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30 January 2007

Berch K

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: K

Kay, Thomas. Died the 29th ult. [29 May] at Kennington-row, in the 76th year of his age, Mr. Thomas Kay, late bookseller in the Strand (Times 1 Jun 1818)

Kearsley, C. and G. The female genial; a poem in three cantos. By Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger. London, printed for T.Hookham and J.Carpenter, No. 14 New and 15, Old Bond Street; and C. and G.Kearsley, No. 40, Fleet Street (Times 16 Nov 1791)

Kearsley, Catherine. Catherine and George Kearsley, Fleet-street, booksellers, dissolved partnership Jan. 1, 1797. Business to be carried on by George Kearsley only (London Gazette 13 Dec 1796)

Kearsley, George. Married Jan. 12, 1799, Mr. [Thomas] Davison, of Whitefriars, printer, to Miss C.Kearsley, of Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Jan 1799, 78). Probably his daughter as a son, George Kearsley Davison was in business 1832-37 (Todd, p. 55).

Kearsley, George. This day is publish'd price 1s 6d. Neatly sew'd in marble paper ... The polite companion; or, wit-a-la-mode. Printed for G.Kearsley, at the Golden Lion, Ludgate Street ... (Daily Advertiser 4 Jan 1760). Married lately, Mr. George Kearsley, bookseller, to Miss Chillingworth (LM Sept 1761, 505). George Kearsley, St. Martin Ludgate, bookseller and stationer, to surrender Sept 7, 8, and Oct 6 1764 (London Gazette 25 Aug 1764). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted March 9 (London Gazette 16 Feb 1765). Dividend declared for 12 April (London Gazette 16 Mar 1765). Dividend declared for Oct 9 (London Gazette 14 Sep 1765). Dividend declared for Nov. 11 (London Gazette 19 Oct 1765). George Kearsley, Fleet-street, bookseller, to surrender May 7, 15, June 12 at Guildhall (London Gazette 1 May 1784). Dividend declared for Jan 7 1786 (London Gazette 13 Dec 1785). Dividend declared for Aug. 26 (London Gazette 29 Jul 1786). See also Catherine Kearsley.

Keating, Patrick. Died Oct. 5, 1816, Mr. Patrick Keating, Roman Catholic printer, Duke-street, Grosvenor-square (Gent. Mag. Nov. 1816, 467)

Keel, John. John Keel, formerly of St. Botolph Aldersgate, London, late of Dublin in Ireland, printer, in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet to take benefit of act for insolvent debtors (London Gazette 28 Dec 1756)

Keene, John. Thursday [29 Jun] was married Mr. John Keene, printer, of this city, to Miss Fear, daughter of Mr. Fear, Know-hill (Times 30 Jun 1786)

Keith, George. This day is published, price 3s. A new and neat edition of The voyages, dangerous adventures and imminent escapes of Captain Richard Falconer ... by W.Johnson ... Printed for G.Keith in Gracechurch-street, where may be had lately published: 1. Biographia Britannica ... 2. Keysler's travels through Europe with maps and cuts 4to & 8vo. 3. Bishop Pontoppeldon's [?] History of Norway, with fine copperplates, folio ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Dec 1767). On Tuesday last [12 Jan] died Mrs. Keith, wife of Mr. Keith, bookseller, in Gracechurch-street (GNDA 18 Jan 1773). On Thursday [5 Dec] died Mr. Keith, bookseller, in Gracechurch-street (Daily Advertiser 7 Dec 1782)

Kelly, John. Whereas John Kelly, apprentice to Richard Gegg, bookbinder, in Butcher Lane, Newgate Street, eloped from his said master on Monday the 11th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Jan 1762)

Kemmish, William. Married on Saturday last [30 Dec 1809] at Hackney, Mr. William Kemmish, printer, of the Borough, to Miss Rhodes, of Shacklewell Lodge (Times 2 Jan 1810)

Kennedy, Charles. Died aged 52, Oct. 8, 1804, the wife of Mr. Charles Kennedy, stationer, in Fetter-lane, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Oct 1804, 985)

Kennelly, William. Whereas William Kennelly and Jeremiah Reddin, apprentices to Arthur Fagin in Tooley Street, cardmaker, eloped from their said master's service on the 16th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Jul 1760).

Kerby, Edward. Died Aug. 4, 1828 at Turnham-green, Mr. Edward Kerby, many years bookseller in Stafford-street, Bond-street (Gent. Mag. Aug 1828, 188)

Kerby, James. Died July 1, 1807, at Hayes, Middlesex, Mrs. Kerby, wife of Mr. James Kerby, bookseller, Oxford-street (Gent. Mag. Jul 1807, 688)

Kerby, John. Partnership between John Kerby, William Lindsell and William King, of Stafford-street, Old Bond-street and 87, Wigmore and Wimpole-streets, booksellers, stationers, etc. is agreed to be dissolved from 29 September next (London Gazette 30 Jun 1798). Married Nov. 1, 1806, Mr. Kerby, bookseller, of Stafford-street, to the only daughter of the late James Billing, Esq., of Battersea, Surrey (Gent. Mag. Nov 1806, 1074)

Key, John. Married Dec. 1, 1792, Mr. John Key, stationer, of Paternoster-row, to Miss Jones, of Thornbury (Gent. Mag. Suppl, 1792, 1219)

Key, Jonathan. Died Mar 12, 1805 at his house at Hampstead, aged 68, Jonathan Key, Esq., an eminent respectable and wealthy wholesale stationer, in Abchurch-lane, from which business he had recently retired (Gent. Mag. Mar 1805, 293, Monthly Mag. May 1805, 397)

Kilby, John. John Kilby, late of London house-yard, in the Parish of St. Gregory, engraver, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed at Ludgate (London Gazette 9 Jul 1748)

King, John. To be sold by auction by John Cox. This and the nine following days, beginning exactly at two o'clock, the genuine large stock in trade of the late Mr. John King, bookseller, at Raleigh's Head opposite Broad-street buildings, Moorfields; together with his books in quires, prints, medals &c. (Daily Advertiser 5 may 1762)

King, Mr.This day is published (price 2s 6d) a print, a half-length sitting in a chair, of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. John Potter, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Engraved by his Grace's appointment. Sold by G.Vertue, at his house in Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and by the following printsellers: Mr. King, Mr Tinney, Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Sayer, Mess. Simpson, Mr. Reginere, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Jeffreys at Charing cross, and Mr. Verhuych in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1750)

King, William. Partnership between John Kerby, William Lindsell and William King, of Stafford-street, Old Bond-street and 87, Wigmore and Wimpole-streets, booksellers, stationers, etc. is agreed to be dissolved from 29 September next (London Gazette 30 Jun 1798)

Kingman, Mrs. A certain and speedy remedy for corns ... at Mrs. Kingman's Pamphlet Shop, the corner of Sweeting's Alley, near the Royal Exchange, Cornhill (Daily Advertiser 2 Mar 1753)

Kingsbury, John. John Kingsbury of Tooley-street, St. Olave, Southwark, stationer, to surrender Jan 30, Feb. 8, March 7 at Guildhall (London Gazette 24 Jan 1775). Dividend declared for Nov. 11 (London Gazette 14 Oct 1775)

Kinnersly, T. This day is publish'd (Price one shilling) Dedicated to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, Britannia and the gods in Council ... by Mr. Averay. Printed and sold by T.Kinnersly, at the Paper-mill in the North Side of St. Paul's Church-yard, near Cheapside ... (GDaily Advertiser 15 May 1756). This day is publish'd (price one shilling) A British Philippic. Inscribed to the Right Hon. the Earl of Granville,. Printed for the author and sold by T.Kinnersly (GDaily Advertiser 1 Jul 1756). This day is publish'd (price 6d) A comparison between St. Thomas's and St. George's Hospitals ... Sold by T.Kinnersley, at the Paper-Mill in St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 2 Jan 1760). On Tuesday the 22d instant will be publish'd price bound two shillings and six pence Ranger's progress: consisting of a variety of poetical essays, moral, serious, comic and satyrical. By Honest Ranger [q.v.] of Bedford-Row. Printed for the author and sold by T.Kinnersley ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Apr 1760).

Kippax, Joseph. The Stewards for the Feast of the Sons of he Clergy for the year 1753 being ... think it proper to acquaint the publick how the charity mony collected at the Rehearsal, and at the musick on the Feast Day at St. Paul's and at the Feast at Merchant Taylors Hall, May 8 and 10, 1753, amounting in the whole to 1063l. 18s. hath been disposed of, in placing out the children of poor clergymen apprentices, viz. William Warren to Joseph Kippax, of London, printer ... (Daily Advertiser 7 May 1754)

Kirk, Mr. Mr. Kirk, seal-engraver in stone, takes this method to inform his friends, that he has removed from Russell-street to the Golden Head, the upper end of Southampton-street, Covent-Garden (Daily Advertiser 13 Sep 1760)

Kirk, John. Yesterday [26 Mar] died at Hampstead, after a tedious illness, Mr. Alexander Kirk, son of Mr. Kirk, engraver in St. Paul's Churchyard ... (Daily Advertiser 27 Mar 1750). On Thursday [19 Nov] died in the 61st year of his age Mr. John Kirk, an eminent toyman and engraver, in St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 21 Nov 1761)

Kirk, John. Yesterday [27 Nov] died at his house in Piccadilly, Mr. John Kirk, medal and seal engraver (Daily Advertiser 28 Nov 1778)

Kirkman, Patrick. Partnership between James Lackington, Robin Allen, Richard Hughes the elder, Richard Hughes the younger, Patrick Kirkman, Thomas Hasker and Charles Humphrey Lackington, in Finsbury-square, has been dissolved; and in the future will be carried on by the said Robin Allen, Richard Hughes the elder, Richard Hughes the younger, Patrick Kirkman, Thomas Hasker, Charles Humphrey Lackington and George Lackington (London Gazette 21 May 1799)

Kitchen, Thomas. This day are publish'd, price 1s. 6d. each ... the following maps, drawn and engraved by Eman. Bowen ... Thomas Kitchen ... and W.H.Seale. Sold by J.Tinney, map and printseller, at the Golden Lion, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 26 Apr 1753)

Kitchin, Thomas. This day is puiblish'd Price 6d. neatly coloured, Kitchin's most accurate map of the road of England and Wales ... Sold by the author Thomas Kitchin, at the Star, Holborn Hill ... (Daily Advertiser 10 Apr 1761)

Knapton, John. Died Sept. 26, 1770 at London in the 75th year of his age, John Knapton, Esq., formerly an eminent bookseller in Ludgate-street (Scots Mag Sep 1770, 519)

Knight, Charles. Partnership between Charles Knight and William Dickinson, Piccadilly, engravers and printseller dissolved (London Gazette 2 Feb 1796). Dividend declared for Feb 1, C.Knight, engraver, London-street (London Gazette 7 Jan 1806)

Knight, James. Partnership between Francis David and James Knight, Whitechapel, stationers, was dissolved Dec. 31, 1791. James Knight to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 31 Jan 1792)

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