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30 January 2007

Berch J

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: J

Jackson, Joseph. Married July 5, 1784, Mr. Jackson, an ingenious letter-founder, in Salisbury-court, to Mrs. Pasham, relict of the late Mr. Pasham, in Blackfriars (Gent. Mag. Jul 1784, 555)

Jackson, Michael. This day is publish'd (price 6d) The retort retorted: or, Hareum Scareum to Dr. Brarum ... Published by M.Jackson, printseller, the corner of Chancery-lane, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 5 Dec 1760). On Sunday [28 Jun] died Mr. Michael Jackson, book and printseller in Chancery Lane (Daily Advertiser 1 Jul 1761)

Jackson, Mr. Died [22 Nov] Mr. Jackson, bookseller, in St. James's street (Court Mag Nov 1762, 730)

Jacobstroke, John. See John Jacob Stroke.

James, Mr. Last Sunday night [16 May] died, after a very short illness, Mr. James, printseller and stationer, in Bedford-Court, Covent-Garden ... the business will be carried on as usual by his two daughters (Daily Advertiser 18 May 1762)

James, Mr. All persons having any claim or demands upon the estate of Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Baddeley, late of Golden-Lane, in the Parish of St. Luke, iron and rag dealers, both deceased, are desired to send same to Mr. Richard Bayley, No. 157, Whitecross street ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Apr 1788)

James, Thomas I. Last Tuesday [26 Mar] night died at Greenwich ... Mrs. James, relict of the late Mr. Thomas James, an eminent letter-founder in Bartholomew-Close (Daily Advertiser 29 Mar 1761)

James, Thomas II. Died on Sunday [18 Jan] Mr. Thomas James, who kept a pamphlet shop at the Royal Exchange many years; the widow intends carrying on the business for the benefit of herself and child, and humbly hopes the continuance of the favours of her friends and customers (Public Ledger 20 Jan 1761)

James, William. Yesterday [18 Apr] Mr. William James, of Lombard-street, London, stationer, was married at St. George Hanover-Square, to Miss Fanny Mullens, of Eynsford, in Kent; an agreeable young lady, with a handsome fortune (Daily Advertiser 19 Apr 1754). Certificate of bankruptcy awarded May 18, 1764 to William James and Nathaniel Poyntell, Lombard-street, stationers (London Gazette 28 Apr 1764). To be sold ... a freehold farm called Homefield House, and formerly Oakley's, lying and being in the Parish of Sutton at Stone in the county of Kent, within 1 mile of Sutton and but 3 miles and half from Dartford ... which was late the estate of the Bankrupt William James, Stationer ... (London Gazette 1 Sep 1764). Dividend declared for Jan. 19, 1765 for William James and Nathaniel Poyntell, Lombard Street, Stationers (London Gazette 11 Dec 1764). Final dividend declared for Nov. 3, 1767 for William James and Nathaniel Poyntell, Lombard-street, stationers and copartners (London Gazette 1 Sep 1767)

Jameson, R. This day is published price 6d. A new year's gift to inconsiderate and profane swearers, or, the third commandment considered. A Sermon. Printed for R.Jameson, No. 227 Strand, near Temple-Bar. A few copies on superfine paper to be had at 1s each. Of R.Jameson may be had an assortment of the most esteemed authors considerably below the usual price (Daily Advertiser 13 Jan 1786)

Janssen, Stephen TYheodore. Married Dec. 13, 1750, Stephen Theodore Janssen, Esq., alderman and stationer, member of Parliament for the city of London and late sheriff, to Miss Soulegre, daughter of Col. Soulagre, of Antigua (LM Dec 1750, 572)

Jaquery, John Elias. On Saturday [26 May] died at his house in Mincing-lane, John Elias Jaquery, merchant (Daily Advertiser 28 May 1782). He had apparently left the printing business.

Jaques, Dennett. Partnership between Dennett Jaques and John Thomas, of the Neat-Houses, near Chelsea, printers, was dissolved on Nov. 13, 1798. The business carried on by Dennett Jaques on his own account (London Gazette 29 Mar 1800)

Jarvis, John. John Jarvis, of Wyld-court, near Lincoln's-inn-fields, in Middlesex, printer, to surrender March 12, 23, and Apr. 21 at ten at Guildhall, London (London Gazette 10 Mar 1787). Yesterday morning [7 Jun], about five o'clock, a fire broke out in the workshop of a cabinet-maker in Little Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, which consumed the same with great part of stock in trade; it likewise communicated to the dwelling house, which was also destroyed, with great part of the household furniture, as were the warehouses of Mr. Dodsley, Mr. Cadell, &c containing a great quantity of books, all of which were consumed, and the printing office of Mr. Jarvis was much damaged (Daily Advertiser 8 Jun 1787). Yesterday morning [7 Jun] about four o'clock a fire broke out in the workshop of Mr. Prentice, a cabinet maker, Little Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields ... The fire also communicated to the printing office of Mr. Jarvis and warehouses of Mr. Dodsley and Mr. Longman, booksellers, the first of whom (Mr. Dodsley) sustained a great loss in the destruction of a large quantity of unbound books; the latter gentelman had fortunately, a week or two since, removed a great part of his property to a warehouse nearer his habitation. Mr. Jarvis had just time sufficient to save his printing materials, but his warehouses, with a considerable parcel of paper, and part of an intended new edition of Johnson's Dictionary in 4to, were entirely consumed (UDR 8 Jun 1787). Certificate of bankruptcy granted on or before Aug. 11, 1787 John Jarvis, of Wyld-court, Wyld-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Middlesex, printer (London Gazette 21 Jul 1789). John Jarvis, Wild-court, printer to surrender July 13, 23 and Aug. 17 at Guildhall (London Gazette 6 Jul 1793).

Jarvis, John. This day is publish'd, neatly engraved (Price 6d. plain, 1s. colour'd) new print, call'd, Justice and the Lawyer. Sold by J.Jarvis, in Bedford-Court, Covent-Garden ... (Daily Advertiser 23 May 1753). Jefferies, Ann. On Thursday [2 Jan] was married at Lambeth, Mr. James George Russell, son of Mr. Russell, of the Dock-yard, Portsmouth, to Miss Ann Jefferies, of Stationers' Court, Ludgate-street (Daily Advertiser 4 Jan 1777) Ann Jefferies was the niece of Elizabeth Stevens, widow of Paul Stevens. When Mrs. Stevens died 29 Aug 1776, Ann carried on the business.Jeffery, Edward. The partnership between Edward Jeffery and George Sael, booksellers, Pall-Mall, was dissolved Oct. 24, 1788. The business to be carried on by Edward Jeffery on his own account (London Gazette 28 Oct 1788). Died April 5, 1823, after a long and severe illness, aged 56, Anne, wife of Mr. Edward Jeffery, bookseller, Pall-Mall (Gent. Mag. Apr 1823, 382)

Jeffery, Henry. Bankrupts. Henry Jeffery, of Grocers-Alley, Cheapside, bookbinder (Daily Advertiser 28 Nov 1753)

Jefferys, Thomas. To the nobility, gentry and others. John Lodge, engraver, late apprentice to Mr. Jefferys, engraver and geographer to his Majesty, at the sixth house in St. Martin's Lane, near Charing Cross, teaches gentlemen and ladies to etch and engrave ... and supplies gentlemen with maps, prints, &c ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Oct 1761) Thomas Jefferys, St. Martin's Lane, engraver, to surrender Nov. 6, 22 and Dec. 16, 1766 at Guildhall (London Gazette 4 Nov 1766). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted Feb. 10 1767 (London Gazette 20 Jan 1767)

Jeffreys, Mr.This day is published (price 2s 6d) a print, a half-length sitting in a chair, of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. John Potter, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Engraved by his Grace's appointment. Sold by G.Vertue, at his house in Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and by the following printsellers: Mr. King, Mr Tinney, Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Sayer, Mess. Simpson, Mr. Reginere, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Jeffreys at Charing cross, and Mr. Verhuych in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1750)

Jeffries, Abraham. Taken within a week out of the house of Abraham Jeffries, bookbinder, in Broadway, Blackfriars ... (Daily Advertiser 14 Feb 1752)

Jeffryes, John. Copartnership under the firm of John and William Jeffryes, of Ludgate-Hill, printsellers and publishers was dissolved April 19, 1800. The business carried on by William Jeffryes and Co. All debts to be discharged by said William Jeffryes and Co. (London Gazette 19 Apr 1800)

Jeffryes, William. See John Jeffryes.

Jenkins, Mr. Advert. listing Mr. Jenkins, stationer, in Charles-Street, Soho-Square (GNDA 9 May 1776)

Jenkins, Mr. Advert. listing Mr. Jenkins, stationer, in Charles-Street, Soho-Square (GNDA 9 May 1776)

Jenning, William. Partnership between William Jennings and Edward London Witts, stationers, St. Paul's Churchyard, was dissolved Dec. 30, 1797 (London Gazette 30 Dec 1797)

Jennings, Edward. Married Thursday [5 Jun] Mr. William Jennings, wholesale stationer, of St. Paul's Churchyard, to Miss Jordan of Dymchurch (MC 7 Jun 1788) Married Friday [6 Jun] (Times 7 Jun 1788)

Jennings, William. Partnership between Samuel Smith and William Jennings, stationers, No. 35, St. Paul's Churchyard, was dissolved July 15, 1791. Either one to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 3 Sep 1791)

Jephson, Charles. This day is published (price 6d) Miracles continued beyond the times of the Apostles ... By Alexander Jephson. Printed by Charles Jephson, near Hosier Lane, in West Smithfield (Daily Advertiser 30 Jun 1750). This day is publish'd (price 6d) For C.Jephson, printer, opposite the Three Tuns Tavern, West Smithfield, a genuine narrative of the life, behaviour, confession and dying words of Francis Hayes, who was executed at Kennington-Common on Friday April 17, fopr Sodomy (Daily Advertiser 30 Apr 1761)

Jewkes, Samuel. Samuel Jewkes, of Fetter-lane, pocket book maker, to surrender May 3. 13, June 7 at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Apr 1777)

Job, D. This day is published (price 6d) An essay on the summer entertainments in the neighbourhood of London, by Humphrey Quearmoode, esq. Printed for and sold by D.Job, at the Spread Eagle in King-street, Covent-garden, R.Baldwin at the Rose in Paternoster-row; and P.Stevens, at the Bible and Crown, facing Stationers' Hall (Daily Advertiser 6 Sep 1750)

Jobson, S. S.Jobson, engraver in gold and silver, takes the liberty of informing his friends and the public in general, that he is removed from No. 13, Featherstone-street, to No. 123 in Bunhill-row, Moorfields ... (Daily Advertiser 4 Feb 1782)

Jobson, Samuel Stafford. The partnership between John Berkenhead and Samuel Stafford Jobson, jewellers and engravers, of Gutter-lane, was dissolved Sept. 27, 1796 (London Gazette 45 Oct 1796). Berkenhead was the jeweller and Jobson the engraver.

Johannot, Josias. Bankrupt. Josias Johannot, of Deptford, paper-maker (Daily Advertiser 12 Sep 1753). To be sold to the highest bidder, pursuant to an order of the Lord High Chancellor, before the Commissioners named in the commission of bankrupt awarded against Josias Johannot, late of Deptford, paper-maker, on Monday the 25th instant, at ten in the forenoon, at Guildhall, London, a leasehold estate (of which there are nine years to come from Christmas last) consisting of a water-mill and wind-mill used for making of paper ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Feb 1754). Put off to be sold on March 24, 1754 (Daily Advertiser 12 Mar 1754)

Johnson, Benjamin. Benjamin Johnson, of Mortimer-street, Middlesex, cardmaker and stationer (trading under the firm of Blanchard and Johnson) to surrender July 7, 14, Aug. 14 at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Jun 1778). Bankruptcy enlarged to Aug. 11, 1778, Benjamin Johnson, Mortimer-street, cardmaker and stationer (London Gazette 1 Aug 1778)

Johnson, Edward. Wednesday [16 Feb] died in her son's house, Mrs. Johnson, mother of Mr. Johnson, bookseller, on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 18 Feb 1780)

Johnson, Job. On Saturday [21 Feb] Mr. Unwin, wholesale stationer in Paternoster Row, was married to Miss Bayles, daughter-in-law to his partner, Mr. Job Johnson (Daily Advertiser 23 Feb 1761)

Johnson, John. Absented himself from his master's service, Richard Stacey, writing-stationer, in Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, on Saturday the 30th day of Dec. last, John Johnson, an apprentice ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Jan 1781)

Johnson, John. On Friday [15 May] died Mr. John Johnson, musical instrument seller, in Cheapside (Daily Advertiser 18 May 1761)

Johnson, Mrs. Circulating library recorded at No. 12, Black Prince-row, Walworth, Surry (Times 8 Dec 1800)

Johnston, William. This day is published, proposals for printing by subscription in two volumes, octavo, the substance of several discourses ... by Roger Pickering. Proposals are delivered and subscriptions taken in by William Johnston, in St. Paul's Churchyard; James Waugh, Gracechurch Street; James Buckland, Paternoster row; ... (London Gazette 18 Mar 1749). Died Aug. 4, 1795 at Paddington, Mrs. Johnston, wife of William Johnston, Esq., stationer to the Hon. his Majesty's Board of Ordnance (Times 14 Aug 1795)

Jones, Benjamin? A young widow lady, whose company from her accomplishments and love of piety may be deemed a desirable acquisition, wishes accommodation ... Application by letters only, post paid, to be left for A.M., No. 5, Jones's Circulating Library, near Ranelagh (Times 13 Oct 1797)

Jones, Charles. Wanted. An apprentice at a musick shop; during his time he will be taught to play on several musical instruments. Enquire at Charles Jones's Musick shop, near Holborn-Bars (Daily Advertiser 5 Aug 1760)

Jones, Griffith. Griffith Jones, formerly of Long Acre, in the Parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, late of the parish of t. Martin Ludgate, London, printer, in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet to take benefit of the act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 19 Aug 1755)

Jones, H. This day is publish'd, Being the first quarter of the Moon, price 6d. to be continued every full moon, address'd to the ladies of Great Britain, a book without a title, adorned with a frontispiece of a full moon. Printed for H.Jones, near Temple Bar (Daily Advertiser 11 May 1761)

Jones, James. Partnership between James Jones, of West-square, St. George's Fields, Surry and Thomas Burton, of No. 11, Gate-street, Lincoln's Inn-Fields, letter-press printers has been finally dissolved. Thomas Burton to discharge all debts (London Gazette 23 Jan 1798).

Jones, Richard. Died on Wednesday [19 Oct] suddenly, Mrs. Jones, widow and relict of the late Mr. Richard Jones, stationer, Middle-Temple-lane (Times 21 Oct 1791)

Jones, Thomas. To auctioneers. To be lett, a large commodious room ... Enquire at T.Jones's Circulating Library, Brewer-street, Golden-square (Daily Advertiser 6 Jan 1777). The stage coach ... a new edition, by a lady of Colchester [i.e. Miss Smythies]. Printed for T.Jones, at his Circulating Library, Bridge-street, Westminster (Times 21 Apr 1791). To be auctioned by Mess. Robbins, June 16, 17 and 18, 1791, a large quantity of books, the stock of Mr. Jones, Bridge-street, Westminster (who is removing from his house) ... (Times 16 Jun 1791).

Jones, William George. W.G.Jones, Coleman-street, stationer, to surrender, Nov. 28, Dec. 8, Jan 3 at Guildhall (London Gazette 22 Nov 1794)

Jordan, Jeremiah Samuel. Jeremiah Samuel Jordan, Fleet-street, bookseller, to surrender Nov. 21, Dec. 5, 26 at Guildhall (London Gazette 14 Nov 1795). Dividend declared for June 4 (London Gazette 26 Apr 1796). Dividend declared for Feb. 18 (London Gazette 28 Jan 1797). Friday [20 Jul] Mr. Jordan, the bookseller, was arrested on a judge's warrant, in consequence of his conviction for selling a copy of Mr. Gilbert Wakefield's pamphlet. The Solicitor to the Treasury, at the same time, gave notivce that he would accept bail for his appearance, 1000l. for himself and two suretires in 500l. each (Times 23 Jul 1798)

Jukes, Francis. Views of Clerkenwell Church ... Subscribers are humbly requested to send an account of their subscriptions immediately to F.Jukes, No. 3 Howland-street, London (Daily Advertiser 1 May 1789)

Jullion, Francis. Died on the 4th instant [4 Jul] Mr. Francis Jullion, of Belvedere-place, Narrow-wall, Lambeth, in his 38th year (Times 7 Jul 1817). Probably the son of Francis Jullion.

June, John. Robert Briggs, apprentice to John June, engraver, Sclater-Street, Bethnal-Green, absented his mater's service the 3rd instant ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Jul 1760)

Justins, Edward. Edward and Edward Justins, Mark-lane, printers, to surrender May 23, June 22 at the Bankrupts' Court (London Gazette 11 May 1838)

Justins, William. Died Feb. 2, 1810, Mr. W.Justins, printer of the "County Chronicle" (Gent. Mag. Feb 1810, 186). The William Justins who died 19 Oct 1837 was most likely a son. He also supervised the printing of the "London County Herald".

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