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30 January 2007

Berch R

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: R

Raithby, John. Married Saturday [19 Sep] Mr. John Raithby, law-stationer, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, to Miss Lee, of Epsom (Times 22 Sep 1789). John Raithby, esq., barrister at law, of Lincoln's Inn, was originally a law stationer in Chancery-lane, but having at the beginning of the French revolution turned his attention pretty much upon politics, and published some virulent pamphlets on the side of democracy, though without his name, he was encouraged to study law for aprofession ... Born 1766, died Aug. 31, 1826 (A biographical dictionary of the living authors of Great Britain and Ireland, 1814, and DNB)

Ralphrib, Mr. Married April 17, 1762 Mr. Ralphrib, stationer, on Fish-street-hill, to Miss Richards of Rosamond's Row, Clerkenwell (Court Mag. Apr 1762, 394)

Randall, R. Tomorrow will be published The complete magazine ... Printed for R.Randall, No. 116, Shoe-Lane, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 12 Jan 1787)

Ranger, Honest. On Tuesday the 22d instant will be publish'd price bound two shillings and six pence Ranger's progress: consisting of a variety of poetical essays, moral, serious, comic and satyrical. By Honest Ranger of Bedford-Row. Printed for the author and sold by T.Kinnersley ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Apr 1760). This day is publish'd, price sew'd 2s. Adorned with the lady's picture at full length K.F's Merry thought; containing a rich variety of fun and humour. Sold by H.Ranger, near the Temple Gate, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 27 Apr 1760). This day is publish'd (price 1s 6d) The political humbug. Printed for H.Ranger, near Temple Bar (Daily Advertiser 28 Jun 1760). This day is publish'd (price 1s) A dialogue between the celebrated Mr. F. and Dr. S. ... Printed for H.Ranger, near Temple Bar (Daily Advertiser 20 Sep 1760)

Rapley, Richard. Richard Rapley, of Adam and Eve Court, St. Mary le Bonne, printer to surrender Jan 31, Feb 8, March 9, at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Jan 1782). Bankruptcy enlarged to March 16 (London Gazette 5 Mar 1782)

Raven, William> William Raven, St. Andrew Holborn, London, Stationer to surrender Nov. 12, 18, Dec. 14, 1745 at Guildhall (London Gazette 2 Nov 1745). The commissioners in a commission of bankrupt awarded and issued forth against William Raven of the Parish of St. Andrew Holborn, London, stationer, dealer and chapman, met on the 9th of April instant ... in order to make a dividend of the said bankrupt's estate: this is to give notice that the said dividend is put off to the 18th of April instant ... (London Gazette 12 Apr 1746). Certificate of bankruptcy to be awarded before May 13, 1746 (London Gazette 22 Apr 1746). To be sold, printing materials, consisting of a press and everything necessary to transact business in a small way ... Enquire of Mr. [James?] Raven, stationer, near St. Bride's Church in Fleet-Street ... (Daily Advertiser 8 May 1750)

Raymond M-C-L-'s cabinet broken open, or his private list of all the dutchess Dowagers, countesses, widow ladies, Maiden ladies, widows, and misses of honour, virtue and large fortunes in England ... Printed for Patrick M'Laughter, near St. Paul's, and to be had of Raymond &c (Daily Advertiser 10 Dec 1750)

Raymond, Joseph Keyes. Joseph Keyes Raymond, engraver and printer, heretofore of Ball-court and late of Howford-court, Fenchurch-street insolvent debtor and prisoner in the Poultry Compter (London Gazette 29 Jul 1797 - probably son of John Raymond)

Rayner, Augustin. Augustin Rayner and Edward Major, Aldersgate-street, pocket book makers, dissolved partnership Aug. 22, 1795 (London Gazette 15 Sep 1795)

Read, T. This day is published (price 1s.) ... Youth's friendly monitor; or, The affectionate schoolmaster ... Printed and sold by T.Read, in Dogwell-Court, White Fryars, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 16 Jul 1752). This day is publish'd in two volumes price 6s, a new edition inCalf, the fifth ... The Lady's friendly monitor, containing upwards of 3000 different receipts ... Printed for T.Read, in White Fryars, Fleet-street; and R.Baldwin at the Rose in Paternoster-row ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Aug 1752)

Reason, Jeremiah. Jeremiah Reason, late of Fleet-street, London, bookseller and binder, prisoner in His Majesty's prison of the Fleet, to take benefit of the act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 30 Jul 1765)

Reddin, Jeremiah. Whereas William Kennelly and Jeremiah Reddin, apprentices to Arthur Fagin in Tooley Street, cardmaker, eloped from their said master's service on the 16th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Jul 1760).

Redwood, Polter Jeremiah. Married at Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Mr. Redwood, wholesale stationer, Cheapside, London, to Miss Stephens, daughter of Mr. Stephens, bookseller of Cirencester (Monthly Mag. May 1800, 407)

Redwood, Potter Jeremiah. The partnership between Robert Vaughan Brooke, John Macklin and Potter Jeremiah Redwood dissolved June 1, 1799 (London Gazette 4 Jun 1799)

Reed, James. See Samuel Reed.

Reed, Samuel & James. Dividend declared for Samuel Reed and James Reed, booksellers [of St. James's Street, London] (London Gazette 4 Aug 1798)

Reepe, Raham. Raham Reepe, son of Raham and Susannah Reepe christened 22 May 1768 London, St. Michael Crooked Lane. Raham Reepe the elder, Cannon-street, London, stationer to surrender 27 Jan, 2 Feb, 7 March at 11 at Guildhall (London Gazette 24 Jan 1797)

Rees, Owen. Died on Thursday last [20 Sep] at Gelligron, Glamorganshire, the Rev. Josiah Rees, father to Mr. Rees, of Paternoster-row (Times 25 Sep 1804)

Rees. Died Sept. 20, 1804 at Gelligron, co. Glamorgan, the Rev. Josiah Rees, father of Mr. Rees, bookseller, in Paternoster-row (Gent. Mag. Sep 1804, 891)

Reeve, Elizabeth. To be sold by auction, at the Globe Tavern in Fleet-Street the 4th day of March at six, all the Printing Materials of the late Mrs Eliz. Reeve; amongst which are several fonts of more than 1000 lb each, and one of 3000 lb almost new, a printing press (the platen 21 inches by 15) and three other presses. To be viewed at the Savoy Printing-Office on Tuesday and Wednesday the 2d and 3d, from eleven till three, and on Thursday from eleven till two. Specimens and catalogues at the place of sale; and of H.Garland, No. 30, Green-Arbour-Court, near St. Sepulchre's Church (Daily Advertiser 24 Feb 1773, reported by James Millburn). To be sold by auction, on Thursday March 4, 1773, at the Globe Tavern, in Fleet-street, all the printing materials of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Reeve (GNDA 30 Jan 1773). To be peremptorily sold by auction at the Globe Tavern in Fleet-street on Wednesday March the 2d, the printing materials of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Reeve, of the Savoy (GNDA 24 Feb 1774)

Reeve, Thomas. Died on the 31st ult. [31 Mar] in the 46th year of his age, Thomas Reeve, of Searle's Place, Carey-street, law-stationer (Courier 3 Apr 1817)

Reeve, William. Married in London, Mr. William Reeve, law-stationer, of Lyon's-inn, to the second daughter of Mr. Bingley, bookseller, of Red Lion-passage, Fleet-street (Monthly Mag. Jan 1798, 69)

Reeves, Mr. Friday [17 Apr] died Mr Reeves, stationer in Chancery-lane (GDaily Advertiser 19 Apr 1756)

Regniere, Mr.This day is published (price 2s 6d) a print, a half-length sitting in a chair, of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. John Potter, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Engraved by his Grace's appointment. Sold by G.Vertue, at his house in Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and by the following printsellers: Mr. King, Mr Tinney, Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Sayer, Mess. Simpson, Mr. Reginere, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Jeffreys at Charing cross, and Mr. Verhuych in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1750)

Reily, Richard. On Tuesday night [31 Mar] were privately interred at Chelsea, the remains of Mr. Richard Reily, an eminent printer in Litte Britain, many years in the Common Council for Aldersgate Ward, and a governor of St. Bartholomew's Bridewell, and Bethlem Hospitals ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Apr 1761)

Remnant, James. J.Remnant, German bookseller, begs leave to inform his friends and the public in general that he is removed from his shop in High Holborn, to more extensive premises, No. 22, High-street, St. Giles's, between the Church and Oxford-street ... (Times 25 Jun 1798)

Reynell, Henry. Whereas Joseph Freeman, apprentice to Mr. Henry Reynell, of Piccadilly, printer, absented himself from his master's service on Monday the 28th of June past ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Jul 1779)

Reynolds, Richard. To compel Thomas Bowen and Richard Reynolds, formerly of the Parish of Clerkenwell, late of St. Andrew, Holbourn, engravers and copartners as prisoners in the King's Bench Prison, Surry, to make a schedule of estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Dated 12 September 1761, William Newman (London Gazette 12 Sep 1761)

Reynolds, Thomas. Died in Oxford-street, aged 74, Mr. Thomas Reynolds, many years a respectable bookseller, and formerly in partnership with Mr. Shepperton (Monthly Mag. Apr. 1814, 272)

Rhynd, J. The Bencher, price 6d. An entire new periodical paper, written, printed and published for the benefit of the unfortunate prisoners confined for debt in the King's Bench ... of which the opening number will be published this day the 5th inst. and continued weekly. Printed by J.Rhynd, Ray-street, Clerkenwell ... Published by Appleyard, Wimpole-street ... Pollard, at the Circulating Library on the Parade of the said prison ... (Times 5 Jan 1799)

Rhynd, John. Died in London, Mr. John Rhynd, printer, of Ray-street, Clerkenwell, formerly of Hereford (Monthly Mag. Apr 1804, 288)

Ribeau, George. Mr. William Oxberry, actor, born in London 18 Dec. 1784, worked in the shop of Mr. Ribeau, the bookseller, for two and a half years, thence to the office in Tottenham Court road of a printer named [Arthur] Seale, an amateur actor (Theatrical inquisitor, Nov 1812, 112)

Richards, Daniel. At a Court of Assistants held on Saturday [6 Jul] at Stationers' Hall, ... Mr. John Hinton and Daniel Richards [elected] Wardens for the ensuing year (GNDA 8 Jul 1776)

Richards, Matthew. Seealso Evans.

Richards, R. This day are publish'd Price bound two shillings and six pence, or two shillings sew'd. The life and surprizing adventures of Don Antonio de Trezzanio, who was self-educated and lived forty-five years in an uninhabited island in the East Indies ... Printed for H.Serjeant without Temple Bar; G. Woodfall, at Charing Cross; W.Herd at the Philobiblion Library, Piccadilly; and R.Richards in Holborn (Daily Advertiser 14 Oct 1761)

Richards, R.. The battle of the players, 2nd edition published by R.Richards, near the Cross Keys, Holborn (Daily Advertiser 22 Jan 1762). The first edition had been disowned by William Flexney. 3rd edition published by R.Richards (Daily Advertiser 5 Feb 1762).

Richardson, George. G.Richardson, stationer and coach carver, burnt out from the corner of King-street, Bloomsbury, removed to the corner of Kingsgate, Red Lion Square, till his house is rebuilt ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Jul 1784)

Richardson, James Malcott. Died on Sunday morning, April 27, in her 36th year, Mary Richardson, wife of Mr. J.M.Richardson, bookseller, Cornhill; leaving 11 children ... (Times 30 Apr 1817)

Richardson, Joseph. Died at Scarborough of a fever, Mr. Joseph Richardson, an eminent bookseller in Paternoster-row (Court Mag. Sep 1763, 455)

Richardson, Mrs. Died on Wednesday last [23 Jan], at Kentish Town, Mrs. Richardson, printseller in the Strand (Times 30Jan 1788)

Richardson, William. On Saturday [17 Dec] was married Mr. Richardson, bookseller under the Royal Exchange, to Miss Say, second daughter of Mr. Charles Say, printer, in Ave-Maria-Lane (Daily Advertiser 19 Dec 1774). Married Mr. John Baily, of Salisbury-square, Fleet-street, to the only daughter of William Richardson, Esq., bookseller in Cornhill, on March 10, 1803 (Gent. Mag. Mar 1803, 282). Died Feb. 2, 1810 in Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Mr. Richardson, late bookseller of Cornhill, aged 66 (Gent. Mag. Feb 1810, 186)

Richardson, William. To the worthy inhabitants of the Ward of Faringdon Without. Gentlemen, Your vote, interest and poll are earnestly requested for William Richardson, of Fleet-street, Stationer, to be one of the sixteen Common Councilmen for the year ensuing ... (Daily Advertiser 21 Dec 1767). Fleet-street, Dec. 21, 1767. To the worthy inhabitants of the Ward of Faringdon without [thanks of William Richardson for being elected Common Councilman] (Daily Advertiser 22 Dec 1767)

Richardson, William. William Richardson, late of Salisbury-square, Fleet-street, printer, to surrender Dec 2, 12, Jan 9 at Guildhall (London Gazette 28 Nov 1778)

Richmond, Joseph? Yesterday [23 Feb] was married Mr. Richmond, bookbinder, of Portland-street, to Miss Sally Dobson, of Richmond-Buildings, Soho (Daily Advertiser 24 Feb 1775)

Rickaby, Thomas. Died Dec. 18, 1799 ... Mrs. E.Rickaby, mother of M. Rickaby, printer, Peterborough-court, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Dec 1799, 1092)

Ricketts, William. William Ricketts, late of Great Bandy Leg Walk in the parish of St. Saviour Southwark, in the county of Surry, printer, prisoner in King's Bench Prison, Surry to take benefit of act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 30 Aug 1755)

Rickman, Thomas Clio. To be let, in the neighbvourhood of Fitzroy-square, a house ... May be seen between 11 and 4, and particulars known ar Mr. Rickman's Circulating Library, Upper Mary-le-bonne street ... (Times 4 Jun 1798)

Ridge, Thomas. Last Saturday [4 Jul] at a Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers held at their hall in Ludgate-street, Thomas Ridge of Woodford, Esq. was chosen Master; and William Wilkins, of Fetherstone-Buildings, Holborn, Esq., and Mr. Samuel Birt, an eminent bookseller in Ave Mary-lane, Wardens of the said Company for the ensuing year (Daily Advertiser 6 Jul 1752)

Ridgway, James. Died on the 19th inst. in her 67th year, ... Caroline, wife of Mr. Ridgway, bookseller, Piccadilly (Times 21 Jul 1832). Died May 6, 1838, in Piccadilly, aged 83, Mr. James Ridgway, bookseller, the well-known pamphlet publisher (Gent. Mag. Jun 1838, 666)

Ridgway, Robert. To be sold by auction by Mess Young and Brooks, by order of the assignees, on Tuesday the 12th inst. on the premises, the entire stock and utensils in trade ... of Mr. Robert Ridgway, Stationer, of High Holborn (GNDA 6 Jan 1773)

Ridley, James. On Saturday [31 Dec 1774] died Mrs. Ridley, wife of Mr. Ridley, bookseller, in St. James's-street (Daily Advertiser 2 Jan 1775)

Ridly, Thomas. This day is published, on a large imperial sheet, 5s colour'd, 2s. 6d. plain and sold by Thomas Ridly, bookseller, near the Admiralty-Office, An accurate survey of the Botanic (or Physic) Gardens at Chelsea ... by John Haines, engraver and copper-plate printer, at Michael Angelo's Head in Buckingham-court, Charing Cross ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Feb 1753)

Rigaud. To be sold at Bathoe's Circulating Library, near Exeter-Exchange in the Strand, Price 2s formerly sold for 5s. The marriage of the Prince and Princess of Orange, in the Royal Chapel at St. James's, finely engraved by Rigaud, from a drawing of Mr. Kent's, who decorated the Royal Chapel for the occasion .. (Daily Advertiser 25 Aug 1761)

Riley, George. [Should be listed at Sterne's Head, not Stone's Head.] Tuesday [14 Oct] was married at St. George's, Hanover Square, Mr. G.Riley, of Curzon-street, Mayfair, to Miss Raby, of Great Warley, in Essex (LC 16-18 Oct 1777). George Riley of St. George's Hanover Square, bookseller and stationer to surrender March 21, Apr. 7, May 2 at Guildhall (London Gazette 21 Mar 1778). Dividend declared for June 29 (London Gazette 5 Jun 1779)

Rivington, Charles I. Yesterday morning [11 Feb] died at Hackney, Mrs. Rivington, widow of Mr Charles Rivington, formerly a bookseller in St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 12 Feb 1753)

Rivington, Charles II. Yesterday [30 Jun] Mr Charles Rivington, Printer, in Staining Lane, was elected a Common Council Man for Aldersgate Ward in the room of John Underwood, esq., deceased (Daily Advertiser 1 Jul 1761). Died on Thursday [4 May] Mrs. Rivington, wife of Mr Charles Rivington, printer, in Staining-lane, near Goldsmith's Hall (Daily Advertiser 6 May 1775)

Rivington, Charles III. Married Saturday morning [18 May] at St. Augustine's Church, Mr. Charles Rivington, of St. Paul's Churchyard, to Miss Curling, of Islington (Times 21 May 1793)

Rivington, Francis. On Saturday [26 Apr] Mr. Francis Rivington, bookseller, in St. Paul's Churchyard, was married at St. Austin's Church to Miss Ellill, of Cannon-street (Daily Advertiser 28 Apr 1777). A child of Mr. Francis Rivington, bookseller, in St. Paul's Churchyard, drank a quantity of liquor prepared for killing bugs ... died the 21st [July] (Gent. Mag. Aug 1783, 717)

Rivington, James. On Thursday last [15 Sep] was married Mr. James Rivington bookseller, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, to Miss Mynshull, daughter of the late Thomas Mynshull, Esq., of Chorlton-Hall, near Manchester in Lancashire (Daily Advertiser 19 Sep 1752). See also John Rivington, partnership dissolved (GDaily Advertiser 8 Mar 1756). This day is published, By James Rivington and James Fletcher, in Pater-noster Row, and J.Fletcher in Oxford, in octavo, price one shilling The doctrine of the divine visitation by earthquakes illustrated, confirmed and applied ... by William Dodwell, D.D., Rector of Shettesbrook, Berks ... (GDaily Advertiser 24 Mar 1756). Bankrupts, James Rivington and James Fletcher Paternoster row, booksellers and partners (Daily Advertiser 7 Jan 1760 - London Gazette 5 Jan?). To be sold by auction by Mr. Browning by order of the assignees, on Thursday next [13 Mar] and the following days, the remainder of the lease of the dwelling house of Mr. James Rivington, with a warehouse opposite, in Paternoster-Row, Cheapside ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Mar 1760)

Rivington, John. London, March 6, 1756. The partnership between John and James Rivington, booksellers, being this day dissolved by mutual consent ... the trade continues to be carried on by John Rivington in St. Paul's Churchyard and by James Rivington in Paternoster-row ... (GDaily Advertiser 8 Mar 1756). Last Saturday [1Jul] at a Court of Assistants of the Stationers Company Mr John Rivington, Mr Robert Brown, Mr George Flower were chosen Master and Wardens for the ensuing year (GNDA 3 Jul 1775).

Rivington, John. Married July 24, 1777, John Rivington, jun., to Miss Burge of Newington Green (LEP 23-25 Jul 1777). Yesterday [24 Jul] was married at Islington Church, Mr. John Rivington, jun., printer, in St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, to Miss Burge, of Newington-Green (Daily Advertiser 25 Jul 1777). Early yesterday morning [23 Jun] died at his house in St. John's-square, Clerkenwell, Mr. John Rivington, jun., printer (Times 24 Jun 1785)

Roach, J. No. III of The Theatrical Reporter .. Published by J.Roach, Britannia and Theatrical Printing Office and Library, Russell-court, Drury-lane, by Thomas Dutton, author of the Dramatic Censor (no source or date given, c.1800?)

Roberts, Ann. A.Roberts, map-colourer, and varnisher, begs leave to acquaint the public in general, and land surveyors and publishers of maps in particular, that she is removed from Three Arrow Court, Chancery-lane, to No. 15, Clare-Court, Drury-lane, corner-shop (GNDA 27 Jan 1775)

Roberts, Henry. This day are published. Fifty small original and elegant views of the most splendid churches, villages, rural prospects and masterly pieces of architecture, adjacent to London. Drawn by the eminent Mons. Chatelain ... Sold by Henry Roberts, engraver and printseller, near Hand-alley, facing Great Turnstile, Holborn ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Dec 1750)

Roberts, Henry Lee. Borough Circulating Library, No. 272 in the High-street. The business of this library, with such part of the stock as may be agreed upon, to be disposed of, together with the lease of the house, the proprietor going to reside in the country .. (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1776). To be sold by auction by Mr. Higgs on Tuesday [21 May] next and the following two days, at eleven, on the premises, part of the household furniture ... together with the stock of Mr. Henry Lee Roberts, Vintner and bookseller, No. 272, the High-street in the Borough, Mr. Roberts retiring from business ... (Daily Advertiser 16 May 1776 - apparently the first attempt to sell by private contract was not successful)

Robertson, Archibald. Advert. listing A.Robertson at No. 15, Charles-street, St. James's-square (Times 26 Jun 1794)

Robinson, Edmund. Edmund Robinson, citizen and stationer of London, maketh oath, that having made the strictest enquiry in his power into the number of foreign journeyman printers, employed by the master printers in this city (including Salisbury-court) their numbers to amount to twenty ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Mar 1750)

Robinson, J. This day is publish'd (price 2s) The history of the Moravians, from their first settlement at Herrnhaag, in the county of Budingen to the present time. Printed for J.Robinson, in Ludgate Street ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Apr 1754)

Robinson, James. Saturday [22 Jul] was married Mr. James Robinson, bookseller, of Paternoster-row, to Miss Thompson, St. Paul's Churchyard (Times 25 Jul 1786)

Robinson, John. Crosby, Thomas. The book keepers guide ... 2d ed. Printed for James Hodges, at the Looking-Glass facing St. Magnus Church, London Bridge; and John Robinson, at the Globe and Bible, at St. Saviour's Dock-Head Southwark (Daily Advertiser 31 Oct 1753)

Robinson, John. Married Saturday morning [4 Jun] at St. Augustine's Church, Mr. John Robinson, bookseller, in Paternoster-row, to Miss Blackburn of Hackney (UDR 11 Jun 1787). Died Jan. 14, 1825 at the home of her son, Palmers-Green, Edmonton, in her 70th year, Jane, relict of Mr. John Robinson, of Paternoster-row, bookseller (Gent. Mag. Feb 1825, 187)

Robinson, John. The partnership between William Darling and John Robinson, Great Newport-street, engravers, dissolved July 16, 1785. All demands to be discharged by Mr. Darling (London Gazette 6 Aug 1785)

Robson, James. Books now on sale. A catalogue of very valuable books in most languages ... which will begin to be sold vastly cheap, this day ... by J.Robson, successor to Mr. Brindley, at the General Post Office in New Bond Street ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Jan 1760). James Robson, bookseller, in New Bond Street, thinks it is incumbent upon him, in order to clear himself from any suspicions that the publick in general, or his friends in particular, amy entertain of his being in any way concerned in printing a pamphlet intituled "A chronicle of the war &c" to declare that it was sent to him by the printer, with his name prefixed to the title and advertisement without either his knowledge, consent or approbation ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Jul 1760). Married Dec. 10, 1761, Mr. Robson, bookseller, in New Bond-street, to Miss Perritt (LM Appendix 1761, 704)

Roby, Joseph. To be sold by auction by John Brind. On Thursday and Friday next [4 & 5 Jun], by order of the assignees of Mr. Jos. Roby, a bankrupt, late paper stainer, at his house, the corner of Chancery Lane, Fleet-street, all his household goods, stock and utensils in trade, as paper hangings, ... likewise a curious assortment of moulds in wood and plaster for making the papier mache ornaments ... (Daily Advertiser 30 May 1761). Certificate of bankruptcy issued to Joseph Roby, Fleet-street adjoining Chancery-lane, paper-stainer July 18 (London Gazette 27 Jun 1761). Dividend declared for June 6 (London Gazette 6 May 1766)

Rocque, Mr. Andrew Dury, from Mr. Rocque's, geographer, in the Strand, gives notice to the subscribers to his small atlas, that he has open'd shop in Duke's Court, near St. Martin's Church ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Dec 1760). To all true Britons. This day is publish'd (Price 1s) A curious copper plate prnint of the true likeness of her present Majesty Queen Charlotte ... To be had at Mr. Rocque's in the Strand; and at Bull's Printshop, Ludgate-street, facing the Old Baily ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Nov 1761)

Rogers, John. John Rogers, Whitechapel, stationer, to surrender Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 28 at Guildhall (London Gazette 16 Sep 1788)

Rogers, Joseph. Married Aug. 12, 1790, Mr. Rogers, stationer, in the Minories, to Miss Glynn, of Mile-end (Gent. Mag. Aug. 1790, 764)

Rookes, Joseph. Partnership between Joseph Rookes and John Sharpe, paper-hanging manufactors, the Terrace, Tottenham-court-road, was dissolved June 1, 1792. Business to be carried on by John Sharp on his own account at his warehouse, No. 20, Sol's-row, corner of William-street, Tottenham-court-road (London Gazette 23 Jun 1792)

Rose, Mr.The business of the father of J.B.Hall was carried on, with intent to benefit him, by his mother, and continued until J.B.Hall ran away, left me, my mother and the business and went to sea, the good-will of the business was then sold to Mr Rose, bookbinder. Frances Hall, sister to J.B.Hall. (Times 29 Oct 1792)

Ross, Patrick. Patrick Ross, of Cross-Lane, St. Mary at Hill, London, printer to surrender Oct. 24, Nov. 11, Dec. 1 at Guildhall (London Gazette 20 Oct 1789)

Rossen, John. No. 54, St. Martin's le Grand. Removed to No. 133, Cheapside, and will carry on the paperhanging and stationery business, while his circulating library consisting of upwards of 5,000 volumes will be sold by auction on March 24 (Daily Advertiser 21 Mar 1778)

Round, Joseph. Eloped from his masters' service Tuesday the 21st inst. Joseph Round, aged 17 years ... Whoever detains him will be prosecuted; but if he returns to his masters, Coby and Thompson, engravers, No. 44 Gutter-lane, his former faults shall be forgiven (Daily Advertiser 25 Aug 1781). Eloped from his master's service on Monday last [24 Feb] Joseph Round, apprentice to Mess. Coby and Thompson, engravers, Gutter-lane (Daily Advertiser ? Feb 1783, source not given).

Rousseau, Philip. Samuel Kent Rousseau, son of Philip and Susanna Rousseau christened 20 November 1763, St. Ann Blackfriars

Rousseau, Samuel Kent. Samuel Kent Rousseau, son of Philip and Susanna Rousseau christened 20 November 1763, St. Ann Blackfriars

Routh, Henry. Partnership btween Thomas Hodgson, Thomas Spalding and Henry Routh, Strand, stationers, was dissolved Oct. 30, 1790. The business to be carried on by Thomas Spalding and Henry Routh (London Gazette 2 Nov 1790). Partnership between Thomas Spalding and Henry Routh, under the firm of Spalding and Routh, of the Strand, stationers, dissolved May 23, 1795. All accounts to be settled by Henry Routh, who will carry on the business (London Gazette 23 May 1795)

Rowlands, E. This day are published (price 6d.) Instructions and rules for playing andro; being a new and most entertaining game of cards ... Printed for M.Cooper at the Globe in Paternoster-row, and E.Rowlands, at the Circulating Library, at Pope's Head in Exeter Change (Daily Advertiser 3 Feb 1752)

Royal Chronicle. J.Walter, bookseller, of Charing Cross, begs leave to inform his friends and the publick, that he has no concern in, or connection with, the proprietors of the Royal Chronicle and the British Evening Post, just published; his name having been inserted in the hand-bills, and at the head of the paper, without his knowledge (Daily Advertiser 18 Jan 1762)

Rozea, Jessintour. Speedily will be published No. 1 (price 1s, to be continued monthly, till the whole is complete) of The Gift of Comus; or, The Cook's Magazine. By Jessintour Rozea, principal cook to the late Charles Seymour, Duke of Somerset, now with the Earl of Hopeton ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Nov 1752 - father of the printer). Married on Saturday [15 Jun] Mr. Jessintour Rozea, printer and stationer, of Little Pulteney-street, near Golden-square, to Miss Frances Annis (Daily Advertiser 18 Jun 1775). J.Denew, printer, No. 91, Wardour-street, Soho, finds it necessary on seing an advertisement in this paper of the 2d inst. from A.Grant of the same place, who styles himself successor to Mr Rozea, to acquaint his friends and the publick in general, that J.Denew is successor to Mr. Rozea and carries on the business of letter press and copper plate printing on the above premises, and although he is about to dissolve his partnership with the said A.Grant, which takes place on the 14th inst. yet he means to carry on the business upon his own account at the old-established house No. 91, Wardour-Street, Soho ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1788).

Rule, Andrew. Apprentice absconded. Whereas Andrew Rule, an apprentice of the Logographic Press, Printing House Square, Blackfriars, hath absented himself from his master's service ... (Times 18 Feb 1789)

Russell, James George. On Thursday [2 Jan] was married at Lambeth, Mr. James George Russell, son of Mr. Russell, of the Dock-yard, Portsmouth, to Miss Ann Jefferies, of Stationers' Court, Ludgate-street (Daily Advertiser 4 Jan 1777 - Ann Jeffries was the niece of Elizabeth Stevens, widow of Paul Stevens. When Mrs. Stevens died 29 Aug 1776, Ann carried on the business)

Ryall, John. John Ryall, late of Fleet Street, printseller to surrender Sept. 1, 2, Oct. 4 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Aug 1766)

Ryan, Richard. To pawnbrokers, booksellers, etc. Whereas R.Ryan, bookseller, no. 351, Oxford Street, was on Friday evening, the 27th of April defrauded of Hoole's Ariosto, 5 vols., octavo, calf, gilt ... (Daily Advertiser 7 may 1787). Books at reduced prices - R.Ryan, 339 Oxford Street, opposite Great Portland-street, acquaints the public, it has been intimated to him, that the premises in which he now resides must be taken down, in consequence of the intended plan for the New Street, into Regent's Park; he therefore will dispose of his extensive collection of books at very reduced prices ... (MC 1 Jan 1814). Died July 29, 1818, R.Ryan, bookseller, in Oxford-street (Gent. Mag. Oct 1818, 375, Gent. Mag. Mar 1819, 286). Died on Monday [15 Feb] in Park-street, Camden Town, Mrs. Ryan, aged 71, widow of Mr. Ryan, late of Oxford-street, bookseller (Examiner 21 Feb 1830)

Rye, Richard. Richard Rye, of Upper-Thames-Street, London, Stationer to surrender July 27, Aug. 10, Sept. 3 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Jul 1776)

Ryland, Edward. November 30 will be published ... the stationer's almanack for the year 1750 ... Sold by Mess. R.Ware ... and by the Printer Edward Ryland, on Ludgate Hill, where copperplates are printed in the best manner ... (London Gazette 14 Nov 1749)

Ryland, John. John Ryland, St. Martin Ludgate, London, printseller, to surrender June 28, July 11, 27 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 Jun 1776). John Ryland, Old Bailey, bookseller to surrender Dec. 16, 20, Jan 17 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 Dec 1788). Certificate of bankruptcy granted on or before April 18, 1789 (London Gazette 28 Mar 1789)

Ryland, Joseph. To compel Joseph Ryland formerly of Newport street in the Parish of St. Ann, Soho, late of Craven Buildings Drury-lane, engraver, now a prisoner at Marshalsea Prison, Southwark, to make a schedule of estate and effects, as an insolvent debtor. Dated Sept. 11, 1761, William Commins (London Gazette 15 Sep 1761)

Ryland, William Wynne. Dividend declared for Dec. 19, 1775. William Wynne Ryland and Henry Bryer, Cornhill, London, Printsellers (London Gazette 18 Nov 1775). Bankruptcy enlarged to July 7, 1783 William Wynne Ryland, late of Knightsbridge, engraver and printseller (London Gazette 10 Jun 1783). Dividend delared for July 26, 1786 William Wynne Ryland, Knightsbridge, engraver and printseller (London Gazette 27 Jun 1786). Prints. To be sold by auction by Mr. Hutchins, at his rooms in King-street and Hart-street, Covent-Garden, by order of the assignees of W.W.Ryland, deceased, om Friday next at six o'clock in the evening ... being chiefly the works of the above artist ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Jan 1788). Dividend declared for Nov. 5, 1793 William Wynne Ryland, engraver, Knightsbridge (London Gazette 29 Oct 1793)

Ryland, William. By authority. This day is publish'd A whole length portrait of his present Majesty ... Engraved and sold by W.Ryland, at the Red Lamp in Litchfield-Street, near St. Ann's Church, Soho ... (Daily Advertiser 4 Sep 1761)

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