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30 January 2007

Berch N

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: N

Napier, William. William Napier, parish of St. Martin in the Fields, musical instrument maker, to surrender May 31, June 10, July 1 at Guildhall (London Gazette 20 May 1788)

Neatby, James. To be auctioned by Richard Ball, Feb. 4, 1789, the stock in trade of Mr. James Neatby, stationer, No. 316, Borough High-street (Daily Advertiser 26 Jan 1789)

Needham, W. This day is published (price 6d) A poetic epistle addressed to Sir George Vanderput ... by William Gordon. Printed for the author; and sold by W.Needham, opposite Gray's Inn Gate Holborn ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1750). This day is published, (price 1s) Amilec: or, the seeds of mankind. Translated from the French. Printed for and sold by W.Needham, over against Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Aug 1753)

New London Circulating Library. John Parsons & Son, No. 46, Ludgate-street. Appendix to library catalogue just published (Times 21 Nov 1801)

Newberry, Mr. Mr. Newberry, writing master and accountant, in Cock-court, Ludgate-hill, on Wednesday next, at eight in the evening will begin to read a course of lectures on the heavens and the earth .., (Daily Advertiser 6 Apr 1754)

Newbery, Francis I. Yesterday [8 Jun] died Mr Francis Newberry, bookseller, the corner of Ludgate-street (Daily Advertiser 9 Jun 1780). Died June 8, 1780, Mr. Francis Newberry, bookseller, the corner of Ludgate-street, and publisher of Gentleman's Magazine from the beginning of the year 1767 (Gent. Mag. Jun 1780, 299)

Newbery, Francis II. Married May 29, 1770, Mr. Francis Newberry, jun., of St. Paul's Church-yard, to Miss Raikes, of Gloucester (Gent. Mag. Jun 1770, 279). Died on Friday, the 7th instant [7 Aug], in the 76th year of his age, Francis Newberry, Esq., of St. Paul's Churchyard (Times 8 Aug 1818)

Newbery, John.A report having been artfully propagated to the disadvantage of Mr. John Newberry, in St. Paul's Church Yard, intimating that the said had fail'd and compounded with his creditors, make it incumbent on us to stand forth in behalf of a man so much injure'd, and to set that matter in clear light. During the last Rebellion some enemy to Mr. Newberry insinuated to several of his creditors that he had lost two thousand pounds in the North of England and Scotland, in consequence of which many of them brought in their accounts and press'd him for payment ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Dec 1752). This day is publish'd (price 1s.) Compendious division, containing a great variey of curious and easy contractions of division ... By T.Smith, writing master and accomptant. Printed for the Author; and sold by J.Newberry, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 15 Feb 1753). This day is publish'd (price 2s. 6d.) Precepts. A poem. Addressed to the toasts of Great Britain in general ... By the Rev. Mr. Humphry Smythies, late of Emanuel-College, Cambridge. Printed for the author; and sold by J.Newberry, in St. Paul's Church-Yard (Daily Advertiser 21 Mar 1753). Yesterday [22 Dec] died at Canonbury House, Islington, ... Mr. John Newbery, bookseller, of St. Paul's Churchyard ... (Daily Advertiser 23 Dec 1767). On Sunday [30 Jan] died Mrs . Newberry, relict of the late Mr. John Newbery, of St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 1 Feb 1780)

Newman, A.K. Minerva Office, Leadenhall-street. - On the 1st of March A.K.Newman and Co. will publish a catalogue of their New Circulating Library, containing the most celebrated works, in all departments of Literature (MC 26 Feb 1814)

Newton, Mr. See Tayler, William.

Newton, Mrs. No. 2, Knightsbridge. Sale by auction of the household furniture and library of books of her circulating library (Daily Advertiser 21 Mar 1783)

Newton, Thomas. Whereas Edward Smith, Gentleman, who formerly lodged with Mr. Thomas Newton, who kept a musick shop the corner of Maiden Lane ... (London Gazette 18 Aug 1761)

Nicholls, John. Died in Rathbone Place, Mr. John Nicholls, editor and proprietor of the Sunday Monitor (Monthly Mag. Jul 1809, 623). Died May 24, 1809 in Rathbone Place, Oxford street, Mr. John Nicholls (Gent. Mag. Jun 1809, 583). Presumably the John Nichols, printer of Earl's Court, Leicester Square.

Nichols, John Bowyer. Born May 18, 1823, at Hampstead, to Mrs. J.B.Nichols of Parliament-street, a daughter, being her 12th child (Gent. Mag. May 1823, 464)

Nichols, John. Sunday [18 Feb] died Mrs. Nichols, the wife of Mr. Nichols, in Red-Lion-passage, Fleet-street (LC 17-20 Feb 1776). Married June 11, 1778, Mr. Nichols, printer, of London, to Miss Green, of Hinckley, in Leicestershire (LEP 12-15 Jun 1778). Died Dec. 27, 1783, at Islington, in her 65th year, Mrs. Nichols, mother to the printer of Gentleman's Magazine (Gent. Mag. Dec 1783, 1066). Yesterday [4 Sep] was married at St. Bride's, Fleet-street, the Rev. Mr. Pridden, one of the Minor Canons of St. Paul's, vicar of Heybridge and curate of the above mentioned parish, to Miss Nichols, daughter of Mr. John Nichols, printer, of Red-Lion Passage, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 5 Sep 1787). Married Monday morning [2 Sep] at St. Bride's, Fleet-street, the Rev. John Pridden, curate of that parish, and one of the minor canons of St. Paul's, to Miss Nichols of the same parish, daughter of John Nichols, printer (UDR 5 Sep 1787). Died early on Friday morning [29 Feb] in Red Lion Passage, Fleet-street, Mrs. [Martha Green] Nichols, wife of Mr. Deputy Nichols (Times 3 Mar 1788 - mother of John Bowyer Nichols)

Nicholson, William? Married Mr. Nicholson, printer, in London, formerly of Cumberland, to Miss Morris of Watford, Northamptonshire (Monthly Mag. Feb 1802, 81)

Nicol, George. Saturday [8 Sep] was married Mr. Nicol, of the Strand, bookseller to his Majesty, to Miss Boydell, of Cheapside (Daily Advertiser 10 Sep 1787). Married Saturday morning [8 Sep] Mr. Nicol, of the Strand, bookseller to his Majesty, to Miss Boydell, of Cheapside (UDR 10 Sep 1787)

Nicoll, William. Married yesterday morning [21 Dec] at St. Augustan's Church, Watling-street, Mr. William Nicholl, sen., of Paul's Churchyard, bookseller, to mrs. Newton, of Houndsditch (Times 22 Dec 1788 - his second marriage). William Nicoll the Elder of St. Paul's Church-yard, London, bookseller, to surrender Jan 30, Feb 14 and March 30, at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 24 Jan 1789).

Nind, John. Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted Aug. 25, 1765 John Nind, Fore-street paper-stainer (London Gazette [date not given]). John Nind, Fore-street, St. Giles Criplegate, paper stainer to surrender Jan 17, 27 and Feb. 21 at Guildhall (London Gazette 10 Jan 1767). Dividend declared for May 15 (London Gazette 22 Apr 1775). Final dividend declared for May 20, not on the 15th inst. as before advertised ( London Gazette 13 May 1775)

Noble, E. This day is published price 1s. 6d. An examination of the scheme of Church power, laid down in Bishop Gibbon's Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani. Sold by E.Noble, opposite to Hatton Garden in Holborn (Daily Advertiser 18 Jun 1761). This day is publish'd No. I given gratis, to be continued every Wednesday, price 2d. The Teacher. By John Fisherman. Printed for E.Noble, opposite to Hatton-Garden in Holborn (Daily Advertiser 18 Jun 1761). No. II publshed Saturday June 20, 1761 (Daily Advertiser 20, 24 Jun 1761)

Noble, Samuel. This day is publish'd. A new catalogue, with large additions, in S.Noble's Circulating Library, at Pope's Head in Carnaby-street, Carnaby market; where books are lent to be read at ten shillings and six pence per year, three shillings per quarter, or one shilling and six pence per month ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Nov 1760). Yesterday [11 Aug] died at Greenwich, Mr. Samuel Noble, bookseller, late of Carnaby-street (Daily Advertiser 12 Aug 1778)

Noon, John. J.N. bookseller at the White Hart in Cheapside near the Poultry, having lived there above fifty years, now desires to leave off trade by selling his stock of books in quires and bound. Such persons as desire to see and know more of it, may be informed at the place above (Daily Advertiser 7 Oct 1761)

Norbury, Philip. Died at Brentford, Mr. Henry Norbury, second son of Mr. P.Norbury, printer (Monthly Mag. Sep 1807, 193). Died 17 Jul (Gent. Mag. Jul 1807, 691)

Norris and Barnes. Eloped from his master on Friday evening [29 Feb] an apprentice, a young lad, 18 years of age ... to Mess. Norris and Barnes [music sellers] Coventry-street, Haymarket, shall receive three guineas ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Mar 1788)

Noteman, Thomas. The Creditors who have proved their Debts under a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing the Date the 16th day of August 1770, awarded and issued forth against Thomas Noteman, of the Strand, in the County of Middlesex, Bookseller, and since deceased, may receive a Dividend of Ten Shillings in the Pound upon the Balance due to them from the said Bankrupt, pursuant to the Directions contained in his last Will and Testament, upon applying at the Office of Messrs. Winter, Kaye, and Maynard, Swithins-Lane, London (London Gazette 17 May 1800)

Noual, J. This day is published (price 3s.) A large print of the Right Rev. John Amos Commenius, senior Bishop of the Unitas Fratrum ... To be had of J.Noual, engraver, in Rolls-Buildings, Fetter-lane (Daily Advertiser 13 Jan 1761)

Nourse, John. On Wednesday [3 May] the Lord Chamberlain appointed Mr. George Nicol, bookseller in Ordinary to his Majesty, in the room of the late Mr. Nourse (Daily Advertiser 5 May 1780). Died in the Strand, 75, Feb. 6, 1820, F.Wingrave, Esq., a respectable bookseller and successor to Mr. Nourse, formerly bookseller to the King (Gent. Mag. Feb. 1820, 185)

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