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30 January 2007

Berch M

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: M

Mabbat, Jacob. Ran away from his master on Sunday the 19th of December last, Edward Alfred, apprentice to Mr Jacob Mabbat, stationer, in Holborn-court, Gray's-inn (Daily Advertiser 8 Jan 1780)

M'Claren, Robert. Robert M'Claren, formerly of Crown Court, Chancery-lane, printer, in Woodstreet Compter to take benefit of act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette24 Jun 1766)

M'Culloh, A. On Monday next [10 Dec] will be publish'd (price 2s. 6d) The Gentleman's puzzle; or, Ladies impenetrable secrets ... Printed for and sold by L.Donnelly, stationer, opposite St. Clement's Church in the Strand; and A.M'Culloh, printer, at the Bible and Lamb, without Temple-Bar (Daily Advertiser 8 Dec 1750)

M'Donald, Charles. Eloped from their master's service on Monday last [16 Feb] Charles M'Donald, Joseph Holloway, John Dancock ... whoever will bring them to their master, H.Hardy, card-maker and printer, No. 7, Old Bailey, shall be rewarded (Daily Advertiser 18 Feb 1784)

McEvoy, James Byard. James Byard McEvoy, of Piccadilly, Middlesex, card maker to surrender Apr. 13 at ten 20 and May 18 at five at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 Apr 1776). Bankruptcy enlarged, to surrender July 6, at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 18 May 1776)

Macgowan, James. James Macgowan, Paternoster row, London, bookseller, to surrender Oct. 12, 13, Nov. 3, at Guildhall (London Gazette 22 Sep 1781). Dividend declared for Nov. 23 (London Gazette 28 Oct 1782). Dividend declared for Feb. 21 (London Gazette 10 Jan 1784)

MacKenzie, Mr. To be lett, a smith's shop in the city ... applying to Mr. Mackenzie, printer, No. 198, Upper Thames-street (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1788)

M'Kenzie, James. Thursday last [4 Dec] died Mr. James M'Kenzie, late bookseller and stationer in Addle-street, Wood-street, Cheapside (LC 9-11 Dec 1777). Died Saturday last [6 Dec] (Daily Advertiser 10 Dec 1777)

MacKcoull, John. John MacKcoull, Parish of St. Sepulchre, pocket book instrument case make, silversmith to surrender Oct. 25, Nov. 4, 29 at Guildhall (London Gazette 18 Oct 1766). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted Feb. 17 (London Gazette 27 Jan 1767)

MacKinlay, John. Married July 16, 1806, Mr. MacKinlay, bookseller, in the Strand, to Miss Cates, of Totenham (Gent. Mag. Aug 1806, 774)

M'Laughter, Patrick [pseud.] M-C-L-'s cabinet broken open, or his private list of all the dutchess Dowagers, countesses, widow ladies, Maiden ladies, widows, and misses of honour, virtue and large fortunes in England ... Printed for Patrick M'Laughter, near St. Paul's, and to be had of Raymond &c (Daily Advertiser 10 Dec 1750)

M'Leish, Hector. Printing office, No. 12, Duke's Court, Drury-lane, near Long Acre. H.Macleish informs gentlemen, auctioneers, lottery-office keepers and tradesmen in general that he has fitted up his printing office so as to embrace every department of the art, particularly in an elegant display of posting bills for proprietors of places of publick amusement and stage coaches, auctioneers catalogues, cards and hand and shop bills ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Jan 1788). Died Dec. 25, 1796, aged 38, in Duke's-court, Drury-lane, Mr. Hector M'Leish, printer (Gent. Mag. Suppl. 1796, 1117). Pursuant to a decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause MacLeish against MacLeish, the creditors of Hector Macleish, late of Duke's-court, Drury Lane, in the county of Middlesex, Printer, deceased (who died in the 4th day of December 1796) ... (London Gazette 3 Feb 1798). ... who died on or before Dec. 24, 1796 ... (London Gazette 10 Mar 1798)

Macklin, John. The partnership between Robert Vaughan Brooke, John Macklin and Potter Jeremiah Redwood dissolved June 1, 1799 (London Gazette 4 Jun 1799)

M'Millan, Buchanan. Buchanan M'Millan, otherwise Millan, late of Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, Westminster, printer, to surrender May 4, 16, June 10 at Guildhall (London Gazette 29 Apr 1786)

Macnair, A. Dividend declared for Sept. 27, 1817, A.Macnair, Queen-street, Golden-square, bookbinder (London Gazette 26 Aug. 1817)

MacRae, Colin. Colin MacRae, Orange-street, Leicester-square, printer, to surrender March 21, April 4, 25 at Guildhall (London Gazette 14 Mar 1795)

M'Swyny. Died yesterday morning [7 Nov] ... Mr. Bryan M'Swyny, for many years printer of this paper (Courier 8 Nov 1819)

Maid, Charles. Partnership between John Bew, the younger, and Machell Stace, Haymarket, bookseller and stationers, was dissolved Jan. 10, 1791. The business to be carried on by Machell Stace and Charles Maid at the place aforesaid (London Gazette 5 Feb 1791). Partnership between Machell Stace and Charles Maid, booksellers and stationers, was dissolved Nov. 21, 1791. Machell Stace to carry on the business (London Gazette 26 Nov 1791)

Major, Edward. Augustin Rayner and Edward Major, Aldersgate-street, pocket book makers, dissolved partnership Aug. 22, 1795 (London Gazette 15 Sep 1795)

Major, Samuel. On the 2d inst [2 Jan] died Mrs. Major, wife of Samuel Major, bookseller, of Duke-street, West Smithfield (LC 11-14 Jan 1800)

Mann, Thomas. Thomas Mann, late of Swan Alley, St. James, Clerkenwell, Bokbinder, prisoner in the Fleet as an insolvent debtor (London Gazette 17 Dec 1720)

Manwaring, Robert. Drawing in all its branches, painting in water colour, and etching after the most approved and expeditious method taught by Rt. Manwaring, Drawing-master, engraver, and collector, at his Map and Print Warehouse, No. 16, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury (Daily Advertiser 22 Dec 1767)

March, John II. Died on Saturday [15 Mar], at her house at Clapton, aged 64, after many years of painful illness, Mrs. March, relict of John March, Esq., late of Tower Hill ... (Times 17 Mar 1800)

Marks, James. James Marks, stationer and bookbinder (Mr. Harding having left off the business) at the General Post Office on the Pavement, in Great St. Marin's Lane, London, continues to make and sell all sorts of stationery wares, wholesale and retail at the lowest prices (Daily Advertiser 18 Oct 1754). James Marks of the parish of St. Martins in the Fields, Middlesex, stationer and bookbinder, to surrender Feb. 28, Mar. 7 at ten and Apr. 4 at five at Guildhall (London Gazette 21 Feb 1776). Dividend declared for Apr. 2 (London Gazette 5 Mar 1776). Died Dec. 13, 1789, Mr. James Marks, late a bookseller in St. Martin's Lane, and the inventor of the beating mills for books and paper (Gent. Mag. Dec 1789, 1211)

Marks, James. The creditors of James Marks, of St. Martin's Lane, Bankrupt, who have not sent in their accounts, are desired immediately to send them to the assignees, Mr. Payne, at the Mews-Gate, Castle-street, or Mr. Vials, at Mr. Chapel's, Buckingham-street, York Buildings, as a final dividend will soon be made (Daily Advertiser 30 Nov 1775). Marmaduke, James. All persons who have any claims or demands on the estate and effects of Mr James Marmaduke, late of Great-Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, bookseller, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to the acting executor, Thomas Phillips of Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, esq .... (Daily Advertiser 8 May 1788)

Marsh, Charles. Charles Marsh, bookseller, is remov'd from Round Court in the Strand, to Cicero's Head at Charing Cross, a few doors below Northumberland House. His [premises] in Round Court, with a very light and roomy shop, to be lett ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Oct 1761). Died June 8, 1782, at Knightsbridge, Charles Marsh, sen., Esq. in the Commission of the peace and many years an eminent bookseller in Round-court in the Strand. He was the author or alterer of four plays (Gent. Mag. Jun 1782, 310). It was probably his son who died in 1812.

Marsh, Robert. Dividend declared for Feb. 20, Robert Marsh, Ave Mary Lane, Stationer (London Gazette 30 Jan 1776). Robert Marsh and Nicholas Britiffe Skottowe, Lombard-street, stationers, under the firm of Robert Marsh and Co. dissolved partnership Oct. 5 1795. All debts to and from creditors to be discharged by Nicholas Britiffe Skottowe (London Gazette 13 Oct 1795). Robert Marsh, Nicholas-lane, Lombard-street, London, Stationer, to surrender 7, 21 of March and April 15 at one at Guildhall, London (London Gazette 4 Mar 1797). Dividend declared for Apr 22 (London Gazette 18 Apr 1797)

Marsh, William. The partnership between Charles Ouvry, Elizabeth Birch, widow of the late Chamberlain Birch, deceased, and William Tiler, of Fleet-street, paper-stainers, under the firm of Ouvry, Birch and Tiler, was in consequence of the death of William Tiler dissolved on November 19, 1799 and will in the future be carried on at the same place by Elizabeth Birch, William Birch and William Marsh under the firm of Birch, Son and Marsh (London Gazette 3 May 1800)

Marshall, Eleanor. See John Marshall

Marshall, James. See John Marshall

Marshall, John. Partnership between John Marshall, Eleanor Marshall and James Marshall, Aldermary Churchyard, printers and printsellers, under the firm John Marshall and Co., was dissolved Nov. 14, 1789; from that day on, business carried on by John marshall and Eleanor Marshall under the like firm of John Marshall and Co. (London Gazette 3 Apr 1790)

Marshall, Joseph I. To be peremptorily sold, pursuant to a decree of the High Court of Chancery, before Richard Edwards, Esq; one of the masters of the said Court, at his chambers, in Chancery-lane, on Friday the 7th day of February next, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, three messuages or tenements situate in Fenchurch-street, London, for the remainder of a term whereof 490 years are to come, late the estate of Joseph Marshall, Citizen and Stationer, of London, deceased (London Gazette 18 Jan 1746)

Marshall, Joseph II. Wanted at a boarding school near town ... Enquire at Mr. Marshall's, stationer, No. 3, St. Clement's Churchyard .. (Daily Advertiser 5 Jan 1788). Wednesday [26 Nov] Mr. Marshall, of St. Clement Church Yard, dropped down dead in his shop (Daily Advertiser 29 Nov 1788)

Martin, Charles Matthew. Whereas the joint articles of copartnership that lately subsisted between Charles Matthew Martin, late of Stafford-street, in the parish of St. James, in the Liberty of Westminster, James Giles Langlois, of the same place, Engraver, and Lewis Bellot Dechasteneuf of Hare-street, in the aforesaid Parish, wine merchant, were, by the mutual consent of all the aforesaid parties, cancelled and dissolved on Saturday last ... [18 Aug] (Daily Advertiser 23 Aug 1753)

Martin, George. To be sold by auction by Mr. Spencer by order of the executor, on Monday and Tuesday next [16 and 17 Feb] all the household goods ... and utensils in trade of Mr. George Martin, pressmaker, deceased, at his late dwelling house in Red Cross-street, near Deadman's Place in the Park, Southwark (Daily Advertiser 11 Feb 1760)

Martin, Richard. Richard Martin and James Bain, Fleet-street, Booksellers to surrender 27 Sept and 1st of Oct at 11 29 Oct at one at Guildhall (London Gazette 17 Sep 1796). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before 20th December, 1796 to Richard Martin, (copartner with James Bain), Fleet-street, London (London Gazette 29 Nov 1796). Whereas a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against Richard Martin, late of Saint Michael's-Alley, Cornhill, in the City of London, Bookseller, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 8th and 15th Days of March instant, and on the 12th Day of April next, at Eleven in the Forenoon on each Days, at Guildhall, London ... (London Gazette 1 Mar 1800). The Creditors who have proved their Debts under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Richard Martin, late of Saint Michael's-Alley, Cornhill, in the City of London, Bookseller, Dealer and Chapman, are desired to meet the Assignees of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects on Friday next, the 4th day of April, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, at the Jamaica Coffee-House, in Saint Michael's-Alley, Cornhill, in order to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any Suit or Suits at Law or in Equity for Recovery of any Part of the side Bankrupt's Estate and Effects; and also to the said Assignees compunding, submitting to Arbitration, or otherwse agreeing any Matter or Thing relating thereto; and on other special Affairs (London Gazette 1 Apr 1800). Certificate will be allowed ... on or before the 14th Day of June next (London Gazette 24 May 1800)

Martin, Thomas. To compel Thomas Martin, formerly of Cecil Court, in the Parish of St. Martin in the Fields, late of Bailey's Court, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, bookseller, now a prisoner in the Poultry Compter to make a schedule of his estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Witness my hand the 13th day of November 1761. Jane Dodd (London Gazette 14 Nov 1761)

Martin, W. The conjureror and the gipsy. A curious copper plate print is this day publish'd, price 6d. drawn from the life, and etch'd by the Hon. Lady F.K. In which is introduced Mary Squires, the Gipsey &c. Sold by W.Martin, copper plate printer, the corner of Seymour-court, Chambers-street (Daily Advertiser 16 Apr 1753)

Martin, William. William Martin, Leicester-fields, printseller, to surrender Dec. 3, 7, Jan 7 at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Nov 1793). Meeting of creditors to meet assignees of William Martin, late of Leicester-Fields, printseller on Aug. 25, 1795 at 7 o'clock at Navy Coffee House, Newcastle-Street Strand, on special affairs (London Gazette 22 Aug 1795)

Martyn, Thomas. Partnership between Thomas Martyn and John Sheringham, decorators in ornamental paper-hangings, Great-Marlborough-street, was dissolved June 15, 1790 (London Gazette 15 Jun 1790)

Masefield, Richard. Died Friday last [21 Sep] at Sheriff Lench's, near Evesham, in Worcestershire, Mr. Richard Masefield, many years an eminent paper-stainer in the Strand (UDR 24 Sep 1787)

Mason, James. See Meeson.

Massey, Thomas. Thomas Massey, Snow hill, stationer, to surrender March 23, 24, April 25 at Guildhall (London Gazette 14 Mar 1785)

Massey, William. Circulating library recorded Park-street, Grosvenor-square (Times 26 Jul 1797)

Massey, William. Wanted, a situation for a lady about 30 ... as a governess or as companion ... Address post-paid, to A.B.C. at Massey's Circulating Library, Park-street, Grosvenor-square (Times 26 Jul 1797)

Mathewman, John. John Baillie and John Mathewman, Wild-street, stationers, to surrender March 15, 17, April 19, 1766 at Guildhall (London Gazette 8 Mar 1766)

Mathews, Henry. Died [no date given] in Duke-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Mr. Mathews, printers' joiner, aged 74 (Examiner 28 Feb 1830)

Matthews, James. Died July 1801, at Tobago, West Indies, age 32, William Matthews, of Pembroke-hall, Cambridge, eldest son of Mr. James Matthews, bookseller, in the Strand (Gent. Mag. Oct 1801, 960)

Mavor, George, Fordyce. Died Jan. 31, 1824, in Finsbury-square, aged 34, G.F.Mavor, Esq., son of the Rev. Dr. Mavor, of Woodstock, and a partner in the respectable firm of Harding, Mavor and Lepard (Lackington's), booksellers in Finsbury-square (Gent. Mag. Feb 1824, 189). Died on Saturday the 31st ult., Mr. George Fordyce Mavor, of Finsbury-square, aged 34 (Times 3 Feb 1824).

May, Joseph. Joseph May, inkmaker, at No. 2, Black Swan Alley, London Wall, nephew and successor to Mr George Westerman, makes super fine black and red liquid inks ... (Daily Advertiser 9 Mar 1785)

May, Joseph. On Saturday last [13 Dec] died Mr. George Westerman, an ink maker, in Black Swan Alley, London Wall. The business will be carried on by his nephew, Mr. Joseph May, on the premises late Mr. Westermans ... (Daily Advertiser 17 Dec 1783)

Maynard, William. William Maynard, of Long acre, stationer, to surrender Feb 11, 15, March 14 at Guildhall (London Gazette 1 Feb 1780). Dividend declared for May 22 (London Gazette 1 May 1784)

Mayo, Wiliam. All persons having any demands on Mr. William Mayo, late a stationer, at the Crown and Scepter in Gracechurch street, near Cornhill, are desired to send in their accounts to the said shop, on or before the 30th day of June next; and all persons indebted to the said William Mayo are desired to pay the amount of such debts to Mr. William Wallis, successor in the said shop and business, before the 25th of June next, he being properly empowered to receive the same (Daily Advertiser 20 Apr 1754)

Mayot, Thomas Emanuel. Died Feb. 1797, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery-lane, of an asthma ... Mr. Thomas Emanuel Mayot, an eminent writing-stationer (Gent. Mag. Mar 1797, 253)

Mazzinghy, John. John Mazzinghy, of Fleet-street, London, bookseller, to surrender July 25, Aug 3, 29 at Guildhall (London Gazette 18 Jul 1778)

Mead, Mr. To be sold, neat as imported, Very fine Strasbourg Rappee snuff ... To be had at Mr. Mead's, stationer, on Snow Hill, the corner of the George Inn, where all manner of stationery wares are sold at the lowest price. Shop books bound and rules (Daily Advertiser 7 Feb 1753)

Mead, Daniel. For sale by the candle, at the Royal Exchange Coffee House in Threadneedle-street, on Thursday the 29th instant at four in the afternoon, by order of the trustees, ... the stock in trade of Mr. Daniel Mead, a stationer, late of Snow-hill, deceas'd ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Nov 1750)

Meaden, John. Circulating library recorded Margaret-street, Cavendish-square (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1782)

Meaden, John. Historical engraving - Wanted an ingenious lad as an apprentice ... Direct for W.B. at Mr. Meaden's Circulating Library, No. 14, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square (Times 9 Jan 1798). Possibly the Meade cited by Kaufman.

Meares, Richard. Speedily will be publish'd A treatise, containing a list of the several gentlemen that have professed curing of ruptures, for several years past, address'd to every family in the Kingdom, by Richard Meares, trussmaker, and instrument maker, on Ludgate-hill ... (London Gazetteer 17 Mar 1749)

Mears, John. On Friday [6 Jun] died Mr. John Mears, formerly a printer in Old Bailey, but had retired (Daily Advertiser 9 Jun 1777)

Mechell, M. This day is published, in two volumes, twelves, price bound in calf 6s. The modern story teller; or, general entertainer: being a collection of merry, polite, grave, moral and entertaining tales and novels ... Printed for M. Mechell, in Fleet-street; R. Griffiths in St. Paul's Churchyard; and S. Pepys, bookbinder, in Fetter-lane (Daily Advertiser 16 mar 1750)

Meeson, James. James Meeson, otherwise Mason, an enrolled apprentice to Mr. Allen, printer, in Bolt-court, Fleet-street ran away from his said master early on Monday morning last [25 May] (Daily Advertiser 30 May 1761).

Meighan, Thomas. Yesterday morning [16 Dec] died Mr. Thomas Meighan, an eminent bookseller, in Drury-lane (Daily Advertiser 17 Dec 1753)

Meres, J. This day is publish'd, Price 1s. A plan of short heads of a scheme ... by George Bonell, Gent. Printed and sold only by J.Meres, in the Old Bailey, near Ludgate (Daily Advertiser 8 Feb 1760)

Merry and Ogborn. To journeymen printers. A good compositor who sets quick and clean ... Enquire of Mess. Merry and Ogborn, stationers, No. 122 Bishopsgate within ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Dec 1788)

Merryman, J. This day is published, Price 6d. A new song. Sung by a Society of Loyalists, on Wednesday last. Printed for J.Merryman, near St. Paul's; and to be had at Charing Cross, Temple Bar, &c. (Daily Advertiser 17 Nov 1750)

Merryman, T. This day is published price 6d. Wit flying at St. J-'s: or, a collection of all the conundrums now in high taste at St. J-'s C-t, H-, W-te's, T-'s &c. Printed for T.Merryman, near St. Paul's; and S. Johnson, at Charing-Cross (Daily Advertiser 5 Feb 1751). This day is published (price 6d)The judicious midwife: or, All safely deliver'd. Being an answer tp Wit at St. J-'s &c. Printed for T.Merryman, near St. Paul's; and S. Johnson, at Charing-Cross (Daily Advertiser 8 Feb 1751)

Meyer, William. This day is published (price 1s 6d) L'opera du Gueux, avec les chansons sur les airs anglois ... Traduit de l'Anglais de Mons. Gay, par Mons. A.Hallam. printed for W.Meyer, in May's Buildings near St. Martin's lane, where is to be had gratis a catalogue of modern French books, with proposals for lending them out to read by subscription (Daily Advertiser 5 Jun 1750)

Michell, George. Married on Sunday last [15 Oct] Mr. Mitchell, bookseller in Bond-street, to Miss O[microfilm indistinct]s of the Office of Ordnance, Westminster (Times 20 Oct 1786)

Micklecan, Mr. The confession of P- H., proprietor of Sadler Wells, to a Muse. An ode. Sold by J.Milford, near St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street; and by Mr. Micklecan near Furnival's Inn in Holborn ... (Daily Advertiser 17 Aug 1750)

Middleton, Nathaniel. At Middleton's stationer and bookseller, the corner of Pulteney Court, in Little Windmill-street, opposite Silver-street, Golden-square, from Mr. Graham's in the Strand, paperhanging perform'd in all its branches ... (Daily Advertiser 16 May 1761). Thuis day is publish'd Price 6d. No. 1 for June 1761 of Barbiton: or, The Rhyer, a s eries of essays ... to be continued monthly for twelve months only. Printed for N.Middleton, stationer and bookseller, the corner of Pulteney-Court, facing Silver-street, Golden-Square ... (Daily Advertiser 1 Jul 1761)

Middleton, Thomas. Yesterday [7 Mar] was married in St. Swithun's Church, London-stone, Mr. Middleton, stationer, in Cannon-street, to Miss Stapleton, of Salters-Hall-court, Cannon-street (Daily Advertiser 8 Mar 1779)

Miles, Henry. Yesterday [29 Dec] died Mr. Henry Miles, engraver and printer, No. 98, St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark. The business will be carried on for the benefit of his widow and young family (Daily Advertiser 30 Dec 1783). Susanna Miles, widow of Henry Miles, late of St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark, engraver and printer, begs leave to inform the friends and customers of her deceased husband and the publick in general, that she intends carrying on the said business ... (Daily Advertiser 5 Jan 1784)

Miles, Susanna. Widow of Henry Miles q.v.

Milford, J. The confession of P- H., proprietor of Sadler Wells, to a Muse. An ode. Sold by J.Milford, near St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street; and by Mr. Micklecan near Furnival's Inn in Holborn ... (Daily Advertiser 17 Aug 1750)

Millan, Buchanan. See M'Millan.

Millan, John. On Friday [15 Mar] died at his house at Charing Cross, aged 81, Mr. Millen, bookseller (Daily Advertiser 18 Mar 1782)

Millar, Andrew. Last Monday [3 Jul] died at Scarborough ... in the sixth year of his age, the only son and heir of Mr. Andrew Millar, an eminent bookseller in the Strand ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Aug 1750)

Miller, Ann. To be auctioned by W. and T>Fane, Feb. 13, 1789, all the printing materials of the late Mrs. Ann Miller, deceased, on the premises No. 74 Rosemary-lane (Daily Advertiser 11 Feb 1789)

Miller, John. See Johann Sebastian Müller.

Miller, William. Married Dec. 8, 1798, Mr. Miller, bookseller, of Old Bond-street, to Miss Chapman,daughter of the Rev. R.Chapman, vicar of Bakewell, Derbyshire (Gent. Mag. Suppl 1798, 1151)

Millidge, Josiah. George Eberall, Jamaican printer, son of Thomas Eberall, tailor; apprenticed to Josiah Millidge, printer of Maiden Lane, on 6 Nov 1770. (Cave, Roderick. "Printing in eighteenth-century Jamaica" Library, 5 ser., vol. 33, no. 3 (Sep 1978), p. 193, n. 29)

Minchan, Mr. Court of King's Bench Nov. 14, 1814. The King v. Geo Hauston for being the author of "Ecce Homo" ... An affidavit of Mr. Minchan, the printer of the pamphlet was put in by the Attorney-General ... (MC 16 Nov 1814)

Minerva Library. Sale by Auction. Notice of Sale of the Minerva Library of books, comprising near 50,000 volumes - By Burton and Rist, on Monday next [24 Jan] and nine following days (Sunday, 23d, and Monday 24th, excepted) commencing each day at 11, by order of the Trustees, the entire stock of books of the Minerva Library, Leadenhall Street, London ... (MC 21 Jan 1814)

Minerva Press. See William Lane

Mitchell, Charles. Partnership between Lewis Lavence [sic] and Charles Mitchell dissolved on November 7, 1806, by mutual consent (London Gazette 29 Nov 1806). Announcement that Charles Mitchell has opened his new musical circulating library at 51, Southampton-row (Times 7 Feb 1807). Died December 30, 1822, Charles Mitchell, sen., music seller, late of Southampton-row (Times 10 Jan 1823)

Mitchell, Philip. This day is published Raja Kisna, an Indian Tale. Printed for P.Mitchell, at his circulating library, North Audley-street, Grosvenor-square (Morning Post and Daily Advertiser 18 Jan 1786)

Mitchell, William. See E.Lavenu, Charles Mitchell.

Moncrieffe, John. Youth may be taught and boarded at a very easy expence ... a letter to J.C. at Mr. Guest's, stationer, on London Bridge; or to Mr. Moncrief, bookseller, in St. Martin's Church Yard, Charing Cross ... (Daily Advertiser 22 May 1750). This day is published. A catalogue of several thousand volumes of books ... by John Moncrieffe, bookseller, in St. Martin's Church-court, opposite Hungerford-Market ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Dec 1750)

Moore, G. Yesterday [18 Apr] was married at Kentish-town Chapel, Mr. Moore, printer, in Bridges-street, Covent-garden, to Miss Webb, daughter of Mr. Webb, of Great St. Andrew's-street (GNDA 19 Apr 1776)

Moore, John. Dividend declared for Feb. 12 for John Moore, Bartholomew Lane, printer (London Gazette 23 Jan 1762)

Moore, Thomas. Yesterday [15 Jan] at St. Faith's, Watling-street, was married Mr. Thomas Moore, wholesale stationer, Paternoster-row, to Miss Ann Elsegood, of Norwich, sister to Lady Anderson Shirley, Green Park (Daily Advertiser 16 jan 1776)

Moran, C. This day is publish'd (price 2s) The meretricial. Printed for the author [Edward Thompson] and sold by C.Moran, in the Great Piazza, Covent Garden (Daily Advertiser 15 Sep 1761). Books now on sale at C.Moran's in the Great Piazza, Covent Garden, a small but good collection ... that will be sold exceeding cheap, by a manuscript catalogue ... (Daily Advertiser 23 Dec 1767)

Mordecai, Moses. Moses Mordecai, of Leman-street, Goodman's Fields, engraver, to surrender Dec. 11, 18, Jan 14, 1777 at Guildhall (London Gazette 3 Dec 1776)

Morgan, James. This day are publish'd (price 1s) Mathematical exercises: No. 1 ... by John Turner. Printed for James Morgan, at the Three Cranes in Thames Street (Daily Advertiser 28 Nov 1750). This day is published (Price 1s) The fourth number of Mathematical exercises ... by John Turner. Printed for J.Morgan at the Three Cranes in Thames Street ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Jun 1752)

Morgan, John. Monday last [16 Apr] was married at Claydon, in Suffolk, Mr. John Morgan, of Ludgate Hill, stationer, to Miss Minter, of Claydon (Daily Advertiser 20 Apr 1781)

Mori, Nicholas. Married January 24, 1826 Nicholas Mori, of the Parish of St. Mary Lebone, in the County of Middlesex, a Bachelor, and Eliza Lavenu, of this Parish, a widow, by License ... (The Registers of St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden, edited by William B.Hunt, vol. 3: Marriages 1653-1836, p. 401).

Morley, A. This day is publish'd, price 1s. ... A view of the Edinburgh Theatre, during the summer season 1759 ... Printed for A.Morley, near Beaufort-Buildings in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 18 Feb 1760). This day are publish'd (price 1s) Military exercises: or, the Standard of Generalship ... Printed for A.Morley, at Gay's Head, near Beaufort-Buildings, Strand (Daily Advertiser 6 Mar 1760)

Morning Post. See Daniel Stuart, John Fuller.

Morris, Robert. Robert Morris, of the Parish of St. Bride, London, stationer, to surrender Sept 26, Oct 17, 31 at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 Sep 1778)

Morton, [William?] Morton, printers joiner, No. 8 Ireland-Yard, Blackfriars, returns his most sincere thanks to the printers in general for the encouragement he hath met with. Orders executed on the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms (Daily Advertiser 21 Apr 1787)

Morton, John. Died in the Strand, after a few days illness, Mr. John Morton, many years printer of the Sunday Review newspaper (Monthly Mag. Oct 1815, 272). Died Sept. 5, 1815, aged 45 (Gent. Mag. Oct 1815, 376). Died Sept. 7, 1818, in Arundel-street, Mrs. Morton, widow of the late Mr. John Morton, printer of "The Sunday Review" (Gent. Mag. Nov 1818, 470)

Moseley, Mr. Wednesday [12 May] died Mr. Moseley, printseller, in Maiden-lane, occasioned by a fall from his horse on Sunday last. He was to have been married in a few days to a genteel lady of fortune (GDaily Advertiser 14 May 1756)

Moses, George. Absented himself from his master's service since the 1st of November last, George Moses, apprentice to Mr. John Cheevers, of Castle-street, Long-Acre, engraver ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Dec 1780)

Mosley, Charles. This day are published (price 2s 6d each) Two perspective views ... engraved by Charles Mosley, in Old Round Court in the Strand, where the prints are sold, and at Mr. Oakley's printshop under St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 2 Jan 1750)

Moulton, Stephen. Died in London, Mr. Stephen Moulton, aged 45, law-stationer, of Chancery-lane (Monthly Mag. Dec 1798, 475). Died Nov. 29 (Gent. Mag. Dec 1798, 1086)

Mudge, Walter. Died yesterday [11 Feb] at his house in Bishopsgate-street, Mr. Walter Mudge, stationer, under Royal Exchange (Times 12 Feb 1796). Died 7 Feb 1796, Mr. Walter Mudge, stationer, under Royal Exchange (Monthly Mag. Feb 1796)

Mudie, John Young. Married Dec. 21, 1797, Mr. John Young Mudie, bookseller, to Miss Frances Harriet Hayes, daughter of Mr. Christopher James Hayes, of Hackney (Gent. Mag. Suppl. 1797, 1129). Dissolution of partnership between John Young Mudie and Samuel Murray mutually agreed upon February 10, 1798 (London Gazette no date)

Muggeridge, John. On Tuesday last [14 Oct] died Mrs Muggeridge, wife of Mr. John Muggeridge, stationer, in the Borough (Daily Advertiser 20 Oct 1783). Married Tuesday [24 Nov] Mr. John Muggeridge, stationer, of the Borough, to Mrs. Hillen, of Fenchurch-street (Times 27 Nov 1789)

Muller, Mrs. [Wants place ] As upper maid, a steady young woman ... Direct for A.B. at Mrs. Muller's Circulating Library, No. 34, Swallow-street, Piccadilly (Times 11 Aug 1796)

Müller, Johann Sebastian. This day is published. Price 2s. A mezzotinto head of William Barrowby, M.D. after a painting of Mr. Hayman. Sold by J.S.Muller, in Craven-Buildings, No. 11 (Daily Advertiser 9 Mar 1752). This morning will be publish'd A portrait of her present Majesty, drawn and engraved by John Miller, engraver, at his house in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Nov 1761)

Mullins, Edward. Edward Mullins, pressmaker in general begs leave most respectfully to return his sincere thanks to his friends and customers for their past favours conferred on him, and to inform them that he is removed from New Court, White-street, in the Borough, to No. 12 Bear-lane, Blackfriars Road where he hopes for a continuance of their past favours; has laid in a large stock of dry seasoned beech and other wood for presses, pressing boards for stationers, bookbinders, copperplate printers &c. where he will endeavour to keep his materials as prepared as to execute all orders in the compleatest manner, on the most resonable terms and on a shortest notice (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1786). On July 24, 1795, was found dead in his bed, to which he went in good health, Mr. Mullins, press maker, of Bear-lane, Christ Church, Surrey (Gent. Mag. Jul 1795, 622)

Murgatroyd, Joseph. Married April 12, 1796, Mr. Murgatroyd, bookseller, of Chiswell-street, to Miss Margaret Douglas Bett, second daughter of the late Capt. Bett, of the Royal Navy (Gent. Mag. Apr 1796, 350)

Murphy, John. Married Tuesday last [8 Sept] at St. James's Church, Mr. Murphy, of Air-street, Piccadilly, engraver, to Miss Ann Lord, Milliner, of Davies-street, Berkeley Square (Times 15 Sep 1789)

Murray, John I. On Sunday last [22 Sep] died at Rochester, Mrs. Murray, wife of Mr. Murray, bookseller, in Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 26 Sep 1776)

Murray, Samuel. Dissolution of partnership between John Young Mudie and Samuel Murray mutually agreed upon February 10, 1798 (London Gazette no date)

Mutlow, Mr. See Woodman and Mutlow.

Mynors, Willoughby. To compel Willoughby Mynors, late of St. Andrews, Holborn, bookseller, now a prisoner in the New Gaol, Southwark, Surry, to make a schedule of his estate and effects as insolvent debtor. Dated 11 Sept. 1761. T.Green (London Gazette 12 Sep 1761)

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