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30 January 2007

Berch P

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: P

Paas, Cornelius. Married lately, Samuel Denton, Esq. of Gray's-inn, to Miss Helena-Cornelia Paas, daughter of the late Mr. Cornelius Paas, of Holborn, engraver (Gent. Mag. Mar 1806, 280)

Packer, John. Died July 12, 1806, in Chancery-lane, advanced in age, Mr. John Packer, printer (Gent. Mag. Jul 1806, 686)

Paddon, Mr. Wanted, a sober youth to be articled clerk to an attorney ... Enquire of Mr. Paddon, stationer, in Bishop's Court, Chancery-lane (Daily Advertiser 20 Jan 1751)

Page, George Larrance. See Joseph Henry Page.

Page, Joseph Henry. Joseph Henry Page and George Larrance Page, Queen-street, Cheapside, stationers, to surrender May 22 and June 22 at the Bankrupts' Court (London Gazette 11 May 1838)

Page, Mr. Saturday [14 May] died at Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire, Mrs. Page, wife of Mr. Page, engraver, of Red-Lion-street, Clerkenwell (Universal Daily Register 18 May 1785)

Page, Thomas. Died April 5, 1762 Thomas Page, Esq., an eminent stationer on Tower-hill (LM Apr 1762, 229). Died March 29, 1762 (Gent. Mag. Mar 1762, 145). Yesterday [29 Mar] died Thomas Page, esq. an eminent stationer on Tower Hill (Daily Advertiser 30 Mar 1762)

Palmer, Mr. In Bishopsgate Ward, Mr. Palmer, a stationer, in Grace Church street was chosen [21 Dec] in the room of Mr. Seagood, deceas'd (Daily Advertiser 22 Dec 1752). On Monday [1 Mar] died Mr. Palmer, a stationer in Gracechurch-street, and one of the Common Council for the ward of Lime-street (GDaily Advertiser 5 Mar 1756)

Palmer, William. The partnership between William Palmer and Thomas Fielding, printsellers, Strand, was dissolved the 10th of May last [1787?]. William Palmer to discharge all debts and carry on business on his own account at No. 163, Strand, London (London Gazette 17 May 1788)

Parbury, Edward. Yesterday [25 June] as Mr. Parbury, a stationer on Snow-hill, was riding near Norwood, he fell in a fit from his horse; the contusion was so great, and loss of blood so violent, that he died almost immediately (Times 26 Jun 1798)

Paris, John. Eloped from his master, Mr. Thomas Deverson, copper plate printer, in Green-Arbour Court, Old Baily, John Paris, a lad about twenty one years of age ... (Daily Advertiser 26 Jun 1761)

Parker, E. Seal engraving on stone, steel and silver. Coats of arms found, correctly engraved and elegantly mounted in gold, by E.Parker, No. 390 Oxford-street, facing Newman-street, and at No. 134, Pall Mall, facing the Hay-market; crests, figures, heads and fancies engraved in the neatest manner; book-plates, direction cards &c engraved and printed ... (Daily Advertiser 14 Mar 1786)

Parker, Henry. Henry Parker, book and printseller, returns his most grateful thanks to his friends who have favoured him with their commands and also begs leave to acquaint them that he is removed to White Lion Court, Birchin-lane, where he requests a continuation of them. Orders will likewise continue to be received at No. 36, Cornhill, opposite to his late house (Daily Advertiser 18 Nov 1774)

Parker, James. Partnership between James Parker and William Cookesley, Chancery-lane law-stationers was dissolved Sept. 29, 1797. All debts to be discharged by William Cookesley, who will carry on the business on his own account (London Gazette 14 Apr 1798)

Parker, Thomas. Partnership between Thomas Greenhill, jun. and Thomas Parker, Gracechurch-street, stationers, was dissolved March 25, 1790. Thomas Greenhill jun. to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 15 Jun 1790)

Parker, Thomas. Certificate of bankruptcy 6 Aug 1763, Thomas Parker, now or late of Jewin-street, printer (London Gazette 16 Jul 1763)

Parker, William. All persons who have any demands on the estate of Mr. William Parker, late of St. Paul's Church-yard, bookseller deceased, and have not yet delivered in their accounts of such demands, are desired to do it within one month from the date hereof, to William Woodfall, Printer, in Paternoster-row, administrator to the said estate, or they will be excluded from receiving any dividend. Jan 12, 1751 (London Gazette 12 Jan 1751)

Parker, William. Died June 12, at Hackney, in his 19th year, Mr. Augustus Keppel Parker, only son of the late William Parker, of Fleet-street, Common Councilman and proprietor of the General Advertiser, once a respectable newspaper, but long since annihilated (Gent. Mag. Jun 1799, 534)

Parker, William. Married Sept 2, 1784, at Broxbourn, Herts, Mr. Almon, later bookseller in Piccadilly, to Mrs Parker, widow of the later Mr. Parker, printer of the General Advertiser who died May 7, 1784 (Gent. Mag. 1784, 715).

Paroissien. This day is publish'd (price 1s) Les persecutes, cantate, precedee d'un discours oratoire addresse aux membres de la Societe commencee le 19 aout 1752 au Dolenne de St. Paul, pour le soulagement des protestants Francois persecutes. Chez Messs. Chapelle ... & Paroissien, stationer, Red-Lion Street, Spittlefields (Daily Advertiser 26 Nov 1756 - transcribed without accents)

Parroisien, James. Yesterday [13 Jan] was married at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, Mr. James Parroisien, an eminent stationer of Bishopsgate-street, to Miss Nancy Miles, of Coleman-street, an agreeable young lady with a genteel fortune (DA 14 Jan 1774)

Parsley, Mr. Apprentice. Wanted a youth of creditable parents as an apprentice to a carpenter ... Enquire at Mr. Parsley's, stationer, Black Friars Road, Christ Church, Surry (Daily Advertiser 6 Sep 1786)

Parsons, John & Son. New London Circulating Library, No. 46, Ludgate-street. Appendix to library catalogue just published (Times 21 Nov 1801)

Partington, Richard. Married, Mr. Richard Partington, a wholesale stationer, to Miss Elizabeth Spurrier, niece to Michael Hillersden, of Busher-lane, Esq., a fortune of 10,000l (LM Aug 1739, 412)

Partington, Richard. On Tuesday [29 May] died Mr. Partington, stationer, in Holborn (Daily Advertiser 1 Jun 1781)

Partridge, John. Yesterday [26 Mar] Mr. Joseph Baldwin of Serjeant's Inn, was chosen Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Stationers, in the room of Mr. Partridge, who had resigned (Daily Advertiser 27 Mar 1776)

Passmore, George. To be let, a house, or part, furnished in Parsons Yard, Kensington. Enquire at Mr. Dobson's, Stationer, No. 166 Strand; or at Mr. Pasmore's Circulating Library, High-street, Kensington (Times 25 Mar 1799)

Paterson, Samuel. To be sold by auction by Samuel Paterson, at Essex-house in Essex-street, in the Strand, on Tuesday next [22 Dec] and the following evenings, to begin exactly at six o'clock, a collection of books, in several languages and faculties, including the library, musick and musical instruments, some pictures, and other effects, of a gentleman deceased ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Dec 1767). Dividend declared for Apr 15, 1775, for Samuel Paterson, bookseller and broker (London Gazette 11 Mar 1775). Dividend declared for Apr. 29 (not on the 15th of April as before advertised) Samuel Paterson, Essex-street, Strand, bookseller and broker (London Gazette 21 Mar 1775)

Pattenden, Griffith. Griffith Pattenden, Throgmorton-street, bookbinder to surrender Oct. 26, 31, Nov. 28 at Guildhall (London Gazette 17 Oct 1747). Certificate of bankruptcy Dec 29, 1747 (London Gazette 8 Dec 1747). Dividend declared for May 25, 1748 (London Gazette 30 Apr 1748)

Payne, Henry. Henry Payne, of Pall Mall, St. James, Westminster, bookseller to surrender Dec. 15, Jan. 1, 22 at Guildhall (London Gazette 11 Dec 1781). Dividend declared for June 15, 1782 (London Gazette 18 May 1782). Dividend declared for Mar 20, 1784 (London Gazette 14 Feb 1784). Dividend declared for Dec. 23, 1786 (London Gazette 25 Nov 1786)

Payne, Henry. Married, Mr. Henry Payne, bookseller, in Paternoster-row, to Miss Brentley, of the Herald's Office (British Magazine Jul 1760)

Payne, John. John Payne, late of the parish of St. Andrew Holborn, bookseller, to surrender July 10, 22, Aug. 17 at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 Jul 1776). Bankruptcy enlarged, to surrender Oct. 5, at Guildhall (London Gazette 20Aug 1776)

Payne, John.Married Saturday [17 Mar], at St. George the Martyr, Mr. John Payne, engraver, of Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, to Miss Nancy Weskenover, of Lamb's Conduit-street (UDR 22 Mar 1787)

Payne, Thomas I. Mileson Hingeston apprenticed to Thomas Payne, St. Martin in the Fields, bookseller, through the charity for the Sons of the Clergy. (Daily Advertiser 7 May 1754 - for details see under Joseph Kippax). The creditors of James Marks, of St. Martin's Lane, Bankrupt, who have not sent in their accounts, are desired immediately to send them to the assignees, Mr. Payne, at the Mews-Gate, Castle-street, or Mr. Vials, at Mr. Chapel's, Buckingham-street, York Buildings, as a final dividend will soon be made (Daily Advertiser 30 Nov 1775). On Tuesday last [6 Sep] James Burney, Esq., Captain of the Royal Navy, was married at Chaffington, Surrey, to Miss Sally Payne, daughter of Mr. Thomas Payne, bookseller (UDR 13 Sep 1785)

Payne, Thomas. To be lett. And entered upon directly, or at Michaelmas or at Christmas next, the house and shop of Mr. Thomas Payne, bookseller and stationer, (retiring from business) situated anear the South Sea House in Bishopsgate-street ... The stock in trade and fixtures to be sold on reasonable terms ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Jul 1761). Now on sale, a good collection of books (mostly English) being the remaining stock of Thomas Payne, bookseller, in Bishopsgate-street, leaving off trade ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Apr 1762)

Payne, W. This day is published, Dedicated to Admiral Vernon, complete in six large volumes octavo, with maps and cuts (price 1l. 10s. 0d) A new and accurate translation of the Roman History, by Titus Livius, with the supplement by John Freinsham ... Beautifully printed by J.Bettenham; and sold by W.Payne (London Gazette 15 Dec 1744).

Pearce, John. This day is published price 1s 6d. The Brighton Taylor; an heroick travesty from the First book of Homer's Iliad. Printed for the author and sold by J.Pearce, No. 70, Dean-street, Soho, ... (Daily Advertiser 10 May 1786). An established stationer's shop to be let in full trade ... Enquire of Mr. Hayden, stationer, Redcross-street, near Union-street, Borough, or of Mr. Pearce, stationer, Dean-street, Soho (Daily Advertiser 10 Apr 1788)

Pearch, George. This day is published, price bound 5s. A treatise on diet ... by Francis de Velangin, M.D. ... Printed for G.Pearch, at No. 12 Cheapside ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Dec 1767). This day is published. Neatly engraved with elegant borders, price 1s. and an inferior sort, price 6d. The new impenetrable secret, or, a young lady's and gentleman's petite puzzle ... Printed for George Pearch, at No. 34 Fish-street Hill, and S.Steare, at No. 93, in Fleet-street ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Dec 1767). Sunday [6 Aug] died Mr. Pearch at the Hot-wells (DA 12 Aug 1775). Died at Hot-Wells, Bristol Mr. Pearch, lately a bookseller in Cheapside (GNDA 16 Aug 1775)

Pearson, Charles Seymour. The partnership between Charles Seymour Pearson and Robert Portus, of Lawrence Puntney-lane, brokers and paper-factors, was dissolved Nov. 18, 1788. Robert Portus to discharge all debts to and from creditors (London Gazette 18 Nov 1788). Dividend declared for Charles Seymour Pearson and Robert Portus, of Mincing-lane, brokers [paper factors], at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 Mar 1790)

Peate. On Monday [25 Mar] died Mr. Peate, bookseller, near the Temple Exchange Coffee-house, in Fleet-street (no source)

Penie, Mr. To be sold by auction by John Burton on Tuesday and Wednesday next [22 & 23 Dec] the genuine household furniture ... of Mr. Christopher Adamson, deceased, at Mr. Penie's, stationer, in Great Wild Street, near the end of Great Queen-street, next Long-Acre ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Dec 1767)

Penney, Thomas. All persons having any Demands on the estate of Thomas Penney, late of Rosemary-Lane, in the County of Middlesex, Stationer, deceased, are requested to send the same immediately to Mr. Benjamin Tucker, of Queen-Street, Cheapside, London, stationer, the Administrator of the said Deceased, or to Mr. Patten, of Cross-Street, Hatton-Street, Solicitor, otherwise they will be excluded the Benefit of a dividend intended to be made by the said Administrator, at his house, in Queen-Street aforesaid, on the 1st day of March next: and all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Mr. Thomas Penney are desired to pay such Debts forthwith to the said Mr. Tucker, or Mr. Patten, or they will be sued without further Notice. (London Gazette 14 Jan 1800)

Penny, James. James Penny, formerly of Tower-street, London, late of North-street, St. George's Queen-Square, stationer in King's Bench prison, Surry, to take advantage of the act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 16 Sep 1766)

Penny, Robert. Marshall Sheepey, successor to, and late partner with Mr. Robert Penny, deceased, printer, in Old London-street, Mark-Lane, humbly requests a continuation of the late partnership customers ... A report prevailing to the great prejudice of Mr. Sheepey, that he has asserted himself partner when that he could not prove himself such; his articles of copartnership drawn in the year 1753 ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Apr 1762)

Penny, Robert. To be sold by auction by Robert Heath, by order of the executors,on Thursday and Friday next [12 & 13 Nov] All the entire and genuine household furniture, plate, china, linnen, warring apparel, books &c. of Mr. Robert Penny, an eminent printer, lately deceased, at his late dwelling house, in Old London Street, Milk Lane ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Nov 1761)

Pepiat, William. To be sold by auction by Mr. Hickman Young, by order of the administrator of Mr. William Pepiat, Stationer, deceased, on Wednesday the 25th instant, at four o'clock in the afternoon, at the Salutation Tavern in Budge-Row, a messuage tenement situated in Watling street, opposite St. Antholin's Church, now lett on lease to Mr. Mavor, Merchant at 40l per annum ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Sep 1754)

Pepper, John. By the King's Letters Patent, The asses-skin for the use of drawing, or writing on with pen, ink or pencil and rubbing clean off again, formed into proper memorandum books for the pocket, of all sizes, are made and sold by George Cummings of Ludgate-street, London, pocket book maker and stationer ... and also by John Pepper, of Foster-lane, London, pocket book maker ... (London Gazette 5 Feb 1765)

Pepper, John. Mr. Stephen Woodifield, the first inventor of the instrument pocket-books, opposite Exeter Exchange in the Strand, having declined that business in favour of John Pepper, of Foster-lane, London; pocket book maker, begs leave to recommend him to his customers (London Gazette 5 Feb 1765)

Pepys, S. This day is published, in two volumes, twelves, price bound in calf 6s. The modern story teller; or, general entertainer: being a collection of merry, polite, grave, moral and entertaining tales and novels ... Printed for M. Mechell, in Fleet-street; R. Griffiths in St. Paul's Churchyard; and S. Pepys, bookbinder, in Fetter-lane (Daily Advertiser 16 mar 1750)

Pepys, Sarah. ... in the Commission of Bankrupt ... against Septimus Eglin and Sarah Pepys, late of Chiswell-Street, in the Parish of St. Luke, Old-Street ... Sarah Pepys hath in all things conformed herself ... her certificate will be confirmed on or before the 13th day of August (London Gazette 23 Jul 1799)

Persino, Clemente Ponte. Clemente Ponte Persino, formerly of Holborn and late of Wapping-street, optician and printseller insolvent debtor and prisoner in the New Compter in Giltspur-street (London Gazette 29 Jul 1797)

Pheney, Richard. On Saturday evening last [20 Feb], at six, at his residence in Fleet-street, at the advanced age of 80, died Mr. Pheney, upwards of 52 years law bookseller in Inner-Temple ... (Times 24 Feb 1830)

Philipps, John. See Vincent Philipps.

Philipps, Vincent. Vincent Phillips, engraver, formerly apprentice to Mr. John Philipps, of Crown-street, deceased, respectfully informs his friends and the public in general that he carries on the business in the following branches:- seals and dies, copper-plate engraving and printing, steel stamps for raising, sinking or cutting out any device, inscription or name whatever, steel letter punches, together with a variety of other curious parts of the business - No. 1, at the Sign of the Counting House Seal, Crown-street, Finsbury-square (Times 4 Dec 1804)

Phillips, C. This day is publish'd (price 6d.) The retort. A satyrical hieroglyphic letter from the Rev. Mr. W. to S. F. Esq., of Drury-lane Theatre. Sold by C.Phillips, at Van Dykes Head, Portugal-street Lincolns Inn (Daily Advertiser 27 Nov 1760)

Phillips, T. See John Lambert

Philobiblion Library. See W.Herd.

Philobiblion Library. Ten thousand books and pamphlets at a penny apiece, and threepence a pound. ... Now selling at the Philobiblion Library, opposite the Angel and Still in Piccadilly ... (Daily Advertiser 9 July 1750). This day is publish'd (price 1s) The schemers: or, the City match. A comedy. Printed for J.Pridden, at the Feathers, Fleet-street; J.Wade, near Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn; D.Hookham in Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields; A.Goring, in May's Buildings; and W.Heard at the Philobiblion's Library ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Nov 1761)

Phipps, Elizabeth. To be sold by auction. On Monday next [24 Nov] at ten o'clock, by virtue of his Majesty's writ of extent, at the suit of his Majesty, the printing materials, and some other goods of Elizabeth Phipps, deceased, at her late dwelling house in White Friars, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 22 Nov 1760)

Phipps, J. J.Phipps Stationer and Paper-hanger, in Fore-street, near Moorgate has variety of the newest patterns of paperhangings (GDaily Advertiser 13 Jul 1756)

Pickering, Robert. Dividend announced for Aug. 19, 1794 Robert Pickering, Cheapside, paper-stainer (London Gazette 22 Jul 1794). Dividend declared for Feb 17, 1795 (London Gazette 3 Jan 1795). Final dividend declared for 21 May, 10 o'clock at Guildhall (London Gazette 16 Apr 1799). The Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Robert Pickering, of Cheapside, London, Paper-Stainer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 25th Day of March instant, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, at Guildhall, London, in order to receive the Proof of a Debt under the said Commission. (London Gazette 1 Mar 1800)

Pigeon, Christopher. Christopher Pigeon, late of Hosier Lane, near West Smithfield, printer, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed at Poultry Compter (London Gazette 16 May 1749)

Pigeon, Christopher. James Fannin, Jamaican printer, perhaps the son of Pierce Fannen, tailor; apprenticed to Christopher Pigeon, printer of Fleet-street, on 5 May 1767. (Cave, Roderick. "Printing in eighteenth-century Jamaica" Library, 5 ser., vol. 33, no. 3 (Sep 1978), p. 193, n. 28)

Piguenit, Caesar Danby. On Tuesday [28 Oct] died Mrs. Piguenit, wife of Mr. Piguenit, bookseller, in Berkeley-square (LC 30 Oct-1 Nov 1777)

Pike, Edward. On Thursday afternoon [29 Apr] the Coroner's Inquest, by adjournment, sat on the body of Edward Pike Ivory-book-maker, who hanged himself, after having first cut his throat, in Maidenhead Court, Aldersgate-street, and brought in a verdict of lunacy (Daily Advertiser 1 May 1762)

Pinder, James Deacon. Whereas the partnership between James Deacon Pinder and Henry Wardlaw, stationers, in Lincoln's Inn, New Square is dissolved, and the said business is now carried on by the said Henry Wardlaw ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Mar 1752)

Pitcher, Thomas. This day is published, a new edition. Priestcraft defended: occasioned by the expulsion of six young gentlemen from the University of Oxford ... Printed for and sold by T.Pitcher, No. 44 Barbican (Daily Advertiser 22 Jan 1788)

Pitkeathley, Robert. Newspapers and portfolios - Forty volumes of a fashionable morning newspaper to be disposed of ... A line addressed to Mr. R.T., post paid, at Mr. Retkeathley's [sic] Circulating Library, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden, will be answered the following day ... (Times 2 Apr 1799). Pursuant to an Order made by the Right Honorable Alexander Lord Loughborough, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, for Enlarging the Time of Robert Pitkeathley, of Tavistock-Street, Covent-Garden, in the County of Middlesex, Bookseller, Dealer and Chapman (a Bankrupt,) to surrender himself and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects for Forty-nine Days, to be computed from the 10th day of May instant; This is to give Notice, that the Commissioners in the said Commission named and authorised, or the major Part of them, intend to meet on the 28th Day of June next, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, at Guildhall, London, where the said Bankrupt is required to surrender himself between the Hours of Eleven and One of the same Day, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; and the Creditors, who have not already proved their debts, may then and there come and prove the same, and assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate. (London Gazette 10 May 1800). Library recorded at No. 46, Chandos-street, Covent-Garden (Times 8 Aug 1801)

Plant, Joseph. Bankrupcy enlarged to March 24, 1767, Joseph Plant, Hyde-street, Bloomsbury, Westminster, bookbinder and stationer (London Gazette 7 Feb 1767)

Plummer, John. Died Mr. J.Plummer of the Minerva printing office (Monthly Mag. Mar 1797, 240). Died Feb. 24, 1797, Mr. John Plummer (Gent. Mag. Apr 1797, 351)

Pollard, Mr. The Bencher, price 6d. An entire new periodical paper, written, printed and published for the benefit of the unfortunate prisoners confined for debt in the King's Bench ... of which the opening number will be published this day the 5th inst. and continued weekly. Printed by J.Rhynd, Ray-street, Clerkenwell ... Published by Appleyard, Wimpole-street ... Pollard, at the Circulating Library on the Parade of the said prison ... (Times 5 Jan 1799)

Pollard, Robert. Advert. giving address as No. 7, Braynes Row, Spa Fields (Times 1 Mar 1794)

Pope, A. This day is published (price 6d) Another fragment; containing the remaining part of 11th chaper and chapter the 12th, 13th and 14th which was left unfinished in the former part of the valuable collection of secret history. Printed for A.Pope, near the Change ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Feb 1751)

Pope's Head Circulating Library. No. 27, Great Marlborough-street. Sale by auction of this circulating library to be held March 19, 20, 21 and 22 (Daily Advertiser 16 Mar 1787). Walter Row at this address 1790-1811.

Porter, Mr. Died at Pimlico, 91, Mr. T. Becket, many years an eminent bookseller in Pall Mall, but who resigned business to his partner Mr . Porter in 1809 (Monthly Mag. Jan 1814, 550)

Portus, Robert. The partnership between Charles Seymour Pearson and Robert Portus, of Lawrence Puntney-lane, brokers and paper-factors, was dissolved Nov. 18, 1788. Robert Portus to discharge all debts to and from creditors (London Gazette 18 Nov 1788). To be auctioned by Mess. Closs and Roberts, Apr. 30, 1789, the stock in trade of Mr. Robert Portus, paper-factor, a bankrupt, at No. 19, Lawrence-Pountney-lane, Cannon-street (Daily Advertiser 27 Apr 1789. Dividend declared for Charles Seymour Pearson and Robert Portus, of Mincing-lane, brokers [paper factors], at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 Mar 1790)

Pottinger, Israel. To be sold by auction by Mr. Phipps by order of the assignees on Wednesday and Thursday next [9 & 10 Apr] all the genuine household goods, plate, china and linnen, of Mr. Israel Pottinger, bookseller, a bankrupt, at his late house, the Dunciad in Paternoster-row. On Wednesday ... will be sold the lease of the house ... (Daily Advertiser 5 Apr 1760). This day is publish'd. In a neat pocket volume, price sewed two shillings The rake of taste: or the elegant debauchee. A true story ... Printed for I.Pottinger, in Paternoster Row ... (Daily Advertiser 10 Oct 1760). This day is publish'd (price 1s) A monody on the death of his most sacred majesty King George the Second. Printed for I.Pottinger, in Paternoster Row (Daily Advertiser 27 Oct 1760). I.Pottinger at the Royal Bible, Paternoster Row (Daily Advertiser 23 Dec 1760). Dividend declared for Nov. 19, 1767 for Israel Pottinger, Paternoster-row, London, bookseller (London Gazette 20 Oct 1767)

Potts, John. Wanted, an assistant to teach Latin, writing and arithmetic ... Apply on Tuesday morning next, July 2, at Potts's Circulating Library, No. 1, Queen's-row, near the Fishmongers' Alms-houses, Newington Butts (Times 27 Jun 1793)

Powell, Charles. On Monday [15 Nov] died in an apoplectick fit, Mr. Charles Powell, stationer, in Cheapside (Daily Advertiser 17 Nov 1784)

Powell, John Smith. John Smith Powell and John Thompson, No. 43 Barbican, statoners, dissolved partnership Nov. 29, 1796. Business to be carried on by John Smith Powell (London Gazette 10 Dec 1796)

Powney, Robert. E.Bevins, stationer and bookseller, begs leave to acquaint his customers, that he is removed from Holborn to the shop of Mr. Robert Powney, senior, over against Katherine-street in the Strand ... (Daily Advertiser 9 Jul 1752)

Poyntell, Nathaniel.Certificate of bankruptcy awarded May 18, 1764 to William James and Nathaniel Poyntell, Lombard-street, stationers (London Gazette 28 Apr 1764). Dividend declared for Jan. 19, 1765 for William James and Nathaniel Poyntell, Lombard Street, Stationers (London Gazette 11 Dec 1764). Final dividend declared for Nov. 3, 1767 for William James and Nathaniel Poyntell, Lombard-street, stationers and copartners (London Gazette 1 Sep 1767)

Price, A. This day is published (price 1s) A seasonable letter to the author of Seasonable and affecting considerations on the Mutiny Bill, articles of War, and use and abuse of a standing army. By a country gentleman ... Printed for A.Price, near Temple Bar (Daily Advertiser 1 Feb 1757)

Pridden, Humphry Gregory. Died Dec. 27, 1817, aged 58, Mr Humphry Gregory Pridden, formerly a bookseller in Fleet-market (Gent. Mag. Jan 1818, 87)

Pridden, John. This day is publish'd (price 1s) The schemers: or, the City match. A comedy. Printed for J.Pridden, at the Feathers, Fleet-street; J.Wade, near Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn; D.Hookham in Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields; A.Goring, in May's Buildings; and W.Heard at the Philobiblion's Library ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Nov 1761). Died April 1, 1801, Mrs. Anne Pridden, wife of Mr. John Pridden, No. 100, Fleet-street ... she was born Oct. 3, 1736 and was the daughter of Mr. Humphrey Gregory ... (Gent. Mag. Apr 1801, 379)

Puerrier, William. Whereas William Puerrier, apprentice to Francis Fouquet, engraver and pocket book maker, in Little Windmill Street, St. James, did on Saturday last the 4th instant elope from his said master ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Jul 1761)

Purcell, Edward Henry To compell Edward Henry Purcell, late of Mincing Lane, musician, to make a schedule of his estate and effects, as an insolvent debtor, prisoner in the King's Bench Prison, Surry. Witness my hand the 22d day of june 1761, Henry Saffery (London Gazette 23 Jun 1761)

Purser, J. This day is published (price 1s) A prologue on comic poetry .. Sold by J.Purser, in Red-Lion-Court, Fleet Street (Daily Advertiser 12 Dec 1752)

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