecil-court, Parish of St. Martin in the Fields to make a schedule of his estate and effects. Prisoner in Poultry-Compter. Dated 1st day of June, 1761. Sarah Noble. (London Gazette 2 Jun 1761)

Bayles, Mr. On Thursday [12 Feb] died Mr. Bayles, wholesale stationer, in Paternoster-row (Daily Advertiser 14 Feb 1778) Partner in firm of Bayles and Staples.

Baynes, Charles. Whereas Charles Baynes, apprentice to Thomas Harper, copper-plate-printer, at the Bible in King-street, Seven Dials, absented himself from his said master on Monday the 20th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Aug 1753). Whereas Charles Baynes absented himself from his master, Thomas Harper, Copper-plate printer, at the Bible, King-street, Seven-Dials on Wednesday the 28th of August last ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Sep 1754).

Beaumont, Thomas. Bookbinders in town and country. Whereas Thomas Beaumont, apprentice to Mr. James Colville, bookbinder, of Burleigh-street, Strand, did absent himself from his said master's service on Tuesday, the 15th inst [15 Jul] ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Jul 1777)

Becket, Thomas. Thomas Becket, bookseller, (from Mr. Millar's in the Strand) begs leave to acquaint his friends and the publick that on Monday next, the 14th instant, he proposes to open his shop, at Tully's Head, near Surry-street in the Strand... Strand Jan. 9, 1760. Thomas Becket. (Daily Advertiser 10 Jan 1760). Thomas Beckett, Strand, bookseller, to surrender March 23, 26, April 20 at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Mar 1779). Dividend declared for August 22, 1780, Thomas Becket, Strand, bookseller (London Gazette 15 Jul 1780). Corner of Adelphi, Strand. T.Becket, bookseller, removing to Pall-Mall, at Michaelmas next [29 Sep], gives the publick notice, that his elegant and commodious house, situated as above, is to be lett or sold ... (Daily Advertiser 16 Sep 1782). Died at Pimlico, 91, Mr. T. Becket, many years an eminent bookseller in Pall Mall, but who resigned business to his partner Mr . Porter in 1809 (Monthly Mag. Jan 1814, 550)

Beckitt, Mrs. At Mrs. Beckitt's printshop, in St. Ann's-court, in Dean-street, Soho, is to be sold a perfect cure for bugs ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Jul 1750)

Beecroft, John. On Sunday [14 Nov] died at his house in Walthamstow, Mr. John Beecroft, formerly a bookseller in Paternoster-row (Daily Advertiser 16 Nov 1779) Timperley gives the date as 12 Nov.

Beetham, Mrs. Profiles painted on polished glass, no. 27, Fleet Street, Mrs. Beetham respectfully acknowledges the unbounded approbation she has experienced from an indulgent publick; the art of taking miniature profile likenesses ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Mar 1788)

Bell, Charles. Died March 5, 1825 In his 64th year, Mr Charles Bell, of Brunswick-street, many years printer of the Times newspaper (Gent. Mag. Mar 1825, 284). Began as printer of the Times 11 Nov 1793.

Bell, John. Died March 2, 1789 at Writtle, Essex Miss Bell, aged 19, only child of Mr. Bell, of the British Library, Strand (Daily Advertiser 3 Mar 1789; Gent. Mag. Mar 1789, 279). John Bell, Strand, bookseller, to surrender May 14, 25 and June 22 at Guildhall (London Gazette 11 May 1793). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before the 19th day of November 1793 to John Bell, Strand, bookseller (London Gazette 26 Oct 1793). The creditors of John Bell, of the Strand, Bookseller, in respect of debts due prior to April 1793, who have not proved their debts under the commission of bankrupt issued against him, are desired to send their accounts, duly verified, to Mr. Lowndes, Red-Lion-Square on or before the 14th day of Sepember next, else they will be excluded from all benefit of his estate and effects, a final distribution whereof will take place about that time (Times 2 Sep 1796). John Bell, Strand, bookseller, to surrender Jan 14, 17, Feb 14 at Guildhall (London Gazette 3 Jan 1797)

Bell, Joseph. Married Dec. 29, 1798, Mr. [Joseph] Bell, bookseller, to Miss Bennet, both of Oxford-street (Gent. Mag. suppl 1798, 1151)

Bell, Mr. Married, Mr. Bell, at St. George's, Southwark, of Clerkenwell, printer, to Miss Sarah Newman, second daughter of the late George Newman, Esq. (Monthly Mag. Dec 1807, 498)

Bell, Thomas. Thomas Bell, of Bell-yard, within the Liberty of the Rolls, printer and bookseller, to surrender Feb. 7, 14 and Mar 15, at Guidhall (London Gazette 1 Feb 1777). Dividend declared for June 13, 1778 (not on the 23d inst as advertised) Thomas Bell, of Bell-yard, within the Liberty of the Rolls, Printer and bookseller (London Gazette 9 May 1778)

Benedetti, Michael. Partnership between Mariano Bovi, Thomas Cheesman and Michael Benedetti, engravers and printsellers, Titchfield-street, was dissolved Feb. 1790. M.Bovi to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 8 Mar 1791)

Bennett, J. A few days ago was married Mr. [J.] Bennett, map and printseller, in Fleet-street, to Miss Say of Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 13 Dec 1777)

Bennett, Mr. To be sold by auction by Mr. Bennett, by order of the executor tomorrow [22 Dec] all the genuine library of books of Sir Edmund Thomas, Bart., deceased, at his late dwelling house in St. James's Street ... (Daily Advertiser 21 Dec 1767)

Bennett, Richard. On Sunday last [11 Feb] Mr. Richard Bennett, an eminent engraver and printseller of Clement's Inn was married to Miss Jane Howard (Daily Advertiser 13 Feb 1753). This day is publish'd (price 6d) A print of Miss Fanny Murray. Drawn from the life and publish'd according to act of Parliament, by Richard Bennett, engraver, printseller and musick seller, a the Blue Bell, back of St. Clement's, near St. Clement's Church-yard. Where may be had a variety of prints, fram'd and glaz'd. Likewise a variety of new musick, etc. (Daily Advertiser 9 Aug 1754)

Bennett, Thomas. Thomas Bennett, formerly of St. Botolph Aldersgate, London, late of Dublin in Ireland, printer, in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet to take benefit of act for insolvent debtors (London Gazette 28 Dec 1756)

Bennett, Thomas. Died March 30, 1818, in George-street, Blackfriars-Road, in his 73rd year, Mr. Thomas Bennett, printer (Gent. Mag. 1818, 380)

Bensley, Thomas. Married yesterday [16 Sep] Mr. Thomas Bensley, jun., printer, in Bolt-court, Fleet-street, to Miss Clerk, of Uxbridge (Times 17 Sep 1788)

Bent, William. Died Jan 4, 1788, Mrs. Bent, wife of Mr. [William] Bent, bookseller, Paternoster-row (Gent. Mag. 1788, 83; Musgrave). Married yesterday se'ennight [8 Oct] at Tankersley, Mr. William Bent, bookseller in London, to Miss Farnell, of Pilley (The Diary 16 Oct 1789). William Bent, Paternoster-row, bookseller; to surrender 26 Apr. at ten, 6, 31 May at five at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 Apr 1796). Dividend declared (by adjournment from Feb. 15) to March 25, William Bent, Paternoster Row, London, bookseller (London Gazette 18 Feb 1797). The Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against William Bent, of Paternoster Row, London, Bookseller ... intend to meet on the 18th of November next, at Eleven in the Forenoon, at Guildhall, London, in order to make a Final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same; ... (London Gazette 14 Sept 1799). Married in London, Mr. Bent, bookseller, of Coventry-street, to Mrs. Hurford, widow of the late Henry Hurford, Esq. (Monthly Mag. Oct 1801, 257). Died at Barnsley, Miss Sarah Bent, eldest daughter of Mr. Bent, of London, bookseller (Monthly Mag. Jul 1809, 625). Died at Bath, Mr Richard Bent, son of Mr. Bent, bookseller, of Paternoster-row, London (Monthly Mag. Dec 1810, 484; Gent. Mag. 1810, 492 - gives date as 23 Sep and place as Bristol)

Benteny, Edward. Whereas Edward Benteny, apprentice to Benjamin Lawrence, pencutter, No. 12, Shoe-lane, in the parish of St. Bride, has absconded from his said master's service ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Feb 1784) See also Bonteny.

Bentley, Edward. First number of the lawyers and Magistrates' Magazine to be published on March 1, 1790 (Times 25 Feb 1790 - not 1791 as in Timperley). Died Feb 14, 1817, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Edward Bentley, of Paternoster-row (no source given)

Beresford, William. Whereas Thomas Letter, apprentice to William Beresford, of Holiday-yard, Creed-lane, Ludgate-street, bookbinder, did abscond from his said master's service on Sunday the 7th inst. without any provocation ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Jul 1776)

Berkenhead, John. The partnership between John Berkenhead and Samuel Stafford Jobson, jewellers and engravers, of Gutter-lane, was dissolved Sept. 27, 1796 (London Gazette 45 Oct 1796). Berkenhead was the jeweller and Jobson the engraver.

Berry, Cornelius. Died Dec. 10, 1804, at his house in Token-house-yard, Lothbury, aged 61, Mr. Cornelius Berry, late a stationer at the Royal Exchange (Gent. Mag. 1804, 1247)

Betham, James. James Betham and Edmund Lloyd, corner of Harley and New Cavendish streets, booksellers and stationers, dissolved partnership April 20, 1795. Edmund Lloyd to discharge all demands and continue the business on his own account (London Gazette 2 May 1795)

Bettenham, James. This day is published, Dedicated to Admiral Vernon, complete in six large volumes octavo, with maps and cuts (price 1l. 10s. 0d) A new and accurate translation of the Roman History, by Titus Livius, with the supplement by John Freinsham ... Beautifully printed by J.Bettenham; and sold by W.Payne (London Gazette 15 Dec 1744). Married the Rev. Mr. Lion, of Glasgow, to Miss Mary Bettenham, daughter of James Bettenham, printer in St. John's lane, Clerkenwell (Court Mag. Oct 1765, 974)

Betts, John. To the curious in musical instruments. John Betts, real instrument maker, begs leave to inform the public and in particular those gentlemen who are judges of violins, tenors, violincellos, that he has taken Mr. Whitaker's late shop, No. 2 North Piazza, Royal Exchange ... he served seven year apprenticeship to that great artist Mr. Duke, sen., and worked with him full ten years after ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Apr 1782)

Bevins, E. E.Bevins, stationer and bookseller, begs leave to acquaint his customers, that he is removed from Holborn to the shop of Mr. Robert Powney, senior, over against Katherine-street in the Strand ... (Daily Advertiser 9 Jul 1752)

Bew, John. Partnership between John Bew, the younger, and Machell Stace, Haymarket, bookseller and stationers, was dissolved Jan. 10, 1791. The business to be carried on by Machell Stace and Charles Maid at the place aforesaid (London Gazette 5 Feb 1791). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before April 2, 1791 to John Bew, Paternoster Row, bookseller (London Gazette 12 Mar 1791)

Bickham, George. This day is published no III of the British Monarchy ... Sold by G.Bickham, engraver, in May's Buildings (Daily Advertiser 1 Jan 1750)

Bidlake, John. Died April24, 1790, John Bidlake, stationer, Ratcliffe Highway (Gent. Mag. Apr 1790, 378; Musgrave)

Bigg, George. Died a few days since, at Chelsea, Mr. George Bigg, printer (Times 26 Jan 1799)

Billington, H.W. Wanted, two or three very good engravers in the chalk way ... Enquire of Mr. Billington, carver, gilder and printseller, near Temple Bar, Strand (Daily Advertiser 19 Jan 1788)

Bingley, William. Dividend declared for March 23, 1776, William Bingley, Newgate-street, London, stationer (London Gazette 20 Feb 1776). Married Aug. 12, 1797, at St. Bride's Church, Mr. Thomas Browne, late of Trinity-college, Dublin, B.A., to the youngest daughter of Mr. Bingley, bookseller, Red Lion-passage, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Aug 1797, 710). Married Jan. 6 1798, Mr. Thomas Reeve, of Lyon's Inn, to the second daughter of Mr. Bingley, bookseller, of Red Lion-passage, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Jan 1798, 83; Monthly Mag. Jan 1798, 69). Married Jan. 21, 1798, Mr. Bingley, of Red Lion-passage, to Mrs. Bassett, widow of Capt. Bassett, and daughter of the late Capt. Jo. Samson, both formerly in the India trade (Gent. Mag. Jan 1798, 83)

Birch, Chamberlain. See also Elizabeth Birch.

Birch, Elizabeth. The partnership between Charles Ouvry, Elizabeth Birch, widow of the late Chamberlain Birch, deceased, and William Tiler, of Fleet-street, paper-stainers, under the firm of Ouvry, Birch and Tiler, was in consequence of the death of William Tiler dissolved on November 19, 1799 and will in the future be carried on at the same place by Elizabeth Birch, William Birch and William Marsh under the firm of Birch, Son and Marsh (London Gazette 3 May 1800)

Birch, William. See also Elizabeth Birch.

Birchall, Robert. The partnership between Robert Birchall and Hugh Andrews, music sellers, was dissolved May 16, 1789 (London Gazette 19 May 1789)

Bird, John. Died Aug. 13, 1804 Mr. [John] Bird, bookbinder of Ave-Maria-lane (Gent. Mag. 1804, 794)

Birkett, John. Whereas John Birkett, apprentice to George Corbould, engraver in Ball-Alley, Lombard-street, did on the 2d instant absent himself from his master's service ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Sep 1761)

Birt, Samuel. Last Saturday [4 Jul] at a Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers held at their hall in Ludgate-street, Thomas Ridge of Woodford, Esq. was chosen Master; and William Wilkins, of Fetherstone-Buildings, Holborn, Esq., and Mr. Samuel Birt, an eminent bookseller in Ave Mary-lane, Wardens of the said Company for the ensuing year (Daily Advertiser 6 Jul 1752)

Bishop, Francis. J.T.Philipps. The life of Ernestus, the pious. Printed for Francis Bishop, in Little Turnstile, Holborn. Price 6d. (Daily Advertiser 24 Apr 1750)

Bishop, Roby. The partnership between Roby Bishop, the elder, and Samuel Matthew Bishop, Castle-street, facing Great Newport-street, stationers, was dissolved June 24, 1789. Roby Bishop to pay and receive all debts (London Gazette 11 Jul 1789)

Bishop, Samuel. Samuel Bishop, Great Newport Street, stationer, to surrender Aug. 20, 31 and Sept. 21, at Guildhall (London Gazette 10 Aug 1793). Commission of bankrupt awarded and issued forth on or about the 8th day of August 1793 superseded (London Gazette 26 Nov 1793)

Bishop, Samuel Matthew. The partnership between Roby Bishop, the elder, and Samuel Matthew Bishop, Castle-street, facing Great Newport-street, stationers, was dissolved June 24, 1789. Roby Bishop to pay and receive all debts (London Gazette 11 Jul 1789)

Bissaker, John. To be sold by auction, by Mr. Simpson, Apr. 2, 1789, on the premises, No. 46, Tottenham-court-road, the household furniture and the stock in trade of a stationer and bookseller ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Apr 1789). To be sold, the lease of an excellent house, four rooms on a floor, situate in the best part of Tottenham-court-road, being No. 46, opposite Store-street, late in possession of Mr. Bissaker, stationer (Daily Advertiser 18 Jun 1789 - apparently purchased by William Bailey q.v.)

Bizet, W. This day is publish'd. An account of Canning and Squires fairly balanced. By a distinguished by-stander. Sold by W.Bizet, at the Golden Ball in St Clement's Church-Yard (Daily Advertiser 7 May 1753)

Black, Robert. Robert Black, of George Yard, Tower-street, bookbinder and pocket-book-maker, to surrender May 17, 24, June 17 at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 May 1783). Dividend declared for Jan. 25, 1785, Robert Black, George Yard, Tower Hill, bookbinder and pocket book maker (London Gazette 4 Jan 1785). Dividend declared for June 2, 1787 (London Gazette 5 May 1787). Dividend declared for June 12 1787 (London Gazette 15 May 1787)

Blackader, Walter. Died June 5, 1805, after a very short illness, Mr. Walter Blackader, printer, in Tooke's Court, Chancery-lane (Gent. Mag. Jun 1805, 589)

Blackall, John. Whereas a commission of bankrupt is awarded against John Blackall, of London,stationer, and he, being declared a bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the commissioners on the 1st, the 8th and the 25th of October next, at three in the afternoon at Guildhall, London, at the first of which sittings the creditors are to come prepared to prove debts, pay contribution money and choose assignees. And all persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any goods or effects of his in their hands, are forthwith to give notice therof to Mr. Gabriel Neve, attorney, in Freeman's-court, in Cornhill, London (London Gazette 26 Sep 1719)

Blackshaw, Samuel. Absented from his master's service on Sunday night last [19 Apr], John Sandys, apprentice to Samuel Blackshaw, stationer, in Chancery-lane ... (Times 22 Apr 1752 - should this be Daily Advertiser?). A gentleman of the law in the Temple wants a writing clerk ... Apply to Mr. Blackshaw, stationer, in Chancery-lane (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1760)

Blackwell, Alexander. WHereas a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded against Alexander Blackwell, of the Strand, in the County of Middlesex, Printer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners on the 24th Instant, and on the 1st and 26th of October next, at Three in the Afternoon, at Guildhall, London, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects ; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the first Sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination ; and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificates. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commi[ss]oners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. Workeman, Attorney, in Castle-yard, Holbourn. (London Gazette 10 Sept 1734). THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded against Alexander Blackwell, late of the Strand, in the County of Middlesex, Printer and Chapman, intend to meet on Tuesday the 10th of December next, at Three in the Afternoon, at GUildhall, London, in order that such of the Bankrupt's Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, may then come fully prepared to do the same, and also to assent or dissent to tbe Allowance of the said Bankrupt's Certificate. (London Gazette 16 Nov 1734)

Blanchard and Johnson. Benjamin Johnson, of Mortimer-street, Middlesex, cardmaker and stationer (trading under the firm of Blanchard and Johnson) to surrender July 7, 14, Aug. 14 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Jun 1778)

Bloss, John. On Friday [3 May] died John Bloss, Esq. wholesale stationer in Paternoster-row (Daily Advertiser 6 May 1754)

Bloxam & Co. See also Fourdrinier.

Bloxam, Sir Matthew. Matthew Bloxam was appointed [1 Jul] by the Lords of the Treasury as stationer and bookseller to both houses of Parliament (Daily Advertiser 2 Jul; 1782). On Monday last [24 Dec] was married by special licencse, John Broadley, Esq., of the Borough., to Miss Laetitia Bloxam, daughter of Sir Matthew Bloxam, M.P. (Times 26 Dec 1804)

Bloxam, Richard. Thomas Hodgson and Richard Bloxam Strand, stationers and papermakers, dissolved partnership Dec. 29, 1788. Thomas Hodgson to continue the business of stationer and papermaker at his house, No. 525, Strand and at his manufactories at Arborfield, near reading, Berks, and at Horton, near Colnbrook, Bucks (Daily Advertiser 5 Jan 1789)

Blundell, James. Dividend declared for Dec. 21, 1793, James Blundell, Haymarket, music-seller (London Gazette 30 Nov 1793)

Blyth, Robert. On Monday [19 Jan] Mr. Blyth, an eminent engraver in New Bond-street was found dead in his apartments (Daily Advertiser 21 Jan 1784). Notice to creditors. The creditors of Robert Blyth, late of Bond street, in the county of Middlesex, Engraver, deceased, are desired to send an account of their respective debts to Mr. Smith ... on or before June 1 next, that a dividend may be made of the estate (Daily Advertiser 12 May 1787)

Boitard, Louis Phillipe. Louis Phillipe Boitard, late of the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, engraver, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed in his Majesty's prison of the Fleet (London Gazette 16 July 1748)

Bond, D. To letter-founders, printers, and others any ways concerned in metal types. Whereas several sorts of printing types and other materials to a considerable amount have lately been taken out of the printing house of D. and D.Bond, in Cross-street, Hatton-Garden ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Feb 1787)

Bonteny, Edward. Whereas Edward Bonteny, apprentice to Benjamin Lawrence, pencutter, at No. 12, Shoe-lane, in the parish of St. Bride, has absconded from his master ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Aug 1781). See also Benteny.

Boosey, John. To be sold by auction by Mr. Smith, Nov. 29, 1791, the circulating library and leasehold estate of John Boosey, bookseller and stationer, No. 39, King-street, Cheapside, retiring into the country (Times 8 Nov 1791). Circulating library and leasehold still up for sale and if not disposed of by September next the library will be broken up and sold off (Times 17 Jul 1793)

Borough Circulating Library, No. 272 in the High-street. See Henry Lee Roberts.

Bouquet, J. This day is published, price 1s. by J.Bouquet, at the White Hart in Paternoster-row, Memoirs of the life of William Henry Cranstoun, Esq., ... (Daily Advertiser 18 Jun 1752). This day is published (price 1s) An apology for dancing; shewing its antiquity, excellence and advantages ... Written originally in French by Mr. John le Cointe, D. de la Contri ... Sold by J.Bouquet at the White Hart in Paternoster Row ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Aug 1752)

Bourn, Benjamin. This day is publish'd, price 1s. 6d. the fifth edition of A sure guide to hell, by Belzebub. Sold by B.Bourn, at the Golden Lion, in Ludgate-street (Daily Advertiser 9 Mar 1752). Died April 15, 1755 at London, Mr. Benjamin Bourn, bookseller, author of the sure guide to hell (Scots Mag., Apr 1755, 210)

Bovi, Mariano. Partnership between Mariano Bovi, Thomas Cheesman and Michael Benedetti, engravers and printsellers, Titchfield-street, was dissolved Feb. 1790. M.Bovi to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 8 Mar 1791). Dividend declared for Jan 18, 1806, M. Bovi, printseller, Piccadilly (London Gazette 4 Jan 1806)

Bowen, Emanuel. This day is published according to act of Parliament (Price 1s.) ... A new and accurate map of Scotland, or North Britain ... by Eman. Bowen. Printed and sold by Thomas Bakewell, against Birhin-Lane in Cornhill, Map and Printseller (London Gazette 1 Mar 1746). This day are publish'd, price 1s. 6d. each ... the following maps, drawn and engraved by Eman. Bowen ... Thomas Kitchen ... and W.H.Seale. Sold by J.Tinney, map and printseller, at the Golden Lion, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 26 Apr 1753)

Bowen, George. George Bowen and John Sheringham, No 81 New Bond-street, paper warehousemen, under the firm of George Bowen and Co. dissolved partnership Dec. 25, 1796. George Bowen to carry on the business (London Gazette 21 Jan 1797)

Bowen, Joseph. Joseph Bowen, New Bond Street, bookseller, to surrender June 26, July 6, Aug 3 at Guildhall (London Gazette 22 Jun 1784). Dividend declared for Jan 6, 1787, Joseph Bowen, New Bond-street, bookseller (London Gazette 2 Dec 1786). Dividend declared for March 25, 1790, Joseph Bowen, of New Bond Street, bookseller, at eleven at Guildhall (London Gazette 2 Mar 1790). Died Oct. 21, 1790, Joseph Bowen at Norwich. Succeeded by his wife Anne. After bankruptcy in London, in July 1784, he purchased Peter Gedge's medicine, music and perfumery warehouse at 10 Cockey Lane, Norwich in March 1789. (Gent. Mag. 1790, 1053; Musgrave; Fawcett, Eighteenth century Norfolk booksellers)

Bowen, Thomas. To compel Thomas Bowen and Richard Reynolds, formerly of the Parish of Clerkenwell, late of St. Andrew, Holbourn, engravers and copartners as prisoners in the King's Bench Prison, Surry, to make a schedule of estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Dated 12 September 1761, William Newman (London Gazette 12 Sep 1761)

Bowles, Carrington. Thursday [23 Dec] died Mr. Bowles, jun. son of Mr. Bowles, an eminent printseller in St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 27 Dec 1762). Died June 20, 1793, Carrington Bowles, printseller, St. Paul's Churchyard (Gent. Mag. 1792; Musgrave). Died on Tuesday morning [15 May] at Kensington Gore, in her 73d year, Mrs. Anne Bowles, widow of the late Carrington Bowles, Esq. (Times 17 May 1798)

Bowles, Henry Carrington. Married on Tuesday last [26 Feb], at St. George the Martyr, Queen's-square, Henry Carrington Bowles, Esq. of St. Paul's Churchyard, to Miss Garnault, of Red Lion-square (Times 1 Mar 1799). On Friday morning last [17 Jan], the lady of Henry Carrington Bowles, Esq. St. Paul's Church-yard, gave birth to a dughter (Times 22 Jan 1800). Married on Saturday, Aug. 2, 1823, at the Church of St. Mary Magdalen and St. Gregory, Edward Treacher, of Burton-crescent, Esq., to Anne Sarah, eldest daughter of Henry Carrington Bowles, of Myddleton-house, Esq., F.S.A. (Times 4 Aug 1823).

Bowles, James. On Thursday [13 Jun] died at Abingdon, Berks, Mr. James Bowles, wholesale stationer, of Newgate-street (Daily Advertiser 17 Jun 1782). Died June 13, 1782, at Abingdon, Berks., Mr. James Bowles, wholesale stationer, Newgate-street (Gent. Mag. Jun 1782, 311)

Bowles, Thomas. Died Thursday [29 May] after a long and painful illness, at Blackheath, Thomas Bowles, Esq., stationer, in Newgate-street ... (Times 30 May 1788)

Bowyer William. Timothy Hodgson apprenticed to William Bowyer of London, printer, through the charity for the Sons of the Clergy. (Daily Advertiser 7 May 1754 - for details see under Joseph Kippax)

Boyce, John. John Boyce, late of Sermon-lane, London, Rolling-press printer, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed in the Poultry Compter (London Gazette 31 May 1748). John Boyce, late of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish-street, printer, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed in the Poultry Compter (London Gazette 9 Jul 1748)

Boydell, John. Married Saturday morning [8 Sep] Mr. Nicol, of the Strand, bookseller to his Majesty, to Miss Boydell, of Cheapside (UDR 10 Sep 1787; Daily Advertiser 10 Sep 1787)

Boydell, Josiah. A few days ago was married by the Rev. Dr. North at Greffenhall in Norfolk ... Mr. Josiah Boydell, nephew to Mr. Boydell, of Cheapside, to Miss North, daughter of the late Roger North, Esq., of the same county, nearly related to Lord North (Daily Advertiser 26 Dec 1774). The partnership between Josiah Boydell and John Boydell was dissolved by mutual consent; the business carried on by John Boydell at his house in Newgate-street (Daily Advertiser 17 Jan 1781 - no date given)

Boyle, Patrick. Died at Chelsea [May 18] Mr. P[atrick] Boyle, printer and proprietor of the Court Guide (Monthly Mag. Jun 1808, 456, Gent. Mag. Jun 1808, 560)

Bracknell, Benjamin. To compel Benjamin Bracknell, late of the Parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, pressmaker, now a prisoner in Ludgate, to make a schedule of estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Witness my hand the 25th day of August 1761. William Bracknell (London Gazette 25 Aug 1761)

Bradley, Thomas. To be sold by auction, by Mr. Smith, on Tuesday the 18th of May and following days, on the premises, No. 2, Fish-street-hill, Gracechurch-street, the stock in trade, household furniture, etc. of Mr. Thomas Bradley, deceased ... (Times 8 May 1790)

Bradshaw, Thomas. Thomas Bradshaw, Coventry-street, Westminster, print-seller, to surrender Apr 30, May 4, June 4 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Apr 1793). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before Nov. 30, 1793, Thomas Bradshaw, Coventry-street, print-seller (London Gazette 9 Nov 1793)

Bray, Andrew. On Saturday [15 May] died Mr. Andrew Bray, a stationer in the Borough, formerly of London-bridge (Daily Advertiser 18 May 1762)

Brentnall, Thomas. The creditors of Thomas Brentnall, late of Newgate Street, London, stationer and paper hanging maker, who have sent in an account of their debts to the trustees of his estate and effects under an assignment made in the year 1750, may receive a final dividend of the said Thomas Brentnall's estate ... (London Gazette 1 Sep 1764)

Brett, A. This day is publish'd (price 1s) A narrative of Capt. Peyton's conduct in the East Indies ... To be had of A.Brett, opposite St. Clement's in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 10 Dec 1750). On Wednesday [18 Feb] died Mr. Brett, who for many years kept a pamphlet shop in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 20 Feb 1761)

Brettel, Thomas. Thomas Brettel, of Rupert-street, Haymarket, printer, to surrender June 19 and July 20 at the Court of Bankruptcy (London Gazette 8 June 1838)

Briant. Monday [3 Aug] the son of Mr. Briant, stationer, in the Borough, bathing in the Thames near Lambeth was drowned (LEP 3-5 Aug 1778)

Briggs, Robert. Robert Briggs, apprentice to John June, engraver, Sclater-Street, Bethnal-Green, absented his mater's service the 3rd instant ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Jul 1760)

Brindley, Mr. J.Robson, successor to Mr. Brindley, at the General Post Office in New Bond Street ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Jan 1760)

Bristow, Benjamin. Benjamin Bristow, late of Tower-street, London, stationer, to surrender Feb. 14, 21, Mar. 14 at Guildhall (London Gazette 31 Jan 1778). Dividend declared for Dec. 12, 1778 for Benjamin Bristow, Tower-street, stationer (London Gazette 7 Nov 1778)

British Library. See John Bell

Brobdingnag, Benjamin [pseud]. This day, at twelve o'clock, will be published (price three pence) A scheme for a new periodical paper entitled The pub(l)ic register, with a list of the most remarkable subscribers. Printed for Mr. Henry Failpaper, in Arrow-street; and sold by Mr. Benjamin Brobdingnag, in Paternoster-row (Daily Advertiser 18 Feb 1753)

Brock, Thomas. Thomas Brock, formerly of White-cross-street, late of Bunnel-row, parish of St. Luke, pasteboard maker in His Majesty's Prison of the Fleet to take benefit of the act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 4 Jun 1765, 13 Aug 1765)

Broderip, F.F. J.Longman and F.F.Broderip, Cheapside, musical instrument makers, to surrender May 30, June 6, July 7 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 May 1795)

Bromley, John. Spread-Eagle, King-Street, Covent-Garden. John Bromley, stationer, being obliged by the late unhappy fire to remove till his house was repaired, which now being completed, and made thereby far more commodious, enables him to carry on the paper hanging manufactory to the greatest perfection ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Mar 1760)

Bromwich, Mr. On Sunday morning last [25 Jul] died of a spotted fever, the only son of Mr. Bromwich, at the embossed paper warehouse on Ludgate-hill, a promising youth about eighteen (GDaily Advertiser 27 Jul 1756). Saturday [28 Jul] died at Highgate, Mr. Bromwich, formerly an eminent paper-hanging manufacturer on Ludgate-hill (Daily Advertiser 31 Jul 1787)

Brooke, J. This day is published (price 3d). A print of Mr. Garrick, in the character of King Lear, for a watch-case ... Printed for J.Brooke, engraver, opposite Nando's Coffee house ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Jan 1751). Seals and Copper-plates engraved in the most fashionable, expeditious and reasonable manner, arms painted on vellum ... by J.Brooke in Pope's Head Alley, facing the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, at his home opposite Rolls Building Fetter-lane, and at his other shop under St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Feb 1753)

Brooke, James. Yesterday [5 Dec] died John [sic] Brooke, Esq. a wholesale stationer on London Bridge. He served the office of sheriff of this city in the Mayoralty of Micajah Perry Esq (Daily Advertiser 6 Dec 1750; Timperley 680)

Brooke, Robert. A few days ago was married Mr. Robert Brooke, stationer, of Cateaton-street, to Miss Gamstone of the above place (Daily Advertiser 26 Dec 1777)

Brooke, Robert Vaughan. The partnership between Robert Vaughan Brooke, John Macklin and Potter Jeremiah Redwood dissolved June 1, 1799 (London Gazette 4 Jun 1799)

Brooke, Samuel. Yesterday morning [6 Apr] was married at St. Clement Danes, in the Strand, Mr. Samuel Brooke, printer, of Paternoster-row, to Miss Jessop of Yeates-court, Carey-street (DA 7 Apr 1773). Partnership between Thomas Harrison and Samuel Brooke, Warwick-lane, printers, dissolved Dec. 31, 1789 (Harrison retiring from the trade). The business to be carried on by Samuel Brooke in the same premises (London Gazette 20 Mar 1790)

Brooks, John. John Brooks, late of Plow-court, Fetter-lane, in the parish of St. Andrew Holbourn, engraver, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed in the King's Bench Prison, Surry (London Gazette 30 Aug 1748)

Brooks, John. John Brooks, of Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Paper-stainer to surrender July 16, 19, Aug. 23 at Guildhall (London Gazette 12 Jul 1774). Bankruptcy enlarged, John Brooks, of Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, paper-stainer to surrender Sept. 10 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Aug 1794)

Brooks, John Boover. Dividend declared for John Boover Brooks, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Middlesex, paper-stainer at 10 o'clock at Guildhall (London Gazette 30 Apr 1785)

Brotherton, James. On Tuesday evening [8 Aug] died Mr. James Brotherton, bookseller, in Cornhill, in partnership with John Sewell, by whom the business is carried on (Daily Advertiser 10 Aug 1775)

Brotherton, John. An essay on the causes of the decline of the foreign trade ... Printed for J.Brotherton ... and R.Amy in the Court of requests (London Gazette 11 Mar 1746). By Sir Matthew Decker.

Brown, John. To be sold by auction by Mr. Harding, by order of the assignees of Mr. John Brown, stationer, at his late house on Snow Hill, near the Saracen's Head Inn, on Wednesday next and Thursday next [8 & 9 Apr) all his genuine household furniture, plate ... together with the lease of the bankrupt's house, which has 17 years unexpired ... (Daily Advertiser 4 Apr 1761). For sale by the candle at the New York and Cape Breton Coffee House in Sweeting's Alley, on Wednesday next [3 Jun] at four in the afternoon, by order of the assignees, the entire stock in trade of Mr. John Brown, late of Snow Hill, stationer, a bankrupt ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Jun 1761). Dividend declared for Aug. 25, 1761 for John Brown, Snow Hill, stationer (London Gazette 28 Jul 1761). The creditors of John Brown, late of Snow Hill, London, Stationer, against whom a commission of bankruptcy was lately awarded, are desired to meet the assignees of the said bankrupt's estate and effects, on the 6th day of April next ... (London Gazette 30 Mar 1762). To make final dividend Aug. 21, 1762 (London Gazette 24 Jul 1762)

Brown, John. Died on Tuesday morning [12 Aug] Mr. John Brown, stationer, Cheapside (Times 13 Aug 1800)

Brown, Joseph. Tuesday last [5 Oct] was married, Mr. Joseph Brown, stationer, in Cheapside, to Miss Wix, of Well-street, Cripplegate (Daily Advertiser 7 Oct 1779)

Brown, Patrick. Patrick Brown, now or late of St. Mary Woolnoth, London, stationer, to surrender May 13, 22, June 14 at five at Guildhall (London Gazette 3 May 1777)

Brown, Robert I. We are assured that Hillary Walsh, printer, at Mr. Brown's Printing office in Windmill-court near Christ-Hospital, who has been for twelve years afflicted with a large wen ... has been cured ... (Times 7 Jul 1753). This day is publish'd (price 1s 6d.) The Essex harmony: being a choice collection of above fifty of the most celebrated songs ... by John Arnold ... Printed by Robert Brown, in Windmill-court, near Christ Hospital, for C.Hitch ... (Daily Advertiser 14 Aug 1753). Last Saturday [1Jul] at a Court of Assistants of the Stationers Company Mr John Rivington, Mr Robert Brown, Mr George Flower were chosen Master and Wardens for the ensuing year (GNDA 3 Jul 1775). At a Court of Assistants held on Saturday [6 Jul] at Stationers' Hall, Mr. Robert Brown was elected Master ... for the ensuing year (GNDA 8 Jul 1776)

Browne, Daniel I. The remaining printing materials of the late Mr. Daniel Browne, will be sold by auction at the Sun Tavern, Ludgate-street, on Monday next, the 11th instant. The materials to be viewed by calling at his late house in Northumberland-court (Daily Advertiser 8 Mar 1754). Died March 22, 1762 (No source - Musgrave?). Died Wednesday [24 Apr] at her house at Strand on the Green, Mrs. Browne, relict of Mr. Dan. Browne, formerly an eminent bookseller at Temple Bar (GNDA 27 Apr 1776)

Browne, Daniel II. Daniel Browne, of Catherine Street, Strand, bookseller and stationer, to surrender May 22, June 1,26 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 May 1778). Dividend declared for March 31, 1798, D.Browne, Catherine-street, bookseller (London Gazette 17 Feb 1798). Dividend declared for Jan 26, 1799, Daniel Browne, Catherine Street, Strand, bookseller and stationer (London Gazette 8 Dec 1798)

Browne, James Dumont. Partnership between James Timbury and James Dumont Browne, of Fetter-lane, engravers, bookbinders and toolcutters, was dissolved May 12, 1798. This business to be carried on by James Timbury on his own account, James Dumont Browne having quitted the same. All debts to the partnership to be discharged by James Timbury (London Gazette 2 Jun 1798)

Browne, John. Stationery. The customers of the late Mr. William Thompson, of Golden-lane, near Cripplegate, quill and pen manufacturer, may be supplied in every article he served them with on application by letter or otherwise to John Browne, No. 6, Grange-court, near Lincoln's Inn, London, quill and pen manufacturer to his Majesty's officers in general ... (Daily Advertiser 16 Apr 1778)

Browne, William. Partnership between William Browne and John Warren, under the firm of Browne and Warren, Poppin's-court, Fleet-street, printers, expired on Sept. 1, 1792 and was not, nor will be continued. William Browne to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 6 Oct 1792)

Browning, Mr. Friday afternoon [29 Jul] as Mr Browning, engraver, of Fore-street, Cripplegate, was going with his wife in a single horse chaise to Chatham, the horse fell down, coming off Bexley-heath; by which accident, he was so much hurt that he died a few hours after, at the Bow-inn, at Crayford. (Times 2 Aug 1791).

Browning, William. Whereas William Browning, apprentice to John Fuller, bookbinder, in Butcherhall-Lane, Newgate Street, absented himself from his master's service on Monday the 13th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 16 Aug 1753)

Bryan, John. Married Tuesday last [8 Sep] at St. Dunstan's Stepney, Mr. W[illiam] L[owe] Bryan, eldest son of Mr. John Bryan, printer, Poultry, to Miss Shaw, Romford, Essex (Times 11 Sep 1818)

Bryer, Henry. Dividend declared for Dec. 19, 1775. William Wynne Ryland and Henry Bryer, Cornhill, London, Printsellers (London Gazette 18 Nov 1775). Buck, Nathaniel. See Samuel Buck.

Buck, Samuel. No. 1, Garden-Court, Middle Temple. Samuel and Nathaniel Buck give notice that their collection of prints of palaces, monasteries, castles ... is now entirely finished ... which may be had, or any part of it, at their chambers as above; and at S.Buck's, at the Green Cannister by the Crown and Anchor Tavern, near St. Clement's Church in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 4 Feb 1760)

Buckland, James. On Sunday [24 Mar] died Mrs. Buckland, wife of Mr. [James] Buckland, an eminent bookseller of Paernoster-row (Daily Advertiser 26 Mar 1782)

Buckland, James This day is published, proposals for printing by subscription in two volumes, octavo, the substance of several discourses ... by Roger Pickering. Proposals are delivered and subscriptions taken in by William Johnston, in St. Paul's Churchyard; James Waugh, Gracechurch Street; James Buckland, Paternoster row; ... (London Gazette 18 Mar 1749)

Bull, Fenwick. This day is publish'd (price 2s.) From a painting of Highmore's A metzotinto print, done by Faber, of the late Francis Columbine ... Printed for Fenwick Bull, map and print-seller, at the White Horse on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 15 Jul 1753)

Bull, Mr. To all true Britons. This day is publish'd (Price 1s) A curious copper plate print of the true likeness of her present Majesty Queen Charlotte ... To be had at Mr. Rocque's in the Strand; and at Bull's Printshop, Ludgate-street, facing the Old Baily ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Nov 1761)

Bunchley, Samuel. Samuel Bunchley, late of Moorfields, bookseller, listed as insolvent debtor and prisoner in Ludgate Prison (London Gazette 21 Jul 1720)

Buncombe, Thomas. The partnership between Thomas Buncombe and Richard Fletcher, Budge-row, Cannon-street, stationers, was dissolved Dec. 24, 1788. All debts to and from creditors to be discharged by Richard Fletcher (London Gazette 30 Dec 1788)

Bunney, John Wharton. John Wharton Bunney, Newcastle-street, Strand, printer, to surrender Nov. 16, 22, Dec. 21, at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Nov 1793)

Bunney, Thompson and Co. See Anthony Thompson.

Burford, Ephraim. [Wants place] An experienced clerk, a fine and expeditious penman, and quick accountant ... Direct to J.W. at Burford's Circulating Library, West-side, Fleet-market (Times 18 May 1797)

Burford, Thomas. This day are published. Two huntings, in mezzotinto, after designs of Seymour, by T.Burford, at the Golden Head, in Chapple-street Westminster ... (Daily Advertiser 23 Jun 1753). This day is published, price 1 l. A set of prints of fox huntings from paintings by Seymour, by T.Burford, at the Golden Head in Chapel-street, Westminster (Daily Advertiser 23 Jun 1760)

Burgess, Thomas. Thomas Burgess, late of Crown Court, Russell-street, engraver, prisoner in King's Bench Prison, compelled to make a schedule of estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Dated June 19, 1761. Francis Swift (London Gazette 23 Jun 1761)

Burgh, H. This day is published price 6d. very neatly engraved An emblematical description of virtue and vice, in their growth, progress and consequences, designed chiefly as a present for young persons. Printed for H.Burgh, Engraver, at No. 5 in Union-court, over against St. Andrew's Church, Holborn (Daily Advertiser 30 Jul 1750)

Burnett, George. Died on the 1st inst [1 Aug] at Kensington, Mrs. Burnett, wife of Mr. George Burnett, Strand. (Times 11 Aug 1797)

Burrough, Richard. If Robert Burrough (son of Richard Burrough, of the City of London, bookseller, who died in the year 1728 or thereabouts) was a carver and resident in the Parish of Saint Mary's Rotherhithe, Surry, and from thence in the year 1731, went to live at Cheynes in Buckinghamshire ... (London Gazette 1 Jan 1765)

Burrowes, John F. This day is published, price 1s, a new catalogue of Burrowes's Circulating Library, No. 9, opposite to the Opera House, Haymarket, containing near 20,000 volumes ... (Times 21 Feb 1799)

Burrup, John. Partnership between William Simpson and John Burrup, Martin's-lane, Cannon-street, vellum binders, was dissolved June 25, 1792 (London Gazette 2 Jul 1792)

Burton, Thomas. To compel Thomas Burton, late of Butcher Hall Lane, parish of Christ Church,London, bookbinder, prisoner in His Majesty's Prison of the Fleet, to make a schedule of his estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Witness my hand this 28th day of September 1761. Robert Simpson (London Gazette 29 Sep 1761)

Burton, Thomas. Partnership between James Jones, of West-square, St. George's Fields, Surry and Thomas Burton, of No. 11, Gate-street, Lincoln's Inn-Fields, letter-press printers has been finally dissolved. Thomas Burton to discharge all debts (London Gazette 23 Jan 1798). Died May 9, 1801, Mrs. Burton, wife of Mr. [Thomas] Burton, printer, Little Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields (Gent. Mag. May 1801, 484)

Burton, William. Partnership between George Lake and William Burton, of No. 304, Strand, pocket-book-manufacturers and undertakers, was dissolved Oct. 13, 1799. All debts to be discharged by William Burton, who will carry on the business (London Gazette 2 Nov 1799)

Butler, Thomas. Just published, by Thomas Butler, bookseller, in Pall-Mall, the proprietor, The just portraitures of eight high-bred running horses ... (Daily Advertiser 9 Aug 1752)

Butterworth, Joseph. Married Thursday [13 Oct] Mr. Joseph Butterworth, of Fleet-street, to Miss Ann Cook, of Trowbridge, Wilts (Times 18 Oct 1791). Died June 12, 1820, in Bedford-square, 49, Mrs. Butterworth, the justly lamented wife of Joseph Butterworth, Esq., M.P. (Gent. Mag. Jun 1820, 573). Joseph Butterworth (1770-1826), law bookseller, Fleet Street, London was the son of John Butterworth. He was M.P. for Dover and a Wesleyan philanthropist. He published a priced Catalogue of Law Books.

Button, William. Married Dec. 16, 1800, Mr. [William] Button, jun., of Paternoster-row, to Miss Hollier, only daughter of R.Hollier, Esq. (Gent. Mag. suppl, 1800, 1288)

Bye and Law. Later Law and Gilbert.

Byrne, William I. On Tuesday [29 Oct] died Mr. William Byrne, of Long Acre, engraver (Daily Advertiser 31 Oct 1776) Succeeded in business by his nephew William Byrne (Daily Advertiser 6 Nov 1776)

Byrne, William II. Engravings. This day are published, price 15s. Two prints, in ovals, from original drawings, by T.Hearne ... Sold by the proprietor William Byrne, No. 79, Titchfield-street ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Feb 1788)

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